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Fleet RoundsC ape Cod Safely Belmont Colt Triumphs Over Vaunted Star
Upju Ih's Provincctown First and
Win Holier, K. Tod Cup in
I 'our Yiielit Hare.
Siiiiliint' Huns Afri'imml Xeiir
Pollock Hip iiiuiit Wind
Dies out Karly. .
' vittowm. Muss.. Aug. II. Clcvc
ll Pi.iIk. m schooner Corona won tho
. i Mini lliu Capo uutl captured tlic
, ,., t K Toil flip to-day. 'this
i . win offered for schooners built
. ,. ti Iiii, nml It was the means of
n.ii. n ,i r.i. o iliut will lie remembered
: l. tin ii- who witnessed II. The J
.If i nlfil III :i Llrmii, .1 Pn. M.tl. '
. , ... " inn , ,i,iii iiuii'I ,
i ft at the Mart, but which came
,oith Iiy cist nutnlile. ami for more than '
oin niiimti'H tho racer8 hail a thrauh
o windward In a very lively sea.
Tlieic were four darters, and for the
, t p.ut of tho contest, when they had
il. wind mer the quarter, the four
i.ept m close company, but as soon as
the hauled on the wind the Corona
a id away from the others, although
the Sm Kn held ery close to her
int;' they passed Highland Unlit. To
ward the, end of the afternoon
tho wind died out, and Corona and Kea
To were the only ones timed at tho
tmish. The Meet Is now In the harbor.
!1 the yachts Rot safely around tho
Mpc except one. The ono Is the
m hKOner Sunshine, owned by Milton
I'arlcton. She ran aground near I'ol
lock ltli llRht vessel.
"lull the yachts got under way In I
V.ney.ird Haven there was a strong wind
frnm iicl l,i ...irtl, n(. .l.l
l " I'"1 '"" n run-
nlng to the east and would continue to do
until 7:30 o'clock. The conditions were
'dial for a Ilnu race and If tho wind held,
t ipil. I; one. Kur the nrst part of the
iu the sea wus comparatively smooth,
i in as soon as me tide changed It was mis sterling player will also be seen In
igh and particularly so on the shoals, "ctlon.
four fjchoonera left the harbor. Com- I Some of the ptofesslonals took a few
mndoie lullas H. Pratt's Sea Kox, now practice, rounds at Salisbury Mstcrday.
.pht r.itiiig the silver anniversary of her though most of them were modest as rc
bu.l'lllig, and still a good sea veseli the gards the scot es they made. Jack Iloli..n
Cuion.i, owned by Cleveland W. Dodge
'he l.'nd.Miilon. once holder of the tr.ilw
. Mantle lecord and owned by George Lan
der. Ji , and James H. Korbes's Katrlna.
i witch teaching and running, though of
the same age as the Sea Kox. The Con.
M '..ittoii and Ariel both entered for the
eun In Id their sail up but did not stHit
unti lut- i
T ie committee made the warning signal
11 i; o cluck and ten minutes later tne ,
ni'iti w.re tiff. The Kndymlnu led the j
n .iti'l was do-elv followed by the '
m.i lux The Katrlnt was next,
' t ie fm tber astern and Coron.i wis
The mu nt -i were under otklng can-
- with topsails and Jib topsails. They
d gr icefull und plunged on toward
i rtip light vessel. All tout an very
- nltb t.ie wind aft the beam and they
'I nw,i fiom the yachts which
ted out to accompany them.
Til, reached as far as Handkerchief
"ii I i'j;M v..sel and then began the
.ii.i a iw i'.is.i(i. nvii tbe shoal". After
-g 1 1 iilkenhle fliev hauled to for
shovelful light vrisel, and at that point
i e t'ndyuilon and Corona were on even
ms with the Corona In the weather !
'"sltloti. They pased the light vessel at
.:t."i o'clock. Tho Sea Kox was only
n ir rilnutcs astern, and the Katrlna was
med at ! .03. Then It was a reach again
i Pollock light vessel, which marked
end of the shoals. On this point of
i'l UfR Pie nndymlon showed a marked
iperlorlty. and she was by the llght--li
i at !i o'clock. The Sea Kox held closely
I ie Corona at this time, and the two
ia-.-ed th" lightship un practically even
funs at '.i-Jil ij'rloik. The Katrlna passed
fifteen minutes later.
I'p to this point the yachts had cov
ered almost half of the toyuge and had
made remarkably fast time, but they
i .nl before them u thresh of forty-two
"Irs ill tumbling sea and n wind that
'"ceil them to sail tinder lower canvas
nnlv The wind outside was north to
rast The attending: fleet of yachts, many
which were comparatively small motor
Mats, li.nl tlielr troutilea at mis time.
niev rolled and pitched and made tilings
Ler.erally uncomfortable to those on Iward.
With such big steamers as Corsair, May,
I'aroM and others of that type It made
little difference.
A"tcrn of tho racers were the Irollta
luIpp essf emu..- h. InlrenUI tireaent. I
.. .. i. .... .v.....k
lis a rare picture as she raced through
' turbulent sea, the Samurai and
'W 'iw.ird tinder tow and two of the tlf-
ties under canvas. Many of tho yachts
had CT'H :.heaH unfl some were eauirht In
... 7 I S j Y. sT", 'u1.a
the sio-m of Sunday afternoon but pulle.d
''irouira without any damBge, and their
owner" were resting quietly at Province-
imn awaiting the urrlval of tho rest of
l ie fpl I ji.. In Ihe afternoon manv of
in !p Late- In the anernoon many or
'Te ellnilwd to the top of the Pllrrlm
ir.'inumen' and watched the racers coming
"ti the last twenty-five miles of the
, jurse I
,, . ..,,,..,1.. i a.. s. th.v '
H was n beautifully cool day. As they
I tiled on the wind the yachts split tacks.
'I L'idMnlon, famous old racer, took
' poit tack, heading out Into the ocean,
S;' ,0'V,rrbOttrr?Cl..,,,,,OWw"rv
"e Mion, which she worked all the way
' the ro.ist. At 10:30 o'clock tho
1 ' whlen bv that time had taken a
""nniandlng lead, was abreast of the
' - l'rt I. nt Chsihsm Th Rea Kox?
I t,nts of Chatham. The hea rox
Mi- the second lioat In the race. In tho
' from the Pollock light vessel to this
' the picture had been a very pretty
i re
, . .. . ,l.m i
addition to the four racers there '
'he Intrepid, Miirtnt, Taormtna and
r a all short taking, witn tne excep
' "i or the Ktulvmlnii. Shortly
I .p fore
' 'he leaders were abreast tho twin
at Nauset, Kndyinlon waa still
n 'i, whllii the Comiia anil Sea Kox
vi r. hi close company, nearer the land,
l Ciiona Is the best boat of this
' "' r at windward work und It was
ed that nho would on this point
" I'liK bad the list of the fleet, but
- i Kox was hanging on gamely. At
lioik Corona and Sea Kox were
'- of Highland Light. Corona had
"'her position, but the Sen Kox was
" g along under the slioro and It
'I us though she would be able to
1 1 v Peaked Hill bars without tnck
" ' d, If she could, she would have it
lance of winning the Tod euu. The
h this tlmu had fallen light.
' ' 1 gyb.il, and, with her sheets spiend
' lowly drifted
on toward Wood'tt j
T n Coiona crossed the line at S:41 :ER. J
' d laid ii hours SI minutes .8 i
' lo tall the M' miles, more than
r of which was wlndwaid work,
' Si u Kox drifted In slowly and ah
"1 the line ut 7:::20. The com-
walled out until the allowances
v,,f nil cxcieded und then tho Corsair
"bred tlm harbor, Tho summary:
at 1UC3 START, :1 A. M.
. Vintth. lltns.
, Ta.hl and Owner. H.M.8. II. M.S.
' ' vy tievelalidll Iloilce. .. s 41 ft ): Jl f.
,' k'lK, liallai U, Pratt,, .. 7 ii ;ii 19 I! 20
1 i James II Knrd ,, ., Not limed,
union, liiorne busier, Jr Not limed,
p'led tinirt-Coroim, l;';0J.S.'i Sea Kox,
Devore a Phillie;
on Beckers Trail
pirrsnnio, Aun n. JoMi iv-
'I VOTO. centre) Holder nf tin. INwIh
for the last few weeks, in now tin;
property of tho Phillies. He left
his old toiini here to-niplil for Phila
delphia. .Manager Tinker i-otiflrincil
the news of tho !rnl thin afternoon.
Uevore declared hli-nt-elf sutislleil
with tho transfer for the reason that
he wil ha vi! a chance In the fight
iiKuinHt McGruw'H Giants which
(liBcunicd him. "I kept Deal
Becker out of a regular jol with
New York; I beat him out of his
job with Cincinnati; now 1 wonder
if I am going to get hi job away
from him in Philadelphia," upeeu
lated Josh.
H.ff -
UUlliniTl UUlil 111 Liu
Blllllks Foi'Wardl'll til 1'intiK.i
Secretary. Causing Delity
Scrihes to Compete.
As a icsult of sending their cutties to
W. II. VatuleriMiol. former spcntary of
the Metropolitan Oolf Assnclayoti, In
stead of to Frederick II. Thomas, the
prtscnt lucutnbent of the olllce, the tiatnes
of Thomas L.. McNamara of Huston, tho
metropolitan open champion ; Ollb-rt
Nleholls of WIlmliiKtou, former title
holder; i:imer W. LovitiR of Atcdla and
Hen Nleholls of Whltemarsh Valley were
left off tho original list of starters in tbe
metroiHMItan open championship, which
gets under woy to-morrow over the Sails-
bury links, near Uarden City.
As all of these mirie. i,...i h.,., ...n.i.,..i
by Vanderpool within tho prescribed time
IheV U-.ru nn..pof..,l 111111..
. . I .. . e. .. i,i- iiiiiu, u
brother of Aleck and Macdonald, urrlved In
mis city yesterday from Mexico, but It Is
u question whether or not the entry of
tne rornier national open champion will lie
i received. It Is exueeierl Hint
unce will be made In bis behalf and that
or r.ngiewood, a former chanipion. went
round life ,., even par fur the course.
George Sargent of Chevy Chase, approxl-
round life 71". even par fur the course,
111.1.1-11 inn euort at tne same ngure .lolin
J. McDermott and McNamara picked up at
several holes. Then: was a strong wind
which piayed navoc with ordinary golf.
All golfers nftlllated in any capacity
with newspapers or other nerlodicals nub.
llsned 111 (1 renter New York, together with
correspondents of publications who are
stationed within the comities of the
greater city, are eligible to compete In the
tournament or the New
York Newstianer
Golf rlub over the Van Cortlandt Ilnka
beginning Monday, September !i. The press
championship, which Is confined strictly
to the profession, will be played for bv
the sixteen lowest golfers In the qualify
round, provided they nr eligible, who will
pair up for match play on subsequent '
duys. All others w III have a senarate I
tournament of nvc slxteens for prUd 1
offered b the club. Match plat Is on the I
cards fur Tuesil.it. Wednesday. Thursdav .
and ! rlday uftertiuons. I
A special i omiiiltlee has bfen named
to handle this tournament and kuc"Is of
certain other clubs will be Invited tu par
tlclpate. The committee Is composed of
tho fullovdng: Albert Iledley, llrriild.
chairman; James It. Crowell, .'iciiIiii
Trirgrnm; William Kverett Hicks,
Ilrooklyn Kiiulr; Harry D. Cashmnti. Tnu
SlN ; Kerr N. Pitrle. llrruld; Kred L.
Hawthorne, 7'Hbinie. P. L. Campbell,
.1 mericnii; II. Grantland Hlce. Hvenlnu
Mull: George K, Italston, H'orAI, and
SheiKird G. Harcley, Tttr. Sun. Hntrlea
will close with the chairman on Heptem
ber ti.
Saratoga turf doings.
August Relmont'a sppear.inrp hprp s.ems
to huve SPlllPd Hie Irnulili 1'PtwPPIl hta
trainer. I.mils Keustii. and Jnrkey T. MrTag
cart. The Utter bud the mount on Flitter
gold and ulfcu isore the Ueituoiil ellks on
rea KnoURll,
Junies Stilton. IhP starter at the Hetmnnt
r.irk ineetlng, was one nf the Msiturs at
th traek yeaterdH), He came from Montreal,
where lie went on n bunlnevs trip. Milton
will take a vacation until the oppnlng of
tha track ut lluvrfl lis Urace eurly in
I The Westprn brigade has been reenforced
)' ne ateriuig nanuicap nora . lliiilullo
and two others In the atable of Ills owner.
,. , ,, H ,-mmon. who ai,i yterduy tht
,e would huve had Ida crack on hand for
the Saratoga Handicap bnt for the pnnr
ahlpptng faellltlea. ('apt. Kmmona la mak-
'l. tlr.t racing venture at the Sm alnie
campaigneu nere ninetppn years ago with
ohln ooJ. jtudolfo unn the rl.heat purse
this year when he took the Kentucky Handl
cap of IIO.OOO nt u mile and a quarter In
he spring.
Jefferson I.hlngaton further Increased his
Mahle j-Mtenmy hen he Uuuciu the gre.it
uprlnter Iron Mailt from Harry Payne Whit-
ney. The exact price paid fur the Mg sun
of Dlsgulie was not stated, but Iris heiipted
to be In the neighborhood of KO.oon. Mr
Livingston now hua thirteen horsei In Ida
Mr, anJ fltl,t , ,h, hoodoo number.
joe Dlebold, winner of the fourth rare.
whs bid up by the agent of the Hoverwyek
stable, but was retained by Mrs. M. It.
SZiur:'.'' Part of an
rmn(, ,i,pUty .herlff. for Instead nf going to
the pom after parading he waiidrred dawn
nppn.lte the old belting ring and peered
or programmea. looking for odd.. fr flva
minutes before Loftus could get lilm hw ay.
,, Kor(, , , ,et n for rourh
r,ing t Heimont Park, evidently wu nut
cured of his unsportsmanlike tricks. After
he ilfth race yesterday. In which he rode
i iiarvesi stfueen. oe noaeieo in tne joeaei s
room oi RTaiiinns norses- snuii e ciotns nnd
i,ri,n, getting a .IpIkIi rldp." The rrsn!
was that bf Was itt down for the remainder
ul l he meeting and may now take Ills West-
em laotlcs back home, Jockey Henry
rave and waa set diiivn fur ten du)s.
Ten Anton First Sixteen lu Mcdnl
llonnd at Hrrtttin IViioila
Fretton Woons, N, H Aug. 11. Met
ropolltan golfers made a remarkable
showing In the qualifying round to-day
of the Uretton Woods golf championship
tourney. Ten players from the district
qualllled in tho first alxteen, of which
four were at the head of tho list, Chls
rilm Heach, tho New York Athletic Club
champion, from Kox Hills, and L. A.
Hamilton of KtiKlawnod, a former Uret
ton Woods rhtimnlon. tied for the gold
mednl wllh 77. II. F, Mundy of Ardsley,
who Is defending his title here, was the
only other player under 80, scoring a 77.
V, J, Travis pit In an appearance, but
did not play In the tourney. He played
with Ueach In tho afternoon against
Mundy und Hamilton, tho fomier pair
winning by 2 up. Travis was 76 Indl-
vldually and Heach helped this scorn five
strokes. Three slxteens qualllled for
match play to-morrow, Tho first division
scores :
Chlsholm Reach. Fix Illlli, 77: I. A. Hamil
ton, Kuirlewood, 77:R. Y. Mundr, Anltley. 7:
A T Palmer. Tax Tlilla. K: II. W. Croft. Oak
mont, Mi C. Smith. Jr., Ardsley, , J. B. 0.
Tallinn, Nasaau. : T. Hooker, New Haven.
7 1 J. W. Yulla. Royal Montreal, S7; I) C
Nut-rut. HI, Andrews. 17: U. A. Tajrlor. Uarilrn
, Cltr. 7: J. N. Relber, Plilladriphla, s: R. N,
I llrrr, Kn County. N. J.. tu; E. II lians.
nalllnmre. 0; K. 8. Wheeler, 1'lallirJeld, 1)2;
K. II, Jcwrtlp Detroit, M.
HcliiKinfs Two-Yciir-Old Out
runs Crm-k Western Colt in
Fast Time at Spa.
t' t vnuint
l...... fi..i... i r , i a , ' '"inrn or hfsa,iiii wo re.
Many iriumplis of OtTidtMital.,"'"!- ug mpcip.
Stars Sway .ludyment of
Saiiatoua, Aur. II. nootK ami Saililh,
one of the vaunted two-) par-nlils fiom the
Wet, wim miuiidlr lnatPii tn-itny by
Augi!t Ui-lniont'i colt I'llttiTRold, bv
HimtliiRM Knliy dolil. which won In such
,...,. rrty i- liiiiiinvr 1IIUI ni.iiiy Kooa
,uiIk,'h ,f """ h !"
vlnUKly ii ik innlileiril onnKstir may tiroe
a factiir In the blRKer races for two-year-
nidi which will feature the remainder
the racing here.
In the absence of tin- Camden entries,
Caiuiirlanlii and DiltiKhurst, II. II. Ilrad
loy's clack asunied top weight, but the
six pounds which Hoots and Saddle had
to concede to I-'lltterguld was more than
olTset by the ease with which the lattei
disposed of the favorite. The many vic
tories of the Western youngsters cuusid
lie. illy every one to rally round the Hrad
ley banner and Kllttergold divided the
position of second choice with Knver Uey
at the remunerative odds of S to 1.
Hoots and Saddle was off In front and
for the first eighth It looked as though the
West was going to open with an easy
victory. Ui foro the end of the first fur
long Kllttergold had ranged alongside, and
striding along freely he soon had the foot
of Hoots und Saddle. The race was never
i In doubt after that and McTaggart let
Kllttergold breeze to the finish, live lengths
....:..!". ..p .u
emphasized the merit of Kilttergold's per -
... ... .
In front of King McDowell.
lurmaiicc oy nnisning tne same uisiuncc
Klltti rgold ran the five und n half
furlongs In I Mlii t-Z. the best time made
. for the distance at the meeting. Hefore
however, Mr. llcltnont's horse can be
considered a po,sUile contender against
Old Itosehud, which ran the distance In
t :07 on the opening day of the meeting.
It must be taken Into account that Old
Itnsetiud won with consummate ease and
can led 139 pounds, as compared with
113 taken up by KUttergoh! to-day. It
Is also certain that the ti m l; Is much
j faster now than on. the opening day, as
the frequent racing and harrowing have
smoothed out tin rough spots.
The victory of Kllttergold provided a
feature in u day's racing that contained
no stake cvtnt but was attractive
enough to make the Monday uttctulani.e
much larger than a week ago. from
which It may be gathered that the sport
now Is fairly In its stride. Picking win
ners was again a hazardous task, and ns
has happened on most afternoons only one
latorne got iioinu in num. uue nun in
the fteeplchase. and een In that event
the winner. iTIftonlan, only divided the
honor of tlrst iholco with llcpcntant.
The summaries:
KlltST ItACt:.
h'er Iwo-j par-olds; handicap: Xw added; five
and a half furlnnc-
norsp ana axe. iu, jncapy. iticps i-in.
1 IJ I . I E 1.
1 .1
Hoots A Muldlr
tin i.ortii
r, .-.
12 t
'V I
I 2
3 I
.1 I
4 1
3 I
RSt?:l,"w''':!' VK?'f
Nnrllii met 2 102 Mramlpr
!.' Haraii,! iiii.llinr)
Ills Nlorrl
nix iuir--
i '.- .
'('nlinleil as Wllsnn diltv
'1 lll.e. 1 l" l-
lined stArt. linn easily, KHttrrcnld, pli e hy
Hastings 1'alry linil;ounrd by Aucust Mplmont;
tralnrd by I.. 1 eustrl
Mi:i'o.M itAfi:.
Htppplethasp; for maiden thrpp-s par-olds and
upwarn, s.iiiaiineii: aooui vnu nine
Horsp and ap
M t .lockpy
Prli-ps. Kin.
tlppi ntant, 3
ll.i pel 1. 3..
Humility. J.
tiartli. 4
li. Ilrvant.
ISO Tiiikr)
112 Mllrhpll
Mil Ki-dtliw.
lli Mien
. 2 pcn
.V2 (ten 2""
It 3
12 1 .VI I
IO-1 7-2
10-1 (-1 I
A r lot to, .v
I l.'i Knhlpr
'Fell, tltrfused.
Time. 4JO
Good Hart; won paslly. I'llftnnlan, h, g, .y
Islington HpsIuiip, Iwnpd b II. W. Sane; trained
by T.J Diinohue.
TlllltD RACIl.
Per all aires; tiluli wrUht handicap, t.'ai added;
sl fiirlnnirs.
Horsp and agp. Wt Joekpy
SeinprllP.:i 120 llulwell
Flying Vankpp. I 117 Wolle
Sickle. I 122 lilaml
Rally t'lltl. 4 I2 Itulllns
l'renilnillon. 4 t:u llenr)
I'rlns lin.
II 7 A 1
6 1 2 1 2'
2-1 t .1 V'
4-1 7 A I
I3-.1 rvpn j
i line i i. i.
Good Hart; won easily, Spmprllp. b f., by
Scmpruiilus IkiiIic, owtieil by (iporre J. lainKl
trained by P. Cojne.
FOL'ltTH ItACt'..
For three-year-olds and upward; selling: l?t
added; one mile.
Horse r.nil ate. Wt. Joekpy. Prices. Fin
Joe Dlebold, 4 . 102 McDonald.. 0-2 even I'"
liaktnirst.aeed. I7 Martin , 4-1 7 10 5'
KolllngSione, .1 nil Karrlck. . 7-10 out i
Hob It..),. . lis Ikirpl .VI even 4
ilnie: l;ltl l-.i
Fair start; won drhlnic. Joe nipbold, b. g by
Irish Ijd -Citstanre; owned by Mrs M It. Farmer:
trained by J. I.. Milllniils.
Bay Stale Will (iraul l.lcellsra lo
Drivers of Their Cars.
Trenton, N. J., Aug. It New Jersey
autolsts generally, and pal tlcularly those
wh'j use tho loads lu the State of Massa
chusetts, lejoiccil to-day over the an
nouncement of Commissioner Lipplncutt of
the State Department of Motor Vehicles
to the effect that the H iy State Highway
Commission had decided to lecogulzo a
New Jersey driver's license In lieu of an
examination lit that State hereafter; there.
fore the holder of a Ne' Jersey license
may obtain u license In Massachusetts
without un examination. Inasmuch a"
Massachusetts Is reputed to have the most
seven test fur drlieis of any State, the
recognition awnri'cil by tho Highway
Commission Ih regarded as a compliment
to the New Jersey department. The notice
of the commission's: action was conveyed
to Mr. Llpplncott by I'rank 1. Holler,
secictary of the Massachusetts commission,
to-day and was Immediately made known,
Nome People Can't He Convinced.
A fi to I victory for the His Six team,
champloiH of the Printers League, over
the Whiting Coney Islanders yesterday
afternoon did not meet with the approval
of Manager Fogerty of the vanquished ag
gregation. Kogeity asked for another
game with the printers befote hey em
barked for Pittsburg to try for the
Garry Herrmann cup. Manager Uvans of
the victors declnred that he was satisfied
with the result and eiidul up with saying
he never knew an Irishman yet who ad
mitted he was beaten, so a second defeat
would not convince lilm any better than
yesterday's did.
II r. Jones Cupturra ledul.
MAPI.KWOOH, N. II., Aug. II. Dr. L. It.
Jones of Glen Ridge, with a HI, won the
gold medal offered for the best net score
made lu the qualifying round nf the Au
gust handicap tournament here to-day,
Those making tho first division wcrn Dr.
L. II. Jones, Glen Ridge; J. M. Williams,
Columbia ; A. H, Carter, Wykngyl ; W. II.
Hennell. Alpine! F, D. Ilalley, Maple
wood : I J. H. Young, Wykng. I ; W. II.
Ilalley, Maplewond; N. It. Cook, Hart
ford; W. II, Todd, Port Chester; J, L.
Gwyer, Slwauoy : II. K. Ilalley, llrae Hum ;
W. R. Hunter, Alpine; K. A. Shields, Jr..
Albany ; J. L. Clark, WykHgyl, nnd N, A.
Small, Heimont Uprings.
i iitm tt.u'i:.
t iir maiden tun jmi old Mllps and gelding,
Lsii added, nvratid n half fu rlittiRs:
Horse nml sue. W I. Inrkey. Prices I In
llr'itlcy's('liolrp,2 112 Uriiii.. .1 I even I'
iridescence, ;, lot .Steele, id .1 'ii
t'nd.iunipd,? pis, llyrne 7 2 ? .', ai
I ra l.nnnrh, 2 lo i . M'T'us'l KM II I
Harvest iturrn.2 Ins, lord, an 1 in I ,".
I I Html, 2 tie, iio-ei,, .i even
Kllerin.J ,. Iir UcCabe ,V). KM 7
.Miss fatanngh. 2,112 Vvhlte.. JO-I 15-1 A
valkvrlr, 2. .H Ambrose. 5 2 even II
Ash ( un, 2 ins Unties, lot IJ-l lo
"ime. I :'J7 2
l,oo, start, urn. easily liradlry's Choice, eh.
I. by canard .Swept Alice; owned by P., II,
llradlcy; trained by (' llniiiiiioli,
For three trar olda nnil upward; aelllnir; $401
added, one mile:
llnrsp nr.it aire. U'l. .Ittplip.. Iplr Tin .
itmen.t.. ion naties,
Uotklng Lad. I. Ins Mnrilii.
,. , .... i,, uaii'i, s-i n-.i i
b-5 2
1 I.I'.IIp .luplipr, 3. IM llulnrll
Nwlli,:,, mi Horrl...
I Dartwiirth. fj. tin Pvrnp..
2 1 .1
7-A A
2-1 II
HH 7
2-t .1
;m i
5 l
'I Imp. I .'ill i ..
(ioocl Hurt, wiiti limine Hmp K. h. f . In i
1'Prn I I'llnv. Biiiarr. o upd liv II S. Kparnpi .l
trnlnpilbvj. I'ltrMirn ot.
. Tlrnt luce
furlutiK: Two-ear-o(l, llie and imp-half
110! Ppii nan t...
107 Trailpinark.,
lu7,May Dora.
Ki.vo'llHlly. .
102 IIpiov,
I flriiiiitiiili.
I vLnkw Ti i
t pe
t'nrle Mun
Seriintl Itare Selliii ir: foui-tar-oldh and ui
trard: one mile and a furlong
UrHnrn. lua Urpukcr Hoy.. . 103
Invprrlur l,ouailr I'U.Crcnipde Mrnthp., 103
Frril Uiilhnllanil I'll
Thlnl llai-p Cauklll hpillng Slakps, thrpp-
ypar-oias anil upuaru, -ppii lurinnss:
Irovpr lltiichrs... li.li Jor IHIboln.
Towton HpIiI.. Ill Acylaile.
I'alanqiiln. . . 112 KllallrVMin
t-rruiinirc ... iu i.pni'hin. 11K
Vnllhurpe lllHiool:lleld.. . l
Jiiili' Walter . I I'd
I inn tu Hare- Handicap for all a hps; one mllei
Ten Point
122 llarnpeat..
Corko' the Hulk
liuy l'l.her.
cim r:di(p
.Mshlsllrk .
AIo Plllhle'
Adamt K.xprcsn
117 l)r llurnnrr
111 Inunction...
ICS (Jioirr llujhps
Ui7.Strrniioua. .
105i He bourn
11.1 IliKkln
111 Kiillnka
tou fl .ir liazp
Hare SPlllnr: tuu.vrarld.: five anil
oup-hait furlonr.
l.lli lirinp.
110 J. .Nolan
111 t'nfurl
1 10. 1 'oil V 1 1
UI7 Kluh.
lloa MiiihII
I'prth Hoi k..
Suan Jl
Heart llpal
1 waMt iu"trr'i,,n?den lhlcrold, lul un-
I ' " . fUllOn fT.
(.arruu neiii,
112 Kuterne.
rev I ianpt.
112 My l an
ion, Mis, finish,
UU llrlsllps.
lOtfi La CHIT
louiAnn Tilly
li if i
Protpcct .
Mohau k Utrl.
First Hacc Siromboll, Surprltlnir and
Second Race--Fred Mulholland, War Horn
and Kreakrr Hoy.
Thlid Itacp Aiyiadi. Klla nrysun and
Fourth Itace- -Ten Point, Cork o' the
Walk and Uuy Flslipr.
Fifth Hace Korfhage, Mordcr.il and t'n
.Sixth Hair-Ilrynliniali, La ClItT and Drum
Wilis Tun lili lil, . ,.L. If.,,.,,
KhmIv Ih'.spilo Ilitr
It was the third mile of the ten mile
handicap motor c.vde race, the feature
event .teste! day nt the Greater New York
Kalr and Kxposltlnti. which is running at
tha Ihnplte Cltv imett.iek, Yunkers, 1.
fore Johnny Cox renll got startnl. He
fore the seteiith lap had been covered he
had overennio nil bnndlcaps frmn one.
half to two miles. The mile truik w.t"
used and It was III perfect condition. The
time 9 minutes l-! seconds tells
how Cox burned around the i nurse, is.
p. dally whm It Is consldeied that ho
liad a st.iudiiig "tart.
Cox wis on scratch .lltnmle French had
half a mile, Mike Costello had a mile and
Tony Morro had the limit of two miles,
Cox had a bad tlrst mile, us bis engine
was cold uutl tuned up slowly Hut lie
got started on the third lap.
Arthur Chappie, wtiose own machine did
not nrrlvo from Urlghton Reach, defeated
Mike Costello by a quarter of a wheel
In the mile match race. The former
champion did not appear to be trying very
hard, being content with a close margined
Tho half mile horserace for threo-yrur-olds
and upward proved a romp for Welch
Girl. Sim led from the drop of tho ll ig.
Jockey J. Gannon let her canter home as
she pleased. Vigorous and IViliictlon fin
ished close together for scond and third
money '
The summaries:
Ten Mile Motor Cyde Handicap Won hy
John Cox, llroolilyn inTnldi ; James Fren h,
i-hpppsheai! Iluy (half imle). seeond: Mike Cos-,
tiilo. Ilrooklyn (one mile, thud. Time -s mln
tiles 2. bf "eeetids
Three Mile Motor Prdo Race First he.it won
b James French, John Cox, spiijihI; Mike Cos
tello. third Time-3 minutes '.' 1 " sreonis
Seennd Heal-Won bsr Jampt F-pneh. John
Cox. seioivl Tony Morru, third T.iue- 3 nun
tiles 17 seconds.
One Mile Mulor Cele Match It.T-e -Won bj
Arthur Chappie; Mike Costp'lu. second. Tmip
1 niiuute 3 1 ., spconds
One Mile Tune Trial Arthur Chappie. Time
-.'.s .1-5 seconds
First Hors" Itaee- Half mile for three, veur.
olds and up, Welsh did 12", (J. Cannnni, won;
viiorous t (suppl. "ecind. Ileilnetinn, 1 ,T
Ilniwn. third: Cornw allls lO'Neill. 13'l. fourth
Time .'? 2..r, seeoilds
Seemid Horse nai-e Three-ounrters of a mile,
for thrce-yeimolila and ill' F.llte, 127 (Has.
anil, won; lU.r Kmir. Ill (Taylor), second;
Vlirorous. IM (Zspp), third; Essex. 1:2 (Sen
reanl). fourth. Time -t minute l 4-S seconds
Great Dane For Robert (inelel Cornea
on Mlnnelinlia.
Tim HritlHh prize winning Great Dane
or German boarhound dog, Zebra uf Slid.
Inn y ani veil on the Maiitetanlu to the
oriler nf Thomas Scott, Ottawa, Cnniiilii
Robert (Wirt's kinrid muniiger Will
lam Llvcsey was nn the bunt to meet the
dog, which was consigned In bund to Mr
Ooelet'H kennels at Glelilllere, Chester, N.
Y. Zebra of Sudbury Is u very big dog,
standing at least 3f. Inches at the withers.
He Is a black and white harlequin In
color, with u head Hi Inches long. In his
blood there Is the combination of tho
Qrecnhlll Squlrn and Figaro of St. Aus
tell strains. Zebra Is 10 months old mid
bus already proved a siiccesful sire. Tho
puppies weighed eight pounds ut 3 weeks
old. The dam of the puppies was the
llngllsh champion Zerda of Sudbury, now
the property of Mr, Goelet.
Dora Numrthlnir Never Dour Before,
MA.Ncm.'HTKfl, Vt., Allg. 11, O. II,
Thueher of Albany vvhlln playing the
dully round nt Kkwanok with the Lincoln
foursome this afternoon played the SOU
yHrd third hole In two strokes, this being
the first two at this hole In the club's
histniy, Mr. Thacher'u feut, coupled with
a one inudc ut the thirteenth a few duys
ago by C. II. Gardner of Providence,
lowers the selected hole score of the
course tn thirty-nine,
12, 1913.
Champions Past and Present
Compote on Turf Courts
at Southampton.
Slociim Another Veteran Who
Will Muteh His Skill With
Southampton, N. v., Auc 11. Many
names prominent In the lawn tennis world
102 'appear In the drnw of the men's singles
.tournament for the Meadow Club cup,
liu, which was started here to-dav on the
hw nourts of thn Meadow Club. Sevcnty-Ie
J2 players are entered, the largest nuinher
ioiii ever compeieii lor mis iropny.
William A. lairned. erstwhile king of
the courts and for many yiars national
champion, Is one of the contestants. Lamed
recently had given oer the singles In
.favor of the doubles and many followers
I0 of the game will be surprised to see that
lo he has gone back to his old love. It Is
. .... ... ..... . ... ...
probable that If he shows any signs of re
turning to form he will make a try for
the national title at Newport next week.
In the doubles It Is more than likely
that Lamed will be paired with Heals C.
102 i Wright, his team mate In the Ixmgwood
uu Itouiney. The fornierchnmplon will be pitted
J. against I.. H. Condon In his nrst match,
i ,m..,, in iiiu iouii segment oi ine list
j with the Summit man Is Clarence ,!
Urlffln, the California player, who Is one
lit , 1 .. m ...... I, .... n I . .. . .1. .11 i
I" "7. ""-""" '"e mm cimiipnging
I national crown In doubles. An-
HK.uuier uue nouier in tins section is .1
Cannon, champion of Kansas City. Then
there are such sterling laiquet wlelders
as A. S. Dnbney of Uoston, Krank M.
Watrous. formeily a Vale player, and II.
II. INhitney. formerly of Harvard nml
I Intercollegiate champion In 1911.
I yt,., ... ..... - .
Quirting at tile Ion of the column the
I flrt name that draws one's attention is
I Thomas C. HundV. Illiolher nf the (.l!fp. I
I lllll tribe Of title irr.lh1,,.rs U'h.i will, I
I Maurice I'. McLouchlln la natlon.il ilnulil. s
chamnlnn. He will nut h bin
the top, for he ! rlglit near John S.
Strachan. who nlsn hr.il fe,,m Mm n..Mn
Gate and Is half of the pair that Is after
tne scalps or Huiuty and McLoughlln.
Watson M Washburn! the Harvard player
and metropolitan chamnlon : Karl II. nebr
I ' and William .McKini, Princeton Inter-
I scholastic title holder, are also In the first
I rile Last I well represented In the
second quarter with George M. Churrh of
Princeton. Intercollegiate champion; Gus-
i ,... tf Tn.i,.su. i n.T.i.it . ui ... r
j tave K Touchar.l, nlildle States and Long
'Island champion. Wallace K Johnson.
I fourth member of the victorious Davis
run t., i.i.i l.ru,l r Inm.t, th t,r.1 hit.
'itlnir left binder of the lloeliiiwiv font
ting nil "'""r f Hi- Kocitnwav i.unt
, Club, and .1 D. 1.. Jones, the veteran
from Ithode Island.
vviiiiam ji .loimnon. the youngster
fenm r,.nr,.rt.i . . ti.. I,, ii... ,f
McLoughlln kejit the Iingwisvl lowl and
the New York State title In his native
State. Harts lu the third quarter. In tho
section with him aro Robert l.e Roy,
former Columbia man and Intercolleglnte
i champion In 1904, Henry W. Sujcum,
national title holder In l"ss and lgni.
who showed by his play In the New York
State tourney that he Is not yet through:
W J Clothier of Philadelphia, national
champion In tf'nt; c. Colket C.imr f
ll.i 'V.inl and William 7.lnu of I'liilnilel-
Nl,hanlel W
Nib s, the win er o' the
' tr.'phv lat .vcar. will nut p!a 1 ho
doubles draw will b made to-tnurr iw
Only one of the matches played neequi
an extra set. This was "lie In which
Samuel A lb ardsley defeatid Alan Tobev
l.it, v H. 3, Tubey played all around
Rcardsley In the first" set. but the latter
took n brace toward the close of the
second and won by greater steadiness.
Ml of the ranking player-, with the
exception of Touchard. had an t asy time
winning Touchard met Louis I'll Pout
Irving and waded through tic first yet
to the tune uf i " In the mciiiuI set
To.;ch.iril loafed vvh'.le Irving put up t
hard fight. The latter almost wo the
set As It vv.l" he biougllt It in deuce
before he was vanquish .1 at 7 1 Til
summaries '
Mei.lan' ('tills Men'" MiicIp. First Itoiind S.
W MrrlllPW delcited Rn hind llaNn. k 1') OP
fault: Crone KeniiPl) 'r defeaie.1 ilravlhue
t. lavlnsetoii ,lr i. 1 Krte Wititpn de
fealeil Harold M..1111. 2 s. t 4 u. M.illn"
F .lotiiiston defeated Itoiind II rard by de
I dill Robert Irov delcited Fredrrl.-k (
llans's by default. W N I'lunils-rs defeated
Altred Coalman by defnull: Henry W Mlm-uni
dpfpalisl Jack I.arkln. '. 1. i J Howell i'.p
teatpd lius CinnernPtir Morns I. i- I. "
W fVabu defpaipil II llyffpni 6 i ,
Speotiit oiltsl inoninsi. i.uoiij' nr,r. .1.-11 ,,
lUa. - 1 1; William MeKIm defeaiett K
Sawter, s. l: John s sirahan dpfp.iiril r
II Kolunsiin by ilefault; Miller defeaied R
Conk i-0 il 3; Wxtsou M Washburn detested
FpIIv N Doutileday. 3. A- I: l W C.rlpr dp
feutpii Musjrave Hyde. 3. f. -3; h.vl 11 nenr
defeatrd Harold MiCllntnek hy ilefault: iipomp
M I'hurdi iirip.ttp.1 t iirn. 1
rtek C Inmaii defeaied r. rrp)iiniiujspn.
11. 6 4: Hoffman Nnkerson dpfpaled K. I
MvIps - 2. 1". a; (iustave F Touchard defeaied
Unit 1'u I'onl Irviur. 'V--1 : '.eor.-e Ken
nedv Jr drfcatrd S W Merrihpw it A e- J:
Rolwrt lroy defe.ite.1 W N l'limber. 11 0,
r. s. Wliilnm .1 Clethlrr defeate.1 R !ea
bur il 1 11- C, William M Jobnslon defeatisl
Cnrlla11.lt Palmer DUmi. I 2: T H
Thomas defraiPd nporxp .Inn by dpfault
U'oiianl llpekmua defeated H II I'arne, f j
1!- :; Howntd Pltimmer defeaied A M bid
der. ' 3. I; Samuel A licnnNley defe.ne.1
Alan Tobev. 1 i' S . - 3; William A Lamed
ilefeiiKd K It Condon by default; Jrauk .M
Walrous ilelpale.1 A II (irier 1; .1. I: tlnr
enpe J c.riftin defeated II
II Wilson l tie-
First Hni e. FIvp Fiirlents--Paik Rosaleen.
110 iKederlsl. 7 In H' won, Moss Fot, lOt
i lliiviiuil. 7 to Id for place, second. Old
Reliable, 101 (Connolly I, to r. lo shew
third. Time. l.fi lS llur Mabelle. Half
l,aw and latiiy lie also inn. . ,
Seennd Race. fit Furlongs Mother
Ketrliam. 10& (Kederlsl, 3 lo t, won,
Counter Part, 107 (OtierO 7 to 5 for place,,
serond. Fred Levy, 107 iliruM, lo ( to
how. third Time, i;i;l.l, Pamplnea.
Ciippil, HattPry, OasVet and Ralph l.lovd
also ran.
Third Itace. Six Furlongs Patuarettn, 55
IKederlsl. 11 to 10 won. Jo Knight, ins
(Hiinill). S to 5 for place, reiond. Huquesne,
Ids Kioiisel. even to show, third Time,
117 1 Crlsco, Karly Itnleht and Cowl also
ran I
l-'o'irth Uhp, Flvo and n Half Furlongs
The I'sher, 112 tM'ioil,), 7 to 2, won .Miss
ilavle, 10". (Oberti, t to ! for place, second
Czir Mb luiel, 111 (Iliixionl, unt to show,
thlnl Time, 1 11 5 S. Just Y also run
Fifth Race, one Mile and Seventy Yurds -Just
Red. 101 (Cullaltiini, r, to 1, won;
l.lu'uh. 101 (l)erondei, 1 to : for plare,
second; Mpllon Street, 114 iSmalM, out tu
show, third. Time, 1:50, Font iil.n ran.
Sixth Race One Mile and a Sixteenth
lie, n icalliilninl, 2 to 1, won, Marshon, 07
tlveilerlsl, even tor pliue. seciitld, Mi
siikce, tin (Taylor), 1 lo r, to show, third, i
Tline. 1:5.12-8. Mlitle, Adolnnte, Silicic and
Lord Lliim also ran. I
Seventh Itaie One Mile and a Slttoenth
Turtles, 10.', ll'.ilrlirotherl. n to 1, won; '
Rush, 108 (Small), even for place, second,
Mud Hill, 101 (lluxtoul, S to S to show.
third, Time, 1:3:. Pliant and U M, Krkert
also ran.
-Mny .Make Trnnls llrntT llrrr.
Nkwpokt, Aug. II. Though It Is not
known definitely It looks hs though the
cullies for the national lawn tennis tour-
fiament, which opens at the Casino he
on August Id, are to he opened and drawn
In New York this year. The entries have
been arriving at the Casino for a number
of days and the Indications are for a big
entiy list, but the letters are Ik lug for.
winded to Secretary Hoaklns of the Tenuis
Association In New York. The entries are
supposed tu, be opened uud druwii on
Schauer Beaten in
Last Game in Bush
T ACKOHSK, Wis.. An. II.
Pitching liiu lust gutnu in the
Northern League before retwrting
to the New York (llatiN on August
1.1, Knot; Schauer oT the Superior
team, for whom Manager Midraw
paid $ 15,000, was defeuted here to
day, liiierobsc. winning by to o,
Kramer for Lacrosse allowed but
three him, while seven were bunched
off the pitching of tho new (limit.
It was said that Schauer did not try
hard, that he aimed to save himseif
for a good debut as a big leaguer.
Illiirli'l Attorney Tells MnUer AhiiIii
All Is ItlKbt nt nrnloun.
Al.llANV. Aug. 1 1. lllstllct Atliirnev
1.. H McKelley of Saratuiril r-riimlv In.
formed Hoi, Sulzer to.ibiy that not a the close score of '.i to 7 The Aran teaiii
single violation of the anll-gamli.lng hiwsi won by superior tiun work throughout
had come to his attention since the racing 1 The Leopards defeatid the IVrioquetH
season openul at SHiatoga. He sajs a by u score of O'j tu In the third
clo-e watch by twenty deputies he has at- event. .1. Austin Amnrv plawd aggre.i
polntid, the Plnkertons detnlled by the sliel for the I.eopardi. The ilneiip;
lacing asioclatlon Itsilf and the u.ilehiis .. ....
f,.e .1... ... .!... ...f :
f.i..a .. il ........ .:".:'.!' ,
........ ... ruiKe II fiiinee Ul
gamblliig. WHmlngs Issued t i a larir-
liumiMr or professional gambleis that
gambling would not be tolerated and close
Inspection of all gambling house", the IDs
tr tot Attorney u.,nts out hnie been
latgely reponsllili for tho absence of
gambling at Saratoga.
IMstrlet Attorney MoKelvey says In his
letter to the Ooverior Unit he will make
weekly re.ort of conditions existing thp
In order that the ilovernor may be able
to make any suggestions he desire"
Saratoga Is enjo.vlng ,i period of un
usual prosperity, the IJIstrlct Attorney
s,is, and because of this the letlilent" of
the i (immunity di"lre to . e the law gen
erally enforced to that nothing can mar
the meeting, which Is the tlrst In three
i ears.
( hniiiilniiahli Tolirncj .Hrl un Bar
Harbor I'nnrls,
Hall Haiiboh. Me.. Aug. 1 1 The first
round of nun's tennis doiibhs for the
championship of Maine, which started on
the swimming (tub coutts tn.il.iy. was a
1111 fl'l''"'. mly 'n match going to j
"euiesns. rome last tennis was urnugiu
out however, and the matches wr
watched by a large gallery. Some fast
l'lll" with more even results Is looked for
to-morrow, as several strong pairs tne.t
,each other The summaiie".
Men's Doubles. Mate Championship First I
Roniul-MeCorniick lllatr ..mi Paul K Cirdner I
'J.,,W"Hn 'L"'!1" I",'! "i K- n,;"V; :. :.
" " llpekniHii .im lr J Frailer defeated 1.
,,. M,Care and Lldoc-nm llurnll c 4, A I:'
Tnwnseiul and K II Dcnb .leleiued lteiij.inilii i
Chen and (itoi,e I. Thompson r. .1. . .. i
Hlls-ar Si Ott iltl'l M Tailor 13 ne drew n bie. '
J Anderson and I. It Landnth drew a hje:
i0ian.l Auchli.elos. nnd Mirnll (irlwold de
fpated II C Tlnr snd Wliltnej Wright. ( 4.
1. John .s Kiuer and ll,i;ul.i. L'atntiUII
"T" ."r .' ;r' -: .r ,lm James r
siiienpu ny iiei.itiu . m Krmont mitn aist v
W Plidps ilefrstp.l Joseph T Ilnweti and icirt
her by ilrfault
We makp a p i.n, n , -,nir is a'llomo
blips. In addition In nur ta.-illi - for done
ftnp coarh work wp have a w eTutppe
mtchlnp shop to overhaul mnto-i etit)l1slRi
Newark, N. J.
cuts. (iARuiK.s Tinrs. equip-
AUTO TRUCKS 'il. ";.A.7,,,, NEW
" . " ' "WB" I'M'I ' 1 1 I ",T
O M ffl s) U R
P ; i A .'. ion iiih'i,-
1 .if-l.,11 , ,n in. '
lli'C'll-ll I'" e tl ..V' Illl I'l l.e ,1T
.cTiii i'i inn i ie w n ckcr
A .Villi SI
ar5'44Slea! An Auto"'
I'rlfr Wt" ' At'iri.t iir U (.r.ititl !Arririv'
IVriT-Armw U, sii'ilHmkrr Oli1rnolTtr.
jsj,, paekaid.
'isxwcll.$:oo.( adlll.ic ki, lluu k.Kiu.t halmers
M'.VK MM tl Ills s ItlFICFII.
ILnr'ialns otlered tills week ltte jnodel
Itunabout. uier. ti'iu.nt' c:,.cd, cnincierclal
Fvery IlinkP yi'(ll(,i' MAb'l .12 Wpst cm
VK IIAMlir inniiilliclillers relillllt rrs
1 orlers, Meari-s ,erins, caiiciais Wtutous,
pulcLs and ntltrr la e mode!, t xircuiply low
prlifs illo. taken III eti h.il'Ci IIAYl.'.V
I 1 1; I iiNIii'UH'd i'i' :i west h.'n.i
til tiit.Mi r.ii i mi ii.nnn mills.
:int:i,Kii.i.,: .ii)i.:i ,. tai.-i.tin.
HI'NSilL'l 1 1 I : A lil'IIIIF.H in.
Klsi llltOAItu M V YORK CIl Y.
Al'TOMOIlll.l: AMI mo nut TRICK
buiiklrt Ptplnlns HY
oiu rouisp Is III ST.
Intpcrl our iil.nu
and be convincpd.
.s, s .14 ih si
' 5 1 " "
At A lll ll 1
There nre so many excellent institutions that it is difficult
for parents to decide which to select. To help solve your
problem - unbiased information bearing on your
particular instance and booklets of any school or college
will be sent you free upon request. Write, stating near
what city or town you would like your children to be,
what kind of school and how much you desire to spend for
uition and support. Immediately upon reading this ad
vertisement write to the
170 Nassau
From West.
Tops Ureal Neck for Junior
Polo Championship at
NAititAtiA.Nsi:TT Pint. II. I Aug. It -
Thetl well thr leiitM in tin. lj.l.
1 .Imlith polo tournament, which was imi-
tinned hen to-day, im hiding the ilual
event for the Junior championship and
the Initial matches for the Atlantic cups,
offered by It I,. Agiisslz of Huston, open
to teams not ec ling t-kteen goals.
Many polo inthuilnsts assembled on the
polo Held to witness the contests for
I timrnev honors.
In the lliuil for the Junior chanipion
ship Cooperstou ii defeated limit .Welt
by a score of lfiij to T If was elusilv
lontisteil (' ( ltimihe's playlni; was a
feature of the mulch.
in tin nrst iniiicn fur the Atlantic cups
the Aimv teinii ,1,.fni, I...1 I.. I... 1...H.I.' l...
.'n,. Aim, . imii i.b-iiiiv.n
."' .,.t'.(.!r'.".f r.S. Vmi St.ide
.Ml.. . . 1 winti x
( (' lll'IMkl-V
o.3- II HsililPll .No.rt C. P, llendleatoil
Ao.t .i.ii. Jiiiniir!i..ir. mi. I c. I . iiurke
(.re, it Seek lloaN earned, A. iicnaltlcs, t, total,
('oopirton -tioals earned, II. penalty, !;
total. Iiii.
floats Mlltntrii.t Webb. I: (Irnep, I. ItaddPn,:;
Vmi Mmlp, I. Kninn'i. . I rmlli Mini, I.
Penalties (irent .rk- I'nul li Mllhiirn,
safety liy llnilden Cuouerstonn l-'oul by Hum
se . sfpty hy Iiurke.
Itcfpiee-I Ishe.
AltMV POINT .ll tllTIt
H'dV'p I'ns. H'dVp.
I.I M llsmi 1 No ,. ( (.luilcy ,3
t.t W W Wpst.Jr 1 Nil 2 r. Hop i
I.t .t li Wiiekpiiiejrr . No :t A C sdiuariz 2
I.I W 1. Mnoe.Jr I llaik l . I.. Cuodwui 2
Tnlal 4 Tmal .
Arm 1'nlsinrni'il. .',.li li.'il:illiai. I Total, I).
I'ellll Judith liolil. parried. 7 Tntnl. 7
('il llj Wilson. 2: i-i, I, Unvkriiipyer. 2;
(ioeduin. 2. Srhuarir. 2; line. 3 lli fi ne i'lsht
i't:ititogii:T.s i.r.iipAitns.
H'd'r'n. Pes H'dVp.
.Norman Prince 2 No I J. f. Katliborne 2
P II PrllllP .1 Nil 2 .1 All-lln Amnrv 1
u li -ttv i Nn :i .1 II. 1 lamias 3
1' A. (illl
C Had. I". A Clark,
Toinl l.",
IVrroiuiets Coals eirnrd
Total. I -j
l-npsrds -(iosls pariiPd. J
I'.it r I llli s ' , Total, v i.
3: penalties,
by handicap, ;
Onsls tnory. ItHhbornp. 3. Thornis. 1; tilll, 2;
i ii i ri lie i
nsltle l',.pr,l Inets Pii.tl In- V Peliip
ia'opniils Knfcly by Clark Itr'rrcr, l lshc
Vevs Cnitlaiiil
New lledford. t. I.iiivpI! 2
Won "ter. I'l l.vnn C if'rst gami
Wnri ester. S. I.l'llll. 7 (se olid RaltlPl
l..iwreine ; 1'iirilittiil, o forfeited i
Fall fttvpr. C. llro'kton. :
evt YiirK mid .Nitt .lirsey
At Middletnwn - .Ml.l.lletnw n.
. New-
i pp. ond
I'urKh 4 ' five Innlnk's iiiliedi.
Nenbureh, 7 Mlil'lletnw li
game '
At l,.,na llrandi Long llranch 3
keepsle, 1
MIRK New lurk
Law ( llooU.
in v.s vi sriii:i.r UrllVthollT
Ntar 1 cueialiiii'l ( m.nt ( .urts. itn,ii,i n ,ji,.
Kiibwiiy Unison 'I'nni.ei
I Afternoon Classes, 4:15 , fi:5
Evening Classes. 7:45 to 0:15
I rr III IULIII Sepl 'j; I Vl Sl-,l,t
' I 1 1 n I i'i 1 01 il iiil r 1 1 1,
I 1 Htaiuki.e sent im app 11.1 ii n '. iviHts
For (ilrls and tnunjr. Women
Business Course.
I '.in r v.n mli,i- Mii..iu-r. it, Kiti. Inc.
1 lln Im 'U Skeli hlug I lucutlol) n eto.
Till II M V VI I ;i et U'I'll st
ft. in, toll lil-lltllte ,'01 dills
10 Ml esi 1 nd A v.
s tv coiner null Mreei
Approtel t tl.e btalp board of I duration.
lhr Institute nf Musical Art of the I Its uf
New nrk, Frank lianuo-i'ti. Dlrtctor LMlpsof
ptanilnaUon and enrollment, Sept. S'l to net 1.
Sissi.m opens (Ictnber l.itli Sri'Hl.TAIl, 120
( iaremont Avmiiip Npw i.ork
For Dolb Spies.
For and (ilrls. All (irade. Physical l',
linn ll-iildiii i i.peri on Niliud iy. Npw athlplic Be Id.
Afiernonn snidy hours li ns Sepi 2.'nd. (ircu
l.i r- Samuel I, Itutton, Mupi,, llroadnay and
I 'illlh s. N. .
lAI.IIAI.I.A, Meslche.l.r, Co., N. Y.
1'or (ilrN nml Yoiiiik Mnmrn.
talhalla, Weslrhestpr Co., N. Y.
Home rhool for tilll I. S. In the ltralCouutry:
uiidrr care of Frlrnds; buys admlttrd under
tl tears in'parnle dept ', hump nintlipr for nunt
rhlldirn, 4.td enr .'j iiiIIps from N. V,; 70 acres:
Hon ft. clcvailon ursps. music, art, rtompstla
nienii. I'rintiin i,in: and rntniiiprclal drpW,
IUU n i.T.1 to il,, i atalocup. Hot M.
TAHKY'limN-IIN-lll'DSOX, N, T.
lot It
elipster ti.lls 2i
oung Men.
I'rpparps bnya for collar. A
countiy sphool In the Wetl-
! frmn Npw lork. Completa
nuslem eipilnniPiit new building, rymnaslumand
aihletld riel.i Sii'clal attention to votini? hovs.
( ataliifite mi rpqurst Hox C7, larrj town-on.
Iltiitson. .Npw lurk
I For Hoy and oung Men.
I Rivet '' I "' lb '1 ,J
I Reopens Sept. 15th, 1913.
ItrslsliHilon Ho'-, sept, nib and Illlh.
1 I'lsniloiillnn for Aituils'ii, Sept. I anil 1'..
I Couisi nf slU'l) picpar'Uor) to l'nlvrrltlea.
ColieiiPs Si hinds o' "'i iiicp Ijiw and -MulUinc
I The rale of tuition s JI.'O per )i ar
New York

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