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IfllT! ItniimAnm mil
UK NKWrlln I nAl.li
liarriH'ks DiMMU'iifcd for Dan
ciiitr. mill Officers anil
rami lies Attend.
)jjv I,.. is It. Cnssatt and Miss
Hose I!. Dolan Will lie
Honor Guests.
xiwrunT, Am;, is A naval hall was
jifn i nli:ht nt the Naval Training Htn
, ,n I. the coinmindlng (.nicer, of the
nn.il stations on the bay The
, m . im.u were Hear-Vlmlrul William
i , . i ion, .iiMimnidnnt of the Nnrrn-
iinv S" ill Station, ('apt. Wllllnm
I r tiers, president of thu Nnv.il War Col
ti ( n't. Hotter Welles, enmiii'indor of
ih S imiI Training St.itlon. Commmdor
i, free W WilliatiH, In charge of the Naval
Torpedo Station, nnd Mo:llcul Director
.li,tps (i I'leld, In elnrgo of tho Nnvnt
Hutu i it.
Ilin n ls it was trnnsforineii Into nn
l"it'ii'iie ballroom with appropriate ileeo
fi .us anil tlio guests Ini'ltide.l all the
,,, it- frum tho New port stations and their
v ,e i.tli'ers from the lleet nnd their
M who happen to bp either hero or
i 1 1 nestown, offlcors from the posts nnd
i' ,,! i imilles and n largo number from
t- nmer colon v here,
1 1 whole nffalr was under tho dlrpet
mm ic'iiient of f.letit -Commander William
y li nker Lieutenant-Commander Harry
K ('ig. I.lent, Clarence A. Allele, Civil
1 ntftneer Klrby Smith and I'.ist Assist
mt surgeon Norman T. McLean.
Those In ItrcelvlnK I.lnc.
The guests were received by Mrs. Caper
Inn M's Welles, Miss Helen P.odgers, Mrs.
I'lei 1- nnd Mrs. Williams.
( nft liodgers and his sister prior to the
Mi gave u dinner nt the Naval War Col
.'ue I.leut nnd Mrs. .lolm I! Morrison
(tie a dinner at tho training station for
Mrs ftnldhnrnugli Ad.uns of Washington,
upi mid Mrs. Wells gave dinner, their
1'iests Im liidlnit Miss Louise Wllllston of
New ork, Miss I.ois Cnssatt, Miss Anita
litnsvenor, Miss llcatrlcu Colt of Hristol,
Miss M irlon lluckley nnd Miss I'.lsn Cheny
Pt Hartford, Paymaster Hubert S. Chew,
,r K.n-lgn Albert K. Montgomery, Andrew
T Henhett, Welitworth II. (Wood, Albert
g inborn nnd Frank K. Klder.
H.imti von Kckardstcin of (lermany Is nt
tt.e Berkeley
Mr James Griswotd Wentz gave a brldgo
pirty at her home, Mrs. John Astor will
cue j bridge party nt lle.-chwood on Thurs
ila Mrs, John J. Wy-ong will give to
morrow a tea nt Oreystone on Ochre Point.
Mrs Henry Ilarton Jacobs un luncheon
ho-iess Mrs. Howard Spencer (Irnhnin
wi aio n luncheon In honor of Miss I,ols
i n ,itt of Phllndelptd.i at her F.aston Point
home mi Thursday.
Mrs tndrow M. Moreland will be n dinner
tn.iess to-morrow. Hear Admiral and
Mr. il;i mi It. Caperton have nnnounced
t 1 imer for August at in honor of Dr. and
Mr- Preston P S.itterwhlto of New York.
Illchard T. Wilson, who has Bono
i s, , loru to Join her husband, has issued
li i' if ions for a dinner and dance on Sep
tr ' o' "i in honor of to of tho season's
ci .'.iiitiM. Ml.s l.ols II. Cnssatt and Miss
I -o 1! Dolnn.
Mi-., l l.li li (ile llHrvcm Ilnll.
.Mr- Miiyvesiint l-'Nti during the autumn
t i ii m a linrvis bull nt her home at
( rl.iin-on-the-lludson
Henry Clews 3d tins gone to New York
(lit will sail for I 'arii to Join his mother.
II hid been with his grandparents, Mr.
mi Mrs, Henry Clews, and will return in
U fVl
nn ng tho big crowd ut the Cnslno this
t"' 'lung for the tennis toiirnament tho
li jwlng registered
I -ti uig .Miller of New York, guest of
Mr.. Stanley McCormlck: Mrs. Charles J.
badger of Washington: I.. C. Logan. I. S. N .,
Mi M. S. Simpson of St. Paul, Mrs. W. S,
l'nt and Miss Kdna Hoyt of New York,
Mi-s l.ow of New Haven and Miss S. It.
1' .j-ell of New Ycrk, visiting Cnpt. and
Mr- W W Low.
1 h.'ip o, Mills of New York is at tho
He'keiey for n short stay. Mrs. llenjaniln
I i jde i. entertaining Mrs. (leorge MeFud
On of Philadelphia.
Nil and Mrs, Alfred ft. Vanderbllt hnve
re .mod from the Adirondnrks and are
ii Oakland Parm again. Mr. nnd Mrs.
I.ilard II Mel.oan huve returned to lllack
Point 1'arm.
l.iMirable report was received from
Mrs ( harles do I.. Oelrichs at tho Newport
llnpital to-dny. Peter 1. Martin, who
hi'l been III slnco his returnfrom abroad, Is
i.o .i-il.i to be out for a drive each day.
Kukcik) HlKKlns urrlved to-day from
New Yolk on the steam yacht Maryntha,
nd - to remain hero for n month. Ho
1 is is Kiicsts nlio.trd the yncht Percy
M !' i, William Whltehouiie and Hobert
J'crk i,s,
I' A Valentine of Chicago returned
to-ihy fmin New York on the 'stenm
Hrht owera. which was repaired after
li.ivltig bien rnmmed by a tus In the har
l' l ic recently.
Mr nnd Mrs. Slunrt Duncan are to
'.He as their week end BuestB Mr. and
M s Wilhani M. V. Hoffman. C. Oouver
i ir Huftnian. Stoddaid HofTman und
.I -s Helen Hutchinson. Mrs. Duncan
wi'l give a dinner for her suefcts on Krl
i., Princess l.ouwe nsti-ln Werthelmer of
Vienna Is at thu Mucnchlnger King,
mlmssailor and Mnie. Ilakhmotclt left
fur .Valiant to be dinner Bueat.
Biielei People Appear In Kntertaln.
incut for Hospital IleneSt.
IU. llMiimii, Aug. l2.-Tho summor
eo.inv was well represented nt a cabaret
iii'rinrin nice at tho Casino to-night for
in.. ii,.i...nt ..r ihn it. ie Hnrbor HosDltaL
ewrv eut anil tablo having been sold In
h i- ii. e MUh Susan 11. Sturgls, a
' - 'in debutante, had the affair In charge
' red h programme made up princl
I of amateur talent. The aklta were
I' ' li ned with dancing.
1 'e. .1 sells Hon from tho lloston Orches
tr, ere was a 11 ply song and dance by
t w ciittiigerH-MIss Adelaide Town-Mi-s
Hannah Wright, Miss Anita
I-, Miss Claudia Phelps. Miss Will
i M -s Lillian F.ndlcott, Koger Hturgls,
V . i Phelps, J. A. linker, Francis Weld,
! ' I'l and Henry. Taylor.
e- liililtlon of tho castle walk was given,
t . lr ii.,,,,, ll rrwl(l(nirtnn and John
i' l uMer as purticlpants. Leon llennay
. minip of songs. Mrs. A. O. Well-
mil Irving lleebo performed tho tango
" .rieo'iti.'d sleps, In tho HoslclllaBa"
I' ' i hi ftreet singers Introduceil tho "mar-
his Spanish dancer Honor Lopez y
At i.i.t ..rrU.,,1 frnm Seville. " The
I inipants were iiiaskexl and did not
t' .ii known who they were. A special
i n ii wan given by Mrs. HiacK.
i miK those In the boies were Mrs.
I.i... ..i .-..t.. ii.. if Hull McCormlck.
''n. Ilornco Porter. Mrs, Krnesto Fabhrl,
Hi- .1 Plerrepont Kdwurds, Mrs. Dabney
iiil Mrs Cathcr'.iond,
llin.c entertaining parties at tables were
.1. k ..... 'I i III... IIh. rltn If.hn
'"I .tllKUSlUS I Hill liilllve. .HI", mi"
M' II j, Topping, Mr Kdgar Hcott, Mrs.
bi.tnll, Mrs, John Aspcgren. Mrs. Heavor
Uilih, a, Lueine (tallaliii, Mrs. Louis li.
! i aga, Juilk'i liigrahmii, Mrs. John C.
Llvlni'storu Mctur t'ushuian.Mrs.Bellntka,
Mrs. Howler. Mrs. Nlicfileld helps, .Mrs.
, llt'iijamln Ihew, Mih. Wllllnm Lnwronce
"recti. Mrs. Mihnt Weld, Mrs. Joseph I'll
llt.er, Mr. ChnrlcsUstrnttdcr, Mrn. Frances
:l,.""r"v. Mrs. ltobert McCormlck, Mr
John Tlinti'hrr. Mrn. Frances Poller. Mih. i
H. Mcgargrc Wrlsht. Mm. A. V. Stewart.
I Mrs. Harold Hand, Mrn, (Inrdtier Cnssalt
nnd Mis Margaret Wright
A bevy of attractive girl In black nnd
white ntllre nnd while ruffs lied with black
j rltilion Itows acted its waitresses, They
were Miss Cecily Parties, MM Marion
Towiisetid. Miss Maud Kiihn, Miss Himiwili
Wrluhl, Mls Mnry Thnrnillke, Mis Laura
Amory, Miss Margaret Weld, Miss Augusta
Mcfntfir. Mt.a I'rutio,... M.iui-u ML.. I'll,..,
I'hclps. Mis t.llltnti Kndlcntt, Miss Marlon
oiiiiriufKH ami .miss iiieiunie lownscmi.
Selling cigarette were Mis Anita Mturgl
nnd Miss Alexandria Km cry, who wore red
i'np. 'Ilie Mower girls were 1 1 1 1 1 Misses
Until Ogtleti nnd Mnzle Stewart and the
Ushers Edgar Scott, Jr., Wnrwlrk Scott.
W. II. .Stewart, (lilberl Stewntt nnd .1. M.
Mrs. Warner Mifflin Leeds wns hostess
nt ii luncheon Party at Mossley Hall In
honor of Mrs, (larrison, wlfo of tho Sec
retary of War Her guests Included Mrs.
Thomas Wnlsh, Mrs. burton Harrison,
Mrs. Joseph l.eldy, Mrs. 11. L. Moore, Mrs.
H. Hall McCormlck, Mrs. Allen Townsend,
Misses Matilda nnd Mary Mellon, Mrs.
Francis Howp Johnson, Mrs. J. Madison
Taylor and Mrs. J. Pierpont Kdwards.
Mrs, Henry V. Dlmock will be a dinner
hostess on Friday evening at F.lslnoro.
Dr. nnd Mrs. Wllllnm Adams Itrown of
Seal Hnrbor, Dr. C. A. McWIIIIams of New
York nnd Mrs. Stpvrn linker of New York
are the guests of Mrs. John S. Kennedy
nt Kenurden.
A. Kugeno (lallntin of New York will give
n fancy dress ball on Thutsday evening
at the Swimming Club. Mr and Mrs.
.1. W. Harrlman nnd Miss Miriam llnrri
maii of New York are nt tho Malvern.
Mrs, W Kugeno Parsons and Miss l.ehrun
Parsons left to-day for New York to meet
Mr. Parsons, who Is returning from abroad.
They will go to Nowport for the remainder
of the season. '
'resident of Hebrew Orphan-
sur and Wife Celebrate.
Wr.sT Kxt). Lo.mi HnAxcii. N. J., Aug. 1?.
Mr. und Mrs. Henry Itlcc of the Hotel
Savoy. New York, oolebrat.Ml their (tolden
wedding to-ulght nt tho West Knit Shore
Club surrounded by their six children
nine grandchildren and soo friends.
Mr, Hlco has been vice-president of the
Hebrew Orphanage Asylum, iSMh street
nnd Amsterdam avenue. New York, for
lorty-one years nnd his wife vice-president
of tho Ladles Sewing Society for thirty
seven years, and In honor of the occasion
fifty AuiKricnn Reality roses each were
presented to-night by the asylum. Tho
band of forty pieces from the Institution
played on the club piazza.
Tho anniversary dinner was served In
the dining room of the club, which was
decorated with flowers, Mr. and Sirs.
Hlco occupied seats under a floral bell.
Louis II. Tim was tonstmastcr and tousts
were offered by Leopold Plant, Leopold
Stern and Kllas Michaels.
Mr. Hlco founded the wholesale house
of Wee, Stlx A Co., at Memphis Tenn.. In
lsflt nnd moved to St. I-ouls In 1S7K. His
wife wns the daughter of A. S. Hermann
and wns born In New York. The couple
were married In New ork August II,
Among those at the dinner were Mr,
and Mrs. J 11. Oreenhut. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jacob
11. Schiff. Mr. and Mrs. Ix-opold Plant,
Mr. und Mrs. Kilns Michaels, Mr. and Mrs.
Horace (lumbel. lipoid Stern, Mr. and
Mrs. L. U, Tim. Mr. and Mrs, Sol Tim, Mr
nml Mrs. Milton Ilium and Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Strauss
Mr. Frank K. Murftl Makes Marble
Present to Town.
Lenox. Aug. 12. Mrs. Frank K. Stur-
Bis of New York presented to the town of
Lenox a marble fountain for dogs, which
will be set up at the coiner of Main una
Cllffwood streets.
Miss May llumstoiie. who Is In Yellow
stone I'aik. will return to the Muplcwood,
I'lttstlehl. ut the end of August. Mr. unit
Mrs. Henry Holllster Pcnse will leave to
morrow for lilackpolnt. conn. mih.
George V. liecker cntel talned nt luncheon
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Under
wood of Washington ut the Hotel Aspln-
wall. Miss Clementina Furnlss enter-
tulned ut luncheon nt Kugecomb, liavlnB
rof. nnd Mrs. Thomas J. Preston, Jr., as
her Buests. Mrs. Charles Sidney llulKht
hns gone to Noreton, Conn., to visit Mr.
and Mrs. Edward 11. Delaflcld.
Mr. and Mrs. Wurren S, Salisbury re
turned from Humford Kails, where they
visited Mrs. Salisbury's mother. Mrs.
Wilder Kimball. Mrs. (Jscur Iaslgl has
Bone to Ipswich to visit Mr. and Mrs.
Chalmers Wood.
Mrs. A. a. Ilaxter and Mrs. H. C. Wortu
of New York won to-day the women's
doubles in the Qreenoch Country Club
tennis tournament, defeating Miss Anna
llochenter of lluffalo and Miss M. Sedg
wick of Utlca. Mrs. Arthur W. Hwann of
New York and Mrs. Worth will play In
the flnnls In the women's singles to-morrow.
Mr. and Jlrs. Charles Astor uristeu anu
the Misses Symphorosa und draco Hrlstcd
have returned to Lakeside from Hunting
ton, L. I, Prof, und Mrs. Henry W. Far
nam entertained at dinner at lioulderwood
In StockbrldBe.
Mrs. Joseph 8. Whistler nnd Miss (Jiv-
lllso Alexandre will havo charge of an en
tertainment In September for the benefit
of the Mountain View Sanitarium.
Mr. and Mrs. It. !. English started to
day for the White Mountains. .Mr. and
Mrs. Charles W. Johnson and Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. H. Ollbert have gone to Hretton
Woods. Miss Ethel F. Ilrooks has gone to
Rye. N. Y., to visit her sister, Mrs. Sidney
Prof, nnd Mrs. Thomas J. Preston. Jr..
had Mr. and Mrs. Piescott Dedcrlch of
Albany as guests at dinner ut Curtis
Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Humstone
will leave to-morrow for New York.
Mrs. Hnnan Presides nt Imported
Ware Table nt .arrniuincU.
Narraoanbett Pier. Aug. 12. Tho
fete on the lawn of St. Peter's Episcopal
churn, iiv t Vim Men wAM attended this
tftcrnoon by many of the cottagers. The
"baxaar was well patronuea, as were
the fortuno tellers, Brab bag tents and
other features. Mrs. Henry 11. Kane
presided at the candy booth, assisted by
Mrs. Thomas Charles Martin of Washing
ton and Mrs. C. A. K. Pflienmaycr of New
At a largo table filled with Imported
wares Mrs. John H. Hanan of New York
presided, her assistants' Including Miss
Marjory Chase of Waterbury und Mrs.
John Henjamln Irwin of Chicago. Mrs.
E. H. Jloblnson had chargo of the Ice
cream table. Others who had charge of
booths or tables wore tho Misses lleutrrce
and Gertrude de Coppet of New York,
Miss Klara II. Jennings of Hochester,
N. Y., who was n fortune teller for the
day; MIbs PegKy Martin and Mrs. W. II.
n. Allen. There was music by tho Casino
Mr. and Mra. Clifford Hrokaw and
Clifford Hroknw, Jr., of New York aro ut
tho Mathewson. William A. Hazard of
New Y'ork guve a luncheon at the Cmlno.
W. ItUBsell draco nnd Mrs. Kenneth M.
Murchlson belntf among his guests.
, u i,B ft . TtnmiiAV of New
I .HI. NIM " w. ... ...... -----
I York entertained t luncheon on the
Pluza, where they were joinen ny r. a.
vonStade, QeorBe Amory, J. Austin Amory
and Mrs. William Leo of Hultlmore.
H...I... rMfriatrflilntis Included Count de
I flanesteban and Countess de Hanestoban,
I William J. McMlrhuel of Philadelphia,
Mrs. Q. Itlehmond Parson of Providence,
Oeorgo Hrnry Warren. Jr., of Newport
'nnd J. Ilaymond Boyet of EngUweod,
)N. J.
Prof. .Matthews Describes His
Quest Abroad for the Co
lumbia Museum.
The theatre models purchased abroad by
Prof. Ilrander Matthews of Columbia I'ni
verslty tat the new dramatio museum at
Columbia show the theatre In the Tullerle
ready for Louis XIV. and his court and the
crowning of Voltaire at a production of
his last tragedy. "Irene." In 177s The
miniature "sets" were made after contem
porary pictures in the possesion of the
(.'omedle Krnniulse.
"I am delighted to have got them," said
Prof. Matthews yesterday "The models
were practically the sole purpose of my
trip ubroad. 1 was gone but six weeks und
had no chance to look around. 1 don't
know when the mwlels will be here, I hnve
received word that they have been shipped,
but I do not know tho boat or even the line."
"What did you think of plays abroad'"
"Didn't go," was the prompt re-ponse.
"I had no chance, but from what I hear
thore are not many good ones."
The stage that Louis XIV. and his circle
looked upon und which has been dupli
cated to the last dainty detail, toy size,
was arranged for the presentation of
"Psyche," a tragedy ballet written Jointly
by Moliere and Corneille In 1671. The
model was made after un artist's orlcinal
The second model Is possibly the more
interesting of the two. The crowning of
Voltaire, Its subject, took place only a few
weeks before Ids death. The model of this
stage setting was made after an engraving
of the time now at the Cotnedle Francaise.
A. Uevred, sienlo artist of the t'omcdie,
mude the model.
Voltaire's strength was ebbing fust as
he finished "liene" In the last months or
1777 and the first part of 177H. He sturted
from hl home In Kerney, neur (Jeneva,
for Paris, which he had not seen for twenty
eight years, early In February, I77S. He
was very 111 when he reached Purls and
could not attend tho play's premiere on
March 16. Hut ut the end of the month he
was able to sit In a box, and so much of Paris
us could get Into the playhouse paid him
the tribute of applause. Then, nt the close
of the play, one of the actors enmn forward
and placed a wreath of laurel on his brow.
Voltaire died on May :io ioiiowiiik.
Prnf. Matthews still hopes to buy a model
of the Palals-Koyal Theatre, which was
built by Hlchelleii ana usea many nines
by Mollero until his death In 167.1.
President Wilson Espeetetl nt Es
erclses nt Pat-In Hay, Ohio.
A national celebration In honor of the
centennial nnnlvcrsary of the llattle of
Lako Erie and of peace between the
United States and England, will be held
at Put-In Hay, Ohio, on September 10
and 11. The presence of Presldant Wil
son and of former President Taft Is ex
pected. Peebles these, the Governors of
ten Htates and Dr. J. A. Mucdonald of
Canada will participate In the erection
of a Perry memorial.
irh. eAl.hrntlnn will herln with nub
ile eierclies at Put-In Bay on Septem
ber 10, ana in me evening inure win ut
n banquet at Cedar Point. On the fol
lowing day there will be exercises suit
able to the task of taking up tho bodies
of American and Hrltlsh officers, who
were killed In the naval battle of Sep
tember 10, 1813. They will bo placed
In the crypt of the Perry memorlnl.
The Interstate Hoard of the Perry's
Victory Centennial Commissioners has an
nounced Its desire to assist persons In
tending to be there, by furnishing In
formation as to routes and accomoda
tions. Temperatures nt Jersey llesorta.
Atlantic Citv, Aug.. 12. The tem
perature was 72 at noon here to-day.
Asbiirt Pahk. . Aug-. 12. The tim
perature wu 73 at nooon htm t-4ajr. ,
Disturbing the peace.
Manchester, VI., Aug. 12. Arrivals
by automobile at the Equinox House to
day Included the following from New
York citjr:
Mr. nnd Mrs. Mathew Dean and Tr.
nnd Mrs. E. It. Flske In a Packard. Mr.
nnd Mrs. O. M. Jeffrey, Jr.. In a Pierce.
Mr. and Mrs. W. tl. Mattlson In a
Packard, Dr. nnd Mrs. M. B. Itenls In n
Lozler, Miss Kathcrlne Huehne und Miss
Mae Zobel In a Locomobile, Mrs. Albert
J. Pitkin und Miss Pitkin In n Peerless,
j Mr. und Mrs. James 1). Johnson, Mr. and
i Mrs. K. P. Tranlmnn nnd the Misses
Carolyn nnd Laura Tra.ilm.in in a
Ktudcbnker, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wallace
Durund, Miss Mumford and Miss Durum!
, In u Pierce, Mrs. Thomas Potts, Mrs.
j Charles E. Potts. David Putts and Miss
I E. D. Jackson In :i Pierce. Mr. and Mrs.
II. W. Vaughau. Miss Vuughan, Miss
, Wilmah Vaughan. the Hev. N, Mci'tee
Wnteis and Mrs. Wateis In a Pierce, Mr.
and Mrs. V C. Parks and Mr. and Mrs.
Norman W. Van Nostrum! In a Packard,
i Waterupht, Aug 12 Automobile ar
, rlvuls to-day at the Hotel Elton In
eluded the following:
I Mr. and Mrs. C. S. .Murray. Miss Kirk.
on the Ideal tour In a Pierre-Arrow;
Mr. nnd Mis. Otto Ilordillkcr ami family,
i on the Ideal tour In n Plirce-Arrow : Mr.
nnd Mrs. !' A. Kuchlur. Jr., Anna Delhi.
on the Ideal tour In n Plat; J. A Hitter.
I In a Kurd, Mr. nnd Mis. J. A. Mltchel.
IWIH uf l.ste t'unnrd Manniier Dis
poses uf aniHMMHI li .-.((, (Mill.
Tha will of Vernon II. Itrown. former
manager of the Oman! Line, who died ou
August 5 at H.I West Fifty-eighth street,
was filed for probato yesterday and dis
poses of an estate estimated at between
$300,000 and 1500.000. Mr. Itrown left
all but 113,000 of his estute In trust for
his wife, Mrs. Emma S. Drown.
After her denth It Is to be divided
equally among his six children, Vernon
Cnrloton Drown. 17 West Fifty-third
street; Edward Wlll.ird Urown. Dongan
Hills, Stnten Island; Stephen llowland
Ilrown, 31 Kant Seventieth street; Wlllnr.l
Stanford Itrown. 103 East Thirty-fifth
street; (lardncr Wlllnrd Drown, 646 Mad
ison avenue, und Marie I,oulse Urown
Morlce of U.3 East Fifty-second street.
In addition to her share of the residuary
estate Mre. Morlce Is to receive 130,000
outright on the death of her mother.
Tlje other bequests are 110,000 to tne
testator's grandson Vernon H. Drown
2d. 103 East Thirty-fifth Btrect, nnd 15,-
000 to Kato 8. Urown. u sister-in-law, of
146 Madison avenue.
The will directs that all Insurance poli
cies, In which beneficiaries are named,
shall become part of the residuary estate.
Tho legacy of any benetlclary opposing
this provision Is revoked. Mr. Urown
directed that any Indebtedness up to ST.,-
000 of his son. Wlllnrd, be cancelled.
Mart Anne Hatch, who tile! on
November 14, 1912, left un estnto of only
)5 and had debts of 112,303, which she
owed to her daughters, Mury L. (lunther
nnd Emcllnn Y. Goodwin, for her main
tenance and expenses for ten years, but
she hud the disposal of $13,712 left to her
under the will of her father, William II.
Shlpman. The property went to her
daughters In equal shares.
Frank H. Cusiiinu, who died on March
S last, left $16,703 to his widow, Anne M,
Geokok WiiiTeriKM), who died on
March 27, 1912, left (14.908 to his mother
and two sisters.
John G. F, Carlson, who died on
January 27 last, left 141,618, nf which
$22,636 went to his son, Frlta C. M.
Carlson, nnd the rest to his grandson.
Hoaa Hinder, who died on May 16,
1910, left $14,496 to her brother nnd
J. Lorr Nosthand. The will of former
Magistrate J. Iott Nostrnnd, probably
the largest landowner In Kings county,
was admitted to probate yesterday,
The entire estate, valued nt $2,000,000 or
more, Is left to n hi other, Oeorce E,l
Nostrnnd, the only survivor of the
Judge's lmmc4lte family. Mr. NestnunVs
In a Columbia; Mr. nnd Mrs. William A.
Pratt, In n Locomobile.
New- Castle, N. It., Aug. 12. Among
the arrivals from New York ut the Hotel
Wentworth to-day were
Mr. nnd Mrs. John J. Knox nnd Henrv
Knox, In n Pnckard ; Mrs. .1. Elllnger and
party. In a Locomobile ; A. (1. Jones and
tiartv. in a Sininlex! Mr. and Mrs. Henrv
E. Jacobs nml party, in a Pnckar.l.
Nbw London. Conn. Aug 12. Auto -
mobile arrivals from New York at the
(Jrlswold Included
Mr nnd Mrs. (Ieorge, ! Domlnlrk. In
n Plerce-Arrow-, K II Page, Mts. It.
.E. Page. Master Franklin Page. Miss
ll'ratu'lna Page. Mrs. Heverly Harrison,
Miss II Harrison, In a Speedwell
linBTTON Wootis, N. 11.. Aug. 12 Auto
mobile arrivals from New York at the
.Mount Washington to-day were
.Mr. and Mrs. Ueorge Sard, Mrs. (Ieorge
C. Claik mid child, on the Ideal tour In
n Packard; Mr. and Mrs. (iernld 1
In n Marmoti. Mr. and
lClllum. Charles L. Kill
.Lootnls In a Cadillac; Mr. and Mrs. Clar
etice (' McKee und liartv In a Simplex,
At the Mount Pleasant the arrivals were.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Hentley, .Mr nnd Mrs.
M. E. Coodrlrh In u Simplex, Mr. und Mrs.
M H. Hogers, Miss Dorothy lingers in u
t.-l... t 1. !....... it tl tt.. ..........
i . . :. ":r :
iin ti t-nni nn , nini iit-iii . it.
i Jacob. Henry E. Jncobs. Jr.. W. C Hoi-
hrn.il: m.s it i wi.itnev i., sin,,., i..v
Mr nml Mrs. P. F. McCreery and family
I In a Mnrmon.
largest single holding wns the Nostrnnd
' farm, which extends almost u block
deep along Sixteenth uenue from
SlxtUth to Eighty-fourth street. Another
valuable holding Imludcs 400 feet of
waterfront beginning at Twentieth
avenue nnd extending toward Twenty
first avenue. The Nostrnnd farm was
handed down by John K. Lott, u maternal
ancestor, who died In 17!. All of Un
real estate Is unencumbered nnd the
largest part of It Is unimproved
tiles r Hie Suclnl Wortil,
The wedding of Mls .Marjorle lllalr.
eldest daughter of .Mr and Mrs. ('.
I.eilyard Hlalr. to William ClarL. wlU 'taka
place on September 20 at the country
place of .Mr. and Mrs. Itlair in Peapnek,
N. J. Miss Ulalr nnd her tlance are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Do Witt Clinton
Hlnlr at lllalr Evrle, In liar Harbor. Me.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward II. Mclean hnve
returned to lllack Point Farm In New
port after an absence of several weeks,
Mr. and Mrs. John Itussell Pope are
receiving congratulations on tho birth of
a daughter at the home of .Mis. Pope's
parents, .Mr, und Mrs. Pembroke Jones
of 13 West Fifty-first street. Mrs, pop,,
was Miss Radle Jones. Her marriage to
Mr. Pope took place last October at the
estate of her parents. Alrlee, in Wllmlng
ton, N. C Mr. nnd Mrs. Jones, who had
been In Newport, hnve returned to their
town housu.
Mrs. Henry (I. Campbell has returned
from Lenox, where she had been staying
for the early part of the summer. She
will go to Virginia Hot Springs for the
Mr. and Mrs. II. Livingston Heektnnn
and Mr. nnd Mrs J, Herbert Harrlman of
Newport will go to the now Greenbrier
Hotel In White Sulphur Springs, W.
Va., after October 1 to remain until
the latter part of the month.
Mr. mid Mrs. Alexander Taylor Mason,
who hnve beon passing the early part of
tho summer nt their country place In
Onteora. N. Y will go to tho Oriental
Hotel, Manhattan Ileach, this week, for
the remainder of the season.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hcott Cameron, who
are passing the summer at their country
place, "The Moorings," In .Southampton, I
I., nro nt tho Gotham for n brief stay.
Mrs. Edmund C. Owen nnd the Mlsse
Mary II. and Georglnna Owen have gone
to Mlllbrook, N. Y., for several weeks.
Mr, and Mrs. Clarenco W. , Dolnn loft
tho Ht. ftfgls yesterday for Atlantic City
for a few days.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Henry Dick, who nrs
at their country place In East Islip, U I.,
for the summer, motored to the 8t. Hegls
yesterday for a brlaf visit
Mrs. Hpeneer Trask 111
I Karatooa, Aug. 12. Mrs. Spencer
Trash is III nt her camp on Lake George
irom an scum una swi
Dlshop Miiblne's lien til Itccnlls Tnle
Hear In Theatrical I 'nil..
Tho hiembers of Iho thc.ilrlc.il profes- I
slou, particularly the otd timers, fell a
i touch upon tho chorus or memory cs
i lerday when they read of thu death of
llisluip Wllllnm Tubnell Sabine, formetly
of the Protestant Episcopal Church, but
I tor forty years of the Unformed Epis
copal Church. His death recalled the
funeral services of the latu (leorgu Hol
land, and the Church of the Traiistlguru
Hon, In East Twenty-ninth street, which
KOt Its more fnmlllnr name of "Thu
t.lttt fhllreh Amllnil thil Punier" tlirnlll'll
the death of Mr. Holland nnd tho action
of Dr. Sabine.
When Mr. Holland died on September
20, 1870, ho was one of tho best known
actors on the American stage. His son,
E. M. Holland, and the lute Joseph Jef
ferson took charge of tho funeral ser
vices. In seeking for a church for the
services Mr. Jefferson went to tho Church
of the Atonement, at Madison nvenuo und
Twenty-eighth street, of which Dr. Sabine
was rector. Dr. Sabine declined to con
duct the services on the ground that Mr.
Holland hud been an actor.
"There Is a little church around tho
corner," he said. "Try that."
"Thank (Jod for "Tho Little Church
Around tho Corner,' " said JefTerson.
What Is now the beautiful Church of
the TriinsflBUratlon was then a small
building, consisting of what Is now thu
west end of tho nave. Dr. (Icorgo Hen
drlc Houghton, who had founded thu
church, welcomed Mr. Jefferson, ami the
funeral services of Mr. Holland wuro hi '. 1
The story went the rounds of theatrical
circles and tho famo of "Thu Little
Church Around tho Corner" sntenil
throughout the country Man) theatric..!
wn ,n'!l"H . VJ,""" TT1';, T1,l', n",""
chru. rr1?!, . "'I"1, oh,11'1"-1!
christened there and havu b.,,1 bui iul
from there
tieiiricr W. Melville's K Hiirs
Awarded lil",s:t7 b; Court.
Ptltt.At.BI.nttA. Aug. 12. Judge (lest
tn.il ... I.t tl... f.p.l.n.u .........
... ...... ... .,.- Mlllllllli1 VUU.l I.V...IIIUII
S Xf.7..S3T to Max J. Stern and Walter M.
McKnrlaiid. executors of the will of K.;.ir
Admiral (ienrge W Melville. This sum
rcprestnts principal and Interest fitun the
residue of the estate und which has bien
coiucsic.i ny nie Admiral s .laughters,
Mrs. Metn Melville Stnckwell nml Mrs
Aland Melville Nee,
in n cu.llcll Admlrnl Melville gave the
residue to his executors ns residuary
legatees nml bequeathed tho balance of
Ills cstato to his family.
rerieli Painter llec.irnlc.l Ccllli.u of'"' ""' ' lub. 'I he guets, all of whom had
Paris Hotel de lllc.
Sptcial table Dfiitc In Thk St
Paris, Aug. 12. -Alme Mnrot, I-'ienjii
painter and nitl -er of the I.c-um uf Honur,
met lo-uuy at ninanl ai the an- uf 3.
ne won tne rrix ! Home in is. 3 for
his palming ''La Charge ties Culr.is4!ers a
Helchshoffen. now In the Luxembourg.
villi .1, V - rf J , X, V. .
. ... ......... L . ... ii- i-iae
lnv ! renrh dances of all p. rl.nl of his
tory. Ills portrait nf Paul I icch.inel was
hung at the last ilon
Other painting" by Alme Morot are pnr-
traits if the "Pr"..,... ,1' V l.- .,
"Mme. Aim.- Morot et sa Fllle"' and
"Ernest Ilebert.'
He wn.s born nt Nancy in 1 S50 nnd was
a member of the Institute.
The Hev. llrrmiiit i'liuppe.
The Hev. Herman Schoppe. pastor of
St. John's Cermau Evnngellc.il Lutheran
Church of Union HID. N. J.. died from a
complication of diseases Into Tuesday
I "Ight. .(orn In Uoettingen. Hanover,
i (tennany. on October 31. the Hev
Mr Schoppe came to America thl.-tv-
' eigiu years ago. ror me nrst tnree ears
, he had a pastorate at ll.iverstriiw, gn.mr
from thtie In I'nmii Hill, whetc lie l..ni
j remained eotitlnu.'Ush cer sin.e He
I preached his last sc.non on E.isttr Sun-
I day He had been too 111 since then to
occupy his pulpit His wife ami a son,
Herman, H years old, surMe him.
Mrs. Kllrit V. Ilorscli.
Mrs Eliza I-'. Dorseh, widow of .Mir
rl.ltu P Dorsch, died on Mondav nt her
home. 3,1 Mi-Donoiigh stre.t. Itrookiyn.
In tier .ilclit v-flrst venr Slhe u'n. r,
tternld ! . Downs . iinuKhtcr of Joshua Knapp and a d.
Mrs. Jam. 1,. j -cetidant of Cen Knapp of (!cn, Wasliliu--(ieorge
1-. , M.,ff fl ..- husband, who dtfd llf-
teeti years ago, w is an Invi ntor of note.
She Is snrvivxl by three sous nnd two
laught. is.
lli'lir. lliilsl.
Henrv llulst, 3H years old. of 7T.7 Park
pn.ee. itrookiyn.
lie.l yesterday In the
' ..... t .,..... ... -
""'' '""i" o. .... ..
I h.n a ytar. He wns born at (.l.einvich.
N V.. while he was editor of the C""-
tnoM it mii until tnr. y. nrs ago, wh.n be
came to New- York. He s survived b
his wife and three children and time
brothers and a sister, .Mrs. Kate (l.iv.t of
Mrs. .IiiIiii P. Xcllef.
Nrw Hociikii.k. N V.. Aug. 12 Mi
li.tie Ewdjn .N'estier. wife .if Dr. John I'.
' Nctler. a veterluniv surgeon of New
I Itoehelle and sl-t. r of ex-M iyor (!eoige
(illlespie Itajmonil, I- .bad of -n.loc.itdltis
at her resilience. 112 I'entie nxenue Site
was 3 ye.its old.
i;.lnr.t iiiiuiics,
,;irei.l CilUt lltlltrl, 1,1 TlIK l
l.nM'ON, u 12 IMw.trd Ungues
ill.iblivl of Cle eland tile ..iiliii
c.im.illau In the .iudcillo .iii.iit.t. The
Harmony Pour, died heie this afternoon.
I'lil nil. I l'l.ler.
Hei.lll.ie the title of "The Victim' has
alrea.h been taken for another drama
the name of the pew play by (Ieorge
Scarborough, which Is to havu Its first
performance In New York at Maxlne El
llott's Thentre In-mortow, has been
chunged to "Tho Lure."
Allen Itrndy has been drafted by her
father, Wllllnm A, Itrndy, to create a
small role In "The Family Cupboard," the
new play by Owen Davis, which Is to bn
produced late this month. Sh.i Is to hav.i
the leading lole In u musical piece now
Ill rehearsal, but will appear In the tlrst
few performances of the comedy,
Klaw & Erlunger hnve bought from
Arthur I.. Hopkins nil his rights nml In
terest In Eleanor Gates's piny "The Poor
Little Hlch Girl."
The company which will appear In "Oh I
I Sny." which Is soon to be produced by
the SliulsTts, hns been romplettd und In
cludes Walter Jones. Pert Clark, Joseph
Phillips, Dick Temple, Tom Graves,
Charles Stobe, Mollle Melntyre, Allen
Itrndy, Jnbyna Howlnud, Vidu Whltmore,
Helen Leo und Elizabeth ArllanH.
"The Old Homestead," with thu original
Acndemy of Music pioductlon, will be
presented ut the Manhattan Opera House
on Lubor Day and for thteo weeks.
Martha He.ltnan, leading woman for
John Mason Inst seusnu, will ball from
Iindon next week to begin rehearsals In
Augustus Thomas's "Indian Summer."
Haymond HltchcocK bus bought a new
100 horse-power hydroaeroplane In which
be expects to commute between Great
Neck und Enst Twenty-third street,
Ellen Ileach Yaw, the soprani), hns
nbnndoned her concert tour und will en
ter vuiulevllle. Martin Heck nnd I). !'.
Albee have arranged for her appearance
over the It F, Keith nnd Orpheutn cir
cuits. MARRIED.
aAl.l.Adlll'.U CHAPMAN, I,onur.t 1..
ilnlli.tluT Rtul Miss .M:i rln ii chiipimin,
both of New York, wers marrlcit yister
day, I! Lit I I'M -MOOHK On Augut tl. 191S,
Carl Thomas firlch urltt Mls Csrollno
ltandalyh tleor.
" a a imilltw illl
Social A f fnlrs for Devotees of
Oiimc Who Outlier nt
Mrs. rimnii Kntertaltis Chil
dren in Honor of Son
Horn nt the llcsort.
Soi-tlMMi-iov, Aug, ta-Atiot her blight
day found nearly every one In Hie colony
nt (he Meadow Club this morning nnd after
noon, where the lawn tenuis tournament
was in prncrcs, As usual the onloul.er
were seated on the veranda of the club-
Mrs. rredcrick Ldey, who motored over
from Heliport, brought witli her Miss May
Tolfrec and Miss Audrey Oslinru Mr.
Ldey and his daughter Julia arc to sail on
the Mauretaiiia on August 20 to lit Mr.
ninl Mrs. Ilernanl M. Ilarucli, w ho ha
taken n place in Scotland for the grouse
Mrs. S Oakley Vniipoel and her sister.
tt-a .1 rii-l..e Jiii.itltl.i .li- ii ml II, i.twl
Mrs. .,,, , uuer, wit), their .oiisln.
"..nmm. Nleker-oii. cam- out from Kast
Hampton Miss Ileal ric llend. who Is here
,.,r ,,,, u.. it,,,.!.,,,, ... u-i. i,-e.
I .. ..,'.. .",.'' ,. ;' .'..''
i.l- Willi lie. .l.il-lll. ,iH ...II. Ill .e...HK,
mid Charles . .Muun um' with Mr, and
Mrs. D.'latM ey Konnt.e, whom he 1 llt-
inoiig others watching the tournament
were Mrs Imllas llache I'r.itt, Mr nml Mrs,
(iarrett It Kip, Mrs Joseph Palmer Kiinpp
mil her -on. An hibalil (I Mellwalne 2d,
1 , -
Mr" " Hi
Miss .Mildred Itiee. Mr.
and Mr- .1 Nelson lliiiland, Mrs c.raliam
I' lllmiih, Mi. Harry W McVlcknr, Mrs.
Ilwar.l Van Ingcn, Mieiman Pay, MUs
! '"'I'll'' Mil! Mr- l.iiodhiie Livingston,
i -'it's .Mir.u M iierni"riinrn, .Mr anu jirs)
! I'dwunl Hiiuiphn 1' Itiirrnll llnffinan,
Mr ami Mr- .1 Uordon Douglas, Mrs.
' llueil II ll.iadley, Jr. and I! Mortimer
Mrs. II uiiiihre s l.iiiiclieoii llosless
Mrs lllchnrd Duanc lliiml'hr. s alter
the morning s. iuii cnlert.ilii.il several
ol lo r Iricii.l-. nt Innclieoii, wlilihwai si rved
nei'ii nun nini: i ne tennis, were jir aim
Mrs I. ..ii l'.it.t Irving, Mr and Mr- Lewis
( Din erneiir Mt.rrls, Mi-s Men e.les )
Anista, Miss l.ina Slillman, MI-s oiijetti
Pro. lor, .Miss I rsula ltr.iwn. Mi-s Sarah
ltetnseii Matin., Mls Margaret Trevor,
jl-s iuu-e 'Irevor, Mi-s .lu-tine barber,
H4 llfr.,l t l.i-olm. Mieliliiii Hundley.
T- (inlnanl Ihomas ;d. John -V Stearns,
i-Ir. Inslerie stlllman, (ieorge DIou,
hmml-ia I nw-Lntl He WI.
i Jr . Douglas ( rocket t, Lrlc Winston, 1 red
I t rick T I reungliuv-eii, l.smnnd O'llnen
nnd llradley 11 l.m le
j .r.-- '' ,!?,1,'W'IT ' !' ,,mr,,V !?
( tllHirell Mils ,1 1 lerutioll to . .'leliril I I lie
1 birtlidi f her oung -on. Itnr lay I on in.
who was born in Sniithimpioti -even years
ago. Mrs I Iiiian was Mi- (.ertrinlc llir-
lav. Her lather, Henry It.u. lay, v a
one of tin pioneer- of tin- p'a.e The
. hlldren were cnicrlaiiied on the lawn by
u miigiiiaii who had oune I rem New v. oil
Alt. i w nr. I tht re wcte -a. K ami potato i .t. e
aliil oilier game-, lollowcd by a s.ateil leu
served in the b-illroom l Mrs I Iman'h
home, several ot the older piopie aiu
in tor lea.
Mr-.l'etcr i;. Ijiboui-se will give a par'y
i to-morrow ror l.er young son.
M - irr U s i g. g ne a -m ill ,1 ,t
n. ,.,.. t n-Dum thl- evening tm her .v miik'
sun llnrrv W .l. Jr. all the vnmg
, ..,,,,,,, j.c , ,i,rv dress Mmiher
,,.,,.,,. ,. -,...., e Mr- t ......
t (lam e (
Nixon lor her son. -.I.inhope V ii.n
j I lie uue-is, uuiiihc run: too, wont t. the
'-MlicriutTlK.il. tut .oti.ige tor -uppei and
an intoiiii.ii dan. ' lin y iiiiluil.d mainly
lie voungf! piopie who aro here lur tennis
W eek.
Dinner- were gin bv Mr- Charles I..
Millei and .Mi- .lohn II llr.idlonl
Mr- Arthur .1 ( iimnock ami het (laugh
i.t. Mi-s Mary rutting CiimniHl;, arnel
to-d.iv 1 1 mil eabi iht, N .) , ami are isit
ins .Mi- Waller i nil in t
Mr and Mt- iowii-eti.l Hurdcn, lr . and
Mi Kn.'Imi liurileii. who were here lor A
vi-lt to Mr ami Mr-, (inoilline l.tWug-tou,
have returned to Newport, and Mr and
Mrs .1 li mloti I lunulas, who are now with
Dr anil Ml- .lohn M. ti W Ibury, will
leave t..-ii.onow- tor Newport
Ml.. Nleoll nt flic Hini'h,
Mi- .li'-eiilntie Nleoll and Miss l.ugenle
I'lii'lni. npp.irei.il lion.' the worse for
their auloiimbile upset nt ye-lerdav, were
ai the bithing beach this morning
Mr and Mr- Krederl k Snow ot I'uieilo
Park uie entertaining Mr. nnd Mr- W .1
( loll hi, Mls Million Pernio of lloston.
( Pi ciierlck W.itsou, Jr , and Mr und Mr-.
Hairy I. Nlchol..
Mr und .Mis. Coitlmiilt Nleoll with their
voutig daughter will arrive on Thurwl iv to
visit Mr and Mrs. Howard Page. They
iwill remain until the early part ot next
! month.
Mis Vrthur II Cl.itlin, who Is at Shlnne
civ I; Hill-, has among her guests Mr nnd
' Mt- Tlfl.inv Itlcharilsou, Mr and Mrs
I .Inli.i VV Ml... urn nml 'I' I 'l...sl..v II 1,1... r.l-mi
Jr Mrs llatllus, pin... Is called Open
Coiiiitrv ami sh.i has 1 u keeping open
lioii-H all -iimuier, giving a dinner cadi
Sunday night Mrs, George G. McMurtrv,
Jr. who arrived last week from Lurope, Is
visiting her paieiits, Mr. and Mrs, Alfred
Setou I'o-t at tho Gllinurtlu cottage.
Mr. nnd Mr- .1 Nelson llorland and Mr
nnd Mis (irahaiu V. Ill.indy will leave
Southampton next wck for n vis It with
Mis (ieorge G, Haven In Newport,
Mis. L. II. Sproul will tho n dinner to
luol row, t iking heo- guests later to Mrs
Henry It lien's dance. -Mrs. 1. I'lcnch
Vtiudet lull, who hnd mado plans to visit
Mr and Mr-. Dclanccy Pouute tills week,
thus had to postpone herxlsit owing to
the lllne-s of her mother. Mrs. I', Ormond
Ill'TI.HIl. I'nrnell.i White, widow nf Hftiry
I. , lliit'ei, Jr. intereit lur lieuvtnly
linmi. on Tun.iliiy, Aut'unt l:, 1S13
PuneiHl fieiii her Int. r. slileiu'e. 13U WeMt
.Ninety tlilnl ctreet, on Tluir.1.i. Augimt
II, .it ii'clmk. Interuiont WomiUun
ENSI.IilJ.--(lenrge Albert, iir.mI CO e.irs.
Hcrxki's "Till: I'L'.N'mtAL I'HUIttil. ' 2(1
WeHt Twenty-thlril Mreet, Frank 1.
('..inpbull lliilbllng, Wo.lnps.lu-, lv
o'clock. Aulmnuljlle lortrcr.
1IU1.ST At t li 0 llroukljii lltrlMI. Ausust
II, 1913, llemy M, llulx, nun nf Piter
11, nnil the l.ito Carolina ('unit II lliilat,
of Ori'tnwlch, N, Y. '
HAlll.Ni:. Un Miuiila), Ausust 11, lllho;i
William Tufnell t..blne, I), I.
Funeral from hl lnt resl.leme, AC0 Miull
Mia axt'i.ur, Nuiv YurU, iiiursd..)', i
P M, Interment ut the iuueuleiiLP ttt
the fsiully.
HUAItS. Suddenly, tit Ilron llle, .N. v.,
August It, 1913, IMlia Je.iu Hells,
wblow of Cyrus Alger Scars, und mother
of Aline Hears, nged C 3 cars.
Funeral servlcos und interment ut Mount
Auburn u'emntery, Cainbrlds'i Mat.., ua
Wvilueaduy, August U, ut 10 o'clock
A. M. Ilonton papers plsons cnp-.
.terff,',' MOTOR FUNERALS i;r..u'-
Own niulnint'iit .''avra llullinail npiav All
Dsmciulw- Auy UUittutt. At alwuii bwtse rtM.

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