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8 55
Giants Slip
Hrnnklyns in Lend Until
iictchrr Cuts In With
u II onio Kun.
Walker Lives Up to II U X.mio
mid JlpinuiTc. Too, (!ups
to tlio. ItCllfll.
The Giant Rained hulf ft game on the
riilltle. yesterday by heating tin; Brook
lyn., while tho quakers were- Idle. To
ilay the Giants will be nt homo again,
nnd since leaving they have won eleven
games and Int lx The Pirate defeated
the Beds ami tool; third place away fiom
tho Culm, win) were conquered twice In
Ycaterdn ltenlta.
New York, 6, Brooklyn. 3 t:ie?en Innlnss
I'llteburg, r.. rinclnn.UI. C
notion, 7; ChlciKn. .1 Flrt game.
Uoiinii, !. Chicago, 3 Second cam.
Detailed ('lull Standings.
e - ! 3 !
- -i
f1 1 ? I
Naw Tors .
10 O'lO
3! .6W
sT ?63
il U "1 W t 12 13
S'lttsburr ..
r. i: fr in
M ' 19 .S3!)
' 4.1 j M Tl
Chlraio. .
e . lo
II I 41 .V, .440
4 3' 8
3 4',V
10 44 SS .431
Cincinnati.. ..
I 43 I 67 ..".!
8t Louis,.
I 0' 8i
1 ,J7
Qamta I. of..
32 37, SIM 4!li7,44,,414
Tn-rtny'a Schednle.
Ft Louis In New York.
Pittsburg fn Brooklyn. Two games
Cincinnati In Philadelphia.
Chicago In Boston.
W'th the dust .if the Western trait still! -
tleknjr to their soiled uniforms, the
..i.iiH.- put in in- .ii it-i ihjuii in in injKi. ii
yesterday battllnit Ions and hard with the
Dodger, who, PeliiK at hom". had a
chance to set Into clean linen. The travel
stalm-d (. ants won. however They took (
the Hrooklyns.fi to in u contest of ele en
Innlns-. and rounds In which there wasn t
excitement and turmoil were the excep-
, . ,
T.ie (,-ame ran the samut of (rood and bad
work, the two bein all Jumbled together.
It was n busy day for umpltes as well a !
Players. There were two umpires on the
Held and many more in the KFnnd stand.
The regular umpires had close decision to '
keep them more than ordinarily busy nnd I
the grand stand umpires, so located that !
thej could see the plays bettor than those I
nn the spot. Invested a large part of the
itrlfe laden afternoon In howlins and
iiinlinK at O'Day ami Quiirlcy.
The Hrooltlyn outplayed tho leaders in
the llrst four lnn!nfis. strlpplns several
Ion? hits off Demnree, while whle llssures
appeared In the New York defence. The
Dodders ran up a lead of three runs, but
the poor work that Walker was dolus? In
the. box for llrooklyn llnally bore fruit
for Mtnliattan. Walker waa vastl de
tl liint'ln control anil the (Hants tied the
score off him In the sixth on two ba'is on
balls, a short stretch of tieldlnc back-did-Inc
hy Dronklyn and a h'one run by
Fletcher to the centre field fence
Walker didn't give the (Slants much 1
the ball
but the
men on
lop und,
came to
As a relief winker l'romme did much
tietter for
fop Ven- York tJi-m I'Tsr-m 1II1I for
rot .New orK uian i.aR.m um tor
lyn. Tromme Was very r ffectlve,
whereas Rauau lost his trrlp In the ilev
enth, when two hits, two walks and two
sacrifice flies settled the Kame. The saeri
llee sly was an important feature. J'our
runs were culleil by this mtans. the tni
New York tallies in the eleventh beinc due
to hit for the reason that he kept i ' :;,,, hfT ropul-ed "Nnturall .Mitchell became angry and ,.'..., .7 i. i , vVi.i iZ
bases, not KettmK In a (rood wal- , ',:''-'... ,w""',,.v"1: :. . - n m'nd t., minch the umnlto then and '"' ' i luimu me inw. ..k.uii i.i
er thoso condition until Fletcher nurni.rf 4 J 1 r. o Mor.m.rf 'a 1 1 s tf 0 there. 1 h.-ird I'l.oiuhlln liHult Mitchell j ,m ""al" 'OMla ine score
time with his rleanun smash, i shaJir.st, 4122: 1 Untu'w. '! 3 1 1 i .' 1 .11,1 v.., ,.mi ..t mv ni ivor nn.l t ciiicai.o (A. l-i 1'IIU.A. i. I.
directly to them. Mathewson pitched the
leventh Instead of l-'romnn' because (Irant
ran for Fromme In the first half, Hmer
gency players did (rood work for MeOraw.
Hcrzoi; not one run for him and (irant. In
conjunction with Fromme, the other.
Walker's pitching position was a mat
ter of much loncern to the Giants, and
O'Dny evidently thought there was merit
In their claim that Walker didn't always
keep his feet on thu rubber, for he took
that pitcher to task several times, and
there was 11 .discussion between him, the
umpire nnd Dahlen about it. Hank, in
fact, had his hands very full atbitlng the
mntch and once culled two balls instead
of four on a Xew York batter, but recti
fying the slip of the tongue. "What do
you wnnt to do, umpire in thu world's
series?" yelled a sore fan at Hank, but
to show how old that remark Is, It has
been heard In Pittsburg.
Bhafcr slid a liner over Fisher's head In
the first inning. When Shafer broko for
second CuUhuw went over to take tho
throw and left a cavity through which
Fletcher chopped a lilt, Sliafer galloped
to third and Doyle's lly to Moran
" brought him In. Cutshaw and Stengel
hammered singles in tho tlret und Wheat
J grounded to Merkle. Tho latter made a
bad toss to Demareo, who, however, was
at fault In not getting over to llrst faster.
Cutshaw tallied on thu inlxup. Stengel
took third and Daubert brought Stengel
In with a fly to Snodgrass.
Fine fielding plas wero made by
Bmlth, Fisher and Wheat on the Hrooklyn
side and by Burns on the New Yoik side
and In tho second Fisher speared a drive
from Murray with ono hand. Before the
Inning was over three men leached base,
, Mclean making a two bagger, but
, Demarto and Shafer struck out with
' mates on the fortresses. Moran tripled to
the right field fence In the third and came
In on Cutshaw'.. lly to Hums. In tho
same Inning tho (Hants had hit lightly
with men on every canvas site and Doyla
was thrown out at tho Plata on one puny
Daubert made an Infield single In the
fourth nnd with two out stole second. He
-didn't stop running until safe at home.
Mclean threw low to centre field und
Snodgrass hurled with wonderful pre
cision to the grandstand.
Tho unbrldlfd liberality of Walker sent
two men to bases In the fifth, but they,
llko their peripatetic, predecessors, were
left. However, Walker couldn't get out
of trouble of his own creating forever,
and In tho sixth he passed two too many,
Ilcrzog drew four balls and stole second
on the first pitch. As Hums walked
Fischer hud a passed ball, llirzog taking
Illght hero llrooklyn cracked. Burns
was caught napping at first by Walker.
Hare Burns led tho Brooklyn hounds a
merry chase. They wero In f"ll cry while
Ilerzog was sneaking toward the plate
and as ho dashed for that point Cutshaw
threw the bull Into Ilurns's receptive back.
The latter therefore got back to llrst and
rsmo homo In a canter when Fletcher
drove to the boundary over Stengel's
sunny locks.
With Fromme and llngan pitching It
was a, businesslike duel in the box, with
Into Brooklyn
,v l- "iv w. ' liiV laWfcW i n tear
A Rhort panted hull oifiieil n llin iipport onlty for llrmiK to
ilnuli Unn from upeonil In the nlxlh InnliiK yeitrnliir. He rrnohrd
tmtr only tlironuh the iiiritluni of n ileieriile lldr.
McGraw Frowns On
Reception to Burns
UTICA, AllR. l'J. Gi'oro Hums,
left Udder of the New York
Oi;iiit, was to have had u reception
by tho village folk in St. Johns
ville, Burnw'rt home town. In-t nlKht.
At the last moment Manager Me
(Jraw forbade UuriiR iiartieipatini?
in tlio inernMiiakinj;. Hums ar
rived on the 10:11 train from Syra
cuse. The St. Johnsville band and
many automobile parties were at
the station to meet him. An m- i
formal party also was planned, but
Manager MeOraw refused to let
Hums stop over, argui'iit; it would
be bad for the discipline of the
haml(.d t.atch liy Smllh nf
,i liner from 1
i.onjj l.arry s loin; 'aml
iiosttlttifB i)ulule ciV)-
Illumined the I
two decisions '
,iu, nr,,i.i, ,,., ,.
or vcry olo.s,.. Uotl) ,,,.1K Keu, at ret
llls dl.oiMon th:it iKnlht.n was ,,
MerU,,. to Kiomme. loot;il wromr. Still.
.,, ;o ou, ., ..,. anil Ml ,,.
,wo .. .,,.. ,..,.. r..n .,,,.
the ilowanus until IVoinme sw.pt l'ich-r
a,1(!,. on Ktrlke(..
Mor.m drew a pa- in the tenth with
on Kromme m..de u bad nl .v
cutshaw's bunt because he could have
thrown out Moran as ea!ly as he threw
out Cutshaw. Ster.i) 1. the 'slusr, clou'd
the InnliiK with a lly to .Muirav
The twa hits off Hasan came milled in
the eleventh. Fromme opened irltli
dribble which nicked Hawaii on th" claw
and trickled away from 1-Vher IJurni
Haunted a short fly to centre in the Uruok-
ftU,'K ' lf.re 'M u
p,mu. S(MV.nilnB. j-,,. ,,
raw vul busy with
ent Grant in to run
for Fiiiiiim.- nnil ,-nt Mntt int i u-irm I
up. A pars to Shafer -ent IS rant to third
and Fletcher's lly to Wheat scored him.
A pa. tn Do!e shipped Hums tn third
and Merkle's lly to Win at scored Mm.
Simple system, but elllcacliius.
Twilight wa approaching and Matty
fed speed to the Biooklyn bitters. In the
cour'-e of events, however, he had tn pitch
a new ball and Wheat swung against it
foe a three bagger. Daubert fouled to
hafer. Smith's llv to Murrav brought I
I t 1
114 0
1 1 C 2
0 0 4 3
0 2 3 4
0 1 10 1
0 0 0 1
0 0 11
l"'le-.'b 1 0 1 2 2 0 licit. II. . i
MfrliI , join) 1 luub'rt.ib 4
Murray if 50020 omitli.3li a
mu .ef 3 u 0 4 0 1 Pinher o.
MiiLesn.e 4 0 1 0 2 .Kieher.c. 4
li'm'r'p.p 2 11 11 0 11 iMValkcr.p. .'
Ilrrziif . it 1 0 0 0 OfK.ii-aii.ii. .
Fnim'e.p J 0 1 1 3 0
-tOr.mt 0 1 0 0 0 0
-Val J0"'" 0 0 0 0 o,
i Oiai4. . in
s n 11
Tot aU r.T 6 '33 12 41
Batted for Deniarre in the fixth Inninf
Ulan fur I'runimu in the pleventh limine.
in the rleventli limine
2 ? ? f, il 1 51 ?. 1 5"?
New York. . 1
IlrooklMi. 201)000000 14
First ban- on error llrooklin Left en ba"
- New York. 11; llrookln. 4 Firat bae on
Udls-Otf Licniarre. 1: otf Fromme, 1. oft
walker, s: oil KiMran. a. blrucn out uy
liemarec. 3; ny f romme, 3; ny vtaiKer, 1.1 uy
lii.Mii. 3. Hnmr- run Fletcher. Tliri-e lilifce
hit Moran. Kmher. What. Two bao hit
Median Paerilii'e hit-Ciinhaw. Sacrifice tliea
Plftehfr. Dojle, Merkle. Cuthaw, Smith
Stolen banes Iterios, Whe.it, Daubert Double
pinv-Doyle. Fletcher and Merkle. l"ail ball
Kl-hcr. Illln-Oif Diniaree. C In fire inninrs;
olt l'romme. 1 in five innins"; olf Mathewson.
1 in one tntunir: on wamcr, b in live aim one-
thlnl innlmrs; ott Itasan. 3 in Ave anil to-
thinlfi innlnr. umpire in cniri-u uaj. icia
umpire (Jumley Time 2 houra and i nun-ute-s.
I'lnite Ilrlv- lllm Out and Snire
Knonsrh In First lniilnu.
PiTTsmtna. Aug. 12. Tlie Pirates
defeated the Heels In the first Inning to
day when they made live lilts In succes
sion off Miner Brown nnd scored fojar
runs. The final score was f. to 2. Brown
then retired and let Packard finish. The
scene i
ab r h p a rl ab r h p a t
IWhir.lf 4 10 10 olHyrne.lb,. 4 0 t 0 1. 0
iimh,2b,. Mill CiCirey It,,, S 1 2 3 0 u
Mar'n,ef 3 0 110 0
Vlox,2b. .312120
Wainer.Ht 4 112 4 0
Mrlst'r.cl 1 0 0 1 0 0
Kllmr.... 1 0 t 0 0
Mlller.lb . 4 1 1 ti 0 o
H'b'z'l.lb 0 1 7 0 OlWilton.rf 4 3 2 0 0
llo,le.:U) 3 0 12 0 CMlteli'lI.ef 4 0 3 1 0 3
Sh'ek'd.rf 3 0 2 0 0 OlOlhwn.e , 3 0 0 9 0 0
li'rirb'r.sa 2 0 0 3 2 ol.M'Qut'n.p l o o o l o
Tinker.m 2 0 0 1 1 0Coirer,p. 3 0 0 0 o 0
Clarks.c.. 3 0 0 6 10, ,
llrown.p. 0 0 0 0 o r Totals 34 4 13 27 0
racV'ril.p 4 0 2 0 4 0
Tota!n.,3S"2 W24
liattrd lor Mrlsler lu the ntntli lnninr.
Clmannali 2 0000000 02
Plttuburt 4 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 .,4
Two baae hlta-Wllnon. Mitchell. Sae-ridee
hit Carey. Sacrifice lly Doilne. Double play
llenrhammer, (Sroh and lloblitiell. Kiral base
on ball Off McQuillan. 3; off Cooper. 1; nf!
I'ackaitl, 2. Struck ntit-lly McQuillan. 1: by
Cooper, 6; by Packard. 4. Left on basea
lnttabure. 8; Cincinnati, 12. Hits Off Me.
(Julllan, 4 tn thren latiinca: oft Cooper, C in
aix Innlnaa; off Ilrown, 4 in one-third ot an
innlni j off Packard, !l In seven and twb-tlilrila
limliiv Time 1 hour and 47 cuinulea. I'm
plrea Brennan and QutKley.
Vlriclnla l.raiior,
Newport Newa-Portsmouth Rats,
lllchmonil'l'iiteraburg Main.
Norfolk, 6; lloanoke, 4.
Trl-State Lrainr,
WllmlnRton, i: York, I.
Alieniuivn, I reiiiuii,
llarrlBburt;, I; Atlantic City, 0.
w York and New Jersey I.raifiie,
Klnsaton, lo; Mlddletown, 1.
rousbkeepsla, 12; NowUursh, e.
lAinic Branch. 4: Danhury. 4. Klrit ram.
Lone Branch, 11; Oanuury, 1, Mecond
llawball, i:HHKTN FIELU. a flames-
id imy.- r. m., nrooKiyn vs. rumtmren.
Mfi.euver nay, niiibio oy
Ik'tluu'iit llnuU, dt.
Shannon 'a 23rd
IIAt4F.IIAI.ua Polo (Sronndf, S 80 P.M.
Olaota vs. HI. Louis, neaerved Hlla sWO Villi
Kl . tier r. 1 3 3 ; 1,-ii jifo el 1
and Beat Dodgers -New
niYiimmjNfiHARftRn'llMI'J IK.
jl CIt1d1 ... 5 J.ll 12l
! Miinnsrer Stovall Says 0Lonv;h- K c'hio.'trrr:p
lin Culled lMtchpr Itoy 'tf - -:""5i","B
Mitchell a Yellow Cur. U Ji "
' SSStl 'nw TorU..T) lj 4 u
Browns Itoxnian Asks Silk Why
lie Misses Two Strikes and
ItunipiH Follows.
Huv Mitchell. Pitcher of the
Urown. wis prevented from
I'mplre Silk tl'liUKhl'n at
St liulsl
the I'olo I
('round mtetdu. 11" was
about to
strike the chief JuiUe Ju.t after the fifth I
Innlnc had bn-n llnlshed. when Manager
Stovall. Manacer chance a'nd C.KPher
Sweem-y pushed the belllcerent player
The trouble took the spectators by sur
pri!i Mitchell, it appears, said some
thing !o u'Loiuhllu as he came off the
' tlebl after .Malel had letlred his shli! with
!a II v to Austin. U'l.ouahlln took off his
! mtud and p.ilntinp a tlnser at Mitchell
motioned him to the bench. Mitchell
tood hi uround until the chief umpire
said something more, when a IlKht seemed
I Imminent. Then O'UniKhllti. baoklnu
Uiuj from Mltehell. who was struiriluiK
to set at him, oiileml the pilriur orr tne
Ibid Stowill argu. d aalnt tills rullnr; 1
In win and for a time it looked a. if he'
woulit be eject.)l too.
Afbr ;lu- same Suna.l out a telegram)
to President Han JohtiHui preferring sen-'
ou charge mraltnt the umpire. Tn Till:,
Ht'N man Stovall said:
"'"or some reason there has been trouble
between Mitchell and o'UiuKhlin all sea-
"" Mitchell Is not a chronic kicker and
' 'luiet. well Ixhaved fellow. As he
.-ame in from the box to-day he said to
j O'l.ntuhlln :
"'Vou missed a couple of strike on,
I '"' did It on purpose.' replied O laitigh-1
H". Jmt to get a chance to put you out nf ,
the game. ou re a eiiow cur:
mv iilnV).r
1... ... r ,u ...i.i.
n-imeuu in iiirnii-n ii.--i.it m uunn-,11 ......
0 atlldavlts to till" effect,
0 O'Loughlln laughed whon h heard that
0 'ir.i-.ill I....I ln.U-rl rhnrueti tnra.1nst lilm
I didn't say to Mitchell that I had pur -
po-ieiy mifcoaiieei a coupie oi i.aus, nam
- the umpire when asked for his side of ilia
: story, "and 1 didn't call him a eliow cur.
Tkl'. ,,11 I ti-llt ciii- nme"
That's all I will saw- now."
' Mitchell Is a husky joung man who is
1 said to be hot tempered and 1 able to u-e
i hs tl!ltll wm,n n thinks It Is necesiary.
1 O'l'iughlln I considerably smaller and
ha no r iiL- record. He w red a report of
, .,' ,, .,' . ... ......
"1" r" 10 t rej-iuetu jo n-on i.i-i.
and Mitchell prohably will be suspended.
, as Johnson usually backs up his umpires
, to the limit
Minor Find Clark Ton Wild.
Washington, Aug. II. (Se-orge Clark,
the southpaw (Sritflth purchased from
Frank Chance, has been sent back to
Washington by tlin Atlanta club because I
of his wllilness. Griffith hns not decided '
what to do with the youngster. His case
is like Boehllng's and the old fox thinks
If In- can place, him where he can work
enough he will develop.
Pitcher Mcltale, purchaaed for U.000
from Jersey city, reported to Chance yea
terdny nnd went Vst tilth the New Yorka
last nlKbt. He may get et trial In Chicago.
The Jersey City club aol.l llteher Manser
to the New London club yesterday for 1300.
Arthur Irwin sa that Outfielder White
man of Houston. Tex., will report to tb
New Yorks early next month.
Aiuerleun Association.
R H. K
Kansas City 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 C 13 4 1
Tole.l 3101000 0 X 4 0
llatterlea n. Ithoadts and Moora; Colla
mure and Detost.
R. II. E.
Columbus. .
.. 00032000 1 ft a 0
U0U00000 00 6 2
omatock and Owrns; Cole and
... 02000200 1 4' ' 0
Mllwuukee. .
20000000 02 C 2
Batterlt-a llovllk.
Jlruun and Iturhes;
Toney anil pusreiei
rf l lai'lAIiAl Vli,IO.
It. II. K.
Hi. Paul 01 300001 04 13 4
Inilluniipoiis, ., uuuviuuu 0 1 a
DHtlerles Walker and James; Burke,
Norton and Casey.
Western League.
Hloui City, 9: Denver. 1.
Lincoln, 1; Des Moines. 0.
Ml. Joseph, ; Wichita, 4.
Toprka, 4; Omaha, 4,
New KnaTlnnd I.rasrnv.
nrockton, 4; Fall niver, 4.
Portland, 4; Lawrence, 2,
Lynn, 4; Worcester, !,
Lowell, ; New Bedford, 4.
Carolina Aaaoclatloii.
Wlnston-Halem. 21 (Iraanaboro, 1,
Charlotte, 8; llalolsh. 1. First satns.
Charlotte, 4; ItulelKh, 1. Second same.
Durham, 4; Aahrllle, 2.
Texas Leaarar.
Ran Antsnls, Ii Dallas. S.
Fort Worth, ; Houston, 4.
Beaumont, 4; Austin, 0.
Qalvraton, 1; Waco, 1,
I '
otitherii I.pbkup.
N'ew Orleans, 1; Memphis, 0,
Mobile, 4; Montgomery, I,
Atlanta, 12; Birmingham, t- -
1,1 f I .
lllrhrr Wnlkrr, whn made hl
I aaPrtllV 1
, r 1
Caldwell cMust Pay
or Stand Suspended
T"HE National
become an
Oommistion has
agency for 1 he
I collection of unpaid debts. Hay
j Caldwell of the New Voiks received
, word yesterday from the commis
j oion that unless he paid $10 to -Inn
I Vaughn, now of the Cubs, within
five days he would become ineligible
1 until the debt war. settled. Vaughn,
1 in his complaint to the supreme
j court of baseball, alleges that, he
' loaned the above amount lo Cald
well in 1911 anil lhat he had vainly
tried to collect it The coinmit-ion
has made similar ruling-, before.
Through its agency a well known
umpire was let out teeently because
of unpaid debts.
Ilent .(hletlc In Hot Ii I'lrat
l.aat (ill rue of Sprles.
Pilll.AtlKLrHIA, Aug 12 The White
an r n i ' an r a :i a e
. chip'le.lt 4 0 1 2 0 1 IS M'hy.rf 4 0 (I J 1 3
I lleriter.:b 2 1 0 2 7 OlJrinr.lf 4 n 1 1 ei 0
i 1-oriUb 40111 0 K or .'Ii 1. 0 11 1 4 .1
Che lb 4 0 0 1.' 1 0 liaker.Sti. I 0 1 : .'. 0
' $t J ; J J rimk'c'f' I I '! 2 S
. Kunn.e . 4 u u 1 u u.orr.s
1113 1
Wfiv'r.H 3 0 0 4 1 Sit.apii.o
-s"ott.p. 4 u 1 u 1 0 -.iliaiii
1 . 7 H rT . '. , "
1 o 11 i (, ,j
10 0 10 0
e. o i o u o
: o 0 o l i
Total 22 I t 27 11 2 DfiHler.D
Tota! 31 2 s 27 tl 2
Chicano 0 l 0 o 0 o 2 t ft- l
, i'lulauelp.iia e 0 o g o v 1 i 0-2
I . "-"" ii". ininiie.": oi nrown
2 m Ihnu iiuiiii.-.. To h.ie hit -"hiit.t,elle
.Millunia Home run-llodi,. t-acril!).v hlta-
Ho.iic. K. Murphy. l.eft on b-ecni, a.o, v
; rnuaoeipnia, id. sirm-it oiit-uy M o-.t. i; tiy
Hemler. 3. Double nlay 4,'liaw and Weaver
Firt base on ball Off Seolt. f.; otf Iteniler. .';
of! llrowii. I. Passe.1 ball Sclianj. I'mplre
Frnruaon and Connolly Time-, hours and 6
mi nut's
Open llnnip Stnnd AiiplclnoIy
r.xpra nnd Arelipr Ton .Vol.
Boston, Auk. 12. Tlio Braves returned
home to-day and won both games of a
double header from Chicago by heavy
slugging. The scores were 7 to 3 for the
first name and 9 tn I for tho second
Kvers and Ajcher were put out of tho
first game for kicking. The scores;
ab tli pa ei ab r h p a e
Leach.ef. 3 0 0 11 0 OlMri'ville, 4 1 3 7 2 1
Miller.cf. 10 110 OjMyrrs.lb .41111
Krrrs,:b .11111 0,Coiiu'lly.lf 4 0 2 1 0 0
Phrlau.2b 3 0 0 2 1 0 tw'ney.Ib 4 0 0 1 6 0
Sehulte.rf 3 12 10 0 Lonl rf . . 4 1 2 1 0 0
Zlm'uiUb 3 10 0 10 Smith, 3b, 4 0 0 0 1 0
Saler.lb. 4 0 0 0 0 Manner.. 4 2 1 2 0 0
Wiirma.lf 4 0 12 11 Harlden.e 12 17 10
Bnd'l.aa 3 0 0 0 4 0 Dlckaoil.11 1 0 0 0 1 0
Archer.e. 2 0 11 4 0 0 tM'Donald 0 0 0 0 0 0
Brra'h'n.e 1 0 0 4 0 0 penlue.p 20000
Stewart, 100000,
Ctieney.p. 1 0 0 0 0 2 Totnla .,33 7 10 27 12
tOood.... looooo
Moore, p., 0 0 0 0 0 0
Totals.. 31 3 4 24 3!
Hatted for Dresnahuii In the ninth Imiinr
lllatled for Cheney In the eighth tuntnic.
t batted for Dlckiun In the fifth Iniuni:
0 0 0 0 3 4 0
0 0-3
0 ..- 7
Two bane hits Mycra. Schulte. Three base
hll-Witllams. Sacritlcn fly-McDonald St)ilen
baara iracn, Marauvnip. i;onnouy, itarnien.
Double playa Urldwrll, F.vt-ra aiul Salrr; Mar
anvllle ami Sweeney; Maranvllle anil Myers.
Left 011 bases Chieaeo. 4: Boston. 10. First
baar on balls Off Cheney, "; off Dickson, 3; off
Perdue, 1. Htl Kann on errors-uiueaifo. 2;
Huston. 1. Struck out liy Cheney. G: by Dick
aon, 3; by Perdue. 4; DT Moore. 1. umpires
iiiem ana urin. 'nme-i noura auu m niiiiuies.
ab r h n a el ab r h u a e
Leach.ef. 3 2 110 olM'villp.aa. 4 2 3 3 4 0
Phelan.2b 4 0 t 2 0 1 Myrrs.lh .411400
ft'hulte.rt 30111 tiu-onn ry.ii 413300
Zl'nian.lb 3 0 11 0 Sw'ney.3b (, 0 0 2 0 0
Saler.lb.. 4 0 0 11 0 I Lord.rf... 12 13 0 0
Wilms. If 40012 oSmlth,3b r, 0 1 0 0 0
llrlilw'l.aa 1 0 0 0 1 llMaan.cf.. 4 0 0 4 0 0
llres'h'n.c 3 114 1 HWhallnj-.c 4 2 2 7 0 0
Staek.p.. 1 0 0 0 0 r Ileaa,p,,,, 3 12 0
uor en.aa 9 u 1 1 11
T.nv'rter 11 1 0 0 0 2 0
Totals ,,r U 27 0
tMeedb'm 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals . 31 I 7 24 12 4
Malted for Stack in the fifth inning.
t Batted for Lavender lu the ninth
Chicago . 1000X000 0-S
Boston i 1 z 3 0 0 : 0 ..I
Two baas hUa-Schulte. Phelan. Lord. Sac
rlltea fly Zimmerman Sacnflee hi Is Schulte.
Smith, Stolen base Myers. t.efi on baaes -Chicago,
6; UiMton. 8. First baae on balls-Off
Heaa. 3; oft Stack, 3; off Lavender, 1. First
haw. on errors Boston. 3. Struck nut lly
- -. , .. n . v T i - n .,
1 v lKa sa jni iinniM vum uui
Laiaweii cJViust ray
Yorks End
ScTinlz mid Fisher ISoth Easy
for Hrowns, Wlio Knock
Thorn From Uo.v.
rVnlks. Stpnls, Sncrificps mid
Fields Well. Also Showing
Quick II cad work.
The lead of tho Athletic was cut down
n few points esterdny when they dropped
ii game to the White Sox. Then! were
nnlv two same, the New- nrk being,
beaten by tho Brown All tin- clubs t
left last night for thu Weft. I
Yeaterdny'a Iteaulla. i
SI l.oillf. 7. New York. 2
f'hlcaen. 4, Phlla1lphla. 2 ,
V uihlriKtotfClcvclund Rain. .
IJptallnl 4 lab Standing.
q --
t. r.
11 14
10, 11 11) CO 43 '.404'
C II 10 W I 47 I.M7'
712' i I" M .W'l
"11 9, .VI 41 4I
J. I 0 7 4 Kl .422
4 lu 141 e .lk
j' S 7 .' 3.". 1 O 343
lirnw Loal. ;34'4.- 47 43144 13 fB b:
No Kamc nchrduled for to-day.
Ineffective iilti-hlriii by Schulz nnd
ri,her pr.Tl too ,:reat 'nlcP fr
th" .New orl:s at the I'olo (.rounds
eterday and the St. I.oul Hrowns up-
st them by n score of 7 to - Th
Ohancetnen nlo were unable to fathom
the shoots served up by Mitchell and
Ievcrcnz. In plte of the counter attrae-
tloti In I'.rooklyn. more than 3.500 fans
were present and thev went home realiz-
lug that wlun a team's pitcher go wrong
there I little nr tin chance for uccei.
With tin St. I.oul bnxmen In line form
tl.e N'ew V).rk did nut show to an atl
vantage In fa.-t th-tr tieifnrmance was 1 Fritz Mals'-l. the young thlnl baseman,
somewhat illcouiaging. but Chanci- I aln with Hal Williams, the big llrst
confident that th- team on the coming , hiseman. The New York minagi r de
Western trip will pla Utter ball than on j dared the other 1l.1v that William was
the lust tour. The Browns knocked out , ame anil willing and possessed much
fourti'.n hits and after they had assumed
command In the fourth Inning the reult
was a foregone con-lulin The visitors
showed eonlidrnee In all their move and
were bubbling over with ginger.
Miii-.il the expet.Mw- Baltimore recruit,
didn't make a base hit. but he worked In
a neat saet 'flee, wailed for a ba on
ball. tob- secind ami ao covered third
base perf)tl The little fellow showed
some quick thinking In the sixth Inning
Alexanibr was In the midst of a inn up
between thlnl and home when the ball
wa thr..wti t 1 Mai. 1 mar his corner, lie
turned uuiik and tagged C. nupton, who
wa called safe by a hair Then Mal'l
whippi)l the hall to MciVmtiell nnd Alex
ander wa out at the plate. But for
Sheridan's ruling on Compton a double
play would hnve leen comjile'te-)!.
Cook ran In anil took a short fly In this
Inning and with a perfect throw to
Sweeney h nailed Compton as the latter
slid fur the pan. Hal William, though
hltless. sent botin- one eif Xew York's
runs with a Looming sacrifice fly to his
brolehr. Su Shotton. Stovall nn.l
A'itm I' d the Brown In stick work
The score:
ST I.Ofls eA 1. NKW YORK 'A. I.)
ab r h p a e ab r h p
.-hofn ef 4 12 3 0
0 Cook rf ,
stovall lb 4 1 3 in
0 .M.n.el sb
Pratt :h
fi Wi' rf
1112 OC.-o-.lf .. 4
3 1 0 3 0 0 Hnru'll.cf 3
AtiMHiJb 113 4 2
ll..ielltl 4 1 t 1 :
Jnhll'll.lf 3 1 1 1 u
0 I'r kt'h 4
t KtllcJlt.Jb 3
0,11 Wlf. lb 2
2,.,ieenev.c I
0 M-hulz.p . 1
0 r'l-ln r p I
M'Con'll.p .
Alex d r e 4 o l 4 o
Mlteh ll p 2 0 1 0 3
Compton 1 0 1 0 v
U'ur ; p l )) u o t
Total 37 7 II 27 pi 3, Tolll 22 2
I 27 16 1
llittid lor Mitchell In alatn Inmrr.
St. Iiuis 1 o o 2 " I 0 0 fl- 7
New York 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2
Tien b.ie hits -Stovall, 2 Three base hit -
Aulin tiaenllee tut-Mali-I Sieritlev fly - II
Williams Molen bi-e -Mil'.-! First haw on
error New York Firt bae on lialU Off Lev-
r.'iu. ofl Kilirr. MruiU out - lly .Miuhrll.
by Levrrctir J. b -.ehulz. -. bv Fisher i;
by MiCeiniiell. .' Hit-0:f Mliehrll. 4 in five
inniiu-i; on Sehulr 6 in three anil one-third
Inninir; ofl Fisher. I in one and lu-o. thirds in.
ninj (none out in the slithi Ixdt on base
St. Louis, i. New Yori,. t'J Double plan
Cook and Sweeney: Kmjht and 11. Williams
e.-il ball- Ale Mincer t nipire in enier
O'Liiu.-lilin Field umpire shendan Time
Hums uti.l 4 minutes.
l'miied "(Slnnl Killer" Una Been
enantlon In Southern Lenirne.
DiiTtiOtT, Aug. 12 Hairy Covulcskle,
the faund "giant klllui. has been pur-
cliasul by th). Detroit club. This ileal
has been pending for several weeks and
the purchase price was in tint neighbor
hood of t.'.OOn. The Detroit club tool;
mi option on the lefthander shortly after
the- beginning of the run season.
Colvaleskle bus been tho star pitcher
of tin- Southern , l.uigue this year. He
has won practically eveiy game be ha,
nltrhod anil the majority of them havo
been three, four ami tivei lilt nffulrs. The
pitcher will report about September 1.
President .Navin nin anuounceii mat
Claude Williams, a lefthander from thu
Nushvllllii club of the' wnin league, has
been bought by lilm for $3,500. Williams
comes to Detroit as a le'sult of an agree'-
ment with the minor league club.
Detroit sent Glboon. a catcher, to Nash
ville lust spring. Gibson will return to
tho Tlgeis probably at the close of tho
Southern League season.
I'muk Fnrrell .Mude Defendant la
Matcrloaa Action.
Mvaterv was thrown around a new Mjlt
tlle-d yesterday by Joseph (loreloii, former
nresldent of tho Oreate-r Neiv York Buse.
ball Association, owner of the New York
Amoriean Loaguo team, against Frank
J. Farre-ll. now president and chief owner
of the club. Gordon went abroad recently,
ami his attorney, William P. Moloney,
said he was too busy to talk about thu
case. For the reason that only a sum
mons was filed the grounds or U action
nro not known. Mr. Farrell was served
with the papers at tho Polo Grounds 011
Gordon sued Farrell flvo jcara ago for
nn accounting of tho profits of the team
from 1 303 under allegations that Farrell
ugrccd to glvo him half tho stock. When
the caso was tried befoio the late Su
preme Court Justice lllschoft tn 1911 It
was dismissed on the ground that thero
was no uvldencn to sustain Gordon's claim.
Gordon nppoaled. but Justice HlachofTs de
cision was affirmed by tha higher courts.
K. I. T. l.easne,
Clnrksvllle, 2; Henderson, 2.
Ten Innings.
llopxinaviue, a; uwensuoro, t.
1 Portuejili. 11: Vlncennes. a.
Home Stand
Williams Surprise
to His Brother Gus
WHEN Gun Williams reached tho
dressing room after Satur
day's game at tho Polo Grounds in
which his brother Hal, tho Saw
Yorks' first baseman, had played
great ball, Manager Stovall of tho
Browns said to him:
"Why didn't you tell mo your
brother wis a fine first baseman
when you know wo wanted a player
for that position?''
"I didn't know Hal was a first i
baseman," replied Brother Gits, "f
haven't seen hitn for many months
and tho last time I met him on the
ball Held he was a catcher."
"If you have any more brothers
j who can play as well as Hal," said
Stovall, "let me know "
Chance in Ponht, About Cook
mid Frolmbly Will Put Zcider
in Knirht's IMacp.
When Krank Thnnco hoarded u train
w.lh the Nov Yorks for Chicacu last
nifiht he had come to several conclusions,
It Is said After carefully obsirvInK tho
nint'in. ,.r i.i.ti,.,r r,.,.u flm ii..w rlcht
, llelilir, i;iianoe lauevis wiai iid- lexuii
lacks the reiiulred nniount of speed anil
! nlo needs more experience. Cook will
jbo Ktalned until further notice, but It is
, rovers from an Injury to his richt arm ho
. I will be sent twek to centre Held, while
' i Hartzell will supplant Cook in right field.
i It also Is the V. !..' Intention, so tlio
, iroHslns wiv. to nlaco Zelder on si-conil
' as H00n as the latter Is able to re-
I yume playing Kn.Pht while playlns
i.tter ball than lie did when he was a
member of the N'ew Yorks two years ace
i hasn't been hlttini; with the best lesults
1 nnd Chance aelle es that Zeid. r will prove
; a lu tter man for the middle hair
, Jack Warhop. the little pitcher who has
bi-ii with the team for several seasons.
. probably will be trad)-)! in the near future
as he has been of practically no value in
th box this year nnd seems unable to re
gain his effti-tlvenes.
Chance said tn be well satlfle.l with
natural skill, lie also stul that no player
In the American League could excel Will
iams In sliding to bases,
"If Wlllams comes through after a
thorough trial," declared Chance, "the
ground work for u n-ul ball club will
be laid." The P I., already believes that
In Pecklnpnugh be 1ms the lt llebllng
shortstop In the Johnson circuit.
.'Hid tn Hp llenillnu 11 ( liime In Wliltr
nt 1 1 Ii Hurry I.nrd.
Accoixllng to authentic repott that
come from Chicago. Hal Chi.te, llrst base
man of the White Sox, is up to hi old
trick. The Chicago baeball chroniclers
lnslt that then- is a cl!o,ue! In the team
and that Chase has Joined hand with
( apt. narry Lord In h plot to out Man
ager Callahan
Ilahan. Chue ha been scored
for poor playing, and In a pub -
ervlew (.wn.-r Cetnlskev I, quot.-d
g that he did not satutlnn the
1 llshed Int
a saying
; Chase deal. Coml-key a!o expree th
j opinion that Zelde r e'en up for Cha-e
I would have been a much letter deal for
', the s-ox
"I hio nnil Lord hnve been c!oe friend?
for several sears When Chase was man
Xi. - ieer f ,h.. V..- V.-i,V- h- . ,Iai
3 o i l.v which Lord would beome a member of Zu.-. i 4 u o l o c i; 7 r n ib .
'' 2 i the local American League team. l,at 1 l'net rl . 4 i i l o 0',iti 2b '.
? J. winter, after Chance had b-en sigried, ' .'-""H! 7 2 i ? J ''," -"ij c
i Chase again tried to imluce the New I llUkh' ' J i J i 1J,;1l111';,,l -o
1 1 York club to purchae Lord's releae f-om 1 Totals .22 3 7 27 12 i vba.'ht p '
the White Sox. In return for this kind-
ne , Lord urged Callahan to let Zelder 1
and l'.orton go for Chn- It Is said, and,
as -oon a Cha Joined the White Sox
1. I 1 .lA..l.l.l 1
ill- Mini mini iiuui'n ii up.
A a result of the ell,,,,.. I the Chicago
team a rumor wa circulated recently
that Callahan wa booked to go and that
me ..M.i iii miii.hu in iii.ii i.iti, i, uneu
by Chase and either. Is anxlou to ai-sum-
th managerial reins Comlskey l rp
poe.l tn cllnui's. and I repnrteel to be
ready to Investigate-. All of whltu would
seem to Indicate that Chance, a firm be
liever in harmony, inadu a wle move
when he engineered the paslng of the
crack first baseman.
.Yew York sjnte League.
It If E
Blmlra 00000000 OO S 1
Albany ., .. Oil 20 0 300 x 5 n 0
Batteries-Swift and Fester, llarnel .m.l
1! II
t'rranton. . . , , . nooooooo 00 4 1
Uttca 1) 11 0 1 1 0 0 1 - 3 C 0
Batteries- Smith mid Peterson. Buck and
ynravii c.A.Mi:.
r, 11 n.
Seranton 10 0 0 0 0 0 I 1 1
Utlca . . . 1 0 11 4 1 n 7 12
Hitterles Vatc s anil ILirV.lr.-i, Tav lor and
It H V-
Syracuse. .
and Payne
. 20030010000 04 12 1
I (til 00101000 I 6 IS J
Vleualui mid llrbKir, Slttoti
II. It. n.
. .. 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 ; 0
Wllkest.trre . ..
Batterle Cadoro
and Payne.
n 0 0 0 u 1 0 1 s 0
and Bra -man; Owens
It B B.
lllnrh.initon . onooooooo-o 3 1
Troy. 020 2 3000 x--ii 12 11
Hatlerlea .MciSliilny, Rapp and McMurr.iy;
CSnskllt and FltiRcr.ild and Wood
., H. i:
Ttltifrhamton 0 0 o 0 0 0 tM 7 3
Troy 1 1 3 0 0 0!.;, 7 ,
Butteries Bach and McMurrji , Winters
and Woods.
woutb Atliilittc Li-nane.
Albany, to, Coliimbu. 0,
Macon, 4; Charleston, 2
Savannah, 4; Jacksont Ule, 0.
On a Hot Summer Day
Goes to the Spot Like
H iV) Rtjtahtnt, Cooiinj cni
With Defeat
Jersey City and Toronto Vu
Until Dark If nam Work,
Entire Distuncc.
Yi-trrelnr' Hrniilt.
,!-ry cltv. A; Toronto, n. Turn' - .
Newark, li. Ilorhftfr, t. Pirn uu
JtochpMr, 3. New. irk, 3 fnon't k m
I'rov l-leii( e. x Hurrah. 7
llnltlmote. .Montreal Kaln.
Itantllai- 4f tha Claa.,
w I.. PC I wit
Newark.. 71 .fi Montreal , l il
Kocbetler..ni Mi ,f,nl Provldfoet f,l .
llalilraor. .,V1 ft ..Vfl i Toronto r,'
Buffalo 47 17 .Ht i JerT CU. 1 .
To-day a "rhrdalr,
Tnronln In Jcriey flty,
ltocliesler In Newark
llitir.i." In V "t t'len, e.
Muntreal In Diltlmnre.
Jersey f.'lty and Toronto brok, rn.
ternatlonal I."nc;ue record :u w A
records for this eaoon In any b-vpuo by
fichtini: through twntv liniini;? Mf'crilay
nfteriiooii nt Wst .SId I'arU wi'ho t a
TIih loncest Kame In the enc , r.
corded previous to this ment wa a r.:u-
teen innltiR atrali- on July C, s n
Newark bttwreti Jersey City Bin Nw.
ileum. lor j oroiiiu, jni' ueu 'lie in,,
K.line and allowed unlv se, j,
Thompson pitclnd the first thlrt .n.
n.nns 9111I Hiandon th" nun mi c r vn
tor Jer"V ritv. The score
ab r Ii P a e ah r i i
MT'n t.:b ; 0 13. n Minw.cf s
timfu cf i 0 17 1 o KoZ-rVh 3
j Krev.rf. . 7 0 in 0 l'rrylf i
i Pn-k. . 70133 0 Mi'.ib' if '
' 1
I 0 1
1 I J
I 1 0
f 0
1 ll.Ilr y lo s o o , l n panel m
(aira.c 7 0 3 1 0 P Cilho'ii !'i "
Hearne.ti 6 0 1 1 4 j Hlmr.e 4
- Thom'n p I
Total.. 5 0 :. M :o (.'.W . 1
Total C
tutted for Tliompoti in the thlri'
:i t
. in.
, loronm
Ner-y Cltv
0 ) 0 Q 0 0 U 0 'J 0 0 0 1 0 0 "
f."''.t bake on err;r -Toronto To b, 1n
o' lia. sVo'i
si)a Koehlir Cnlliimn. Ilrk Iift oi h,-.-
.le-r) v tity s- Toronio. llouri) pa.
eiiu' t. anil MeComail; 1'Jrtrli. Ko-hW ant
Call , m Pir-t bj-- on ball- Otf lb- .-,
off Thi.iiiinon, 1 Mrtii'k out-llv llra)"l,,tr 4
by llearne 7 Hit by pitcher llv I'.-rv -n
(Pick 1 Wllil piteh-Brimlom. Hit Off Tf
noil. C 111 tlurte-n uiniNo; off Ilrindntr 1
w-ven inning t'mpire Carpenter .ml lujr-a
Tioie 3 hours and 20 ininuti",
Indian llnve ti In First, but Th
Il StvltiKs to Hustler.
Newapk, Aik'. 1" The Indians t t
tint opening tame of to-day's d .
heajer from the Hustlers. Then the , j
wa revei 'ed anl the Ganzel crew
the second. Hoth were decide I by
run margin. Tho seore:
ab r hp a e ub r u a 1
McM'n.Jb t
Martin. 3
tmth It. t
-mi ii-.-o I
rll'ldt.ltl I
0 1 1 ) Col'ir. rf 3 l 1
0O221 Tonlcj i. 1 1
0 0 0 0 ! V 7. n If 3 'i
110 2' u3el a.lb 3
0 3 11), 0 Mner ff . i "
2 : ' 1 V. n lb 1 11
Xltm (
",un,r,! " 0 1 3 0 "V" Jh 3
Ja 'HI i ' J 'i 'i ., . lu;.'i-.e 3
liee-lc p 2 0 0 0(1' Harder p .
Total" 3t
ltO)hef.ter. .
Newark. ..
s:'.Z 1 Total" .", 2 ;7
Sicrltiee htt-E Zimmerman. 2- Mnrtm
roy, Keefe. Molen bine-eielz Two la
W Ziuinierru.m. Schmnlt. 2inn. Tl.r,
hit w y.mimcrman llae on b:di ,
l; on heete. 2 Siru k out- fiv p..
bv Keep-, 3 Double plaj V Ztnutnir
1 U'8-?"" Klr',1 ." errors N. n.
, "V"'"''vmJJL"l m'T!'VIK
Thoar' and SPnumTte!.'lU r" a"d Kc"J '
ab r h p a e ab '
M'M'n2b. 3 'i 1 'i ; Colhn rf 3
Martin - 3022 .1 m Toolev
- 1 !lnl,h ' 0 ? 3 0 f' v.-Z'r n If 4
I . ..'.. '.' ?.! '.e.1 .t
s ret,!) 11. i il i i. n r. r. . ... ,
, Total .:
Bitted for Pel in the ilk-tub innii
Iioohetrr . ,i ,i 2 fi o h
Newark a ,i o o 1 -
.i... t- ...
jSjJ? T, h,,Vol( ,m,'i50!111,,'1',.1 '
ball, -on Bell, i , oil -. ha, lit i.nflHj
' struck pul-Hy s.-hicbt 1 bv ll-uhr.
, tin ami sliiiiidt; Silimnlt , un.i-i-ie il
on lien, , tn euhl inmr.-- nil s, h.n
In one liinin.- j-lt on In-.-. Nm,
Uoclurtrr. fiupirr Ke.,y and M
TIUH--1 hour and 20 nunati
Wlnulnc Bnu Forrt-il Ilouir,
Pno rnnNcr. Aug 1: Providence I
out an tn 7 vlctoiy over Buffalo t
after apparcntlv having kicked
in the Held. Frill weakened In ti
mid Mattcson was wild, the locals w
on a base on balls with thu
fu'l. Tho score:
It II 1.'.
Hurrai.i O113O2O0"
Providence., , 20 0LOU2
Batteries Frill. Matton nn 1
SMne. Mitchell und Oludow. Koche
T. I
Ilrnoklyn' I'lnyera I'niii,- nnd i.n.
The Brooklyn 1 lub bns released s r
the new outfielder, unconditionally
has turned Tex nrwln, the cntchi
to Toronto. The claim of the Br.
to Claude Williams, the Nnshvil'e r
and to Sclinrdt, who has been twir
Indlaimpolls this ye-ar, lias been g
The club will 1'xerleso its option 1 I
Northen, the outfielder, who was
over to Toronto. Pitcher Allen I '
with ptomaine poisoning, but i, v
be out in a dav or two.
Iteila Buy SluifglnK 4 aii-bei
Nohfoi.k, Va , Aug 12 Ti- C
Bed purchased Murk Steu.trt tu
hitting catcher in the Vi g.t i-
to-day. The youtigtei- liw. ' 1
Ise, although till Is h!s 11 !-l 1
feIonal ball
London, I
New ll.li li
New Hll.en
New London,
Ban ford, a
l'lttsf.eld, 17
BrldBcport, i
, SprlllKllebl.
; Merkl- n, 7
There Is Nothing That
a Glasi of Imperial.
Honied only f is?
Bitdleilon I Wter
New Ycr's
Otdrr from aoy denn
Inottetetini. Try It and See jot Yountl) '

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