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Whitney's Pennant Shows AsmishinsS0eed---Aiaritime Genius of J. P. Morgan Wins
Lends Fleet Into Mni'lilehnnil
Harbor Half Hour, Ahead
of Next Yncht.
Tflkes Commodore's Trophy for
Firt Division Sloops and
A ho Own Class Prize.
ManiiI.kIIKAii,. Mn Aillt. 12 Tim
li 111II11K led tin- fleet nf siillInK yurlits
fitii the harbor this nftQi noun. Hullr-il by
.1 ! .Morcnn. she lrft the rest of the lli-et
tx- Ivlilnil. nnil won nut only lirr clam
i t re hut the commodore's nip for the
ti t lilslon of loop. Iter nrnrrpt com
l.ctltor 'v;i. the Actuhln, mvnnl ntiil nailed
hv (I. M. lleckjchrr. which wan more
t ..in half nn hour nMern. The Avancrr
il fritted the Hhltnnn, hut the latter liml
i ii i.-itlufnctlon of bcatlni; the flnK-Oilri of
the K.i.trrn Yncht Club In her home
The ictiinrUahle aniline of the day wa
dn-.e hi the Windward, handled by the
M.m.i brother?. The little 31 rater Mnvted
iff wt'l ami. with raie .ludKivcnt on the
ii t .if her nklpper. kept In tin- lead nearly
the way and finished third In the Ileot.
H'-. defeated every sloop on corrected
ti mid m.ik the thlid .wicl't to rtu the
in't'i line. The Kutrlim defeated th"
r 'iiiilna and Mmbd In her clu?", and
t ..'in. the roinm'!oic, cup for the
ai-viiil lUvlalon of schooners, and the
' i i defeatid the Corona and won the
ria'ilo.e's cup for the first division of
r eherc; s.
It was a llcht weather day and the
r.f'ic iL-a'n demon? trated that they can
r i 1 ripldly In ttr!i condition". They not
hi n diowid that they can uho.it alone Iti
1rht weather, but .that their "kippers can
i t ie clnnucs In the lrd and pick
"lit Whin the yachts set out the wind
v in Itclit from the northet. The coiiii
n noiihnet by wett thrci-quartei"
nrst fiom Woodend, and ftom that po'nt
the wind was dead on end. It was vnty
llcht, Jtit Minns enouKh to dive the
nehts headway and the prospects nt the
stutt net" thnt It v.-ould be a lottfr con
let The committee made the line shortly
before lo o'clock. The start was off
' iiik Point, the line belnc between the
'back Spar buo and the committee's
me t tO:10 the first class was sent
i nay The Windward was the only
one lu this, nnd she was salllns nsalnst
lie b.t time made by the tittles. She
Iind her boom ea?e( off to starboard
iii.d carried a balloon. l'lve nilmites
'filer the Avenger and Shlmnn slurteil.
The .Wengpr. Jnrt before the sKnnl,
niinaseil to Rain the weathrr position
.r.d she crossed the lino nlmost with
the Msnnl These carried balloon Jib lop
Kails and bad their booms eased
off to port to reach out of the harbor
toward Kace Point.
The fifties the meantime had been
mnnnnivrlnB for position mid had ap
proached the line well bunched. Their
alRUAl was made at 10.20 o'clock, and be
fore the sIko.iI was made all hml broken
out their balloons. K. Iturtou Halt was
f.iillnn the Snmuii and bad Krniik Howne
tone nnd .1. H. Johnson ns his nldes. The
Samurl was the tlrrt boat n cross the
line, and next was the I runnels, sn led
b llalph X. Kills. (5. M. Hcckschei K
Acushl.i was ii ? v t . nml then came the
flrayllna, Spartan, Harbara, Plelone and
Carntln.i II. in u very few minutes
the S.imurl liad taken a clear le.nl, anil
the Ci.sijllii)?. pulllm; out of the bunch,
was the second boat, but was to leeward
of the Hamuli. They reached on toward
the IlKht on I-oiir .SVck Point and theie
the lenders set spinnakers to starboard
to hold them out nf ("ape Cod ISn
The Muriel wns the leader of the ems-ll
division of schooners. Next was the
T.iorinlna, with :i new fore topmast, and
then came the ICntrlna, with Harry John
son at the wheel. The Irollta led the
i'o:ona lu the next clans, and last of till
as the Venona. The yachts held In close
to the shore toward Woodend, the llcht
that inai Its one part of the curve on the
noitliern extremity of the Cape, and then
Windward was still In the lead nnd sall
lns well. Next was the nvHiRcr. nnd
nfter her came the Iroquois. Carolina,
Saniurl, Shlmnn, Grayling. Uarbara,
t'lelone, Acushlu, Spartan. Muriel nml
Kntrina In the order named.
It was n long, tedious race nnd the
Ornlln? steadily drew nw.iy from the
ift of the fleet and was able to cross
the finish line shortly nfter six o'clock.
At that time the Acushln was the nearest
of the others nnd she finished about thirty
minutes later. The Windward wns next.
She had done remnrknbly well nnd on
orrected time had beaten the whole
tliet. She was only forty minutes astern
of the Orayllnic. Astern of her was the
Aienser and then came the Irollta. which
yncht succeeded In passing the Kntrina
a few minutes before the line wns
reached nnd finishing about 4f seconds
In the lead. The Shlmnn, which had held
lo the west, wns nble to carry her spin
maker In the finish and she was next
home. After that the racers came In
very slowly nnd It was long after dark
when the last entered the harbor.
Slake Sleep? Hollow Course Their
riararroanda far Day.
The links of the Sleepy Hollow Country
Club were visited yesterday by the golfers
of the Rnglneera Club of New York for
their August tournament. Foursomes
were In order In the morning, nnd the
result was a tie, Involving C. E. far
sons and O. O. Draper, with 198 42, 156,
and John McE. Ames and J, D. Dateman,
with 22670, 156. Parsons and Draper
won the toss.
In the afternoon an eighteen hole medal
play handicap In three classes was the
attraction. C. E. Parsons took first
prize In the first set, with a card of
M s. 76. In Class B II. A. dlllls wns
Ihi winner, with 9016, 74, J. McB.
An.cs took first prize In the third division,
with 10736, 71. Following the day
on the links a dinner wsa held In the
Sleepy Hollow clubhouse at which John
1' Wallace, a member of both organisa
tions, was the presiding ofllcer.
Mess Dlaner Cays Climax.
To celebrate the fact'that there Is now a
waiting list the members of the' Atlantic
Yacht Club held a mess dinner at Sea
'Inle Inst night. Earlier In tho year there
was n, grand membership battle betweeen
the Ited nnd Blue teams of the organi
zation, The aggregation that secured the
smaller number of members had to pay
for a dinner. Each side worked exceed
ingly hard and in the end It was found
thnt the competition had ended in a tie.
The club therefore offered to give a din
ner to both teams and they were dined
laxt night. Commodore J. Stuart riluck
t on presided. It wan one of tho, best mess
dinners of the year. The Sea Clato or
ganization starts Its annuul raco week
next Tuesday. About acvrnty-Tlvo boats
are expected to take part in the series.
Mlaa Peek Wlua at Trnnla. I
Maplrwooh, JJ. II., Auk. 12, Mlel
Alhertlne Peck nnd Viola Turck nf New
York showed considerable nblllty with tho
racquet this afternoon when bnttllne for
first honoia In tho women' alimlcs. Mls
Peek won 6 !, 9 7 The match con
cludes the tournament, other games of
which wero clayed, off lut Saturday.
Time Extended For
Titled Doubles Pair
KJKWPOUT, Aug. 12,-Tho cham-
pionship tcnniH doubles match
will not bo played on tho second day
of tho national tennis tournament
hero noxt .week. Instead It has
been put forward a day to accommo
date Mauilco K. MelxniRhlln, who,
with T. C. Hundy, will defend the
'title. The reason of tho change
lrom tho usual custom is to allow
MeLouuhMti a chance to practlsa
a little with Hundy after hi; return
tio:n England on Friday. It was
i-ald at the Cusino lien1 to-day that
the dri'.witifss for the national tour
ney would be timclr here, as Usual.
llt'twocn A inn t cur nnd Pro From
Nassau, Winning; Curd of
(ill Is Compiled.
l.r.lBN ClTT. I,, t.. Aug, 12. All of
the leading llqlito muting the professional
golfers In this section, having anmt'Mirs ns
pnrtneiK, competed lu h four ball com
petition run olf nt Salisbury to-day ns
a cut frlu rnlstr to the mtiupo1it.-.ii open
clminplonxhlp tournament which beitlna
over that i'oure till!" mottling. There
wee .ort.-odd palrn to start.
William I,, lllcks. who recently won the
championship of the Nansau Country Club
for the fourth time, hud n a parlmr
.fame .Maiden, the Nassau prnfeMKliiii.il,
nnd betueen the ln they captured hint
pilzc with a best ball of 3.1 3:t, fid They
worked finely together, for wheie
one nan down the other was up. and
mi mine than one hole the veteran Hicks
moved of valuable assistance. Their
Mine wuf Just two stf nkes better than
the nimblmil efforts or Maurice E. ItUely.
th" Atlantic Ctt amnteuf-, nml .Mm j,
MclVruiott, the nation. il open champion.
.Maiden's Individual round was approx
imated at 71, ami the best kill c.ird was
as follows:
. . i i : i i n i i-:,:.
I 1 i i t 1 I S3 M
The doughty little McHerinott did not
display the line gnlr which ih.iuicterlxi-il
hli, repm visit to England, for there
wi re tlnns when putts would not go ilow'i
and when his tet shots found the rogh.
Itlsel.v. honeier, was frequently uf great
help to the champion Krid llerresholT
had tin his partner Tom .McNani iia, the
nn tropolltan open champion. The last
named ividrntly had not completely n
covired fiom the effects of his sen Jour
11. y, fur lie was unsteady. Ilerreshurl
did great work off the tee, nnd their lust
ball of 72 brought them into n tie for
fourth and fifth places with C A Hroekcr
and Jack Haj.cn. !, W, Woolston nnd till
Nk'holls weie third with 71.
A corrected list of the entries for the
metioiolltiifi open championship shows
that two prominent amateurs In the per
sons of Oswald Klrkhy and HerreshofT
will start lu the louriniment to-d.iy There
ore fifty-eight names on the list, and It
wilt require mote than two hours to get
the field under way.
The summaries:
W. I.. Hlilo ii nil .lar.is Maiden, m,
Miiurlie i:. Hlnely an. I John .1. .Mi livrinnff.
,n; 15. W v,'iM,ptiiii ni.d lillliert Nli'linUr,
I. I'red llerre.ln.rr iiikI T t. M. N unsrs
,., i A flrmkr nr,l .Ipik llcnen '
It M Harm - mi.I ,1n k ;, i; ,
il.- r.ire.t nll t-' II llilwen.i, ;j ijr nft.
horn mihI Kr'd .Met.e...l, ;s, . o Wheeler
.mil lienrBo SpirlliR. 73 1 A. Slelner mill
tlirliTt .iroi.k- :i, it m. i.cui, un, ,l.k
Hihlth. ;t iiowuld Klrkli nnd Dave Hunter
1: .1 Hiirkhee aul .lite enter. TI. V.
Thnifil nml CeurKe t'enrenu. "I, A II .lolih
son anil .Inincs It. Thomson. TI. II V llHlnes
nnil l.ici1n.iM finllh. 74, Jniin II. .Isekson
ami John flilppen. TS, T frsxni ami .lumen
I'ruser, T.1; In. .Memiel nml Heorite DoukIi.
erly. TT,. II. II. Kinmltnn nnil lirnrse .-ctr
Kent. Tl. Max II. Hear nnil ile,ui;e ,mv,
M JnhnKiin Hiid i rll Htnnfr. T.; V.
Il.irnlilll mi. 1 If. lie Mncklr. Tu it. II. Itlil
der nml llnrrv Overy. TT: linirne II l.nmlen
and Hen NlehnlK T; II. Sntmn nml Joe
Mltrheil. TT; Dr. Thome nml Orrln Terry
TK; W'tlllHni ihl!rri unit (ieurse Mrl.enu,
TS; ,. S. Andrews nml lurt Huliell, TT;
It. M. Tnrletnn ami Wllllnm rnlllne. Ts,
I'. K. I'IiiukIi nml II. II. Helium, 1: 1). II.
Mc.Wnln :M nml .Inek .lull;, is; H. K. Itol..
erfs nml llirhert Mnrtln. 7: Mure M.
Miih.iel nnil Chnnnlng Kliiyd. Ts Chewier
I.. Mnxnell ami .fnines Kerioif",ii, Ttf lr.
A. T. Ilnlxht nail tlenrge Hner. TH: I.ee
Mnvwoll ami .Inek DowllnK. ',:. .1. A. ,it.
mnn Hml l.eonnril lilies. Hit. W'nlier Puri-ell
nnd IIiikIi Clusliy, SI; I". II, Thoiuiia iind
L)jve UKlUle. HI.
Tlrst Itace Honey lice, body l.lihlntm
anil I.urls.
Second Itace Iliirklhorn, Myttlc I.lith! nnd
Third Itace Old Hoclmd, (Tnlner nnil
rommeite llleu. '
I'ounh Itace Light o' M' Life, Knllnhs and
Fifth Itace Salon, V.nrr Hey and Super
tntenilcnt. Sixth Hare Scatl) wag, MontrfMor and
Little Juplier,
Firat Race Three.year-olda and upward;
marri; sellinir: alu furloncn:
Lace X.'linar Path 110
Triner UTILady Utliiiiuie no
Silver Moon 10a Koyal Meae )Cl
Honey Bee KHlM.una to
Seiiind Kace Thrce-ycar-oliH and upward:
liandleap iteeplechaK; sellinri about mo
Ilrnlher F.llk....
n.ioeeraj 13.1
UJIMattble J
I.lnle Flat ;
Bill Anderaim.,,
AIM eltfibls:
lwiiJurerenee 14.'
Myttlc Mlht.
, 111
Thlnl Haes United States Hotel SlaVes for
two-yenr-nhla; sis furlnnna:
Old Rosebud lllluott and Saddle,,,, 111
qalner IWCIifl Field ., ... no
Fometlo Blue IlllKlnr McUowell!... , t:i
Black Iiroom io;
Fourth llace-Three-jfear-olda and upward;
halilenn! one mile:
iieuae 1 "ii,niiir..it
.Iflit o' My Lite... 11A Strenuoiia
Starhottle 10" Col. Hallowsy,
Kvllnka 103 MlMun ,
Prlm Oallaway.... 10 KUnima
Towton Field ?i
Aln rllilbla:
Iledre IWBarnexat
Ad. Kxpreas HSStar Oar
FUlh Race For two-year.olda
Star Oare
. M
and a nan iurion;a
Yanks Tree,.,
PiKIWater Mljr I.
IM llandlt 101
, lMlfirln DrOthera ill
, PJSKlalaxy 10 1
, toiiNartherncr IH
. 109 Old lien io
Knrer Bey
Slxih Hnee-Fur Ihree.rrar-oldaj alllnr: one
Mttla Jupiter MIIAbdon HI
Montrraor llK 'Lurla il
Virile MlScallwa ill
Toy lOOl'Aflertiow M
Apprentlte allowauco claimed.'
S.UtATOIIA, N. V., All:. 12. It has been
decided to prolong th present race meat
over Labor Day, provided this plan meats
with Ilia approval of tha Jockey Club and
the mate Having Commission. An applica
tion was sent to-day to th Jockey Club
for tha required permlailon.
Charles Miller, one of the Plnksrlnn force
and until recently a New York policeman,
wan assaulted hy a negro at the track to
day and was an badly Injured that ha was
taken to th hospital. Concusilon of the
brsln la feared. The negro, Charles Jones,
was betting In ths automobile parkins spac
and when Hi linkerton stsrted to escort
him nut of Hi anclosar th negro turned
and battersd the special ofOaaf. Ila aa
Stmts Whitney's Pennant nnd
Startling Win Looks Had
for Old Jiosebud.
Victor Ties Track Kccord for
Five and n Half Furlong's
Set by Maskelte in 1900.
SahtoOA, Aug. 12. After wnltlnff
quietly whllo the Westerners were tiring
tholr heaviest guns James Howe, trnlner
for Hnrry 1'nyne Whitney, threw n bomb
Into the enemy's camp when ho started
I'ennniit, by Peter Pan Itoyul Hose,
to-day nnd defeated 11 Held of speedv two-year-olds,
Including August Uelmont's
Stromboll nnd H. 1', Carman's Surprls
Ing. Pennant ts n half-brother to Iron Mask,
and that he Is a colt of great quality Is
evident. Htnrtlng for the first time lis
raced the tried campaigner Stromboll
off his feet, nnd the race was run at
such n startling gait that these two went
ten lengths nway from the rest of the
Held, Pennant equalling the track record
of 1 :()., 4-i for five and n half fur
longs, bung up by James It. Kecne's
Mnskette when a two-year-old. In tl'OS.
Thnt the winner of the futurity was
seen under silk for the tlrst tlmo to-day
wns the general verdict of the turfmen
who wntched the splendid manner
lu which the Peter Pan colt acquitted
himself In n race that tried his courage
as well ns his speed. After beating
Stromboll the only one of the two- ear
old division which appears to have
a chance to take the mearure of Pennant
Is Old Itusebtid. and the son of t'nele Is
not nn eligible for the big event.
Hoots and Saddle, pi esiimnblj the choice
of the Western lot in the ruturlty. made
.111 Inauspicious debut yesterday, so that
the chief ptlze of the year for tho
baby raceis appears to be nt the mcrcv
of the Whitney crsck. which bids fnir to
sustain Trainer Howe's reputation for
sending great horses to the post.
The fine tace of Pennant, which hv the
way scorej the first success for Mr. Whit
ney nt the im-etln;. made the I'atsklll
Selling Stakes nnd the handicap for all
aces of secondnry Importance, but In the
latter eietit there wa another dlspl.iv of
unexpected ipeed nnd Heybotirn, the win
ner, came within a fraction of ,1 second of
the tiack iccoid jet by Ocean Hound when
he ran the mile lu 1 :.1T 3-5, The victory
of Iteyboiirn caused the toppling over of
another odds on f.ivmlte, which was sup
ported with even more confidence than
Slroniboll A. I.. Ate' Ten Point, which
has hern showing great speed In Ciuaili,
was qiinted at 2 to fl in the field of four,
while PeyNiiim -v.ts one of the two out
siders nt S to 1. The summaries:
riltST It.'.CK.
Tor tuo-ycr-n!rt, JHil added, rtve and a half
f intones
Horse and ace. Wt Jockey Prices lln
l'ennant.2. in; Wolfe 1-1 s .1 i
Slrombiill.2 HIT T.MTu'1. Mu IS 2i"
SurprNlni,2 tin Davles 4-1 evrn a'
Pan smetlc.in.2 . 10.' ICarrlck 14 t .VI 4
ley.2 no liraily -i ; t s
Trade Murk. 3., lot Vtcl'ahe 13 I 4-1
nosa.l Ml J MT'rc'l ! 14 f 7
MavDora,2, lie Marlln. ML 71s
Flnrln.2. 107 Ilutwrll I2- i t a
Coupled as llcierwyck stable cniry.
Time, tali 4 .1
Cowl Mart: won ilrhlnr: Pennant, ch. e., hy
Prtrr Pan lloysl Hose; nwnid hy II P. Uhlin")
trained by James Howe
sccomi ii.rn.
for fnur-vfsr-olil and upward: selllm;; s.'.n
adtlt'd. one mile and a furlone
Morse and a ire. Ui Jurkey Price Tin
Wat Horn. 4 10s T.MTgg't I.', 13 l
Tred M'ih ')'!. erd to.', llului-ll :i I eicn 2'
lni.p-r Istr'de, I p.', Kim ley 101 1 :i
Cr'mcdeM'llllie, I lot MrCohe 7 2 rieli I
llrraki-r Hoy, 4 1111 IVreuson ts-t 11 s
'lime. i:iL- 4 0
Cnod start; won rasljj, War Horn, hr e.liySt
Aiiir.lens Konlc.l immd by H. .Inle; trained
by M lllrsch
Tiiiiiii it.rr.
Tlic Catsklll. selling, for thrrr-t ear-old and
upward. uli iliM-5l.ini seven furlonirs'
Horr and sue. V Joekey. ITlce Till.
Kiln HryMHi.i nn J MTut't 3 1 een lJs
ffenrsla.S. III! Wolfe US 7 10 2'
I'alniuiuln.S 113 Knirlrk .',2 4-.", 34
llrooklli-Iil.J . Ill Mrlliinakl 12 1 11 I
Jndirr Walser, 4 110 Ferguson 20 1 si S
(iroici HuiilK's.i. lis ilci'abe. s I 3 18
Time, 135 I .".
Good starl: won ci.y; IIII.v llrlnni.rli 111., by
Jmrnal lirarlosa, oirnrd and trained hy II. 1.
nH'HTH ItAl'i:.
Fur all ntev; liandli ap, K.W addrd, one mile.
llnrsrHtnt aie Hi. Jeikiy prhrs. Tin.
Ilrjbimrn.O. ir.- J Altl ng't. 1 1 T .1 I4
Till l'nllit.3 f lntl. 2.-, nut 2'
MsDI Vll('k.;l. I(U Aiubloer. .VI 4 A 3
Cllit ItdEc aiti'd nil llanln . mi 7 s 4
lime: 1.3;
tiond start: won easily. Ip liinirn. b. ir by
Slur SI11111I last liesoi I, iimiiiiI by IrtMirlek
Johnson, trained by J. I'. Mn)birr
For tuo-jear-olds; srllllu; ;idl aililid, live and
a half fnrii.no.
HuneanuaKc. Wt. Jockey. Price. Pin.
Su-niill.,7 pit Marlln :i- evrn.!1"
I.lli Orinr.2 IIU roler .vi 6-1 2"
KI.Uahdl,2. 101 J.MrTait'l 5- - ''
l'ntiirl.2 .. 103 Wolfe. 1-1 SS 4
oa Mundl.2. ill SU rle. 1.1 1 6-1 .1
Hear Ideal. 2, ioj (llais si 3-1 n
Polly IL, 3 103 Dailes 1: t ,v 1 7
'Flaek.z. . lis Karrlrk 201 sis
Mnrdrral,2.. 107 Marlln 4 1 rveu
Penh Hock, 2. nil T.MiTubI. c-t 3 110
l.nsiace,2. nil lljile. 2- .", 1 11
j.,Nolan,2,. . ion Mccabe. . ; 1 2 1:
Time. 1 07 S-.
(iond slart: von rasll). Susan II.. eh, (.. hy
Drercntrher Toraldc, owned and imlnm by
(). A. lilanihi.
MXTII ItAt't:.
For maiden thrce-ycar-olds ami upward; SiOU
adtlcU; six fiirtotu.
Horse and axe. nt. Jnrkey, Prices. I In,
Slan,3. 107 .Mnbroee. 7'.", I 2
Hrynllmah,3. , 112 Hums... 10-1 4-1 ':
llruln llcllc.S OU Uriisrholrii li-l fi 1 3
Prospect, .1. . 113. Ijifuis,, , 10-1 I 1 4
Moliattklilrt.3. IU7 lladlke 10 j ,-
l'roniniei,.l ieu TruMer. VO-I l 6
Ann Tilly. 3. 101 T Milag't. 6-1 2-1 7
I.. A. Ciltf.a. pin Wulih, 1-1 11 ts
tlrlste,3 . 1117 Cennnr in-t C-t 8
tirey Planet, 3. . 112 White.. li-i -t to
NpotLIIht.nirrd. I0U. .1. MeTait't. 2o-l (i-l II
t'arroll Uriel, 3. 112 (Hats 81 t; I 12
Time; I u 3-.V
(iood alart: won ea.lly. Sylvan, ch. f., Iiy
lllsgiilar .sylvan Belle, nwniu Uy II, P. V, ,l
lie), Iralnrd b) James Hour.
Well Contested .Mnlebea In Tilulnr
, Tourney.
Jackson, N, H., Auir. 12. The tennis
toiiinanient for the White Mountain Hunt
Hklu championship Rot well iiIoiik toward
tbe finals In shinies nnd doubles to-day.
All the matches weie well contested, Tho
KUtutnarlc. r
Sinrlea-Klrat round O. C. Hare defeated
It. I'l.itt. C-l. l-C. 6-1; F. T. lJjtja defeated
W. A, Meacrve, o-l, 6-0.
Seiond Kouud-C. h. Jolnulon. Jr., defeated
C. I). Taylor. -l, C-C 8. II. Voshell defeated
H. W. Kobln.oa. 75, ft 0; L. II. Ionanl le
feated W. W. Spencer, 6-5, 6-7, 6-0: J. Tunn
defeated S. Nichols, ts. fl N, (4; Dr. llurres
defeated K Leverich, 6-;. -: p. w. Martin
defeated (I. bullock, 1-4, 0-1; A, Wlan
delealed Z. Chafee. S-ti II. K. Hur-
roughs defealed II, C. Kuchler, '.. 6-2; O. J.
Harr defeated 11 barker. 7-S. S: J. V.
Drown defeated K. E. Morton, a I, a 0; F. It.
Iiuillotir defeated O. C. Ilarn, 60, 6-1.
Douliiei-Klrit rnuud-Vosliell and Hams da
feated Ilarn nnd Hunt, 8-0. 6-1; Phillips and
Ward defeated Sanborn and Werner, 3, s 0.
Second Hound (layman and Henahaw de
feated Mtirrourln and Markla by default;
Toahell and Uagis defeated Phillips and Ward,
( 1, t 1; J. and It. Tunis defeated Johnston
and ITerteh, 9-J, ( li Hullock and Budlong
defeated Nichols and brown, ( :, (1,
Amalrara slsr Oat, Warns Htnmpf.
The Kiimca of tho Clan Scott, No. 205,
to be held nt Illchinond Hill on August
23 are not sanctioned, according to Chair
man J. W. Stumpf of the registration
committee of the Metropolitan Associa
tion. He issued a warning yesterday that
It athletes registered In the A. A. U.
who compete In the meet thereby will
suspend themselves automatically from
fiuUMt- -oomseUUoa,
Gun Employed to
Start Horse Race
KJO barrier Iwing nvailablo at
Empire City race trunk,
Starter Miller introduced an inno
vation in the half mile event for
Gallowuys yesterday by starting
the entrants with a mm. Tho start
iind finish were at tho judges' stand.
Miller was urged by various officials
to do tho stunt. The innovation
hardly proved a surccss and most
likely will die as quickly as it was
born. The start was about the
poorest seen since racing was te
vived; no horse but the winner
beltiK on his toes and ready for the
Lets Him Get Away ns Other
Horses Face in "Wrong
Starter Miller was responsible for the
enH.v victory of I.lve Wire In tbe bnlf mlln
rnie for frnllowu), the fentiiro event nt
the horse show which wns continued from
last week nt the Kmplte City racetrack
tinder the nunplces of the Clrenter New
York Fnlr nnd Kxposltlon yestenbiy after
noon. I.lve Wire feared a hollow victory
becnuse Stnrter Miller, who Ims Just re
lumed from four cnrs of Western tiuck
work, lit her (to before tho other contest
ants were lined up. Miller declares be Is
used to n bnrrler, but Hint wns no excuse
for Urine the Rim with the two other
stin trs fnclnir in the opposite direction to
which they weie scheduled to run nnd
I.lve Wire two length nway to the Rood
A sernmbleil stait lesilltcd, Play Hoy be.
InK left at the post because he won less
prepured for a start than Hurprls"
All the horses Carried mound I ISO
pounds. Mr. Colford on I.lve Wire made
the liest of his gift. He made tho llrst
turn of the half mile circuit file lennths
lu th- lend. Surprise wns pushed hurd
after his belated Btait, but never cabled
an Inch. He flnlshtd five Icueth hhlnd
I.lie Wire, while Play Hoy was a bad
third. The time wny J3 iij seconds.
The summaries :
(JlMllneit Hunter. Mlddlen elcl.t ('!
Won by Overall. Idle, E . IMv.nnl .Mcl.,-u.i.
Wllloie Klnc. Ii. if. Dim ItliMIr l-.irliM.
second llenlio. br k.. S. lirce Wlnir, tlilr.l
Shillanil I'unles to HurnfM Won l,y
Anau. piebald st.il HrnadUnn Farm. .r
imlil, cli still. Jnlin il Volet second. Mace,
nr s. Mls Jne ilnrib-n Cox, third. Ditne
Furiune. hlk m , Walt Farm, fourth.
Itnidnterr and Appolntuicnts Won by
Tuisrlfle, eh n . and John VV ch. William
M V llnfftnHli Auslr.il Mnlil ti. ni . slid
Prinze. I,, ir. IMiuird W Kearney, second,
illailis I'cnur. I ni . 111.I llonnle Nuiwo.1,1.
Jr.. .1 B TIiuiii.is II. Kaell. third.
Saddle llnrs Thre. ilali.- Won In- .ir
F.ielyn. b c Waller Ilanley Sheila, eh m .
Mis rlnrlbel Jerrernn inml. V.nni ,. I,ik
ni . 11 l.,rn .MiHlhbon. third. Proud Prince,
blk. k . II J i;r.ih,im, fourth
I'.ure htuI Aitlon i'l:is, Heivy llarni'ss
Won lc Itu.i, t.i 1,1 . mid Merlon, ih. m.
Kmll S'ellK, .V.-siIe.ionn l.ad. hr. m, and
Nenlfdonn Princess, br. m., .1. Campbell
Thompson, srrnnd. Fla-h, h. t , and liar
b.ira. eh m . Kmll Hee, thlnl.
Ponies In ltrnes Won by Seahsm Nailv.
Ir 111.. Mrs. Willi im Zleitler. Jr , Mel Vallay
Iniler, br k.. Wait Karm, seionil, IH.iniond
iwk. spotted stal . Thomas II V.ztU. third
Jii.illn I Huniers lle.-ii ciif hi I'luss
Wun 1,1 The Virginian, b. B . Olen Itlddl
I aims Alarm t,r k S Ilrjiv win. c -nod
Mi..i Morn. ih. k Ulrn diddle Farm,
Foiir-ln-ll.inds Won t,v .limes rsmpbeil
Thoniioiis ,nm. t:mll Seeiir'. num. s-c-nnd
II F S (ireori's team, Ihlr.l
Oftlier' i'li.iris nml Mini.ni Monn s
Won by J"utli'. I. it AiJ-ii s llii.ie-
'aKiiinr. b c . Thomas II. t'lark. Jr , setond:
Seoul, b k. Ilinliilll'o r 1 ik
Prim-,- Arthur, br. g . W. Ii.nl. Conrad,
fou rlh
1 unibluntloii HtirneM and Si I. II, Ponle
lia Ilh bled Sm.lll (ln Wen bv Dvef.-.l,
ireim m. Marlon llc.il' Mvilkln irioi in.
Herbert lle,il. eeiohd . I,etr, Ii. stJl.
Thomis lle.ilj, .li , ttiit .1
l..irK. Class -Moil lii V.itd'. ill. m.
Ilr0.11il.11u1 F.irm l,.ti,e Ml, 1, ni . Jam
lioolev. Jr. seiniid. Iilainoi.d UkU. spoii.-d
stal.. Thomas II Kieli third.
Half Mile I'jie for iI.iIIoh.iis Won bv
I.lve Wirr. br 111. Colf.ud. im. Hr llarrv
Tlrehuret. Surprise, ih k P. Ito-e. I til, J.
and J. Kenny, second. Plai lloy. rh c,
T Kenni. In! Thomis and Juhri Kean,
third Time, f.an siromls
He.j llov 111,1. r Fndir I. V,.irs nf .u.
Won b James lioolry. Jr ; Jo.eph .t. Cat.
son, Jr. second. William A. Ci.on. third.
II Ile.il)-. raurth.
liest lie.iilcman Hblr Won by A
lllodaeii, Douglas, second J M Thorn
third. J Lone, fourth.
Ontlocko flinrley lint U In initial
Amerlcnii liner,
Andre (lrnUeron, the best of Kuropenn
inotoicycllstK. won his Mist match In
America hint nlitht nt the HriRhton Hencb
Motordtome, laklnit two atralRht beatB
from Charley Davis, wiio dethroned Ar
thur Chappie tv.-o weeka iiro, l.rnpperon
Hhownl len JmlKinint In both bent,
openlni; up bis motor wido nt staifs
when Davis looked datiireroim.
The Trench man drew the rail fiosltloti
In the find hint and, by virtue nf wlniilni;.
had the choice lu the second. P.ivU
whb n bli: fniorlte with the spectators
nnd received the hulk of tbe applause
durliir: the bents, but flrnpperon mine In
for a coodly Mime at the llnlsh of the
Inst hent.
'hue I'll In .tnmiat Handicap Tour-'
nt-) nl .Miiiilcvrnod. i
MAPi.Kwnnti, .. 11 . Auk. 12. Piny In 1
the AtiKUat Inndlcap Rolf tourtiamem nd-,
vnnced throu.s'h the first and second '
tounds to-day The summaries:
First Hound W. II. Hunter, Alpine, ,1.
featrd .V. A. Small. Ilelinont Springs 3 and
I: I: S. VimnK. Wjkanvl. defeated .1 M,
Willi. mis. Columbia. ,', htm! 4 W. II. Utile),
Mliplev. nod, deflated F, A, Shields, Jr.,
Alliini, 1 up, 11. S, Sriillh, Columbia, de
feated J. I Cpirke. Wiliatvl. : and 1:
F, l Ihllley, Miiplenond, ileieal-,! It. i;ook,
llariford, : nnd t; A. S. Carter, Wkngyl.
defeated W, II. Todd. Furl Chester, 4 and
Si J. I,, liwyir. Sluanoy, defeated W II.
Tlenneli, Alpine, .1 nnd .'; F II. llilley,
lime Hum, defeated 1 1. II Jnnei, men Hldae,
a and I.
Second Hound W II. Uunrer defeated K.
S. VoutlK. I up; A. S Carter defeated V. .
Halle)," t. and .1; W. S. Ilalley defeated K. 8.
Smllh, 1 up, F. II. Ilalley defeated J, I..
IJw-) er, 7 and a, i
Blur Dividend by llnilaon t'omiiniiy.
At tho nnnuHl metltiB of tliu board of
dltectoi of tho Hudson Motor Car Com
pany held yesterday a $1,000,000 dividend
wns dcclnied, This was In tho form of a
100 per rent. Mock dividend to nil the
stockholdeiN of the company, Ovor a
qua iter of n million dollaiB was nlao car
ried to the Mirplii.i account, The nnintal
report of the company shows no bonded
Indebtedness of any kind nnd reflects a
moat successful bciihoh'ii business. The
totnl volume of business done during the
flacnl yeur ended July 1 nmounted to $10,
600,000, an Incrcnsd of 50 per cent, over
thnt done during 1612. ' I
llayniMii Contributes 43 II mis. j
Sptcial CabU Ptt patch la Tub Sex.
Hamilton. Bermuda, Aug. 12. The
New York Veterans and the Bermuda
Oarrlson played the first of a series of
cricket matches to-day. The Veterans
made US, of which O. W. Hayman con
tributed 42. The Oarrlson made 141 fpr
three wickets. Rain stopped play,
wfelch will be rtemaiis) to-faerrow,
'Finds In Leonard Itcekmnn Hard
Lnd t Toy With nnd Hits
to Piny II is Ilcst.
Hundy Scores Again for Const j
Slocum JlcHten Clothier
Wins Jlis Mnk-h.
SotJTttMfTON', T.. I., Auir. 12. William
M. Johnston, tlie brilliant youim lnwn ten
nis player from tho const, who resembles
McLoughlln very much In his whirlwind
style of play nnd who usplres to the
crown of the Davis cup man, ran up
ngulnst a snng In the fourth round of the
men's slnglra for the Meadow Club cup
ut tho club courts to-ilny. Tho Bnng was
In the person of Leonard Hcekman, a
tlronx youngster, llcekmnn gave John
ston the tin r dent fight Im has had slncu
Ills invasion of the East, and It looked
for a time as If Im bad not tho slightest
chance of winning. Tho match went to
thteo seta before It was eventually won
by the Callfornlnn nt 1 C, lu 8," 61.
The followers of the sxjrt, nnd there
was il goodly sited gathering of them
out nt the courts to-day, were treated to
the shock of their Uvea when llcekmnn
mauled Johnston In the first set, giving
the Westerner only one gnme. It has
been growing Into n habit with Johnston
to measure up his opponiitn and toy with
them, and then ns soon ns any sign of
confidence nppenrcd to settle down and
win an be pleased.
II" tried this with IteeUman, but wns
quick to see thnt his modus operandi wns
decidedly nt fault. Johnrdou plntund to
strike terror Into the lienrt of ouiik
Heekman by his tlff sirvlce and agile
work at the not. Itcekmnn, however, re
fused to be worried and showed plenty
of sliced himself ns well ns nn ability to
As gama after game was picked up by
the tlronx lnd Johnston made a vnlinnt
stand and used nn assortment of strokes
that w.i'n bewildering. Heekman was
not to be outdone, howev.r, for l.e
scented victory, nnd was making the tight
of his life. Points were gained only
after long volleys. liven when Heek.
man had tbe lead, nt 3 1, their were
many who expected to see the Califurnl.in
pull up and take the set. but he
was not equal to the tusk.
After linMng been beaten so b.ut'v In
the opening set Johnston Mailed the
second nt full speed, with a determina
tion to even matins Heekman, however,
was there stionr: and got away to an
early lead. With the Hronv boy within
striking dlstanre of the set and
match the buttle became fast anil
furious. Johnston, bv some of the best
play he has shown In the Kast, grabbed
off many bitterly contested points and
drew up to a tie at 5 all. Heekman
showed Mgns of tiring at this point, but
held on with bulldog tehaelti nnd bv
pure grit kept pace with the Callfnrnlnii,
nnd held the scoie even at 6, 7 and S
The benefits of playing the year round
showed here In Johnston's favor, for
although he was not n bit more willing
he bnd decidedly more stnmlna. Me took
the next two games which cave h'm in
set. Heekmnn made a haul tight for
both of the games, but It was his final
effort and he w ent Into the third s, t much
the worse for wear John"tim. who. like hl
bietluen from California, has a wonibr
fill Hppetite for work, wnit after the Ileal
In the same sfle .is he had start-d
He.kmnn ivns very tiled but trade a
K.ime though us-!, s- tight. Johnston
took no cli.mi.s ntal plnvol at top speed
until he had pti.ucd nwav the set nt U 1
I. I'olket Cmer of llostim was hard
pressed by Iir. Hiving Taylor or Phila
delphia. I'aner made hit with the :irst
set nt . , but w.is iientm In the second
nt 7 -! The third set was a sltil born
ii.se teplete with long volleying and
went to Caner on bis grtnti-r steadiness
at 3.
Thomas C lliindy. another of the
California horde of stars and hohb r of
the national doubles title with Maurice !;.
McLoughliu. had things ail his own way
In a third round match against William
McKlm. the Princeton Int. tscholastlc
champion Untidy' drives were a little
loo strong for McKlm and he won
straight set at fi 3 and 1
Henv W riorum, the veteran who
held the nntlonnl title In USS and lslli,
was forced to bow to youth In his match
against Hubert I.e Itoy, former Columbia
man and Intercollegiate champion In latM,
The eternu put up n stirring tight and
although his stiokes lacked power they
were clean cut nnd nccur.ilely directed,
The match went to three sots nt C 2,
o 7, 02. William J Clothier, another
former nntlonnl chnmplon, easily ills
posed of (1. C On nor, 6 2 and f, -I,
while Wllllnm A. Lamed, erstwhile king
of the courts, changed his mind about
entering the singlet nnd defaulted to A.
S. Dabnc) of li.istoti The Minimal le .
Meadow Club Cup. Men's Snules Tlrst
ltoimd-II Ibiruhoiae defeated C Sehe-mer.
horn. 6-1. S i' lu- ; J II K, Lnnren.e de.
Icateil J I) K Jones br default
S, ond Hound- flu-hard llarte defeated C J
Wirth, C 1. i I; Wendell p Huhn defeated F.
W Paul, . i-i; Wallace F Johnson de
feated J f! It Lauren. e. 4 ii -3. Hubert
l.erov defeated W N Chambers f- I, iU-3;
Henry W. Sloeiim defeated I. i, llouen. G-.1,
h- 0; U. O. Csner defe.lleil Hr Eivmt T.ivler,
!. 7-9. rS: 0 F Watson Jr . defeated
James P Iae, 7 r-.s: J Oir defr.itetl S.
.lohnaon by default: S W.ilnwrtuht defeated
K. II Whitney by default; A K. KeimeiW de
featc.1 S. W Mrrrlhew, 6-4. f- .Jt F,. Winaton
defeated 11. llaiuhornc. 46, 7 D. C 4; A. S.
Dalmev defeated II Klmb.li:. C- : 6- 1
Third Hound -Thomas C, Hundr clef rated
Wllll.mi M. McKlm. 0-3. C -1; Wstsnn M
Washbutn defealed Itlchard Harts, f I. 7. -Sj
Oeorie M. Church defeated W. p. Kuhn. a- S,
'.3: Prederlil! C. lnm.in defeated Ilolfninn
Nlckerron. i 3. 04; Uuslave F Toueh.nnl de.
feated 0. Kennedv, i- iV I ; Hubert 1-roy
defeated Henry V SIim'iiiii. i!-?, fe-7, ft. 2
William J Clothier defeated (I C. Cuner, c-
iv-4: Wllllnm M .lohnton defeated C F, Wnt,
son. Jr. 12 10, ii i; Leonard lle-Uman ilefented
T 0 Thonian. il-fl. t-5; llnnsnl A, Plnmnier
defeated S. llejrdiiey, -1, 07; A S. Dubnev
defeated William A. Lamed bv default; Wa.
laie F. Johnson defealed :rlc Winston, 0 1,
0- -.1.
Fourth Hound William M Johnston defeated
1- eonard Heekman, 1- 6, 10-8, r, t
Prevent the Jolts
W m Shock
MrM Absorbers
FORT that is marvellous. Universally
used in Europe. SILENT and .EFFECTIVE.
Require no adjustment. Sizes and models to fit
any car. Special model for Ford Cars. Ask your
dealer, write for catalog or let us show you.
LOCKE & COMPANY, Agents, 218-220 West
84th St., New York City. Tel. 4993 Schuyler.
N.J. Distributors, NMdele Broi.,237 Hftlsay St., Newark.
Plns in I lb of Ardsley In Xeml-
flnals nt Hretton Woods,
IlmrrTON Woons, N, II., Aug. 12. Two
metropolitan golfers will meet In the semi
Html of the Hretton Woods golf cham
pionship to-morrow ns tho result of the
first two rounds of match play. The
defeat of It. F. Mundy, Ardsley. the 1911
nnd 1912 champion, hero nt the hands of
I.. A. Hamilton, Knglewood, in tho tlrst
round whb not anticipated, but the latter
was at his best, scoring a 75 nnd winning
easily, Chlsholm Uracil nf Fox Hills, a
fuvorlte for first honors this year, also
was defeated, II. W. Croft of Oakmont
being responsible for the passing of
lieacli. winning by fi nnd 4 and finishing
out bin round in 7C. C. Smith, Ards'uy,
wns the other successful New Yoilt
W. .1. Travis wns defentid In nn ex
hibition match by H. F. Mundy, the latter
gaining a lend of fi up on tin- first nine
holes, which he added tu until the match
was over by ,s and 7, Travis wiih ntouinl
In 40. Ills high scoring was duu to missed
Kupclilk Kama llrnn With Jllsjck
anil Iloth Mo l.oae Seccond Place.
Despltu the fact that bo wai two pawns
nhend Tt. T. lllnek, former champion of
tbe Hrooklyn Chess Club, was baffled
In his attempt to win the adjourned gnme
from A. Kiipchlk in the masters' tourna
ment nt tho rooms of the Illco Chess Club
yesterday. It wns nn Important game,
nnd ns It was drawn after a hard fight
lasting seventy-flvn moves Ulack was un
nbln to shako off his rival for second
place. ,
Although these two players are on the
Insldn track for tho time being it Is
likely that Ourn.i of Prague, should bo
be successful In his adjourned games,
will pass them evciitustiy
In the other games decided yesterday
Marder won n queen's pawn opening nf
ter twenty-eight moves, while Chnjes
won with tho black side of n lluy Lopes
from Phillips.
ltn liiiluc Stni's A No o liu
Entered in Vim Cortlimdt
I'lii'k Demonstrations.
The chief of police of Providence. 1!. I.
purpose sending n dog-tj take part in
the police dog demonstrations promoted
by Tin: Siw at Van t'ortlatidt Pail; on
r'.ittird.n, Angus' 13. The dots owned
by the llleu Itldge. N. J poll v al-o will
be present The Uleii ItldRe dogs bine
been Instriimentnl In trail, ng and hunt
ing down hurglat.
Henri I llaer, who enmo over to New
York- n jc.ir ago nnd stinted a training
farm for police dogs In New .Icrsov, said
eteril.iy that inquiries are 1 e.ng u.
ce!ed from all quartet for pol'ce dog
Mr It.ier and his father, who lives at
Cobnar, Alsace, ileriuany. Iue owned
allogethrr 170 doge of the tinined shep
herd nnd pollco dog vnriot. Mr p,:ier
will be tlie nnnuuncer at the Vnn Coit
landt Park trials It is prohibit, that his
brother-in-law, Hr Schroder of Col.
mar, will be over for the trials. Dr
Schroder's ls?st dog Is Fanny von Vp '.
burg Fanny Is not only a friend of tho
public but a guardian of little Alfred anil
Susie Sclirceiler.
ri-.l liiee, j;00. lite f.,rl,.ni5s Pl-n,e
ln i Mnniiiur i II t.. iten. .vt-, is
innrti ; tu t ir pint , setond. .niii. in
ii'.illithHiil. J to I t., SlillM. iMru 'lillll"
lllrh I'rlssi liuri! Aninnd. Irdo'enie nnd
Cl ii lidlies- hN.i inn
-en, lid llllie line mile I'M Mine ie.i mi
lllliertl. .i to 1 nun. i'i,r itn-e lu
i.msll' V t., I f,,r ol.ie ,,., nd, II, ,i
fprlliK His iI!iiiiii. ui 'u ,,! . ndril
Time. 1 C )ln 1, a.i u-diatn,.n .i
i. in
rilltd liJee- tlUIO. te, ploi-lms... sllnrt
iiurre -Iltiiilskrllln. 1 ill.iuseii. I t :
" in. ilin I'nitiin. in iluptn T t,, lo for
p.J.e. set ohd, l.lll'l.rd". It? ll'.is.l.lt , out
lo huv tlilrd. Time 3 -T : Meies also
i. n ,
Fourth Hu e -si forking -.l.t-Jorl A .
mo i iieiondv i, ; to ; The widow
.Moon lu.' i K .1 er Is i. 1 1. 1 for plan., set
ot.d. Pprlnht, to;, iSmltlii, ; lo ,'. to show,
third Time. 1 1 1. Medtutoi .Hid I'nnt itls.i
I'lfth It ice--Itoo, mile nnd a sixteenth
T.irtlo, 10;i iKutrbiothei i, 3 to I won
Itllsk) I.ad, l.li IM lllllllliKeri. 4 lo fi fur
pllll e. feiolid. .MI'S Jo tilth. 1 0 s l.toni.
tieil :o show third Time. I 4li 4-e Miss
.lee. TIMIe's MKhtmare. lll.iui ns Krniui-s
mid Adol. hoc also lull
Stub Its.', - ISvv, lite nnd a lialf fn-
loiiKs liiintilpo, luO l Merchant . to I
wesi, t'hlsls. 100 l.lidir Hon ,. 1 to 1 for
pl.ii . seionil, Allani-rii luO iMaloiiel, Id
to t to hn tlilrd Time. I us I-.,, Pop
inn. Ilia it Chief, Ulack. lilvcr. Ilciulttul,
Itoi l.lia r .iful little .Inne also ran
lleteiitli Unto One lull nlid "a n-ds
ros. 110 iWnllsi 13 to 5 won, liilltoti
King, tOrt (Kederlsi. 4 to fi. for place. oc
ord. ''nimterpnrt. IH illnxtoni. 7 to tu to
hint third Tlin, 1:47. Klninunili, Cordis
V Jlit-I" r. Sihaller and Hood lia also
r im
Tint Toliriiiiin.'ilt Knil n Anotlier
(lets I'mler llendivn.
Nnwp inT, Aug. 12 - The tennis depart
ment of the Casino was a busv place tins
morning with the playing of the llual
matches lu the men' scratch doublrs
for prl7.es offered bv Maurice I Iodic, the
lln'nl match In the women's scratch
double for prl?." offered by Dnrtoii Will
ing and the beginning of play in tlie
women's handicap lentil doubles for
prints ottered by Mis Louise Scott.
In tho men' double H.iron llorst von
Lersncr nnd F II. Iilxon beat Charles H.
Sands and Paulding Fonllck fi -3, fi I,
In the women's doubles Miss IMn. H.irger
and Miss M. II. Husk bent Mrs, llargcr
Wnllach and Mrs. Lorlllnrd Spencer, Jr
tS o, il- -3. The ilny's results 111 the
women's handicap doubles:
First Round Mrs leirlltanl Spencer ,lr ,
and Mls Anna Sands heat Mrs. (leorge l
ilersdorff and Ml" Harriett I'unnlcthaiii,
C i, ti 4; Mrs, It. II Jarkeoii nml Mrs,
Charles It, Train beat Mrs William II Dn.lse
nnd Miss Klliabeth Sands. C i. !' 7, Miss
nana flareer and Mln M II Husk brut
Mrs. It. Livingston lleet-ktuan and Mrs,
William Woodward. 76. C ..
- Ride in Comfort
Climnbcr of Comnipifo Won by
Frank JIoiihIi, Jr., Driven
hy Murphy.
Murk of 2:0!J Mmlo hy The Eel
.Murk of 2:():j Mndc hy Tho ll
to Oblivion.
l'ETiioiT, Aug. 12. Fiank Hoi;ns. fr,
won tho Chamber of Comnieice .St.iiu i.t
the Fair Orotinds this afternoon In stinlgltt
heats nnd Incidentally established a new
mark for the ,0U0 pncltig fixture. Tha
lecord of the race until to-day was held
by Tho Eel, which stepped a mile In 190(1
In 2:0,1. itognsh knocked off a quarter
of a second from this mark In his final
Ilnch heat In the Chamber of Commerce
was a contest to the final sixteenth post,
when Tommy Murphy, who has familiar
ized himself with tho winning path at
tho Fair (Iroundi through Innumerable
victories hero In recent years, brought
llogash through to win by a handsome
margin. Lenta .1. was nlways a good
second, while Stetbrlno I.nd took third
money Petting on the stnkc was Insig
nificant compared lo that In other years.
Lentil .1 of course tilled top.
The summaries :
; 10 dm troitliift: thtee in five; nake, J3,W).
r alia b i. br lleruidntte-Crop On
winil, by Onv inl (Aedressi I 1 1
Itaioii del Key. Iir. h illodneyi . ! : I
ltapalln, br Ii ( lloliri-si , 3 ills
Tlme-J:l.f. ::ti4. :iO!,ij
2 .IS cla tiaeinr; thre" lu flvr
nf rnmnrrc- t.ikr. jr.. rim
the Chamber
Krink IV.ci'sli. Jr b if bv Frank Bo
rah Phll Slnnfo-il iMurphyl
1a'n .1 li ni iChlldsi .
Stetbrlno I.nd. eh h. illodneyi ...
I'iil.ii-s Marasret. b tn tt.auei .
Tnni k'ltif eli k illmlei . ...
Kdith C eh ni iCronuiieri...
1 1 1
t 5 1
3 4 t
4 .1 4
I t. lilt
6 ills
True ?:CT, :"iV,. ;.0:.
: ti . Ir.ss iriittin: ttnre In live: ptire. fl.090.
r.iawaa . . ny Al Mulej --AIKI.1
Al on iCrrsi .. 11
lien. more. I h ilininl.t ; 3
' Kehuiioie Plk h (Kern s 4 3
Kan I'iiIiIi. hlk m iSnowi .1 II
j l.sdy (irittiin eh tn iCnxi 3 fl
I Itaroa I'eiin br h i.Meliiiii ilili 14
I Tun -2:n;'j. ::0Si.. 2:01,
:, fi; p.ne purse it mo. ut two in thrca.
. r.d.lie Dilhinl, eh h by .Ini.e IJill.ird
I iStinw, j t
1 Kr.iclit Onmaido. b , hv Tttelfth
' Xuht iltsvi . I 1
Moll D.irlin Ii m bi llaltirnn iMc
M iiioii 3 1
' O' Pi n n Mo.t 1)1 k iMillotiald' 4 f,
' Juaicr Iiiu I'ateh lit k. h I.Miirph.ii . 3
1 t
! I
3 t
4 m
f, ro
lime ::'r-t : o'.i. : w, i in,
Mrnlulil s,.s Hull' In Piny for Una-
! hie. Title.
i lltn ll.ir.nns. Me. Adg 12. -Some fast
ti toils on the Swimming t'lnb cmitts to
day left 1 1 tit 1 r and Ibiidner, Scott nnd
'Pine. Iletiili tson and l.uidntli and
i ling, r and Cuiinbell tn contest In the
i -einl-tlriil W'ednesdnv for the .Main dolt
.Ides champliinslilp Nmn of the m.itclns
'took mute thin two sits, but sriei.il sets
i went to e.vtrn allies. The stiinmai ies
j Ksrnnd lioiind Mi Cornilck' 111 iir and Paul
, l: llll'ilnre. liillliKO. iielt'ili,'.! ! It Meek
. inuti and tir .1. Frnxi, r. finlndelphl.t r,
C .'; IMunr Sent! Phil.i lelpld.t. nnd Taylor
I'tll' et Vnrk ilefr iisd i: l l-n'iy nnd
To't nspud Vstt York, r- t 7 s .1 Hen
1 itM-.e ill. It I I, li.f ii islplil i
id, f.Kfe.i II tln,.1 it iln. i - ml Jl - I
' llilsn dd N. w oil t . , i'in .-'
I'.upef. , i lloilf I- I'c pt ' .N t .irk lis
i e . i e I V rumen Smith and W. W phidpa.
' New Vnik. f--1 t. -a
Cl.l'S. OAlUtlKS Tinrs. Kyt'lP,
"Classy" Autos Sacrificed at
New nili. Aiitoi elide linik'nln I siuhl'.shn'.cnl
Par rurll.-nie
For Cash or Easy Payments
Demon nr.i turns (iUni. I .xamlnaiiituv liuitcil
l.rr I hint: a l(cnif.eiiti tl
J Complete Factory On Premises
A fcatuie pofrscssed by no ntliri t'oiicrn.
Srnn follow In j p.i rt In 1 IM It's mtcrfstkm t'ndlni;.
Kenault liiidaultiii s Sl.m. Solo. $ii.".i, t..vi
I tat I nils 11 le t If iS fl.lil. ImiiIii I Hurl JUiO
SlliMil Ul.islil IIII3 Sleniiis. JI.mv, Tlionns s:ul
lAiilei .Si. ' 7fi, Packard ilnir nmdicri S9)
tadllkirs $t.'o, nso, ,,i. M5o si.ik). fi.fui
Anit'iit'.'in Tieilisi il.l.Vi. t'Ji:i 1'ull'iwn !l
Packaid "Is' I'o.Mi tar-, a No I'.ickaiil Tnnrlnc
Mc i.tli'irsrlqiif SKi yllnder lt.il i.Ot ilatid,S.'iiiip
IMeaiiis lalrt..sisty" Win. Sl.vi, J.vvi, v'i
Ip.elfe -SH.W' ion C.lls SI.4H0
other I'lTie "Slxe- al tircal tleirgslris
1 1 tde (ini:, i.r,:,, iiuptntiiiiif mu am
i folds JLVsi. tl'i' lliudttii SI5H
' nit'oniubd.' Tliuty C.'.l Mil, on llohcat" .SSud
(Mfiir Uiii.is'irs, .c,ai iu-i Attrnrtlie Krlirv.
'100 Delivery Autos Big Snaps
' .UTC-.ll I"., K.MI1.S. Il.l'lll lUX-
No Half Fair Olfer Refused!
r- si XIMUKS Al i I M.I n
Largest Tire Business Ever! .
m i.i.im. t.i ki: ntn M.r.s' wtiv-
! Because You Save 1 2 to 2 3
wii t.trr (iitiiAT va 1 1 r iiiisinns'
1000 Open Bodies, $20 to $150
Closed Bodies, $25 to $1600
I'm mi nur Cha-1!. Whole .loli t'omplri,
Jandorf Automobile Co.,
Till' l"ll)M()llll.l' Dlil'AltTMIIXTSTOnB.
3, 5, 7, -9 W. 61st St, ftSU.,.
2, 4, 6, 8 W. 62d St,
lUiiirnairi'.t alijliittlt nrw llrcaln, Klnga,
(I'D V.iuelin ntul a number nf otn-i rll
li uimm iiiaUcs ir.ntiu'H ti nitrri'itient not
putillrlv ailM'rtlM-il, but elii'ti ii. i rrn'ienl
lli-gulir Our I'rlra
i'i'i;i in ii i' tonrtiit i nh
IICliM 3D II. )',. tDiirlnir l.r.MI llli.t
KI Mi KnKilMt'l, .".'i II. I' 1..1HA hhi
WrllKninui ISo.iil.tiT, : II. I. M.MI llllll
it V.M'lill.N I'hnhsN t.HMt
Do Not Delay They Are Going FaM
Sm.iI fur n'lr I'rlri U'riTUrr. '
Times Sq. Auto Co.
Broadway ana 56th St., N. Y.
Foitii i)Hm:iih
spkciai. maim: iiiti:.s inn rmtn cars
;i AitMi:rJ roit .i.noo si it. us.
.'iiuu,u.jh;:iiu.iij. I.l.ii.t,
iik.nsiiiii. i lit i: Si itVim:ii ( o. ,
l 807 J I H 1 1 A I nv A y . NK wivoi 'K.jlV.
UK IIA.'.I'I.I indnulicturriii rrbullt rar.
Iiikri, Mniiin. Mrrrrrk, rJilli. Wlntone.
IIiiIiUi. nml ntlirr Iniu iiitKlrlt. rxlreinely lo
Prlir Au'oi Ml.i-11 In rrlniqe. II AYES-
inuri MU'iiri'ii i'i . :i i jnd,
"ni:ui m: ai'ioh aiiiificw.
Hutnnlni- iirirti'il thlj trrk, L.M mailalt.
llunnbmit, imvr, tourlnc, rlowij, oommrrolal.
V.rty tU:u: SIOItAlii: HU11T, S3 Went a-Vl,
J At-TOMOHH-K i,,'-rTl??3,K tCK ,N
tluoklrt mplalm tt'HV
uur rouri It UEST.
Intrect our plui
aoa it coartfiotO.

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