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Giants Open Up on Borne Grounds With Brace of Victories, New Yorks in West With One
Four Home Huns in Double
Heinle" nntl Howing at
the Umpire.
A Hot. Dispute Over One of His
Clouts llulic Mnrquard
Double headers wore thick In the Na
tional Ioaguo yesterday. Tho (Hunts won
both game of theirs with the Cardinals
and the l'hllllra aefeutcd tlir Heda twice.
The Cubs paid tho llruvcs bark In their
own coin by drubbing them twice and
broke the deadlock with the Pirate, who,
however, put tho ltrooklyns to the mat.
Yesterday's llrnlt.
Kew Tork, Hi ft. Louie. 4 (first game).
New Tork, 1: St. Louie. 3 (second game).
Pittsburg. 13: llrooklyn. .
Philadelphia, 1: Clnrlnnatl, 0 (first mrarl.
Philadelphia, "i Cincinnati, : (second
Chicago. 9; Boston. 7 (first game).
Chicago, 5; Hoston, 1 (second game).
Detailed Club Staadlaa;.
tO lol ft
To-day's Seheilole.
ft, Louis In New York,
nttsburg In llrooklyn.
Cincinnati In Philadelphia.
Chicago In Boston.
The (Hants and Cardinals wcie tangled
tip for four hour nnd forty minutes yes
terday, playing two Raines of ball, this
Including li hrlef respite between games.
Tlio Ulant won both game. th first. 11
to 4, tho second, 7 to 3. There was a
whole lot of baseball, first i-lass, second
class and nmateurlsh, ns well as n largo
contribution of wrangling. the wranglers
being the Cardinals, two of whom. Hug
ging and Sailer, Jawed so much at Um
pire Qulgley in tho first game that they
were put out of It In tho eighth Inning.
That eliminated them from the second
game as well, n sentence which didn't
rhatter much to Halloc, he llng a pitcher.
The first three Innings of the llrst game
consumed nn hour and ten minutes, and
the whole game took two hours nnd 20
minutes. It was after the whistle had
blown when the second game ended, Brcn
lian railing It at I ho end of the eighth
on account of darkness.
The Wants rallied at tho bat In both
games In Innings in which the Pt. Louis
pitchers were shooting the ball nway from
the prescribed culvert limits and Issuing
bases on balls. It wasn't until near the
finish In either . game that the Giants
took a commanding lead, and they as
well as the Cardinals ranged from good
to addled playing.
Ixmg hits broke out often. Konetchy
led the way In making them. That strap
ping alien dented Marquard for two dou
bles and a home run In the first game and
smacked Tesreau for a homer In the sec
ond, Doyle and Ilerzog luced lour bags-era
In the first contest. All of the hom
ers went Into the left Held loges except
Doyle's, which disappeared down a pas
sage way In the right upper grand stand.
Jilts of less Homeric proportions, but tor
extra bases, were numerous.
The Cardinals, with the exception of
Koney's home run In the eighth, con
fined their buffeting of Marquard to the
first four Innings. After that he had them.
He didn't pitch tho last inning because
n pitched ball bruised his finger, the left
hand being maimed. In tho eighth,. He
left the field to dress the contused mem
ber and may be kept out of the game
several days by tho injury. Kromme fin
ished In good style, whereas the fleet of
four moundmen which cruised In and out
of the box for St Louis were nil shaky.
There was a heated dispute in the third
Inning of the first altercation. There were
two Cardinals on bases and two out
when Koney slashed nway with his big
claymore and spilled the ball against the
left field perch. The men on buses ran
In and Koney circled the cushions to
the home domicile. Umpire Qulgley im
mediately held up his hand and ordered
one of the runners, back to third and
Koney back to second.
Then a bitter discussion. The Cardinals
claimed a home run, on the ground that
tbe ball had gone Into tho seats and
bounded out. Qulgley ruled that It was
ii ball that had been Interfered with by
a fan who reached forward as the ball
truck against the top of tho boards. The
ball bounced from somewhere after elud
ing Huron's Jump for it and the latter
grabbed It as It ramo back. Qulgley de
cided It a blocked ball, that the spectator
referred to, whoever ho was, had Inter
fered, and that there was nothing to do
but send Koney back. Not long ago the
Philadelphia club protested n game In
which there, was a similar ruling on the
same sort of a play. Tho protest was
dismissed by President Lynch and the
umpire's decision upheld.
The Giants made a pair of runs In the
first when Doyle hit Into the stand with
Fletcher on base. The Cardinals dlag
nosed the Itube for a double and single
and run In tho second. Marquard Juggled
tap from Grlner three times In the third
and then threw wild past first. Grlner
went to second and Hugglns bunted. He
beat out the bunt, which was fielded by
McLean. Tho plate was left unguarded,
and Grlner 'scored from second before It
dawned on anv tJlant that the hearth
stone was worth while keeping an eye on.
Oakea singled, Mageo filed out, Fletcher
took Cnther's roller and nailed Hugglns
t the plato and Koney had the enforced
duty of retreating with reluctant feet to
second after his premature rush to the
plate, A good many persons thought
Burns bad caught Koney's drive when
they saw all the Giants come In from the
field. The latter, too, were too previous.
Qulgley sent them back to the Held, and
the stormy Inning ended with Whltted
grounding to Doyle.
TehaJ..ttnt.,L.rnc'1 thft l,u In their
!"", 0Lth,hl!:d' A loubl V Burns, a
triple by netcher and singles by Merkle
and Snodgraas off the St, LouIh pitching
potpourri were amalgamated with a wild
pitch and a defective fling to the plate by
M-iwrry. Three runs flashed home. A
".'"L.t.0: lx more materialised In the
eighth from a two bagger by Burns, a
homo run by Herzog and tho wlldness of
Messrs. Hailee and Geyer. Hal and Hug
kicked so long on a called ball by Quia
that they were discharged, it was In this
messy Inning that Marquard's finger was
Tesreau was erratic In tho early part of
i-6.ec2nd.,5am,0 an, ,uta th0 bases filled
VL 1 iL1 lnnln' Every -alternate bat
tw. howsver. was a dead bird and no-
ti i
i 5 3
IfewTerk.... ti io 1
Philadelphia,' 4 1 1 1
nnibn J JJ "
tan 4 1 8 p 4
Otadsnetl... "nil
t. Leia... ;i
Same Lest.. 32 if SI M 57
Stengel's Hobby Is
Touching 2nd Base
f ASKY 8TENOKL, tho Dodgers'
centre fielder, in RUperetltious,
like many other hall players. He
belicvoB that his biicccmi as a bats
man and (It'lder depends largely
upon the fact tliuf, ho never fails
lo step on second base on the way
to his portion or coming back to
the bench. Stengel has been
touching second nearly all season.
An observant fan handed around
tho tip yesterday, with tho result
that Stengel was seen in tho act of
putting both feet on the middle
bag at tho end of each half inning.
Stengel says that tho day ho
Fprained his leg ho had failed to
touch the base.
body scoicd on Jeff, who was pretty
stanch In pinches. Whltey Doak pitched
cleverly, until the sixth Inning. The score
was a tie at that time, "New York having
scored in the third on a walk, an error
nnd n single by Shafer and Koney having
hit into the left field gallery In the fourth.
Tesreau. aided by Fletcher, prevented
scoring In the fifth, although three men
were on bases with only one out. One
runner wu thrown out at the plate by
Fletcher. Tereau' square muff covering
llrst, followed by three hits, gave the
Cardinals two runs In the sixth. It would
have been worse If Tesreau hadn't settled
down with two on nnd one out.
liurns's Inllcld hit, a pass to Shafer, a
fumble by Whltted and a single by Doyle
tied the score In the sixth. Having gone
that far the Giants made a grand fizzle
of the rest of the Inning, for, with three
on bases and none out, Murray, Snod
graas and McLean each popped a poppy
fly. McLean, Incidentally, caught poorly
In this game. He didn't hold Tesreau
well and he threw to bases lamely.
Tesreau started the Giants on their
way to four runs In the seventh. He
opened with a two bagger. Burns filed
out, Shafer wnlked. Fletcher was thrown
out at llrst. Doyle was passed. With
three and two on Merkle and everybody
moving on the next pitch, Merkle spun a
low sharp hit through Mowrcy which
emptied the receptacles of their three oc
cupants. Four balls stationed Murray at
llrst. Ho and Merkle turned off a double
steal nnd when Wingo threw badly to
Mowrey Merkle came in. The scores:
ST. LOl'19 (N. L.) I NEW YORK IN, LI
.. .J' I 1 5 i L .. ab r h p a
Huf'm.Cb S
O'lry.rb 0
Oakes.ef. 4
.Mnree.U. I
Cithrr.ll. 4
Konr'yjb 4
Wliit'U.M 4
Mo'rry.Jb S
Jlllil bd.o 5
Rnbertn. 1
0 CIB.tirna.lf.. I 2
0 n;shafer.5h. : n
0 Olllenoir.Jb 3 1
O.rTvher.sa. S 2
0 0
0 0
1 o
3 e
4 o
v cdotic,:d..
From me. p C 0
Mrrkle.lb. S t
Murr.iy.rf 1 1
Sn'ilr'f.cf 2 0
MeLean,c, 2 1
WMmoii.c.. 0 0
Mani'd.D. 3 0
10 0
( 1 l
4 0 0
2 0 0
(rlner.p. 1 I
1 0 A
0 0 0 0
0 0 11
0 0 0 0
renin, p. 0 0
.saller.p.. .2 0
ll'rer.p., 0 0
IWlnjo... 1 0
0 0 0,
0 1
Uram.Sb.. 0 1
0 0
0 0
Total!.. .31 11 9 27 11 2
Total. .34 4 S -4 1 1 ?
Ilatteil for IIIKIebrand In Hie ninth Innlnr.
r wvjer in me ill run inmiur.
St. Loul 012000010-4
New urk 20 3 0 00 0 ..-II
Kl rat base on error-SI. liula. !. Left on
bane-!l. Loula. i; New York. 5. First bate
on balla-Off Orinrr. 1: off Sallee. s: ott Oeyer.
I; off Marquanl. 2. Struck out-Ry (Inner. 1;
by Sallee. 2: by Marquard. 2. llonie rutin
Konrtchy. Jlfrao. Doyle. Three ba hit
Heteher. Two btf hlta-Mwre. Konetchy. 2:
llurna. 2; Sno.lrra. Siiwrltlcn hit SnwUram.
Stolen baaea-lluni. Merkle. Passed ball Mc
Lean. Wild plteh-Orliier. Hit by pitched
hall-Ry Oeyer (Marquirdi. Hits OR Grlner.
S In two and nnethlnl tnntnja; off Perrltt. I
in part of the third; off Sailer. 2 in four au-1
two-third innlmra (none out In the eiilithi: oil
Oeyer. 2 in one Imunz; ofl Marquanl t In
eiirnt inninjra; off Fromme. none In one In
fiinir. Umpire In ehlef-Qutslry. Field umpire
Eakoo. Time 2 houra ami 3) mlmitea.
al) r h a e
lliirn. lf... & 1 l o o 0
Slll.lrr.31l. 2 2 1110
Flctc'er.m 4 o 0 i l
al r h p a e
Jiaffee.zn. 3 o z 6 2 i
uaxea.cr. 4 o o 0 n
Evnn,rr, 2001
Cattter.lf. 4 0 0 1
Kon'hy.lb 3 1 I
Whlt'ii.M 4 10 2
0 0
n.Oiimyir.lb.. 3 1
0 o Merkle.lb. 3 I
3 1 Murray.rf .1 0
1 2
X 2
0 0
3 0
8 1
1 3
Mo'rey,3b I 1 1 I 0 0 Snod'M.cf 3
Wlnso.c.. 4 0 1 H 4 l.McLcan.r. 4
lloak.p... 3 0 0 0 0 OiTeareau.p. 3
iiornion.p i v u u i u
Totals... 30 7 1 24 11
Total!.. 32 3 5 24 10 J
St, Limn f
New York
.. 00010200 3
.. 00100240 t
Firat ba on errora-St. IjuIk, 3: New York.
1. lx-lt on bane-St. Lout.. ; New York, .
First baiwi on balls-Oft iHiak. 4; off Harmon,
3: off Teareau. 3. Struck oul-Uy Doak, ;
by Harmon, l; by Teareau. 7. Home run
Konetchy. Two bane hite-Mrrklf. 2: Tea
reau. Stolen bates Mazee, 2; Oakea. Burns.
Merkle, Murray. Double play Winzo and
Maire. Passed ball -McLean Hit by pitched
ball-By Tesreau (Eransi. Hits-Off Doak. R
in fire innings ( none out In the alzthi; off
Harmon, 3 in three Innlnis. Umpire In chief
Urennan. Field umpire Kason. Time 2 hours.
Cisbb for 1 00,000 r Nonsense.
A wild yarn was circulated In Wash
ington yesterday to the effect that Clark
Orlfflth was prepared to pay 1100,060 to
the Detroit Club for the release of Ty
Cobb. Griffith was quoted as saying that
he had the money to make the deal and
that It was simply up to President Navtn
of the Tigers to accept it.
Navin. when Interviewed In Detroit, de
clared that the story was nonsense. He
added that the Washington club probably
would prefer to pay for its new grounds
and grand stand rather than' make an
offer for Cobb. If Griff Is quoted cor
rectly he Is entitled to sympathy.
American Association.
Toledo 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 x1' Ht E6
Kansas Clty....l 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 B 2
Hatterlea Basketta and Land; Morgan
and Moore.
R It E
Minneapolis. ,..2 0001004 0 7' 13 6
Columbus 0 0000010 0 1 4 2
Batteries Plane and Owens; Ferry and
n h v
Milwaukee 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 l' 4' 0
Louisville 0 0000000 0 0 3 0
Battarles Hlapnlclu und Hughes; Wood
burn and Hrvsrold.
' n it e
St Paul 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2' 10'
Indianapolis. ,.0 1000000 0 1 t 1
Batteries Brandt and Miller; Works and
Casey. ,
"onthern Leasrae.
New Orleans, (; Memphis. I (first gams).
Memphis, t; New Orleans, 4 (second
Birmingham, 6; Nashville, 4.
Mobile, 3; Montgomery, 0.,
Chattanooga, 1; Atlanta. I (seven Innings,
New KnaTlanrt Leaifae.
At Ly'nn New Bedford, 7; Lynn, 2 (first
game). New Bedford, ; Lynn, t (aecond
At Lowell Lowell, 4; Lawrence, 1 (first
game), Lowell, 14; Lawrence, ( (second
At Portland Portland, ; Worcester, 4.
At Brockton Fall Klver, I; Brockton, I,
Trl-Ntate Lraaae.
At Tork York, : Ifarrlsburg, .
Jit Allentown Wilmington, 6; Allan
town, t.
At Atlantlo City Atlantic city, 1; Tren
ton. 1 (drat game), Atlantlo City, 1; Tren
ton, (second game),
K. I. T. Leaizfar.
Owensboro. T; Clarksvllla. (ten Innings).
Paducah. 3: Harrlsburg, 1. 1 '
.Miiu. 1, vint'tnnei, a.
lenderson, 4; Hopklnsvllle, 1.
Terrific Slngfflnff l).v Clarke's
Crew RcHtiltH In Victory
by 13 to 8 Score.
Cooper, Allen, Hull Wagner and
Walker AH Knocked
Out of Box.
Terrific batting by tho Pirates subdued
the Urooklyns nt JCbbets Field yesterday,
score 13 to 8. Manager Dahlen used four
pitchers nnd nil of them were easy marks.
The Dodgers also wielded tho stick with
power, hitting Southpnw Cooper so vi
ciously that McQuillan occupied the box
after the fourth period. The latter al
lowed four safe drives, three of which
were bunched In the seventh session.
Great fielding by Carey, who retired eight
batsmen, probably cut off several run
while catches by Mike Mitchell and Chief
.Wilson also helped the Pirates to carry
off the honors,
Stengel and Fisher mndo wonderful
plays that brought the 4,000 fans to their
feet In the third Inning, Stengel rnn
almost to the exit gate In right centre
field and pulled down a tremendous wal
lop from Hans Wagner's bnt. If the ball
had beei driven with a trifle more powe.
Wagner would le made a homer. As
It was the old gentleman solved Allen for
a four bagger In the first Inning and also
tripled In the fifth. Fisher robbed Carey
of a base hit when he caught a torrid
liner In the fourth Inning with his gloved
Allen didn't have speed enough to break
a pane of glass when he faced the Pi
rates In the first Inning. With one down,
Carey singled, Vlox tripled and the Fly
ing Dutchman lilt the ball past Stengel
for the circuit B. Wagner succeeded
Allen then nnd managed to retire fhc
side without further scoring.
The Pirates got two moro tallies in
the second Inning on Mitchell's single.
Gibsons double, Byrne's grounder to
Smith, who tagged Gibson, nnd n three
bagger by Carey. Singles by Dnubert
and Fisher coupled with Mitchell's error
yielded Brooklyn's first run In the last
Dahlens men gathered three runs In
the fourth period on Cutshaw's to ban
hit. Stengel's single. Wheat's "Cincinnati
base hit" on which Cutshaw beat John
Miller's throw to the plate, a single by
Fisher and a wild throw by Carey past
In the fifth the Pirates strengthened
their lend with four more runs. Vlox
began the -rally with a base hit to centre
and counted on Hans Wagner's threw
bagger. Dahlen supplanted B. Wagner
with Wnlker and the latter promptly let
the Dutchman score on a wild pitch. John
Miller was thrown out by Smith, nfter
which Walker handed a pass to Wilson
and put him on second with another wild
Pitch. Mitchell nlso walked and when
Smith made an excusable fumble of Gib
son's hopper the bases were filled. Hvatt.
batting for Cooper, doubled, sending WIN
son and Mitchell home, but Gibson was
nailed nt the plate. Then Ryrn- was
thrown out by Fisher.
Moran tripled with one out in the last
half and ran home on Cutshaw's fly to
Mitchell. Ylngling began pitching In the
sixth and an error by Smith, who fumbled
Carey's grounder, was responsible for two
more runs. Vlox wnlked and Hans Wag
ner's shot to Smith resulted In a double
Play, in which Cnrey and Vlox were re
tired. John Miller singled and on a
similar hit by Wilson he and Wagner
rnn home.
An error by John Miller. . Kltigles by
Tingling and Moran. followed bv Cut
shaw's two bagger, netted three Brooklyn
runs In the seventh. The Plrntea piled
on the agony In the ninth, when thev
solved Tingling for two more runs, the
result of three bits and a steal. The
score :
ab r h p
Byrne.Sb. Sill
I L ab r h p
0 Moran. rf. i 2 2 I
t'arey.H.. 4
Vlox.2b... 3
H.Wa'r.sa 6
J.MH r.lb 6
Wilaon.rf 4
Miteh'l.cf 4
((tbon,c. &
t'ooper.p. 2
1 0
0 0
1 4
1 0
C 0
2 "2
0 0
n 0
0 2
1 Cula'w.2h. 3 1
u siriiz ei.cr. 4
1 I 3
Whrat.lf t
t t 0
Datib'rt.lh 4 I 1 12
IStnltlob.. 4 0 0 3
OMiller.e 3
triecher... I
ll all.... 1
M'Q'1'n.p. 2 0
Aiien.p, ., 0
R WV'r n 1
U'Blb n
Totals. .42 II II 27 10
liCallahan. 1
Yinillnz.p 1 I 1
n.,, . , ,1 uiui.,, 0 IV ii IS a
or cooper in ine nitn innlnr.
JBatted for O Miller In the ninth Inninr.
tflntted lor Walker In the fifth Innlnr.
Pittahurr 33004300 2-13
Brooklyn 010310300 9
Two base hIts-Mltrhcll. Gibson. Hyatt. Cut.
shaw, t Three baas hlta-Carer, Vloz, H.
Warner. Moran. Home run II. Warner. Sac
rillce fly-Cut shaw. Stolen baae-J. Miller.
First baae on errors Pittsburg. 2; Brooklyn, 1
First baae on balls-Off B. Warner, 1; off
Walker. 2; off Ylnrllnr, 1. Struck nut-By
Cooper, 1: by McQuillan, 1; by Ylnrllnr, 2.
Hit by pltcbrr-By B. Warner (Ilyrnei. Hlla
Off Cooper. I In four iniUns: oft Allen, i in
one-third of an Innlnr: off B. Wagner. 4 in
three and two-lhlrda innlnrs (none out In tbe
fifth); off Walker. 1 In one Innlnr. Left on
bases-Plttsburr, 7; Brooklyn. 2. Double plays
Smith arat Culshaw; Fisher. Cutshaw and
TIniK Wit, I i,li.l,.. gr 1 1. a w 1
rhief-O'Uiy. Field umpire-Km ill-. Tlme-l
UUUI Bit IM lillliUlCB.
Mays Cincinnati Payroll la lllarher
Than That of Giants.
Cincinnati, Aug. 14. President
Garry Herrmann of the Beds in a long
letter, to-day to Manager Joe Tinker In
Philadelphia said he was astonished when
he read a published Interview indicating
Tinker has criticised the policy of Herr
mann In handling tho business end of the
club's affairs. Herrmann wrote that he
did not understand how Tinker could
have room for complaint about the deals,
as ho had been consulted about every
move made by the club.
"The Cincinnati club has spent Just
135,83$ this year lor players," said Herr
mann, when Interviewed hero to-day,
"Before the drafting season has closed
wn will have spent 150,000 this year for
players. Our puyroll lb as high as that of
any club In the league, and higher than
tho payrolls of most of them. We are
paying higher salaries right now than the
New York club. Oeorge Suggs Is being
paid 1700 a month and he has won four
games for us this season."
niir "cries Opens nn Oct. 6.
Chicauo, Aug. 14. The opening game
of the world's series will be played Octo
ber 6, according to an announcement
made by Ban Johnson of the American
League to-day.
Eastern Association.
At Bridgeport Bridgeport, 4; New Lon
don. 3 (first game). Bridgeport, ; Now
London, 6 (aecond gams),
At Merlden Meriden, t; Waterbury, 9
At Ittteflald Plttsfleld, I; Springfield, 3.
At Hartford Hartford, ; New Havtn, 1,
Western Leasrne.
St. Jos. 3; Denver. 1 (thirteen Innings),
Wichita, 4; Htoui City, C.
Lincoln, 7; Omaha, 1.
Topeka-Dea Molnta, rain,
"oath Atlantic laajne,
Jacksonville, ; Albany, 3 (seven Innlnrs,
darkness 1,
Savannah, 4; Maeon, 1,
coluabui-Cbarltston, rata.
Braves Can't Cat Nlae Hun Lead
Cabs Take Second Easily.
Boston, Aug. 14. The Cubs defeated
the Ilrnvea twlcii tnltiv and vntiri nn
' the series. The scores were 9 to 7 and ft
I to 1, A batting rally by the locals In
the ninth inning of the first game drove
Humphries from tho box after seven runs
and nine hits had been made off his de
livery. Pierce held Boston4p two hits
In the second game. Joe Connolly, Bos
ton's left fielder, received a present of
a silver loving cup containing $600 from
a vlsltlntf delegation of fans from Woon
socket, II. I., the player's home city. Tho
Boston players gave Connolly a diamond
scarf pin. Gov. Pothler of lhode Island
made tho presentation speech. The
scores :
Leach.cf. 4
Kver,2b.. 4
Schulle.rf 2
Phelan., 1
Miller, rf.. I
Zlm'atUb 4
Aal.r lh .
(N. L). I BOSTON (N. L ),
r h p
a el an r b n 1
0 OlMa'Tille.M 6 115 4
0; Myers. lb.. 4 t
210 0
0 3
2 2
2 12
0 0
1 0
0 1
t 0
0conn11y.11 t 1
2 11
0 Sw'ney.tb. I
12 10
Lord.rf... 4 113 0
Smith, 81).. 4 0 0 2 1
Mann.or... 41100
Rariden.c. 4 114 3
Wlirme.lf 4
undw l.es 4
APfhP n A
Tylcr.p.... 4 12 0 5
Hump's.p 4
Totals.. .33 7 12 27 14 4
incnejtP. u
Totals. .34 0 10 27 10 1
Bntted for Rrhlltl In h iffl,lh Innlnr
Chlcaro 200000041
Boston 0000000077
Two baae hits-Tyler. Phelan. R art den. Home
run Lord. Hits-Off Humphries. 12 In eight
and two thirds Innlnrs; oft Cheney, none In
piie third of an Innlnr. Stolen bases-Myers,
Maranritle. Double play-Rarlden and Maran
vllle. Left on basea-Cbiearo, 4; Boston, 6.
First baae on balls-Off Tiler, 4; off Hum
phries. 1. Struck oul-By Tyler. 6; by Hum
phrln, 4. Umplrea-Klcm and Orth. Tlme-2
hours and It minutes.
ab r h p a e ab r h p a e
Miller.ef.. & 0 I 4 0 0 Ma'rille.as 4 0 0 2 0 0
Evers.Sb.. 4 10 12 0 Myers. lb.. 111110
Srhulte.rf 4 12 10 O Conn'lly.lf 4 0 0 2 0 0
Zlm'an.lb 3 110 1
Viaw ney.zo. 400
1 1
Saler.lb.. 4 0 1 10 0
Lord.rf.... 4 0 110 0
Smith, lb.. 4 0 4 0 0 0
Mann.ef... 4 0 4 3 0 0
Whalinr.e 1001
Perriue.p.. 0 0 0 4 0 0
Iludolph.p 3 0 0 0 4 0
Totals... 29 1 J27"l"I
WlU ms.lf 4 0 0 2 0 0
Brldw'l.ss 4 0 0 0 4 0
Archer, a. 4 1101
Pierce, p.. 1 1 1 0 I 1
Totel..3l"i 27 "l "2
Chlcaro 310000000 16
uoeioii 000010001
Two base hlta-Millrr. 2; Lord. Pierce. Three
base blt-Salcr. Sacrifice hits Pierce. Zimmer
man. Myrra. Stolen bases Myers, 3. Double
play Myers and Maranritle. Left on hasrs
Chlcaro, 6; Boston, r,. First base nn balls-Off
llerce, 3; on Rudolph, 2. Struck out By
Pierce, f; by Perdue, 1; by Rudolph, S. Passed
nail Arvnrr. umpires aiem ami onn. Time
2 hours and f minutes.
Brat Beds 1 to O and 7 to 2 Pair
nt Homers Hit by Oatath.
1'hii.adkltiiia, Aug. 14. The Phillies
defeated Cincinnati in both ends of a
double header to-day by scores of I to 0
and 7 to 2. In the second game Cravath
made two home runs, which brought up
his total of four base hits to sixteen. Tho
scores ;
I'll 1 LA. (N LI
lib t hp
Paskert.ef 10 0 3
ah r 11 p a
nvh if 3
0 3 0
1 0 1
1 1 0
0 12 0
1 1 4
I 1 0
rnh.:b.. 4
M'nans.cf 4
H'bz'l.ib 4
Tmker.ss 3
Sh'k'rd.rf 3
Dodre.3b. 3
Clarke.c. 3
Ames.p.. 2
Hate. I
Surs.p.. 0
Knabe.2il.. 4 0
Lotiert.Sb. 3 1
Beekrr.W. 4 0
Crvath.rf 1 0
1. M rut. ID 0
Doolan.sa 3 0
KTfer.c. 3 0
Alei'iler.p 3 0
1 1 R ,0
u s u u
0 0 3 0
0 0 0 0
Totals., is 1 5 27 11 0
Total.. 3 n S 24 1J 0)
Hatted for Ames In rirhlh.
Cincinnati .. oonoonooo 0
Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 I 11 0 x I
Hits Oft Ames, 5 in seien innlnrs; off Surra,
none 111 one Innlnr. Ieft oil bases Cincinnati.
; Philadelphia. t. Struck out By Amea. 3;
by Alexandrr. t.. Baws on balls Off Ames, 3;
off Alexander, 1. ITmplres-Rlrler snd Byron.
Time 1 hour ami 21 minutes.
nb r h p a e ab r h p a e
Beaeher.lf 3 1 0 2 0 2Paskert.cf 3 0 0 : 0 0
iroh.:b.. 3 113 1 O Knabr.sh. 4 112 2 0
Mars's.ef. 4 0 1 2 0 o'LoU'rt.lb. 6 12 111
Hoblll.lb .'. 0 2 6 1 llllecker'lf. 4 2 2 4 0 0
Tinker 2 0 1 0 1 0 Cravath.rf 4 2 3 2 0 0
Herr er.a, 0 0 0 0 0 2,l.uiler's.ib 4 0 2 7 0 0
Kran... 3 0 0 0 0 0 Doolan.ss. 4 0 1 1 1 0
She'kUrl 1 0 0 4 0 0 Kllllfer.c. 4 0 1 1 0
DodrMb. 4 0 1 2 3 o seaton.p., 211030
Clarke.c. 4 0 0 4 0 0 -
BroHii.p.. 4 0 10 10 Totals . 34 7 13 27 a 1
Totals. .33 2 723 74
I.lirterus out: hit by batted ball.
CiiiMiinati 00000000"
Philadelphia 0 1 & 0 0 0 1 0 .. 7
Two base hlls-Hecker. Groh. Three bae lilt
Becker Home runs-CrHvalh, 2. Sacrifice
hits Paskert, Knabe. Stolen bases-Ixibert,
Cravath. Hohlltiell. 1-elt 011 bases-Clncinnall.
12: Philadelphia. 1. Struck out-lly Brown. 2;
by Seaton. B. Double plays. HohllUell. Groh
and DnUre; Donlan, Knabe ami Luderus. First
base on balls Off Brown, 2: off Seaton, .
Umpires Byron and Rlrler. Time -1 hour and
f8 mumtes.
Phillies President Nnrrnmba After
Extended Illness.
riiiLAPRLriliA, Aug. It. William H.
I.ocke, president of tho Philadelphia Na
tional League Club, died to-day at Ven
nor, rear Atlantic City. Ho had been 11!
fc.r some time. Home time after the stitt
of tho champluninip season U undoiwcit
an operation. He f,rew stro.mo- and whs
abV to sit on the porch of his home,
Abti'it two wvki iK". duilns the li :ii-d
ppe'l, hla strength filled hi 11 ind In- w.ik
tflei) to Atlan'.lo U ty with th hop..' that
Li clui.ge wiuld be of benefit llo -xi,-tlnued
to fall and the end came with his
w'fe nr.d moth 'r l.i-law at ,iU b--dtiji
David Snyder, secretary of the bull club
and a brother-in-law of Mr. Locke, went
to Atlantic City upon receipt of th.- news.
It was said yesterday that former Po
lice Commissioner W, K. linker would he
elected to succeed .oeke as president of
the Philadelphia club, linker, who Is
Locke's cousin, helped him to buy the
club from Charles P. Taft and was elected
Tinker Has Suspicions About Indian
Pitcher's Whereabonta.
PHIf.APKl.FII1 A. Aug. 14. Chief John
son, thn Winnebago Indian pitcher of the
ileus, is missing. Malinger Tinker doesn t
know where he is, but has his suspicions.
Iteports of an automobile accident that
befell 1)111 NeWashe, a former Carlisle
school athlete, outside of Hnrrlsburic last
evening have reached here. Newashe, so
the story goes, was ml" a Joy party with
some friends. Tinker is of the opinion
that Johnson was one of Ncwashe's
friends. Newashe and Johnson weie
roommates at Carlisle and every time, he
gets In this vicinity Johnson pays New
aslio h call.
As Tinker hasn't seen his Indian pitcher
for two days he figures that Johnson
Is paying his occasional visit to Newashe
and wouldn't be a bit surprised to hear
that Johnson was also lit the accident
with the former football star.
Pirates' Pitchers Crippled.
Thn Pittsburg pitching staff Is so dis
figured that the club has recalled Joe
Conielman, who was released to Colum
bus under option. The Pirates are carry
ing seven pitchers on this trip. Martin
O'Toole Is able to do only light work
after his operation for appendicitis. Habe
Adams has a sore shoulder on tho pitch
ing side, cteorge McQuillan has 11 large
blue lump on his right shoulder, where ho
was grased by a liner last Tuesday, Hank
Robinson Is a trifle weak from ten days
of stomach trouble, Claude Hemlrix is
sporting a split index linger on his right
hand received In batting pnotloo,
Former Seen That Now Yorks
Get Two Runs, Latter That
White Sox Get None.
Takes Second on Throw, Steals
Third and Runs Home
on Infield Out.
It was a tidy beatnyt that the New
Yorks gave to the White Sox as a starter
for the former of their last Western trip.
They shut out the Csllahans and tho Red
Sox did the same to the Browns In an
eleven inning game. The Athletics played
In Cleveland and lost more ground and
Washington wna beaten In Detroit.
Yesterday's Beaalta.
New York, t; Chicago, 0.
Cleveland. 4; Philadelphia, !.
Boston. 4; Pt. Louis. 0 (eleven Innings),
Detroit, C; Washington, 4.
Detailed Clnfc StaaaHauj-s.
t "
E0CsiaJi5 a a C
Philadelphia. io II 1 1 tills 72 S3 .473
ClSTslaad.... 1 " 1 ti I II io T IT .o
Washington,, 4 i 7 ij 4 II 1 fs 4H .Ml
Cki'M ni"n i ail t m ,m
of a "ii" B12"t IT M .41
Detroit t9il 7 "IT "oT Tin
t. Louis 4 11 "4 10 s i 70 ,3n
Now Terk..T 1 " "4 1 "i "s 1 "sT oTMO
aaaLet.. 34 43 49 4 M 6370.7 434
(, . J
To-day'a Scnednle.
New Tork In Chicago.
Philadelphia In Cleveland.
Boston In St. Louis.
Washington In Detroit.
Chicago, Aug. U. It was Jack
Knight tho Terrible In thn llrst game
of the series between the White Sox and
the New Yorks to-day. Jack drove In one
run and scored another. Since the Chance
men triumphed by 2 to OJt Is easy to Seo
to Just what extent Jack was responsible
for this victory.
While Knight was busily engaged in
seeing that his crew got a couple of runs
Itussell Fori! was Just ns busy seeing that
the White Pox got none. If Malinger
Chance ossessed one mnn who always
saw that his crew made some runs nnd
another who was Just as careful to see
that the other side got none lie would
he (be happiest man 111 the Aim-rlcan,
the National or any other old league.
But Knight nnd Ford did not play this
entire ball game by themselves. Tliero
was a youngster named Malsel, who In
sisted upon butting in on thn proceed
ings every few minutes. The balls In
sisted upon cotnliiir to th vounc man at
lillli'Ult angles mid be liandbd them Just
as If It weie ill the bill of lading that j
Un .kniilil nmwhl .1 1 1 Fl 1 1 1 , .!... ........ IT..,. I. '
,,. lull' ..I'l . . . , ' 1 ...... U . V v,,.t,vio. . I.
inpaugb at hort likewise caused many
to wonder why Cleveland permitted him
to depart. He played a hangup game.
Heb Hussell, who pitches, bats, eats
nnd does various other things with his
left arm and hand, was on the slab for
the Sox. He was almost ns effective as
Ford. The trouble was that he Iwd no
Jack Knight. He had a llodle, a Iord.
a Chase and an MS,9n0 beauty named
Chappelle. Hut this wasn't one of their
terrible days and though the Pox seemed
nble to get nun to second by mentis of
doubles tho following fellows couldn't
git them the remainder of the way.
There was no scoring for either side
In the first Inning. In the second Knight
rammed a double to centre nfter two
had expired. Williams was thrown out
immediately, so Jack Just picked up his
glove and went to second basing. The
Sox worked a man to third in their half.
With one gone Hodle d lopped a high fly
In centre. There was a general gather
ing of out and In fielders In the vicinity of
the hall, but alt hesitated at the last mo
ment and the sphere was permitted to fall
safe. The fence buster took a pair of
sacks on this and went to third while
Ford was tossing out Collins. Schalk
filed out.
The two twlrlers remained effective un
til the seventh. Hartzell opened this by
tapping one of Itussell's slow ones for it
Texas leaguer which fell safely back of
third. Pecklnpnugh sacrificed and Knight
came up. Jack slammed one into left,
a clenn hit. Chappelle, who cost all that
money, didn't come In fast, and Hartzell
was on his way to the plate by thn time
lie got to tho ball. Just the same the
left fielder made the hriie. This was
what Knight wanted. Ho went to second.
Then he stole third and crossed the plate
a moment Inter when Williams rolled out
to Chase.
Ford remained Just ns effective as hn
had been and there was no more scoring.
The score :
ab r h p a
Malsel Jb 4 0 112
ah r h p a
1 2
Co'k.rf.cf 4 0
Cree.lf... 4 0
1 2
0 0
1 3
0 3
0 0
1 I
I 10
1 3
0 2
0 8
1 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
ll'i'l.ef.rl 4 1
l'eek'h.se 3 0
Kuirht.Sb 3 1
Wll'ms.lb .1 0
Swe'ney.c 3 0
Pord.p... 3 0
2 2 r,
012 1
1 4 0
0 0 3
Totals. .31 t 4 27 Hi 0
Tnlsls. ..Jtl a K t s a
-tiaiiru lor jiubscii 111 ine eignin innliis'.
New York 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 1
Chicago 00000000 01
Left on bases-New York. 3; Chicago. 6.
First base on balls Off Ford. 2. Struck eut
By Russell, ; by Pen. 2; hv Ford. 2. Tun
base bits Kulfht, Hodle, Chappelle, Lord.
Sacrifice hit Peekinnaush. Htnlsti hBU.,-
Malsel, Knitht, Chase. Time I hour and ti
minmrs. umpires t-san ami vineen. v
New York State Lragne,
n. 11. i?
Peranum, .. . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 r li
Syracuse 000000000000 I 1 7
Ilult.rl.i. U,.runn 1 1 . .1 . .. ....
Syracuse, Johnson and I'uyns. '
tllnehamtnn . . . . OnonnAAA 1 i' '
Albany 00230000 x 5 7 I
Butteries Ulnghitniton, IJarberlch and Mc
Murray; Albany, (ialsrr and ligan.
. n tf ...
ntmlra A A o 1 A 1 A a a ' A
Troy 1 0 0 0 0 1 li 0 x ( 15 I
naileries Kimlra, Crragcr snd Foster:
Troy, Sltton und Fltsgerald.
Klmlra 0 0 0 0 4 3 0 o' '
Troy 000004 0 4 6
""'! nimlra. Doyle, Mcllenry und
Hitler; Troy, Bchelter. Jones and Wood.
Wllkesbvr.... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o' '& K
Vllca., 00011001 x 3 I
Batteries Wllkrelmrre. n. Meyers and
Brleger; Utlca. Uow.l and Murphy. .
Wllkesbarr 0 0 1 I 3 0 o-" ""1"
HalVs'rie's Wl'lkesharre," Nicholson. Vadnre
and Brleger; Ulks. Itysrn Buck und t'lougher!
Prnaprct Park Rnsrlinll llesults.
Prospect P. B. C. 7; Windsor a! C I.
Bov.rly r. c. I; Kingston F. I '
Chhingtoris Rule
Not for Big League
T ARRY McLEAN was at but flvo
- tlmcn yesturday iicfore he
mado a base hit, just before gather
ing darkness put an end to the
second game. He rapped to Whltted,
who made a flne.ono handed stop,
but Larry went into the bag with a
head first slide. He beat the throw
and Eason called him safe. It was
demonstrated that the recent ruling
of President Chivington of tho
American Association to the effect
that a runner sliding to first was
out doesn't go in a big league.
Again, incidentally, it isn't once in a
hundred ttmes that a batter boats
out a hit by sliding to first.
Ttvii Down In Eleventh When Indian
Messes Things Up.
St. Louis, Aug. 14. After the
Itrowns and lied Hox had fought ten In
nings without either side scoring the Hox
scored four runs In the eleventh session.
The final score was 4 .to 0 In favor of
Huston. A costly double fumble by Dal
cntl In the eleventh gave the game to Hos
ton. With two gone he fumbled Speaker's
srounder. The score :
ao r n p a eniooper.ri. 4 1 0 1 u
Shot'n.cf 4
0 4
1 11
1 4
0 1
0 2
1 1
v. time, id. 1 :io
0 Speaker.cf (lit
1 Lc1t.lf.. r. 1 2 1
0 U'dner,3b, R 0 2 1
0 Yerkes.2h. C 0 1 6
1 Janvrtn.ee 3 0 0 3
0, Thomas. c. 3 0 14
0 Bedlrnt.p. toot
Stovall.lb 4
Pratt.ib.. I
Wil'm.rf 3
AlistiiUb 4
Balentt.B 4
John'n.lf. I
Alex'er.o 3
Compton 1
Alllson.p. 3
tM'Al'ler 1
; !
0 Totals I &: 17
Totals, li i ill 14 2
Battel for Alexander In the eleventh,
tllatted lor Allison In the eleventh.
tShotteu out. hit by baited ball.
Boston. 0000000400 4-4
St, Louis 000000000 0 0 0
Two base lilta Yerkes. flnrdiier. Three
base hit -l'ralt. Sacrifice hit Jauvrlh. Double
I'la) Balentl and Prutt. Stolen bases -Stovall,
Lewie. llardn-r. Bares on balls-Off AUIon,
2! off Bedirnt. 1. Struck oul -By Allison, 6;
by Bedient, 6. Leli on bases ht. l.ouli. 3;
Boston. 5. Time Two hours and five minutes.
L'nipires-McOreevy and Connolly.
DiMTn Mrnntors by Heller Hitting In
In 4 I'nstline.
I'f.TRoiT, Aue. 14. The Detroit Tigers
signalled their tettirn to Navin Field to
day by winning from Washington by a
score of 6 to I. Th score :
ab r h p a e1 uh r h n n e
Mocner.rf 3 0 0 2 0 OlBusli.s. .31143
losler.3b. 4
2 2 3 0 Bau'an.ss 4 10 12
0 3 1 OCrawf'd.rf 3 0 0 1 0
t 0 0 Cobb ef . . 4 2 2 2 0
Milan. cf.. 3 0
ialHlll,1tl. 4 0
Morc'n.Ih 4 0
I.anrte.lf 4 0
Altumlth 0 0
i : nieach.lf.. 40210
1 4
(i oiuainer,li, 3
0 OStanaa-e.c. 3
0 15
1 2
1 I
1 0
0 0
M'B'de.s 3 0 0 2
tlCini.m. I ft A n
Mori'ly,3b 2
Heury.e.. 3 1 1 1 0 ol
Dubucp., 3
110 hirr.P .1 1 0 0 3 4
Totals.. 25 G 8 27 II 4
Tnl al -t , rail, n
ltjtl for T.nm,rln In . t .,!.... 1
tllatted lor Mcllride In the nlnlh limine
Washington 0O3OO1O0O-4
Uetrolt o o 4 0 I) 0 0 1 - i
Two ba hils-Bush. Veach. 2: Stance
Home run Foster. Struck out -By Dubuc. 2
Viral Itntu. nn l.all. rt l,..,., ..''..'
, .. . ,.r---i, ixpr-llllllK. I. lOUI!-
plaj - Iiiit.iie. Bush and lialner. Flrel hasp on
errors-Washiiurtim. 2. 1-eft on ba-es-Ilelroit.
3: Uashlncton. 3. Passed hall-Stanare. Um.
Plre Inchief-OIiulUln. Field iimptre-Shert.
dan. Time-1 hour ami X minutes.
Athletics Make llK Arr, but Srore
Inly Tnn It tins.
C'i.i:vKf.ANi., Aug. 14. Despite tbe fact I
that the Athletics got n home run. n trlpln
and two two baggers and rive singles In i
the opening Inning of tho series uith the
Naps to-day the Itlniilngham boys mnn. I
aged to kill off bits at opportune times
and by batting Plank hard won, ti to 2
Plank got away to a bad start ami .iil.-d '
to puzzle, seven hits good for five runs 1
neing couecieu orr nis delivery. Tho
acore :
ab r b pa e
K.MVv rf -.
at' r h n
0 0 Bir'c'm.i-f l
Olririn?.1f S 0
Collins :b 4 0
Baker.Sb I 1
2 2 0 liCliap'.iu.ss 2 1
0 3 2 O'j.i,-Uon rf 3 0
2 1 1 11 l.ninip -I, 1 0
2 1
1 0
0 I 1
t I 12
0 1 3
1 0 2
I 2 4
0 0 0
M'ln'ls.lh 4 0
1 0 0 (ltoll,lb.. 4
0 0 0 0,Turner.3h. ;
1 4 3 0 liraney.lf, 3
1 4 a O O'Neitl.c. 3
1 0 0 0 Rlamilnj.-,;i 3
Mrunk,cf 4
Schanir.c. 3
Orr.es..,, 3
Walsh... 1
llank.p.. t
Ilouck.p.. 1
tU.M'phy. 1
1 0 l ol Tolale rs r, id 2; 12 0
0 0 0 ol
Totals .31 2 ! 24 12 1,
Batted for Orr 111 the ninth Inning
tHatlid for Houek in the ninth Inning.
Philadelphia 0 0 ft 11 0 0 1 I 0-
Cleveland 1 0 0 1 3 t 0 0 . 6
Hlls-Off Plank, K In five innings; oft" llouel,,
2 In three Innings. Two base hits-Birmingham.
2: Chapman. O'Nrill. Schang. Melinite.
Three base hlls-Oldring, Olson. Home run -ll.iker.
SaiTiflee hlta-Chapman. Jackson. First
n,n" 1 V "lul",""t- -' " by pitcher-
CJpvHaml. 5. IsWt on hanp-lhniuHiihta, 1'.
HoiicU. , Wild pllch-Houck. Umplrrs-Kvaiis
ami Fcrxuson. Time-I hour and M minutes.
tinfTney .ol After (illhooley.
PrcsldenLJames R. Onffney of the Boi
ton NatloifTls wired Tnr. Sun yesterday
that he had not made an offer for Out
fielder nilhooley of the Mini t real Club,
Ills reason for tnklng this stand was
that ho did not care to be used as nn
ndvcrtlslng means of boosting prices on
young ball playets.
Texas Leasrne.
Sun Antonio. 4; Dallas, 3.
Waco, 1; tiatvrstnn. 0.
Houston. 4: Fort Worth, 0.
flrMUB.!melV B"lum"'"' 0 twelve Innings,
Aurtln. 2; Beaumont. 1 Irecond game).
f'urollna Asanelnllon.
Ashevllle, 3; nreeuabnro. 0.
Durham, t: Charlotte, 1,
Wlnstnn-Siilem, U; ltulelgb, .
iter u. h
vw niAnci ti
nmiu ivitxuc
H. B. KIRK COv New York, W. Y.
Mufiel Bonfa Schooners and
Avenger Sloops In Lnsi Kim
of Biff Fleet,
Suinuri FIiiIhIicn Cruise Without
Single Victory; Is Third
Into Marblchciul.
MARfTLeiiRAP, Mass., Aug. u.ti,,
schooner Muriel, owned by Commodore
Charles Smlthers of the Larclunont Yacht
Club, and the Avenger, owned by ll.irry
L. Maxwell, were the winners to-il.iy it
the final squadron run of t li- New York
Yacht, Club. These two yachts won In
their respective divisions and tlx'lr nam.
will be engraved on the Aliininl A.-mjcm-Uon
of the United Mtatcs Nay oliillctiKn
cups and each ownSr will tecelve . silur
medal to commemorate the ewnl. The
Muriel also won n class prize, dcfe.iHnu
the Irollta, and Avenger added tn lir own
collection of trophies by defeating tin
Mhlmna and nil of the B0 footers.
The Grayling, sailed by .1. I'. Morgan,
assisted by his son. J. S. .Morgan. n tnt
race for the '50s, and it was a good . on
test, although there was no miuliv.ii.l
work. The Harbara was second In th
race, n that Hear Commodore MorK.in lia l
the satisfaction of beatli! Itols-rt
Emmons 2d In hli home w.it-n Th'
Samurl, sailed by R. Hurton H.irt and
Frank Bowne Jones, took the third prlj
In this clasi. Samurl Is Ihu only r.O that
has not won a race this year.
The yachts sailed out of Gloucester
harbor at 9 o'clock to-day with the w nl
from north northwest. It was lnt-ti'lel
originally that the yachts should Mil
around the whistling buoy off Capo Ann
as well as Boston light vessel In to-day -run,
making the race one of tlili l -- en
miles. But outside the wind was blow. in.
northet by east and It was rolling In an
ugly looking fog bank. Th (.ommtM'i
wisely signalled tho yachtsmen to sail th'
reverse of yesterday's cruise, cutting th
distance to twenty-four miles. The warn
ing signal was made at 10 o'clock ami tht
yachts were sent away ten minutes Inter
Commodore Pratt signalled later in th
afternoon that the fleet would disband at
S;30 o'clock to-morrow morning. Th S'i
footers are to race to-morrow for th
prizes offered by S. Heed Anthony. Iu t
will start and sail In racing trim with : i
topsails. The course will be trlancnli
and there will be one leg set tn windwa.d.
The summaries:
START, tdilO.
Klnl-li line
Yacht and Owner. II M b II M s
Aniorrt.il. I .Wheelock,. S 12 an I f
Wliiilweiil.lt.A.Monks. 2 12 2.1 I 12 '1
Avenger, ILL. Maxwell . I M 43 .1 39 II
Dorcllo II., O. L. Batchrlilcr . 2 12 10 .J VI
Corrected Times - Axtngrr, 3r,3.l; Ixmll"
Axenger.U. L. Maxwell. I ,11 1.1 3 39 11
Shlmna, It.T Paine 2d .. I .ID 3d .1 11 :i
t:r)llnc..l P Morgan 2 ii ,n 3 n i
ItarP.-m.ll p. Whitney 2 n7 U Mlu
Samurl, It. E laMlge. :m i 3 1- i
Carolina II , reniliriii.e.lniii-s :m n 3 id 4
I'l.-lone. c i" liiimrlll 2 in 2n 3:0:1
Iruuuob. II.. Ralph X. Kill- 2 It :e.i 3 .it ati
Acushla.ti.M. Ilrckuher. ! II 17 3 I
Spartan. E. Randolph 2 21 23 I 01 2
Awncer and Shlmna starled at in i.v
Hirrrcleil Times- Avenger. 3.1S12.1: Milnui
3:143:i: (irayllng, 3:l4:lt: llarhara. 3:17 ('7: Sane
3;l.4l: Carolina tl . .TI8.3I: I'Hione. :t.2i:" n
quols II.. 3-21:32: Acushla, 3.211(1; Spartan. .TJII 1
tlrajilng. P. Morgan 2 111 .11 3 f. M
llarliani. II. P, Whitney.. 2 07 II :i 1; 11
Samurl. IV. E Dodge 2 (H is 3 1- i
Carollun II.. i'rnitirnke Jones . 2 ( it 3 41 11
I'lelone. C. (' Uumrlll 2 10 20 .1 'ti
Iroquois Ralph N. Elll- 2 II 39 3 '. 1
Arusnia, li M, Heckscher 2 II 17 .11 '
Spartan, E, llandolph.. 2 21 23 1 01 2'
Mllaitl. (i W Scott. 2 .11 fti I on 0
Vcnona. Edgar Palmer 3 no 2 1 :
Corrected times Ulladl, 321:13; Venona, j .m .
Yennna's start, 10.33
START, 1(1.25
Mlldadl, (,. W Scott . 2 31 on 4 in i
Dervish, It. Tolalld 2 31 .l:t Ilk I
Mllaill wins 011 corrected time.
START. 1025.
Muriel. Chnrlrh Smlthers. I ii 27 US "
Imllta. E. W. Clark I ;,u in 1 ?u in
Irollta surtnl ut o.3n. CorrcMi-d 1 " -Muriel.
3:14:31; Irollta. 322:27
Schooners, corrected limes Miulel 1
Mlladl. 3:31:13: Irollta, 322:27; Venona, lu
DeriUh tmi mcasureil.
Sloops. corrected times Arnger,3 n". :'. 1 -
ling. 30SHI5; Barbara. 3H9.2.1: .Saniiirt. ' II ''
Carolina II., 3:11:1.1: I'lelone. 3:12:11; Iro'iuol- I1
.1:13:31: Shlmim. .li.i.ls, Donilo II. .1 p
Acusl.la. 3:18:20; Spartan, 323 J5 Wlialw r
not measured.
Ituinsoii Kennel Club 11 ml Sriieiisi
Stnte Knlr Plitii Trials.
The Initiative taken by Tin: Si - ti
placing police dug dcnionsttatlons
the public 011 Saturday, August :
Van Coitlandt -l'ntk Is being follow,
such insiltutlniis ns the State Fair i f
York at Syracuse and the Itutnson K
nel Club, which will Invito the me" r
of the German Shepherd Dog Cl'i
America to the Itutunin Countrv 1
Bed Hank, N. J., on Septenibi r tl.'
The Syracuse show nulhorltlis w
offer prlzts for not only German 1"!
Belgian sheep dogs but also for (1.
l'lncheis and any other dog of a '
trained and worked ns a police dug
in this trial dogs need put be pun
The Syracuse committee bellcw
letting the best working dug be tin '
regarded by the Judge, never tnit nc
what variety the dug may be.
Phillies Add Till cup to Ten in,
I'tiii.AiiKi.riiu, Aug. 11. - .Mm' i.-'!
Duolii of the Phillies to-day signed no
full blooded Indians from the Tlmi '
League, One of them Is a Modoc 1 i" il
Tim up and the other is n Cherokee 1 a" 1
Blue Jackett.
r.tt, on.
Finest Rye
str - mm mmwmiomm
nAVsr. PSSl'S

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