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will be found on pat is.
VOL. LXXX. NO. 350.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST 16, 1913. MM fhn an fitMnp nmndM.
8MH'ial Envoy Admits Secret
Tnlks With Foreimi
State Department Gets En
couraging Reports of
Penrose Makes Bitter Attack fl
ffnle and Auks What His
Status In.
Mexico Citt. Aim. It. John Und.
th special representative of President
Wilson, and Thomas O'Shsughnessy, the
imrrlcsn Charge d'Affalree hsr. now
admit that the former haa had several
..nferenoe with Senor Oamboa, the Min
ister of Foreign Affaire.
The conferences, which were held at
n!sht, were aecret and no detalla have
v..n liven out. but It la known that they
have been rordlal.
Mr. Llnd goes freely about the city.
Nubile opinion ia friendly to him but
isoret police 'nJ are taking great pre
sutlons to prevent any attack on the
American repreaentatlve by fanatics.
The American Conaul at Quaymaa re
hllta the rumor, that the place, la In
,t.-,nscr from the rebel. He aayi the
port haa never been cloeed.' The atreeta
are not barricaded, there la no difficulty
about auppllea and the port la aa quiet
al Washington. The American Conaul at
BaJtfllO, In the State of Coahulla, declare
i .it that region la quiet.
Senor t'rrutla, the Minister of the In
lertor, report a serious situation In th
Itatl of Campech. A telegram from
iin. Manuel Rivera, the Military Oovernor
of that mate, aay that regular Zapatista
ementa have aUrted among th MM
n th plantation. Agitator ar prorala-
-r the peon land and other reward If
they atart an prising and this haa
itusrd the outbreak.
The rebel number mora than X.lOO and
their strength 1 Incraaatng dally. They
alas have two machine gun. Oen. Rivera
ay the total number of hi troop, in
ludlng the garrlaon at Campeche. El
I armen and Champleen. will not reach
10 and they have but one machine gun.
He i doing all he can to occupy the rebel
bit of upplle and beg the Govern
ment to ruh troop to hla assistance.
Tnr Government - haa ordered reenforce
menu sent from Yucatan.
Mexico I aurrounded by th email Za
patista band of Felipe Nerl, whose ortg
Nna! force of IN bandit wa eapelled
cut off from the mountatnoua regions
of Mxrelo nd the State of Mexico by
the Federal. The bandit a who were un
abt to nnd refuge fled flrat to Tlax
calpa. where they were defeated and dla
parMd, They are now roving In group
to th north and eaat of here.
Federal columns are very active In
routing the valley of Meglco and hav
1 fi tted the bandit In aeveral lights. Th
Government hope that the whole force
111 be i ut off from the mountains and
exterminated. Meantime nearby prop
tin owners and planters are worried
over the presence of the bandits.
iiei.sie la vrnnte la Which Penrose
Assail W. B. Hale.
.ishinotos, Aug. It. Information r-
oelvad to-.lnv by the State liepartment
from .lohn L4nd, President WIIon'a eclul
envoy to Mealoo city, was moat encourag
ing for the success of the President's
plan. Mr. I.lnd had another conference
last night with the Mexican Minister of
k Foreign Affaire and hla report on thl
hteond meeting ha given the Washington
P .ministration more hope than It had yet
entertained of bringing about a peaceful
olutlon of the lfealcan problem. It I
apparent that Mr. Linda chief problem
now is to And a way of breaking through
UV i. serve that President Huerta haa
w-n maintaining toward hla mission
Th .nformatlon that ha reached Wash
ington is. however, that Mr. I.lnd haa
sude t.nigresa In that direction
T'....t.l.,l U'M...,'. matKofl nf Hyaline
I with th- Mexican situation caused an
Other eruption In the BenatH to-day. Thle
tim winiam Bayard Hale, the writer,
who la supposed to be on a secret mission
in MalM for th President, wa the ob
ject i.f an attack by Senator Penrose,
introduced a resolution calling for
Information regarding Hale' Status. In
llmatlnff that he was not qualified ta serve
n s ronil.lentlal canacltv In th oraaent
Huatton, ami threatening to make die-
'.."tire i.i.i- en th Information (ought
IS, hla resolution waa forthoomlng.
Th renewal of the Mexican dl
' ihi Hemite represented In part the
r.aiiafarlloti which some Senator feel
ovei the Wilson policy of llsne la
-Ki.nl to Msiloo and the feeling that th
1 nl has mivmm ths. Im.I. Xm sisas
MM Committee only half hi con-
tatertcaae la Peril.
nor Penrose darted the) trouble la
tat Ken.itH to-day when he called atten-
' the lerlou plight at Shirley O.
11 ,1
ton -i n -law of John M. Reynold.
nit -tovrnor of Pennsylvania
' he In ths morulas ne
mi hi Mr. Hums, hi wife ami little
" were la great danger from
lutlunista In th vicinity at Chi-
all aioa,
ir Senator from I'snnsylvania agrrol
'eetieued an Fair) Pa.
President Oete IT Pnnad Package
fader sjevr Heaalatloa.
WAamNOTox, Aug. 15 President Wll
aon received a gift to-day of a seventeen
pound package of peaches. With the
peachea came a letter from Poatmaster
Oeneral Hurleson railing attention to the
fact that the fruit had been transmit
ted by parcel post, the package being one
of the flrat delivered by the Post Office
Department since the maximum weight
for parrela was raise, I to twenty pounds.
The Poatmaater-Ueneral wrote to the
President :
"Mr Drar Mr. PaasiMiNT: T am taking
advantage of the change In the parcel
post ratrs and weight limit, effective to
day, lo tranajnlt to you at thl moment
a package weighing seventeen pounds, on
which the postage charge I II cents.
"Thl I an Illustration of the oppor
tunity which haa been opened to the
farmer, the horticulturist, the manufac
turer and every cltiaen of the country
who will avail hlmaelf of this Vsluable
sdjunct of the postal service In th pro
motion of the commerce and happiness
of our people. Very sincerely,
"A. 8. Buai.asoN,
To thie the President replied :
It Is with the greatest Interest And
pleasure that I have received the seven
tern pound package of peaches .which you
havs to-day sent me, not only because I
ahall enjoy tho peaches, but also because
the package Illustrates a change In the
regulations concerning the parrel poet,
which t am sure will redound to. the gout
advantage of the farmer, the horticultur
ist, the manufacturer and cltlaens of many
classes. Cordially and slnoerely yours,
"Woooaow Wilson."
crews of Welaht Llsalt to at)
Peseta (eases Increased slaves.
Clerks In the parcel post departments
of the General Post pfflce end the sub
statlona throughout Manhattan and The
Bronx were kept buay yesterday handling
the rush of fourth claaa mall matter,
due to the Increased weight limit of par
eel poet package, which went Into effect
at midnight Thursday. The bulk of th
work wa handled by the uh-etatlon
In the shopping districts such aa the
Pennsylvania, the Times Square and the
Grand Central station.
The Verdict of the Coroner Also
Will Make No Recom
mendation!. BtNOHAXtTON. Aug. 15. Coroner Ralph
R. Seymour haa flnlahed his Inquiry Into
the Are which cost th live of thirty-two
person, moitly women, and which de
stroyed the factory of the Blnghamton
Clothing Company on July 21. The
verdict will probably be transmitted about
September 1.
No person or persons will be named
a responsible for the conditions existing
before the fire and the verdict will be
brief. There will be no recommendation
attached to the verdict.
A resume of the testimony fall to ahow
conclusively where the Ore originated
The evidence ie divided aa to whether It
tarted on the shelf between the flrat and
second floor In th atalrway well, where
pluah canvas, old book and paper were
tored. or In the cellar of the building,
directly under the etalrway well.
The early report that the women em
ployees Imagined the ringing of the flee
bell was merely a signal for another drill
and didn't hurry was disproved by the
testimony. Nearly all of the witnesses
who were on the upper floor declared
that they saw the mok coming up
through the stairway well about th same
time that the bell rang.
Nothing ha been brought out to ac
count for the almost Incredibly rapid
spread of the flame through the build
ing. That moat of the women died on the
Ore escapes waa another point brought oat
In the Inquest. When the Are escape
landlnga were crowded with girl there
Issued from one of the southerly windows
a blast of heat that overcame many of
the employees.
According to the testimony of em
ployeea of the company It was also
brought out that the labor law relating
to fire prevention In factorlea were Vlo
lated. The alleged violation were to the
effect that while there were metal recep
taclee on each floor to receive clippings
and rubbish they were not covered ; that
the clippings of cloth were not removed
from the Moors twice a day and that they
were not removed from the building each
day, but ware allowed to accumulate for
days and weeks In the cellar of the build
ing, and that while the gaa jeta were
enclosed In Wire rage the electric light
bulbs were not
tercBsoa and Qetlaa la Flstht at
Warraaraaaett Pier.
Nakraoansktt Piaa. R. I.. Aug. 1
friers waa a lively free for all encounter
between the polio of Narragansett Pier
and two member of th ummnr colony
at an early hour thle morning. Conflict
ing report are current a to what ac
tually happened, but a near a can be
ascertained, Malcolm Stevenson and Ben
jamin K Oatlna. two well known polo
players, were trying to enter Elm Cottage
by a window when th polloe Interfered
and a fight wa the result. Shots are said
to have been fired and the aaUss fled.
Oatlna waa to play on the Freebooter
polo team to-day. but his place was taksn
by F. H. Prince. Jr., of Boston. Oatln
and 8tveaon ar participating In th
national polo tournament hre.
B a east Man Mease lalaad
a aaee Property Baroed.
Boston, Aug. II. samoaat Houo.
h summer hotel on Mouse Island, off
the coast of Newfoundland, waa destroyed
by are at noon to-day Scant detaflg
of the alas, which Imperilled many guests,
ware telephoned to Beat h bay Harbor, Me.,
before the wlrea burned out.
The hotel was filled to capacity when
the are started and burned aa rapidly thai
Sy lltll of the guU' belongings waa i
Illinois, Repreaentative U Ar
caned by Malhftll's "News
Witness Defies Mnlhll to Prove
That He 'Gave Any Pri
vate Information.
Washington. Aug. IR--Isaac H. Mo
Mlchael. former chief page In the Houee
of Representative and frequently men
tioned by Col. Mulhall as his "principal
news source' In legislative mattera. gave
the House Lobby Committee a new Sen
sation to-night. He testified thst Repre
sentative Jamea T. McDermott of Illinois
during ths pendency of a loan ehark bill
affecting pawnbrokers snd "ten per oent
ers" had been th paid agent of the pawn
brokers. McMlchsel told of s number of In
stances where he had pawned articles of
his own and of MrDermott'a with Wash
ington pawnbroker. He named tleorge
B. Horning. D. Heldenhelmer and S.
Rurnatlne ss persons who had been In
collusion with McDermott to prevent the
passage of the anti-loan shark bill In Its
original form. He told of a cot.'erence
in the Hotel Navarre In New York at
tended by Repreaentatlve McDermott,
Jeerge H. Horning and T. D. McDermott.
general agent of the Cnlted (tnte Brew
ers' Aesoclstlon. At this conference, ac
cording to Mi Michael s story, the agree
ment regarding McDermott activities
against the bill was entered Into.
McMlchsel told of several Instances In
which pawned goods were removed from
the clutches of the pawnbrokers without
the payment of Interest snd of other
Instances where they were returned with
out the payment of even the principal.
He aald that McDermott told him he had
received all told more than 17.00 by
shaking down Washington pawnbrokers.
In the course of his testimony Mc
Michael declared that Henry Neal, Speaker
Clark's colored messenger, snd Harry
Parker. Chairman I'nderwood's messen
ger, had been ta hla knowledge In the
pay of rol. Mulhall.
"McDermott would rather lie than eat,"
wa one of the expressions used by Mc
Mlchsel. May tsapeweh McDermott.
McMloha! asm teetlfted that Repre
sentative McDermott offered to pay him
lAo a month to assume responsibility
for all the letters written to Mulhall
bearing MeDermott'a name. He aald
McDermott tnld him that as a member
of the lipuse and a man with wife and
children, he could not afford to bear the
responsibility. The Illinois member, ac
cording to McMlchael, asked the witness
to assort that all the alleged dealings of
McDermott with Mulhall were really car
ried on by MAIIchael.
It waa the belief here to-night that the
disclosures will result In an effort to Im
peach McDermott and possibly an Investi
gation by the Qrand Jury.
McMlchael kicked a few props from be
neath the already tottering edifice of
Mulhall' exposure. He testified tbat he
wa employed at a salary of ttO a month
by Mulhall from 10 to 1011. His work
consisted solely In collecting and mailing
bills, reports snd other Congressional
documents to Interested member of the
National Aesoclattor of Manufacturer.
You ar sure you never sought to ob
tain private Information through the
medium of the page boysT" demanded
Chairman (larrett.
"Certainly not, sir!" replied Mc
Mlchael. "I would not dare to suggest
such a thing to one of the boya and I
would not consider such conduct on my
own part with regard to any member of
th House of Repreaentatlve. I defy Mul
hall or anybody else to produce a single
one of thorn who will substantiate the
statements made by Mulhall."
Mi Mlcli-.el told of meetings In
Frltx Keuter'a Hotel In Washington
between Mulhall, McDermott and him
self. Tte declared that frequently
at these dinners McDermott and
he would rail fur Mulhall to come to the
hotel, aa they both wer without money,
and Mulhall "alwaya supplied the defi
ciency" Mays McDermott Took berk.
The monthly check fur 1125. his salary
as Representative's clerk, wa drawn to
the order of McDermott, and, except fur
110 or III at a time. McDermott kept
the money.
McMlchael waa unable to describe
with any degree of accuracy any occasion
on which money waa given or lent to
McDermott by Mulhall. He aald that th
money waa covertly handed out In th
private dining room of Frit Renter's
Cross-quest lonsd by Repreaentatlve Fer
ris of Oklahoma as to the uses of th
"prlvste conference room" In the Capitol
used by Mulhall, McMlchsel told the
Oklahoma Congressman that Its princi
pal use, an far. as he could sc, waa "to
sleep off drunk In."
McMlchael explained that hi compen
sation waa paid always by Mulhall. One
when he wa In New York he called at
the office of the N. A. M. and endeavored
to collect arrears of salary, but waa In
formed by 3. P. Bird, general manager
of the association, that be waa Col Mul
hull's employe and that he would have
to look to Col. Mulhall for the money.
The same thing waa told him, he aald,
by James A. Kmsry when he endeavored
to collect a telephone and carfare voucher
at Mr. Bmery' office.
In regard tu hie relatione with Jamea
A. Bmsry, McMlchael testified that ha
had met the Washington oounl of th
N. A. M. only twice, that hi sol busi
ness with him waa to telephone him of
committee meeting. hearing and
similar detalla el the House of Repre
sentative business and supply document
of a public character.
Aaother Avlatloa Fatality.
laeticl CaObj 0aM le Tea Sua
lairia, Aug. II. An a roc lea eon
taming Pilot Roejaater and a passenger
named Ruetawrs foil a distance af immv
feet here to-day. Huetger waa klllsl Ual
llovmi'ler Injured.
Report Roe. c. W. Hal
Shot By Brigands.
Boston, Aug. II. A cablegram re
ceived from Constantino to-night con
veyed to the Rev. Dr. Jamea U Barton
of the American Board of Foreign Mis
sions the news that the Rev. Chart N.
Holbrooh of Lynn, art lane ry at Srvaa, In
Asiatic Turkey, haa been shot and killed
at Souchler, Aolatle Turkey, early to
day. Detail af th shooting wore lacking
and Dr. Barton aald that Dr. W. W. Pott,
the secretary of th hoard at Constanti
nople, had advised blm that Dr. Hoi
brook's associate at Blvae, the Rev. Rrnest
C. Partridge, had started for the scene
of the killing to lnvtlgat
Dr. Barton aald that divas and flou
shohlr ar In th wltdeat part of Asistlo
Turkey and that In all probability the
killing waa don by lthr brigand or
robber. He said Dr. Hoi brook waa one
of the young men In the missionary ssr-
rlce, having been but two year at hla
post. At ths Sam tint he aald ha
career waa moat promising snd that he
had rendered Invaluable service smong
the natives there
Dr. Abrahams Again Summoned
to Albany by Her Alarmed
Ai.ssnt. Aug. II. ftov Rulser said it
11 o'clock to-night that Mrs. Bularr was
sleeping under the Influence nf an opiate
administered earlier In the evening by Dr.
Herman Bendel of this elty, who was
called to the Executive Mansion st s
Mr. Sulser said that her condition wis
worse thsn when th last bulletin was
Issued st I IS o'clock In th afternoon
and that he had telegraphed for Dr. Rob
art Abraham of New York to return t
once. Dr. Abraham reached here at mid
night. Mr. Sulser' hysteria grew worse st 7
o'clock and though the Oovernor was With
her he could not be quieted.
A story gained wide circulation in Al
bany to-night that distressed the friends
of Gov. Sulser. It was that Mra. Sulser
Instead of being gravely 111. Is hardly ail
ing at all and that the account of her
breakdown weTe part of a "conspiracy" lo
create nrmpathy for th Oovernor a an
at In hi fight again! retnovat from
Everyone of Ik Governor's friend who
could be seen denied the story with angry
profrsts. They said that Mrs. Sulser waa
suffering from hyrterla In a bad form,
that she waa delirious last night snd that
he kept saying that she waa the rati
of the Governor' troubles because she
hail speculated In stocks without his
ov Sulxer refused to-day to discuss
hla wife's case. He said that her name
must not be us. ,1 gsln In relation to
his troubles. HI friend declare It I
the simple truth that he has reached
the limit of bodily endurance through
having to make hla own fight and to look
after hi wife for hour when he should
be reatlng.
The afternoon bulletin regarding Mr.
Sulr.er's condition read :
' Mrs. Hulier la at III In a precarious
condition. Temperature 102, pulse 116.
and continues psrtly delirious."
Bird of War oa Hla Private ol,
bat He'll Tame It.
Washington. Aug. IS The dove of
pence on William J. Bryan's private seal
has turned out to be a war eagle. Rut
Mr. Ilryan Is confident he can tame the
bird and will not discard hi plsn of
using It a the eal on hla peace treaties.
This mi t ure fake was disclosed by the
curator of the British Museum In the
history of the seal which the British Am
bassador. Nlr Cecil Hirlng-Blre, obtained
fur Mr. Hrynn. The coin from which the
seal was iuken waa picked up by Sec
retary Ilryan In I'ulestlne and was nf
the time of Alexander the Great.
The eagle which Mr. Bryan mistook
for a dovs la not the only warlike figure
on Hie coin. Kelts himself Is seated on a
throne with a aceptTe or "big stick" In
his hand. Also the coin. Secrets ry Bryan
discovered, bears the head of Hercules,
who was -hardly a bearer of the' olive
toother Palally Hart at Half Hid-
den urade Crossing.
Cahkoi.i.ton, Mo., Aug. II. A Santa Pa
fast mall train, running alaty miles an
hour down grade struck an automobile
to-day at a half bidden crossing near
here and killed Ave persona and fatally
Injured a Ninth.
The dead are: Mrs William Roberta,
Mrs. Mabel Warner and H. F. Vanae
venler of Brookfleld, Mo., and Mr. and
Mr. K. It, Forbes of Sacramento, Ral.
William Roberta Is so badly Injured
that he probably will die.
Desgkter af New York Pastor Raa
Dawn Man With ao.
York IIahhom, Me , Aug. I V The Coro
ner will hold an Inquest to-morrow Into
the death hist night of Jamea Curran,
who wss struck early In the week by
an automobile that waa driven by Miss
Ullssbota Perklna, a prominent member
of th summer colony here and daughter
of an Mplacaaal clergyman af New York.
- Mlsa Perkins I popular here. She waa
the moving spirit In the "Htswgtha" pa
geant last summer and the Hulh St.
Inls dancing entertainment this season.
It wa while returning from th utter
that shs ran down Curran aad foroed htm
against hydrant, where he waa pinned
by tlk radiator of the machine.
Blhtabsth Bishop Perkins I th daugh
ter of the Rev J. . Newton Parkin.
corresponding secretary of th church
I building committee of th Protestant
Bptecopal church, ah Is spending th
susjsjii with her family at "Bewail'
Bring." York Village. Me.
Colony In Mnnleh Angry at Her
man CritJelnm of Olive
Acting of Prim Donna 'in
"Triaten nnd Isolde" Seored
InanltJngly by Writer.
.pecfcif fee? ffr to Ta Ivs.
Mi'MlHl. Aug. K, The big American
colony In Munich la up In arms snd has
declared a boycott on the city's Wagner
mualr festival. This baa been caused by
what Is regarded as an Insulting criticism
of ths American prima donna Mme. Olive
PremstaiJ and alleged slur upon every
thing American printed in the Munich
Oaeettr on Tuesday morning.
A committee of Americana hns been
formed which hns announced Its Intention
of asking th American pre to warn
Amerlcsns to avoid Munich hereafter be
cause of Its attitude toward Americans.
Th Wagner opera season opened on
Monday night with the opera of "Tristan
und leolde." In which Kremstail sang
the role of fsoMc. Th critlclam of the
Munich Ontf on the production which
has caused th present resent in i nt waa In
part aa follows :
"In the beautiful Prlni Regent Thea
re. dedicated to German art. there was
nothing of the German to be seen or
noticed. The aplrlt of America over
shadowed everything. In the audience,
where Americans nnd Englishmen pre
dominated. It gave the tone In every
respect on the stage, where an Amcrl-.
can prima donna aa decoy bird (of her
countrymen, who willingly florked there
i the house wa sold out), showed them
how Wagner Is plsyed on the other side
of the big herring pond."
Mme. rcmotad's acting waa char
acterised aa a cut and dried effect of
nice lines and a beautiful costume Art
was overdone In the expression of Intel
ligence of contructlon to the exclusion
of Impulelveneee and everything genu
ine. The paper referred to Mme. Prem
tadt s "naturalistic death study as a
dans du ventre' " and laid the only
oonaollng thought wa the fact that It
was dene by an American but even
that waa half Illusory because of the
danger of contagion In that such a con
ception of Wagner threatens even serious
German Wagner songbirds.
rrlltrlses staalnn of Opera.
Speaking of the staging of the King
tent on the ship the paper said: "What
have Roman atnola. sofa cushions and
bearskins to do In a drama of the soul
which want nothing external or ma
terial? Rut that alio wa along the line
of Americanism, and with the exception
of th boa office that la fatal to every,
thing wherein the world louche Wag
ner." An attempt i being made to con
ciliate Americans by having th paper
print an apology.
Thief With Long Ira (latches Holl
of Bill and Escape.
Ai.aanr. Aug. 11 Poking his long
arm through ths teller's window of the
New York State National Bank of Albany
a thief lifted out several packets of II,
II and ti bills to-dai while several per
sons were looking on uud got away with
Miss (trace Jennings, a stenographer In
th Isw offices of Arnold. Render I Un
man. Was st a teller's window a few feet
away from the man and aa be barked
up after taking the money she screamed
William R. Hleeckar. the teller, who was
working nesr by, dashed through the door,
and several depositor chased the man,
but he was soon lost In the noonday
crowd on State street, the main thorough
rare leading to the Canttnl.
The police were notified and began a
search for the man. who la described as
being about 36 years old. of slim build
and shsrp feature, with a mustache ami
wearing a dark suit snd s Panama hat.
He has not ret been discovered
Alarsa Awakes Household aad Mar
glara are Seared Ara'.
I.swos, Aug. 15. Ths ringing of a
burglar alarm at Bdgecomb, the coun
try place of Mia Clementina Kumiss, at
4 o'clock this morning aroused the house
hold. Two men hsd been trying to
gain admission to the Arst floor of the
villa snd in using a aWe to turn a
window catch touched the wire leading
to th alarm. The men were seen
running from th property.
Two maids In the home of Mr nnd
Mra. Roas W. Whistler on UhUrch Hill
were preparing to leave the house at B
o'clock to go to the village to attend
early mass when they found men st work
cutting a pane of glass from a window
leading Into the dining room. They
alarmed Mr. Whistler and hla son, Ross
T. Whistler, and the thieves were
frightened off.
SImMar attempts were made last week
st- th villa of Mr. and Mra Carl do
Uersdorf and Norman H. Davla in Stock -
Tale Heavy Urade Proa New Hsr.
top aa Their eVbeets.
Nswavaan, N. Y, Aug. I. Hs-old
Drake, Wilbur Pen- and Wllllum D
aritt, bora aboat IS years old, sum
mering at New Hurler, l letsr county. n
teietl tu-day tbe .roo mulna of the New
Tork water supply line at New Hurley
on their bicycles snd made the run
through the line to a point na.' Vail
gate, a short distance from here, where
thev were abt lo gat out.
Drake aald afterward that the ride waa
Interesting, that .there was nd feeling of
fear and that while It wa necessary to
bald thslr whsets In check, there was no
Indication at any time that the bleyile
would get beyond their control
Tile grade between the Aahokan dis
trict snd th Hstfson River I heavy.
Wealth Patls t Save Owner Prew
Term la Prlaaa.
.Toseph Wilson, a wealthy retired busi
ness man living at 412 Ogden avenue, Jer
sey City. wsa sentenced ytrday by
Judge John Wrren In the Pirrt Criminal
Court to six month In the Hudson county
penitentiary for driving hi automobile
while Intoxicated. Wilson admitted no
had been drinking, but Insisted that he
accidentally ran hi car Into a wagon
because he put hla foot on ths wrong
clutch. Nobody wss hurt.
Wilson's counsel appealed to the Judge
to substitute a flue for the Jail sentence.
The court refused, saying :
"There is not one law for the poor
and another for the rich In this court.
I believe this iflan should receive th
limit, which le sis months. The sentence
Judge Warren haa Jual purchased a
touring car himself.
"Ix Women Hurt In Three Days In
lllTh Heels or Tlsrfct khlrts.
The Pennsylvania Railroad yesterday
blamed six accidents to women In three
days to high heels, hohMe skirt, or both.
The story of the accident Is contained
In an official bulletin.
In one caae a woman 0 years old
cnught her heel, a French one. on the
edge of a step while descending a stslr
way m the Broad atreet station at Phila
delphia. In another the first assistant matron
at the Houae of Correction. Philadelphia,
slipped nnd fell down a atalrway In the
station at North Philadelphia. A hobble
skirt was blamed.
Injuries of this kind range from alight
contusions to painful sprains and cuts,
says the bulletin.
Impeachment Denounced hy n Three
I'aranrea Meeting.
R'Tchests. Aug IT.. N'earlv 4. R00
Democrats. Progressives and Independent
Republican! mat In convention hall thl
evening to take action on the Impeach
ment of Oov. Sulaer by the State Aa
seml.ly Xot only was the action of the Assmh!v
condemned but four Republican Aaeembry
men, Phillip, "apisirt. Adler and Hop
kins, who stayed away from the session,
were denounced.
A resolution was adopted by" the meet
ing and will be forwarded lo Oov. Sulser
with a message offering the material and
moral auppnrt of the Monroe county voters
who were present. The meeting was called
hy the chairman of the Progressive and
Democratic orgnnltatlona In Rochester and
some prominent Independent Republican
at the request of hundrede of voter of
Monrt. county.
Assemblyman rlallup a Tmocrat. of
Monroe county, was commended for his
stand against the Impeachment.
I aster. Oerimri HlKhest Peroration
on Fa- I mheaaadnr to Hnsala.
Hoston, Aug. 1", I'urtla ilulld. es-Am-bassador
to Russia, received notification
to-day thnt the Cr.ar of Russia had con
ferred on him the si cond highest decora
tion In his power that of St. Alexander
The notice came from Ambsssador
Hakhmetieff. who la in Newport. Ambaa
aador Rnkhmetleff received the cable
notification from the Hiisslan liepartment
of Slate to-day Hs announced that Mr.
(tuild had been informed of the honor
several dsys ago.
Ambassador and Mme. Hakhmetieff were
the guests of Mr and Mrs. Otilld at their
summer home in Nahnnt earlier this
Rrlllsb nnd Preneh l.laera Race Side
by aide teres s.
The QUdnipl turbine steamship
Krance. swiftest of merchantmen flying
the flog of any Continental nation, came
In yesterday .tust astern of the 'minuter
Mnurelanla, the fastest liner afloat For
a few hours she had shown the Hilton
that French nautical genius Is still a
factor on the sea
Kor three days the two superb filers
were within sight of each other, and at
times they were ho near that a ship's
biscuit might have been tossed from one
deck to the other It was the first time
In the history of the two great lines that
their crack ships had been so long In
company They were In wireless touch
all the way over
The Mauritania la not In trim for rssl
raring, having been a long time out of
dry dock She will have a grooming af
ter her next trip to England. Th aver
age speed of the Krance waa 21.10 knota
and that of the Mauritania 23 4i There
waa only twelve minutes difference be
tween the time of their arrival at ths
Ambrose channel lightship snd less than
an hour separated their arrival at their
dorki, only a block apart.
Madison R. Smith Congemed a Min
ister lo llayll.
Washiniiton. Aug. If, The Senate In
executive session late this afternoon
connrmed th nomination of Paul H
Relnach ;ia Mluisier to China. There
wa no objection to tne nomination
Heuutoi l.a Kollette made a brief state
ment commending th nomination of lir.
Ueliis.li. who is profeesor uf political
economy in the I diversity or Wisconsin.
uther coiitirin.il ion were:
Madison R. Sgetth of Missouri, lo be
Minister to tho II. and William K Cres-
son of Nevunn. secretary or i.egstion at
ymto, Peru, and Jamea J. Walsh, Col
lector of Internal Revenue for Connect!-
Among th postmaster cinllrinad wer
lmn.-l II Mil thews, Harnegat. N. J. ;
Walter K Clayton, OogSn tirovo, N. J,
Princeton Tower Hl hy Bolt.
('Bi-o'aroN, N. J., A iik Hi One of the
stones In th lower on the new Graduate
College of Princeton I'nirerelty was
damaged by lightning during a recent
torsi to such an extent that It will be
necessary to replace It. Th accident will
necessitate the RWnPJiHUUSS t the suaf
foMlna annul the top of the tower. This,
th contractor SSys, can be done, sad the
stone replaced in plenty of time (or I he
dedication thl fail.
Senda a Second Letter De
manding That Sulzer
Surrender Office.
'Td Be Guilty of Malfeasance
if I Accepted Proposal,"
Says Glynn.
He Summons Hprrick and Day'a
Ritttlt Ends In Planning
Next Mov.
Ai.bant. Aug II. Martin H. Olysa
sent to William Sulxer to-night a letter
In which he flatly refused to refer to the
courts the question of who Is the rightful
flovernor of the State of New Tork. Mr.
Ulyrm declared I
"I shall perform every function of the
office of Oovernor except In so far a I
am restrained by your Illegal action ar
by phyalcal force."
Mr. Olynn also aald : "It Is beyond
my power to barter sway any of the
functions attaching to the office In whloh
I am placed by your impeachment."
The acting Oovernor contend that the
Court of Appeals, to which Mr. Sulser
wsnts the issue submitted, ha no right
te Interfere In impeachment proceedings.
The letter was delivered to Mr. Sulser
at the Executive Mansion st ( :2u o'clock
to-night by Mr. Ulynn's secretary, Prank
A. Tlerney.
Mr. Ulynn'a Renlnder.
The letter follow i
"I hav your letter of this date ro
fuelng te comply with my demand, this
day served upon you. that you surrender
to me. tour aucceaeor In rxerrlalng the
functions of tht office of Oovernor, the
Oovernor privy seal, the Kxecutlve
Chamber, snd the books and papers ap
pertaining to uch office of Oovernor.
At th end of your letter thus refusing
you suggest thst step be taken to
secure a decision by some court as to
which one of ua l entitled to exercise
the duties of the office
"I khoa- of no way hv which I could
make, and no condition that would Justify
me in making, any such stipulation. The
Constitution was designed to, and I am
advised and believe J, specifically and
completely rover the Juncture now exist
ing and le supplemented hy statute
psssed by the Legislature and now in
force. It Is beyond m power to bsrter
away any of the functions attaching to
the ante In which 1 am placed by your
ImpSThmint Any attempt on my part
to do so. or to stipulate a method bv
whloh It might be done, would properly
place me In the position you now occupy
that of being Impeached for malfea
sance in office. I cannot and will not at
tempt to do it.
"Th .utile matter Is now In the high
est court of the State the court of im
peachment the most august body known
to our System. No order thnt ihiv lower
court could make, rtn Judgment that It
could render, would have the slightest
binding force upon this high court.
"No member of the Court of Appeal.
certainly no member nf the lower body,
the Supreme Court, can. In any drgrre.
nor under anv circumstances. Interfere
with the Jurisdiction or the decision of
such court of Impeachment, save and
gave only as th m mber of the court of
Appeals shall cast their Individual VOtCf
as such members of the court.
, "Katllr" tttempt.
"The decision of the court of liopcnch
meut once mode Is landing on every OOUrt
and every person In the Ktate and mutt
lie so respected and treated Any attempt Ut
Interfere with the Jurisdiction or the pros
deeding of such court of Impeachment
by any inembei of any lower court and
every other court In the mate I a lower
one Would be as futile aa, would an at
tempt of a Justice of the peace to enjoin
the Chief .fudge of the Court of Appeal
from exercising hi functions es Chief
"The Constitution has fixed this ss ths
only win for the settlement of the mat
ter now pending 1 know of no other, end
I mtiHt, therefore, decline to enter Into
any stipulation whatever with you on the
subject. I hold myself In readiness to
perform, and shall perform, every func
tion of the office of Oovernor, except In
an far aa t am restrained by your illegal
action, or by physical force.''
The letter was signed :
' 'Maktin H. Oi.tnv.
"Acting ilovernnr."
Mr Olynn in this letter answered the
question which everybody In Albany haa
been asking all afternoon, namely what
he was going tu do about Mr Sulxera
proposal that the lawyers for both sides
arrange a test esse to be laid before
extraordinary sessions nf the Appell.it
Division of the Supreme Court end ths
Court of Appesl.
There was no Intimation from Mr
Olynn to-night as tu what his next atep
will be. Mr. Sulxer still haa possession
of the Kxecutlve offices, the privy seal
and documents neeeesary to the business
of the State. He haa given notice that
h will hold on.
sulser Hnexniaas Merrick.
Judge nCedy lleruek. Mr Suliri'a
counsel, was called to I tie Oovernor's
horns as soon as the letter was received
He und Mr. Sulser had a long talk, at the
end of which Judge Derrick said that
there wss nothing to give out.
So the Stale continue to have two
Oovernors. It I expected that to-mut-ruw
Mr Olynn will sign a lot of paper.
.and iln considerably mme as acting Ukv
ernor (han he did to-day
Mr. Olynn holds to his Intention not a
try a ftkrelbl IflgUM of the Uovrnigr'a
office, no matter what haniavts. He haa
been ure1 b many lawyer In addi
I., his immediate adir that Mg
position Is sound In svery way. H feel

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