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Fair and cooler ro-d
Detailed wenher
VOL. LXXX.- NO. 362.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, AUGUST 28, 1913. ?j.vh. im. n mm -d puw.m, A..onal.n.
fjgBair tcisiBorrow.
j4 bm '
Wants Friendly Bodies to
Combine With Shovel
a II in Kmhlem.
He Accepts Tammany Back
iiiff, nml Many Fusion
latl Assail Him.
Priss ran diltifs nml (alls
for Solid Front Against
Tn in many.
Fire Commissioner Johnaon, c am-
Pal :n ma gor for Mayor Oayaor, gave
ojt a letter from the Mayor laat night,
lit which the latter urged all nrgnnirji
tiona that are working for his reelection
lo combine under the shovel a un em-
n. Ron Applet on said that thla
Would be dona and headquarter opened I vehement proteat of the committee, aaldi
la-day. He declired that the Mayor!1 " unaware of the fVaeon for the
Will go Into the Agin with hla old time I arrest, but would order an investigation,
spirit. On member of Parliament waa ahot re
I'har.e B, Whitman accepted the ' ''""' Tlentaln by order of the Oover
Tammany nomination for District At-1 ""r- Th" rnttl' """ ,h m"n " "Ht
torney. Many fuslonlsts at once us-1 ,H'", maJ'' 'mM1
sailed htm and bewailed the sidetrack
ing of the police Issue and the brruk
in the fusion lineup, other ftistonleite
and Republicans approved hla action.
Col. Roosevelt, back from the Went,
came out strongly for the fusion ticket
In cable to Comptroller rcnderguat,
who I at Leipzig, Germany.
He praises John Purroy MItchel for
declining to forsake McAneny and
Prendergost for the Independence
League ticket, and urged Mr. Prender
gast not to run on any other ticket than
the fualon. He said that all should
unite to fight Tammany.
John Purroy MItchel haa not signi
fied whether or not he will accept th
Independence league nomination.
Waal Prleaalr Uraraalaatloaa ta
omblne I af r tbe !.'
Mayor Oaynor wrote a short letter
yeaterday to K. Koaa Appletou, chairman
of the Claynor League, advlalng all the
organisations which have come ut for
hla renomlnutlon to combine, air. Appleton
assumed thla letter to be documentary evi
dence that the Mayor tntemla to run.
Robert Adamaon. the Mayor' secretary,
and Mre rommtsHloiicr Joseph Johnaon.
the Oaynor campaign manager, went down
to Ht. J a me yeaterday, where the Mayor
Is taking a rest. They said that th Mayor
waa piqued when he waa told that there
were people In till town who were wait
ing for a definite personal aaeurance from
him that he would run.
Thla la the letter which Mr. Adamaon
brought back to Mr. Appleton, a he mad
It public laat night at th Hotel Mrealln :
"I underatand that different organlsa
tlona have procured about 30.000 signa
tures to petition for my nomination for
Mayor, but under different emblem. I
cannot too strongly urg that all thee
organisation be brought together under
one emblem, namely, the ei..blem of th
Bare Garaae Will Raa.
Mr. Appleton met Mr. Johnson and Mr.
Adamaon at the Brcalln. After he had
talked with them he told how sure he was
that Mr. Oaynor Intends to run again for
Mayor of New York.
"We have opened permanent headquar-
tere at the Hotel Mrealln." he aald. "which
will be In charge of Joseph Johnson
chairman of the campaign committee. We
Intend to proceed aa rapidly aa poaalble to
bring, together all of the organizations
favoring Mayor Oaynor'a reelection and
now procuring elgnaturee under different
emblema and to unite their effort In se
curing signature under the emblem of th
"We have deckled upon thla coura at
th suggestion made to me by Mayor
Oaynor In hi letter to-day. In order to
secure harmony of action to this end a
conference of the varloua Oaynor organi
sations haa been called at th Hotel Bres-
lln to-morrow evening at o'clock.
"In this connection I wish to make it aa
emphatic as possible that Mayor Oaynor
has entered this right with his old time
vigor and spirit and will make the race
at th head of a complete ticket, from
Mayor to Aldermen. When Mr. Johnaon
and Mr. Adamaon visited the Mayor at
HL Jam to-day h expressed astonish
ment that any on doubted hi deter
mination to run.
tateaseat Neat Week.
"The Mayor aald he would be In tha
city early next week and that he would
then make a full statement of hi posi
tion. Ha expected to be In th city to
day, but he haa been suffering from a
recurrence of throat trouble due to hi
wound, which will necessitate hi re
maining at fit. James th rest of th
Mr. Appleton would not say how many
of the fusion candidate would b asked
to go on tha Oaynor ticket But ha was
sura that hla committee would be able
to bring about real fusion by themaelvee.
"A a matter of fact," ha aald, "we ar
th only real fusion committee."
Herman Bidder, R. Rosa Appleton,
chairman of th Oaynor league; Klre
'ommlseloner Joseph Johnaon and g
ongressman William 8. Rennet, who la
ring to load Republican Into the Oay-
JT (old, had a talk yeaterday about tha
ayor's plans for a campaign.
Mr. Bonnet fought MItchel nomlna-
on In th Republican city committee,
nd whan he loot set about flndhig an-
other candidate for the Republican to
Oanllmxd en FourtA Page,
Atrial CnMe netaalrh to Tun Si s
Pbkik, Aug. 2T. The German crulaer
Urosse Emdt-n bombarded on of the '
fort on the Tanta rtiver between Nun.
kin and ki aea. Mm
twenty-alx ihclla silenced the rebel bat-
The bombardment wn th outcome of
an attempt on the part of the rebel to
tranaport troop to Nankin aboard a vea
el which flaw th German nig without
authorliatlon. Th commander of the
Wroeae Kmden lent a boat' crew to order
the flag hauled down. When thla action
waa noticed on ah ore th rebel fort
opened fire with rifle and cannon on the
Groeee Kmden's boat. The Herman com
mander thereupon ordered hi gunnere
to ahell th fort. He eaya he acted only
In self-defence.
Desperate lighting between the rebel
and the northern troop I reported In
deapatchea from Shanghai which aay that
there have been enormoua losses on both
In Pekln there la a panic among the
membera of Parliament owing to the ar
reft of aeveral of the delegatea. Nine
were arretted to-day, making a total of
twenty-nn alnce the erlala began. The
frlenda of the men under arreat believe
that they will be put to death Many of
the deputlea have fled to the aouth.
The Senate aent the Speaker and Deputy
Speaker aa a comjeilttee to aacertaln from
President Yuan Hhlh-k'al why the arrests
were made and If he wanted the assistance
of Parliament In running th Government.
The Henate and the Assembly decided not
to reconvene unleaa Yuan told them he
needed their aid. Yuan, replying to the
Drags Wife of Kaiser Fourth
Son From Auto Follow
ing Collision.
Asrcia raMr Dnpatfh lo Tar si m
Posen, Aug. 27. Crown Princess Fred
erick William saved her alster-ln-law,
Princess August William, from serious In
jury at thr festivities here to-day when
the Kaiser came with his family to cele
brate Pruaalan dominion oven thla old
Polish city.
Prlneeaa August Wllllnni had entered an
automobile outside the city hall whn the I
horaea of one of the royal cnrrlages bolted,
driving the carriage pole through the side
of the automobile. The frown Princess,
standing beside the auto, saw the danger
and grabbed her later-ln-law and dragged
her to safety aa the pole struck the ma
chine. The Kaleer opened the restored Raths
haua In the Alter Markt to-day. The
Itathahaue was originally a Uothlc edifice,
but waa rebuilt In the Renaissance stvle
after a Are In UK and haa been con
siderably altered again In the laat few
year. The Kmperor also attended the
opening of the new chapel In the royal
In hla formal apeech at the ceremonlea
attending the opening of the Kathshuua
the Kaiser referred to the part he has
taken In the development of the city In
ordering the fortifications to the west of
the River Warthe removed In 1S07. He
congratulated Poaeii on making herself
beautiful "alnce the time when 1 freed
her from the strong girdle of the old forti
fication" and hoped the Rathahaus would
henceforth be a witness to the harmonious
sense of the community and real love for
the Fatherland. "Then thoae who delib
erate therein." he added, "can In- certain
of my paternal favor."
French oasssr Wilts ta Prodace
Special CeDis OesascA fa Tat Sex.
Ht. raHaHlian Aug. 17. A French
company ha made application to the
Russian Government for the right to
glv olograph entertainment on trains
of the Trane-Blberian Railroad and other
tralna which make Journey of more than
twenty-four hour.
Th company proposes to supply special
cars If the project Is entertained favor
Dan Skoals "Help!" Then tiers I
AM of Drowning Mas.
Don. the talkinar dog, who haa been
appearing In vaudeville for aeveral months.
covered himself with glory yeaterday eve
nlng. He waa on the beach near the
ahelburna Hotel. Coney Island, when he
aaw a awlmmor throw up hi hand and
Don promptly ahouted "Help!" as loud
a he oould and then plunged through
the aurf to the drowning man. He pulled
the ewlmmer ISO feet back toward a bore
Than Mounted Policeman Rdward Cody
got out to th man and the dog and
brought tfhom In to shore.
Dona regular vocabulary Is eight Her
man words and th Imagination need to
be stretched before the average hearer
la aur that ho I saying anything. Mia
Mar the Heberaxod own Don and ahe ap
pear with bun.
I.eydea Ualveralty ('eater oa Hint
Degree of Grant Merit.
Sptcimt Cbl Unpatch to Ta Bus.
London. Aug. IT The Ieyden L'nl.
varsity haa conferred the degree of doc
tor, bonorle cauaa. on Hentaor Kilhu
Root of New York. Prof. Renault and ih.
late Toole Aaeer, winner of the Nobel
prise for work In behalf of peace In 1111.
Senator Root was represented at the
conferring of degree to-day by hi secre
tary. Brown Scott. Among others hon.
ored by the university are Uoyd Bryos,
the American sflnlater to The Hague, and
other envoy and members of the perma
nent peace tribunal st The Hague.
It la on very rare occasion that the
degree of doctor, honoris causa, 1 con
ferred; by the university.
GOT $5,000 CHECK
m mi. -a n a a..
1 "rK" 1 I'O.vmPIlT
for Putting Through a Claim
Against the State.
Levy Saya 'Twas a Proper Legal
Fee Arnold Spends Honrs
With Whitman.
I.ynn J. Arnold, partisan of Gov Su iter,
who ha been In New York since last
Monday with the announced purpose of
placing before District Attorney Whitman
evidence on which, aald Mr. Arnold, men
high tn the counclla of Tammany Hall
would be Indicted, met Mr. Whitman yea
terday afternoon.
The two men were" together In Mr.
Whitman's home all the afternoon. At the
ronclualon of the conference Judge Whit
man refuaed to aay what they had dls
cuaaed or what evidence Mr. Arnold hail
given him.
Mr. Arnold, however, waa willing to tell
something of what had gone on. In the
course of an uniattefartorv interview with
Ik. SlillM u-l.ll. U A
... "" " .. .
noui ireuuemiy rerusen to give ueiaua or
hla evidence, he aald that he had preaer.ted
PfOOf to Mr. Whitman that Aaron J.
Levy, majority leader In the Assembly, (he I
man who moved for ths Impeachment of .
Gov. Sulser, had wrongfully accepted ,ri,000.
Mr. Levy aald In Albany laat night 'hat
he had received th. 15.000 referred to by
Mr. Arnold, but that It waa given to him
for his services aa a lawyer and waa a
legitimate fee fir legitimate aervlcea Mr.
Levy alao aald that Judge Arnold's mom
waa not a true presentation and that
Judge Derrick had advlaed lov Hulaer
that the transaction was perfectly legiti
mate. I sported Allegations.
Mr. Arnold's story to the newspaper
men, which COT red his ta'k with Mr
Whltmsn, more In the nature of j
statement Ihgt eclair allegation which
he made were true, than an attempt to
ussibi inws oi iiieni. .iien nurjiniiifu
on some points of his simp he frequently
said. "Youll tav to Hftd tha, on, for
yourself." and nt the end of the Inter -
VteW Ills charges had not been backed up
by any tanglblw evlienr.
Mr. Arnold sill tha the transaction
Ten inn oi LM aiiemDl UI rieuerica,
Skene, who was atat Engineer under
Qov. Hughes, to get from the State money
he had spent In defending himself against
criminal chargaa.
Skene was charged In June. 1910. with
having added $t.00u to a bid for conlruct-
ir.it a State mail In Nassau county. The
bid waa made hy It. a r.ueeall OotstraotfnS
Company and It vas charged that SUene I
had allelic..! to accept their raised bid.
that he was to s.ct s,00n of the Increase, j
and the contracting company the olh.-i
I.. OHO for permit tin r him to do It
Skene was put on trial In Beptember.
Ifin, on one of seventeen Indictments
which had been found against him. Will,
lum Travers Jerome di feuded him. and
he waa gqqdlttodi Th other bulletin. nils
were nut pressed. These statements are
Judge Arnold said that the V- Uuo which
Levy received grew out of an attempt
made by Skene to get the State to re
imburse him for his costs In proving him
self Innocent of the charge. Skene, said
Arnold, had apent tlt.uuo on his trial
He tried to lime the Legislature pay this
hack to him.
The State Pays BlH.ooo.
He tried In 111 and 112. but couldn t
Induce the State to pay him. Then lie
went to Assemblyman Levy, aaya Judge
Arnold, and the Asseinl.lv man agreed to
have the money paid to Hkene. but wanted
Sa.OVO for hla influence.
Hkene felt that waa too much, said
Arnold, and when he protested Levy said
It could be fixed all right j they would
make the State pay Hkene 116.000 for hi
claim and Hkene would get Itl.AOu and
Levy ID, 000. The charge was put In the
supply bill and late In .)ay or early In
June the bill waa passed. The State paid
111,000 to Hkene, and Hkene turned over
I a. 000 to Levy.
Judge Arnold aald that he had turned
over to Mr. Whitman a "certified ropy of
a check." He aald this check was made
by A. J. Herniteln, a New York lawyer,
and was payable to Skene. Arnold thinka
It waa on the National Nassau Rank.
Thta check, aald Arnold, was indorsed
by Hkene over to Aaron .1. Levy, and
there wa also this note:
"This Is In full payment of services In
aeveral actions In the Supreme Court In
Judge Arnold added rt thla point that
It wa hla theory that this check for 16.000
waa Hkene'a payment to Levy for illegal
Newspaper H retires.
Newspaper clippings show that Aaron
J. Levy appeared In the Supreme Court on
March 0, 1011, as counsel for Skene an I
aaked Juatice Cheater to quash the sixteen
remaining Indictments against him. At-torney-Oeneral
Carmody told the court
that It waa his belief that convictions
could not be obtained and Justice Cheater
dismissed the Indictments.
Abraham J. Bsrnsteln, an attorney of
102 Broadway, where Aaron Levy's office
Is located, lives at 126 Van Buren street.
Brooklyn. It was said at his home last
night that It wa ht birthday and he had
gone to Coney Island to celebrate.
District Attorney Whitman would not
discuss last night the "evidence" sub
mitted by Judge Arnold. He aald that
Mr. Arnold would see him again to-day.
and had promised to bring aeveral wit
nesses for examination In the District
Attorney' offices.
"Are the Arnold disclosures likely to
affect your attitude toward tha Tam
many nomination?" Judge Whitman was
asked. He replied, "Not nt nil."
Aj.hant. Aug. 17 Assemblyman Aaron
J. Levy declared to-night that the Arnold
atory of hla receipt of is.noo from Skene
is not a true interpretation of the trans
action. Levy stated that he tried to get
the Attorney-Oeneral to dlemiae seventeen
Indictments again,. Hkene for acta com.
mltted while he waa State Engineer
after Skene had been tried upon on
of th Indictment and there waa a fail
ure of conviction.
Odd. Are 5 to 4 Wntr of 6JBOO oa
Bntlre Tesnaaany Tlckrt.
Election odd quotlnt MoCell aa favor -It
In the Mayoralty race are being quoted
In cafe In th financial dlatrict. The
odd on McCall'a winning are 5 to 4.
while odd ar M at I U
II again
MItchel winning and IH lo 1 agalnit
flay nor winning.
M I aald that a bet waa made yseter
day of 1500 even that the entire Tarn
many ticket would be elected and another
of 200 even money that McAneny would
noj be elected
Architect Lowell Sabaalte Modlgra
tloa ol Clrealar Building.
Th County Court Houae Board, under
wlioe dlreotlon Guy Lowell I changing
hla plana for the new court houae which
were originally drawn for a circular build
Ing, mat yeaterday and drawing of aome
of th modification wore submitted to
them. No aotlon waa taken.
It la Improbable that the modified plana!
will be mad public before September ik
The board yesterday took the initial i
tep In making room for the new building
by advertising for bid for tearing down 1
building on th court houae alte.
1 a. I .
.'resilient a
Daughter I'licon-
sfiotis for Half Hour Wii
Hiding With Snyre.
p. ... ,.. .,. ... ,
" Aug. It- Miss Jesal.
' of the Pr. ald-nt. ws.
i ,hrown rro" her horee here yeaterday
! afternoon and painfully injured. She was
out riding with her fiance, Francis II
Sayre of New York, ami had fallen some- I
what behind him when the accident oc- I
Mies Wilaon waa unconaciuiia for more '
than half an hour. She is now at liar- !
lakenden. the summer home of the Wll
Oh family, at I'ornlsh. N. H. Word from;
there to-night aald that her hurta were J
not serious, but thst she Is suffering from
j LruhlM, Bml win llt. ranflned to he
bed 1
(w some time
j , ,
'' " "f
1 wneu j
j he came upon a young woman dresaed I
In a riding habit and lying beside the;
I road. He Jumped out and was trying to I
rsi-le hf.r when u vminif mun im un.
galloping up
He told the doctor he was Mr Sa re
. . , I
President Wilson. She was revived after,
. , , .in '
half an hour and taken home Her nance
I was lowing up when a riderless nor rani
past him He recognised It M:s Wil
son's and hurried back
The I'resld-iit did not know of the acci
dent until to-night, as id. family did not
wish to alarm him while he was con
corned In the Mexican ctis.s
Mis Wilson .is told b) telephone and
went to the scene In an automobile In
which her daughter was taken I
Jam un lloboben Pier I nprecedenled
In lllalory of the Port.
The Hamburg-American giantess im-
perator, with T 7 saloon. i 7 7 second i
cabin, till third class and 1.1.11 steerage
Quarantine yesterday afternoon
docked after dark at Hobetten. Surveyor
Henry was at the pier with ISO inspect
ors, who worked hard and willingly but
were unable to get through With the ex
amination of several thousand trunk un
til after midnight this morning It a
the most olossal night tnsk tic customs
men ever hsve tackled. The Jam on the
pier was unprecedented in the history
of the Hrt.
Tin big ship's trip was slower than
her preceding one to the westward, aver
aging 21.69 knots. She was forced to
alow down by fog off the Hanks.
nr. Oliver C. Smith of Hartford, one
of a more of American physicians re
turning from the London Medical Con
gress, was III several days and sent a
wireless to his brother, Winchell Smith,
the playwright, who got the Impression
that the doctor was In a critical condi
tion. Aa a matter of fact Dr. Smith
waa only slightly III.
One Killed and Three Injnreit. Wall.
Driver Kerapea.
(iKsavA. W, Y. Aug. 27. One person
waa killed and three were Injured seii-
ously when an automobile turned over on
the Canandalgua turnpike about one mile
sci v. nei e muni) unci n o ciock to-
night h ive women were In the car.
Miss Alma Wolf of Kaat Newark waa
killed and the Misses Emma and Madeline
Lake and Ml. Nellie Olmstead are In
the City Hospital with aerloua InjUrlaa. I
Mr, ollle Schumann, who wa driving,
escaped unhurt I
Preston Ulbaoa AUo Pantehed. While
Hamilton Flak. Jr., Oete Delay.
Sai.em, Mass., Aug. 27. William M.
Wood, Jr., eon of President Wood of tho ,
American Woolen Company, Boston, waa 1
'X&ttuZZ I
"rror;1:, Pi.yM J
Waahlngton. wa fined 110 for operating,
an automobile without a license and $26 I
for overspeedtng In Mancheeter on August
It had been planned to arraign Hamil
ton Fish, Jr., on a charge of overapeedlng
an automobile In Manchester, but Chief
of Polloe Sullivan received a telegram
from Fish dated Harrison. N. V , which
stated, among other thing, "I regret ex
tremely that I mtesed the train for Ikia
ton. If you will continue my cose until
September I, will be In court.'
The caae of Robert C. Paine, son of
Robert Treat Paine of Boston, charged
with overapeedlng an automobile In Man
chester, U assigned for trial Septci.
bar I.
par caa of I glee stsesered battle. -Ada,
The Chief Points m Presidents
Policy and in Gamboa's Reply
These are the salient points of the United States polity in Mexico as
announced by President Wilson:
Under no circumstances to he "the partisans to either party to th contest
that now distracts Mexico, or constitute ourselves the tirtual umpire between
To observe the strictest neutrality.
To urge earnestly all Americans to leave Mexico at once, and to assist
them to get away in every way possible.
To warn every one who assumes to exercise authority in Mexico that this
Government will watch the fortunes of Americans who cannot get away and hold
those responsible for their sufferings and losses to a definite reckoning.
That the door is not closed against the resumption o) effort to bring order
out of the confusion by friendly cooperative action.
Senor Camboa in his reply rejecting all the American proposals sug
gested the following alternative policy for the United States:
That the United States receive a Mexican Ambassador at Washington.
That an American Ambassador be sent at once to Mexico city without
That this Government enforce the neutrality laws.
That the lluerta Government be recognized unconditionally.
He qualifies as humiliating the proposals made by President Wilson.
Bryan's Statement Concerning
Communication Is Kegnnlni
as Sio-iiififHiif.
Message Will HllVe No Inline-
diate Effect on New
Policy of I'. S.
WaaHINOTONi Aug 27 Anothei turn
Cam In the Mexican situation late Ij-
night when Secretary of Statu III van
announced he had fC erred from John
I.ind. th President'! st lal envoy, i
summary or
i lovernment
HuertaM last note to tins
As a r. suit of tins com
munication Mr Hi van characterised the
'situation us "encouraging."
1 This statr-ntnt b Mr Bryan waa re
garded as s gnl(a:lltli lp to th.s tlmi
he had refund ti commit himself on the
Mexican Situation bey 1 salng ihat I
as unchanged. The fact that lie was
willing to annoui.ee ihat it was "en-
tin belief thai lluerta
ubatantlal ground for
has given some
Mr. Bryan dec
way whet her Ht
sioiis ni wii.it a
ed to Indicate in nn
ta hid m.ule OOtlceO'
the basis of ins en-
com agemi nt
The note, p si, miliar
of which vas
communicated to Mr. Bryan, was sent Id
. m 1 1.... ... VI.. I I ... I -.1 V'.r.i rtl 111
.""I l.ll IVIIIMI ... , ... .....
h Preslilert Hurta l ist night. President
j Wilson had waited anjlouel? for Mine
; wold In regard to this note, but when H
i failed to reach her by 1 o'clock in thi
I afternoon hi felt he could IW longer post
I pons his address to Congress,
The lliietia cote is In repl) to SUPPI
'ni.- by John
' mentarr rt on si ntat Ion mi
Prelident Wllaotl to-day did not
know the character of these reprcaen tu
itions, except thai thes were In absolute
I conformity with the original principles of
j Liud's mission.
It is possible Ihat if lluerta has glv. n
the i'niteil Stales am substantial encour
agement lards sts) at Vera Crui may
he prolonged, but this will not be known
'until the full ti t Of th Huiiia note is
I received.
The iHtest not will have no immediate
effect on the new policy proclaimed by
President Wilson to day,
Marrheaii Hss (ierinano Ulva l.esaou
of li. ii P.sperleiicr.
The Marchess Han Qerntano, for
merly Miss Virginia Hog. of Loulaville,
Ky , who arrived yeaterday b) the Cu-
! narder Iveriila. says she will seek legal
T .T nuasmmi anssHasi
n.a.w.uims-, e.,,.-
""" " ' uropean
,"'' ' "
nonor oi mi' nun loieiKiier is uiu.T-
lil I inn Mini m ine ii.eiiise smericail
bushand. Women and gambling occupy
most of the time the titled foreigner doe
not spend with in American bred wife.
I am tired of sharing my husband with
another woman."
The starch has been married three
... hm, ..i
Mailed atod and links,
Nkwimht. It. I . Aug. 27 - - As inyateri-
ously as they disappeared last Sunday
ingm ine sapphire shirt stud and diamond
atuddtd cuff links stolen with tt dies
shut from a aull caae while Louis H.
Bruguiere was dining with Mr. and Mrs.
Alfred tJ. Vunderbilt cume buck to-day.
The Jewelry was returned In a special de
livery mall package There wna no note.
Mr. Hrugulere la very happy to have
hla Jewelry back evtn If the dress shirt
waa not returned. There Is un Idea that
tho articles wore taken by some practical
Joker. That Mr. Bruguiere should have
lost hla property at Oakland Farm natu
rally gave Mr. and Mrs. Vandcrblll much
concern und they had Instituted a (earcli
for the missing property.
"Herald" Hears That Mexican Pre.l.
dent Will lotd,
The Now Yorli BettM prints this morn
ing n despatch from Vera Crux, saying:
Mexico of her own a ird will Hrcept
the good offices of President Wilson In
settling her Internal troubles.
"That was conveyed In a message re
ceived by John l.Ind this afternoon from
the (.iovcrnment In Mexico city.
Mr and Mrs. I.ind will return to the
Mexican capital on Friday, and the first
Work of President Wilson s personal rep
resentatlve will be to get the lenders of
all factions and parties together and
name their candidates for the Prealdency
and Vice-Presidency. Kqual suffrage and
fair count win be the aim of Mr. Und."
Va Caoa, Aug. 27. The departure
of John 1 ..nd la uncertain, as he haa made
no definite arrangements. He seems to be
waiting definite Instructions from Wsah-
......... ..." tn.,. appear to lie,
waning action by Huerta.
Itate Departaaeal llenr That Rebel
Have tola led American (tight..
vVaihinutox, Aug 27 I'realdent Wll-1
sot S ali'itiilli. .-ri.er.t ih.i ik. i"..t...a
.... r"",r
i, .. t '..i.i .
u.noiu io a aennite reottonlna all nee. .
son. s..,.m(..- , '.Koning ail per- mwg nJ , prtvtM shipments of
sum assuming to rxerela authority in ....
l . .. . ' . '" arms across the border If it appears
alexl u who ur.- responsible for losses u,,u
. . . ... neeeaaary additions also will bi made tn
uifeilni lu Vmmiigna bids fair to li,. , . ,
Ibiouahj . . ,,. ..k , i . he aectlon of the Atlanta fleet now in
l vi uuajM to an .j 1 1 v test .
I The state Department announced this ' M"""U" " '" "" "'"
afters n that tbe American Rmeltlng and Wrtur. of Americans r, , th. Uulf
Hefliiliig L'ompanj bad bean forced by Dort"'
rebel leader lo manufaottir cannon In I Uui "' mor' lmm"te imporuaca
hop a. Velardena, Tins plainly ,h,n :"'v "'' the ,tp" s "" lkllhood
constitutes u violation of Amerloan rights. I "'" Htates nt have the
Details ..r uurrence have not been "Miperetlon ot the Powera of the world
received The barest statement f it was '" """ cntbargo on shipments of erma
iii elved r um th vmerican Conaul ai and ammunition Into Mexico, Intimation
I I'uiango. were throw n out to-night ic Henatoi
W ishington win winch with interest for! Bacon, chairman of the : orelgn Rein-
i steps In lie taken by the I'nlte.l States tlona Committee, and by Senator Lodge,
In holding these rebels "to a definite ranking Republican member of that com-
I Caat)aa "Hector al HI Pnso (lets
I list ructions Prom Wilson.
r.l. Paso. T. X.. Aug. 27 Before read
ing lus message to Congress to-due preal
lent Wilson s. nt ni eaanallv ilnsl
telegram to the customs collector here
ordering the
mliargo on anna anfl am-
munition replac
it once and that it
be not raised again under any considera
tion. This follow, d the President's ord. r re
ceived last Satlirilnv nerinltlinv h SXajI.
erala to get 600,000 rounds of ammunl-
tlon and 1,000 rifles across the river
before the troop train left for Chihuahua,
Juares bad an intervention scare to-
day when a train carrying the remaining
euir.ii troops out or the town was made I
up nml the
nglne placed under a full :
I head of steam. The mov
report that the President
tarted the
message tn
I Contrega would mean n declaration of
war and Ihat all Federal troops would be
hurried to Chihuahua lo strengthen the
garrison there, where the first reslstsnoe
to the Invaders waa made.
Two 1 ncles e Ansrsthetlc to A p.
pen .licit I. Sufferer.
lir.WKB, Aug 27. -Karl Perkins. l
year old. was operated upon for appendi
citis to-day by his fathar. J. M. Perklna
Mayor of this city.
Hla uncles, Dr. C. C. and Dr. I H Per
kins, administered the an. esthetic
Kob.iMH.kka I. earns Mrs. Mabler Has
110,000 Income Herself.
."perutl Cable Detfmtch la Ta gts
Visnva. Aug. 27 Becau of circum
stances which bear a close relation to the
plot of "The Merry Widow," the projected
marriage of Mr. Ouitave Mahler, widow
of the composer, who was formerlv con
ductor of the New York Philharmonic
orchestra, and Ihe famous painter, Ko
koschka, has been broken off. Mr. Ko
koaebka says in explanation :
"1 huve Just learned that Mrs. Mah
ler haa un Income of 110,000 a year from
the estate of her late husband I think this
Is too much, so 1 won't many her."
Gustav Mahler died at Vienna on lis,
lit tun iMvlrni a ,irf... i ..
year-old daughter. He waa brought 10
the I'nlled States by Heinrich Cnnrled
during the last year of his Impresarloibip
at the Metropolitan Opera liouav,
Ntn-Intetfemiee Bub nml
: strictest Neutrality to
' Be Observed.
U. & Offers Money and War
ships to Help Them
Get Out.
Diplomatic Agents Informed of
Change More Troops to
lie Sent to Border.
WAaHIKOTON, Aug. 27. From the State
Department deapatohes weal out tonlght
to ail American diplomatic and consular
agents in Mexico Informing them ot the
new policy proclaim..! by President Wil
son toward the southern republic ami
giving them di tlnlie Inatrui Hon as to how
this policy shall be carried out.
with the issuance of those despatches
the United stutes entered upon a new
relationship with the Mexican republic.
A strict embargo Will le maintained by
civil and military officials against the
shipment of arms or munition- of war
across the border or from any Annrican
port into Mexico.
Tile diplomatic agents of this Oovern-
merit have been directed to warn all Amer
icans In Mexico thai officials of th I'nlte.l
I States be! eve they can remain there no
j lorger with safety ami to urge their Im
mediate withdraw. il The American ren-
! resentatlves In Mexico are notified further
that this Government stunds ready to
facilitate the exodus in every way possible,
even to the extent of supplying money and
warships for their trunaportatlon.
Mexican Authorities Warned.
('lose on the heels of these Instructions
to American diplomatic and consular rep
reaentatlvea will come an imphntic note
from thla Government to all civil and
military authorities of every faction In
Mexico. This note will serve notice that
the leaders will he held Personally
countable fur any Injure to Americans and
damage to thflr property.
These first Heps in the new potli y
probable will tie strengthened within a
few ilavs by the despatch of an additional
military force to the border. The purpose
of this mi iVf.m-.nt ..f tenons .. ill I... ....... I-
1 to enforce ino ic stringc. ill- lhen.it- lit
llllttce. that Flch
i course would be the
r i ;o i rnmnnts to foi-
loglcal one for olh
Prealdenl Wilaon has mad it known
thai iue I'niteil Htates ha had th moral
jsnppi.it of several of the great Powers
j in the mediation negotiations, and ti is
the gereral belief now that these fjov-
, ernmenta will lend a helping hand to the
, t'nited States in . uttlng "ft military sup-
! plies from Mexico. if this course is
adopted by other tuitions Mexico will
Indeed find herself Isolated ami when
her supple of ammunition is exhausted
I wl" l" '" ,,lr" '" ',,"lln"'"
i "'rv "" ""' ""''rn:l1 wnrfaie without
gunpowder and bullet.
Copies of the Instructions nt out to
American representative w ill be foi .
warded lo all diplomats In Washington
i tnklna this action President Wllu.
may convey to the Puwcra an Intimation
thai cooperation with the I'nited States
In lis policy of neutrality would be wel
comed by this Government.
Diplomatic llelatlons I nchanged.
Meanwhile. Secretary of state Hi in
ays. the routine diplomatic relations be.
tWeen the United States and Mexico will
remain unchanged John land, unless late
developments have changed the situation,
will soon depart for the United States,
but other diplomatic representatives will
remain In Mexico. The Mexican eh a
also will remain at Washlnirton
It Is acknowledged, however, tha' It is
I likely to be a trained diplomatic rela
tionship thus maintained. The President
of the i'nlud States haa now proclaimed
to the world that he never would I'reog.
tilM the provisional Prealdent Of Mexico,
and has announced that the present Ad
ministration in Mexico la Incapable of
fulfilling International obligation.
The Mexican Government, on the other
hand, has Informed the United States
thut these and other representations which
this Qovemftient has made are consid
ered 'humiliating" I'nder such con
dllioua the relationship between the ooun
tries Is as tense as would is possible Kith
out a declaration of war
('resident Wilson iound warm support
In Congress fur the stand that he has
l"fn opinion, ot oours. ainsr us in tn.
advisability or certain details, Mil th-
Fregldent'l hand will he upheld c tl
I the l, nioiials unit me t of ta. Itcpub'
brans Pension Hoot and Lodge, tha
lleadlim .kpabiioaa aatY of Um Fur-

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