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Increasing cloudiness and warmer to-dayi
showers to-night or to-raolw.
Derailed weather reports wiD be fotindfjt pf IS.
NEW YQRK, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1913. cggrt. . pbuMnB aoch,.
tkrs '
.i n.Mi lit r
Immiunitioii Officials Are
do rod to Examine Mili
tant Leader.
Miisliinjrton Seeks Details of
Trial arid Coiivietion
in England.
Wkmimiton. Sept II. Mm. Kntme
I'nr Paltklllirtt, leader of the militant
Kni-listi uffftattttf , who tailed to-day
from Prance for the I'nlted States, will be
held up at Mill Island on her arrival In
V York urn! compelled to appear before
1 1 pedal board of Inquiry. By the time
Jdrv PanlthUfel gets to this side of the
Jjtlantlc the tmmlnratlon officials will
have from the Baalish Qoverntaenl her
full police court record. It will be ob
tained tlnouKh the State Department at
the request of the Department of Labor.
It M IS learned to-day that the Pepart
nvit has Liken the matter up and Intend
je . .Mts Pankhurst goes througli
an examination at Kill Island. She will
ho asked to explain some of her art
,. id hi connection with the militant
Campaign. Some official of the immigra-
1 . 1 m v ice believe Mr. Pankhurst eotild
! rie;. ti tcil .is an anarchist and she will
r.,. 11 lestlnned regarding her belief con
cern ix orderly and civilized government.
I)clnrtmenl Decides.
Th re part men! ha been importuned b)
I. 1 1 suffragists to Indicate what it was
t . : do abOUl Mr. Punkliurt. but
t 1- ;. ir it luii declined to commit Itself
formally beyond the statement that Mr.
Pankhursi would tie treated ga any other
eU"n The Department within the iat day
c two ha received clipping calling gt"
t- non to Mr. pgnkhurst'a militancy ami
I; onsldcra these sufficient to examine
M i, Pankhursi when she arrives, if Mr
Pankhursi I detained she will have quai
tert at Kill Island until the special board
1 .11 meet and hear the evidence, and mean
while the receptions arranged in her honor
and her ChautauqUS date will have to tie
II t'oe board decides agi'inst her lie can
1 .peal to tin Department heie. The Iniml-
atlon act prevent "person w no have
been convicted of or admit having com
mitted a felon) 0 other crime or mis-
dcmeanoi Involving moral turpitude"
flom entSling this count 1. v.
Te t.ee Sajaera Deal.
Suffragist have Intimated that If Mrs.
pankhursi i held up they rii make an
Issue of it and earr) the mattei to the
I sstdent of the l imed Slates. They
: iv been Informed that sirs. Pankhurst
II nol IH to be treated like any other alien
a. 1 nal K' bom there Is suspicion and doulit.
1 I . nil the Department has no charge
t.. make against her ahe is going to get a
fa ir deal. Nevertheless she will have to
Sndergo something more than a routine
Mi. Emmeline Pankhurst is now under
s in vears sentence at hard labor for
Ir, ling the malicious destruction of prop
el fot which ahe might have received a
Sentence "f fourteen year. Under the
criminal laws of the majority of the
Siat.s of this country auch a crime la re
garded a felony, and by this con
stitution of the law the hjainigrntlon an
thorltles would be Just ltle1 In excluding
M - rankhurat was aentenced on April
3 and on lune 14 she was released on
license after a hunger strike. Hhe was
taken back to prison and again releaaed
at'ier another period of voluntary starva
tlon. Then she went to France, where
th. details of her lecture tour In this
country have beep arranged. As soon aa
he return! to Knglund she will be sent
back to Jail. Under theae circumstances
'he immigration authorities might regard
her a a fugitive from Justice ami hold
iter for deportation.
Anderson Mo lie m oe ra 1 1 e Methods
Are Fraud on Country.
WaSHIMQTOM, Sept. 1 1. Sacrificing hla
plgca on the moat Important committee
Of the House to emphasise hie attack
on the met inula employed by the Demo
' rats in putting legislation through the
House. Ilepreaentative Sydney Anderson
ol Minnesota, a Republican member of the
Ways and Meana Committee, resigned
front that committse to-day. Hia attack
waa directed against the preaent rulee of
the House and the caucua system em
ployed by the Democrats. Mr. Ander
sen said :
"1 am induced to resign mv member
si p on the Committee on Ways and
Means because the rules of this House
snd the system of legislation which la in
vogue hire deprive me of my opportunity
f"r service to the country upon that com
mittee and hecauae my continuance aa a
member of the committee muat be com
struwl into an acquiescence In fraud upon
thssa who believe 1 have had some part
in framing the legislation reported by
Hist committee."
Destroy One of Prycc's Novels.
Hv Francisco, Sept. 11. The Century
Club, an exclusive women's organisation
of this city, burned ysaterday a volume
of Hrleux's plays which Included
"Damaged Hoods," "Maternity" and "The
Three Daughters," and Richard Pryee'e
novel "Elementary Jane," after the mem
hsra had read the hooka and had ex
pressed themselves as "shocked."
The library committse of the club had
lxard that Urieux's plays wsre adorable
and that I'ryee's novel waa superfine, so
the book were bought. The elub's
Sensors read the volumes and Immediately
proposed that they should be banished
from n. h library. It did not take long
for other members of the club to decide
Ihaj the hooka should be burned.
Iereaft,r Miss Marlon Delany and
Miss Men Very of the club will acrutlnlss
J""1 ssiors tho organisation purchi
Will Parr aa Kiirwrm He
Ornpped lata Te-day'a ackegale.
Washington, Hept. 11. Secretary Bryan
parted company with the yodlera anil
msglclana on his Chautauqua circuit to-
day and spent the entire time In Wssh
He had been scheduled to appear at
Phrrnlxv llle. Pa., to-night, but John Bar
rett, director or the Pan-American Union,
greatly dealred the Secretary's pre tnce
at a atate function. 80 Secretary dryan
conaented to forego hia regular afternoon
on the circuit.
He will not. however, aacrlflce the gate
receipt. He haa decided to squeeze
I'hoMilxvtlle Into to-morrow'a achedule of
low Before Academy.
Special Cabl Prepaid, lo Tas tea.
Pasis. Sept It. At the annual meet
ing of the Institute the live academies
composing It united In Inviting Jean
Klcheptn, the author of, "La Chanson des
Oueux" and also of "'lies Blaspheme."
to deliver the oration which Is the literary
event of the year,
M. Rlchepln aelected the tango for his
subject. The aecretnry of the Institute
Is flooded with requests for tickets, but
unfortunately the seating capacity of the
Institute is only S3.
i Wilson. Blaming Him for fc
Reynolds Agitation. Said
to Have li-jred Action.
WAStllXOTOK, Sep! 11 David l.aliui'.
the Wolf of Wall Street, was arrested
here this evening on a watiant chgrging
i in with hgVlQI impersonated a Federal
oftlcei . Lamar was arrglgUSd hefose a
I'nlted Slate t 'ommissioner and was re
legead on 11,000 hail v ffithi win begin
for his extradition to New Ymk Stat' for
It Is rlflv -eight d.ivs since l,amar vvtis
indicted in New York and the impression
here Is that President Wilson Suggested
that the wheels of Justice ought to lie put
into '; atwn against him without farther
deia? . The President, it t understood,
has tieen stlrrsd by the regorts that
Lamar and hi friends have been promot
Ing the agitation in Congress against At
torneyOeneral llcfteytiolds on account of
h's action in Indorsing the ITnlon Paclflc
Southern Pacific dissolution plan.
l.ani.i; came (0 Washington soon after
the Grand Jury In New Yoi k legan to In
vestigate his case ami he has remained
heie since.
The statute under which he was In
dloted refers to official of the rmted
states (government, The question i.iis.-d
is whether or not a Representatlvs is such
an official. Many lawyer contend that he
IS a State officer. The indictment was
iiascii on Lamar' Impersonation of Repre
SSntatiVS A. Mitchell Palmer of Pennsyl
vania. I.amat will light extradition and
the indictment will lie attacked in the
courts of the District of I'olumbla
The aires; was made by two detectives
at the Continental Hotel, where Lamar is
staying. Me invited the detectives to din
ner, then got into an gutom le and lode
with them to the Commlsslonsrs office.
where a piofesstunal bondsman was wait
ing to put up the Il.tOg.
I olosaal Demonstration trranaed
for Mewlesaaer IH la Mexico I'll).
Sprcial Cubit Ott purr): lo Tits Si IN.
Mkxpo citt. Sept. ii. The Govern,
ment la preparing a colossal military
demonstration for Independence Day, Sep
tember IS, Business men. professional
men, students, newspaper men and about
lM.uon soldiers will participate In a grand
military parade, all carrying arms.
The Government Is taking every pre
' caution to protect foreigners, although ab
i aolutely no anll-forelgn excitement exists.
The same programme will be repeated in
I all the town of the republic.
I There is much curiosity as to how the
people will acclaim provisional President
I Huerta when he rings the liberty bell in
the customary ceremony at midnight Sep
tember ,
In the days of Porfllio Dial hundreds
of thousands of people from all over the
republic always gave him an ovation as
he sallied forth on the balcony of the
National Palace tolling the bell and say
ing: "Viva Mexico:" Viva la llbertad !" and
"Viva la Independent-la I" Thla solemn
moment was followed by a burat of lire
works, the firing of cannon, the ringing
of bells and the blowing of whistles.
The ceremony was tame under Presi
dent Madero, but Provisional President
Huerta la expected to arouse enthusiasm.
Will lleee a Chance lo See Daughter
Act la a "gird Maak."
Washington. Sept. 11. President Wil
son Isft to-night for Cornish. N. H., to
visit his family. He said that he In
tended to be bark in Washington Tues
day morning.
The President will have an opportunity
to-morrow afternoon to aee the private
performance of a "bird mask," designed
as a protest against destruction of feath
ered life for millinery purposes. Miss
Kleanor Wilson, the Presidents daugh
ter, will take the leading part. The
maak will be given at Meriden, N. H.,
ten miles from Cornish.
Protocol far Settleeaeat of l.oag
standing Heelasaalloa Clalass.
Jeectsl fsM Dpmlck t Tas gee.
Pasis, Sept. 11. Ths Foreign Office
bas Issued notice of the signing of a
protocol with Haytl for the aettlement of
the reclamation clalme between the (wo
countries by arbitration.
Ths negotiations In regard to these
claims began in December, 1110, when the
I'nlted States, Francs, Italy and Germany
eent a collective note to the Haytlan Re
public. ANGOgTVBA . ITTERg lends, d
Isver IS fiage-frult aM sjgsj.AMf,
lb OilLL MUDDLlIJ .erwrw t. aw Nin At t rNnnir npi ii-t a r r ftiiirx
Roth MeCall and Nitehet Men
Expert to (lain
Ridder, Willeox and MeAneny
Mentioned as Mayor's
The death of Mayor (lav nor completely
changes the political fight in New York
At Aral glance the situation Is very much
simplified. Many politicians, however,
fear that conditions are most complex and
that the outlook Is more confusing than
Putting the situation In hi lef. the
Mayor's death produces these changes t
The man whom politician' have regarded
as the second man or possibly the victor
In the race Is gone.
The Piddle which has vexed the .fusion
committee, namely the queation whether
Mr. McAneny, Mr. Prendergast and the
other fusion nominees should go on the
Ggynor ticket. Is partly solved.
Tammany men say that at least half,
possibly tWO-thlrdS, of the Mayor's support
will pass to Judge MeCall, despite the
fact that they have said that three
quarters of the Mayor's vote would be
drawn from Mitchel.
The fuslonlsts aay that the Issue Is
now clear between Taintnany Hall and
fusion, the effect of which will be to the
advantage of John Purroy Mitchel.
These estimates are predicated on the
assumption that there will be no suc
cessor to Mayor Gaynor on the non-fuion.
anti-Tammany slate There are many
men. however, who assume that such will
IIOI be the case.
Other. Si) MaU-c Have.
The name of Herman Ridder, William
p.. wiiicox. rxchalrman of the Public
Serv ice Commission ; George MoAneny,
fusion candidate for President of the Hoard
of Aldermen, and otheis were mentioned
Qaynor committeemen were Quite unwill
ing to discuss thai i plans yesterday.
"This i no time to talk politics" said
Fit' Commissions i Johnson, mnnagei of
the Gaynor campaign, yesterday after
noon "In t'o- face of tin great lo we
are unable to look the situation honestly
in the face. We will let a few day pas
and then he able to tell what we will do."
Hut It was apparent on all sides that
the elimination of the thhd tlckel Is by
no means certain, l'. rtnu Appleton,
chairman of the ianor committee, who
is now- at Ka range Lake, pointed toward
Herman Kidder.
"Mi Ridder would make an Ideel can
dldate io replace Mayor Gaynor," said
Mr Appleton. "but It
think of politics now
is Impossible to
w ith the Ma voi
gone "
Herman Ridder, on the
COUld only feel that the
other hand.
mot ement w-as over
"I feel like retiring altogether," he
said. "It seemed to me that the per
tonality of Mayor Ggynor wag the whole
strength of the movement With him gdnc
the movement is gone Hut you must
Understand that 1 have talked with no
Were lo Have I oulerenve.
Fue Commissioner Johnson ami Jacob
II gchlff Intended to have a conference
yesterday morning with llorougli Presi
dent McAneny and Mr. Prendergast on
the qussllon of whether the fusion can
didates Fhotihi go on the Qaynor ticket
Mi gchia sent word to Mi. McAneny on
Wednesday night nskiiiK the two fusion
candidates lo meet him Mr. McAneny
arranged a meeting at the office of the
Commissioner of Public Works In the
Park Kow Bulldtng
Mr. Johnson anil Mr. Schiff were
already there yesterday morning When
Mr M Aneny arrived. Humors bad
readied them that the Mayor had died
at sea Mr. McAneny cum- It, and on-
Armed the bad news
Commissioner Johnson said: "My
Uort ! Then It's true.' and then the con
ference was adjourned Immediately,
Later in th" day the fusion leaders'
met In Mr. Mi An" riy's office in the City
Hall Norman llapgoi d. Joseph M. Price.
Comptroller Pn ntlergast anil San.iiel S
Koenlg. president of the Itepublican
county committee. They rehearsed the
Incidents of the campaign which produced
th? riddii which Mayor Qaynor's ieith
partly solved.
The men at Mr. McAneny'a office
agreed that the situation la now thrown
ba-k to the time wh' n Mr. Mitchel sent
hla letter to tho leaguers. They feel that
Mr. Mitchel la atill free to go on the
league ticket If he geta a chance, even
though the cor diary situation of Mr Mc
Aneny and Mr. PrendsrgaSt Is in a
measure cleared up. Mr. McAneny said:
"I can simply call attention to the
fact that I advised Mr. Mitchel at the
time he wrote the letter lo the Inde
pendence League not to decline the
designation, and he was relieved of any
obligation. We have not changed our
minds since."
Future of Ticket.
In the back of the minds of fuslonlsts j
and Tammany men alike waa the great
question of whether the Gaynor ticket
la to be continued. Michael Kurat, a
member of the Oaynor committee from
Krooklyn, aald that the (iaynor men that
he knew would not think of Mitchel for
a moment.
"Does that mean a new man at the
head of the third ticket?" he waa asked.
'That la my Idea exactly," he aald. "I
am sure ths whole lesgue would be be.
hind such a movement."
Republican leaders are aure that, the
third ticket la not dead, Mr. Ridder to
the contrary notwithstanding. Republi
can conservatives who Intended to vote
under the shovel were asking one another
yesterday what they should do. To vote j
for Mitchel waa impossible.
Many of them turned toward Judge I
MeCall, but with a reluctance bred of j
long hatred of Tammany Hall. Kx-Pub- '
lie Service Commissioner William Mc !
Carroll of Brooklyn suggested the name,
Continued on retirl Jage.
insiM uuuW
A '
adJB Bnuftl gJJHfuUkBI aasP -QuasuBaual uasulssW-.
KdaasW ' '':f'vai life
iwral gal ;$mm mF'
Slirh hed from s pholetranh rnpyrlght.
.Mrs. C. X. Williamson. Novelist,
TpIIs "Shii" of Mitvor's
Last Moment.
s E K M K 1 1 TO 0 A I X ST K K NOT H
.1. Sergeant ('ram. in London,
Shocked lo Hear of
Executive's Death.
Sptciml Cable Hespairl, in Ths Sls
1.11MHJN. Hept, It. Mrs, Charles n
Williamson, the nuveiist. who probably
whs the last person to see Mayor Oaynor
iillve, sends the following wireless
despatch from the Baltic lo Ton Si v ..f
flce hei e :
"I did not know Mgydr Ogynor, but
his face was so vital and Inti resting,
d. spite his Illness, that I nsk d who h
was. Me sat often In a quirt pgr) Of the
promenade deck and his cough Seemed
painful, but whenever the paroxysm
passed a look of peace would come into
his eves as If he was enjoying rest of
body and of lulnd. I think he felt stronger
each day, for he cume out of his cabin
earlier each djv and walk.d about moie.
Kelt the Kail Approaching.
"The Mayor liked to sit near the
musicians, listening and luoking out on
deck from Juat inside the door. Hi one
times he appeared to be interested in some
passing person, and again he hud a look
of being far awu.v. I said to myself:
'That man la really In New York.' Hut
yesterday morning, although he seemed
to feel well, It waa almost as though a
premonition of some wonderful ohgggt hud
whispered to him.
"Once a man passing him in his deck
chair thought Mr Oaynor wus looking at
him half smiling, ao he said 'good morn
ing,' but Mr. Uaynor did not hear him or
even know he waa there. The smile was
for soma thought of his own.
"I could not help noticing the extraor
dinarily beautiful expression on his face
only a few minutes before I left the deck
to go down to luncheon. It waa full of
Interest and Joy aa If .he was hcarlni! good
news or music which no one else could
hear, or as If he oould aee something hs
loved far across the water. Twenty mln
ulea after that hla soul must have left
his body. 1 think I was one of the last.
If not the last person to see him alive,
except a deck steward, because 1 was
very late going down to luncheon. There
is a feeling of deep solemnity on ths ahrp
William J. Gaynor
lilt, by Underwood llnderwoud.
Titic gtiN received by cable geslerdoy
glerNOOg tho futlotfiuy iaapaicht which
Hufua W, Qaynor, th afoyor's son oad
coetpasfos o the voyapit seal to Loados
by HMjrefegSj to hr forwarded fo fgfs geios.
papi r :
i in BOAgn tmk S I Hai ti.-. Sept. 11
(by wireless via London), My father.
William J, Qaynor, died mi the Kalilc at
1:07 o'clock Wednesday afternoon,
Death was due to heart failure, lie was
sittinn ,n his chair when the end came
A deck steward had visited 'he Mayor
a few minutes before his death and had
luketi his order for luncheon, T e
Mayor marked the menu to indicate the
dishes he desired.
i was on the boat deck. When the
lunchson call was heard l weni below
to tell father thui his lunch wa- ready,
us in. had been 'taking his meals in one
of the staterooms,
lie was seated in ins chair, apparently
asleep. 1 (hook hint Ketill, bill he did
not respond. His trained nurse, who
hud been with hint ten OttnUtSS liefure,
wus summoned, and the ship's surgeon.
Dr. Hopper, was eg led immediately, Dr
Hopper made a hypodermic injection.
Then artlflctal respiration was resorted
to. hut it quickly was apparent that
father waa beyond aid. The stethoscope
and eve
one nants to help
J, Sergeant t'rain, who Is n London,
when told of the Mayor's death by tne
correspondent of TlIK St. N said : "That
bullet got him at last. I had dinner with
the Mayor only two or three days before
I sailed. le said nothing at that lime
about coming over. He was looking well .
In fact lconsratulated him on his healthy
appearance. Then he told me (and I did
not know It before I that he w as still suf
feiliig from that bullet in his neck He
said: 'It affects nic , it makes ma giddy
when 1 talk or move trbout. The effect
passes off after a while, hut at rtrst It is
always there.' "
Mr. Cram concluded : "He w as the lln
est Mayor New York lias known In my
time. Ills aim was for the good of the
people all the time."
lasperalur of Hamburg-America
l.lae Breaks All Records.
Spteiat Oeeie OssasleA le Tas lis.
1ONnnN, Sept. 11. The lmperutor, of
the Hamburg-American I.lnn, whioh sailed
for New York to-day, carries &,0t)u pas
sengers, which brealis all transatlantic
showed that the h.urt was no longer
The ship's officers took charge of the
body, it was embalmed and placed in a
sealed casket.
tin the morning of the day he die.'
the Mayor arose about H o'clock, After
a hearty hreakfHst he went on deck and
walked uhout the boat deck al frequent
intervals, keeping in the sun. He
wutched the men go through their lire
drill. At about ten minutes of 1 o'clook
he descended to Die promenade deck and
went to his chair. He remarked thai
he fell very well.
DuHBg the voyage his heulth had
Improved "leadlly and his nervousness
had decreased noticeably. He had bean
greaHy Interested in the ships daily
run and was particularly eager to know
iusi where the Baltic was w hen t lie
chart in the oompanlonwa) wai posted
each noon.
tin behalf of my mother and myself
1 wish to express publicly deep grati
tude to Capt. Ranson ami his officers
for kindness, courtesy and unfailing
thuufhtfulnegg. I also acknowledge my
debl lo the pggaengsrs for their most
courteous consideration at all times in
respecting the Mayor's desire for
privacy. Hi Ft s W. Oatkor.
tlayur llaeesaeyee Wae Stricken at
Ills Desk la 1ST.
Mayor Oaynor was the second Mayor
of New York to die in office since the
United Htatea became a nation.
The tlrst waa Mayor William K. Have
maysr, who waa atrickan at hut desk in
the Mayors room at the City Hall In
IS 71 and died before, medical aid could
be summoned.
By singular coincidence Mayor Have
meysr'S ion, Wlllium p", Havemeyei, wus
buried yesterday.
Mitchel I ollovrrr. More (onggcat
la Their Bettlag.
News of the sudden death of Mayor
Gaynor caused a shift In betting odds on
the Mayoralty campaign in the financial
district. Where even money had been
offered on MeCall eupporters of the Tam
many candidate began offering odds of
b to 4. A few ardent Mitchel partisans
professed the belief that the chances of
the fusion candidate had been helped bv
the removal of a
removal or a intra canaidate"fftid
offered even money when unable to get
His Hon Kiifus Finds Tlim
as If in Quiflt Sleep
In Chair.
City's Executive Told of Poel
inp Better Just Before
End Came.
Succumb on Wednesday Af
ternoon, but News Is De
layed for Hours.
Ardolph L Kline. Prfsidont of
A I tier men. Takfn 0th
as Sucoessor.
At 7 o'clock last night Mr. Adam ton re
ceived s second meMS from R ufut Gaynor i
which read:
"JtatVs BaltU Craokfiaun
' RUrt Aiamton. City Hall. Ntit York
"Fatht iiti at l.m P. M on Wtinaitv.
tht tenth. Hit Jtalh was Jul to heart failure
Hi was ua'ed in his deck (hair at tht lime. I
and On nurse and the ship's doetor were with
him. I discovered him unconscious in his chair.
(geuf A still olid. He died ahoul thru minutes
later without recoinitini any of us. Ectrythint
possiHe itas done, hut hi seemed to to out as a
candle flickers out. Am all rifht and am
tryint to arrant! to hint tht body hach on thi
Lusttanla. stilinf from Liter pool en Saturday,
tin uWrhinaV, MJFUS If. GAYNOR
Mayor Oaynor Is dead.
Ills heart stopped beuilna at ahntit t
o'clock last Wednesday afternoon as he
sal in a steamer hair on tile promena...
deck of the White Star steamship Ita lic,
which waa Hearing the Irish coast
The old.st of hia children, Kufus W
Oaynor. sent wireless messages almtvc
Immediately lo Hubert Adamann. wh.
was 'he Mayor's secretary, and to Dot V
Commissioner Robert A. C. smith, bir
delays prevented lite news reaching
them until 8 o'i lock yesterday morning.
The Mayor's friends, i agsrly beginning
au Independent campaign which they
felt certain would continue him in ofrh s,
were stunned.
Tile whole city was shocked by tli
death. Men who ii.ni been determined
opponents of Mr. (iaynor Joined his
friends In praising his splendid abilities
und his services to the city.
Col, Ardolph ,. Kiln, President ,. .
the Hoaid of Aldermen, took the oa
of office before Supreme Court .Ittslc .'
Delany al 4:30 o'clock yesterday aft. i -noon,
the tlrst Itepublican to rule tins
cltj since Si ill l.uw a administration.
I.nynur Policies In l.o Oa.
Mayor Kline it once issued a procla
matlon, Intimated ihut he would con
llnue Mr. Oa.vnoi s policies ami reta il
Mr, Qaynor's department heads, an
ordered the rm Hull to be draped in
mourning and the Mags on city building
to be lowsred to half siaff.
The tlrst news of Mavor Oaynor
dea ih was coutulneil in u wireless mcs
mige from Kufus W. (iaynor. Hober:
Adams., u received ll at his home in
Brooklyn just before H V M The mes
suge was us follows:
"On Board s s. ituitic, at Sea. Thurs
day, by Wireless via t'rookbaven.
"Ktibfrt ,du msun . .Veic Yofh i
"Father died Wednesday afternoon 1
o'clock. Death due to heart failure.
Notify mother. It W. OhYfMOg."
Uaie yesterday afternoon after Mr.
Adam Hon, Disk Commissioner It. A. I'.
Smith and others of Mr. (iaynor
friends und ueaoclates had arranged to
have the body returned lu New York
on the Cunartl steamship l.uaitania,
which sails to-morrow morning und
which ia due to arrive here on the
morning of Friday, September 19, a
second and longer message waa received
from the Mayor's son, which told of the
circumstances of his father's death.
Hag Ordered Luncheon.
The Mayor passed from life at seven
minutes after 1 o'clock on Wednesday
afternoon. A few minutes before death
oame the Mayor had ordered Intuit,
marking on a menu card the dishoa he
wanted and handing the card tu a Uacil
He was resting in a steamer chstr on
the promenade dSCk of the Ka:ltc Him
son I lulus was on the boat deck at the
I xt the lunch cull Kufus went to tht

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