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1 1 I
t i-..:. i... vi.,l,t 4 f.i.
SffOIMI ''I r nun(f .llll .llinun
Will Ho (Jivon Probably
bf Mrs. Wilson.
.... w 4 t v 1V udv r lynv
, I
U illniio-ilhv Will Tnlrn, lu. at Mr. Shubert was obliged to ex
IIHHIKIWJ Mill irtKt cl(lJe neWapapcr men and curiosity sesk-
His VftWl Sen Otter to New
port From Lynn.
NtwroRT, Sept. 11. A aeries of Fri
day night dnni-ea Is to be a feature of
the late season here, being arranged Y ,
Ptrrral woman or tne late stayer or me i Tht, ,,,,. b,Ban at s ,,'clock and waa
(olnny Tha first will bo given to-morrow over before 10 o'clock. None of the Jury
nliht h Mr Stanley M.Cirmlck at her I men would comment on the play.
rome. Rtoneacrv, ano in music will oe
furnish. d by the Russian nalalnika Or
chestra Mrs. R. T. Wlleon probably will
give the second of the series.
There were three flintier parties to
night, th. se tnttrtaintng being Esrrton .
Is Wlntnrop, Mrs. jonn n. adhpj sum I day, Mr. Klein said that It would be to
Mtat Anna Sands Mr and Mrs. Clarence j day.
W. Polan. who will close their season j
(hi ! of the month, will give a dinner
S0 Saturday night. j
AMthel musical,- will be given by Mrs I
John .' Maaotl at hir Catherine atrtet j
i.ime before the end of the month.
Mr, and Mr. Thaodora V. Cramp and Ing the Interior of a house of III repute,
Mr ntMl Mrs Henry Pepper Vattl rp- and made It a three act Instead of n four
turned tn Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. I Ml play The second net w as the one
Irfonnul M Thomas will leave In a few I Which met with Magistrate McAdoo' ills
days for a sojourn Of aevpral weeks In approval. The action formerly shown In
the White Mountains. .Mr. anfl Mrs.
Charles da 1, nosey OelrtChl will in'cupy
thf Thomgl home while they are gone.
Mrs. Julian Potter lias nrrlvrvl from New
York and Is :.t Pin Lodge
Edward II. McLean Is making an in
spection of propirty belonging to him
In Winnipeg. OB Ills return he and Mrs.
McLean will be late full stayers at lilack
yajtAi farm.
Afte: t sit In Canada Mr. and Mrs.
Harford Powel and family returned '
their hom here. Mrs. Joseph K. Stone
,nd li'iuK ' ' ei . Miss Knima Stone, will re
turn from abroad In a short time. They
will spend the winter here.
Capt Hugh L Willmighby has gone to
I.nn t,i lultig his new sixty foot yawl
lira Otter here Me and Mrs. Wllloughhy
Will not clone th. ir season until some time
In October. Mr. and Mis. James K. Clark,
whi were spending the season with Caid.
and Mrs. Wtlloughby, have gone to the
. untaani and Will go latel to their win
ter home In Philadelphia.
Mrs William H. Sands Is the guest of
!lrf. Janies P. Kernochaii. Mr. and Mrs.
Uufene B. Heyn.il have gone to New York,
rloalnf their season hole. They are plan
vr:g a trip abroad.
Mrs Theodore P. Kane has rented her
. BUM . BellOVU avenue and Mill
opt to Cap:. Benjamin F. Richards, t".
I N It will he Thanksgiving Day 'bo
f re Mr. and Mrs. Lortliatd Spencer, Jr.,
Cosp their season here.
Mrs. Edward J Bprwlnd with her
:;Mther, Mrs. Torrey, motored to Boston.
.Mrs Tin ni.'s J Emery Will remain at her
Mlddletown home until October before
n'oing to Cincinnati for the winter.
. CoM. With llaht Indlarrstlosi,
Keeps Inveulur From Work.
Wkst i 'ran. ir. N. J.. Kept 11. Thomgl
A Bdlaon in
r.-jiinied aaaerl
but his ci-tKliTion is not
us. Under the advice of
his phyalclan he kept to the house Lo-
day The inventor caught cold on his
auti.r. bile trip through New Knglaml.
but refused to let It interfere with his
wrk when he returned Monday mom
ma. The ci, id. however, gut worsp and last
i ?ht nd Bdlnon aufferd with indiges-
tion, getting but little rest. He obeyed
hla phyalclan and began a tardy cam
pajjpi to fat rid of th trouble.
William H, Madowcroft, personal rep-
resntatl f Mr Bdlaon. said to-day:
"There is not the slightest Occasion for
.''.arm. It Is simply a cold complicated
v.th an attack of Indigestion. We e
I -et Mr. Bdlaon to be at work again
within h day or two."
The ,a..i Dm Mr. Ediaon was 111 was In
smith (aler.
StAVr- :. Conn.. Sept. 11 Miss Mil
dred ,rn ;a Cater, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs Cheater T. Caler of Sound Beach,
arga married lo-day at her home to Oliver
Hobton Smith of Pott town, Pa., by the i
Hev. Claud 11. Priddy of Btamford.
Cray Colbarn.
MoKTCtAIR, N. J . Sept. 11. Miss Uer
trude Cull, urn. daughter of Mrs. August
I' Colburn nd Edward W. T. Gray were
married th:s afternoon at the home of the
bride niothei.
Motel of the ftewtal World,
Mr and Mrs Henry Sanford and Mra
'i'-hard H Williams. Jr. left last night
Tor Canada on a shooting trip. Mrs. New
sold Edgar, who came here to ee them
has returned to Southampton, L. I.
F-ancis Carolan of Burllngame, Cel., la
a! the St Regis for a brief stay.
Ths wedding of Mlsa Florence 8. Wyeth,
daughter Dr and Mr. John A. Wyeth.
10 Aian r McLean of this city, will take
i'' in ihe chantry of St. Thomas'
Church mi Siptember In. A small re
reprlon will follow at 244 Lexington
Mr ii l Mr- Joseph .! Manning of 15 panied him They will stay a, the Plat,
"'nt c ft;, -third street, who arrived on ' Mr. and Mr. Gat with Ihe party
th Olympic on Wednesday, are at Ihe I tnat met them were lifted to Ihe drive
Gotham . , Way entrance on Thlrly-flrt street In a
Mi hi, a ir i.me. V uriswnrth I freight elevator. An aulomohlls was
i ace sent out Invitation for the mirrlsge
"' Ihe ' ilaushtpr. Mlsa Harriet Traver
W'adiworth, to Kletrher Harper of this
e ty on ( ictobcr 4 at noon In Bt. Michael's
1 hureh, 'ieneseo. N. V.
Justice and Mr. Joseph II. MrKenna
'' Waphlngton, D. C, are at the St.
Mr, and Mrs Richard P. Mellon, who
have he for the eummer In Watch Hill,
H I left the Plata yeeterday for their
leime n I'ntshurg.
Mil Benjamin Brewster has joined her
, ' '7 Brewster nas jo.nea nor ,
on and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mri.
'snrte s. Hrewster. at th St. Real and
Will oon go to her home, ! Fifth avenue.
Mr and Mra. Edwin T. Holmea and Mia
MHdre,! Holmes have returned from Bret
'Tn wx4. N. H to Semloh Farm.
Onenwleh, Conn.
Mrs Morrl K. Jeeup hag gone from
"ar Harbor to Lenox, where aha will re
built until the and of neat month.
Mrs II Bramhall Ollbert and Mlaa
llorsm-p oiibart. who will return from
Kin.ip, ..,. week, will go to Oreet Nook,
I , to remain for the gregter part of
lha winter.
Mlaa oiivia Phelp toka haa left
Sharon 'on.i . for the It. Itegta, where aha
""I be f,- , ihort ttmf
Mn Herbert Shipman la vhntlng Mr.
ind Mr yAtnn Brad.y mt Arcadia
Farina, indri Bay, W. T.
Mrs (ieorge R. BehletTelln and Mlaa
norothj s. hlrrTelln, who aallad yeaterday
"" 'he Adilatir, will trial! Mra. 1. Bruce
'"'ay in London.
Mr and Mr Pemhrela Jonee will g)
this month lo the Oreenbrler Hole,
Wan umphut ndaMaV ,W. V
"ae Play," Our Member Maya aa
He Imvra.
Twenty-two member of th Grand
.lury mw a private prrformancp laat
night of "The Lure" at the Maxlne Klllott
Theatre. Thin In one of the two playa
iiJL ......
wrrr wiinurwn Burr nuiiu mini
on the complaint of cntcf Magistrate Mc
ArtiHi. who cnnildercd them unlit for pub
lic performance and issued warrant
for the producers. After the warrant!
were Issued lee Shubert, the producer,
agreed to withdraw "The Lure" nnrt abide
by the decision of the Grand Jury. It
wai Ht hla invitation that they were prc-
rat Mat night
Assistant IMatrlrt Attorney Perkins c-
roinpanled them to the play, and at hla
I era. The members of the Jury had brought
irienaa wun tnem. nut tncy were not
allowed to enter. There were over sixty
In the party turned iiway. (it hem who
did aee the performance wera Deputy
Police Commissioner Newberger. William
Klein, counsel for the Khuberta ; Mr. j
retains. Lee and J. J, Shubert. I-ew
Plrlds. who la associated with the Hhu-
bcrts. and a fireman.
pome play, said one, speamng to two
companions. That was all the lnforma-
tlon I he reporters could get.
Deputy Police Commissioner New-
burger would not dlseuss the play, hut
said that hp understood the Grand Jury
would tvutWT ,u AreMon to.(lrty or Ml)n.
The other play to mppt with police I
Interfen nee, "The Fight," by Bayard
VslltSF, returned Its Interrupted run last I
nlTht at the Hudson Theatre. Dunns! '
th two days that the theatre was closed i
the author cut out the second act. show-
the second act waa explained to th
audience m the following act by dialogue.
Chief Inspector Schmlttherger was
prowl at last night's performance, ac
companied bv a stenographer and the
secretary of one of the Deputy Police
Commissioners. The Inspector would not
discuss the play.
There was a large attendnnce at last
nlght't. performance.
U lOUliinuB
Pranruls Klelnberger Moon to Bring
tuitions Von Hlder Collection Her.
Kranois Klelnberger. hpad of the
nbrgr picture Arm of Paris with
New York galleries al 701) Fifth avenue,
notified his firm hero that he has bought
tlu- Important collection of paintings dv
Dutch and Flemish masters of the seven
ttenth century gathered together cy the
latl Herr von Rider of Schomberg, near
Frankfort a collection for which il-rr
Von Rider at one time refused an offer
o.' ft, 400,000. The announcement was
given out by the New York branch yes
terday. The collection, Wh'ch Includes three
especially notable Rembrandt, will soon
he sent here and will bp placed on ex
hibition at the Klelnberger galleries In
Fifth avenue during the coming winter.
Manager Watson said that he did not care
to say how much his firm had paid for
the Von Rider pictures.
Th" firm calls Its new purchase "the
fines Hutch collection In the world." Th
paintings have been on exhibition at tht
Staedel Museum since the death of Hen
von Rider In 191 1. There are eighty
seven pictures in the collection.
The three most noted Rembrandts are
"Flora." "A Young (iirl at a Window"
and a portrait of a Roman. There also
are v rortta by Rubens. Frans Hals. J A.
da BackW! De Keyser, Gerard Terb.ir.-h,
Per llnnnd Bol, Jacob Van Ruysdnel, Von
Qoyen, Hob borne, Wrawormnnnj Paul
Potior, Teniers, Alberl Ouyp, Isaac Van
Oatnde. Adrian David, CoQUa, OonaaJea
and Ntchotaa Maes. The pictures are now
being crated for shipment at Krankfort-
ending, of i oo, (mmi Actios for Jilt
ing; Discloses Miss Dolly's amr.
Through the discontinuance yesterday
of a auit by Hose DoutBCh, through her
mother. Margaret Deutsch. as her guar
dian ad litem, to recover 1100,0011 for
breach of promiae from Harold Daily, son
of Michael J. Daily, wealthy Brooklyn
contractor und Republican leader. It be
came known that the plaint, ff is Miss
Hoaxicku Dolly, the dancer now appear
lug in "Lieber Augustin." Her sister,
Jausxicka Dolly, recently married Jerome
Schwart. the ong writer.
Mis Holly brought her suit against
Dady in 1910. alleging that on December
t, 1S0S, In Havana, Cuba, lie promised
to marry her within a reasonable time j
after he returned to the United States
on or about December I, 1000. She said.
she had remained single ever since In re
liance on his promise, but that Dady
returned here on December 10. 1909, and
on December It of that year married
Miss Vers Csmpoell. a member of the
"Parisian Wldowe" company.
Miss Dolly said that Dady proposed
marriage six time in two week after
he met her.
Arrlvee oa Special Train Amnaed
at Report of Slehaeae.
If Charlee G. Gate wa suffering from
intestinal trouble, aa a despatch from
Chicago said yesterday, he gave no sign
of It when he stepped off hi special
train at the Pennsylvania station laat
night. He aeemed to be In hie uaual
jubilant mood and when a reporter asked
him if he were 111 he thought the quee
tlon funny enough to laugh over.
TV.. .....1.1 n a mafia tin In Minns-
poll, and arrived at Chicago oyer the
St. Paul
It la reporter mat tne trip
My Me rtnlM t 04 His wife arcom
waiting ana me young miiuonsirs steppeu
In with plenty of eplrlt. An hour after
sh... ..id Mr and Ma7 Gatea had not
vet arrived there
the sneclai arrived tna ciers. ai ine
Wla Indlaldaal Prise la Tourney
on Moatclalr Coarse.
Advertising golfers turned out sixty
strong for their third tournament of the
j- - matropolltan dlatrlct yeater-
... , ,,, nn ,M. 0-caj,on
being the link of th Montclalr Oolf Club.
Four ball fouraome handicap condition
over th thirty-alx hole route, (elected
eighteen to count, were In order In two
The Individual wlnnet in Claaa A proved
lm k. H V. Gain of Wykagyl with a
oard of 71 I, T. while In the B aet J, W.
Oreene of row mil won wun as n. .
In th Cla A foursome Z. T. Miller
and Walter M Oatraadar of Dunwoodle
eaptured th Bret net print With 70 I,
,. but there waa a tU for the tecond
award between W. . Conk yn, of Dun
woodle and H. V. Oaine of Wykagyl with
t4. l. and C. A. MeCormlek of New
Brunswick ana . rrrrma w r
mmMHi, iti. ft On th toes MeCormlek
. .. a baaaaan won
Thirt waa also a lie lor am ana
place In the Claaa B fouraome betwano
W B. Hotehkln of th hom club and X
W Oreene of Fog Hills on one aide and
Walter W. Manning of Upper Montclalr
and Waltar E. Bunnell of Oakland on th
lUstr asBth ooupla returned nartl of
Tt 1. but en lb to Hutcbain aad
'MlM1! If fill
Has Many Witty Linos in His
Part of a Masquerad
ing Heir.
Conjunction Onee Again of Col
lier, Frohman and Davis
Is a Happy One.
"Whe'e Whs" At the Criteria.
Lester Ford
Cliff Cooper
Bul ky Bates .
Judge Holt
Graham Flake.
Squlr Cobb. . . .
Dan Quince. . . .
William Colllsr
. . . . William Frederic
Bert B. Melville
Nicholas Judels
Grant Htswart
Edward Lester
.Charles Dow Clarke
John Adam
...Nicholas Burnhsm
"Pop" Perry . . .
Detective Sergeant Fellon,
Krpdsrlrk Conhtln
Td" Fsrd William Colllsr, Jr.
Aline Ford Paul ktsrr
tirh Cooper, owner of ths "Whit
Hops" ssloen Urare (Irlaarnie
Polly Perry Leigh Wyant
Alfalfa fenny Dorothy Vngsr
There wa a pleasant reunion last night
at the Criterion Theatre. William Collier
returned to in aramic Direction oi own, if the adored William Collier, Jr .
Charles Frohman, and In order to add must act so much every day the ad
a third element of familiarity to this , mlrera of William Collier. 8r.. would be
gathering Richard Harding Davit wrote
the play In which Mr. Collier celebrated
this reaumptlon of hi relation with hi old
Then there wa a happy
III II - - . -
audience, which played it part In main-
tha ,.heerful .trno.hpre Mink.
. - ... .... ,, ,. , .
llahed by thia conjunction of clrcum-
Mr. Davi kept well to the standard
Collier meaeurementa In writing "Who
Who" which erved for the name of a
11, 1. before there were
popular farce years before there were
hlographlcal dictionaries of mat name.
He haa nttea tne comcaian wen in tne
past-wa not "The Dictator" acld at
I 'hla same theatre? and he knows what
la moat suited to hi artistic style. So
Mr. Collier wa again something against
his will. He was a cowboy this time,
longing to return to his home In the
East from the Ariaona village in which
the flrat and best art opened. But he
could not declare himself because a
deaperndo who had stolen his gun had
been burled under bl name. Even when
a lawyer came to bring him new of a
large Inheritance that awaited him and
wanted him to go bark thia doubl waa
afraid to declare himself until it was
mad clear to him that thia lawyer waa
an embetller who wanted somebody to
raturn In plac of th real heir.
Aaaaslatj Character.
Bo Mr. Collier went back to hi netrvn
Palrhaven and waa received by a com
mitt with a bra band. Here th bu
colic character divert th fun temporarily
from Mr. CollUr and Mr. Davis haa
hatched them amulngly. Th venerable
bellboy, tn aear justice, tne village hotel
keener all were well drawn lyase to
whleh Mr. wTeavta Imparted hla own wit
and hi tana or character Thn there
waa altogether too much of a piratical
mall hay with a bank who appear ad dur
ing th aacond and third art quit aa fre
quently aa any other figure In the play.
' It waa the fear of the returned cow
boy that he might be discovered whleh
provided Mr. Colllsr with hi opportunt
Ue for tan during th inMnlaf of tha
Later tha thread of Inter!
II i lli I i!l,l1ijaaa. ' '
IV 111
ssel--fl9sBLpajf9'gH 9eLLaVLy IV-sbH
Life's race well run.
Life's work well done.
Life's crown well won,
Now comes rest.
Lenox, Sept. 11. Motor arrivals at tn
Hotel Asplnwall to-day from New York
included :
Mr. and Mrs B. A. S.mds, in a fierce ,
Mrs. J. P, Duncan. Miss S S Duncan.
Miss A. C Bell. In a Packard; Miss Char
lotte I. Lane. Miss Almee D. Tucker, in a
Pierce: Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Davis, Mrs. K
Vallers, In a Palmer-Singer; Mr and Mrs
C. H. Hacket, In a Simplex . Mr and Mrs
William C. Curtis. In a Stevens; William
Tnavers Jerome, Jr., in a Packard : MVs
Roswell Miller, Mr John Hannah, In a
Flat . Mrs. A. Rathbone. Miss Rathbon,
in a Peerles.
MancI!Etc. Vt., Sept 11. Arrivals
by automobile at the Equinox Huuse in
clude the following from New York:
Mr. and Mr C. W. McAlpin. Mrs F. O.
Benjamin. Mia A. C. McPyle, In a Sim
plex ; Mr. and Mra. W. M Koementx, In a
Chalmers : Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Baldwin, In a
Sultan ; Mr. and Mrs. A. K Ollhert. In a
Pierce: Mra. R. L Oraham. Miss Kdlth
: Graham, Mr. Norman Hubbard. Norman
j Hubbard Id. Edgar W. Hubbard, Haupt
; Rockwell, B. Arkell, in a Locomobile ;
! Albert Morton, John C, Morton, Emmie
Morton, Addle E. Halatead, In a Steven :
Mr. and Mr. J. W. Bailey, In a Latter.
Shawnee, Pa., Sept. 11 Motor ar
I rival at Buckwood Inn to-day Included
I the following from New York :
the hero waa quite willing to declare
nimaeir. nere as wen aa in ine intra act
which restored the charactera from the
amusing concert hall episode of the open- j
Ing eeene, It was the wit of Ihe speeches
rather than the Interest of the Intrigue
which implied whatever vitality "Who'aj
Who" continued to exhibit.
William Collier, Jr., la K vide sire.
Fortunately Mr. Davis's resource, so far
as verbal humor Is concerned, did not
desert him. and there were many spark
ling speeches for Mr. Collier. Then he
probbly added many ineplratlon of his
; Indebted to their favorite if the boy did
; nan oi rt in in privacy oi me ismu)
! circle Then the enjoyment of the father
1 ,n,,l tiAl ka A I m Inlanoel ami In nt 1 rl I
, w"!2 , r-
i .M k. mm
"' ' "" "'
L-? STUSLl 3"222 ESSE
M ne determined Western bride to b
, "V""..
bad all the necessary vigor. Cnarles
Clarke, John Adam und Nicholas Hurn-
ham contributed three amusing studies of
bucolic character In a "dry town where
tWOM iglt to thP woodhe.l were
nw,eMar). Atlrt Mr ,-uier -he was the
, usui perplexed, serious and auave come-
,m tnat m. ha been In Juat the aame
situations that Mr. Davis had so ex -
pertly built according to his measure in
"Who' Who."
ding, hat I fa Only Mo. '.MM.
No one amwered the call sent out on
Wednesday night by the Itev ir. iaa.
W. Gowan. Pf ' ''7,.
Church t New nurham. N. J "'"
feat mill? Dr. tRiwen had married Juat
... u,..iu iw hi. a v.sra hs a. elerarv-
irv miis. - - -
a wi.k..h tn k.v. the msrrlaare
of hi. second daughter May. to Francla
Edmund Wither general erretary of the
T. M C. A. In Canton, China, bring the
number to an even i,0o. No applicant
appeared, however, and hla daughter
marriage want on hi record a No. til.
The ceremony wa performed at 8:30
o'clock In th Orove Reformed Church.
Mr. and Mra. Wllber will leave for China
on September If.
In Itew York Ta-4ay,
ulnar Impeachment, public hearing. II
Wall atreet, It :I0 A. M.
Reception of delegate to International
Congre of Bafrbjeratlon, City Hall. It
A. U.
Ber nUUv Club, outing, TfTavvrt
Mr and Mrs W Scull In a Flat; Mr.
and Mrs J F Birmingham In a Pierce;
Mrs Oulld. Miss (Juild. Harry I, Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs M BoUVler In a Packard
There arrived also: Mr and Mrs David H.
Weens. Mr and Mrs T. B, Wheeler. Mr.
and Mrs J B. Kr'.kaon of I'lalnfleld. N. J..
In a Columbia and a Buirk.
WATMlaURT, Sept ll. Automobile r
rivals at the Hotel Elton Include the fol
lowing from New York :
Mr and Mrs. F. P Vanhuren. In a
Cadillac: Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Cottln, In
a Pierre-Arrow ; Miss Catherine L. Sny
der, Mrs. H. S Deshon, in a Simplex ;
Mr. nnrl Mrs William H. Judd. In a Pack
ard , Mr and Mrs. (ieorge A. Watson and
party, In a Chalmers. There arrived also
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Leonard of Briar
cliff. If! Y., In a Pierce-Arrow ; Mr. and
Mrs. S. M. Corwln, Miss Corwin. H. E.
Corwln of Huntington, L. !., In a Flat.
Bretton Woods, N. H., Sept. 11. New
York automobile arrivals to-day at the
Mount Washington were :
Mr. and Mrs. Ellas M. Johnaon. Mlaa
Hope Johnaon. In a Peerless ; Mr. .and
Mrs. Russell W. Moore, in a Pierce ; Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Lafrentx, Mlsa Lafrentx.
In a Packard ; Mr. ant Mrs. Arthur H.
Masters, In a Packard ; H. D. Saxton.
S. Krom and H. W. Johnston, In
King Job Beany still II elans aad
la Marvellously I'blqaltoaa.
A record crowd for Mardl Gras week,
estimated at ton. noo. Jammed Coney
Island lut night and watched the Ex
empt and Volunteer Firemen' assmla
lions from New York, Long Island. Npw
.letsey and Connecticut parade through
Surf avenue with th. Ir apparatus
John Bunny and Lillian Walker of the
movies, king nd quepn of the rarnUal
led the parade and later held reception
at various amusement places Bunny has
mBde auch a hit that, according to ad
vertisements in front of various shows, he
, mM nave multiplied
himself at least
j nftMn mea.
; A man who ,oohll , tn )tllft llK,
. ...
tno fUnny raced moving picture actor or
can bp palntPd up to resemble Jinn Is sure
of a fob at Coney this week More than
a do7.cn places ate placarded
Bunny here all the evening "
T " ,
The Princess Theatre. In Weal Thlrtv-
,, ,rpet will open for th sea-.,,, ,,
ste,b.r 0, Three playa for th Rgll-
in enlprtainmeiit have be. i, selected
, They ,rM "The Sternal Mystery." by
i , ilMr j,,nn Kathan, In which Holbrool
Hllm, willelta Kershaw and Rdward RMli
j will appear: "The Black Mak," hv p
Tennysi't, .! sse and H M Harwood, which
1 win lie played by M, Bllnn nod BmH
1 Pnllnl, a new member nf the Princess
I Playera, and "The Bride," bv William ,1
I HurlbUt, author, of The Fighting Hope,"
ill which the players will be IMwurd Kill.
Kmeiie mum, William ., u nu, vaugnan
Trevor nod Mr Bllnn. Several other
,hort pieces are in preparation.
opening of "Th Whip" at th Wl
End Theatre has been postponed from
, Thursday to Satur.loy night of next w.ek
! S account of changes In b m.d. on the
! ,'' ,0 "-" " unuaually
largo scenery .
H. H Fraxpe has encaged Josephine
I Whlttall for the rolr of llenkaunt In his
I forthcoming production of The Madcap
Iiurhe." the new Victor Herbert eomlc
opera, In which Ann Swinburne will
create the title role. The opening date
haa been arranged for Boston. October 27,
tn th Colonial Theatre.
Harvard' Crew Captain F.naaaeri.
Montci.air, N J.. Sept 11 -ThP an
engagement is announced her '"-day of
Mia Sylvia Crnwrll. (laughtei of Mr. aud
Mr. Irving T. Croweli ..f Park street, and
Quwitln Reynold, who In June was elected
captain of the Harvard varsity crew, mum
Croweli la a member of the senior class
Of Vaatar College, while Mr. Reynolds Is
a nugthtr of th olaa of 191 1 at Har-Vafd,
I DR. JONES LEFT $5,000,000.
All to HI Wife "General" Rosalie
Jones ot nmerf la Will.
Dr. Oliver Livingston Jones, father of
"den." Rosalie Jones of suffragette fame.
who died at IIS West Seventy-second
, street, Manhattan, on August !) last of a
revolver wounu, ten a win, execuicu ipni
12, IM4, giving his entire rstate, valued at
15.000,000, to his wlfp.
His children, Oliver U. Jr., Thlllp I...
I.nulse B., Rosalie O, and Arthur Jones,
ivere not named In the Instrument, which
was filed yesterday with Surrogate John
J. (Irahnm of Nassau county, at Mlneola,
t I. The widow and Charles H,
Jonel are named as pgeculors. In
crease of malty values In Man
hattan. Brooklyn and on Long Island,
where he had large holdings, has raised
the value of the eslate far beyond the
sum at which It hns usually bePn esti
mated The exact value will not be known
In advance of the appraisal.
Mrs Mary Jones, Ihs widow, has a
fortune of her own supposed to be about
Ner vices at III I, ate Itesldencei I n-
terment at Wnnrtlawn.
Funeral service for William r. Have- i Alexandre. After skntlng a supper waa
meyer were conducted yesterday morning at th, L,noIl n,In
street, by the Rev. George Alexander.! Those at the rink Included Mr and Mr,
pastor of Lha Unrvertlty Place Preabv- Charles Astor Urlsted. Misses Symphorosa
terlan Church. I and (Jraee Prist, d, Miss Flora Hewlck,
Member of the family present were I Miss Elaine Denegre, Ml.i Edith Me
lt. O. Havnmeyer, a brother: Mrs Will- Keever, William Tailor, Lawrence
lam H. Will. ox. a daughter; Mr. Wllloox ; Reamer. Wynne Van Schalck. Mr. and
Md his three sons. Hector. Raymond and : MrB nayttrd r. Hoppln. J. Harry Alea
rthiir The pallbearers were John D. i .., i ... ...i i uuin t.
Crimmln, Beverly chew. Pranris B. orif- I
fin. Joseph C. !ay. Walter B, Frew, Dr. 1
John P. Munn. Daniel F. Kellogg, K. S. An""" coiling ecnermernorn. .iibb iseoei
Kennedy. Joseph F. Subln and Daniel II. i D. Hhotter, Mlsa Mary Shottc r. Miss Mary
Blmpaon. ! Martin, Miss Dorothy Carroll. Misses
others who were at the service wera 1 Josephine and Alma ds Oersdorff, Miss
I, P, Morgnni Clinton B, James. Dr. 1 Char.lotte Cram, Misses Morgan t and
Henry M MXeOrackan, .ramus Phetpi , Mary Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton
s:..kes, l)r Klmer llrown, Chancellor of Klsh Henjamln. Major and Mrs. C. II V.
New York t'nlversity, and delegations Bunbury, Mr. and Mrs. Hamuel Frothlng
f:. m the Metropolitan Museum of Art. ham. Mr. and Mra. David T. liana, Mr.
he Droller Club and many other organl- ! and Mra. Newbold Morris, Mr and Mrs
nations. Interment was at Wood lawn. Oeorge B. Blake, Mr. and Mrs. F. Stanton
Mr. Havemnyer died last Runday. He Blake. Mr. and Mrs. Olraud poster. Mr
I WSJ a sun of William F. Havemeyer, who,
while Mayor In 1874,
died at his desk
in the City Hull
Was l-x-Presldrnt of Second Ave.
and Central Crosetewa Lines.
Olen Ripoe, N. J., Sept. 11. Oeorge ;
Spencer Hart., former preeldent of the
Second Avenue Railroad Company and
the old Central Crosstown Railroad Com- '
pany. du d last night at hla home, 67 ,
WOOdlHld avenue, at the age of 7. ',
He was horn In Cornwall, Conn., and i
was descended rrom tne Mart family (
which was among the sixty-four settlers ;
of Cambridge. Mass. "He opened a j
produce store in Pearl street. New York, '
just before the civil war, and In 1874 be- j
came Interested In the Central Croeatown
11ns. He wae president of both the Second
Avenue and the Central Crosstown lines
from 1185 to 1897, when the lines were
split up and leaaed to the Metropolitan
He waa director of a number of bank
and a. member of the Produce. Cotton and
Consolidated Stock Exchangee of New
York, the Republican Club, New England
Society and Metropolitan Museum of Art.
His second wife, who was Miss France
Wheeler of Scaradale, N. Y., aurvlves him.
Albaay Mmm Mmm T 00,000 la Oat
Day In Chicago Wheat Pit.
Ai.sant. Sept. 11. Theodore H. Water
man, the Albany grain dealer, who made
a profit of 1700.000 In one day In 1909
tn the Chicago pit died to-day of dropsy
at the Alhany Hospital. He Is said to
have cornered the grain market In 1909
sgalnst James I'arten and Armour A
Co. Three yers ago Mr. Waterman's
wealth was estimated at several millions
of dollars. To-day his friends say this
fortune ha diminished to about 1800,
000. He waa a member of the New York
Produce Exchange, the Minneapolis
Chamber of Commerce, the Chicago
Board of Trade and the Boston, Buffalo
and Albany Chamber of Commerce.
faaear of Threat Fatal to Massa
chusetts Member.
Washinoton, Sept. 11. Representative
William Henry Wilder, SI yeara old. a
Republican of Gardner, Mass , died to
night at hla home here of a cancer of the
He wa a merchant until It year old,
when he became a manufacturer. Later
he studied patent laws, a to which he be
came an expert. He held a masters
came an experi. "elu
ateam yacht llcenee. Mr. Wilder waa
I elected to the Slxty-aecond Congreaa and
reelected to the present Congre. Hla
second wife and Ave children by bla flrat
wife survive him.
Michael J. tVOoanell.
Michael J. O'Donnell, 56 year old, of
38a Eighth street, Jersey City, died last
night after a month Ulneas of heart
dis. hsv Por thirty years he held varlou
political position tn Jeraey City. He was I
born In Ireland, but came to thle country I
when a boy . Hla wife, three aona and two 1
daughter survive him.
He was appointed a clerk In the ofllca
Of I lie Board of Public Work In III. '
Later lie was clerk of the Court of i
I Oeneral Seeslons. He had been Attant
Posttnsstpr, Tax Commissioner, Police
Magistrate, Aeeemblyman, assistant In
ternal revenue collector and for ten year
city Clerk. He waa clerk In the Tax
i mice when he died. He was a Democrat
Dr. Rlrhard Van Msateaard.
Dr. Rlchrd Van Santvoord died on
Wednesday at the Presbyterian Hospital.
' to which he was taken two daya before
from hla homo at in Weat Hid etreet for
tn operation Dr. Van Santvoord waa i0
I year old. He was graduated from th
BelloVU Medical College in 1C7S and waa I
one of the best known phyalclaua In
Harlem. He was a member of thr Ameri- i
can Medi al Association. lllP Academy of.
Me, II. me. the Pathological Asanclatlon. the
Mutual Aid Society, and was a visiting
physician at the Harlem Hospital. He la
sun h ed by his wife and a daughter.
The Rev. Michael A. Marl, . J.
PHIbAMItPHlAi Sept. 11. The Rev
Michael A Noel. S .1 , 57 year old. who
pent 11 number of ears ministering to
Ihe spiritual needs of Catholic prisou
. Ii, tti. Cititocit I laa lt.nl Is rv .ml ,m
IBIaokWell'l Island, died of paeumonla to-
' I............ ,....i....i ... ie.K.H
Nn0 for help after their liberation from
prison and he aaslated many.
I The Rev Robert II. Cral.
,.,MNnr, . N .... Sep, 1. - The Rev
Robtrl II Craig. IS year old. a retired
berg llnaplinl to-day He was a nalivn
of Ireland and for Ipn yeara waa pastor
Of ihe Preshyterian church at rttlsvllle,
N. V. I
e is survived by a wife and
Wailana K. Benjamin.
Pl.AINKIEt.n, N J Sept. 11 W ay land
R Beniamln. a New York lawyer of tt
Washington .iventie. North Plalnfleld. died
In St Uuke' lloapitnl vesierduv follow
ing at, operation He g turviVM) by a
wife atid three sons
Mr. Sarah I, etokr.
AtgURT PAUKi hi J. Bepl II, Mrs.
Sarah A. Stoke of Ocean il'.ie, willow
nf the RV, Kllw I H, st.ikis. Ihe tlrst
praldnl at lh Ocean Grove Association,
died to-oav a, the hone ir her auter,
Mi, j. .v. Ryder of HnnuBontoBi n j.
Larue Crowd at Affair Arranged
by Mrs. Delaffrld and
Miiis Alexandre.
Bernhard Hoffman Wins First
Prize for Vegetables at
Grange Show.
I.snox, ftppt. 11. The flrat meeting of
the Lenox Roller Hkating Club in the
town hall to-night was a big success.
The meeting was arranged by Mr. Fred
erick 8. Delaneld and Miss M Civilise
" V. .. . . ...
and Mrs. Herbert H. Shaw. Mr. and Mra
and Mr. Frederick H. Delafleld, Miss
Helolse Meyer, Mr. and Mrs Henry H.
Pease and Mrs. Wilfred I. Worcester.
In the second annual grange fair laat
night Bernhard Hoffman won the first
award for the bes. display of vegetables.
Th.ise exhibiting garden products were
Miss Helen C Butler, Dr. L Bolton
Bangs, Samuel W. Woodward. Richard R.
Bowker and Joseph H. Choate, who re-
celved certificate of honorable mention.
Charles S. Mellen waa a large exhibitor of
fancy fowla and ducks, J. Woodward
Haven exhibited white Leghorn fowl and
Mrs. Edwin T. Rice showed her Persian
cats. Other exhibitors were Mrs linear
Isslgl and Dr. W. Oilman Thompson.
Mr and Mrs Samuel Pmthlnghum gave
a dinner to-night at Overlee. About fifty
guests attended the dnnce at the Country
Club of Pitta field given by Mra Miguel
R. Martlnea for her daughter. Miss Car-
men E. Martlnea
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Holllster l'easa
will give a dinner for twenty at the
Orchard to-morrow night before the dance
which Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Astor Brlet-d
will give at Lakeside.
Mr. and Mra. Charles Astor Bilsted are
entertaining a houae party which In
cludes William Taller, Lawrence Reamer
of New York and Wynne Van Schalck of
Huntington. L. I. Mr. and Mrs Brlated
gave a large dinner tor tne young peopl
of Lenox and Stockbrldge at Lakeside to
night. They have Issued curds for an
other large dinner on Saturday evening.
Mra. George E. Turnure was hostess al
luncheon at Beaupre. Mlsa Harriet Wells
entertained at luncheon for Mrs Newbold
Arrivals Krom Rnaland and the I on
tlnent Some Departures,
By ths Hamburg-American liner Pa
tricia, from Hamburg :
Mr and Mea Edward Mr and Mra Frank
D Bsaselt W Gleae
Oounteaa Camilla von Prof liorilonH Crave.
Betsel. Miaa Cecils Hunter
Mr and Mra Edgar Prof ami Mrs. Cut!
von Boeckmann F. Huth
Mr and Mrs Roland Tha Rev H W Luce
J. Bunten Mra Dorothy Mar"
Pro! and Mra O P. The Rev Dr fried
Chltwood. rich P Maer
Dr Sandor Fenyo John Wilhelm Stein
Prof. H T Fruesuff William van Wyak
By the Hamburg-American liner Vic
toria Lula. for Hamburg via Plymouth
and Cherbourg:
Mrs O. Earrtette Mr. and Mrs Georts
Blake H Shun
Seth C Clark Mrs Frank McD
Prof. George Kelper Smith
Mr. and Mr Charlea E P Thompson
8. Lurtlsm Dr John Van Net.
M. and Mra F. Meyer. Mra Olt E Wahl
bom. By the American liner New Tork, for
Plymouth, Cherbourg and Southampton.
The. Rer.
A J. Bar-
II T. Lsuthbaum
Theodore C Mailer
The Very Rev P, Mc
Juilae William Jefler-
aon Pollard.
Patrick Stone.
George H. Belknap
The try Rev S. P
Abraham Guerre
C E. Jackson
B1SKET. Margaret. Funeral from "THR
FUNERAL CHURCH," ail Weat Twenty
third street i Frank Campbell Build -Ingi.
Saturday, 9.J o'clock Auio
niohlle cortege.
HART O Wednesday. September 1ft. after
s brief Illness, (jeorg Spencer, belove.t
husband of Frances Wheeler Hart, in
ths 77th year of hla age.
Funeral eervtree at hla late residence, s?
Woodland avenue, olan Ridge, N. J , nn
Friday, September II, at i o'clock in
the afternoon. Interment at convenience
of family.
howell At Central Valley. N. Y, en
Baptsmbar . llt. Iasballa Maria Cox,
wlf of Jebn Jesup Howall. gd tf
Interment private.
Hl'NlcKB Capt. Fallx Hennas Hunlrka
of 3li Chsatnut atreat. Roaalla. N. J.,
with offlrea at 77 Broad atreet, Naw
York, waa drowned at Colon, Panama,
some tttn httseen August 2ft aad Sep
tember 11.
MACRAE At Clifton. Staten Island, Pep.
temher 11. IMS, Katharine llreen. wife
nf John Macrae
Funeral servbea at her late realdencs. 70
Tewnnd avenue, nn FrtdeFi Bptmbr
is. t p m interment at (truwlch,
Va Savannah uapsra please copy.
MINER. Ai Mancheeter. VI.. en Thuraday,
September 11. ftusan P.. widow of A. U
Miner. In her '.Ltd year.
O'DONNBLL- On Thuradty, September 11,
1111, Michael J, O'Donnell, at hie real
ilence. Eighth errae,, Jry city.
Solsnin requiem masa at 9 A. M. oa
Mndny, Saptamber h. Itll. at nt.
Michael a Church.
I'ELLINUKH At Hauxhurat Park, Was
hawkan, N. J., auddsnly, on Wednaaday,
Seplamhar 10. Itll. tisorga Palllngsr. Jr.
huaband of tha lata Uraca B Palllngsr
mea Smith) and aan of carnllns and
tha lata Utorge Palllngar, 8r , agad II
Funeral aervleaa will ba held on Friday,
September IS. at 5 P. M. at hla lata
borne. ISC Hauxhurat avenue. Wee
hawkan Funeral atrlctly private
Klndl,' omit flowers
WRIUHT. September '.'. Hit. at his Long
lalsnd home. Flnley Irvine Wria-ht. son
of lh lale Flnley und Lucv Wrlaht
rtueecn h. -i ,aa "
tSTF.l.i.KNT, arltatlfte and lat.l II
MTKIl gfATtt I'ltl'iMVI liM I'tlal
akiridlr . i ui . b. ,. Man.uklli If
I'lWil Ji;u-V..kJ.alu.e

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