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-,'!! '(V.
Cnnsrion in Sections Knives
Jl;in In Seek Helief Onl
iuV City's Himler.
VvU' I.OSl.Nd I'A H.MS
As Mie KcmiH nf the Movement
of Old Sell lev IVnin
Kinr County.
The fill nnnniin -i meni of the
pop.T'M' i.' "1 r.ixrc tliul liinoUlyn
(onl.i i. nunc . m mill two futnllv
h i .(! .i'.u I in un til !hiim.-h tliati nny
, i,o 'tin i Imii ni.hi n imt sur
j -it : 1 i . .J ! - nunitx anil leal
I . 1 1 ' tin i in ill.llt nf till' f.H't tluil it
f till M.lli M lllill Sle,ltl!e( lull'-
I p.. nit of I'liiUMVi'mi'iitx mill
"i.nii ii l'iiinii,:li uf homes r.s
'i ii u in St tn ijuceus. llif Iiuk-
1 1
(! ,,,l.!ll III lllell.
t c.it.nii sli iy that with the
.i-. nf build. im output in Krook-
re i ii u: cuter economy In
.1 .il instead of detached houses,
.! tlir prevalent tvpe ,if ,..
. iin mi.Nitm
alt.ll'lllll lloUSI'H
til.' hull. Ilf
pilltS l)f till.
in run now
t' I Mil' tli'ctl
V li.illiusll. till
indite, l-'ort
tli li.'iuh
I i Mtili I'.nk si'i'tluix nf llruiiU
i . ...i Low thiiioiiKhlv one and
' i 'ill' U Inn nik in rows have'
. i I ili-liii'liiil li'aiiii. hups in I-,..
-in. null, I Mil' uf the lra.i'ins
t .f
II the extension .it th,. Hi-,.
1 ' t.i i-iubriu-e tin. suburban
I '- '' lininviuli. v litli other rra-
u'liivth iif iniiilatliii mid ilc
l ' ' i n- -.ici- v thin ,lie cit.Vs
iii'Tim" il a.-if-inl v.iluatliMti
. hi i .iiim'iI a iMiitnirllim nf
in Inn, si. Imilillim in what vvcio
v 'MIS Hi. I '.lllplt -Jlt l fl remote
f iln i-itv When tin. .MiliwajM
. S .nth Hr lohlv n tn Cntii y Island
I- -it llainlltmi an- in nirrntiun
irnl..ili" that mil- nf the notable
'i- will l. th.. ctii-rnnohmcnt of
. l...n-.- (' -iiMi'Mnn on tiM rlt'iry
iivui.I with frame ili.niriif.il
1 1.
I Ml!
t !
II .
I - Siirh rurtii.uhinriit is al
r ,.- evident ill iritaln parts nf fi.iKiT
H i- and Ha; llilat. UrM llrum!.
c in inu i.t att.uht.l houses In d
i, i-r,
II . . .1
dwell. nu neighborhoods har
f W lii.ur Vi iis in run ami in
mi- if th
i 'V.-r vvt li
ons vacant
se parts nf liioukivn there
an.v restrictions. Nliuier
are.i in the bnioiicli were
iniuii.eil with triune de-
t." I il ilvveltinus bei'au-e
must -.ilnt.iry ch.iu.it
they wen1
r of . "ii-
Mt i. t, on fnr the ii'i-l-'d hi which they
"i" bmlt. Hut within the city Ki-ovvtii
f"il "ii crnu th. .mil what was suburban
! "ne ti'iiitnry in Itreoklyn ten y.:n:.
i-' tin Innj. : .itiiactive in that n
M" I
' t. suit the ii"V, pel ma neat de
td' '.e. bome sectlmi- lire now b-ynnd
'' ' 'v boundaries in Nassau iniiiity.
tn.i d need nnly revert to southern
Ni 'iinty ten years aco. Willi its
i i ..mi iinek larins. and compare It
' "' pile lit period With .ill fllllir
I'' i-allv eliminated and their -lies
' ! ith home.- of in. -a h "-e d.ilb
1 is m Mnnbatt. n and v ho emu-
- . :-.'i i "in i.n a siiimrlian
Tl inintv ,s a lo-i.i'.il re litre
. li-ii 1-oin. s .i mi the s:i in-tuial
(v.ihiii ihe c; h- i aiis. il Hie
on uilo neai b; pi, ii i s ill Nassau
ti will i'IVku'i- tn mow (tpn'e
.si 1. 1 .is new rapid transit -sieiu.
i a Ii -U.I ot the Intliix of popul.i.
Ie . .! ,ii will n,.,,,),,,,)!. .
,1'mi'j tu bail sn a. tin-.il hp
Clubhouse and
I ... i.
1-- I
mn til) iln it mil re Street
Xlllmn Wild 4'nmpldrd.
OpiMiliiB of the Centre utreet loon
onto to I'ltv Hull tins nlrendv horn
fruit In the Itlditewnod flection. Not n
Mimic vacant apartment Ih to he found
In the 300 six family flat houses of the
!. X. .Miilliewx t'otiipan.v adjoins the
.M.M tle avenue "I.." Low rents nnd Rood
transportation have hrotifiht many
families to that territory.
The (I, X. Mathews Company erected
during the past year four hlochs of rlx
family houses on Putnam avenue and
Madison street. They are known ns
.Mathews's Model Flats and contain
more than 3 uparlments. all nf which
are rt'litrd. Mince the opening nf the
new line to New York every flat In the
neU'hhorhood was taUen.
The company is now erecting seventy
lulu six family houses on what was
fonuerl the Meyerrose baseball crotind,
ndlolnliiK the Myrtle avenue "I.." Ah
iiulekly n a block Is finished it Is filled
uii. tenants applying for apartments
I'l fnie the houses are hurdly under roof.
Vol alone are the leiillnir rmiil!t!..iiu
ahead of any met before In this section.
but the demiiml from Investors Is
enunlly Kood. The f5. X. Mathews Com
pmi lor the Unit nine months of thin
yiar sold forty. six of their model Hals.
II.. ..!.... l .. .... .
, i 'in in iur imsi wfpti nve nouses W(ro
Isold to separate Investors at Jll.nuo
( o.ich.
rileliil.,.r Itiillrst Mimlh fnr Rnllil
er Kbp Thin Veiir.
Ni:w(t!i,. i irt. I.'- During September
"n Penults foe new liiill.ll
ur tUt,tI (lJ. )h(i prp.irtment nf llnlldltiKS.
nhowliit; an expenditure of J SO I..VJG.
The mii:ie represents the smallest
amount involved In biillillni; operations
for any month thl year and $147,099
I !-!- hi. in ioe amniini spent UUI 1I1C tile
I .-.line period last year.
The f.illltiK off is accounted for by
'he heavy Investments made In the
intlier months. More money has been
I pm m biiililinns here iliii lnu the tlrst
nine months than any other year In the
history uf the city.
Seventeen p'-nnlts were approved
be the department last weels. the cMl-
mnteil imuresate cost of which was
. I 7.1.0(10.
i:mil l'lostrr Is erecting twol
three story brlcl dwellluas with
, and n hall at Sherman avenue anil c'llf-
toil street at a co-t of SJl'.OOO. A one
s'.oiy brick movlni: picture theatre at
JtM Smith Oninjjc avenue is to lie built
by Sehnoider ,v Kirch at a cost of
a cost
f'U. 11(10. Almin i infill ,, III l...
, , .. , , ; 1 ;
i.ii i liiih- :mih name sime anil nwell'
iiik at .s-priiiKiiehl avenue and Smith
Sixteenth street by KrneM Mever. A '
tlllee stor.v frame apaltlllent hmi-e to
I cost 000 will be built at 1st! Hill
i side avenue by the A.xel liiotheis Com
pany Announcement was made that a
I larce apartment house will be erected
; al l ami .x linnd street bv Morris
.Menu at a cost of about 5.0.oii'. The
bulldiin; will have a frontage of .-event) -ve
t ,t and will be faced wall liitii.u:.!
lit :
III Hutch ( nlnillnl lnslilnn
rliinUInu 'Inpimii 'l.rr.
The I'hilii'se Main'!' Club celebrated
list wfek the opeulnR of Its new house
overlooking Tapi an Zee, the widest
part of the Hudson, About "00 persons,
usid.-nts of I'hllliise Manor, and their
friends, vveie mi Ii.iih! lor the event
in- . hii'ii'.ii-.' i- i.iii'i mi rni I'H'i.i,
ovct looking the river It is of the ,
I uitch Colonial type and i built of
tapestr.v brick with a tile roof. Hwlni,- c
Clllippcl llesiLMIetl tile llnllM'. allll IIioiikIi I
it is a iiio'lrrn bulldiin; the iiuilntm-ss
anil slmpl" beauty of the old Dutch
home pietlnininates. It contains twenty
rooms and all IV.tt til rs fouml in cmiutiv
I 'otilie. tl il with tile club is II bo.it-
hoi. e. pier and bathlin: pavilion, lie-
nli-s water sp..cs provisions arc made
for l. ml p.iMlmrs.
Bathing Pavilion at
i KlUnlicili lliillillnu leu Vn
j .NrHnrk llirrnlliiii Held I i.
I Xkm'am,', Oct. I. An iiiiimnal itn.i.
turn hus hern discovered !y the local
bulhllnj: authorities In connection with
a bulldlnt; of the Dlehl ManiifactiirlnK
Company of Kllz.ibelli, which is nearltn;
completion. A small portion of the
structure Just nines over the Kllzabcth
clly boundary line Into Newark and
bei'iiti"!' a penult has not been Issued
acre the work on It may be held
until a penult Is urnnieil.
The ImllduiK is a thiee story brick
sliuctlire annul -10 feel wide it Mi I 1100
frt lotlB. It Is on Virginia .ueirte.
which crorscs the boundary line Into
Newark. The stieet Is opened In Kll..
abeth, hut In Newark It is notlilnc more
tlmn an open Held,
A Newark bulldliii; inspector found
the hlllldltiK Was aboiu sl. Teet In New.
ark at the southeast cm tier and about
ten feet at the southwest corner.
"erle uf Coiiereli. Ilnnir. nr IMI-
on Te to Up I'.i I ml There.
One of the IniKesl biillillni: develnp.
ments planned lor tin ltoelnw,i section
will soon be started. t a rnt nf iiem lv
a hair million iIdIIim.- m seiies nf cmicreti
bunKiitows will In eieceil on Thomas A
I'Mlson's theoiy of coi.stnu Uiir ,i con
crete house In one tines.
The contemplated opei.itlon was
prompted by the success of similar ven
tures nlmu; smaller lines duiiin; the past
summer In the Huckawavs. The bmm.i.
Iowh will be oiTcred fnr rem lit lluutis
which may iiudnf mine the poptil.ultv of
flame stl iictllles.
CM N Tit V I.I 'i:
Itnbeit i:. -',irli(.
Senisiluli. Kstutrs a,
Cniiip.mv, two Inrije
l'rNe.1 In 'eilclielii
a i,-i secured from the
i: I TIO.N.
presuli nt nf ih..
the tiril.ir; I'.uni
li.ll esl.it. elitil
emilil.v. -'inn- ran
New Vnrk I'entl.ll
...m .riv unveil rallln.olM a base of 1
.'MO S(U.ire teet nf p.i, ,. iniiituiK I'mn'.
seeoinl street In th,. ,,, w , tw iV.tr.il
lermln.il abnve the in.i.n mntum i n
In this spare now b..ni; ilev ..lnn,.,
( nuntiy l.u. I 'i rni. mi nt Kpnsiln,n anil
r s.-rv.itlnns air liemw ni.nle fnr ihspl.u
The active work Is uii,,., the coat Mil nf
ii.'i'.ii ii. .-MMnn, niKiiiiizlnn ma ii.il
tile travel show It u Ih. ii..n, ,,!
i H',llml io ill iW
this a nnliil fin
"'"nHtloii In ni'im cilmi with oountrv life '
I V il . " "UM " "III ne tile e(nltmi I
, in'ii'i .i n-ii.ii unein nl
I'nllM. , .mn. in. nl ....I .
..'..irtin.nl nf lioin-e u.u'.'s. A 'n'.i.' 1
i kitilim an.. ,i sport.i,ii i. s l.nntli n,' ,i
j'"' l"t-ilU-il IIIbIiKvii hnntlm ,u, t,
I".1" '" ''im'-'iil the various urn u. ipal, .
in nrMl-'lisl
i onim
.SOIllr stl.
Illrlllil ' .
t lie Si ,u
lie.lll. V r
-Is I
lie belllt in. en
liouhiK tile pinponu-s i
i l.HtatiS. Iilititl...!- .if It..
Hotel, .ihemh .nnml. ie
ll.ll Hls ,i
iinj.-l .'ii an; the Itrmix I'.iikw.n plans'
fnr which .i'e not l.tlnir coitl.l, , . i, ,
I bureau nf infoi m.ition will be insulin, ,r
' uhleli II ....It 1... jjit. I.. - r .
I...--.,...,- i it 1 1 'i li-ii umi I
n ne pmeiiteii mi any subject Much, eg i
mi wie eiiumry
to i'i:
.i:iim:v rum mn
1'i-fii the nl f T of tin ibil-i'.- Rirm
'"iecp.it 'i the Cnuritrv I. if., jx-rm inprr.
i:.piisitna at the lininil Ceii!r.i Ti rnuti ,1
comes th niiiiotiiKimi-iit that th. ..i,
t'liinst i ..iiiieil -lie ,ii.irt. r null ton it-ir
in the s.ile nf their pinpeiiv at ibtltie,
Kane in ih.- l.ii six mouth' period Tht-
ennns ;, tiiiu-ti-il .iiiunuiieim. iit i
oth'-iwise in.-iitue m.iikpt. which Men. s
t'. lit Westih-sttr tount.v is settim; il
' .1 st its sh.lle nf t'le lltlll"frrlii i-f The
'!eiliie I'aiiii Until, v. alch I- nit. nf the
finest ami huge.) Imteb- uf its kimi th'
p.-ilt nf th- iniintry. Is Ineiit.tl mi tie
pi-npr-ru .mil the np-nuiK il ite has bn i
jut fi'C i ii tnli'M Tie enui'Mny n n 't
n't t. fnlr tik.. -..11. .I.,.. tl.
llM m i.nt.il l!.il ii.. I. inn.
; nr..- i
kminsti ,cl mtn .i club! tin
Tin: ii i i.i.
-tl.il Knolls
..i-it..l hi
IIKs ;.
Illnnst. Ill
'es,'lifsli i-.iiuttl Is 1-u 1 no! m s... .
'Inns, e.ielt l'., 1111; sp. el.il t . wt mi Hi . i i (ls
'o s(,. ,,f pint all I l-.ist nf tropin, 'III, (it
Tin pinp'ttv Is within a slii-tt .;is hi.
if till lintel 111. 11, i. It. m ami I t III, Ii. .lit
'if .1 till. Slllllllb.lll lesl'lelillal .-.,!.. 1 1 l
K i ,....1,. Ii) I'leetile 1 1 n III v nilililllK nl
ii ii. 'ti. .nt ititeivals finui th. iii.iii-1 iv-I--.I
T-'-'t.n.il VII ril i'tte h. -ii. ., s i
Ii.im I n Instalbil I
Philinse Manor
I i.omi i slink hk.m, khtatk i or
l.iko inany other ctnitioiis purch.iHcrn, perlmps jyou loo
have Hpetii the summer inspecting nnd compuriiiK ciliTcrcnt
(lovi-lopmeiiN licforoileciilitin where yon will locate.
Our records show more houses sold in the fall thandiiriiiR
any other hchmiii, lieciuso liotneseekois have i;ono throtiRh
the process of elimination, and nro ready to make their
If Ihi have not found what you wanted, vllt
n will Imd ii dislitifiive and attraetTvo homo com
miiiiity wild unii-iial natural iiilvaiitat?is, enhanced by the
judicious t-xpi-iidiliiiv of money, skill nnd labor on tho
pui I of Us (levi'lopci-H on will liud n wholesome environ
ment. iilToidiiie; ih" fullest opportunity for tho enjoyment,
of all the I'ocri'uiive features of land, lakes, bay and sea,
with stores, church, school ami station within convenient
walking disiatice,
oti will hint many Ackerson Cottage.-, Iliingalows: and
Scmi-ISimculows plcasnif m d.siKtt and constructed with a
lull undcrManilim; of the value of convenience, economy
ol Hoor space, and modern sysicins of heating and sanita
tion I'riies liem'n at 5.S.J.M) and advanco by easy stages
In $i)..",ou. A lew houses are ready for immediato
occupancy and may be bought on suitabh; ternis.
lll llrluliliMHi r- i.ur cuet. 1 on will ns th
mint iH'i'iil.ir, iliiiI iiilln- unit rtri unmlnc run.
inunlii mi lini Islmiit. Wrllriiur rt lurk nfflia,
ur ii-li-iihiitn (,ri'rli'. .'I'iOl, for rsirrvHtliiii-).
' fiiridf Album .n. I mo'lftt upon rfqunt.
V Wl.ll M I'f III'!'
orrn i (.mi in
I'm -i m
RKI. KSTATE TOR S M.B Vf r.trbr.tfr Co.
In the Gramatan Hills
(.cdur Knulls lias everv
cm im-
rrovcmciii. i loiuicd uf
door, and vet if i frill
Ihs cil's
A free from l tic city's noii; and dirt
as if if v.orc in die heart of ilis Adifon
dacks. ir i- vet onlv 2S niintnes from
the shopping and anuiemcnr centre
of New York.
Cedar Kr.olls is famed for its coin
I'ination of ruftrod ro.-k. vaiclv trees
un J heauiilul winding prl.ed ro.id-r.av-
lr i dcsii;'ied for people who
desire accosihihtv to the em's life
jiiJ the cuj's lonvemences, toge'lier
with the real coentrv air.tospherc
Ihe famous (irannilati Inn affords
ciiarming centre (or die .sr-iul life
v liis.it is a feature if tins, section
Phi., of mic-ip-artcr tn two a.res
Prices. $:,li()i) to i::,tm Terms will
he made to suit Inn us
NX rite to-dav fnr maps at'J full par
ticulars and secure earlv choice of lo
cation The First Mortgage & Real Estate Co.
30 Hast 12d St. NEW YORK CITY
Pbtlipsc manor
Pbilipse manor
It is not a "poor man's Ttiwlo"
nor a "little Newport."
It is a carefully restricted homr
colony on the Hudson Rive
for tho?e who prefer Solid Com
fort to the inconvenient con
vi niouces of City lifi .
PDilirfc manor
Kenneth Ives & Cj
7E. 42
!.t' Vi'il. 11ml noi.r.oo mi Jul, i ,
vii-nnn loi.r.is I'l-iKiiii-nin.
Then wile In New VorU -it on .1 llv
1 iiiJl ,."iin) living .ipitiiiiuiiis or miiii'.i
lll-IOIllIlK,' til IlitlllOM llllllpllt-ll I IV tin-
i Tenement llou.sn ti'fi;irtnient. (if 1 1 ir.
Klent nunilii-r Sli.",,nil sillies .ire in
Iioilsi'M liiiilt iiiult r I ho ti-iii'iin'iit lioiiM-lav.-
innl m u j 1 1 m is.. 1 1 to ir miuli'l .ii.iil
tui'iits. The illlli ient'e. i',ni'..:i(in, m,. in
lloiiKf-s built lii'loie Hie i hiiiIiik o' tin
tenement hoii.su lav,.
The number of builtlliiK.M with iieeoiu
moil.itlous for three ot- uioiu t'.. milieu on ,
.lllly 1 ill New Vnrl; eily vvns IU..",i. !
Vf tlie!e L'J,40: ale in vv lii'.v Iioum-i.
lliillillnu. Willi l.lmlleil lltiiiKi
.Not I'oiiiihir Tlien- llns.
I, luht iitul air are IiIk fai lui s j
the sueeess of inmlel'ii of lien bullillniss, I
Tliete vvns ,i tune, unil inn very ninny i
yrm-M iiiio, when an uieluli i I'm thief
alia was In uet a.s miiiiy oflU-e. on n
Hour us possible. .Sunlluhl was never
colli. hlered very i-ei loudly. Ileveiiuii
)Ut of every Inch was Hie uiotlo. When
illlelest vvns iil'oil. eil in health a ch.iiuie I
fame In the eoiixli'iiclloii of biiihliriKS, '
Totl.iy the iiivhiteel who iiI.iiih u hullil-
nc vv It bout eons t er nii miii lu hi inn ,
1 1 r......... . 1.. .. r .n
,111. 1 sio' I' ' ' 1
nml inn nuiiumi, win never ne a sue.
,'e.ts. I
'. . ,. ., . . .'
Many IiiiIIiIIiiks have 1 een eieclet ,
,i.o lllim 0 111 Willi lie nallll-ll hi it
problem has been Well hilllillul. but one (
of the In- Is tin- siiiii iuii' jum llni'heil
il ,10 1 1 11 1.1 1 1 c'let'l I "I inlh Uirouiili
to New hlrei-l. N01 n ll 1 the hullililiu
planned so as to malic each 1 if lice' an I
"ouUlilu" office, hut Ihr material used
5, 1918.
V,,Ii,r;,:.k I WEST 34TH ST.
nml llul,l.. nf llomr. of Mrilt
i iu:s o.n i in: pitori.HM
On the North Shore
of Long Island
A Building Site in
highest class neighbor
hood, with splendid
views; bathing beach.
pier, and all modern
essentials. Easy of
This is an exceptional op
puiiiuof.y to otjtam hi an
, attractive price, and on casv
terms, a rc?iucutial site
which, in its location, views
anrt surroundings, is ideal
I'till I'n r 1 1. ul.ir. I'm in
Te' 5610 817m 542 5tH Ire. 45th St.
!l Isl.N III l KrVII, I (Mi
Exquisitely Beautiful
Brick Houses
prUIv l!Wnei1 fur Tropin nf
Ittteunil Itr fliiPTrnt
Inn Mm k- vori ft- I nfti .
r .til MAtt'ti n iht,t nn 1 ' 't.iJn
i ilai fn ninl 'torn Mrilmuflri nrtt HroV
Irn i fi t'iticU from "irfaT cfttd He
'ur To Vrtt' iii or I i in 'Tto
lijoik fr-ni n' trulki tu Htn trfft.
("irti b-' p-pti!n ftiint-v Ultr'-eD
f''i iititn sN.t limn t 1 7i , ifritii
lit-ii oppit iicjiriliv tiiiip inf u n tta"-.
hrfl-.tlfi Kv sni1i f.r'' "hr t anl
l I .ltn! t'H W's .'" fo ' ilrl''T.I
"All 'n'f. .h'stT"i
Mrr"1' ('cn il - vi tr- i;m r ru'
rlfi t- i ,- I mi 1 i nl
lit nhuin i 1 1 in i n ni
4fft tr, - ir ' f tncf m Tl'iililh
rt,!!.rii 1 i S" 'I'M !,'"V.
ltrpriplHtUr on idr rrrml
I I'M iltl l .
i ome r lldfillftim n fnrmnl In.
Ii-nlal mil Khrlfun , iVit(fn1i ft
Tin t'l'T 1' ' '
i" Un- fa f I tin stiucitire Ii.im been
si-li-elftl to fin t lift- neii'.isi. II.- n iliiral
'lUltl or ofllees. Wlnte (;!.ii-tl li'i r i
ei'tlu has ,i, -n iim'iI. vvlueli ull-i-is ami ,
iltli-lisilli's Un. i"it. I
The Mt.H-.u,.. . tvventv s.erins ,
h Ullt, ;iHrt the ttm t two tntj.-.
alMc ttm tluitl Mnnr Th.. i..vn rx- !
.,,.,1 ....
I ' I III 11 'Nil WlliT' 1 1 1
.... ,,..,i .
hi'tvveeii. (llli-.', ill I hi- untie of -
emit Imve liovveil vvluilow Urn i e I
' ,,nii ii i i hi i
i nits may yet a view of either liro.nl
or Zxcw Mlcel.
" '''"i"""' i.eiii.m ..fij.Vi stollc, s rooms and hath, furnace
Vl'll Irnilslt I, lit,. a.
Tim eii'.'iion of MX'v-iiKbt tvvn tain-
.. bi-ii'li anil j-1 1 1 n i- iIm-I1iius to
J.Tiii.ooii lias been mi, it leil in the Hush-
v .ck-ltliluewootl seetlnil. Tin are bi In"
built on .IclTc i'hiii avenue ami llaucoelil
slieet north of Irvini; .iveiiue Th
horoiiKh line runs tin ohIi n nml plans
I'm- the hlllltllims were llletl hall' in
Hi'oohlyu ami half In (jiiei us. .lain..-.
A, CiulU'ld, tl uner an, I builtler
bought the pi-opc rt I'loni tile Tllliolliv
(!, Sellew eslatn Mime time urii for ;i
IlKUle slluhtly above $i:in,oni).
The teirllory in which these 1, 11,1,1
inns arii 10 he en-oli il has ilnvelopeil
rapidly. Il is mlj.ii'ent to tlio new
liushvvlck lllxh School iimi ihe pi,,.
poseti route 01 me 1 nion Piumi'i- ast.
.Ml, lllull-li.l .lll.uui
, , ,,. , . I
i-tniiiii.iiniio. 11. nt- nt-eii unit 101- me inii. nii-e mch lirii-l. J.r.tmll ili-mrlu-il linin-. n
flf.1t row of Xi'Vclltll'll lilllltlillKK nil llH','"-' 111'''"". I' I Ills upi II lillllllllllif. .Ii-.im Im,
.1 .1 .- 1 .. ... . 1 li.in wnidl 11I111. mis nml i-lt-t 1 r I, llulii. ml n. -1 s.
llortll fitJ" ol .lellersoli avenue. v 'or I, ! t, nns iwlil. nmr ilniu-lit-s .iti.l v,.i,,i . ,,in fnr
oil I IIICI.S Will oelfin snilll
The SelleW propel ty is tit.- last larue
property uvallab'e for ili vi'li'iniii iil v Ith
linines, ,is builders h.ve bei'n aclive
here for some time en t n? small dwell
Iiiks In anllelp.ttiou ol Iln- rush that will
follow the upuiiini; of the new transit,
I M;' .IKItsHV
Itll.tl, I'.HTATK FOR HM.K.
Sacrificing $7,000
S4.(MM pci iiiaiient mortgage can l eni.iln mi prupcrt ,
arrange pa.viuent or remaining w.'t.OOO same
as rent If so desired.
On Sunset lliilyr
I'loni Ariu.il I'hntii.'i itii
of iiriiiMi.i' in for i mil i-iinvinlriiir no'il.ml. int. Men i i n mil !
In tii-rtiiti(iil lnl.i-s, tu whli-li pun-h.i r nf i p. ., ,
Has Actual Lake Rights
Iteautlfully shaded
l.irirr. Ilinlite jmr
i ir I hoi- r in tlii--Ii
( I i iil. it .in .
'i I I . sne lie n II III Wllllli M.U .illl.it
.V. MINI IPS I'KUM M'W VllllKrriV in
I'OslHMlA M)- inn, I II ;, MlM ,s v
n , .. ,,. i..fk ur imii4,iiii .
Ilmw hi- Inii'i- mini run ii ir.'iVin fen. mth t.,.
tip ii m iinlui 'tin intr i ism-? t- ,. iifi lt in , , w,
i if. . 1 1 ii t'"iti it-it I -iii. i - t'.uitr i' ml m n i -j i pi i il
!" ariiuini i it -i on mi n.ui
l.i , -i .'-ii-. . iri.ol ill ii leil' rl ih, i.
i.i' i.iiii ii.ini en ii . mini ! urn , ,
hiiKe M-riinilm innl nirn trrrm r, !.
ore I'll r i Uf I r.l . ininrlt'il
i.M'itM' lU titMiincntnl v;iUint: ' itiM
'twr '-.liifitf s . , ttjuo) alnl im l1 nrcni.t .
i I' I' I .1 v In lit) l II II ll.li h(l'I) , 1 . l,ir.r.lll )M r
w Mi tir t'hi.nr f i Hid
170 Boai'. av
Hi i
llixi. s xmi Itl.M s VII. MIC III XI
FifFrmir mvirr. vrom y
IV uirmiT In Mlntrr limn l .1 ti li-t 1 1 nt Ul.r 1
All cllr rinrnlfncf mui ImpntwniHit. T- '
nin'iidum rt arKi pfuer I lit r t Iliiiitf frimt M tihntl in
Ilouf fnr or rnt, lining Itr
Spclal tailuoenintt nn few
ttilvltMl ninl fnr ImmixlUli
i'h if
Manhattan Beach Estates
an Klfih ,r., .N. V.
T-. VtiT HI., im
It! llronrtnu., N, V.
Tf'. Ort-nili nn
r off!
-I tit 1' 1
on prupMll
?: fnn'i tUn 1
nr,u. itik at am iion.
Without Reserve
Monday, Oct. 13th
v s i M nn iln pir i.t- nun nr shin''
116 Valuable Lots
Illlit't OH Wll 1 IIIIAI I .VVS
Iti !!) h'-.'l
! j i rs v
i i
i.i il; ir i'.iii .1 Im i, i
In ii.ii . ch nf Oiii-i-n-
ni-in In
I II' V I I H II si U VI KS.
1 s v VI l 1! VI V Is ,i
t u- - - iiutt ii' .Wit' . -t it . t n ninl
ll '!. im- Hi nf Vil.intii .i
M nili itt.tn I'litt nil .irl nf Hi. ..Mwt tn
lttinit.lll ll.'lllltl H It -.If 111 lulvnii-s
li - .t-itl linn tin- .la inn 1m Vx liolli-v
I'tntM- ii. ntiiiri'M-r xmiIi1!! .i fi-w bliirLs nf
I In Wn.iitlmw-ii .Itllu-lliill t.ttlin nf Ihr 1 nuj
l-i.iiul i'.i'Iii'jiiI ultli f-i'iiiiiit u.-iin- in limit
liitti'i tin- Itriint.bii. .mil Iln- l'i iin.-i Ti-i tttlti.il.
Vt .tih .ti .i,
lulls Instiri-il wllliinil rntisi. in imi t-ltn-r ri
In- Til I.I. HI MIAMI1 V 1 1 T 111 S I 111.
. rts tn nml ntii'ttnn
iMltl in m ryi vi
ffi-. iIiivmi li.vl.mi-t'
Monthly Installments
;r,7i.'M m n'nnntn. nr n ..Is,-,,.,,,,
M.lp ;ilnl fiiHtii p,triiulnrs frnm
. . . ,, , .... ..... , , , ,,
1-' ntii.iiiin , e it'll, unit i.'i .itiiiii.t kui- s
lliii.tl.il n
i iiiKKii,!. vn in: vi, ii'.tk roit mm:.
l:()U SAM! liasy housckeepinq lintuc '
1 a i .U4 l:at JSili St.. two stories, huv win-
heal, riis and clectiicitv, parquet Honrs.
' Haiidsnniely dccoriiled. Price 5ti,55(l,
vnorlh S7,.x0l); SSOfl cash. $4S nioiiililv
f)n:n for inspection. Take Flathush or
' ' ( icean Av. car and nel olf at Av, I)
l-'OR SALli. -Easy liousckeepiiiR home
at 1102 S4lh St., 8 riuuus and hath, sas
and electricily, parquet floors; full Im;
street asphalted, no assessments. Price
$5,751); SoOO cash, $.15 monthly. Take
Sea Beach or Wesi I-nd Line of 5ih Av.
"I." (soon to he subway) and j;et off at
54ih St,, one block from house.
IIUOX X It HA I. kstati: Kilt sAI.K.
'l"l I'.X'I'ltlX'
-.1 ri coll ilewn. Imhiine Mimil; irmiH instill
iiihiitiihii "ii.iih hihts . ...rni .-,1 . vi
mi r uv
110 itm:u- wvjxiKii.
l-MMil lllllll It'itlll. Ilt'sl M-i'll.lll I .is tll'.llll.-i'
Itilti bttl, t-itiittli- ni (tin urnili-tiirti, I'linne
tilt , iliuuse, liu Pad. si., i:.u.t uraiiKc.
SKW IDItst.v HUM, l:M T. t lilt ",t,,
io:ti:.-,s reef.
n. In I. -.0 Mi. . .
.in. In
ill- III Ml i il
VI. I, III I l'
mm m 111
,ri- -iv "ji. . .,, ,, .
. ., ... ..nil,
n ;i . i.,( ,
wmI!-. Ii.miii ii-IIImi;.. hnt-.i Ii..i.!imiii
i'.-.,tm 'f-lllilKi. 11,11-. i,n till ill .
in licit n ml , irli Hutu, .mil I oiii.Ii i
r.vt i -it i
I (IXi, (s x i 1,1
vt t i v 1 1 i mi s vt.i;.
iiii im now in own wins
II" Iv ii. .M
il iniMir.il pffi . -iimI
.'1 rtifffi
J vnf.V
j fT
,..l, ,1. ' ' ..
new .ir.Kor.r nr,i. r-.i-.iih run m
On Easyl
tin niiij f s.
fit ' r Ii i p(
flti t i i!l(l M i
Inn i iif jurr i
tfn i r nij.ttif f(lr r
VWlf s
11 1 1
r i
I. s till- to 'I
' ltc,. 1 nir
I i 'I'll'
I1 I .
i stiim-'-ii
XIII -niiiii
lull ''
" Win. i
! :i ,i ..
'i h K'.li.lil
V Mini, 11 1 nml 'iiirv It.i r.nmt- Mill mm
rniialiir. .'nil lurti' In. in . ,, rnnm, tun
1.1 1 UP I it'll II I )IIHi I fin i I), .,, ,. . Mf.im!,
l'l-' Illf I'flll. h.tlll. l.fiU I. I.,., w,.,r..
I 1 V1!
l 1,1
iT V( 111 s nn, i.,, n, ,tt..,m.,
MMHNful 4 fi-iM t Ii t.i't
'l in
rpr" ti.ilii mi
NT It tn.' l?t M.iiiWHli
1 I.XI mrili.-irluni t-lir. nliliinl.., r,w, irraml vlr--
XI rirrp pintlirv lilnnt ni- b lilillnrH, n
i.-lcnn-. innl-. L'fi mill imt nt. I .vt'iiim .i,t
m h nn i veh tn i;r .1 l in.. , MI.I--In.
"XI ii.i-.r ix a t i-.ni 1 1.."
VII -ilimil I'hr Iilnl ll- . : .mtt "
M"i ui i vin i . v ..i4 en x ,i.
cox.xKtnrt i ukai r;rrc.
(ilX'M Baifiaill
Will '.i-ll - v Jtlt-li,-t,vi- t-i'llttlv fit(.
nf It- 11 ,, 1 . nn tin- 1 ittitu'i l-,t - h,.,,.
fr.il.l nf lii'.ietifi'l I i 1 1- K 111,1 s,lhl
ill Hit' ioi-,ti li.uitlti ntt,-f nr v. em
Ijtss it-rtt,. I'i.,-i,pi , ,u, ,,. (,,.,,
JIiil-f all 11 ii,1 hit iii-i up.--,i . M,,i(.
'Ill, lli'll-lillll- ,onl il'tt'.sii,i I i,.,,
Im. mil 11, mm, it, o ft i'ii'Mh ,,i,a
I'nmi'iil.-nti- l.lU'i'lnn' s ttk ,v,
,xil.t-lli ,it-,iil ,-i;i it iii-ii'liitni
I i-ss tii.ni nn I , 1 n.,t X V nt,,,
nnlv II' mliiiiti- in iii-p,n ,'- irnt,
l'llli-l snll v.dli-r Ii itlilnr m il b.i nn -nn
All'rilt-.in i-n.i-i Vtlilif I m i-.
1II.H1", inx l.'l him nn- !
1 f3
iiiio vim vv mi mo 111 11.1t 1 ,,
llrimtlw.i unil Midi s,t
(imffX-'lllli Mli'H Will. Inn ell fit s t rl ,iri!
;tl ,' fnr liiii'l-1 ' sii m rn.i'ii bo Mint t,
'III Klltlll.t en 1', M V bl.it I., -1.1,1, t -
V(i' un pn 1 -1 lloo-it 4, u llrtifttliMt
I Al 1(1111 liifl MVI' rxti-Ilr-nl llBht fill fitt.r
l.lt . run. l,"o l r sr.u. .Ml'ri.l.nn, 7M
IIoiIImiii n Pruukbii. 1 oruir l'4lcfcea A
, XV 1
'2 js
r.'i r
t " trv I!ntti $m
' i i t ii I a
h 'ut rm
v' il!j

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