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Stnrgls Crosses Princeton Line
on Forwiird Pass From
.Makes First Tljror Touchdown
on fi5 Yard Hun Final
Score 28 to (.
Princeton. Oct, 11. Prtrtceton was not
able to keep her goal line Inviolate inn
afternoon In her struggle with Hucknell,
the final score being 2S to In favor it
the Tigers. Hucknell presented a queer
lot of open formation that Involved the
forward pnss. In the main they weic
"not successful with the exception of the
forward pass. Crulkshank to Sturgls,
which resulted In the six point". Muck
irll had come to l'rlnceton determined to
core and the few followers of the team
crnt wild with rnthuslasm when SturglH
tossed the line. I
rrlnceton wun the first to Mart the ,
scoring. Strelt brenklna loose early In the I
tlrst quarter for a run of (So yards and a i
touchdown. Hucknell's score came In the.
tlrst period, but after that the visitor
were not dangerous. The local eleven
. scored In each prrtod. Strelt carrying th I
leather across again In the second period, ,
while Cant. linker celebrated tils return I
to the (tame by storing In the third anil
rotirth quarters and kicking four goals
from touchdowns.
The recent rain made the field heavy
and slippery, tsevernl times runners fall
ing because they were unable to get tlrm
footing. Thu hull was wet and heavy
and It Is no wonder that Topln of Huek
nell was unsuccessful In bin two attempts
to drnpklck a goal, one from the 37
vard line and uKaln from the 40 yard
tn the tlrst period. In hl punt, how
ever, he was brilliantly suciessful. icv
ral timet netting off long siilrals of more
than tlfty Mirds.
'.ipt. Maker did the punting for his
team and while his kicks were not as
lone a Tophi's, yet he made more ground
on them. Seeral lo.isnus may be given
lor this Hoth on the offensive and de
fensive the rrlnceton ends were superior
to their opponents. They wo to sure tack,
ler ami tli,. Burktiell lucks resorted to
fair oatchlng rather than being downed In
their Hacks, (in the defensive th" nits
were equally effective. each taking ear,
of his man. thus giving Ilobcy a ehauoe
to get started on his veni-.itlon.il n turns
of kicks.
Itucknell men ucre hard t.iokltri but
were slow In covering punts. Their of
fensive tactics were built around th" for
ward pass and In a tiumber of eaev these
passes vvete missed hy ., niattei of Inches.
Their end runs weie few. hut on them
they gave their runmr good interference.
Strelt a.'aln proved tn be the best
ground gainer. Plunging through the liu- j
.inn inii.tiiiK in,- wni'ie I'Min wun nun, ne
would ie off five, ten and sometimes fif.
teen yards. Slick and l.ibe Hak, -gained
coiulstentlv and the combination
proved t" be well balanced. Stewart
Haker at quart) r made several had fum
bles during the first period, but in the ma
jority of instances bi Judgment was
Phillips and lUllin again showed up as
a fast pair of tackles They were down
the field with their ends and several times
downed the player liefore he w.is Marled.
Ite.Milger at guard proved to be no better
than last week. Ills tackling is not
worthy of a schoolboy and he still Is ter
ribly green, not knowing what tn do In
many cases, lie was relieved In the sec
ond half by W. Swart.1 lyingstreth at thu
other guad showed to more advantage to
day th.ui at any previous time this e.ison.
Kddlc Trenkman proved worthy of his
selection for the pivotal position. lie was
a tower of strength, repeatedly getting
the runner tin the defensive he play
deep, alinu.'t back to th secondary de
fence, and Invariably ho was found near
the bottom of the pile. Ills passing was
creditable and he opened up holes on the
In the fourth quarter Coaches Andrews
and Uluethenthal sent In a number of
new men, the, majority of whom acquitted
themselves with credit. I.ambertou at
end made several tine tackles, but on his'
punting be was slow ami one was blocked.
Merrttt. however, recoveied It Hmmon
made a had miss of one of Topln's punts,
but utherwlse he direct il the plav of the
team well. Shea gae girat promise at
end and it is evident that the wing posi
tions will be well taken care of. The
lineup I
Prlnrrlon. Positions, Hurknell,
Hammond., t x-f t end. . . . .Slilnnian
Phillips ..Left tackle , llearn
Itrvnlrer lrft guard Heading
t:. Trenkman, Centre Shafner
I-ongsirrth .Hlght guaul Fisher
Hallln Kliiht tackle Piatt
llrown . Hlght end St iirils
S. Haker. ,, Quarterback Crulkshank
II. Baker, , Uft halfback Krlsrr
Hick Hlght halfliack. , . . Cs-danlc
Strelt. Fullback Tnpln
Score-Prlnrelon, !S; Hurknell, A. Tourhdowns
-Strelt, 2; II. linker. I: Sturgls. Coals from
touchdown II. Baker. 4. Substitutes Prime
ton F. Trenkman for Strelt, Strelt'for F. Trenk
man, Shea for llrown, lnf to' Phillips, llavllamt
for I'. Trenkirjiii. v Swart tor Ilciiger, Waller
for Hammond, Mrrritt for 11. Haker. Ijvmbcrinn
for Shea, ljiraou for llallln, F.mmons furS. Ilakrr,
F. Trenkman for Slreli, tilllesple for Waller,
norden for (lllrk, Adams for I'mtnoiis, Cllr (nr
I'. Trenkman, Hurknell Archer fur Shlpman,
MeWhlnnry for Plait, Warkle for Itrarn, Piatt
for Uarklr, Marklr for Flhe r. Referee PenUlr
lon of How doln t'mnlre- Mi-Tarty of (lerman
town. Linesman Newinn of Pennsylvania.
Time of periods 12, II, 12 and 14 mlautrs.
Harr labors High School Tram Hold
Them tn II to U.
Philadelphia, Oct. II. The Pennsyl
vania freshman eleven, coached by Hoy
.Mercer, haa a hard time winning, to 6,
this morning from thn Harrlsburg High
School team. Although Harrlsburg was
outweighed by tho tlrst year team, they
nutjilayed them In all but the last quar
ter. In this period, with Hdrrlsburtt lead
ing 6 to 2, Oottwalls was substituted for
Hlnkson, and on his first play scored a
touchdown after a brilliant twenty-flvo
yard run.
Hurrlsburg's score came In tho second
period us the result of a fifteen yard run
around right end by ItohlnHun. Matthews,
the freshman fullbark, was ngaln the star
of the game. Time and again ho ploughed
through thn strong Harrlsburg line, and
on tho defence he tackled hard and sure.
The lineup :
IlarrLvburi It. S. Positions. Fenn. Frtshir.rn.
Smestwr. , i-eftruil Shannon
hyers left tackle tUtrestvoor
Savvyer lft guard Wlllirrow
lleflner Centre . Ilorla
liajycani Ulnht guard Norvrall
lloblnion Might tackle Wray
c.ardDrr Klitht end tlrnuhart
"pot Qunrierbuck Uerhandlea
r.lslwr Ift ha If bark Hlnkson
iniiuV " Klht halfbaem Ilrennan
Hurler I'ulllmrk Matthews
' ..iSlorf p',n1kyl.V,,"''. !'"-hmin. a, HarrlOuirr
Tilth arhonl. A Tnurhtluwns Hoot, fiotlnalls
fioalfrem tourhdnwii rnpihart. Safety I'tnn
sylvanla rrrsloiien SutuPiutei, llnlilnsnri f()r
Hry, Wharton for t'rqutiart, (intmall for
llfnkson, lleyelln for Dn-nsan. Itrfrrre- Xebtler
Umpire Pauatla. llend Linesman Heelbnck
Time of qutlr. eight minutes. niuac.
Two Match Races on Speedway,
r Two match races were decliled yesb.rday
t the half mllti track of thn Parkway Driv
ing Club. In tho first, between Horder
Scout and Hradly, tho former won in
airtight heat of one inllo em-h ', ti,n,.4
were S:J'A and 2:?!l. Horder Scout won
handily. The second match wu.i a tin ....
cornered affair. Dr. Joseph I-anlg's Hi -
Uof won. defeating Meteor aud King Audit
boa. Tbe time were MS and ::27.
T s.
f .
IV! lr " u
no hull. Just over from Knulillid, brought by Mrs. II. le I,, Vim-rut vn the l.aaltunla, lis- I purr
vvblle vvllli the exception of a little touch of pnle lemon tnarkliiK. Ilr la htah qnalltr loat ttIIIi a
correct nnd fashlonnlilr cnrrlom- of i-nr. The nearly white ilou which the late lnren Victoria tiooKht
n n liovelt liail drop or lovvl cnrrleil ears. It Is npposrtt that the vThlle collie la descended from or
lilia some rrltitlonfthlp to tbe Kllacllsli seller.
1 i
Iiilcri i'plinir f Kciissplaci1 For-ll
"ward Pasx KcMilt! in Vic
itir.v fin1 I'oiilliiiiii.
COIIOli TlKII'D JlllkCS (tOtlt IIS
Tfircat to Use Scrubs and
They Surprise Crowd.
The roidham eleven surprised the Ma
roon rooters by the stout resistance of
fered to the fast ltensselaer team yester
day on I'ordhafn Held. The visitors were
defeated, 7 to 0.
Coach Thorp fullilled his threat to play
a team with nearly half scrub material
In tho lineup, and the result is the topic
of conversation on the I'ordham campus.
The team whs the lightest ever wearing
the Maroon In c'onlham's records, but
not a grittier eleven ever represented
the Hinnxohlaus.
I'ordham kicked off and offered Ilciw
selaer an Impassible defence on the line,
tin tho engineers' b'st down Itarr shot
a perfect pass that sailed tight toward
Spelling. A clear Hold lay belore him,
but Carey executed the most sensational
play of the Maroon's season. Leaping
from behind the engineer he grabbed the
hall, turned n complete somersault and
headed for the visitors' goal line, which
he crossed after n thirty-live yard sprint
for the only touchdown of the. game.
I'ordham used trick formations and
shifts exclusively, and O'Cnnnell, a scrub
quarterback, ran his team In bendy
fashion, also recovering a fumble In
Fordham's danger zone The lineup:
rordhani Pnsltlons. II. P I.
Vlvlano I eft end .Snerllnf
Duller l-rft tackle . .Si'tiultc
Taller I.eft umiril PraritiT
Wymand t'entre Young
O'llrlen HUM niinnl. . MiMullla
McCarthy Might tnckle . . Msrkln
rarey llliilu end ... McHelvey
O't'onnrll (Juartcrh.irk Ilnrr
Itnhlns . ,,, Uft halfbiirk Illiclile
(irnnlleld.. ItTitht halfbiu-k . Klnlock
MrAvlney Fullback , , , (iallaKhrr
Score ronlhani. 71 II. P l 0 Tourhiloun
Carey, tloal from loiirhdown Wymand, .Sub
stitutes Itlce for Mr A vliicy, Ilunn for McCarthy,
i Con kiln fur Carey, Carey fur Conklln. McQunte
for llarr, llarr for Siierllmr. Siirillnic for lluhle,
Freeman for McKelvry. Mclvrlvey for l.allahcr,
I Hltble for Sperling, t'mplre I', Mrt'alTrry of
i (leorrelnwn. Ileferte T. Ilannun. Princeton;
Linesman- n. Mrt'arthy Time of period,
a minutes.
cu .
Tl IERE'3 many n man whe
A has built a rnre reputa
tion as a mixologist who lets
us do hi9 mixing for him and
keeps his sideboard stocked
with Club Cocktails.
Made from better materials
than a bar cocktail is apt
to be.
Mixed to measure) not to guen
workat a bar cocktail
always ii.
Softened by egins beforo
bottling at no bar cock.
tail can be.
o. r. niuiLiiH i
a sail.,
lot. rroprlaiort
I tin.loii
Open h ii iii il ii ii HeHlen hv Hover
anil Also I. ones In r'ouraome.
l'liovi!,i..rv:, 1!, I, i i,-t. 11 -Massachusetts
defeated Ithodi Island In botn
halves of the Interstate golf match placd
at the Ithode Isbinil Country t.'lub to-
lav. taking the two ball foursome
mitclu-s of this morning, 3 to and
winning the single, matches this after
noon, 7 to 3,
The feature of the ihj' play was the
double defeat of Francis nulmet, the na
tional open champion nulmet and II. It
Wilder went against It. II. Ilovey, Uhodo
Island champion, and Daniel Kalrchlld.
The match was not decided until the
nlmteeiith hole, when the Ithode Island
ers won. 1 up. In tho afternoon nlav
-mmei was nereate.1 tv Ilovey, 1 up.
stHten Islanders I.oae tn Brnoklyn
llo, ",! o (I Winners1 Line Strona
KiasmuK swamped Curtis in football lit
Curtis Held, New llrlghton, Staten
Island, yesterday by 20 to 0. Knismus
ollttilaveil Curtis, lint the fuller mml,, n
i game tight and on several is easlons held
for downs until Krasmus hail to punt.
I The Huff and Illue line wna evceptlonallv
i strong and held the Curtis hacks every
time. The Interference of the Krasmus
backs was admirable. Seven ml nut Ms
after play stinted IJrasmui scored on an
end run by Capt. UnWted from mldlleld
and he kicked goal
On the next klckoiT Krasmus started
i toward the goal, being repulsed onl
'once. Might yards from tho line Cuitis
ni.i'le n stand, but illeson llnnllv wint
over for the second touchdown. Halsted
again kicked The half ended with the
score 14 to 0 In favor of Krasmus.
l.ate In the second half after being
held for three downs on the two yard
line Halsted again scored. He missed
his try for goal by Inches. Capt. Kngel
brecht was a tower of strength to Curtis
and did most of the playing for his team.
Cnpt. Halsted and f)leon did well for
, Kiamus. L' Keppler and Castellan"
were put out of the game for slugging.
The lineup:
Wlssman .
Palmer . ,.
V llrown . ,
(i. Kenpler .
Hrantln ilia in.
V.n iff Ibrecht
It. Ilrnvvn.
Ixfl end
lyft lacklc
, l-eft guard
. Hlght iiiaril,
. Itltrlil tnckle.
,. ItUhtrnU.
Iff I halflisck
Itlglit ) nlftiack
. .liullck
II llaltlnl
.. .. . JackMin
... 'lvlano
Till I, It 1
... illeson
. Marshall
T llnlstcd
V. Keppler
for llrasmus T ifalsteil, 3, Illeson (ioala from
lourhilnvrti for Krasmus T HaUteil, 2. Sub
stitutions for Krasmus Tompkins for Vlvlano,
Mrllrlile for Marshall, Vlvlano for Tompkins,
Weber for Kills. Walling for Vlvlano. Wood for
ITuttle, Troy for tiullrk, tlutlck for CaMcllsnns.
Subntltullons for Curtis o'ltrtan for P. Hrown,
Ciorlsse for tiranala, llardwell for O'lleiran,
(iranata for liorlse. Volkhanlt for (iranata,
O'ltegan for Keppler. Heferee- .N'lion, New
ork University. Umpire Hrcblnter. I. A AC.
Linesman-llastlnts, I A.A.C. Time of ierlisls
1! minutes.
I Bine and While Team, Minns a Man,
Shows l p Well.
I The cloven of the Crescent Athletic
Club made It three straight In the annual
rhnmplonshlp competition of the' Kleld
' Club Soccer Learrun of New Tork and
I New Jersey by defeating; the Columbia.
L'nlvi rnlty learn at Hay Illdge, 3 to 0,
The utildents, nevertheless, though iv mnn
snort In the hnlfhaclt division, made a
good Bhnwlng nnd worn especially effect
! In defensive work, Hurllngton, n new
man In goal, earned tho approval of vet
erans of the game, and much is expected
of him In the games to come, The lineup :
Crrarrnta. PMlilons. Columbia.
I llaum Uoal Burlington
Andrews Hlght bark . ...Perk
Charlwood Left back Cotquhoun
Watsnu. .. Itlalit half Umh
Armstront , Centre Imtf ...
Humphreys Ifi half . ...Mssnn
Pert Hillside lliiht . ...llamlllnn
Macfarlane lnnldc right ... Sclivvarli
Taylor Centre Maine
Jeffera Inside left . . Jjiruardta
Philip Ouitlde left . . .Krrfrld
Score -Crrscents, S: Columbia, 0. Ilrferee
(l. Cretrhton. Unesmrii Messrs. McNully and
Simpson. floalS'-Armstroiig, Jeffers, Taylor,
Crescent A. (.', Time -Ilaltea of ID minutes.
Monlclalr Succeeds at Soccer.
Montclam, N. J., Oct, II. The soccer
football team of Ihe Monlclalr A. C. won
from the uensnnhtirst Club on the Valley
rosd grounds to-day, f to 0. The Mont-
i clalr aggregation winked well together.
Snook at fullback did some fine work.
The halfbacks as usual were strong and
the forward line did some of the best
work ever aecn on the home (rounds.
Local Warriors Cross Line Once,
lint Touchdown Is Xot
Pope Scores for Visitors in
First and Again in
Final Period.
Hamilton's team provrsl too speedy for
the Xnw York t'nlverslly eleven in a well
plavod niati h on 'hio Kleld yesterday.
I'nder ideal weather conditions n large
crowd turnisd out to see the game, and
though the visitors finally won b) a store
of .i to u tbe play in the early part of the
contest whs so even that It n a long time
belore the home contingent gave up hopes,
of victory.
N'eiv York kicked off to Hamilton and
few gslns were made until near the end of
the flrt period 'I hen Hamilton took 11 e
ball from their n yard line and by a series
of long em) runs and Inn1 rushes look ihe
ball lo New ork's one unl line Here Vevv
ork held lor thteo downs, but Pope took
the ball over for a touchdown and Jeijp
kicked the goal
In the second period New ork played Iho
Hamilton men off their feet mid ruslril
Parks over for a touchdown which was not
sllowed, ns the referee rilled that Parks
was pushed over From then on New Voik
seemed to lose heart nnd thn game h ull
llumlltoti. There was no more scoring until
tbe fourth period , when Hamilton took the
bull down to New York's live yard line,
where New lork Intercepted a forward
pass Huntley attempted tn kick out from
behind tbe goal post, but .lessup blocked
and 1'ope fell on the bull, scoring a touch
down for Hamilton, Jessup failed tn kick
the goal.
features of the game were the placing
of Von Miction and Huntley for New York
and of I'ope, T, !,ee and llristol for Hamil
ton The lineup-
Hamilton, Positions New York l
, I'ddy U ft end. lisly
Jrwup I-efl tarkle n'Donnell
Kmery Isft guard svas
lOgllvIe Centre ... Totiance
'Potter Itltht guard .... MrKav
l-a Force HUht tackle .... Ilrlslol
llristol Itlitht end Waldmsn
l't:e (Junrlcrhack ... Huntley
lv Ift hallliack ,., llnldre
lloblnson ,,, Hlrht halfhack ,, Von Mechow
I'ope , Fullback . , , Pnrks
Score- Hamilton, M, New ork t'nlverslty. o.
Touchdowns I'upe, J. (,ual from louchdowii
Jessup. Substitute Hamilton Orr for Potter.
Mmckhart for ilrr, Frrnce for llrlmol, I'otler fur
llurckhnrt. Keddle for I'ope, Pope for l.lltle, P.
Ic for Ddijer. T. 1-e for lloblnson, New mk
I'nlvrrslly- Schmidt for O'Honnell, Ilrlslol for
McKay, Van Cllef for Waldman, Coomhrs for
Zayas, Halrrlck for Italy. Hurch for Parks. Itash
baiim for Torrance. Ileferee Swum, llrown,
I'mplre Thorpe, Columbia. Linesman- II. I).
Farrier, Dartmouth. Time 13 mlnut uarters.
foursomes Play at rinliifleld.
I'lainthslu. N. J Dot. II. The first
I i on i nl nf match play for tho four ball chain
1 plonshlp of the rialnlleld Country 'lul
' was tho event to-day. In Class A O.
' Itelnhart und K. A. I.yon defeated I. j.
.McKtsin and Arthur Murphy, 1 up: II, II.
Stockton and J. A. Watson defeated I), Ji,
Harrows and C. 11. Morgan, 1 up ; J.
Whitney Haker and 11. H. Rowland won
from HTU. Hlbbard and K. T. Wlllson, by
default, Hnd Will T. Ulenncy and W, Les
ter tllenney defeated W, II. Rogers and
S. P. Uninsbery, 1 up. In tJlass H (I, 8.
Clay and It. W. Taylor defeated C. W.
King and II. U. l'hllllps, 1 up; W. M,
Ailing and fleogre llowmauti defeated II,
K. Moore and Harry Williams, 4 anil 2:
It, H. Cox and O. II. Fleming defeated C.
llurke and L. II. dates, a mid " ami
A. W.' Kleluecku and It. C, N. Hlanvkr,
Jr., defeatod Hunielt C. Kenyon and T.
H. Wheeler, 4 and 3. Ueorgn T, Rogers
won the sweepstakes with a score of
OS 27, 71.
Stamford Wins by Forward Pass.
Mohiiistown, N. J Oct. U. The Btam
ford I'rep team came hero to-day nml bv
ficiiueiit use of the forward pass defeated
Morrlstown School hy 31 to 0. The Stum
ford hncktleld showed considerable speed
while tho home teuni fumbled frequently
on the slippery field.
Green Regulars Score Nearly All
the 33 Points Against
'Nab Dartmouth's Forward
Pass and Runs Length of
Field for Score.
Hanover, N. H Oct. II. A variegated
Dartmouth eleven defeated the University
of Vermont here to-day, S3 to 7. The
varsity shut the visitors out and rolled
up twenty-six points In the first half and
selections from the second and third teams
tied them In the succeeding periods, seven
points all,
Thu game was as predicted, merely a
practice workout for tho Dartmouth reg
ulars, even with Whitney, Ambrose and
Dunbar out of the game. If the coaches
had any desire to keep their record clean
of touchdowns, howeveri they fell a victim
to their desire to try out new men, for
a confusion of plays and players finally
resulted In Currier nabbing Dartmouth's
forward pass on his own 3 yard line, and
running the length of the field for a touch
down. Dartmouth got the Jump at the start
Vermont, tecelvlng the kick, was penalized
fifteen yards for holding, and finally lost
the ball mi downs on Its own IS yard line.
Obee's brilliant masked quarterback tuns
snaked the hall over. After an exchange
of punts Curtis and Snow rushed the ball
to Vermont's 20 yard line, where Ghee's
pass to llogett allowed the latter to romp
over, Snow failed to kick the goal either
Dartmouth's next opportunity to score
cume when Vermont missed an attempted
field goal from the CS yard line. Curtis
got fifteen yards on a fake forward pass
and Loudon took as much on the real
article. Murdock rammed the ball over
and Hogsott kicked the goal. After the
kick louden made forty yards on a for
ward pass, but Dartmouth fumbled on the
3 yard line. Line plunges worked the ball
bar); after the kick, slid Curtis went over.
The second half was a hodgepodge of
substitutions, but Vermont was lucky to
score. Dartmouth's, work was not up to
the standard of last week , however, tho
line, held well against heavy" opponents
and the backs were Improved on secondary
defence. The quarterbacks were individ
ually good, but their choice of plays could
havo been Improved. The original back
Held, with Loudon, Cannon and Tuck, were
the stars. The lineup:
Dartmouta. Positions. Vermont.
Ilonett. Iflrml Taylor
McAullffe U!t tackle Whalrn
Peer lft guard Denning
Mllmore Centre Fsrr
Colby Itlthl guard I.lllle
Child Itlaht tackle VI) no
Loudon Itlfht end Tomassi
(ihre Quarterback .... Currier
Murdock I.eft halfback Dolphin
Curtis . . . Hlght halfback Itaws.m
Snow , , Fullback (illilden
Score- Dartmouth. .1.1. Vermont, 7, Touch
downs -Ghee, lloirsctt, Murdock, Curtis, Mewrl
Ivn. Currier, lioals from touchdowns Pudrlth,
Hojscll, 2; Whelcn Substitutes Dartmouth
Ijflerly for Hogseti. Itrdtlrld for lrfrriy
Douglas for Mllmore, lllrkox fur Colhy. Pudrllh
fur Child. Sou tar fur Pudrlth, w turnip for Uiudoa,
lAtTcrty for Wlnshlp, l.lcwelljn for ilhee. Cum
Iskey tor Mewellvn, Mn'nlluugh for Cumlsky.
Tucker for Murdock, Cannon for Curils, Tuck for
Snow, D. Kvirrs fur Turk. Vermont St John
for TomasM. Abcll for Denning. 1'sulson for
Haw son, Pnulson for Dolphin. Umpire llurke
nf Manchester. Hcfeire lufts of Mrdford.
lime of quarters 15 minutes.
Takes (iamr From Heavy Concordia
Collrae Team by One I'olnt.
In a hotly contested game I'ordham
I'rep defeated the heavy Concordia College
eleven by one point. 7 to 6 Kordham's
forward pass surprised the visitors and on
many occasions clever posses by Capt.
Howon to the ends gave the Maroon big
gains, While Kordham muld no nothing
with Its opponent's line the Maroon
backs circled tho wings for substantial
Concordia's main strength lay In Murk.
Heyer and Schlaeder, a great line bucking
trio that ploughed through Kordham, hut
th" Utter held at critical moments save
In the 1.11 fetv minutes, when Kretxman
smashed through guatd for the visitors1
score The lineup ;
Concordia Coll. I'o-lllons. Koidham I'rep
llsrtwlg li-fteml ... ItaPerty
Shwert Irft lackle Hoffman
.Srhocdrr . .. U-ft guard ,1 Pest
Maltr.eld . Centre denessr
skov Hlght guard M I'im
Srhuck Hlght tackle UeNulty
Hlppe . Hlithlend I.nch
Si-hleadcr guarlertiack How-sn
Hutk .lft halfhack Conway
Ivretzman III ght halfliack Patrick
Heyer Fullback.. Williams
Score I'ordham I'rep. 7; Concordia College,
a. Tourhdowns -llnvran, hrrtzmnu. Goals
from lonchdown -Conway, substitutions II
?lars for Williams. Itodgers for liaiferty. Hf
feny for I.)nrh, Hayes for llodters Ilrferee
klr.Naliy, l-ontham. Linesman- lluvh, Con
Takes Forward I'asa and Makes Only
Tnarhdona Aialnsl Vonkers,
Morrla High School defeated tbe
Yonkers High School eleven yesterday
ufternon at Manhattan Oval, Hnth street
and Kighlh avenue, by a score of 7 to 0.
MorrlB won on her clever execution of
forwnrd passes. Tho play which netted
thn winning tully for the Maroon eleven
was on one of this variety. Krwlg took
a long pass from Huggenwlg and skirted
left end and shaking off two opponents
ran tlilrty-flve yurds for a touchdown.
Huggenwlg kicked the goal.
Yonkcrti'H chance to tie the score was
lost on u fumble. With but a few mlii
uteH to play the Wrstchesler boys ad
vanced by lino bucks from mldlleld to the
Morris H yard line. The ball was given
to Floyd at this point and he was cross
ing the line on a line plunge when tho
ball shot from his hands. A general
scramhto followed. When Referee KIU
patrlck removed the players the bull was
found covered by Outdone, the Morrla
right end. It was In a perpendicular po
sition exactly on tho line beneath tho
goal posts. Morris then punted and tho
danger was past. The lineup :
Morris. Positions. onkers,
Groeb.. .. I'fieml lallirno
Sherwln Uft tackle,. . i Thomas
Jrnson Ixfl guard.. .. Utlaurr
Treanor Centre Schlobohn
:ilj """d Tomklns
Srhweldle night tarkle Waddleton
tlwldone itlght rnd Ilarnea
Manley Quarterback Ileete
Frwls !. halfback . Hav
Stone Hlrht halfback. .. Archibald
llufirnwlg . . Fullback., . ru
Score -Morrla. Jj Yonkers, 0. Touchdown
Krwlg. Goal from touchdown llugirnKlr. Sub
llluirs Morrls-Urofman for tlrteb, Kraft for
Jensnn, Kiistla for Treanor, ApwM for Kills
linkers Kvans forThonias, llavidkon for Iteese,
Wreim for Archibald, l-oyii for Wreun, Floyd
for Ituas. Ileferte -Flupalrlck of Fonlhani.
I'mplre--Lyons of Syracuse. Mnetman
O'Houike. Tims of pertoda-io minutes.
Ratberford Beats Paasalc.
Tassaic, N, J Oil. 11, Hutherford
High Bchool football team won the open
ing game In the Northern New Jersey
Tnterscholastlc League at Rutherford
this afternoon, defeating Pussulc 20 to i).
Passaic tried a forward pass In the
second quarter, but Whltehlll intercepted
for Hutherford and scored from the is
yard line. Hlllhouse got two touch
downs on straight plunging In the third
quarter. Itutherfoid's goal was never In
Massarhnaetta Kicker Score 111 to O
Over Old Time llltala.
MtDPtrroWN, Conn., Oct. II. With n
team of veterans tho heavy Tufts team
defeated Wexleyuti on Alidrus Field this
afternoon before n large crowd of alumni
back for the fraternity Initiations by tho
scoro of 13 to 0. This la the tlrst defeat
In five years at the hands of tho Massa
chusetts eleven. The play was falrlv
even In the first two quarters, but In tnr
last half Tufts'a weight began tn tell,
and shortly before the close of the third
period tho ball was forced across Ovo
Wesleyan line. An gel I made the touch
down, but failed nt goal. The seconfl
touchdown game much easier than Ihe
tlrst two minutes after the fourth quar
ter opened and was the result of n num
ber of brilliant end runs by Westcott.
Parks scored the touchdown, bowover,
and Angell kicked the goal, lllngelcy
was Wesleyan' star, while Westcott
Parks anil Angell excelled for the visitors.
The lineup:
Tufts. Positions Weslevan
Bennett left end llallock
Donnell Left tackle . . Wilcox
Houston Ieft guard , Sleeb
Itlehirdaon Centre, . Illngeley
ttadnum llljlit guard, ... Allanrnn
Bingham Hlght tackle, ... Kenan
Slankard Hlght end. ,. r. THuMIs
Parka. Quarterback ., Kustls
Proctor 1-eft halfback . McKentle
VteMrnlt. Hlght halfback. , Francis
Antell , Fullback., Ileetjen
Score Tufts, 13: Wrslejon, o. Touchdowns
Anjrell, Parks. Goal from Touchdown Angell.
Substitutes Tufts: llabcork for Dadnuin. Wesleyan-
Dlefendorf for I'.. T, Kustls, Fonlon for
Wilcox, Mlltel for Gordon, Nourse for llallock,
Newhall for MarKenrle. Iteferee- Carpenier,
Harvard. Umpire- Mrtlralh, Huston City Col
lege. Head linesman Giren, Harvard 'lime of
quarters- IS minutes
lllsh School Team PUja tirltly
Game, but t.nsea to Academy, III: to O.
Adelphl Academy scored It second vic
tory yesterday when It shut out tho Tree,
port Hlijh team In a tenaciously fought
game at Adelphl Kleld, Hrooklyn, by a
score of 32 to 0. While outweighed a few
pounds the Kreeporteis put up n gritty
battle. The majority of Adelphl's gains
were through punts and forward passes,
which worked well. Only when the ball
was within' a few yards of the goul did
Quarterback Donald Alford signal for line
plunges. Kenneth Alford, left halfback,
went over the line for the tlrst touchdown
In the first period. Iive. the Adelphl
fullback, kicked and Kreepoit fumbled.
K. Alford got the ball In the mlxtip nnd
ran a few yards, making the tlrst score
Thn second and third touchdowns were
also made by K. Alford Twico In the
second quarter he scored on line pluiigs
after the ball was win lied down near the
goal on forward passes. I.eyer AdelpliPs
light end, who showed up as the best line
man on either team, was the next to
score. He got a forwanl pass fiom Hall
at right halfback, nnd after it run of -0
yards put thu ball on th other side of the
goal. Th tln.il touchdown was made by
Donald Alford, who lecelved a punt He
made a spectacular run of '50 yards, mak
lnp tho tlfth touchdown of th,' da. Mo
Kenzlc. at left guard, kicked two goals
from touchdowns. Cutler pla.ved it tine
game ut left end for Frceport The line
up. Adelphl.
lhboison.. .
Drohaij . ,.
.In itilllarrt.,
U sit
I .funl. . .
h .Ifnrd
lft end
l.cfl inekl- .
D'fl guard ..
Centre . .
Iliitht guard. .
HI (hi lackle .
Itlitht i nd
I -ft halfback
Hlght halfhack
Score -Adelphl
rndemy. :c;
1 rerport, p.
Touchdowns Kenneih Alford. :i; r ser linnsld
Alford. lioals from muchdown VrKi-nlc
j Siibstllules McKenrle for Urohan, Urohnu for
rnir, im iuim j , .,iir nr ivr, ortii
or Ulnanl
Ills bung Hun I'nralyxrs Invaders'
Defence and They Lose.
rr.EKHKlu, N. Y., Oct. II. IVeksklll
Military Academy's gridiron wnrrlots tri
umphed over tho eleven of Poly Prep hie
this afternoon by a score of 12 to 0. No
scoring came In th" tlrst half, both teams
using successful defi nslve tactics.
A mlnuto had not (lapsed after th be
ginning of tho second half when Capt.
Welch of Peeksklll ran through a htoken
Held after the klckoff, for a touchdown.
Peeksklll retorted to tiinseivatlve foot
ball, and by lino plunging manageil to
score a second touchdown nfar the end
of the game. Tuthlll eventually carrying
the ball over. Poly worked tho ball up
to Its opponents' in yard line on two occa
sions, only to lose on downs. The lineup:
Poly Prep. Positions. Peeksklll.
Hrdmond.. . . I ft end . . loilti
Sutlon . . . Uft tackle. .. Hnlmmbe
Parsons 1. ft guard Weber
onronusc . . . I I'Utre Hlttli-s
llenolrten flight guard Slev.ns
roudcr llluht lackle Sinclair'
Qulnn. Itlghtenil tu i
pu Iremblay. Quarterback. ... Welch
Prell . l-cft halfhack .... i:Uln
Hamlin.. Hlght halfback . . Mevir
ilatdrnhronk. Fullback Tuthlll
Sore Peeksklll. 12; I'olv I'rrp. 0 Touch
down velih and Tuthlll Substitutes 1 4111
for Meyer, Hart for Yrnuder. I'arsnn foi Qulnn.
Ilvder for Hrell. Ileferee Uvlne, t'nlverslty
of IVnnstlvania. t'mplre tiantlner.CliyCnllece.
New ork. Head linesman Miller. N, Y, V lime
of perlisls sand to minutes.
Ilefeai Hrjant llauners au Central
Park Coarse, 21 tn 4.
The Illch Sell, ml ,if I ,, .... a I
defeated the Hryant High School cross-
I'oinirj leaui yesti't ilny over Iho Central
Pitik niurso by a score of si to to. Al
though defeated the Hryant team had Ihe
honor of nlnnlKi. He... .i 1 -.1
e. ...... i',.,,,-, ,,, ,-s,l
carrying the school colors to the front.
' "'-riiiuii, 1 ue neci rooleil Commerce
runnel-, was tight at his heels, however,
finishing only one second behind, in l.'i
minutes and .lo seconds. The course was
two and five-eighths miles lonvr. Th.. Mill,,.
inary :
1)a', "n1 School 1 1....
I J.Shaw. Hrjani 1 V -11
H l,-i,Mr 'riiinlt. Commerce V
a Mike Holan.Commcrrr ., ; ',
j Mrliowan. Commrrce !i ,
j; l)u llols. Commrrce '
1 hrnhe. Hrjani ' .' .L
I 'erlno. Commerce ;' ,'-'!,,
s MrKre. Commerce !'. ;",'
II McLouihnn.llrvatil :
lo I.'. Snii.(i)minnce ...
n J.Shet,lan.llranl . . .". S '.V
i; rivrnny. Commerce , .. I
s ..sjhnelj.lirjant .. ; ' ! rl
4 Mrrkcr, Commerce S : !,
IS II. l-eehan Commerce. . . .. . '
If. l)ouglierly.Comiueiie ., !??,!.
IT Salvesky. Commerce . . . , !,,
is Claui.t nmmrrce ,. . 7
E'Curran. Commerce. ... !' l ,,l
20 Fiichlenstelu. Commerce JS ji,
l.awreneeTille Beat In Heavy li,,tt.
TRSMTON. N. .1.. llcl. 11. -01, a wet
field and plalng In u rirlirdlng rain the
Lawrenrevllle School football team tl(.
day defeated tho llarrlnger High School
team of Ncwnrk by the score of "fl n
There was considerable fumbling 011 m".
COUnt of thn ul l,.,ll .fc.l..l. ,. . ,
... ,.,,, ,,,, j !- 1 1 1 1 tl 1 in
a considerable Iokh of ground on both
siuen. uiwrenceviiie outplayed her op
ponents In every department. However,
Harrlnger , played a plucky game In iho
first quarter, holding l.awrencevllln 'for
downs on her one ynrd llnu.
Shank of Lawrenceville was tbe Min
ing light of the game, scoring nil threo
touchdowns and gaining many yards hv
his rushes, two nlonc In succession net
ling thirty yards inch. Capt. Detppsev
for Harrlnger played a spunky game anil
saved his team from being scored on
more often by his long well placed kicks
and his lino rushes.
Ilarllnir Saps Itlvals' Sulrll.
Si;iiknki:taov. N, Y net, u, The
Massachusetts Aggies deflated I'nlon at
football this afternoon by a score of 20
lo 0, The game was close until the
fourth period, when Purling, left half
back or the Aggies, by brilliant play
scored three times, llrewcr kicked goal
twice. Union went to pUccs in the last
Swnrtlimorc Mnkos If, close ,ii
Starf, bui WIUs WIhmi Hi-r
t Ton in h'1 ink iKnlr
THI Ah FOR 00AL MlSsi.u
MiicKissick's Attempt .fn.xS
Only Timp of 'Peril
Score 20 to 0.
I'llll.APEi.riliA, Oct. II Penns 1 ,,
football team paid back uhotlier n, N,,.
by defeating Hwurthmore by :n tn u to '
day ut Franklin Kleld. Penns.vlvan .1 - ,
oulplayed until the last four minui.s
the second quarter, when Hit t,,,
seemed suddenly lo come mil ,f ,
trance nnd started In playing real fwt
ball. In three minutes the 1,'u.ikcs ..t.
r lol the ball from their If, .ird line tlow. 11
tho field for a touchdown. Tlareif-f.
they played wonderful footb.ill, n,.iK g
long end runs with pi rfect mlerfi rt!, -.
double and delaed passts resulting m ,
gains through the line, which the hit,
Makeis vvue unable to check ibp'
tin II- gilni determination.
Seven timis 11 plajer of 1 1 1 vlitn
tackled M I'eiinsylviitila runnni m ba
as to knock himself out. In this f,
Hire of the game they were far supiu
10 Pennsylvania, for they seldom tnicx
11 lackle, while time and time ,igV fi
or six Pennsylvania men would div, f,,
und miss MacKlssick or Cllne before tn
could be tlovvmd. In fact It invaruti,
took several Petin men to down on, n
these two players. The stnpnsr.g fa.
tures of the game were the scutcltv '
forward passes tried hv Pennsvlvanu .1
tho large number tried by SwMr'hino
Swarthinore. tried over twenty forwaM
passes, only two of which were roinpletnl
while Pennsylvania tried two, lut 1 of
which failed
Swarthinore, having won the t'-"-s 1..
advantage of the wind nnd l.hkid c.T
Minds teeeived th" I'hII and leim ,,.i
twenty yards. In tho next few- pu
Pennsylvania advanced the ball I.,- i . .
Hist downs, but lln.tlly was for i l '
kick. Swarthinore. with th" ball '
to v:ii,l lltii, Mtiirlril .1 s, r',s ,
! linn that brought the ball to inld ie 1
Here .1 forward pass, MncKlsi. k ' Mi
lick netted twenty y.tids, making Sw.ir'V
mole look dangerous. esp,ii,i , 1
Pennsylvania playeis seemed unabl,
lackle Mai-Kissick. Sw.ulhin'e
tried lis forward p.fses. all o' w -h
falli-d. nnd the last, being 00 f 1
down, gave l'etinsvlvanni the bill I w
s.vlvunl.i again worked the ball dowi I 1
Held to Swarthniote's Hfi ynrd line whav
.Marshall missi d a ill op Kick The nu ir
ter ended ooii after.
The si'i-ond period si.irled vvth .11
i-liang- of punts. Maishall fum. el n
'punt at mldlleld which "as r- Ati I
Mellik. Swartbtnoie imnied.ati ly - i
iigain. This time Itolgi r iwhuJ i" .
but he also dropped It, cid Und ,
on It on Peniis.v lvaiila's -0 ar,l 1, 1
fotllth down M icKiss, k tried .1 d' i,
but failed. It was at th s , ,
l'ennslvanl 1 Marled in 1 ' iv t
ii. lining at least live yards 00 1,1 i !
tbe Pennsy Ivatlla Irani pl.uu'n. l I
Held, with Swlirtbmore tinm'.e to n P"
rushes. Hoth Marshall ami M -.I-runs
of ovir twi-niv vai-d- .io,l '
Holger crossed the line 101 .1 don n. -
fidm Minds Marshall ki ked no e
In the last tw i quarti's l', n-i
exhibited hi far Ihe best football
shown thus fai this yiav. lis Interfe
was almost perfect, while the doiihl
delayed passes Invarlaoly netted sub
tlal gains. Pennsylvania scored one
touchdown, one drop kick by Mars' ,
a placement kick by Carter. In
this.! last Instances, however '
have scored touchdowns, 1 a
Hrooke wanted to give Mar-m,
ter all the posible praetlie ! 1 k f 'r
the big games that are to
The Individual stars .if " g nv Ivors
for Pennsylvania Marsh 1 ' M Is i'st-1-nnd
Journeiiy, for Swa.ta'c ie Mails'!'
sick, Undlcott, I'line and J MdVovc 1
The scole :
Simpson ..
left rnd
left larkle
I f t guard
Hlght guard
lllht lackle
Klk'ln nil
1 fl liclfliarl.
HI ill. 1 halfbvck
Swan hi" '
J. Met. '
r m i.,'
ii- 1
US' 1.
M r
v ounir
lliil.'rr lllifl
1 Minds FulltHiek
1 .si-ore Penii-j Ivihia. ?o, Swstthe re
Touihdnwns Holitrr. oung Coals fl or o
lilowti Marshall,: lioals from held M rs'
i nner Siibstllules Delanv tor llaltnn 10
tor McCabe. llallou for Helany. Mi be
llrlnli'ii. Miis'iii for Cllne. Plnoni for V
Harris for Jouruea) . Merrill for Marshall Mar
for Merrill. Merrill for Marshall, I union f' 1 1
Murriis k for Konns, Anderson fi r Mi , e
for Minds 1 llefenr llaggert. imrlirstrr 1 "
lloper, Prlni-eien Linesman 1m! N-i
Time of quarters ri, 1?, 10 and 10 mini (e
Senrea Tnlee nn Ittiatnn f ollege la
I.nsl Tstii I'erlnila,
Wni!CKTi:i:. Mass., Oct 1 1 I1
Cross after tight lug a bard uph ' i
tor two periods ilelealid Ho-'on '''
eleven In the remaining quarters 1
tir all round playing, thi I" il
leglans seining KI 10 the v i-itors Th
first two periods of Ihe g m e 1
closely fought ones with tin s
lige lads holding tli" Holv Cross 1 .
In th" third period after se.i
sei Innnages In which I."', pi'
Mullen 111, olo long gains II 1 1
1 11 1 1 1 1 1 on th" visitors' .1 :ird
carried the ball over for .1 '
Hr.iv ley kicking Ihe goal.
Willi but thrie minutes d
last period iVHtlen of Hnl ' ' " H '
tecelvlng tbe ball 011 n I ii. P' "
Klley's cnriled It down the ' ' ,v
live arils for th" last I011. t !
gMloly Cross. l'iisti,,,i 11"
McCabe Left I ml
Mclilalll lefl lackle '
llHggerty Left k'mnl
lltnwli rhlre vl ,,
H'lveefe lllirhi irna-il
Cahlll lllghi lackle
MiMevler HUht end ,
Mullen Quarlribaik
I', lingers l eft halfbai 1
ii'lirlcn Hli-'lii I1.1i ( 1' 1. 1-
Tiouovan rullback
Score Hull Cross 13. Hoslun ' t"
1 downs l.ee ll'llrlen Imnl ff" '
. Hrawlry Subsilmies llol Cms. 11
' Haggerl, Morrlse) for llraw '
(1'Kcefe. tngel lor Cumin, 1,1
Ire for bluffers, Jovci Im HI' '
lluiiov.ill Huston Colleire le ut',
llrummi for McCarlh . Iluilcv ! M
McCarllu for Mrrhan, Unlns lor'" ,
gerald for l)ale , liiiiiumy lor P-i'
lituminv, Krnney for lniiahm
Mcl'nrlhv, I! eorgalown Hefin-e 1 an "
linesman Huller, Worcester Ill2h I'
13 niliime periods.
I.nnnabary Wins Cnp.
ill hn ItiiMit:, N. .1 11.' I' 1
Lounsburv was III, w.nn." 'o I
silver cup piesented b the g'i'
Hlltlee of tho llleii Illdge l'nii'"i '
all eighteen hole luodi, up The -
.1, II, l-nunshtli-.v. "0 P "
Kdwards, sS II, 71 I M H'-
113, 7in C Yatis, '.'7 :l.
Italdvvln. !ii! -Is, 7 . .1 II K'-oM 4
, 71; P. S, Mitchell, 01 i: 1 '
1 Whiteley. ,". -10. 7! . It. C Thn 1 -1
1, mi; W S. Kali- h Id. '. ' v
lj. Wurcesier Hi! r,
kavm I'rlcek and ns,
SIB to "l't
sae II I ' 11 V 1 11 s, nv
tt-a wear iu si.. hKAt: ut

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