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Friends Think Conviction
.Mn.v Knil by Single
Juilin fullon's Attitude Not
KxiH'cted to liiflu
i'Iht That.
Cmixirtion l Korenistcil lit 17
for Mini 10 AjLfHinst if Arti
cles Arc Sustained.
nvt 0.-I. 11 Gov. Suiter's friends
,ro ' ., Ins against hope to-night that nt
.f tin' r 7 voting members nr the
u,t "f Impeachment would vote
t..M ii-tlw him, In which event
,,.u. I hut 37 votes for convlc
..ne le.-s than the two-thirds vote
1 .v tlw State Constitution.
; m inir friends admitted to-night
.- otilv Impe was that Chief Judge
Cal.in m!l talk ami vote nsalnst ndmlt
t.nc ' thru- article of Impeachment
c 'f i '! ttoiernor's misuse of ram
js si f amis. H would require but 29 votes
t' a im t these articles of Impeachment In
t.v :l: .il i nslderatlon of the question of
ti'i, ei nut Oov. Svslzer Is guilty uu
',,(. 1 i:en If Judge Cullen should
igii-m admitting the campaign fund
t ,1i- i wax 5 lid that his voice would
not he able to stem the tide et against
Fa.it' iUK" of the two $10,no personal
cvr "lut.on" and hecause he fallul to
Ut ' .!" e til'' high court.
iillc n' ttltudr In I'nut,
Ti m) if.ison whlrh Uov. Sulier's
f-, 1, advance for the hope that Judge
Cu.l i 'nav diclde to vote against con
t .- : it attv act of Oov. Sulrer before he
-ume,i olll. e !- that the Chief Judge's
ar . is in the couit of Imixuchment In
v, i.i. ".axe been against Gov. fuller's
Ir.'t -t and th it In the past when hu has
jl, : i ...n attitude against an aigulng
.1! the Court of Appeals he has
. t a.ound and given the decision
Amasa J Parker, Albany, Chauneev J.
Hamlin, Krle! Clinton Hcekwlth, Her
klmeri Alonzo O. McLaughlin. Kings;
William II. Hntchklss. Francis C. Dale,
llllani I). Helden, New York , Frnnels A.
Wltlnril, Oneida; Meivln Z. Haven, Onon
daga; Hamilton Klsh, Jr.. Putnam.
This committee Is the outgrowth of the
Suler campaUn for a Statrwlde direct
Kxnifn of rinreriior'n Aids.
All exodus of Oov. Mulzer's aids began
to-day. Kmll Kovnrlk. his bodvsuaid.
was the first lo go. Chester C. Piatt, his
private seeretaty, has collected his per
sonal papers and Is leady to depart for
llatavla. John A. Hennessey has packed
the' records of his Investigations and his
belongings preparatory to leaving for
New York.
When asked abotil the Sulzer statement
Judge Herrlrk said:
"It Is locked up In my safe and will
not leave there until th" verdict Is an
nounced. Then I shall send It to Mr.
Sulzer. Krom the moment the verdict of
the court Is announced I shall cease lo be
Hirlzcr's counsel."
Widely Knnvtn Author suit KitltAV
l)lr In ChlenKn.
Ciuoaoo, Oct. 11 Stanley Waterloo,
loin; prominent as an author and news
paper man of the middle Wist, died to.
night nt the Chicago I'nlou Hospital
nfler a long Hints, made more severe
by the death of his wife.
He was born In St. Clair county, Mich.,
and from there was appointed to West
Point, A few ila.vs before he was to
enter he fell from a vicious colt he was
breaking, and lost the sight of one eye,
which disqualified him from entering the
Military Academy
Later he was graduated from the I'nl
vcrslty of Michigan. Ill St. Wiuls he be
came part owner of the old Kl mint) Jnur
iiuli since absorbed. Iater lie was editor
succefslvely of the Republic and f'Ainui
clr, and editorial writer on the (Jfntir
Ormurrnt of St. Louis.
He went from St Imls to Chicago,
where he was editorial writer for the
Tribune, and afterward was editor In
chief of the Chicago .Wtif Still liter he
was editor nf the Washington Crtflc and
Ills well known book "Armageddon"
suggests his last big work In active life,
chaige of the country press work for
the Progressive party, a post given to
him at the special request of Col. Itoose-velt.
Hut Lnnarworth's Victor Must J
Live I'p to Cniiiiiign Talk of
Cincinnati, ocl It The constituents
of Congressman Stanley H. Ilowdle of the
Klrst district were not surprised to-day
to leal n from Washington that Mr. Howdte
had declared his Inability for a time lo
fullv till the role of (talesman because of
being possessed of but tine pair of pantp,
Ills constituents are not disposed, be
cause of long familiarity with hl.i Jokes. 1 1
take htm seriously, as It appears the Wafh
lligton folk have received this utterance
of the Ions and melancholy looking Cin
cinnati Congressman.
It will be iicalled perhaps that llortdle
In Ills campaign against Nicholas l.onx
worth, which he won by the narrow nut
gin of I"l voles, designated IiliKWorth as
purely an ornamental and therefore too
expensive sort of Itepie.ientatlve. Per
haps Ilowdle fel that he must still stu
diously piesent his un.idornment In con
trast to Ibmsevclfs son-in-law by this ex
posure of his scant covering for the
nether limbs.
At Mr, P.owdle's elegant and sumptu
ously appointed home this afternoon Tltr
Sl'N corn spondent was told by a woman
lelatlve that he had not Intimated before
his hurried return to Washington last
Wednesday night any unusual dearth of
trousers, Th Idea was scoffed at. In so
far as laughter roiild allow, of any exist
ing scantiness of the kind
Mr. Ilowdle is at least among the near
leaders of the bar here and certlnly need
not deny hlmstlf raiment for his limbs
of even the ilchest and most exclusive
ttxiuir, and cut If he earned for It.
1 1
tu '
veu 'f this piove.s the case, It was
-m --ht. th probable Mite In the
,f i.'htviftif nn the lltleMtlon uf
Bl.i'i'r.' . impjign Mum evineme nuuiu
Flvr-Venr-OM Itnn llnnn b Hrnrr
err Wagon In ltnonne.
John l.ee. S years old, of : l-Mtt Korty
nlnth street, llayonne, was killed yesterd.iv
nfteniooii In Hroadway near Forty-ninth
street, lliyonne, by au auto truck 'nf the
Feigen-p.in tlrewlng Company of NVwark
He started to cross the street and ran In
front of the truck
The driver, Frederick Steninger of u
Vint ent street, Newark, was arrested on
a charge of manslaughter.
19 in favor of admitting It.
'MS .
n .r of admitting. Judges ltart
,.!!.. cuddeluck, Illsoock, llogan,
t: d Senator Hlauielt. Hoylan,
Cirswtll. Cullen. Holey, Hravvley,
.-, ! ile.il, lltnernan, .viaione, .mui
t,u.". M lell.ind. IMtten. Pollovk, Hams
! . . Sinner, Simpson. Stlveis, Stilil-
,: r "iiorg. Velte. Wagner, White
1 1'. t i.it. and Senators Hiown. litis-t-
i it-, Hemock, Hen lit. Sage. Thomp
tin , .1 Whitney t Hepubllcans), 3S.
c ! st .idmlttlug; Judges Chase. Chief
Jj.it:. i .illtn. Weiner and Senators Ar
p . g. . i:mersi.n. Godfrey. Oimrod,
l i .a.. T.nim.i. Walters. Wilson ( He
juM i oid Senitors luilnmel, Her
t .. M Kn, it. u'U-tfe. Pcckham. Stel,
ntle and Wirt It.' iliemociats), 1'.'.
I.' Itepubllenns tun !vr film.
1 e has ! en a suggestion that the
n nl. i.in State campaign this fall
it, -''X prove mme siicctssful If Gov. Sul
zi Is i-'rmltted to itinatn in office. He
n .,a.M in fflce If twelve Hepubllc.in
r. 'i.i. s nf the high court of Impeach
n.i ' v nc against convli'tion.
1' e ivue vote shows four l'emncrati"
J u. . I two Itcpubllcin Judgts nnd
t r. I -f .hi lit ir..cr.itlc Senatois and
nv ! puMii an Stnators voting In favor
ef a.att.r.g th- campaign fund evident ',
wi ,n. niecr.itlc Judge and two lie.
p.: ,u J'lilgrs and eight Uemocitlc
r is and tight Kepubliuaii Senatois
v it t,c ngmst .-urh admission. It has been
tie e., .t.iti.m of those studying this
t luj' . ti.at Senatois Acgetslnger, I'm
rs n i .mrod. Thomas, Walters and Wll
t' li v i vote lo admit this campaign
e ,1e . c and It would eem that they ur
n.. ie . hel t.i admit it than to exclude It,
a, i th.nKh being iqual.
lr the event of a two-thirds vote belns
th. .r mi favor of admitting the campaign
fund tv ilir.,, tne vote for yinvlctlon is
Xe 'i-d t, lie, aes, IT, noes, 10, as fol
ic US
For . .miction Judges li.irllett, (thase.
Cum fudditMck. lllscuck. Hogan. Miller
arrl .-er.dtois Arcetslnger. Brown. Uussey,
C il l.'merson, (Jodfrey, Heacock,
Hew in. uiiiiod, Sage, Stivers, Thomas,
Th i , r,n. Walt. rs. Whitney. Wlbon ( lie
tut.., atnl Senators Bliuvelt, ftolan,
t ar' , I'a-s vell, Cullen. Holey, Frawiey,
tbiin Heiiv Iliffeinan, Herrlck. McClel
M.uone, Murfiugh, Patten, Pollock,
I: i.-pe h'i-t. s.inner, Simpson. Sullivan,
T. .ii: Velte. Wagner, White tDemo
c j IT
s,.n' mv .ctlon Chief Judge Cullen,
Jul.' V nei and Senators Duhamel,
M K' , ,t n'K.efe, Peckham. Seeley,
! n.'ler ( Democrats) and Sena
,f" ' i ' i i Itf puli'lc.in-Progresslve) 10.
It I- r.'dii tnl that If theie Is anywhere
h'r 4 tw...fi.ids vote in favor of ad
m f i c the i.impalEn fund evidence.
'-n f Chief Judge Cullen were disposed
a' ' " utset against such an admission,
r u,.i,i , ,.pt the Jinlgnient of a major
i" ' the .iwt in favor of such admls
f .
T (tf wire nn half a dozen members
' i"t of umieHchment In Albany
Kven the Jiidgrs left town over
, ' '"I on v Chief Judge cullen and
"flu i u'l'l l-i.'k were ln-ie to-day.
viner I oiillnurs Silence.
G Sulzerspent thedayasusual since his
Im.'.i tirntnt trial began. The suggestion
n - taw, d that Oov. Sulzer was to give
oy' ii statement explaining his attitude on
yie, "u;itlori iih It exists now, but ex
J'jart D-Cidy Herrlck declared that Oov.
Milzpr was to continue his silence until
d' Ion of the court of Impeachment
- at nmneed after the court convenes on
' 'Ijiv afternoon.
the Kxecutlvn Mansion, Gov. Sulzer
T"1' - ft. inly refused to see Hny one but a.
'a'f dozen close friends. Inquirers at the
hii'n diHir of th houa and over the te!
'rhone weie met by Mrs. Sulzer for the
jb't lime since Gov. Sulzer was Impeached
in August, and she declared that Gov.
Miker nothing lo say and referred
"'ry nn to Judsu Herrlck.
At the state Comptroller's office It vas
"il that the expenses of the Sulzer 1m
PJ4i hmnt trial would be less than 1100.-
"side fiom the furs to be nald counsel.
"h Senators are paid 137.53 a day. thj
"ie as tt,,. judgen or the Court of Ap
reals, while the members of the Attembly
"hl'"ichment managers are paid it the
tate of HO a ,ay.
The right for a 'direct primary St.ito
AMTnbly really Began to-day when t'halr
nan Amasa .1. Parker of the executive
lommltine of the direct nominations cam
Pxltn committee appointed the following
mib-commltue. which will have charge
Jf the work throughout the Htate looklns
to lh election of non-partisan men who
vor fitutewlde direct primary leglsla-
Htary 3. Crawford, Charles aibeoi.
Hrnnklsn Mrrrhnnl to lllne Vlr nil.
Kdwaril K. McCall will oe the guesi
of honer at a non-partisan dinner tu .
given by 100 prominent business men of
Hiookljn at the Hotel H.ssarl on the
Heights next Friday evtnliig.
Lawyer Who Tested Mnlllian Law
Must Srre Thirty l.
Koimer 1'eputy Attorney-General
Joseph V Unrllng must serve thirty tlas
In the Tombs for criminal contempt of
court under nn order signed vestertlay
by Supreme Court Justice Seabury.
Darling, who attracted iitttntlon to him
sell by starting the habeas corpus pro
ceedings to tist the right of n householder
I to keep a revolver in his house and was
1 sent to the Tombs In that case, was ad-
Judged In contempt of court by General
Sxslons Judge Swann
Darling wns counsel for Anna
llenver. chaiged with grand larceny be-
ifore Judge Swnnn last Novembtr. In
open court Daiilng said that Judge
Swann was prejudiced against his client
and spoke of persons "not getting a
, square deal In this court." Darling also
made n political speech before Judge
Swann could stop him and he was thin
setittiiced for contempt of tourt
He started habeas corpus proceedings
to have his sentence set aside, but Jtis
llct Military held that the punishment
' was JuMltled
Lord & Taylor
tottnded 1S26
The Stor? Opens at ) A. M Closes at fi P. M.
Mme. Irene Corsets
In all the soft, pliant materials, Tricot, Elastic
Rubber, Peau-de-Suede, Broche, etc., in the
low bust and long straight hips, giving the
uncorseted effect now so much in demand.
$5 -oo, $7.00, $8.00, $8.50,
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Elastic Corsets and Slip-on
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Particular attention is directed to the quality
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Models to suit all forms.
La Fid a Corsets
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Free of Charge
Lord & Taylor
Founded 1826
Store Open
All Day Tomorrow
(Columbus Day)
An Important Sale of
Women's & Girls ' Boots for All Occasions
Having decided to "Cravenette Damp-proof treat" all of our shoes in future
We are offering
20,000 Pairs of f
Smart Boots '2
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Muslin Underwear
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