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Fair to-day and to-morrow; light to
moderate west winds.
Detailed weitber reports will be found on pa4 1 1.
i 7-
NEW YORK, MONDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1913. CopyrtoM, I3, by thr Sun rHnUnp nnd Publishing Asociot4m.
Corporations Cannot Escapej
Withholding Tax at
Claim of Exemption Will
Rest With Unidentified
Coupon Owners.
Makers of Trust Deeds Must
Pay the Tax for Them
as Per Contract.
Washington. Oct. 12. Representative :
Cordfll Hull of Tennessee, author of the
Income tax law, has leen Interested In the
articles Tun Sr.N has published recently
In reMid to the uncertainty and con- ,
fusion anions officers of corporations and
other business concerns as to their duties
under the new law. especially In the mat-
In. f ! h WrtM I m i .U. nnHHul , , f 1 ..-
lent. at the source.
1 As shown hy Thk St'N's ai tides, the
lteatcst difficulties of business men. who
are seeking light on what they must do,
Relate to the provision of the taw which
requires them to withhold the normal tax
'on income or Interest to be pald on cor
porate bond" or similar obligations Be
it uied b.v mortgage or trust deed. The
Ux on Income of this character Is to be
withheld at the source whether or not It
amounts to 13.. mm, which is the exemption
to which a taxpavcr is entitled.
The chief compl.ilnt made by officers of
corporations anil others affected by this
provision Is that they will have no means I
n many case of knowing who the owners
of the bond coupons uie.
Mr. Hull's Anstrir.
Representative Hull has answered these 1
criticisms for The Sl'n and he shows that I
they aie based on a misapprehension of
the law. He points out that It will make
no difference whether the corporation offl-
ers know the name of the owner of the)
iiup.ni or noi.
All they aiu icqulred to do is to-withhold
the tax and turn It ovei to the Gov
ernment with the niinie of the taxpayer If
his Identity Is known. It will rest with
the owner of the coupon to disclose thei
ownership JM"! claim exvinnllon If he is
, ntltisa WW. ..i.rrT' 1 tnort vtluable Buaisntee, as It will relieve
"With ivspect to the noimal tax of 1 pel 'that country of the necessity of malntaln-
cent. upon Income or Interest derived from" In'g two fleets. The taper finds no giound
oipornle bonds or similar obligations, for astonishment that the 1'ntted States
secuied by moitguge or trust deed the, has taken care to be the master of the
new Income tax law." said Mr. Hull, "will,
equlie the debtor torporatlon or Its pay"-'
In? or fiscal aKent to withhold th 1 per.
ent. tax on all fixed annual or periodical I
neome, dri.ved us auovc staleu, wnetner
the ame ixcteds J3",000 or not.
"If the corporation or fiscal agent thus
withholding the tax knows the, name and
address of the bondholder whose coupon
s paid, the same will be reported in writ-
nr to the Commissioner of Internal Rev-
nu. along with the return of taxes with
hild. "If the name and address are unknown,,1
the tax will nevertheless be retained and
mincl over to the Government with a
Wtement to that effect. The Inability
of the debtor 'corporation to know the
name and address of a landholder does
not preclude it from retaining the tax and
paying It to the Government.
Should the bondholder have any other
ini iiinc from which lo deduct any claim for
exemptions or deductions he will either
iliM'lose himself to the debtor eorpoiatlon
or th Government."
Heaaon for Some Canfaaloa,
Tart of the confusion among officers of
corporations apparently Is due to the fact
that deductions have been drawn from the
.i nate print of the Income tax provision.
'.Hi.; h wa.s changed considerably In con
ft ence. For Instanoe, the Afonuucfurers
I: iron! In commenting on the provision
hits said :
"Many coupon bonds carry the contract'
that the Interest if to be paid without any
bductlon by reason of any tax Imposed.
The obligor In the contract is freed from
u ithholdlng thn payment of the tax on the
interest from the bond, but It is compelled
under penalty of personal liability to the
tax to notify the collector of the payment
of tne interest to oe maae, to me enu man
. i . l , , , ... . . . n j n . ...
the sum shall be computed as a pari on
-he Income of the peraon receiving the,
interest, but where the obligor doe, not
kn.nv the owner of the bond to whom the
know the owner of the bond to whom the
inteiest is paid, how Is It possible for tho
obligor to give the tax collector any Infor
mation of value or how is the obligor to
I"- held liable for the tax for not giving
the Information?"
Mr. Hull In his statement shows under
the lnw that the obligor Is not fre,e from
the duty of withholding the tax, even
when the name of the owner of the bond
is unknown.
"While the Government," said. Mr! Hull,
"is rot concerned as to any contractual
relations existing between the corpora
t ns and bondholder! relative to tha lia
bility for tax, the fact la well known that
most corporate, bonds contain a provision
guaranteeing ine Donnnoiaer against mn
luymrnt of sued taxes, ana ir valid tne
orporatlons will Day the tax themselves
in such cases. The Senate amendment'
ri.li.g the obligor from withholding the
rutinfnl rt ln In rase such contract
lists was stricken out In conference,"
Mr, earnest' Case.
In nt her criticisms of the law the point
.in been made that many wealthy men
vlio liuve bonds guaranteeing them against
' - payment of taxes will escape taxation
f'tngither, while an additional burden will
'" thrown upon the corporations, notwlth
KAiidiiur that they themselves will already
r raid a 1 per cent, tax on their net
And lew Carnegie has been cited as an
t'ea(Huei a Third Paf.
The IHnna Take Storm Battered
t'rnfl tn .rnporli
Nkwi-ort,, Oct. 12. The bark Plntlnu
of New Bedford. Cant. Costa, after lying
' at nnchor off Brenton's Reef lightship
a couple of day for better w
rd Hound
from the Cape de Verde Inland, wan towed J
Into the harbor here this afternoon by
C. Lcdyaid Itlalr'a steam yacht Diana, i
The bark was mlnui her rudder, and aome 1
of her head sails had been blown away
during a (ale early this morning.
The Platlna flrst hove to off shore
here early Friday. Men from Price's
Neck life saving- station went alongside
and found that the bark was awaiting
better weather and that a supply of
kerosene was needed. The kerosene was
supplied and Saturday morning the bark (
made a start for New Bedford. The
wind failed and the vessel returned to
anchor off the reef.
Another start was made last night by
the bark, but she ran Into the gale this
morning In Vineyard Sound and lost her
rudder. Signals of distress brought the
Uiana alongside and the bark was taken
In tow. The Platlna will be towed to New
1 Bedford to-morrow.
Reproved by Mother for Attentions
to Woman Older Than He.
Frederick Reed. 1 years old, of 395 Con- j
tral avenue, Jersey City, was reproved by I
his mother and ridiculed by other
. " f ,ne fnn,v y,.terdny morning for
.,i. attentions to a woman much older
j than he. In whose company he Is said to
Ujnve been Saturday evening.
, He resented the rebuke and went to
I H I . rOOtn.
In hour later ns groans wrrr urn...
and he was found dying. His lips bad
been burned by carbolic acid he had drunk
fromva bottle that had fallen from his
hand. He was dead when a physician
Ui 5i Ull UnllAL yUDOllUll
Lending Paris Paper Says Full1
Control Over. Waterway
Must He Maintained.
tnedal Vab'e lnsi'.el lo Thk Sis.
Paw. Oct. 12. Commenting on the
i n..Tiniuti.iti nf the Pnnama tanal.
Temg .,VM to.day that the levolu-
' .' "'',...: . ..a i. ,h
tlon in me wonun nnim " vl
opening of the waterway may not be as
r.,.t n. t enerallv lookd for as re-
gards the world In general, but thut fori
, . ,,., ,h-r. ... .
inu jiiiv u il" ....- ,
enormous extension of trade. ;
It believes the Junction of the two j
oceans will give to the United States a
constiuctlon. numinisfraiion nm. pm,,-, -
tlon of the canal.
"Jurisconsults .have written volumes."
lf roups continues, "laying down the
principle that the I nlted states nas mane i 0u n stiiry. ex-Governor of Connecticut ;
an abusive use of Its power and excieded ' r c Human. Supreme Court Justice AI
Its rights. What experienced politician I mel K, Jell, William G. Gllmnre and
will be ..stonlshed that Washington Is de-
termlned to retain control of such a vital
necessity for her welfare? Comparisons
of Suez and Panama are In this respect
aitiflclal. The Suez Canal Is essentially
International ; Panama Is essentially
"The coinmeiclul Interests of the I'nlted
"That Is why, whatever sadness at-
taches to the past history of the canal,
the present solution must be recognized
as historically and logically safe from
mates nemana mai me greatest ,ramc j i,0n of the cerebral vessels." derbllt avenue, iiroomyii. iimr"i V . V m .i . V. K He attempted to commit suicide last night storm prevented a disaster which would
posstble be obtained for the canal; Its ; (0.B, McAneny lives at 19 Fast For- . l'rl"" I"'" 'n the men s night court last Martlet! was dial, ma... -.acli member of j , , ,,olo cM ,,ut Mn moh,.r'
political Interest, demand that the conn- , ty-seventh slreel. across Ihe slreet. and ! night after Magistrate House had sen- j the court, questioned In alphabetical i.ler ur."el.-.l In knoc-klnii th. bottle from his I .
try dominate a canal which In other was Informed of Mr. . Woodruff's death ! tended him l. ten davs In the workhouse as lo Gov Sulzer s guilt or Innoceiue. will ands bv hulling the familv Bible. Titanlt.
hands would be a deadly weapon against . hy newspaper men almost Immediately. 1 for annoying h woman. rise and answer "Guilty" or "Not guilty." KVm r)pi0.eil at the F.dls.m factories The steamship Rappahannock reports
it. I "Although we have been In some meas- Butler was accused by Alice McGulre. a II two-lhlnls vote guilty on one or more hpf. He has a w Ife and two children In to the I'ranlum Line the tU list of
attack. Any omer solution wouia nave v
been precarious and momentary. America t courage than he showed, persisting to the' By the time a policeman nan arrne.t in. ciea, f ,, ,.halK,.., efeired against ' from his hands with the lilbli Kent hail and Grosser Kurfuerst nre expected to
Is no longer of a size or temper to give I finishing what he had to say. al- crowd had tin eatened to lynch Butler. , nln ,, wnU,n ((1 (n , nln-ady swallowed some of the poison. If rrlve here tn-mnt row .
UP ,he fcwJ1juj! iirhTnT ,hat 8,r-nR,h - g,7crr. wlJIll, nBMI , jsar 1 m"u,pr' -
REBEL'S CHILD BOtN IN U. S. ! , .!- " - lZZX 1 t.YNN'S CHk'FbARs'eTTOR. ! 'Z XlJZTu, lZ
. . . .. .. Stale. He wits keen or method, wonder-
Immigration IIHIrlaU at Kaale faaa rlin. famlar wUh th, ,,.tH of polltl
Face t'arlona Problem. cul organlzullnn und petsislcnt In get-
Kaoi.s I'asi, Tex., Oct. 12. In the great I ting results. The part he had taken In
crowd of Mexican rebels who fled on foot the present municipal campaign was a
Into the United Slates from lhe advancing most Important one, apd to him belongs
Federals was Alaria Hernandez, who had
given birth to a child on the night pre.
vlous. At the detention camp In1 F.agle
Pass another child was. born tn her the
following day. Thus twins were born
three daya apart, one In the United Slates,
me ui" m
, Til r.n.l. were . ne , I tn i-1 .. it nut
i" rcun. j r.o,
the birth of the second child has puzzled
t" Immigration Inspector, who has be.
fore him the question of deporting a
fore him the question of deporting
1 natural born American citizen.
Prnltlna- Death of Thrrr
and Koir Stepchildren.
Waco, Tex., Oct. 12. Charged with the
murder of two of her eight stepchildren,
Oscar and Dick, 5 and 9, Mrs. J. H.
Etherldge, the mistress of one of the
richest ranches In- Bosque county. Is la cour(le a, ,e Kastman College. Pough- , The President will witness target prao- It is also expected that the up-State Xu-ui suffrage In a local thea
Jall at Meridian. keepsle. ..... i... i, Hint .llvlslon next Friday und Publk Service Coinmlssloii will be tec .to. ri..riuwm ihtee prominent
Proceeding on the hypothesis that she
disposed of two other stepchildren, - and 1
10 years old, who died last June nnd
whose deaths were attended bv avmn.
. toms of arsenic poisoning, the iionce pro
pose to exhume the
of the two children '
Is charted with poison
. under cnemicai anaiv
l Mrs, Ltherldge, W
married the owner
thut she had lM?en three times married
before She met Ktneriage. aii oi nor
former husbands, are dead, ana tne au
thorllles are now Investigating the clrcum
stances of each case. She first appeared
in Bosque county last January. She pro
tests her Innocence.
County Attorney Dlllard has learned
that the present Mrs. Etherldge was th
sole attendant of the first Mrs. Etherldge
ut the time of thr lutter's death last
Cul fruits, lellles. walrr Iras made delicious
wlta Aniivium bh iuiii,-sm,
Knjs lo Rol.OVpr From Attnek
Which Caused Collapse at
Fusion Meeting.
Doctors Kxpected Knd l.onjr He
fore It Came at 9:15 o'clock
Last NUrht.
Timothy I.. Woodruff died In his apart
ments In the Carlton House. Madison
nvenue and Foity-seventh street, at 0:15
last night. He had been unconscious for
twenty-four hours and the doctors ex
pected his death before it came.
With him when lie died were Ills wife,
his son. John B. Woodruff, and his wife,
Mrs. Rodney Ward, a daughter, and her
Fifteen minutes before the end came
the son had spoken over the telefmone.
,0 newspaper men downstairs,
We ,)nV( been ,xpecUnK
the end for
or four ,,.. . ,. The Rov. J
ernor has been totally unconscious i
since 9 o'clock lasl night. We gavo up
all hope at that time. From then until
A o'clock to-night he has been kept
alive by the use of stimulants and oxy
gen. The use of these was discon
tinued lit A o'clock because there seemed
to be no hope or need of them. His
heatt nctlon seemed unusually strong, his
breath was fast and short.
"Dr. Norman K. Dltman, who has been
In constant attendance since 9 o'clock
Saturday night. Is amazed that father Is
still alive. Only his wonderful vitality
' keeping him alive. Father Is very
low; we have abandoned all hot4. and
his death Is only a matter of a short
time. The only thing we can do Is to
"' the end."
Strlrkra at Cooper Unloa.
Mr. Woodruff was stricken with ,
pntalysls on September 29 while he was j
spe.-iKing ai ine meeting neiu ill uooper
i nion to notify tne fusion candidates or
ihelr nominations. It was thought the
next day that hh illness was only a
matter of a few weeks rest tn the moun-
tains, but he became worse. A week ago
vesteidav he went Into a tn which
lasted for thlity hours. Tho arteries on
the right side of the head had hardened
i" ...r.
known that his condition was serious.
The body will be taken thla morning
to the home of Mr. Woodruff's sister, I
Mrs. Rodney A. Ward, ut 319 Garfield!
place. Brooklyn, where the funeral will
be held on Wednesday The hour has
not yet been set. Burial will be In Green
wood. The tentative list of pallbearers pre
pared last night follow: Comptroller
,...,.,, , . i.,,ir., iviiiu u
William A. Piendergast, William II. Kng
,,, n,auncfV M, ep'ew, ex-Gov. Hor -
,u.e whltej tforKe Hi Barnes. William
. .rr
Iorenzo Benedict. Phlneas
i Theodore Douglas lloblnson.
Vle.4n.nj I'sm Trlhulei
John R. Woodruff gave out the follow
ing statement shortly after his father
died :
"Mr. Woodruff Hied at 9; 1.1 of an at
tack of apoplexy, complicated fiom throm
tire prepared," -he said, "the news of Mr,
j Woodruff's death comes ns a great shock,
He was speaking for .Mr. Mitchel. Mr,
Prendi-rgast nnd me when the attack
ver saw a finer exhibition of
he credit In a very considerable ttegree
for the working out of the complex and
troublesome, situation. Personally he was
a lovable man. and there are a host of
people to whom mourning for him will
I Personal and deep."
I ,r0rn-Bl.0ov-rllol. ,.h.
. I
'Hmothy Lester Woodruff, 'tenant-'
j Governor of New Vork for three trrm
(1807-1903), was liorn at New Haven.'.
Conn., on August I, U58. He was the
son of John Woodruff.' who was a r.
nectlcut Congressman from 1S65 to 1S66,
.and Harriet J. Lester. He traced his
descendants on his father's and mother's
side to the earliest settlers of the Nutmeg
Stnte. j ()f the .tlantlc fleet came Into Hampton j . Riley might be permitted to lemain
Ills parents died when he was 10 yeais Atf from the Southern drill grounds In office, although his successor can be
old. He prepared for college at Phillips ,h, morning to spend Sunday and to . named at any time, because his appoint
Kxeter Academy and after being, gradu- mabo final arrangements for receiving , nient by Gov. Sulzer was not confirmed
atea from laie in isi iook a mis ness
Mr. Woodruff became a clerk for a year
and In 1S81 he entered the firm of Nash,
AVhiton Co., now the Worcester Bait
Company, of which he was treasurer.
, Mr, Woodruff became a director and the
; secretary ui mo mi j.
- , in 1189 lie became one or tns pro
prletors of the Maltlne Manufacturing
Company. He was later elected presi
dent of the concern, serving in thai capac
ity for many years.
Director la Many Companies.
Mr. Woodruff rapidly increased his In-
tciests in various business activities both
in America Hiid abroad, mid in IJ1J, be-
,.. -
tvoxxuiuca en rearm mis,
bod es. The viscera s x years later ne was proprietor or tne
whom Mrs. Etherldge ' Franklin. Commercial, Ny and Waverly "?,.'''.... .. L ,vri. n lA'tm il'ave . I The term of ofllce of Public Service , "e Kl.mtt. tne uu?nir o, -.
..li-.i i . . ... . i Will r"Hfl' ' " ' I'tiimuluulnn.ir .Inlin l. !... 4 vi ll(UVl nil HI IClturi ill tnr. r
: siorea ana iwa gram eievaiora. ine nexi thU wvv)i, k , - vr v V; 1 ..r " hH rnilv h
. year. o,d. l".' T'rTZ 1 ISTTW.. ! r'-..V- up-s'laie Pub: "...dings In and abou, Newport.
itf w I avirtav raiith lnt ... OXXU A 1JUA CUA A HV w I' niTVire lunilllHH oner JilltU-H K. Niiu-n.i MT. rlliuil Wb ine iiii D"
i David Dows, A, K. Orr and others, and . --. When thu Legislature convenes next she corrected a statement which
lee Parka an F.leelrle Baths Pro
duce bond ltesalls.
Han Francisco, Oct. 12. Dr. Frederick
P. Clark, medical superintendent of 2.000
Insane at Stockton asylum, makes the
surprising statement' that 85 pe.r cent, of
curable patients have been cured by a
hydro-therapeutle process recently Intro
duced. About one-quarter of the patients
are Incurable, but the remaining 1,500
have, been wonderfullyasffected by the ac
tion of hot and cold water and electric
Many of the patients spend eight or ten
hours In the. water dally. Others are put
In Ice packs and get electric light baths.
Restraint are removed. Mild exercise
and many games are. Insisted on.
Although the cost of apparatus Is big.
Dr. Clark thinks the State will protlt
bv It. as the release of many patients
will cut down expenses and will also re
store bread winners to many families.
ruptures Prise With Small King;
Fish llnnb anil l.luht Line.
(5. A. Albright, who Is known to resl
dents of Long Beach as "The Lone Fish
erman" because he has fished In the surf
on every Sunday for ten years, created
a sensation among anglers yesterday by
landing a 32 pound striped bass with a
small king tlsh hook on an ordinary six
thread line.
Mr. Albright made his catch In front
of the Hotel Nassau.
H i w- fish ng worm. m.
, fle nrM strike Albright played him.
Before half that time had passed prac-
tlcally the whole population of Long
Beach was on the beach giving Mr. Al
bright all sorts of Instruction and advice.
Among these Instructors, were Nahan
Franko, the bandmaster; law Dockstader,
the minstrel, nnd Harry Williams, the
song writer.
lit riTlirTlTn mnnn niinn
111 ulPllMnU tl VEltt OlVlrr I
One in Excitement Rocks Boat,
Causing the Ac
cident. PiTTSRt'KCi. Oct. 12 Six near relatives
nrnX tl) tt watery grave In the Allegheny
, m..Ar . iMrecllff this afternoon when a
j kfr ,ank while taking ithem acrojs from
. i.. .. raoAnie
I Tne dpa(1 rp: j0hn Wldmer. aged 42;
... ..ivia. ir .
aonn i miner, ... ...
Charles Wldmer. 28: Julius Sober. 4S.
and his son, Joseph Sober,
15, all of
Gcorae Obllncer of Brackenrldge and
August Montable. son of the ferryman at
Rdgecllff, were saved.
The eight persons started soon after
nwn to go to the farm of Frank Wldmer,
.. brother of John. Anton and Charles
Wldmer. They Intended to hunt ground
hogs. When they left on a sixteen foot
row-boat there was a hlch wind and the
river was covered with whltecaps.
The boat was fifty feet from the Kdge.
' cliff shore when a large wave washed over
the stern of the boat. One of the men
i ,.w ...mti ME. ft... a rn nr in.. nn.t I
in .Ho unit water rushed into t. Oilier
members of the party became excited anclnnce of future courts of Impeachment.
the skiff sank. All were exp-rt swim -
ners except the two bovs. who rould not
1 swim.
tnnnirr Faints When Sen
irnevil In Workhouse.
John Butler, 32 years old, of 7I Van
novel ness. 14 vcars
Twenty-fourth street, of following her
fiom a Brooklyn tiolley car to a subway:
train and annoying her so tnnt sue nan
to appeal to the passengera for protection.
Berlin I'n tiers crlhe lllsa
sner lo Money Trimbles
toeciat Cable Detpatch to Tiir. Sci.
Bkiii.in, Oct K'.i-Newspapers heie say
that' Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the
ni..a nil em-lite, whose mysterious dis
appearance from a steamer recently on
his way to Kngland has not neen ex
. ,,nned, was In desperate financial straits
and that bis entire capital was nn
In unsuccessful enteipiises.
These newspapers advance the tneory
,. ;,., .li iVu niti.,ti nn t
't the ren
WILSON UUJiS 1U B.A inio WMft.
..... ..... ,.... -
w,n Wn iranier n
nnthem nriii urnnims.
snmnrrn unit
Norvouk, Va Ocl r.'. several snips
. tfii.,. ,,..i t.v iiuv.
Satuitlay on the Southern drill gruunds.
He will spend the nignr oi uciooer it i ( nw i aim me appointment or question of objection.
sea on the despatch boat Yankton or on. two new commlssloneis to suece-cd Com- The three were Mrs. Stanley McCor
the Mayflower. I nilssloner Douglass, w ho is holding over. I mirk of Boston. Mrs. James Oriswold
The second division sunmariue group
Vale Professor's Son Saw the Hashes
Move and Fired,
Mapihon, Conn., Oct. 12. Seeing the
bushes moving and believing he had
flushed plover Edward Hopkins of New
Haven, son of a Yule professor, let flro
this afternoon and filled up Oeorge
Muurer, 15 ears old, of this town with
line bird shot.
The hoy Is not seriously woum.ru aim
when the. doctoia arc through picking out
the bird shot it is bcllcvtd he will recover
Albany Reports Now Give flov
. ernor Only Kight Votes
in Final Test.
Verdict May Be Delayed Until
To-morrow by Flood
of Oratory.
Al.RANr, Oct. 12. There Is a rumor to
night that Gov. Sulzer may undertake to
violate all precedent and court rulcs-and
appear peisonally before the high court
of Impeachment to-moriow.
Unless Tn does the couit will go' Into
executive session and deliberate Upon the
question of admitting the evidence on the
Governor's misuse of campaign funds
when It convenes at 2:30 o'clock.
Gov Sulzcr's fi lends throughout the
State have left no stone unturned since
the court adjourned on Friday In an
effort to get twenty members to vole
against his conviction.
The, best Information to-night Is that .
these efforts have been fruitless and that
the Governor will be lucky If he has eight
rntea for acquittal. This would mean !
forty-nine votes for conviction. I
loiter Mar Appear To-day.
Gov. Sulzer will have teports from his
lieutenants by morning. When he realizes
that the vote Is against him no one. would
be surprised at anything Gov. Sulzer
iflight do.
vt neiner or noi ne wou ui iry io nvau
himself of the F.ngllsh custom of permit- i
Whether or not he would try to avail
tlnir the Imnenehed ftlelul to a.ldress the '
court, not under oath, as his friends havewl,",l'';,n71 'r the ship's railing and
been predicting for tne iast two weeks.
Is u problem which only the convening of
the court to-morrow afternoon will solve.
Neither Gov. Sulzer nor D-t'ndy Her
rick, his chief counsel, would discuss the
matter to-night. If Gov. Sulzer and his
friends can be believed the Governor has
a siaiemeui reauy lor me nuunc. nome ,
of these friends hae advised him since street and St. Nicholas avenue, visited
the high court adjourned on Friday that ' """' friends In Kngland. When the Vol
unless he makes this statement before the ! tllrll Ml a few d"'" n lo "turn to
court votes on his guilt or Innocence h- 1 Npw ?or M,1,eJr "f'1 to Mom'
might better go in silence to the Utle , Nnny her husband on the olt.mio TWe
farmhouse along the roadside to which , " rul''' ''"ver. which forbids the wife
he said he would retire when his duties as I """ steamship officer accompany
Governor ended. wh',,, "" ,l"tv- .M11,PJ w"
About everv man In tmbllr llfn her.. .em. 1 fo"""1 " li,ke ano,h'r hlP' Kr00n-
to take It for granted that Gov. Sulzer is
to be convicted. The only question which
appears to be of Interest now In connec
tion with the trial Is the length of time
the court will take In voting upon the
questions involved. Many SeiiHtois desire
to get their named In the trial records an
a matter of pride and theie will be much
Nearly all the members of the court
will explain their vote, It s anticipated,
This will take considerable time. Much
more time will he consumed In the read-
lnK "t"1 discussion of the opinions which
It Is expected several Judges of the Curt
1 nm mil nine lur tne iitirnos. or
inaRinrf a permanent recoiil for the cu d-
i me expectation tn-nlght whs that the'
court's decision might be available to the
.1 public by late Tuesday afte
Hnll ('nil nn Vrrilli'l.
The final vote of the court will be
taken upon the Impeachiiu lit articles
separately, under the rules adopted bv
e court at
the outset. They were Pie.
court will put these questions:
"Shall William Sulzer he rtmovid fiom
his office of Governor of this stat for
lhe ,-iSe stated in the artltle
ul),r ha .stale'."'
, .ne Legislature, which has heen in.ul.1
ing time since the articles In. peach.
me n l were adopted by the Assembly, will
convene at u A. M. on Tuesday, when an
other recess will be taken until after the
' decision of the court Is made public.
Appointment, for Glynn.
If It is the desire of the couit of Im
peachment that Gov. Sulzer must tetlio
it Is probable that the lit w Governor,
..tin tit ii
GI.VIUI. in assuming the full
functions of that office, which he has re.
( rusett to assume while he was acting
ovei nor. will then semi to the Senate tin,
names of new appointees tn hen, I n,..
M,or '""Pnrlment. the health tl. pai inp ut,
,le highway department and the prison
iieuuriiiiciii. mere pus Deeu a sugges
tiutr mat nuperinienueni of Prisons John
") me crniue.
i ognlzed at once by the designation of a
al(1 Commissioner Stevens, who resigned,
January the Governor will have thu un
volntment of a State Superintendent of
Banks at a salary of 17,000, a State Tux
Commissioner at a salary nf 16,000, four
$3,000 members of the Slate Prison Com
mission, an Appraiser of Canal Lands at
a salary of 14.000 and a State Architect at
a salary of $7,500 in case State Architect
Pllcherdettrmlncs that he cannot run thn
ofllce without the assistance of the present
deputy, Charles Hussdorf.
The Democratic State leaders have an
nounced that they want n State Archltict
who Is capable of running the office him
self without depending upon his deputy.
t nun in in up ini i th thn w ,
Women and Children
Sated by Rappahannock
Afltr thtcktnt up lhe list of lurtitm tt
tt lit J from Iht steamship Rappahannock vlth
Iht passtnttr lists In Iht Urtnlum Lint tgitt
Paul G. Feutman, local passtnttr aftnt, luuti
iht folleulnt cotttclti tiit. Ht ultti Patrick
Moenty, Iht Halifax cftnf (At lint, (At lilt
of lurtitot), uith iirtcthm to foruati iht Nm
York oni Eastern passtnitrs on Iht firs! Red
Cross Lint steamer Itatlnt for Ntu York
after furnishlnt them uith necessary tlothlni.
The lis! tlien below shous Iht destination of
each of the patenters:
Felte Katskt. alt 22. Philadelphia.
Ester Katskt. alt 20, Philadelphia.
Marlam Eistnhtrt, eft 18, New York,
Ester LtnchiskUatt 17, Peterson, N. J.
Bella Rldensky. ait 20, Minneapolis.
Pla Pollack, aft )3, S'tu York.
Parasha Ceduck, ' 20. Hamilton. Onl.
Nikoli Ceduck. i 8 months. Hamilton. Ont.
Maria Nlkitstuck. ate 27, Sydney. A'. S.
Pedro Nlklbiuck. ait 7, Sydney, N. S.
Dlmitro. Nlkitstuck. ale 5, Sydney. N. S.
Katrlna Ntkils:uck. ait 8 months, Sydney,
A'. 5.
Leokadia Wojczik. l Duryea. Pa.
Alexandra Kontkouska, ait 24, Phila
delphia. Ester Kaplan (cahin). ale 18. Sen York.
Price Biks. ait 20. 'ctc York
Perl Blks. ete 17. Neu York.
Hlnda Friedman (cabin), ale 1. AVu York
Basy London, at 20, Baltimore. Md.
Wife of Vnlliirno's Plrst Oflleer la
on thr Kroonland.
By a stiniiRe coincidence Mrs. H. P. ,
Miller, wife of the first officer of the Vol
lurno. was aboard the steamship Kroon- .
land, which was one of the New Tork !
hound fthttiM which rtmhivl tn thr uitl .if
, , -
imrr Friday. She must
"'" been among the anxious passengels
,..r , ,e names U"iru, me sn.p. cm-
knew that In that mass of flames was hf r
It was only a rule of the steamship
company which prevented the wife anil
i husband being together on the Volturno.
I A short time ago Mrs. Miller, who lived
with an aunt In an apartment at 14.1th
Violinist Intended to Came
lea In Vnllarna.
n Amer.
lUurAx. Oct. 12 Robert Pollak. the
violinist, who arrived yesterday from
Geneva for a concert tour of ianada, be.
I Binning In Halifax to-morrow, told Tltn
Sr. correspondent tn-nlsht that he had
I Intended sailing direct from Rotterdam
i for Halifax on the Volturno, but changed
hl mind
1 '" Hannah of the Canadian Northern
owner of the Volturno. vviied
. t .mm ...ii...
i ! ." ".? '"" "
I orders to Ixtndnn for a steamer to pi out
In search of the victims.
Mother's Well lllrected 41m
Have Her Son's l.lfr.
Wkst .Oran'OE. N. J., Oct. I! Albert
Kent, '.'T ear old, Is In a serious con-
lltlon In the Orange Memorial Hospital
Newark. He left his wife srveral weeks
ai!i and went to the home of his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. John F Kent, of L'S Mitchell
stleet. I
Before hl mother knocked the bottle
HpeHl. In Ptibllr There. '
Lvn.n. Muss, Oct. li. Onleis have
le.i Issued I Chief of Police Burckes
to bar Joseph J. Kttor, the I. W. W
leader, from every public ball In Lynn.
The oi tiers have the approval of Mayor
Nevvhall. the labor leader, and. It is said. !
a lame majority of the Lynn shoe opera- I
"Kttor," said Chief Burckes, "Is an un
desliitble. Of course we cannot keep him
..in of the halls of organizations which
will nermlt him to enter their rooms, but
wo will stop him from making Inflamma
tory speeches anywhere else.
Kttor has been In Lynn a week trying
to start 11 gelienil siriKe in ut.e ot tne
large shoe factories.
Society Wniuen at .Newport lt-sent
Ilia Antl-Suffrasr Talk.
N'ttwi'ORT. Oct. 12. After Talcott Will-
i lams, dean of the School of Journalism at
i . . . .... ,i....t .. .jj....
I women rose In the audience each with a,
1 Went of New Vork and Mrs. Maude
t i ttrti
Williams hud made. Mrs. McCormlck then
stood up and after giving her najne,
made a brief but spirited address In
favor of suffrage und ended by question
ing Dean Williams.
Mrs. Wentz next begun a speech and
the anti-suffrage part of the audience
walked out. Dean Williams at the same
tlmn left the stage. The suffragists, how
ever, stayed until Mrs. Wentx had con.
half a century. A trial demonttratet vstue.
Crew Lost Heads, Unshed
Lifeboats and Then
Were. Drowned.
Drove Firemen Helow. Then
Prevented Liinnehinu'
of Hoats.
srHvrvoirs vivid tali;
With His Shoe AlmiM
Hnrned Off. He Lcnpci
Into Sea.
i Oi'o'i' Kiirfiicisl anil Krrini!-
Iiiml Due Here With l!lo'
Panic was the Hist rnu.o of the cre.it
ia .ir u ,,,,, .,i.i. ,
"" "Mlf h ,. tl.o ,t ,,mhlt. otn.-..
nurnen. .Memiirrs of III.- crew ,ind liv tt
of the mi-ithko puihed n.!e women
w, ,,, , ,, s,rnnR
, , ,
I to t"" flrst '"'ats. These boiits were
1 crushed acalnst the ship's Mdn and all
I In them perished, dipt. Inch terrorized
stokers with his revolver and finally cut
the lifeboats' tneklo tn prevent more
boats being lowered.
The story of the hiirnini: of the ship,
of the panic, of the comltiK of the rescu
ing Carmanla and of the incidents of
the disaster Is told by a survivor nn th
Carmanla, Arthur Trlntepohl, who will
be landed at Fishguard this morning by
the Ctinarder.
It Is he who charges the crew and
aome of the men passengers with cow-
ardloe and brutality. Ills story, sent In
London by Arthur Spurgeon, a London
I publisher, who talked to him on th
I Carmanla. leaves little doubt that ther
would have been no loss of life hv
drowning If the men of the Volturno
had kept courage and patience.
("apt. Harr of the r.irm.uii.t, unable o
make QueenHtown this mornlni: because
of a gale, sent a vtlfVlo-'.s despatch fo
his line that he would arrive at Fish
guard at 11 A. M. His estimate is tint
136 lives were lost by fire or drowning
and that .CI have Ih.cii rescued. Tip-
Grosser Kiirfnerst's reports Indicate th U
131 have perished anil that .133 hav
been saved.
A combination of the wireless, good
t seamanship by the comni.indeis of th
: eleven ships in the reselling fleet and
of the providential moderation nf h
names of i survivors. The Rappahannock
is taking tn Halifax nineteen uo.i.n
and children, tin- names of whom are
i printed in IllK hl'.v
The Kroonland
of the rescuing fleet asking for lists of
VI nn Besetted
h t'nrinniiln Gives
Isle of Disaster.
Special Cable ViriMteh In Tar Si v.
UvspoN, Oct. IS. -The tlist detailed
slot of the huiulnu of the Volturno in
mldocean anil the terilble scenes that fol
lowed Is told In an aeioRiani received
here to-night from Aitliur Spuisenn, man
aging dlrectoi of Cassell's, Limited, a pas-
senger on the Carmanla. Mr. Spuraeon
had It frvm Walter Trlntepohl. a German
commercial traveller, who Jumped fiom tl.e
blazing Volturno on Tl.u.sday nlKht and
was rescued hy a sailor of the Carmanii,
who risked his own life by going Into thn
sea after Trlntepohl.
Before the survivor, lost consciousness
from exposuie nnd weakness he told hW
story to Mr. Spurgeon. t'nttl tly F.nKllsh
publisher called the mnn's intention to It
he didn't know that his shoe soles wcio
burned off from the Hie that had eharrM
the Volturno's decks.
"I had been working for a firm of
merchants in Barcelona," said Mr. Trln
tepohl. I got an offer of a position In
New York, so I took a third class pas
sage on the Volturno. We Milled from
Rotterdam on October 2, and all went
well until 6 o'clock the following Thurs
day, "We heard a tire alaim sounded and
we were ordered to go on declc. The of
ficers told ua that a Hie had bioken out
In the hold. They didn't know how bad
It was, but they were afraid that II hsd
gained a big start.
aya Crew Was In Panic.
"As soon as we reached the deck of.
fleers and stewards handed hf belts
around and the paisengeis began at
one. tn nut them on Lois of ..s dldn t
know the trick and il wus a g'd
i .

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