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Rain to-day; probably fair to-morrow; light
ic moderate winas.
Detailed weather reports will be found
2 -Wj
jut pane J"
"iVnjrcrs He Can't Answer
Seven Questions on
City Affairs.
fliarjres Stnt i Officers With
I 'art in $15,000,000
Orai't l'p St ilk'.
Will Tell of Alleged Con vi'i.u
lion With Stilwell in
I'liMMl Oil.
.! n llciitii'tf.v challenged Kdw.ird
M Cm: I last night 111 Brooklyn, to ap-
'a- on the same singe with lilm and
i . ,nwor ton questions on city admin-.-
: .it ion affairs.
Hi promised to vote fur Mcdll If
ibe latter sticcocde ' In answering five
tin ton questions. He said tliat Mc
i a I ';ncw less about city affairs tliun
.i. landldato over nominated,
Mo mucked Murphy and Tammany
Ha . aga.n and told of incidents In Sul
i' liirlit against "the chief."
(in Monday nltfht Mr. Heiincrisy
1 1 miod a feensitilon rolntlnr to a
1 1 r. orfatlon he had with ex-f-enator
well ,n State plNon.
' n I. 'rlmmlns came out la sup-
u i of .Mc all, Prendergnst and Me-
Vim-iiy lie settled doubts of many
Voiit tho Catholic vote In regard to the
('iptrollor. Uy puislng the toner's
s and in reward to Catholic institutions
... I'C'initinK to the city.
Iame K. Gaffncy. .1. Sergeant Cram
. nl G. V. Plunkltt joined in the chorus
' denials of the charges made in re
spect to them by Sulzer and Hennessy.
Waul IIIiu to Amntr Tu
t tlnns on City Affairs,
.loll i A Hennessy says he will ote for
Tin aril K. MoCull. Walt there are cer
i. nnrtllions.
1. Judge MrCall." the sizzling fusion
in aisner said tn 2.200 Votois In Pins-
' I l.i tl. Brooklyn, last night, "will meet
v. Carnegie Hall or the Academy of
'lis. n Brooklyn 1 will guarantee the
ill' nt of the hall. I will leave nut all
i- iMi'ional lsucs I have discussed,
.. I v III auk Judge MrCall ten questions
j i! I lie city of Now York and about its
?u ctiinwnt. and if he answers seven of
th- t. n I will vote for him.
Nil more fundamentally Ignorant ran-
I late hi relation to the city of New York
iut i.e. been nominated for so high an
urn. ' in any generation that I remember,"
II Hc-niiess added,
few minutes later he luoadened his
liallcngc. He said that he would vote for
Mr McCall If Ihu Democratic candidate
would answer five out of ten questions
ih.it Mr. Hennessy would ask about the
eity Charter. Mr. Hennessy vowed that
Ir. McCull couldn't remember what was
i-il three paragraphs of the Charter.
Ilrnneaar lloaree.
. Inestigator Hennessy's speed was a
Utile lets than usual last night because
he was hoarse. Ho promised a sen
w.tion when he speaks on Monday night.
' Murphy and McCall say they are not
cnlns to answer until Hennessy gets
through," he said. "Then they will have
o wait until after election. On next Mon
duv niKht Hennessy wli; tell a very Inter-
tins story about ex-Senator Stilwell, now
n state prison, and Hennessy was with
stilwel for five hours, and while there a
x outagraph whs working and a good stenog-
H)JlCr Was WuricllIBi, nu . nave n. .rw
een ear for storing up what I hear.
nf course, I can't tell that to you In
Utail. and I will explain that on Mon
ia Hut I will tell some things that
VI throw a side light on this pure and
NundrtllH Tammany government you nave
'id They are stealing fifteen million
of money up the State."
Mr. Hennessy drew a picture of Got.
Sulzer proposing to barter State offices
lth Charles F Murphy an If he were
playing a chess (tame. He said ho
ilmtJSht It waa "the most dramatic mo
ment In Hulzcr's career."
Murphy whs trying to get Sulzer to
lu make ficorge M. Palmer chairman of tho
I up-Ktate Public Service Commission.
'ixirgf Foster Pcabody, Henry Morgen-
.!,, Hi, man ..lull ..nwuinr,
csiy and other friends of the Governor
J I . fre at the People's House. They talked
II -"1 afternoon and until midnight.
question of Palmer Dp,
"Then as night canio along," said Mr.
Ilinnrt-sy, "the Governor brought up tho
'I'l'Mlon or George M. Palmer again and
then and there told him that If he
1 l not ream the consideration of
'''liner's name ho could not expect the
suppoit of anybody who was there prca-
nd then the Governor, walking up and
"imi the room, said: "Well, we have got
y 'o play chess. 1 am a pretty good chess
nurr myself. We will let Murphy have
.'hit pawn. After a while we will take
' "is bishop, and so, If I can give him
.imf thing and get twice as much for It
mi lie control the Senate that la tho
I'st way to do It."
" nd wo aald, 'No, it Is not. It la bet-
that you cannot have anybody con
firmed by that Senate than to aend In
"e improper name for confirmation.'
Our policy won out and the winning
of that policy probably destroyed
William Sulzer. Probably somo friends
Continutd oh Fourth Pag. ,
Mltchel Men Offer !l to I Unman
Trie to Make Bel.
More McCall money made Its appear
ance In the financial district yesterday,
when the Mltchel supporters offered odds
of tn l, which prevailed throughout
the day. On the curb a bet of $2,000 tc
11.000 was registered. Several smaller
bets were also placed at the nboc odds.
Kreak beta had their day. One bet of
1100 to t00 was placed that Suiter would
not defeat the Socialist candidate In his
district by more than S50. Fred Schumni
leportcd an offer of i 1,000 even money
that McCall would get as many votes as
Mayor Oaynor did. and also quo''' an
offer of 60 to $250 that Mltchel would
be elected by SO.000 votes. Other offers
were I1.000 even that Mltchel would carry
five boroughs: 1300 even that ho would
Ret a plurality of 30,000 and 1500 even
that he would carry Kings county by 25,
000 plurality.
A middle, aged woman approached sev
eral curb brokers and offered lo bet $30
ex en money that Mltchel would defeat
MrCall. Her wager was not accepted.
Was .Not Expected to SurvlTe the
.Mht, but Wm Cheerful.
Tho doctors attending Isaac Levy, the
clothing manufactuier who took bichlor
ide of mercury tablets last Sunday night
by inlstnke, said last night that It was
doubtful that Mr. Levy would live through
the night. He had a bad night the night
before, sleeping little. Dr. Jacob Sarnoff
said that only tho man's nerve pulled him
Mr. Levy still retains his none and
cheerfulness. Knotting that nothing ran
prevent his death, ho spends most of the
time trying to mak the members of his
family believe that he will recover.
His wife and twehc children visit him
In relays. He slept for short periods to
day. Wheiv awake he kept Insisting that
thoie Is nothing much the matter with
(.'oniniisions William (Jardner
to Design 7o Foot Sloop
Orders Carte IMnnehe.
Alex Smith Cochran will tike up Mit
gle handed his part of the defence nf til
America's cup. The Yonlcors sportsman,
who for nine years lias been a member of
the New York Yacht Club, has commis
sioned William Gardner to design a 75
foot sloop yacht to take part In the trial
races. Mr. Gardner has designed many
fast racing yachts and the only condition
Imposed by Mr. Cochran Is that he shall
not accept an order from any other
yachtamen or syndicate to design an
other sloop for the same purpose.
No limit Is plnced on the amount to b.
expended for the new bout, the nnJeii
being to produce the fastest yacht pos
sible under Alio present lule of the New
York Yacht Club. The builder of the
yacht has not been announced, Thei
was general rejoicing among yachtsmen
last night when they hearil that Mr.
Cochran had come forward for tin- de
fence of the cup and they wore pleas-d
that the boat was to be designed by Gard
ner, as with two designers In the Held
the prospects of success am blighter
than if the whole, burden fell on the Her
rcshoff". Mr. Cochiau Is by no means a novice
In the lacing of fui-l yuchts. He had the
schooner Westward designed and built
for him by Herreshoif In ISM. This yacht
crossed .the ocean and defeated the lust
boats In England and Germany. After
winning the Kaiser's cup at Cowes the
Westward came here, raced for one sen
son and then was sold to a Gorman
yachtsman. Mr. Cochran lias not owned
a racing yacht since. Besides being an
enthusiastic yachtsman Mr. Cochran
lately has become interrstid in the turf.
He owns the great Jumper Postboy, which
has been sent to Kngland to try to win
the Grand National, the blue ribbon of
atecplechaslng, which never has fallen
to an American owner.
Jlajor trse to Have Speed Prltl
lee Taken Oat ol Law.
Frederic It. Coudert, president of the
National Highways Protective Society,
wrote to Mayor Kline yesterday suggest
ing that the Mayor urgo the Board of
Aldermen to strike out of the cltv traffic,
laws the clause exempting United States
Government mall wagons from the pro
visions of the laws.
"There docs not seem to be anv reason
for exempting these vehicles from the
ordinary police laws and ordinances of the
State of New York while thev are on the
State's highways," wrote Mr. Coudert.
"I am convinced that the exemption In
the ordinance must have been due to a
misconception of the powers of the local
authorities over highway traffic.
"There la nothing In the Constitution
of the United States or tho Federal laws
requiring that United States mall wagons
should be allowed to rush through our
streets like juggernauts exacting their
tribute of blood."
Mr. Coudert also wrote that his societv
has placed the matter before tho Depart
ment of Justlcb and that the Department
will be willing to help In relieving the
situation after the Aldermen havo dono
their part.
Bastoa Treasarer, Short 4,RI8, Mo
tored Betwera Two Cities,
TlosTON, Oct.21Hdmuncl V. Lone, 20
years old, treasurer of tho Filrno
Store Employees Cooperative Association,
pleaded guilty to-day to the charge of
larceny of the association's funds.
Lano, It Is alleged, has taken 11,818 of
the funds slnen the middle of July. For
several weeks ho entertained his friends
lavishly and got a leave of absence to at
tend the world's baaebal) aeries, travelling
between Now York und Philadelphia by
automobile and spending $1,000.
After tho games were over he did not
return to the utorc. He was located In
New York ai he was making plans to
so to California,
YORK, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1913 Copuilght.
oiA, utnrruiDi rino,
Tank of VaruMi Kxploilrs, Sot
ting Aflame (jninients of
Kloelng Workmen.
Many Koscneil From tltiililing;
Hndly Burned Three in
llospitiil Mny Die
A tire which upload po lapidly that
flames were shooting through the roof be
fore the first alarm was sent in trapped
three women, a man and two boys and
burned them to death In the six story
building at 210 Canal stiect yesterday
Throe moie may die from their buiti".
The women and the man were caught In
the otllce of the Llndbo Shim Company
on the fourth flooi. One of the bos was
killed In th rear nf the Uoyal Machine
Works on the. third Moor, whole the the
started, and another boy died from Ills
Injuries In the Hudson Street Hospital.
1. 1st of the Dead.
HOFFMAN, I'llAIII.Kri It, i M'a" ,.
married, f :14 Went 1 10th stiret. man
ager or the l.ltiilhe .Shim t.'ompam.
MOl'.UIS. MAIITIIA. :3 ears old. Mnslr. of
1:3 Went 14 3 street, loiraph'r, ern
ployed by the t.lmlho company
JACOtl. J KAN, il yfiri old. of ISIS minion-
stret. Tim Uronk, irnonrnphe r, em
ployeil liy the 1,1 ml lie lainpanv.
UKHKOFI, MIm lin.VIi:. 1 3T0 Hrl.tnw
mreet, The tlronx. utenoitraphpi employed
by the I. Inilne eompmy.
OON.Ol.O. J A. MP.. . .rnt nt.l. nf SI
Hester street, a helper emloed In the
Koyal Machine Worke
lllSF, .IOIIN. 16 er old. of t:'l Moll mieet.
helper. in;plivnl hy the lliml Maihlne
1, 1st of Injured.
ICLT.lli:.S. KUANK, SS yeur old. of .It me
etreet, Ilrniikl) n . fractured hip and deep
burn, of bsck and chest, not erp.ced to
IKe. In IIu.1j.iti street hospital
I.AHNO. THANK, IT er old. of S" Mac
duugkl street, a helper In the ttnal Ma
ihlne WorUj, burned about fare, arm
ar.d bsck. nut exported lle In Hud
"on street hutpltnl.
SK.MMALTO. ANOUt.O. 1" i'" old. nf Ut
Mot street, a helper In ihe Jioya! Ma
chine Work Uctp burin of bod . nnt ex
pected lo 11. In St. Vincent's Hospital
VI'. UATO. JOnKI'lt, 30 veirs old, of f."
Kenmere street, toolmak.'r In the Iluynl
.Machine Works; burns of arms and face,
Treated and sent home
Crash Shook, the Building;.
The fire stalled In the loft of the ltoy.il
Machine Works on tho third floor. Work
men lighted n gas tire under a bake
ocn used for drying lucquor, and It had
tieen going only a few minutes when, at
'.MO o'clock, the oven exploded and set
(Ire to a vat of lacquer a few feet away,
which blew up with a crash that shook
the building and sent sheets of tire fly
ing through the loft.
Flames and smoke lnllou.il out of the
windows of the bull. line 0:1 the Canal
stieot side and up through the floors
In the roar and shut In those who lost
their lives with Impassable walls of (lame.
"The poor devils never had a chance,"
said acting Chief Smoky Joe Martin.
Assistant District Attorney Joseph
Skinner of tl.e homicide bureau Mat toil
an Investigation nt tho illtivtloti of Dis
trict Attorney Whitman as soon as the
flames went und-r rntril and the build
ing could bo on vriil Ho mill last iilxht
that he had not boon nliln to decide
whether an action for crimln il negligence
should be started.
The tops of llfu would )ia . been much
greater If many of the lofts had not been
empty, owing to the Jewish holiday.
When all of the many businesses In the
buildings from 201 to 212 Canal street,
all of which were gutted, urn In operation
there aie several hundred persons In
the lofts, but yesterday them were scarcely
When the explosion came, which Jarred
the earth for blocks around. Sergt. Pat
rick Sheridan, at the llowory and Canal
street, saw flamo and smoke shoot far
out Into the. street and then cut 1 up along
the front of the building low aid the
roof. .
He. stalled 011 tho inn and by the time
he got there men and women were light
ing for places on the (Ire escape In tho
front and on the Mulberry street side.
Sheridan and the policemen under him,
thinking that an alarm had been turned
In, devoted their attention to getting the
people oft the escapes.
Sets Kleelnn (Hrl Afire.
The explosion of the Japanning vat In
the Royal Machine loft threw the blazing
liquid composed of asphultum. Unseed
oil and varnish over tho clothes of the
ten or twelve men walking then; and they
camo down tho fire escapes with their
garments burning like living torches. A
stenographer, Jonnlo howls of 420 Hast
Eighty-sixth street, had Just climbed out
of a window to the ladder when 0110 of
these, men stumbled against her and set
her clothes on (lie. She was not badly
burned. Most of the men In the Uoyal
plant were taken to tho hospital.
There was an Instance of heroism
among the men on this foor which was
seen by thoso III the street. Joseph I)e
(laota. the foreman, who ordered Krank
Hughes to light the oven which caused
tho Are, wns one of those blown to the
floor by the force of tho explosion.
As ho staggered through tho blinding
smoke to the window ho stumbled ovor
llnirhea nhn with tl broken hln and hih.Ii
severe burns that ho may die, was help-
less, He Gaeta'a urms and bauds wero
burned almost raw, but he stooped over
and lifting Hughes In Ids arms made his
way to tho lire escape.
Tho agony of having the heavy man
resting on his arms hud almost overcotno
him when ho reached the first floor and he
would have fallen with his burden if
Sorgt. Sheridan had not caught Hughes
from him and helped both tho men to the
street. Do (laetti was trouted by un ambu
lance surgeon and wont homo, but Hughes
was taken to the Hudson street hospital,
It was In the ofllce nf the Ltndho Shim
Company, directly over the Knyal Works,
that the loss of llfn was greatest, ll. (I.
Continued on Fifth I'agt.
Unman Serum t'sed by Jlarrtman
l.abratorr Experimenter.
San Khancisco, Oct. 21. Dr. George
11. Carson of thn Southern Pacific ltatlroad
medical force announced to-day the dis
covery of what ho asserts Is a cure for
typhoid fever without vaccination.
Hli method Is a variation of tho modo
of handling diphtheria. As the lower
animals cannot contract typhoid Hr. Car
son uses human serum.
The treatment begins with the Injection
of the serum from the blood of a con
valescent case Into the patient. There Is
generally a rise In temperature, but nor
mal Is usually reached on the day fol
lowing Injection. In three or four days,
If tho temperature rises, another Injection
is given.
The serum treatment appears to have
aborted tho disease In every rase tried.
Severe cases arc made mild. The longest
time that elapsed before tho patient became
entirely normal after treatment was six
teen days, thus robbing the patient of
the horrors of the third week of complica
tion!!. These experiments and the discovery
were made possible by the fact that Mrs.
It, If. Hnrriman endowed the research
laboiatory here with $60,000.
Mailed From Cincinnati to New
Zenland With Insuffi
cient I'ostajre.
Washington', Oct, 21 An Infernal tna-
ehltie containing enough nitroglycerine to
have depopulated the buieau found Its
way Into the dead letter office to-day and,
because of tho suspicious nature of ohm
of the olerks. was turned over to the
local police and later to I'nclo Sam's
torpedo experts at the At my War College
before any damage occurred.
The machine consisted of a pasteboard
box with a wire which extended within
and connected with a detonator. It was
addressed to Krank Goldberg, Wellington,
Now Zealand, and 'was mailed two days
aRo In Cincinnati. There was no return
nddrosa on the outside and as It had
not been properly prepaid had bren held
for postage.
Looking for the address of the sender
or some identification of the source of tho
package one of the clerks took off its
outer wrappings. Within was a wooden
ho six Inches long, four Inches wide and
two Inches defp. The lid had been
screwed on and n wire connected the
screw heads and disappeared within the
At the barracks the machine was turned
over to Capt. T. M. Hobcrts of the en
gineer corps. He ordered it out to the
parade ground, where tho soldiers dug a
hole In tho ground, put a small charge of
"Triton" under tt und exploded the mass
with tlectrlcity. The "Triton" simply
splintered the txix. leaving cnouith of the
fragments to Indicate the mechanism of
the machine.
The llftlns of the lid by the unwary
recipient nf the tnachln- would havo
drawn a small bunch of matches roughly
across a strip of sandpaper and Ignited
a fuse. This fuse led Into a metal cylinder
containing a paste of which nitroglycerine
was tho liquid component evidently a
form of dnumlte, althouch no attempt
was made In analyze the bae of the ex
plosive. Capt Unbelts said the machine was
most Ingeniously contrived and of a
deadly cbaractoi. An attempt will be
made to tiaco thi source of the package
and if possible flni the sender. The
handwriting on the outside of the pack
age was in foreign scilpl, probably Ger
man or Austrian.
Three Mtramshlp Companies Agree
to Stale's Terms.
ItOhTON, (Jet. 21. A contract between
tile (Kill directors and the International
Mercantile and Marine Company, the
Oman! Line and the Hamburg-American
Lino for the use of the dry dock to be
constructed by the State In South lloston
was signed to-day by the Hrst named com
pany All that ictnalns now Is confirma
tion by tin Governor and Council.
The oontiact colls for the puymont of
150,000 a car for twenty years by tin
throe steamship companies, for which
they will have the right to use the dock
at, any time they wish, but If charges ex
ceed $50,000 in any one year the com
panies will pay the excess. If th dock
proves self-sustaining In any year the
guarantee pnyment by the three com
panies will lie lessoned.
Tho dock will cost $3,000,000.
Just Arrived Prom Kngland and la
tbr Second In America.
The prlmite house In the Zoological
Park received a new accession vesterdav
a gibbon. Gibbons aie tho only apes
that habitually walk upright. Their Is
one other specimen In America.
The new apo Is a female and weighs
but twenty-five pounds. She came from
Kngliind on thn Olympic. She is in
telligent looking and nicely marked. Al
though Inclined to be snappy she soon
made friends with Ferdinand Kiigeholm,
her keeper. She spent tho day uttering
her cry, which Is a long series of yowls,
covering 11 rangu of two octaves.
The new arrival makes tho park's
collection of apes the tlnest In the world.
It comprises ton that are culled lust
fipes, four chimpanzees, flve orangs and
tho gibbon.
Unary, n Great Traveller, Has a
Hank Account In Jamaica.
Honey, tho dog mascot of the Long
Island ltatlroad, who travelled alone west
to Chicago, south to Philadelphia, und all
over Long IhIuikI, Is III In the dog hos
pital at Ilr, XV. L. Johnson. 76 Van Wyctt
avenue, Jamaica, The dog la about 15
years old, und is 111 of a complication of
dlseaucH duo to his age.
Hoxcy has a gold collar given to him
by tho Long Island Itallroad men and a
pass over thn railroad. He has a bank
account in thn Corn Kxlinngn Hank'
branch In Jumalcu. Ho lias a habit Of
attaching himself to people, living with
them for a week or two, and then pick
ing up a new tiomt.
1913, 61 (Ae 8hi JVittllnj7 and Publishing
Federals Snid in llHve Pursued
Them After a Severe
He treat of Insurrectos Cut Off.
Accordinjr to Humor
Wires Are Down.
.Vjiecid OitV Dopnlc, lo Tar. t .
Mexico Citv, Oct. 24 Monterey has
been attacked again by the rebels . "The
fighting lasted all day.
Three columns under Gens, ocatanza
and Anaya and Col. l'.lcardo Pena assisted
the Federals In the reported repulse of
the rebels. The first two columns were
detached ftotn Saltlllo and the last fioin
Hlpollto. The rebels were forced to le
tieat, It Is said, and wore badly beaten.
The Federals pursued them and cut off
their retreat, according lo olllclal Infot
matlon. Hlnnciurt t.rla Despatch.
tion, l!lauiuct rerelwd a despatch fiom
Monteiey, sent to Cadoreyta by messen
ger and telegraphed heio via Tamplco,
fraying that the ir litis reattacked Mon
terey In the morning on the northwest,
coming up nt 4 o'clock on the outskirts
of the clt.
There was fierce flchtlng in the stiects
immediately, especially upon the north
sldo of the town around tho foundries
and breweiles, and nlso near the ceme
tary, which is on tho west Mdo of thu
town. All houses were barricaded and
the town was given up to terrific light
ing. Utillet.s sepl the Mnts until noon,
when Gen. Ociranz.i and Itlcardn Pena,
sent by Velasro. arrived with 1,500 men.
The artillery Immediately eiiKagod th'
rebels on the north, -xitlllntt inor, turn
that side, while tho flrtriiig continued
furlounly around the ci.net.'. . until 2
o'clock, when Gen. Lum Ariuya, v 1th
l.OOu men, sent by Trj;v Aub.-:, cirlvcd
In the western rebejs' fear, shelling thm
with heavy attlllcry.
Tho rebels slowly foil back, then broke
and lied, pursued by tho Federals. All
the rebel lied to to northward and west
ward. Winn the Federals under Pena,
Anaya tnd Ocarnnna. who puisued them,
returned to Monterey bonis Inter they
weie recoiled with wild rejoicing Uwm
the part of the populace. Flowers wore
strewn in the streets and llrewotks won
set off.
The .Minister of War savs o tebels are
supposed to have been killed and theie
was a greater number of wounded. Thole
nre no details yet, ns the d.4nl bale not
been picked up.
(initials of the National Hallways say
that they have bee.u fiultless'.y trying
since Wednesday to send a messenger to
Monteiey u, ilml out wiia: the situation
Tiny declare that no telegrams of anv
sort have left the place and ns-ert that
the Government message last night de
claring that the rebels had been repulsed
must havo been sent out by messenger
to a telephuue post,
The l.illwuy otlhi.i's dtclaie that all
railway and Government wires are down
from Va negus northward on the lino from
San Luis Potosi to Monterey, and north
from Cadoreyetta on the line to Tamplco
and Monterey. The wiies from Monterey
to the frontier are also down. The roads
are torn up whore the wires Hie down.
Iteriiforcrnients From Snltlllo.
Olllclals of the i.ilwa)s belloie that
Gen. Velasco got tralnloads of rt'cufoi ce
ments Into Montuti'.v finm Saltlllo this
morning. They say the road ftoiu Sal
tlllo to Monterey via Pnredon Is good tn
within thirty kilometers of Monterey and
that the Foderala could dlsentraln In at
tacking the rebel rear, as the rebel attuck
was known to be mostly from the north
west. A prominent Spanish sinelterman says
that 1,000 rebels occupy the northern
part of Monterey, where thn smelters of
the American Smelting nnd Hellnlng Com
pany and tho Compaula Fundldora dc
Flerro y Acccr dn Monterey are located.
There tiro here nlso the Monterey Brewing
Company plant and 0 nail plant both
large concerns.
Ho suys that the Fedeials arc stiongest
In the soutli centre of tin city, but could
not turn their artillery upon tlm rebels
without ruining pioperty, which Is largely
owned by foreigners.
All accounts Indicate that Saltlllo ivl
tiofrrnmrnt's Information.
Tim Minister of tho Interior says to
night that the Goeriiiiiont received tele
grams forwarded from Monterey at 3
o'elock this afternoon saying that Velasco
had Nont iceiiforconionta under Gens.
Joaquin Toller, and Kduatdo Ocaranxa,
whu arrhed at Monterey, and that tlm
Federals, assisted by armed citizens, drove
out the leliels again at noon, tranquillity
being restored.
It is said that Gen. Folix Diax will be
forced tn remain at Vera Cru until aftpr
tho elections. Gen. Blanqiiot's prlvato soo
rotuiy, Vldaurraxaga, has left .Mexico city
for Vera Cruz for now instructions.
Pi eminent FellclstuH deny the rumors
of Pla's Imprisonment at Vein Crux.
They ilociaro that hu Is delaying his com
lilg to Mexico city because ho is being
brniquotted by political clubs of Jalapa,
Orizaba and other towns which sent dele
gates to Vera Crux to welcomo him.
They Bay that Diaz walks freely about
Vera Cruz, whern ho lives with his
hiothers-ln-law near tho American Con
sulate, ' They ulso say that Diaz haa
been invited to lodge at tho Consulato
or aboard an American warship, the In
vitation coming from Washington, but
max excused himself. They assert that
ho likewise declined hospitality on the
German cruiser Herttm anchored at Vera
MMstnl Ktarirnts Wreck Mnffragettr
Offices Completely,
uial Cable DctpotcU tn Th Scs
Lonoon, Oct. 21. Students of the litis
lol University took revenge on tho suf
fragettes for the destruction of thn mil
voislty sports pavilion by wrecking tho
local offices of tho Women's Social and
Political Union In Bristol to-day. They
smashed the windows, furniture, type
writers and fittings and made 11 bonfire In
the street of nil the books and papers
found In the ofllces.
The work of drstiuctlon was finished
before) the police arrived, No ariesls were
Miss SyUla Panklitiist was intricd
011 a stretcher to a meeting this t venlng.
Propped up on pillows the made n
speech saying that when Parliament ni"t
1111 Hast Knd "army" would match to
Downing street with sticks and stones to
force the Cabinet Into giving the ote to
A warning that militant sulfragrtle s j
have planned to place bombs slmult.ine- !
ously hi the parcel otllces of all the groat ,
nillioad stations throughout tho lountrv'
has been received by the general man- (
iigers of tho railway rompanlos, acootil
tug to an otllclal notification Issued bore
trior Whet Make I'p I, Ike P.niprrnr'
Must Change It. 1
fipertal 'tiblt DetpQlcft ti Tin: St.
lIcitl.lN, Oct. 21. llevauso thn actor 1
Paul playing In the comedy 'The Gay
Capital" looks so much like the Kaiser
the police have ordoied him to change his
makeup so as nut to resemble the lim
pet or.
Paul, who Is playing at the Deutsche
Schausplelhaus, litis the role oftrum
llukt Chl tstlaii. He wears the Kalsoillku
mustache and lis foatutts have a strong
resemblance 10 those of tho monarch. Toe
police came to the conclusion that ho was
trying to make the Kuls,r appeal ridic
Writes Mierlrr That Ilr la An ,im
a llrsldriil of .New York City,
Vincent Astor no longer regards New
York city as his legal place of lesldence.
This was shown yesterday when he wiote
a letter to Sheriff Hurburger resigning
as a member of tho third panel of thu
Sheiiff's Jury. In his kttor he said:
"I regret to tell you that ns I have
recently become a resident of Dufmss
county I am dlsiiualllli d from again serv
ing on tho Sheriff's Juty In this city."
.Mr. Astor Is financial m.magei of tv
fusion campaign, but according to lits
letter he will be unable to ote hole at
Hi. coming election.
The Sheriff nartied NoI"oti W, Green,ir
of the Greenhut-Slogel Cooper Conu any
to succieil Mr Astor on the third pan i
Counsel Sh. lie Is Prmillrsa mid
Should He Hrlnstalrd.
John II Stauehtleld appealed to the
Appellate HivKon y. sterday to niustate
ox-City Chamberlain e'harie.s II. Hdo as
a member of the bar and pleaded that
Hyde Is now penniless and that unless h
Is permitted to practise law again ho anU
his family may starve.
.Mr. Stanchlleld said thai Hd- was ds.
ban oil us soon as ho w as convicted of
btlbetj, and the order striking Ills name
from the roll of attorneys wan made be
the Bar Association without waiting for
the decision on his appeal. He said that
since Hyde has boon exonerated by the
Appellate Division there is nothing to
do but reinstate him
The colli t lescrved decision
Coero, Texas, Wires War lepnrt
liienl In Lend It -lull Col..
W csiii.MiToN, Oct. 21 Four bundled
cots for a turkey trot celebration that Is
.1 modest tcquoFt received at tho War
Department to. day from the town of
Cuero, Tex.
"It Is ery necessaiy," says the tele
gram tecolved at the War Department,
"th.it wo have 300 or 400 additional cots
partially to take care of the crowds that
we arc expecting during our turkey trot
celebration, There are In the Adjutant
General's department 100 to 500 cots
which wo could get provided that we can
obtain tho War Department's consent to
use them."
The consent of the War Department has
not yet been obtained. It was explained
by those who have been to Texas that
the town of Cuero Is a great shipping
nlnt for turkeys und that tho shipment
for the fall and Thanksgiving trade are
alwnjs made the occasion of a carnival.
".MIsalnK" Labrador Kxplorer Found
In St. Johns, X, P.
Sr. John's, Newfoundland, Oct. II.
Dillon Wallace has been here for tho past
fortnight. He returned from Labrador
by the regular mail boat. He will bo sur
prised to know In Is reported dead.
He loaves for New York by the steamer
Htcphaiin to-morrow. He would have
gone last Saturday, but tho tegular boat
was laid off.
His Lubrndor tilp was devoid of any
Incident nf Importance, Ife failed to
reach Grand Falls, the great rascado in
thn Interior, bevausc his canoo was
smashed on thn way.
Beacon, Oct. 21. Mrs. Sarah Brussop,
sister of Dillon Wallace, the Labrador
explorer, said to-night that she received
word from him nix weeks ago. Ho ex
pected to nrrlvo here In the latter part
of October and Ills uppcarunco was antic
ipated at any time. It requires three
weeks for a letter from Labrador to reach
C'tlVN I'll Vft IIKST AHMKT. A practical. Aeil.
hie pibsncu pouch, holding both pipe sod lo.
hsreo In a most convenient form, Try It tor
flshluf. for shooilng. for trawling, for romrnui.
Inf. One Dollar by mall. The AUtofether Pouch,
Lsooara St., Pi. Y HO A I'lAaAnT!, ACEU
Will THI Why He Distrusts
Dictutor anil Suiuliiy's
Army a I Juarez to Vote
Solidly for Him. Of
ficers Say.
Diplomatic Corps at 3lexico
City Tries Aain t
Solve l'rolilem.
is noi'KlTI. or srciT.ss
.Moiro ( tle Leaves Vera Cruz
After l-'imitive Legislator.
Are Taken Off.
President Wilson has iln lih .I in send
a now nolo to tho Powers of the world
defending the American policy in th
Mexican crisis, and asserting that tlm
Administration will iccokiiIzo un Civ
eminent,, in the Western llvml.-phi m
unless they nr.- founded mi const. id
tmnal law and order. He , .
Plain why ho cannot recognize Huort.i
or any Mexican President elected Sun
day. Partial lellef wae exptes.-ed at Wash
ington yesterday hs the resii of
Huertn's disclaimer of being a I'n s.
dcntlal candidate, but the Admlni-u a
tiou is deeply concerned owr the .it:,,
tudo of the Powers with legnrd in the
Mexican situation.
Another attempt In bring tr.ndo 1 y
the Diplomatic Corps at Mexico oav
lltul n plan which will induce PivMilotit
Wilson tn approve of U10 election ;o
morrow Tho diplomats are hopeful .if
In spin- of his proris.-cd sr.f- .111
In.iUon Iluortu's natuo lijs u pound !
ballots illstrlbuteil In .lu.iroz. white It
!s xaid the army II vote solnlly f..r
A high auiiioi . in London mini mod
Tin: Sin cmrosiunilont that tli.-t, j
no dlt-amootivnt between Gnat llritni
and tho Tnltnl States. Ho ilocluieil th.t
tap Ilritlsli Government 1 anxious .1
cuopelate in every way po.-sibli .
Tho Gorman Government unti.Min. . .1
that It hail reached no decision to sop
pot 1 Great Britain' stand in Mexic
Tin Wr. I liner .Morro C.istlo '.oft
Vera Cruz with Mrs. John l.iml on
board. It was explained that tin s-iup
was detained merely so that tho llociiu
Mexican legislators! could bo taken otf,
which was dono by tho police
Formal Iteoounllloii tn lie ml eel
Where l.mv I llhryed,
Washington, (let :'1 Tho next moon
by the Wilson Administration in denllt.g
witli tho Mexican situation will bo the
Issuing of a note explaining to the world
Its reasons for having t of used to iecognl.
tho Hucrta Government and thu Gnwtn.
ment which will conn into being ns a re
suit of Sunday's eh'ctlon.
This note will bo a dofonoe of the
course of the United Stntos In refusing
to extend Its aid to a Government founded
on murder nnd 111 son. It will make clear
to the world that under tho Wilson Ad
ministration the only Gove rnments in the
Western Hemisphere which may aspire to
formal recognition by the I'nited States
are those that are founded on constitu
tional law and order.
The belief hero to-night Is that th
note also must necessarily contain a Mnt
ment of the duties of thn I'lilted States
toward the Central Aniorlcnn 11 publics
under the Monroe Doctrine as tlm present
Administration Interprets tliotu
There will bo no backward stop in the
forthcoming statement of tho Admlnisti.i
tlon's policy, and It Is predicted there will
remain no doubt in thu iuIihIh cither of
Mexican or Huropcan nations us to Jtt-t
whom the United States stands in irfn
once to tho Mexican problem.
It apparently Is President Wilson s li.
teutlon to state his reasons for haling
applied u moral tost to tho Huciia liin
ernment so dearly and so fence fully that
nny Kuropeun nation which recognizes
tho Government set up In Mexico by Sun
day's election will do so with the full
knowledge of this Government's Insistence
upon only constitutional, orderly govern
ment In the Western Hemisphere
JVo Fundamental Thaiiai'.
Though fundamentally unchanged t'e
Mexican situation was somewhat rtilovlni;
to-day. The Administration rrgaidod w th
satisfaction Hitorta's announcement tlint
ho would not bo a candidate or nccipt
election to tho Presidency.
The Wat Pepartment was informed bv
the British Government that Sir Lionet
Carden bad disclaimed tho critical Inti 1
vlnw attributed to him In Mexico city,
nnd Ambassador Jusseruud called to tell
Secretary Bryun that he had aont In a
formal notice that bit Governmtnt waa

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