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Loudon, watched warily fur linker ntnl
gave him little chance In tin' open. They
played u splendid g-tune. Lain In tlm
fray Loudon sllppfd while turning down
under u punt and hint himself badly
!! Was curried In the side lints. The
I'rtaKtoii ends were ctllt'leiit inn, on the
whole, tin- regulars being fast utitbr
kicks, tacklltiK hnnl mid veiy tut fill In
line piny
In connection with nrtter rushing by
Dartmouth was belli r wotk by the Part
moulh forwards In making hobs When
the avenues weie iipinul up they were
Kood and big and the. Dartmouth Iricks
went thrnigh them hard utid fat. Whit
ney whs Dai tmouth'K mainstay at making
ground IhniUKh the line, a sttong, bull
like runner Htnl hnnl to stop He did a
tot of work ton In !i'Oondiir d( fence.
uutslde of II. linkers efforts to run
back kick--a ml on a drv Moid It .s
probable that hi' would have turiicd some
of his chances to (food account --tin to
was only a small amount of Tiger ball I
carry-In, no that the Princeton backs we e J
much busier on the defence than on the 1
offence. Ktrelt and (llltk both did well
In this respect, lillck Indue not c a lily
watchlul and rellablv. Strilt tool; tho ball
a few times, but as the same Mas played
was not In evidence as a lino bic'ilo r. his
As the condition of the field made
ground gaining unciit.ia at in,- i 1 .
both sides kicked a ):.e.i ii.'il, iiii, .1,;
for a fumble by the i-tln . ile Tli bill
was as hard to kick as i- enunl. of lead,
but still tho boot I m, wi it o-i una!' i ed.
Anything was llkel; to impp. n, with the
pigskin so hard to haiv.lK :"id lite in ;',ie
cam both subs took to plajing It safe
by allowing the ball to come to a d-ad
stop and then s.nkni' on ::. Thrie was
the unique spectacb o' p..veri stand, n.'
around In group- an,) wading for the
leather to settle Its. If In the muck..
The Princeton scop, of plav was n.ir.
row and any chanc : .1 - through
opponents' mistake- tli i' ivm liotied for
never came. Tho in- 1. In cmn made
their shale of maiiuvl irrom. but playid
an nlert and spirted ;inic. Thy weie
In danger In the :,nal period, but still
very watchful of their own gtn and
they put it up to Princi ton to soie b
forwa.nl passing o- not at all
The Tigers .cut loose with a network
of forward passis, whipping them over
their line In fast succession and in
ubundance. Hacks threw to nds and
ends to backs, but the rorward passing,
though It menaced Dartmouth seriously,
came to naught, partly b cause much of
it wan lnaccunite and partly 1 cause the
occasional gains It netted were not,,,.... it).,.r i,i..,i through and downed
backed up by the wherewith to keip go-, a runner for a loss, and at the In ginning
Iff- I of the fouith period Dartmouth took the
In alt the helter skelter scramble nt-, on downs,
tending fumbles, kicks and thu wi t ball j flu- foutth period was ns picturesque
likely to be dropped at any minute and , t W11H ist. It was full of sprawling
tne more or less unsaimneiory uciiuciions tavers. living football", fumblts In clust-
to b made as to the relative strength
of the two elevens, the figures of what
actually was done show superiority on
the part of Dartmouth. The following
table shows that, and it doesn't Include
a, 45 yard run by Curtis of Dattmouth.
when he nipped a fumbled ball In a
scrimmage and lunged down the side line
until overtaken by Click .
Thr nppnrHtns Mint mrnsnreil hy rleetrlelly the force of the lirn SjSjSjH sSjSH
urrnl pitcher-, brenl.s tine wires In tin- In thr fore- H A
then lilts n srLaLaH lsil
1 ' KaVJaaW
The (ircnt mid only John son nlinut
to tli-Hirr tint- of Ms smoky
it the itiitoniiitlr reeoriler.
a blocked kick for Princeton on Dart
mouth's twenty-nix yard line. Hop.
for a Princeton score teceived
Ground gained by rushing. .
First flown hy running . . 0
Number of punt. . D
Average dlitHtice of punts so
Yards In running bat k punts.
forward pa-e- tried . 0
around KMlntd by forward
passes .... . . 0
Oround Jot by forward pa-es. 0
Incompleted forward pti-e- a
Forward pushes interi spied. 1
Ground losi by penalties 1.',
Fumbles . ?
Ground lost by fumbles.
V !
0 1
1 15
The first real chance for either array
of partisans to enthuse was in the first
period when Curtis lifted a beautiful punt
of fifty-two yards net gain to Princeton's
'.' yard line. Hossett nailed Moby Haker
on the spot and It would have been wiser
for Baker to let the ball go over the goal
line. As It was his team had to put It
In play on the 2 yard line Instead of th
:0 yard mark.
Following this tactical mistake title
ers and showets 01 mud 'in two
successive pla.vs the ball changed hands
on fumbles. Then the Tlgirs It ltd three
forward passes In succession None
working, they kicked. Chee caught the
ball, but dropped It as he was lunn.ng
It was a spheroid of quicksilver, Jut as
Later Princeton had the ball on D.ut
mouth's "11 sard line and was making a
(letel niltu il effort to rush its way to
score when Kmmons fumbled In going
thiough. Curtis nabbed the ball, kept
hW feet and shot along the side line He
passed everybody and had a straight path his
to the goal. Had he lookeii straight oil
I ahead he might have rearm il the line.
J , but he turned his head sideways with
0 1 eyes on (illrk, who wis pounding after
0 i him Curtis tried to straight turn (tllek.
1 I but the latter nsolute person dived be.
I low- the arm and pinched ills qu irry
around the knees
I However, the flight was good for forty
1 five yards and not only transferred the
1 lighting to Princeton's side of the field.
but wrtsted good (opportunity from the
Tiger. Lamberton scoop, d the ball on .1 I
; fumble In the subsequent scrimmage and ;
lit was driven back to Dirtmoutbs 4 5
van! line on a kick It was klckid back
Hobey Itaker fell back twice for a punt,
'llllu hnvliii? left the i.'illlt for II while
and then punted for forty yards to the
quarter Ullck fumbb d i'urtls punt,
lack 1 McAulitTe lecoveilng Mutiloik and Whit
ney gamed -tvin yarn iniougu ine ime,
but on the n xt down there was no gain.
Curtis punted forty yanN to Hobey, who
made a fair catch, lille taking a flee kick
Mm dock failed to gain, but Curtis and
Whitney managed to make sevi n yards.
I.lewillyn's onstde kick went the wrong
way, the plucky quarter tecoverltig it him
nlf, but lost three yards
Princeton took the ball on downs, till"
punttd thirty -live yards to Llewellyn and
CmtH Immediately returned the kick to
Hobey Itaket tide punted for fotty ards
to l.lrwe.ljn J It-re Mill dock was dis
qualified for unnecessary rnughntss and
Dartmouth was penallnd half the dls.
tatice to her goal. Snott, dlpla d Mur
dock Curtis's kick out of danger to
Hobey was short and on Cillt's return
Pruueton made live yards on the ex
change Curtis punted out of bounds on
40 yntd line. Llewellyn returned
s kick for fifteen yards.
I Curtis and title exchanged punt". Dart
'mouth making ten .vards on the exchange
I Cult!" punted to Hobey. who leclalmed
ittn of the forty jurtK Ulle punted to
'Snow, who was tlow ned wheie he stood bv
1 Hammond Curtis's kick vvas blocked,
liile falling on the bail on Dailmouth's
, l; valil line. Stielt made two yaids but
I fumbled, tiliek recovering Stielt fumbled
ion the tievt plav. Whttnt-v recovering
Tin half closed with an exchange of punts
between title and Curtis. LleAillvn and
Hobey itcl. tuning tifto n an l ten yaids
r'sp ctivi l.v.
Twice be had high nas-es to handle and 1
punted poorly out of Kiunds and Prince- couldn't ",1,r thH A11 lle 'ould do
ton lost five yards right away for being wa8 to fall on It, and the mlscues found
offside. The losses attending this stretch 1 the ball on Princeton's ' yard line. Then
of playing were made up for partly when 1 he got a punt away.
Haker made a diagonal dah of twenty
yards on catching a punt, the bt tun he It he 23
made. Umdon dived for him, missed and I changed
Mcmmens broke through and downed lihee ,
for a ten yard loss, getting the quarter- I
back before he could pass the ball. This
reverse deprived Dartmouth of a good
outlook for a touchdown, the Tiger goal
being only fifteen yards away when the ,
ball was snapped to Ohee. Whitney re-
covered those ten yards with a ten yard
whirl through Princeton's left wing, the .
weaker side of the Nassau line. Two of j
the ten yards he accounted for by sliding ,
and dragging his tackier. ,
The ball was In Princeton territory
most of the time In the tlrst quarter Near
the finish Dattmouth with two smashes
made a first down and on a successful
tii lit n qi it 1 1: 11. j
Peer kicked off to Setiimens who re-1
gamtd fifteen yards. Aftrr missing his
first pass (Hie punted for fifty yards to
Llewellyn, who w.us downed by Hammond. I
(lllck tun Curtis's punt of forty yards
back ten. Ulle punted out of bounds on
aril line. Curtis and title ex
punts, the Prlncetnnlan having
hurt himself. Haker was forced out of 1 live yurils the better of the t xch.inge
bound". Still he had worked the ball up funis kicked for thirty aid to Hot-ev.
toward the centre of the Held, from which 1 who ran it back ten" (ill- fumbb 1 the
point Princeton again had tecourse to ror
ward pa"lng. Once Haker, dropping btck
for a punt or a fake, was rhrown for a
ten yard lo". The halt was only tem
porary and on forward passing Princeton
took the pigskin to Dartmouth's 10 yatd
Hero was another good opportunity for
Princeton and the last The Tigers couldn't
get over Their stabs at the -line were
forward pass landed the ball on Prince-1 throttled, the hall went to Dartmouth on
downs, and Curtis, after one ru-ti to gain
time, hoi-ted the bail to the 40 y ird line
An Incompleted forwatd pass by Prince
ton, then the whistle.
tons S yard line. The Dartmouth man
all but got clear on this occasion. The
perlod ended with that play, and at the
other end of the field when play was re
sumed Princeton's defence was so aggres
sive that the Dartmouth attaik was
smeared at the scrimmage line. On the
last down Llewellyn was sent In to try I
a quarterback run, the self-same, play I
which yieldfd 11 touchdown later on. This
time It didn't work and tho ball went to
the Titters on downs..
Gilo punted nicely from behind the goil' ,., , tn.,iav.. -aim. Dartmouth defended
to the 10 yard line. Dartmouth went In ,,,,, nortn goai nI1(i had the klrkoff. H.-er
for running, which ended when the ball htcke.i.1 to Semmens. who vvas downed on
popped out from under 11 tackled runner tvu. 35 yard line bv Murdoch, (lib- punted
and was recovered by Princeton, Fumbles fnrlv.fiv,, varda to (ihee, who was
upiet plana often. A return punt to Dart-' nailed In hln tracks bv Hammond. (Ihet-i
CnrtU tir-ta .11 ore Distance Thnn
(Hie nnil linker of I'rlncelon,
I'his-oeton. N".. J. Oct. '20 At Un
til st pass and his kick on the next doivn
was blocked, Pudrlth recovering It on
Pilnceton's 31 yard line.
Tuck and Whltnev made nine vards on
tine,- downs and llogsett attempted a drop
kick field goal, which was blocked, the
(Iteen captain recovering II hlmsi If
1 Whitney. Curtis ami Tmli made It tlrst
mIovvii. and Whitney aloia In two plays
I added tin yards more Curtis failed to
'gain A delay id pass to Tui k was spoiled
'by .Semmeti", but Whitney on the next
1 play placed It almost on the goal. I.b-wel-lyn
"kitted the right end for a touch town.
Hogseit failed at goal. Score Dart
mouth. 1'. . I'llnreton. o
I'apt. H.'lk
made thltteen yaids before
I bv (illck Shea threw Curtl" for a
'of five yards. After Llewellyn failed to
j gain Cuttls's kick was blocked. Shea te
coverltig. Stewart Haker lost the yaids
and Hobey failed to gain
Complete Marshal of
1913 Fennant Winners
U'orj champions. Athlttiis.
Amrritan Leajut, Alhhiles.
S'alional Ltafut. Sew VorK
InttrnoUonal Ltasue Sttfitl.
Ametiton Association, MiSuauhc.
I'tJettsl League, Indianapolis.
AW Voft State Lea(ue, Binjhamten.
S'eu V'or L.Vfir Jetsey League, Long Branch.
Eastern Association, Hartford.
Empire State League. I 'aUosta first eason):
Thomasulle .second season).
Ohio State Leatue Charleston.
Sehasia League. Kearneu.
II uconsin-lllmois League, Oshfosh.
Western Tri-State League. Walla Walla
first season): Boise second season).
Indiana-lllir.ois-loua League, Quincy.
Michigan State League, Manistet.
( ruort Assotialicn. Great Falls.
Appalachian League, Johnson City first
sfuson); Knoxtille second season).
Virginia Slate League, Petersburg.
Tetas League, Houston.
'eu England League. Lowell.
South Michigan League, Battle Creek.
T win 5 a'e League, Northampton.
Kentucty-lndiana-Tennessee Leaue, Padu
cah. Southern League. Atlanta.
Central League, Grand Rapids.
S'orth Carolina League, Winston.
Tri-State League, Wilmington.
Texas-Oklahoma League, Denison.
Canadian League, Ottawa.
Central Association, Ottumwa.
South Atlantic League. Satannah first sea
son). Saiannah second season).
Northern League, Winona.
Georgia-Alabama League, Gadsden,
Interstate League, Etie.
Cotton Slates League, Jaehson.
Senators Pay Best
of Alt Bait Clubs
WASHINGTON, Oft. 2.1,-BiinliiK
thu estlnialp on tlm lls?tir"
for tho pus.1 season, tho local Ameri
can Loiintio cltil) is Niiil to ! tho
best basx-ball itivt-Mtiionl of nioilorn
times in mutter of profit compared
to principal. The hcusoii of MLI
wu.s tho most prolltiible In the his
tory of the club. Atumeetim of the
board of director the treasurer's
report presented showed unex
pectedly Ure profits. The tV-iim
was a splendid attraction on the
road, a wis shown by tlm amount
of money paid over by othrr clubs
during tho season. The directors,
utter paying off 11 goodly portion
of the club's indebtedness, decided
to declare it 'JO per cent, dividend,
which borders on "frenzied finance."
Xt'W Vtll'lvlM'S I'lll.V .irUTrMr
lint Fail to Hitml'f
l'nnls Cli'iinlv.
i 1
IjOsits Show SI roup; I,
Toolnn's It it 11s
Weak Sji!e.
Wit.t.UMSTowN, Mass, n, t .
every advantani- of Its iio".
to handle imnts, Williams pi , ,
lug game and ib feattd Nt w ,
veMty by a nore of 23 to ,
!'! Id this nflt rnoon The I't. ,
times oatrled the pigskin nv-i f -downs
niul In addition Walsir t
goal Hum placement st.mdn g .
po-dug "i) yard line l oin' i
plineil costly to the vis,t,ig t. ,
of Williams's four scons c-i .
after kicks had bten mlssid n "
I York back field.
I The game was pluved m .1
TWO Cadl'tS PotinrO Oil Clirvill, rnln, the wet ball and sllpp. rv
iinravoraiiie to open pi.n-
After Fumbled I'unt.
for Score.
Lose Hall on West Point
Yard Line and Cliance
for Vietory.
HurUrr tlrll rrltiH n fnt nne to
! thi rlrrtrlcnl aprril rrrnrdcr,
Walter Propels flnsehall at Au
tomatic Heeorder With Half
Force of Colt
Has Striking Energy of ltio
Foot Pounds Rucker Gets
113 Feet n Second.
1... .. ,..l.l..,l I''" K
.... .... ....... ,
Tho speediest ball that Walter Johmon,
spdlest of pitchers, can pitch doesn't
travel as fast as a bullet, though It
might bo hard to convince some timid
batters to that effect. Walter Johnson and
Napoleon Rucker are the first pitchers to
have the spied of their delivery measure
with mathematical exactness. They did
so recently In llrldgeport by means of
an electric device used by the Remington
Arms V. M. C. Company to test the
speed of the flight of bullets.
Th two boxmen hurled the baseball
iiuuuKii a wootten frame eou tilted with
line copper wires and against a steel piaI
nve yards beyond the wooden frame. Hy
. .. u ,,"clrclty tho time consumed
lot: nan in winging front its
wiin me wires to the attel
me pitchers were frnm
plate was
! rorirni m'AiirKit.
I Haker failed to gain and Dartmouth
got the ball In thu middle of the Held on
a bad pass, tihee fumbled on the tlrst
mouth was followed by an onslde kick, fimihli, but recovered the ball with ," .-e.ooit ns rmm-ren. iooe
but the ball never crossed the scrimmage 1 JoJTof two "yard.. After Curtis had re- Wi three yaids off tackle but two
line. It went the other way, slid otT'anca , his distance he punted on the I's.h were Incomplete. Ohee
. ,' .. .h ,.K,t " Ut.i 1 I KR" ' " V i..i,.,-, v,..,,,i llobev 1 fumbled (Jlle's punt and semmens fell
Oil. booted dnwn into PaAinouth ter-' nlng tl.e iiall 'but being thrown byn It S.reit plunged tlirough
-I...... ..a In .1 unlmmacrA f,,Panl .1... tt..,1 wl1 11 IF ttVe VlllltS ,,' ',-, ",.
dlquallfled for lough wotk, Snow, who in the' mud, Ulle punted forty-tle yards,
took his place, had a perceptible limp, i to (Ihee. . . I
He played back on punts a-rid hobbled to tjh
his position, but though I'rlneeton did
'blocked and recovered Curtis's kick, but
i Hobey's forward pas unit out of bounds.
Curtis punted to Hnimons. who was nailed
I where he stood by Loudon
tiile and Curtis exchanged two kicks
apiece, iinbey btinglng the last punt
for 15 yards, Loudon Wing Injured
H.. ' ",",', ,..,nr.. i.nvi ne n Untrt Were Intm ulv
' IHII..1.. 1 i,i . 1 i.... ..!,,. .t..j . . ku riKIll
' ;... ' '" "i vitietv luuiuivti, exi away rrom the copper wires so tn.it
( lllesp e recovering Strelt plunged the entire distance from where , Vh.f. -.A
tlirough the line for 3 yards, After an to the
! incomplete forward pass H Haker was
I thrown for a loss of 0 yards. The for
vvatd pass, Haker to Merrltt. tltd not
gain the required distance and the ball
went to the tlteen. Curtis kicked to
lt.ik, r. imtl ttle p.imti pnHH
journey was
the pitcher's
drive the ball at him on punts his limp
was much less noticeable when he etabbtd
It and ran forward.
. The Junglemen had a rich chance Just
before the half ended. They captured the
ball on a blocked kick on Dai tmouth'K I?
yard line, but after (lllck had recovered
Ktrelt's fumble Dartmouth took the ball
on downs. Whitney fumblttl and Shea
nailed the ball for Princetun, Then the
half ended.
There wan pretty Interference by (lllck
for I. Haker In tunning back a punt at
the beginning of the second half, With
dry clothing the players felt moro chip
per. The ball was I'rlnceton's on Prince
ton's 40 yard line when (ille tried to punt,
l'udrlth swarmed through on him and the
ball thumped the latter lull In the chest.
Not that Pudrlth tared. He vvas after the
oval like a flash, but Clle Hung his arms
nround him with an earnest caress. A
Iger fell on the ball on I'rlnceton's an
yard line, but the umpire had seen the
holding, as had everybody else, and the
ball went to Dartmouth, on thu 31 yard,
line to be exact.
It was from this station that Dart
mouth steered Its series of gains for a
touchdown. There was a check In tho
ndvance, which led Hogsett to try a goal
from the field. He kit kid the ball along
the marsh Into the scrimmage line, but
iccovered It. Two tlrst downs In suecex
nlon followed. Whitney vvna the main
beast of burden and most of the gaining
was through Princeton's left. Once, how
nvtr. the attack was sent through the
right close to tho centre and netted it
substantial gain.
On their one yard line the Tlgt rs held
the Hanover men every Mine until t.
fourth down. They' wire braced for
another assault at the line, inn that's
when- the wily adversaries en, used them
Llewellyn took the ball anil rlrebil
l'rlllietoti'H left end The substitute
Princeton end was drawn In and Llewel
lyn had a clear path, as he made ttneks
to tho unguarded extremity Then, was
nobody near him and he turned across
the goal line near tin- side line ,. w,.n(
bi hind the posta and gave llogsett n per
fettly sttalght goal to kick, but llogsett
sent the ball wide and low, and missed
the additional point
The purlin! was so iiiiuly up that the i Intney
I inrtinouth ctuwil was still yelling ami . Ill, c. II
forward pass was Intercepted by
Hohey Itaker, who dodged Ills way oat a
for ten yards. Clle kicked out of bounds
on Dartmouth's 35 yard line. Curtis re
turned the punt, his boot going out on the
Tlgets' 35 yard mark, (ille kicked for
thlrty-tlvo yards. Shea falUns on It.
Princeton was penalized live yards and on
.I,- ..t nlnv Chee fumbled the
S llvser
It Miser
from behind
bounds on tlm
Hinging slickers to the wind when It ar.'J
ended, llcfoiu it did end sin mcxKmpso 1km.
recovering it tor i-rinceiuii.
again was penalized live yards, this time
for starting before the ball was passed.
Stuwart Haker made three, yards through
centre and Clle punted ov.r the goal
III"'- . .... r- vi-t,.
ll irlmootll elected to PUIll, t,mt
i ... loiter on his 40 yard line,
.., i i initiir five yards.
got away for tight yards, but on ho,
next Play fumbled, Pud. lib recovering
he ball on his 45 yard line. Chee was I
h.bl for a gain of only one yard by
JUllln. and Curtis punttd forty yards to,
Hobey, Loudon tuckllng him after a gain
of tlvti ynrds. .,,,,.. I
Clle punted out ot noiiniis in .
of the fb-ld. Curtis punted to Haker, who
was thrown for a loss of "vc yards by
ii..vU,. th ball resting on Prlncttous
2 yard line. Clte's I'unt
t.i.. ,wl ll.t.t nellt OUt Of
!,A .....'.i i ,.i nn the next play Prince
ton' was penalized live yards for offside.
.Semmens broke through and threw ,,ee
f,. Iohh of ten yards, which Whitney
l.tomntly iegalned, Dartmouth waH p-n-;
allzul llftcen yaids for holding and i, lien a
forward pass went out of bounds or.
Princi ton's 23 yard line, tho pigskin going
to the '1 .1:1 is.
Clle kicked to Chen on hli 40 yard line,
ho was ilovviinl by Hallln and 10. Trenk-
,,,,, tiimimr's miss to Curtis for
kirk was high and when Curtis finally re-
rovfleil It elgnteeil y.ltiis o'ot "-"i .
(in Curtis's punt Click fumbled when i
tnckltil, Stewart Haker trying to recover,
but Whitney was the man finally to
pi cil rti the evasive spntioui on iritut"
ton's 30 yanl line. Whitney made four
jiirila and Dartmouth was penallied
nrtttn yaids for holding. A forward pass,
Chee to Loudon, for tlftet'ii yards closed
the tuat ter
i:t iimi u' vii rnn.
The pei'lotl opened with tin- b.ill on
I'liiici ton's s Mud line, Mm dock and
iiivitncing II to the one janl
till' llgl'IS lleli'IU'e SlItTt'lieil
the linn I Ilillln
fumbled. ''
Curtis, rt covering It, tan for 45 yards
before Click caught him Dartmouth
fumbled ami Lamberton recovered. Cll
punted out of bounds nt tho mlddto of
the Held. Curtis and Clle exchanged
again. Clio gaining live yards on his op.
potient. Curtis kicked for 4u yards to
Click, who ran it back for 12 arils
After one failure on a poor ii.i- Clle
punted out of bounds, but as It had been
hull I touched It was Prltueton's ball. Clle
si miner..
I onirMrrih
i: Tri nkm.ni
i tt end ,
U ft titrUle
t-tl cuird . .
Itichl cuird
Itlirlit t irklr.
Iilirht end
rtl linlftmrk .
lilelit r.nlftmck
aout naif the distance
oox rrntn ti,.. .., .. .
Jnhn.nn'. r .Ml" "".
.nnrnl tnrow in
""'"' i-- ieel a srennd i,i i ......
of the Increased tliitt.m,... i 'i. ........ ,.
Th.. il,,.., m, . ih i.. ..c:r a imeiy
....wt. . , .,,. ntnt in ittsiut near erinneh t-
WK3T Pois'T. N. Y, ' rt. :5. Thtough
out ii driving rain-torm and ankle ileep
In mini the Army and Tufts foothill teams
splashed tl-'ir vvay up and down the
plain this afti rnoon In one of the tit rcest
and haiibst t ought games ev r staged on
the cadet's Bridlion The army men were
the victors, but the score, 2 to 0, was th
lowest re. oriied here in the history of the
game. The New Hnglantl team was
-trong and heavy anil proved It" If to be
ewn bitter than had In ell anticipated
The gridiron was a quagmire and the
plavtts lloundertd a round In an effort to
locate the ball, vvlilth vvas lro-e mot of
the afrt rnoon The Army proved its. If a.
b.tttr follow er of the pig-kin than Tufts
land it vvas because of this fact tn.u me
visitors weie on tne losing cnu ai mv
Kliowltiir a rcmntkable tiurst or speeu
near the t nd of the last quarter the Hast
irnets started a slashing ittt ick that came
near b. it.g th- ccb ts' undoing Wtst
cott. Ancell ami Hadby In entl plays and
smaslifs off tatkb- canted the ball from
mldtletd without or.ee losing It until It
rested for a tlrst down on th" cadets'
one yard line. With a touchdown in
sight Parks pas. l the ball to Angell
for a dash around Mt rrtll.it. Angell
fumbled and Hts-. who distinguish' d him
self In to-day's game by his line bin king
tactics and close following oi m" oan.
broke through and fell on It. uie wnisiie
ended the fray a moment later.
flic Atm s score came in the tntru
quarter after a tut'-en yam penalty nan
been Inflicted on Tuns xor noitung in urn
line. Curvln went back of his goal line
to punt. He too fumbled the piu"s, but
recovered the ball, only to be pounced
itnnn and throw n behind the line by Mar-
kne and Wvnr.e for the safetv Once In
the lirst nuarter. whin the A-nv v
going best th" cadets worked th" ball t"
Tufts' 3 yard lino, when they were held
for tlow ns
A fair citch by Hohbs gave the Army a
chance to sere a moment later by a
pbo ement goai from the 3- .van! Iln but
Woodruff, whu was injected Into the ga:r.e
at this point, was not equal to the oc
casion The u'i'l went wld" of the up
rights These were the only two goo!
looks the Army got at tin: Tufts goal
posts. Prl' hard, who did the Army
kicking to-day ant! Park-, divided what
puntlne honor- there wt te
The Armv was without the tvl
Hodgson and llu-ton, two of th-n star"
lletiedift vvas hurt In the tirst plav to-day
and gave was t" Doe. who played a good
game at halfback while he wa- in Tum
bles were frtquent on both sides and the
nl.iv vvas mat red by mnnv ptnalto- for
l lie V rn.v
penalti- -
of Prlrhartt. Hog.. Kurd and Lanphi. r shone
brllllantlv for tile C.ldtt-. while We-tcott.
Hrldgepoit ' ngell, Hlngham and Hadley vvete the
Tufts stars. The lineup:
ttiade most of Ita gains on el '
New York line could stldon 1
but Tonkin frequently t.r, i t
for gains. The forward po
ntile value to t ltht r 1 1- v. m v
resorted to line plunging lot n .
part anil the supri"r vv .irl
vlsltots provtil a help in this -
Kutnlditig was frequmt on b i
the Putple playets followt I ti
better success
Penalties htltt th" rbir,
vtsitoiK in the first half Tin
players showed a tMitbn, t
liantts on the defence and vv- i
tlftieii yards on sevei.it t i-i
and Huntley were the I" -t pit
th" deftatnl team. A U-,
started for Williams. In cairv j.
he was the team's b"st rim ,
while his long punts, whi. h w
coveted by th" Purple .t.s
markable consbb ring the w-' I. '
Ill'Well, DllSColl .Hill U.llk't I
In good plays for th" Purp.e
New York lecelved th- k
after (day statttd llui
back a punt twenty-live v.ir1
skln was then catrlttl to N.w
yard line, where Turin r fur , 1
recovertd the ball for N '.
raced back to his 'i' yat l ' t
Toolan ovethauled l.lti I'
Williams was foiled to I't i
fensiSe, but later. mitK.i : t o
In i ushing the ball, st n I t
A sixty yard punt g t aw
Huntley In the sc md p--i d '
recovered til" ball for Ui,', n
next plav Toolan tin d 'n
tight -nt! for -even yaids ;i '.
down. Walker klcketl tne
score fot the rir-t h tlf reman,' I V
7 , New York. n.
In the thltd period W'". i
scored after the New- Y" ' i
mi-etl a punt. Lohrl." f '
for the Purple at the op,,,,- t
line and Toolan promptlv i-.d
the end for the se, otid
kicked tl g"tl Hit' newel! t r t
next k ckoff tlttv v anl
rarrbd to the New Y"
Whele the XKltnr" hi'd f'
a punt WiP'ais 'einir
anil -oon afttr the l't-
Walker kicked his plvt 'if i t e a' T
final touchdown vvas mid" bv Hioi'
well after good gains had bom made 1
blmelf nnil Toolan.
With th" William"' second sttl-'tr
In the cam" New York hi.-te,, in "
few minute" of nltv. Hm"ev i 1 ,T
is !-irrvlng the bill fuen t't -. .
to th" Purple (n vard
call, d The linkup :
. rt -nd
1 rfl mcMe
1 rfl I'M ,nl
I VllO
lllel t t-usrd
tiltfhi te. If
Iilirht er 1
i i't, 'i 1 1 k
1 -fl I lift, it k
Itlrht hslfhu-k
.1. .New V. r
I Vlti.il
! Hrl-eo!
, WslklT
! Hillint well
I Tool in
I'av -till
, Turner
score V,
as t'
ur,n.i ' ..,-u,.ta ,,-,.1 hntititLr tn the lit'.e
ultlmute objective of the I, .11 u 1 t . '. , i.pnilT,,! he. III.,' of
Tiiiirh.lou li Tito! ,11 ? lliinn,'
I inu.-h'lown ,el ; (ioi! fr, ..
I U'tlkcr snb-lllttt- wllllatr- -
of j VtnM. Iihrk- for i'liine . 1,'iinrir-
I f i I'M --rtlK't I'lOtlP, l, II . ,
' Hrn,lle i 'mmbcrlnln for llor , .
, for I'.iv-fll. I. lie-f ,r I fliti ! .
1 tier New Yuri t'alver-' V '
, o Miitiell f, r llollnniler. II"M '
llvrnfk (. VP Ii i, Dnv f ' ,
forWelrir Weliarfet Mflv it V'
liriovn f' r si. K iv. Hiii-:.' f e
. Hurke. Ilurke for Vmi lto ' -
I'l I'rnilli'f Ittftree ll.lr- i-
Uiwe of 1 irtmonth I I-
iMriniouin i Hie i tt t ,
t n i
again punted out of
mouth's 30 yard line.
the punt ('apt,
to try the kicks.
passes, which cost him '
punted 4 0 yards to Chee.
bounds on Dait-
Curtis returned
, , Dunbar
vnrt Ii.irtnioutli, I'rlnretcn, 0. Tnurhdnwu
l.t welly fi Hi feres Crimen, Stt.vrthmorr
t inplrr Snow Mlrhli'nu Mnr-insii' Murnhy,
llrewn Siiilistltule- I'tliiieton llrnnn for llnni
mnt.tl ljin berlon fir Mie v, It.immond for llrnwn,
Stit'.'t for Ltnib'Tioii, I'.mnion for S linker
Hlllf-plc for llainmniiil, Hrovtn fur (illlenlr
Hrj ulirrr for bmsviri Hi. Mrrrltl for lillck, (illrk
for Merrllt. Liinbertnu for lirimn: Iinrtniouth
i.itweiijii tor t.hre, Kom-rs for ( olhy. Snow for
Dartmouth i'ii.iiwii purposes at anv r;.t th
' Mc'vunrr V 'hlcl1 .,,e ' h' '""'''t shoots whizzes
ugalnst hope to
past a batter hoping
make a hit off him.
The dozen wires In the wooden frame
run perpendicularly and not clear acro-s
the frame. Tho frame was about two feet
square and on either side of the wiles
between them and the woodwork, was a
spaco of Eeverat inches In whlrh there
were no wins. Therefor the test called
for control The ball might go through
the frame, but outside tho wires. In which
case no time was reglsteted. The win"
contriv.mc.. bro1""" to wor! ,lld
Itiiot.. ..I...I ... .
.uvn., no-,, twice nernre i-..to...
V e-trott
An troll
Sib-ty fiurvln
i.iteiiii tor t.nre, notn-rs rnr colny. Snow- for control n..e.u...... . . . "'"'"s tne
MiiriltK'h. Mllmorefiirliuiilmr.lihrrfiirl.lrwrllvn. i . , IH'ces"ry to furnish contact with
I .,..,... .... In........ T . ,'' the n ... Tl... . . ... """
Ijifl rton fer Loudon. Tllelk for Snntt. Illnnon
i letiiriieu o, iii,., ,.,r .mi,v.. i..: ..;,.'... . , "
Haker vvas sent back (ins,, q inir t nerltsls U minutes. '
and nfter missing two
yards, he
NO matter how Rood a
cocktail you mx your
self you cannot Rive it the
smoothness of age, 1 he per
fect flavor of Club Cocktails
is Hue to their aging in wood
before bottling as well at to
their accurate mixing.
..... no. -!. i ne same t i nir l,ef.,ii i.o...
"'n't Intid on the wires u I
he third try. Th. frame was movable
up and down to correspond with tn..
height of the two pitchers and the sort
of a ball they threw, Johnson explained
the .111 Iculty of getting the ball
...... u expanse of wires by
the rather
, "Wo are after
Wliitnty was uuablti to pleuu the
Ulla rscovertd Llewellyn's fumble
Manhattan Bronx K i
Martini-o.iiaror Dry IH
Juti strain through I I
1 tracked ti.t and hm, BIB I B I
G. F. HenUdn & Brother H II
I H.Ml.td N.wT.tk L,a4"ipi H
Klrft Itiu-e-nne milt Candy llox. 107
Ml.n,vl ...... ll.,.t.u...t .- ,...-...' v'
ond lieli llensk) loi (MarcM. third Time.' , ; A' "rr ,ne m" "t the other
1 Dl I Mevi tta. Tom Hoy Duke of Hml of ,,,e range. In the real game and I
'Oiallo l-.t,i l..b., u...l t ..... ,ln. .1.1.. I, I-''" ,.l, 1
u .w,nM n,u rail, . t,too liny fji oa ,... ,no,.u
. " , iioo to now me pa starts
e tn ... . ......
M..!, , lne ' O'ltrot tney
' retieliu.l ul,..t
Army l'o-lilont
Morkuc .. . led end
W ynne I-' I tapkle .
Meachim I'" enrd .
MrKwtin (rntre
lone- Illpht tiiarrt
Vt'eymd Itlttht tnckle
Hoce . Hltt-itfiid
I'rtrhsrd .. yisrlerhnck
Ilnhb- I ett l,.il'luo'l.
Ik-nrUlft llb-l't halfhi.-l
lord I uUtuier
tl,r.. Arrtv I'' Tuft-. 0
t.,,hili,o,. Armv Jollt-tt for M trkoe. Msrkttt'
for Jotirit. Joueti for M'ukoc, O'llsii for Uvanc.
Wynne lor D'lltrc I'm k.trd for VVvtiiie. Ilerrlck
for Menchsin Mem ham for Merrick. Derrick foi
Mraeham. Waldell for Melvusn, McKwau for
WaiMrll, Kerr for Jones, Join - tor Keir, schwar.
kopf for Junes, t oiiffr tor Weyaml. VVrvand for
l onfcr. Merrill it fl Ho.-e. Ilore fur Men lll.it.
Met i Hint for ttitirt. lie for llnbb-. Doe for
lleneillft. Hoot- for Dee. Ijuipliltr for Potit-,
Wootltiil! for Kord. Mr,nlli'y ftu W o.t.lru!!, Kurd
foi liriidlfy rutt-. Totila tar UliiL'liviii liliu-nam
fur Tohln. tlurvln for I'ark-. Park- for ibirvlii,
proctor for Wi-teeu, Wf-icull fur Proctor. VuU
for Hadley, Ibullcy tor olk, Clm- for Angell,
Anncll tor Kim- Hefrn-e ()kt -on of 1 1 hull
t'nintrr Vail cf reini-vivania i.ini'-nian
II Srmon
Time of quartern 10 minute-.
1.1 iO, shew.
, show, l, so.
lotto, !.t-kn
I Tvv.i tlotlar liiutuels
rtr light. IS 50, pint e,
Ituyliead, tilate f;l 10
llensley, nhntv. Il.TO,
s'eeotid luce Mt furinnrn QimrterniHH.
ter. in a (Denton), won, ,lm,M Deckery, 10J
I lit-hniniu, sernnd, I'lnrenrs ItntierU 103
(Ketlerlsl, third Time, lilf3.fi. Unyal
Ten, Hack U.t, Ktironl, lnlun. Camel and
I M.irliv (' also ran.
Tr ilollar mutll' na Id: Ollltrternumlr.
straight. IS I SO . plhCt', IJ0 0. shew. 110.70
j Janus l-m kery place, 14 k0, show, ( j. ti 0,
'rhlid lUec- line miir and a ittti:th -fleeth,
US KlniHs), won, Moi i lutow n, us
(l.nftusl, sernnd .lanillel It, Meyer, 115
(lioret), third Time, liMV Anyport and
t. other also ran.
Two dollar mutuels laild! Sleeth. strnlKht,
fk SO, plaie, 1.1, ulitiw', $2.60 Morrtton.
plat", ;0, thnn, IS.30, Kainutl It. Meyer,
bhnlv, S-.60,
rnurth Itace Hl furlonita, two.year'olda
llnlpli, US ll.ortiiHi, won; llndse, in
(litireli, second, UrltmhurM. IS (VV'nodai,
third. Time, 1.17, llrlgs llrother. fottliia,
llrtinzewliiK and Ciixoneito also run.
Tun dollar iniitiit la palil Halph straight,
Jk 411, place, tl, Hhntt, 13 20 Hoitae, lilac,
l 3ii. show, 12 lirlngliiirsl. nhnw, 12 40.
I'lttli Hue -nu fiirliuiKs -lrlh tlnitie.
in n. 109 (Van Husenl won, Vrrelanil, tot
(Mioitour), sscotitl, InirpieMiie, ins (Ketlerlal,
third. Time, t 17 3-6. Wlntergreen, Trln
i sh Thurpe, I'lerre Dunuui The lleuih,
Wurlil a tinder and Kent iso ran.
Two iliillur iiiutiisla paid Irish Oentlsman,
straight, III place, h 20, show, 15.20,
ret'liind nlnee. 5. SO; show, It. 10. Du.
tiut'sne, t 70.
SUlh llute one and on.lfhlli miIIpi
Irish Kbl, 107 lul'.'rt), won. Cnppertnwn.
Km i.Murphv) set ond. I. II Adair 102
(Martini third Time. I -sr. I .1 1'llnnt
Hear) I Ittt-, Ham Hirst h and I'ellnw man ulsn
Tun dollar inutlleU paid; 1 r 1 li Kid,
atlltlKllt, 157 l, place, 130. U0, show, $7 HO.
Copper Km ii. place. 3 K0, show, fii.90. L.
II. Adair, show, is.it.
In short.
are after must i.j
the ball Is ,.rv.i.. ...
l,... .... " . -."-""1, too
owi etuvN'ii oox ntut plate,
I Af,.r nn had "warmed up" to
I control each Hetit the ball through tho
wires to the steel plat,, three times and
I each Increased his speed with each suc
ceeding trial. Johnson's first recoid was
120 feet a second, Kucker's lOii. On the
1 second trial Johnson made ilm f....t .
second and Hucker 113, Ituekcr ex
pressed the opinion after the experiment
that Johnson, at his best speed, was
capable uf ISO feet n second.
A bull travelling at the tate of 122 feet
a second goes from box tn plate, (SO rest
trod a fraction, i es time than It takes
a watch to record two ticks. It ha the
striking energy of 180 oct pounds, half
the "punch" of a 45. calibre Colt auto
matic pistol. A mile a minute, railroad
train, going SS feet a second, ha only
about two-thirds tho velocity of John
son's pitch.
I'nvtlliiK Heat I'ortlbitm Prep.
I'AWi.iNii, N V, net. J.''.--I'awllng '
School dtfeatttl ronlham I'rep at football I
heto to-day In a haul fought game by a
seme of 7 to 0. I'awllng earned the hall
from the ct title of the tit Id to rordliam's
aid line on downs and a line tormatlon
puslml McAdain nvtr the Hue with the
pigskin for a touchdown. In the thltd I
period I'ottlham kept the play mostly on i
the inemy's tenltor.v, canylng the ball In
the I'awllng Ti anl line only to lose it on ,
() 11 1 com e ,,f Ciinies I'lri -tl lit 1 he
l.t-iiuiie nnil on I Iter u I. client
Slct'll I ill.l" Ilr-P1t l' T'i
i."Nptis-. c, t - 'i h- r
wei plav I ,n the tn .-
l-tons of Tin I.t. mile '
vision of tl-t S' 'lit In ri' le i
Tin: i.t: vtit'K km.- r i
Aton VIM i 1 i'h' , .
Ill oltord ( II). e. - '
t lot '. City 1 We.' II- i
l.lt erpooi 0 , i'l lh'i-ii v '
Manfhester Cllj I . i:- r
Ml Id'.i.l.r,, ich. .', H" '
NettvH-l'e I' I, 'le.J 11, VI,,
I'rt-ton Nirth Unit . l
Sbeffteld I'nlteil, o. snsff..
Tottenham llm.pur .1 h
siit-D.M' nn i-.'
Darr-le 1 , l.feds i'r i
Hint Itpoo'.. 1 Woo w h Vt - m i' 1
Hurt .t. Iln.tol fit- t
rnttoini 'tll.g'iaio T'O.
tlllo li r-'is d I'.ot n. T II ! : ,. -i
Dili I'r . . Clapton '"' 'i
l.eti.',r I'. Hi1 ,1 -t-, lo "i I'oi
1 ti ,'i t'ltv 1 il-ln.-liv '"o't I
N" i'. 'ii !t . lo .tor 1 .'
V j vetbHii,pt"li Vt t. idt ret- 1
HiU'TlllHlS I. i:iilTI' !'IH-i' I
lillst". IP oi. .. VV.ttf 1
M,-rl lit T 'W li '! "ot enlt t
WeM Ham t'niteil 1 i'iop
lv msiitli Ar,' le 1 II .,.i ' k
t.u. t - I'. ilk It inkers 3 s . .'
hit itoloi. Ton a. 2 N.nt'iMi '
Car, tltt t i it 1 Inch am n
l'ler ft' Noittia-ni
MlHWIt I Allllell'' . 'lit ' 1
1'orli.lM'iUlll II Hi iRlllnll o' M
Tilt s.t'i.f- weie p'.iv.' 1 , , I
Jv . .' lO-t lin'llllene,!
Italn Mops rtirilhiiiii-Vi-riiiiint,
The football game hi tw c en Vi rmont and
l'tirdbiim elevens scheduled for ester
day at I'nrdhain I'leld, was cilled olf on
account of the lain
lliiakell Indian- Di-fented
I, IN, 'ot N, Neb , i li t
f. atvd thu Haskell l .d ai -to-day
T to tl. The .
eanie through stt i .1
foiiner t'arl.sle 111. ,
team, whp 'i oi'" iH" ' if
What One Business Man has to say of
JAMES E. SULLIVAN'S ability to fill
Hyr.ru.e Trounce. Western lle.ervr the DalSy OfflCC Of COUNTY CLERK
hTRACi'SK, Oct. 26. Outweighing the
visitors ten pounds to a man and playing
in a sea or mutt. .-Syracuse University
eleven defeated Western Iteserve Univer
sity here to-day by a score of 3 to n,
The Cleveland players put up a game ex
hibition, but were hopelessly outclassed
from the stmt. Klve touchdowns, one
goal from the field and three goals after
touchdowns Is the summary of the Syra
cuse score. Castle, right half, and John
son, quarterback, starred on the offenosj
for the local eleven.
Mr J nines I, Sullivan, the candidate for County
Clerk nil the Denineralle ticket, in hi- raparltc as
an ailvc rtUlin: .'ient ha- hid hu-liir trillion,
with the .New V'rk r.remnij Afall fot the past 22
''I'iiMiii-ciiiiilui'ted hi-tiu-liics-rilHlon-tilth Ihi.
paper tn a -iralhlfoiw nd I'oii-cleutliiii- mid
lnit.lnc-slllit' iii'inni r, ami d'lfini: ihe-f 22 leais of
cctitlniiiius hiisliii n iHiliin-iilp, we hue never
had with his olllce ot Willi lil'n a dl-anii'i'iin'iil on
any subject uuiswrt truly,
Jons (' Coos,
Trent and business iter.
Jnmr-I' Sullivan . i t no tmr-i1
rnl-ilnni-r. appointed tiy I''-- '
'I aft and llnn-evi'li. in i-'' b n 1 ' '
of I'ducatlon. appoint! d In- l - M
t, a) nor I'rcs dent nt 'in '
nil holier it y i nnion-
.iiuni - I suto . in foiiu
Hlhiflli - for polilu i' .
li'ilts thri.'i' lioui the p -
Vote (or Him lor
County Gii

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