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I'dxunil l,il)pvlv Argument lie
col vps ltntiiii' ii.'('(ion in
Koreiirii Quarter.
Will l.onvc Rn(s In I lie Kntj
Cn teller, lie Tells One
I n ( nicer.
Cntuililntf! IMmird M. MrCnll InvailMi
t he Kant Sldr I11M nlRlit and Rot n smudh
InR hlR ri-ccptlon. Although It wan nun
nlBht boforo he rrarliPil Clinton Hall, 151
Clinton Mrert, the place was Jammed and
It tooU t ho I!1 rfforl of two liuU po
llrrmcn to I'l'miRh a fiirrnw through th
i'iowd and set the 'nominee to the plat
form. WhiMi he wuk there It hh more
than ftvn minutes before Abe Hurowlts
and others could nuict the i-heerlnt
enoush for Mr-Call 'to be heard.
He talked brlelly and directed his
remarks largely to the conditions of the
ICMt Side. Ills ticket stood for personal
liberty, Mr. itcCall said a liberty that
would guarantee every mall the right to
follow his own customs and his own
"All this silly nonsense of trying to
legulatc a man's habits should stop, and
It la childish to try ito run a city that
ay," Mr. McCall sald;
He asked why a clty'-could not He run
Just as a big business Is fun, us B. Alt
man ran his store, for example. He prom
ised that his administration would leave a
balance on the right side of the ledger.
He did not Tncntlon either Ilennessy.or
Sulier directly. The nearest he came to
It was at Harla.ni Casino, where .1,000
people had waited until after midnight for
i chance to hear htm speak, and cheered
rind cheered hen he came.
"Why don't ou go after thoe two
iati, Hennessy. and Sulzer," some one In
the gallery called nut,
"I'm solus to Ic.tve that to the rat
tatchcr," was hl reply.
McCall's day of campalgnlns Marted
at 1 o'clock In the afternoon and lasted
almost straight through for twelve hours.
In the evening his llrst speech was a
brief one to members of tho New York
Dinner Club at tho I'l.iza Hotel. There
he referred to the newspaper and said,
" wilt havo to show the Mr. I'ullUers
and the men of his Ilk that this la a com
munity that Is rals-'d to a htsh point of
civilization and that we are no longer
living In a barbarous time. I shall never
let up while there Is an atom of life In my
body until h.ime method Is found to regu
late and thwart this line of Journalism."
ot Sllrrrd hy ltr Iters.
Krom New Vork Mr. McCall Jumped
by special train to Holland. Ilockaway
Kcach, where lie spoke to a crowded as
sembly room at Arlon Hall. He began
his speech there, hs lie baa done otnor
nlghtf, by saying that he would not
allow hlniM'lf to Up divettcd by mud
slingers, rvllrn or campaign hooters.
"Anil when It Is entirely over, 1 feel
that 1 can look with calm reflection upon
the time I have spent In this campaign
and not feel a (lush of shame for tiny
net of mine, although the opponents take
the course that Is natural to the leaders
of a lost cause.
"This Dreamland Park scheme and the
marginal railroad srhemr," said Mr Mc
Call, dallii with city extravagance, "are
of Interest. Hut when we ek to make
these Improvements, why must we crowd
theni with these exorbitant prices such
a you mid In that marginal railroad
schetric which I am advised Is three to
one? The land valuations placed upon
that are simply outrageous, and I am
tracing through these schemes the trail
of the serpent, nd when I uni con
vinced In in.v mind so that I will not be
Inaccurate or unfair I will name that
srpent "
All Mr. McCall asked, he said, was to
havo his record stand as n evidence us
to whether or not he was his own man
or anybody's else. He talked of news
papers again at the end of his speech.
"The World has never forgiven me
when 1 would not allow weird traction
ideas to prevail. This man Pulitzer hated
taynor during his life, grossly insulted
him and libelled him because that brave
official stood at his place and defied
him. and now that Uaynor Is dead and I
stand as the representative of the Demo
cratic party and of all my fellow citizens
Irrespective of party affiliations, and
knowing that he csn make no greater
progress with mo than be could with
the late lamented Chief Magistrate, he
turns his wrath from Oaynor dead to Mc
Call living."
Makes Rapid Jumps.
He spoke next at Kar Itockaway In the
Lyceum and Jumped from there to lub
He Hrfiool 7", Rldgewood. Then to the
Kast Side meeting In New York and to
the Star Casino at 107th street and Lex
ington avenue. Mr. McCall was way be
hind his schedule and several meetings
planned for last night were omitted. But
despite the terrific strain on his voice he
seemed to end the night with no ap
parent fatigue and with hardly a trace
of hoarscnets.
In an effoit to make up time the Mc
Call automobile and the cars following
left a line of puzzled policemen on Fifth
avenue. Once he was stopped about
Twenty-third street, but when he eg.,
plalped that his haste was solely ' duo
to a desire not to keep his audiences
waiting the traffic man waived him
Commerce Commission la MM Joint
Ovrncrshlp Evidence.
Chicao.ii, uci L'7, A sweeping Investi
gation by the Interstate Commerce Com
mission into the relations between rail
loads and coal companies In Illinois is
expected as a result of testimony given
here to-day by B. T. Ilent, president of
the Oglesby Coal Company, before Com
missioner James S. Harlan and Special
Kxamlner R, T Ucltly,
Bent was a witness In a case begun
by the Auburn anil Alton Coal Company
and thirty-three other coal concerns In
the so-called northern Springfield dis
trict against fifty railroads to obtain a
I eduction of 15 cents a ton In freight
tates on coal under the rates collected
fiuni companies operating In what Is
known ns the southern Springfield dis
trict. Commissioner Harlan directed
Rent to tile with tho commission h blue
print showing the location of various
coal lands owned by railroad companies
and the names of coal concerns said to
be controlled by them.
The companies mentioned hy Mr. Rent
In his testimony Included the Rig Creek
and O'Oara Coal companies, owned by
th New York Central.
Inspector Doesn't f.'aloh Them hnt
Mops Hale at Theatre,
Inspector Dwer tried a new scheme
last night to suppress ticket speculator.
Hs tnnk five unlfminod men to the
Palace Thratie and put thorn In the door
ways, where the sprvululois ottered their
wares. Th fun plain clothes men were
sIMIuned yn the rftreet.
Tm apcculutors didn't sell any ticket.
terser Catiilldntr n He I Mnrr
of lllcitlnn hr .10,000.
Acting (lovernor James K. Fielder.
Democratic candidate for (mvernor of
New Jersey, will file his resignation
ft inn the Remite with the Secretary of
Slate Ui-day.
The leslgnntlun leads as follows:
"To the- Secretary of Stale and to tho
Hover nor. or persons administering the
government: I hereby reaign my com
mission as a member of the Senate from
the county of Hudson."
As toon ai the document Is filed Mr,
Fielder will cease to be President of the
Senate, by virtue of which position he
became the acting chief executive of the
State and Leon tl. Taylor of' Monmouth
county. Speaker of the Assembly, will
be swoin in as acting Uovcrnor. The
oath will be adnlnlatere,d by Chancellor
Walker. New Jersey's third chief ex
ecutive for 1912 said yestetday that he
will make no change In the personnel of
the executive staff.. L, Kdward Hermann,
acting Governor Fielder's private, secre
tary, will continue to serve In that ca
pacity for the remainder of, the term.
Mr, Fielder said to-day In a talk with
the newspaper men that he Is sure that
he will be elected Uovcrnor next Tues
day by a plurality of 50,000.
"I don't like to bo too confident," said
Chairman Newton A. K. Bugbee of the
Republican State committee, In Newark
yesterday, "hut It seems to me that the
election of Kdward C. Stokes Is assured.
More than this, there are many Indica
tions that an old fashioned Republican
landslide Is on the way. I think It is ab
solutely conservative, however, to predict
Mr. Stokes's election hy a plurality of at
least 25.000.
Senator William B. Borah of Idaho,
one of the leading Progressives of the
United States, Is now In New Jersey
taking part In the Republican campaign
for the election of Kdward C, Stokes.
Absence of Fettlroat Major Tart el
Yossf Woims'i Ofleac.
Passaic, N. .1., Oct. 27. Miss Mary
Adamson, 22 years old, who said she lived
at tl Monmouth street. Newark, was
sentonced to-day to thirty days In the
county Jail for wearing a slashed skirt.
Mlsa Adamson walked on Sunday after
noon up and down Main avenue. The
slnah reached to her knee and no petti
coat hid her silk hose. Policeman Oef
ford told the court that he found her In
dulging In repartee with a crowd of young
men and her language shocked him.
Judge Costello deprecated the omission
to wear n petticoat and the young woman
answered that It was nobody's business
but her own. Then she was sentenced.
H. C. Vanderhllt Farm at Porte
aooth Comprises 1T6 Acres.
Nr.wronT, Oct. '.'". Reginald C Van
derbllt has sold hit Sandy Point farm in
Portsmouth, according to a report both
here and In Portsmouth, but the pur
chaser Is not known.
The estate comprises 17s acres and hai
a tax valuation of 1 171,000. Mr. Vander
bllt spent much money developing the
country place. Besides a largo residence
there are on It also a training ring,
MaPlcs and other buildings.
Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbllt did not spend as
much time as usual on the farm last sum
mer Edward H. McLean desires to buy
a large country place, but he said he was
not the purchaser of Sandy Point farm.
Ifraaastead Jostle of Peace la Held
In 910,000 Ball.
Mined!. a, L. I , (Jet. 27. Corodon Nor
ton, for four years a Justice of the
peace of Hempstead with an office In
Hellmore, L. I., pleaded not guilty to the
charge of grand larceny and misappro
priation of public funds before Supreme
Court Justice Benedict In the Nassau
County Supreme Court this morning.
The Justice fixed his ball at 110,000.
which was furnished by his neighbors.
It is alleged that Norton has made no
report to the State Treasurer of funds
which he has collected for fines for viola
tion of the automobile laws for the last
three years. The records of the State
Department show nothing from Norton
since 1910.
Norton Is married and has six children.
In addition to the fines he collected his
regular fees for holding the court. His
trial will come up at the next ' term of
the Nassau County Court In November.
Brooklyn City II. It. Co. In Pay
llrlgthta Co. 1, 11.10, 0011.
The Brooklyn Heights Railroad Com
pany anil the Brooklyn City Railroad
Company made formal announcement
yesterday of the settlement of the long
pending action of the former, as lessee,
against the Brooklv n City company to
recover $2,000,000, which It was alleged
to have failed to expend on the leased
property as had been agreed.
The Brooklyn City company agrees to
pay the Heights company ll.fiSO.OOO,
$8100,000 In cash and the remaining 1750,.
000 in deferred payments.
Daagfhter of British Minister Bride
of Jamaica Planter.
(ia Vablt Uttpatcli la Tin. Sii
Panama, Oct. 27. Miss Dlta Mallet
was married lo Kenneth Mackenzie
Prlngte at the Cathedral In this city to
night by the Bjshop of Panama. The
bride Is the only daughter of Sir Claude
Coventry Mallet, C. M, Q.. and lady Mal
let, and the brldegruom the son of Sir
John Prlngle, K. C. M. fl.
Sir Claude la the British Minister to
Panama and Costa Rica, and has been in
the consular and 'diplomatic service at
Panama since H80, with occasional special
missions to Colombia,. Bcuador, Peru and
Central America.
Sir John Prlngle owns and operates
twenty plantations in Jamaica and has
extensive holdings throughout the West
Indies. Ills properties form the largest
single holdings in the tropics.
Hy courtesy of the President or the
republic, the national pollen of Panama,
the only armed force in the republic, lined
the streets through which the wedding
party proceeded from the Cathedral to
the British Legation, Among thoso at
the reception which followed were the
President of Iho republic and Madame
I'orras, the Cabinet Ministers, the diplo
matic, and consular corps, the high of
ficials of the canal force, officers of the
Tenth Infantry, U. S. A,, and of the Ma
rine Corps.
Mr. and Mis. Bringle left to-night for
England. They will spend six months
motoring .on the Continent and then will
go to Jamaica, where Mr. Prlngle Is n
Magistrate and a scientific planter.
McAiIno Bratoeva Tokens of Heroism
on Policemen and Firemen.
Washington-, Oct. 17 Scciel.iry of the
TreaRurj McAdoo to-day a wauled silver
life medals to Sergeant James J, Skeehan
and Patrolman Henry Taylor of the
Thirty-ninth precinct, New York : En
gineer Oeorge C. Farr and Fireman
Joseph F McDonnell of the New Yoik file
boat Xophar Mills, John .1, Wind of the
New York lire department' Albert Deravlu
of Ualveaton. Tex.; Quartermaster T. J.
QlfWln and Machiplt' Mat K. U. Smith.
Aeeepls Clmllenpp lo Write
Clinrrr.s lint Omits
Bribery Story.
Kx-lnspci'toi' McLaughlin Sup
ports Denial of Nomina
tion Fund.
John A. Hennessy put forth yestetday
what he said was a letter complying
with Edward E. McCnll's request that he
put his charges against Mr. McCall In
writing so that the accuser could be prose
cuted for criminal libel.
Mr. Hennessy In thl letlei made llvn
specific accusations, h II condensed fiom
his speeches, but he carefully retrained
from repeating In woids for which 4ie
could be held accountable In a criminal
court, his Insinuations of Inst week that
Mr. McCall paid to George Washington
Plunkltt and to Charles K. Murphy, or
his representative, cash for a nomination
to the Supreme Court,
Judge McCall'i comment on the Hen
nessy letter was:
"He has simply dodged the Issue. JUiy
doesn't he take a clipping from a news
paper that printed his charges that I paid
for my Judicial nomination and say over
his signature, '1 authorized this and with
my authority these accusations were
made'? If I should have him ariested
now he would be discharged In court
because the court would rule that his
accusations ore not so worded as lo
constitute criminal libel. But If he will
repeat over Ma signature the cnarge that
1 paid money for my Judicial nomination
he will b Indicted In five minute"."
McCall Is Corroborated.
Ahsolute corroboration of ope Important
point In Judge McCall's denial of the
Hennessy charges was supplied yesterday
by ex-Pollee Inspector William W Mc
Laughlin. Ml. Hennessy. using his favor
ite method of putting In uurstlon form
his most dangerous accusations, asked In
seveial speeches If Mr. McCall didn't get
from a police Inspector money with which
he paid for his Judicial nomination Later
he referred to a relative of McLaughlin's
to whom Mr. McCall gave a Job in such
a way as to Imply that the Inspector he
had In mind was McLaughlin.
Mr. McLaughlin at his office, 2 Rector
street, swore to this affidavit .vesterday.
"October 17. 113
"I have read the statement by Judge
McCall appearing In this morning's news
papers and I hereby corroborate hli
statements In so far as they refrr to me
or to members of my family.
"Any statement that Is made alleging
that Judgo McCall obtained money om
me to be used for the purpose of secuilng
his nomination for Justice of the Supreme
Court Is absolutely and unqualltledly
fas Wm W. Mfl.AUlUII.IN.''
Mr. Hennessy' Letter.
Mr. Hennessy's letter, which was given
to the newspapers before It reached Mi
McCall, follows:
"The Hon. Edward K. ilcCutl'
"Dcar Sib: I have read oui smoky
statement In the newspapers and out
decision that If I put my announcement
about you In writing you would have me
Indicted for criminal libel, You say. T
deem it a duty not only to m.vself but to
the electoiate of tbe community lo make
emphatic, specific and detailed denial ol
every statement that this creature (Hen
nessy has uttered.'
"I accept with pka'iiie nur challenge
and I shall condense my statement
"You say that Inspector McLaughlin
did not lend you the money to pay for
your nomination, nor did jou pav any
body for It. I never said McLaughlin lent
you the money I iitkcd you whether ou
had gotten your campaign fund from an
Inspector of police or fiom some other
source and distinctly slate,!, as the sten
ographic tepoits will show, thai I might
not be able lo proe where vou got the
money, but that it was up lo vou to tell
the people.
"It has taken )u six da to make a
denial, where an honest man would nut
have taken a minute. What were .vou
afiald of and wh haven't .vou gut In
spector McLaughlin to reenforc youi
"You ak that I put all m atcu'atlons
In w rltltm 1 heiewith do
Blatca Charges In Detail.
"Klist I Mute mm 1 ii lit of
fice fru more than an hour, dlsciusing
for nine-tenths of that Line plun- ut;
geMed by ou which w ould pi event the
Impeachment of flov. Sulier . that sou
and I were alone except when vou
called for the secretary of the commis
sion In give me some paper lo take in
Albany; that .vou don't dare to bring an
action oil this "because" I will piove 51111 a
perjuier If you go upon the bland both
fiom the Inside and IIih mitslde of voui
office and the same will hold true of anv
witness jou call.
"Second You look Hoi Sulier lo
Charlfs K. Murpli s houe In the early
morning of Apil' II took him theie
coertl and itiualiifd their inure than
two liouiv difccusalng UroigH F I'almei,
.imator Sttlwell, the appointments In the
Stale Prison. Health and Labor depart
ments, thai Gov Suiter waa there threat
ened and that you weie at all limes on
the side of Muipliv In that discussion,
that when ynu said nothing was illsrusicil
theie nxcopt the Massachusetts ballot bill
and primarlee u lied and meant to lie
"Thlld That on seven separate oc
casions ou acted us Minpliv'R mes
senger boy to Alhanv, and thai on more
than one occasion vou cariled Murphy's
threats to the (invfinor.
Chargfes Coercion of Snler.
fourth -Thai on 1'ibiuaij ou
sei'ietly met the Uovcrnor Hi the l'.'.Mh
strtet station of the New York Central
Ilallroad and hy airangement took him
to your home, where he was with Muiphy
for several hours. It was al that ht-cret
meeting that you wele determined upon
as Public Service Coinnilsslonei, In
your home lhal night Murphy attempted
to liame a head for the Stale Hospital and
for the Hubllo Service Commission In the
Second district and yoi tiled in vain
to help Murphy force the Clover nor to be
untrue to his oath.
"Fifth You attended Dclmonico's on
the night of the private Impeachment
court held by your boss, at which It was
determined to remove the (lovernor fiom 1
office. You ran up to Albany Hie next
day and said to the Governor that you I
had protested : that you had told them
they could hot impeach him and that .vou
pad protested to Murphy's private im
peachment court that they were going
too far,
"Any ptlm statements I make in the
campaign I shall write out whenever
requested by you, so vou won't be at a
loaa to bring a criminal action.
"John A. IUnnksst."
Mr, Hennetiy's friends said yesterday
that the itasou he hail not put his charge
as lo lli Judicial nomination In writing
was mat ne -nan 1101 yet ouiaineil fiom
certain men their consent to use their
tuunea in ctrroboratloo."
Break In Tmi Plarra When Tested,'
fthonlna Impure Steel.
PnnvimtNcK, Oct. 27. The rail whlrh
Is bliimed for the wreck flfj the ((III
Kdge Impress mi tho New Haven road
near Westerly on Hatuiday night broke
this afternoon In two places when dropped
from a height of six feet.
At the fractures a streak was' found
running through tha .metal, two Inches
I wide and otin Inch long. The streak ap
parently runs through' the entire length
of the rail and Is due to the use of Im
pure , steel, , v
.Supt, Uallary nnd other New Haven of
ficials, Chair ma i William C. pllss mid
other members of the Ithude Island Pub
lic (Ullitles Commission, this afternoon
commenced a Joint, .lnvrst.lgatlo;i Into the
cause of Hie wreck, Train nun on the
wrecked express were questioned pievious
to the testing of the rail.
For the first test workmen lifted the
rail to a height of about six feet and
dropped It on the cement walk. It did
not break.
A piece of rail was then laid on the
cement and, the other olm was dropped
on It. This lime It broke cleanly In two
sections. The streak was nislly notlcd.
Again It was dropped nnd It broke a sec
ond time, vlx feet from the first bleak
The streak was again found, ulthough 11
little smaller than at the flist breaking
All of the olliclnls present declared that
It was apparent that the rail was rolled
from Impuie steel,
Phsslrlan1 n He May Br Able to
l-'ace Charges Neat Month.
Mul'NT Amr, On., Oct 27. Dr. Stephen
Harris of Highlands, N C, attending
Judge Umory Speer, Issued the following
bulletin this afternoon :
"Judge Hpeer's condition to-day shows
a marked Improvement over his condition
on .Sunday He Is now out of dancer
and his ultimate lecovery appeals as
suted. "While the Judge Is still very weak
and unable to leave his bed at present it
Is hoped that h will be strong enough
to attend the hearing before the Con-j
Kiesslon il committee Investigating his I
Judicial conduct In November. However,
It is uncertain whether he will be siifll
elently stiong to do so '
I'smissss't Car Injures .Mrs. Laura
C. Williams of Oreenwli-h. j
tlr.ERNWicil, Cann , Oct 27 -.!r..
Laura C Williams, widow of Kdwatd Pitt I
Williams of New York, one of the wealthl- )
est womn In Greenwich, was tun down
here to.rl.i) by an automobile owned hi
llenr.v L. Cammann of New Yoik. llei
collaibnue was broken and her head war
hint She was taken to the Greenwich
Hospital, where it was said he will ie-
cover. j
Mrs. Williams had been shopping. She j
stepped from behind a truck In the path
of the car A front wheel rested on hoi
body and a rear whel close to her head
when the car was stopped Witnesses !
aid that Kdward -Schtnell, driver of the l
auto, was nut at fault.
M:s Williams wa the chief beneflc.uv j
under the will of ber husband, who left 1
an rsl.ile estimated as cloe to J l.uijii.OOu !
She founded the Greenwich Society for
An.inal Protection and was Its first presl- I
dent She Is an olllcer of the Culled
Workers and the Greenwich Kn,ual Kr.ni-
chlse l,eue. She was recenllv defeated j
for the school board
Or. Krrsaans un Way With Japanese
PalnllnKs and Ivories.
VAM-orvxK, II. C, Oct 27 I)r John
C Kerguson, w ho has nude extensive col
lections of paintings, lacquers and ivories
in Japan for the MetinpoUt.in Museum of
Art In .New lotk, arrived here jeiterdavi
on the Canadian Pacific Itallwav steamer
Kmpiess of Asia. He has brought with
nun .1 leprisenlatlve collection of ntioin
schools of Chinese paint, ngs dating back
mi far as a thousand vcar. J
Ur Kelguson was for a t.me foi,t;u
advertiser to the Chinese Gov eminent, 1
but inu- the new Government came Into j
Kwer he has retired In older lo devote I
Ills entile attention to the tuit of ait
Another IntiTt stln pasenger was dpi
It II, Cnontz of the I'nlted Slates nav,
who is ihe Governor ai.d Collector of Cu.-
louii at Guatemala. '
'I'n Probe lima Mores Ili-.-tt, !
WasiiImcion. Oil. 27 -The Hepail
merit of Justice Intends to investigate the
repoited plans for Ihe ncuulruiK b the
I'nlted Cigar .Stores of the Itlkei I Hug
Complaints have been lecelvid at the
Oepattinent nnd an effort will be made
lo ascertain whether suvb a rmiMiluli,
Hon would be a violation of ihe Sherm. n
null-trust law
Twenty Hours
New and Greatly Improved Service By
Through SoliJ Ail Pullman 'Iiain Via Washington,
Connecting at New Orleans with
Famous Daily Train Dc Luxe for Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Other Caljfornian Points Over
Latest Type Pullman Drawing-Room, State-Room, Section,
Library Observation Sleeping Cars.
No Coaches. Dining. Car Servjcc
ror complete Information and Reservations Communicate with
A. S. THWEATT, Eastern Passenger Agent,
264 Fifth Avenue corner 29th Street.
Telephone Madison Square 22 H.
Prices for Apollinaris Water
are forthwith reduced
Fifty Cents per Case.
Hot llalks nl Hansom and Takes
Mltchel Against Objections.
The. Itepublican Club took tho whole
fusion ticket last night with the excep
tion of William L. Hansom, a Progres
sive, who Is candidnto for Judgo of the
City Court. The specific point raised
against Mr, Itnnsom was that be believes
In Ihe recall of Judicial decisions.
The vole on the rest of the ticket wss
not unanimous. John Purroy Mltchel's
t'Htne was not mentioned at the meeting,
and there were many members of the
club who were opisised to the Indorse
ment of his nnnin. About twenty of tbe
eighty members present refrained from
voting and several voted ngalnst it.
J Van Vechten Olcott, president of the
club, offered the resolution to Indorse
the whole fusion ticket, W C Itunyon
made Immediate objection 10 the Indorse
ment of Mr ftauom. Then a suhstltuta
lesolutlon was offeied which provided
for the disapproval of his name, "be
cause Mr Itnnsom Is In favor of the
recall of Judicial decisions, which pro
posal 1 contrary to the principles of tho
Itepublican imrty and of the Republican
Club of the city of New York."
Wilbur I. Wakemnn. ex-Surveyor of
the Port, and W W llrynn rose to say
th.it the Indorsement of the whole ticket
was "Inexpedient," but the amended reso-
lutton vi en' through.
Annnnnres 1'nlure Play for Kdocn-
tlonnl nml Dramatic League. j
Mis. Annuel lliluiuiit awarded 'he
prizei last night to members of her Ku- 1
1 ' and liramalli' League after see-1
e? t'ie .Inal performances of "House of
M Heart'' and "Pvgmallou and Gala
Ua ' .it the Music School Settlement The
ca'sli were made up from representative
of several schools ami settlements.
Shu announced "Nathan Hale' as the
pernor plnv and Ihe Hist act of "The
Little Prim ess" as the Junior play for
tins ar Mr" Sarah Cowell Le Moyne
will 1 1 .1 1 11 Ihe tejehens for th various
lubs. of which more than a hundred
have alread.v pplled to enter the com
petition Amoni; thoe who witneed the per
formances las' night weie August Hel
mont. .1, ime-t S. Cinhmii.i, treasuier of
the league. Mlsi Jane Wallarh. Miss Gei
I'Uile Itolilnson Smith and Mrs. Le .Moyne
Hlds Wilt Open .November ill for
Hrnnrh In Brooklyn.
Plans for the New I'trecht avenue
branch of the Fourth avenue subwav ,n
Hrooklvii were adopted vesterdav b thr
Public Service Commission. The plans
weie embodied ,n ,i contract and the
chairman and necietarv were dilected lo
advcrjlse fur bid", The bjds .lie to he
opened at 12. L", P M on Nooeniber 21.
and the contia'-t is to be csiupleted within
eighteen month from the time it Is
award' d
llldders vi'ir, be leipilred to depont a
cei titled check Cor Itj.nOu. and a 11.
nilO.OOl! boliil will he required fioill the
suci-ensful huhlei The plain epecify thiee
tracks with twelve siatimih, but the ron
tr.U'toi will not be reiplired to la fles
or lo do the station nn'sn wo
fine Doctor for tllenalloii.
In A -ii a Mm .1 I'.or.gv or Is,',,', Seventh
avenue, house physician at the Lebanon
Hospital wae sued in the .Supreme Court
jeoterdav for I2u,une damages for alienat
ing the .Ufeei.ons of Mis Mllly Tep-her
wlfi of Mes.tnder Te . hei The plaintiff
Kilejies that he i.ved hippiiv with Inn
wife ini:l .lulv i.t, when she was i
pa'tenl of l linngv
Inauguration November 16th of
New York (Penna. Terminal)
New Orleans
New Orleans '
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Hint TioiiIiIp Onltinff Arrested
,!uff.v Miiy QIvp Himself
I'p Tn-duy.
lllch.ird llutler, ex-Asseniblymaii. who
with Harry K. Thaw, Itogcr Thompson,
Hugene nuffy and Michael O'Keefe. was
Indicted by the County Oram! Jury last
week on a clinrge of conspiracy In' con
nection with the escape fropi Mjttegwan
of Slandford White's alayer. surrendered
yesterday atemiRin tn. Justice Gavegen
In the criminal branch of the Supreme
Couit He was released In $3,000 ball
and pleading was -set for Friday.' Duffy
Is expected to give himself UP to-day.
It tnok,But,lor about fl,ve hours to have
himself arrested because the Indictment
w ii s brought about by -William Trnveis
Jerome as a special representative of the
Attorney-General's office. The matter
was not In the hands of the District At
torney's office and Mr. Jerome Is out of
the city In connection with the efforts of
the Attorney-General to have Thaw re
turned to this State from New (lamp
ah ne. Furthermore, Ihe warrant for Ilu'
ler was In the hands of Joseph Faurot.
head of the detective bureau.
llutler was In the Criminal Courts Build
ing at 1" o'clock, accompanied by Owen
W Hohiin, his attorney, who had made
arrangements to have a bondsman on
hand. Iloth llutler nnd Mohan waited Im
p.itb title for the warrant to appear and
finally Hohiin went before Justice Gave
gau nl .1 o'clock. William A. McQuadt,
lu-putv Altuinev -General, arrived and
signed the bond for the State.
Benjamin Vol bans nnd Wlllard Olm
sted of counsel for Thaw appeared be
fore Justice Gavegan at Ihe same time
lo ask for an adjournment until Thurs
day of his application mode on Fililay
for the llxlng of Thaw's hail. The court
nfui-ed last week Mi entertain such a mo
tion. It Is believed that Thaw may dtchle
v,t to come to this city voluntai ll , give
hall and stand trial If (uru'ktid he
would be sentencfd to serve not more
than a jrar Then he would be free and
also sane in the eyes of the law.
Gov. FelUer llnna Until .November
I lit File Uriel.
Com'Okii. N H. Oct 27 - The lawei
for Harrv K Thaw hive ijalned another
delav 'I hey went with him to-dav to
Itcetieslei and there appealed before Go
KeUer pursuadlug him to allow 'he'ii
ninie time In which lo tile the.r li'lefs in
the matter of exliadltion The Unlit m t
was November -I
William 'Havei!. Jeiome. who fought
peislstently lh" Id.-,, of dela.v. ix-elvml
until Novimliei ti to file bis answer
The decision hs lo whether or not Thaw
ran be extradited will follow shortl.v
aft, r that. It s expect' d
lul. Mill Mrrrrft'a New hrnie.
Aisri., Te net 27 Game Com
missioner W (J Slerieil Is appointing
lailioad conductors all over the State
us deputy game wardens to enforce the
game laws Hunters with illegal game
or- bigger hags than the law permits
vi 1 be llible to arrest b the conductor
when the.v hoard the tl a 111
4:35 P.M.
10:55 P. M.
8:00 A. M.
11:00 A.M.
9:45 P. M.
1:00 P.M.
C. T.
The Largest Specialty
Rug House in America
"Every rug you havo
shown me is interesting!"
The remark was that
of a lady who visited
Wild's rug establishment
last week, and who w;us
hesitating in the choice
of a rug which had to fill
certain color and charac
ter requirements.
"I just came from
Blank's," she added.
"They had several ruga
the right size, but not one
really interesting rug in
the lot.
"Here you have shown
me at least twenty rug,
all the right size, nnd
"I had no idea there
was such a collection any
where." This lady had much
more than ordinary
knowledge of Oriental
She knew that a rug
may exactly cover the
floor space, harmonize
decently with the color
scheme of the other deco
rations, and still be al
ING as a gray wall.
It lacks character.
It doesn't give life, or
tone, to the room. It is
exactly like a man or
woman who is well
groomed but inexcusably
and irretrievably dull.
The lady quoted be
came a customer and an
enthusiastic one.
Wild's Orientals are a1'
chosen with this idea o!
most in mind.
The leading decorator
and architects of tm
country have long recog
nized this fact.
They request from
bulletins of Oriental rtu'i
of unusual, odd mo
which are always ctimi.,
to our floors.
We have just now som
of the most interestii.t.
Bijar rugs, room size, tha'
have been on sale in Xev
York for years.
Our assortments if
Mesheds and old fash
ioned dark Kermansha'
we believe to he un
equalled. Feraghans, full of char
acter, and old Chiiuvt
rugs reflecting the goldci
sun-glow, are interostu
members of this intere '
ing rug congregation.
And they COST X
MORE because tin.
ARE interesting.
Write, for Com pitmen1"
Copy of our Huq Itool
hRk Avenue 6- 35th Street

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