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rsry szz cr :. sr
Merchandise here advertised
on Sale today (Friday). Special
calues in all Departments
throughout the Store.
K. H. Macy A Co.'a Attraction Arc Thair Law Mm.
Harald Squara
Store opens at 8:30 A. M.
and closes at 6:00 P. M. Use
the Escalators (mating stair
ways) to upper floors. Safe,
quick.. Altcays in motion.
BOYS' Fine Norfolk SUITS at $7.49
We illustrate five different shies out of the sixteen
models that we show in Norfolks alone at this price. We
carrv these in more than 40 different mixtures, the whole
stock forming probably the most comprehensive showings
of high grade Suits for boys to be seen in New York.
The materials are foreign and domestic cheviots. ca-M-meres
and worteds. all of exceptional quality and absolutely
all wool. Thee fine fabrics are tailored to the special order
of R. H, Mac & Co.. by manufacturers selected for their
ab'lity to produce first class clothing. The result is that
Mac"'s shows the finest clothing obtainable in the country,
and even item is priced "Lowest-in-the-Citv."
There is ecery si:e for boS of (j to. 1). both at $7.4),
and in the other grades ranging in price from as little as
$4.96 to SI4.74.
We call special attention to the ample assortments in
extra sie Suits, including those for Mouter-than-the-average
bos and intended for those bos who wear knickerbockers
I until somewhat older than the aserage.
Bous' Extra Trouscr
Suits, Special al $6.49
If Norfolk .ilonr" h.iu--run
diiuriiit iiu.li'U lUMik-s tin-Mripit-
iiiRlt' .iml (ioiible-lro;iNtl
i; le. I vor; Snif ;il-vool In ;ictu.il
't .iiid tlk. -i-wn iliroiiKliout. 'I wo
fnllv lin-d p;nr of liiiclt'rKvUei
Alllll'MTV Jllllt. I'IUT Ull.tlltlCS III
regular strxk up lu $12.74. At
ri-r prwv. " Irom (i to is e;tr.
Oi'tcr tutalitic- , ,i $4.9b.
Boys' Russian
Style Occrcoats. $6.49
Of I'lllllChlll.l .Hill t' lll ilt'.-UOts
iii .i u-r Mik- .triot of color
and flTi'Cts. Both lone arid short
nioik'l-. in .ill -if- for Ixns of j's
to Id i-.trv Wuli' .is-ort'iiu-nt- of
new model-, including tlv -m.irt
Norfolk st'lc. with or without oke
.mil plo.it- S)ini' Clo.it- w th Ivltcii
Kick-, -on with thrii'-puM' ri
i"ov.ibU Ivlt- I 'iut iu ili'ic- up
to $14.74. Srrnnrt fiimr
Boys' Chinchilla Three
Quarter Length Occrcoats, $7. 49
l or bos of o to 1-' vt-.ir-. W,A,i
lnu-d ami with c:i- -lippniK okc
of " ciietiaii" Cloth. er "lrt-s-."
tt ilur.-iblo. Lour iiioiirIi 'tor
wanrth ."id to in-iiri- protection
.iK.ini-t wind or r.mi. ct -liort
oiioiirIi not to interfere with run
iiiiir .ind pl.ivniR. Com- of the
-aire tK' tor n- little ;i- S4.96. ,unl
ill 'inef ' i.ilities up to 56.9.
.141111. Itf.r.
Boys' Shawl Collar
Occrcoats, Special. $8.94
The -h.iwl collar i- ,it once the
-marte-t .ind the nio-t pr.ictiC.il e
t.int. thotiRli ue have the -ame Co.i"
with ,i conwrtible collar if oii vre
fir it. Aade of cheviot of excep
tional qualitv, in n wide raiiRe of
iolor etfect-. I -or lv)- of 10 to IS
venr-. Other qualiti(- for a.s little
.1- $4.96, and up to $16.49. of tine
il.i.ilitv frincv mixed overcoatmR-
tAn f (nor.
Fine Crystallized Stem
Ginger ' (lb.) 59c
Delicious Sugared
"Flat" Almonds
(lb.) 79c
Bonbons, made oj rich
Marzipan (lb.) 79c
iviocaiencs. a tcw macy
(bag) 19c
I rr-lt roa-ted Mocha (jdic
I'i.h coered with Chocolate,
.nd p.uked ill immature Cotlee
K.iR- l.arRt -ie. 24c; b ilk
W, 79c.
Ready-Packed Boxes
of Chocolates
"Millc Dolce" Chocolates
No luo alike (box) $1.24
Ov r out huiidnil delxiou
( di' ii a hox. Orminai witn
W . - ind not to K duplicated
, i.. where n New York.
A Maty Spc ia'ly I- I'oili J
I reiivh -t le baxe- of pure-t
( hecolate-, .-ilk nblon tied :ind
packed in an extra container.
'n-e- are 99 $1.74 and $2.94.
for HALLOW E'EN "Parties
( )l if1 i t ii 1
The iu:e-t elected lo-h f ruit- . ,d all
Table Delicacies, imported and ilome-'t
ire alwas- obtainable in the Mac;
Ci'o-cr Dopartment. I'ifth h'loor. ,v
"I.owe-t iii-tlie-Cit " prue-.
Grape Fruit (half dozen) 69c
I xtra fane . -wiet, linelv flavored tru.'
vi-i v larRe -i a
Table Apples (doz.)
l xfa lane;.. Vtr; larye Apple- nf di!k mu
ll, iv or
.Wt.vll.iiii -.e -a doei , 59c.
Tabic Apples (doz.) OUC
L.xtr.i fane; -iarRe Apple-
Impcrial Pulled Figs.
Malaga Raisins (box). Z5)C 5 lb. Box.
Juan de Murio Imperial clu-ter 1 tL- 19c.
rai in- our own -iwai importation. Imported Hothouse
No. i ar-wii . Grapes (lb.)
l'me-t tanc.. Rrav-
of exuui-ite flavor.
Mln Floor
Mucus it th; only Store ii
New ork where OlI can al
vvav- buv Ni w l ictiofi at le-
than the publi-hers' tru-t-l'ixrtl
puce- vharRod everv where el-e
The ratind o Booh, W f
the I r-' makes ditfi- ilt lor
to R"V arc indicative of othe
and isOt'-ider.ibl.. Rreater -aviny-ri
other Department- where no
-m.il d'f'ic .lt exi-'-.
u- ind
New Smyrna
Fancy Figs (lb.)
Di'llCIOi.-i; !re-h .
extra line quality -
J ver, Ivautit.il
packed .ii lavir-
1 6c Gold Dates
Orient Brand
He-t imported, packeil m large -it-carton.
Si..U'il ILii-ai. !."! iiii.illiy full l'iino"" lini'fr -hell Mmunt. Iirt
"iclil i Milim-, lile. i iiiipoitt-il. imiiiicl i niton-, !IIe.
J.n'vJ'Z? l-'''"l!.ylV-vi''''1" Mlrn '"oiliiv Mrc Vr.-n.-l. t'hoM-
..ii"ii.il IM v i. mt-. " 1 ' "' .. , .
.a.li 1lfr aii'l Ml, 14, (.ti-nuli!.- Wnlnnt., poiiiid .Hrlin,
I!. t ImiKiricI llr..ll .Sill-, i..iinil
.inn -ii-. I Sr. Ilnoiily 1'i.i.h.-. litiart ar. Ml. 34
II. I'.-v;.-. I'iiIi-ImiI .1 ii.Imi IV.ati-. t-aili ilii, -n, MI4.S4.
'"Vti". "tJtVw'r-.i'vT: i i tii . II.-I r..lil.in.... .aii -li-M Mnu.n.l-,
.armii- iie ' UUx'.i-. ..'iii.t ,..tI1.t ,,lri..ii. 'JH1.
l!.-i"liiii..iii-. Min S,n, . ' ll.'-l imi.orlml I'ltK-l Hti, ailon,
uirt.in-, 34f. I '
I in. t (Juihiy (.I... p i it ton mil su.-i I'i. I.I.mI IVaitn . iiait jai,
.irl..n. 21c. I I4e. i-a.li .lu--.-n.MM.H4.
1- iilhrr-
r 11 fllP.I VUn-
I'llrr I'ric
i.,.l,lH. 51 is $1.21
Thrtmrili-n III.
mil HalM
la-.in 51 's SI. 21
Mnilinn liil.l.. 51. .io $1.17
The llii.liii'.. r ,.
I. lfr I liaiiiti.-r 51 H) $1.24
Thr llriiki-n Main ,. ..
II. ir.-lKV 51..is $1.21
Thr llttniiiiralilP
Mr. Tnlh
lanml 51 00 S9C
tin HI Wlnt' SI 's $1-21
Tlirltark I'lnwrr
l.,il-K..rtliy 51.3s $1.21
l..ve 51 -'0 $1.08
l.ailillr Porter 51 ..fs $1.21
III- llrnl rn.
lure ll.-inrk 51 .?s $1.21
liartlrn f
SiM'r Pia-.-r Sl.Js $1.12
llraitfnril lliirlim ,,
Man Holm.- 51. $1.12
Thr I nafralil
lniM.ui, 51Js $1.12
Thr Hliwlr
MrxnnilT Sl..ls $1.21
an llrr ..
Wait- 51 .is $1.21
Hi) of nihil Ion
llll.hr,,- 51..V- $1.21
Hallollll naxlrr m ,.
W Ik-Kin ',-i0
Thr Point of
Mm (ilynn 51 Js $1.12
For Men
900 more of those
with a foreign custom
made air, SI. 15 each;
bosoms and cuffs of
fine count percales and
corded madras used in
SI. 50 to S3. 50 shirts;
bodies of percale close
striped in colors, blue,
lavender, pink and
black on white, to
match pleated bosoms
and cuffs starched
and attached.
Reason- -6,000 ordered in the
use-up of materials; this is the
third shipment; they're going
Winter weight me
rino of a tan shade, is
SI instead of $1.75,
and SI. 50 instead of
S2.75 to $3.50 the gar
ment. A size missing at
one or the other price.
Blue silk and me
rino, $2 instead of $5.
Combination suits of
light weight cream
shade ribbed cotton,
SI instead of $2.
Reason a maker's clearaway.
400 pairs run-of-the-mill
tan capeskin of SI
and $1.25 grades are
85c pair; not quite so
many gray mochas of
$1.50 grade are $1.15
t pair. A morning's wear
' will put them on even
terms with the best.
About 200 pairs of
Winter shoes, $6 grade,
$4.40 pair; all sizes:
black and tan calf and
patent leather. A little
adjusting of stocks.
All these in the Men's Store.
Burlington Arcade floor, New
John Wanamaker
Broadway and Ninth
Mr. Cliirki' Ki'iiils l.nvi' Letters
in S.MI.IIIMI Itivaili of
I'l'omisf? Suit.
llpfi'iiiliinl. Twice WoiIiIimI, (lot
Fort line liy BrcnUint:
I'illiei'-s Will. '
Stii:nir "out t JukiIc I'rtRr all. I
Jut brsan litrinc UMlmony r!triil,i,
in a mm f.ii Sju.'iyi iI.iiiiiikvk for l.rcadi of
1'ioinWf l.ioucjil In. I'm.. Mamie I'lailo
.istin."! John (..on .M.ii im, win i will In
h.r't l,:co.i Horn tlo- rMJtr of 111
fatli'i, .lolm I' M.ri.ii. foi nuny jh;ii
a inrtnli.-r of th'- I'niisoliilatrd Stoik Kx
' l.iil'. .Xt u I tin .ilnl III- liliilli-i siip.I Id
Intak Ills faUii-r'H will s.-m-imI mi- ii
Mini MU-rt-Hfill II'- nmllir-l IHps
..I t ho llot'l AiivonU.
Mic. I'lHlk, Wild IM H WIllnH . 1 1 1 1 i!.
iii.iicIhii nainv n.iK i-or.i ll.ililnin,
l.ionplil lur suit iifl.'i Mi.riiii li.ol niai
r.ril Minn .M.iliil.- I' I'M.ly of 41" Itliri.
-hi. IIiIm- uiiilcr rtn iiiiisi.iiiii'- which
lioimhl him Hiimi' pnlillrlty IMily1
fathci' Ih the owiK-r of (xu-iisne uvl
'ai'il- In Sa!.l.ati-hin.iii anil ll . In
lir.iml lta.!il. Mrh.
Xli.M IMily lin-t .M.ii no uhlk sh. m.,h
'luilyliiK al Hit' .Mn.-ilran AiaiU-niy of
liianmtlr All- anil the llmplio 'rh.'-alir
Si-liool. Two n.-rk afl.-r Ihi-y nut .U.
I ii iio)okoi, an.l alllii.iiKh h.-r inothci'
uiiitd licr to 'oH.i,n.. n.r nianlaKi
th. -f t nut In an iiuloinol.il.- on.- nlshi
in ilaicli. 11.1", anil "in' m.inicil in Mo.
l.ol Ml
M'lilln hail I...-II iim'm.iI ,n !.ii; (,,
ii i.l I. TilUiii.m of Hii.oKhn, ulm ill.
l I nn Hi.' fnll'in Ilii' .-,n
Mik i ,,,kf. r(M i .st.-nlH Midi Mir
IHM nil I M, ithi al I im IhihI's im.ii.,..
hhr cal'l In- III it iroinlsra Is
W.-.1 h.-r in AumiM. ll.'iT. hut that In- toM
lor h" iiiiililn't many th.n oil .o. until
of th.- serious illii.-.-' of hi faiher. ami
pn-itiioiii-il tin .'.-ninony lo Mihsi..U.m
ilat.'.-.. hui.tm tlo time. Mi- .'lark.
ald, xhe 11 vt .1 with .Mai tin ax hN wif.-iciaii.-
Mie hrlliMil h- would w.-d her
a" -non a his fainiH alfalr- fci mil t-il
Mm. Clail.e iiMltli-d that .M.uiin
liri tu.iny iolU ims.-nl?. I.oukIu hri
powii-. and mii.oi led her. Sin- suliinitled
to the mutt maiiy lett. m fi-om M.ii tin.
M.ine of them addi-f ssed to "l.eatest
I'ete" and "My I ,it line Sw.- th'-ai f and
lKIed, "Vour.i lolnsl, .lail, "
Mrs. ClarKe .said that Mattlii took a
1 1 1 1 to I'.uMi.id w ith hla molhei, and
while theie sent her many Hlfts and lei
tern and checks. One letter lead: "IWr
et One: Vour letlem ale y.-i y snrret
and dear, hut ou surprise nie very liun-li.
I didn't thlul! you i ami If I wint a way
and left oil. Vour letter, ale so affec
tionate I don't know whether in toilet e
my self or not "
The plalntlfT said that Mai tin told her
If he won the suit to I. leal! his f.illli l s
will he would l.u her a horn.- on I.oiib
Island and u.t himiolf a seat mi Hie
Stork i:ih.iiiK''
Mn I tin and 111" wife r- nil WeliMer
HXrnur. New Itoihelle The i-ae was nol
'.Ierlr inkra r'roni llonae of 'iiin-
j mliivloiirr Wnliln'N l'nuln.
The home of T .1 Oakley Ithlnelamlei
' at I!.'. West l-'lfty-sei-ond stieet. wa
ll, Idied of J. welly said to lie worth fl.Tiiui
some time lietweeu 11 o'eloi-U last Thurs-
il.i' u.Kht and the same hour the next
i inoriiuiK
j i:r.ptiuu the door the hon-e was fully
wued .iKaiii"! l.uiKlar-i. hut the wires
' had not laen tampered with Uete(:tles
.nuld Mini no elue In the way of tinner
inlul" or Jimmy marks and it Is said
that no suspicion attaches to the servants
In the house,
The police believe the rohhery
committed liv a clever sneak thief
Mr. Ithlnelander. who Is n cousin to
CoinniNslonei' Waldo, Is an attorney at
27 William street. He i also vk-e-presi.
dent of the Ithlnelamlei' Ileal Kxlale
Companj at .11 Nassau stleel
Acad. m
I.ilorl.l. I 'on ml I'urmer. Riariiril
Out mid Hair I nil IIIIU,
Noiiril Aiu.ms, Mas.-, del ;im Henry
Ford of li.-tiolt, ih- aulninol.llii niannfai-'-
jliin-i, and Mis. I'onl played the pall of
I Bood Samai Hans yesienlav at Kast Wind
soi, a f. w- inllis fioni hen-, 'I'Ui- house
and Imiii of (tudn.-r W Mlnri had Itt-r ii
, d.'stiinid hi III.- and as the owner and
j his daughter stood gazing at the ruins
, the Toiils wllh an automobile paity .ame
I iiIoiik,
The inoloiist- wen- liuiu.ssed wllh Ihe
I situation and se each nieiubi'i nf th,,
l.ilnlly a nn bill,
loulli llrKr ulo KnneUrd Him
II.MTn nnd llljurrd Mini,
lames Hal e nf jn ;,, n;, strret
JihiI Ills th.-r apioluti'd his kiuiiiIIuii
ov niipii-ino i nun , lustlii- rlie.in es.
I'-lday to hiiiiK suit III his behalf aKainM
! X.lria i Im-IIu, Ii , f,,i , s,,, lcali
Ihe was knocked down and su toin.lv hull,
II is h ll c 1 1 In Mr l.eliii s aulomohile
on Match 111 la.it at Fifth avenue anil
1'iM mi ret.
RAM, A- WlliiaN
2 FOR 25 CTS.
About Feet
Good an Bad
A book covering this important topic.
Yours for the asking.
Packed with information about feet and
Tells how to keep the feet,
young, natural, efficient, soumi
by wearing scientific shoes.
The Anatomik Book will be
sent you on request.
For Men and Boys
Burlington Arcade floor, New Bdg
For Women nnd Girls -Main
floor, Old Building.
John Wanamaker
Broadway at Ninth St.
Op 3 O Q Qg
A national
BrowningWKing & Co
Some Reasons Why
The fact that all Browning-King clothing is made
in our own workshops, and that we have 17
Retail Stores for the accommodation of our
customers from Boston to Omaha and St. Paul
to St. Louis, simply proves the bigness of our
You are interested in that fact only in so far as
great volume gives us great purchasing power
and enables us to maintain great economies in
These things mean money saving to our customers
and there are no middlemen to divide the profits
and add to the cost of our merchandise.
The quality, the style and the price are all guar
anteed to be right.
Suits, $15 to $40.
Overcoats, $15 to $50.
Broadway, near 32nd Street.
:oopir Square at 5th St. Fulion St.. Brookhn.
I'lllKlinrit Co. tnalla lnjiiin-lliin
nll Hrdirr tlnklnit t'linuitr,
I'lrrt-nriM, on :i". -Ah h ipsiiIi nf tin-
M'ttlsHl of lltilll) tlloM'MhilK nf tit'iiplf lit
kIkii iH-tt iimti iii'Ih fin' ino.'iHiin-il li'li'plimio
Hi-nlii- tin- Ci-iiliiil DIhIiIiI Tid'idiiiiir
l'iiiiiinn . 11 Hiilwldl.il v of tin- Hi-ll Telf.
(dllil- I 'niiip.iiii , iiPU'rll 1 1 1 I ii In on 1 1
not lo Inu-i f.'ii- In iui ny wllh tlii nil
llinlli'il Mniviri- iiiiili.uli until tin- niirtN
liim- liiindi'd donn a iIi'iInIihi In the In
JuiH'llon iroi"idliiKH now iitiidlric
The lrl-ilioiii- i omp.iiiy'H n"' iiihiihiiipiI
ii-ul((- wan lo hint' koiip Into i-ffrrt on
I Nowinlier I.
I ' -
Will uf i-iilth I'llllmlrllililii hr in-
1,1 IIimii-iI h llrWillira.
I'll II 4HKI.I-II H, Hi t, .10.- Ht-lntlv'H of
.lolm ii. WnlinoiiKli, it wealthy i'IhiuIhI,
who illi-d luii- lint''' wi-i-Us ,imm. Iut
lllllllll llllt(-!t IIKIllllht tin- IH'lllllltt- nf
liix will, In whlrll li'(,'iu'li-H W'i'iv iiiiiiIi- to
HiTMintH who had Ioiik l"i-n In IiIh m -plot,
Tliv will Is oppiiHi'd hy W'llllani Wat.
iiioukIi lini'i, ii iiiiiIii'w, nnd ,lami' II,
W.-ilinniiuli, a half In oilii i, who ax ri that
lln- liKlatoi wax nf iiiioodiid nilnil anil
aMh liillm-ni'i d Wil li lln II nan
iliawn on Jinn, i; ai N alinoimh wan
7i iuin old al in., ilin.' of his ilialh.
All his h'imiiiIh iiii-iM-d li'Karii's ianr,
Ins (rem j:ou to fl.ouo.
tliirni-;-li).irrMl' llplnlon on li'i-f.
rrrnllnl Clnur 1'n.dn, .
Wmoiinhtos, Hit ,Ki Atlornry-iiiii.
ii.il .Mclti-ynnldH has Im-kiiii wiltlns his
opinion as In tlx- adnilnlHliatlon of tin- !i
pi-i i'iut pii-fi-H'iillal olaiiso In thi- iiftt
tin Iff ait It Ih i-xpt'cti-d that tin- opinion
will In- aihi-isc to tin- provision and will
nnlllf lis r.perti-i hPiiHllts to Ann-rlrun
Tin- nplnloii will talii- tlm foun of a lr.
Ut lo S.i'U'l.iiy of tin- Trasnr .Mi-Ado.i
and will In- made public to.inoriow pioh
ahlv. Tin- Atioi npy.(!ipral pxpi-i-ls lo haxc
Washington to-nioriinv nlsht for St. I'aiil,
w hi'ii- on .Monday lir will pii'-i-nt tlm aisu.
ini-nl of tin- (JowrniiH-nt In tin- nult
iiKnlnst the Inti-riiatlonal llannUr fnni
llnaliHiul of ( or.rl AluUrr I'll a Afti-r
I'lmdlnu ialll.
riilllp Xi-lllnka, luiKliainl of Mnip S,
Si-hw-Ail?., a 1'oisnt inaiiufai'tiiri-r of II
Mast l-'fii ty.spM.nih Htri'ot, spppl vesti-i .
day In I'nlli-d Htiili-.x Marshal llVnl.cl'.s
Htione room In the IVdi-ral llulldlng and
thi-ii paid ii jr.nn nnp for HinusRllng.
Zi-lllnlia Is Hip inanaui-i- of hs wlfr'n
liiHIni'fs Hi plpadi-d KiiltU hrfori- .Inilc
.IiiIIiih M .M,i..-i' in thf I'mtrd Jatii
Histiiii Ciiiiit io an mlli'tnii'iit i-liaiKlni;!
lanmr I n la i- -iih uinlli of mn
i-Imips whli'h hi- hioushl flom Kurope
ioi oupicmuw,
Two IHhrra in-nifd hi lllni '
r Ksmnlnril Tii-iIii;,
Hanv illlspn, IT yp.un old, ciWnc his
h-hIiIpiu'i- ax f. Wiot HTlli Htn.t, a in.-Ki-iiRpr,
wan held for tln t'.rand .Inrv in
tin- VorUvlili. point jeslpiilay on a rh'aisp
of skalhiB a J3.".n HealsUin i-o.it on tiito
I'pr II, nhi'ii Ik- wan worMm; for Clarli A.
Wi-lnlM-rtr, furripra. of 3 llf til avi-mic.
Tin- Hi-alxUIn mat In might two otlur
iiipii into tin- uoiihli-. ;ila-n. wlion ai-it-HtPd
on VVi-iliipsday iiIkIiI. said In- had
tiiiiicd tin- rout omt to Hprnnnl Cnhpii
of fil K.mt lUth Htrei-t, who had Hold
It to Inaar In-nkpr of I HS la-nox ay-inip
for Kill. Tin- polh-c nriPHtid tin- two iiipii
and DpiiI.ii' i-ald In- had oold Ilin ooai to
a woman tor IS."i. Drnki-r and Cohi-n
wrrp In-Ill In jarm hall for fnitliPi- r.
amlnatloii to-innriow-,
Not that we want to startle
But our evening suits cer
tainly are "some pumpkins"!
They compete with the
product of the most expensive '
The fabrics are the identi
cal quality the custom tailor
puts into his
We pay the highest prices
for designing -
The making is the work of
skilled experts
So why go and pay $80,
S100, $125 or $150 for an
evening suit, when you can'
come to us and get the same
thing for from $42 to $70!
Having in mind all the
time, the advantage of seeing
the fit before you obligate
yourself one penny.
Evening suits in your size
ready to wear to Hallowe'en
parties to-night, $33 to S70.
MrlLlnit 'l Mlnira In thr 11 til
llrfv Mtnlr Triiiiiia,
Tiiivnun, Col, Opt nn -iJnaiils t -p,.
liHHi-o wer Hied upon tills nun nun; h.
ii hody of Hlrlki-m, who wrn- hiding In'.
I1I11U bouldi-r. Tlipy disappeared In the
lillts after lliinj; twent or limit- Mints
A lallinad IhIiIkp near SoprlH was
Inn iii-it bv strlkir.", lcl:i Iiik a malllia.i
Last 1 1 1 c lit a dynamite Imtnli wan e
plnilrd Ileal lln iPsltlrnie section of si
(Jen fasr has oiiIpiuI the rnlistins nf
mor man at Uenvtr, Colorado Sprints
Silk hats.
Plain, tucked and fluted
Patent leather pumps.
White dress gloves and
Rogers Peet Company
Three Broadwuy Store
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
and I'uelik', to iiciifinee tin- lumps no
ill the llt lil II is hidii ,i the piese il
fou'c of about .2iii i.s Inaileipiatt to
haliille the 'llll.itliui Tin nilllei" kpii
i-i.iII sppin le.uh to siiiiendpi then
ai'iiis. lint il is yah! thai innn i ihs Hll,
ammniilllon lo last fni monllis ale hid.
den lt Hip i.i.lh.il rltmi'iit of the iinlon
Lettie Lane
Doll House
for Every
Little Girl
Hundreds of devcud moiKt
and fathers, likewise brother
and sisters who idolize a baH
sister arc sending in a ceupc-n
cut trom last Sunday s aun ic--jcther
with tiftv cents fc-r enc
of the beautiful LETTIE
Lettie Lane coupons will ..p
pear in the Sunday Sun for
next several Sundays: hovtcv
the supply of Doll House
limited, and those who dcsiu
obtain one to cither present no
or put away for Christm..
should send in a coupon 'ju"
70c at the earliest moment.
What is the Lettie Lane Do
House? The question can K
answered by thousands of "
girls throughout this broad l.i"
They arc now sold in dor-'''
ment and toy stores, ransuK -price
from 7rjc to $1.00. Tt
Doll Houses consist of, lus'. 'I
house, in effect a coscy sururtvir
home, green grass plot, rambV
roses climbing up over 'c
front and shrubbery artistic,
placed. Thcfurniturc, consist .n
of cutouts, incl,udcs the wirou
pieces for every room in '
house. Then the little l.iJ i
is to occupy this deligh.'.ful 'm
home accompanies the Le" -Lane
Doll House, approprui''
costumed, as befits any
woman of suburban inclina' ""
Don't forget the ht'le
kiddie at home - if not at o.n
in some other to whom euvin j
contribute pleasure hy s '" I
her a Lettie Lane Doll i
Buy Next
Sunday's Sun
for Coupon

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