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One Mini Killed. Another
WoihmIciI. in Idixk Vusll
Iflilc of Itn I let .
I'ouri: ri un rownovs
Onr Allium! I shut on tin
Sft'ps of Cimliiuil litr-
ll'.V'.s I'llllIC".
V .i! II r fsfnliiy ilft ill emeu,
afoot mv.intLd and In t.i.xle.ilis, oliarticij
iiiro.iKh tiir itre. if .mO c.it of iii.
if.1 J'.irk iiml Hho'ik i tin Nil. itself
httni ill hi 11 r f ill iiu e.alu f-. i- .-razed
"!rorn font Nesiiti' '.o.f wh'.i-U. In.r.
licrlnt: thn,it-li tin n'rwi' w a liea i
' .il!ui. nlllrli l Willi i.u"'ittn!!lt't. crushed
ntn iUr' ul.is window .mil fi-llnl r.irlv
A nlKlrt uatriiiti.ui was Killed near the
Motel St. Kit; la liy .1 tn I t.-t .ilrn.il In stop
one of tin- wllil e.itlV A captain of wait
era lit the Motel rlnthnm iv.u liurt li.ully
iy a similar iiiij.rn.im-i runaway ste.-r
n'as shot to death on the ileti of Car
dinal Farley's p-ilace arte- an npmre of
Pistol hliootlnp tluu iilaiined p.siple In tho
notcls hi,. I ninimnn of l-'lftli avenue.
I)ur other stre, s mir ktllid liy pnlloenic.11
in Central I'nrk Ilr.ndwny and Am
sterdam avenue. . ft-r suoh scenes .is or
dlnarlli are deplctnl mil.. In nowls of ihi'
Wild West or In nmv 1.1; ii.tni dranias
For tlin-.--iiii.itii.is of .111 nmir thn dls-
rkts west of ill. park i.'tw-n Sixtieth
tid tlUhtlfth stnets and i-.iKt and south
of the t'lik li-.iw.-n I'lft.. -ninth and
Fifth th stieet- n. iinl.n F'fth and Mndl
nn iiM-nii'.... . a 1I1M .11 l-il as though
,i rim I'M 1 lb. 1 ''1 tin "in Folks
vh'Jt. 1'ii-l.i'iH t ' ' ci'h I'll" ll"
'tn-ct- '1 1 "1 t m . '"i rf i'l-lo! shots.
thnhn'i of li. r ! - i d -inldeiil woe
thir. itrne I I. 1 --u t .' imi'l that lilic.he.l
forward 1: i:i .1 111 1 1 : 1 it- - l the
heatllmur si'i-i.l of ta n.lii- poll, oninn
n-lth d'-.iwii ihoIk.- Win ii tlx tied
to donrw.i.s the ntid tin al.rilKii housc
nol'lrih "i- hot' I d I'll. wlin ran to win
dow hill.il 'lie wtllilltU of I'llIlcU.
' llienk From the f'airrnl.
In tin" corral of tin- Nw Vork Stock
1-nn.n.ii... ... litt..tll -.1 1 .'-l .'lllll tilt Noi'tll
Mvrr :li rinu t ro-n Hi'- e-t
Inc IimiI'-iI on to a li".i it
Mcrr h
! A. M
1'ust.ll'h 'll' sounds all'!
river made tlii'in panics,- .
IMitlcil it- ilil that II A-
Mill IN of tllf
I'l'M-lllll til''
In i.iiii;.' '-at-
-r nbji- led lo
began to mill
ihf riiMtm ni. ii' Tin
.i.niniil an 1 arniind and
iharKf the iMi-rK'.nli i- A I.HH' pmiinloi
broke through and plunked Into the d irl.-
lies Hi fine till M"tl;illell I'olllil Mop the
sap eh'M-n otlni!- Ii.nl i M'apeil. I'mir
were ieeiipttiie'1 a nun. but eltlit in
.ipp'are'l toward the eat-l.
StreakH of il.i.vllsht wvie p.illnif the
efectrlee when a pi.lie.iiian on pet; pnt
at fifth ave mo and I'lfl -elUUli sttee.
5iiw a hteer nUliite fi iiiii tin park and
head towntd him d.'Wn the mm one. II.
attempted to Mop It. hut the Mi.-r uai
CCmlllR like a loil.nintive lln blew
Ills MliUtle. eiiinmaii l.-.n-il a tal at tn-
Hotel Netherlaiut anil took up the rliim"
Othei polio men joined in. fm the alarm
had spread wldel.i. and the etntlun hntioei
were seniflnc nut nerM- of fi-.it and
niouiited ruin
The steer swersed irom l'lflli avium
f?t Inti. I'i(l tilth !leet at the St
Reels mini Thru tuliabs with inllie
men weie iIum- lehi'id. and tlfty men
and boj" were tratlliii; erltidl Sonifl
of these had pistol". The liontinr be
gan a-i the ston p.is,.il the St. ReRlH.
Wllirnfii W.menhilnt. a aptaln of wniteii
empfo.d lit the lintel lioili.iiii. wiiv walk
tng abnii; the north Nldewalli of I-'Ifty-lifth
street in. his way lo iT.n-k. A bullet from
noniewhere strm 1." him tn the risht ankle.
He w:i iiniiiie'l to I'lower lloipltal.
CJeorui. , It. atel, uiu'lit wati'hmiiu at a
new hulhl'i- m l-'ii'l -tlfth s.reil. near
the St It' KiH, .'an mm th.. street to rex
cue Ills red ihuiKir lantern- The bull
passed near him, and a it galloped Hea
tel fill iliiiil. pn i in! i'.homkIi the rlctii
eye b a bullet nlmul at the steer. It
w.'l.i Impu'-s hie lo tell wliu tired the shot.
I'nur or ft . .illivi." n wne tliootlntr.
and the polii'" Insist that silo's w.re Hi I
also hi men Mho v.ei e running thrmiKh
the stlfet HKul lilid at 421 WeM.
, i'.r..l Mil ft
Wound, d and bh eillric the "teer turned
rum Kifty-litth street south Into Madi-ou
aiemie, hit a trmk, whleh stopl'fd It
nioiii'iitui ll . and Hun li.pt on. It tried
'o nwlnc Into tin drlnway of the hlte
aw Ileal mnnmon at .Madl-ou nienue and
t-'iltleth sir. i t. but It was turned barlt
and litadiil nft by polln-men, It chanced
across the str" t and attimpted to mount
the st pa leadlnc to Cardinal Parley's
palare. but rnlieeinati l.'-nahatt shot It
thruueh tin- head i.nd killed It. l'ollee
inn Hi aen .mil Wlhl.iy and half a dozen
others had taken put In the ehase.
While this was Ktilna on there were
itmllar pursuits mid resclver rminiliip"
Hi Hroadwav, Central I'aik- Wist. Am
sterdam avenue and in the park, l'oll
man (iOiirIi. on duty ht Hrnadway and
Seventy-elxth street, tried to stop una
of th" steers, saw II w.ia Impossible and
nhot It. Policeman Klernan was knoi-ked
down and hurt by one of the runawai
at Central Park West and HiKhtleth
street. Polleemnn Kennedy killed thn
animal at that i-orncr
Poller Miont Meer.
At the bridle path ill Central Park
near Seventy-s-eond fitre. t Polleemnn
King, mounted on one of the line horses
of thn department, cauitht slcht of a steer
whleh was snortintr and pmvlnx up the
dirt. KIiir thoucht he rould Rentle It
with oft talk, hut the steer chanced him
and he put two bulb ts in It. The fifth
lunaway was summarily killed at Am
terdani ainue and Seventieth street by
Pollremnn .MeDonnld after It had smashed
th ulass door of the Sherman Square
Hotel and splmtend a drus store window.
I'lve of the untamed animals were
eauirht and roped by policemen who took
chances with their hones and their uni
forms. The Western eattlu were part of a ship
ment eousiirrieil to Joseph Stern Co.,
so the police said at the Kist Kiftyifltst
street, station house Woikmeti at the
toekjard said that they couldn't no
count for the panic. SoinethltiK seemed
to terrify tl- catlb suddenly und away
th"y went smashing tin fillies in If tiny
had bc'n niatchwonil,
liannan Com pan)- tn Pay I0 a Share
In ildltlon u ItPKular ll.
The Slanil.ild Oil Company of Kansas
lias declared an extra illvldmd nf $10
.i share In addition to Its regular quar
terly dividend of ii slime, The mm
pany haa oiilstitiidlnc 20,0fin shares of
lock and the dlshutsi. merit m eiiulvaleiit
0 VJn"."On,
N'ot Inilk ntro Standnul fill of Kansas
increased lis i apitaliz.itluu from $ 1 , M 1 1 1 1 , -non
lo j:,0(i"ii"l mid declnred n cash
dividend of 10 pir cent, and a Htoih
illvldeiid of I'm per cunt.
This laM disbiirsemi rit makes In per
1 ent In rash dividends that the i iiiiipmi.i
llllS lie. lined so fin this I'ear
A. I', Ill-en mill Oniiuliler llnil.
Aaiirvu 'ir., N c N.n ;i. inliui' r
TtaM of ,'i W Voik nnd uls ilauclib i lien
lelta weie thrown fiom h"li e.u liaiie at
the elilianc. nf tin li ltum e rati bv tin Ir
home beiotulni; frightened this nfninooii
Mr. llee and li s dahk'hti 1 wi nly
brulard by the fall Mr. Iters Is the
father of Mrs. Anuustiis j Slnp.-ird. Jr.
of Cfdarhuixt
-. , ;Vjj
The Russian da titer who appeared
Voter Ciiu Split Hi.s Voli in Two
' Wiiyn if I nwilliiio lo Cinl
Stniijxht" Hnllot.
Kvcn After I'ultinir CroM 1'iiilcr
I'urty r.inlilcin Citizen Chii
Hack luiliviiliinli.
When you bo to the poll some time
i between i o'clock this mornliit; and .I ,
I o'cliH'k this afternoon niu will receive n J
ballot with eleven columns of names and a
.twelfth column made out In blank Pel
haps In all those columns .will will not
rind niu- which contains the nanies of alt
the candidates yon want to vote for So
.Mill will have tn split jour ticket
Many inters don't iiiiil,iiainl mm to
make their ow n fusion and the It.stl m tior
at the top of the ballot do lint show nu I
( the easiest way.
(if i nurse the New York State ballot
.Mite a spill tlikit ..nil the instructions
to vote. All Mm have to do is lo make
jour X mnik in the circle itii.lf r the
patty i mblein--the slur of Taniniaiij. the
eatrle of the Itepublli.'aus, the hull ninos"
of the Progressives, the be.lllle ol the
I'll J' IVnnnmj l.eacne. and so on
' Vnu ilim't Ii.'im' to know how lo lead
the KhKlish lanmiatti' or nni lant.'ii.is.'e ut
all In older lo cast such a t ... 1 1 t .
Hut spllttlni,' is ii different matter The
boird nf elections tclephnnc was biisj jeii
terilay with Inuulrlea uu this tb-kllsi
.point Tut: Sin has rccilwil man. r. -quests
for inform. itinn
lion to Vote Iplll Ticket
The iii-i i in linn-, i i'. inn oi t' hit
tarry Ibis p.u,ii;riph ' To inti a split
ticket, that Is, for canillilates nf iliff.-n rit
parlies, the elector should make a i ross
X mark before the name ot each candi
date for whom he infcs. If tin- tlclnt
in. rked in the circle fur a str.iltibt ticket
does not contain the names of candidates
, for all otllces tor which the elector in.ij
, vote he may Mite for eiindldatis for such
otllce so omitted by m.ikliiK a cinsi X
i mark before the names of candidates for
' Hiich ofllces on another ticket, or by
writlnt; the namis. If they are not printed
upon the ballot, in the blank column under
the title of the olllce."
I'rom this It appeals that the way to
split jour ticket Is to make jour i ross
before the name of i-'ery candidate j on
want to Mite for. Moreoier, If jou have
already voted a straight ticket, nidi us
that of the City lionomy I.eiiKUe, which
does not cover the Court of Appeals .ludk'ci
and some of the minor city otllces, jou
may put jour cross In any of the other
party columns opposite the names of the
candidates inlsslim from ynur ticket.
, Hut the Instructions at th" top of the
i ballot k'lve the more laborious methnd of
f ticket NpllttiriK. The easier way nppeara
III a section nf the election law under thn
head "Intent of Klectors" .
i "If the elector shall have made a vot
ing mark in Hie click. nhne one ticket
only and shall have also made a
mailt In the votliiK space or spaces
votltiK i
the nani" or names of a ranilldati or
.iinlldati's on one nr mote other tlckits
lie shall be ileemed to hale east his iota
for all the candidates printed on the
Hi In t so marked In the circle, except lor
llunc for wiumi he bus Indicated Ills in
tention not tn vot by makltik' ri lotlnt!
mark In lln- vollnt: spac befoie the name
; ot names nf Individual candidates on one
or tnuro other tickets, or by wrltiiiK a
n.une In the blank column , and the can
did, ito nr candidates so Indlvliliiallj voted
for on such other tickets shall bo deemed
lo he the elector's choice tor inch ollice
. or otllces."
t an spill a "StrnlalM Vote."
In oilier tvords jou cm put jour mailt
In the i ircle anil al tin- Mime time villi,
fur eaiidldatih nl oihei parties. Htipposn 1
that J ou waul tn mti. for .Indue Halt
lett and .Ml Klkus lor the i.'niut of Ap- '
peals ami Jinliie Mclall for Major, all
of whom nppe.ir lu ihe rieinociatlc col
until, and for Mi. McVintiy and Mr.
I'lellili'lKasl. Mho ,'ile ill Ihe lll'pullllcill
minimi, and I'm eonir iiiiiitm win want
lu inle .ii a I'liencsslic mi Ml Whitman '
(itho-e nam. appears in the I lemocrallc,
lb puhlicail and Pi'niii fss'vc inlumiHl
antl fm Anna Iiik.-i nu.ii. lie-unman cainll.
dale tin Coioiie' nu the Socialist ticket, ,
and tor Juiluc A P, W Seaman, hide- ,
inlideiil landldate foi JuiIkd of the Mu- I
nlrlpal Coin i In Hie Fitth district, and I
n the Metropolitan yesterdm
ate satlstled with the Tamilian landl
ibites fm- other nfllcis tin wa ou KO
about mill kins! jour ballot .s as lollons.
I'ul our X mark In the cir.lr under
the I iimocratlc slat, then move over to
the Uepiiblu-an minimi and lole fur .Mr.
.McAtieny and .Mr PiendeiKast . then
mark Mr Whitman's nani in the Pro
cressiii i olimiii, Alma Inirerm.ms name
In the Socialist column and ludRe Se.i
iii. ins name In his own section on the
! ballot.
lllll theie is nne complication in tills
method of ntlnc Suppose you want to
oti im Wair.ii W. IViMt and Charles
C Noll, Jr.. who ale IVmoiiatlc and
Itepuhllcan candldittes) rcpectlvelj for
Jildtre of th" Court of ileiieral Sessions.
Vou an entitled lo Mite for two candi
dates for Cctiei.t! Session" In cause tin re
an- two i.icatiei'S to he rllbd Hut if iou
put jour mark under the IVniociatle star
and thin put another in.uk opponle Mt
Nott's name In the ll publican ruluimi
m ll will aiilomatleallj lote .iraiiist Juilire
Poster because his name 's mi a llni;
with that of Mr. N'ott. and will cist your
Heeonil lot" fur l.oteti7 ."lbr. the ntlier
Tnniinani cirdlilale The tliliiK to do ii,
order to make your Intention pu-fectly
cbar l to put join mark opposite the
name of .Indue Poster, ev. n th.-uph mjii
halt! alre.nlj put jour X In tin' circle
under the star, and also to put. join
X mark opposite the name of Mr. Nott
liniiiils Couiiliiiiit of ISinl. iH-ii-coll
nnil Itciil.i ii Olil I'lc-
Klcclioii Dim
John- 11 Voorlus, Slate
nf I, lections, said he was not woirled j.s
tetilaj oier thn news Hint Francis W
lllrd. PtoKiesxIic inuiitj chairman . i'le
meiit J I in-, (ill, head of the Vou rs
l.i'.it:il. . mid I. J lb Illy of the Indepen
dence LeiiKUe had telegraphed to ilnv
lljnn a lomplalnt that Mr. Vonrlus has
not beep as mtlve ns mlKhl he desired
"It's an election chaiKe." said the vet
eran superintendent placidly "Similar
Ii. litis hale Ireiiuelillj bun broiiKht just
bel'olo election "
Then Mr Voorhls dennil speclflcilly
each chsrKe -
The b-ttir of the tluee complain. nits
chartfes Mr Vonrbls with uu-. i.nilu. I in
ollice, with fullint! to lincsilsMte after
potice violations of the elettlnn law with
negligence in the inuiliict of his otlne. in
peimlltlnk his ollice lo be used for paitlsali
purposes, and with general iiicoinpeteiicj
and Inetrli lent y. It h1I-k s that Mi Voor
lins has failed to take effective in Hon on
lists ot names of fraudulent witcis sub
milted to him a Jem- nun. th.il he has
iillqwed I hi' nun on these lists tn n Klster
avaln this year and (hat he has failed
to cooperate with private iitrencl.s which
have been enKHKed In ruunllifi down al
liKeil rVsiHrntlnn frauds It aim alhites
that he has appointed as deputies men
who lire themselves Hli tr.illy ri-Hlsteied
.and who hale Illegally inted.
I Mr Voorhls said Plat he uas iiivs
tlslated all the alleKi'd frauds leported
; to him mid foimd that most of the charges
were without inei it
I "As I'm- the chaiKe that his mho has
beep t.sed for partisan piiiposei, I am n,
quired bj law In net a list nf imnihlatis
, for the deputjslilps fiom the county . luilr
mvii nf the two parlies which polled llic
Imuest lotcs in III" last eleition for i!nv-
,1'iiior, and appoint half tin- deputies from
each list. Tljerc are now .Kin deputies In
the cllj. hall of them are men suuKesti l
by Ihe Hepubllcnns and halt by the I in-
"ur deputies ale not allowed lo i.ury
levolvets, and, ns lar ns I know- fiom
Usual llll-ebtlt,-.ltlols, polie of llielu has eler
been iiinxicti'd or charged with ail election
fraud llach mini has tn swear lo that
In fore he Is appointed."
Ollorced lllislinnil ,itV Mil ear. n
.Mnrrlauc look Place.
Pauline Hull, the aclicsg, who ot a'
dlioice in HUH foi ni (ieoiKi. It. Mcl.ellan,
brut In I of C M. S. .Mi'Lelhiu. the play
wrlttht, told Supiente Court Jlllllce Pell
di'llmi .vcsteidai thai nlthmii.ii tier formic
Imshanil was a wllness lu ihe trial of
the dlioice suit and testllbd that slut
was his wife, he now mains an alll
daiil lu London that Im was nevei mac-l
I h-il to her and thai her divorce was nli-
tallied by fiauil,
Mis, Mc,ellau has brouttht suit aitallist
her fnimer husbmul In l.ondou, where Im
lives, to lecnici unpaid alimony at thn
rate of Jin n week, When .Mcl.ellati
made his uilldatit hi' that suit ileiiylntc
his niaiiiaMo lu r iittorneyH sent a cone
of tin
.New. A ill k deciee tn l.ondou as
Then it was dlscoien.d fm thn
ilrst time that alf1ftUKh Ml" Hall mariinl
.Mcl.ellan in is:i:i, Ibi'dlycirc" decicn kIkiii'iI
by Justice (liloriuan states that th" mar
rliiK" occuired In lli'm. Justice 1'einllc.
toll ttianleil her petition to aniniid ,her
decree, to set forth Um concct dto.
Tli Soul of Music in I'iiiicit's
Movi'ini'iit mill
(Mhi'r Ciinihli' hinn'ci'i tlil
the Klijox incut of the
Vniu I'.hIiuvh ri'tunird nli-rda to
the flaK" of tin' M.'trotiolitnti ("'r.l
lloiici" nnil th" Inrai- .uidlmiii" wlih'h
'Rici'tnt 'n't- in l hi1 ii flfi noon and ru-nniK-lo.ilUcd
that mini! hiT ih o utill.' t'a'
'of 'hat thrall.' Ii.it i (! 'noti h.o
114t1.1l Othi-r and fainoiM ilanioK lim
lici'li thou' and it lint cfvinoil til tin' ah
Mfnrr of tin- fniitilMtrly ImimliiatlM' and
iioi'th- iialiul lint lieu oot tin- l.il!f
j ypfterday iik If then' inlBht la" In th"
rwolltctlon hihiip i'.ittiriitloti of her
' nnlqiii- ill. inn and .'tlll Hut Hint tlioualit .
van illli'tcd tho iiilinit" Oi" ItiifHlnn pri'-
1 tnirri' utipinri'd on tla- .il.iK'' and with
M NnvlhotT d.inciil the upi-nli.tr lihraci'i'
of a Chopin niM-turm Tinly l'.ilnu.t
1 H liiriiiiipafAliUv i
'o olln-r woman vii-i liatiflatnl tin- 1
'onl of mii-di Into iiioii-iiii'iit and poe.
niaili' lin.iKlnatioii m il portry npp.-al to
Hi., i'.vh thimittli unn-i- of jitlon anil
In-jiity of (.Ktiiir ns sh.' loii Hit ti li- i
nli nl farlllt iifii'i in-i'ini to mrw any
odn-r purioi' than lni- art Ali n- vlr
tuolt for lt onii !nkf tt not notm-d I
Tin- i oti!iiM of ni"tf In htm :H dltrlitil
tics pi-i'iii'. to halt' lifi't inn. H id. o
null' ii".-!. it- i linn'. ..I k i f'-i-timi tit:
. nr.. in h. r il.iiii'lnu um 'ook Im-ioikI
tlinl.alit.lll of tli'l alt If ili'l.'1!' .11 Hi-
i. iiiollun.il ii.'i-'ioii I'm it . ill'
nil Hi.! ri'vidatitm of : rar. iinl po'tn
Piltlir. that lhl! inil'ini- altlpt otti 11.
nililltlm. in i ..r thitiK i ! m thi woild
that ,1111 nihil Lin. i r of tn-r llni" h.o ,
l.ri-n alii.' te KUi' tin- pnl'll'- It m.i "
omt" iiomlhli- loi a halli t Klrl to la n
pni't and not tin In i pri-Hsloi. Ii any
otlinr nifanp that llio. hahltitallv i-m- .
I tiidj i-O Ii. Iii-i art
t'hnsr of
Her rt.
il .mil
w nlulel eil
at mole
null see
I 1 1 1 1 1 ; x of
thin eei M'sierna) the siihtb
ondai n.iu.-e wlm h i onies ii- tin
I'tery ehibillun ot .Mine
It l a" II she were iun.
I 'n Iowa's skill.
ti d toi V secomi
h tin tinner of Apollo, win leaclied ilown
a't the swiftest m misl dilllcult or mo-l
; Riaceftil minute of ber tllt;ht that the
! world mlKhl u.me at is ease lor Ihe
spare of a -oiid at this dlilnlty ot fhe
dance and lose no ti.ne of the itussaKe
!of beauti which she brinus. In hir duet
'with M Novlkoff In the "FantaUle Oneii
tale" ami in In i solo wall. In "I'm
Soiree rie Iialiee." this tr.itt of her dam -Im;
dellKhttd the spectatnrs Tin re-W
a second of hesitation which expresses
as nunc nf her other i haracterlstks the
Irresistible perfection of its beauty As
the Unlit centres on one fact of a- iiiin
when It is for a iioinl statlnnary. so
this eloquent pans" of Mine. Pavlowa re
cals tin deep, si bcautlis of her art lo
the public.
Thetn was no nppoi mint j to exhibit
iimoim her tnuts de forces the baftllmt
backward step which u--d to come alwijs
,.l the end of the first ait or "Coppelta."
but her tnastcii oi the h.n ku ard tin ii
Willi the irre-istlble Klatne over the
m oiihler was ns wninbriul .i ever The
nunc of thy Hist number "I'm- Snitie de
rmnsc. ' was fiom the ompmltlons of
Chopin, so the audience saw her In the
customary full skirts nf white tulle,
Ioukit than those worn by most dancers.
It was her exquisite danctnsr which alone
appealed to the audience here Hut In
"Fr.ntalsie Orleiitale," theie was a de. per
draniatle sltrnltlcanie In all she did, as she
was the (Jrlent.it enchantress and there
was somi suit of action In the episode
To Chopin' .Millie.
Hut i-l "I'm .-oi.ee ii. Jims.' .1 Was all
ilnneliiK fur the sake ol it beautiful S'H
Aval pt a li.n kiSiomvl of blui wreet! trees.
1 seen as If in a m M ti.it l.n ou r the
whole st.me, the bailing tlk-uies in the
inrluus dances (hinted "irlj In then wb ie
tlllle lllesns A dillia'te Jillow Inztll
i.nihe.l tho stai:e and .nhled effectlieli to
the lack of rmlltj In th" scene The
wlni:s win the stllT. artltlelal looklnt: ire. s
'of Ihe same kind that crew in the b.i.-i.
ttrnnnd Tin-re was ine same laninin
blend of realltj and fantasi in the
eiiMiim.". which vaind from the connn
tioii.il balb'l tulle to the hiKlilj colored
satin dresses of the wonieii who dano-d in
the isllonalse ll.-le tile note ll US llllotluh
oul lirlc and possiblj ioetic
Hut the "I irleiitale." as it has been
more hi'lellj lulled, was an altnuethei
difi'eicnt matter, l.eo.i llakst had ib
slta.cd the scelleil .mo lostmucs An
.0. baiitnss lai In wait like a spiil.f for
Ihe beautiful knicht whom she xp.-'li'd
Mm. Pailiiua. IjlliK hlKh "ii the dliaii
aboie the warriors and limners, the hand
maidens and the slan -., burned and sIkIh-iI
In her Iniiiioblb eloqii. ni e as liiiiicsiicli
as if she bad shouted her nasunn The
hai kitiound. fiom a (lu-slan ..feller alter
ll.lksfs ilc-IKII. sliow.il the Intel lor ol' ill
Ai'ihian palace of sonic fain If til kind The
preialbliu' i nlors ol the h.n kviuund weie ..
vellow without brillimici, ornamented
with black and d.uk blue ThrotiL-h th"
open wlndws one sensed the in Id blue of
a sky that inner was on laud or in Um
llakst paints to Indiiate a state of tin
.niotloiii and not the accuracies of ati m
The feelliq; of this .ibmle nf the
chantre-s wiii well inoiiuh earned m.i
In the sum. Willi It- peispectlie -o itn
cuiiiproilii-lliKly painted on the back ill' i
and the a. ml. on the sen-e of smell lio
the Miiokini; bia.lei to add Its help. Mn.
Pail'iwns nilimtu: was It xprcssnin i
a saume and detct mini d ii.issl.iii wbhli
seemed i-caiiely pn. ibb m ,1s pnwii' in
one who ippeaiH tn lend at hel happies'
111 scenes of tnlltlc beauti ill p'llt
rluip-nilj- lint tin I was a SlaWc i i uetti
llbnllt the Indication nf llel lelelltless loin
lor the knli.-ht who linked nu .mil de
purtid in tililiupli, wailnu Ins smnal- of
vlctiuy 1 1 nni the slips as lie mutinied
to the 'Mn til .until Th i her de-pal'
Purchnsed Direct fiom the
he r Hpparcnt. Son of
arl of eianwilliam
With the especial permission nf the
British Government, are now exhibited
anil Oflrrrd for Sale by
in the State Apartments nt
This collection, formed in the XVIII.
Century olid never Iteforc out of the
Mnn3ion, comprises Objects of Art
which for excel nnythinu of the kind
ever set n in any muscuni,
Kniufi a nil I mll'i ('Man,
old Mlier
I'rrnrli and i:null. t I'urnllurr
Eihibition To-day and Daily Until 10 P. M.
and thi; ilfnol.illon of tier itrlcf were
Kraplilcally Indloiit.'d. Hut in nplte of
tin- plastlnlly anil xltrnlflratire of hrr
inlmliiR, tin' (ira R-ri'i'ii ltnnh of lirr body
mi nlii' twlrli-d In lln- iirini of lhi KtilRhl
win In lt swift iiml qlowlni? tnowmrnt
i morn lii'iiiillful llnin miythlntr ,Ip In Hi
" h-li'iitulr "
Tin- Other Ilancen.
Mini'. I'nvlnwii'K datii'utH iiri- rapahli
mid youthful, mid arc to a ilrRref fiitnlllm
in their lotikH. Them In nlxitit all they
iln a Mm- ni'tino of enjoyment for Itn own
siiki- and rmvir n stttiKCfitlon of the per
fnni'tor pfrforiiianci' of a ilirt.v. f.nlK
N'ovllmrT Im an l Arnlli-nt rluncrr, mill tn
Dili I'oittiniH of thn knlKlit Ii HUllli-lmitly
linporiliit; to explain the ilrnpalr nf the
tn'liiiiitrcK!., Ills teolinlral equipment In of
a liltth order lln In lnrkhiK In th limadth
of styln ilntrnetrrli'tlc nf Mlknll Mordkin.
who wan perhnpn to lie dlMlnmilnhed from
oIIiit inrn daneeri liy the nobility of hi
uiMni'" mid pomn. It In unfortunate
that the miiilr ootild not hrtv hen tnoip
Millfni'torlly inridi'ted. Tblfi wan
pi'dally notleeabli) In the "OrlMitale, '
when the mtinle wan bv Klmakl-Korim-ItnlT,
Seioff and MoiinotKikl, The matinee
lonclitileil with the fiinmti b.nu'.lmriale or
In nddltlon in the mWiv'ilniieiiua dnin
inn. In the .."pliiK Tim Musth Klute
liillt hi IhIro aid ,i.i t'reltjdeV ut
l.it nw d.n.ri'il
in riiiiman .ludae. to Hr lure
ote, HrKl'tered Avaln. ,
Tliuuus J jLnt!, Xi) yearn old, of Hi i
West Fifteenth stteet, went Into the place j
of reglatry in the eighteenth Election dlv ;
trict of the Tlfth Assembly dtatrict. In!
which he lhes, and reKisteioil tin tvtobei
Is. forKetlina that he had already reels ,
lend a week before When the double
i eKistiatnai wiii d!"cnverei! a warrnu:
wis lsned foi ,ludi;e s ,irict and he'
laied Magistrate Harlow hi the Jefferson
.Market court .lenterdav charced Willi
vlolntiim the elfi'tlon laws.
.IiiiIkc " lid he had been drlhkltn; on '
Hilobir II and didn't Itnow- thn' he had '
1-emMc'ed Whe'i the final dnv of reel
I .ll .ir i-a.lie i ll.ltelleil tn M hi" n.itpe
ii: -in- ben i i.i a- -o be --ire nf the r'un
'i. ..ii
'In. Mak:-.'.'.!!!' In Id turn ,n Viim ha.
' i . In a i nist tii-tnor row
MjHisti ati Harlow ni u.e .1 elf er .-i ir, .
Mat kit "'ii:-i ssued tw-ciiti w.irnuils tin
lilies'. ! i II.-k.i I n trlstratlnn Miteida anil
M.iKlstraie lliirbei-t 111 the .West .Sine
nu! t i iKhteen None of these watrants, .
it was sa.d was liiii'l on the (iaveaan ,
dee spin I
, tlelx I nlej ijm-iii nnd ealerii Hall
I i H tn I llllr.
I.". M" . .Vol' - mciRer m
mlMii !J1,. "ail. 'um between the Illinois
Tr U-turn Ci.nipaii:. . lictlet known a th" '
Mi Klfdex Si stem, and the Western P.all
1 nai- and I.lL-ht Company, which operate"
public utllitbs In tiiativ Illinois, Missouri
! and K.inn citii. is on the point f,f
' Im'U.k itTeifrd. it was announced tn-d.iv '
hi the board of dlriTtors of th" faction
nii'paiij '
The Illinois Comp.inx has cnnnrn.l ,
i -in k oiit.-t.itulliiir IS "inti.tnij and pre-f.-iied
of il.v:a.:oi1. The Western Com
p.mi las 4..'2l,Si"i enmmon stock and
I $ J.I fit. i)in pref-rred. The Western' 'hi'-.
, pioin-e'v I- ihe Chlcatio. (Mtawa apd
Il'.'.irla Kallwav nhlrli operates an ibi
trie line in; nulis lonn from Prlncilon
, to Johel III., is with brandies from
jntta va to Streater. and from Sprint: Vnl
' 1. in l.nd'l, totallmi: ilxte. n rnlbs
lie Xeuleels in Take (lie llrtirr
tlaii. mill III rret llesnlla.
Pnrf i -second str.it In the drand Cra
ft. ll Station district was Ju-t iirttlnK set
tled this morniut: for a pood rest before
. Iietfon daj wl"ti a Jount: man tOBgeil
out in his best ..lenlnc clothes broke the,
pi. ii. hi (omm.inili erlut; a hansom rah
that -tood In front of thn Hot"! Man
Tin- cat. Inc. Th. inns ('.artlaiul. was out 1
nf the In ix when the disturber Jum-d
in'. i the Inch pilch and told the burse
t. ce' biisj Then was u jell as the cab
.V.! hnre mil mall made speed tnwaril
I'lft'i avi uu. . .irelnl the pic cop and '
, 'mi ited norih on the a venue At l'orti
l.'Uitli stieii thei.. was n slight trallli !
jam that al.. II-. lll -llilm' lints tile
. h-.ii. e of rnptiiri
lluls.. and i.ili and man went to lie
Cast KiftJ -first stn-.-t station, where
i !.u tl. mil hi-l-ied that his fare be held
foi crand hire in The man said lie wa
Calm! W'. kware. ,i bmkei- once of Seattle,
but f a the last two jear- a Kin-st at tin
llot- i ,M, lull, HI. in
W.. kw.i'-e- tbiR. i piluts were taken
i'd then he wis ..inducted to the bc.i
' 1' tin K.i-' Plff--fli-t street station ha
So :
luiuiiHi.i n mix i:itii.i-:xu;. r.
$2.00 Value $3.50.
Elctant Chiiilmas oi ll edding Gijt.
lor this Hunginc l!uket, made of
solid brass; hiRhl polished; tilled unh
an assnrtmcni of hne ferns and flnwers.
made of linen, chemically prepared
14 illi'lll'
Oilier haruains in I'urniluri', I arptis.
Iluii-cfurni-hinu d'oods, etc.
(iranil Itapids Fiiriiiltirc antl SelliiiK
Aucnls for Kiirpciis nt Low Prices.
lining liuslncss 711 Years
(lit loriiiT .Mjrllc Avenue and
llriduc Street.
Cut this mil und send $1 with it,
Vt'e will send ou Basket with flowers.
This is it bona tide offer the loss
heini: churned to ndvenisinR. The
rerniation of the Mason house is
siifHcU-nt Kiiaruntce that the basket
will be sent as advertised by Parrels
Vost free.
II II U niches
Tihie Gtore wail .be dosed
H. Allman Sc (Sn.
jii8:vt efieciledi cderssave reductions in i.io
prices of Women's Buaglh-costt Trimmed Oils.!",
imcludimg Paris modeSs ss vcU as des5grio
originated a mi the estnbilasSiimeiniil.
rtn offering for to-morrow ( Wednicadsiy),
3rt the MiMinery Department on the Tfoiirc
F5oor, wiBJ consiet of a raumiber of
TirSmmrniedl Velvet ainid Pflush Uiats
irj smiftrt, effective styBes for Amtumin ano
Winter wear, at the great!y reduced price
of $3 2.00
Women's Coats and Wraps,
botHi Foreign and Amer-can Made
ere now being shown at very considlcrahii"
reductions from former prices.
fne assortment comprises Outer Oarr-.e'
s.depted for all occasions and in lihe irjfj.'cs
ityJes and materjais, many being; trifim amy,
with fur. The foOowjirsg are among the re--"rarkabie
price conccisiOns to be noited:
'Zcats and Wraps of pllush, brocaded vc3oiu"
and heavy poie fabrics, origanaOy 31 SOi;
to SS45.00, reduced to $85 (',
Afternoon' Sind Evening Coats nl V7rap a;"
rich materials, including brocaites and aii-?':-'
duvetyn, origtnaiiy $165.00 to 225.00, rediii-e-i
io .... $125.00 to 175.00
ASsa a number of nai'jdsome imported '.o-ie!
Coats itnd Vraps at greatly reduced prrie.;.
Other SaSes ior to-morrov ( Wednesday )
will be as follows:
A Very Unmsyafl OtftferoEng oi?
BBack Peau de Soorfis
high fiustre, spot-proof 'finash.), heretofore
2old ei 33.50 per yard, at the special price
of $8.85
This is a fabric of equasiieliy auopSe texture,
especiaiSy suitable for smart afternoon govr.s
And suits, and has been adopted by many of
ihe Scading Parisian couturiers ihte season
in preference to broadcloth.
Women's Blouses
of crepCi chiffon ana jace4 m senerv.;on
of this season's models, about to jc. ".srora
tanued, wiSS be placed on sale at
$4.25, 6.50, 9.0 and 13.81
these aeing: onsiderabi-y beovv t'me 'CustD'Ti
cry prices.
Women's Knitted Underwear
vr'iH afford unusuatiy t-ood valuer
.it the fo8 Sowing prices :
Jwisi r:i'ii!Deo w.nticiiiii vests, hansi-rir L . 'e
.Ribbed Cotton Combiatauira Suits (vtih cjose
Stting or lace-trimrned wide pantaJon), edges
unished with hana-rrochet
?.vfiss iPJirbei! Cotton'CO'tYEinati'Oin 3uil ic5os;?-
Titting pantaton), ar'-d-crio 'net tup, at ll.l'j
The regullar stock of true' Vu a nr, 'Km '.' '
underwear iD'epartment "ornprases a corrpte ;
assortment of Vests, Combination Siu,.iu,
Bloomers and TsgEnts, in all the dorrr
qualities and in seasonaofie weights; s.ia- a-'
attractiive selection off novelties in Silk
dergarments, including Mouscjuetaire .a - -Lace
- trammed, Ankle - length Bloomer,
Knicker Skirts and Knacker Combinatit
Oarmcnts, all off which are designed espe
cially to accord with the prcson-l fa?"-iir5
this day (IS tec it eon Pay
at AS:.
it 7

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