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Fair to-day and to-ni
ate west
and north;
Detailed weather report fill
page IJ.
NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 5. 1913. Oi.-nv.f. bV tu .,. rnitti.nr r.-ttw.t a-toci-m.,.
(STttrflMR. I
be fed
3 '-in. f
1Jriiii Denial Hnsed mi
lerpve.a.inn of "Wonl
Wihon May JMucp Kntiiv!
I Mexican Situation 15c
I'oi'c (Itmii'ro.sx.
Spvpii I'. S. Itiilllcships Will
llfiiniin Indefinitely in
Mexican Witters;.
Wj-h m.thN. Nov. 4. Muih nl.um is
being fc-lt id til" liiitkiiiJ Capital to-night
nu' the latest development In the Mexl-
. ' situation
There is tin doubt hole that Pi Mill-
t lluutii lias received a fresh
n . J. f i nitt this Oovernment that It
expects him to eliminate himself from
the pnxiit situation and that this om
HUt.irat'on Is couched 111 latiKU.it?!' forceful
erougii to convince him that this Oovern-m-t
U now Intensely earnest In Its df-rraml-
It is believed lu re too that the t'nltcd
States Government has gone so far h to1,
-'vi- pre.-Ubnt llucrta to understand th,it I
fin namltiK of 'len. Hlanquet as President
would not acceptable to this Coxcrn
ncnt. While Secretary Hryan and other
.itials of the State Department main-
a r.cd a dms" silence I'l reward to the
etiiracter of the representations tint have
r op made to llui-rta, the belief here is
i iat t ip' took the form of a sharp In
. ,i.i as to uheu this Oovernment might
xpect Ilurrta to fulllll the pledges and
ri sen hu made before the election
seuuaix. Hi' au's statement that theie
ixas no ultimatum is or course aceepieu
f.f t llllt It Is lullexcd th" liovern-
mnt otlii-ials In their deniaN hr.ve In en
splitting hairs er.v finely. Kverylsnly lure ,
al'zes that deiiianils made ly the I nlted
states upon llucrta now will !' effective
only in so far as they may carry an im
plied threat of force, and the Mexican
President has glxcii 1i evidence ili to
tins as to being unable to read between
the lines.
I Srrloo.
While no definite stutement was comlm
from the State I cpartment In regard to
this i ioveriuiRiit's policy, the situation
now confronting tlm fnited States was
cliaraclerliiil by one uuthoriiy as "ery
herloun." The llUellhiKsl Is that unless
"Tiuerta yields to the latest represent,
imns of this (iovernnient President Wil
son will lay the entire Mexican situation
iranklv before Centres-. Such a course
i an lie for only one purpose and that is
to llow foiiKress to decide whether the
L'niteil Stales should talte drastic steps In
Mexico. '
C-pardlos of Sceretnry llryan's silence
on the policy of this Government tho Im
pression prevailed In diplomatic and Gov
ernmental circles to-day that the next
I" rec days .will wUhcjm a climax In the
Melcau situation and that this tJovein
ment then will proclaim Its policy to the
The view expressed here to-day is that
1 he State Department Ih greatly desirous
oT KeepinR lis latest niovo in uie aiexi
tan situation a secret. Such a cour.-e
would have Klven Huerta and his follow-
rs an opportunity to yield to the I'nlted
st tea demand for their self-effacement
hout so much personal embarrassment, i
1 have undo It u rule not to discus:!
i icpaixer report concernlns Interna- ,
mn.il matters." said Jlr. Bryan, "but the j
iture of the despatches from Mexico
ils morning surest a departure from
i he rule at this time. No ultimatum has
wi n fen', to Mexico and It Is unfortunate
hat the press should give credence to
sin li a report. The harm done by specu
lations or even Inaccuracies in regnrd to
dnnumic questions is limited because the
people are acquainted with the sublect
and can mufce allowances, but as mis
rtatements In resard to International mat
ters may lead to serious consequences 1
f cl justified In making the above denial."
An analysis of Mr. Bryan's pronounce-
older) denying anything except that "an
U.tlllUllMIII nu, ,1, fnvttnu,
The Secretary of State after making
ills formal dental to-day took occasion to,
i jinmunlcate with the diplomatic repre
sentfttlvis of all the foreign Governments,
thing them In substance a denial of the
.Mexico city despatches that an ultimatum
mid been delivered.
even Battleship ta Remain.
Further substantiation of published
atcmcnts that tho Government is pre
l irlns for possible c-entua!ltlei was ob
1 i tied at the Navy Department to-day.
There are at present In Mexican waters
i the Oulf side three battleships, th
'1 -h.Kan, New Hampshire and Louisiana.
' 'ie battleship! Virginia, Nebraska, New
i sty and Ithode Inland arc on their
i o to the Gulf.
n.-ui originally announced that the
lie of this squadron of four win to
eve the three battleships now dnlm;
nd duty. It w.is learned to-duy that
e "even ships will remuin In the (lulf of
' xico Indefinitely, They are under the
miand of Itcar Admiral Fletcher. Tleirl
eiiienbi to and fro letween the ports
' xli'Mio and (lalvcston will be under the
rse of Admiral Kletcher. From lime
n" one ship may run up to Oalvesion
'it that the bluejackets und marines.
1, ix e a few days of shore If live, suet,
i obviously lnis)islblo on the Mexican
' Hut the new squadron of four will
l" 1 originally Intended, relieve llm
thin. I Mttlishlps now in service. It will
"U e t It,
Tha eru'sers mid minor slilis on the
an n!Je of Mexico hao iccelvcd
'b tioiu tlm Navy Department unit
'" i isviil will iciiialn as they are.
' w ' si en from the fougulng ar-
PtWMMKd an Btventh I'agi,
The first qiiftloii put to Mayor
rlrrl .Mltrhel when lie learhrd fusion :
headquarters last night was:
"What are you going to do to oust
"What I have always said I would
do." he replied. "I shall not recos
nie lilm. I shall do my best to put
him nut of business.
"I'm happy, gloriously happy, not
for personal victory but herause of
the ehanre to give New York a clean
and efficient government. My asso
ciates are elected and I am only
sorry they did not poll as many votes
i us I did."
Charles K. .Murphy made this
statement on the result of the elec
tion at l:4.- o'clock last night:
i "The result speaks for Itself. . Mr.
.Milrlicl has been elected hy a ma
jority of the voters. His opponents
join in the wish that he may have a
successful administration and hope
that it will be of substantial beneflt
1 1 to our city."
The statement was made through
Thomas F. Smith, secretary of Tam
many Hall.
ported Where National I
sues Were Involved.
New Jersey and MtiMielitiett
Furnished Main Tests of
hemocratie Power.
Demiioiatx suffered no vgmtlcmt
In the elections throughout the
eountrx x,tirday and won decldid vie-'
toiies in the two flchts In which an lMi"
was made on the WIKon Administration
Ni v.' Jersey and Maryland.
The Itepubllrans made slipht local
gains, while the Prouresslxe party did j
not come up to the expectations of Its '
managers in any section. J
.James K. 1'ielder was elected Governor ,
of New Jersey owr ex-Cox'. Stokes. !! '
publican, while 'olb. Piogiesive nom-1
liiee. 'a as a bad third Fielder's plurality t
will be fiom lO.nnii to 15, iir0. ,
iMVid I. Wlllsll. llemoerilt, wa elecfed
floveiiior of .Massachusetts by u good
mirgln over Ills thrfe nppoiieuts. fharles '
i Sumner Itlrd, the candidate upon whom i
I ProgresslX'i ci Hired ihell powei, lan sec
' oud.
I.rr'a lelorj In Xar;lanU. I
lilalr 1-e lieiinielatle eandlilale fm the
fnited StMtes Senate, running upon a
straight national Issu-. swept Maryland,
according to the latest lepoits fiom Haiti-'
mote. Charles I", Co.nl y, Iienmciat. was;
ele,'ted to Congiess. The Itepubllcans tan
s.Mond In Maryland, all figures indicating'
i tremendous falling off In the Piogres-l
Hive ote. It Is estimated that It will not
be x r cent of last year.
Fusion was ilefeatid In Philadelphia
Indications ate that a straight Id-publican
ticket lias swept the ctt, and onl.x In the
t longest of the Independent dlsttlets has
the combined opposition, bil by Progies
sive leadets, been able to save an occa
sional Councilman.
Joseph t. Arnistiong, the candidate of
the Oliver-Pennine Ibputillcans In Pitts
burg, was i b eted Major, according to the
late returns, over Itepreseiitatlxe S. (!
Porter, who wan backed by Major M.igee
and William Fllnn. ArmstronRs election
Is claimed by about 1,000.
The Democrats won a straightout vic
tory In Louisville, Ky with nuschrmcyer
for Major. Wood Axtou, Progresslw
candidate, went down to defeat by .",000
The Progressives showed little strength
In Louisville and almost none In the State.
ill,' I IWI'II II!" IIIU,-,, Ul III." ,'U,I'I
jdace. Women had a chance to vote in
certain sections of the fUute on a school
bond isxue, but few availed themselves of
tho privilege.
Hrand Whltloc pefeatril.
Prom Ohio aine despatches saying
Rrand Whltlock's candidate for Mayor of
Toledo was defeated by Carl Keller, Re
publican. Meagre, despatches from
other cities Indicate that tho Re
publicans are ugaiu In second place,
making all gains that were made over
the Democrats
Democrats were geneinlly successful In
the Indiana elections, while the Progres
sives received crushing defeats wherever
they failed to combine, with the Itepubll
cans In local elections,
Democratic Mayors weie elected or re
elected In the cities of Indianapolis, Kvans
villi. Munelc, Cr.-rwfoidsvllle mid other
Important centres. In Munch-, where the
Progressives h id a scpai'ite ticket of their
own because of last year's showing, they
I an n very bad third.
In New York the Piosicslve vote, did
l not show up well In the Ktata elections,
but In local contests they showed sur-
' nrisiiig strength. .Some Piogresslve can-
' dldates achieved success by having fusion
1 slippoit. liiHiiffalothePrngreHslvrslie.il
j the l(viubllrat! In th-x Mayoralty lUht.
Leaders MncoaraBeil on lleeelpl
liiroiunlele I'lsmre..
I.endeis of the Socialist party after In-
complete letnis had been recelveu at tne
Labor Temple. 24" Hnst Klghty-fourth
street, declared that the Socialist party,
nil things considered, was gaining ground.
In n report made by Isaac Sachem of
the law committee It xvus staled that Ihe
Socialist watcheis were driven from the
polling places at h ICssex street In the
Klghtli Assinbl) district and at I Ok
Henry stieet In the Seventh.
i 1 1 1. ! Ia mad rttl(lnua t
mbTAimoiStA Btliai.-At.
Sit, in Hour of 'I riiiiiipli.
He'll Not Hi'iomiize Pliief
nt City Hall.
, .... . .
j "
Defeated Kivnl o He kM
Aid in Currying Out Hnpiil
Transit Plnns.
Mai oi -elect Mltcliel receneil 1 1 e re
turns at his apartment In the Peier Stuy
vesant, at Riverside Drive and Ninety
eighth street. With Mrs. Mitdiel lie en
tertained a dozen cloe friends nt a
dinner patty, and between the cmirsfs
they listened to the reports t reel veil over
the tclegtapli wire that had been Installed
In the apartment.
Anions the gue.ts of Mr. and Mrs.
Mltchel xvc.fi. Mr. Mitdiel's law partner,
CeoiKe V MuU.ni; Mrs
Mullan. Dudley
l'leld Malone, the Third Vsslstaut Seen
tary of State; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kel
logg. H. De N. Cruger, George II. Hell,
l.amiir llardj, Cecil lltoxvnlnw, Henry
llnieie and Attliiir II. Woods,
After the dinner theie weie other call
en., and the ti'lephnui rang Incf ssatitlv
as people called up to congratulate or
elve news.
Occasionally Then the returns were
loiv the sprightly and cinus-cilc Air. Ma
lone did soiiio telephoning that hustled
the tabulators at the fusion headquarters.
l.'iom the Ilist Mr. Mltchel was pet-
j ftctly conlldent of election.
He told his
fi lends that lie hadn't permitted hlms.lf
a neivous menu lit over his oxvn chances,
but lie was worried ovi t the outlook for
th- rest of the ticket.
I'ntll he reticbed the fusion headquar
ters ill the Fifth Avenue Hulldlug at t.',il
P., M. he xxas prelt.x" much In the dark as
to hoxv Mr. McAnetiy and Mr Prendi r.
gast xvcro ruunltig.
Heiniesli xvere m.idi to ilm early In the
evening for a statement, but lie lesltat d
until thei was no doubt that tlieie could
ehange In the result. Then he
ninw in ii t TwxmmMwuimrTr mm
d . tat. d a short statement as he walked
back a "1 fm th in his studs
I lis siateint tit v, as :
' Tile Mliceie p. I'sollal gratifl. ation I fe.()
i I.mpete.l In nix sen-e of deep re.pon
Isib.litv to it'x f How e 'lien- Th.s N not
a iei-.iri,i fiinuiili, !u a ictory for th-'
caui' of '.nod - n eminent.
' I sliill be M lyor for all the people of
New Voi it and not for any fiction, dl.
x . 1 1 ii oi pait.
"I naxe out oi:e ambiiton. ind that I? to
ir.xr-i. N ' i YurU c:iy the mat governed
auitii 'ipjl'tv ,ii Ann rica
"To .liidu Mcl.'all I i.xteiel my slneoic
peisonul sieetnigs. He has i-ap'd the
x n irlxx Ind and suffered the otisniueiices
of Pio Into!, rable luiid'.tlons of a niirup!
machine and le'iderslnp.
'Tlie campalgii and lis in.': lent? ate
now historical and an Mayor I iiall in
vito the cooperation of Judge McC.il! at
ciialmi.ni of the PuIiII.t Serxiie Cotumls.
!on in tarrying out the plani for rapid
tianslt In the it y.
"To every man who a olllcer, snjd'.er In
the ranks or o:'i::eit h.n shen of i s heart
and sen ico to tb's IU1". 1 epres uiv
nainic. siatiiude. Hut the tight for ood
sovernmetit haw Jmt begun and I a?!; f.r
the militant cuopcrat'on of nveiy iitlsen
fur Its complete Hccompllt'.un"Ut
"John Pi-nttev Mtreiihi. '
Kmliiirrnssea lies. Mlleliel,
Mi. Mltchel w.t nillie. emliar.as-ed
th suddi n l'lomibence ill o vx ha h she was
thrust. Half a dozen young women re
norters called lier hv tilinne n- sent notes
... .. ,,,,,. i.,.. ., ... . .ov, s ,, all
siirtii of things where she got her go.xin,
what she Hked to eat. what oit of an an
toniohiln si-., picfenid and xxlmthi r or nm
siie bdlex'ed In votes fo' xx'oiiii:i H"r
gue-t" ' huffed lief a little.
Then' ts no denionstr.illiin of an.x so:-,
ni fi"l t of the apartment li'inre xxliele
lo:ir. m or-iect lives, xxnfii air. .xiiinuei
I left Ille house at '. :M P .11. with Mr.
Mab'tie. -Mr. Hell, Mr. Woods and other-.
iv was coniMatulatril by the emplojees of.
the apartment house.
He got In hlo lluioiislro xxlth Ills friends
.....l ...,li. a.m'M ltto.ulxeiiv noil Tenth nve.
nue to Txx. nty-thlrd st.eJt and then turned
ea-t to I.-lfP. avenue and the fusion head -
opiiiiei " .None a ong t ie way knew tli.it
tin. next Muxor of New York was pass us
.,,,.1 k.i i here xvas no cheethig.
.Mr. Mlleliel got Ihe cheeis when lu!
.I'teied hN lieadiuaiter on tie. ninth ilonrl
of 'he I'lfVa A-'epuc Hulldlng I
Tmii.i mo o, tiioie men and xvomeii
1 .eci i tig tile n t" ll id liiev
a K eat lo do ivc tin .xla nr-elcct
I'sie .', ntlxei'llM'ini'iil huulliein ltillw.iv
I Afla!
nanU Sverlsl. 4at.
ioxed in the doorway usden
'. hi pirsotial (auipaisi. maii-
-S i.a.or .lai".n S.ixe a'.d
'.Ik h.indf ulth !i in and toi.l
Mm that ..e e. i- i winner ir T..,oui
that hi" :!. ici. i;i s on the fn on
xx oulil pull t!i:oi;-;li
"Thnt's - be t ii, as ,.r M,e p got,
h" said ".:o xo'.l u: e t -, : Mc netr
ami liind'MK.is' ;ire af?
"Thex'te ganir.g r'sl t a'oug. ' said
Saxe. "W.. Mguie ;r.e i. n'l'i'H el''ted."
Al'. M t liel cot allied by half a
do.-ui f lei.d" int to ihe I'tis.itti lie'd-
(planers on tne fifth ...' He g it i
founds of clue -lug th-'e and ua- caied
on for a s;i-ccli, but h's tli.oat is. in
li.i'l cotlditioll 'lld he In ggeii off
Mavor lx"':ne uriived at 1" P M and
tongratulaled Ml M 'clvi heat My.
"You ee, the fiepubl i alls were local,"
sa d the .Mayor. "You liaxe given to
T.nnm:ui.v Ihe worst licking the old tiger
ever got "
in !'
I p. siate ote lor I om'l of
.Indues Oils Werner.
Iteturm fiom fm iy-llve of ihe llflv-S' sen
ilp-Stal" (ountl'S, slanvlns a plurality of
I x.oi.u for William K. Wernei. the Hepuli
lic.iu ii'mlhlatc for Chh f Judge of the
,ui'nuil of Appeals inilicateil that Weiinr
lillclil conn down lo The llionr. xxitli a
I:ni-:i 1 :t of i;.',.M(io and that I'lank H.
lIKcnck, the Itepublii nu ciindidaie foi
As-ociiiie .linlge of the Com t of Appeals,
bi'cailo of his ll.dipelldelice l.ctglli. in-;
iloi senient might conn, iloxxn to The I Iron:;
wllli a pluiallty of 7n,ot'o.
The last xote e,inv!ised in tin- city .
xxas foi the Court of Appeals .lailgis and'
icmpbti ixtiiilis xxeie not avallalih un
til ton .ml da; light It was estimated1
tint' .llldge AVIll.lli! Hill Hell inel.ed
"ii.ijii.i lilil.ality ill .New Yotl: couiltx The I
' "lt "'
xxas i .xpecien to iii'iog .iiinpe xxiiuei.s
tluuns 11 1 1 to xx here his big plural. ty
Statu would give him the election.
I Th" Indrpciiili nee League Vote ill
, m'' '"'"'"slis. as shown by the xole of the
1 lll'l"'.'"lnce League candidate for city
Ia..n.i.lx1l..ii , u rtflrt t I.I.. f. Hull. t
I ' ' J"' " -' ...
",l -
I"1' "r Ajiliealsi, and I'railU
of Hie Court of Appeals, and Frank II
IIiscikIi, the llcpuhllcan candidate fo.
Astucl.i!,. Judge, will g',t tills Vote, ,ts
llie'r names appear in tlie Indeinnilenco
1. iuui "iil'unn
Ileerrmil Parol snn.n;es,
Mai t ' T oi". ni Utile nil', .111,1 ii if
pi, i i a lis i- x r taslid rff cl viiiuaiie ua
1 1'... xou liuxc tiled ILcui, Ui'xaicof Imitations,
XX hen hi
I. Mi"
a gi r .
The New Board of Estimate
Be Almost Solidly Anti-Tammany.
Tammany Fails Even to Keep the
Control of the Board of
Deposed Governor Goes to the As
sembly Judicial Ticket
Not Certain.
John Purroy Miichel. fuion, has len oltiuted Mayor f tlm i-ity hv
plurality of 1 11 .OOO. The vote lor Rlmmi K. McCall, Democrat, is S.'t.Hllit,
as compared with ,104,000 for Suler for Governor a year ago .nul uyirlTS fur
Ciaynor for Mayor four yeans ago.
William Sulzer lias been returned to Albany as a member of 4he Asnomblv
from the Sixth district. Aaron J, Levy, who was chairman of the board ol inann
ccrs in the Sulr.er impeachinotif proteetlinj; and tho Dcinocratic floor lender if
the Assembly, wa elected Municipal Court Justice in tho same dihtrict, de
spite the attacks mado upon him by Sulzer.
An analysis of the vote shows that the Sulzer impeachment hurt tin lMn
' cratic ticket.
Tim fusionists have tontrol of the
i ntont. riiey uIto hare control of the
is complete.
This is the new tity administration ajid the vote its members will have m
the Board of Estimate:
.fayor-.fOHX PL'RROV MITCHKL. Fuh., 3 rote.
fompt roller WIIJJAM A. PKKXDICRGA.ST, T'ti-.. n vol....
F'residont of the Ilourd of Aldermen iKtIMJK MfA.NKNV, I ns., ,t x.n.
.Maiih.iit.iti-.Unci rt M M.xmxS. Fih von-.
Hrooklyn -I.Kivm H. I'ousns, Kits 2 von s
limnx -Uoftiiaa MATiir.vso.v, Hep 1 vote
IJiieons -Maphici: K. Co.v.noij.t, Dem 1 vote
1 !!i htnond-('UAiti.i:s .1. McCokmack,
This given the fusion ticket H out of
prc.'Mit board is anti-Tammany.
Tlie members elected to the llotrd
of this fupor.
The vote for Mayor, indicating tho
muring district, i:
Queeiio. . .
Richmond. .
Miti hel over .McCall, 1 1 1 1 . '
Vr Comptroller, indicating tho Ind,peiidiiii:e La igue .strength, t,io vo'ois-
llrou . . .
Totals '.M,l!lll
rrrndei 'jast oer Met., t:,,774.
McAnenr, fusion, n elected President of "the Hoard of Alderuwu 1-v .iIhoii
.-.s,O0O plurality
'ranunany Ibis elected "'Jt of the II Aldetmen in M.iiiliatinii and Tlvi
liront 'Ihe voting strength in the lin.ud of Aldermen, unless laiei returns
alter it in a fexv elo.o districts, will be;
Moi iiii;;li ri eidenls
I'l'c.iilcut of the Hoard.
. Total- .' i;t
T.iiiiumuv his elivte.l 'in of the X, As.oinblyuten in .Miiuli.itt.in und I in
jB'onx. Aye.iragoiiele.itod.il. Of the '.' Asoniblymen in Manhattan , ind
i'liie Hi out who voted lor the itniie icluneul of Sulzer and b'tood for reelection 7
I were defeated.
1 l'hilliiu und probably C:i rdo.o, fusion, have been elected to Um Siipnuipi
!lkjurt. .Volt, Itision, defeated Foster, Tiimmiuy, for Judgo of Cietieril St -sions,
and l!iiiotn, fti-ion, has been elected a Justice of the City Cnui .
Ihis i tne new county government
SherilT l;i lirlfrnhagi'ii, Fiimoii
t'ounly iMerk William F. .Sehnelder, Fusion
Dim riit Aiioiney (bnilcs s, bit man, Fusimi.
I.'egister .lobn .1. Hopper, Fusion.
M 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 a 1 1 I'ati'icU.I. It Ionian, Tl mol by I.. Ilraly, Israel l t'ciiibeig.
lleriiian llcllcnslcin.
' 'I'n fit I In Count Hrlug Police
sili Uilllols lllnnieri.
The delay 'n the tiling of leturns from
tlie Sixth Ahseinbly district, the district
In ,' .1 evlov Stilsr). xx-as a candidu'e
for ihi An'1 nib' j Oiccil for,. Ilnirt
Tie e ,i jt'l i i vi i a,; ilitief u t i p.j ci In
Amiably dlMilct end at li lu o'dock only cued ug Mi
t four of these had made a leturn for thi'Kay.
city government and tho county noverii
Board of Aldermen. Tho Taminany rout
Dem t rote
10 votes in the Bo.trd of Oiimate,' 'I h"
of Aliiermeti are given in another pin
Htrongih of the Socialisi., with a few
Social il.
I I .-Id I
1 0.1,11. 7
Ind. I.,
l. '1,1100
.'t.4 74
at,. -us
mi ,ti-r
r.ini ."!
vote for Mayor and only one of them hsd
returned tho vote for Coitiptrollei
It xx luarmd that the dilay as In
sending the -i turns from the polling p,n s
to the pullet nation. HiudqitaiKis i ,i
wcte sept tl cm and learned ths.t .Me. s ,i
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