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Fair to-day; fair and
light to modern
Detailed weather report:
rouatfk,itfge 13.
VOL J, XXXI. NO. 67.
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1913. cop"iim. ms, w the mm vnuo ... Mmhtng A,Hnn.
Orriiniiition looses .lobs and
I'ower in City ami
Miti'licl to Name 250 Aiils
Salarics Ajxjrivfjute
----- j
One llcpiiblic'in Cnmliiltite for
Ueneh Loses: the Other,
lliscock. Wins.
Tb" defeat of Tiimnmny Is so com
pl.-tr tn the city nnil State that Charles
I Murphy anil hl.s followern will luivo i
the leiiue."t kind of plclilllfiS lii the next 1
four eni!. The late returns, Instead
of maUIni; the Tuliimiiny rout less, lm- j
pressiie. made It worse. Mr. Mltchel's j
plurality. ncrurdliiK to the llnal IlKures, .
was i:M,'.iT4. ,
.linlp- Williiul Hurtlett. the Pcmo
trallc noininee for Chief .ludKe of the'
Court of Appeals, defeated William H.
Werner, ai-curilltiR tn tl cures whicli .
nrrr mi close that William Ilanies, lie-
publican State leader; did not mltiill
the election of .ludKe Hurtlett until late'
jfsterday. l-'rank II. HIscooU. Kepubll-i
cm nominee for Associate Judge of the
Court of Appeals, wim elected.
Virtually Tammany's only hope in tli-1
gieater city is In organizing ami ad
ministering the affairs of the new county
f The Hronx. John Turroy Mitchel,
on the other hiitid, has patronage at his
disposal in 250 cunimlssionershlps, sec
retaryships mid other offices high In
tl-. iidmlulstrutlim, the annual payroll
of which amounts to more than il.OOn,
U"'i a year.
I he utter defeat of Tammany re-
mwed talk yesterday of the deposition
of Charles 1 Murphy
Theodore Douglas ltoblnson, l'rogres
s.vc State chairman, suld lust night
that the new Assembly would be antl
Uarncs and nntl-Murphy. He claims
the election of twenty-four Progressives
..nd sixteen others elected with Progres
t.ve Indorsement. Straight Kcpuhllcans
and straight Democrats, he " llil "W1' 1
have to combine In order to defeat them. ; "The advised nic to retain all the se
Mr. Mitchel would not speak of up- omities except the Waters-lier.-e stock."
Doliitiiients vesterdav. but a numher of ' said Mr. Krotdm.in. "I have found that
men slated for the major commlssloner
llps wore freely mentioned yesterday,
l'ollre Commissioner Waldo and Klro
Commissioner Johnson will be the. tVrst
to go.
Leaders In Washington, viewing the I
post-election situation, were largely of I
the opinion that President Wilson's
stand on Important questions hud been
supported ut the polls.
The New York election brought forth
the comment thnt the Administration Is
convinced that the Democratic organ!
latlon must undergo a house cleaning
and will give Its moral support to any
movement looking toward the elimina
tion of Charles F. Murphy. It was said
pretty positively that Senator O'Qor
man would not take the Tammany
Other Parties Have Kmall
From Fusion.
fter all the votes were counted and it
hs clear that Tammany for the next four
Mrs wn t,e on the outside looking In
only three small rays of hope shone upon;
.nam t .viurpny. one came rrom The i
"",""! "I? U?,rUf ,f ,QmTN'' Vo.k election".
und another from the Ilorough or Rich
mond Hut put all together they were
nut enough to pierce the night or Tarn
nwnv discomfiture.
lm l'urroy Mitchel, who said yes.
tMd .y that one' of the first things he
i'Ul'l fit his shoulder to would be the
political death of Charles F. Murphy and
'he rout of Tammany Hall its It Is at
Prmi-nt constituted, has 250 places to till.
ilh nn aggregate pay roll of a million
I 'our ji.ii ago the hope of Tammany
William J, (laynor, and the Mayor
Puved thnt it had a very flimsy founda
tion In some of the first appointments
that Mr liaynor minlo the Interests or
tin- organization were furthered, but as
l" nliiiiiilstratlein wore on he was In
clined inure and more to name men who
lid nothing whatever to do with Tain-m-'ii'
I bill. Some of them were Its
--wnl . j,, lines,
I ut T.iiiinmn.v for the lust two jenrs
had tin- rich pickings of the Sheriff's
"(flee hi mis count)', a Job which puj'H to
tin- Slurlif iii feis mid incidental charges
K'HiMhliig like $65,000 a year, besides a
vmt .nn. mnt or Incidental patronage.
Ili-sl PlekliiK In The llroni.
Tin nearest approximation to that sit
'H'l'iti this jenr Is In the new county of
Th'- llrmu, where Tammany put through
l" louutj ticket against a divided oppu
utieiii Arthur Murphy, the new leader
"f llriitiv count)', will have undisputed
""ii ii of the organization or the gov-
1 ii'-ut or thi) county of The Hronx, und
"in .'introl the patronage Incidental tii,ciiib broker $105,000. Tho remiuiiiier ot
tli' ejfTi. e the $500,000 was paid in scattering bets,
l'i Queens Maurice, Connolly, who wW 1'iobably one of the happiest winners
"'luted to tlm Presidency of the borough, was a man from New Jersey who pluced
his khoAii Independence of tlm Tuinmany several bets on Mitchel when MoCall was
' rK.ii'Udtluii. At tho time William Hulzcr a 10 to S favorite. He collected $!s,000
I'urteil his statewide fampulgn for direct , (n winnings yesterduy. Another man
yiiuuriis Connolly took his side and
' 'oi.nl In Qiu-i-ns to put through the
!' r progrsmme. When tho fusion coin
mitt ri. picking Its to nel Ida ten for the
""rough I'resiileiicleH Connolly had
Mionx riillowiiig, but thn conitulttee Bet
I'vfUiHucrf on Fourth t'age.
Bin Shv I:ciipes. White llrr FiiIIiim
rr rr Clubbed.
Special Cable lienpatcb lo Tin: 9rs. j
l.osiiMN, Nov. n. -Sjlvlu Patikhurst wai
Well enough tl) IllllltesS WM'Ml Slltflllgelte
meetings recently mill tin- police, icg.ud
lug this as proof that she was m oil enough
In lie Mt-nt liucit to Jail ttnd"r the "cat ami
mouse" art, tilril to nrn-St lirr this eve
ning. They wen1 fooled, however, for a
wllnl i. mail whom Ihry seized iib she
Was leaving Ihe house of tin- llrrliralul
l-unshiiry, formerly Member of P.irlla
inriit, proved on bring takrn to the sta
tion to lir Mr. I.anshury's daughter.
Mrnnwhlh' Mlsi Patikhurst, with the,
leader of the militant iirmy. Sir Francis .
Vnnr, nnil othcis, started to address a I
inn-ting In How. Sir Francis eonllrnird
the liitrntlon of thr militants to rata
"thr people-' a training cotps" to tight for
voted for women nnil said many army
oITIccih wolo willing to take part III th
oigutilzatlon of the suffrage army. IU
brandished a dull, which ho said he was
ic.nl to use on the hc.iil of nii)bndy
who Injure.! a woman.
After thr meeting Miss Patikhurst, sur-
I roiiiiiled by ii-niob of toimlis. left the hall.
I llrr liodyKUiirtl uttneked the poller w ho '
trlnl to urrrst her nnil a prolotiReil striiK-,
Kb- folhrneil. Many on both cUleH m-rr '
Injured. !omr belim taken to hospitals I
unconscious. Woinrn wlrlibd clubs mid
Kave mid took IiIowk. Miss Kuicrson, the
, American Kill who Is prominent in the
' sulTinue movement here, left the scene of
the Hunt with n badly Injured bead. I
Sylvia I'.inkliurst escaped
GROWS TO $4,039,226
Wealth of Widow Declared In
competent Almost Doubled
in Five Yours.
Kxpcrt testimony as to the value f
Standard (111 stock was filed In the Su-
,rc""" , c,,,rt ' n "" minting
by Andrew l-'reednniu as committee of
the property of Mrs. Ida M. Klagler. the di
vorced wife of the late Henry M. Klag
ler. Mrs. I-'l.igler was declared Incom
petent s-oine years ago and was put In
the care of Dr. Carlos V. MacHonald. Mr.
Kreedman managed property ionced to
her when Mr. l-'lagtcr got his divorce.
The estate Included '.'.lidd
shares of i
Standard Oil stock, which was exchanged i
f(,r shares In the Standard Oil subsld- ,
larlcs at the time the trust was dissolved
by the United States Supreme Court. Mr.
Kreedman asked the court's liifctructlon
as to selling or retaining Mrs. Klagler's
Standard Oil securities.
He said that he frequently consulted
with Mr. Flagler before the latter died,
and with hi" attorney. Judge Heardsley,
and that both advised him to hold tho
the company is now charging mi Increased
price for all Its products and have been
Informed that this is practically the con
dition of all the subsidiaries, which makes
it appear Unit the business must be on a
I very profitable basis.
Air, Kreedman reported that the estate
of Mrs. Klagler. which was valued at
f 3,ri3S,-l"ti In 1 POS, is now worth 4,U39,
22H. an Increase from $3,21.190 a year
ago. The Income the last year was K'.i.V
84V, and the Increased value of the estate
was J4ti;.226. Mr. Kreedman paid 2H.
S3 to Mrs. Flagler's relatives under a
court order giving them purt of her an
nual Income, and paid 40,..2l for her
maintenance during the year.
Justice Pendleton dliected Mr. Freed
mali to hold the Standard Oil stock until
the further order of the court. A special
allownnce of 1 20,000 was awarded to
Mr. Freedman In addition to $2,017 com
"Klne, Fine!" Sn T. It., HenrlnK
Itesilll In Ilueno Ayre.
Sptcial Cable luipatch to Tub Scs.
Hi'knos Amies, Nov. 5. One of the first
things asked for by Col. Itoosevelt when
lie landed here to-day from the cruiser
urut!lI,,y, ubo.iid which he made the trip
. , Mnn,pv!,,H1, ,,. ,esult of the
"Fine, flnel I am so glad!' he ex-
claimed when he he.ud the news.
As the Uruguayan crulter entered the
harbor the warships ut anchor fired
salutes and the guns In the rorts boomed
a welcome, iiiousanus m i-i.un. nn.
at the dock to cheer the distinguished
American and he was met by city otllclals,
heads of various civic organizations, the
presidents of the legislature and the
municipal council and a representative of
President It. Saenz Petia.
Col, rtooscvelt was lecelved by tho
President In the afteiuoou and on his way
to the United Statei Legation 200,000
persons cheered him. He was the guest
this evening at a banquet given by the
American colony In his honor.
$500,000 IN BETS PAID OFF.
nrnkeramr House Collects fUtin,0IO,
Snld to Ilr (or Caiifleld.
It was conservatively estimated that at
least $500,000 In bets wus paid off In the
financial district yesterday. Usually It
has been the custom to wait until the
Thursday following the election to settle
all wagers, but the last election was so
decisive that betting commissioners agreed
to pay on at once.
One Slock F.xchange houso collected
$200,000 in bets and was said to ho act
lug Tor Illchnrd Canflcld. This houso had
to pay out only $500 In lost wagers.
Fred Kchuinm paid off $120,000 and a
i Won about $14,000 in betting on Premier
' faBfi w-hile a member of tho Produce Kx
cliange oolleutud $18,000, won largely In
butting on Mltchel's plurality in Now
York county.
t I'lno licalililnl llublt, Acts on Uldiiej-s.- Ail.
Now York Jews Planniniy to
Brills Defendant in Kioff
Trial Here.
Purpose Is to SllOW tllO World
If I C 11 II I .MIIMPi"
Is ii .Myth.
In thr evrnt of his ncqliltt.il. .Mcnflel
Ilellls, thr Jew now on trial In the litis
slan cltv of KleiT. chaiKcd with the mur-
(dr, of a .hrlstlau l.y for ritualistic pur-j
pose, will be broimlit to this country In
' ' " '
"uinei -non nun h pi.tn .o .1.1.1...
I" -i1"' ' '""K to cryst.-iui7.r- senumeni in
America aK,ilnt thr treatment of Hrllln ,
mid other Jens. With him .iImi will i-ome ,
his chief nttotnej. M. 5roiienberi!. Moth
will make a tour of the eountty M (lmu
cllbem will lictuie In the Intelrst of tlv
.lewlsli cause, lellluc of tile peisecutlon of
lleilU and the motives behind It. He will
Ihaxr 11.111s on the platfoim with him.
1 While the latter is a bricklayer, unedu
cated and untrained, he may siy a few
.minis nliout hl cxpeilences,
I in thr event of th" conviction of Ileitis
It Is expected that there will be all the
limue ileiu.ind for a vis t b M. Orousen
licrg to tills conntiy It Is probable that
the plan now being developed would be
(i-nlai-gul and that the pretest to the Itus.
slnu Co eminent would be all the mort
I Moses II. liiossin.in of 115 Itroadway
admitted but ienlug that Isith M.
i ilroiisenlierg and Itttlls wilt come to this
cciuntry. He said he had been npproachert
b pioiuliient Hebiews here who wlnneil
iilm to represent both M. (Irousenherg
and r.eills m coiims-tloii with tlieir visit
to Hits country. He said frankly, how
cur, that he bad as yet no authority to
speak foi the null who called upon him.
Tmii Object In Ileitis' Visit.
The Society for 1'olitlenl Itefugees Is
reported to be interested In the plan.
,, various Miutces It was learned that
lnt. object in having Ileitis and his lawyer
colne tl) ts country Is twofold, l-'llst.
the aim Is to educate the people or this
country In Ku.-sln's treatment of the Jews
and to arouse such popular Indignation
that the Czar cannot Ignore the appeal
of this country for Justice to the Jews. I
Secondly, the aim Is to prove to the,
country and to the world at large that '
.ti...... i nr. uneli thine iinioni; the Hebrews 1
mi riiiiuilstie murder. "We want." sn1H"
one man, "to dispel irom me min.i m
......... .n... ii... tilci tli.it there Is Mich a ,
. - .... ... . .l
thing as ritualistic murder and to pre
vent any such charge ever being made
lu-ain In the history of the world."
Many wealthy citizens are Interested in
tile plan. Some of them already have,
contributed money to the defence of lteils
The aim Is to make Itellls the centre of
such a popular demonstration that Hut-si.i
must give heed to it. It Is expected that
citizens of different religions will Join In
the demonstration.
Cable despatches Indicate that Ilellls is
likely to be acquitted, A vet diet in the
case is expected at the end of this week
or t!m beginning of next. The Itusslan
authorities are taking precautions to pre
vent rioting at the time the verdict is
Utile i:ldenee luiiln"! Ileitis.
itellls Is accused of having murcieieu
Audrey Yuschinsky. :i Christian lad, 12
years obi, on Maich 21. Il'll. He was
at work In a brlckvard not far f join th
cave In which the body with forty stahjat his office or home.
'wounds was dlseoveied. No reliable evi-
j ib nce to show that he was In the oavs
or near where tne noy iiveu nun ""s
produced. It seems, however, that Jus
about the time of the murder the Itlacl:
Hundred organization was searching rot
a Jew whom they could make the victim
or peisecutlon. The meniheis of that or
ganization devised the theoty of ritualistic
murder and spread It broadcast, sending
,.... , ,... it.- me..i,s of foiee.t
do-uments the Inter. ft of the Car was
i rmiscd and the Mlnlstef or Justice, selz.
Ing tlie opportunity, went to work to bring
about tlie prosecution or the bricklayer.
The murdi-rid )outh was the Illegiti
mate, son 'or Alexandra Prlhodko, it
woman with n notorious recoid. He was
acquainted with Vera Tchebery.ik, tlie
leader or a gang or criminals. It was
round by M. Mlstchuk, In-nd of the de-ti c.
tive buieau In Kb-lf, prior to the tltni
that the Minister or Justice got busy,
that the hoy had been killed by her to
prevent him from divulging some or the
secrets or the gang, Mlstchuk onlered
the arrest or the woman mid her gang.
When, however, the Minister or Jus
tice learned what had been done he re
moved Mlstchuk on charges and ap
pointed another man In his place-. Vera
Toheberyak and her allies were freed
despite the fact that still mbre evidence
was dug up against them. The success
of tho Hnvernment theory or the case re
quire'd that It should be proved siientlfl
cully that the Jewlsli faith reoognlzi'd the
use or human blood for ritualistic pur
poses. Prof, Sikorsky, a neurologist, was
brought forward to glvo such testimony.
Prnuiiltls, a priest who had been expelled
from the Itotnnti Catholic Academy In St,
Petersburg, seeking to gain the favor or
the Department or Justice, aald that
there are references In Jewish books to
the use of Christian blood at the Pass
over, but his statements were disproved
by M, (Ireusenberg, the attorney for the
Witnesses favorabln to the dercnoo
were sent out or Klrff It is said, Kvery
thing possible was done to bring about
the conviction or the bricklayer. M.
(irusetiberg on his visit to this country
will give a recital or th" machinery and
the methods employed by the Itusslan
Oovernnient to prove Ilellls guilty or the
crime. He will tell how a Just trial was
denied tlm man,
llarvanl-l'rlni'rtnn Football.
Prince tun. Saturday. November . Kpscial
trains lo lower statlem leuve New York,
I'eiitinvlviiiila Sliillnn, Rial, vio:, ::, tt:40,
o'h. Iiill'l. It:. ''!"'. I"!l. !!!.
tilts iiiid ll::Ti A. M. lloiiirnlin attsr fnn,
t'tBimylvunU Itullroud. Adv.
1'mseeiilnr Xnjs "llltunl Mnrder"
1'hn.ute AffecU Only Pervert eel .Inn.
Spuria! table Henpatch to Tn So
IvIIjit, Nov. 5. Tho last hai.c of tins
trial of Mendel Itollls, the Jew accused
of thr murilrr of the rhrlMl.il. hoy Yiii.. !
rhliiHl.y, has begun, The evidence being i
nit In. the prosecutor summed up to-ilny
In his speech lie recalled the Utojfu
ciiHe In Fiance ami said Unit tiiilillc at
tentlon whm centreil on thin trial only
bis-.uise HrllW Is a Jew, Instancing othei
case- where greater Issue's were at stake,
hut In which public Interest was much
Hinallcr. He attrihuteil the Interest ninni
tested In this trial to the power of the
Jrwlnh prr.sii. Ilr s.ilil he illil not attack
thr whole Jrulxh world and that tli
accus.itlnii of "rltu.il murilrr" atfriled
only r i Mil cil .l.ws.
The pioecutor Kald the Jewn ill Hui
sin nerd not fear u iioKrotn a!" the t'.ov-
rinnu nt uould not permit any excesses, j
lie HU'tixril the leadem of .luilalsm of tl y-
Iiik to defeat the ends of Justice by at- i
lemptiiiK to tlx suspicion on Innocent per-
wiw and bilhhiK Mlstcl.tik mid Kraso- ,
uUlvlUlj it DR UUlvL I tt
Dr. 1 1 j II l'l 4 III II II I Altlllldolled His
Wife nnil Anto at lliint
iiiiiton. Ii. I.
HrN-riMiToN I.. I . Nov 5 - liesldents
of Huntington me puzzled to ascribe
motive for the suicide of Dr. Herman
lljardeni.ial. whose liody was found to
day In the bathroom of his .summer cot-
t.-iKe here. He had turne.1 on'the gas
after deadening hl.s nerves with nioiphlne.
Dr. HJardriuaal. who had a large prac
tice here and mine down frequently from
his home at 520 Nontrnnd avenue, ltrook
lyn, arrived on Mondny In his autnmo
bile. I lo wan accompanied by his wife.
After making a few calls the doctor and
the machine disappeared mid Mrs. HJar.
ilcmaal after waiting until late that
night took the train home.
Yesterday the doctor's automobile
was found about two blocks nway fiom
bis home. It was placed by the police
in the o.i re of I-'rnul; 1'. Wlllets. a garage
keeper. When no one claimed the car
to-day Wlllets got the name of the owner
(through the Secretary of State's ottlee
and ralleii Mrs. Hjarilcmaal,
She did not seem surprised when told
that her husband's car had been found
abandoned mid asked Wlllets if he would
go to their cottage and see If her hus
band was there. She said she was afraid
that he had killed hlmelf.
Wlllets got Coroner filhson and they
broke Into the house. The oIor of gas
was strong in the house and they traced
it to the bathroom. There Ilinl dem.ial
f 1
fonnrt-rnd "1T bad rm TiTialhrobe. ,
I.. Ilia I1... I-II. ...... I ..
... ....m .....n.. ..
bottle which had (outulneil morphine A
roll of bills which HJ.inlemaal hnd taken
fiom hi. pocket lay near his clothes. On
the diesner was n note to bis wife, n pic
ture of some men in hunttnK costume, and
a note addressed to some one whom Dr.
tllbson refused to mime which read
"I hardly think T. K. will be far ahead
of me. I will soon find out. My cousin. ;
l.fimbneh, Is due on the st.amer arriving
on the lfith. You see him and do what-I
ev er explaining Is necessary. I want no
rel if nua eereiii.m V litll unlit itiv lioill
religious ceremony, but want my bod
cremated with as little fuss as possible."
Dr. ifibsoii was Inclined to think from
the reference to "T. K." that the doctor
had taken his life as the result of a suicide
agreement with the person to whom the
initials referred. The ahsruru of any
known motive strengthened this liellcf.
After the news or the suicide became
known It. utitlngton neighbors .aid that
the diM-tor s life hud been made miserable
ror some tune nj some one woo nan
written anoiiMiious letters to his women
paticnts telling them not to call on him
I t)r. njardcinaal was popular In Hunting
ton and supposedly well to do. He was a
member of the Huntington Yacht Club.
tt oi.i i.... i..ni...
.... ..... ......
In thr Senator's Case.
Wasiiinutos, Nov. An Intricate I
. i ., .
wUh the Maryland Senators!,!,, ! to which
Hlalr l.ee of Silver Spring was elected
)ester.lay by more than 30,000 plurality.
Mr"l.ee was elected to succeed .Sena-
to; William Purnell Jackson or Salisbury.
1 1 . ... y-J. , loi" ,,.
Wild WWII IHIMIIHsT tiiniu '
till the unexi.lred term of the late Sena-
tor Itayner. Senator Jackson Is a It.--
publican and the revised statutes In the
past have been construed to mean urn.
I .vAlnlman s II r A tfi lwilll trnAfl Until
nui ii "IT"""1""" ' -
. t 1. ,.4f rm Ulutfl htlH UIWl"trtl1
the Legislature of a State has elected a
Since Senator Itayner died and, since
Senator Jackson was appointed, however,
the seventeenth amendment to the Con
stitution has gone Into effect providing
for direct election of Senators by the peo
ple. The election In Maryland yesterday
was under that law.
Senator Jackson's biography in the
t'iiiirrsiiiiuil lleconl, approved by Iilm,
says that his term will expire on March
"Me. i.ee said to-day that he did not
know what would be done. In regurit to
tlie date on which he would take his seat
In tlie Senate.
Some persons here were Inclined to be.
llnve that Mr. I.ee could not tiiko his
scat until Senator Jackson's comiuisslun
has expired. Already the Senate has re
ruseel to sent a Senator rrom Alabama
on iiccount of uncertainty under the new
rllexrd to He- llolngr lo llavaua and
Thence to South America.
lsH Anuemsh, Cat., Nov. D. Ortle B.
McManlgal, whoso conresslon of the dyna-
mite plots "sent tho McNamara brothers
to Jail. Is speeding to Tampa, Fla. This
fact Is borne out by Instructions to-day to
the county Jail officials lo ship at once
all of his effects to that point.
According to other Information, Mc
Manlgal Is hcaileil for Havana, from
where, after a short respite, he will sail
for South America.
Af,.(1) .;(,. A tltlOIIIICOS Ho llllS
Cured .Mental and Physi-
i'h I Sufferers.
hceliires lit London Clinic
Cim't Kxpliiin the, .Mys
tic Power.
Special Cable lietpalch to Tnr. Sr
1.0NHON, Nov. R. The Karl of Samlwlch
of rrmarklll, vycMc h(.nllB ,,, v
which he n.iys he has cured many mental
I Blid physlr.il suffereis, nllhnimh he Is
without medical or surgical knowlnlKi
The announcement wus in
announceiiient wus made by l.otd,,
S.mdivicii at u meeting at the Cnlverslty
CoMecc of Ijondon to-day lo InauKurHte n
clinic for psycholhcraper treatmnt of
The establishment of tin- i Utile was sup-
poned by Dr. Mamie- Craig lecturer mid
physician for mental diseases at f.u.v's,
Hospital, wiiiiam McDouu.ii. l-'. ii. . i
fellow of Corpus Christ! College. Dxfoid
- .-i-i i. ... i
iiilnd and logic at the I'nlverslly of l.on-;
liilil Sandwich aiset-d that h has
. . . .
B never failed In his t.eatment of suffereis.
,;. , He cted many cases in all e asses of so-
..Iet. Including slxt wounded ollli.rs and
Houneis M-ni oome ,,,11-iiik wie nu. r I
ill of whom rtsoveiril without the aid
of physicians or inline". He s.ild Ilr
could no. riKilli the power, but knew the
iiMUlts and believed that many persons
(Hisness the same alft without b-ing aware
of it
The Hail of Sandwich, discendatit of
the peei who Invented the "half of a
meal" of that name, Is 74 ears old and
hn been noted for eccentricities for thirty
ears. He was long an ardent admirer
of Mine Melba. who nilirht hive worn the
coronet of Countess of Sandwich If she
The Kail wanted tn fight a duel "everal
years ago with h politician of Huntingdon,
his native place, who accused him of In
terfering witli tin terrltotlal nrm.v scheme.
As a kind of hummous prntirt ngnlnst
the rahloii smong women of wearing hats
at luncheon he ordi-rcd his servants to
wear their hats when serving the mid
day meal at thv famous old Kllzabethnn
mansion at Mlnchlngbrooke, nenr Hunt
Ingilou. w lierc he lives.
The Karl Is g bachelor and his heir pie-
suinptlve Js. .tiiLvJJontutiumm--or. liia
.Vdmli.il Jloutimu. tluy Mon-
tagu's wife was formeilv Miss Alberta
Sturges of New Yoik. They wet., mar
ried In l!o:,
Tenant Wnnts llron.l tTii) l.nndloril
In Vmy ar..ono llnninues.
A tent rase to determine the rights or
t...,....t I.. .
.,,.,,. ,,, ,h , '. '. ' ''r
Ju , 1h , , , ; ;
1. ' " hl1 "
Issuing rrom the apartment hou.' chliii-1
neys went to trial yesterday
In the
Supreme Conn.
The plaintiff is Chaih-s S. Heed, a
wealthy manufacturer nf rnzni-x. v-iw. cn
the Itelnord Realty l-nm..,i.,,. ... ...
the Helnord at l-l'lcbtv.sKil,' .,., ,
i Hroadwav. for 125.000 daiiiaires M, iiuii
WII41U tint OTllV T ir itiiiii-f tn lilu l.....lt.
,,m '
He testified that duilng tlie two vears
i... ..,,.t i,i. fiM,iK- ii..., i .' .
)U! KH(l..H fr'om . 0,lim.v' of .,.
Ilelnoid entered the apsrtmeiit, ruining his
health mid injuring the health of other
members of bis family.
Ilr. T. C (iraham-KogeiH. who vv as
called Into the ap.utment to nuke a test
of the air, wimt on the stand and testllleil
I.I..., I... .....I 1,1- n..l.l,,',,l I I
I monoxide and lis ilrogiii.illsulphlde In suttl -
. i.i. ... i ,.
,ui in i, i. n ii. i,,..t i .ne ,-.,WI 111
any one breathing It.
The defence e-ontends that Hie alleged
grievances of Mr llerd and his family
! '' taM ' "Ue,nd the sniail amount of corn In it f.-d
' ,0-,luy' . without husking.
old com s ill In f,.,n,e,s pan, " s . ,e-
FIUPIN0S STARVING IN GHENT. ' J"" I'1 "!, ' 1 . or ,,S,V 'Vl
I .1 "-'"I 1 V !"V"n,",""t "'p0rt ""t ' Ti
i.if...fl.. Mid. SI.... . .sourl should slimv an average rate of yielii
- ' r - -
Without Food or Surlier.
social Cilte le,palcl. to Tin
As WI:m, Nin., 5i Klfty-tlve Klllpluoci
past in a side slikw at t?,e Client1
Kxix.flition v lHUtute ami wmulerliiK In
the streets of ttnt city. They iMiinnt
prove that they are entitled to aid from
the I'lllted Kt.iles Cm III for tlieil lellef
and expense-) home.
In their appeal to tin- Consul tlie turn
ace'U"cd the malinger or withholding tin-in
pay. They s.ild eight of the group h.ivn
died since March on account of Itisutlloli-nt .
shelter and food.
! '"' A"'lle Said
I ilelded In Ni'ii llmeii Mill..
I lUitTt'Oiui, Nov 5, Hx-Huv. Mm gun .1
I Uulkeley bus changed his altitude toward
j the New Haven road's bond Issue, and it
i B likely that the appeal against the
action of the Massachusetts Public Ser
vice Commission in granting tlie $i!7,O00
(100 Issue will bo vacated and the pro
ceedings relative to an liijuiilou ills
luiitinued at the hearing on Monday.
This is reported here tu-nii.lit, mid it
seems well founded.
It is said that the opposition is tin-
willing to go to the length of forcing the
I niauageinetit to resort to short time loans
In order to aveit a receivership. This
I change of purpose Is said tu be the out.
como ot President IClliott's visit to this
I r"' l,u,t vntng. in the course of which
. . . Iojik conference u-lili l
he had a long conference with Mr,
Hulkeley and one with lilwnrd Milligan,
president of tlie Phaniix b'ire Insurance
Company and a director of the New
Ilr, pir cans el I (lata utoppereu botllts.
"l I'.lerllon tiny tlirrt" .k Mini
Hrlrnsril llnlr llpml.
Utica, Nov. S. After tavlni; hreu Im
prisoned for forty-rlaht liniirn In one of
.tie hue boilers to he used In hratlns the,
new Ceiitiut-lludson Htatlon In this city. I
Domlnlcl: Ouelnno, aiird JS, wan lrleasrd
this afternoon nnil tn-nlKlit Is In a state
of collatisu from his terrlhbi expel lence.
flnetnno was tent Into the boiler Mon
day nfteinoon to dean It. KnterltiR
throuvh a small iii.inholr he Kot Into the
steam chest nboe the tuties and com
menced wink. While he was there an
other laborer, not kiiowlnu that Cl.ietano
mm Inside, clamped the cover on tin-
hole, i
The Impilsoned man's cries for help j
were haril this .iftrrnoon ami lie was le-
lean ,ml taken to a hospital, lie In-'
'iiulted nnvlously If drrllou day had!
...Ub...l tl H.I ...1 I .1.... t... I. .1.1 '
l'.i.-r. ... .kin. .lll.-ll in loi lll.u illtli in- ... . i.
lost his vote wan kienly dlsapitolntcd. !
Jenelleil lesb Huh: (.len bj Her
sister In .Mlsslou.
N'mvpor.T, Nov. Counte.s Sreeiu uyl.
I wbii Is vUltltif- Ii p tuntlier Mrs V.ltlillar-
, ' ... ...
Mill ill ii.- DieilHlIS ll.li on .linill. .I.v
lost on the sttrets a valuable gold and
Jt-w.-ll I mesh bag.
The bag was a pus. lit to the Count'"!,
prior to liei man lage fmm her slter. Mis
Hairy l'ane Whitney, mid "he is on"cr-
:,,K W0 "!,ri1 for " r'iur-
" "
i MMiiiiiiiniii.iM .tisti si'or.- iionvn,
(ll ((it PPn,llf I
I noon itiv-i:i!, ure, .Nov r.. ("omplelo re- i
.nuns inincnie tnnt ttie entire Hood ll ir
,.,,.,,. ,nr.ral ,.,iarRI,, t llc0,m M
,., , . Th ,, .
tin ns Indicate thnt the entire Hood Itlver
appointed a road up.-tvlsor at an exntbi-j
tant salary and performed other nets In i
an unsatisfactory manner.
I'or.Ti.ANP. Dr.-.. Nov. 5.-A11 ref. rr. d
measures carried In iii-egon, and some
former strongholds of the Honor tinffle i
went - nry ny goon majorities. i ne
workmen's compensation act and two uni
versity appropriation measures went
Look After tliir People." Were llx
plorer'" t.nl W ord".
Iinoos. Nov. 5 Cant. Sntt's i..i-t
r.-xpedltlon." containing the lApiotofsj
diary, from his departure In l'.'l" until:
the end In Match. I!'12. will ! published ,
to-morrow. The last lines, repmiiureii in
facsimile as they were pencilled by the
dlng commander, are:
"The end oannot be f.n. It seem a
pity, but I do not think I can write more.
For Cod's sake, look after our people.
A letter written a few days before
Capt. Scott's death Is contained in thai
second, volume. In this letter, written,
to Sir James ll.irrle. the explo.er s.i. ,
"We .ire very near the end. but e
have not. mid won't. Ion- our good luer
"VV.. h.LVe bail four days of eloim m the .
! tent and nowhere Is there food or fuel.
"We had Intended to linl-h ourselves .
when things proved like this, but we hae
leclded to die naturally In our tr.i' ks.
"We are showing that Englishmen still
i "' 1 If with " ,,,,11 Plrlt. tlgbtlug to tie-
.... ,
'It will be known we have iiccom-
i,lth.-, our object of leaching th'- pnb
,, ,. UP ,,av e done . ve, ything po-
... . ... ... .. . ..-I tlii .... .... ..J .. u I..
even to sacrlllclng ourselves, in
onb i to save oui ill i-omp.iiiions.'
' 'I .Xitl 'ri. i.f S.rtttT.IMMt.OOll lliisliel"
Is Iiiillente.l.
Ciui-Aiio. Nov 5. Snow's lepnrt makes
the acreage of corn entitely abandoned, so
,,M l"""'""n " "
coin i cued. 4.3.t,uOO lion s. leaving l'i2,-
j UTO.'iOd acres which some com was
The Meld per acie on th area piodm-
Ini sum., roni Is leliiirled at 23.1 bushels
! making
total etop of 2,337,0Oi).iU'O I
, bushel", l-ist month's t.-turns Indicated
1 that tlnte were about 13,oon,ii"rt acres
1. Il. ....... !,, 1, ,.,.i.l ... I ,.,l,.l..
' couiniircial ' cm n Is con.-e'.ti.d. and this
,i .,. i
1 1 1 1 1 II 1 11 li'llllll-. oniiii.li- .iii.t ii-'iu ih.iii.i
.'..oiiininii acre s of Hits area then- s no pro -
duetlon of coin In any shape, thr balance
, ropir-ontlng are.i on which fodder Is cut
..I OOI1 I.,. 1(1 ..tl.l II U t.i l.lll.lf!ltl..l
, ,, , f,. , , ,,.
t,,.lv ,,,,,doiie,l. the crop f.uec.isi will
nrobably be iiIhiiiI 2.45H, .i.iiii bushels.
When the acreage Is .ev.s.si it. Dre-m- .
.............. .1 .ii 1
1st It will Ptnb.ibl.i .educe tlie tln.it ..III-
CI ll e stimate of the ctop to lll.llllhl 2,:i.'.ii.
nun, 1100 bushel".
Hill ll l .Not F.xlieoteil Thnt He Will
Contest Divorce Suit.
NKWinnT. It. 1. Nov. 5 While
NgvviunT, It. 1. Nov. 5 While il '"
) pot expected that lie will contest tlm o.t"o
Alum Tuck Fiench has let.ilned Cli.ules
11. Koehlie, Jr. Ill Hie dlvoic- suit blouglit
bv his wife. Mis, Pauline l.erov Kiench,
I ".' , , ,
who charge non-siippoit und asks lor ens.
tody of their niliior sons and proper sup-
1 ...... r.... tl,,,,.i it. 1,1 ber.self
port rm- them and hers
Mr, Korhne has ninth- nnswri to the
Mrs. IVhi'V llrlllr Heporl Dnimhter
Is lo Wed.
Hear Admital Itobetl K. Peary went
down the bay jesterday In a revenue
cutler to meet bis vvlfu and his daugh
ter Marie, "the snow baby," who has
been attending school at ileueva,
When the explorer went to Hut ope to
receive the decorutlons mid other testi-
.Zt L ,r ...lentltlc societies he took
Mis. Pcnry and his elaughter with him.
He left Mis Peary In school at Heiieva.
Mrs. Peary returned with her husband,
but recently went back to bring Miss
Mane homo.
Mrs. Peary said the report Hint .Miss
Marie, who l tall and handsome, was
engaged to be married was untrue.
Admits lliicrtii Has Hccn ln
foiiiicd Kcsinatioii Is
V ()'l(il ti Khinf in Aliivii'-lll
"r."" Mill III .M(.l(.lll
atOI'S f 0 I Jill' If Wil-
sou's Demand.
('iiiiMTs Scut to Kast ami
AVcsi Coasts of Soul h
tii liV)tiblic.
I T( ". I 1 1 t f .Mll.V l.ifl Elllliai'liO On
Shipments tif Anns Over
tile liorder.
ypffil i able itupatch ! Tun 'rs
'i:i:v Cut .. Nov. :,. lohn 1.1ml. I'iv.-I.
dent WINon's special envoy lo Mexico
. ,. 1 , , , ,
,,;,n""M' --night th port thai thr
I'nlli-d States has sent nn iilllm.it inn to
l'tl.idrnt lliierta dem.inillng that he
ir.-lirn the ITcsidi-ncy.
The- nntr from Washington demands
that the provisional President obi-v.
the p!rdi:es lie made brf.it thr elect Inn
H point" mil that it I .ibs,dulev
necessary that l Jen. I Inert, anil nil tlii
mnnbrrs of his ntlloiul f.imll,v be eni
inntu! from the (iovernmi'tit of Mexico
Tho report of Mr. Mud's connrmati...i
of the ultimatum cause.) crint n,-te
mU (l, (.tJ.
With seven American warships
.Mexican waters nnu riqort." from w.i"h.
Ington announcing that two others ai
, , , Imniedi;, , .-
action by the I nltnl Slates hi Mexico
was frequently tie.ird br-iv ti.-ul-:1i'
Ti, riennan gunhreit lirnnen win.
'lt'lv lM fl"'"""" f"f T.impiio
fine Ones tn f.not nnil Other l Writ
Coil"! ( Mrxleo.
W vmi, viiTi'.v. Nov .'. -Annth.r adrl
tlon to the I'nited States niiviil fnre
Mexiean wat.iv as the mo-t ii"poit,i
dev i'lopmi nt ln-u- to-.l.iv in h-pml to in
; situatuu,
' oriteriil
Two povvi i f';l I I Ills, i s -. r
ordi rid to Mexican Matloi.s, nin on th.
cast mid the other on tin- west coast
I These ouli-t" were i"siied Just about tln
i nine the tlilid diii-lon of th. Atlantic
lint, consisting eif the battleship" Ne-
biask.'l. New .Ii fsey. Vltgltlia lllld niiod,
1 Island, was n ported as hnvlng arrived
! " Vein 'i uz. These battleships, neeon!
' ri.i.vr,l tlie s. cond division of the Atlantic
Meet, which has bien stationed in Mexican
waters lor six months.
l-'ot ma! aminuiii i-tiu nt was made at tlm
Navy I), nai tnietit. how ever, that tlie two
I divisions win leuinin nun uiiiieiv hi .xiexi
j can waters iimb-r th- coinmand of I tear
Admiral Kb teln r.
Thus within the Int two davs the onleis
"f the N.iv.v I'eparl.nent have inote tlm..
I doubled the Alllerlc.lll teiv.ll force III M-xl-
, 'Mil Mail IS.
j "nly one Interpretation .if this notable
strengthening of tlie American force s
Tills is that it is Intended
III.- il.aii.imlH which tin
has iiinvcyid to Hiletta
! seems po. smn .
' emphasize
' 1 ""." ''".
that he shall keep bis preelection pledges
and eliminate blms-ir and ills roiiowcrs
from tin- ilnvi rninent.
Tin- slgtiltlcancc of tills gathcilng nf
battleships becomes morn pioiiiiiiuced when
it Is irc.ilb-d that In the stnss and strain
of previous uprisings In Mexico, when tlm
danger t" American life apparently was
gt rater than it Is to-day, tlm licet was
Mceliiilioii Offer I iieniiHrmed.
Next to the movement of the battle
ships the most Intel rsting llevelopllK.lt
I,, in., il.iv' situation from the Washing-
'ton viewpoint was tlm tecelpt of unonl.
ual dispatches from I'.ms mai in
llueit.i liovciuuieiil had approached the
Kiench Kntelgn i Ulice Infoi mally with
mi inquliv as to whether it would b
disposed to ait as ,i mediator lielween
the United State and Mexico. No con
tinuation "f this development could be
obtained hue, Secretin) Hrun and other
liovnuiieiit otllclals disclaiming all
Know icok- '.
.,,,, ,m,0rlant
! t' Kel,11Mll t Indie
1 . . . ... . .... I
knowledge or It. in"
except 111 mi i.ir as
itn a disposition to
vield Minielblng on lluerta's part.
The iii'Stlon tli.it iuinieillati-ly pre-s.-ntcd
Itself in Washington wis whether
Hie Wilson Administration could afford
to accept tho olllccs of any U.niopean
Hnv eminent as a mediator lu the luin
illlng of a situation Involving one of the
American ti publics,
Heretofore the United States has taken
Hie undisputed leaictshii tn all matteiM
alfectlng the republics on tlm western
bcnilsphcie and It Is doubted whether tin.
i re of Fiance, with a mediation
would be welcome. It has
lieen Pirsldent Wilson's contttition all
along that th'' i'""'"' '
1 fo. t nubile Its nw ii programme In dealing
with Mexico ami winiiii ciiii.v ii "uv ..i.
ut subiiilttlns It i'l'l'ioval to any
lliiroi'eaii Covernmcnl.
Tlmt the French ftnvernment tipprcc -ales
the delicacy "f !" 'I'lf-'Unn was
linllci tcii b th" f'' "' " e'll'I'oscd
to Imvo told the Mexican i ioverumctit
that France would do nothing In regard
. . . ..... i. ..,i.i..

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