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to Ul Mrxloan ltitntlmi until nitvl'ivt
furthor.ns to tlic .1 It-v ut tlif t'ultoi
Ktatea mirl thi n It mmM utulr-rliiko noth
ing whlrli unulil lie illPtsiHtoful or tin.
wclcomo .til tlllH (lllVClllIlK 111,
TV lnipU'.sln wiottlnw In WnHlilnc
ton tht the nut mow of tlin Wllwti Ad
mlnlMnitlon In tin- mnt of llinrtu in
clining to ylcM to tin- l:itft ilenmtid." of
tho Btalu Ivp.irtniMit 11 111 ! to lift tin :
rmbargn on the cxiiortatlon of nrmi mil,
ammunition Into Mi-xlco, It was loarnpl
1 to-day that a majority of tin; Srti.itc Com- i
tnlttco on PurclKn ItH.itlnns has favored j
for nonio tlnii a pollry of lliH fort toward ;
C'arr.m..i ami the ('nnttltulfoi.tillNt.
Such notion dy tli- Ailinliilntiatlon, how
evtr, iitulnulitrilly will 1 im i-cdnl by a
mcsuKd to (.'oiikiikm from tin- l'n-sldtnt In
rpRard lo tlif Mi'.xIimii Munition. T.ie
1'U'slilint liiinfi'lf has tin' nutlioilty ilinlri
n liKolutloii or CuiiKrihM to lift tlif ita :
bariro on arms, or In1 may ask (Joiiki uh 1
Itself to act on tin' ni.itt. r. I
The only otiMiiclu to thl policy I that
then- is 11 chnnci' that It mlcht irneti
iiKiilnrt the I'nltiil Stale troops In the
event that thi'y wi'H oblimil tln.illy to I
rrora the border. Tin y nilKht' tin 11 llml I
that arms ami ammunition that hail lieen
Milpdl Into .Mexico would bo used aKitlnU
tlieinsolie.". On tin' other hand, many mom-1
born of t'oiiKrc.u contend that If the I'tilted ,
jiati noopK ever no inieruno 11 win w '
under a pli'diri' that title inveriihient will,..., . , ..
i,..t ii,..., m.. .. f....i ..r i..riii,.n- ..,,,1 uiii, 1 '"'hark for New
thi umlerstanillnB that thev will cooperate
with the Coni-llttltlon.illstH In tho K'ttltirf
up of an onlcrly government.
ad'ers have' liHMcd fnmi the tart that
ey would drive lluerti out In a month
Cnrrimz.i and the other (11riKtlt11tln11.il
leaders have
If tin- I'nltcd States only would open the
doom on the Inirder and Blve them access
to arms and ammunition.
1'itncr .M lit 111 Olijeet.
Another virion qucstlm! that would
HI f m ilt Itnelf with tills pulley
uu in -.'" niiiiuiie m lui.iKu wm.'i-n. Ihl. ,lr,,,m,h f American troops patrol
merits whether they would cubscrllie to a I ii,. . ,im m.i i,.r.i..i.
'l 1.1 t "I lil U It till II lll'lllll IHIllll' .III'MC'I
Into a civil warfare sharper and fiercer
than any that hiui yet taken place. Thin
would mean Incria.-ed damrer to the na
tionals of Kurnpt.tu iovernmeiit.i In Mex
ico, and that has been tlm bads of their
rompl.iint thus far. They han In.-lsted
that the I'nlled titateH clvn them prolcc
tlon, and It Is questionable how they would
reKard such a policy as Is now propos-id
by many mcmberN of ("onsiess and In sup
pofed to bo- under con.slder.itliiii by tho
Ad ministration.
No definite tatement was made by the
Navy Depai tlm r.t a.i in the reruns for
hnldlnc the ncnn.l illvlslon of the Atlantic
i hi ciiiiiuiii tiii'u w in nits mini in,.
Mexican waters. The permission Slanted I
by the Mexican Conirriss for Hie seci iid
division to remain In Mexican waters ex-
.Mexican prohibition only In a technical
nense ny Kerning the
battleshlis l.oulaiia. Mlohlnan and Nt w
llami'i.lilie and the cruiser Tacuma and
the KUtiboat WlnelliiK alicady wen- in
those waters.
Tho scout cruiser Chester, one of the
fatest Milps of tlie nav. Is the vessel
that has been ordered to Join the fleet on
the east coast of Mexico. She was or
dered to proecul from Philadelphia as
noon us possible In full commlss.on. it
was explained at tho Navy li partnicnt
thut she was beiiiB sent to tho i.t.-t coast
because her Unlit draft will mahle lur
to enter ports wh.'io the battleships can
not bo. She will be In Id In readiness to
enter the shallow harbors fur the pur
pose of tuKliiB oif any American refuKee
in the event of tho situation In Mexico
becoming more critical The Chester also
la equipped with a Varticularly 'S'i
power wlrebss apparatus.
On the Pacific coast tho Department
ordered to-day the armored cruiser Cali
fornia to rem.Un on duty there. I'nder
previous orders It was to have been re
lieved by tho armored cruiser l'lttsburc.
which Is expected to arrive on the wst
coast within a day or two. Itear Ad
miral Cowles, In command of the division
of the Pacific fleet, has been instructed
to hold tho Callfoma subject to further
Tim American navnl force on the west
const now consists of tho urmond cruis
er". 1'lttsburK, Maryland and California
and tho supply ship ill. icier. In addition
to tho BUnboat Annapolis.
From San llosallo on the west coast
the commander of the Annapolis reported
to-day that the Fiench colonists, whoso
safety was the subject of a diplomatic
Interchanse between the State depart
ment anil the French iiovernnient last
week, are now safe at that point under
the protection of a Mrxlcan Federalist
forcn and u Mexican waisliip.
Ilex lean .Mrrolinnl Telia of lMnn to
IViree Intert eiillmi.
Mobile, Ala., Nov. C, F. Juno Martin,
a merchant of Manz.mlllo, Mexico, who
arrived here to-day on his way to New
York, presented a brand new ancle on the
Mexican situation.
"It Is an open secret In northern Mexico
now that Carranza In planning another
coup against lluerta," said Mr. Martin,
"and It l.i generally believed that, In splto
of his pietenslons of dlsllklnK the Idea of
American Intervention, ho Is really almlnc
at that as tho goal. Carninz.i's scheme,
as talked about In soma circles, is ono
that has been retorted before, J beJIcTe,
tout It has a new.ariKle. Ho wanu to
force another general ejection, which will
do one of threo thltiKs eliminate lluerta
absolutely, leave him In his present posi
tion or install ono of lluerta's puppets In
"Should Huerta bo eliminated, well and
rood, but should either of the other possl
bllltirj come about, then Carranza will
spring a llttlo mlno which, It Is said, will
force the American Goitrnment to act
ut once,
"This, impossible as It may seem, is
nothing less than what Is said to be'docu
mentary proof that tho live Northern
fStates nf the Mexican republic were
tllched from the United States at the time
uf the signing of tho treaty of peace be
tween that country and this, after the
Mexican war. The trick is said to have
ticen worked on the American envoys after
a particularly hilarious banquet, following
a day's work on the details of the treaty,
and consisted of a Mibstltute treaty that
fae to tho Mexicans under S.uita Anna
a northern boundary linn at the itlo
Orande, Instead of from 100 to 100 miles
eouth of that river.
"The original linn would havn clven to
the I'nlted Htates till the country compris
ing the five northernmost States of Mex
ico, as well as u large part of what Is
now Lower California. Practically all the
country in revolt against tho lluerta rule,
the Insurgent section, of tho republic,
would have been turned over to the United
States and would have been developed In
common with Texas and that part of
Mexico we acquired with the Oadsden
"Uut Carrania'a scheme, It Is said, does
not Mop with the publication of these
proofs. He Is said to be organizing a s.
cession league, with headquarters In Mon
terey, that will declare luelf when tho
time Is ripe."
Yfc Kllpatrlrk Comtni Hera
Transport Tenth Cnvnlry.
Oalvsston, Nov. 5 The United States
transport Kllpatrlck, which has been hern
elnce the concentration of the second
army division last I'ebruary. sailed thl
morning for New York, where It will
celve cn board the Tenth I'avnliy. coining I
from Fort Kthau Allen. Vermont Tlm i
Kllpatrlck will return In thli port, w hero
' I''.'" It III 111 . nr.. ..lu.i K.. n .l . I... I.... -!..
ooJsUiIni nf"' f1'"! ""'" A,,"'.1, c "r1" IVn.ao.l.i withthel'atuxentand l ata I's'-o.
v,w I v. .. ,,,!l,,,,m1,r, N t-raa. ! (nher war craft, includim,- mmti! Mr-
nrrTvotHlo, H, JL' - ' - fr
1!" t.r,nP;.hillSend,:,.lvn.l;fv",;,r, l,,.lhVn ,"",,V m ry.
Txa, ana tne second ( av.ilry from Fort and that by a bare majority nf eight The
BUM WlU Ujn come to Galveston and town ha been "dry" for two yeara. 1
Gifts purchased now will be held for Orders.
Gold and Silver Eyeglass Cases
Barometers Telescopes
Eyeglasses dc luxe at moderate Prices
237 Fifth Avenue 615 Fifth Avenue
t 27th Street at 50th Street
New York
Stra fotmrrlt o( tOi East !3t Si, Its Writ fid St., nd Mtiun
Am., ttr. 60th St., han bttn iitconitnutd, ike butuuu inn? enttn
titttd in At fifth Atnt itotet.
255 Livingston
VUrk en route to 1 ort
other movements of tronp.i Riven out
urn an follows :
lAilir troop, of the Fifteenth Cavalry
"l W.hlnitton. four troops, of th
fj' V''.1' '.-"'i ' h.lcJK" I',"'1 .?,,,r
uoiii'ii at Kort loavonworth will inovo
Kitiiiiltnnvounly for the Mexican Imrder In i
.ri7on.i. t'pnn the arrival of these troops
on tlm iHirder the Klfth Oivalry now sta.
tinned at I'orts Hu.iehuaea and Auaehn
In Arizona, will l dNtrlbuted atnuni; the
threii Karrldons fiom which the rifteeirh
Cavaliy are drawn. Thin will not (litinb
Krl nt .Norfolk Xnr- Vnril I'rr
pure for Iliiiiieillnle .Service.
Nomni.K, Va., Ni.v. .. Ordeis haxe
bei n received nt tlm Not folk N'avy Yaid
to put all Vf.'eK evi n tUKUiats, on a war
footlnn for Immediate Kervlce.
iinlers received from the Navy Hepart
tnent dliectlm: the Installation of cans on
the tttcs 1'atal'sco and I'atuxenl eallfi d
the authorities heie to put extra forces of
-i. ... ..
f ' 'ri... ... : "l"..1)
with Kilns will proceed to rcnacola to
! await onlers. Mt:ht and d i.v -hlfts will
Itepalrs to the cruNer San Krane;eo
if the men who nre elected either as
Pti'gi es,. s with the rfidoi cement of an
l)lS1)itl fiilill in VsniiiiiIiIv tn(.i' other patty, as stiaiglil ProKiesiv.,
Shows 30 IVr Out. l,(i
From Straus's Total.
Despite a largo Increase in the num
ber of Progressive Asemb!j m. n w
will .sit In th next Li glsl dure the ot,
of the party in the city and State shotted
it falling off of consldenibl.v more than
10 per cent, from the high total poll, , I
by Oscar S. Straus In 1912.
The best gauge of tho Progressive vot
was on the candidates for the Court of
Appeals. The Progrisslve leaders slid
that when the lotal vote is at last tabu
lated It will be about lOn.000. William
Rimes, Itepubllean State chalimin,
would not concede mole than lTo.nao.
Mr. Straus's vote In the whole Statu was
353, 112.
.,' . e" ' , i
Court of Appeals, received &4.12U votes.
Samuel Se.iburv, Progressive candidate j
for Associate Judge of the Court of Ap- '
peals, ran about 3,000 votes behind Judge
llnml .Mr. Straus s vote in the city wa.s
lOt, 170. As compared with Judge Hand's
poll the Progressive vote In tho city fell
off 100,350.
This Is the way the votes stood :
cim;p jt;nr.n. cocut nv appeals.
. it
. a -j .-.
. ;n 'H
. :'i.:.:i
Werner, Han 1,
It N !
Ti.:s3 j.::o
Hi.f'ir, i:.'j5i
sc ... r.iTni
: : :
c.m.i l.r.i
ioi.its 9, i:
Manliatlun. .
IlrnnWyn. . .
Richmond. . .
Tnt.il. . . .
mrtUtfs plummy. 73.451
One rlrctlon district inlsslnf.
Klkua, lttacoclc i-'ealiury,
Ilnrnurh. I) It N.p
Manhattan jns.fijn o,f,21 4:,o:J
llrnnx :n.733 :5,177 13.1SH
llroeklyn 77.l.'.2 91.HS2 :.f.',3
Quens 22 (",i3 1.702 7.C47
Ulchinon'l 7. Oil t.Jt'i 1 4t'3
Tntlili 241. 376 22S.4!" t,273
r.iiiun'n niuraiiiv. ir..s:
One ilrrtinn district uilrnlnc
Theodore Douglas Itoblnson, Progressive
Statu chairman, had this to say about the
Assembly :
"It Is now positive that the next Assem
bly will riot bo controlled by Mr, Harms
or Mr. Murphy nnd tlm people of tin
State of New York are to bo congratu
lated on this victory, The Progressive
party has elected twenty-four nMlliatcd
Progressives to the Assembly, six Pro
gressive Republicans were elected by Pro
gressive Indorsement, ten Progressive
Democrats were elected with Progressive
Indorsement, thereby Insuring the balance
of power to tlm antl-Harnes nntl-Murphy
men. On the fnce of the returns seventy
State Ilepubllcans and thirty State Demo
crats havo been elected and In order to
control the Assembly Mr. Harnrs will
have to have the usslstanco of Mr, Mur
phy or vice versa.
in tho city or Albany, Mr. Harness
home, the Progressives doubled their last
yenr's vote. In Syracuso and Johnstown
Progressive Mayors havo been elected In
straight threo cornered contests. The Pro
gresslvo organization throughout the state
mado vigorous campaigns and tho party
Is now In oxcellent shape to elect a Pro
gressive Governor and Congressmen In
First llrmoomt Un-r r.leeted to n-
preme 'nnrt In Koartli,
Amsterdam, N, Y Nov, 6. Justice
Henry V llorst of this city, who mis
elected Supremo Court Justice of the
Fourth district yr-stcrday, received many
telegrams of cnnuratulatlon to-day. Ills
plurality wan 13, 6S?.
Justice llorst Is the first Democrat ever
elected to the Supreme Court bench from
xne 1'iiuriii aiHrrici. lie was nppolnted
to tho offlcn by Gov. Sulznr to nil the
vacancy caused by the death of Justleo
Hoiijrhton of Saratoga Springs.
Friends of William S. Ostrandcr of
Saratoga SiirlngH, the Itepubllcun nnm.
Ince, tried hard in prevent th name of
dustico iiorst rrom apuear ng im tlm
The llrpic.r or no liquor llcenmi prnpnM.
tlon was voted on jesienlay In nine of t,i.
leu inwim in Montgomery county nnd
St., Brooklyn
' DD AftR EQQT V17Q Iff I V
1 llVUllliUUl I UU 111111
iMiiii'tooii Mcinliors and 22 1n-
(lorx'incnts Lilicly to (Sivo
l!!ilnnc( of Power.
Sent ins; of Sulor Hangs on Or
ganization of Hody. Next
liiiinil and complete returns show
that !he P.epiilillcans elided elchty-four
mi'nbeis nf the next Asmmhly, the Pemo.
erats ilfty-two and the l'liigriwlv") four
teen. i if the eluhty-fout Itepublican
nine had I'ii-kH'sa' endorsements, m
that tlieie will be seventy-five reeular He
publicans In the next lloun", Just half of
the total number and one liss than the
ntimli-r ne.es,,ry in organize on strictly
party line.".
It Is i xi'.ete.l. Ii'iwevc, that tho Ke
publicans will control the House and that
en 'Ugh itther stralcht Piorfiesslvrs or
ItepuMlo.ins with Proifiesslve endorse
ments will vote with them to put through
any measuies.
if the llft-two Democrats ducted thlr-
I lien hae PkhiisIv.i endorsements. Of
;he fouit-ci prnvtri sslvi s two were en
l"!s"d b the litinocrat.s and ten by the
1 then, being but tw.i nf these, or as lte-
publicaiis with Pii'p"ss;e I'tidoi semeu'.s,
j stick together tln will bold the b.ilance
,i p-'Wi!'. mil ineie uia ii" a i.i.-iv ui
iiihinin atnon them and until tho
oii-atiu.ition nf '.he ll.iu.-n on January
tin one will know exactly what
colng to happen.
I.nlr lli-tnrne Show ('hnnxes.
In the tlnal editl.'ii of The SfN yester
day morning the list of Assemblymen
i e lei ted f i oui llronx county contained the
I names of William S. Uvans, Democrat,
trom the Klist District, and William J
l 'a hill, Dcmociat. from the Fourth Uis
trlit The fits. an sweep asserted Itself
later, howiver, and the complete vote
shows tint I.ouls P. Grimier, Iteiubllcan,
In at Hvans, and that Henry D. P'attim.
Itcpubl; an, with a Pru,iesslvc Indorse
iiu nt. I" at I'ahlll.
The Si t'e list showed Do Hart Ames,
lb Publican, elected In Cattaraugus.
plete irturn elect Claro Wlilard, Demo-
cat, with a Progressive indorsement.
In Chemung county Kobert P. Hush,
Democrat, was shown to be elected. Com
pute letuilis elect Wilmot JCnapp. He.
in Del.iw.ito county Stephen K. Church
IP, Democr it, with a Progressive Indorse
ment, has bien beaten by Edwin A.
Maekey, llcpiihllian.
in N.iss.ki county T:in Sun gave John
I.on. Hepiihllcau, as elected. Later re
turns elect l.eroy J Weed, Democrat, with
1'rivri ss,e induisement.
In New York county late returns change
Tin: Sl.n'i table in on.y the Fifteenth
d. strict, where ALr.tm HUer.bogen la found
to have beaten Frank L. Ityun, Demo
crat. In Oneida county Charles J, Fuess, Re
publican, ha beaten Frank Griffin, Demo
crat, who was thought for some time
to have been elected.
It. C Dinilop, Itepubllean, has beaten
Frederick C. Crlmme, Democrat, in Hook
land county, Senator Hlauvelt'a strong
hold. It was thought nt first that Grimme
had bum able to overcome the ,8ulxer
eeiitlment against him and Senator ltlau
veit, but some missing districts give Dun
lop the victory.
Our MilM In Westchester.
In Weslch"ter county, where It seemed
at first that four Republicans had been
elected, later returns force Frank M. Fos
ter, Republican, to glie way to August L.
Mill tin, Democrat, with a Progressive in
ooisunent, in the Second district
In New Yoik county the corrected re
turns give the Democrats 18 Assembly
men, tho Piogrcsslvet) S and tho Republl
cans 5.
Whether or not William Sulzer, elected
ns a Progressive fiom the Sixth Assembly
district, will bo seated remains for the
Republicans to decide. The House Judges
the qualifications of Its members, and with
many of the Democrats opposed to the ex
liovernor tho regular Republicans would
have an eusy time to put him out If they
V. W. nml Y. M. V, A. to Shovr
I'rnurcsa of 1,0011,(10(1 CumpnlKn.
George W, Perkins, chairman of the
executive committee of the Joint campaign
committee of the Young Women's nnd
Young Men's Christian Associations of the
city of New York, obtained from J, V,
Morgan & Co. yesterday permission to
Install on the new Morgnn Uulldlns, nt the
southeast corner of Wall and Ilroad
streets, it fifteen foot money clock, which
Is to show the progress of contributions
to the $4,000,000 butldlnr fund which the
associations are to raise In this city in the
two weeks beginning next Monday. The
clock will stand at an angle of the build
ing ami will be visible from Nassau, Wall
and Ilroad streets
Plans were completed yesterday for a
much larger clock to Im placed on the
Mctiopolltaii tower, The dial will be
thirty feet In diameter, Above it will be
In eight foot letters: Y, M, (W.) C. A.,
Jl.oon.ooo. Relow It In four foot letters
will bo shown each day tho total for the
last twenty-four hours. Tho dial will be
Illuminated nt night nnd will bo divided
Into ipinrter sections representing the
$4,000,000 sought by the associations.
rsine. iherr is only line "Hikimo yriNINK."
R ilk'nsiurc ul U. W. uuuvu ou bux. iSc.-
'ebti f'ninc Hernial tin anil (.rip
Republican Organization Will
Hack Him in tho Rattlo in
the Assembly.
Norton, With Direct Primary
Record, Will Fight With
Anti-Barnes Support.
ALBANT, Nov. 6. With complete re
turns Indicating the election of at least
eighty-four Republican Assemblymen the
prospect for a lively fight over the elec
tion of a Speaker becomes more certain.
Harold J, lllnman of Albany appears
to be tho strongest candidate, but his
election will be bitterly contested by
Republican members outside the Barnes
bailiwick. Ho will have tho support of
the organization, and at present stands
the best chance of election.
John Leo Sullivan of Chautauqua and
Cyrus Phillips of Monroe, who were can
didates for the Speakership In former
cars, lost no time in announcing their
candidacies. Clinton T. Hortou of Krlo
county Is another candidate.
Tho election of a Republican mnjorlty
shatters Sulzer's hope of becoming
Speaker, the position he held about twenty
jcars ego when In the Assembly,
Assemblyman 1 Unman, minority leader
In the present Assembly, will hae the
support of Chairman William Karnes.
Anal) sis of the vote, however, brings out
that Just enough of the Hughes type of
Republicans have Ken elected to give Mr.
llinmati and his supporter, Mr. Harnes,
something to worry over between now
and the time the Republicans organize
the house on January 7.
Ilorlon Is One Who Worries Burnrs
Horton is nn out and out direct primary
ndvocate. Ho Is one of those Republicans
who worry Humes. Ills direct primary
tendencies will win for til i n the votes
of a large majority of the Progressive
Assemblymen, and nil In nil he should
give lllnman a good tight.
Sullivan, who sought the Speakership
in ivi.', wnen r.nwin a. .iierrm, jr, was
beted Speaker, Is one of the oldest Re
publican members In point of service.
He is an ardent Hughes Republican mid
may win enough supporters to make a
good fight.
Cyrus Phillips, who Is of the Harnes
stilpe of Republican by Inclination, but
a lukewarm believer In statewide direct
primaries by reason of the sentiment in
his district, may prove on the final test
a compromise candidate. His political
mokeup led some politicians to predict
that Phillips might be the choice in case
of a deadlock.
Many Progressive Assemblymen prob
ably will follow the corse laid out by
tilt Ir Republican kinsmen. Many owe
their election to Republican ots.
As political statisticians were tlgurlng
on the prospects In the Assembly there
came to-night from the Democratic ranks
n report that Gov. Glynn was consider
ing the appointment of John N. Carlisle,
the prisent State Highway Commissioner,
to the up-State Public Service Commis
sion and the appointment of John A.
Delaney, present Commissioner of Hfrl
cleiicy nnd Kconomy, as State Highway
Department Mmr Be Abolished.
This transfer Is said to mean that the
Department of Ktllclency and Kconomy,
which was created at the suggestion of
Gov. Sulzer, will be abolished. Gov.
Glynn, It Is pointed out, feels that thin
new branch of the State government Is a
useless adjunct. Hy transferring De
laney to the Highway Department, a
place eyually as good and paying 13,000
more than Kftlclency Commissioner, he
could kill two birds with the one stone.
Gov. Glynn would say nothing of the re
ported change.
Mr Carlisle was seeking appointment
to the up-State Public Service Commis
sion wh'n Sulzer made him Highway
Gov. G,ynn Is expected to send to tho
Senate next week the nominations for
three big State unlets. There are now
two vacancies In the up-State Public Ser
vice Commission. There Is one also In
the ottlce of the Stat" Health Commis
sioner. Dr. Hugene H. Porter, the Re
publican Incumbent, held over because
of the failure of Sulzer to send In a name
for the place. ,
There are at least 100 candidates for
positions on tho Public Service Commis
sion. Among those having the best
chances Is William 13. Lefllnweli of Wat
kln. who failed of confirmation by the
Senate after he had been appointed by
Sulzer. John S. Kennedy, formerly iw.
retary of the commission nnd now associ
ated with the New York Telephone Com
pany, Is mentioned for the place.
Minority Slay Be Represented.
Gov, Hughes favored minority repre
sentation on the Commission and he ap
pointed Mr. Carlisle and Thomas Mott
Osborne, a Democrat, to serve on It. Gov.
Glynn Is said to have this Idea In mind
and the appointment of Mr. Kennedy
would carry out the belief.
Gov. Glynn's friends say that he has
resolved to mako a change in conditions
existing In the Public Service Commis
sion. Each Commissioner Is now draw
ing I1D.000 a year and In addition Prof,
Hdward R. Remls, an expert In public,
utilities, Is drawing a salary of about
$60 a day for assisting the Commission
ers. It 1b said that he Is employed tu
write the opinions of the Commissioners.
Chairman Decker, who engaged him, how
ever, denies this.
Gov. Glynn, it Is known, doe not In
tend to burden the present Legislature
with any of his recommendations for
legislation. A few things which must be
cleared up will go to the Legislature
when It meets next week, and everything,
else. Including the big problem like work
men's compensation, hydro-eloctrlo de
velopment nnd other measures of Im
portance will be held over until tho next
Legislature convenes on January 7.
Trouble Ksperted From Matter.
Knmo trouble Is expected In the Assem
bly from Assemblyman William Sulzer,
but nny bill ho might Introduce will havo
hnrd sledding In the lower house and will
be met with ohjectlon after objection In
the Senate. This will act as a shut off
Do you know of any store
where any book in any lan
guage can be obtained? It
681 Fifth Ave., at 53rd St.
A Catalogue of books in
French and other foreign lan
guages kept constantly in
stock will be supplied on re
quest. Telephone 7400 PUza.
and will save Gov. Glynn from nny scheme
Sulzer might devise to place him In an
embarrasslns position.
While It Is possible that the new As
sembly, which Is tho Judge of Its own
members, may take some action In the
case of Sulzer, It Is not probable that any
steps will bo taken to bnr him.
Sulzer as the Piogresslve candidate for
Governor next year hinges upon Sulzer's
action In the Assembly, observers of tho
political situation pointed out. Political
developments In the past few dnys would
make him an ideal candidate for the Pro
gressives, his friends In Albany say, and
It Is known that ho would accept such a
nomination were It offered to him.
Sulzer goes Into the Assembly with one
purpose In mind. That Is to win back his
laurels lost with tho decision of the Im
peachment court.
nepnbllcana Didn't Sweep Count),
as First Declared.
Wilms Plains. N. Y Nov. d. Recause
of a mlxup In sending the returns to
political headquarters hero last night It
was round to-day that Instead of the
Republicans sweeping the county thev
elected only Daniel J. Cashln of
Plains nnd lor the rest nf nthe an at at
Yonkers for County Clerk, Col. Frederick
K. Vecks of White Plains for District
Attorney and threo Assemblymen.
The Democrats reelected County Judge
Wllliim Pophnm Piatt of White Plains
over former Assemblyman Frank I,.
Young of Osslnlng. V. Rverlt Mnoy, a
w'calthy resident of Osslnlng, who was on
tho Democratic and Progressive tickets
for Superintendent of tho Poor, defeated
Joseph Halght of Rye.
August 1.. Martin, the Democratic can
didate for Assembly In the Second dis
trict, which takes In Mount Vernon,
New Rochclle, MnmaronccU, Pelham and
llast Chester, was elected. The Wist-
Chester Hoard of Supervisors Is controlled
by the Republicans, who elected twenty-
iour out in inirty-eignt members.
Mayor Kdward W. Fisko of Mount
Vernon was reelected with all tlm other
Democratic nominees for city offices.
Hlinnos Police, Romh Throwers,
Inciters and Anarchists,
but Doesn't Despair.
The Sheriffs gold star that blazes from
the heaving vist of Julius ll.irhurger Is
no brighter than the future seemed yes
terday to the prodigious little man winu
at noon ho conceded that he had been
beaten for Coroner and on January I
would retreat from public life after
thirty-two e.lrs of otllce holding.
To the whispering multitude In the
Sheriff s anteroom then; was no explain
Ing the fact that Harburger, always oc
counted by Tammany tho "best vote get
ter on the ticket," W4s the low man of
all tline who ran for Coroner on Tues
day Rut to a visitor who penetrated to
Julius himself the ictyoiis were mado
"You ak me." said Mr. Hat burger,
"why I was beaten. The question de
serves and shall have an answer First,
I handcuffed the four pnl.ee inspector
when I took them to prison. For that
all the police or the city are down on
Harburger. In this county thev voted
against me, nml' gut their friends to do
so a mighty vote against me.
"Second. In my career lis Shei iff I
have fought relentlessly all bomb thiow
ers. dynamiters, Inclterers. un-American
anarchists and horse poisoners. I hive
mentioned them with scorn In many pub
lic speeches. Now they are out of busi
ness. Justly they blame the Sheriff They
determined that I should not be Coroner,
All evildoers voted against me. Of their
enmity I am proud you cm say that I
am proud."
The Sheriff mused a moment at his
mahogany disk, then milled "And ou
can say that although unable to seive
the public as Sheriff or Col oner I shall
be Just as active for the benefit nf man
kind In general and anything else that
may occur Youcan say that Harburger
will b" heard from a fa In.
"And now you ask me if Tammany
Hall is In danger, If Mr Murphy Is In
danger I reply that they are not "
Julius Harburger began his official life
as a court Interpreter In p. To. day
he will write to his old friend Max Grlfrn
hugen. Sheriff-elect, bidding him come to
the office and let Harburger show him
Ilriiomr Republicans Say llr Would
Get Progressive Votes.
RtNOIt amton. N Y Nov 5. A well
defined movement among the Progressive
Republicans of Rroome county took shape
Immediately after th success of the
Republican county and city tickets w.ts
assured yisterday. Many Republican
leaders asserted that the State owes it to
the southern tier to choo Its next
nominee for Gubernatorial honors from
Rroome county, and the name of e.
Senator Harvey D. lllnman of Hlngham
ton was mentioned prominently In this
Tho movement to bring Hlnnmn's nam
before the Republicans of the entire State
probably will be started at once. Re is
advanced ss the only mm possible to
lead the Republican forces to victory and
oni who will luite the best chances nf
Indorsement hy progressives, of all par
ties owing to his strong views on the
direct primary' iuestton.
He figured prominently In. the Sulzer
Impeachment trial, having charge of the
examination of nil witnesses.
Anto Ram an lluyler Cstete.
Greenwich. Conn.. Nov. .1,--The
Greenwich automobile chemical responded
to n tire alarm fiom tho estate of Coul
ter D. lluyler of New York late this
afternoon, and after the chemical had
travelled tho eight rulli s at quick speed to
Round Hill, the limit r estate, it was
found that an automobile being tested out
had back tired uud burned up.
We have been making clothes since 1856.
From the moment wc made our first sale
up to the present day through 57 years of
wonderful growth and development we have
been guided by but one purpose to give
the boys, young men and men of New York
the greatest clothes value money could buy.
Sack Suits. $18 to $50
Fall Overcoats, $16 to $35
Winter Overcoats, $18 to $75
Astor Place &l Fourth Avenue
Independence League Cnnso of
Queer Result of Race
for Judgeships.
Says Republican Vote in State
Was About 30,000 Oreatcr
Than Democratic.
Judge Wlilard B.irtlett, Democrat, Is
elected Chief Judge of the Court of Ap
peals nnd Judge Frank H. Hlscock, Re.
publican, is elected Associate Judge.
Judge Itartlett's plurality over Judge
William 12. Werner will be lfl.onn or morr
probably. Judge Hlscock, who defeated
Abram I. Klkus, has a plurality of 60,000,
It wai the vote of the Independence
League which made this unusual feature
nf n Stnto Judicial contest, In which there
was little of the heat of the campa'gns In
cities and Assembly districts throughout
the State. The league lndored Judge
Rartlett and Judge Hlscoclt nnd the r.5,000
intis It cast In this city dr tided tho elec
tion William Ramcs, Jr., rhiflrman nf the
Republican Stnto committee, In conceding
the election of Judge Rartlett yesterday
commented on the anomaly of the situa
tion nnd Incidentally drew out of It hope
for the Republican party Mr. Harnes
said :
"Apparently Judge Werner has been de
feated for Chief Judge of the Court of
Appeals by about 7,t'00. Judge Hlscock
lias been elected Associate Judge by about
II I il in r a Independence l.encne.
"The disparity between tho votes Is due
... . V. f..... t ... ...
( I., iiei iiiiii'i'iiueoee i.eague party, wnicn
polled lii Greater New York r.5,000 votes
i for Rartlett and Hlsiock. Had the In-
I dependence League nominated their own
iiiiidld.iti s ns the other parties did Judge
Werner would have curled the State over
JinUe Harthtt by about ao,0fl and Judge
Ills 'ock the same.
"The Progressive vote In the State for
I Hand nnd Sea bury for the Court of Ap
peals Is about 17n,ti00, It will thus be
seen at ,i glance that the Republican vote
exceeded thu Democratic vote bv about
1 3n.in.Mi, despite the Progressive vote. Last
'ear the Progressive Mite in the State
i was about 390,0(10.
"Judge Werner's showing, though he
Is defeated, is remarkable. Whereas last
e.u In the counties outside of Greater
I New York Wilson defeated Taft by IS.ilnO
Werner defeated Rartlett by iibout 7i.nno.
1 In the city of New York Wilson defeated
I Taft by I'OO.OO".
1 "It is clear from these figures that the
Republican party of the State Is energized
i and full of vital force. If the newly
I elected Itepubllcun Assembly meets expec
I tatlons by a programme of enlightened
i advance on orderly lines, especially If It
I pi eposes a thorough revision of our rc-
strictlve primary nnd election laws, its
i (lection will have served a most useful
purpose "
This l the vote by .nur.l'rs so far as
me iiKiir'-s were avau. inie last ingnl :
Chief .lodge Court of Appeals.
Werner. Uartlett, Hand.
County. Hep. Ifesi, True.
AHecany ....
lirunx l0(5 jm4 CMS
j llroiill.e 7i77 12J4 7i3
I tattarailimi MO (911 1.101)
f 'a yu ca two .TOJ7 979
t Chautauqua S005 42J5 J.'JW
IChemunir 4m? 5771 927 1
I Ch-nauto 4131 25.ni tai j
I Clinton 4011 3-.M ;oo
I Col'lllillla 4 VH ! 1193
1 Cortland 24.11 llnl 437
I Pii.iuarc .,
i Dutelirss P20 7911
llrle 3. 17 i 12 10291
' I:"''! M"2 917 1109
l'ranklln .15;ii ir,o 7t
Pulton 2d 217 133U
, tiennee 42-1 2.101 740
j iireene ;u.VJ .van 200
I Hamilton
, llerklii er 4il 47o7
I Jefferson 7701 5723 1201
j Klncs M'JJS 9(9(4 2970O
LIvlnfcMnn 3055 '.'jm bio
Madden 4tM 3(13 Iran
I Monroe Ji 1727 72iU
I Mont senary 8057 (0J1 l5a
' Nassau
I New York 71221 11(757 42220
. NiiCTra aria si73 740 I
Onrlila 11705 1217 4H5
'ononiiaira lonio utn.1 ujno
.Ontario 571 4320 12S7
j Ollians 3014 202.' 014
I Ihnrto (aJM 6434 1077
1 Otieco , ,
: IHitnam 149J 1220 S(i
Oueeas 17017 SIS2I 7710
I Hrnnfiaer USUI t07i 1,153
lllchinoml 5A4.I ?oo; H.s
ItoekUnd SVSI JD71 moo
,st, Lawrence &55.I inn UOO
aramca 7025 5440 1154
Schenectady 4li7 wja 2331)
Schoharie tuo.1 2 vo 7 ovi
.Srhuilrr..., Iili7 Hit m
Seneca 3104 7521 234
Reuben S.133 714.1
SUffulk 6749 1791 191
Milllvan 3149 3741 Ut
Tloca 23') 1795 405
ronipklni 25.13 11)44 w.
"liter Will 712(1 IWJ
Warren 8352 ;jtt eSu
Washlnttun iitil j-.'ki ;ai
Wayne f57 4220 1059
Wyoiting :om uvi -jo
Vte 2517 it l7,
Tout "77" 7 '.
Aaanciatn Jndsre Coort at Appeals.
1'Uun, Saanury,
Rem l-rutr.
31 1 J
1. 3
, 'Mi
, l,l
, 'H
, 771T
, 802?
, I27
, 4)133
mi :m
JK90J 31C25 tij',
SJnO lOSo I,,,
8591 ls.Vt ATI
Sail IMS 1.141
7) ?i;n
315'J 3.V11 ;m
iill 41l
1 Ms, n.vj
3011 5320 avt
4014 .1175 i,
Ssr,n 179:3 ,,,
')J7 (07 no
m.'.:i iiii-o.io i. -ii
Pill Mill i;,,
HUH lJ.M'l i,
I72114 till Hij
5752 4.IH ii ,
AiCJ Itm
Ml.'.' 5 i if t ill
111)1 1201 (
:l7n.' rcnui ,iij
II.VM DI.'IJ (ii
CJill TlWi en
f..".Vi 2fi tin
?orj r.i.'i ti i
ri.n MM.-. . i
I .Hi M7I r
.Ml 1.117
till.'. '.'.'mi .ii
SHU 7HII i,. i?
n-57 5152 .''i
111 10 3711 i)
SI7 I7!i l j
Siel 1921 n:7
IIOli 7157 !..!
XI.V! I'll I
Vril xf?:i tjw
.'.V,7 I2.'0 in;, i
2-71 1319 ;t .
'.'..17 1W0 I
New York
Ma sura
Ononria ea
Or lea Hi
I'uinain, . ..
ItcnsielHrr .
Itlrliiiiiiml.. ..
HncMatiil.. ..
St. I-aurrncr.
Schenectady ,
Schoharie. . .
Hchuilcr ,. .,
iiopa ,
Wayne .
Woinlng. .
Yales. . ..
Tnft lo .lulus the Pntltlenl 4 nli n
In Vlruliiln.
I lor Sl'ntNils. Va., Nov. -There w i
be a gathering heie of politician.-, ,it
and present before the end of the we.
Among the number will be Charlr?
Murphy of New York Premier Hun n
of Canada also is coming.
K-N-Pri'Mident Taft got here to-il . jolt
ing, among other friends, l-'rani U "ngc
the "trust buster" of his Adinl- stnf .i
and George R Sheldon, formei i h.uri' . n
of the Republican National Co nm 'tie.
Mr Taft. after be had Mrs Taft In
stalled In their suite in the Hotmste.u
called Mr Kellogg on the telephone ,nd
made an engagement lo go Rolling. Tin
played the eighteen hole course while Mrs
Kellogg went horseback riding with M'M
Marie Mei rill of Dultith.
Ilenfllrnit lis Claim tu I'nnnmn Ten
Years After Secession.
RiMota, Colombia, Nov. r, That the
lapse of thirteen years has not suflinil to
make Colombia forget tho causes win. I
led to the secession of Panama anil the
aciiulsltlon by the I'nlted States of the
right to build Ihe Panama Canal was
shown yesterday, the tenth anniversary of
the secession, when the Colombian Con
gress adopted n resolution reaffirming i's
claim to the Isthmus iml protesting against
tlie violation of Its rights.
The resolution mlds that the repuhl
would view with satisfaction an honorabl
Adjustment of tho dlillcultv
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