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I'liiiif Kcucnt Assumes Hifrhls
to Tlironc by l-'om.Hl
liiiviiriiiii (iiMicnill.v Approve
.Move Otto mi Iimmii
tiltlc litiiuitic.
tprti'tl t;ii,l? fienpitrti to Tits Sr.
Mi mi-ii, Nm, . l.iHlwic. Prince He
trm nl t l.i v 4i i In , hIisiiciI ii tirnchinmlion
n' :n o'clock thin moniltiK ilcposltn
nun. tin' mail KIiik, iiml nnnounclnr Hint
In Iwm iifMimril tlif "kltiRly rlstitu which'
an III" li tin' knicc of (ioil" ntiil the
till" I.UilulK III.
Tin tM'iH'liimutliin tcfetw III nyinp.ithctlc
. n In tin' tciisiitm fur tin- m'tlon, Ottn'n
lir ur.ihlc iIIm'HW' mill tin- inrllninentiiry
c.iii. t Ion which was Khen to the resent
i.i assume tin' tltt in. Tin1 io.miI xtiinil
,inl WiiH iiiifnrltVl at Wlttclslmch luilnee,
the resilient of the new inoniiii'h. KIiir
l.llllMlK ll ll KrillllH ll till' IK'WK of hlH IH'I'I !"
nun lo Mm tin oti to tin- heiiils of the
i.llicr i In nun Stiitrt ami tin1 (iuei nment
I.OllllllI fon IKI1 IMllnh Of III lll'CcssllMI.
Tin' imal iMocliimatlon w.it. icml In the
Put. art.r which the Mlnlsti.v iircseiitcit
ii lull ri'i'iiKiilxliu that tin- recency wax
..iwfully t I mlii.it it. Tin cc nmllciil in-'
MliatcN wi'io n i fi'lilnl, one iliallliK w'th
(iiiiih loiiillilon in Ism'.. uhcn he In r
iiliit I clieunistiinc'.H woulil hnve "lit
iii'ilcil to thi tlironi'. ami tin- other ilciil
im; with hi prifi'iit lo.nlltlon. With
i-1. for Kini! I.UilulK thi' I Hft uim ml
i.ti-n. .1 until l'-rlil,i. when tlif new
in. ii . mh will take thf oath to observe tho
rcl lutloii. Thf mnt w ill takf thf o-ith
to ill fi ml th" in) nl house on Suml.iy next.
Tl transfer of thf thium- of H.mulii
I m ..lit with (ncrnl iitirm-stl hy tho
II. .man, thf opponents of It belliK only
tl.i - who ilo not want any niomiich.
it i known that thf mr. Ileal cfrtltl
Ml. fi't forth that i Mil's r.if has. liem
hoi'il. s since 17.T Ilf Ik apathetic, even
1 u ml i:ir necess-lties of life. Me fiilH
ini I'.inlc.illy at oilil liniments ami stiinil
in"' ii iufn Cot Iiouim k.izIiik llxcilly Into
vacant y Ilf I never vlolt-nt towanl Ills
iiil.inti'. hut Mimctlims rllihiys a ilc
f rtittix Ifinli'iicy. as recently when he
fli.iltireil a porcelain tea service that w.ii
pl.ic.'l hi'foif him.
Purl. IMIIfliiN I'lTiult It After T
iMir Cmitroi ers .
l.i'.V limiMleh.Vt Tub Sin
1'mhs, Nov ,"i Thf lilijectlons of the
Tins authorities to the monument de
Ictif.l to he placed over the isnw of
Oicnr Wdile In thf IVie LachaNf rente
"i h.ue tlii.ill hfi'ii overcome and tho
ii .mmnent was unveiled to-day III the
prffence of fifty I'mich and Irish poets.
Th- ontl mers littweeli .laeoli Kpxtt p,
the fculptor, and thf Prefect of the Seine,
nho orderid tin- removal of thf iiiouu
in. ill on the tri 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 that certain featilles
Tended the seiisllillltles of many ier
ntm who went lo I'ere l.aeh.'llse. hlHteil
ii'.irly two f.ir. In a letter to Holier.'
P.i'ss. Wilde's literary (Mentor. At. Iell
ine, the Piefect. onlereil him In Kehru
ary las to remove the monument and
i. ike It out of the roiintr). Aleanwhllo
the niiimtin.nl was covered with tar
pnnlln. Hosk lefunil and Klisteiu. the sculptor,
nnie fiom limiou and tore off thf emer
iti, Al. Pillnii"y itranteil those respon
ihle for the monument fifteen das
Krnce to carry out his order and iieeo
tintlons lonkltn to n comtuoinlsf were
I 'liun. Kp"teln tlnall consented to add
lie traditional Hk leaf to the Itahylonian
'.Kin.' foriniiiK pait of the monument ami
the ditllculty was overcome.
(in the hase of the monument Is this
inaiTiptlou :
"Aiul alien tenrs will fill for 1dm
Pllj'ti lone l.rnketi urn;
HI. in.iurnerM will 1 outiast nin.
Ami ..titciist al ays minirn "
President nml Aline. Poliietire Visit
Melon, Srrne of Arrlilnit.
Paws, Nov. S. Twenty-four bodies
had ben removed to-day from the debris
of tin railroad wreck near Aleluu, where
'he .Marseilles-Paris express collided last
night with another train. The Indica
tion" ate (hat thirty-two persons were
l lied,
IV.r ten hours during the night Cnpt.
Amic of Lyons, mortnlly hurt, was pinned
:nwn beneath the tender of the express
iraln Doctors cared for him na far a
inssihle, and he continually begged them
lo end his life. He was quieted with
morphine and died before ho could be
President Polncare abandoned a hunt
intt trip niieduled to start to-day, and
with Mine. Polncare visited the scene of
th.. wreck and watched the work of
lisru. for several hours.
The engineer of the express train Is
1111.hr nrtest. He admitted that the
wr.'iK d due to his failure to heed a
nop signal,
St I'KTKiisHtiio, Nov. S. An express
ti.ii on tho line between Aloscow and
K f-mt has been wrecked. It Is reported
'i t tourteen persons were killed and
more than a score seriously Injured.
Am Isen, Pole Ulscrtvrrrr, nun
Foul of Pruaslnn Offlelaldoni.
fineml Cahlt Unpntch to Tilt Sun.
THi'MV. Nov, 5. The authorities of
S I'lenilir-Holsteln have ordered Dr.
.Mnu-i,len. the N'nrweulnn discoverer of the
' pole, not to use the Norwegian Ian-
gii.u'e ! nu lecture at nensmirg on .no
'ms.er K, The reason I not given, hut H
sm.s..,i that the authorities fear, on
. mint of the similarity between Nor
"eg 'in and Danish, that Rntl-Oermanlc
T'liwnt would bo aroused among the
i-i-tipf r's audience,
n api'nl was made to the Prussian
I! ivernuieiit, but It Indorsed the action of
' ." lo ,il authorities.
iililn 1 ouple Soimlit ffriiitrnflan In
Furl. Ilecnnae of Incompatibility.
I'AWH, Nov, E, The divorce suit of Dr.
'rev Hubert Chance and .Mrs. Alaud
icuMa Itoblnson Chance of Canton.
"1 to, both of whom charged coldness and
' "imp.itlhlllty, was denied to.day hy the
ii. me court, which ordered that each
pay half of the costs of the action. The
Milt ha been pending for more than a
Airs. Chance Is believed to be In New
York at the piesent time. When In Paris
Hie resides at the Hotel Majestic, llefore
- i.-i.iei. in me jiuiri .uhjcxiii;. iumi
Hie mutrled Dr. Chance she. was the widow
ol James A. King,
a wealthy Chicago
Aviator Cover Another 130 Mile In
farU-Calro Flight.
tscfaf Cable, Beeeateh to Taa BD.
frncl, aviatir teaohed Duchareet to-day
J" hl Might' from Paris to Cairo. Ho
nd his !,...er,..r nmi. .rrlvert in aood
We have rendered
Complete Service
for every occasion,
at any place de
sired, for over fifty
5th Avenue, at 46th St.
t'liincfc I'residpiit's lU'crcc
Cinises Orrntcst Simisii
tion f Hetfinie.
filifcitil i'nhlr nrtiHitrS lo Tnr Su.
Pkkix, Nov, r.. The deercf Issu.-d hy
Pifsldent Yuan Shlli-k'nl isteiday ills
Holvltu the Kiinniliitanc, the l,ir(est',irty
In the Assemhly, ami deprlvlnR the meni-
hers of their seats In Parliament tins
caused the Ktentest sensation of his
reiilnie. It Is denounced evi l y where as
unconstitutional anil ninny rcKiird It as
Inltl.itliiK a dictatorship.
The iloerce Is taken as evidence that the
Piesldent's aim Is to remove all opposition
lo his demand for the fullest power. A
mandate was Issued to-day explalnlm; the
dissolution of the KtiomlntatiK. tt l."!
prohahly the longest document ever Issued
hy the central Kin eminent. It truces the
iillt'Ked consilracy of tho association, the
meiiils'is of which coni"osed the "trotiKest
hiidy In Parliament, to overthrow the
(o eminent and cites many nlleKrd
proofs, Inculpatltu; Ir. Sun Vat-sen. (Sen.
lluatfslm: and other prmnlneiit southern
le.nlt rs.
Some of the unseated memliers of Par
liament had treaoiahle corresisindence
with th rebels In the south, hut many
of them are titulimhtedly Innocent. In
any case all have liecn accused and con
demned without an opisirtunlty of refut
ing the ch,ires.
Kxperlenced forelfjners here Kenerally
admit that the Parliament of younK China
Is hopelessly Incompetent and that Yuan's
demands for a rernnstlttitlon of the As
semhly arc reasonable and necessary,
hut tiiey have serious. mlsRlvhiRS as to
the result of the President's method of
ohtalnltiK his own way. which has
alienated the whole southern revolution
ary movement and made the establish
ment of Presidential control In the south
Inconceivably difficult.
So'ne persons liken the situation here
to that In .Mexico and speculate on the
possibility of nn American protest. It
is said that Sun Vat-sen and Ms party
are on the way to WaehinKton. where It
Is expected that tney will arrive shortly.
rnsalnn Artillery' (tHIeer Snyn (io
erniilrTit TreMtril All Alike.
,l'rri,lt CtiMr llrHpittrK tn Tin: ?l.f.
llKlil.IN, Nov ."i. A high orTlcff of the
Prussian artillery was on the stand to.
lay nt the trial of Alaximlllau llrnndt
and into Kcclus on a charge of brihhU
at my officers to betray secrets to enable
the Kiupp armament works to obtain
ordnance contrnet. He testllled regard
ing the llovernnieiit's dealings with tin
ordnance firm, saying they were hbntical
with those-with other firms, the prices
offered by competitors never being re
vcaleil to the Krupps.
None of the witnesses has been exam
Incd under oath so far. hut It has been
decided that hencefotth all witnesses must
he sworn with the exception of Von
Aletten, Atnmuardt and three directors of
the Krupp tlrm, Hoetger, Dreger and
Aluehlon, who apparently are suspected of
complicity in the alleged bribery.
I. nil) Randolph Churchill's Protested
Hill Cause Much oaalp.
Special Vahle tttipatch to Tnr. Sis.
London. Nov. 5. Clenrce Cornwallls-
West's refusal to pay a bill of $1,000 for
the decoration of his residence In Norfolk
street, on the ground that the order was
given hy Lady Handolph Churchill before
she entered suit for divorce against, mm,
him Incensed Lady Itandolnh and her son,
Winston Churohlll, First I-ord of the Ad
miralty, according to gossip around the
law courts, and lth have Indulged in
some plain speaking to Cornwnllls-Weirt.
The nult brought by the Lenygon Com-
panv against Cornwallls-West ha twen
settied by the payment of the bill. It Is
not known who paid It.
Attend lleqnlem Maaa nn AnhlTer
anry of Predecessor' Death.
Sprdal fable Vfpoteh to Tna Sch.
Homf, Nov. 6. Pope PIU8 attended
public service to-day for the first time
since his Illness in April last,
Cardinal Vlnceiuo Vnnnutelll celebrated
a requiem mass on the anniversary of the
death of n XIII. In the Hlitlne chapel.
Pope Plus wns apparently not ratiguen
hv the service, which lasted an hour. He
i,y the service, which lasted an hour.
walked nnd knelt without aid and blessed
the catafalque In n strong voice.
ChnmpaF.lraera Opera House Qnlta
for Lack of Fonda.
fptcial Cable DttpatrS to Tne Scs.
Paiiis. Nov. fi. The Theatre ilea
Champs Klysees has been closed for lack
1 u i n:.lirlel ANtrue. the director.
paid off bis staff yesterday and It Is re-i
1 ... - .1 . . I . Jl I I
ported tnni .m. uHiuiaiu, m um um" -rector,
of the Opera, will take over the
Widow of American Author Arrlvca
In Copenhagen.
" tpedal Cable Iteipttch to Tnu Son.
Coi'l.NHAGK.V, Nov. 6. Mrs. Price Col
ii-- uii.tntv nf the American author who
"- . :. . .... ii.i
died suddenly on Monday In t he lnti of
Kunen, arnveo nere iuujr ii
The body will be cremated here.
Wireless Proas WroaalaaT Say a Shins
Are OsT Portasaese' Coaat.
nisRALTAJt. Nov. 6.' A wireless measaira
from the United fltateii "leahlp WJo
1 mln rctvn hen -y
, battleship fleet la off the const of PortUKiil
Lemlprs T.nnk On Xow
l F n
JtcsuR ns THiimpli for
fl.VTl KI KI
RcpiiMlenns Assert Tlicir Split
Piirty Wiis Cmisc of Dcm
ooi'iitic Success.
WAdlllNnToy, Nov. B, President WIN
non ami his arty itsst'i-lntcs were happy
over the result of yeRteiil.tv'c I'teetloitK
In New Jersey, MassachtiKftt, Marylanil
nml Koine other States. They ncrept the
results as Indorsement of the I'r. sl.h nt
on the tariff and other Important iUc
It Is the general expectation that the
President will now assume a more hk
Ktcssive attitude In deinnndlli! .Iinme
dlate action on the hanklni; and cur
rency hill.
New York was the only spot on the
political map win re the Pre-ddeiit's putty
met ii revet sc. and this was atttibutid
...,n,..n- i., m,. TiiiMoiimi l-sue as pi-.
sented' bv John A. lUniifSsy and Will-
i..,., v!,iii- IVIv.it. lv AilniPil'tratlon
leaders riKaril the success of the fusion I
ticket In New Yolk cll as luidlnK to t
the Adnilnl-trntlnti triumph for the rea
son that John Purtoy Alltchel had the
moral support of the Pnsldent.
Chief Interest atnoni: I ) mocratic lead
ers here etitred In the party situation
in v...v York In their opinion this Is
the otii.oitune time to clean house in tliat i
Mi.itn nml I'leiiiilnir house as they view-
It mentis the elimination of the pres. nt j
Tammany leadeishlp. j
It Is believed that tile .viniiiusir.un"! i
..in ..i... ii. -niii,,, it to those who wilt
utidfrtal.e thf task of dipo-inK Aluipliy. i
The Adminlstiatlon of coutse win noi
,..... ,,i,..,. unr on the Tammany or
gatiUatlon. but Its slnHh will be with,
anv movement for the undoing of the
.Murphy leadership.
.o Wllaiin Messime to Mllelirl.
it was noted that Presldi lit Vllon did
not send a nnssage of cotigratuiaiiou y
Air. Alltchel. or at least be lias not mane
one public If It has I n .lespaicn.-o.
The prediction Is made that he will not
send a message of this character to
Tbl la taken to mean tuai mi' i resi
dent will not at present do ati thing to
give affront to the great ooo "i
crats who represent the New .rk city
Democracy, hut he is UM'iy ihim- y
lilaln later that the Mate leaoersnip
should undergo a reorganisation.
The belief prevails tnat .iaor .un n. i,
the Collector to be appoinifi o. i
President and possibly i'.ov. llnn will
be found ncting ns advisers to the Presi
dent In the work of reorganizing the
pnrtv In the city and State of New York
Dudiey Field Alalonc. Senator . or
man's son-in-law. is being talked of
favorably for Air. Alltchel's pl.ue as
Collector of the Port.
Hi lends of Senator O'Oorman. who sup
ported Judge AlcCall. asserted that under
no circumstances would the Senator ac
cent the place nt the head of th' Tam
many organization In the event of the
,.tirement of .Murphy. It wan recallfl
i.v th.. Senator's friend" that he had all
..noortiuiltv some years ago lo take the
..1 i.ot Hint In. refused It,
I'T" ' .... - ,., Me
It was apparent inm .
O'Cormans frlenus nan iane.i
on the sunjecv i .-. ',",' "'
thf Impression that he would not con
sider the matter. I
Prouresslvea Profes I'.IhIIoo.
The showing of the Hull Aloose partv 1
in Tuesday's elections was the subject or )
parties. Progressive lea.iers punrr.-. .1
to be elated over the results.
Hepubllcnns lnlsteii tnai ui.- em..
showed the Democrats are sun 111 11.-
mluority and that tneirs wouio "
majority If It were not for the .x
islenee of the Progressive party
opinions dlffeicd as to the significance
of the election so far as the Hull Aloo-e
are concerned. It was pointed out that,
the (Mbcrnatorlui candidate of the new
party ran second In Massachusetts, hut I
that the Prngressh.. candidate in N w
Jeroey came In thlid. more than 1(iii,immi
votes' behind the returns of a year ago. 1
The Hull Aloose candidates for .Mayor ,
In Louisville and Indianapolis nnscn nm
their Itepubllcan opponents, the latter run
iilng second In each Instance. The Pro
..Ivm also nolnted out that they wiiub
hold the balance of power In the Alasea- t
chusetts Legislature and have a fair rep
resentatlon In the New York Assembly
From a Itepubllcan standpoint the
phllosophv of the situation was expressed
In these words by ltepreentatlve Mann
of Illinois, the minority Douse leader.
"The election returns seem to show
that the Democratic party Is still a mi
nority party, but will be successful In
some degree as long a the different
faction of the Itepubllcan party keep
on fighting each other."
Maya Bull Aloose I Here to Stny.
Heprcsentatlxe Walters of Pennsyl
vania. "e "f ,m" Mo"'"' leader.
"''Wei have cause for gratification We
have shown we are here to stay. We
had a share In the victory In New York
city and our candidate In .Massachusetts
ran ahead of the Hepubllean candidate.
With plan of organlzallon that are now
being perfected we will do better next
"'itepresenlatlve Doremus of .Michigan,
chairman of the Democrat!.' Congress
committee, said:
"The elections are gratifying. The re
suits In New Jersey and .Massachusetts,
two of the strongcHt manufacturing States,
are particularly significant. Coming on
the heels of a general revision of tin
tariff they Indicate that manufacturing
Interests are nut apprehensive of the
effectH of the new tariff law.
"Another striking Instance of the trend
of public opinion ns regards the tariff
Is In the third Alassachusetts district.
Last vear Wilder, llepubllenn. carried the
district by more than 3,2011 plurality.
This time Paige. Itepubllcan. carried It
i.e nnlv tnr. nlurnlltv."
".Many Hepubllcnns were elected to puh- I
For 41 years the
standard in quality
fit satisfaction
All fabrics all weights
For men. women and children
Leading Storci Everywhere
Look for thin label
wa"W Uie0V
lie olllces now helil hy Democrats," salil
llepnsnilatlVf Womls of lown, clis.lrinan
of (he llepuhtlcaii CoiiKress committee.
"In other woid", there has heen a Ire
momlouii Itepiihllrnn Kuln nml a tiemcn
ilnus Democratic loss In tin) illHtrlctn where
elections weie held thli year cnmpareil
with tho last elect lcn,'
"The election KtreliKtlu neil the iteptib.
llcan pnity at the foundation and at the
...... ..i...., i,. i. ...in i... .i... ii..
iii'i Kt-n.'i hi jn-i'i i ,ii ii. iiii ijii.K.ii i.i.-.ii
Kft con! t nl of the majority of the Htale.
iiiltnlliltintlolix ,ih well as of PoiiBirss,
Week lias Unites fur Future,
Senator Weeks of .!ns.ii'huetl.s salil:
"The fle''!lnn In MaHMarhusi'tts wiim i
tiorili.il oti" Walsh and l-"os polled the
onlliiiiry Deinoi rath' vote, hut tho total
ItepuMleiiu mid l'rourelve vole far i x
ceedeil tho victor's. We will net loRether,
I hope, next year and tlm return will
then show n different result."
"We can fVpect lU'lllocratlc victories
as lone as Hie Itepuhllc.ms aro spilt,"
said Senator Norrl of Nehraska, a I'm
Kiffilvi'. "I am hopeful of a union of
the faction", hut I cannot say how soon
It will he i rfectut."
"The Ailmlnl'Mrntlnn hnuld he hluhly
tirn tilled at the lesult of the tlectlons
eitywhete," said S.Miator Kern of lnd.
ana. the Deinocrallc Senate leader, "I
do not see how we rould poS"llily have
,A'' J;;'M(!J',,,rriPli , the W i"hlnpton
hf.idiiu.irteis of the liemociiitlc National
i'limin ttee said :
"The "pleiidlil Deniociallc vh torles vcs.
tetda were nn liidorsfinent of Prelileut
WIIon and his Administration, but the
fact should lint be overlooked that the
new tariff hill, which Itepnl.tlciin speakers
and pms, predicted would htl.wt dWaster I
I'lse show that there was no Jutltlcatlo:i
for thf cry of Hepnlill'- in speakers In
the Itonse and S nate tint bulni s d"
piesslmi and disaster would lesult fiom
(lie pns.iui'
if a real tat Iff revision
Press ('nils It Triumph for llenti
;. eminent In Ne.. Vrl.
i r.ihl, i,.;if. I- .. Tin. "is
I.oni.o-. Nov. '. The fsiilt of the
,ew inri t'lini'iiii i" n 'n ' n,inii.ii
'for lifan itovi nuneiit in tin i.onunu
press thl" moinliii'. altliouuh several n ws
papers sa that T.iminanv Is not t.
illv '
lead, and will t tut ti to power
Sffimfnnf says that the lesult ni"iins a
long exclusion of Tainuiany fiom power,
and continues:
"its defeat iinphasl7.es the detei initia
tion of the s'lonuvst and best lenient to
enforce a higher st.indatd of ':'! re
spntiMhllitv and a less onlial tone In
public life"
'Hie i.ild .lnll fears the tiiuinph of
the fllslonlsts Is epheinelal.
"Tainuiany," It i. "has loo often
resuscitated after buri.il to allow any one
but all optimist to believe It Is dead
now '
The fbilh; i7ioiilc sals;
The fusion victory im! only iiusl.es
the .t citadel of uniieali politics in tne
I'lllteil Mat.s. but It will give a tteineti-
doll!. iTi'tinlse to the new p.Mnocinev
which alieadv has placed Mr Wilson In
the White House and s ins de.Mln. d to
transfotin the whole Internal and e.
ternnl politics of the 1'nltMl States."
Tile 7'llM' s'll s
"It Is a gi.itifvi.igsnic.es f,i- ui'inl.'.pil
purlt. but It '- doubtful If th.- fusl uiHis
would have won if Tatnni.inv had mi;
fallen out with hivnor and Suler. It is
Snlrer s vh torv as will as fusion's. The
faihlon In winch he turned the l.ihle on
Aluiphv .s pl.ii.mt and ill .iui.it!.-. Lit' m
linoiial eh mete In the fiav n 'Wh it
loiouat'S V in the hi..,id. r signi nc
of the r.ult.
an 'utes of corruption uriwlnie will
I rejoice at the crn-hiiu rchuf, b it stmh n's
i m
nienean im Inn s w .11 not be Kanuu ni
t tin ib f it l i" in npent
The Ihnt'i Te'i'ai tilt ,i! It Is not a e-
aavM--raiaaiaa aataMaMfei. ' t 1 U -7 bTbTbbt mm t bTPb1 aTaV aTaTM araata
45-ami i L-v iaavPsas, i
nsnurlnr slcn thnt fiulrcr ! nmonff the
Tim tiifw .Vein exnects the. resurrection
of Tnmmnny, following the disintegration
of the rcfin in element.
rtiry (lot l.lttle In Inillnnn. hut Split
Iteiitilillrnn Vote.
" iNtiiANAfoi.ts. Nov. f.. C'omnletn re-
turns from yesterday's elections show
that the Progressives were a tacior in
the defeat of tho Itepubllcan, hut that
they were tumble to do much for them
selves. In twenty cities In which the
I "minerals elected mayors, the combined
Ptonresslve and Itepubllcan vote was
greater than that cast for the Demo
iratlc candidates. The Democrats elected
In forty-eight Important places, tho He
publicans In twenty-one, the ('Itlien In
twelve and the Progressives In four.
Comiyired with last jenr the slump In
the Progressive vote was Inrpe, being T.'i
to ?n per ent In some places
In tlni larger (itlea tho Socialist vote
shows a nuiiked decrease.
l'rouresl es to Hold Hnlnnee
I'oiier In Alnoiiehnsetts.
IIosto.v, Nov S. Dflaed teturns from
yoteiilay's election Indicate more clearly
how sleeping the Democratic victory was.
Not only iva tin- entile State ticket uc
eessful, but the l.egllatillf l mote neatly
Detnoi'iatli' than cut befote. The Pro
ulesslves hold the balance of nower.
file Senate will comprise 22 Hepubll-I
., 1 ' " 1 .:. " , miJ .
Iti'liUbllcan Ptesldetit of the Senate, hut
for the III st time since the Hepubllean
luitv was iiiuatilzeil it will not cotitiol
the House.
Ptfs'detit I.evl nnetiwoiid of the Senate
was ibffaliil by Kdward N.Sibley of Ash
Imi till int. a Democrat. Many of (Item-
' litem- i
efeat to I
lied for f
wood' follow i rs attribute hi defi
the suffi.igi tti s, lni campaign
tin eriiiiieiit's lloiislim
cliiine tinooiieil.
'Ii'i ml I tllilr llrtMh i In Till Si n
Luskin. Nov .,. Presiibnt Ituticiiinili 1
iif the Ito.ild of llducatlon announced In '
a speech at Huntingdon this evening that i
the I'.overnment's first st p In Its housing
scheme will be to build ln.Oiio rott.iges
for l.iboieis at a cost of $7,r.iio,tinn
I 're ii eh ero I'lllll lille I psoo First '
nod Hone "fit ".eeoii.l I'lnee. !
... .
'"'"'. ""!"" '. '" T",:. S,N ., ,
I'M'.is. Nov .. - rhe I ren. h Aero I ill. i
announced this evening that the (oribui
ll.nnett Cup has been won for ll'l.l h
lialph rpsoti, the American balloonist.
wun I inneyw en, ine inner .viuericaii com.
petltor. s lid.
I ol.
W'llliiril, first inhnssnilor, ,
l.o.e. Miiel, .leiielry.
AImumi., Nov .. -Col. Wlllard. the ,
AniTlcan Ambassador, has lost Jewelty ,
valued .it several thousand dollars, accord.
nm 10 a report mane m me ponce i.i-.iay
An Investigation has hei ordereit. '
Tlif police were notllled of the los.s of
tin JewiN by the innnager of the Hotel'
I'abicin. win re the envoy Is stopping.
Mllelifl to Spent, nt Dinner.
Mavor-eleet Alltchel will be the chief;
speaker at the annual dinner of the Aler 1
chant Association at life Waldorf-As.
t.ir'.t on Satuid.iv night.
will be ready to offer
you under remarkably attractive terms and
The Peerless Economic Gas Lamp
Attached and Ready for Use for
You pay 75 cents to the salesman and the bal
ance in two monthly installments of 75 cents
each when you pay your gas bill.
Your Gas Company guarantees The Peerless
Economic Gas Lamp against breakage for three
ypT months, and will replace FREE of cost to you,
Why the Equitable Building
BECAUSE it offers you the most central and
accessible location in Downtown New York
because it offers you the sum total of advan
tages and facilities because its size and elas
ticity of layout allow for the expansion of your
business oecause, speaking of economy in its
truest sense, its space is the most economical to
buy and. finally, becauseas the greatest build
ing on earth, it offers you some part of its
prestige ana some fraction of its fame.
tsttutt now being made from May 1, 1915. The builAing, how
ever, U due to be completed 2 or 3 month ahead of thli date.
Equitable Building
Temporary Office, 27 Pine Street
I'liriiHM" Fi'cncli Knvo.v t(i rnitcil1
States kins Iiml Itril
liniit Ciii'cer.
.tyrWitf futile ttufilth to Tnr. Sin
IlKHl.tN. Nov. .". - Al. .lilies Ciiiiboii his 1
tendered his resignation to the French 1
(overtimeiit as Ambassador to (Jermany,
to take effect nt tile end of December
.lilies C'ainl.uii was born Apill .", ISt,"
lie snxeil in the Franco-Prussian war
and at the "Mine time was Auditor to t In
ouiiiil of State In 1n,:I he was scire
tary to lien. Chanzy, !overnor-i!eiieii.l
nf Algleis. He succeeded Sen I'halizv
., ism, In the Interim having been gen.
eral secretary to the Prefecture of Po- j
llee 111 Palis, and having succeeded his
brother. Paul Cainbon, now Amh.issad.. i
to liteat Hrilaln, as Prefect of the Nord.
lie was also during Ibis time Piefect
of the Hhone.
Al. Cainbon was In Aiders until ls!7
until he entile In thf I'lllteil States 'is
French Ambassndor. He made a grea'
teputatlon for himself III W-hlngton
and his departnie In IJn; for th, p.t
. .,,., wfl, ..lerally regretted
v....,.,... ,,.,. i, i, , i, .., ,,... ,.r
honor nt a notable b.m.piet In Sherry's
At that time Ptesidelit Hoosevelt paid
lilKh tribute to him In n letter and other
leading men hnro witness to the part he ,
had played In the relations between
Prance and the rnitid States
t fi ml.oli's e:,ie,.r i, I M. nl,l,l lew
equallv Mncchsful and n suited In 'is
promotion to the Important Ainha-.,.r.
ship at llerlln There he even In. re,ied
),, reputation In the crWs of l'llfl-lfil 1.
i,eIUeen France and I'.ermanv over the
,.,,,11,, f Ueimati gunboat to Agadlr
,. .1.,, . ,.,.., ,.oast. J. Cambon con-
dinted himself in uch a way ns to gain
the coinmend.itloii of diplomatists the
world over The Kaiser's move in scniV
Im- a warshln to Airadir was bltterlv re
sented by France and It looked as If the
serious ruptuie In their relations might
end in war. ICurope was greatly ills-
tut bed. nut Ambassador Cambon worked
Indc fatlgably To hi calmness nnd
rational statesmanship was due. In nn
One Of These Men
will call on You
Monday, he, with 250 others,
any part that breaks during that time.
The Peerless Economic Gas Lamp is the highest type of
lamp manufactured. It consists of a burner, the highest
grade of incandescent mantle made by the Welsbach Com
pany, imported heat resisting glass cylinder, chain-pull ig
nition and a Verre Krasna Opaline Globe.
Suitable for the Home, Office or Factory. Gives a soft, brilliant
light, but does not cause eye strain. -Write to any Gas Office
in Manhattan or The Bronx and a man will call on you
There are obvious
resemblances between
most Oriental rugs
when you see them in
shops. It is worth your
while to have the differ
ences intelligently pointed
The salesmen of
Wild's Orientals are ex
perts at your service.
Filth Ave. and 35th St
arcjest Specialty Ru
puse in America,
small pait. the tellef of the dangcioui
Al. Cainbon is married and has a son
and a daughter He has I i lni'
a l.'oinni.iniler of th" Legion of
Al. Paul Cambon, Freiu h Aiiiha-aili..
In Loudon, announced recently bis In
tentlon of resigning from the dlplom.ul''
Sir. IllnUe's Knit A Kill 11 Pol Off.
Airs. Catheilne Ketchani lllake'a appl
cation for alimony pending her suit fo
, separation rrom Dr. Joseph A Ulal.e
came on for argument again yesterdm
before Supreme Court Justice Seabury
and was adjourned for the fifth time, nt
the request of the attorneys, until to
A w
t 1

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