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Moguls Wilt
'fdltz and players'
Lytic. i Sn.vs Commission Will
l,itcn to liOiiilcr as
Up Cnufi'rs With Klilit'ts Ht'foi'H
Sniliiijr Awiiy on Trip
to Kuropc
D.ivid t,. Fultz. president of On1 Rise-
nitl liavois Fmternlty. will receive
earing before tlic Natliui.it Commission
' he agree to e
t,. ppriii n oonil t ons. J ha
inmniisslnti went on tccuid nmw time up
vv.lh a unanimous vote to the effort tlmt
I'ultz, as the sole tepreselitntlvo nf tho
fratctnlly Hint jir fi-uttnn twenty de
mand, should not be received. Mrwn,
Herimiinn, Johnson and Lynch took this
nrtlnn fur the ttnson that they tennect
I'ultz an "outKtiler" anil that they be
lieved more satisfactory results could be
attained tiy dealing directly with a com
mittee, of players.
Tho fiiiternlty. however, recently de
cided to stand ly Fultz. It ieelecte.1
him president without a dissenting vote
.mil authoried him to pi ahead preparing
hi appeal to the commission for alleged
reforms and the adjustment of so-oallo.t
grievances. Chult man Herrmann of tn
. nmtnlnlun. after looking oer the fra
ternity's demands. nald the other day
that they were not unreasonable und
prohablv would meet with favorable,
action, but he milled that Fults enuld
nnt be heard Han Johnson, president
of the American l-oague. who opposed
Fultjs's appearance vignlously when tho
commission tlrt decided to bar him from
the negotiations, was quoted hint week
n saying that he personally wasn't
sverso to conferring with the fraternity
Now cornea Tresldcnt Lynch of the.
National League with a common sense
view of the situation and n temperate,
statement that may prove a solution of
the controversy. Lynch admitted yostor
dav In a talk with TUB HUN man that the
commission would adhere to Its original
pollcv not to receive Fultz ns the sole
ngent of the players. Hut he added
significantly :
"If the fraternity sends Fultz as a
member of a conference committee which
Includes several of the leading players I
believe that the commission at least Mr.
Herrmann and myself will tile no ob
jection. Of course I cannot speak for
Mi Johnson.
"When the commission voted unani
mously to have no business dealing will
Fultz alone wo were actuated by an ex
pirlence we had In the fall of ISMS
liirlni? the wol Ill's series between the
itlants and the Hed Sox The idayers i
'n that series thought tnat ine were
.ntltled to a share of the receipts from
ihc tltst five games because one of them
wes a. tie. They sent Christy MatheW- j
ton as their representative with an ap-
lieal to the cummlsslon and wo talked ,
the matter
over with him In perfect
bfirmony. . , , .
'When Mathewson had been Informed as
10 the Interpretation of the rule govern
irr the plavus' money he frankly admit--t.d
to the commission that there had
I f "ti
nilsunilerstanillng and he so re
poited back to the
i.i'itrtr. TeiiniK nielli
thnt they r.Nillv had no grievance, nur
t .llr w th AiallieWSOU W.IS n biiiibi..i.h,i j
. .... 1..I In future to deal with any
i. iver or players that might tie sent xo us
bv the fraternity, believing that the rela.
iinns viniild lemaln amicable.
The demands framed by Fultz In be-
half of the fraternity are not unfair,'
taking them as a whole, and I believe that
everything can be adjusted satisfactorily
If the fraternity will send a committee
nf players to confer with the cotnmls-
uinTt if lenity Is a member of that com-
rneV1noVar:Yy,efs.!ou.d not
1-e heard, for In a general discussion the
players themselves will learn tlrbt hand
what the commission Is willing to do."
It Is probable that the fraternity will'
consider Lynch's suggestion nt an early
date. Non-partisan observers or tne con
troversy seem to think that If Fultii
should go before the commission with
Mieh players as Mathewson. Daubert anil
Tlay Collins thro would be little or no
Charles Webb Murphy of the Cubs
sailed for Kurope on the Lusltanla at I
o'clock this mornlnB. Murphy arrived
here from Chicago yesterday but tie did
not call on President Lynch nt National
League, headquarters. Ho hunted up
President Ebhets of tho Brooklyn Club,
however, and had a Ions confidential chat,
presumably on the plan to oust Lynch
n tne pian io oust idkii
Murphy refused to illscusa
f'OBJ office.
l.ynoh's candidacy In any way. He also
declined to say how the ChicaRO
vote would be cast. Murphy declared that
be didn't know much about the chances
of Hohert W. Hrown of flvUle . for
Lynch's Job and seemed to be glad that
le was about to get away from baseball
m pontics.
W Murphy, however, Is bitterly opposed
'o Lynch ana will sanction tne election
of anv other candidate who may corral
i lough votes. He has lined up the Chi
cago ciuli wilh Herrmann, Dreyfuss nnd
Kbbets In the attempt to depose Lynch,
I ut (f none of the other four clubs can
be induced to Join hands with this com
b nation It Is probablo that Lynch will
be a holdover. Thuro Isn't a doubt that
iecent events In Chicago have convinced
Murphy that silence Is golden. Ills re
lusal to claim the Iftlt pennant for the
Cubs has a meaning;. He has talked too
Harney Dreyfuss, who Is a stronB ndvo
r.it of the llerrniitiu Interleaguo sched
ule, says that owing tn tho luck of Inter
est In the Pirates during the month nf
September his club lost J30.000. Drey
fuss airs his views In this manner:
I'n.lee .... um. .,nnl 1. Inn u nnK tl.n
pi niiant winners and the runners up
iiiiike fair profits during tho closing weeks
of the campaign. In some of tho major
1-agiin cities whero tho teams trull be -
Mm! early the loss in profits begins before,
li jdsi ason, Willi tho Introduction of In-teri.-RKiiH
games lii August the Interest
w -uid be stimulated,
"I have no fear that tho games would
t.ikn the edge off the world's series. Kven
If they did tho two clubs that waxed fat
mi these gomes could afford tn lose a
b'tlo for the other fourteen clubs. Tho
two pennant wlnneis In tho regular chain -
1 'onshlp races could meet In the world's
"erics Just the saino."
(Jeorge Mullln, tho former Detroit
r her, has filed an application with tho
Ni'lonal Commission for reinstatement.
nu .in was M.iu ny mo j igers io .xiou-
lr al last summer, and after reporting
i "io itoyais no soon ciisappeureii. it , jtlnnelialia for London on Saturday. II..
w s discovered that Mullln had accepted ( s KOtnK ovlT , KKand expressly to
i offer from a semi-pro club, and Jnr i purcliann auvorl null bitches for the pur--.1
rent-on ho was Indefinitely suspended ,, r ur.t., tm tn the International
I tu rommlssliin. Mullln has received ,.i,r.,in i.,,n,i,.,. n.n,inn m,i,
'Ter lo manage the Fort Wayne Club
a d he Is anxious to return to organised ,tar(nP1JH i-cnfohi has been In America
I 'i. If he Is re nstutcd he nrobablv will..,,, k... ....... n.iv.iu n,i n,nB
h n pay a line. successfully at tho stud. Mr. Lobban
I will remain In l.nsiand for one month,
JmI'.h Daubert's Hrooklyn tourists have making his headqinrterH III London. He
arrived n Cuba. They will till engage- holds the record for crossing the At
niMita In Havana and other cities tlmt i lantlc accompanied by bulldogs.
Receive Fultz
Rube's Feet Wet;
No Consumption
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Nov. f..
A mtntcmctit sent out from
Hicktmm, Ky to tho effect that
Hube Wutldi'll, who guinotl ftuno as
u pitcher in tho Ioukuus und
recently with tho Minneapolin club,
is M iioiwly ill from tuherculoHis in
denied by Mr. Wuddell. Ho has
not tfono West, us stated In the
despatch, hut is hero. Httho saiil
to-day that ho is suffering a t-llht
uttiu'U of bronchitis, but otherwiwi
his health is us Rood as ever it was.
He has jtiHt returned from a hunt
ing trip, and his present trouble is
catted by gutting his foot wet, ho
will keep them on the Island until laic In
Lo - ccniocr.
The Hrooklyn club has sold the relenso
of ICnos Kirkpatrlcl; to the Toronto club.
Klrkp.itrlck was obtained from the New
arks In 1312, but he proved to be of no
value with the stick.
Chouteau Is the name of hii Indian
who has been pitching sensational ball
out In Oklahoma. He has won thirty-nine
out of forty-live K.imcs this year, aver
aging nlni' strikeouts a name, anil hav
Ink three no hit contests to his ft edit.
He Is i! feet 3 Inches tall and weighs
220 pounds. Several scouts havo been look
Iuk him over.
.tack Wnrhop of the New Yorka has
notified Chance that he will urrle In Hot
Springs, Ark., on February IS. Warhop
says that he catiKht cold In his arm after
returning from Itermuda last sprltiK and
that muscular rheumatism dov eloped In
his shouldur. He will boll out at the
springs for two weeks before reportltiB
at Houston.
As the Milwaukee club has refused to
take Catcher Ted Kasterly as part of the
deal by which the White Sox got Larry
Chnppell, the outfielder. Comlskey has
paid JL&OO In. cash to the Hrewers. The
original agreement called for $1.1,100 In
monev. the release nf Pla,r ttall n ml
a catcher worth J 1.500. Comlskev handed
over $13, .,00 nuil Heall when Chappell 1
was ri'le.iseil In I m Tin, nriil I nn.il 1
bonus Jut paid Involves a total outlay i
of lS.OUH for Chappell, who didn't lome j
up to expectation! after he had Joined
the White Sox.
ll.iseball men nwalt the outcome of to-
day's American League meeting In Chi-'
cago with unusual Interest. The points
at Issuo already have been outlined
Then White Uni Finish I'p
(ill. Ml
III)' Work nn HeHriie.
Hi. Paso. Nov. The White Sox de.
I feiiteil the (limits 10 In ? iMm :i 1 1 , ikw.ii
Miilll,.unn klarl.,1 l.n, r...lr..,l 1...
,., nnB nPnrm, taking up the Job. i
Wl.,t iWHH WIIH toaster of the situation,
tlt mvnK to tin Impossible plaving Held ,
H,.verai ot,B nir w,.t f,. txiiUi, 1
otherwise would have been easy outs. !
Mathewson was lilt for four singles.
while Hearne was treated even more
"lumiij, ,-J.,r,n.n., ill in.- pi-tviii,i, Wliril.
a row of seven him were good for live
rxttti I
.... .i.e.. 1.. .1 ........ 1
The surface of the field had 1 ., rolled, ,
but to little purpose, as .he sand was
the consistency of ashes and there was1
,1m telling where the ball would go once
li linn i.eeii hem nil iih iniiriiev
-mo tourists leri lor t'ougi.is, aiii, to
iiiKiii. "lien- me, ,l.i l, ft 111,11.',-.. 1,1.-.,"
will do the entertaining, as the cltl7i tiM
or inai town goi in ineir oni nrai. mucn
to the chagrin of the good folk of Douglas,
The score:
ah r h r ,. ab r h p a e
J J Bvh'jh' 1 'o '
'Vb ! 0 I I J.s.s- Vref 0 5 l "
Doyle. 2b : I i) 1 ft.Crawf'd.rf " - " "
MerUle.lb 4 : I t f-iBrans.il . 4 0 0 3 2 1
Poolau.M 3 2 110 i. Si-h' fer,2b .1 1 2 1 3 u 1
Thorne,, 3.2.0 M.al,,, . 4 0 no , 0
MM.,on p n 0 0 o . I Scott, p. . 3 : : o 0 '
Hearne.p. 30104 o: i
- - Totals .. 10 vj :o 1
Totl..13 J It . 13 3! ,
1 0 0
0 0 0
1 0 3-
r. o
While Sox .. 3 2'
Stolen base Do.-rle, Hath
Sisjtt Two bae
hli.-soott. Meyers. 2: Weaver. Three base
hlta-Merkle. Thorpe. Samflis. hit - Evans.
Double play-Scott, Hath and Weaver. Hit. i
Off Mathewaon, 4 III one innlnf Struck oul .
-Ilv Hearne. I; by Scott, 2 Vlr.t Inae on'
balla-Off Hearne. .: off Suitt, 3. Hit by
Pllrhe.1 ball liy llearno iKvajim. Time- I hour
and 46 minute. L'mplret-Klem and Sheridan. ,
l.onn Island Kennel ( Inb Sets Dtj,h0 i,)ftt men In this class. After this
t jVot, at Meets Friday. affair Chip wilt rnusidrr offers from M1I-
The, nt regular meeting of the Long I WHUk"-' '''" New York promoters
i -- - .-,,. ,; . , " ;
If'nd Ke,"T' ci"b.. wl U. . i'f1'1 ii1...1
c u . i"""""'
' "''"ft., JXi iiwunX fw
, ,pll""n,5a" J?l? , ' i ,7,-
a dog to make, the competition stronger.
They are also hard at work urranglng
another miniature dog show to be held
on the roof garden or tho Hoflman-AI- ",' '? .. , '. .,,.ri ' ' tv,.lt f.lri. i Second Haco -(ine niHej II Hough
bemarle Hotel, New York, which they I winner take basis, declaring that C hips j (0(l( jj (Waldrom. Jti no, : sa and IS.
e,iini lll l. In evcrv wav the most I ""cent victory over him was an "accl- , won; No.re.lna. i irnllahanl. 120.30 ,!
successful and up to date affair they
' " . ' . . , .i
ever have conducted.
So far the only thing definitely derided
on Is tha time, which will tw Saturday.
November 29. at S:30 I. M. Secretary A.
A. Host says that a liberal olasslrtcatlon
will be given ami modern dog show meth
ods will lie rombincd to make tho event
a remarkable one.
Will Handle Own Ilorsea tnr First
Time nt Harden Show.
NHWPotiT, H. I., Nov. Portsmouth
stables are to be well represented In tho
ring at the national liote show, The
ohlef exhibitors will be Alfred and rtel-
imlil Vullderb It lltlll KllVVlim . .llCl.l'ail.
Mr. McLean Is to enter tho ring for tho
llrst time driving his own entries, llo
heretofore has left this to others but
( this time It Is his Intention to drive somo
of his own mtr -s,
Alfred Vandeibllt Is to show for the
first time 111 Ncv York four ot his Kng
llsh horses. These arc Pireno, Monona,
Duke mid Hol'v Ringing Hells. These,
will be shown -is a four In hand and In
various other 1 1 sses. Ho nlto will show
St. James, Heites anil H.iinb't, his big
prlio wlnmrs, and his Kngllsh ponies
1 Flame and Fame. Wembley, Sensation
and Tiger Lily, two of HokIiiuM Vunder-
bill's stallions, will be shown. Mr. Mr-
Lean will have t least twenty-five en
tries In the show
Loblinn lines to Market,
jtor,ert Lohba , proprietor of the
Thornhury bulldog kennels, sails on the
ki,, .i, til.-u Pnfnld anil
as Member
Three Cushion Champion Gets
Off to .tinning Start by
Scoring SO to H7.
Morin Watclics Cuban and Man
From Const Argue Over
Opening Hank.
Alfredo lie Oro nude a soon mart last
night toward ietalnlng the three ctuhlon
rhainploiishlp. He and Joseph Carney of
San Fraiic-levo, challenger, met In Doyle's
hllll.ud room In the first of three nights
play for tho championship, and He Oro
won, Su points to 3", for ivhleh eighty
two I tin I tt l;s were requited.
It took some time fur the men to Co"
started. They banked twice. The lint
lime was a tie, though when the tcforee
ordered "bank over" Do oro Insisted on a
measurement from the head rail. He or
deled iiiralu that they bank over, but Do
urn, still argumentative, wanted nioro
measuring. The referee aid as n-quested,
using a steel rub r, and for the third time
announced that It was a Mead heat There
was another close bank, De fiio won and
missed the opening n tur.il b sl Inches.
In tho third Inning Carncv counted thtee
and with nothing out of the ordluaty the
(day went alone ttntd It was 7 lo 5 In
Carney's favor. Kach spread a lot of oil
at this stave, a succession of safety shots
slowing down tho contest. The oil fairly
De Oro had seven goosn ogs In sue
cession Htid Carney seven. The latter
broke the spell first, and a single count
for him was followed by a slnsl" jint
for De Oro. Iloth continued strong with
the oil Do Oro c.inght up In the twen
tieth Inning with a three cushion bank,
making the score S to a. He left noth-
Ing and Carney
trying to play safety
got a bad kls and left a setup. De oro
en ,-il t'n Ii tits anil led. 11 to S. famey
c uichl up In the next inning, maklnis a
picturesque cross table bank, In which ho
returned to the lower rail ami across by
strong riming engllsh. Carney bumped
! six cushions for his carrom In tne twen
t.v -seventh Inning and tied the score 11
aolece. He made a brilliant reverse eng-,
lish shot In the twen'y-nliith, the cue ball
i sinning up from the tlrt cushion ud
nt-Ugllng along the end rail In vihitustc.il
convolutions for the necessary frequency
of contact.
Kich spurted between the If. and 10
point. De n ro making the more complicated
shot", one In particular being a striking
admixture of furci and twist. Carney
was steadier In the more conventional
shots and slink with the Cuban. He
K K UMI 1" U' 1'J in 111" I 111 T 1 V-s.. nil 11
Inning, w hen De Oro ran 2, both delicate
and dllllcult counts crossing from th"
side rails by means of a skimming flight
ionK tho top rail. In his fortieth Inning
he made his rue h ill drop gently from far
Up the side rail to an opposite corner, fall
i behind the white and get It by dim-
. .
nlng OUt Of the COtitef
... oro strung three together In his tlftv-
i r . , ... , . . ..
''"'t 'nl,;5," f 1' J
h onleh l.v me ,n. , f Wv"" ran.ev
. ' .. .. '". " . :! . . ' ' . .
"Ull'il "''"IP ,w tin tiiree,,,,,, s-eenl. Candy H.ix l.n ,erv.
, ' '
r, ,-hiii iii.im'ii ine it.HiB li, r null f"tr-
kilng gems and Increased bis lead to .ght
Two in his next Inning made the
moio n in ins nnur,
t Do Oro's forty-tltst fmli
int was a masse
In a corner, the downwind sttnke making
tho cue ball cut I and squirm off tho
cushions In the small angle. The Cuban's
forty-sixth point was a scratch, his fotty
seventh a forre follow to the end and
side rail with engllsh and a trip back in
which the end rail was again visited De
Oto went out with a six cushion shot.
Among the spectators was Charles Morlu
of Chicago, who has challingeil the win
.ninuirwrigni nnnipuin ami
Ill.-k In llitahnrir s.lnr.l..
""" ' ""n"r amra.
(j,.orlr rhln win. ts r cnlx..,l eener.
,. r ,k i i o .1. Kfner
UM thft worhru middleweight chain-
Plotl becutiso he recently knocked nut
Frank Klaus, will defend the title for the
nrsi nine in a nout wun i-reuaie uichs
i"r tb-trolt In Pittsburg Saturday tilKht.
Hicks Is nothing more than a trial horse,
tiK ho tuiM licn whim-toil hi trn ni inn IK fill
wno are anxious io secure nis services.
' Jim Coffroth is ready to match Chip with
either Jimmy dabby or Hob McAllister,
',,,rk ,"""M "r ciM"- T"" ''""' A. C.
vv ill hang up a purse for a Chip-McAllister
late In l;.cen,ber.
Meanwhile Klaus Is trying vainly to
Induco Chip to meet him again. Klaus
Is willing to arrange a match on
. flent " Hut ClitO K tiiii n.ie-er Isn t in
hurry to entertnin Klaus's offer, ro that
the latter will have to wait patiently for
some time to como. Mdjoorty, who Is
under suspension In Wisconsin, Is out of
the running for the reason that he cannot
reduce to K.S pounds ringside, which Is
Chip's normal weight
Chip says that ho would tnko on Mike
Olbbnns. but the St. Paul wizard Is too
light. Incidentally. It may be said that
the inlddlewelght division has been with-
out a really llrst class ciiampion sinco
the death of Stanley Ketchel.
Three lloxers In (in on Tnnr,
(.tillLMiio, Nov, i, Tom Anilr.vvs
.,,1 ...i i.m.ii.. m, ..!.,,.
'' .."Y.-. ... .
middleweight (liamplonshlp clalitnint :
Hay llrotison of Indianapolis und Young
Savior for n trill to Australlla, leaving
vnvn.nl,., r is Andrews came to Chicago
to-day and closed up tlm details of the
autlpodeail InviLslon. Andrews says there
will bo plenty or bouts lor the nine
.1-1. . ...... 1...1I... -u li..v- mif-lit tn rle.lll
iiMnem ... :';. " ... . ;..;.' .,'.."
nn Tilt, in lin e, wciii-i 0101 ui.itiiihiti.i
of Alistrallla with great prodt during tn
wlnt'-r season.
Onlniel (ItllplHya Aiideraini.
Hoston, Nov. fo Francis (luliuet,
open golf champion, and John (1. Ander
son, runner up In tho national amateur
championship, played oft a tie for the
gross prize lu the annual spring tourna
ment of thu Meadow Uremic iolf Club
of Heading this afternoon, the former
winning with a medal score of 77 to 4
in- Ainiii-Hon. oulinet was strong In
all departments of the gamo to-day, while
Anderson had dllllcult)' with his maahle
IrvliiK Kleven Crushes llscUley.
TAltiiTTOWN, N. Y., Nov. r.. Irving
School defeated HackUy School at foot
ball hero to-day by a srore of 20 to i.
Anderson, Murray nnd Payne scoied the
touchdowns for Irving nnd Anderson
kicked two goats from touchdown. Tettl
bono Intercepted a forward pass und
after running sixty yards crossed tho
line for Hacklo)'s only .score.
of Committee De Oro
Governor Praises
Negro Footballer
LANS1N0, Mloh., Nov. 5.
"Ooori?o Smith is a mighty lino
boy, and I'm Rind ho is making kocxI
on that M. A. ('. football team and
in his studies. I am going to writu
him a letter and express my senti
ments." In these worda Oov. Ferris
of Michigan oxpressed to-day his
opinion of Oeorgo Smith, tho negro
boy who is playing such a brilliant
game with tho Michigan Agricultural
College eleven. Smith is a gradu
ate of tho Ferris Iribtitutu in Hig
Hapids, whero ho received his first
football training. He shone against
both Michigan and Wisconsin.
i:trn llent Nceitcd tn siend Mnek
frmiklyn tn Vlctorr.
Mrs. Martin Ourau drove her l ay b'I
dlng. Mack 1'ranklyn. to victory In the
class U pao of yestetday's light har
ness races held on the Hrooklyn Speedway
under the auspices of tho I'leasutu Dtlv-
ts Association. Mack Krankln de
flated William J. Horuhuckle's bay
gelding Natetito Hoy. after an extia In at.
The lace was one of the closest of Km
afternoon. Mack FranUlvn won the first '
heat hut was beatt It III the scond by
a scant margin, tn the final Mack Frank-1 benefit of spending a few days In tho re
lyn won by a head. I dned atmosphere of our fair city. The
.launow weans nay gil.Kng. King au-
ilubon. driven by I-rank Mnalt, won the
class A tret In straight heata by ln
.sensational finishes. In the first heat
t...... ,...,..1 1 ..... i.l. .11
MHH .U,Ul,'N llirf.l liui . lltllil . I .IV I,,
with Prince A. n close third. The lattr ,
imsheii King Audul-on for the laui'ls In i
the second heat but was beat'li by half
length. In winning the second heat '
u- o ,.,i,.l.n ,.i..b..i i i n-.i.. i
i iasirsi nan mm ne i;er covtrni.
' ,... i. ii.. 1. ... ,. . I
.. ..... . .
it. ien iiivii b u.iy KiuiiiK. or. i n reel , i
driven by Hube Smith, was the winner of
the class A pac in straight heats, de-
foiling Itnlgewooil and Major. The lat-1
tr two finished In the order named, i
llidgennnd was elos.' up at tho finish but
falhd to overtake Dr. Hall's champion.
Tim summaries ;
CUna C vmv
Mack Franklyn. b
i. iMra Martin
i :
Narento Hor. b g .Win J Itnrnbuck ! i i:
nme-i,i, t.iou
ri A trot,
Km Audubon, h g, iKrsnk Smslll..
Clurhe Mark. b. g. illniry Smithl..
Prince A., b r ij O Siillivam
Time- t ;u;i,. l.ftj',.
Ita.f-d off for second money,
CI.im A A I'ioe
Ciih, in h n ii. V lleltekerl
Menahj, ar m (Harry Krnslnimi....
Time -l:Mi4. l:04t,.
Cla. A pa'-e
I)r Threet. h c (Ruhe Snilthi
HliUeuond ti. g ill C Huulstnnl...
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I'lr-t It. re Klv ,tla ,inf..h.i!f fur.rtnas
llrpi IK (SHiriin. wen. Hoi Mr. inn
illenr)i, , onit . M.tnnon. 3s iTu-nrr'
thlrit Time I i: 3-.'. Pe-llnn. li,..i..
Welles. II. ink Hill l.m.l.in.l, l.ilnl nf Ling
li-n. Martha JlrKm, Hayberr) Candle ami
luklanit aUo run
Tun tin liar miltueU twl.l : ltrr,r rrjtlf!if
I iij suj piace, 11 , aiinw, jiso. iioi nir.
1 5' U1- "ho' """' ".
' 4 lUceM, furlong. Pr Sam,.-.,
lis iTumeri won. l..nlv Muur.lei no .sun
.. , .....
t'oflune T.ivnl.ire llui v .rl . n I.Iiiim 11.,.,,
M.ia.. Shepher.lesn -iM Trani-lt ,,l.o ran
T iliil.r mut.ii.'- ..il,l Ir Sm-iel.
tr.itfht. 1150. pUi-e. 1190. hn. $.' .u.
I.d.lv Mo.-n'et. j-Uie t0. show. $3'.-0.
Cantv II--V, ttm, t3 in
Third liar, .su furlnncs--HUi k T"n)
124 ll.i.flusi won, M.ui.l II 1.. 103 iTur
luri. K.-ciind. John ilnn-1. lo iii.m-,-1,
thlnl Tlme-113. Hac. Ilui-k Kien.in am.
Hronzewing als.1 ran
Tivn .lobar muiueN pal.l- lllark Teney.
'r-tlgh'. I.' I'd p,..i- 12 20 show 2I0
Maud II U, plaie, 30. aho-a, 12.30. John
liuml. show, 12 40
Fourth It ice Six furlnncs Theren.i i;m,
ton . .Martini. w,m. .seliato, 1 07 iTurneri,
e-on.l, I'res-.impt inn 1.2 illenrvi, thtrd.
Tim 1 12 1.5 The VVid.m Mnon ..nd
K'.nral P.rk also ran
Two dollar tnutlirls p-ild There-n (;ol,
-trilahl. IT 20 piair jam .how. 2 sn.
Mbili". (dare, 13 SO, show, 12 0, I'resiimp-
t Hon. Mmw 13
I Flflh Hare One mile -lahnt 10) I Xt.ir
. tllll. won. .VllmorlOHO, 10 IVVooilsi, ei-cotl-l.
Clark .M . 101 illenr)!, thlr.l Time I 40
Am m, Dr Jurksun, Wrvncik. Ornerb
i.lass. lllack Hranch and San gut-en
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i ,A ,ln,Ur '.".V'''" ,,"l'1;. Jho'- 'tralrht.
I ' '. ! V'"' v. Mi V10;, ," Ml-iin-lo.n.
plai e. 1 1 Hi, shuw. 1.1 lu furk M ulnnv.
Sltih Itaee-iiiie and ene-slat.-eiith mil.-
lYni'J's. joV i rinl"0V,,Mial0, tvdl. l'ii
iiieni.ini. third Tim l t i.s. n,,w
Mpivdy. I.rfen-tl Falra.i.i. Irish ini. )rl
Thorp.. Ivr Day, Hoffman and Dynamlt.
ls- ran
Two dollar niulurla paid: Phi! Mohr,
tr.ilaht. 42.0. plar.. 113 70, show, 1;
Dr, Waldo llrlica, plac. 14; how, ti 10,
Polls, allow, JvlO.
First Hare Kor two vear old, fiv. and ,i
half furlone. -IUr.t-.il. in; iN.thani
n 2 in. n 40. I 20. wioi, I.ai lir.llit. ItJ
I Huxtotil 11, 13 30 und 1 40. seennd. Thelni.l
.1.. inj (Shuttlngi-ri. 13 -0, third Tim..
t;0 Taii'Mlrker Man Warren. Soiib of
Valli-v, Violet May. Mngle Hay, Kl Malnll
ami i-auiiiua tuso ran
110 20, s.rond, Union, l.loyd. 10S (Hurlin
same), flu. third Time, 1 (2 linrll., Mr
Specs, Kdlth Iner. fchall.r, Hnin.creat. II it
t.ry, liana cre.k. 11,-ni h Sand. Mnlsant,
Mlrhael Aneclo, I'rlnc. Plural, Klnd.r Lou,
Inf. run Uuiren and Danville II also ran
Third Hue.- -sh furlongs Montr. aor, 102
(Wolfei, )S. so. 112. HO mid 4.eo, won; Dl
dora, it (Kordi, 112. o un.l fii.co, a.rnnd,
eicaie. I'm u.ias-i f mi, ijura, run.,
litis 1 li,
Ami n,le, (!.n.H,i. Carlton (I.
I.ochl.l, I'rur. salve. Padbald
and V.nib.e also ran.
rourth Hace Two miles: at.epl.rh.is.
Th. Welkin. lo (Allen)
11.30. I3.no and
12 70 won, Gorn- lino, 1S2 (Kerm.ilhi.
12.110 und 13 10, seinnd, liell'a Hl.ter, l.K
(flowser), 14.10. third. Time. -I S2 l.S,
Kntilsklll.n, M. Camlinn, Mud. line 1., Hally
Hav, Clan Alpine, Irvin V PIkk, (,'olonattu
and Klatfoot also tan
of Fifth It.ice- liii. mile and thre.-lx-
i t.entua- i.onu nay, iu.i i iiiiriincam. i.
15,110, ,.io and 113 90. won. Napier, .03
, ( nllx,oni ,, til m and 113 sa, s.iond,
(ioldy. 96 (Ward), HJ-iO. third 'lime.
2-0S l.S. rlakhurat. Charl.- K itralnger,
cheater brum, (ilff Mr.nm, Illarkford
I Ki ;''
. sixth Itare One nille and seventy yarda
-One mil and seventy yards
, .1. (Waldrnni. 1. 40, ij o
won, ll.st.r Pr'nti.. Ill
-Tale Currier
nil,! 12.30.
(Wolfei. tt.M ami I2.7.). ...nnd.
tit II lull.
. ... v . .ut.., -i.... ,.,
1 judgo'Mnnck, Nonpareil ami Knrmack also
ran. ,
Sii-ventll uace l-or iwo.yr.ir oioe; live hiiu
j. half furlongs Suwannee, 102 (McCain's l
S1-30, 14.40 and 12-to won, Wnodrow, loo
(fi.ronde) II and 13 0, ..roiid: No
Manager, .03 (Nathan), 11 40, third. Tlmo,
1:0 (. Morderal. Hearth. at. Mean Pere,
Jlarv.M Quern, Helen M Jrzall and Ko.
Iron alia run.
.Moore Survives I'.llmliintlnii.
H. Moore, IC, beat J, Prater, l. by a
Hooro of 16 tn 1 1) In tho three cushion
elimination blllard tourney play at the
Mo.in(.Mrt milard Hoom last night. The
match required fifty-two Innings. Tho
second match scheduled was won by de
fault by T. Hash, 20, from A. Duma
haul, 1.
llnpyn AvrraHsa Over Forty,
vi-lllln Ilnnne averaged mors than 40
111 two practice games of ICS balkllnn
nt Tlium's room yesterday. He ran out
.nn nnimu In six Innings ncnlnst Al liluko
r..i ren.iireil nine innings to scole 400
with Harry fllnn,
In thu latter gamo
lioppe ran il.
Comes Again To-day to Make Its
Hendquarters Here Heforc
l'enn Game To-morrow.
Hut Quakers' Traditional Fight
Is Likely to Hob Fp and
Jostle Its Ambition.
Tho Dartmouth team will be well ac
quainted with New York by the time It
gets through with Its season. The men In
green will come here again to-day, mak
ing the metropolis the'r headquarter for
the battle with l'enn at Kranklln Field
to-morrow. They will have to leave this
city to spend a few hours 111 tho New
York suburb, where the Qatlkers hold
forth, hut won't go oer until Saturday
morning. On Saturday week they will
come here again, this time to play the
Indians, and will have visited New York
three times. Hven should they lose a
'g line they will have had the Inestimable
i,.,r,mth .schedule Is such that the last
fmr Ut. ,,jAVwl awil. fron, home,
, , , ,, ,p anoerlaus
, .,,. ., ,,.ii .,, . ...
."l.' .'1,-J.rn, ,,t,,,.,Du. .. ......
Although the l'enn team was held tn a
tie by the Indians, the season, under the i
coaching of lleorge Hrouke, cannot be
r, K,,r 101 :1 ",,lnr ,nHn oismici success j
so lar, aim inougn imnmraiin, ny virnie,, in xunstltute, ain will asisi .ah
nr us Kiimcn srrpi cm. as nemo nsiriiipii
, , . . ,
bv Its reenrd. mav be the favorite for the
.t , ' ,,, . . .,
Kaine, the tjuakers will go Into tho fray.
Inspired bv the determination to wind
!' In the front rank and carry the Hrooke (
regime to a successful completion. The .
new orner or tnings nas re.unen in inosi, f,lti,,,u ,.0mmlttee, has b--n a stinug ad
critical point In the season's schedule, v,.al f ,h jlM an,i . xva, ,,miu
and the Ijuakers. who in former ears n.m,, K,.ttng It adopt. d for Saturday.
liae i in up n lire man one spie mm is.u
with their backs to tho wall, will make a 1
V . ... " 'V"....- .v.
I..'. .: ' . ' . ' I
defeat of Dartmouth would give them.
all tho more so since Dartmouth has
beaten Princeton.
The Carlisle backfleld Is rated as one
of the best of the year, not as good as
Harvard's pet haps, but with four men of
well balanced ability and all as neiir to,
tlrsl class as any four men are llkel.v to
.... ..1 .... tn. i. . .
be. liuynu. the star of the combination,
who was transferred from tackle, is the
nearest approach to Thorpe of any nf the
four. The Indian backfleld Is not a one
man combination, however, and the work
I Is well distributed
j Cuvon Is fast and heavy and as good
In tho open as In line slamming Welch,
1 who was .1 good uuarterbaek last year.
is still better this year Calac anil
limekiln are not unite up to the calibre
of Cuyon and Welch, but first class as
oaras go lor an in.il ir iney Hon t uoi
a much as Cuyon at carrying the ball!1""' ' nvthoils should be used ag.lfst
they are quite as ueful In helping 1,1,,, . the llarvaid offence.
to carry it, reiug clever at going ahead
of the runner and making interferon! e for
him. The four operate together with
skill and have, had the mlv.'intage of play
ing together a great deal.
It would be a coincidence of note If
both f.ipts Storer and Keteham should
Wind up their football caieers at en-l
aft-r starting out as centres (in the
Harvard varsltv Storer has been every
thing in tho Hue except guard, ami
Keteh.mi. at Vale, everything except
tackle. Marling, who Is likely to be the
centre for the big gam.-, has had 1 us
of experience In plivlng the position 1 '
substitute to Keteham, nnd It would not
be surprising If he comes up to the Tale
centte standard, which is a high one. be.
fore he gets through What a long list '
I of capable centres the Hlue has had!
The list contains such names as Holt,
(ilc-itt, Corbin, Cooney, Flanders, MorrN, ,
Middle, Itorahark, l lin-kenbui ger. Cad
walader, Stillm.in and Sinford, nnt tn
mention Male and Chamberlain, who wer - '
'shifted to other positions Some of these
men an- all but forgotten In the rapid
I making of football lilsmr.v . but all made
their mark at an Institution whero ren- I
tre play has been pretty near to In
variably good
There have been cases of the punter's
own end Jumping up and taking the ball
on the bound while the opposing bade
vva waiting for It to come to a stand
still. Dana nf Harvard did It !i the Cor-
, ""
n-U ira
amp. Tho ball, of course, belonged
tn tho other side, but there was no
chance for the opposing back to run It
hack, nn tho oth'-r hand, there was tn varsity plaor out of the Hoston College
chance for the oppesing back to fumbl , game on Saturday Is the severe lacera
iind loan the hall for his side. In a Hon and bruise Caiey sustained In making
gamo of Importance recently an over- ' a spectacular tackle. The Fordham end
zealous end ran down and fell on , has a sore shoulder.
punt, il ball In the opponents' 10 yard one. Owing to the fact that both Moston Col
The man plnviift back fur the cither t-am I'ge and Fordluim have Identically tins
calmly looked on and 'milled. He had ' same unlfotms Malinger Herald Mo
llis bead with him, for the offside man Laughlln ibs-hb-il .v.sterday to equip the
by touching tho bill In the 10 vnrd rnna 1 Maroon varsity with white striped Jer
made the play a tourhhack. The result s.-.vs nnd hopes this will prove . big help
wis a scrimmage for the receiving side ' ,n tti players and spectators a. well,
on the CO yard line nd Just that mm It '
(Mln Calf of Michigan was tho man win SLEEPY HOLLOW WIDE AWAKE,
made quick use of his knowledge of the
iu.es .., Kino ..nvmiinge ror nis sine.
If teams were as successful nt stop- I
ping tlv.ils' formations when said: rivals'
were playing them as they are, when tin Ir
own scrubs are using them, there'll be
hardly anything but scoreless games. '
The favorite expression of tho beaten
roach is that "the best team won." but
he might vary It onco In a whlls by i
sajlng the better team won. i
All America teams already nre b.-lng i
picked tentatively, but as only eighty- !
seven men have been mentioned for
quai terback It looks as If theie Is a
scarcity nf material
Svvnllovra ToilKtle, fines Home,
Stamkohp, Conn., Nov f..--(Ieorge. '
Lucas of Stamford. Mass, fullback on ,
the Stamford Prep School football eleven.,
,iin- .--mini-m i i . .-i-in-i'i ti
. ,.,,., homo tn reeuner it.
I "-is gone t otne to recupi rati
: Injury. Playing against Pi
He from an odd
rlnrotnn Prep
the other day Lucas received a blow on
Hie back nf Ills neck Which forced him
to sw-allcivv his tongue: that Is. his tongue
turned backward III his throat,
was choking to death when a person who 1
niu. II"
had seen a similar Injury before put In
his hand and pulled the tongue back.
Lucas has been very weak ever since,.
MnrrlatoiTn Dntplaya Cadets.
Mowuktown, N. J Nov f,, Morris
town School defeated Handolph Military
Academy heie to-day by 21 to 0. Mor-
rlstnwn scored all Its points In tlm lust
I quarter, completely outplaying tho wear-
ion acauemy ooys. i-.ipi. iievitans
starreal for Morrlstown, making wo
touchdowns and playing fiercely through
out. Wendell also did well, running back
punts In effective style.
Ifnrrard and Navy Favorites.
Hi tting on the outcome of tho big foot-
, hall games yesterday whb almost at a
standstill In the financial district. The
I following odds were quoted: 10 to 9 on
, Harvard against Yale, in tn fl on the
Navy against the Army nnd 10 to 6 on
Harvard against rnnceion.
Starts Better
Can See Forbidden
Fruit if Not Eat It
"OM'MHIA men are not allowed
to play football, but tho Now
York Baseball Club, knowing their
interest In the manly game, declared
yesterday that they at least could
neo two big games if they desired.
The owners of the Giant said they
would be pleased to have ISO Colum
bia students act as ushers at the
Carlisle-Dartmouth gamo on No
vember LI and the Army-Navy game
on November 2t). When the letter
was posted at Columbia yesterday
it created a thrill throughout the
university. Five hundred students
made application before nightfall.
Hriekley - Hnrdwiek - .Malum
Kleven F liable to Score: Firt
YeaivMcn Drubbed.
I'RINChToN, N. J.. Nov. f. Forty-live
minutes of scrimmaging innstltuted the
last hard workout for the Tigers before
the Harvard game on Saturday. Several
Innovations wete made known to. day.
Prltuetnti will nnt call on any one man to
,i, all of the punting against llaivard and
Yale. With Law and llobey llaker In
the backlbld. they will sh.ne the klcklnv
i,()tir, unite nornen. snouiu ne ne canci
,i ,i ..,,, ,i..P.i,,if, ,,mi
tu-rtay and
i,i, r.,i. wu..,...k
i-rliiceton will try out an Innovation in
,h,. Harvaid game In that It w III hav e Its
,,jr! numbered. Parke II Davis, the
ri,t-.tt-ti member of the IntetvolleRlate
Th(; lm.a man.IK,..nt ,,,,1 Harvard if
it would have any objections to the mini
,.,. f ,h ,,r,,n. aM(1 1(,a,k
plavers 1
and whm there was no illssent f.ir this
asked If It also would consent to using
the numlierlug svstem The Crimson
management, however, pnferred not to,
but nevertheless Princeton will ue it
Kach plaer will use ,1 large number on
" V' , , !
oe rouun in ine nuiciat iiroKramme. 11 is
, expected that this will help make th
game iniue Interesting to the speetatois
vvinn they may know who makes the
' play
I For fifteen minutes the regtilats vveio
j kept on the defensive against team H,
! which again used the II irvard plavs, with
I the "Hrlckley. Ilardwlck and Mahan"
I combination in the backlbid They were
unable to score, "Charle.v Ili U kley ' miss
ing a. field goal from the Mi vatd line.
1 IMdle Hart assisted the varsltv In the d.
fence, showing win re to plate tho strength
- , i... hh.u ,
. '".r.' "1 ! " "'r le" ""
the lieUI and had a thlity minute -otto
with the regulars, the tinal score being
'.' to 0 In favor of the v.ustty Iloliev's 1 ,
toe was Instrumental again In the scor
ing, the Tiger captain dropping a ne.it
goal from the ar. line fi r the
I first scoi Pa) ne, who substituted for
Strelt at the close nf tn,. ) r.u, retried
the pigskin ..vcr fi.r the tln.il t.illv. after
Maker mil M-rib n. who substituted for
Law, on a tine seri.s ,,f pl.tys, ranging
from line lm, ks to end runs, had plac, d
the ball on the ,', ) aril line
Mgiuil-. stolen h) Vllliiniian .lleil
Villi, llrd.-rril (III I'lel.l.
Coach Tom Thorp held sianil drill
at Fordh.im .v cstei da) , but lnsle.nl gath- ,
ered tli" Maroon varsity around him and'
had a good plain talk with th- men. Tb
lectlnn il .v ..v.. .t,l , i. ,.
the Forilhiim signals vvete Know n to Villa- i
nova, esp chilly those on pass ami end i
run foi llialinn.-. A lire, mil Inn, In,. .... r
" " ' " in-,
was r. quoted to b.ue the Maroon I """al ",llc championship last S.itut
practlce Held tho day prior to the gamel'1'1-
and It has been barn-'d that two former I ''',lr exclusion of Ktvlat and lla.ves will
1 Vlllanova football pin) ers had managed
I tn follow the team's rapid fire signal
urill coach Thorp was perplexed over
the situation and his final solution was
a in -w svstim of signals, which the Ford
ham players must master for to-day's
hard scrimmage with Commerce. No
xrtisrs will be taken.
I Tim team Is pretty badly bruised up,
but the only injury t lint may keen a
,,,, U .,.P, e l,,r... y of
Sraann To-ilny ltl& Field.
Many of Hie golfeie wlii plived ,n the
tournament of tho p plnq Ib.clc Club list
have cT.ct. il lor no. invnaiion
tourney at the Moepv Hollow- ( ountrv
Club, which begins Ut.s morning. Tim
itiitov atlon of holding two lounitmciits
In Olio season, wb.-ii the Sleepy llo'.loiv
club Is tr.vliu', sicins to be assured of
S-Kvess, for despite the lateness of the.
eeison tn. niy sixty pi. dim hive sent in
their iLiiiu-i a-d the l.st Is 1 U.-ly to in
crease sjlll more, us entries, will be ac
cepted to-il,iy.
(ilbu.iu P Titfany Powelton, who
won the llrst SVepy Hollow tnui nanienl
e.irl) In the si .isou. has decided to try
to rcoe.it his victory Others who will
play are Percy It. Pyne '.M. who wis
runnerup at Piping lioii;, ib-oi-gn A.
Dixon of Yale. V S Kinne.u- .ml James
,, stillm.in
Threo sixteen have been nrovnl.-d for.
,vi.i, i..,tcn eisht cl.is,. n eu-li Tho
! ,,n .llfv-IrL- mnml ..nil i ha.nlle.in ..III
i ,,,; ,h), tlm nf tn S(,lfnr to-day
.mil thn in.ltcll ill. IV- will lieffio lo.ni.-ir.
row, the s-iiil-liii.il and lln.il coming
on Siturday. The coure Is in splendid
condition for a couro that his been open'
for only one season. ,
Ilriianvv Wins Mimic. Title.
Wi.st Ouanoe, N. N., Nov, fi, Allen C,
Hraguw won tho men's slngln tennis
champlonsblp of the F.nsex County Conn
try Club to-day by defeating A H Hidden
In the final round, 6 3. ti The men's
double tit Is? event has reach". I the iln.il i
stage, 11, Chubb und It. M Colgate against
K. H. uorcton ami ii I-. .Micino n.ing
tho teams to clash In the final round
Maine tirls Ornss-Ciiniilry Honors.
WATBRVIM.B. Me.. Nov f..-Th. L'nl
vei slty of Maine won the Maine Inter . l'cqusai, . U i. T.,
collegiate cioss-country run with 20 'enjoy the sight of the Harvard rln m
points here to.d.iv Colby, llowdoin and football game on Satunla) 'I I nbla
Hates Colleges followed In order with 4a, i expects a victory over the Users In to
il and 103 points t espcctlvely. morrow s run.
Than Carney
Election of Connolly Means
Highway Superintendent,
Will Stay On.
Horoiigh Has Many Miles of
First Rnte Routes
for Travel.
Maurice i:. Connolly'R election as
Itorough President In Queens Is pleasing,
parflculat ly tn motorists, because among
other things It means a continuance In
ofMcp of (). Houland Leavltt, Superintend
ent of Highways In Queens. Iavitt Is re
sponsible for the present good condition
of many miles of line roads In the
borough, helped thereto by Hnrough
Piesldetit Connnllv, u hn appointed him.
There are MO tullen of mads of the
best type In Qui ens and many more milt-a
of Improved macadam hlghwn.vs The
continuance of the administration will
mean mote good roads built and further
more will mean that the contractors are
hf M to their live jear gilainntees,
Automoblllsts have taken a great deal
of Interest In Connolly's campaign and It
was not so long ago tb.it he and Leavltt,
as well as fleoige McAneny, were guests
of honor at a dinner at the Manhattan
Automobile Club.
line new thing In the way of HUtnmnblln
bodies Is what Is called the landau road
st"t tspe, which Is b-lng marketed this
year by the Studebakers Ity a few ad
justments Ihls m iv be transformed readily
from open style to coupe. It Is designed
to have a special appeal to doctors and
others who must be abroad In all
w eat hers.
Percy Lambert, th" Hrltifh rare driver
vvlio was killed recently at Htooklanils
iracK, vvoum nave im i 11 seen m .iriinn 111
tms country next .May. tie intenneii com
ing over for the next S"0 mile lace.
The Automobile Club of Ameilca has
sent out a road cat to go as far south of
Miami as the ro.nls go. About t.ODO
miles of roadway will be covered befri
the car stalls back again. 1 . M Wells
will lie In charge of the trip, it Is ex
pel t.il the trip will last about ten w ei k.
The cat b ft October 2!'.
Tne folks who expected to run an au
tomobile road race In Merer County. N.
.1 . If the election w.r.t the tight way were
di'-ippolnteil The.v thought it would be
Siokis. However, m.il (!ov. Fielder
will si e his way to providing militia pro-
teitloti for spectators at the race and If
, so the plan will go throilgn ati.vway
Maor-elet Mltchel !iud abundant op-
' mutuuity In the course of his campaign
ing to tiy out th- six e) Under Mitchell
ar he used. Ho gave It plenty of usage.
but It stood up under all teiulrenunts.
Seveial ).ars ago Hans Wagner was
i li'teiested m the automobile bu,n." ami
Ills firm then Handled tin- .Maxwell i ,ir
niilv rcc.ntl.v Wagner went In the l"u.s
burg i". no is n this car and bought him
si If one of the ihw C.s.
,.lvlvlut, llnves nnil Kriiiien All Are
l).-cliir-d Inellullilr for lliM-e.
Hnlries for tin- Junior .Ietioiollt.in
ctoss cuuntry cbainploiislilp wen- sciu
tlnlzeil by the cliamplonslilp eonimlltie
last night, wilh the result that tl ntries
I " 1,1 '"l" ' ' """" " ' '
-ri,.,v -.r 1 ,, I k l ,1 ,,.l T I.' ll ,,'..u
, ........ ..... . ...
es of
the llisli Amein-au A C and W K) i
mil ii, th--
Finn who i.in thlnl In the n.i
' cr. ally vveaken the Irish Ameilcm team,
but theie viii be nttie sympathy over
Ktvlat, who ha won so many national
honors as to make his competition with
Juniors a travesty The reason flveu lm
not allowing him tn compete is that he
has won a championship at two miles or
over. Hayes was thrown out because he
had run' on a cross country team that
won the championship.
Krntien, who would have been a for
midable candidate for Individual honors,
was t.-Jicteil nn the ground that he had
not been a resident of the Metropolitan
dlstilct for tin- six month necessary lo
qualify Tim Finn, who finished seventh
in tho Olympic cross country race at
Stockholm, m ule his first appearance here
e.irlv In September at the Scandinavian
K1111111. When be came to tin. country h
landed In Hoston ut.d d.illl.1 Ions enough
In N"w l.tiBland to keep, him out of neat
Satimlay's race.
Tlo-ie are eight entries foi the team
championship, with the New Vork A. C
.iii-l Long Island A. C presenting strong
aggii g.ttlnns Tim other teams entered
ate Yonkers V M C A , Irish American
A c, Htonx Church House, Itioaltmi A.
, (.., clenrr,,. A C and Mohawk A C
I iimso w ho w 111 hh)' srn clal atl.ntlon m
the Individual championship ate ltussell
.s-piingstelu, onkers Y. M C A . (.eorjto
Ciltchlcy, l-'iank Smith, II llollovvell and
J lainstli'M, New York A C , Al n.
aniler, unattached P Dnugheitv, Jersey
Hairli-is C Purrs. Sheildin A t' Ibis
Ion Stndiliio, tin ttt.n hed , J II Doun.-ll)
ItNh Aniei lean A C, and NIcU (...in.iko
pulos, unattached. Tin- i li-nnploiisii p wh'
be held over the Van iVir'lMtidt ' ar'a
cn'.iise next Saturday
lli'iinaiin L.-nds IIIk Paeki Home,
J Hrunson of tho S.tlnn-Creseent A C
cantcieil home tin- winner of tho weekly
toad i tin held by St. Vincent l-'orr.-r
Athletic Association over a fou- a- d
one-ituni tel mllo rourse last night The
intim held of tw enty-lw o slaiteis tlnisaed
the distance. Tho Hist ten to finish In
order lollow;
Name and Club M S
.1. n-unsi.n. s.-lei- irr.i.r.t A i .-i
V. Hank Holt r t.v rum I .
T Miilay. Ilniy i'rnn I.v..-n 00
.1 II) rue. Hn.v Crux I.V'l'.UUI 01
ii ml,, mi. lit i- hrd
Sinclair. ii.anatn Ai-siiiiaMou
K.iiifn.n. Iln.ilw,v Ft. M i
Krtk.on uiiatia li--1
IV- ill, .'it VI' en. P.ll.r
Monai-o. Oii no .Vs-rlaiioii
25 27
. s
21 4 3
Tiger II miner Ciin si'f finnie,
II was announced ) rs-terilay that the
dual i-riAss-country run between ( olum-
,, , r,,,,.,.,,-,,,, which was scheduled
f,. .j., ....... ,v , Van CortUndt Park.
I will be run to-moirow afternoon. The
meeting was brought fnrwnrd. Capt,
- lflade of Columbia said, at rlnivton,'i
1 -IJ.1
1 !

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