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President Approves Mrcliiia- of
Democratic Senators
1 on WedneMlay.
Action I'recipitated li.v Deadlock
in Committee Over le
rional Hunks.
WahIIIMitos. Nov Itrallzlm; that
lti frlrmlM Imw l(!"t Minimi it tlw ci'ii
MMiry (liuatlnii In tin- Sinn tf romtnlttre,
I'rulilfiil Wllfcm liiitv tin wiinl l. t this
iiflrinooii Tin- the mllltiK of a Ivmociutlc
i Min us nf Si natni .
The rail. clmi-Ml l Hinty-l tlrtiui
riatlc SiiiatiiiK, wax Ijxtiril to-nlKlit for a
tmicus in t NWiltfoilHS Thin inraiis
that tin' tlKht ii-r tlif ctiiri'iii hill ! mi'
iiml that the I'rrNkli'hl will imw apply the
pan la.ih
Soiialm Sw a iiximi uf Virginia, whii oir
rillateri thi' rati, inailr It ptlhllr nftrr .'i
i imfririii c with thr I"i fl1cnt at the
White Hons..
I'ollnu lnc a (li aill'K I. in thr Srnatr
llanklin; ami I'm miry I'onrmlttro on tlio
liirxtiim nf tlio ininilirr uf reKkifml h.inlin
tn he cic.itril in thr nrw je"rrc himim'Ih.
tuill, till1 Drimirliitlr ini'lllluTa of thr colli
inlttrc ipilrtly irialinl to thr room of
H'li.itiir llnlll.4 of Nrw Minpxhlrr, our of
thrlr nilinhrr, tn takr coiinxrl toKCthrr,
Alranw hllr Sin.itor Swannnii wan at thr
White llou.r in ronfrirmr wllh thr I'rrsl
ilint as to thr ail Is.itilllty of enllliiK H
iHUi'UK. Senator Swatifon hail twioity
four n.imeN slicnril to thr rail IIiIh inonihitf
Hiul hail hreii luuly to ltir thr iiotlrr
earlier In thr ilay, whni he cut word from
the White Hoiikp to stay his hanil tun
It wis rhleiit that thr 1'rrslilent anil
his friends In the K.inklhK and Cinrenry
Comntlttre hail a lltiRcrltii; hopo that they
might Inthiencr action hy thr rrfniintlUv
If they held out the nltermitlvt of i.illlilft
n CHUriu.
IMlclicucL MhiiiU Out.
Bxiept for thr utiMelilluR attltmlf as
sumed hy .Senator IlltchioeU of Nehraska,
the 1'iesldent would have won. On eery
vine iiii.tn in mr coiummec in. nay on
the Ifsur ill to tlif numher of leRlonal re
wero associations thre was a tie. Senator
HJtchcwk votiiii; wttli the Kepuhlicans.
"A pioiosal was made hy Senator i.i'l'nir
man to authorize the IVderal rerve
hoard to ritnlp any numher of irlnnal
reserve assochitlons t nw .'ii four and
Sfifn. Senator Hlti'lutn'k and the tie
publicans oled aKalnst this and It was
lost by .1 vote of i to .
Other suKKrstUitiM weir made for vailuii'
mimbeis mnclni; fmm four tn blirlit and
oiii: motion was submitted to authorize
the Knh r.il board to create any number
of rtsion.il reserve associations U In
liEht. Immediately the opponent "f a
i en trill bmiU in Hie umimittcr' declared
that this was Klln toy much puwer to
the Federal boaid and mlRlit result In is
ttibllshinK a central banK.
In the coiirsr of the melting word was
con ev nl to the members nf the cotiunltt i
that the I'lesalent was il.s.itiri d with
the form the bill has laKen in conunlttvo
and that tin vieatest concmshuii he a mild
make was to liave the numbei of rnjium.I
icstivi assin .aiioi.s i-Mlui"d to HirM
The alt.rn.itle "iiomltlnl In the (teptib
lican members aihL SeiiaUir Hitchcock was
the par.y caucus nfhli.ii would takr over
thr i ui tenr IcJ l.-t.itlun as ,i .w n.-an
meahiiie and drive It through the Senate
as the t.nltf bill was drion through.
The Itrpu'ilicans weiv bj no mejiis dis
turbed hy this threat, but some of tin
Democrats weic Senalm oigrnian and
Senator Hied pleaded with their Itepuo-
lUall colleagues to malii .si'die'cilltcrssloll
to the Piisllent a. id aveit a caucus.
They pointed uu: that U it. caucus was
railed they would be ismiprlled lij lirt)
elRenclrs to so into It and Hint the
caucus iindoiibtril wuiild apor a hill
after the plan of the House mcasiiie and
111 accordance with the I'lesidcM s. wilns
Thry urced the Itrpubllriin.s to n.-. (t
eight tufclnn.il irseive .associations anfi
end the tiouhle. When the thirat of t lis
caucus w.i- mule to Senator llitemor
that impertmhablr Drinoci ill. tur-maii
merely snillcd and Intlmatnl that In- Had
been able to remain out of the Drmocfalu
tariff i.iueus with entile coniMj-uir ami
that he felt lie could weather thr financial
caucus storm If It shoulil bleak.
ttepeatedly In the rouisr of the ofter
noon the Itepubllcan uiembeis of the com
mittee and Senatoi Hitchcock utsed thrlr
DeniiKTatU colleaios to continue votlns
until some decisive action was hail on the
lesion. U bank Issue, but I' was evident
the .Vdmliilvti atlon followeis wete anxious
for delay.
11 appeared to some of the Republican
members present a- If the Administration
Senators were actualh trylns to nenie a
situation In the committee that would ap
pear to the public as a hopeless deadloc',;
and thus afford an excuse fot calllnc a
party caucus.
Minfroili Vn the Lender.
Senator Shafroth u,i the Wader of the
Administration forrcs. ' Soon after the
rommlttee reassembled for tire iftemoon
session he bernn sURKesllru; an adjourn
ment until Monday, n Inir thai action
was hopele.-s. Hij left tlio committee
meetlriK several times and returned ivjth
a busccstlon that adjournment should be
When the committee finally adjouined
the Democrats srctetly ,'Mtherel in Sena
tor Hollls's loom. Tlierr a number of
Muemlons weie dlscilfsed. IniitldlnR the
advisability of calllriK the caucus, the atti
tude of the republican members mid the
piospect of the Democrats uniting on' cer
tain fundamental features of the bill.
Senator Hitchcock was piesent with tlu
mx other Demoriats of the rommlttee. It
was disclosed that the Democratic mem
bers were not onlv far from agreement ns
o the number of regional banks but there
was not unanimity of sentiment on arr
one of the lunilaineiu.il questions in tnn
It seennd a lioprlcsa situation so far as
titlalnlric any hat monloiis party action In
the committee Senator llltrhcork mowed
himself .v. mini: to make any reasonable
ciiniTSsloiis to brliiK ubout part. liatinotty
III thr Sena to 01 In n colifei enre commit -Ire
of thr two houses, but insisted It a
Ids duty as a member of tin; Maudlin;
committee nf the Senate to consider legis
lation on his l n-1 1 iiiu.il Judgment and not
;ih a partisan mi'ilter
Senator llttrhrock and Senator Heed
weie the first two to leave the Demortatlr
lonfeiencr. A little later Suiator Shaf
roth depailed. Meanwhllo Senator Swan
nn ) .d if turned to the t'.ipltid from the
'.Villi' Ifoiise uth the I'n sdi pt hu)
"We Irate twcnl.t-four slKiiatun.s to the
i;ill ar I 'jc deem it advisable to nriire
tlie slsnatuies of a majority of the Demo
crutlc iiicmberhhlp of the llanklnc inul
Cuncncy I'onimlttee," said the Senatoi.
I Hy ut-iMK the teleidione lie soon lined up
nil nf the four Democratic uiembeis of the
(onunlttee who have hern upholdlnK the
Adnrlnlstrallon policy -owrn, Khafroih.
Pomerene and Hollls. Arter a rnnfrlenrn
over the telcihone with Senator Kern,
leader of the Di'tnoi'iatlc inajoilly )n the
Penale. ttiin Is at llollln, Vn Senator
Kwurson said that he had been aiilhoiiistd
by Mr. Kern to call the caucus, ilxlng the
date far cnougli ahead to loins In absent
Thomus Keller, assistant seiseant at
urins of the aenate. nnd 'ol II. A llalsej,
another Henato officer, were inesent to
tn4 tb telegrams lu absent Democratic
Senators the moment Senator- Hwanswn
But thr word from thr White. House.
It una explained that the, conference Is
to he advisory anil that Senators who par
ticipate will not be bound by the cau
cus action unless they desire to he so
bound, but It Is understood that this cau
cus Is to take over1 the currency legis
lation and that when It concludes Its
work a dish will be prepared for the
Democratic Senators, seasoned with Ad
ministration condiment, and the Presi
dent will Invite his party members
In the Senate to walk up arid parlnke of
It or accept the consequences politically.
Tin- Hi publicans on the committee
uallze that currency legislation Is to be
c.i r ill d on as a partisan matter and are
preparing to meet the situation. All ex
pectation of a unanimous report on a
(inrencj bill fi mil the coiiiirrlttei1 was
abandoned by the lt publican members,
who will now set about the work of
training a bill 'embodying the views of
the minority of t!tc committee. .
This bill will be very different from
the measure that Is likely to receive the
Democratic approval In caucus. It may
provide for a central bank plan, but
the Itrpubllcans will reitnliily adhere to
their policy of hating the stork III the
1 1 set vp association owned and controlled
by thr public.
for I'nhllc Control.
It will be a publicly controlled reserte
association In contradistinction to the
bankers' controlled association for which
Oialrtnnn Owen litis been iontendlng.
Tin- Itepiibllcans seem anxious tn met
the Prrsldnit and his paity followers
on this Issue and take the Judgment of
the country on It
When the currency bill Is carried Into
tin- Democratic caucus the President will
be absolutely I" control of the situation
so far as Ills own party Is concerned,
and It Is generally admitted to-night that
the bill when It emerges then from will
be practically the House bill.
l!ltild of the necessity of reconciling
the confllctlnir views of seven Democrats
on the llanklnc and fnrreiiey I'nmmlt
tee the Pnsldent will le confronted with
the more dllllcult problem of harmnnlrlng
thi view of fifty lemoensii- Sonatina, and
the icslilt. It Is conceded, will be delay.
It Is freelv predicted that the currency
bill will not be b. fnre the Senate until
Senator Swafion ha Issued a statement
of the considerations which had Influenced
him and his colleagues to take oter the
currency bill and make It H patty measure,
The cngntrj," ""Id Mr. Swanson. "lias
alten the Democratic part power under
promise to enact reform legislation, In
eluded In which Is banking and eutrency
It should not and cannot shirk Its re
sponsibility. Itelng responsible for the
character of the legislation, the time has
arrived for the Deimx-ratlc Senators tn
hold a conference and consider their united
obligations and duties to the (ountry.
"We owe It tn the country and to our
n.irtv not to neitnit this opportunity to
pass without getting the much needed
banking and eurreno lefonn The con
ference Is called for this purpose and to
hasten and facilitate such legislation
"It Is not Intended to reflect on any one
and Is called with the earnest hope and e
pectatlon that It will lestrlt III siting sn
to the country a banking and currency
bill lieneflii.il to all our varied Interest"
and for which the Democratic party will
unitedly stand and point to in tlie future
as an i'i of piotid achievement"
The Horse Show
suggests f
Furs for Evening Wear
The novelties introduced by us this sea
son arc particularly appropriate for such
occasions, both from the point of ex
clusivcncss and elegance.
Wraps in fashionable lengths, in all the
richest Furs, including many attractive
Our collection of Russian Sable, Nat
ural Black. and Silver Fox is absolutely
unequalled shown in made-up models
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Between 35th and 36th Sts. Tel. Greeley 2044.
Motive Judiciary Committee Will
Hein Jlearin&s in
si'irrtnri I. Hue Order Inilliin's
Friend" lit VUll Hrser nllon.
W.tsHtXiirOV. Nov s -Secretary Lane
and Commissioner Sells held a onfe rener
to-dav concerning the recalcitrant Indians '
on the Natajo rrsertutlon In New Mexico
and have the situation well in hand
Major McLaughlin, the tcterail Inspec
tor of the interior Department, who Is
known as tlie "Indian's friend." has been
dli cited to go lmpieillatel to the Navajo
reservation as th personal representatlte
of tlie Peflhrtmem.
Stlpt Sheldon has been ordered to em
ploy MtfflelijM mn to hold the situation
pending arrival of the fulled States
marslutl with Instructions to use font
only for the protection of life.
The War Dfpatlineiit has placed at tht
disposal of the Interior' Department suf
ficient military force now in th.1t locality
to handle the situation If necessary
llnutclnlr Lumber Mnu l.cfl lll,IMH!
to Instllollons. .
Movtci Mi: N .1. Not - I! the ttilll
Of Alfred (' Tuxbnry. who died hue on J
October an estate of more than l.'flrt..
noil ;nes to relative and Institutions. Mr
Ttixbmy tta the luad id thr A. i' Tux
buiy Lumber CnnTpam" and the Northern
Lumber ('ntniaii, '
Tin widow. Mis. a i' Tuxhurv. gets i
tin family hotnefead and a fourth -harr
of a trust rufiiror jznn.onti rrirec iraiign
trrs. Mrs. l'dlth Hill. Hoswnrth Tuxbiiry
and Luna Klls.ibetb Tuxbury get a share
each of the $2u'i.ni)ii and a share each of
a tl.lO.iiOii trust fund
The sum of ISO.IlOi) goes to the widow
and daughters, five shares to the wife
and one each to the daiightri . Charles
Hill, a son-in-law. 1- to re. cite I2a,n(in.
tieruldlne Hill and Alfred Tuxhurv Hill,
granddaughter and grandson, get H'ii.iihii
f ach.
Other gifts tire to the Montclalr M
C. A and the Mountainside Hospital nf
:',.-no each anil to the First llaptlst
Church of 1:1.01111.
Ilcnrv of Texas Already Has
Drastic Anti-Trust Hill
WAsrtt.vOToN. Nov. --Announcement
was made to-day that the House Com
mittee on the Judiciary will begin hear
lugs early In December on bills proiwislng
amendment to the Sheimiiir anti-trust
act. Kxpeit bate Ixen tun to work pre
paring statistical matter and cxtraiti from
vatlohs laws on the subject and the
House committee will be ready to begin
work when I'residpnt Wilson jiives the
It Is known that the President will lay
down general rules to guide the committee
111 Its preparation of bill In amendment
of the autl-ttust laws, and that it will
proceed accordingly. So far I'lesldent
Wilson has not Indicated along what lines
he will proceed in making rci miiieinla
tlons concerning the so-called trusts, but
his patt.t leaders are unite generally op
posed to the principal of legalized monop
oly Indorsed b Theodore I'.oosetelt and
other leaders of the I'rogressltr jiait.
tnll-Trimi to Have IIIkM of XVn.
It is the ifetitral understanding that
regulation of corporations will be tlie first
subject listed on tbe, If Klslstlve programme
that the" Vresldcnt will prrpate for Con
gress at the December session. In a
letter to Representative Clavton of Ala
bama the President urged him to with
diaw from the Senatorial race in order
that he might handle the Administration
anti-trust bill In the House. In this letter
the President made It known that he would
1 1 commend legislation biarlng on corpo
lations at the winter' session landers
ill Congiiss bellete the liesldent will ask
that Oils question hate tight of way In
the House, where It will originate.
There Is one feature of corporation
legislation to which the House Democrats
have already committed themselves. This
has to do with the ystem of Interlock
ing directorates In Interstate corporations.
During the House caucus on the Ad
ministration banking and currency bill
radicals lu the party offered an amendment
prohibiting the director of a national bank
from serving In - like capacity in any
other financial Institution. This amend
ment was withdrawn on motion of Repre
sentatlte Underwood, the Democratic
House leader. At his Instance the caucus
thereupon passed a resolution Instructing
the Committee on the Judiciary to report
a bill aimed at Interlocking directorates.
This nu usurp committed toe party to act
on the question at the December session.
Touched On by Tnn Committer.
The subject was touched upon In the.
rejioit of the mon-y trust committee and
by the special committee on the United
States Steel Corporation. The former
reconiminded that the ban be placed on
Interlocking directorates In flnanrls.1 Insti
tutions, while the Ktrel committee
strongly urged that the system be Inter
dicted In the operation of industrial con- j
cerns doing Interstate business.
Democratic leaders say the President
will give his support to legislation de
signed .u put an end to the evils of inter- .
locking directorates. ,
i'epresentatlve Henry of Texas, author '
of the money trust Inquiry resolution, an
nounced to-day that he would present a '
bill at the December session proposing J
an amendment to the anti-trust laws to
carry out the principle of "personal uilt."
It will make violations of the law a
felony punishable by imprisonment for
not less than two nor more than tn i
years for each offence.
The bill prohibits the "restriction nf
ttade"; makes it Illegal to fix prices by I
agreement, and prescribes other 'regula
tions to be applied to corporations, that do i
business between the States. It exempts
fiom the application of the anti-trust laws
all organisations not formed for proflr,
Including agricultural associations and
labor unions.
To Dedicate lt, 000,000 Ponrr Dam.
CllsTTANonm, Nov. . The Chat
tanooga and Tennessee niter Power Com
pany's hydroelectric development at
Hale's bar on tha Tennessee ftlver will
be formally opened and dedicated next
Thursday. The rower dam and lock were
designed and constructed under super
vision of the United States Government
engineers by the late Anthony N. Itrady
of New York at a cost of IS.noA.OO".
I. Altmatt Sc Co.
Commencing ' to-morrow- (Monday), Nov. lOtfo, will hold
A HugHiiiy
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actual values.$10.00 to 575.00 . . ,
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