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,jitc N-lliii-r Movpinont. l)o
pri'o Prices l. to
.:. Points.
n in wv.u
!piirili N'litiiiH'iit Still Strong
-I I, '11111 lo Moil tli Triulo
Ifiiyf iir.
A b
liiaiiKiiratecl a sliort timo
. . loo nf tlic session, produced
loiuk In cotton values yoster-
.ii Kit cloilliK unsettled Ht de-
.- ii; from t.'i to 2.1 points In
v lUmctlcn Prior to this break '
I,-1 h.ul shown a rather heavy
as ,i tcstilt of liquidation liy thd
. who li.ii.Kht heavily on Monday, j
I iiyliiK hy certain ciuniiilssioti
ti -1
'ii hi ii lookltiK for the reaction to
.tserxed to take care ofthn hulk
without seriously ilcpn skIiik
Tin roH'lun news was (IlsoourtiKltiK '
i, i . . I.Kerpoiil inaklnc hut n half
i,icriiiiu iiuikhik nut ii uiiii .
leiri' I " "-poiise to our rise of the pre.
,..t,i k O.it. owIiik to th" pressure of
teili - i UK anil liquidation hy (Tontl-..-ii.l
I n'cli' s Mon-over the entiles re-
, ih.it the Mate of the textile trade
I is so unsatisfactory as to In
i tip notion that the Lancashire mills
! immliiK on part time unless
. - ... ks up soon.
..' a short crop has unite sub-
. l... I..r.llll A.tl,...,f.. ..r 1. 'till .
1 ,
H re
' .. . ..,.i ,,,.1.11.. I,.., ,.... v
I., lit i sent sentiment apliears to be'''?'J,'
t Hie spinners will be able to secure
, , tl..n they need In I'.'ll. The
t '
f tJie latter In buylnc on a hand
ih bn5ls is advanced by the bears
..i aciiient MKalnst the theory
I ..it i crop promises lo be Inadequate
I,, i ihi niils of the trade world.
V . ,
l r
U'c -
,i e a pre.it many well posted peo
w. ter. who cIIiik to the belief that
bales are counted there will
it. be far les- than the ir..0on,ati0
. . lu ted by some of the optimistic
ttpr s
it on of a considerable number of
st'i'iiiK onlers al the ojienlnK started
.,rlut with an casltr tone. Ilrst pi Ices
, ti-i
; to v points lower, and after a
rally they torkeri oft to a letel
in points loiter by the end of the
n session In the early afternoon
i M.treiuil and the market assumed
r ti.". , t irkliiK Imi k to within a
is n of the openliiK. The late
n teiiient found a very thin de
mo t'le cUe-lm; priies were about
. i st for the d.i.t .
. It i cs. from vsrlous points In the
! t. while r .tlmlstlc In the main,
r had the frost occurred ten d.i.ts
ter laruo amount of cotton would
Hi" ated A despatch from Mis-
i i -titnateri the crop In that State
' hates, and t-ald that much of
. cotton planted In the low places
mttnn was steady, utieh.inteil
ik uplands, l.tfiOc. ; mlddllnc irulf,
1 1 ii 1 1 , ottnn In the principal South
i lo ts was 'c lower to ',c. blither
on. t;i i-ti.c. ; .New iirieaii?
i: '. , Houston, 1.1 r.-liic.
S.i iitnah, IS "!. ;
lie . AtlKtista. 11 9-le.
St. Louis.
r .
iri s here elovVil
Price were:
IT. to 23 points
Open llUli
i: :;
13 04
12 Ut
V. "
13 3d
11 TI
13 7"
13 13
11 11
1.1 10
xi :t
13 f.
13 :i
t: !.
n o:
1.1 HI
13 13
n i.i
r ii
The N, w
an- market
,f'rr ll.e closing help. 1'rlees were
llish l.o- l"i. Prev
pt et ins i liaw
13 3: 13 1! 11 in 13 30
13.23 13 13 13 ! 13 1.
13.4; is . 13 is w
13 'i t3;ti 13.3: 13.1',
maiket was (Inn. Spot
I. verpool
ttas oiilet
iinil steady. Middlings
lis li.Kli.r at i lio. l-atinumfii sales,
' ' li lies
J'r'ixs at Llterpool were;
0.pn- llish- Low- fln Pier
in.r est ent inc i-lii.e
7 u-i, 7 07', 7 r. -,,k, c, v.ii-
7 ii :.o7 7 o: 7.o; i
7 n7 7 0 7.04 7 0'i 7 07,
. bids to Liverpool were: Pe-
l'c J.n
:i Xnr
.pr.i.,.r, 13 39- January. 13.14; March,
" 22 Th marknt there Is duo to open to
i!y 'i to 12 points lower,
i'orf rcelpts and stocks were:
He Lad Slap-
plpl year, nipnt. stoeU.
..l ip.lO'l 43 94G 40.tl ST.Ol.4 :il.r4
, , rirl-.n I4.M5
sit.nnali 1C3I
I rlr.ton 3.0S
Norfolk 5,7
W. mineion 4.278
:'e If 3.l;i
It. M
do m
Ir.ter'or receipts, shipments and stocks
Rp. I.ait Ship
ipirt yer. nient" Stock
PT.ion ..
itia ...
1."' link
.. . . 11.111 3J.39I 1H0S0 147.751
. .. 13.074 9.411 9.703
... . 3.3 3. 3.3
4.B09 l,4STi S.3a
s. 149 :,iv :.30ii
KullmatPd port Last
receipt tn dar. ttppk.
, :i Ii0 tn 37.001) M.333
. 1S.000 to 20.0() 1S.7S7
A Il.-illas, Tex., despatch said :
eenui -1 for c-otton biiKKine and
h- li ked up conslderHbly recently, as
"'" K ns hate used up their first In
s' rri- iit of bsKKlnK and ties and are now
i 'I'srins their second. One of the Jobbers
v, I yesterday that he hud old h11 the
1 tie and ties that he bought in the
i 1 rind Is now reordering."
.verpool uiIvIl-ch. say: "News from
1 Is most unsatisfactory; that thero
- etiouuh Koods in tho Dependency to
!! y the natives on the present basis of
i e i l for a whole season, and further
t t-neii fooils are under constant offer
frf m o to 10 per cent, under Munches-
r ,i it.itions."
It i cihind, Ork., spot correspondent
' I'ick Urns, as follows: "Owing to
"in .-nip Southwest all prematurely
' "tr In AuRiist, It is remarkable fact,
t i w of iiufavoral weather early part
(i, trihrr, that It is the fastest picked,
I .mil sold crop In ten years, except
The Importance, of savins,' It and
1 1 v prices with good demand for
' rt halo bate been instrumental In
I rni' K about these, conditions. Out of
"tt ntnn farmers I purchased cotton
' ' Sit inlay seven sold me their last
' 1' ver bottoms doubtless much b
l .'W.irc, but thosu sections produce
I I 'mall i nd crop."
Whem lialn. Mlsblly on More
lh I'orelun .N'cits.
i.iosen ',4 to O.O. higher yes
ci. higher
t. at near the h gh for the dav
'r ripening ste.idy on th cables, which
''I'-eti'l iitifavorable wenthcr conditions
'V'K"tuia and in India. Northwest
' i 'i-iptH tvern larger than last week
1 "H e w-hs an Increase of 1,060,000
i Hie. visible supply of American
for the week. There was soma
,' r.f May for export at Winnipeg,
' dnrnagK continued to seriously In
' r with business between here and
f' "hi loit alKiiit He. for thn session,
"iiiiiIiik insler on favorablii news
' lull and on the bearish (Invert!
il n pot t The decrease of over
1 'sh In Ihn American visible
' fa I to haiden values, although
eu u some of thn nirly losses of
to e twin lecoterul.
Ost tvere slightly lower t the flnlsh
offer curlier losses of He In sympathy
with corn. Them was a. decrease of r.2,0,
oiiO bush. In lln American visible supply,
"" wiim not. reitiirilcil us a stltll.
lolitly Important fiiclor to ndvaiice
plil'IB III View of till' Iiukc lc of thn
xlslble supply.
The lliuopenii visible Hiipply of wlic.it
In St, OSS, 1)00 tmsli., apiltiHt 77,lfi,Oi0
hush. liiMt week. Diiin.iKi' to wheat In
Hnhl.i Hliitii-.-i wan plan-it at 24,000,000
"hlfitKo prices worn:
Open- Huh- Iain. Clos. Prov,
est. KM,
When :
Corn :
May . ..
t'Sl. el. Itlg. close.
New York wheat prices were:
Open- Huh Low
tut pt est
Hceenilicr . fi'.i, M res,
May :x vtj 'it
other wheat tn.irkois were:
Clou. Irov.
lot close.
i'i 9s',
ing :'
Clos. Prrv.
Ink" clone
Hcce nilier
Iipcinihrr .
Winnipeg :
Nou-mlsT . ..
II -I.,
ItecelptH anil exports, were!
Export, -New York
. .12, ami
l.t.it (I
Oar lot wheat arrivals at Northwestern
points were :
Yiler- Last Last
Chicago ai :io IM
m iniio null Mt 53 :
Iiilllith Ill ,T: ir.:i
WIiniKp tk .J,: !,;
Totals I.9C.I
4'ash markets follow:
Northern at Minneapolis,
Northern sprint; f. o. b.,
l.tit : t,.;
Wheat No. 1
S4,c. ; No. t
"iii,e. ; No. 2
red f.
b, Jc; No. 2 hard f. o. b. to
'jC. : No 1 Manitoba f o. b..
No. ,1
Corn No. 2 tellow c I. f., Sflc. ;
yellow, 7i"Sr . export to ar
o. !., 7!4P. Oats No. 2 white.
No. 3 while, 44ifl.'.o. ; standards.
4414i'.c. ttye No. 2 Western I. f. New-
York, li'.ic. Harle.t --MaltliiK c. I. f. Huf
lalo, i!7'ii77c. Klour SprlnR liatetits,
J.B01i$4.!i5: sprlnn clears. $3.X(Hf $4.1.1 ;
Kansas stralRhts to arrive, $4. If.! $4.35.
-T Triers In lie- .Niuueil hy Produc
ers Soon II ii er. lmtf.
It became appirent .testrrday that iro
ducers would shortly readjust their price
list to meet conditions. There has been
no buying, notwlthst.iurilnt; the conces
sions for small tonnages offered by sec
ond hands and dealers. The rlllui: in
terests realize that It would lie wasted
energy lo try to force manufacturers Into
the market when they .ire not in the mood
to buy, heme they lt.ue refianied from
reducing prices.
There were new Km- levels established
In the asking prices of se-ond hands yes
terday, it coming lo light that electrolytic
had htoti offered as low ,u lS'j cents
The market inutilities purely minimal,
however, The le.nlitiK pinilucers hate
done nothing for some weeks T'.icy made
their last sales at 1 cTi cents ,i pound.
( ofter ( loses In it!
i I'l.llllS
hi mill.
nil Wrllkness
("offeo prices closed 32 to .15 points
lower jestenlay fur the acute months on
sales of 12s,7,"iO bags, with most of the
transactions confined to March and May.
The market was lower at the start, nnd
ruled nt all times below the closing letel
of the day before. The close was near the
low for the day.
The opening decline of 13 to 21 points
resulted from scattered liquidation follow
ing lower prM-es In llrszll and In Kurope,
Hoth the Itlo and Santos markets were
low.r. Primary receipts outinued In
liberal volume.
Cost and freight offers tvi re 20 to 26
points below the figures of the pretlous
day. Hears said that In their opinion
the Santos crop would total 10.000.000
bags In placo of previous estimates of
li.Oiio.OOO and 9,600,000 bags.
The llatre market opened 1 to m fr.
lower and closed 2 to 21, fr. lower. Ham
burg started to 1 pfg. lower and
closed 1 15 to 1 "i pfg. lower. Hlo No. 7
was 200 rels lower at 6$ii6fl. At Santos
No. 4 was 200 rels lower at 6$ 100. White
No. 7 there was also 200 rels lower at
."$100. Itlo and Santos receipts for two
ila.ts totalled .S3.O0O bags. iiKalnst I'.'.OUO
last year. Sao Paulo had x",naii, agnlnst
fix.OOO, and Jumllahy 6,000, against 63,000.
New York and New Orleans ware
house delh cries of Brazilian coffee on
Monday totalled 36.H73 hairs, against
JT.xoo on the same day last week.
Prices were :
Salep est. c.l Clniinr.
November 9 017 p 07
Deirnitier 21.000 9 31 Ui 9 IT.'I 9 16
January .... 9 ?9ii 9 31
Kehrnary . 9 43fi 9 II
March 42.7M S 71 9 V, J.iCfi 9 E
April 9 '( 9.7ii
May 3i..ViJ I0.IC 9.H2 9 0fi 9.4
June 9il 9 VI
July 4.700 10.20 10.00 9 9'"ill0r.l
AUSUsl. ... 10 07'ilOd'i
Sepletnbtr. . 13,:;0 10 33 10.H In isti 10.17
Oclober.. . . - 10.171110 19
Hairs were 12S.750 tins Provision
closed dull. Cash pork was steady; family,
S26fiJ27: mess, $2.1Q $23.60. Cash beef
was steady; family. $20ifi$22; packet,
$19ij$20. Cash lard was steady; refined
(ontlucnt, $11.46; prime Western, $11.10;
South American, $12.10.
Chicago prices were ;
Open- Hieli- Uk
In. rut est.
1 lose.
2U 22
20 22
20.15 20 15 J0.10
20 S) 21.20 ill 12
10 S.1
111 9i)
10 C,
10 7r.-:
1C9 J
10 47
10 IV,
10 77
10 M
10 72
0 i:,
10 72
10 K,
10 fi'i
10 n
10 90
10 M
10 7-70
Sugar Arbuckle and Howell
the raw market yesterday and
100,000 bags Cubas at 3. file, which Is an
advance of 1-lCc. The refined market rn
uiained unchanged, unlet and steady.
Sugar brokers expect that tho purchase
by Arbuckle and Howell will inuke a
stronger marl et.
American Railways:
191. ("bang.
Month. October . .
From July 1 .
Havana Klectrlc;
Week Nov. 9....
Kroni Jan, 1 , . . .
Ml.nourl. Kansas
First week Nov, . .
Fiscal year
$4r,0,6:,9 flic. $33,373
1,1140,919 lac,
tS4,2A3 Itie
2.124.77! Inc.
and Texas:
Jii3!,92 I)se.
12,270,405 Inc.
Missouri rarlflo jslrni:
First week Nov... 11,247,000 Inc.
From July 1 22.7110,114 4 Use.
Ht. Lnuli Southwentern:
First wk Nov... $278.oeo Ine,
From July 1 4.747.2S4 Dec.
l'rilteit Hallways of Ht. I.nulsi
Muntli Sept I,0I9,4S7 Inc.
From Jan. 1 9,413,311 Ine.
Canadian Pacific:
First week Nov... $3,21)4.000 Inc.
From July I r,3,14M04 Inc.
f 412
Hub-Treasury to banks,
hanki lu .Sub-Trcanury .
I'ii 1.1
Gain to bunks on day's transac
Paid by Hub'Trrajury to banks..
Paid by banks to Hub-Treasury,,
Lns to banks
Loss to banks same perluri pre
tloua week
8. HI, 000
Company and Trrm Hlnek. Anil,
I'lttsliurg Hlrel, ipiurterly pfil 14,
tandard Oil of Kansas, quarterly 18
Htanilard Oil of Kansas, extra , $10
Xrrt Haven's New Role.
Speculative trading In New Haven
stock and the new convertibles has be
come a prominent feature. Hecent de
velopments have resulted In a big In
crease In the floating supply of the stock
nnd dally transactions have grown ac
cordingly. The persistent selling of tho
stock Is only a little more retnarknnie
than tho continued buying demand, so
that even when the stock moves to a new
low price thorn Is a good demand every
eighth down. The source of this demand
Is probably largely accounted for by the
presetico of a big short Interest. The
charge of a premium for borrowing pur
poses In the loan crowd Is a much more
slgnlltcaiit Incident than It used to b
when the floating supply In the Street
was almost Infinitesimal. Current deal
ings In the stock are more largely speeu-
atlvo than they ever have been before
In history. It Is said that speculatlvo
sales run about 600 shares to every 100
shares of real stock coming to market.
It might be argued that discriminating
mtestment purchases were likely at this
level on the ground that New Haven
""'"" In the past that It must
inevitably regain something of its former
prestige In time, but current uncertainty
over the dividend rate would suggest that
there Is no Immediate hurry for such buy.
. . ,,M' H,C of "'c convertibles, o!
which $ .0S7.0D0 changed hands yester
day, dealings are In the nature of things
almost wholly epeculatlve. Speculallon
in them is encouraged hy the fact that
selling "when issued" th-y have mither
o he borrowed nor paid for until finally
brought out, If ever.
Pennsylvania Iteeorer.
Pennsylvania, of all the standard Is
sues under pressure during the past few
(lajs recovered most smartly yesterday,
which is probably entirely as it should
be. A market of the kind prevailing In
this group always comes to an end In
the same manner. Some day It Is dis
coveted that real selling has suddenly
ceased, activity subsides to normal pro
portions and the price of the stock at
one- or soon afterward snaps back
"harp!. The mental process which has
led Investors to part with holdings of a
stock like Pennsylvania at present prices
Is not easy to follow, that ts If It is pre
sumed that Investment In any railroad
mock Jmt now Is advisable. Appar
ently such Investors liijuldate with the
idea of putting their money Into some
thing which yields less and may there
fore, be supposed to possess an even
greater degreo of safety, bonds, for Instance.
Selling: of l.rhlgh.
Among the Inactive shares which hav
Kit en evidence of liquidation Lehigh Val
ley Is conspicuous. This stock sold down
to 144s, on Monday, or 11 fall of 6",
imlnts In a few days. Yesterday It failed
to salvage what partial recovery followed
and actually equalled the low of the pre
ceding sess4on. The weakness of the
slock i especially remarked liecause I:
will shortly sell ex dlildend 6 per cent
L"hlgh Valley, aside from t'nlon Paelfle.
Is the only American railroad slock which
pays nil annual dividend of 10 per cent.
Otherwise the two are tntlrel) dissimilar
lr pr.ict-. .illy all respect", but lately they
have sn)d about level with each other.
Since Saturday, however, Iohlgh Valley
has fallen rather sharply behind, altlioug'i
siipettlcl.illy It might be iirgud that a
comparison of the attractions of the two
fat ired the stock of an Kastern line ntnl
a member of the aristocratic anthracite
group. The poor support given to Lehigh
inn result from a temporary market con
dition, but It Is causing the Street 10
wonder whether there may not be smnii
especial reason behind It. It Is questlonel
among other things whether the road may
not have some connection hitherto over
looked with the latest Government suit
against the Heading.
Partial rarmrnl Ilnslness.
A n-cent ruling of the Stock Exchange
has pt,t the partial payment business of
SIikU Kxchange houses on a rather rilf.
feient bMsls than hen tofore It has In
fact changed the character of these trans
actions tadlcally Formerly such trans
actions were made with the understanding
that apart from the Initial deposit and
nii ding monthly payments the cus
tomer would not be called upon nr any
other deposits regardless of the fluctua
tion In the price of the securities Involved.
The Stork Kxchange authorities have
ruled that In the event of a decline In
this price which would endanger the pro
trctlnn of the account the customer would
be subject to calls for extra deposits.
Apparently, therefore, partial payment
transactions are In effect margin accounts.
They differ from the ordinary margin
account In the sense that tin- purchaser
on the partial payment plan may be
called an Investor becauso he buys with
the Intention of ultimately pnylng for
his stock fn full and taking It up. People
who started out as margin speculators
have been known to arrive nt the same
decision under certain circumstances.
PlllLAiiCU'lllA, Nov. 11. The market
was very dull and narrow during the
day, local stocks benefiting but little by
recovery In the New York market. Phila
delphia Klertrlo seemed to he In demand
nnd there Is a ready market for all stock
offered around 22 s. There was a smalt
demand for Cambria Steel and United
i:r lmnroveinent. each advancing a
fraction. Trartlon stock
firm. Tho summary:
were dull but
Hirh- Law. Clot-
p est. Inr.
27U 27 27'4
N C5' UH
474, 414
4ii 44 44
73 71 75
47', 47', 474
224 72'. 22xi
78'4 72 H 72V4
17't 17V 17t
84 84 II
hi II 14
3(4 S(H 1(4
Ml 53 Ml 14
S S "I
10544 lOG'-i 1044
234 :4 i-'-i
1?S 14 14
794 79 79
74 74 . 74
4.-.i (54 (IS
1414 14IVi 1484
k3H U U
54 54 514
10 10 10
53 85 It
$44 $44 114
14 14 14
834 8: i:
MH 99 S MS
102 102 105
804 10 80
iish ins m
344, tl 91 t
71 71 71
Sales. in
rou Anm Can a"4
2o Amalgamated . . d'i
;f.O Cambria Steel 47Uj
10 Klec Slor Hat.... 40
p.i (.en Asphalt pf.... 7&
10 Keystone Tel pi.,., 47't
10 I.uKc ttuperior
rod Thlffh
. Olirjr it
10 I,eh Vnl
10 Ichlsii
11 liPhluh Nv t c..,. 84
11. ni.rS.la -ft ml.
18 reniisylTaiita ..
10 Phila Co
Pa Hall
1447 l'hlla Glee
200 P II T t c
M7 Heading
315 Tonqimh Bel
... 22H
.. l?S
.. 7?H
7C20I1 S Steel
34 War Iron
1 W J A S S
t York By pf..
, (6
II0O Am O E U 84
250O E P 4 821,
41UO Phila Ut lis M
1000 Phila Elec is 102
4100 Phila Kite 4 MU,
;v Ilesdlnr O M (...
3000 Un By I c 4s
Chicaoo, Nov, 11. Fluctuations were
very Irregular to-day, with the sharp de
cline, In Union Carbide attracting the
most attention. People Oas, Bears-Hoe-buck,
Chicago Hallways 2ds and Com
monwealth Edison showed a moderate
Improvement. There was no special fea
ture in tho bond market. The summary:
Open- Hlrh- Low- Clot
Sals,. In;, est. est. ln.
480 Amerlran can
50 American Can pi.. 814,
tr, Am Tel Ji Tl Ill
30 Chle Pneu Tool,... 50
10 Chic Rrt series 1., 894
unr, (Mile iits series
1 1..
un com Miinn
20 nismnnd Match..,. 80S
10 Hart H Mrs pl 99
n. 11101018 Prick 10
115 111
194 4
too Mont-Ward pi 1094 14 1M
18 Peoples Oas. 11144 111 111
40 Sears Roebuck ,...1714 1714 171
350 Swift CO 1044 1044
EM II a St pel 54 554
100 II nl nn Pad fie 1414 1184
IOC Union Carbide 194 14 194
$1000 Chlo Rys 1st Cs.... 97
low Chin Hya Income 4s 41
Sooo Consumers (las 5s,, 98
2WO Ciidahy 5s 984
2000 Com Bdlsen M looxi iml loov
Hwlfl k Co 5s 194 914 94 M
The Farmers' loan and Trust Company
Nos. 16, 18, 20 & 22 William Streot
Branch Office, 475 Fifth Avenue
New York,
LONDON, 16 Oocktpnr 8t., S. W. 26 Old Broad Street, E. 0.
PARIS, 41 Boulmrd Hauiwmann BERLIN, 56 Untcr don Llndon, N. W. 7
Travelers' Letters of Credit. Foreign Exchange.
Administrator Guardian
Hobton, Nov. 11. The market opened
with an Improved tone. Prices held
steady until well In the nfternoon, but
during the last hour eased off nnd closed
Irregular. Stocks were generally quiet
New Haven shares and rights quickly
reflected the favorable court decision
denying Injunction against the New
Haven bond Issue. The stock advanced
to 79',, up ltt. while the rights ad
vanced to 1 'i. However, later In the
day there was renewed selling pressuto
and the stock declined to 77 'i, off 2
from tho hUrh price recorded shortly
after tho opening. The rights declined
to !M cents. Boston and Maine was
heavy and Bositon nnd Lowell lost a
points. Kdlson Ulectrlo was also weak,
declining 2. Of the mining stocks Alaska
Clold and Hutte and Rallitklava were
active and steady, while Old Dominion
declined 1. On light transactions .Os
ceola declined 5 points, later showing n
recovery of 3H points. The summar .
Open- lllth- Low-Clou
Sle. ln. fit, ei,
$ Am TAT col 4 M
Sv Am T T ev 44s.. 914 944 914
ivo A O a IV I (i :
I-") C II Q )t Is ... 94
I4O00 Chi Jiuict n.r Ps.. . 9,
3-100 N E T 4 T 5a 90
310(0 N II cv (! iipw. .101
10000 V 8 Steel Is .. . 1"0
10 Am Ar Chem ...42'. (24 42', 424,
41 Am At Chem pf 91 91 91 91
: Am "iiicar . . 10 108 IK 1"8 I
1 Am Siirar pf . .. .1134. IK 3 JJJ
102.4 Am TAT... . i: tl'4 HS .
S3 Am WoolPll p.. ... TV. 74 ;
14 Xmonkfwr . . .. 80 " !.9 59
37 Krtioti Klec ... : 24 (
f lien Klec .... W 124 1" IX
HI Mass Has. 92 92 93 92
W. M.l. Das pf . . !"4 '14 'I '3
3 N K T A T 131 119 1" I-'
Tire.. Pultonhole 14 1 1 I
tl Swttt i Co 1K 1"4 10(4 1014
111 Pullman . 12 V'- M4 'f-l'i
' I'lllte-l Knilt C-4 15! 181
I Cnl Slme xtaeh C4 'ui 4,'jj
18 Cnl Shoe Mich pf 2 .' t i
STUl f S Steel X4 .-.'.t. 514 : '.
ro C S Steel pf ln 105 Wt. 10IX.
r. AilTfnture 1', I'. !' 14
-. Ahmeek . m 2 27 2.(
W. Alak4 (Sold SOS 21'. 20. ?".!
M Altouiali 14 l' 1'. l'
lil Mlnilor 3", 3T, 331.
113 Am.ll,am.l1ei1 4l", C, M 4".,
ic Am fine 174 174 174 174
la". Arwona Com (4 '
.'.i IMnanrn . . r 2- 21 29
1. r. llno:i A Cnrbin M so r
11V. IlilHedlJlnk i 5 4 3
M2 Unite A Sun . 94 ? xv,
10!CI 4rm 4.' 2
10 Cal A Itecla I'rt ('' "1 Ml
V. rhino 314 37', 374 374
ITS Ciipiier Hants. . 37 37 4 3. .
2. r, (iranby . ' ', s "' 1
ts Orrenc Can ... H4 ll. 3H, 3I.
1( (Ireenp-C.-in frac .. M4 3"'i vti 30 ,
10 Isle Morale 174 174 17', 17',
2m Kfrr I-ake . . . (4 14 S IV
2i". Keweenaw 1". 1", 1 I
to Lake . ... 74 74 7', 7',
70 M.iso-i Valley . ( I II C 4 1-14 44
40 MavflnMer 7 7 44 r. '
10 Mohawk . (". C'i ("i "
131 Nraiia Con, 144 US 1(4 US
3 N Aresdim 14 14 14 14
.7 Nip-Mltir 7 11 14 7 11 14 7 3 14 7 9 11 .
Ho North Untie 3 22 2?
20 North t.aks n, 1'. 14 14 1
" Old Cnlntiy (4 4 44 14
IV OM Dominion . C C 17 17 ,
141 Osivolii . "7. 7f, 70 7.M,
JM Pond Creek Coal 17", 11 17". 174
r, gmney '7 :.7 m;-
19 1ianiion " 4. f" r. ,
M Shattuek-Arlr V !'". :S -',
3 Siiti A llnnton . a'j :H 24 24
41 Superior 224 -4 22 224
1.1 Trinity . . ('. ('.
235 I S Sniltln . . " 2 f "i
77 V t Smeltlnf pf (4 (7 (". (7
30 rtah Co-i' '4 4 " '4
s rtah Copper. . ( o c
Wyandot M V "'
. Alehl.on pt i". !''. 4 '.
r, noiton A Albanr 2ie, 2''4 -,,,14 an, (
;. Ilintnu Klev.ite.1 2 24 4
S no.tun A Lowell. I lo 10 10
101 Boston A Maine . (4 M (' 44 ,
1.i!2 New Haien.. 74 794 774 7S '
IviiO New Haren rti. 14 .91
Cnlon Pacific 1(4 14". 1(4 K4 1
7 Wert End pf.. . H 91
lllil A.Uo.1 ,
riar Slate Ca
Ilnhenila . . . .
Iin.tnn f.ly.
Calaveras ,
Chief Com
Con, Ariiona
Firm National
Colilfleld Con
!. Ilnse Cons
Mesh an Metals
Nswla DourlM
New Baltic
Raven ,
South Lake .
Un Verde Kilenilon.
1 -l
1 7-ie
I 13-14 I
WASHINGTON, Not 11 -The statement of
the receipts and pay warrants of the Treasury
Yetf rdar Tills month Fiscal year.
Receipts,... It.sr.l.s.13 $17,'X4.7J l2SO.t73.H4
Par warrants 2.067,019 l.42.1.27il 26i.104.704
Deftat 11.1I4.1M 11,1(1,494 17.237,1:1
Receipts from custom, yesterday were (.
471! from Internal revenue, ordinary, I7W.74..;
corporation tax, IX, and miscellaneous, ?ri.Jt.
National bank notes received for redemption,
The cash statement of the Hulled State
Tremurer for November 10 shows;
cold com :4,r.;77
Hold certificate! 77,1.I1J
Silver dollars 1:..37I
Mirer certifloate
United Htatra notes
Certified checks on banks
National bank notes
Silver bullion, subsidiary silver and
miner coin
Cash In Treasury
In national banks
Available cash In Treasury and
Deduct current liabilities
FrM balance. In Treasury and banks
mhsr Treasury asiets. net
177.. in
1M. .124,141
II. 341.133
Net balance In (eneral fund 123,237,111
Oeld coin and bullion IIM.OOO.MO
To redeem outstandlnr certificate,,, t.(J.M,16
Grant! total cash assets tn Treasury, 2,031,031,011
Company and Tsrm.
Oalsna blgnal Oil, uuar-
Galena rSlirial' Oil, quar-
CanlcHan' 'Pacific' ' RaVl-'
way, quarterly
I'hllaiUlphla Company
for tluarsntee Ins Mori
Rases. ,ellll annual. . .
American Husar Itsfln
Inf. Quarterly.. .......
American Hutar Hsfiii-
N(lw,,Yorkt Mnfiin 'Pie
turs Corporation
Mutual Film Corpora
tion Mutual Film Corpora.
tlon. eitra
Catawlsta Itallroad.
Catawlsaa Itallroad,
Quaker Oat,, ipmrterly.
Uuaker Osts, nuarterly.
North l',nn,j Wants, KH
road, quarterly.
Ptk. Ami. I'ayabls.
com I Dee, II
pfd 2 Dec. II
com IH Jan. t
Use. 1
pfd 14. Jan. 2
com 1 Jan. t
I Nov. 16
earn Nov.. II
Not. II
1 pfd 144 Nov. 1
2 pfd l4 Nov. 11 .
pfd I44j rb. 26
com S4 Jan. 14
f Wsv. tl
Hall Mlreet flellevea This Will
ttesillt of Wnite Itnlse.
The iiwnrd of the biMfd of arbitration
on tho Increase In the wuges of the con
ductors and trainmen had little effect
marketwise yesterday, though accepted
as a further argument for the per cent.
Increase In freight rales which the rail
roads are seeking. Railroad presidents
generally were not willing to discuss thn
matter yestetdny nnd said that as vol
they "had not hud tltno to study thn
aw.i rd."
Frank Trumbull, chairman of the board
of the Chesapeake nnd Ohio, nn lit tho
award did not nlTtrt his company lie
approved of the stiKcestlon offered by
the bout it of arbitration that In tint
future the Interstate Cninnierce Commis
sion act on such matters, and Mild that II
would be a logical step "If the com
mission had power to lake action In such
mutters It would be much better," he said.
"It would be more logical to have the
s.ime biil that made the rate Incieas.-s
net on the wage Increases, lis they would
bo better Informed lis to r.illroad condi
tions. However, the Interstate commis
sion Is a very much overwotked body "
V O. Healer, vice-president and gen
eral manager of the Central lt.illrond of
New Jersej, said that he had not studied
tho terms of the award, but had turnl
the matter over to the accounting de
partment to llRiire nut .lust how much It
would Increase the burden of the systi in.
Kroni the office of President W
Rron of the New York Central Lines,
the following statement was Issued:
"It Is estimated that the award Just
made by tho arbitrator" In the cau jf
the conductors and trainmen Involves an
additional expense tn the New York Cen
tral Lines cast of liuflalii of approxi
mately $4flii,nno and to the line w,.st of
Murrain nf about linn nun. or a total of
about $1.1)00,000 per annum for the sys.
tetn." '
"The Increase nu-ntib-d." vald Presl- '
lent Kerr of the Ni-w York, ontatlo nnd
Western ltnIlro.nl "Mill mlil from $(.".. mini
to $1'.fino a iear tn tin operatim: i-x-penses
of this r.illm.id. and the nperntln'i
nf tie full crew law. which went into
cflpct tn the beginning of So-iternlwr. .nbl"
l2ri.2oii a yi -ir mote. The rates fur fi.-ight
are lower In the I'nlted States than In I
,-in other eo!intr. y-t the nillro-ids In'
this country pay th hiirlxst wages paid I
anywhere The quesilmi nf an Increase i
in the frelKht rntes is to 1- tnken up
tow.-inls the end of this month b the
Intrrstnle (otntnen-e ( ntninlssion The
mails shntild hne ,1 ilht ntnU"- the cli-ciiinst.inc.-s
to Increase th- r:ite utnl I
belleie they will he li'ln'Aiil tn d 1 s-i."
Vlce-riesldont Wlvil-J nf the New Ha
ven s.ild lhat the oontnntly lncten1nir !
w,ie. of the men without nn isirrespnnd
Inc return to the rail- ids mule tn:it;cr
look .1 little kerluus. lie .i.iuld not piedlctj
what the Interstate Commerce Commis
sion would do at It net lmpilry
In n iiuleter ninrk.-t pr'.e.s r covered
smneMhnt yesterdav fioni Mie previous
d-iy's decline. cloi-iir at fnn-tliui 11 calii"
Tnlncco I'loducts si'iir. d tin shnrpi it nil-viiin-e.
rlslni; .1 itiints nfter Its f ' p.ilni
drop of Nlonibiy I'tirted Clear Stores
limited between Wj lirnl sr.. cloini; -it
the blither Ileum and up point nn th"
da llrltlsb-Ainerlcan Tntuiceo iv.is
ipllit. Th- old shsres adviinced it to
23 mid thn new stock was ile.ilt In nt
24'.. a Rain of ia m point. Mnrconl of
America Improved sclllnr; at 3'. (Jii'i
tiitlons for nilnlnc sties were practically
unchanKed. In the bond division New
York city 4',s. H'02, wcro dealt In at ?D,
11 loss of 'j.
A strmiK tone win displayed by Stand
nrd (.Ml securities Standard Oil of Ken.
lucky ndVMnceil conspicuously .If, points
to !7rj, Atlantic ItcilnliiK rose sharplv to
t'.Sn, 11 gnili of l."i points. Standard Oil of
New Jersey K.ilned 1 point, movlnc up to
H7." , Sotitheiti l'lpe Line rose 2 points to
2 l.'i and South Pennsylvania advanced 4
points to 2f.0. Standard oil of New York
went 3 points hlpher, selllttK at 17, and
Ohio Oil rose to 133 i.j.
Transactions In detnll In the market
yesterday with as follows.
Open. l!lh' Iow-Clo.
Sale, Int. et. et ini.
11 Anilo-Am Oil new 11', m, u-. u,
IK.) lle.iier Cons .11 31 .11 31
(TO Mrailen Copper .. . 6', fi ,
li Iic Kour.. I 14 II 15
Vti nnlleh-Am Tob. .. :.1 2.", '.1t, V
ko Ilnt-Am Tob new.. -j(s, 21', IP, 2P,
200 lluffalo Mines ... 1", 1 l,
2700 "Can iluld Sdver 1' 15 H 1
SOOO Caribou Cobalt . 61 61 61 6)
1 Crown Reserve l 1.1-16 I 13 14 1 U K. 1 13-16
lfiro C O 1) Coin .. .1 4 3 I
low Dla black lltnte... 2 2 2 2
ec0 Kly Con .. . t, f t. I
101 First Nal Cop 2 7-16 2 7 14 2 7 16 2 7 14
4 Greene Can 7 7 7 7
1600 Gold Hill Cop 3-16 3 16 3-16 316
1 6 Greene tlan new .31', 2.1'. 3I Jtv.
179 Ooldfleld Con, . 1', Vi 1 7-14 1 7-1S
don Jumbo Exlni.. , . ? !
100ft Kerr Lake Hi I 7-14 4 S-14 I 7-16
400 Marconi nf Am new 3. 3', V,
too McKIn D S Mln... 1 il-16 1 1 6 15
Mason Valley ( ( 4 4
SOOManhat Trans. .,, I 3-16 I', 1 .",-l C,
2000 Nevada Hills.... 44 ( II II
37f. Puebla S 4 It 3 3 2"; 1616
I 76 Stand Od nt N J...377 S77 37i. 37.-.
700 Tob 1YO.I, pf 43', MM, S3 KV
S.00 Ton Mercer. . . f-7 57 li M
31 Ton Kxten 1 916 1 9. 14 1 9-16 1 9-16
WO Unl Cluar Stores '4 v. S6's
r West End Eiten .6664
IIOOOO N Y City 4',s 1962 93
sSell cents per share.
Yeslrrdav. Monday.
Hid. Asked. Illil. A,krn
, (Pj if. Ui i,
. 2SH 23U 23', 2 n,
. 7 7
, 44, 4 7-ta 41,- i
14, l O, l.
.2211 235 220 23."
4 4I ( (I,
, l'i l'i I l-IS 1 3-18
, 3. 4 IH, 3H
. 7, 7'J 7'a i
, N34, h4 S ft 1
. 861, si' 4 HA M(
. 2 2 1-14 2 2 l-PI
Praden Cop
(ireene Cananea
Kerr lJkc
Iji Hose, . ...
Uhlgli Valley Coal,.
Mason Valley .
Manhattan Transit .
Marconi of Amnew ,.
Nlpls.lni Mines
Tobacco Prod pf
UnCUof Am
Yukon Gold,, ..
. V6t,
Ctilra (0 K ta ,
Western l'a la..
- CM,
nttTTPin All fresh arrivals were un ies.
tsrday Ho. and ssconds also advancl 44c.
The nrinnesa nr me mari.ei was catise.i nv
.. - i .... ..... k....... ..e 1 I.,. ...i... .
hehl extra, ut Jlc. The receipt, are ahead sell slow I) Siuab uni liungeil. ijuotatlons
of lust week, partlallv hecause nf the hn. are Tinkevs. old, fresh killed 2.'ti23c,
day lat week llnweier. st-nilment waa spring, di 1 picked. fatic 23c, I'lilliidelnhla
partially respnnrlble for thn alliance, he broilers It. to 2 Ihn mill, :1f2le. Writ
cause of slurms lu Ihe West, which will ma-lern. milk fed, 21?2l'-.c; corn fed, 17i. Mux
ttrlally Interfere with prompt delivery of all parked Western fowls, flossn In not, ( lbs.,
The New York, New Haven and Hartford
Railroad Company
New Haven, Conn., November 11, 1913.
To the $fockholders of the New York, Keu Haien & Hartford Rail,
read Company and to holden of It 'll "v convertible debenture
certificate convertible between January 1, Hit I, and January
191G, and to holder of its 6 convertible debenture convertible
between January IS, 1923, and January 15, 1948:
At a special meeting of the Board of Directors of the New
York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Company, held on Tues
day, November 11, 1913, the time within which the holders of
warrants evidencing rights of subscription to this Company's
convertible debentures of 1913 may subscribe for such deben
tures and make payment of the first instalment of sixty-five per
cent, of the amount of the subscription in accordance with the
terms of said warrants and of the previous votes thereto of the
Hoard of Directors, was extended to the close of business
on November 26th, 1913; but the subscribers shall at the
time of payment pay interest to that date at the rate of
6 per annum from October 1, 1913.
By order of the Board of Directors,
m ini noi.Diiitsm' ! cvvMOMi ii.ti.iii or massu hi -.kms.
iiiiiaik i.irr i.oikii: Ahsoi-L-.Tiov si n (Ji.K. w. si.iMii:.Mi:.iriiici.i,i-ui ur
Clr-I llnrtgaKe llnnilv line Jul' I. Jlv .1 '.""' Trust Ci.mp.iny a (i.rporaili.n
Millil' Is linii:ill iilVi:., as prntkled III o. tin- C.immiir,v,fiti f ju..aiMchiietis h.i.
the inurticase uf (tie llrl-iri-IHI l.slee Assorlatlon, nig Its uin.il p;.n-.- uf l,n . n,, , in Ho.tun.
il.itiil May il. Iti7, nnd In the Airrecnienl I hiippl- 'ihnsi lis, as It is Irusii e under .1 Col
nieiitnl ihi-reioilateil August 1. II'". to ' l"h Aie- ; lnr.,l Trust Indentur- ilute.l Juni.iry 1,
line -Iru-t Comtiany. Truitee, (lnarnl I riifl i09. made l.y -n,,. .M.i...irinini Cinnpiny
(oniiiaiij of N.w lork. succevsir, thai Imni's to thp 1 M i"iiiny Trust i'niiiiany I'etl
nutnlii liil 11. 97. 1"2. 109, 1JJ. IJ. 210. 2(7. 259 1 tloner. aKUlnot The .M ...tii'liuw Its Company.
21. 291, 32S, .-I7S, 410, hae been drawn for re-1 a corporation of t - Conimonw snlili of
leiuptlnn nn Jnnuary I. 1IU4, at lia'jof par anil Massachusetts. Comieetlnii tn r fnwrr
will be paid on ptesentallon im and after January I Company f Maine, a nirponnlon nt the
I, mil. .11 Kip 'lltlST IIKPAUTMI..NT of the , .State nf Milne, N. w KngUnd I'nwei Cum-
iiiiisr'iirnisi, ancr wiucn aaie inin U,V r i
Imn.ts Mill erase.
interest nue inai iia siii.uei
A, .1 lli:1l'lfll.l., rrrsldent.
liateil Nov 1. 1B13
rirt llefu inline llorUnse (lold Hnnd.
N.itee l hirh slisn pursuant to the 1
teini" nf the innrtKaKe nf said Compiny, .
I.U..I June Isi ISO!., 10 The Sicurlty Trujt
iv inpn.t of Tr'i a Trtlstfe that tl.e fn j
1., mil a le.vls baie this iln I.e. n ilr.in for
redemption tz N'" I. 43. 71. J2. 123, 171.'
isj, 1. .IK. :C. J.i3. 3'JC. 4 31. 431. 473. t03,
:.77. ;,s7. us! soj, su. so7. ima. i:.:i.
i'..i: Thi Intir.st nn the same III ie.i.s
He. e.nber lt 1S13. Jle! the prlnilpal of tl.s
lime's v.;. I paid ..n anil after that date
it H, . urlt Truit CuIIIIiaU nf Tru
Tin) N Y
or Tuny, Trust's
n lilMlliii: I. lt.vlti:. Secretary.
Troy. N V. Noisnilier 3th. 1513.
The Ileal. 1 of llireitnrs has ilpclaiei! a
. 'iuartsr! .liihlenil nt One and One-lmlf IVr
.',ii i.,nni the (.'..iniu-iii Htm k of tli 1'iim
j p.ini tnilatile ,il the i, flics nf the Cninpanl,
' .'mi. ill. r. ill Trust llulldlns. Philadelphia.
, l'i 1"-. ember 11' 1 V 1 3 In the Cnnintnn
M". Uliol.iers as perereit at the close of
' 1 uslness Niienit.er i'l' 1-.M3
I K II A 1.1) MS. Fecretary.
Preferred Itltldrnil . A3.
illilitei il iN'n f.2i ot one and three-quarters.
11. ..1 tier rt it I t.ss lieen ilerlareil lionn the
I Preferred capital stock nf the Amerlran (Iraphn
. iih'.ne ( ninpany pavaMe N'niemlier 13th lo
. -n-chiiliters nf reeenl at the clnse nf tiulnrss
Ainiliilier l-t 111 nnter nf tie llreclnrs
I II Mill II I'.VMTII.V. President.
sl.villllltll llt I.IM. II 4, 1 1.44 A V.
S..l.enf nnual Meetlnir.
M.lli 1 IS lll'ltl IC liiVI'N that the Annual
Me. tlim nt lie htiii-Uinlilers ot S I' A III I Alll I A t II
1 IN' tllll.H VI will lie held al he ptlnrlp.il
.1 1 . uf the i on p.inv !' - a Nns. . anil 4 I With
iiuilillin; scai"ore Street In the City nf Peter-.
Iniih Mrain'a. al luelie o'clock noon on tlis
1 11 1 1 1 d.ii nf Nun'" lr. tall, for the piirpo-eo!
el'-etinir a Imaril of directors and for tlie Iran,
actum nt ani ami all business that may cir a
liet.iie the -i.etinr, Inrlii'litK coiililrrlne and
ni 11 utsin tie afiprnial anil ratlhcatlon nf s.r
,-iioiracis aeis ami tirmeeillnirs by the hoard of
illr.-'-tnrs ami ntm-ers since the annual meeting
nf stiH-khilMi rs lasl held.
l he st.n'U irunsf.-r Im.iks will be closed at threa
o't-lnrk In the aftermmn on Noiemtier &th. 10U
and will lie reopcn.rt nn Nmeinber 17th. 1013.
I t I'ortTKDCS. ss.-cn-t.iry.
Il.itiil Ocintier '.Mih IHt.i
il.dr freiehi .Many shlptnints due to ai -rue
yesterday and to-day are delaied. and
-hat nrike, .1 scarcity nf tine, fresli stoi k
'Ih.- make Is also folllni; off. Mate butter
,s hecoinlnK scarier, and It too has ailvanred
I'rm-'ss as nrt 'je Ail butter below that
xr.i.l.-, I ml u.i I ti a Imitation and pickhiK
s-.nck. letnalns uneh-inireil Quotation, are
. I'ri-mii ry. ev'ras. 33? it 3(',c; (lrts. 2n
31'- seconds. 2S'-i 't 27'tc; held extras
3i,i,li31H,c firsts. 2ff30c. Ftate dairy,
tlnest. liy, Kond to prime. 27 ti SOc
Piocesa, ixtras, 2i's72',r; nrsts. 24'2li
tinltatliin creamery, 2(tt26c. Kaetory, Junss
2.1c rlrels. :2i, , seconds. 21(T22c I'li-k
Ine stock. No. 1. 22c, No. 3. 2021c, Nn.
I I'. 1 1 '',.-
I'HCCsn There wis little dolnir in
cheese issterila) anil the hlsfteet Rr,i,1..
ui.il.i- lined ilnlr own Aver.ise fanev Heck
In r 1 lr ilemaml. with a little tinner feel
ins This tinner feellne eitendert to fresh
sk.ma, which were up t.c Market ruled
inlet, with dealers hnlillns their line held
cheese Prices are Slate, held, while, spe
ilals, 16'. fll6ac.i colored. , pedals 1'.)7
1 '.r.',c . colored, averase, fancy, If., f 16.
whiles. ulc,i underartdes. 12i, j 1 r. ' . c
Ill.ilslis. best, 16'jc , sklnls. held, speclnts.
12.113'C, held. chnlie. 1 1 l, tl 12 . c .
fresh sklnis, 12WI2SC . choice. 10 ', ff 1 1 1, c .
I poor lo f-ilr. ,4 d 10c, full skims. lH1Mc
KiliIS There was another Jump of 2i on i
the highest sraile es and firsts were up
only Ii No matter what the price I,, there
Is not enouuh Rood fresh eirn, for tnhle pur
puses tn eiipnlv the demand F.ven Mlih the
mlwinccs which are unusual. trsdloK mn
, ilinies better than any one espected. The
entire trade Is liinklnir furward to th" nt
rival of the Ilrst material fnrelsn sues due
il-nt w ek A few are enpect-il Salurilav
11 has been KK hlstnrs that wlisn the! set
so tiniisuall) blKh there Is a sudden break
, and It I" pnssllile that the foreign sags may
cause Ihls The high price, do lint seem tn
i iirlall the dt-muhil for strictly fancy lots,
ami CKB whli h sell now for firsts ordinarily
u .ttl.l not pass it a a second. Htorase eggs
weie also up ',r, fur the hlchest giade. us
this grade Is I.e. inning si arce. Itscelpts
.nntliiue In advance of the same days last
n-ar Ilurllig two dais 23.000 cases hale
. reai-lii-il the niarket. a good portion of whleh
were storngs. i:tras. ilozen, 461144c.. extra
tlrsts. an Ke : firsts. 39'i(le.: seconds. 35ir
3si' , illrtles. No. 1, 2713 28c. No. 2, 2('rt'26c .
i hecks, good to choice, 24fl;6c. Nearby
lieninrv wlilles, (Ine lo fancy, 60tffc. gath
ereil whites, fine to finest, 64fr42r J Western
whites. (Sttfitc. hrow-ns. 4l7S0c. mixed,
in , 4sc , refi Iger.itnrs. spei-lal marks. !"j
1'31-jc; firsts, 24 1 24 '-ir ; seconds. 26',M
27 'c
1.1VI7 rot'I'THT. There were unloaded
esierday thirty five cars and prices were
made for the week nn the ba,l, of western
fowls at 13c. ami chickens, fancy, 13 If
I3',c. After unloading thirty-five cars there
were nfl six cars on the track, which
makes 1 lie supply for the week unusually
heavy, and It cannot he all used. The
market Is In bad condition and present
prices lose shippers considerable money Poor
fowls, eien by express, tell dnwn to lie,
The highest prlen Is lSifC. for the best
chickens and 13c for fowls, with only a
small pnrllnn that will bring that Turkei a
are In better condition, although, extremely
low for the time of year, No I.nnr Island
ducks to ipmte, while Western and Southern'
range 114111'. Quotations follow: Chickens,
nearby fancy. 13 IT 1 S ... ; fowls, llfrlSc;
old roosters. 10i,c, Western ducks, 1531e ,
Keese, 13'i'ifllc.i guinea fowls, per pair,.
Hfio , pigeons, pair. 20c, I
lUlllssF.li poiM.TUY - While fresh killed
lurke)s are In liberal supply the demnnd l.
such as m alliance pricra ic, mr ine nest
grade. There am some thin turkeys which
are not iiesirnius ami sucn nrar. nerausa
nf storms reielvers do not expect regular
dellveiles this week and such conditions
may cause a slight alliance. Hei-eli
nave gnuii supplies on nana ana
In a position in vaittry their cus
tnmoia, even
If arrivals are not up lo
There are only a few snrlni:
linens ami intuitu? no .'i ipino". innsr
.... . I,, .B,,,n,l iltooeS. utoitller onnu
' ." "me. a corpormon nf the mate
, in jiaine. an nuini! usual pi ice, of busl-
ne-F 1,1 kii.i no -inn. anil llsnrn It llukr
ami Charles I. AMltm. i.r.in ,,r nr.. ,iiin.
.vassal nussit., and Plillln Voune. nf said
iiosion. cnpjrim rs .. Hiker Ay'.nit Ai
(rnipinj, huMni; a iMi! ppus. nf tiunr
In ..M It.istiin. Henri J'hlppa ,if York,
,Ni- lork M.ilcnlni li Ch.ie Kllal,iih
1 hhie. nf Prmlden ... ithode Ishmd. iepn.i
rru.l I n nf 11 illtinnfe, a , rp, r.l r,,, nf
the htate nf Miryland, lis 11 I, Trustee
fr"ln '"iMt.eih lliu.riisiliinl.lt
ilate.l I ebruary 5. 1S1.1. ami -,. oihr Iml, I
t,r" '' r '"II."-r H Tni.st Unlit
lli.lnls i.f rhi I u. 11 liusi'lto i- mi t Isaueil
iimlir .iml seiuti-d Ii) said ii.it. tuui , Its
i n i . if, oner among oiler ililiiks
S'lits that
M.ilil iriilernurs was mine to The M.is.a.
I'husetts I'omp.inj ir. ferie.l to n- "i,( I'mii
Jul in I lo s,,,lr,. Jj mi u.hi f H tnmls
'" 'ssn"l III. rrlin.ler. -ir 'III '
Ji..oo,ui)0 are mm MitsMndi-iE, 13, 0n nf
w hich are r. Klalet.d III tl'. r, ,iue i.f one if
the responilente ,,n,i i ),, reiniltuiig 1 1. 1 37.0-jh
or which an. unregis' ml ami p.n ihie t
I'jar. r ,u .1n,l.na0 In 1 ii st hi Id in- eer'aln
nf the I, -.i,,l'.ii ,, .( ,,mn,ier bj
person, unknown io tin p. till wi. r S..M re
i,.mlint I 'iidh'i.d.rs are .10I11..1 us parties
on Ills lr own behalf and as r..pr. -entatlie
Of a, I the ll'.lileii) nf iiU'StltlillliK 1. i -
The f'tiipuny ,. renurst,.,! thi Peti
tioner in .irllf) and d.llier 1! 300 noa ,.
tinn.il hon.is upon the .liolt of further
loilati-ril. ami has .lelllered to the I'etl-
tl'in. r -. rtaln r...luilnii- and .ertlflii'es
sni'-ll th- ( oinpany cntileml. ar Miff lei t
lo .iinhorle such cenifie ntnn iml .! li. ri
The petitioner la in iloilht aa In the con
s'ru. Hmi nf the tiro.isnms nf said Imp mure
relating to the certification and deipery of
sui-li additional bunds, fiarlicuinrlv !he rs
luir. men', f ,r rer'ifl. its nf a ma orlty of
the liiia-il of directors of t,e i' .mp.uiy and
of an auditor ..r accountant thi: the sum
total of n t In, nines of the "subsidiary com
panl.s ami or the iVinn-etli a- Itper Power
run p.iny .f . Itimt.shir" fr the s,
-aler.it, r months n'xt preeiinR the dats of
sad ertirii-.it. shall he at eiU.ll t"
eiri.ln Inn r. st. am! the prnvlsl 'lis riailnc
o the ni'thod of mnipii-lim- sin h In- .tin is
III llnulit as to Whe'ler tir not tl-. Llponnt Of
l.ei Incomes shown by such certlfl.-at.a de.
lllere.1 tn It tl Ihe t'i.oo,tll l silffl lent
and Wh'thel it-' ' .Ml --,er ,1 cerltfi..,! s
In being di led Mir. h 1", 191.1. ah.l ci.H c
the six nmnilis et 1 1 in; IVhrinrj 2' 1511 are
pr-fr to enniplt wilh s.., ioi.!ois ami
I- In doubt ,.s to wheth.-r m not ii , , . t, .
authority or Is ri'iulred to ...niri and le't-. r
all nr .inv of the .nbl tin it 1,..mt- r..iu 1
upon the papers a'renly f'.rnl-liei, t.i the
Company and ui-on re, ept ,,f the .-..' -i-.r
ami Ihe cert 1 f I. I.. ... .. . .. .. I. ...
! fere.) In t,e Cump m
The lVtt-loner Jir , . fo- .. ,e. ree tint th
respindn. I, imihol tr rs a.l, .pi ,. - mil. .
a i b mititilili-rs. f..r the i ..tis'rm tlon ft the
Indenture and sihl .ro- Isl.ms. ami f .r lr
struc'tnn- ta to !'s .1 nl. s th. round, r. .-w. as
to said millets as tn xs t.i. ii - l- i, ,i
nnd as ta the c-rtlfi. itloti and de er ".
a'! or any of s.ld ll.JAuuoa additional bon is
TNote A entnplete , opv uf the aho
rheutlon'tl petlttutl in.iy be seen nt the Old
Cnlnnj Trust Compmy, 17 '"oi.ri Str"t Hi s
ton. Mas,, or at the offi.-e of Hopes, t; .i
A llerham. SO St it. Street Itoetou Mis- t
And now. It npp, .irlhg Hint certain f th.
sild defendants r.sld'j out of this Common
wealth to wit 1
HKSIIV PlIII'P-s. nf the ritv County
and State of New- Ynrk
M.u.roi i ii cii.m'i: and i:i,rA nr.Tii
I'H.M'H, both of the 1'iti .till I ' -111 v
of Proildence and Slate of nlinuo
lsl.nd. and
IIXI.TIMfilti: i i. ip .r.tl ui orginirl
slid rxlstlm? under thi laws nf the
State nf Mirt'llid. a It Is Trustee
utul.r a lieed from IPl.-ih.th 1'iiiern
schmldt il.itnl Pcuru.ir . til:,
and all o'Iit ho iter- of r,ie p, r. m
I'olti'eriil Trust Oild llomls of The
Mass i. husett s t'. imp. mi- Issued ami se
cured in slid lt!.len-i,r,
It Is imi'llllKII tint the petltl, tier rile
hOtlie tn the abole n.imeit respondents who
reside nut of the Ciluitnon w ea 1 1 h itw tit all
the class nf I espoli.it nta ibt.it lef.rreil 10
who are hn'ders of tho bi'llds dehirtbeil In
s.ild petition tn appear within one month
from the first Monday of Noi ember, next
hi lug the ltule Jin next sin i ee. tun: the
ilite of this order and answer tin. sild ;.e
li'loner's said petition by publishing an a'
tesprl i .ipi of an absirict nf said petittoti
attiichtd hereto, and of this order therion,
mice a week, ttirie weeks successli r!i In the
Itoston H.illy Adi'-rtiser. a nnwspap.r printed
111 Ito-lon t-i the N', w York Sun a news
piper print, I In tl,. Cl'i ui-l si.it,- of New
Ynrk and In the l'hll-1 ' tph1!. Inn rn a
newsjiap, r printed In th( I'lte 'f I'lli ...lei
phli and Slue uf I'ennsv'i nib. n s... t, ,. c
the last plltiM.- ition to be fourteen .lays at
least before tie first Monda of lit .'eiutier,
next. Il the I'nint
(Irtnber 24. 1911
A true (' ipi Attest
joiiv r i-nnviv cteri,-
Till'. l'ON!s(ll,ll4 I IO.N ( Oil. ( .
First and Itefuiidlna Xlorlgaae Honds.
nrr itrtTMin ii i in'"
Ntvili'i: Is hcr.li r'"n. ' prmldisl In Sec
tion 2 of Article VI of lln- llnli-li lute dated He
ccmber 1, UdO. securlne tin ntaiic bomls. thai
offers will be it-ci-lMii until ten n't luck A M on
Friday, Noietnber 2stl.. at the uttlce nf ihe under
signed, Id' llrnailua) Siw lurk I'ltj , New Inrk,
for Hie sale nn I'ei'.tnliei I 1UI3. of su.'lrlrnl
jionds at not excrnllng 107 of par to exhaust
Ihe sum of Thlrlv-rlrht tlniisAnd sx hundreil
twentj-four ilnliars and slMy-senn tint, (V'i4,
6.' I All
offers should be addressed to tl.e lltt'ST
lli:i-4in MCNr, and prices should be ipioled
flat iwlihnut Ititerrsti
lnterfst due lifcrtiitier I should be collected
In the usual n-atitiei
Hy A .1. lll'.Ml'llll.l., President.
Nnvetrber 3, 1613.
'I III; HOOWII.I.r. 1(4 11.1104,11
lilt llllii: l(lll'4.M
First Mortgage 4"i Ml nUlnii I'lind (.old nnndi.
dated Noienihrr I. I (HI I.
Nmicr. is Hi'iirin i;ir that rieien nn
of the alioieHlrscrlln d Inituls wne this day
drawn for rrdrmpilnn In ai rotil.tr.ie with tti
renulreinentsnf Arllcle II of the Trust Mnrtgaee
niimticred as follows:
01, 142. 216. 21k. 2M. Sl, .112. M4, i. Ml and 7B.
All future Interest of any of the bunds, so dels
nand ceases January 1st, H'I4. In acenrdnnos
wilh the terms nf Ihe nunicage
ci;nthai. tiii.st coMPAN or M'.w your.
Hy K 1' HYDK, Vli-e Prel.ent.
i In accords nie with tin' fiirrrulng. said men-
i Honed bo nils will be paid nn and after Ihe lit
t ,,y of January. IIU4, si par slid accrued Interest
, , n,e otrice of the lential Trusi I'oliip.iny of
i New York, 14 Wall .Street, New York,
i xrw xnrl, Miicn'l'or I, luia
- I .
i 19c, under 30 lbs., 13c. Iced fowls, dry
....u-,! r. lint 1W,
p.ltsei., tl ine 1-1
3 lbs. and under. 12 i.c
sialiled. IJ'.'iflSi' old roosters. 12'4c.
sniiaha, prime white. 10 lbs to dnen per
dimen. 77.1 9 lbs II :r. i II 7,0 r, I ii, His.
12.71, dark. 117- tiuiks. spring, lyo,
liulneas, spring. 2 lbs. tu pair, "-'t P'iIi 11.(1

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