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5 T
Ann Swinburne and Peggy Wood in the "Madcap Duchess" at the Globe
HE PUTS OUT FIRES didMimauiiu daaic
"So rarely anything nev emerges from beneath the mass of contam-
i'Tlic Mnn Tnslc,', Produced
Twist Niirlit, Melodrama
of Thieves' Life.
v4....niicf i.n.o porary fiction that the open-eyed wonder with which many of us will
California Naturalist Shows rectMn Birmingham's stories may well be pardoned. He obviously
How His ''Bird Voice' Can
knows the wavs of man and of the world at large, and his understanding
of the life about him is both constructive and reflective."
Boston Transcript.
"The only thing to do, in fact, fa to rend the Birmingham books
all of them. Ths Now York Times.
The Novels of G. A. Birmingham, whose play
General John Regan is a pronounced hit, predi
cated upon his success as a novelist.
Control Flame.
Siono" in Chinatown nnd Trosc
filter's Office Third
Peirreo Too.
Also Extinguishes Light by Vi
brations of Violin Row
and Aluminum.
In.ldr" At
the Criterion
I Mr Tnlner A. Hum Hsanlcy
, 'im 1'nnr Ch.irlri Unltnn
liti'url (Inrdon Milton S 1 1 1
I!-. I d'Ke V. i:. Anson
n. k I'l.mlc lldnurd II, llobln.
I I 'P " !" Jolin Cops
t. .! II iyes John Mllum
I am tlii- kid ....Joseph llnm To urn
I h'-ji-rlntc UHey Unrrnrr Wood
' .firl Ilrroll Dunbar
' ' i.ifi. Icretne Kennedy
I nnl" Helen I'rreman
I larle Uouc Wrlilon
l..tlt ttcrtrudu Davta
With his two theatre occupied by sue.
rfful productions th:it nrr not likely to
If me them for h long time David Hclasco
nan compelled lust night to take quartern
In the Criterion Theatre, which has been
msoclatcil with at leant one of his greatest
aticressrs of nil earlier period. There he
produced "The Man Inside." a melodrama
ct criminal life by Roland llurnham Mo- 10rlnc m, d(M, a ,
llneux. who has not hitherto bevn known ev,,r ,,, nlnrrv milr!a lu,r ,UVVI. ,tlfl)rIn,.,,
M a playwright, although other and for pood he had voluntarily surrendered
ivirller experiences hnvo prepared him to himself under tho "As a man. Ac. Kc."
write a drama on this nubjeet. So the argument to twelve years Imprisonment
irfre announcement of his name In such moved all the crooks to repentance and
l connection was sulllclent to plejuc the then given himself up for his assistance
ourloilty of that part of the public which to the heroine In Fli'tcherUIng the check,
attends tlrst nlKht performances. It was a powerful doctrine nnd It lm-
Hut there was one bight missing Inst parted to the closing minutes of an al
right. The author did not appear. After together shameless crook pi y the moist
the second act Mr. llelnsco, gray lock In piety of an experience meeting In a Sal
nntid. thanked the audience on behalf of ration Army barracks,
the absent playwright. All these characteristics nre bound to
As It was, th spectators found ample Wotk for the popularity of this imlo-
In this melodrama of life among thieves drama which Mr. Helasc'o has so adroitly
and thtlr pursueis to Keep their intciesi .
Tho new play has all the absurdities
mid sentimentalities necessary to popul u
kuccets, It has Its thrills nnd Its sermons.
i.nd the latter are siiltlclcntly banal and
jamiliHr to sound wise fiom the mouths
of well trained actors such as Mr. Uelafco
Ahwijs enlists In the service of his play
wrights. Herormnt Ion ll Arounil.
Whllo there Is a riot of crime nnd
t.,ices argot during tho first seven-
Vlf"" "L. IIa.?.7,r.i"::... . w i;
hii aruunu .it 1111. vim ,,.,. .. - -
criminal goes to prison with a halo of
I .Khteousntss and a smile of satisfaction
1'. a sense of duly well pel formed that
c .ulcl not have been excrlled in the case
a Chtlstlaii martr matching con
te: 'edl Into the arena
Tlv -cnt'm.ntal effectiveness of these
1l.11iu.il tetgiv.rh.'itlons was not in the.
! ,,st diminished tiecaue they were so, so
ib n. Ko there was the redeeming
. 'a of piety to w.nd up the evening's
. 'isipie slumming.
"The Man Inside" and It mlclit be e
1 .ml that the title s to be tak.m more
or 1cm subjectively aa meaning what ii
! I tie man and not 1h.1t be happen,
t bu inside Is lu three acts.
1. An opium den In Chinatown.
V .0 lorfully teallstlc Vene revealed on
' e stage to an audience fitting in Inky
il rines-s. Victims of the habit githered
1 "Ut on the Urths built alongside the
ilia Chinese propiletor and assistant"
t anting assent and complain;, peering
jt.ously thiotwh the peephole in the
1 iu'i door and bullying the ir com
' i-rb.ts smoklnr In another compartmtnt.
l'"P pipes passed about. Women rave In
" ,e'r delirium to ! hushed up by their
r ghbnrs. Thieve", ouna and old, plan
tf-e1- labors uptown. One unidentified
oung man suspected by the regula-s.
I'ollec Until lien.
Enter two well known cronk wanted
for a foigery on .1 bank in llronwillo
Oldr man sends word to his daughter
that he Is safe. She comes lo him and
her love r. who Is tht other forger, a well
known Westein crock. Thieves' talk fiom
nil hands. Every second won! seems to
I., "cuy" Forgers are taken bv the
police who raid the place.
Then It appears that the young man
i.nriT suspioion Is an nsslstant dltilct at
torney. More surprise on the part of the
utors than the audience, who seemed pio
p.ired for his presence. Says he is study
I .is the real wny of reforming criminal
and Is there to help anybody who neroJ
1 1 r-roinises 10 neip lorger s oauguier
1 e her parent if he Is really Inuopcnt
SMe lays he Is nnd the curtain falls.
et II. Scene In the District At
t irtiey's Office Trial of two forgers has
I een hurried forward as the bank cam
p'alns. District Attorney and his as
f. Hants are looking for evidence. They
want to prove that tho Wetsern forger
wa associated with the other man. Inter
v ew one of the habitues of tho opium
dm He refuses to peach although they
I ive a skeleton he Is supposed to have
1 ft behind him after a Harlem robbcrv.
Old crook, who appeared In tho first act
and Is a friend of nil implicated, Is
hi "'tight In. The daughter of the forger
i' r es and the two conspire coinfort
nbly for a few minutes, while all the staff
retires to leave them nlone. Old nan
puis on a pair of spectacles and Bays
he Is blind, but will Identify anybody the
nfl, - wants him to. Olrl decides to steal
iaerk out of the tin box, put Into nn open
r. ife, by means of the skeleton key.
Fleteherlses (be Taper.
Persuades youthful Assistant District
Tiiey to allow her to do It. I'uts It
I: " her mouth and Flctcherlzrs the paper
f carefully that the audience laughed out
r t. rit H was sorry for her when she
ne In with her clothing disarranged
1 d, overwhelmed with grief and mortid
1 i. in, diclaied that the police officer had
( 'ni" lied her to strip herself In his pres.
' ' with no matrem near her. She goes
t t'n House of Detention,
Youthful assistant suspec.led nnd It Is
biided to release the girl at night nnd
'low hltn to see If he goes to her house.
' I dutlng tho act he talks eloquently
1 "ut the real way of reforming the
' iin'ial classes Bnd at every opportunity
t 1 tlMeati'H on tho subject, neslectlng no
1 miliar argument against picvalllng con
d lloiis. He waa a very seilous young
n m
V t III, Home of the girl In a tene
ment Father nni her lover out on bail.
S ii' decides to marry him that night and
I 1 1 away. Father nt first objects, hut
liter consents, Whllo Hhn packs her hags,
' uthfiil District Attorney turns up. She
b is him her plans, says she never meant
ti 'etiirn tho check when she took It and
urns her real character. Ho Is ills
appointed. A word from her to the effect
it all crooks thlrlk they nie doing right
."ii they commit a crime they want to
' the reformer off nn a trnll blazed
ine two yearn ago by another dramatist.
II all depends on hoiv you think.
Melted Heart of fluninnn.
"A. a man, &c, &c" is his slog in from
that moment, He heard It lati hut he.
manipulated thut theory with such effect
that In the ten minutes before curtain fell
' had melted the heart of the Western
(tunman who waa Jealous and on the
I'otet ot slMotine him up, made Um
' - i
vlsuallred for the spectators. The tlrst
ait was 11 mancl of mysterious and par
teutons play of llsht and darkii-v. tho
tenement rooms In the last act an eitialK
veracious real zatlo i of altogether com
monplace plctutes. The playing through
out served to throw every strength of the
piece Into relief and hide the wiakness
ot the bast piobible i-ceiies.
Dl.pliljril Klilolliinul I',,,,,.,,
Helen Freeman, who wns said to be
acting for the ilrst time. plaed tlie
thief's dauchter with strong emotional
powir anil an unusunt control of the
I'"" - '1""! - "f her art,
Then sin. Iiml il,..
iiio,iiens;ii,i,. joutnruimsr.
Charles Dalton was an imposing as- 1
slitant district attorney so f.u- UM ,s
phMcnl foice was conccnud and acted
the part with all the brutality tradition
nil as-viclated with sueh settles as tho-e
in which he tiguies. Then he woie u
wonderful necktie. Yet picturesque as
this neckwear was. It seenml much more
appropriate to a pianist, let us say. or
even a violinist than to a burly oilie. r of
the law. He was a dominating llgute
in his scenes, however, and bullied his
prisoners with obvious pleasure In the
Milton Sills was Just the tMie of serious
oung American manhood to add plausl-
uiiiiy 10 me pari or tlie young sociologist
who found himself so out of place In the
otllce of tho District Attorney. I
Jonn 1 opu, a.i the old tlnef, made a
nui-t amusing study of a type.
Hut there were many admirable type?,
from the -runtlng Chlne-e In the opium,
ib 11 and the thief that Miucalcd to the
stern fac, d officers of the law. ,
John Mlitei'n gave a M1I1I portrayal of
one opium smoking thief with a sense of
IUofihsloii.il hmioi. 1
only A K. Anson as the foinmg father j
was unhappy. Mr. Anson seemed sadiy1
out of place and nobody M emeil to realize 1
it moie keenly than he. F.very quality in
his acting which at other times adds to Its
effectiveness was a drawback to Ills sii"-1
c.-ss last night, lie apparently cannot lie!
an Amcilc.in crook, own an cld'-ily one.
i:oullsli Concern Sna It Wu Italned
by "TruM" Here.
Clint Res of conspiracy to monopolize
the production of vaudeville In tills coun
try and In Canada are made In a suit,
tiled In the Flitted Ktatea District Court
esterday against the United Hooking
Offices of America, the Central Vaude
ville Promotion Company, lleujnmln F.
Keith, A. Paul Keith, Frederick F.
Proctor, 12dward F. Albee, John J. Mur
doch, Morris Muyerfold, Jr., and Martin
The plaintiff In tho action Is II. B.
Marine.ll, Ltd., a- lvondon corporation,
with branch offices In thla city, Paris ami
Hciiln, which Ib engaged In the business
of airangltiB Itineraries for vaudeville
performers. Through Ita attorney,
former United States Attorney Henry A.
Wise, the plaintiff asks treble damages
of 13,000,000 under the Sherman law,
on the ground that Its business was
ruined by tho discriminative acts of the
The plaintiff asserts that on August
1, IMS, tho defendants banded together
to drlvo 11. II. Mnrlnelll, Ltd., and other
Independent booking concerns out of bus
iness and to that end agreed to blacklist
all vaudeville prformers who had con
tracted with the Independent booking
Another White Slave Ploy.
At the Prospect Thcatro In The Hronx
thero will be acted next week for the
first time a now play, "Little Lost Ulster,"
by Virginia llrooke. The play Is said to
deal with the same topic that formed the
basis of "Tho Fight" and "Tho Lure."
Don't confuse graphite S3
with lead. It is a form 3
of carbon. Dixon's Be- ss
lected flake graphite Is S3
just about the smooth- 5
est, softest substance in jSj
the world. Tho more it jjj
is rubbed the smoother 5
it becomes. It cannot 3
ball up or pack. This ja
flake is the basis of s
StIi 1
Lubricants s
that save bearings from gs
wearing out. , s
A$k yur JtaUr for 33
IMiin'i 7anamfi'on SB
and DiffirtntimtGrtaf !9E
No. 77. S3
Made in JERSEY CITY, N. J., br ! 33
Jo.eph Dixon Crucible Co. jg
, MhUiM la HIT SB
Herbert Piece ns Sweet ns
Old Fnshioneil Har
den Posey.
Ann Swinliurne Ciirries Off
tlie Honor-;. 11 ml (ilenn Hall
Siii"S Well.
'The Madcap Ihtehe" At the (ilutie
Itenaud.. . . ....
Vldsme de llethune. .
St do SecherM
r.lenn Unit
Hlle-ell Powell
(lllbtrt e'liytnn 1
IIarr t.ieleniiui;li 1
Percy Helton 1
. . . I'ram l K l.l.-U
. . . l.l Id An.lrvla
. . Kdtnund Muli all)'
Henry Vincent
. .Herm.m Hi.lland J
.Josephine Whlttell
I'eggy 'ij
Ann Swinburne
Matter Hard!.
I. nil. XV
lidllp of Orlein.
Due de Pont5 ible
CimlllHr ....
"The Madcap Duchess." the new Victor 1
Herbert comic opera produced last night
at the tllnbe Theatre. ! as old f.ihioned 1
as a bunch of garden pinks, ami as sw. !.
In these days of rapid tire imuical com
edy, when the model changes as often i
the stles In ladles hats. It Is a n freshing
experience to spend an evening at a musi
cal play deoid of a tango, a scene in
Tliuis Square and a chorus of "Hroadw.ij
The ultraciitle.tl might find man
faults in " t- Madcap uucnes". nut lis
iie.it.ni"" and w hole.-um in-n. tts g.tety.
Its freedom from that loading with detail
that makes many mu.nc.il pleies like noth- ,
lug so much as an overdecoiatcd 1 etau-1
rant, and above all the charming person-1
nllty of Miss Ann Swinburne, were more
than enough to cany the play over the
occasional shallons of ltslnok and semi .,
Tlie stoiy of the piece was culled from
01111 of the novels of Justin lluntly Mc-
Carthy, whllo tho lyrics and most of the I
dialogue were supplied by David Stevens. - lie committee win continue its near
The music was obviously by Mr. Herbert : Ingu this morning and nftemoon.
neither his name on the programme nor
his piesenco at the conductor's desk was
necessary for Its complete Identification.
ThM storv Is the kind that was the good
old war horse of musical comedy before
the tango and the scones in limes hquaie
wero Invented.
Story of the Piece.
A gay little duchess eludes her guar
dians unci, disguising nerseii as a man,
sets out to follow to raris tne ioer who. j
without naving seen nai. se.us .... nm, rrKBtrntlon n(OT,; from Kmott
Si' 11 "rZ JU,lKC .of.,l.7',,.'
who in turn Is following no less a pcison!n the morning of the general election In
than the Itegent of France. Tlie Duchess 1 1910. Witnesses for tlie State alleged
changes clothes with 11 serving maid and ' that tho theft took place as Itepp was
the lover with a clown, a whltu satin I eating breakfast In a restaurant,
clown, and no one by any chancu peue-, jn t1R clulo 0f Hugh P, tlenoe, tax
trates these disguises until the pioper time I nssissor of Atlantic City, anil Harold
arrives. ' can, charged with Illegally placing the
The boon is not pariiciiiari i.i.i.m.ic
lint th lvrlcs are considerably above the
average, some of them being especially
pleasing when taken In connection with
the music Mr. Herbeit has given to them.
Of tho music them is not much to be
said that has not been said of tho Herbert
music for many years. It is obviously the
work of an experienced music maker,
who knows what his public likes, and
gives It to them. Some of It is banal,
and some of It Is so slightly rehashed
fiom previous offerings that It was no
wonder that people all over the bouso
wero humming the familiar airs along
with the singers. Hut, on the other hand,
there was much of It which, while not es
peclally fresh and Inspired, yet was tune
ful nnd musiclnnly and more than de
lighted the big audience,
Ann Nwlnliurne the Mtnr.
Of the cast thero wns never any danger
that tho honors would be stolen fiom
Mla Swinburne, Miss Peggy Wood was
sweet and winsome and very, very pretty
as the real seivlng maid, while Miss
Josephine Whlttell as a Moreiulso In pow
der and patches looked as though she had
Just stepped In from Hroadway, Miss
Swinburne has alirady been warmly wel
comed to the ranks of musical comedy
actresses, Shu has lost nono of the win
ning charm and unconscious grnco that
won her her earlier success, whlle'.her
added experience hns served to Increase
the Intelligence and sincerity with which
she approaches her work.
The costumes In the production were
nnt espcc-lnHy becoming to her, but her
mobile, face is so much moro than merely
pretty that she could easily bo Indepen
dent of these aids. She sang delight
fully, while her danro with tho shepherds
and Hhcplii'idesses In the second act
stood out in every way musically nnd
scenlcnlly as one of tho gems of tho
pit CO.
C.lenn Hall, at one time connected with
the Metropolitan Opera Company, Mang
the numerous tuneful numbers that rell
to his lot with Intelligence and feeling.
but ho looked very, very sad even when
he filially got ur
round In falling in lne.
with the right lady, ami for thn most
part acted like nothing so much iih a
Illissell Powell and (illhert Clayton hud
a good comedy number, while Hurry Mil
Ponouch get rcr.l ftm wit of the cut nnd
drlt d role of an actor.
The piece was beautifully mounted and
the company so well rehearsed that the
i uiin luccr em nun II Hiinii nun iwiiik
that had much to do with the success It
l.nylnR Otit 1H Hole Connie
l.nttrnster Kntrrtnlits,
White Sfi.i'ili'R Srnisos. W, Va., Nov
11 Wotk was begun to-day on a new
1 ighteeti hoi" golf course in the valley
between I.oer' I.eap and the Ilrst range
of (in eiilirler Mountain.
Mrs. Thomas Laneastor gave a
luncheon at lllmhiirst rarm tn-dav for a i
buckboard party. Including Mls Uincas-
tir ami Mrs. Jean H. 12. Saint Cyr. I
liobeit It. Sweem and Mr. Saint Cr, who '
went oer on horseback, were entertained
alo. Mr. ami Mrs. Albeit II. Kerr went
to the farmhouse for luncheon nfter a
long horseback ride.
I Sum" of thoe driving to-day Included
, Mis. 1! U. Fell, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S.
I Hlaikwell, Mine, da Cmma. Mis. Morris
, Volck. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McMll
' Ian Welch, Mrs. Kdward S Harkness,
(' Ml" S. S. Oreenway. .Mr. and Mrs W F.
Hellly. Mr. and Mrs. Marlln Nixon Miller
and the Premier of Canada and Mrs.
Itobert I.. Itorden.
Decatur AMell arrived, as nlo did
Clifford It. Hetidrlx. Mrs. F Mutphy and
Miss Hena C. Kelly of New York.
Tbelr Objections to lint Ins
llntra Mode h the Male,
Hepiesentatlves of the National Hoard
of Fire I'mlerwriters, tho Association of
Mutual I'omp.iiile" and other Insiitauce
Intetests were heanl yestetday by tl.
spicinl ciimnilttee of Stat,. Insurance i"om !
mlssloners on lire insurance rate making 1
at it" sessions In the Until Astnr. I
1 ne insurance men iirnwi mm in cie,
tin- State power to make Insurance lates
would be dangerous and unreasonable, and
msistnl tl at tlie late making should be
left to Insurance uuderwrlteis because
ll.iy ate better fitted by ixperienee to do
The sentiment of 'those ri presenting the
insurance Interests was 111 favor of th"
M.issachuets law. which piovldes for an
advNory board to hear enmp!. lints m too
high rates and to recommend adjustments,
Willis O. Itolih. manager of tlie New
Yoik State Flro Insurance l-2xclianse.
urged the commissioners to await the
outcome of the experiment being made in
New York under th" present Insuiance
law before- making any recommendation.
Harry Jietr nf Atlantic City Con
victed of MenllnK foil Hook.
Mais Lanpino, N. J., Nov. 11. -Harry
(let, of Atlantic City was convicted to
day In the Atlantic county Court of
Qunr,cr unions of tho larceny
of a
f W11.lam A iC en. Jr.. on the regis-
try list, the court directed the Jury to
Dr. Francla B. Call, Indicted ' on a
charge of assisting as an election officer
to pad a registry list, will be tried be
fore Judge Clarence L. Cob- to-morrow.
Plays nnd I'lnjer..
Tho Woman's Auxiliary Hoard of the
Polyclinic Hospital will have a benefit
performance of "The Temperinental
Journey" on November IS at the Hepublic
Theatre. Tickets will be each. Boxes
will be $100 and 150, Tickets may be
obtained from Mrs. 1-2. 12. Malcolm of
2CG West lOSth street or from Miss Foley
of 341 West Fiftieth street.
Itecause of Illness, Sam Ilernard h.n
withdrawn temporarily from the pro
gramme at the Forty-fourth Street Music
Hall, His place will bo taken by tho
Atchison F.ly Company In "Hllly's Tomb
stones." Klaw & F.rlanger will give a (-pedal
exhibition of the new motion pictures rf
"The Life and Works of Itlchnril Wag
ner" on Friday afternoon nt the New
Amsterdam Theatre. Tho pictures will
bo accompanied by n descriptive lecture
and nn organ recital. It Is planned to
show tho pictures nt matinees nt tho
theatre, hut admission on Friday will be
by Invitation only.
A business meeting of the entertain
ment committee of the Professional
Woman's League will be held ut the dun
house, Hroadway nnd Sixty-eighth street,
this afternoon to complete arrangements
for tho benefit matinee nt the Caslnn
Theatre on November IS, Preparations
are being made to offer a woman's
minstrel show In which Christie Mac
Donald, Nora Haves, Amelia Hlngham,
Lauretta Taylor, lCugenla Peiirsnn. Hello
Hold, Floience and Mary Nash, Magglo
Cllue, Dorothy Jordan, Mazzl I In Jos.
llattle Williams. Hmlly Stevens; and other
prominent actresses are expected to tako
( Ii
itaries Frohman bns postponed In-
iliilnltely the production of n new unilerstood the trial lunl Is en set for to
Slanley llaiighton comedy In the (larrlck 11101 row. She has studleel law for four
Theatre anil will continue, the production enrs, she sale!, in older to act iih her own
of "Miidnm President" In the theatre j attorney, It Is bolltvtd shu will start an
until January. jotbtr ult.
A new nrlncinle Inl extlnrtiilshlng fir
has presented Itself. Hrlefly It Is this;
MZui&rjr 8 " "
The principle I- based on the sclen-
! tllle proiluetlcm of sound waves. It has
not yet teached a point where Tiro com-
ml's'loner Johnson will put male quartettes
In the lire Iioiimm re.nl' to dasn to a
lire and render a popular ballad.
Hut Charles Kellogg, di scribed as a
California naturalist and "nature singer."
demonstrated to a large audience on the
stage of tin- I'alatv Theatre on Monday
night after the rtgular show that he
can put out a gas llame b singing at
It. or even bv drawing .1 bow similar to
a nolin l"nv ae,,,-s ,.,..s o, metal In
th" aiiilbtiee were diputv I'lre Chiefs
.tolm ltow ami nlvaii, i:rii'st Tliomp-
mi -SUon, the n.iiurillM' members of tho
Can-.P l-'lre Club and the Arctic Club,
several phjMc,., and ncsp..p.r men
Among the scUntfls iiimkm to in. pri-
ptifoi-ii.ioei were I'lof. William Kox. 1
i. 1... I,-.. Mm t-l It. .nicer. I
i I IKli I iu.ii.-n,, ,
1 ..in . x. i,uii t nilrnu' .if H tthlilncr
vine, i'l 11 1111. 1111 .- ' ' ......
ton Ining High School. Dr. John Den- '
Li, ,.V l r u lliuh School and C B. I
blgli of .Moirl.t lllkh -cnooi ami
W Wlnlow. J
. , , n Bu.a
" the singing of a bird U sas,
.Ml'. I0il0gg can mam" 11 iii-,,iiik ,
In- does not whistle this noise, nut sings
it In the same manner that a bird Mtig.
It Is thla song which affected the Hume.
lie made a short sharp noise and the
llame bobbed down as If some one had
blown down on it He stood ten or twehe
feet away and made this noise In quick
succession The ilanie bobbed down each
time In accompaniment wun ms souk.
..... ... .... 1 .. ...... t lit., fliimt,
. , i-i., ,,uK,.red
Ilium fnr a moment nnd then died Ollt.
Then he tooit his bow .md 11 piece of
aluminum He stood fifty feit away from
tin. Hume nnd drawing tin bow across
th,. m,.tnl nnd sln:lng hi bird song the
tinmo acted In the same way, finally going
His version of the causes Is tills
The human voice lannot pro-'uee more
than 4,0(iu sound vibrations a second
This Is not enough to affect a flame
These different pieces of metal I hne
arranged to ptodme different numbers of
vibrations (hie is tuned to gle forth
T.ono vibration" a second, another 14,000
lhrntlmis, another Sl.imo and another
3:',nnn vibrations. That last one makes
the air puis" Just eight tunes as rapidly
as any human voice can
"A whistle cannot ptoduee a large num
ber of vibrations; a violin produces fewer
than H.UOo vibrations. My bird olce
has been measured and at its top pitch
produces iri.r.t'.o ihratlons a second"
One of the guests was successful In
affecting th- flame by drawing .Mr Kel
long's bow across one of the pieces of
metal, tuned to give Il.tnni vibrations.
Mr Kelloug exhibited a divining fork
with which, he sold, be has located wnter
In fifteen dlflcient places on his ranch
In California. Tlie fork 'was cut from a
prune tiee and each prong Is about twenty
Inch long. He also demonstrated the
Indian method of making tire by friction
with two pieces of redwood
Mini Testifies In eminent
Villi-TeiiKt ol.
The exist, me of "upon price s-ocletli sc
anning steel matiUf.iet'itets In addition
to the alleged price tixii i- meetings which
followed tlie Hary dinieis, was. (nought
to light esterd.i when the hearings In
the ciovc inun nt's anti-'.nist suit against
the United Statts stud Corporation were
resumed at 71 ISmadwav.
John C. Jay. Jr. general manager of
th'' Pennsylvania Sle.l Company and of
the Matyiand Steel e'eimpali, testified
that he belonged tn'foui nf Ibese so.
"These societies do not fix prices," he
said. "Tlie whole Idea is pet feet frank
ness. We tell .nil either everything
about our liusinesi, condition". We dl
iiiss pi Ices with the ut:no"t fieeelom after
they have been quoted. We exchange
all the bids that we have made."
.laiiiis Llpplncntt of Pittsburg, vice.
president and general managaer of the
West l.iechblllg Steel Cotlip.'lll, Was
asked by Judge Dickinson
"Have ou not declined to give counsel
for the Hove rntiient any Information that
nil might have in regard to thn ques
tio'is in controversy lu tills case""
"Yes, sir, 1 declined," said the witness,
and mill that the reason be refused to
consult with the Oovernment attorni's
was because his sympathies were witli
the Steel Corporation.
The bearing will be resumed nt 10.311
A. M. to-day.
blcnKO Worried (lirr nciior That
tlie ni.ooi crrr I'sed.
Ciiica'oo, Nov II. Chicago patriots
were niousi'd to-day by the fear that the
city Is about to lose what Is cnnsldereil to
be a priceless relic, tho oilglual anchor
that Christopher Columbus used when he
111 st snlli'd for America nnd the Ilrst an
chor to be dropped on the Western Henil
I he anchor was last reported to lie on
ihe lepllca of the famous vessel Santa
Maria, which Columbus sailed, and leports
fiom Sunday's sloim are that the imiiucI
Is pounding to pieces on a sandbar In
Luke Ml le.
The cinft was torn from Inr moorings
at Kile and driven nut Into the lake In
tho terrific gale. Although the tuns have
tried to save the boat It Is said that they
have been tiinuccestful and that the Santa
Marin Is threatened with tlcsti action.
Prl.on Assoclntlon Serku Aid In rill
ing; Thn11km.lt Inn lliinkets.
For a number of years the Prison Asso
ciation of New York has (mulshed full
Thanksgiving baskets to a number of
families whoso bread winners are In
prison. This year the association has
foity baskets to fill. I Inch basket will
cost $:. Ch'lldten and mothers depend
upon this Thanksgiving basket.
Checks for ono or moro baskets should
be drawn to Alexander M. I bidden, chair
man of relief committee, and sent to 135
I2ast Fifteenth street. New York.
Mr. Ilnlril Kindled l.ntv to Prosecute
f B.OOO Slander Cn.r,
(tivKniiRAP, L. I Nov, II, Mrs. Arietta
Kalrd, 7" years old, failed to appear to
day to prosecute her IR.Oon slander suit
iigiiinst her nephew, Krnest W. Tooker. a
lawyer, and Justice Vnn Sliien dlsmlssi d
the case, Mrs, ILilrel said to-nlL'ht she
UmFerm tdition, IZmo, mr nacn
B ' w
Who was oenernl innn Kegan f Why was
so anxious to put Ilallymoy on the map ?
is rou?ea into ,i trenzy 01 scu-.'ippreciainm inc sui;gc3iiuii in .1 imufci num
across the Atlantic Hilarious scenes follow, in which Government officials play
their part. Tho sheer comedy and hiKh spirits of both the novel and tne play are
irresistible and tonic.
A round ol mlve'itim o atisunl nd whlm.le.l
th.t .re co.o.ncd nf their h,r..nlntf-ln
; .
A Novel of Adventur
TLe rjt ee n j.JXi
a l.Or wnr ..... . .
In the tfon nt l.mnn.'. Itie IrUh inmbp. itho b-
enme. iv.ediit relormnr'.ieal.Mr, lllrmlnf.
nam bin created n eliarsrter M .weet the In
kiiidi. aim te niniiini ..uov.,.u,.
A Clover Story of Homely PoopU
AUtire he.rtecl.Tli.flnuiiailgenl.lUKik, "herein
one at .urd auu.tloti tre.d. elcM upon tb. heel, ot
Publishers in America for
(T Say '7880 Murray"
to Central when you read
or hear of any book you want
BOOKSTORE is deter
mined to five the best book
delivery service in the city.
Telephone orders are executed
with accuracy and speed.
I'uriiier Nimt York Siilesmnn :.yn
Luxuries Mlennteil Her.
lit xiixri'is. ,i . .i 11 A jury
to-d.t- granted ''.'im d.nniivi's m I s Dunn,
a saleuvin. formerly ol New ork city,
r hi -.ilt ag.iiiit 1! S I'riiidle, a wealthy
ftirnitiim man for ono tl, imaged
Dunn charged Prlnclle. vim married a
si-ier ol Mrs. liniti. ith having alienated
h-r afleeiion-, bv meant ol tine clothes
automobile" anil a lib- of luxurious ease.
Mr I'riiidle on her deathbed made Mrs.
Diimi piomis" to cue lor bet infant child.
Dunn, who at the time was living ill N'ew
oik. sold hi bui:ie there and with his
wife came lo lluiiilnciton 10 stay with
Pnntllei and care foithii bah. B
Duin. deela-es he later found that !
I'liiulle was paying 100 much attention
in Mis Dunn Finally the rich I'uriiltuto ,
man. with hi" baby and Mrs Dunn, wem 1
11 l harleston lo llw leavim; Dunn bote; 1
When Dunn asked his wile lo letiirn ho
agreed 10 do so if be would supply bet
miiIi luxuries He Pnnille was doing. Dunn
then tiled his alienation Mil! I
I'lnn for -taiiilierillialliin of llii.pl..
Inl. I. Velopled. '
ClIICAOO, Nov 11 Delegate to the.
Clinical Congiess of Surgeon of North j
America in their fnuith annual mietiiii:
.it the La Salle Motel to-night listened .0
annual reetrts and then broke up Into
M-otlotw and listened to papeis on gep- !
eial surgery and siitglc.il specialties,
Additional re-gistiations to-day brought
the total muulH'r lu attendance almost to ,
6.0011 Throughout the morning clinical
progi .untile s wetc conducted 011 the sub
jects of genoinl and speclil surui'iy at.
various c nicaao ne.sp, ,s. f evera opera -
Ileitis weio peiiormeel ill .Mlcn.li'i iteese
Dr. L. A. (oilman of l.n.i.m presented
the ic-poit .if the committee tipisilnted a
ear ago 011 the. s'.andardUatioti of bos-
plt.ils. The i-e.pmt was adopted. Ili-n
after e very hospital to be ncciedlted must
conform to the iviiultcinents of the
standaid. Can-fill Indexed reports must ,
be kept show lie. for every patient tlie
diagnosis and the nattiie and lesults of
tieatmcnt 1
The Carnegie Foundation hai content
plated action along similar lines.
Wonderful restorations to health
follow the use of
Duffy's Pur Malt Whitkty
everywhere. This most valuable tonic-
stimulant will bring you perfect health
ana happiness. 1 1 y it.
me mysterious ami gu-aiicaci uucrican
nallytnoy. a sleeuy, sunlit Irish village,
A Farcical Comedy
Tim hlftnrr "I drell error and Its enniwiti.nee.la
Uie further oilTenturet ot the eluilre J. J. Meldon.
An Uncle's Exporimont
On.otUie haprleit of Mr. lllrmtDfh.m'. tisvcla,
(UneuMinr wiui sr.re.rKea jriui .rqrar in
follr of .ptilrlnif .eleac. to th. npbrtnftnc ol
(tmeuulnr wii
grave. iKed lrt.li lUnrdltr tb
tour or
A Yachting Adventure
rr!clllii the Irrr.l.llMe.the .worn enemrf(n
prletr nnd eedtienei., 1. nr. inrmiuf nam a
InTlf nratlni? heroine.
An Irish Rebellion
nun.runnlna nnleioelrcoan. fui itilo
in efaa
hurlranue nli' with BrlUah mlliurr In
ctner wun niTeramn. ronow 1
Amertr.n mllllna.lre to Ireland
The Boy
I Champion
torn-niiser M story is a new book of
Hticri'rc oalli'd ".loo tlm Hook Farm
er." It is so good a book that one)
Mute board has neioptoel it for regu
lar ronditiK, and moro than one
other stato has pent it broadcast,
(iiirrani Hnrrin wrote it and he
lolls a real ftory.
', Thirty piecew of silver was the
price! of the great Hotrayal. Ono of
these pieces slips from the greedy
palm of iJudas sli down through
the ages into our lifo to-day. The
Htery is told in n new book called
"Thirty Pieces of Silver." by Clar
ence K. Holland. It is as dramatic
as a play filled with the beauty and
poetry of Christinas, too.
' Your first automobile, like tho Dol
livers', brought trouble, probacy,
but there's a new book called "The
Golden Rule Dolli vers" which tells of
the fun and exciting adventures of
trying to give other people a lift.
Margaret Cameron wrote "Tho
Golden Rule Dollivers," and in it tho
fun bubbles up nnd spins along pant
all cemnting by any sptHxlonietor.
' There's a fat boy who is the coura
geous and resourceful fender of four
live country boys in a now book
ailed "Mark Tidd." It's n story
your buy will warm up to and
there's no lolling, you might like
"Mark Tidd" yourself Clarence B.
Kelliunl wrote' it.
At any Book Store
Harper & Brothers
Miss M llseui 10 sit Armj -nt y linnin
W Itli Mr. ny re.
WAsin.MrroN. Nov. 11. The first op
pot limit for tlie New York public to sen
the White House' Initial couple will prob
ably occur at the At my and Nny foot
ball game In that cit on Thanksgiving
Day, four days after tlie marn.ige of Mist
Jessie W.lson to Francis Howes Sayre
President Wilson will have, thlt ty-seven
1 XU.M for nlH r.imllv and f l b lids. Their
,.,, wlil be In thl-e boves In the middle
of (, 11Vv section in the grnnel s'and.
Tn,, pH'sdent has mule It known to
fflrj.lW ,, t. Knv that he will at
t..,,, wu, ,,.,,, family If nothing
(.Viould prevent,
1 --
invest 5 cents
And 10 minutes
Or more daily.
It will pay you.
5 Cents a Copy
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E1 I'll

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