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lk 4 .jdbfr d2y THE WEATHER FORECAST.
I I Fib i -1 r Sb JMi&lI-i. BW' Generally cloudy to-day and to-morrow;
Ml 1 --iXwiiABaPMBByi?T .LJ I I I I light variable winds., k
f J KgSSSlsSSSSSSSS 'Ww' W Detailed weather report wilbe found f rW
liai'iiijr From Chihuahua to
J'Miidor So Rebels Won't
(Jet (lolil.
Moxitan Koffiilars Will Leave
lliievtii Fonts and
i Mirmmt-i.
llnrrta. Kt'iirins Blorknths Com-
jipN Unliveries of Arm
nt Half Ports.
1.,. r Dec. 2. - FIvm million
! L.i ,,r morn than K.000,000 gold, the
Lwt- ' "' '"' TrM. an aged
' ' . . .i.iki.hni la helm carried
rupitallsi 01 ""
nsrlxnd f.om the city of Chihuahua to
th( Ameilcan border by the Federal army
. i!M men under Gen. (Mivanore
rtdP. ho evacuated the Slate capital
- ..w.f and struck out tor ujhiub-.
(eordlns to word received this afternoon
K Gen. Fancho Villa, at ..uar.
The General and many relative,. wu
.. .. k.., virtual tirlsoners In the capital
, six months, nre mttta the Federals.
t is reported.
m ih Federals out. or me cal......
., i nf Chihuahua sent a messenger
. ' i..,r. to-day to Invite Fancho Villa.
1 1 , ubel chief, to come In nnd Invest the
I, un with his armv.
H,e messenger arrived In Juarez this
, nine after making a trip by automo
,.,.e from Chihuahua city, and Presented
. signed address i , :
'...el chieftain to the town. Villa loaded
. artillery and more w
and said that he would start to
norrow morning for Chihuahua.
t . , ,.hn mme from Chihuahua
l ne enure.
Vcusht the report also that seven Gen-
. !. .if the Mexican regular
.adv to surrender ana tnai n.e
th' Huerta dictatorship In the north
i lifii broken.
Bs to-morrow night or Thursday morn
.t.nni.1 lie established In the
ri . nut c.iww" -
inn at chihuahua city as
ioietnorn i. - -iro
rvv provisional Governor-General of
I'ouufci ears Hgo Villa was forced
.o ike from Chihuahua city as "..nun.
nfter killing an army officer for insulting
,s sitter, and he has never been inside
i , ,tv since that time, except once, when
i, iipPe,l in and murdered the police
i ,f tor thteatenlng to kill him.
train frrtlce MT ' Irumrd.
Within ten days! regular train service
11 i.e resumed on the Mexican Central
tli.lrn.id from .luarei to Torreon," said
l;i Our forces lontrol tho entire ttr
, -on o- from the border of Torreon. and
. will repair the railway as soon as
'f this prediction Is made good Torreon
.1 l In touch with the border at Juarez
fur the flrBt time In many months. Tor
..oti Is ".27 miles from .luarex and Is
rr- nf the principal mining towns in
r.irtlurn Mexico. It Is the feeding point
.'cr mines nnd smelters representing In-u-.m-nis
of millions of dollars.
. ... i .in. ima threatened the in-
. IUU.1 llllliw ..w-
bliants of Torreon for several weeks, as
.. ..i.i- hni.t it nnd the presence of
i'-leral troops at Chlhunhua prevented
nrpll'S being shipped In.
vet whether or not
iiurta.l Juarea will be made provisional
uplt.il of the Constitutionalist govern
inm," said Villa to-day. "The subject has
l.n .hs.U!sd, but no definite decision
Ins l.n made. It Is Just as probable
that the city of Chihuahua will be made
Jl capital.
On. "'airanza nnd I will discuss that
.. r'kik. .,k..n in a fAw dava. We will at-
f! mpt to restore communication between
Inler mid Interior Mexico 01 once
W yni ili ever thing we can to get business
I lark ti normal in the northern part of
Q Me u n
Wiih the Federal column advancing in
f' napa are HO or 60 Chihuahua families
i f tk uppiT class.
Column Ttro Miles I.on.
'We have been told," said Vllln. "that
lii- rftreatlng column l more than two
' ). les long. Vehicles of every description
' King used to convey the families who
i omr.iny the Huertlstas.
Thr'n or four hundred women and
i adieu are llcclng with the Federals.
'f i-oiirse. if my men Intercept the enemy
if n i-ce that the non-combatants are
l ' rla'fd In any danger."
ur.itlon was facing not only the
'!'.' army at Clilhuahua. but the
'. of the city, and they appealed to
mil '.aiy tn abandon the place to the
r'ti-li so ni to prevent h battle In the
iW'inn 4iid enable communication to be
r tlorid and food supplies brought in.
'' ' i the story of the messenger who
I m 1.. in Invlle Villa to Chihuahua.
Marreln Caraveo and Vncz Hala
i in command a division of the Fed
s' .i'iiv vv hlch was defeated last week
i1ihk men smith of Juarez, never
"iiirwd in Chihuahua with their troops,
' niri'. nil in. wiiitiviu i,,0ni vi
! 'Him clilhuahua with D00 or 600 men,
V. .in). tn- tn retiorts current nmonsr rebel
' ' In .lu.iri z.
'''I Julio AcoMu with MIO Constltu
t ' u mm is operating In the western por-
f tne HUU und Ihu Federal soldiers
' . nh.ilily run Into him.
'lis name! (,'nl, Manuel .Mcdlmiveytl
' "U) as his chief nf staff in place nf
N Medina, who cam In Kl I'aso
" i. l-M .iiirt w.ih nriesled. A chiiige of
'(UK f-loleu money into the Htute was
0hMs)im4 on Second iaff.
I'm urn n I iil.m "Knlnst tlir Coins.
ns of the North."
r,,i,i, if, patch t Tin: Si .
Mkkii Citt. Dec. 2, A ines.age Setil
to the Mexican emigre's by the Colom
bian Congress was lead In the Senilis to
da. The Colombian loglslalom protest
aealnst the "American tobbeiy" of lau
aiii.i, lllify Col. Itooseult and iidvocale
a Latin AineiicdU utiloii "against the
' olossus of the north."
Henor d rutin., Vice-President of the
Senate, who prealded, decided after read
ing the Colombian liiesraue that a sfeiet
session should be called to treat so dell
cale a matter involving liilernatlon.il
lei lis. The Senators meanwhile weic
movliiit that a c.iblenram be sent to
Colombia sa)ln "eiitl!iieiits Bttoimly re.
clprocated," but Senoi- Criutla skllfiill.v
inauaKed to have the me'sajje tabled,
which means that it will pass unheeded
Senor I'rrutla applied for and obtained
an Indefinite leave of absence fnmi the
Senate to-ila Thl iiiimik hl ilillnllc
retirement fioni polities.
Chatge d'Affalres (.)'Shauliiisy has
nude seeinl efforts recently to meet
I'lesident llueita. availing hlni'eir of the
frirmlshlp of en-llov. Xepeda of the Fed
eial dlMiict, who was lecently freed fiom
the penitentiary. Zepeila Is most friendly
to the Fulled States and he lias endeav
ored persistently to anange a conferenc:
between the Kxeciitlve and the Ametlca i
Charge d'Affalres.
tlen. Iluert.i, howeiei. bus larefully
avoided the Intel view, although he li.i
often promised It, giving tianspiuent e
cuses later for putting it off. Mr.
OVShaughnessv finally told .epeda to
abandon the attempt.
Stifk to Posts and Wimi Fami
lies of Ui)rusliinr Waters
Klevi'ii Urowneil.
Foiit Worth. Tex , Dee. I. Girl tele
phone operators at Helton earlv to-day
saved a hundred livei by refusing to
leave their switchboards until they had
warned all families possible of the on
rushing flood in Nolan Creek and the
Brazos River, which swept eleven persons
to death,
Farmers up and down the valley weie
awakened by the girls and were told to
flee for their lives. Many at Hist refused
to believe the operators, as a few hours
oeforo the river was normal.
The girls pleaded with them to awaken
others who had no telephones. The girls
olio avoke large nuinbets In the city, and
took neither rest nor food until their
warnings had been sent broadcust.
Many of the home to which warnings
were telephoned were swept away later.
Sixty thousand dollars was the piopeity
damage In Helton, und the large steel
bridge across the creek collapsed The
rise was thirty feet, the biggest in the
history of the State.
Mexlran Federals I'lit Ton Heavy n
Tsi mi Smellers,
Kl, I'aso, Tex., Dec. 2, All smelting
plants of the American Smelting and He
fining Company Guggenheim In Mexico
will probably be closed as u lesult of de
mands made by the existing Federal Gov
ernment for funds to sustain the urniy.
This would throw 10,000 men out of woik
It. II. Hums, general lepresentatlve of
the company In Kl I'.iso, said to-night :
'The company has closed down Us plant
In Monterey until normal conditions ate
restored. The assessment by the Federal
commander and apportioned among the
Interests of the town to pay the Federal
troops has made this action necessary.
The plant will remain closed until the pos
sibility of further exactions has been re
moved. Suspension of all operations of
the company In Mexico may follow soon."
Ilrlllsh Scientists Have Fonnil
.Method nf Kxtrnctlng Rare Mrlal.
Special Citbtf pnpnteh to Tax Siv.
I.ONDON. Dec. 3. The Vally Aiiror says
two Jlrltlsh scientists, llolfo and Smith.
hae discovered n method of extracting
radium economically from the residue of
vanadium ore Imported from Colorado.
The vanadium is used In the manufacture
of steel.
The presence of radium In this ore has
been known, but It was too expensive to
extract to make It worth while, nnd for
this reason the residue has usually been
used only for road making. Hy the new
process 200 milligrammes can h obtained
from twenty tons of the residue. All the
radium In twerlty tons of residue can bo
concentrated In a single ton In u few das.
The final extraotlon takes several months,
but It Is hoped that this period will be
Third Avenue Itallroari lo Provide
Policies for Kuiployees,
The Third Avenue Railroad Is to put
Into opetntlon on January I a group In
surance plan for Its men. About 2,000 of
the compuny's men have so far taken out
$1,000 life and accident policies under the
plan. The men pay 7 of the $11 yearly
premium, the company paying It.
This company assistance Is extended
only to the inemberH of the Third Avenue
rtnllroad Kmployees Association. The
weekly rate to the. members Is therefore
approximately 15 cents and to non-members
24 cents. The company will continue
to pay the policies of employees who he
come Incapacitated.
The contract with the Insurance com
pany Is for five years, and the company
advances about .$25,000, for which It Is
reimbursed by the payments from lli
I leer foot Farm KaiiMiea.
Msile of the trnder insat nf dairy fed, fst,
vnuns porkers, daintily srsioned with
fertcd iplees. Try a two.pnunil pai kuge.
II. ware nf Imitations. Nw lurk ilors, JJl
Clumbers strest. sr,
Mrs. Hmiictt. Who l.osl $212,
000 to Clairvoyant (ium',
ll'H' to Testify.
Only Wire Tapper Arrextrd He
fore Itosciitliai Mil rile r to
Tell of Protect ion.
Doniiiiik c, Ulley. until time erics
ago a captain of police, was a nested
lute isl..day afternoon on a warrant
chaining him with aiceptlng a bilbe fiom
former iviectlie Alexander Cohen, con-
fesi. ll Ugent of the "W ll'ele" wile tap
pel s.
The IMstlict Attorneys ollli e f.els
that a stiong ca-e Iks been built against
Itiley and (hat Indictments against at
least one other police clllelal lite sine lo
be trturtied this week.
Ill this connection It was learned estei
day that Mis. .lane I. IJurm-lt. now of
Chicago, but foimeily of New Voik. who
was swindled out of 5212,unn ii the elan
voyatit gang, lus spent considerable time
In the District Attorney's ollloe uldlng the
ailtlsrltle. It Is the til ft time that Mrs
lluinett's name has come out. although un
outline of her stoiy was known
t'aiiKbt on Worthies Klrn-L,
Mrs. Itutnett. upon the death nf her
husband seveial e,iis ago, received $lnu,
000. She lived III New Vol I; then. The
clairvoyants got holj of her, Indiued liei
to part with $ l!i I, und woith of good stock.
$12,0Ui) worth of Jewelr and C,0Oi In
cash for worthless mining stock.
After she lost her money she moved to
Chicago to live with her daughter, said
to be the wife of a, man In the
grain business there. The District
Attorneys office has prevailed upon Mis.
Htlinett to come to New Yolk to aid In
the Investigation, and It was said yester
day that hcveial Indictments ma result
ft cm the evidence she has given.
She Is a willing witmss for the Dls
ti let Attorney, who has been tr.ilng to
keep her Identity a secret. No one would
gle any infoi niatlon about her. De
spatches fiom Chicago to Til B SUN last
night state that the Chicago detective
bureau does not know her, nor Is she In
the city directors
Hesidcs being a possible witness In ob
taining further Indictments Mis. Humett's
presenco is a spur to the wire tappers to
keep faith with the District Attorney lest
additional IndU tmeiits be brought against
tlit m.
Itllel tiltes .-.,l Hall.
Hlley had already arranged for ball and
spent only twenty minutes In the Crim
inal Courts llulldltig before it suray com
pany had gone on his bond for $5.00U.
the amount suggested by District At
torney Whitman.
While he was being an digued before
Judge Warren W Foster to hae his ball
fixed Hlley I. fused to ilicuss the ruse In
detail. He would only t-.i .
"There is one word which tells the
whole ttory of the case against me und
that word run be found In the dic
tionary, it Is Intrigue,' and the more
jou study the meaning of that wonl tin
better you will be able to understand
the meaning of tills Indictment "
Later when an old filend told him to
cheer up he remarked "I don't look pat
tleularly ctistr.illni, do I?"
An ottlcer of the surrtv company
signed the bond p.ipeis. which weie then
approved by Assistant Dlstilct Attorney
James K. Reynolds. Rlle.v, accompanied
by his attorney, Frank Aranovv of Koe
nig. Goldsmith Klttenfcld, was then
taken before Judge Foster In the Judge's
private chambers and allowed to go after
Assistant Dlslrlct Attorney William Dean
Embreo had agreed to the bond
Aranow or another member of the
firm, probably Samuel S. Koi nig, Re
publican county chairman, will appear be.
fore Judge Swann this morning lo make
tho usual motions, including a request
for permission to Inspect the minutes of
Iho Grand Jury. Riley's piesencn will
not be necessary.
,i garnrUe In Hlley.
The nnest bid few unpleasant features
for Riley, lie left his home on Ocean
avenue, Sheepshend H.iy, nt 10 o'clock In
the morning when he b.iw In the morning
papers that the Indictment would be
handed down. He spent thu day ictulnlng
the firm of lawyeis nnd arianglng his
bond. At 3:30, two bouts after tho Gland
Jury bad returned the Indictment, he
learned tho fact by telephone. An agent
of the surety company was waiting at toe
Criminal Courts lluildlng, but Riley did
not appear until S o'clock, after he had
been assured that Judge Foster was wait
ing. The Giand Jury only heard two wit
nesses yesterday to clinch the case against
Riley. These were Paper Collar Joe Kru
knwskl and Fiunk Tnrbeaux. Other wit
nesses IihiI been heard the day before.
Paper Collar Joe, admitted "comeon" man
for the wire tappers, went direct to Judge
Whitman's olllce when he arrived at tho
building. Paper Collar Joe's name when
In, Is making a living by his wits Is, or
often has been. Sir John Grey. lie passes
an an Kngllsh nobleman with lots of
money to Invest, and he looks the part,
with clothes minlo In London, black beard
mid Ktigllsh accent.
"Tell Judge Whitman, my good man,"
said Paper Collar Jon to Louis Hoffman,
guardian of tho District Attorney's pri
vate office, "thst Sir John Grey desires to
speak to him Immediately."
Hoffman nearly fell over backwanl.
"Come, come, my man," said Joe pom.
pously, "I nm not In tho habit of waiting
fur District Attorneys. 1 desire to speak
to him Immediately."
e got In too und soon was taken to the
Giand Jury room b.v Assistant District
Attorney Gioehl.
Soon afterward the indictment was
handed down. It charges. Hlley with n
CtmllHued on Fourth Page.
Militant Lender Nllll Has :i Vear
.lull Term In Serve,
ilimtjl fable Hft,it, t Tin. Sis
Pi.riiofTH, Dec.
-It Is believed that
when tho While Star liner Majestic ut-l
rives licit. Jim. Kmmellne Pankhurst, who
Is letiiinlng fiom her tour In America,
wilt be attested and sent back to Jail to
complete her sentence of three jeais Im- '
The White Star company refuses to give
out the usual Information about the piog-'
less of the steamer or the approximate
time of her arrival and has announced
that nobody will be permitted to go
ii lo:i ril tho tender except officials. Scot
laud Vaid Is In active communication
Willi the local police. It Is believed that
the slilfiagette leader will be sent ashoie
by a ip.clal tender und will be taken to
some Interim dlnte station between here i
and I ,oiii I on und thele placed aboanl the
train for London.
The militants heie have posted bills on
the walls calling upon the public to go
to the dock when the steamer arrives and
haik tliem up in their fight to have Mis.
I'.uikhuist set at liberty
A suffragette meeting was held this eve
ning In the inaiket place. Theie was
much Interruption of the spvehes, but
no violence wus dlsplaved.
Takes ChmIi r'roin Kncli Kin
plover to Settle With II i
Miss Glace l.egendre. .12 eai ulil, who
gave her address as MS (.'Union si i eel,
llrookl.vn, whs locked up In the West
Thirtieth street station last night, charged
with forgeiy by Daniel P. Rltchey. man
ager of the Gregorian Hotel, 42 West
Thirty-fifth street, where she was em
ploed for nearly a year as bookkeeper.
Miss l.egendre was found on Monday
night In Providence, R, I., by detectives
from the National Surety Company. SO
West street, who had been looking for her
since shortly after November 13. n hen
she failed to appear st the hotel She
consented to corn to the office of the
surety company, where Detectives Bren
neck and Murphy of the West Thirtieth
street station arrested her.
According to the girl's story, she be
gan by stealing $300 from the Singer
..Manufacturing Company. Her thefts
were detected, but she escaped prose
cution, she said, by pleading and promis
ing to return the money. She was able,
she said to settle with tn company by
robbing h next employer, a stove com
pany S. continued, however, she said,
to steal from that llrm until she was
detected when her peculations amounted
lo $ I.S00.
Again, she said, she escaped punishment
bv piomlslng to make good that amount
f allowed to go free. She then got a
place with a wholesale grocery company
Hefoie she was detected, she said, she
stole $l,00 fiom this firm, part of which
he paid to the stove company.
The wholesale grocery companv. she
.oeciareii, in us tutu IHImh-iI In h, r piop
j ositlon to return the stolen money. In
il-Yhiuni.v of this je.ir she was emplo.ved
las bookkeeper for the Hotel Gregorian
She uppmprlateil enough here, she said,
to settle her accounts with the other Arms,
and then continued to t.ike money fur her
own use.
Mls I.rg.ndre disappeared fiom the
Hotel Gregorian on Nov 1.1 Kxpeit uc
fountains found that she hml takui inoie
than $2,000
Inenrimrales etv t'hnrrh, Whleh
Will Teach ennlnsr,
Sv.s Francisco, Dec 2 A new re
ligious denomination for promulgation of
health, happinets hiuI longevity, that hu
manity may overcome sin, error, poverty,
dise.is., death Slid "all the Ills that
maketh the lie," tiled articles of incorpora
tion to-dav
The name Is the New Church and Its
head Is the Rev. Di. N. N. New, who is made
Bishop for life. The Rlshop Is to be chief
priest, pi c siding elder nnd head of church.
The corporation is empowered to Insti
tute, maintain nnd endow Institutional
churches In all parts of tho United States,
and In these Install teachers, ministers
and Instructors in the science and philos
ophy of the religion of "Nowology "
The propel ties of the corporation are
not lo be conducted for profit
nnffnlo .VI nn Watutrd Mens nf At
tempted Suicide Suppressed.
llAtinisnt'Rn. Dec. 2. William J. Con
tiers of Iluffalo is much Interested in the
case ot ex-Congressman R. B. Mahanv
of that city, who tried to commit suicide
here on Saturday night. It Is said that
his attempt to kill himself was after a
nt of despondency over his having talke.1
freely at a dinner recently In Iluffalo con
cerning mailers In which dinners was In
terested. II was learned to-night thst on Sunday
one or more telegrams came to Harris
burg bearing Conuers's signature and urg
ing that there be no publicity with regard
to Mahany's nttempt on his life.
"I In Is a friend of mine," was the rea
son given In the Connors telegram asking
that news of the affair be suppressed.
Mahany will be ready to leave the ho
pllal in u few days.
Dredge In Renin Work Tn-ninrrorr
In Cnlebra Cut.
hliedul Cable Deipatch to Tiir Hcv,
Panama, Dec. S. The dredge Corozal
will begin digging nn the Cucuracha slide
tn-moriow. This slid" has again com
pletely closed the channel, the result be
ing that Iho water at the south end of
tho Culchia cut Is lower than at the
ncrthfrn sod,
1913, hj the Hun Printing and Publishing
Vote Aiiist Premier Hartlioii
in Cliainlier of Deputies
Is 200 to 2i:.
(ioveriiineiit's Opposition to K
einptioii of Itcnlcx I'roin
Taxation Caused Defeat.
Sji'imi table lifn),oli, to Tiir. Sis
I'Aliis, Dec. ". Piemler llailhoii placed
the leslgu.itioii nf h.s Cublnel In Un
hands of President I'olncaie this evening.
This followed the defeat of I he Govern
mem in the liinmli.r of Deputies nn tin-
pioject n dcilate the new ee inVel-
lug tile piuposed $2(!0 OOH.mm Int-1 ri.tl
loan exempt fiom taxes.
The vote was 2110 lo Sfi.V Main iii.mh
beis of the tight, which was Mil I.I U with
Premier Raithou vestenlay und enabled
him to win a vote of confidence hv twenty
one votes, abandoned him to-da
i:-.llnister of Fiuaniii Callhuiv led the
Opposition In the Chamber He b.is-il Mm
objection on the argument lh.it the -
vmptloii of the rentes from taxes would
prevent the Introduction of an Income la
bill Inter, although the Chamber w.is
pledg. d to Introduce one
"Down with Ihiee je.ir inllltniy s.i
vice"' shouted thu .Socialists when the
figures were announced.
"Long live thtee year military set vice
and the loan"' shouted Piemler l!:.tthou
The Premier then linil a short con.
sulfation with his ft lends and went to
the F.lvsee Palace lo Inform Piesidem
Polnrare tlin t he desired to resign.
t'alllanx May De .Named.
It Is possible that the Piesldeut ni.i
ask M. CalJIaux to form a Ministri. but
It Is not believed that he will accept the
task, as he Is opposed to the three year
term of military service and propotiloiial
representation. It will be 1 cc.il led that
during the term of Piesldent Fallleirs M.
Polncare became Premier In succession
to M. Calllsux In order to arrange the
Franco-German agreiment. whleh ended
the friction beginning with tile Ag.idir
It Is likely that the Ministers will be
asked to retain their portfolios until the
general election next May, when the Call
laux party hopes to obtain a stable Rail-Ical-Soclallat
majority, which it has nut
M. Jean Dupuy Is also mentioned as a
probable successor to M. Itsrthoti
In his speech in the Chamber lo-dav M
Calllsux said that there was no prere(,.nt
for granting Immunity from taxation to
rentes. He cited Jlrltlsh consols as pi oof
that they do not fluctuate as the ltnonie
tax goes up or down Rentes, h.. sni.i,
represent one-tenth of France's foitime
und the proposal to make surli ,i large
proportion exempt from luxation Is im
possible lo uphold
M Dumont said the successful issue of
the loan depended nn whether Hie i elites
were to he taxed or not, und he i
Italy. Austrla-llung.ity. Russia. Ivnimiik,
Germane. Norway uinl Swltherland as
countries which grunt. d exemption tn then
leutes. adding that the I'nll.il Mutes
exempts Federal slocks
lirenl Kxellenienl I'veviilla,
Piemler Rarthnu made the vote ,,i,e of
runrldence or lack of cuiitldeiue and tlie
vote was taken umld noisy exiltement
The MlnNtei observed the t r.nl i : .on j I
cu.loni uf going to a r stiiui.int and n.ii.
taking of a G.irj.intii.iii tep.it. The
ilii.uicUl world looks for .i-lt.it.iln m .ill
sections of the Hourse ,i ,i t .--1 1 1 1 nf the
f.ill of the Ministry
Louis Hat thu u was c.ill.-d iukiii In form
a Mmlsti.v mi the downfall of the RiL.tid
Cabinet, lie accepted and announced his
Cabinet us follows on March 21 List:
Premier and Mlnlstei nf Public Instruc
tion. Louis llnrihnti . .Illlice. .Vlltolue
ltatler Finance, Charles Diimout . I'm
elgn Affairs, Stephen I'iclinn . luleiior.
Louis Ivloti . War, Rugeiic lltlemn . Ma
rine. Pletie llaudln ; Agriculture, lhlume
Clementel; Colonies. Jean Motel. Public
Works. M Thleny Commerce and Pons,
Louis Masse, unci Labor, M Chevnu
Ilnrlliiin's UiMviifnll f'nlleil n erliiim
lllovv to I'm nee.
Special Cable Detpatch tit The Sc"
P.xi.is, Dec. 3 (Thurnlay) Gastnn C.il
mette, director of l.e Vitinrn, ptinls this
morning in that newspaper an article
over his slgnatuie. deploring I lie fall of
the Rarthou Cublnel
"For 26r days," he says. "It piloted
Fiance In un Intelligent m.vnnei. Its ad
versaries will have a much more diffi
cult task. They have opened a wide uhs
between State Una nee and private finan
cial enterprise. They have envenomed the
n'llltsrv question, The Chamber dispelled
amid socialist shouts of 'Down with the
thtee jeur tcKIl of sen Ice,' ,i k.id sluu of
the littles."
The Ktiio ile Paris sa the lnlein.il
enemies of France killed the Minlsirj
The fcuiiUhvtie Frmic(c says this
downfall Is the most serious blow In
France In many yens and that France
Is now In danger of losing the wotlds
ci edit
Animal Now llelnsr Trained I Molher
Helped Paris Poller.
W'iiitb Pminh, Dec. 2. Henry I. Raer.
trainer of German wolfdogs, has received
a commission to furnish a dog ot that
breed for Mrs. William IC Vanderbllt,
Jr. Tho dog Is now in training and will
he sent to Mrs. Vsuderbllt in the spring,
It Is Ii months old. It mother was s
famous police dog in PatK
Mr. Raer Is training similar dogs fur
Harry Payne Whitney and Lawrence
Vlnjnr-rleol Malls Krom I nlmi After
lliintluic AlllKBlors.
Svetiul Cible betiatch to Tun Sit v
Panama. Dec. 2. .folm Ptittoy Mucin t
Mayor-elect of New Vork, airivcd .it
Colon at lo o'clock lids morning. Soon
after Ills mtnai i. went alligator limit
lug near the Atlantic eiilnmce to the
iiiniil At nilock this afternoon lie ie
turned aboard the Tenndon whlih s illed
for New Voik shurtl.v aftei
Mr. Mitchcl said before leaving th.it h
was f.elliig ieiil tested as the result nf
Ills trip.
j " lemon Wiimini noil Untiles
I'.. ii nil llrnd l Illinium, .
Mnr.sT Vmin-iix. Die - Mr. Law-,
i erne lOll.inl, ::s Viuisj old, ,-itnl li.i Inn
infant sons, the oldest -1 veats old, wen
found ib.ul ftnni usphv xliitliui In-
night In Hull- htune nt Jll I'i.-uiI.Iiii
avenue. .Mount Vniinii, Tliut Mis Cll.nd.
Who. II i- InlieVecl. stllldelllv Hint in,ii,...
hllll llelill..it..v ,,!;, the lll.il wiis
shown In th,. Moiling of ;, jtn.s tube ut
taelieil In n Ji nn ,w,
When Mr. Kll.it J. tvh niplo.ved bv
tile loi.il ;n il.lllpain, litllllled fnilll hi
WOlk the biillnnm ill. .11 was locked. II.
fun id open the dncii and found the in, an
tilled with gas His ,fe. uh,, was nt
tiled Hi hei night g.iiii with the liil.jt . n
clasped ,n ht inin. a liing or the bid
lie VlilUes 'Irl nl Till I. end 'Inn
II I U Ii OlMclllU Itesltn.
Sr Pill. Dee (l,e little II, I.
is i . ic 1 1 . . I In h.n,. i aitsed u hh i,
ill .1 .1 Hill's I'iisl Niilliiii.il Raul. i',i
to-day leulled In the i, signatioii" nt
V A .VHIIH, V Ii e-pleslib nt. liml I A,
Nelnliiiusi r, cashier. The same little Irk
spot mux bring ubuiil i.thet- i.mcikUioiih
M.nll unci a icenelal I ei,l L.-U ti l.l I licit nf the
bank's wo! king fun.
s i i ;nr gnes I W ll,l r,.lt.n'. le.
i eli , d ji t :i 1 n . i lit ot bis ,,c . ullilt A del k
in innl.u.ii nut the slat. in. nt 1.1 a ilinp i,r
Ink fall upon the llstutev.
It came iinilei (heejeof.l .1 Hill, who,
aci oulliij,- in tile inpoi t. aiendy had
soini tiling on Ills nilii. I lie h..,l ii,i.-n,. c
sii.viiig lo otllcials of the bank .-,i lie
railed a luiiryiip ineeiliig of the dnectois
and telieved his mind, talking eMensiv.-lc.
It is said, around the little Ink spot
. u. iiviins ir
LiMMintnci, Va
I'oriiutn Weds XI is.
In I.? lli-liltiiru.
Dec " Whde , nn-
lined to his bed ill a hospital heie con- .
vulsscing fiom an operation for appen
dicitis Arthur K Kvam of Tnintito.
C.in.idi, and Mrs. I.ettle Whitehead nf I
Atlanta, Gii, were uiairled this afternoon
The vv eihliug was to have taken place No
vember at St Thomas's I'hunh, New j
Voik ill'., but Mi Ilvaiis vx ,i taken III
.in h ti.illi a. id was taken nff inie, tile j
Ulllhood Inline nf the brule I
Mis Rvans is s.i'd In be worth J'l.iliid . I
eon Ml Rv.ins I., a c.milidate fur the
i ".i n;lil i in I'.n liiiiin-iit. j
Mis I. P Whitehead's hil husband i
w.is I. P Whitehead who wns iniinected
with the I'm a i'iiI. i Comp.inv nf Atlanta
lie died about live v.-ais ago. leaving his
( vnung widow mid Iwn uiiug hnvs a laige
jfnrtune L.i't veal Mrs Whitehead's hi-'
I K.iK' tn. -nt w.is a unman ed In Carlisle llovd.
a brokir nf New Vork The engagement
J was blnkell nil. but ll.i ie.is.ill was given
If I'l'inn ii W'liiiinii litis lllsenv ereil
nvel Wnrfiire Method,
.s,.fi' '.V, i.raf. . to Thk si v
IHii:M.:n. Dee J Tlie VdCn ichti i. re
pints the disiovii.v ol a powder vvhnh'
j Will, II is s.lill, sclld tile I llelllV to sleep
when llni shells cunt. lining it am c
ploibil in the ranks of the hostile :iim.
Tills i.aivntic povvibr when explodul .
mils a gas which pioducis stupefvlng ef- j
f.its nn the men within reach nf the,
fumes i.nd thej fall nsleep and .lie hois!
ile combat for siv.ial hniire
The Inventor is a unman, I'r.in ltochm
It Is staled thjl the l'nisin M WMtr.i of)
War is making test- nf Its uiipln ahllitc to i
actual warfare
ecus ed nf lllipl I f 1 1 UK, she Refuses
In It even I Her lilelillli,
V vv. nun wan u fused in give hei natiii.
w.is 4 it, i lulled in 'he night iciuit hist
nlaht in cnmp.in.v w'th a man. both
chaiged with shnp'iflins m a Broadway
dipariment stole She was well dresid
and wore nil el mine stole and fan led an
ei mine muff
Store detectives in), Maglstiale Not n
they saw the woman go from counter to
counter and take h indkeichlefs, silk stock
ings and neckllcs, valued at 51. which
she gave to the man When aire. ted lv
said he vv,i John Wilson. I veai obi, nf
ll.ittfnrd, Conn.
Ill Ihe night i. jiii I Joseph Strife', a
lawyer of 110 Nnssati sheet, appealed foi
Ihe woiii.ni. and told M.igistt.ile Nolan
that a wealthy client had asked him to de.
fend her He said 111 it he did not know
who the pilsonei' was. but that he hail
been told she wa 111- wife of a wealthy
Connecticut man and was a klepiniu.inl.ia
M.iRlstrale Nolan held lae pilsoneis u
t I.ii.hi hall each
No XI Ileum-, N I'lirlsl nius lleeess, '
I hut mi Inciiiile i'nx lliililmi. I
WasiiinutoN, Dec '.' It's pretty tough!
ito be a member nf Congnss these days
It was hard enough when It became Ijnowii
I recently that there would bo no mileage'
appropriations this session and Unit the
exigencies of thu public welfare tciiulred
Congress to cut nut the Christmas iciefs '
The crowning Indignity, though, was
thrust upon members to-day when il was
learned that the disbursing nlllreis nf
Congress hold that under the Income tax
law thu tax to bo paid by Hlalisinen would,
be "collected ut the source." In oilier
win lis It will be deducted fiom inembei ii'
cninpf iisallun bcfnio llie ale paid olf
A pouv nl"' "f AMiOnI'IHx
Ihs luarnlng stlfi dinnvi' tmil!
iii n lis
Wi I vim Arouses ronrpss
l.v I'roposiil jn
I'roidi'iil IMoposcs Also ov
j Form ut' Parly
'on veni ions.
j Mecliiri's the "1 "su rp-
cl'v" PoNi'l' s C 'I'll in -
lilinir Ksivt.
II hie I. ISM (i KTs siini'K
Mtiili'puli' Tulip of flip Aililrntu
I Ui'iisMiriiij;' tn l!ni-
IH'SN Win-Ill.
i n de'-v . t
i 'angle.. s a
.'ON. Dei V I'lesident Wil
li b s hi. nil,. I sddless before
I ml'ik t 111 iifisrnonn. It
was the fotitii nine the Piesldent bad
,llie,ileil pel sullll ll befnt,, the tr.-il
I.OIIS, s. till' Ihe .vent w.is fully us mtT
isllng u the three puviiius ikc.ihIiiiis.
Itilel'e.t In lb- ni.-sn,. eeutrrd rhlefty
on what he wntiM siv nn the Mexican
luobtrlil and nil th- iptestluii nf Hlitl-tlllst
b'tlsl.ttinn. In both Instances the Piesi
ib "t i. iii'ul.s nn, i. .assuring.
II" lined llueit.i us n dlitatni- and
ilsiirp.-i m'iiis,. jaiwei Is crumbling d i.v
b da;, but he piedlctcd that tills Gnv.
ei ntin nt would not 1 bilged to allri m
I id pollcv of "watchful walling"
In ngiiid to iititi-trust legislation th
I'tenlib-nt made It clear that he would not
udvoiate anv change In the Sherman
antl-tiust law. but would favor miely
siiitileinent.ir legislation of such a elm",
ac'tei us tn t educe the "area of doubt"
that has harassed business men. U
piumi-id a speiiat message later nn His
trut itiistlon.
The Prluiui.t Pliin.
1 ""' i.lb'i fea'tuie nf the President . n .1 .
lies- h.,1 tniii. di.ite:. -.itiact n.itbmw do
.'iltentlcn 'lit,. I'i esubiit rer.itnmei.di lh
eiiaciinenl of hgislatlon doing awax wilt
liiiinlnatiuw cniiventions for the Piesl
dem y and p, i niltllng the selection nf in
nominees b.v dlnet irimarb
lie would ii,i. tb,. nam platfotms
d.awn In ciiuvetltioIlN i onipo.fil ii, ine-..
for "u i it i s .-. n ii. I fin- I.,, mt s, , .,
in the Senile, the Senators whose K run
liuve ti.it i loseil membeis nf the nannu.it
nmiinttec- und Ihe cniidiil.ili s tnr IIm
I'I sub n.
Tile I'lisideul a's, teeollimenris leits'l.
1 '"ii Ii" a evsiem nl iiir.il eidlts. the ion.
sli in tloti of a l alUoad by III., l-'eiliia!
lioi. iiioii nt in Alaska and prompt .n tnm
oil the i un, n, y bill
The I'll slileul received .1 inriliii! gleet-
ing ficitii I'nngi.ss The uliplause was
s.iintuneous and in iiiarkid cnntiut in
the sufiness and lorinalliy nf the si i hei
lli.it mat ked I. Is nic;it:i!i. nn prcviieis
cn'i a - oils.
The I'lesiil.ins li fer, me lo i hanging
the in. 'iho, I nf uoimiialiiii; c niiiliil.it. 's tcr
I'lbef UxislltlVil di i vv the greatest denim.
slnillnii. The libel veil several limes
.-llllllded Ill.OVe the lllll'.lll'l.lpiillg
It lonk the Piesldeut nnlv ubnnl ihnty
nuliiites In deliver bis aibliers It u,u
Ihe llrsi annual uihli.s th.n Wilson
had deliveieil before Congnss
I'les.dent Wil'ou nmitleil altnc-i tin i any
attempt lo stimniuii7.e the wink nf th.i
llxeetiiive I lepn i ttnenl s nnd lonlenle.l
bimsill' tint) the st ilemi 111 lli.lt he
would submit ihe tepnrls nf the
I 'll I M net ndieels to I'nngless The I're.si
dent's aildicss waHihiieloie mm h .shelter
than anv annual mess.igi ,, tecent yenrs.
Lenders Prepii ri nc Mills,
.-'.p alieuli have liein I ik"n In ths
l)i linicruttc leaders in canv n.it M
id .immenii itlor. made b ihe President in
his annual address to-day that nominee.'
foi Ihe I'residenev hereafter be i liojen
thiousli dlrc.t pilmaiies .iiul without th'
itiietvciitlon of nominating cotiventmns
RilN aie in course of piepaiatlon and will
lie IntiodiKecl In the House and the Senue
wilhln a few davs.
The .ippejt.itice of the liesideiiliai pri
mal v Idea in Mi. Wilson's ucldics wns i
tcimplete surpi'-e In leaders of all partus
,n Washington and aroused more Interest
and comment than anv othrr frttinn nf
the Piculeut's utlelMIICCS. Tills SUllJCI
will mum clnilclN ai-.sume an iniiioituit
plate in the legislative piiKiamme for the
seSMiill jUSl bl glllllill.
1'iiilhennoie, thu inominenie h. h th.
Piesldent lias given in this Hsue will o ien
up collateral itiesons that are bound
(,,ve a ibsidcd political tinge In Ihe pre
reedlngs of the thin! e-slori nf the .s.xt
thlid c'niisiess
The pioposal to elect the piesidem ml
Vice-President bv dlrrci vote wdtmut ih
inteivclitlon nf the colli so of i le bos .
ume ili und m also will Un I" " IP id
incited in th" Dettm. id. . p' nfniin nf
liml.lll-' t"" Pl.sidetl. v I"
M ,- U .Is.in l 11- I tin' I itli
siitgl" term
i irop i-al in
b.s me a-ie
Priipiisiil Vcnuses IliilliiisiiKin,
I ai.ads n apPilent that Hie llnil
lull pass at this scfcslnti a licsldentla'i
pntu.irv law such as Hie I'l eslilent de
sins The Piuaidcnt's reference 10 It n
Ins aiblrc's w.ih wildly aptauiled bv He
Demnei.its and diew expiesslon of en
ilinslism also from Republic His ltd lio-
, , SS , I-
. f , I III IS "IS II I I
vi.ird'g verv iiio.nl sm I i-n I n'
n re cuiilld. id tli.u llio Culune w 'I ru-

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