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1 nlliTloii-Wcnver Co. Purchases
Klltrlilnre T. flw-ry's Hold
injrs at (Jlith Street.
llin liuiiiiii Ihvellinr on li.Mli St.
Will Itc (lcciitii'(l by llujer
Hioiix Plot to liitililers.
T" protect the light ami ulr of a
vi story iip.irtuunt house they lire
. i dk ul ll'" northwest vomer of Park
i mo .mil Sixty-sixth stii'et und to
, . .it ,i plot fur future up.irt nietit house
,niiiuviint'iil tlm Fullerton-Wt-.iver
lb 'n Company purchased csterrlay
i Hit' CttiikshiinU Company from
ll MiIpp T. Ucrry the southwest corner
..' I 'a 1 1; tivcuuo uinl Sixty-sixth strctt,
i i 'nt fioiitlnn 10P.S fort on I'.irk avenue
, , lint feet mi Sixty-sixth streeL Two
, I tluee Ktory buildings now occupy
: l ark enu- fiontace and four story ' v ",. ' ,, ' " , , """"""v
nits the Sixtv-slvta street mm.. ,.r Ulk ,,ou" WleckltiK Company
. a slt-tli stnet side or,,,0W ,hu Towep Him,lir nt flC
"' I'lO'- I u.. L I, I., I
s Is the third of the four corners
t Una point that lias come into the hands
. the I"ullerton-Veaver Company. The
,i"h corner, that Is the northeast, is
.upid b a part of the Seventh Uegl
... i.t Armor. The builders tlrst pur-
'land the southeast corner, where they
. t led a twehe story apartment house
i, Ji was sold on completion to Ilobert
Mmturu. Then they purchased the
'hwest corner, which they tiro now
i i-.vliiK lth a tttie buildiiiK.
When they are leady to Improve the
1' ! purchased .M sterday they will elect
. a ii.irtment house In keepinK with their
. ii' striii'ture". The corner had been
posn ssloii of the tiiri v f.imllv for
.a1) cars, I lie liullv lilual parcels had
hitd under lone leases by several
Hits anil la-t May Commodore licrry
i ' itiht Up these leases, eome of them at
I Kli tlfuris. I'or the lease of the dwell-
c at G Hast yixty-slxth street he paid
i i Strasburser estate tlT.OOU and for
e lease on the ailjolnlni? house at 6S
I,.' paid Alice t5 IVmorest ?2;,00U.
nt t i'i.m: i:sr mih: not .t;.
A buyer who will occupy the house
pii'.hasul yesterday from the lluchanan
state tlnough the Doutlas Iioblnsoti,
Charles S. Broun Company the property
,t II Kast Si.xt.i -ninth strut, conslstlnu
f a four story dwelling, on plot SOMOO.:,,
'I'he property h reported to have been
belli at J1";.0U0 ar.d to have brousht
..most that tlsure. Th, house Is on the
i-'iuth side of the street I sc. feet west of
Mai -on uvtiiiie. The udJolnltiK hulls- at
i J w sold hint ,ranuar.v to Janu s V.
Ulltviortlt, a Cleveland roal oieiator, and
I'n house on til- other side ut It! Kast
!.xtv -i.tnth streit is ow nut by Mrs. Van-
erbilt. The lluchanan house, offered at
u tlon In May, 1912, was bid In by
"pii. ntatlvi s of the owners at 10,00(.
iii ii.iii:it in v nitoNv ni.ocK.
i.llASh .WK.VCK. Arnold, ll.vme &
It ' uniaiiil have resold tile block front on
Ii. west side of lirntid .iveuiie between
1MU ami 1 until stre. ts for John A. Hal
lu.v i) to the II. Waters Construction
!' n pany The Mink N vacant. It com-pr.-.
eh v in lots, which will be Im
proved with Hats by the new owiiir.
1' lart pavinent for the block the
M ters loinpany nave the Annette, a
ti itor.v apartment houn at i;T Wist
1 t street U i on a plot MKIOO and
w built about two ears aco by the
s. bis. M: llallovv.iy has owned the
i .iud avenue property but a f. w vvieks
lie took it from IVter J. McCov in part
I lament lor the taxpayer at the
Soi.tliive.it cormr of Third avenue and
l'-oth street, vvlikh was held at tllu.iMKi
'I his deal was also ucKOtiated by Arnold,
H.vri'e iV: Hauinatin.
Ai;Ti:i! AVKNL'K. The Hencnson
ICeal' Company has sold a plot 12H.5X
liitx irteifi'liir, on tho west side of Car
t r avenue, .ibout l'5u feet south of I T t li
street, to the Urnst Keller Construction
Company, which Kavo In exchantfe 3sui
l ark aviiiue. southeast corntu: of I T"1
atriet, a tlv story tint, on plot 35x20.
mid SH'O I'.irk avenue, a live story tlat.
on plot 37.0xlo0.
1 .AST 167TII tSTHKI-T. Schwab & Co.
have resold for the Dayton Kealty Com
pany (Harris Maran A Son) 90T list
I'i'th street, a live story tlat, on plot
40100, Thn seller acqulliil the property
i f' w days airo in an ixchaime.
III.VANT AVUNCt:. Alexander Selkln.
with H. I.lchtlK and Nicholas l.opard,
has sold the four family house at 1441
Hryant avenue, on lot 2."100. near
Simpson street, for William Greenbcrger.
'nrwlth tiros, have sold for Augusta S.
I -.eti to Marnaret Wallace 06 Norman
i :iue, a three story frame tenement, on
t 25x100: nlso for Mary and Hllr.a
i th F. Itooney to John and Annto Wurd
Kusseli street, a three utory slnulo
.nw tenement, on lot 20x100; ulso for
i state of Stephen Nichols to Peter
"ti 177 Hckford street, a two story
.. dwelling, on lot 16.3x100; also for
'nun K. Christiansen to Henry Hoops,
' 1 North Henry street, a two story
basinient fratno dwelling, on lot 20x
. nil for Samuel T. Muuson to Michael
yiixlil 54 Newell street, a two story
i itincnt frame dwelling, on lot 25x
Id Dugan has sold 218 and
v street, a three story and basement
ilvvelllnB, on plot 33.4x100, to il"fn, c. V. O, lliiyhen Katates Company.
' ler. who will alter the house Into . Manhattan: lapltal, Jl.oou. directors, t:. V
na-nts. ivien HuKliei, IIiibo Wlntner and Peter A.
rd Goodwin has sold for 1. 1 1''','1K'nr!a,,Yu!,k,.f,ty.orin.nv iironx
r 661 Macon street, a two .lory r ".'boeo.' d"r '.riX.. Wi Kb":
annient dwelllnt,, on lot lSxtOO, to jy, nowan and J. Kadea New York city.
' tor occupanoy.
' idetick Southack nnd Alwvn Dall. Jr.
leased the five story building at 448
me street for a term of years to J.
. iiilitiit A Sons Company, dealers In ,
. spe. utltlea. ' I
a k c Trauhe. has leased tho store
L. , .
'"'1 cei'Diiii uvenun lor ii.u jroio iu
pli I Iman Si Son,
' liillnu l.'ilenrt trdiviirrl M. f-nut
'npany lia teased to D. Sc 13. L.I
. er f loealed for fortv-three veara at i
Walker street) the store, basement
.1 tf.r ,mnrli.li,i finnrnilmali.il'
hi f. -i in'r.3" ii. r..n Itrn.-iiliviiv. rim.,
'4-' through to 83 Eprlng street, for a
i' term of years.
' ii stein & I.lnnekin have leased space
. ... i
1 O l..irll. .,, in I . . 111.. llntiin r u'
o Fourth aNeniio to the ite nobis
iopti Siviler Company: the s ore 21
s' Fifteenth street to Louis Aslmakls;
ii lu llrtl Hroadway to V, C. Knuleii :
I.' I1....II. ...... tn M ii.llu 1 Lllliaull ' I
in 456 Fourth avenuo tn tieorK't
-r: a loft In 3. r,. 7 West Thlrty-lifth'
ettoH. Marcus & Co. ; h floor tn 133-137 .
fl In 104-112 Knst Twenty-llfth street OIINRIIAlj
.li.or.i & Fl.her: spaco In 106 F.ast TwaMn.nt oC Co" . . . . . . !l?U4
"ninth street tn David I.. Schecr: a'arilLAO, Kmma, to Isabella dreaceu. 11.500
u 111 West Twentieth street to tho AMIHUCAN HAV BANK to Chaa W H
uislon Manufanlurlnu Company: a loft, Arnold ! ! I ! 1 1 ! ! " I lislS?!!
t.'4 Weat F.lKhlfenth atreet to Marks Wf,1,,". "Sw.' V. Maria A Eeger.. . . . . II
rrls, and the bnlldlnif 439 Lexington HAMHIinOEB. 8lmon K, to Emily 8 Crow.ll
nue to Louis hchumelpfennlg. WKI.I.H HOLDINO CO to Armlntha Mr-
ha Oxford Paper Company has leased, rlti i.ix MiV'irAnW'FVimiiJo
uround floor utid basement In na
.in . . i ....... . . .... lull n..K.
'uiini? neuiK erecieu ir inw .mi .-until;
Company at Tenth avenue and
iiriy-slxth atreet. Tho Ceortte W.
in Company, eleilrotinerH. have also
"d spaco III tho bulMlniT.
i .liillus Friend, Mdwaiil M. Lewi
i mi has leased a loft lu tho hulld
I Ii'il Sixteenth slreet, to Hern-
11 IIhh.
Mas. llix-hatlm Meeka In llei-nvcr
HOlli M. Properly Under Lraar.
Jf Mux lloclmtlm In successful In u suit
ho started yesterday against John A. Honn
iaft to recover possession of SJonnt.ig's
hotel iirimertx- ui t.r..i....B ..m..,-,. ,,e
i.onox iivcnue and Cathedral Parkway i-o its niiV m?.. t!7gi"tiiZ '
one of tho larneat real estate transaction. 1 ?XV BwVy. .'. 1,. ' ,V"tlod
of tho year In that part of the city Is ' PKLL ST. n a. 41.10 Molt st. 93.1x
likely to lie upset. Ilocliatlin la a hotel J;1 ,rr 10M0 Bridge cf tn Bar
proprietor who tame in for u Kreat ileal! VS'tuni Ve' VKtiV ' Vii V'm
of unpleasant notoriety In connection! i?iv ....'.. .A V!.. .. ?'..!'
with tho recent Investigation of the Pn- HIDUK ST, e e. 100 a Broom at, 26x71
lire Department which led to the cotivli" 'l,r,e' I Carroll to Mary, hi wife.
Marted0hroVu,,,l'y,!,,,!:. ,Y"t,7,dy.. "0 '
started through M. J. (Sonlon, his altor- BHOOMK ST. 814 and 116, n a. 40x93.s
ney, an luiloti based flu n lease which a ' Samuel N Berlin et al tu Una I titer and
cierii in uoruotis office said Honntae had I
contracted to make.
AccordlliK to this elerk Sonnlng URreed
to turn over the property to llochatim for
nltiety-liliio years. A lease of this char
acter was reported to the newspapers In
November, 1!'U, though the name of tho
lessee was not stated. It was said then
that a theatrical concern had tuken the
propel ty and would use It for an amuse
ment park, l.imt month SonntuK slirned
contracts to sell the property to Abraham
Welnsteln and to take In payment the
ten story apartment houso at tho north-w-est
corner of Cathedral Parkway and
Seventh nvenue. The Lenox uvcntie plot
covets mi area of 100x250.
Permit Ivaucil for Demolition
llulldlnu nt AU llrondwa)-.
Pet mission has been aranted by tho
Manhattan Bureau of HulldtnKs to tho
to tako
r,0 Hroail.
I way, rloveii stories hlKli. and the llrst
skyscraper otflco hitllilltiK erected In New
York, and two other bulldliiKs adjoining:
at 44, 4 and 4ti Hroadway and 41 to
47 New street, which are yccti and four
stories hlch. The Standard oil Company
Is the owner.
4'ITV I'ltOPKBTV m:i KH,
Max Itlock is the buyer of tho fiat at 3
Vet ltlth street, the sale of which by
.Isaac (iolilstein waa reported yesterday.
,. .,,
i li,S1' l.lllman have leased for Ur.
, Keyc the four story Aim ricali base-
ment dvvellliiK at i"i Hast Scventy-rlfth
street to Robert 1.. Fowler. Jr.
I.uiIwIk C. Traube has- sold for lloyall
HouKhtoti the three story dwellltiK at
lii ii 1 i MiiKtnii avenue tn Mrs. Heniy
ii it; iiAiti.KM iiAit.vt.i:.
Plans have been tiled by Mathow W.
Hi I iiiiuillu fur the coiistructlun of a
tluee story Karaite on the south side
if 12i'th itreet ;os feet west of Third
aveinif for the estate of John Itlckley.
It will have a frontage of ion feet and a
depth of 100.11 and will ! fireproof.
IIijllKUi Kahn Is the lessee. The cost has
bti n estmiatiil at HO.OOO.
Plans havo bi.n hlel for the Installa
tion of a movliik' picture theatre In the
one tory bulldlmr at the southeast corner
nf l.eiinx avtinit- and 13nth street tor
TheiMloie W Myers as owner. Theodore
A. Meyer ! th architect and has es
timated the cot at $15,000.
s.mai. i. niiow iirii.ni.M;.
Amoin; the plans tiled in The Itronx
were those tiled by Adolph Mertln fur
a two story brick storn and lofts, 1'axSO.
on the rust side of Southern Houlevard
S5U feet south of Jemiiliiis meet for
Daniel ristlow. at a eot nf I'.OOO, aiet
by Anion Pit n.-i for a two and out half
story frame dwelling, I'.'xJO, on the eat
ldi of Bolton avenue 150 feet south of
I.Hi otnbe avenue for llllzabeth ' Dietrich
at a cost of J3.000.
ftii.-.o.uiMi nitttoKi.AV i. iiani-:.
Pease a Kllllnall have leased to the
Hxchaim'e Huffet Cm poratlon for twent
one vears. at nil acmeiate rental of $250,
"00, the basement space of 7,500 square
feet and 2..HMI squaie feet III the sub
baseineiit of lb" twelve story Welnbroi
HutlilliiK. now in lourse of i oinpletlon at
the southwest corner of Court and Jorale
mon streets, Brooklyn.
Public oflTrrltiic Yesterday In Man
hattan and The Bronx.
ll Jwfi'li P. I'a
AMsTUI'.l'AM AV 151V w ', 7S 117th t.
.'".vliiii, J sty ml A ir. aim 154th !. M9
VV n s. in) e Hvvay 20xSK It. 3 "ty ilwllt
lUnk of WastilnKloii ti. IkIiih Mgt Max A
s.hrniif et al. ilur. 17 Sit 70. iat. Ac,
losi K, ub tn pr hub l.'i.oco. tu the ile.
fenilatit 131). 817
ST1I AV :'302 mid :0t. e a, 40 Ullh si.
55 llxlOo, s ty tnt & urs J 0 Walter et
ul. er. aKl Pred'k ltruun et al, due,
19.451 !. tue. Sir II.0-.S. jub tn 1st
tllU' u( 37.(100, to Ihf pUlntllT... .141.000
liJTH ST 471 11. n , 247.9 AV A. 37 7x
iOu.5, sly Hit 'rs Public Bank al
ltealty Co et all action 1. due.
t35.t:4 E.3; taxes, r, ll.HS.Si: to '.he
plaintiff J.'..000
6STH ST. 4:5 17. II . 550.7 w Av A. 37 7x
100.5. sty bk tnt sirs Same art same,
anion 7: due, 115.170.47, tax. iec. II,
800 4'.'; to the plaintiff I35.OO0
t::t st, t:s n. n . :7 n e ut av. ic.sx
too 11, 3 sty dlB Barbara teln ant
r.iledonla. ilolf Clfek 4 Mfir 'o et al; due,
IK.035.03. txe. Ac, 1137 :0, to the plain
tiff 15,000
(AT 3708 TH1HU AVnXt.'K.l
11 y Joseph V. Da).
MANIDA ST, w 100 a Sptiltord av. SOvlOO,
vacant- Hubt Cattranti agt H J "nterson
e al. du. 13,144. 44i taxes. Ac, 1100. tn
tho plilntlltj U'.oO'J
The fnllovvInK realty corporation" were
churtersd at Albany yesterday!
The Kcma Ouinpany, Manhattan; capital.
110.000, director". Fannie Kraun. Hamuel
Kraus and Herman 1.. Kfls. New York city.
OavvUr Uulldlne, Inc.. Manliatlani capital,
i.nniv. atr,.inr. Arthur I'.. Uowler. Owen
17.' Abraham and l.nlle H. tlroi.r. New York
roNUIT, Wm I., to Nora I. Courtney. . 1100
i.yoNS. Julius J. to Kdinund ller,drlck,.lll
nnnennei nrr ........
Ki:Ar.t., inni """v",Vo4 Ho
Ilf Snwo "cilins' 'v. "t'o'patVr'no' invcsil'nc
,Acln 1 Iioo
kamk to sani"..-... -.'
i I'i'Kl Aurnn 11. io iiurry ininiiii .. a.
v .. .....i- . ci,.iti..u..
. v v i.u. a Huiiivair.n.ooo
KINil. Abe I. to nxcel.lor Pav naiik..ll0.p00
PATEIINO CONST CO to I'aterno Invcstlnt
i .i , i. lloA
Corp . "t".'.,V.V." Mii
N V MlK INS CO to I.awr. Mil
i evpnPKKlV Suiin' a', "t n" Wm" ii Way-
lB'Vji.. " 11.600
ii. mm KaVharlna.' to Henry Vqllara,. ,. 1509
,.. i. i.-tniiv a van
rif ......... .7.7....... 11.750
ifivii Ah.l'.'io Fannl Buxbaum 110?
fJITTI.BH. Mlnnta. to Dora Aronion
lllP. tn atllA -..??
same, ;o ''.;." ,Vv V Tr,,.i colliioo
?"'r. -"JD7 ' Yi to Till. O & T Co. 12 5, 000
. ,.hlh.1H II
TAI'PAN, KlU C. sxrx, to Archibald D
iviiif.vilMM. Elli. to AUfUSia It M
, ., km. - mm q.n
.."V", AiVS,:,rhV,A,iiaii.V.V.'...io
HcliMIUiblNO. ' Ilobert, to Anton
Suxbaum. Fannie, to Clara Hofld. .1100
I 1 ' lJ '-... . . ' . .n . . ...u . m .. , - t
i.AWYl'IUS TITI.K INS T CO to l.awyra
Title Ins ft T Co, gdn ror Marfl van i:
OaiUn 1.0,000
24TII HT. 153 t" lt K llmvoll Field A
iin.iauni. inc. aui I'uiiluur ltrulty Co et al
ah. .1 lot: 4504. 25
"D AV. 1121 liautu Ulussman ait Joaapbln
Iil braso at al, July It, lllf. Il.tll
(With nam and address nf owner unit
attorney. When attorns) ' nnm l omitted
address party of econd part.)
(South uf Fourteenth st.l
PKAHL 8T. 74. a a. 24x61. Itx Irreg -(ler-
jcuriiy co, w :ain at, mig
bee li attv. I. T Cu mil Hu.i tl
C'l.KVELANn PL a n cor Keninore st,
17.5xH.3-M 1, Flihtr to Daniel W Mor.
an. 10 Btrkaley pi, Bklyn. Nov :; atty.
I. T Ins Co, l hway 1100
HAMK rROPKBTY Daniel W Morran to
at unrciay ft uo, tl Barclay U utc ;
stty. same , . . .11
IlltOAinVAY. 5M and 50. e s. t.lxl!.
to vv a t'roahy st x43.Hxl9S.tl Theresa
and Mophla Mnyer to Bertha Kaufmann,
I'li" 3d av, b and s. nil llena, Nov 24;
utile. Well A lla)cr, 5 Beekman st...fl0
12TII HT. J W. ti s, 2.',xl01.3 llarrli
Mandrltiautn te Susan Vim Praag. 61V W
tilth at. q c. Oct 32. nttys, Klsman. I.,
r k I. lie Bway 1100
12TII HT, 41 and 43 W, ll a, 20.6x54. CX
Iriec 8am to Dorelhu H Warsawer,
30 4lh at, Bklyn, q c. Oct 21; attys.
saint too
ISTII HT, 47 W. n a. runs a 21. 7x n 4D.IW
n w x a 2 to ben Same tn Franklin
H Keller, 1523 Bryant av, q e, Oct 2i
attya. itmi 1100
12TH ST. 44 to IS W, s s. 454.7 5th
av, 41.5x1113.3 fume to Sadie Until, 1413
Prospevt av, q e. Oct 22, attya, same.,1100
Kast Hide.
(Bait of Fifth ar, between Fourteenth and
110th sts.)
4TII AV, n w cor !5tb st, runa n 107.x w
nvx l.sx ar 20 a 98.11 to n s 2tth st x
e as to beg Realty llnldlna Co to 432
lib Av Cnrporatlon, 507 Its ay. mlxa
1725.000, all liens, Nov 15; att, U"
A P, 124 Hway 1100
TH HT, 11 a. 41 w 2d av, atrip 3x24.0
Hojer K Hart to Kllen 1 N Fogarty,
1142 Franklin nv, part, b and s, a t.
Dee 4. atty. T ll Co, 17 Hway.. II
MADISON AV. e a. 20.6 s 54th St. 20XS0
llelrti A Putta to Annie M I'ulli, 52
Madtaon av, b and s, Dec t, 1912; atta.
Itlrharda & It, 141 Hway 15.000
3D AV, l2Cl.tr,. s e ror 73d at. 74 75,
83,1 st, 324 W, s s, 40x102 2 MacdbuCal
l, 125 li cer 3d st. :0x3.9 Maret V:
1 1 UK lien tu Hushes Holding Co, III Uwn),
Nov l;i nttjn. Htraus., It A. II, III
Uiiay II
7VTH HT. Ill' K. u a, 15. xl02.2 David
Oldrun tn rantile i." Oacranaky, P
Slmpaon at. mlfe 110.000, Dec 3, stty.
I. T Co. 140 Uway lino
7TH ST, 1 ei t 15, n s, 15 l102 2 BlliatlUel
S Calm to same, tiitaTo 114,500, Dei- 2,
itty, raine 1 10 J
STH ST. li s, 125 w 3d uv, 25x100.11 terror
In i nurses) Stephen H .larksoh to Tax-
Jiajers HoldliiK ''. 4051 .Id v. tinge
18.000. b and a and c a f. Ort 11 . .1100
leaTH ST, s, U0. e 3d av. 21 ta.40 rx
Irrea;; lOtth st. s. 147 e 3d av, 27xlU0.lt
-Max Aronaou to llelllnrten llealty Cor-
Jioratlon, 215 Mnntacui) at, Dklyn. nita
44.000, Dee 1. atty, N Y T lni Co. 13a
llnny ... 1100
Ileal Mile.
(Weat of Fifth uv. between Fourteenth and
110th alt.)
30TH ST. 104 W. " s, 21 10 !2ii. 3xS5.5
Harris Mandeltmum tu Bertha K Fox. 24
W I ti at. n c. Oct 22. ultva. Ulainau.
I.. C & 1., 135 Ila 1100
30TH ST, 128-32 W. t . 82.TXS8.S Hanie
tu Helen O Zurlcti. 134 W ltlth at. a c.
Oct 22, attya, same 1100
5T1I AV. 400. vv s. 27 7x120 Harris Man-
delbaum tu Jno I' 11 Kleper. 961 Uatea
av. iisiyn. n e. ;ci atts, Klsman.
I. C I.. 125 Haay. . . 1100
tlbT .IT. 211 IV. 25x100.6 Slephsn II
Jackson tu Taxpayer HoldliiK ia). 4054
3d av, mine 115.01)11. Oct 31 1100
3l HT. a s. 325 e West Knd av. 37 x
100.6 Pauline Alp to May Bolton. 115
W 152d at. mm' 127.300. July 4. utlv.
Io. Boeder. 113 Nassau at 1100
79T1I ST. 141 W, 16 4xli2.2 Fannie O
Otcrantky to Directors Kealty lloldlne
Co, laO Us ay. Dec 3 lutxe lla.SoO; utt
Sidney Nordllnger. 140 llivay 1100
7T1I ST. 200 W. 40xl0J 2- Ii, (' l),.aar
lo Ohio Apartment Co, 2S0 llay. Dec
3. mtge 135,000; attja. Hindi. S A I..
1(0 llivay ... It
7TII ST. a a. 100 e Amaterdam av, 25
100,11 Wm S Slater et al to Anna C
tiuike. 155 W ipth st, Nov 21 mtye
I2J.O0O. atty. T 11 Co. l's IIhiiv .1100
104 1 It Si, a . (I w went End av, lax
0.l Slary K Cow en et al to Michael
15 Paterno llealty Co. 601 W 115th at.
Nov 27, atty, Davla. S A S, 56 Liberty
al II
100TH ST. n a. 344.4 w Amaterdalll HV,
,"5 1x100 11 Paterno I'onatn t'u tu I'aterno
Investing Corp. 440 Riverside Drlv, mtKe
I1IC. 000. Juno 30, att). Stoddard M.
1.5 Hway .... Iioo
iMaiihattan Island, north of 1 10th st )
lloTB ST. 57 15. 37x74.10 Jus Itosemwelg
to ruxpalem Holding Co, 4054 Jd av.
mtKe IJO.OOO. Oct 28 . ,. .1100
lliTH ST n '. 2ti e tat av 30x100 11 -
Jus and rllotnetia dl Benedetto to Iti.slna
dl Bonedetto, 62 Franklin at, bong Island
l ltv. all llena. July IX IlliO
118TH ST. (35 15. ll 18 9x100 11 (fore
.-siiv ;'ii i neu r. mci army, rer, io t-i
Ileal Batute Co. 174 BiuO'. B-c 3, ally
T ti Co. 176 BliHl . II.0U0
ITII AV, 2640, e s. 25xi0 -Ullilll C llaake
lo 1-redK steer, iirakentjurg. iierinuny
mt xe. :jH'0. Dec t. utt). r W Brodski.
51 chsmters at II
139TII ST. II a. C14 10 tv 7tll uv. 13x
fill I ...ill" M Ilulley tu K'lUllHUli' l.lle
Assur Soi'lcty. 145 Una), Si-pt 19, atla.
Alexiimler A ii. W6 Bway 11
A.MSTBItllAM AV, a w cor 174th st. ."Ox
I'M - lli'lir) MurKenthall Co tu i tl.lt
Realty Cu. 30 15 42d st, llitge t,3.000.
Dec 1, atty, W M Weachsler, SO 15 42d
at It
NOIITH15RN AV, a, 485 li 181st st, 71 :
276.1. Northern av, e a, tins u islet
at. 35 7x214 10 l'aleinn Conatn Co lo
Huterno lnveatlng Corp. 410 Riverside
Drive, nituea :n.550, June 30, aitys,
Stoddard ii M. 12! Unas' 1100
NOKTHKHN AV, xv s. S10.8 n llat St.
40x218 9, Nortnern nv, w s, tau.i n nisi
at. 49. 7x264. 9 tu Riverside Drive Sam
to same, mtsea 180,000, June 30, eaitii
attv 1100
LAUHEI. HILL AV. n w s. 200 e Atnster.
dam av. vsx inoa iiarren io ice ..na
Cu. 1170 Bway. Dec 4, atty, N Y Tllle
lna Co. 135 Bway 1100
ITII AV. ii e cor 215th it, 99.11x50
Walter J Claris to iiarnai o ixauam.
at Freelmld. N J. part, nitge i iif
17,200. Dec 1; atty. T tl Cu. 174 Busy 1100
I Borough of The Bronx )
TOPPINO AV, 1698, e s. 25x36 Conrad
Tlattl 10 riguene liacn. mas ii'pi'iiis
Dec S atty. l.ouUl Relss, 375 I. 161t
PA1.ISADU AV, w a part plot 95, map
Jos Rosenthal, iiaxtua.; io uriuirm unr
I'aterno Constn Co to Paterno Inveit
Iiik corpn, 440 Rlverabin Drive, 1-3 pari.
June 10, atty, Stoddard 4. M, 128
llii-uv 1100
HT ANN'S AV, e a. 450 a 154th at, 2x90
Maria iiock io vnnniie . , ivn.,
.r..l,in ill'. NllV 22 1100
3D AV, 1418. e a, 103 n 160th st, 22x101
Maria Bock tu Vlolette 15 Pierce, 2651
C'reaton av, Nov i. ..........
6TH ST. s a. 136.8 e (Irten lane. a ixiuo
Mary S. wire, ana 'i-nos uruuina iu
Marlon W Vo. Summit. N J. DfO 2.
atty. S Wllllamaon, 361 Alexander av.,1100
LOT 234, map Mian estate Mom l. stale,
Inc. lo jiuiua ii siiun. i.u . viui si,
V,,.. uttv. I. T Ins Co. 160 Bwuy 1100
165TH ST. 659 E. 37.6x100 .Tohn Pieces In
ras'iuals t'icciniio. mi r.uaic ui .
nitge 134.000; ally. Arthur Knox. 1JJ
1I...UV II
SAM15 PROPI5RTY Pasquala Plcolrlllo to
lieneueiiu ni. itinw, ii .
.1. mtge 134.000; atty. aame, ... II
LOTH 6 to 41. pel 15, map Wm B Oxdsn
Anton Hlnger to Karl Selirclbar, liaatern
Boulevard and Fort Schuyler rd. Nov 25,
nitge 12,000; att), Frank llfas, Went
cheater . .....1100
HAMK PROPERTY Kan scnreiiier io
Anton ninger. err lane m, .
2: atty, ame ,1100
LOTS 10 to 11. blk 1, map Sheridan- Se
grave tract Fannin McOay to Ralph W
Dunlda 11 W 16th it, Deo 3. nitge
16.190; atty, I. T Ins 0 T Co. 160
Hway HOO
BRIOBS AV, 2591. w a. 31.11x15 William
C Oeatlng Co to John Henlllng. 1161
Clay av, Do 3. intga 120,04)0; atty, Louis
W.nd.l. Jr. 277, Bway.............. 1100
DALY AV, e . 77, n 179th al, 37 lOx
11, V Auguata ll 1, Kolllar to 15112 Insal-
mann. 1178 Vyae nv, Dec 1, mtge 114..
tui. -ui' T il Co. 174 Bway 1100
80UTH15RN BOULEVARD. 1318, a , 33.4
X10O Antnony iniaraii iu 1.HH i-
Hohropp, 306 St Ann's av, Deo 1, mtge
110,000; atty, Kurt man V F, 15 Broad
it 1100
LOTS 102-4. map Wm Ade Bll Dolbey
and ano to Danl Map. Jr, 1006 19 171th
at, Deo li atty, L tl Mape. 1469 WUIIama.
bridge rd It
LOT l7. map Hunta Point estate Jo F
llurlay to Utility Balty Co, 10 E 4 Id at.
Dee 4. mtgo llOOl atty, W M Wchler.
B0 B 41(1 et v- II
TKABDALB PL, a , 135 w tauldw!! av-.
100x100 Mos A Isaacs at al to II oe A
I.aaca, Mt Vrnon. N Y. Ney 51, tatg
H.00O; attys, Bandlar H, 41 Bwajr ,i
(with nam and addraas of landr and
1 lender altomty.)
(ftouth of Fourteenth at.)
BROOAIK HT. 17 and !. a, 17.10x17,7
Holgiia Rsalty Co to Ham'l Kdln. 1100 7ln
av. Dec 1, 6 yr. P o; attyi Jacob I Bar
man. 31 Bway 110,000
ORF.HNWH'H AV. II e . 101.10 e 11th al.
"5. Frledrlck llrti to Clement Hnlg,
215 W llith at. Nov 25, pr nil 17,900, due
a pf ""B' w,n Crl "H".'.,
t V
r.aat able.
tllasl of Fifth ar, bi'tweeti Fourteenth and
IIOIIi ts,i
J6TII ST, 243 and 24i 15. I3x Florenca V
lUriniily H, Title (I Si T Co, lit lly.
Dee 4. due a per bond , 110.000
MITCIII5I.I. PL li s. 1) e lat nv. UllO.IO
(Irare Mrlrr to James A Shephard, 109
Hlone av, Bklyn. Dec I, due July 11, 1914.
6 ti c. atty. Ceo 11 llyda. 41 l'ark Bow, 1160
I5TH ST, ti a, 81 a Madlaon av, 25x100,6
Louis J Pooler to Union Truat Co, 80
Bway. Dec 3. 3 yrs, Ipt atty. Miller, K,
1. A T. SO Bway I50.00
76TII ST, 317 F.. 25x102.2 Harris Schwartz
tn Joseph II Schwartz. 77 W 111th st. Oct
10. due May I, till, t p c; atty, L Man
helm. 303 Bway 11.100
T9TII HT, 161 and ttl 15. n a, 3U102.1 Kan
nl C Oaeransky to David Uldeen, Sharps.
head Bay, N Y, pr mtg 121.600, Dec 1, 3
yrs, 6 p c atty. Lawyers HIT Co, 140
Bway 110,500
West side.
(West of Fifth av, between Fourteenth and
110th sis.)
2ITII ST, s s, 515 w 10th av, 78x41.9 Bar.
man Kohn to alraon H Jlainburgar, 1! W
119th at, Dtc 4, pr mig 16.000, dua Jan 2,
1917, t p c; atty, tiro a Nagle, 175 Fulton
st Jamaica. L 1 16.000
COl.UMBL'H AV, awe 10th at, 102.2x44
Orleans Real r.atate Co to Harriet 11
Knight. Freehold, N J, pr mtg 1271,000,
Dee 1, due, Ac, as per bond atty. Title tl
at T Co 17 Bway 130.000
(Manhattan Island, north of 110th at.)
AMSTERDAM AV, 1910 Mury R .Mulvaney
in jonn u tviven. ioj i. i:iin si, uct JO.
due on payment of all Indebtedness. .13,000
(Borough of The Bronx.)
LOTS 10 to 11. blk I, map 90 lots Sheridan
at segrave iiaipn xx uunua lo ranny
McOay, 66 W 127th at, Dec 3, 2 rs.
6Vi p c, atty. 1. T In & T Co. 160
Bway 14,110
LOT 234. map Mori Estate Julius H Htoll
to Mosa Uatate, Inc. 62 Cedar at, Nov 25.
3 ra. 6 p c; atty, I. T lna Co, ICO
Bway 11,662
LOTH 411 to 413, map I.mimla park
Bmelle Hohwlller tn C Hchllllnf & Co.
Sun Francisco. Cat, due as per bond, Dec
3. atty, U J UlUdlll. 61 Park How . . . .I60H
LOT 298, map I'ugsley Kstste Wm Buhl,
Inc. to Kilt K Doollng, 179 15 0th st,
Dec 3, 3 )rs, 6v P t'i att) a. Knox & Ii.
27 Cedar at. ... ... 15.000
MAIN ST. r , 5i Marv at, 25XU7.9--John
Welnnlnger to Andrew M Chit,
trua. 104 W 80th si. Nov 25. 3 )r,
5 4 p c, atty, I, T lna Cu, 16u Bread
w uv . . . , , . , 15.500
:3l'.TH ST, Ii s. 369 w Oneida uv, 13. 8x
98.1 15dw J Byrne Conat Co to Lucy It
Comfurt, Pleaaantxllls, N Y. Dec 3, 3 J re,
i'l p c; atty, T O Co, 176 Bway.. 110,000
DALY AV, e s, 77.9 n 179th at, 37.10X
91 9- 15117. Inselmann to Auguata It I.
Kohler, 2068 Daly hv. Dee 1, pr mtge
116,5011, 3 )rs. p c, ally. T ti Co.
176 Hway 13.450
NBI.SON AV. ' a. 276 s 172d St. 50x125
Jo" A Tnlilsi Krt tn Randall Comfort,
I'leasantvllle. N Y. Dee S, 3 yrs. t p ',
atty, J A MrCvaty. 3029 3d av ...11.000
SATlMl'IKlt .MOKT4iA4.Ki.
I With name and address of lender's at
torney.) MAi'Y l'I s s, 201.11 e Pruapet av, 26x
94.9, on 21, 1901 Mayme Dalrymple to
Katie V Dalrymple, ally, T ti Co. 174
flnay 11.000
BROADWAY, e cor 163lh at. UO.llxlOOx
lot 4 to s s 165th st iino.6, Oct 5. 1910--Hi'.illa.i
'ii to .lux Bradley, atty. .1
l.vmh. 2.' Ve.ey st 5tU"iu
SAMI-5 I'ROPriRIY. Sept 11. 1909- Same lo
same 135.000
I9:.i at. 50x100x77 9xl')3 9, Dec 17. 1905
L.ul" F Kunta tu Dulgbt " Harris, atty -.
Salter ft Strlnkamp. 140 Nasstit st .16 500
HA.MK Pltill'BItTY, May 2:. 1904 Mine tn
stllle 18,500
le-T AV .'2u.i. n cur 1131b st. 25x.6. Apr
i 1 90i AupuslUx A: Angelina Ferri ttl
I a' tn Arahella A MacfariallJ . ltt',
CouKrt Bros. 2 Rector l 120,000
LKNuX AV. 25 n 112d st. 26x41. Nov 1.
1905. i c, William A Marguerite C tlreeff
tu Max K It Itelth. att). T ! Co. 1.6
Biv ay , ,'
79TH FT, tl . 5i 4 w 3d av, 15 6xlo2 2.
May 27 1911 David ft Minnie Oideon to
x .xluinhla Bank, att)e. Flepi hman A Kox.
3: Liberty t . . IS.xO'i
PULTON AV. e a. 126 11 a 5th at (map x. II
lai" MurrlsanU I. 50x211. Nov 1. 1910
Murls S' lioennoll to I nomas it iinu.nu,
,,-ij 1. T I Co. 140 14wa I" 001)
7T1I AV n e cur Walnut st (map Mt r.drni
ldOxll'O. .Mai !. 190H I'hsa 11 A Jeanette
T Perkins to Wm W Weed, att), Lewis C
Piatt. White Plains. N Y IJ.500
LOTS 1S5 and 1x6. map 1130 Hunter estate,
Oct 2. 1911 Fred Feuas to Hudson P Rose
, i" tv I'.ih .t 1700
CHRRRY ST, Jl, nils on lease. Ac, Feb 2.
l-nji ienr ounnnirycr iu i.ion niririj
of .V Y, attys. Aahl.l P Fitch. M A O. 12
Na.sau st ...II. 190-0
WAS1IINOTOS AV. e . 100.5 n 179th st. 25x
St 2, Dec 22, 1910 Isaac N A 1511a L lleb
herd to Deo B Claas. exr; atty, H F "erd
Ing. 1901 Rsthxate av 13.000
BWAY. n w cur 21st st. runs n 44.1x32x .w
65 2x n 2 7 to land of Van Doren x xv
SO 11 to e a 5'.h av x a 42 4 to n a 21st st x
e 191 to SeK. Jan 2T 1909--l-.lt 'f
Bradlsh Jubnon to Title t. A T o, 1.4
iw,,v .. 's'0
1330 ST. 41 W . s, l 9x99 11 Mar 1'. 1909
--Joarhlm "pirn to Lena Splro, :0i w
1 1 ..i. . . I .' 000
38TH ST. s s. 30x e 4th ax. 21x81 9. De." 1,
1911- Nabel A I.se to union i rusi t o.
iui ,itv. Milter. Kina-. Lane A- T.
n llxvav ... Ill' 010
-.u . m R"r. w lulh av. .5x94 8, Jan 2.
1912 Herman Kohn I" Jiaief Hamburger,
atty .-Iniiiii S Hamburger. 309 Hway 15.000
BHOO.M15 ST, 299. a. 74 10 from ' exit
HldrldKe at. l:10v7 9. Apt 9. 1903 Leon
Tsub tu Win Haatorf, atts, Arnateln A I
124 Bway llS.JOi)
ARTHUR ST. or ux. xv a. 20 a I n oil
(Pilham) av 25x117 . July I. 11
F.rnest and Tlllle Wehner et al tn lmeiin
c Bradley; att) a, Bergman A U.ilt J.'if
5.1 av "'"
BROWN AV. at Inlereeition with u e ior
lot 136. map 1097, taut O Hunt estate.
Van Nist statlun, 25x67x2 x51 2. .Iun
12 1913- Helena A IJuodlllg tu Sadie B
Clocke Htl". Clocke. Kucll A H. 1'1 K
llth et . . " '.
lObTH ST. s 8. 160 6 e. runs r 23 6x 0 ax a
42 2X e 0,6X 2lx w O.fcx s 13 4x e .'7x II
100.1 1 In s a st x w 24.6 to beg, Aug 1,
1906 Jacob Cohen and ano. to Dura Arun-eon-
htla. Weed. II A M, S3 William
it -. .111,500
lOi'.TH ST, . 187 e 3d av. 27x100 11. Aug
1, 1906--Same to same, atty, N Y T Ins
Cu, 135 Bway .111.500
1ITII ST. s a 205 e ftb av (Wakelleld) lOOx
111, Dec 14. 1911 Allen and Adelaide B
nub to laiulaa 11 esbrlnck. alt), W C
Phelps. 135 15 149th st 11.750
WASIIINC.TON AV. 1414. ' a, 27x109.5, July
I 1912 Wm C and Pauline Gr.nn io Hy
laing; att), Wm V Carell, 2 Rector
at 15.000
RIVBlthlDK DR1V1-5, 44S Larklu Lumber
Co xa N Y Real Ustuto and Security
Co, owner, McVlvkar-llulllard Realtv Co.
i ontractnr , . Ill 19
AUDUBON AV. 220 Larkln Lumber Co vs
N Y Real Bstate and Security Co, owner;
McVlokar-CallUrd Ilealt) Co, conlrne
tur 111.32
ls2D ST, 615 W Larkln Lumber Co va
N Y Real Bstale and Security Co, owner;
MaVlcknr-Halllard Realty Co, contrae
lor 114. .11
13CTII ST. n 100 w Southern Blvd. lOOx
106--Murray A Hill Co xa Joseph Huelles.
barb Cniietn Cu. owner nnd contrae
tor sj.xvw
124T1I ST. 178 and 180 E Herringbone
Metal Lath Co va Hophla 15 K H'r-tl"'
nivtier (ronewul) .... . . 15. so
114T1I ST. 609 W Larkln Lumber Co xs
N Y Real Katate and Security Cu, owner;
McVICKar-uailiara uraiw
.'....111.55 I
CONV15NT AV. 470--Larkln Lumber Co vs
N V Real Kslnte and Security Co. owner;
McVlckar-llalllard Realty Co, coniruc-
lr ."' 45'"'
178TH FT, 101 W Lutkln Lumber to va
N V Real Kstate nnd Seeurlt) Co, owner;
McVlckur-lialllard Really Co, tontrar.
163D bT,'!!'.! "i.a'rklii Lumber Co xa
N V Reel Katut und Security Co, owner;
McVlckur-lialllard Reulty Co, coiitruc-
136TII ' ST," 5!! W Larkln' 'Lumber Cu vs
N Y Ileal Kaiute und Security Co, owner,
MeVlckar-Oalllard Realty Co. con irac.
CKNTRAlV' PARK' WKsf,"''4ij -'i.ur'klri
l limber Co v" N Y Real 15stalu and
"u'rity Co. owner: McVlckar-llalllard
Realtv Co. cotilrni'tor. ... '," .'
IUVI!nslDF. DRTVK. 5r.o-Larkln Lumber
Co ait N Y Real Kstate A Security Co.
own" MeVlckar-Oalllard lleaUy Ce. con-
lllTHST.' 'll'V W Lar'kin'Lumbe'r Co agt' N
V Ileal Ksiato A Security Co. owner: MeVlckar-Oalllard
Reulty Co. cont..... In 1
NICHOLAS AV, 0Larkln Lumber Co
ugt N Y Real Katate Security Co.
imtief: McVlckar-Oallard Realty Co. con-
Irnrtnr .... .-
CKNTRAL PARK W. 418 Larkln Lumber
Co agt N Y Real Katate A Security Co,
owner! McVlckar-llalllard Realty Cu. coti-
tractor 136. U
niVERSIDK DRIVI5, 223Larkln Lumber
Co agt N Y Real Katat A S.curlty Co.
ownef: MeVlckar-Oalllard R.alty Co. eon.
t ftMiMor
HTHivT!rw-lVrii.n Luinbir' Co"at' N
Y Ral Katate A Mecurlty Co, owner: Mc-Vlckur-Oalllard
Really Co, cont. .... .11.99
1 3 1 ST ST, 201 W Larkln Lumber Co agt N
Y Real Katat A Hocurlly Co. ownr: Mc-Vlckar-Oalllard
Realty Co, cont..,.. Ill 34
niVERSIDK DRIVK. 445 Larkln Lumber
Co agt 74 V Ileal Ertale & Security Co,
ownr: MuVlckar-Calllard Realty Co. cor,-,
tractor ..a tf10
142D ST. 05 W Larkln, Lur,ibr Co agt N
T Ilea Eitat A Hourlly Co, nwnr: Me-Vlckar-tlalllard
Realty Co. cont.. . .JIS.t
AUDUBON AV. 121 Larkln Lumber Co act
N Y Real Katat A security Co, owrn.r:
McVlckar-OallUrd Realty Co, eont. . t.I,7
135TII ST 606 W Latkln Lumber Cn ugt
V Y Real Kstate A Security Co. owner:
McVlckur-lialllard Rally Cu, cont. 127 24
BROADWAY, 3100 Larkln Lumber Cu agt
N Y Boul Kstate ft Security Co nwnr!
...iol.u-.riulllar,l TlaallV- Co. COIlt . . 143 1 9
BT NICHOLAS AV, Ml Larkln Lumber Co
Country Estate
Will sell for lin.rtsv lairze plot,
12 roiimi, three baths, slone baxe
nient. steam beat and all city con
ten lences; hard wood trim thrnuth
out, up to dale plumbing; "60 ft.
elevation; healthy lominuln air.
Only 65 minutes from Hroadway,
New York City. Aildrrss
Attorney, r. it. Ilox 444 N.T.I .
KiMith Ins t Co
ltu.l(iii litver
7E. 42
agt N X Real 15atnte A Security Co. owner.
MrVlckar-Oalltard Really Co. cent lit 31
1S0TII ST, 405 W--I.arkln Lumber I o agt N
V Real Uatate A Secutlty Co, owner. Mi
Vlckiir-tialtlurd Realty Co. tutu.. 117 48
BROADWAY, 3099 Larkln Lumber Co uut
N Y Real 15tst A Seiurlty Co. owner,
McVlckar-ilallUrd Iteali) i'u, com. Il 14
I!1D ST. 453 W Larkln Lumber Co nut
N V Real Ketaie A Security Cu, owner,
McVlckar.aalllard Realty (In, contrac
tor 120 34
CLARKMONT AV, 180 Larkln Lumber Co
agt N V Real Bsiate A Security Co, owner,
McVlckar-llalllard Realty Co, lontrae
tor 127 34
11 ITII ST. f.07 W Laikln Lumber Cu ant
N V Hi ul Kstate A Security Co, oivner,
McVlckur-Ualllurd Realty Co, cutiirac
tor . , 120 u2
MT MORRIS PARK WHsT. 35 Lirkln bum.
ber agt N Y Real Kstate i he urliy Cu.
owner; McYlckur-liiiillatil Realty Cu. con
tractor 124 1.9
RIVURHIDI1 DIUVI5. 583 -Larkln Lumber
ber agt N Y Heal Kstate A Seilirlty Cu,
owner; McVk-kur-llalll ml Realty Co. cu i
irartor 135 10
1I0TH ST, 401 w Larkln Lumber Co act
N Y Real Ustate A security Cu. owner.
MeVlckar-Oalllard llealty Cu, contrai
tor . 142 24
ber Co agt N Y Real ll.tule A Security C-,
owner, McVlckar.tlalllar.l lbnlty Cu. con
tractor ...... . 412 21
KAST TRI5MONT AV. 259 Marco Teia agt
Brrta llabas. owner. Alexander Medici
llartaiio Laggere, contractors 125
134T1I ST, 675-8I 15 at S Hchlaler l5Kla
Wrought Iron Works agt Joseph Burl
leslracb Consiructlon Co. owner and con
tractor I1.897 90
BA"RETTO ST a s. 218 i Kaelern Blxd,
6075 I'asqu.lle I Nicola agt John Da
Nlgrle, owner. .Iiihll De Nlgllx A Bros,
contractor I2n0
46TII HT. 118 F.-Adln H Plena Co act
Theodore Schumacher tats, owner, filth
St llurage On. Inc. Ie.ce. Sandlmp Con
tracting Co, Inc. contrai t.,r. . . .1700
45TII ST 216 17 -Samuel Tersler agt lta hel
Schwartz, owner oint conirai-lnr. . 1,2 -5
64TII ST, 241 W -John I, Caven agt Charles
I'tlxer. Jr, Co, Lid, owner. Charles PtUer,
owner and coiituetor. 1344
PARK AV. 9.'9 unil 931- Sulurlinn Bros act
929 l'ark Ai Co. owner and (eiitrac
tor 1911 10
STH AV 342 and 314 Maulers Iruli Wnrka
agt Dorulh) A C.mk'ln ar.l W tn t Ri.e.
owners. Homer B Chase owiicr and con
traitor 11 1', 75
ST NlClliil.AS A V tl w . or Iilltn et 133 Ix
171 i Tavtiu A Bernxleln net Montrose
Realtv t'n. owner, Albion Consiructlon
Co. Charles Buek Coi.strii.-tioii Cu and
144 Building Cu. Inc. contractors and
ow ners .... 15 190
124TH ST. 64 W S Desuwllz. Inc. .ml N Y
Real Kstate Serurlty Co naner, McVlikur
tialllard Realtv Co, co'iirauor I. It
121ST ST. :0l W- S Hrsoultz I lie ugt N Y
Real Katate Seiiirlli C" owner. McVlikar
(ialllard Realtv Co Kintra'tor l-'Tfi .'.'I
KITH ST. s: W - S Desewlta In,, agt N V
Real Kstat Semrlty Co owner. Mi VI. bar
OalllHrd Realty Co. contractor . I;3
Itl.tORDF.D I.EA.f5s.
WILLIAM ST. 150. store O.d tiiurv Rea.ty
Co to Krne't II Hnhlen and alio. Tub
at, Bklyn. i', yrs from Nuv t. 1913, atiy.
tl Schellke, 1445 75lh '. Ilkl)ll . It -')
COLUMBUS AV. 89. store Dmlel Bu. K.ei
to la5iils outran, sx9 Columbus av. ; vrs
from Nov 1, 19U. for term I .ton
ID AV, 2164, all B'cco t'ontlno to Cl. iuier
A Blue Cisr 2450 ,id av, 5 i ra (rum Mar I
1914 atty, M B Clarke. Ill Una) 13 "00
MADISON AV. 1491, More. A -Louis Vugel
lo Jacob iioldmm, 1691 Madlruu ai, 1 vr
from Dec 1, 1913' att) a. Faerber. S A Co.
264 K Hnustou at 1800
102D ST. 131 15. store Tax pa vera R.ally Co
to Harry iroxinaii. 1J9 K lu.'d rt, . vrs
from J.m I 1914 I40
2D AV, 1627, all Irving Wolf tu Albert
Kuntz, 1627 2d uv, 4 5-12 ) r from Dei 1,
1913, alt)e. Kllux A Doullng, 27 Cedar
at II. WO
MANHATTAN AV e a :.' I! , of ltn-b .
it 11x94 10 People's Tri.s; c aal Man
Stuvenhagen el a, ' f, r. - ,-it.. of .i.,'t
gage) atts, Wnga'e A I'm., -i
CATHI5I1RAI, PIIKWA ti e . r l.en .x
av. 260x100 Max lloi'li-thll ,igt ,l..hn
Soiintag lactl.'n to re. over iur, i . ,
att) M J ilord.in
2IT1I ST. 13 tu IT Max Kb-e jf It ...
dir.' Co et al . fore, lo.ur- of tll.il '.K-i k" '
att)x Ue!tens',!n A Has. n-leli
3IT1I ST. I..I W Betl'allll'l '' K.ukie- el
at agt Lena Mar, u- ai i.i. :n :u dc-
elare deeds v-.ldi. att)s Th'.'tip-oli, Kos
ft Warren
96TH ST 11 e .or Lexington av. ;iixlu"1l
Sarah A Jefterron , a. t A ben J A lain, at
al iforelo.'U, of inurisagei utt-, Hart
A T unpk tis
11ITH ST 25 and 240 W. and II III! st, 211
K- ilux.le Harris icl II"- llart.s e' ai
(parlltlolll . alt), s. S' rreedm.ili
LOT x" map if liuililuid I'aiU Bronx
Hudson I' Rw-e i i. B -!.- uron
(forecoure of "loncug. at y T.ei 1
St John
USD T :i't W -t.."l. 15 l.evlne agt 15.1
wtird Kaati rl al i f. ui-'il e uf murt
gsgei a'tis. Morris A .un'ti'. Me)er-
LuT'J lit '" 116 ii. a;, f 1. 1" .f . Inenel'n
e.tat- Bronx Marz.net M H ill ag I'h lp
11 Ix'ra I.- Ii el a. f 'rei .-ui.- uf tn. . ii
za re i it. J I K l '' lu no 1 ,
Sealed protiosls for ,oal and ash h'ttiUltttg
apparxtus al Bu.lsoti 1 1, x .-. x( il. Ilospltu.
Piiugllkeepsle, N' V . ulil be r"i'elv 1 l.i
tho Slate llu.pltul Cutnmix'- 'jplio! Al
bany. N Y until 3 00 I' M Dm 2 J 191.1
when they will be opened and read pub.lclv
Proposal shall be a- i innp .tiled by leriltled
cheik In lh sum i f . pi r . et.i of amount
of bid, and the eontriu tor to whein the
award Is made will be r.iiulred tu furnish
Surety Company bond lu Un sum of fu per
cent, of the am unit uf ."uir.i'i within
thirty days utter official noil e nf nwnrd nf
contriii and lu in i uril.i in e with the terms
of Spe klW.itlon No IxlJ The rlgh' Is r.
served lu rejei I any or a I bills tuuiinn
and spei Ideations mny be roneylto I and
blank farms of prupi'.M' obtained at tin
lludautl K.vrr Male Hospital. I'-iuKbltr. ..e
N. Y.. and nt the ufn. e nt th Statu M ill
leel Cnmplete rea of lilans and Npei llli a
Hons will be furnished tn pmspeiilvo hid. I.",
upon reasonable notbe to nnd In the .tlx
cretlun of the Slate Ar, bllci t. Lewlx F
Pitcher. Capitol Albany. N
Dated. Albany. N Y He. .'d 1913
.1. II B 11 NIF . Secrelun
State lli.xpltai Cuminlsslon
8F.ALI5D BIDS nil be receive I bv the
Hoard of Water Stippll al 1lnftker Inentv
seinnd fluul, Muilblpil Bi.l.dlns' New Vork.
until 11 A M un Tue.d.l) December 16,
1913. for Contract All for'prtntlng.
At the at'Ule plaie and lime til.' bid- -x III
he put'llc.y upeiud and rt id Pamphlets
containing Information f ir t Id I r 1.111 be
obtained al Hie atiui" address, Room 2202.
by depositing III sum of live dollars 1 1 f, I
In cash or Its eiiulvalciil for .aitt painplilit
Fur further ptrtlcui irs. e lufurmutbui for
CHARI.r.- s-rltAUXS President,
I'll 4111. 15S V Cll ADWICK.
Commissioner nf tile 1 1, iii-l ef Water Surply.
JOSKPH P MOItltlSXnV. Heeretarv
HL'KllOlijVllJs' .MiriCt'.i.
I1L.M. JOHN III pulauance of an
rder of Hon Robert Ludlow run ler, Hur
,a..iB of the County uf New York, nnticw
I hereby given to all persons having uuime
galfiai juuu ix iiuui. laie ui lilt' i.njni)
of New York, deceased, to present the
ame, with vouchers tiirreot, 10 u,e sul,
..liars, bi their Dlace of tianaactliie bust
Bfa. at ine unice ui aoun ,x iiiiisuu, imom
tit. No. 12 Nassau atreet, Boiougli uf Man
hattan, City of New York, on or before tba
Ith day oi uei-eniuiT, li'ia
Dated Nw York, June 4lh. ttll.
Attorney for F.tcutot.
It Nassau atreet,
tjtorourb ef xtsnbatlan.
Ambltloiis young man of rood appaarame
dealrlng lo learn the leal estate buxlneax la
offered an exceptional opportunity with an
old-established tout-em, lie 11 III receive a
thorough allies training ami furls cnmernlng
th sale of high-grade properties; cniuiula.
Ion paid on sales Apply between 9,20 and
11 A'McKnlht llealty Co., 347 6th Av,
WANTKD First cluaa architectural mod
ellers. Apply JOHN KVANS A CO, 71
Huntington Ave. Hesluii, Mnsa,
riiAite'irKttH' i lent Ulna ii desires nines
for l'.ngllstimiin who dune Ills cur 10,000 In
sneeil lli' iT- A a ; v n , holiest
man und .. tlrst . lisa niech'nnbi, )"ii Vai, Iru.i
yuiir w fe und (hlldreii to him nllliuut liar
- a ex , ear. ..art.
wrllu u J 1 ., li n "l Ui'i
21 liberty SI. 21 W. Mia St.
IMgage, Water View, as Miles Oat,
Klg.it Price
llrxnt rtaio B4a Fifth Ave., N. T.
WILLY RIKHI5R. Plaintiff, against JUHKI'H
WKINSTKIN and others. Defendants
In pursuance of a Judgment of foreclosure
and sale duly made and entered In the above
entitled action, bearing date the 11th day of
November, 1913, I, th undersigned, the
Refeiee In said Judgment named, will sell at
lull. lb' am Hon to the highest bidder, by
H15NRV RRADV, auctioneer, st the I5x
ihange Salea Room. No. 14-1 Veasy Street,
In the Borough of Manhattan, City. County
and State of New York, on the 15lh da) nt
Dei ember. 1913, at 12 o'clock noon, the
premises directed by said Judgment to be
sold. In the order In which the aald aeveral
parcels thereof are to be aolil, separately,
pursuant tu the terms of said Judgment and
described therein as follows:
I Tin tut or purcel tu tie aotd first Is
bounded and described as follows, tu wit
ALL the right, title and Interest uf Joseph
Welnsteln and Rive Welnsteln, hl wife, of,
lu unil to the premises hereinafter described,
vlr In all ttiat certain lot, plere or pari!
ui iHuii. nun in iiuuuinKs una nnprnie.
mentx thereon elected, situate, l)lng and
being In the city of New York and known
and distinguished on a map of proper!) In
the Tenth Ward of the Cltv of New York,
belonging lu the heirs of Alexander Fink,
tb'i ease. . made b) S. Llldlalu, City Sur
veyor. IieieuibT 1831. arid mi file In th
iiflb-e or the Register uf the Cltv nnd CoiltltV
of New York, hi lot number four (4) bounded
a follow s; southerly In Front by Orate!
street Noitberl) In the rear by Lot Number
file ir.i on said man. Kasterlv by land now
or formerly belonging tu James Lo'in.lieriy
utid Westerly by Lot Number three i.-.i on
said innp and being in width front and rear
twentl four feel eight llii'bes ami III depth
on eai h side sevellt) live feet, be raid everal
dimensions more or less, said premlsea lulug
ktiuwn hy the Street Number J60 lirand
Al.so ALL that certain lot or parrel of
lllid with the bulldlngM and Improi euieiits
thereon eret ted situate, llng and being In
the lloruugli uf Manhattan, city, Couni) and
Stale of New York, utid known and dis
tinguished un a map nl property In Tenth
Ward of the Clt) uf Neii York beloiigtiir lu
he heirs of Alexander Fltlk. ilei eaee.l, made
by S l.udlHIll. City Surveyor llei.mhet 1831
atld utl tile III Ibe urlb e of the Regl-ter of
the cllv slut Cointy of ew ork. ii- Lot
Number three I " ' ..ounded He fellow
Sniitberly In front l.v (Irand street North,
erii In the lear bv l"( tlve i;.t on said map
llusterli utl elie Mile b) bit four ill on s.il.l
map. and We.terlv on the other side bl
lot number I'm I2i on said map. lontaltilng
In width Iii front and rear twentv rive feet
unit 111 depth on earb side seientx.nve fret,
be the -atne more or e,. former!! known
lis Number 242 Orand Street and lion known
us Number 259:
If Th. lot or par. el tn b .old nevt or
seroiid Is ho utl led nnd described as folio . s
ALL lb" light, till" and Interest of Joseph
WeltiHteln and Itlie Wep..Teu his li lie nf,
III and to the ptemlxes hereinafter ile.i rlt.ed
ItZ VI. I. that lerlilll bit ldete i.r panel
i.t latld xltllate lllng Mini t.elllg In the tlnr
ough uf Manhattiili. Clli nf Ne . erk,
N,iinde,l alid itesi rlbed as follow a
BIKHNNINli ut the i orner formed h the
Inter-e, tlori or the northerly side nf 5art
11th Street with the ea-terli' side uf 2nd
Avenue, running thenee 15AsTI5lll.V along
the Slid llirlhrrlv ble nf I 1 1 li street 10a
te.t Ihen e NlillTBKRI.Y. parallel with the
said ea"leri side nf .'nil Axentie .1 test 'i
Inches, Ibeni" W KsTKRI.Y. turalle! viltb
the said northerly ld of tlth street and
for a pari of the distance through h party
wall 100 feet to the ssld easlerl) side nf
'Jlnt Avenue, thent SOUTBKRI.Y along Ihe
.Htrl easterly side of 2nd Avenue 26 feet :i
tin ties to ibe point or place of beginning
SAID PKKMIS15S being now known by
the Slreet No 17 4 Second Avenue and 19J
Kast tlth street
Dated Nell York November 14. 1911
iil'TKRUItlDiiK BultSKY. Iteteree
WINTHHilP A STIM.-uN. Attorn) for
Plaintiff. 3.' I.ll.erii si . Borough of Man
hattan. New York Ctv
The following are diagrams of the prep,
erty to be s.il.l.
l'ir.-el A
Urand st
Parrel 11
Kast 11th St
The iiluiri'Xllliale amount of the Men or
chartre tu satl-f.y nhbh the aboie d., rlbed
propel ti I- t" t.e -oiii i j.i. i. with l"i
telest tlie't'iill from the 3lsl day of II, lobrt
IM" ti.ct' lier with the,tu-ts htld illieil ii-e
amounting in Jj5; .3. mih liitere.t front the
nth iini nf November ISJ3. togetiiir with
tile ili tixes of the sale I'aliel A HM be
sold H.ilijet t tn prior mortgagee aggregating
lilf 5S'i, and taxes and water rales aggregat
Ins IT10 5". Par. l H will be sold sublet
tn prior tnnrtgage. aceri gating 136 xoi'. and
lii- and nicer rati aggregating 1151 and
aln to II leise lunde lo the tlldtl.trfl! Re
ll . .1,11 Oftb . extdrllig Msv I. 1915
Baled Neii Yolk. November 18, 1111
Ul TI5RBl!IDi;i5 BORS15Y. Refer, e
YORK UKi'ltHII 11 I5IHH.MIK I'lilnllft.
nKaln.t JKsSIK ll KA.MBs Indli Idtiitlli utid
ax rixciitrlx of the last Will and Testament
ut Wl'ltam T Kainer Dec'd "I al DfMidiints.
lu pursuiin- e of a Jiidgmeiit of toreclosura
and sale duly made and entered lu the
ibnve entitled action and hnuring dale the
1 'th da)' of November. 1913, I. the under
signed, th Referee In said Judgment. tiained
will sell st nublli auction, at the Kxvhatige
S.ilesin.ini N'o. 14-16 Vese) St ttl the Uor
ouch o' Miitibattiin, cltv of New York on
the 18lh day of December V13. at 12 o'clock
noon mi ihat day by Joseph p Day, Am -tlutieer.
lh.- premlsea directed bi suld Judg
m nt tn be sold, and therein di si rlbed us
tnllow s
The following Is a description of the said
mortgaged preuusi-x to be sold, a herein
before it 1 1 c . teil
ALL Ihuee two certain lota or parcels of
land situate. Blng and being In the Twelfth
Ward nf lite City of New York, and buullded
an I des itbed as follows
BKCINNINli nt a point on the Northerly
side of l:7lll Street, 100 fee Kast of the
Northeaeti rly turner of Seventh Avenua las
iihlened) running thenca Northerly parallel
with Seventh Avtnue. ?.i feet and 11 llndies
to the tenter Hue of the block tbenre Kast
eily utid along the centie line of the block 80
feet, Ihf lo e Southed) ii od again parallel
null Sei'iMilh Avenue f-9 feit and H llirhes to
Ihe liorlhcl!) Hue of l.'Tth Street them e
IW.ierlv Mini along t lie. Northerly line of
I27lh Street 50 feet to the point or plaie. uf
bf gin nlng
Duti'd. New Vork November rr.th. 1M3
ilKOIHiK li.MlDINKIt PRY Referee
Kl'iiKNK u ijknkv Alliirne) for I'l.ilntlrt
251 West t.'lib siieei. Burough uf .Man
hattan. New York Clti.
The following la diagram nf Hie property
lo be .old.
Centre line nf block
mi J5L . L
127th Street
The upprovtiuate amount of the lien or
charge, to eatlaf) which the above-descilbed
property la to be aold, la Thirl) -one thousand
sev-.ii hundred and elghiy-elght und 7aloo
il.H.744 76) Dollars with Interest thereon
from the 27th day of October, 1911, tugethsr
with costs uud alluniitice amounting In
Tluee hundred twenty-one uud 41-100
11121.41) Dollars, with Interest fmui No
vember 19th, 1911, together with the ex
penses of the sale. Th approximate amount
of Die taxrs, asaesamant and water ratea
or other llena. which are to ho allowed to the
purchaser out of the purchase mone), or
paid by the Referee, la 1790 41 und Interest.
Dated. New Y'ork November 25th, 1911.
I', III I IKI K IHtllltVRII VIIV lle'er. e
Army and Naxy Orders,
WASHINGTON. Dac. I, The army
orders wer Issued to-day;
Cupt. L. S. Chappalear, Coast Artillery,
from duty on stuff commanding officer
coast dafenrra of San Frantlaco to Twsnt)
tlfth Company.
Plrst Lieut. V K. Clark. Coast Artllltrv.
from aviation duty with algnal corps to
Klxty-thlrd Company, Coast Artillery
Major J, II McKa, Adjutant-tleni-ral. to
dill) In urHia nf Ihe Adjutunt'tleueial of th
Muiur II II Whllney. Adjutant l-ne-rn
to duly as adjutant third illiliiui, xvilh
' 1 leut, i'ul, A jlasbrnut'k, righi-entb In
, fai'tiy. Bom Adjutant ilenerul's unit to hi
station 111 sun 1 v.i in itu
rIim'iii i"''",lllp " . I
I Past fl.iiit Vv lr Isliurtx frnln K1A1 linn f A :
I 1 11 1 ,. -i-. -
Washlnffton Predictions for To.
day and To-morrow.
For rasters New Terk ui New
Ilnuland, e lie rally fair to-dar tm
lo-niorrorr moderate to brisk west
and northwest wlnrls.
For New Jeraey. fair to-day and te
morrow, inodetale northwest winds
For weaiern New Y'ork, fulr to day an. I
to morrow, Increasing cloudiness, brisk weal
to northwest winds,
NKW YORK, Dec. f The pressure was
tewr over New Ktiglalul and New A ork
.leaterday and th depression In the South
west developed a small tentra over tiortheiii
New Mexico.
Snow tell In iiorjhern Neis York utid
New l.ligland mid 111 Colorado and litillhern
New Mexico, und rain In the loiiei Mia
snurl Yullcy and southward Inln Leul-laua
The pressure lonilnued high oier Ihe
Pacific. Slates, th Northwest, ibe ennui
vallejs and th t till I and south Atlantic
ll was tooler In almost all section
east of the Mls-Ilipl River, eviept sonic
few points lu the ilulf Slates and th upper
bike regions
Temperatures were below the fretting
poll In northern Nee York and from eastern
parts i.r the north I 'ail tic State eastward
Into the Dakotas and southward Into
lentrul New Mexico and Arizona.
Iu this illy the dav was cloudy snd
cooler, wind, fre-h northwest, average hu
midity c.'i per cent.; barometer, corrected
tu nad to sea level, at I A.M., 29.11;
3 P M 29.77.
'Hie tenuis rat urr In tills city yesterday, a
recnnleil by the official thernioireter. I ihown
In the annexed table
mix im: in.
0 A. M
:i" c p. M . ,
II M II 9 V. 91 .. ."'
3 1'. M 47" l'i" 13 Mid . . .so-
IxjHesl temperature, 3x at 1 A. M,
MIMATflli: .M.M NAC.
til pvi Alt
Sunrises 7 ui Mtn et- i:2 Moon set il2.no
tu ill AM
Simly 11 k t: ."i (.nv l-lxnd 1 i.i Hell Uate.... 3:34)
l.dU H l' I. 'I Ills DAY
xxi HI 4
.sandy 11 k c, i;,,y l.land s in Bell Hate ... 43
Arrived rill'llSB Y. Deceinber 4.
Hasan ( ii u lie ii hi ,. xi.'i M , Naplea, Norera-
S-New i'lk, 3Si M , NMItlialllploU. NB-
''si'l'riiJhi iii. s la I' M. Wpibiexiluy, Ualt,
Nnvenils'r 1 1
s Cii.ui.'ii City 7.1. P M Swansea. J
S.sinpi IP VI . sxvaiilllu. Niiveinber'.'3
.SsOmtii'a .'il.'.A M, nillbi. Nnieniber ,m
S, Italu-iri i li M.M Lucia. November 24).
. paiiin.a I A M . M.ilanas. November Si.
Sx Mblrln. :i A M . rrnntera. November 2.
Sx I I Pin. New orleanx. Noieinber 2U.
S Biiion. Juck-eiiitlle Decemtierl.
S. M-d.eii, NnifnU. Dei ember 3
S Melilia f Intel. Ilaltlllime. December 7
Sx l.iulerJeS He-Inn t'crelnblT II.
A It 1 4 1 I. II 1 ROM NI5V MIRK.
SMaiexilc at 1'lv niiiuth
Sx Kulirid&ni. at llutli rilatu.
bs Vultse, at Ilninbuig
.SVII.I D lull NKW YOllh
s. I'xitiilc. ftniii 1 tvertiuiil
Sxiiivnitb fruin Ouecr.xtuan.
- Maui trom Hrenii n
Sx Mexico, fruin eia t rur
S- Mliiiiewexka. 1mm Luiiilnii
s I'rli. Stfl.niiiiul. frum luagua
sail 'lu-day.
13 tl) U
a on l li
3 IS) P U
n ') u
I iu p u
3 (SI I'll
ll m A U
I.' in M
'.'io P M
II in A M
I? m M
15 HI M
I. nl M
I ii' 1' M
hi I' M
15' HI M
11 i s ' i M
1 il I' M
I 1' M
I in 1' M
1.' hi M
.1 i.i 1 W
.nil P M
Sin I' M
am P M
am p it
l')HI A U
I'.' (i) M
3111 P II
Oi'earilc, Southampton
Nlckerle. Parb'idox
Alllaura, Cristobal.
Curlivbx. Nueil'a.
s :i A M
11 i A M
11 30 A M
Mnhaw k, Jacksonville
Vltdlsufi, Nurfulk
Sill Tii-ninrmw.
I'erlln. lilbraltar x,n , M
Prex Lincoln. Ilaiaburg. 3o M
ColumMa yii-cn.iow n liituM
Ilurlrei.Ncnfuiinill.ini ; ji M
Emilia. Tail Plcu M
lliaro Sxti .blali Ui'i M
I lllvix. Jaii.alca l" M
Havana. Baial.a P'tsi M
Irnijuui.. -nii li,, iu-o Ui.lM
Mlr.t.cap"!.- leiiibui
eiona '.abli'
lirrmaliai vlar.HII.'. . .
DlnlaV.i Jaouiiia
Hiiroii. .Ii k-uiii Mlt
Ilenvel lililli -toll
oi-, . 'i urieiiti-
Cltv of I "I l"l-. s iiaiillltl . .
Prince.. litis- N'nlfolli
l'i Mlllnlo. liallcton
Niiecrx. I.c) Wc-I
lllo tirai.de. nrun-ulck
Sin .siiiul"v . I icmbi r 7
I'rlnr Aui n . .tamalia i, :,i ,VM
Sail Mntida). iN-teiiibcr
Plpiii del I'lo. Hiivr.hii
Ji ITcrsi'ii Nurfulk
Due lo-ilav
New Orleans
New Orleans. ..
Ilremeii . ..
I lverpool.
. . Halifax . . .
s in Juxn .
. . Havana ,
I'alermo .
. . 1 lverpool
... . Hamburg
... . Havana ....
. . (ialvexton.
Comet.. . .
Atcentllia .
Ssut aniii .
l rllli
I -w ratixa.
.Nov. U
Nov. 24
Nov. II
.Nov. JT
Nov. IS
Nov. t
Pec, ?
Pec. 30
Nov 2.4
Nov, 27
Nov. n
Nov. 31
Nov. 21
Doc. 3
Nov. 2S
Nov. 29
Nov. 19
Nov 29
Nov. 2
Nov. 21
Nov. 21
Nov. IU
Dec. t
Nov. 30
Nov. M
Dee. 3
Dec. J
Nov 2n
Nov. Jf.
Nov. '.'I
Nov. rs
Nov. v;
Nov 2:1
Nov. 2
Nuv. 2
Dec 4
Cll) of Columbus.
Due Tu-morrou.
La Savole
t .uonla
(alien .
I ulii.ilicbe
Prlii- Wlllem I.
VaudycW. .
San Marco- .
Liverpool, .
lU'llllst. . .
llirbados .
Jacksonville .
City of Sivatu.ah
Due Sunday. Dei ember 7.
(ali.eruula iila-gov,'..
siauipalla Palermo.
I'llse Millie . Shield-,
l'erudi'iie Lisbon
Vulcaiiu Naples.
I'ere.l Naples
Sxula Calhutllia Ratbadex
Nordeu Manraiillli)
Cll) uf St. laiillx. Savnuiinh.
By Wlrelr liicomln Veel.
S. ',.1 sainle. 750 miles east of sandy Houk at
;m A M )cieiilay
s 1 oinaticlie. 720 miles east of Sandy Book
at I 251' M ,
s 1 ariinta Hat iiiurs eaxi ui ?.antiy itisia i
7 M ...
Sa Celtic, 412 miles east of saiinj noog ai
ss 1:1 -id (ialii'sion. crosaeu i,aivrxian nar
at 4 :. P ,M
-x Colon Crlslob.il, 29V miles aouth of Sandy
lfnok at noon.
-x sail Jicinlo. iialie-loii, 2A2 milea rait ul
ii.il! 1 slim b ir at noun
Ciiv of Columbus, s ivaniiah. 112 mile
exst nl Diamond slin'll al 4 P M
-1 Kl Norte, l.alvi inn. 1-t nillea aouin nt
-.imlv Hook nt 6 1' M
-x Co.inio, -an Jiii'i. 1 050 mile south of
Saudi' Honk at X P M
llxperniira, Vrr 1 Crur 591 tul!a aouth nl
S 1111I.1 Hook at linotl
-s ,in M ireos li.lirston. 490 nillc smith nf
bind) lliuili ai 8 P M
-x lM'he. Jai 1,-n- 1 ills. ME, miles south of
-a i'l) lb ma at ? P M
S- llil)0 New Orleans, 373 miles south of
s i" ii Hunk in : 1' M
si sunn linn, hi'lue. l.)71 miles south of
Sii'di' Hunk at iHMin,
Ss 111 Alba, fi.ilvnlim 30 miles wee. ut
Tortuga at 4 P M
Mox-enirnta uf .Vaxal Vraaela,
WASIIIMiTON. I'' 4 The ,r.ieia
Chester atnl Taioiini hue an lied al lain
Pico, the irulser i iiifun.a at MaiirattlMe
the sup pi) ship it u irr and the gunboat
Annapolis nt San B as M-ilio, the battleship
NebrasHi at 'era Crtir. the deslrojer li'lln an
al tjulncy, silbmarilies PI I' J and F 4 al
Male Island and the temlsr Alert al Sau
The lug Waban has saiiert from Ouan
tanauio for t'lenfuegna the gunboat Petrel
Irom Puerto Piata lor Santo Domingo cllv,
lb destroyer Walker, Pieslon and fluster
from Delawal Breakwater for Charleston,
th despuiih boat Dolphin from Norfolk fer
Washington. Hi destroyer Whlppl and
Paul Junes from San Diego for Mar Island
fifth FPId ANlllry , , ,, . ,.,,
Fliat Lieut. T il lionscbalk, fium I lllli
in sei I Field At title 1 x
dpi II U Red f'.ini Fifth to secoai
I'le'd AMP 1 . .
n,,i 1 ion 1 itumb.uigh, from slsta
o se I I Ii Id Alllllel)
, '
- , rrslgii.it aiccpted
1 ,1 IS. I III ll'l'l" - Ll
Ne navy erdar were Issue to-day.

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