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Prominent Men nml Host
Humbler Persons Attaint
Hc(ti('.sts Not Made Public
lMininic of fjWO.MHMiOO Said
to I'e Incorrect.
Mnnv nelsons ptomlnent In New York
tlfe mill win U went tn St. James's Kplscopal
Chiudi, .Miullmii avenue ami Seventy-first
stieet, yi sterility morning to do honor to
thi' melon! of ticiitirc A. llearn, nicr
(.limit iiml patron of art. Itlshop l'reder
Ick I. Oourtne), lector of the rhuri'h.
olllclatcd lit tin- kcr li-rx lie was us
slate il l.y the Rev. James V. Chalmers,
vicar of the t'hurch of tin- Holy Trinity,
u chapel of St. James's parish.
The limly was taken from tlm llearn
home at 4ft K.i.-t SKty-nlhth street
shortly after 10 o'clock. Many lifelong
friends called at tin- homo to pto
their last resin rls, anil there was
a sticain of unpin) ets. The body rested I
In the parlor almost directly In front of
n croup of Mr. Ilrarn'M favorite paint
ings. The rhutch altar was banked high with
111.411 V llowers sent liy admirers of the late
melch.iht. Tht services well' most Im
pressive. Men iironiltieiit In tlnanee, com
merce, llterutuie anil art were there.
Anions those present were many men who
began their rut em h as oah bos In tin)
employ of the I learn toie fifty jcars ago.
There were also nun men anil women of
humble means who had l.eiu llti il liy the
eharlty anil generosity of Mr. He.uu dur
ing his life.
Snim -Mr. Ileam'a I'morltc II inn.
At the request of llishop Oolutney the
congregation Jollied In the singing of Mr.
llearn's favorite h.vtnns. "Ncaier. My (tod.
to Thee," and "Jesus, t-over of My boul."
i. I. Rlchaids, the chun.lt oiganlst, pla.Mil
Handel's "Lingo" us tin) eollln was t.ikin
from the hcaiso As the ootlln was car
rled down the nlslc the choir sang I'us
nell'g "Hurl.it Chant "
Mrs. llearn, the widow, stood the strain
with the greatest dltlleult). She was sup
ported hy Inr son-in-law nd uniulson.
Clnrksou Cowl and li.nald Cowl. Sh
nobbed continually and had to be half
carried to the carriage at the '"lid of tlm
Twenty-five nlitnmoblle.' and neiil .in
equal number of carriages followed the
automobile hearso to Woodlawn. making
one of the lonnci-t funeral prnetsslons
sem lu New York In some time.
The honorary pallbeaiets were 1M
ward l. Adams, .1 W. Alexander. Will
him Carr. John I'hinin, John Klderkln,
William T. Kvans. Howaid Hapten. Oath
ollna Lambert, William Mi-Master Mill.".
M INntj:. Herman Kidder, Thomas
Spell IMw.ird Townsend, Hubert H.
Woodward, ('apt. J. It. Hreenliut. Henry
Thompson. Ilmry Slegel. Ir. Alfied S.
T.ivloi ard Roland Knoedler.
T'le niemlieis of the Immediate family
r i'Mi the widow were I leorge Sehen.'k,
i - -i 1 .w ami Senior member of Hie
lie i e .iiipany, ami Mis. Schcnck . Mr.
ir.d Mis r'larkson Cowl, daughter runt
i in ii.w : lleibert (irlimies, son-in-law,
i id !i.i:.i!d and Arthur Cowl, grandsons.
Pc egatlons represented the M'tropoll
ion Museum of Art. the National Arts
Club, tn Central M.reantlle A?ocl.i
'in C e Washington Square Asoel ulon,
'lit Urn I;imi Institute of Arts and
Se'elieeH, St llcorge'S Snebtv. the S-a-meii
s Ch 1 1st 1. 1 n Association, New York
1-my isily and the National Academy of
M. lleoro's Will Itend.
Mr lliarn's will was takin from a aijlt
in the afternoon and re id to ini!inill.i
iminlnrs of the f-imlly It was nuieed by
those who heard it that tiothttiK i.KardliiK
Its contents Hliould be made public until
a formal statenunt Is pr pared
In the afternoon, however, an eveniim-
jiaper prlntid a statement purporlinjc to j
come from responsible sources tn.u me
wl II left the entire Ileum art col-
leetlon to fie Metropolitan Museum ami
that It Included many benin sts to charity.
':. ri .r
iq nearly j:ifi,nno,ooo, liiKte.ul of $U.noo,
OOn, n at nrpt supiiosen,
11 l' Heacli, for many yai private
r-ecrctaty to .Mr. llearn n ml Murine recent
rears" his lccal a(ller. Kilil laxt nlcht
that no one familiar with Mr. llfarn's will
iouM have civen the Inlorniatlon ami that
It would probably be found to be incot
Sirs. I.lclllenslrln Accuses llnshnnd
and (icta f 10 11 Week Alimony.
A woman's story of belnir driiBKtd ns
part of n consplrncv anansid bv her
husband to Ret evidence for a divot ce
from her was told to Supieiue Court Jus
tlco Torrt when Mrs. IMna M. I.lclituii
stein asked for alimony and rounsel fen
to enable her to defend a suit for divorce
brought by Sol W. I.lrhteristeln, member
of tho Arm of l.lchtensleJii llros., opti
cians. In decldltiK the case yesteiday
Justice I'ord said that "It won led me
juore than a little," but he thought he.
was "doliiK human Justice" by both
patties hy tflvliiB Mis. I.lchtensteln MO
11 week alimony and ?2j counsel fee.
LIchteiiHteln met his vvlfu four eara
no In Columbus, Ohio. She had been
divorced from ft former husband and was
UvInK under her maiden mime of IMna
Wright. They were mariied on .lanu
nry 24. 1'JlJ. The affldavitH suhmltted
In behalf of Wchtenstein state that while,
lie was out of the city last summer
his brothels became suspicious of Mrs.
l.lchtensteiu and had her wat bed, On
Miaust 4 last the detectives sjw her meet
11 man at 1 :t . I stieet and lirouduay
Tiny notllled the plaintiff's btother i:u
t.ene, of US 1 1 West Km! avenue, and he
tinned them. Tim party followed the
two to the HrlKhton Heath Hotel, where
lli collide registered and took a loom
01 the Kround floor.
In maklim her ebartte of conspiracy
. ,s l.lchti nsteiu said ;
"The plaintiff, or some one lu his be.
ball conspired to defame my character
by tmployliiK some one to administer to
in .1 drun that oausnl me to bo unac
1 oiiutnbto for my acts and whatever took
place nfttrwurd, nil of which I have no
l.'iinwIedRe of, beciu-e ever silico that time
I havo In en under tho care of a phy
jilclan, who haM bieu tuatlnK me for
a nervous breakdown."
tellers Ilrolhers KaJolneU from lla-
!uit Metropolitan Name.
H. I.co Sellers and II. II. Sellers, the
Teltpost promoters who have been re
Btraltied by the New Yorlt courts from
vising tlm name of the Metropolitan Tele
phone nnd TeleKraph Company In selling
their securities because It Is, the name, of
11 concern which still has valuable bonds
nutstandlng and who moved to Jersey
city after the Injunction was signed, nre
now enjoined from using the namo In New
Mie.cimncellor Howell holds that there;
la nothing to distinguish bonds of the
two companies except thut one beats the
words "Bute of New York" and tha othr
mate of "ajairr" "
Petition Link MImIiir SnpervUor
With the Itnad tlrnft lf.
Judtte Holt In the fulled States Dis
trict Court esterday appointed Augustus
M. Hntid receiver for the Merrltt Con
Kttuctloti Company of Tucknlioe, of which
Henry C, Merrltt.-the mlsalnK Supirvlsrtr
of the tuwn of i:astchester, Is president.
The action was taken after the tllltiR
of n petition In liankiuptcy iiKnlnst the
concern In which seilous allegations lire
made uonceiuliiK the cause of the com
pany's present condition and the aliened
elfortM of certain Westchester political In
terests to prevent an Investigation,
The bankruptcy pioceedliiKs were pre
cipitated by the investigation of the
pcmonal affairs of Merrltt, who was put
Into bankruptcy Hlmrtly after lie dis
appeared leaving it shortage In his tic
i omits as supervisor.
Ileiijamlii M. freeman, who was tip
pointed lecelver of Merrill's personal
assets, filed a KtipportlUR iilllilavlt In
which he tells how he was hampered In
his Investigation. He says that on No
vember 24 he was thrown out of the
olllces of the Merrltt Constiuctlnii Com
pany hy John I.. Hajs. the vice-president
of the concern
The bankruptcy petition reclns that the
cninpnnj's llnaiu-ial troubles ate piohably
duc to Its IiiivliiR been Involved with other
eontractois tn ttalisactions "winch are
purl of the subject matter of the Investi
gation of State highway contracts now
being made by tho State of New York,"
The company's liabilities are roughly
estitnatcd nt about IS.'iU.noO.
Secret ii ry of Peace Association
Decries tlie Price of
.Modern War.
M! Miii'lnn r.urritt. field seciet.iry of
tls- I'eac - Association, told the Legislative
League "What War Iteally Means" at the
Waldorf yesterday afternoon.
The col'i-ge ed.'.e,it:oii of a boy or girl,
Jl.TOli. goes up In smoke ivery "time one
. . . . ., . .. ,i.i i..
of the bigs guns a. thed.' said Miss Hut-
rill. "We often hear It said that the. pr, (juldan said yesterday at the office
discipline of the w.v i Is a tine thing i of Mr. Talley :
for the sallor boys. ,, as a matter of ; "Atj-J I ."Z Z
fact il per cent, lututest on the value ( foiiwlng I .lent him a total of
of one dreadnought would keep .very iiS.niio, Ho promised to pay me Jsl.OOO
one of them In lolieges cr leclmie.il sohools , out of the prottts of successful promotions,
where the, might be taught some lly ,
u.eful tr.ule. t'nc er cent, lutenwt on ,.on am (.q,, ;oinpany. Its president is
the value of a dreadnought would pay c. C. Leavens of Washington- Its pro
the combined s.il.ui.s of the college prcs-, spectuses set forth that It owns DI.OOO
.. . , .,, acres of coal and timber lands In West
hlents of the countl Virginia.
"The cost of all these things is so) Tagllavla went tn Ixindon and sold a
stupendous that we cannot realize It. If (l,0vt),000 Issue of 6 per cent, first mort-
the war debt of V. pe were piled up In I twenty year profit Tlnt gold
, ,. , , . ., bonds, on which his profits were j:.iO,000.
$1 bills It would make a stack 101 miles '(m j,;nu!irv 3t ,.,,3, 1 secured from him
high. All the bonks in all the libraries 1 n signed agreement which promised me
In the I'nlted States are not woith as one-half of the moneys he received from
o.iic'! is one war.hin 1 "'' """r1-1' ,lnt11 's'00l, ll,a'1
IIIUi ,1 .IS one wnrsnip i..l una eninllletnl in-
I,-,.,. I...H ,Mwl,11l,, 1
ton loiitr sIvIiik pink tc.iv nml linzanrs
trJinir to rain- a little money It Ih true
we had somethltiK to say about the real I
country T'.ie lat
. A ," ll', I I II I HI .11,-
century looked upoi,
if violent de.itlin
of 1 ,ooii,ooo of the llovver of Its youm:
men. This leave the old and feeble to
propagate a weakened race.
I thi" what the people who ate cry.
ItiK for war with Mevlco want? I'rcldent
Wilson is trlnir ti prevent war by cut
thnr off money; lrill the owneri of con
cessions be n'.lowcd to plunee the country
Into war?
"The Teace Society believe in anna.
inent for protection, but it l .1 riue.tlnn
nt linw nilir.1i hi-rtlrtfitlnn le mi.... .rv '
were told vhen the Panama Canal wax at the close or a nuny session !".n.,,
built that I) would decrease the number Tin attorneys will it" to I'hlladelptila to
of hattlesltlpM bcc.ue thev could ko easllv. i!n. where the Hovernment s motion to
be moved from ocean to ocean. Now we limit the .1. fendaut s time for I'Uttltn, In
are told that we muat have new battle.."" evld.nce to December .u will be ar
shll to defend the canal '' I ittuil.
1 There was a double he.irlns yesterday
Infteinoon. JudRc Jacob M, Dltklnson for
In roreclosr 11 .VIorlUHue 011
tVehlier rroperl).
.M'i.llfi:i.io, N. V! Iei I il.my Val
I011 lost liis case iik.iIiisI I'liarles WeViber
lu the Sulltviiu county Stipieme Court
here to-day before JuiIm1 llasbinuck. and
as n result Vallou was aiitsted 011 u
M"n.l Ur,-,y am. ,.uil,..l under
1 ('.'no bonds to appear lor a liearliiK on
.-.itunlay motulux.
vallon. vv ln w.ts a witness auaiust ex-
l.lcut. Charles IfecUer lu tbo ItuMiithal
murder case, brought an action to foie-
close a mortKaKi for ll.oOci iik.iIiiI the
faim of Charl.s Webber at I'alMmrir. ,
Sullivan county, which aiiiniint he asserted
he furnished to Webber in 1H12 and I1C0
of which was kIvcii to him by Jack Hose,
Webber contended that the ll.ouO was
sent to him by his hi other. Hrldgle Web
ber; that Vntlon carried tin- money to
him and that llrldtjle Wcbbei wanted the
inottKnge made to Vallon so as to pr
, , i," w.i.iw.i. ..., i.n,.i. in,, .i,. i,u
was lending tils hi other money. Wt bbei
gave Vallon the mortgage.
The Jury .b-cldtd that Vallon had oh.
lllllir.. iiiu in,, 1 llll.J.lKll llt.ll'l itllll
fh.'if If Hlinolit lie eiMli-elteil. Viillini e.'ilil
tluit lie would Hunch tbe fuu. s of soon.
witnesses who had testified against him. Kuuaaed lu Accused Man.
Attorney lleinard Sandler, who lepre
stnted Vallon In the Hosenth.il case also, 1 Sim.HWlM.n. 1ml., Dec. 1 Tho sup
requested that his client be parob d lu Ids posed "other woman in the e.u.c," Miss
custody, but the icnuest was refused. ICatherlne Fleming of Hendricks county.
Vallon Mid ho was broke nml Sandler was n witrnss In the Knahn murder trial
took a large diamond ling from his finger J to-day, The State summoned her In an
atid offered It as secuilty for the ball, effort to show that the defendant, Dr.
swearing that It was woith 1,'uii. The
ring was accepted,
Vallon said that he would bring Jack
Hose here as a witness 011 Saturday.
Automatic Snfely Devices fall, nml
One Train Sldrsvt Ipes" Another.
What the subway operators thought
was Impossible happened js:erd,iy morn
ing Two trains ciashul together, doling
eonsldeiable d.vmuKc ami tying up tr.ithY
south of Ihooklyn llildgn from 1 0 :t."
o'clock until I2;15 o'clock A Van Cott
landt I'aik c.piess coming north from
South 1'eity was sldeswlpcd bv a West
Farms express cuuilug In from llroukl) n,
The front car of the lliooklvn train
headed Into the tiuln from South Kerry,
striking at the third car fioui the rear,
The force of the Impact threw thn Itniok.
lyn lialn'i flout wheels otf tlm track und
the last tats of thu Van Cnrtlandt I'arli
train were badly scratched. This hup.
pened about a train length south of the
Howling ilroen station. Tlm Van Cnrt
landt Turk train was able to pull Into th
station, but passengers on the train from
llrooklyn had to walk the track,
No great damage was done tn either
train and nslde fiom being shaken up and
frightened nono of the pas.ieiKfi-.s was
hurt. What Interested the subway opera
tots and passengeis vim tbe uppureiit
failure of the block system and the auto
matic Dips which weiu HiipMn"d to tender
collisions Impossible. Motortuan Charles
W, Kills, In chaige of the tiala from
llrooklyn, tnslntcl that he had put on his
brakes the Instant tbo block signal ahead
of him flashed red.
Oeneral Muuager lledley of die Inter
borough explained that tlm purpose of the
Intricate block and safety stop system
was in rniihi' an acciiieut or that sort Im
possible, no mutter what the motornun
did. He Is making a careful Investigation
to discover just wiiat the cause was and It
was said at his ntllce last night that no
conclusion had te n retch'.
Dr. S. Ormond floldan Sues
Ilrotlier-iii-liiw for Slmi'e in
81,000,00(1 Deal.
ClinrjreN That Afcreement to
Sliure Profits of Ilond Salo
Was Fraudulent.
Ir. 5. Ormond OoUlan. a wenlthy
physician, who lives at 2.1 West Seventy
fourth street. Is fighting In ths courts of
two countries to recover money which he
asserts lie lent to "grubstake" his nrother-
In-liiw, Krederlck T, Tagllavla, a promoter
of London and New York.
Pr. (loldati and his counsel, Alfred J.
Tnlliy of IS." Ilroadway, declare that
Tagllavla made etiorinoiiH profits In selling
bonds of the National Hltumlnous Coal
and Coke Company, a concern Incorporated
In Washington, 1. C, and which has no
connection with the National Co.il and
Coke Company of this city, and that he
failed to keep an agreeimnt to pay lr, I
Holdall IS.'.l'OO out of these profits.
Pr. (Joldan mid his counsel, pneslug
their suit In the Lnglish courts and" In
the Supreme Court lure, iisseit that Pro
moter Tagllavla cleared !5u,00 In nitir
kiting tl.UOU.OdO of bonds for the National
liltiimliious Coal and Coke Company. Sen-
isatlonal charges are made by both sides.
I -.. ..11.. . I . ..11...... ?! I l.tliton tnt iraA
l ilKlia t la aiiesei in... ,.-.'....
an agreeiiient setting out that Tagllavla
was to pay the doctor IS.1.000. Dr. C.oldan
attacks the management and good faith
of the coal unit coke company's financial
The case will be heard In this cil for
the llrst time when Pr. Holdall Is ex
amined at 1" o'clock to-morrow morning
by counsel for Tagllav la. The purpose
"f the examination Is to test the validity
of the n.'.OOO agteemeiit which Tagllavla
..,,,,,., ,,,.,.- fo,Er,l.
IUIIO. me iiviiii ......
ne. i'ii.i. Ilui ThkIIhvI.1 paid me h
'total of only lin.nuo. When 1 pressed
. .1... ..1. t...
)nvJa ea',( tjmt the a(?reement was
fr'rt,Iuje,',t. lie Is carrying on at present
ni:,1,iipr ji.opo.nort Kale."
TacllavUi Is In iAintton.
(.a lil.
Dr. Colilan
Two Sel of Atlornej" Qnesllon Wlt
nrase In Federal Snll.
The henrliiB In the ttovernim-nt's anti
trust suit iiKnlnst the I'lilteil States Steel
Cnri'or.itlon was ailjourneil until .Monday
the government mm Attorney i.inii.ioury
for the corporation InterroKated vll
nesKis on the sixteenth floor nt 71 llroad
vviiv while Henry V.. Colton for the tlov
ernment Hint Attorney Severance for the
corporation held forth with other vvit
m slH on the twentieth floor.
rerdlnand K. Cutler, a wholesale hard
line ibaler of Waterloo, Iowa. teMtltb'd
that when "the price" of wire (foods was
mentioned It was understood to be the
pi Ice of the American Steel nnd Wire
Company. He said the American Steel
and Wlie Company's price was the price
limited In the trade impel b ns that of
tb'' leadltiK Interests."
others swore that tlieie was competi
tion and that although firms some.
"luoxeii aiu.e ,.,,ces were hni.-i.ui)
othrr wllin sses were. William B.
Mellth. William A. t.lnn. assistant pur
cliaslnir agent of the Chicago. Milwaukee
and St. rani Hallroad ; (leorge K. Van
llngen, vice-president of the Stanilard
Kornlngs Company of Chicago, and Kred
erlck de Ciinlncb, president of the Sykes
t'oinpatiy, sliett metal contractors nt
Hlval f r, Ivnnlie Ileiiles She Wa
W. It. Craig, was cnuaged to her while
he was paying atlvnllons to Dr. Helene
Knabe, the woman who was murdeied,
.Miss Fleming admitted the defendant
visited her for more than two ears, but
dialed they vwr engaged,
.Mrs. J. V. Smith, living near the Del-
aware Hats In lull, testified she saw a
man loitering around the htreiit tvar Dr.
Knabe's apartments anil two or thtee
times she saw him peeling In the windows,
She notified tho police mid the stranger
ceased to hiiilllt the place. The defence
brought out the fact that tho piowier vas
a smaller man than Dr. I'inlg.
Mary Powell and Jefferson llalns, lwth
employed lit the Delaware flats In lull,
said they heard grouns ami screams on
the night Dr. Knabe was killed, but sup
pol the doctor was performing an oper
ation. They did nut Investigate, Ilalus
said he heatil footsteps lu Dr. Knabe's
apartment at fi:30 o'clock that morning,
lie said theje was no Uulfc In the garbage
can when he icmoved the can from the
basement. t , .
ScblldUiieelil liol Slnnlh'a Snlarr by
Pulse 1'romUra.
After getting 11 deluy of more than a
month hy promising, to give evidence
against persons who had profited by his
larcenies John C, Schlldknecht was sent
to Htnto prison for not less than two
years and sU mouths und not mom than
four years and eight nainths by Judge
Muhon.iy In General Sessions yesterday.
Schlldknecht was 11 $23 a week cashier
for Did Wushburn-Crosby Flour Com
pany and fled to South America when It
was certain that he could no longer cover
up his thefts, which amounted to 15:1,000.
After detectives had Marched for him
lor weeks he turned up In llrooklyn pen
niless, having worked his way back us u
stoker on a coast line steamer. After
giving himself up he promised to nld the
authorities to recover purl of the money
ho stole, hut didn't do It,
$3.50, $4.00 & $4.50 SHOES
0rtw 1MB atylmm, kMm nf mhmf, In mH
famttmrm, mlnm mn mkHhm, tm stiff rM-jrfcaefjr.
$728,864 INCREASE
tn thm Mfo mt W.L.Oumlmm imm Ihmmmatymae.
ft AM. at my itore nnl foryoiirst-lf tlio kind of
shoes we are selling for $.1.00, $4.00 anil $4.50
which ban mado this large Increase In business.
You will then be convinced that W. I. Douglas
$8.50,94.00 und $4.50 shoes are abotuicly ns good
an other makes costing $5.00 to $7.00, the only
difference Is the price.
I call your especial attention to my low, broad
heel, receding toe Kngllsh Wnlklua Hoots In Trtns,
Oun Metal and Imported Patent. Also, my exclusive
short vamp shoes which mttke the foot look smaller.
require no brcaklng-Iti, are worn the world over.
The belt $9.00, $2.80 and $3.00 Boys' Shoes In ths world.
TIKE Uti SlineTfTIITF ' ennlnellhnul W.I..Itnas-
If W. L. Uoiirlai nho nrr not for o!f In our
from Uciory. Hbon tor every membf of the family, at nil prtt-pr pot
M fret, wrltt for Illustrated Cataloi, hning ou tirjw to iirlr by
as Kiiiiii Slreel.
MB HrosilnsT, corner HI h Street.
SS3 llrosit way. cor. 1 4th HI . I I'nlon Hq.)
1340 tirositwar, corner :Mtli Street.
140.1 Itrosilwsy (Times Square).
04 Thlril Avenue.
1489 Third Avenue.
2701 Third Aenue,rorner 190th Street.
3179 Third Ave.. Let. Until 147th Mis.
345 Klghth Avenue.
M3 Eighth Avenue.
aSOWeM 1 US Hi Mreet.
JiYpulil idi 11 Coiiforpiieo at Wal
dorf To-day Expected to
Be Harmonious.
DiMunnd May Ho Mado for Invos
tjpntion liy Assembly
Speakership Open.
About Sou Ilepubllcans have accepted
Invitations to the patt.v's get together
conference, which Is to be held from 1 :3n
to fi o'clock this afternoon lu the grand
ballroom of the Waldorf. The city nnd
up State will he represented about evenly.
It looks as if the much advirtistd twin
malii't the leadership of William Haines
will not materialize. Such at bast was
the tiellef at State he-idouartcrs vestcrday,
and apparently the ambition of the Young
ItepubllcatiF to make an Issue of Jl.
Ilarnes at this harmony conference has
lot vigor as the day approaches.
The chairman piohably will be either
President Nicholas Mm ray llutler of Co
lumbla or Louis Marshall, although the
managers of tin: meeting sa.v that not
even tbat feature of the programni.!
has been fixed. After tbe opening speech
of Senator Klihu Hoot, who came up from
Washington last night, and whose winds
are expirted to please the Progressive
will as the "leguhirs." Mi. Ilarnes
will be heard.
He has tb,. gift ,,f brevity
will not talk long.
and probably
Declines tn Make
Mr, Ilarnes ald yesterday that he had '
no Idea what the conferees would dlscuts (
or do that their wishes would govern ab
solutely. Am to his own purposes be said.
"Whatever I hive to i.a.v will be -aid to
morrow" It Is understood that he will
not oppofe radical suggestion or paits
policy und legislative piiuiamine If the
spirit of tho other Republicans seems to
tun In that direction.
National policies will be discussed lit- I
tie, if at all. The conference will con- j
centrate on plans fl)r legislation lu Al
bany. Some of the delegates are leady to
demand that the Republican Assemblv
Investigate what they call abuses under
the Democratic administration. They are
likely to ask that the "barv canal scan
dal" be looked Into first of all,
They will point out that when the
Hughes administration emled, the Re
publican State Ihiglncr repotted that the
canal was about sf per cent, minpletul
and that the whole cost would be les
than tlm lliio.iuio.iiiiii appropriation Hut
they will quote Knglneer Kernel, Demo
crat, as saving last .l.inu.iiv Hint tin.
OOO.OUu rnoie was needed, and at the wa-'
terways convention this fall that the total
cost would be about fuo.onn.nno.
It was said last ulglit that the Speaker,
ship of the next Assembly would not be
discussed to-day. Ogden 1.. .Mills, i,o
has been travelling through the St'ite
for ten das tr.vlng to find out who the
Republicans wanted for Speaker, said the
up-State pieferenee seemed to be divided
among Clinton llotton of Iluffalo, John
I.. Sullivan of Chautainiua and Alexander
Macdonuld of I'nuiklln. The largest
following appeared to be behind Air.
Twelve of the nineteen Assemblymen
elect who sent Mi. .Mills on his, travels
are from Kings county. Their candidate
Is Almetb W. I luff, but they are agi I
that .Statewide strength Is the proper test
of eligibility.
Tbo "non-pat tlenn" Assemblymen. elect
from several parts of tho State who se
lected a committee on November :M to
ash nine supposed candidates for Speaker
what their policies would bo have he.iul
fngn seven of th nine. The Assembly,
men-elect will discuss the replies at the
Hievoort on Satuida. It Is believed that
their choice will be Mr. lloiton
Albany Assemblyman Appeals Onl
to fi. O. I. for Nllpiiorl.
Ai.hant, Dec. 4. -Assemblyman Harold
J, lllnmau of Albany has formally an
nounced that he Is a candidate for the
Republican party nomination for Speaker
of the nuxt State Assembly, which will
he organized January 7, The Republican
caucus will be held on the night of Jan
uary il to namo their choice for Spe.tktr
and clerk,
Mr. lllnmau makes his announcement
In response to u t .inmunlratlou he lias ru
reived from some of the Assemblymen
elect who have organlied a linn-partisan
conference for the control of the next
Assembly. Mr. lliiiman responds to the
request for'hlM views on certain public
questions by addressing an open letter
to nil the Republican Assemblymen-elect
of lUI 4, and has sent n copy of this let.
ter to the chalrmun of thu non. partisan
conference committee.
Mr. I Unman' letter In part Is as fol
lowa :
"I enclose a copy of tho questions which
I have been requested to answer. Thcao
vlrlnltv. nnlrrdirrct
491 Pulton Street, corner Pearl Street.
T0S.7I0 llronil war, corner Thornton M.
13A7 llriiHilwMy, curlier flnles Avenue.
47a Fifth Avenue, cornel 11th hi reel,
177(1 1'llkin Avenue.
.IKHxKV CITY-34 Newark Avenue.
M'.tVAKK-a.ll llroad Street.
I'ATKIlsON-in J Market Nt.,rnr.CIark
TIIKNTOS 101 K. State St., cor. llroad
questions deal with the adoption of the
I budget s.vstim in State finance, revision
of the ruU'S of the Assembly, home rule
land dlrett primaries. 1 have bom light
ing to carry out this programm-.- this year
I nml the simplest answer to all of these
I questions Is to point to my record."
Out of
lit cry Hollar rtv York Para
Cents for Distribution.
Out of very dollar which the consumer
pas for food In New York 89 cents goes
to pay for the distribution of the product
after It has leached the terminal market
here, aicordlng to figures compiled by the
bureau of food supply of the New lork
Association for Improving the Condition
of thu Poor The figures nre bas.d on
analysis of tho expenses of the 230 food
supply stores.
The Inquiry shows that the total cost
of distributing groceries Is less than the
cost of distributing any other food prod
uct approximately one-third of the total
cost of the product to the consumer
The poor consumer living lu a poor sec
tlon of the city bears n larger proportion
of the cost of living than his more pros
perous brother In a more prosperous sec
tion of the ciu. In explaining this the
report says that the oor man Is obliged
to buy In smaller quantities nnd the ex
penses of the small store from which In
lines nre irrp.-iter In tirmortlon than those
of the larger stores. !
A reorganization of the whole system of ,
food distribution in New York Is urged .
by ltalley Ik Iluiritt, director of the as.
soel.Ulon's department of social welfale.
under w hose
direction tbe Inquiry was
Should lie Not More Than :'.(I0
Keel. Nor Loss Than I OH
on StiTct Line.
Impoit.int ictlietntis on the develop
ment of the city lire i eoniutncndi d in 11
o.irt which the Heights of lltiildltig
'onimlslon, of which ex.l'ublic Serv'ce
i'ommlsslon"r IMw.ird M. llasett Is chair
man, made yesii'tday to the lloanl of
Kstlmate's commltti e on buildings.
The iiimmlsslon would limit helsht at
the street lino to twice the width of the
stieet. "but such limit shall In no case be
less than 100 feet nor more than Man
IVet " When the limit Is reached the
buildings may be cat tied higher by setting
the street walls back one fmit for .uii
four feet of increased height. This would
give a p.vr.imldal form to the structure
No lornhe may ptoj.vt into the stieet
nmie than five feet of the street width
The isuumlsslon says that a tower may
be elected to any height If it docs not
cover mole than "S per cent, of the lot
and If evety pait of the to-ver Is kept at
least twenty feet fiom the lot and sftet
The commission calK about fomteen to
seventeen stories tile "economic height
limit" on an Interior plot on a sixty loot
stieet, and fiom sixteen to twenty Moth's
on a lorner plot on n lOo foot stieet.
The commission sijs that the "present
almost uniestiictcd power to build to any
height, over any ptoportlon of the lot, for
any desired use and In any pan of the
city, his lesiilied iM Injury to nal e-t.ite
and business Interests ami to the health,
safely and giliel.il wiifaie of the iit,."
The coiniiilsslon's recommendations ap
ply to nil buildings except tenement
bouses, concerning which existing lequlie
inent. ate strict,
I'lllmati'l.v the cominlsi.iiii believes that
Hi- city should be divided Into districts,
with leMiletlons based on the needs of
eai'h distil,
The ic putt also says that factories should
be excluded fiotn the neighborhood of
upper l'lftli avenue, preserving the avenue
as "a high class shopping centre." It says
that buildings on l'lftli avenue should be
limited ill height to 11!.' fi et on .the stieet
line and to (in feet on the cross stieets
which am fid feet wide.
Wllllnm II, xnavv Loses Wife and
Child by Aevmla lleeree.
Ri:mi, Nev, Dec. 4. William H. Shaw,
a wholesale Jewelry merchant who lives
nt the Hotel McAlplu, New York city,
lost his wife and child through n decree
of divorce granted to Oertrudo l Hliuvv
hero to-day. Tho Hhaws were married In
New York on November 1, ll'OO,
The complaint charged Shaw with den-r.
tlon In lull and non-support since Jan
uary 1, 1 H 1 S. ,lle made n formal appear
unco through llrooklyn attorneys. Mrs.
Shaw testified thut sho seriously objected
to it young woman employed by her hus
band, who iefusei to d!chnrgu her.
Mrs. (lertrilde I.. Shaw got a decree of
absolute divorce from William II. Shaw
III the Siipicme Court In llrooklyn on
May 17, 11)12, Miss Charlotte dominion.
21 car old, manager of the defendant'.!
stole, vviih named as corespondent. This
decree wus set aside lii thn same court '!
I'Ybniury 2", IIM3, after tlm corespondent
had convinced physicians appointed bv
the court that tha evidence had been uu
An Exceptional Offer of
Fur -Lined Motor Coats
at $37.50
The coat is full muskrat lined, with a
'blended muskrat collar and all wool kersey
When we say a full lined muskrat coat
we mean that sleeves as well as body are
lined with muskrat. A good many coats on
the market today, sold as cheap coats, have
sleeve linings of an inferior fur.
The fur in these coats is very good.
They are coats that ordinarily would
sell for $50. Burlington Arcade Floor, New Building.
John Wanamaker
Broadway at Ninth
BrowningWKing & Co
Holiday Windows
The atmosphere of the coming Holidays begins
to fill bur Shop Windows.
They hold you a moment in passing by the beauty
of the display of the Newest Styles in Clothing
and Furnishings suitable for Gifts.
And this showing of Seasonable Finery is but a
Table of Contents, or an Index, to the still more
attractive Contents of the Store, which you are
most cordially invited to visit.
Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats, and F.ven
ing Clothes, Ready-To-VVear, when needed, and
right in every respect.
Suits and Overcoats from $15 to $50.
At the moment there are some special bargain to he hail in both Men's
and Children's apparel where certain lines are broken anil higher
priced garments have been used to fill in the sizes.
Broadway, near 32nd Street.
Cooper .Square at 5th Si. Fulton St.. lirooklvn.
mark of
2 FOR 25c.
Violation of Cornell (Ode liy
One Lead's A not Iter to Tell
of Herniation.
Hiciuse one "college widow" at Oorni.lt
tool, avva the student ndmlier of another
the lntter woman told the lltst widow's
husband and lie sued the student for
alienating Ills wife's affections. Thus tbe
following rules for tbe Cornell "widows"
became part of the record lu the aliena
tion suit on tilal before Supnnie Court
Justice Amend yesterday
"Never keep a college student from his
cl.issis. ,
"Never alienate him from Ills parents.
"Treat him as though ho were weak
minded, "Never iujtlie him b talking to others
about him.
"h'orget tit tn nfter be leaves college."
The college "widow" whoso husband
sued her student admirer and also got a
divorce from her Is Miss Vera Ulack, who
was Mrs. John II. Wndlelgh when she nc
ceplcd Hie attentions of I.orlng Tonkin,
graduate of the Cornell school of engi
neering, who Is a member or n wealthy
family nt Oil City l'a., and has been
married since he left college, two years
The witness who expounded the code
of the Cornell college widow is Mrs.
Olivia Crane, who admitted she had been
married three times, but has never vio
lated the code of the widows. She said
she warned Vera lllack that she mustn't
keep Tonkin from his classes and get him
talked about all over University Hill, hut
Vera didn't heed tho warning, nnd then
a love letter sent tn her by Tonkin In
Moinn way got Into tho bauds of Wad
Iclgli. When Mrs. Crane vvns usked by the
plaintiffs uttorue.vH If she bad ben lu
love with Tonkin she letortnl angrily:
"'Tonk' never sought Vera's love. She
kept 1 1 1 in fiom his classes, and If she'd
continued to care for him liko that she'd
have ruined him. Mho alwajs wanted to
know how much money 'Tonk's' folks hail,
saying they must bn wealthy to send liliu
JUiO u month while he wat In college.
She mentioned the llessle Van Neas caio
something about a big suit that a
woman naniisl Vess Neas brought as the
result of an affair like this one. she had
no right to do this. She ought to have
treated him with more consideration, slncn
lie was no vvcakniluded us to become In
(aluatrd with her,"
The caao will continue to-day,
I f4JTIWfTPI43ar
Suppose you suddenly de
cide you ought to have n
new dress suit for this even
, ing?
Maybe you've always been
a custom tailor s man and
! 1 1 . 1 . . . .
worKca on tne tneory tnv
Rome wasn't built in a day
J j 1 i 4 . a
i ana mac it couian t De aonc.
You don't know us.
Some of our steadiest cus
tomers became acquainted
through the very same pre
dicament. They had heard about our
fabrics being identical with
those of the highest priced
tailors; had approved the
style and fit of our suits thev
had seen on their friends.
But for themselves, thev
had held off and held off till
circumstance had litenil!'
pushed them into our stort.
Put yourself in the saim
place if you found just wlu'
you wanted at half the pric
you expected to pay wouldn '
you come again?
I'vrnlne Suits, iraily to ust ihl '
Inc. J1.1 io fTO.
The same with overcoat
$18 to $75.
Rogers Peet Company
Three Broadway Store
I nt it
Warren St. IJili Si ' .I4fli i
IliU-Cnrlton Chef Clued n, im"
I r.... ........ell..,- .
Jean Mlllon. load ilui' of tlm II
Carlton, was lined ?;t,(nni I y Judge II
lu the I'lilteil Stitis IMstrlet Coin I
teMay for n violation of the con'
labor law The chef pleaded guilt'
1 Importing, certain of his cunlm I
I Kr.ini'e lie paid tin- flue under proti
The couii' deism)!, II s ,inl v"
have a I'.ii rc.ic'i -ig etii I a .
hoteW ll.m been i l b iMt of III
their cooks tiniii abriiiid on II" incur;
that workers of this kind are tirtnU"
not laborers

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