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1 I
Knrrlisli Poller Outwit Nnffni
pcttcs nuil ('upturn Mrs.
I'linkliui'Nt Kiisily.
PrismuM Whisked Awny to Exe
ter .lull From the Liner
fpenul rable r.;'if7 to Tur. Six.
lenitms. Dec. t. -Mis. Kmmcllnc Tank-
1 jrt. tlic militant juffrakeltn louder. Is
I., k lit Jail to serve out the balance of
) r sentence of three j cars Imprisonment
unless ii fresh hunger strike Riven her
t.mporary lllierty ngnln.
The "army" of suffragettes who swore
fitlr leader would not be arrested on
arrival at Plymouth alioaid the Ma
lestlc from New York was baffled In lis
. Kempt to prevent Mrs. Pnnkhurst from
being taken from the liner by the police.
Tli- "snldleis" nic spattered and Indulg
,re In threats of vengennee, while the
pi-eple of I'lymouth are cnjovlng a hearty
l ,tigh at the outeome.
These are the main result of the re.
Inn to lmghind of Mrs. I'ankhurst after
u'nl her followers rail "her triumphant
in ,r of the fulled Slates." during which
. collected 20,miil for
the suffrage
nifi The suffragettes loudly proclaimed
t"M she would never fall Into the hands
i.' the 'vats," as the police are railed.
nee the pissage of the "cat and mouse"'
. t. under which women are released from
prison when enfeebled by a hunger strike.
wlv to be arrested again when their
Ifslth Is restored.
Militant Kept Far Amir.
Th militants who were permitted to
ci aboard a tender and go out to meet
the Majestic believing that they were
P. h allowed to go aboard the steamer.
lete Ihey could make an attempt to
incur their leader from the police, were
1 iced to stand on the deck of the tender
In n piercingly cold wind and watch Mrs.
1 ankhiirst as she w.is taken aboard a
,.!!, tmr and brought ashore. "Don't
rind, the cats are after you." they ,
inutrd, but she made no reply.
A heavy sea was lunning and the
iMnV-r rocked lit and down for halt nn
hour. Most of the suffragettes were sea-
Meanwhile a laige crowd of women,
f' tiie or tliein nrnicii wnii riiiue,
eiratnst the walls of the dock for hours fi,,y.
i peeling that Mrs. P.inl.htirst wouhll a pair of ecghell plates of the Yung-
une nslioie there. They hud swotn toc,ing period, .Si, Inches In diameter,
levrue her or perish. They were in d.iu-1 hrnueht JMO. An old Worcester tea er-i,frA,-lt,r
tlmt fate because of the lee. ronsieMnir of twent-one olives was
. v blasts which swept iilotm the docks. )
riie liiillre tug htvamert to me n.nai
andtng stage at Hull Point, a distant part
i ' Plymouth Hay.
"everal houiB passul Iwforc the "army"
,u,,t li had been nutw Itted. It was
I... U ..1 .
I until the sad return in iiuim- "" i
' on the tender, led ! "Hen." Mrs. Flura
l iimmond, that the "soldiers" of the suf-j
i i.- "arm'v" meltid away In anger and ,
!i loohdmcnt. sen., fw of then, made !
.rM-his rc-olved to have the last word
. .1..; could not have the last blow, but '
. bull; of them slunk quietly away, ms
; r ted and dl'gitstrd.
Tho.s.- who awaited the ai rival of the
t iblic pnsengei tender learned from Mrs.
vAlckham. Mrs. Pankhurst's s.-cretarj . who
was aboard with the leader's baggage, par
' -ulars of the "tilck" which had been
I'ayed on them. They wuie mad for re-M-n'ge
and dire tlueats wern made. An
nitbre.ik of arson Is expected.
.tin, PmiUhiiMt t Kxrler.
Mrs. Pankhurst was landed at the naval
,ndlng tae and there Mrs. fleta Chllds
Horr, tho American suffragette, who was
n dower) to arcompany her nboard the po
' .e tug. was foiced to say gnod-by. Mrs.
iorr was sent In a police automobile to
'ij mouth Mrs. Pankhurst was placed In
enother automobile which dashed across
tn. bleak heights of Dartmoor to Kxeter.
There the suffrage leader's four months
of liberty ended.
She Is doubtless on a hunger strike
Already and her early release Is looked
for. In any enso she will not be kept
pt Kxeter, as It Is not a convict prison.
It was rumored thin afternoon that she
would probably lie taken at once by
rmtomoblle lo London and placed In
Holloway Jail, where she started her sen
irnce. A big crowd of women waited
' the rain and cold wind around the
dl all the afternoon and evening. They
finally rl parted, wet and tired out.
Other groups nf suffragettes waited at
ladlncton and Waterloo stations, to
either of which Mrs. I'ankhurst could be
MVen from Hxeter.
Mrs. nacre fox, addressing suffra
B'tln meeting at Plymouth this evening,
declared that ns the tender aboard which
lie suffragettes were watching the arrest
t Mis Pnnkhuiht passed the police tug
with the leader aboard two battleships
I'retv between them.
Th Women's Social and Political T'nlnn
l-sued the following statement this after
noon :
"The Women's Social and Political
'Hon views with great Indignation the
lioverninent'H action In at resting Mrs.
Kinmeline Pnnlihurst on her return from
her triumphant tour of the United States.
It ilHimmceH ns a publlo scandal this act
ft Injustice on the part of the Govern
ment, while Sir Kdvvard Carson, Andrew
Honnr Law nnd other men lawbreakeis
remain free. It demands her Instant re
Mormr sernra Kemrir Kvcrr nr
I.ril by the SoelaJUt".
tp'rlal Cablf Dtrpatr to Tils Scn.
Rome, Dee. 4. Although the new Ital
ian Parliament has held only six -Hons,
It Is evident that It Is of a com
rlexlon far different from Its quiet prede
cessor. There have been noisy Incidents
1 very day
The Hnelallst ricrottl fiercely attacked
ihn lidvirnmi nt to-day for wasting money
en armaments and driving the people to
emigrate In luereasliigli' large number.
I! recalled the Hank of (tome scandal
nf) hinted that the Premier was In
volved lu It. Th" Speaker tried In vain
eH Hccottl to older. Theie was a
Meat tumult,
minutes. Tiii
which IhsIciI for llfleen
session was finally nil-
The other parties rtsent the persistent
disturbance! eauied ky the titremlsU.
w' -
Quality Never Varies
TOTAL OF $1,000,444
in t ititr- Tapestries nnil Ob
jetsd'Art Fail to Fetch
'Prices Expeeteil.
Special Cable Peipatehei In Tur. 3r,
I'ai:is, Her. 4. The sale of the Aynard
collection of pointings and taiestrles and
objets d'ait tt.iH endtil at the (lulerle
tJenrsr I'etlt to-day with a grand total
of Jl.imii.Mt. The total realized to-day
W. The grand total Is nt leaat
ll.iii.iiti'i below expectations.
Chief Interest tn-dav centied In the
t.ipestilcs. which the I on banker bought
at very low pi Ices when he began making
hi collection.
A large I'lemlh tapestry of the six
teenth centuiy, representing the siege and
capture of ,i town, with many Mgih-es of
lioro and font soldier, was sob! for
llM.lnO. Il valuation was $30,00(1,
A flemish tapestry of the llfteenth cen
tury, representing Philip of Macednn re
ceiving the envoy of King Nicholas, who
demanded tribute, fetched M3.S00. A rec
tangular Flemish tapestry of fifteenth
century workm.iiHilp was sold for $4,30".
These thre.' Here bought by the city for
the Petit Palais Museum.
Mr. Ilnentsehel purchased a large Flem
ish tapestry reprcentln? the Nativity for
A drawing room et. Including eight
armchairs with seventeenth century tapes
tries, fetched llti.fiOO.
A Persian carpet. ixteeath century
orknianhli. was sold for fle.IIO.
leNiN. Dec. 4. Kngllsh and Chinese
pnrceia in was oispoeo or at i. nnsiie
Mild for ?.":r. A Worcester d-jfcort n-r- '
vice of fottj-one pieces went for I73..
The sum of 75 was paid for a pair of j
famllle-verte oviform vases of the Kanx-
lie period. A pair of famllle-verte bowls '
12 Inches In illamter brought T3.-.. A
. . . ... I
pair or deep nmvi ami covers or I lie I
K.in(..Il0 ,,rr!d brought ?nu
TitmirB rflP TfWW T OBTPPTTH5 1
.... ... . .
"'rhiir os..l- rl ... I.onrton ;
w. ........ r,, t
SpfUlt falilt ltitilrh In Tin. Si v
I.omion, Dec. I The dinner given by (
the Ametlcan Luncheon Club In honor of'
sul-IJeiieral .lohn I., (liitllihs this eve-j
iling was a militant nffalr. Ambassador
Page presided and In the company of 1
more than 200 who at down Very Amer
ican buslnesi interest in London was rep
icsented. Lord I'harnwood for the ICncllsh guests
and Ambassador P.ue for th- Americans
proposed a toast to Mr. Gntllths. ftoth
hud sincere eulogies for the high qualities
of .Mr. (lilfllths. Mr, Page piismted to
the retiring Consul-Cenernl a handsome
loving cup on behalf of the club.
Mr. Griffiths, who Iibh been famous
as an after dinner speaker here for the
Inst eight years, broke down for the first
time on record in replying to the toast.
tt was nn "American" dinner. Wilson
Cross and It. M. Fnlrbanks of the
Luncheon Club gathered In the pick of
London Americans. A. C W Mason,
the retiring Coneul-Gcnernl at Paris, nnd
T. P. O'Connor, M. P., wro among the
guests. Clinton Crawford was Introduced
by Ambassador Page. lie had great suc
cess In entertaining the company after
fl,r,T. fur "The Cnntloiill Nature nf
Cirr.v Mnn Out r Ilia Humour.1'
Sptcial Cablt UttpatcA to TBI Sc.
London, Dec. t. At the s at Sotheby's
to-day of two collwtlons of rare books and
manuscripts the highest prlco was ob
tained for a copy of lien Jonson's "The
Comlcall Katyre of lOvery Man Out of Ids
Humour." which fetched ll,57fi.
The same author's "livery Man In Ills
Humour" brought ll.ono, Ills "The Foun
talne of SelMive" went for $1,125. "The
Poetaster" brought $1,375, An extremely
rare first edition of Jousnn-Decker's "Sa-tlro-Mastlx,
or the Untrusslng of the
Humorous Poet" was sold for I6T6.
Part of Jeans foil cur llurnrd
Palntlnxs Are Saved,
Sprelat ruble Dttpatch to Tnc Sun .
Oxkoud, Dec, 4. This university city
had the most serious fire In twenty years
to-day. Part of Jesus College was burned.
The seventeenth century hall was badly
damaged, but the pictures by Vandyck,
Holbein and Lely hanulng there were
Dinner and deceptions for llnnrr
tuonnrra Ilelna; Arranajed.
Lomkin, Dec. 4, Frauds Howes Hayre
nnd his bride, who was Miss Jessie Wood
low Wilson, Will be eiilortniiieil here at
two dliuiTs mid two receptions, which are
being arranged by Ambassador Page.
At une of the illnucra the guests will be
persons prominent In official circles, among;
them Kir IMward (Irey, the Foreign Sec
retary, The Whllefrlars Club dinner for
tho Hayrcs will bring nut the heat known
llli rary people of London.
Mrs. I'agii will give a reception ror
1 Mm Knvrn in wlileh miinv iiromlnent
, ...,,.... ,..... , iIlvted. and MIkm
Page will give 11 luncheon party for the
bride nt the Authora Club.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hayre will be able to
I'scupo the photographer! when they land
In F.ngland through the vlfllance of the
iK!ng of Scotch
rresiilent's Action Causes Sur
prise In Paris His
Answer To-day.
Special Cable Pe$patch to Tea 9cn
rARts, Dec. 4. M. Alexandre Tllbot was
asked by President Polncare this after
noon to form a Cabinet to succeed that
of M. Ilurthou. which resigned Tueaday
nlglit after Its defeat In the Chamber.
M. ltlbot, who Is T3 years old and has
not held office for eighteen years, replied
that the state of his health makes It nl-1
most Impossible for him to accept, but hej
will give a definite reply to-morrow. Ills .
selection came as a great surprise, al
though he Is a man of great experience,
having held many offices, Including the(
portfolio of Finance. He has held the
Premiership once before. It Is understood
that lie will have conferences with Georges
Clemenceau, Arlstlde Hrland and Joseph
Calllaux before making his definite answer.
It Is recalled with Interest that M.
Illtiot was the principal opponent of M.
Polncare for the Presidency of France
two years ago and that their wives, Mme.
ltlbot being an American and Mine. Poln-
l care an Italian, are bitter enemies. Mme.
i ltlbot was formerly Miss Mary (lurch of
When M. Polncare announced his can
didacy M. ltlbot made no attempt U hide
his chagrin and he openly accused the
present Incumbent of the Kxecutlve chair
of having deceived hl.n and having pre
vented him from being a candidate.
Mine. Poincnre was born In Italy. She
was first married to the secretary of the
Herman Kmbassy nt Paris. She brought
suit for divorce and M. Polncare was her
lawyer She married him when the de
cree was granted.
. of ,. , Are .
Clo"A mt
fp't CaMe ltpatc to Tar. St
D. ..... T . A t5.. . I I 1 .
'-.. t. ,iniui m-
"ol" wcr' """,e to-day In the course of
the litigation concerning the liquidation
"f ""' sl"c!" ":"K- disclosing the
,,,,, of . llolnl,a Mj.vr tll)Ri
T1'" -Indge of the high 'court befoie
. , Mng rM
,M n(H comments. M mnld ft BeeintM
tliat when the law. vers for the bank asked
for Ihe dismissal of the petition for the
dissolution of the institution It was with
tle H,f. object of enabling certain per
son.i 10 withdraw funds and that a large
amount of money has since been vvlth-
diitwn from the bank, leaving only Jin,
iioo on November 2?. when the bank
was closed, after the sudden death of the
Those who were most vehement 111
men- opposition to the proposal to wind
.11, 11,. r .1,. i..i. 1...;
, , j by 1lpm vnll -orslnei. The Lieutenant
Ing for such action nnd refused to allow ,V(ls mrrhB M tl,L. head of a suad
the llrectors to share In the winding up. 1 from the barracks at abern through
The provisional liquidator estimates the the town on Tuesday when several work
losses at $,830,000. A local firm holds "''" recngiiUliig Von Forstnei. hooted
on tlin bank's account JS30.000. The I,on.
don firm of .Sharps & Wllklni holds 3,
nno.000. It Is believed that the loss
on these holdings amounts to $1,000,000,
Th. n.tuii,,, ir. n-in.i ... ... .
" " " "ll Ul
the bank was presented by Ilombay mer-
Lokdo.v, Dec. 4. Samuel Montagu
London syndicate haa acquired the entlro
unrealized stock formeily held by the
India Specie Bank hero.
I,nn Out In Cardiff and 1(1,0(10 Are
fptrial Cable Hetpatcn to Tsi 9 us
London, Dee. 4. The atrlko of engine
drivers and firemen on the Great Western
Hallway In Houtli Wales Is spreading, it
baa Involved Cardiff, where about 1,500
railroad men are on strike, demanding
the reinstatement of the driver who was
dismissed for refusing to carry goods
handled by strike bre.akeis In Dublin.
llecnuse nf the strike nt Cardiff 16,000
frclgW handlers are idle. Freight traffic
Is practically suspended.
Aviator Compelled to Delay Trip
Heraaee of Repair.
Sptclnt Cable DetpatcA to Tun So
Soru, Dea 4. Jules Vedrlnea arrived
here last evening; on hi" aeroplane trip
around the world,. King Ferdinand and
Crown Prince Ttoris visited the Trench
Vedrlnes erpected to be able to start for
Constantinople to-day but fog; and the
ner'd of making repairs delayed him. He
hopes to be able to get away to-morrow.
Paris. M, Alexandre Lou la Tlrman, di
rector of expositions In the Ministry of
Commerce, haa been nominated to be
Commlasloner-Ucneral to represent Franco
at the Panama-Pacific (Exposition at 8aa
Francisco In J81B. t
llANovcn. The great wlreleaa station,
100 feet high, nt Neustadt-am-Huebem-bergr,
near here, waa a-reatly damaged
by a storm. Trials to establish communi
cation between Qenmuiy and Aroerloa
(Tuckerton, N. J,) will have to be post
poned, nt.Asnow, The British ateamahip In
vergyle reports that while on the voyage
from Penarth for Halifax, N. 8 , ahe picked
up tho crew of the Hritlsh briar Kvelyn,
commanded by Cu.pt. Itoberta, which was
abandoned og November 'it while galling
from peaverton, Newfoundland, to Uaw
Continued from First Page.
has had scarcely any political history.
Its tmnuullllty han been transformed
almost Into the aspect of a city under
martini luw by the rlash between the
Harrison and the townspeople. The
popular outburst began when a speech
I made by I. lent. Karon von Korstner to
, the recruits of his regiment, the Ninety
I ninth Infantry, became known,
i The titled officer said to his men : "I
.' would willingly give 10 marks out of my
J own pocket to any (lermnit soldier who
ran his bayonet through a Wnckcs.
The word "wackea" In the mouth of a
Herman constitutes the gravest Insult
for nn Alsatian that tan be Imagined.
The Hermans who have emigrated to the
provinces taken from France lefer to the;
..-i .1.. . .. . 1
null,,",- tin riMrpin Hiiini' 1 1 ir- iirrtiiTi
Kngllsh translation of which Is the
"Alsatian blackguards."
When the gist of the Huron's speech
Ciprrrmns VVhn Ano-prpH
vjermanii nu rtngerea
Lleui. Von Forsiner.
Col, Von Reulter.
was published the town was stirred to
fury at the Insult. I.leut. von Forstner
was assailed on several occasions and was
forced to defend hmlself by threat, nlng
to shoot those who hooted him. Col von
Itilltler. his superior olllier. tried to
calm the ppiilno- bv announcing Unit
Vim l-'ull n..r h.til tii.ort f rn ,iirir r..l lint
this was false, nnd t lie llaion repeated
I his Insults to the Fiencli llag and the
French foielgn legion
Popular demonstrations against the
troops became so serious that It waa
thought at one time of declaring the city
under martini law liui. vou Deluding,
the commander of the garrison, also
aroused the popular Indignation by his
ift r peat-d spi'eclirs of 11 bellicose nature,
losing no oiiaslon of telling bow he would
like to "trample the pantalons rouges,"
or French soldiers.
An act which the Alsatians swear they
, canno .urn .."j ." .r
I wounding of a lame shoemaker of ahem
llllll. I lie I.M'llll'Olllll IMI1.-II-U llir lliru l"
chase the workmen, but onlv one. a lame
shoeiunker, was captund. When Von
Forstner came up he deliberately drew
1 his sword and stiuck the man over tho
heart. Ititllctliig a serious, wouuii.
-.u- I,... Ih.. ni.rt
hB ,aUen the part of the Alsatians, and 1
; tn, lias led to tho action In tlie llelcns-
Itefnsrd lo Address MrellngT Where
nlrorced Man Presided.
Spfinl CiftV Detpalrli in Tin: Siv
Lunpos, Die 4 .llm l.iirkln. tho
loader of the Dublin strikers, who is In
l.'ngland trjlng to "raise a tlery cross of
revolt," refused to address a meeting at
(Jrlmsby this evening because tho chair
man, Ihe Socialist Marklew. divorced his
wife a year ago.
When Mnrkliw l.eaid .hat Lukin had
refused to speak he called on the Irish
agitator anil asked him for an explain-
Hon "I refuse to be ass iclatel with
anv' successful petitioner In divorce pro-
ceedliiES." Lal'klu said
The Miciaiisi proiuoiers o me o -..
l ien cance ed t. refusing to accept the
dictation of Larkln.
Srru Sa Xred nf Srtllluar I'rnhlem
lleforr IHII llrmanil It.
SpucM Cable Detpolrf, lo Tn Srv
I.oNIhin, Dec. 4. Sir Kdvvard Orey. the
Foreign Minister, made a pacificatory
speech on the home rule Issue at Hrad
ford this evening. He asked what was
the need of trying to hurry a settlement
of the Ulster problem, as the home rule
en mint be operative before 191,1.
As long as there Is no violence, he said,
the Government will not use force until
every possible form of compromise and
guurantee haa been offered. The doors
were opened In the Lad.vbank speech nf
the Premier and tney win not ne cioseo
until the end.
Jfc e i,
5, IMS.
Deelnres John Skclton Williams
Aeted Wisely In Saving
Trust Company.
Embarrassment of Institution
Ascribed to Effect of Re
publican Acts.
U'isiiivotov. tVe. 4.- gerretarv Me-
....... - .
! Adoo Issued a statement to-day defending
! tl(. course of his assistant, John Skelton
Williams, and other ofriclals of the Treas-
ury Department In assisting; the Munaey
lTrll,t Comenr lo abw3rb th Unl""1
i stnl01, .,.ru ,;omPany of this city when
'the latter's doors wete about to be closed
I by the Comptroller of the Currency.
I This statement was forced from Mr.
McAdoo by stories which, have been In
circulation In Washington ever since the
i merger took place two weeks ngo and
which Anally were published.
The basis of the storlei was the pres
ence of II. Lancaster Williams, a brortier
of Mr. McAdoo'a assistant, on the board
of directors of the Munsey Trust Com
pan during the negotiations which re
sulted In the tnklns over of the embar
rassed trust company by the Munsey In
stitution after John Skelton Williams for
the Fnlted States Treasury hail agreed to
deposit Jl.iiOa.nOO with the Munsey com- J
nan v. !
i Membeis of Congress have shown a
keen Interest In the merger and two or
itt.lee llepubllcan leaders have gone so far
'as to consider the advisability of Intro
ducing a resolution calling for nn Invest!
1 gallon to ascertain all the facts, l.'p to
' this time, however, no action has been
' taken by any member of Congress and It i
seems doubtful whether or noi any lormai ,
steps will be taken. '
Mr. McAdoo's Statement. f
This Is the statement Issued by Mr. Me- i
Adoo :
"The publications in a New York news
nsner ..onrernlnff the action of the Treas- .
' urv Department with respect to the ac-,
IquHltlun of the fnlted States Trust Com- .
panv tiv the .MUllsey I ril'l miiipmij
full of falsehood and innuendo and are I
without the shadow of possible Justittc.i-
tlou, The souice of thee publications Is,
knortii and thoioughly discredited uy in" (
1 Department. i
-Th.. Xwielarv sM tliat he had not
heard until these publications Mppea.rd
that an Investigation of the local banking i
system by Congress was contemplated. I
but If It be '.rue the Secretary said he
would web-onv such an investigation. It ,
could not. he said, fall to disclose the ,
..nninbi.. fal!tv of the publications In ,
question and he emph..zed the wiKdom
i of the Department In having sived by Its
I prompt action a large number of Innocent
1 Heimsltors finni threatened leases.
"This was the only thing In the local ,
financial situation which was causing ,
concern. It was an Inheritance from the
previous administration. Through the
arrangements consummated and the de
partmeiit'd opportune action, the disturb- (
Ing elements nave ncen enurei. runon
Mo Main nn the snorce. m ATMrarYPTU PniTFUS '''Ing I n Intimate with a boy In !?u-
omclals of the Treasury Department 1 HUNT FOR WADSWOKTH KUlffcHS. Hex cutitv. eavs thin at H1.1 no men
would throw no light on the Intimation , tmn was mud. of Mi Muggins si,,. ,,,),
i tl. M, Adoo statement that the S.vre- i.llce Hellrio nierlenn I" I aria tll .,, ,1,,. ,n,, ,r Himgltis C V.
inrv knew the soutce of tlnse stories, but
the lmpre!.lon here was that Mr McAdoo
was referring to old time enumes 01 1.1-
! '"eoge i
Ionian, the moving spirit ne-
hind the Fnlted States Trust Company j r.illol to solve the mstei y of the illsap
Jordan had .1 meteoru career .is a hunker . . ,,, ,)f uadsworth lingers, the Amer
lu Washington and has met with bitter ' , , , ,.,. s.c
opposition from conservative banking ! 1. llt Vr,!.!" ll.ao.- November Sf. when
u'm,.!,!,., Tililiimt savinc so. an-'hL in the lintel where be was stopping
patently i-eeks to conve the Impression
that these IntuestM are iliitP"intei) over
the fact that Frank A Mimsey s recently
organized tru.st companv stepped in 11ml
gobbled up the United States Trust Coin-
patently i-eeks to convev the inipressioti
gobbled up the United States Trust I -om-
pany and Its J4.oii0.O00 of deposits.
pany and Its J4.000.o00 of deposits.
The effort of Secretin y McAdoo to cast
the responsibility for the condition of the
,. u , stat,.H TnlK, c,,an back on
' . .....i ...... .. ... .........i ..1,1.
the Taft Administration was gieeted with
general ildlcuie In banking circles here
Mr. McAdoo's statement, together with
the stories that have been afloat ill Wash
ington fur two weeks, have engendered
bitter feelings III banking clrules. The
fact Is that Washington bankers have
keenly resented Frank A. Munsey's effort
to arrogate (o himself all credit for "sav
ing" the depositors of the United Slates
Trust Company and to make business
capital out of the merger
flank Ntand Xpoiisor.
The announcement was made that the
Treasury Department had agreed to de
posit $1,000,000 ' In Mr. Munse.v's com
pany, but liefore this could be done the
national banks belonging to the Clearing
House Association had to stand sponsor
for the amount.
Mr Williams could not deposit the
money dlrectlv with the liust company
because lie was forbidden lo do so b law,
but entries were made In the books of the
national banks which made them liable
for the entire amount.
Washington bankers complain that Mr.
Munsey' representatives had given a-s.
i-uranees that he would put up $50o.ooo lu
cash, but that Mr. Munsey declared latei
that this statement was unauthorized
Mr. Munsey imiuedlatel.v entered up m
campaun of advertising assuming en
1 tire credit for saving the depositors of the
Fnlted States Trust Company other
0110 cash advanced by the Treasury, have
, Krmving more wrathy every day
Milk Fed Man Die nt Nl!,
Hazi.kton, Pa.. Dec. I Thomas F. Lau
bach, 2 years old, Hazleton's first Alder
man, who lived on a milk diet exclusively
since HH owing to chronic sloiuacli
1 trouble and grew rosy and robust after
abandoning other food, died here to-day
from gastritis
(Rustian Samovar for Tea)
f.tery bem In ihe land at Ihe fiar h
III self poller or "Slamovar" a they call It.
Utn In Amerkia we are lesrnlng to make
Ma that iar surpasses any we ever drank
4IIB HUeet aad IU Aveaae. Nw Trk
Tiffany & Co.
Pearls and Necklaces
New York
SUPERIOR course LUNCHEON 75c-(Music)
Attention alto called to
Our Popular Lunch and Dinner Resort of the Shopping Zone,
Broadway. 29th-30th Street
"Open Air
to Everywhere'
h' if tit .-Irt'Nifc
Coach C owpiinii
w . vmsi
l.'m,rl, Avenue ccr. 25th Street
. uiii.ri Himself.
1 ,.,r,, , Tin M
, Aiis, Dec. I me ioi..: .... r
.,ft(.r telling his mother he would havu
.,ft(.r telling his
1 w.,, ,r
I .
lie w ni
to the rinviliei
in the evening
nm the hotel Intending to go
.u l-lnl. He hail .000 .
10 uie hm.
francs with him at the time l"s trnn.is
illnve he was in- viciiin m '
The police say he probably committed
suicide, lie surfensl Intensely from kid
nev trouble, and the night befoie tin
disappearance he had .1 peeullailv violent)
Mr Itogers was on ms na 1 ,u
The notice of Europe liave been atked to
look for him.
Italian Snrrrnder - Police, hat
Will Kla-hl Ktrndltlnn.
Special Cable Itetpatch to Tur. St j
Home, Dc. 4. lieinardo Ferrai.i Mtr- (
tendered himself to the police at Cava j
del Terrcnl to-day and confessed that
he murdered hi brother-in-law In New ,
York on Ma 1" He hopes to be tried (
lu this country and so escape the death
penalty 1
The Slate I icpai Intent at Washington ,
lias asked for his extradition, but It Is
not likely to be granted,
lilrl Ntlek to Xlnry About MlnUIrr, (
Head nf Home Sa.
Tni.Miiv. N. .1.. Die I The Itev ,1 C
Slock, siipeiintendent of the New .leiev I
'hlldren's Home, said to-day that lie
doubted If Viola Fallls had made an atll
davit that would exonerate the Itev
ib orge D. Hoggins of .lai ubtmvn of the I
charge for which he Is now serving il
sentence of thlilv years In Stale prison I
He SHVS that the girl, Who Is l.i .vc.il'e old.
has denied making n affidavit exonernt
lug tho aged mlnlstiir of the charge on
which he was convicted
Miss Mubel Altinnn. who was piesenl
when In 111 the girl told her story of
F you had a qirchinical genlui with a turn
for miking home comfortable, conitantly
at your call, perhapi you would not diicover
Lewii k Conger to be quite to nrceiury.
Here you will find thing "you have alwayi
wanted" and others which you surely need.
You may tome acron ome new idea which
does away with a long-itanding annoyance.
Here, at an initance, it one of the unuiual,'
uieful thing, which a viiit to Lewii tt Conger
tirfore-and we are using a Ramorar
Heat l ernrraled br charcoal. The pat
tern Illustrated la of solid hr and but
one of many alrra aad datlrna la slack,
43d TO 44th
Wr Wont Criticism
URS is a public service corpora
tion our livelihood depends on
your flood will -our 'busses are
run for unit.
Now, then, if you have any
criticism, any comment to make
on our service- - please make it.
We want to be nuitlcd by what
vou think of us and how can we
unless you tell us frankly and fully
what vou do think?
ws. v-hv "srs "srv "VT1
11 iion
Av cor. )-IKth Street
Court liiiult
: Oral,;,,, AvonT:
IIIKMIkl.l .
l'ticvoie St.
Pit Ui n Aviiiue cor. Rockaway Ave.
W 'Hams, who was th. n 11 charge nf the
home, vv is ii.it q.iisi lined on this point
M lliigg.ua pMtiM.il Ins iniiiH nc'
again t i-n'ubt Tin Itmrd nf P.inlons
will 111 Tllesilav
A Happy
A well-known banker,
confined to bed by stom
ach trouble, unable to
work or enjoy life, had
his attention called to
pages 58-64 of Finck's
" Food and Flavor," in
which are set forth the.
epoch-making discove
ries of the leading
authority on the physi
ology of digestion, Prof.
Pawlow of St. Peters
burg, in regard to the
deeper and generally in
active glands in the
stomach, and Mr.Finck's
own novel and extremely
important method of
compelling those idle
glands to secrete their
beneficent digestive
Following these simple
directions, the banker
effected a cure in a week.
He is busy and happy
again, and a few days
ago he said to the au
thor: "You ought to
have called your book
' Food and Health.'
Fortunately, you need not
he a millionaire to get this
" big medicine." "Food and
Flavor" costs only $2 (or
$2.18 bymail; Century Co.,
Union Square, N. Y.), and
there is no other expense.
It is " a best seller ... a
volume that puts light into
the delight of eating " (Good
Housfkffpwg Magazine). "It
is attracting world-wide at
tention" (Philadelphia North
Rreat book, 'Food and
Flavor,' ought to become a
sort of Bible of the Ameri
can table. Everybody ought
to read it" (N. Y. Mail).
"As absorbing as a thrilling
romance " (N. Y. Times),
An ideal holiday present.

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