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p fulls Ittiliitm n l)isiTiutalil(
l.nw.vpr mid Witnesses
i:-('(tlilliiissionpi' Asks A I)o it t
Ovrt-niglif fining" in a
Siiiirim fomi.
Capital Surplut - M.SN.Mt
It Liberty !t.,?,T.t4 Meststn 81., lie.
Map Showing Advance of Rebels
At RANT. T)ee. t. Jolin A. Hennessy.
who superseded liy .Imiics V. Os
borne Hit special Httitii grnfl Invrstlgutor,
illwtuil the proceeitlugK before Comnils-
miner Osborne to-day by contlmmlly In-
irrupting tin' ciniiiilHloiicr until If was
llllll t tut t If III! did tint xlt iluwti the po
lice or the mllltln would lie summoned
In keep llllll quirt.
' 'niimilnxloner Osborne had iinnnuiiccd
tli.ll lie would permit wimp evidence In
p Into the record hecituse Mf. Cut-lisle
h.ik iiottin trial before lit tit. pointing mil
Hut If Mr. Citlllslc were tin tti:tltlii'
I'Milrmv, which rehitcd tn tin- nets of the
former lllKliHay. Commlminii In npptuv
ng testa miitlo of asphalt, would not In'
"I would like to know from ou, now
that you Imve said tlutt tlicro arc ho
iharge against Mr. Carlisle. Just what
the position of Mr. Carlisle Is!" shouted
Hennessy, rising.
"I am not poll in to sit here and tell
von anything about any position of Mr.
Carlisle," shot bark Osborne.
"I want to know began Hennessy
"You are out of order!" shouted Os
borne. Renttfilr Raid lie Was In Dark.
"I don't purpose to be out of order. I
want to know If you are trying the Var-ner-Qulnlan
charges against John Hcn
tieesy and Mr. Carlisle. I propose that
the charges shall be tried by you. They
were sent to you by the Governor."
Osborne at this point Instructed Henry
A Ttubliiw. counsel for the Warner-Quintan
Asphalt Company, to continue his
eroM-exnmltmtion of Patrick It. Qulnl.iu.
But Hennessy, standing against the rail
beneath Osborne, Insisted upon an answer.
"I am not trying you or anyhodv else."
replied Osborne.
"You haven't made yourself clear!"
yelled Hennessy,
"I will try," said Osborne, explaining
that he was there merely to Investigate
the Highways Department and Incident
ally charges against Hennessy and Car
lisle. Hennessy then wantetl to know whether
or not Osborne proposed to have the
W'arner-yulnlaii company produce evi
dence In suppoit bf the charges, to which
"shorne replied that he (Ifennessy)
might produce ati thing he liked.
"If they make charges In which they
-.. they ate naily to prove " b..gait
lleniio.sv, rising again.
I '"il l anticipate what they are going
fo il't. " advised Osborne.
Let in. know when- we are," Inter
rupted llentnssy.
I'nn'l uu know nm ?" Inquired Os
foi'tne. wllli something like a sneer.
Ve." said Hennessy.
"Then I can't make myself elearet."
-eli'ined i t-dMirpe.
"I v.ant In let that go nut lo the
niblli," said lUnnissy, "anil let them
tillil nut when We lite.
'I think I haw made mself clear,"
'-burnt again said.
Vnu have not, and vnu are Intclllgint
tiiiugh tn make It clear If ou want tn
ind 1 dnn't ptoposc tn have a couple nf
ml. with a disreputable lawyer make
clurgis here." hotlv asset ted Hennessy.
I can't allow this.'' said i islMirne.
I.ublno scowled at Hiimessy and said
he was tint going tn submit to In ing
railed a crook and a liar.
"We can get the record nf this gentle
man. ald Hennessy answering Itubltm.
"And If ou can compare with it mi
are a wonder," replied Kublno.
Osborne tried tn iorl; order out of the
flurry, but Hcntjessy shouted above the
'tilers '
"Why did the change take place over
night In one of the Supreme courts? If
vou want any opinion of this man you
can get It from Justice Kiiatigcr nf the
Supreme Court."
"Please sit down. Now if ou have a
tJrop of gentlemanly blood in you you will
please sit down." urged Osborne.
"I have," replied Jlenmssy, still stund
ins Tkase keep nult. and If I cannot do It
ny other way I will ask the (iovernor to
rrovlde me with some part of the militia
or the police, because 1 am going to h.ivc
ome sort of order here."
Quintan was still on the stand when the
Inquiry was adjourned until next Tuesday
In discussing Hennessy' references to
him, Kublno said:
"When Mr. Hennessy Is under oath,
and he and his checkbooks are undr In
vestigation, he will be able to make nil
lib explanations."
of Hi'inlltiK lliem tn a tSrand July, where
all the facls shall he obtained.
"over nlsiit it Hidden switch too'. place
III the attitude nf iiur Investigator and
to-day he annnuaced that he wan not In
vestigating li nl I v iiluaK nor was he In
vestigating Hie ehames either against Mr.
Carlisle nr iiR;lillt mvpi'lf, bill that lie
was conducting .111 Inquiry generally Into
the imiiwa.vs I ep.irlmetit and that Inci
dentally I would IL'tire In it
"Tills Inquiry should be so conducted
that ccry!iiii! testifying falsely may be
held fur pet Jury and you should make It
clear that oii will follow this case tn the
end, whoever It may lead."
Brother of Miiilninn .loins
I'Vhpiis mill CIipws 1 ti -siipt'tor's
Wauits "Ileal Invt-stlirnllnn" of A
plialt (iraft Charges.
Al.BA.VT. Dec 4. John A. Ht-nncasy de.
manded of Onv. trlynn by letter to-nlglit
that he direct Commissioner Oaborite lo
ake up forthwith tho aecusatlona made
liy the Warner-Qulnlan Company that
Hennessy and ex-Jov. Sulzer received
noiu'js from George H, McOuIre and to
' npower Osbornn "to make this Investl
latlon a real and not a sham Inveatlya
t .n "
The letter will be turned over to Gov,
(ilrnn when he returns to Albany to-mor-iow
or Saturday.
"A Unit u week ago," HenneBsy'a letter
reads, "you made, public charges by the
U'atner-Quinlan Company, presented by
1 icrtaln Henry A. Kublno, reflecting on
my Integrity while. I was acting In a con
(IdentUl capacity for the State of New
Viirk. These charges were not sworn to
by any one and It seemed Incredible that
vim should have made them public Instead
Your Choice
of Beverages
You can ufely depend upon the ver
dict of good judges of Ale the wotld
over. There i more B.js Ale brewed
thin of ill other kind combined.
On Draught and
In Bottle Everywhere
aViu A Co , Importers, New fork.
Satkia lshar. n Syrian. years old,
stocky and muscular and with no ap
laretit ph slcal blemish, arrived last
week by the White Star liner Oceanlo
from Southampton, with his brother,
Youssi f, three ears .voiinger. Sarkls
eemed to the Marine Hospital surgeon
to be not qulto right mentally and he
and his brother were held for further
medical Inspection. The brother were
In lliii' on the way to the surgeon yea
terda.v when Sarkls took a clasp knife
fiom his poc ket and opening It made mo
tions as if he were about to stab hlro-
There were many litimlgiauta lit the
line and they beiame disturbed. Sarkls
held the knife above his head and gave
vent to cries that aildid to the agitation
In the line, which soon broke. Youssef
triid to calm his brother and two aged
Jews made an effott to assist him.
Sarkls acted like a mailman, knocking
both the Jews down and shoving his
hi lit her awa. Attendants ran to the
place and Vincent II. Stowe, formerly a
guard hi the Federal prison at Atlanta,
who is six fe't tall and strong, tackled
Sarkls. They rollisl on the floor. Stowe
making a vain effort to get the knife.
Inspector Kdward J. I.apolnte started
to belli Stowe when Youssef Jumped at
him, I.apolnte was bitten on the ear and
Ills left thumb was chewid almost off
by the Infuriated Youssef before other
attendants ov crpowt red the Syrian.
Meanwhile Sarkls had stabbed Stowe, cut
ting tin- femoral inter). Stuwe wtested
the knife fiom Siitkl" after receiving
the wound, and other Immigration cm
plnvees subdued Satkls, taking him to
the psychopathic ward.
Stone did not know I low badly hurt he
was and refused to get In a stretcher
.mil InslMcil on walking, but collapsid at
the hospital door. Swift work by the
surgeons saved his life. It was said that
Stowe probably would live.
Just after the assault on Stowe the
Immigration authorities asked the nftir
of District Attorney Whitman as to Jurl
diction In the case. Aslstant District
Attorney Deacon Murphv wint to the
island and it was decided that the local
law would apply Dotictlves Mcllattght
and l.atulrou went to Kills Island and ar
listed Sarkls.
At the ilrcrnwlch street station Sarkls
Kicked Ills captors, screamed like a
maniac and reslsttd the efforts of the
iletictlv to take lilm to a cell so force
fully that five policemen had to move
lilm thi re bodily. He will be takin to the
District Attorney's office to-day and will
Iih Inlil to await the result of Stowe's
Theodore B. Starr. Inc.
rifTM avinui and 47Ts! ataaar
Bronze Book Ends
in a variety of new
and exclusive designs.
$10 Upward
Groups and figures
by the leading French
and American sculptors.
lien. I'anclm Villa, who captured .luarex
from the Federals, will arrive at Chi
huahua, capital of the State of that name,
to-day with an army or more than live
thousand rebels. Chihuahua had been
evacuated by the Federal garrison, so
Villa will meet with no attempt to nrrest
his advance.
Villa will remain only a few da) a In
the State capital and will continue his
advance on Slexlco city Immediately after
the arrival ut Chihuahua of Qen. Car
ranza. The city Is half way between
Juarez and MmxIco city, and Villa has
repeatedly declared that he would eat
his Christmas dinner In the capital.
Oen. Carranza Is now on his way from
his capital, llermostllo, In the State of
Sonora, to Chihuahua, where he will meet
Villa and make arrangements to organize
a State government When these arrange
ments have been completed, tin- leader nf
the Constitutionalists will pmceed tol'ull.i.
can, napltal of the State of Sltialoa. which
Is almost In Its entirety In the hands of
the rels'Is. Here the leader will estab
lish the Cntiitltutloliallst headquarters,
which will be fransferid gradually south
ward until the rebels have taken the. cap
ital of the republic.
Cullacan Is only a few miles from At
tala, which was recently bombatded by
lluertl's gunboats.
Th" refugees who left Chihuahua with
Witnesses In II)' I'oresl Trial Admit
Deceiving Nenspaprr.
The part played by Dr. l.eo. de Forest tn
the albgeri mall swindle by which over
11,0011,01)11 of the worthless moon oi tne
Kadlo Telephone Company was unloaded
on the public was testified to In the L'nited
States District Court yesUTday afternoon
at the trial of De Forest, James Dunlnp
the Federal Karrlsn and are now fleeing ""
fr;,.i,:,,,.."j,'of":'!urAJ,av,e'o rw,vj s rm 'di,or o,i
tlfty tn les of OJIna. )eserda. Vrt MnauUee Jmlnul,, ,, afternoon paper
automobiles have br-j sent from Marfa.ln MnwaUKee wls., ,olll ,ow May.
lex., tn meet the fugitives at the border . paIM.r ,,rlnlcl llrWB ,lch De .
line. 1'he refugees Incite members nfKoreHt ,C(, ,mn , Mve was being .sent
tlilrty-tlvc of the weallhlert families of ny ra()o telephone from ChlAigo. This I
Men's English Walking Shoe
in Mahogany Russet
The latest thing in tan footwear; smart
model,nevv last double sole.wide heel,
with regular lace, or Blucher upper.
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JANES S. COWARD, 264-274 Greenwich St.. N. Y.
imir Winni n nmrzT)
Mall (Mm Filled SOLD NOWHKRI! til.SE Seed tor CaUfegm
tmlhuahua. They ate ald to be In sore
straits, lacking tmth fond nnd water.
Continued from Virnt Page,
I roes President tn Take Step for
Third llnuup Conference.
W.vshi.n'oton, Dec. 4. Prompt action by
President Wilson and Secretary Hryan Is
iii'iissarv in the opinion of Joseph H
Choatn If the third peace conference set
for Th- Hague in 1D15 Is to be saved
from going by default or being lndefl
nltdy postpontd.
Mr. Chii.tto made this declaration here
to-n.ght al the llrst meeting nf the fourth
annual conference nf the American So
clety for the Judicial Settletnenl of Inter
nation. il Disputes, of which he la the
Mr. Choale said that so far as he had
been able to leant the committees, which
it has been i ustoiiiary to appoint two
.ve.its In advance of the meeting of the
conferences to prepare a progiamme, had
lint been selected for the third conference
In i'Vcuso he said It was Ileitis de
clined ihat theie Is tn-day "an atmos
phete of war" which makes It dltllcult to
t'tneei-il with pieniratloiis for the llasue
i onference
"If that is the case," h said, "for
1 haven's sake let ih gel an atmosphere
of in" ice and prepare for the conference,
Ml. Choate denounced the view of the
I la) -T'auiicefnte treaty by which the ex
empllnn of American ships from the pa.y
iin-nt of tolls In passim; through thu
Panama Canal is Jmtlllcd.
"1 had something to do with the matt
ing nf tint treaty," said Mr. Choate, re
calling his service as Ambassador to
( !t( at lltilain. "Mr. Hny ami Lord
Pauncefnte were two of th noblest
statesmen that cvrr brmtherl.
"I know that they never dreamfd of
any other Intel pretatlon of the clause of
the tiealy In question thsn that tho
nhiaso nil nations meant exactly that
all nations should be treatixl alike, e
contlng none. .Mr. Taft lend Into thn
treat v that view of It In his missag-e
to Coiirnsi. He thus raised a situation
causing great distrust of the United
Slates nnon the nart of foreign govern
inetits. Thov are coming to the belief
that the l'nited States Is unwilling lo
stand bv- Its treaties.
"I see only two ways out of the dif
ficulty One Is to retiea tne aci exempv
ing American vessels ftom payment of
tolls. The other Is to submit the matte!
to arbitration as roon as possible and to
stand by the arbitration."
that reaton. The smelters are not work
ing because nf a lack of coal.
A mint has been established at Parral.
In the Stfite of Chihuahua, for the coin
ing of sliver and copper coins. Tho
rebels are coining peso., half pesos,
centavos f Intrinsic value greater than
those of the Government mint. The
rebel coins contain more sliver and some
out have a percentage of gold. The
half pesos are smaller than those Issued
by the Government. The rebels have
melted all the trolley wires to make cop-
V per centavos.
Rebel on W to Monterey.
It Is strongly rumored here that the
rebels at Victoria are rebuilding the rail-
road line to Monterey for the purpose nf
attacking the latter city, and great alarm
Is felt bath here and In Monterey. tn-
lals of the National ltailwas, however,
discredit tho rtpntt. They point nut
that large bridges have been destto)eil I
between Victoria and l.tnares, and tho
rebels taik material with which to re
construct these bridges.
It Is ati said that they have no trains,
as all tho tolling stock available was re
moved from Vlctmla when the rebels at
tacked that city.
The rebels from Victoria continue ad
vancing slowly along the railroad to Tain-
plcn. They have destrn.ved the railroad
and telegraph line imrtli of Chocoy, tlfty
miles north of Tatnplco.
the oil companies and the railroads. The
di spatches said that the line between San
l.uls Potosl anil Tamplco was. In opera
tion. It Is over that line that the Na
tional ltallwa)s receives oil.
The main line fiom Mexico city to
Laredo Is also In operation, thn Federal
telegraph line wotklng between those
points. Contrary to reports that the
railway would be unable tn obtain nil
In case Tamplco and Tuxpau were cap
tured. K. S. Drown, the president, said
recently that the rallwa)s could get oil
from Kliano, west of Tuxpan.
testimony was supplemented by the sworn
statement of Hatvey Stiwurt and Cla)ton !
Curst, two of De Forest's, operators, that
they were sending In the "radio scoops"
from an odlce around the corner from
the Journal building In Milwaukee.
The first story purporting to conn- from
Chicago concerned the Intention of the .
fV. tJ..l .1.. .-.. 11. ..... I,. flult ll.ld'
.UUIII IJWIII l' 1,11,, I " .IXC
country. They also. It Is alleged, sent In
congratulations, supposed to come from
the Chicago representative of the Ureal
Uikcs Hadlo titid Telephone Company.
Dance and Supper nt the Plasa for
Settlement House.
Many debutantes of society and their
friends were present last night at the
benefit for the Knst Side Settlement House
In the ballroom of the Plaza. There was
dancing, and afterward supper was served.
i Some of the young people present weie
I the Ml sees Cordelia Hepburn. Kthel Car-
Parih. Dec. 4. - Francisco de la llarra. . hart. Mary llrooks, Miriam Harrlman,
the Mexican Minister tn France, left tills Marjorle Wlgglti, Gertrude Munroe Smith,
afternoon for Tnkln. He Is going by the Hllzabeth Kendall, Voutettl Proctor, F.tlse
Trans-Siberian Hallway to fulfil the mis- l..ule. Hilda Holmes, Louise Fislte,
slon which Gen. Felix Diaz refused, to Doris Mangan and Dorothy Howard,
thank thv Mikado for tho participation nf The patroneMies Included Mmea. Charted
Japan In the celebration of tho centennial Steele, Oliver Harrlman, William P.oss
of the Independence of Mexico. , Proctor. Joseph W. Harrlman, A. Barton
Senor de la Itarra undertook the Jour-, Hepburn. Alfred Kly. George W Clark,
ney only after the thteat that a refusal . Albert H. Wlggln. Ilufui I- Patterson,
would cost lilm his mst ill Paris as well philips II. Thompson. Ilverett P Wheeler,
a the Amhassadotship to Japan. . William A. Read, Frederick W Moss, Ho-
, hart J- Park, Waldron Williams. Franrm
S SiiiIUmt an.' JucJan JL Tynf.
Mexlcnti Knrny tit France
dered In Tnkln.
tprrinl t'ahje Onpntrh tn Tin. Siv
la lr-
Wnrklili'ii Will Hp I'niil With.. ut
Ht'Sanl to l-'jiult l tilynifs
. i.pan r. Dec 4. There has been pre
paid! and printed at the Instance nf
Gov. ( tin a draft of the workmen s
compensation bill to be Intioducid in
the I.eglslatute on Monday.
The bill provide that there will l.e
compensation for Injuries or deaths nf
einplo)ees engaged only In hazardous
work or occupations, such as on ralltoad''.
In factoriis vvhc i e machinery Is tisiil, in
elect! IchI employment, In quarries, mines,
tunnels, engineering works. Arc.
It is provided that there shall In
compensation without tegaril to fault or
cause except where the Injury is occa
sioned by wilful Intention or intoxica
tion of the injured employee.
No compensation Is allowed the first
week: but expenses up tn ft are al
lowed for a period nf ninety da)s.
Weekly wages shall be taken as a hsls
upon which tn compute rompenaatran ar
dentil benefits
Kinpln.vees are debarred from contribut
ing tiiwanl tin- premium fund, nor may
tln v wnlve tights to compensation by any
.iKiceineiit Compensation claims ar
prefttred claims against the assets of
alt)' eiiipto.vor
l.'inplJ.vcis may Insure their employ
In Hie State fund. Ill authorized casualty
instil. in. c companies or in a mutual com
pany organised among employers. An
enqilnver contributing premiums to tho
State i mid Is relieved from liability for
pet'siiual liijurtis or death of employees.
The State Industrial Compensation
Commission Is to mnstst of live member
appolnti-il b the Governor to serve five?
)e.ir:i at $K,.idrt a c.ir each and expenses.
$4,882,000 FOR MAIL CAR RENT.
I'lnn tin- ( eriinn-ni Operation Is
dvniiceri In I'nniinltter.
WasiiiniITOn, Die 4 A plan tn have
the Gnv eminent operate railway mall
cars Instead of paying rentals to railwavs
was advanced to-day by niembels o( the
Hons Post Olllee Cniumltlee. A decision
will not lie leached for several wnk.s
The roiniulttee has Information that
14,CnO vva.s paid In rentals last ;''
fm I.S.'iS cars, or about J3,4'I0 a car The
old st.vli cars cost ?,nnn and the m w
stud cars J i:niiii.
Slxl) Fined nr Imprisoned- Thrcff
Mnntlia for Drunken Man. '
Thn crusade against auto speeders cell- '
I trcil In Mronl,l)ii yesterday There were,
I sixty arrests in that borough and the
total tor iiicnier .vrw i ors. was oni)
event -four, including arrests mad late
Wednesday night. The ruling tine for
the ltrooklii speeders was $'-'5, while must
of the Manhattan orTenderH paid (50.
There was mm sentence of three months
In the penitentiary for an especially flag
rant case which came up In Special Ses- ,
Ions. Six chauffeurs In Brooklyn were
seiitenied tn a day In Jail each without
lVir mimn llliei- I In, fititlmi nf iniiiinr Hums There n ,11 e '
. . ... I l..t.. ...... t'lf. Mt...u I.. ILoLLI.-n 1.... .
Plained reason l ie rebels nave boi ttucr- ' . '""- " """ ' I f,
(if tile ten new cases in the West Side
Court, five paid JSu each and five went
to Jail Two men went to Jail In the
West Fauns police court In prcferoniu ,
to pa) lug t"u fines.
Justices Forkrr, Collins and Herrman
stiongly denounced Howard P. Waters, L'3
)eats old, a chauffeur, of BOO West lTTlh
street, wrc'lt they sentenced him tn three
months in the penitentiary fur rocklcsM:
was a cliuufti'iir fur Kdwaid Harris nf 414
West 1 20th street
III Hie W'es' Side court the sevent)-(lv
feresl with traflic between Tamplci and
San Luis Potosl.
II r lease nf Two Men Held
Mnsnllan I Promised.
Wasiiinuton. Dec, 4, The release of
two Americans, W. S. Windham and a driving an automnhlle while drunk.
ctimpanlon named Dunn, who have been
held for ramom by leTolutlonlsts operat
ing near Aiazauan. i.e.-,. in,. ;.((i(. adJ(lllrPd from Monday will come
the rebel auinormes, Mccnruuin in uea- tMlt morning,
Shuns Ctl tn nr, Monlessorl, Vtia
President ltecele.
Wasidkoton, Dec 4 Mlas Mariraret
Wilson wan H "seeing WawhltiElim guide
to.dny for Dr. Maria Montessorl. tho
llallon educator.
Miss Wilson took her guests all over
the city In thn White House automobile,
and her fattier consented to receive Dr.
MontesNorl this afternoon deHplta the fact
Ihat he cancelled all other enesement
on account of his cold.
It was decided yesterday by the com
mittee nf Die Montessorl Educational Aa
iioclatlon which 1ius charge of thn tour
of Dr. Moiitcasorl In America that aha
will have llins to give but ono lecture In
New York, which will be that at Cams-
patches to thn State Department to-day.
Windham Is superintendent of the ranch
of ex-Senator Hard ol California. Tills
action by the Constitutionalists Is the ie
suit of urgent representations by the
State Department as soon as u w.u
learned that the two men weir held as'
Advices to the Department to-day In-1
dlcated that (mother attack on the
northern city of Monterey Is threatened
by the revolutionists. Jn consequence of
this menace all the wealthy Mexican
residents of that city, as well as moat of'
the Americans and other foreigners, ate
reported to be hastening to esrape. Thiee i
hundred arrived on one train yesterday
at Laristo, Tex., from Monterey. I
The capture and sacking of Victoria bv 1
revolutionists Is confirmed. The Federal
loss at Victoria It reported s 100, j
Rebels atu now engaged 111 teat Ing up tho
rallioad tracii Between victoria aiiu
Gonzales, making communication with
Tamplco Impossible. Durango Is teported
quiet; about twenty Americans remain In
the city. At Ton eon there are about
forty Americans left and about twenty
more In tho Immediate vicinity
From Tamplco It Is reported that the
strike of employees of th" oil works theie
la still on. It Is s.Ud that representatives of
the oil companies and tha employees have
Komi to Mexico city to attempt a settle
ment of the strike.
Thrre wan evidence to-day that the
reports that the British oil companies on
thu east coaiit had refused to funilalt the
National Railways of Mexico with any
more fuel oil for railroad locomotives,
despite their contracts to supply oil, am
without foundation. There soems to bn
reason to believe that the reports were
put forth through sources friendly to a
rival American oil company. Not the
slightest confirmation has been received
at the State Department from Mexico, and
It Is known there that an American oil
company long a rival of the Cowdr.iy
(British) company has been inlet-eating
Itself In the matter.
Miss Francs Gnale nf SO Fort Greene
place. lircHiklyn, who was arrested Sun
day charged with making twenty-three
miles an hour at Klghty-fourth street and
Hrnadwa), was thn only woman before
Magistrate Murphy ) estnrday. Pile cited
wbeji the 50 iva i Imposed nil hi r
Broke Out on Hands, Then Body and
Face. Peeled All Over. Face Like
Raw Beefsteak, "We Owe Our
Baby's Lire to Cuticura Soap and
national Hallways of Mexico Ml 111
Ilannln, Loral U0rr Hears.
Tolrcranhlc. advlocs. received by llm
... . . m..ii...i .-i..ii.....H
gle Hall next Monday evening. After the m i from tha iHsJii oflicii lii Mexico
lecture- Dr. Montessorl will met those In- M U,'5'Hli' ,, on,lon of tho
terested In ntr method at an Informal rs- yesterdsy made no mention ot mo
"pU4Mk reported abrogation of contracts between
Sttrk St.. Waterloo. N. Y. - "Whim ray
h by boy was two weeks old h broke out
with little sores first on his bands and thsn
they bf n to spread all over bit little body.
Tbsy looked a good deal Ilk a waler blister.
He seemed to peal all over st last sod his
fare broke out and he was a sight. Hli
llttls ftc was Ilk a piece of raw beefsteak.
Be wss a solle scab wherever bis clothing
touched him end he bad several scars oa
hit face.
" I btd him undergo a treatment and wss
alrsn a bos of salve and he began to suffer
more. I called a doctor and h told m to
lt Cuticura ffosp and Ointment, which I
did. I washed him all over tn the Cuticura
flosp at night and used the Cutlrura Oint
ment. It was the first night's rest I had In
two weeks. Be slept for six hours. I used
one cake of Cutlrura Soap sad nearly a
box of Cutlrura Ointment and In six weeks
his face, body and hands were as pure and
white as a lily. It never even left a scar,
We owe our baby's life to Cuticura Bosp
and Ointment." (Signed) Mrs. Stanley
Jelley, Apr. 31, IBIS.
Cuticura Rasp and Ointment do so much
for poor complexions, red, rough hands, and
dry, thin and falling hair, and rott so little,
that It Is almost criminal not to ut them.
Hold by dealers throughout tb world. lib
eral sample of each mailed free, with 33-p.
book on the skin nd teslp. Address post
card "Cuticura, Dept. 1', Bolton."
JTMen who hare and shampoo with Cu
ttcurslosftwUlflndlt I nt fir iHn in lllllj
gjves you fhtee deligHful
sightseeing days iii ,
Southwest enchantec? lancf
While California retains the romance of
early Spanish days, yet it is truly modern.
Here are great resort hotels, perfect auto
roads and a summer ocean -- to tempt the
traveler away from winter. En route, stop
off and visit the Grand Canyon of Arizona,
the world's wonder.
The California Limited is an all-steel Pullman
train, exclusively for first-class travel. Runs daily
between Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, San
Diego, Oakland and San Francisco, with Pullman
for Grand Canyon. Fred Harvey dining-car meals
are served.
Four other Santa Fc trains to
California. Three run daily;
these carry standard Pullmans,
tourist sleepers and chair cars;
all classes of tickets honored.
The Santa Fc de-Luxe, be
tween Chkapo. Kansas City and
Los Aneeles. runs once a week
in winter; America's finest tram
-"extra fast, extrafine, extra fare."
The onlv railroad under one manaeement
throueh to California ; double-tracked half-way;
safety block-iiunali "all the way."
Remember the Pwama Exposition at San
Francisco and San Diego in 1915.
t.ni V llllnd leu Caatcgn fas
id fsllriisdwaf. Vc V'rk I1
I'liniie, ranUllii 3310 d I'''!

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