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Bf&i Polo Challenge Received; Witt Be Considered To-day Hulswitt to Lead Skeeters
Kormnl toques, for Match In
Hccdvcd iiihI No Time
Will He Lost.
Kxccutivc Committee Evficcted
to Accept Quickly Lino on
Makeup of Defenders.
England's challenge for the International
polo cup was received by Secretary I
William A. Hazard of the l'olo Associa
tion yesterday. The chnllenge was turned ,
nwr Chairman II. L. Herbert, who Im
mediately began to make plans for Its
lonslderatlon. Tho challenge: 1
Iturlitvham Club. Fulhnni, S W . 1
Novenilwr 21. 11S. j
IlKAR SIR: I am directed by the commute
nt Dip HurliiKham Club to wad formal cli.il
lome to Ihe American Polo AMCKlntinn In 1
ompi-te tnr the tmernallunal polo cup In 19U '
ill hip usual iipnp 01 maicnei ana unnpr ine
innilitton act lorth la the deed of rift rcUl
11V thereto.
If coiiTenlent to (lie Polo ' Awodatlon of
AmprUs It would suit bet lo play the firm
m.itch not UtiT thsn Juno 1 to enable the
Kndl.'b ilaim In rrturn to Kncland In time
10 compete m thp champion cup matrhri.
, itS'&.T sss' nvTWonru?: 1
uy .nine lours laitniuny.
V EOEKTON GKKKN. Major. Manner.
The secretary. American Polo Awlatlon.
Aa early as last Monday It became
Known through cable udvlcs that the,
llngllshmeu would make another attempt;
... , i .1,.,. .. ..1...11
n. iw.. .... .... niiu ,,... . ,.iii.iii.u i
.uonltsway Chairman Herbert, bow-
eer, was scarcely prepared to'recelve it
o simjii, as In previous years the l'olo i
saoelatlou ..Ulcers have been notified by .
cable when the important document was
The wording of the letter sent by !
the manager of the Hurlinghani Club ' "e secmd day of the New Vnrk re.
leaves little room for disagreement on tho liability run, a Juiint of 17s miles up into
iliieMlou of date. The Invaders suggest , Connecticut and back vcV.er.l.iN, a at
that the first tni.tch shall be played not tendnl by a retn.irkaM,, fie.'.loin from
inner .nun juur i. ii minimi nuKKeruiui
w.is made last year, but the English.
men finally accepted dates beginning with
June 10. They have additional reasons
for reoulrlng nn earlier fixture this sea-
son. as the British championship, if, which ;
they desire to play on their return, be-
glr.a on June 1.1. or more than a week ,
earner man msi khmhi,
Otherwlse the conditions of the deed '
of gift have been .ntlrely satisfactory.
tn fact no international contest has Peen
. , . , . t.i. . .i ... - .,.
carried oui wiin ieai hick iiiik i.,.i ue-
t.iiL ih that fur ti e in, n cim Tin le 1
was some talk In Knglan.l of asking for
K for
datea In the fall, but this was abandoned
when It became known that America could
muster her forces only in June, the month
which the deed of girt nanus tor the
AS SOOn Its 111. reveicu llie tii.iiii.-iKf
....tt .i ..t
,Vve commftt. of the PoTo Association
live iwinmin in .ii" n.-ri..li.i,i
for Ita consideration. No time will be
nisi in KciuiiK .ni.- i'i i'i'iii .1.1, -ui. v .110 eleven i'Oiilieil.ors Having . te n sciires.
fence under way. as the meeting is called stood at the conclusion of esterday's run.
for to-day in the Whitehall Club. There There was again only one case of tire
Is little likelihood, however, that the mat- , trouble, llulclc No. 1 getting a puncture,
ter of dates will be settled at the session , The gasolene consumption as recorded by
thtt afternoon, as Mr. Herbert does not the contestants for the ITS miles was as
expect more than n bare quorum at the follows: llulck No. 1, 1 If, gallons 1 llulck
meeting. So far ns known only August No. I, fli-j callous, Huick No. 3, 1U4 gal
Helmont. Harry Payne Whitney and Mr. Ions; llulck No. 4, ID gallons; Chandler
Herbert will be able to attend, but It Is
Just poulble that Joshua Crane or Charles
Wheeler may come to town to assist In
the deliberations.
None of the officers of the l'olo As.
soclatlon would have u word to say aluut
the probable makeup of the American
.. ...if .innprioh.ii,. h r.iinp i-n.iv i
stronger that Harry Payne Whitney would
not be In the lineup. One of the best
posted men on polo In this country gave
t as his opinion that Mr. Whitney would'
not compete, and went so far ns to name ! 'f w ,or,' ' "!"".. ,r "V 1 1 'sectetary of the lied Sox, when ine .v c
he team that will defend the cup i "out uf "iu pment w ill be colic Hi.Ud o- , Alecr.McHoy st.K-k l,s passed formally
There Is no doubt that Mr. Whitney w ill
take an active part In the preparations
for the defence and will be the real leader
until the. team goes on the field. Ill"
duties will end then and the question will
arise as to who will enptaln the team on
the field. According to the Informant of
The Scn, Larry Waterbury will be the
field commander. This means that he will
play S.o. 3 Instead of his old position
at No. 1
The remainder of the team Is Indicated
hv the ll.ioiin tnr tho last Interna. lonnl
!r tirst
conteit. On account of his being
substitute because of taking Monte
hury'a place when he was Injured,
Stoddard Is picked for No. 1. This leaves
No. 2, his own position, for Monte Water
hury to play and keeps Devcreux Milburn
in bis old place lit back, where he is In
dispensable, under this nrrnngement
Larry Waterbury is the only man who
will havo to learn new tricks, and he Is
uch an accomplished player that polo'
experts consider ho Is sure to
ariMtll rafl. .1 H8 Wfll H n 11 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I (J 1 1 1 uil Lllill II.
ly bU of "tws "gading' tile
makeup of the Kngllsh team was
to W S. Huckmaster. who has
tloned as one of tl... men likely
The only
probable makeup
In regard
liAe.i trine.. Inn
111 come nrrnss. His name was not men-
Honed In the list of players who will go
u.nl .he rpnsnn is
.1... ....V...... ... A A
'hat he probably Is not III condition. A
WMtnr from England, while talking over
he situation, volunteered the Information
that Huckmaster's ann bothers him con-
tlnuallv and consenuently he Is not be-
llevert to pe a factor 111 tno coming
tmitches. Caiit. llltson, the best of the
PhiTers who came here last summer, also
i In poor health, but Is not thought to
hp out of the team entirely.
Carpenters llreak Heenr.U Maklaic
ll Zimmerman Marli'r.
Arthur Zimmerman. In Ida day th.. king
of bicycle champlonB, la to nre tno pistoi
that will announce the start of the six
day ryele race. In Madison Hqunro Har
den next Sunday nt midnight. Seventeen
teams will taku the track when Zlmmer
man'B gun sets them going on tho week
long grind.
Hy working all day and night ever since
Carl Morris and Jess Wlllard ambled out
of the Garden ring Wednesday night, a
force, nf over a hundred carpenters, will
have the track ready for practice spins
by this afternoon. This will establish a
record for cycle track building. The en
trant In to-morrow night's short dis
tance meet, particularly tho riders who
will take part In the four big match
races, will bo on th track the minute
the word la given. Frank Kramer, who
la to race Jackie Clarko of Australia,
Francisco Vcrrl of Italy and Andre Perch
lent of Frnjico In the four cornered sprint
championship, will be ono of the first
men to try out tho new course.
Tlarera Hook IHaihleen (iamea,
Detroit, Dec. 4. Hlghteen gumes di
vided among six cities make up the ex
hibition schedule of tho "regular" Detroit
Tlgem for the. spring of 1!H. Compiled
by President Navln, It Is considered the
best Bchcdule In recent years, and Is as
follow! :
lir.t Team Mobil", March SI. 23:
MPiniihls, Marrh '.'. !, fiiallaiiooga. March
10, II. April 1. 2. 3: IiOuIkvIIIc. April 4, r.
.( 7jClnclnnatl, Arrll , . 10; Toledo, April
f"ro'nd Team Mnntgninpry. March !. ! j
nirmliigliam. Matih 30, 31! Msmphla, April
I, :, 1: NaahvlllP. April 4. Hi Owenslmro,
April C (with Mllwaukra A A.I: Kyanavllle,
April 7. I: open. 4U . 10i Urand Itaplds,
Ani ii it.
He Doesn't Get Out
but Friends Get In
"THAT trying (A help u frlutul on
of u HcraH! is dtuiKcroiiH wiih
proved at the Hoard of Hovicw ni et
iiiR yoHtertluy. J. li. Powers wiih
cxpulktl u year 11150 for racing Coin,
a 2:iaJi Krformor, under tlio name
of Joe A. and in n slower clast.
Sworn HtnteiiientH won? prosonted
y J. AruI that he owned the horse
and by J. I. Durham that he drove
the ringer at StourbridRo. At the
time Powers tried to save his friends
by saying lie had left, the breeding
of the horse at homo. The new tuMi
mony failed to get Powers's ex
pulsion removed and resulted in
Secretary (tocher being Instriietod
to brini? c urges aguinst Agol and
IT Am Aim nnn i t mu tit
rlUl UN Pi I Fi ll A I J I I IN I
1 v wl,u JJA A. 111
ww" Muvwiii vol
Have Hun From New Haven to
Danbury Negotiated by
I All Cars.
i :
t,m.l,nIv. th,aii....i. . ..
....... ... , . , :
Kiifupi'ii lli'ili.i.w Tlioim I if in,. I i..ii 1
... ..... ...... . , l.n . t iv ii 1 1 ii
, ... . ,
for Any Infractions of
the Law.
jiriiames ci s ner ng i lie nature or tn .
dav's route. StnrtliiK In the mariilng I
from the .Manhattan Automobile Club, the .
touilsts had a trip full of pleasant s.
,, . ve.v Haven. After l....cl,.. ,.t .h
i,,..l Taft they set out w the westward
over .. n.irr-' .nn iiii-ii.v.e ii,i,...-
aIU, ,.lrt s'.lff solng to negotiate until they ,
got ii tea to .NorwalK and found there the
H08ton n.ist road a.,,1 smooth K..i.iu the
re,, of ,nc way s,.w Vork. I
siirle. nril.n ntr.i,,Mi .nauiinir i. yr
. . : . . ...... . v.. .
isn,,.,! py the ufeiee, A. II. Cordtier, who
...i ... ., .i-.. .
MiMmmmM f(r ..xrewlintr thn mu limit in i
nitnuuil. U UI.H .1113 ivilliiuillt 1 i (IH i
any town VH,X through would be inline,
aiatcly and Mimm.irlly (Unmanned. To keep
within the speed limit ami still to make
t!le ..ht ..ontrol at the Mitchell-lMmutis
tlms c'Xi
.. . . . . t
rr'"V ' u , ,7 Th"
incurreu any iiirtner pena lies hi .1 ine
, f We'dnes.l ,y's run. with cUht of
... 11' 'v canons u.iKi.irm .v.. -"
Ballons. 01d.in..bi!.. No. .. Ii gallons. Ue
Dion Houtou .No. V 21' gallons. National ,
No. '.'. 1''. gallons. Hjdson -So. 1U. I'J Vi
gallons, llubk No. 11, IT gillons.
The run to-day, which cmcludes the road
test. H expected to be the mn,t punishing
part nf the ..on mile content. It covers
HI. miles up through the lull country of
the reservo.r section 1 to l'"'"1'
1'oughkeep.ie 1 et. ri i n.- the run is
lht . " n the Hudson
;'fu;e"r J t,c announc."i on Salurday
Chlenno l.ineli Jxiuiirea Mntch With
Mi.ii.iiii, lint I, utter Wins Clut,
Pis-mil'lisT. N. C Dec. . The first
i ,,f ,,, ,.,., 11i.1v In the tenth annual
... ' . 1
' autumn golf l rimme... r.euu. . n.
ClObC Ill.lICIleS. II. e uecn. i-l ui iv .. .
1 Malison of Kramlnghniii and the famous
-ach. A. A. Stagg of Chicago Cnlvcrsity.
which went to the nineteenth green,
where Manson's 3 on n par i bole won
the inaicn.
Stacr was 1 down at the turn, mnn 1 ....
the tenth, halved the eleventh, won the , be eliminate, from the scoring rults wl.tn
1 elftl ami halved the thirteenth. Mnn-'tlm major league rulo makers get to
" . ., , ,J ; nevt two holes, making gether soon. Opposition to this farcical
son men won 11. ie . k "
. '. y . ,.. BB..cn.
tno score- an ... cn,,Ulr,.,,
Xm?Zto. sc i.arlng the ,',.a?ch. Stagg
tl c ti Ine eei'.th' ti.an
.. .
'had a vTrui "ha !
, Manson. but the m Cm. on
, with 1. about tlireo janls of u cup n a
wonderful src,l shot an d I10 ed out in
' " below par .1.
rue summariis.
1 Kma '''", Vr1lei.ne"i.T Cooperitoh'.
i.a.aiia. . j. ,.....,i.flii ,-ai ,i t .
.... .. .....! L- U II.I..V
rirs. """"-' .-: ;
. '-' anil It ti .y- .'"S'i"', ""a :"?'. rr, v.IIpv.
ciallaaher. MontcUlr. 6 U'V, Tom hrlley.
, southern line., beat V. l. w''h"0"' i u,'ai
j to-". .JZLr st,rxi"&. I l n T
V. "' 0 Vra minirhani. I't A. A. Starr. Chi
1 'm, iiuneiepii hole.': II
V hrrsermaii.
cl'pwoo't. bent .ipomc V brown. It.jt.ilnK
i Valley. and 7: the. Rev T A Cheatham.
i don
sall-bury. beat 11 H ""ISio'nt'riair. beat
n'ac :stPP.p Vo5.ir.town. 5 a"!d 1 ; '
'SpcoiuI Dnl.l.ni. Klr.t Unund-SaniiI Peek'
"awl S ' J (loodali lieileriYeVbrat H. J,
guale. Park, ; and I; II A Waldrnn. Atrj
warn Hunt. heM K. I'rat . llo.to... 11 and 4;
W. W Yenawlne. -New nrk. heat H J
..... vi..nnn.nr.i.1i 'J nml li w I. Mllll
..... !... ii ll ii, mt wnrrv.Lrr.
Uen, Indianapolis, bpal tl. N. Clemsoii. Oralis".
and : F. N . Clnss. Crawhrnl. beat i t
f'f1""'0w .'.W ""i' "j'dlnV s'tsmbauSh.
vn,i.i..tnwi.. f. and 3! H 11 Stambaurh,
Vniiiirstnwii. ts-nt Daniel Oood, Park s up
Third Divlalnn. Kirst Kound-llei rr
Prow i. Philadelphia, beat V. H. Wlekuara.
Kuelld, and J; T K. brown. Montrlair. tieat
P W Keller. I.awreiK'eville. ! up: O T
Dutilaii. Korea! lllll. lieat ll. A Swlrert.
V keii 4 and 3: 11. I. brown, lluiitlnrdon Val
py ".'eat II P. Hitclile. Town and Country,
r, and .1: A. llaUe, Smith Shore Pirld. Iwal
E. 1) McCain-, Spring Lake, r, awl 4; J 1) t
Kumsey. Hrooklyn. beat V Kellen. Oaklry
3 and i: 0 T Illonmcr. Ceiu'.;.. lieat W.V
Trlhle, Ilnffalo. ti and 7; J. T. Newton. New
Vork. beat Dld Crekr. Jr.. Aiuuita. I up.
"arker W, Whlttemnre. Urookllne. winner of
the qualification, withdrew from match play
Weld, Sprar and Ilojle "Win.
. ... , iviij
C. II. Mathews lout to ltobert Wold
a. score of 200 to 97 111 the clasa C
amateur halkllno tournament at the Morn
Ingsldo Hllliard Arndcmy yesterday. Tho
winner had a high run of 24. nnd the
loser's best wan 1 R, Heorgo Moon, Jr.,
waa beaten by Cieorgo Spear, 200 to 99.
Spear ran 2fi In his biggest Inning, and 13
was Moon's best. M. J, Poylo illaposed
of H 1 4. Imvy by 200 to 174, though his
beat run wus only IN, whereas Levy had
ono of 24. Tho tourney will end with
to-morrow night's, game.
Mbnrroek Outplay Warren.
O. Sharrock and C. Warren played In
the Kngllsh billiard tournament at Hoy In'
Inst night, the former winning by a score
of 300 lo 273. The winner's high run
was 19. Sharrock tecelved a handicap
of 165, while Warren played from the
125 mink. To-night Hetiiln Dillon, the
erstwhile premier Jockey of Kngland, will
play William Olaas. Uoth recelvo 100.
, President Fognrty of Jersey
City Club Announces
Training Camps of American
League Teams Cincinnati
Hit Doomed.
ITesldcnt Kogarty of the Jersey City 1
H.ischftll Club announced yesterday thatmint yesterday to tlio effect that he does
i... .i. i ,. .,, ,inr In the '. not tielleve u number of players, tn.sm-
er,on of Hudy Hulswltt. a veteran player
who wore
me unuorms or ine .iiciniinii
It.l and Bl- Louis Cardinals before hehttVe Kntti with either faction they will In
.......! ihn imirinm Aunolnilnn tn . ..nn.i.r.rl hostile to the fraternity. Mn
. ,.i-.-.,-.. .... ....... .
,rw,me 11 mem,'er of ,he Co,urabu,, om1
LnMf 'n Vi'" T.VT;
.mn i, ih Vniiiii.tl t.vHffiie. but the last
. slon iii Ihn National League, but the last
. I " 'I.... . I... I ..l. .iml
iu aeuauna m- " .;i.i.w
I basn and hitting itboxc the .300 mark, i
i . - . ... . . i
Hulawltt played w tn wiuisvuie nisi sea-
I son, mu Manager jiwr iiiu .
.o reieaec nun uu.na.iv .. .........
that the Jersey City management nau
been offered to him.
Ilulswltt will arrive, here to-morrow ror
I .i"'"-,..
:jr$?uv t-'ifvcU" S
: , ; 1 u. , , ,...
" l',anne! omf f,nJ? . 1 ui.
thn Skeeters train again In Hermuda. Hula-
w Itt lias II e.l hii objectlo ill and ht 1 w 111
al owed to select a ""I'l'T T..aIL
the South. Perhaps In tleorgla. Hulawltt
'"""'"' "J .. ...
111 nlav second base for tnc HKeeiers
--; - . . . .,,.. i, . ,. .
i.tla ri" J 'i. J "I'J
. ,;
ru. I....... l'am n fullnre lAst season.
. .i.u.i... t...jnu.. .Turk Knlffht was sold to
" . . . . . ..
chlctly becausu JacK K-nigni was so a to
. .
v... rV.u,i 'VoW , to Chmce which con,c,, lf thoy ,,,1,nk t,,e ",OVefc" W'91 ""'i ' an I n "urn w as defe ted t point, by r'"1"1 ""V,!" f,.,r ,1', ""'',,,'llr t,c"" classifying ..f horses ,s ..r the prob
.Mc all'..alH" aJ'l"1,ll0 ShaVrL. A few of the players may have signed . ur" '.',,' .' th r.iaat l-outs, wh'ch have been a sou, c of profit . ,,., , thl. Kov. rrig t,jy .llld iho now
further weakened the box. Larry Hchlaf-
. larry hcniai-
iurnedryoo.e In
ley. the manager, was
September and th. kee,ra wer. In a
sorry plight.
KoBitrty. however, promises Detter re-
suns ii. i.-n '"' 7- .
.vn.i niuv.r. in hei-ln with. Includlnc r irat
. . i ..... ..... -i.h i,u.i,.iiin vim
f,00,1 lin ,0. b,lK'",r i,1 V,
""X ilhtlr anTwellH Outfla Mc-
'.n " '.' !T- . i1"" l?L"5. "11
' " " 1 lfV," "'Li urf omn,Sti '
;Z ..""V!. , .Up,, o. for trials with
Hsehen and Pitchers Martin and Cooney,
. . ... .. , i .... .n.inn-
:'c" ""'Vu':?".?. ' . . . ..J. ' , "Z
L'u . ,. .i...' .riVJ., .
A shortstop Is needed ana tnc
: .... , -ke a deal for a cap
cluli will tr to make a uea. ur n u.ii
to make a. ueai ror a cap- (
during the International .
.,1.1.. t.Kiti
. . i .u-. nn.i vin.
'r A v
All the American League teams have
I I selected training camps for next spring.
Th, New . Vork Americans have passed ,
nt. HerillUnil HliCl Will Mtfl 1IHU tUIIUIVIUll nv ,
"."" T8" .Sh"",
-, . 1,1, u. ttn. MnrlnriL
" ";)j.tcbtr0UB Jf'taS
Ark., about February 15 ami win nave
all the players In line at Houston on
M.-irrh 1. The Cleveland Naps, who pre
pared in Mobile, Alexandria and I'enaa-1
cola last spring, will go to Augusta. The
Athletics have decided to abandon Han ,
Antonio In favor of Jacksonville. Th.
St. I.oula Browns will get ready at Ht.
Petersburg. Kla twenty miles from
T..miia. The Petrolts. lted Sox. Wash-
, ,,, all(, white Pox will make no
,, , jtnnlll(.M will fit the IX-
, i.,fnrl. mu. The lted Hox
trolts at (lulfport. Miss. The lted Sox
will train at Hot Springs. Ark, the Wash
ingtous at Charlottesville, Va and the
White Sox at Paso Hollies Hot Springs.
C..I. Cnmlske's regulars who lire tour
ing the world will arrive here on March
fi and go direct to the Coast to Join tho
other members of the team.
llm-b McHrcen. It Is said, will be the
sectetary of the lted Sox, when the Mc-
into the hands of Joseph J l.nnln next
week. McHrcen held una oince wnue tnc
Tavlors controlled tho club, but was suc
ceeded by ltobert .McHoy when James It.
McAleer became president. Mcltreen sub
sequently secured a half Interest tu the
J.rsey City club, but sold out last year
The .Hants and White Sox must have
experienced a rough vo.vuge across the
I Pm' tic. 1 hey were uiic m uirim .11
: '..i ..1...... j ...nui, ii n'tipuil:iv nriit u
, . r: . . -
" , ' :
on Wednesday, b
lug the ball t.sei
up to .vesterday.
but the steamship carry-
teasers had not been reported
I. Seeilll HI Ue 11 ll.lt-K"ll- 1 .III. iuiwi, ......
1 f.ii,i i.ii" Mill
methn,l of scoring the time honored "field-
rr 4 choice" became evident early last
season, when It first went into effect.
was roundly ."mdemned in Practically all
the h!g league cities, not only by scribes.
u l,o by piayes' nnd
The climax was reached In
according to tt
. received
In the world'H
the obnoxlouH
. . roim...... , Merkle. who
.... " . . ..
ii,st imih It.iker on hs way to first and
l""t both Itaker on his way to first
iv Mnrnliv rushing in to the plate. It
Ii .... p..lr ... ,.hrm the hit tn M.lllhew
! hardly fair to
son's account.
0.i! of it.
hill lucre was no oinrr way
During the International League meet
, nK ),ere next week the proposition to play
i,.,,.r,..lirue series with the American
Association beginning on August 10 will
'be considered seriously. This la the orlg-
nal H.rmann plan, which the Amerl-
inn I.e.'.Kiie rejected last month. Presl-
let.t Harrow nersoually favors the Innova
tlon, hut it Is understood that there will
i,R serious objections, headed by Presi
dent Navln of Detroit, who owns tho
Providence Club.
President Kbbets of tho Hrooklyn club
will glvo ii dinner Monday night In honor
of Manager Wilbert Hoblnson and Field
Captain Jack Daubert. Hill Dahlen, who
1ms bien Invited, says that he cannot at
tend because ho Is nusy minting up tno
State. Haubert and the Hrooklyn players
who have been In Cuba since the close
of tin. campaign arrived home late last
night. They were entertained royally In
Hnn Johnson says that the National
Cominlasloii will lake further action If
the player-author evil Isn't stopped forth
with. Johnson Intends to make a
mint of tin. case of Christy Mathewson,
! whoso syndicate artlclee still am appear-
uy1.,,, regularly. It la said that the com
mission voted $1,000 toward defraying the
expenses or tne worm a tour w.i.i .no
understanding that player-authors would
wlthdrnw from the literary fleitt. .nci.raw
kept on "writing," however, until Johnson
hnd to telegraph hlni Just before the
QlantH' manager sailed from Vancouver.
Oov. John K. Tener of I'ennaytvanla
will arrlvo hero on Monday, prepared
to accept the presidency of the National
League. Accordln to the present arrange
ment ho will be elected formally ai xuea
day's session of the magnate:
Recant. Prep five Win.
The bnsketball season was opened at
Fordham l'rep yesterday, when the second
piep quintet defeatod the second Xavlor
High School five on tho Maroon court,
15 to tl. McOuIre and Btuart did the
bulk of tho Hcoilng for Fordham, whlln
Bnywn was the mainstay of tho visitor.
Camp Goes to Fix
Yale-Chicago Game
NEW HAVEN, Dec. 4,-Wulter
('Amp lias gono to Chicago
and It Is reported In Valo athletic
circles that among other matters
to bo attended to arc arrangements
for a Yale-Chicago football gamo
next fall. If It Is played hero It
will be for the purpose of formally
opening the bowl, but if It is held in
Chicago it will be in lneo of the
old West Point game.
Those Who Mm. Any Form of Con
tract Arc Hostile- to t'anar.
n via I. Villi, nrcsldent of the Hase-
1,,.. riavers Fraternity, issued n state-
b,m of the , ornta, '.""Ij
baseball. Ho says that If any players
,,,,..,,,, t .-
Vv... .... . .... ----- - i
FU. i .t ,,nt believe The' report that H ' 1
'""nb ifVpar.Mn SlJil"!.-.';
..j..i i r.,h.
. , ... k', t,j.-,.i u,,,,,,. fnrih
IiaiC BIKII"! 1..,.. ...v. ...v... -
rt.nHotl ihtil so ler cent, or in
. ... -... hnve
mu vers ill lit" ivui .n.Kv.
;t.ltcd t0 me 1crBonnlly that they would
not ,Kn th nny ono until contraciH
satisfactory to the fraternity were pro- .
cured. Aa the advisory board has not
yet passed upon the Federal league con-
......fn - torv to the rrntenilty were lm-.
tract iiiki ni no ngreemeni nr i.-n
''"V wUh orfu"ifo,.,..,:?,L-,.i"jr tt:
who signs a """' -."
at the present time will be considered to
hnV(, ,1, nn Ilct 0f hostility to the
fr.lUrmty( whch may amount to cauae I
for expulsion. . '
"We understand that tho hwierai League
. . ...,ii, ...ni i... uniinii.te.i tn ih
r.iiiiim.1 ..... v --- -- .
within tl.e- n-xt will t-oniflv xyUli ll
our reuuesia; u so mr .ini'innj "
. . ' . ... . l.
mace no oosxacies ... inc .ij -
tuavcrs signing awn iu-.
.....prs signing wU-n the proper time
, , .. ........ .i. hmw
rdoonUwl,:n the . "mra, t Is
t There" lin-.the'Mlgh'teit
,Zm In the mind of any member of the
,,,H ,hat ti, nl.ivers. lth few
rt ,uuTO :
to the fraternity and will follow out the
,Pn a"ftA u',on ,'everal m0,,,h,' !'K-
. t-,,t
except ons, will remain ansoiuteiy myai
. ..' .... i ..m punn. .k.
QIAI,IB BiUW rllv'nr'tt-
Pl"'ra neporled o He Ural
I'henoaiennn at a are o. ...
The signed contract of one Kmllo P.I
mero was received at the ofllce of the
rslanta veaterdav. Palmer.) .s the first
Cuban to Rrt the r..iyri)l of any of
, r Ncw 0)Cb three major leagu.'
clnhi. Ho la only 1" years old, but Is i
reporte.1 to be a real phenomenon ; In fact
the bov wonder of the Kagu.-s in ami
around Havana.
, Vf S Inch,, tall and Is ss.d
Palmero, who is a left nanaen pucner.
to re-
,U.. 11l. ..mifi Arntu. tn V
Cuiian outfielder of the Washington club,
In build.
ApconBU r Military Affair In the
fjardrn Settled Up.
. .lnr of the Military Athletic
j.m-n,. was held yesterday to settle up
,h(, f the tournament held In
Vt'dloi uare Garden.
.7, " , u Ii
11 ''OK". . " . . ..
resilient mi,
In the chair, the
oth.is present being Col 1" H. Norton,
Col. Charles A. I'nvls and Commander
lluell ltayner, vice-presidents Col. N
H. Thurston, treasurer , Cu.pt. Charles J
Dleg.s. financial seon'.ary . .Major iwoeri
F Cooks, corresjsjndlng secretary, and
the following members of the executive
commltt.e: Capt. Frank llean. dipt John
Klines. Capt. Harold Ulcus, capt. itow.it. i
lllnktn. Charles Curie. I.leut.-Col I-.. I..
Jannlc.ks. Commander C. . UrinkerhnfT.
Col. C. J. Wolfe. I.leut.-Col J. J. llyrne.
Major H. C. Wilkliu, Capt. I. Vr.den-
The financial rers.rt showed that the
tournament netted a profit uf about f. .,
which will hi- divided pro rata among the
membcia after meil.ua have been pur
chased for member of tho Police and Fire
department. It was decided to leave the
details for th" championship meetlli- of
the league to the executive committee, an.l ;
the Question nf holding the names In one ,
of the armories will be taken up at the
next meeting. The Second Regiment nf
Engineers of Troy was .dieted to mem
STTlmmlna Team Win Vlelorr O.er
Commercial by US tn IR.
De Witt Clinton High School tri
umphed over Commercial High School
yesterday In a dual aquatic meet In the
Fourth avenue pains, t.rnoKijn, oy a
score of 3S to Hi. Tho Clinton amphibi
ans captured premier honors In all of the
six eventa.
The feature event of the nfternoon. ine
10 yard swim, was won by Cohen of
Clinton, who was pushed bard ly .MO'-r
of Commercial, but at the finish managed
to draw away and win by several yanls.
The summaries;
M Yard Swim Won by Burton. Clinton:
Gomlsteln. Commercial, set nnd: Smjhe. Cum
niereial third Tune 12 secnmls
.h) Vard Swiru Won by Miillh. Clinton:
Zllowltr. ainton. second: l.liid Commer
cial, third. Time. 1 minute : -einniis
12l Yard lm Won by Cohen t lintnn;
Meyrr. Commercial. e-ond: MacKenjIe. Clin
ton, third. Time. J minute IS second"
lOfi Yard ItPlay-Won by Clinton (McKenzie
Wills. Zllnwtu and llurt.mi: Conimenial
(Lludaay, Welm. Nel.nn ami Mr)er), spcond
Time. 1 minute .H ee.in.la
tlve for Form-Wnn by IJehner. Clinton:
l.oo.l.lPli. CnDimerclnl aerand; Chambera.
Clinton, third ,
l'lwire for Distance-Won by Field. Clinton;
flood.teln. Commercial, second; Lindsay. Com
mercial, tldrd.
1914 Customs
By which we mean, of course, the new tariff
rate effective next year on our London
tailored Homespuns, Fleeces and Tweeds.
We anticipate, as we always mean to, every
good cut in Country Life Clothing.
New Prices 20 lower from date
Cotrrly Overcoat, Uhtrrs, Capen
for Men nml Women for this mntn
ni next year' rule.
K 1 1 1 1 H I . ANN WIUjAKI) i
ew Haven Club Signs Them for
Twenty Hound Hattle on
December 25).
Carl Morris's Jaw Not. Hrokeii
Uitebic Expected to Stop
..... . 1 -,..!
je-s v.in.... .....in r..
rls In a burle.iuo bout III Madison
Square Harden Wednesday nlght. signed
articles esterday to box twenty rounds 1
.... . Zl
wmi uenrge noon, inn i r unit yc,k"h c
New Haven mi December 29. Wlllard,
nr.lop in Iimvm nleiitv i,f lltiii! to lire- 1
... - -
- are for this mill, has imluoed the yuiens-
A. Of Huffalot.. stage his ciimbat
. Hi mm Itmiml Dav s on nicembir 12.
with One
- - - -
instead ni rour nays laiei
t.,..ii i.n.i iiw. I...
better of a ten lound
,... ...... .... - - ,
,;,ttlP with Wlllard In Milwaukee, three'
weeks ago and was at the lingsino
Wednesday night with u challenge to the '
wlnm r. Hl manager, .lames Johnston, 1
,rmptly hunted up Turn Jones, Wlllard'..
Wednesday I
manager, after tile Pout ami onereu ui
"" ",,,,i.".r . A" "'"r11 '" .
scoreu lor nis jioor snowing wmi mmi
, , , , jIorrlli ))P (s i(xioiiH to meet
n 'J n ' Ah the ilar.leti A. f
,,,,..,. flir ,1)u wilIar.Mlo.lel affair.
,p Now HaVM1 cl, cured it. After
,h., rVent Wtllar.l will go to California
" . ... .: . . ..
.,. m,. - nout wilt me winner oi in
VV.rtr - ?lVOir.t.'t Miriltl. niT.iIr. to
. ,i,.,.i,iii
oe .leciueo
San 1-V.uiclsco on New !
-.. ..
,i.,i....i hii,.,. ..... ..... ...
n u in iweiny r.i'.niui. mi wie v....p.
l-t -Inter. Wlllard must be In I-
A.l "y 7 to smnd trM for .
taking ...rt n the scrap with Hull Toung.
whose injuries proven ratal.
Carl Morris did not have his left Jaw
1 broken In the scrap with Wllli.rd, despite
i tcports to the contrary Morris received
a heavy blow under the left eye In the
I second round, which gradually produced
the big swelling that alarmed some of
the spectators during the tenth round.
.Morris did not call In a surgeon, but ap
plied cracked Ice nnd liniment until the
swelling responded to treatm.nt.
Morris was down hearted yesterday
He admitted that he had mtdo n poor
showing and said that he knew he would
b.. sidetracked by the matchmakers In
future. He declared that Wlllard's stl
completely puzzled him and that he rea!
!7.ed he had much to learn about the box
lug game Manager !lbin wis so con
fident that Morris would defeat Wlllard
that ho had mado arrangements to pit
the Oklahoma giant against Jim Coff.n
of Ireland III the .iardeti on December
IS. the next open date. Hut-Morris, of
course, has been eliminated,
Wlllard's lack of aggressiveness did not
make many friends, so that t.lhsnn said
yesterday that the Texan, too, had been 1
passed up In considering future matches, i
The Morrls-Wlllard affair was a dls.tp- j
.ointment to the promoters. The gate
receipts did not exceed Jti.SnO, although
the managers expected the bout In draw
twice that amount The big lighters re
ceived about 11.50 i ach. win. h. i'l th.
opinion of disgusted eyewitnesses, was
entirely ton much. A the Inimitable Kid
Ilroad put If
"Dry should 'a been paid off. den
robbed nnd de coin m tit tn a hospital "'
The Imprisslnn is growing that bouts
between heavyweights are n.d ns popular
is the scraps provided bv the men in the
ighter classes Itoxlng fans rnthuse over
speed and bard hitting. The bantams,
feathiis. light, welter and middle weights
. rule provide real action and cons.
fluently tlraw more mnnev. Th- puhlje Is
tired of paying fancv prices t.. see lne-
i.erlemvil iiiastnilons hug and maul each
Tom i.i'.i.urke has , mat. bed Franklo
Hums of Jersey City and Tmiimy ft'Keefe,
the ijuiker feathet w.ight, to bov ten
rounds In the National Sporting Club in
West Forty-fourth street next Monday
tilvht l.itillllke belle.i'H tll.'lt Ills he.lVV-
weight boxer. Porky I'lynn of Huston, ..in
trim all tho white hopes. Fl.vnn will meet
some good man in the near future.
Past performances would seem to In-
.Urate nn easy victory for Willie Illtchle
over llailein Tommy Murphv In San Fran
cisco next Wednesday. While It Is true
that Murphy has done his best work on
the coast, it cannot be denied that he was
nn object of pity when lie faced P.ickey
McFaiiand here recently .McF.irland
doubtless was ton heavy for him, but at
that Murphy showed no boxing skill and
was a soft mark. Against Phil F.lii.nn. ,t
second later, Murphy again displayed
poor form and was thru shed soundly.
Murphy has be,n beaten mi n-eral occa
sions by l.each Cross in ten round bouts
.. ... ...........
.Mildils 1im "";'f'Vr".LT
iifxi neiiiiesu.,, i.ii.ii-- .... nn-
ilerstaniltng 01 pome kiiu. ni wiucii ui"
snorting public knows nothing Uluhli.
niicbt In ktmi Mlltt.hv before the end of
.. . .1 .1 .... i
llli llll-ll.ie.il I .'lllll.
Huxlnn-. 1 lo k. Ililrd Tune. I .lo 1-5 Ha.h,
P.ickev McF.irland Is a " to I favorite, Adi. liaibus'.i. Hilly Stuail, I.aura and stucco
for his ten round bout with Jack llritton n,rr;,nK(l. 0nc ,n. ri.llion Klnr. IM .Na
In Milwaukee next Monday n'ght and n,a,. tn f., 7 In .-u and out, won; Spruis
there Is an excellent reason P.ickey , yuul. i.l MiT.igg.krt, r.en and 1 to L',
m;i, llritton loo t rooiisii n tne (,ari en
' .
Ian spring, wnue tn. inner
by Mike Clover, the Huston welter, In
Hrooklyn on Thanksgiving Day It looks
like mum e-mv iiinnev for McF.irland
lue more easy ninnej tor .vu r ari.inn.
Clover, by tho way, Is hot on P.ickey
trail He sayM ho will let McFarland
weigh In at 145 nounils ringside If lie can
secure a match. 5loer dnesn't carry more
than 138 when In good rihnpc and claim
tho welterweight title at tho recognized
American limit. 142 pounds.
Negotiations for a battle between (11b
bons and Mcl-'arlaml Itavo not fallen
through and It Is probable, that they wilt
meet In tho Harden sumo tlmo next
Ovtrn, Vynehoii and Clark Mar (live
C'untracl to Hyde To-day.
Huston, Dec. 4. Oeorgo Owen, who
has designed n 7fi foot sloop yacht for
possible defence, of the America's cup at
tho request of 11 syndicate headed by
(leorge M. l'ynchon Of New York, 1J. Wnl-
ter Clark of Philadelphia and several
prominent Huston 1 yachtsmen, went to
New Vork to-night for tho purpose of
a general conference with Mr. l'ynchon
before 11 contract for th construction of
the craft Is signed with the Hath 1 1 nil
Works. J'resldent Hyde of tho latter con
cern also will be In New Vork to-morrow
morning and a meeting of the Interested '
parties will be held lit Mr. l'ynchon s of-
. ! " I
nee. wnen It is expected mat tno papers
will be executed,
.J ,
,m ."1 Ji''1 1 A J 1, ' '. . ' " T . ..
Pleted form were submitted to him.
(iw,.n Koop Is
to be constructed of bronze, i
sufficient funds have been promised to
nssure a hull anil uear of beat workman-
, , , . , .,
n- " " 'ry'ZZri
ij, ,rouK! tm' lrl!il raei's regardless
i i...i, .i. 1 . .1...
(ll i-.i:ii.'.v .inn inn 11 mi- ii-.i-t, in mu
limit In event she Is selected to defend
the America's cup.
('.,t. Howell, who has be.n sailing
master of Mr. I'ynchon's slisip Istalena
fr Heveial seasons, li to act in a similar
capacity on tin- syndicate cup yacht. Mr. I
pynclion and Mr. Clark will take an 1
Hcr irt In the management of the
craft during the .rial ra,;;:
VXl.Oly.ni a. Kj. A. A. U.
t'analdrra lll 'nnrt Aetlnn for He
f.lanl of Ruling anftlin.
Trimble Is III store for the Atn-ltPllr
IV i. . . K memnei- or
mi- trim-Hiii . v,, wmi re nii-eiisiu oe-
caus.i the .Metropo'itan As-rsMatioa has
and iiniuseinc lit for the club and Its mem-
,m,I(. "i( , "a .wyeV' T worMng 'i
,h(. cM()i. f()r ,,.,,..; t . ,,,,, of
I'OVaafrttfir-u rt triii rl till fi f llu irtfait.iitv liATt
bets. Civ. I court piocei dings are ln.lng
! week.
Th" Crescent A C long has been an
tagonistic to the governing bolv and a
year ago me icKisuauou coininii.ee
nbout to withdraw the sanction for Hit
boxing bouts, when a lonfeietue was h
an.l tile matter was allowed to stand ove ,
lief using to r. cognize the A. A. II In
basketball, which the union finds it hard
to control hern, the descents desire rec
ognition so that th" bouts may be put
on more cheaply than professionals can
be oigugcd.
This tin- union will not agree tn. ati l
Janus H. Sulli-an, p-esldent of the M t
rcpobt.n As'Oclatlnii, put h'tmelf on
record when asked about the trouble. "T i
Crescents must n cognize the A. A. I'
control in all Its bianchis ,f at all,"
s.i d Mr. Sill Ivan "In other words they
must play fair. We do not prcwrt anv
one bovlng nr pi lylne baskethall at the
Cretcetit A. C. All we do is to Insist tint
our rules be llv.d up to or the nvn can
not lompete In reg s'ered events. Taat
Is only fair to the other registered ath
Now 141 to ll Airalnat .Mnrpli
Clarke nn.l llel.lr Six Day Favorite.
There wa little b.tllng in the financial
d. strict vesterday on the outcome of the
ltiti hic-Murphy bout In San Francisco on
December 10. although the odds In the
former's favor length. 'led from 1" to 7 to
in to '". Frul Scbuiiiin reported that he
had 5. '.Ooo to brt lit in to A, l.tit little
of that amount had been covered thus
far. He still Is offering even money that
the bout will not last tw. nty toiinds, mu
this Is being taki n in small parcels
Odds at Sihumm's on the sl day bicycle
race are ,1 to 1 nga.iiM Clarki-lli hlr :
J.j to 1 against Fogler-Cioullet : 4 tn 1
gainst .ireiida-Jloraii . to l against
M,.vamara-Uont . to 1 against Perchlcot
n,,,(nn, and v to 1 against Corry-He.lell,
T, 0,i,is against the remaining ti-tms
range from 10 to 1 to 100 to 1.
I'atrrsnn Fire Slip to Defeat.
Havonnk. N J.. Dec 1. -Patirson High
svimol lusketb.ill players opened their
s,.aK)n lu re and w ere defeated by the In'al
high school live. 17 to in. Inability to
,1... l1i..m.i.. ..i.nrl ,ipmu,l i.
1,'mdl'cap In Patersnn li. the first period
Iin,i iiayonne rolled up an 11 tn 2 lead The
vlsltois In the second half outpointed the
home team " to C, but this wasn't enough
to give lb. in viclnry
bufell l iiptHlns irneiiae.
Srr ACt'sy. N V.. Dec. 4. Janus Shu
f, It was elistPd c.ptiln of the Syracuse
I'nlvetsty foothill team for 1!1I to
il iy. It was announced that Syracuse
wlil play Harvard u xt year.
Firl K:.iv-Khp furious" Vilee. Pd .J Mc.
Tafc.'.rl 1, t'J 1. .' I and 3 1" 1. won.
II, ..HI. tactic. I .' iKirnnile lo r. and to 3,
i .inpi.,.ii in. ,fii..,-ti . iii ,
ihird Time 1 'u" Clem Peach,. ' Comtn
I..., i.jnr. i. in .
,. tiimi Cook, Toi.on .1 or an.l surpass
,.i. r.,n
.u-.in.l Ha.- -Two .par old.
five and a half
i lUvrtiei :i in .'. " to t,
'"n 3 1
won. K.inw.iy. 101 ilipron.lp) 4
I In 1 .in.l 5 tn ."- secon.l. l.n.t Fortunp. 1W
, "" i'ui..i.-i.j, ... . ...i, , ,., ,,
third TllllP. ft.M
,.,, ., c.in1:, , rlll
Kourlli Ita.e Five ami a half turlnnci-SIr
1 John Joluum.. 1:7 iHjrnei, a m (, t u - and
'" Ura.e Ciiiiarilcr. lfi .liprondei, 7
, (o , , to ,, . i.ejilel .in. illusion..
, , ,- ti - 1 Tniir. I o : ', sunuel 11
, Meyer, Venirhrp ami Mar Aelrp". aim ran
Fifth llaie-PUe. fiirlini.: lln ir P.ilh, 10?
10. lll.l.lel. lo 1 .111.1 4 III ,. M-ifiml. Anior.-t.
Ill i.M.iriiin. 7 to in. hum nmr. I
,lu. U Usllntr. l.uru. Fred I-vy, lio.m Mi.-irk
anil live ''tr.iik hUo ran
MMh Hiui-One nillii and seventy )anls
Asnler lln IWnl.Jront. even I tn C and t
to I. won; Scrvl.-eiicc, in (Marthr, tn f,
and to 11. second Mhhiel Anirf-I... 1)3 (lc
rondel, 4 to f,. third Tuns, I ,n ; 5.
Pirn Itu'e ri.e un.i a half fiirlnnit
lypy I.n.s. 103 iNeylonl S tn 1 .irnlKht
nun. A.'li Ksnnsil.', 112 iMiitthsw.i. 10 lo
1 for .plais. .si, .ml. Tl,eo,i,rl,. 103 (llsn-
i.vi'n,i. Iiirka. Crustr and Murv i't,-kr.ir.l
h iiii ran.
- . .
Ssi-oiul lines llvs and a half furlnnm
Mnllrr. lie iCavaiiaimli . H to 1 ilralslit.
vtnni lllnociilnr. 113 (Woods), f. to 1 for
rises, ssL-ondi Lofty llsyKoud, It: .(Iron),
to t, to how, third. Tims, 107 i-b.
Janu. Tree Will, Koronl, Jos WnnrW. M
Ins, fjulck Trip n.ut Wlr-ket also ran
Third ltaee- Five furlongs Kmerahl flsm,
tot i.loul.l), li to : mri.luht, wmi, Man.
(i.nets, 10S (Mntthsws), f, tu ; for place,
e.-nnili in. n. ,i,.,o.,. , i,, .. ntiuw ,
,.lr. Time. 3.R. l!,llth V anil Kir I
Harry nlo run
,! o "np ,Tr 10: iTa lorV. :", Is'l ' Vht
wo.,. Injury. Ill ll.oft.it,. S to 1 for place,
I..!. w, L-Pa,f,,t UI CI,IU.,1 . ,,. , In
second; Mr Fretful. I IChivsrl, In I lo I
sliuw, third. Time, I 13. Vented lllthtn, i
Henry Wiilbank and Hwlnh nln ran.
Fifth Km e Flic and a half furlongs--;
orlniur i.un. in( irwwri, , w i s.rs.gni.
won; l'llli..anie. iiu iiirniu,, s i,, , tur
lilacs, second. Annual IntereM 112 (O'llrlsnl,
15 In 1 to snow, tnir.i. inns. run. nn
Htone. Cliarlsy l"'"-.."""'"''' ..'."l":.. f
,p. I H 1, linen iiHu.rr, ..,auc,,n nu.i ,-r-, i' - -; ......n. 'w ,. i, ilnl.lv
nrll tllrl also ran 1 the Cincinnati team. There , a nilglil)
HUth Usee Mils l.ltlle Marrlnnoni IM , ,.h,ll)r (hat Mr llnnii-mi a II snsp
(MiCiithyi 1! to 1 etrulrht won Acumen. ,, .,,r ., ,l, ,t Kn il. w 1 fl
ier, i Van nu.sni. 3 In I for i.'a. . ee. nnrt . up tins oiler and tll.lt ivn.ll,, i
en lion. 10 (Hr)cr) ! tu 1 tn hn. ihlr.l
n., , In. I. I aSun.t 11,1111 I.IK.I U , I I, I
I cliff untl Defy rsn.
Trotting Hoard Drafts Radical
Rule Change at Its ,
Jlccting Here.
Jllst Ho FaSHCd UpOll llV Joint
Committee in Chicago on
A r .1 1 .. I .l.n ... m ntn I... I U .. 11 rA
' "V. ion ...n.i ...
of H,vew of the National Trotting Asso-
elation In the course of drafting new rules
a h" 1 .Ml .? , lo at
.t, Uurrav lllll Hotel isnierdtr. Th,
largest part of the day was spent In nut-
K oul punhment lo the delinquents of
.. ...... .
lai' pasi season, nui me sciisiiiiuo rnnu
later when the solons Uiew up a new rule
to the effect that only the winner of
,...n .. 1 1.. .. 1 ......
ruci." Pliuil ni iiiiiiu n n uuiu ill i uruw i uvm
This Innovation does not become law
until It has been approved by the Joint
rule committee of the National and Amer-
lcft" trotting associations at its meeting to
ho held In Chleagu on December If.
Mtaiitlme It Is likely to be the subject t
dWciisslon wherever trotting men ar
gallieied. To keep ii g. "id In it so with a
slow mark Is the aim of most followers
"' 'e tr.ittliig circuii, .inl to ! nils t-oino
K,.t i trouble through the supju. sston or
falsifying of tlmu or in pulling a liir..o
when It Is seen that he has to I ravel liei
fast In order to win a heat. It Is alsj
the mollMi fur racing lingers, as by
,.,,innlnp . hnrse'M nnme ho U .-ililo to
e,oape his known reu.rd until ldntltli
,v the lynx eyed otlleials of tile N. T. A.
Wllh all the precautions taken ih
rule Is intended to put a premium n.t
honest ",d.avor to win races. Hitherto
evi heat winner has received the mark
ho made In winning a heal, even thmigti
he should be abiolutcly unut out of the
money In the actual race. It will require
practical racing to piove whether the new
plan Is a good one, as at first glance It
appears In lie scarcely equitable that a
hurn- which has shown, say, H.04 In win-
nlng .. he.it should be allowed to start In
the 2 i lass In his next race.
A furth, r move was made to discour
age hopples by Introducing a rulo that
hoiscs not w.nriug hopples should receive
three seconds time allowance in addition
to whatever oth.r allowance they may he
i ntttleil to. This handicaps the hoppled
or half hoppled hor nnd may lead to
the discontinuance of the pinctlce whloh
the board tried to git rid of several years
ago. but failed because of the overruling
congiess. Another Innovation is to make
racing fairer by allowing a lior.se, with a
record one second for each y, ar In which
he fails to equal or reduce his record
In a race.
The scales of Justice turned against M.
V. Welsh of Cortlandt, N. Y who was
the complainant In a case disposed of
on Wednesday. On the ground that
misery likea company Welsh peached on
some other offenders when hu was charged
with ruclng the pacer I.ou Christie.
under the name of Lena U The
complaint .igaltist Welsh was mule hy
H. D. l.uce of Ulchlielil Springs ami
Wilson Murgett of lJIn-.irt, but th. as.
soclatlon had to go to consldei alJe trorlne
to gtt the good em the r.nge Faiiiiro
to kiep faith with the man he bought
the mare trom led to the met. ng of
We'sh The mar i imc fin i Tika -iah,
N.I, . and was sold in C, Icago to a ile.it. r
named Jim Jones. Thete Welsh b. ug'it
her. but did not pay In full The m.ne
i.iced as Lena L. at De lly.ler. N. Y. and
Jon.s. getting no r sponge to ilem.iu.ls for
his money, iuinmuincate.1 with nffirers of
the N. T. A. (nice on the track, Identifi
cation was necrss.ity and the original
ownei. liiidd Latt.i, was brought all t ie
way from Nebraska to prove that th
m.ire was a ting, r Aft. r hearing the
evidence Welsh and the mare were ex
pelled. For .puipplng Kinney Mcfiregor with
hHlf hoppb s after .1 race had started the
owner lost first money In the :'.21 trot at
Orangeburg. The horse went the first
heat without the hopples, but trotted the
rcm iiinler with half hopples. First money
goes to the second horse In the race.
The nractlee of laying up heats was
1 ns.inl
on when s. s. naurv or
niton, Cal.. applied for the remts-
nn of the fine m t." iniurieti on
Driver Frank Chllds for laying up two
heats by the Niagara H.icing Association.
Hailev paid the rlne under protest. Ills
contention was that Chllds after being
wanted by the Judges for laying up wen'
on and won the race. The board held that
he should have done his best without
being warned an.l declined to lemlt the
11. A. Hrahm of Haltlmore ha vug re
signed as a member of the central dis
trict board Carlos De (larmendla of Tus
carora, Mil., was elected to till the va
cancy. In framing the new rules for tin.
consideration of the Joint rules commit
tee the board of review asks that they
it,, imikf-ii over iiy
be looked over by tin. horsemen and
, rotting associations and that any critl
. .i,,n,s or .nggpstlnns
I Clsms or SUgi-sunns in- n-m i.i n-- .,-...,,
and to the Joint committee. ine ru.es
are ;
Itule V.. Hrc I A horns wllh a record
nhall le .'illoM p'l on te, i.iul fur e.i.h .i
In which h flls eqinil nr re.lu; e his
rirnr-l nr win .1 race.. If im l ,lml
bv tti noiiiiiii'i'r wlin making ! sntry
S.., 6 ll.irssi. that do lint weir linprl
hall he allow s.l tlirss useonds In addition
in ths ..llowuii. e-t In ." Hons I ..ml 6 uf tills
rule If ths ars snilile-l to sn.ns
IN-.TA1.MKNT l'I.N 1'1'HSi:
Itule IN'.. Sic . An liistalme.it plan purns
Is h r.s f.,r a Misiiflsi amount to which
il.s n..ml..nior utnl paymsnts si ''blch
nre furfelts, rn made in. a spsi Itled flat
nr il-itei-
I'L'ltHK Hit CI, ASH It M'fl
Ittiis lx. i-si- ;. A purs ur cl.tss rses.
1. Mt. event lo w-iiii-h a.i iii in nr. si ars
made on th name dais ui.t to which hut
I ons paM.ie.it for entrain,, fes if r':'l"l.r',1
lllllens oinerwik" i-i,uri ,i, '- i-'
I.AY1NO t'l' lllAT."
Itule XW11. l-'sc 5. Amended by In
serting follow lug ssntsnre. "liiafliig
psrt of ths way shall he consliisrsd laying
U1' lli;ctlllH.
Iluls Mi. fsr 4. only ths winner of
the nn e shall acqulrs a rscnrd or bar to
sllslhllliy In het ra.. Tints made bi-
n.h.i i.s.i. wlniisra hall kunslltuts ,i
, brse.ler s r-'nr.l,
, S.e f. ...V'jf," , 'S .rtlo of h"
P.if ! glv. n for . earn lie.it nr rnre iii-
. .. , ...i, h.B, nf r, I ir u i.
w nnei .-, "
...i.r,. nr h.r.
Hills Xl.lX.. Bsc. D All lines cullscted
from drl.er. hnll hs depiislted In rscl.il
fund fnr the lisnstlt nf .HsHbls.l or pssdv
rtrlier". I'aymsnls from same hall h
mads by order of the Hoard of lls.lsw.
t'ut In n snisrssnry the president ha' power
lo a.:t subject to 111. approval
ttuls 1.1.. Wee 11 Any limits,. ui.psninii
1 l,"t .... ..... , .rv. nnnn .hs re.-ninmn-i
lniposi hy Jil.e csn ne renin, en in "
lli-.l l,y the prefciueni upu u in-- i
"'rou'nn..,t .Ve" . en" .1" T. Tnse
grounds the penally v. as imi
1 "
UoiiUn-KiiHtir fr TliiUrr-liruh.
PMiKAPKi.r'MiA, Pm 4 .MIU Doolan
i . nt. iCnabe
- , , u i,.i ,...,,.,,,.,.
, Heinle lmh. Chaile H. Donln, man.iM'i
, l'h Hies, inaiie tnis oner i win
, , .a .v to Auitust Herrmann. Piesl.tcnl ..f
...jli.tr-.l manager, therel. icalina. a
, ...
I ambition." said Mourn.
Mr v

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