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NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1913. coPVh0m, ioh, ty ;, flim ana PuntaMng Anocuuton.
His Followers Dominate
Mectin? of Fifty Asscm-Mynien-eloet.
Bitterness Against Progres
sives Barely Veiled by
Polite Phrases.
Hailed as Candidate for
ernor and as Stale
Tarty Leader.
Tiiere were two features of epeclal In -
tfiest In llie big Republican love feast
which was lild last night lt n. O. P.
fnlu from nil oer the Stale, following
the open conference of tho afternoon.
Chairman Barnes's followers dominated
a caucus of fifty Assemblymen-elect and
choked to dentil two resolutions, one of
wh'eh was an Indirect but perfe-elb' ap
parent Map at Harr.es and his candidate
f'r Speaker, the other suggestion to make I
friend" with the "Independent'" a dlplo-1
matle reference to the Progressives. I
T'le bitterness of feeling In the rnncuil
was barely veiled" by parliamentary lan-j
ru.ue anil stilted phrases. Toward tne
rnd the rancor broke through the vll
and there were murmurs against "th
damned Progressives who are trying 10
run ever thing" and growls against "nill
Barnes's tool."
District Attorney Charles S. Whitman
stood out bead and shoulders nboxo any
oian prc-eut at tho big reception, Cp-
Staters ami city Republicans (locked '
round Mr. Whitman, grabbed at hlsl
hand, elbowed one another for the prlv-
liege of an liitroductluii or a chat ntid
clled for Whitman for iio ernor. There
was talk on alt sides of making Whitman
the State leader of the parly, of asking
htm to a 't not ns a titular leader but
In tile Mi.tclt of principal udvlser.
Probably l.oon Itejmhllcuns, represent -
Ing every county In the State, met at the
Kepubllc.-i.i Club and told . one another
that the lime had comic to get together.
United States Senator lllllm Root dropped
In lat In the evening. William llarnes,
Jr.. was surrounded by hl stalwarts. ,
Former Se rctary of War Henry L. Stlm
son shook hands all around. There was
nothing formal about this phase of the
I'orir Wnolil-he siicnUrm There,
Tho formal pait was centred In a big
room on the nintli lloor. where tho fifty
Assembl) men-elect got together for the
announced purpose of coiwdtlci Ins what
sort of ninu should bo elected Speaker,
The. four candidate for the honor were
present, Harold J. Hmman of Albany,
who has Harnes s support; Clinton T. Hor
ton of Huifalo, who Is strongly faored
by the Irogrcsle element, and Thail
deus C Sweet of (inwego and Alexander
MncDonalil of Kranklln Tho antl-Harnes
men came prepared to put In their bett
licks. They had a programme already
drawn up. They meant to alam Barnes
and Infersntlally Hlnman and to bring
about a dicker with the ProBrowlve Aa-eembbinen-elect.
Tho cauous started off aa aweetly as
a chorus of canaries In tho morning.
Almeth W. Hoff of Brooklyn volunteered
to bring about ' the election of a chair
man. Somebody glanced at the f)'P
written paper that Ogden L. Mills or
somebody else had prepared for the un
doing of the Hames men and proposed
Francis It. Stoddard of Manhattan. There
was no objection to thnt or to tho selec
tion for secretary of another Progressive
and antl-Harnes man. Samuel A. Jones
of Chenango. With the machinery of
the caucus In their hands the antl-Harncs
people went to wwrk.
John Knight of Wyoming offered a
resolution which would have put the cau
cus on record as declaring for a Speaker
who would represent progi esslvo Ideas and
who would be against the kind of tactics
that had blocked reform In the past
Resolution Aimed at Harnea,
Barnes's supporters know that the reso
lution was put forward to squelch the
Ktate chairman. It might ns well have
named him. They saw that It was
designed to wreck Hlnman's candidacy
for Speaket. The Hiinilis element started
a fight. Mr. Adler of Monro whs afraid
that the resolution "would reflect on
somebody." Assemblymen Smith and
Hurllngame thought It would seem like
dictating to the absent Assemblymen
elect. This or that objection was put
forward. Hoth sides matin a quick oount
of noses and when Hanies's men saw that
they wero In a majority they pressed for
d tabling of the Knight resolution, ft
w.is tabled, but the Progrepnlve As
semblymen didn't vote.
But they were getting angry, Wllmot
U. Knupp of Chemung raised his voice
to tell the llarnes men that tho
farmers up State, In the Holds or around
the corner grocery store are waiting to
so whether or not the Itepublican A
smitityrutn are going to truckle to tha
"And If joy do," shouted Knapp, "you
might as well go out of business. There'll
be the highest moving day toward the
I'rogicesUe party ou ever saw. There's
no use to sit nround here and try to fool
each other. You've got to got down on
uur hmnbones and work for the people,
be honest mid on tho leiel or you'll never
be heard of otitsldo your own towns again.
We'ie got to make friends with Prores-
allnucil on Hixond i'ugt.
Mealcan Delegation a-otlatos
With a Syndicate.
Spklol Cabin DetjMtch to Tim Svs.
Tokio, Deo. S. Four members of tin
sulto of Francisco de In Hurra, the Mexi
can envoy, who la on tils way hero from
Parla, have been hcto for five days and
have been In constant negotiation for the
purchase of arms and ammunition.
They are negotiating with the Tallin, j
Shokal syndicate, comprising three nrma
went manufacturing linns.
The result of the negotiations or how
they are progressing Is kc pt seen t.
Hehela Attacking- Monterey
Conaujar llrprrecntntlvr.
Special Cable. DeepatcK to The Six,
Mexico Citt, Dec. S. Word readied
here to-night that the French Consular
representative In Monterey had been killed
In a rebel attack on the town. The for
elfin colony tried vulnly to set confirma
tion or denial of this, and their failure
to net any news led to the- belief that the
city had been taken by tho rebels Invest
Ins It.
The decision of the American Smelting
and Hellnlng Company to close Its (treat
smelting plants outside Monterey added to
llie anxiety about the snfctv of foreign
j residents there. The smelters employ
. hundreds of native l.ilstrrra, and it was
I feared riots would follow the discharge of
i those men.
Knu-.st Furst Kirked to Dentil
in Stall at Brown's
Ernest l-'urst, one of the best known
riding Instructors In town, was killed last
night while he was trying to tame a mare
I f ugly temper. The animal kicked Kurst
In tin' chest, driving a rib through his
Curst was chief InMructor In William
It. Hrown's riding academy, jn; West
l.'.Tth street. The animal Is called Haby
SehitiHtroin ami Is owned by Wllhelm
Sclienstrom, an electrical engineer, of 2"6
Went Ninety-ninth street.
liver Mnee Haby Sclienstrom ban been
stabled at Hrown's she has Iwen ugly,
uud the owner and a negro stable hand
named Asle lialley have been the only 1
men able to handle her. Mr. Selunsti om
i luol been out fur a ride yesterday and
( got back to the academy Just before 6
, o'clock. Haltey hum watering the horse,
while Mr. Schenstrom, Furst and Hrown.
I the owner of the academy, stood near
'the stall talking over the vicious striate
on which good treatment and kind
Handling Hail no apparent effei t.
I think the mare would get over kick-1
Ing at every one who pa. sis her stall If I
she became ued to people." said Kurst. J
"I guess I'll take a chance on her and go I
Into the stall with her."
Sclienstrom and Brown remonstrated, j
but Kurst Insisted.
"She won't hurt me." he said, "and)
soon she'll be used to me, and will stop
kicking at people." i
Ho stepped over toward the stall. As 1
he came within range the mare measured ;
the distance with her e)c. and her two
hind feet shot out together, striking Kurst
squarely In the chest. He was thrown
fifteen feet or more.
"I guess I was wrong about that
horse." he said weakly, when Schenstfom
and Hrown ran to him. Then he became
unconscious, and by the time an ambu
lance arrived fiom Washington Hclghta
Hospital he was dead.
Furst was single, 40 years old, nnd
boarded at 9."3 St. Nicholas nvenuu. His
mother and lister live In Berlin.
For years he haa been a favorite rid
ing Instructor for the patrons of Hrown's,
nnd was particularly liked by the chil
dren. Ho had a reputation for horse
back bravery, nnd has made several spec
tacular stops of runaways on Itlversldu
Dean mt Colleare nf Cardlnalm
rumba lo Pneumonia,
Special Cahlr Despatch to The Srs,
IbiME, Dec, 5. Cardinal Oreglla, dean
of the College of Cardinals, died here to
day of pneumonia. He was ST. years old.
Lulgi Cardinal Oreglla was born In
1828. He whs mnde cardinal priest In
1873 and Cardinal Bishop of Ostln and !
Velletrl tn 1884.
Dannemora Warden tieta Letter In.
tended for n Woman.
AI.8ANT, Doc. fi. Heynolds Frosbrey,
one of tho most slippery mutderer con
victs In the country, has tailed In his
second trlul to escape from Oannemora
prison. Thia time ho tried the hitherto
unatteinpted performance uf breaking out
of a solitary conllnemeut cell.
A letter to Mnrguret ft) an, led to the
failure of Ills plan. Tho letter was In
tercepted by tho prison authorities. It
directed Mnrguiet Ilyon to meet Frosbrey
and aid him In getting uw.iy after leav
ing the prison,
The keepeis found that the convict hud
taken his cot to pieces. He made a ladder
of tho wire springs and with one of tho
leg ha had forced un opening In the
roof nf the exorcise cell by spreading the
bars apart.
Last spring Fiosbrey tried to blow up
the prison, but failed.
Frosbrey white tn the Tuints awaiting
trial for killing Morris Kchwnrtzkopf, a
Jeweller, on July 29, escaped through an
alrshaft and was free nearly three weeks.
The escape came a shoit time after
Margaret ilyan had been arrested for try
ing to slip acid and a small saw Into his
cell while visiting him.
Froehroy was identified also as the man
wanted for the killing of Walte r Meseilts,
a haberdasher of 77!t Fhilbush avenue,
Weeks Show9 Senate Loans Arc
Not Helnjf Curtailed Pend
ing Kill's Passage.
Leading Financiers hVport on
Conditions and Show
Credit Is Ample.
Washington, Dee. R. A epeeoh by
John W, Weeks of Massachusetts In tho
Senate to-day contained an Impresslto
answer to tliose who have been urging
hasto In piumlng the currency Mil be
ejiu of a fear of contracted credit and
business depression.
Sen't(i We-eks read Into tho Conprrs
slomil tlccord telegrams fioin loading
bankets mid supplh-d statistical Informa
tion to show that credit was not lM.nsj
contracted b th". larger batiks or tnisl
ne drpn fed by iblay In passing a
currency bill.
Tb Senator ud lbs loan statement
of the National City Itault of New York
ligtirc to show tbat unsecured loati"
to merchants and manufacturers wero
JiO.OUft.iHio on Nneinber lat III ex
ivss of the smm eharncter of loans out
standing In necember, 1912. The figured
shim il that the National City had un
seeured liwni last uuiiith of (59.24v.37t.
while for Die orrlotillng -rlod hut
year there wero only niMt",509.
Ovrr-eipnnslnn In the West.
(ie-irgo M. ltenolds, president of tho
I f-Miit I manful ninl l-.tintnerel.il Xiit Intuit
Hank of Chicago, telegraphed to Senator
Weeks as follows;
"Tho truth is. there is an oere
p.nvslon of credit throughout the WeM,
and this applies purtleulHrly to country
banks. Wo have to-day outstanding In
loans to country banks mid banker,
which are our correspondents, about 2'5.
UOO.DOO. all of which has bten scattered
iiinoni: nmrly l.cin banks. T!ih liquida
tion which took plum In New York
earlier In the year has not been followed
to the etent that It should haw been
by the smaller Institution' throughout
tho country, as Is evidenced by the fact
that our loans to our oorresuiuden
banks (which have averaged about (2.",
con.Ortii since th" middle ef .May) ar"
ril'oui n'.um'.vu" iiiKiiei ui.in me iiM-i-ag
for the same period last yeai."
Sil Wexlei- of the Whitney Central
National Bank of New Orleans wrote on
tills point In part an follow:
"Banks throughout lhl stctlon of the
i country are not restricting credits on ac
I ronnt of i'endlri eumm v legislation, nor
are ctedlts 111 fact lestrlcled at all, except
In sugar section, which has to face n
2.1 per cent, reduction in the tariff for
the coming two ears, with free suitr
thereafter, and which naturally affects the
basis of credits on loans of that char-
William Woodward, president of the
Hannicr National Bank of New Yorl.. i
tclegraphi il :
"i urd!scount line to-diy u Jl.5no.oon
above that of the same date list ear,
while our deslts on the other side til"
about 52511,001) less, showing that we ale
granting considerably more commercial
credits on a smaller business than at the
same time last
In-Ina Commercial Paper,
"nur discount line went tn higher figures
this full than It hai ever be-en. Duilns
the p;ust two or three weeks we have
purchased a l.ugo quantity of outside. ,
.l .1 .......,1..., el, ..,.lnIf '
i oiiitii, s .... e. I
wnicn is, jear oy year, suninwoai null
with us from January 1 to April 1."
II. P. Swlnney, ,i well known Kansas
City banker, wired :
"Deposits hero aie a great amount less
than ono year ago. Loans very much
James B. Forgan, president of the First
National of Chicago, tcl"griphcd :
"Our lo.uis to countiy tianks sis
$2,500,000 ninin thnn they wrn t cor
responding '' of last yeur."
Tiiere were other telegrniiis hud letters)
nil furnishing tho same line of testimony i
that bank credits were not' being con
tracted tu uny section of the country us
n ic suit of the long consideration that
had been given to' tin' currency bill.
Senator Weeks avowed Himself In favor
of a central bank ami approved th Wll
........ ...a t... el... 1 1 1 1 li.v.itL- a.!.... nt '
reH)iled by the Hitchcock wing of the
commltti'e, except tho BU.iranfi' of bank
deposits, to which he said he was unalter
ably opposed.
The first two hours of the Senate sej.
slon were devoted to another acrimonious
debate over the Kern resolution Introduced
last Monday by direction of the party
caucus, providing for dally meetings ut
10 o'clock and night sessions. The reso
lution went oxer for another day. As
fact the Senate Is working under tho
same limitations ns are Imposed by the
Kern resolution, but the Republicans say
that so long as Detnisiratlo leaders are
disposed to attack thorn they will reply
and the resolution will not be passed.
Ilenil uf Transatlantic Trust Coin
uany Haa Quarrel In nnilapeat.
Special Cable Peipatnh to Tns Srv.
HupAi'iirT, Dec. r.. Julius Plrnltzer,
president of thn Transatlantic Trust Com
pany, at 47 William Btreef, New Yoik,
fought a pistol duel hero yesterday with
mlle Zcrkuwltjs, formerly commercial
correspondent of the Hungarian Depart
ment of Commerce In New York. Neither
of the men was Injured, but Mr. Plrnltzar
refused to shake hands with his opponent.
There bus been 111 feeling between Mr,
Plrnlt7.er and Mr. Zerkowltx for some
time, the former charging that the latter
conspired against him and sought to
drive him out of his position. Mr. Pit nit
aer left New York about three weeks ago
for tho ex-piess purpose of mi itlin; his old
netuy hurt- la a duel.
To-morrow's SCJf often an an
usual hnmnn document la the con
fesslnn of tJeorire K. Davis, paid
dynamiter of the Ironworkers Union.
Graphically and dramatically are
told talcs of eiploMon that destroyed
property rained at thousands. Davis
says that he scrupled at taking
human life In his career of crime for
gain, i t he carried pounds of etplo.
sites In crowded trains and throagh
city trafllc.
Many Indictments resulted from
limb's story, first presented In'de.
tall by THE NtJJi to-morrow.
1 among the foreigners of tho district yes
, terday afternoon and whispered It about
Dtlbsoil, A rcllSCll Of StatNtiml' tll,t iUf Institution was In financial dltli-
Ulunders. Tells Errors
of Physicians.
Asserts That I'ost-.MorteiiK Ke
veal Ignoranee of Fatal
Itoger W Babson of Welti le Hills.
Mass, the statistician and an.tlylst of
business conditions, iiiuiouncid to Tun
Svn yesterday the results of an Investiga
tion somewhat out of bis line, but to
which he devoted his time for the benefit
of certain numbers of the medical pro
fession. Mr. 15.il.Min said that he had r.o quar
rel with phs!clans and suitors in sen
eral, but he was urousul over a recent
discussion nt a convention of medical
men at which It was suggisted that Mr.
Babson Hchlcwd his results chiefly by
guessing and that at times his guessing
was not of a high order.
"This led me to try to find out Just
how many flims our medical men ginss
right," said Mr. Babson. He said that in
investigating the mistakes made by mull,
cal men In diagnoses the statillcs of a
leading hospital in Massachusetts' were
put at his disposal He had the results
of 2,..H'i iio-t-moitini examinations at
the hospital, cowling a pirlisl of wvcral
years, which he compared with the his
tory blank ill 1. it out when ti pHents
were .-iJniUt.it to the hospital and with
the death certificates gilng the supposed
cause of death.
The following table shows the p. rcent.
ase of correct dlngtio-is minle on tfTT' his
tory slips and d nth certificates, accord-
Ing to the statistics examined hj Mr.
, firttlh
I !):...
I Dllhst.l.
I 4 ..!,
ll't'ory ivitl
Sllp rle.xts
J -J ri,.,ia
jfrtiicir .. ..
' I'ne ninuntj . .
4 umor
Cnuesr SJ
Tul"-rculu. f,
Heart lIHeu.e ;n
Neuritis o
Mr. Babson enfd that In looking up
penillcltis rases he found that ill 17
.'..III. lf fit. niw.r.l'i.nu t.m ...... . ...I !
. 1 1 " " '
.... . . nn. i.ii.ti sniiwt-ii una
me appenuix was in perrcct comiitloii. Ills
Investigation brought him in touch with
a i.poit on post-mortem oxamliiiitliuis
made by the Public Health, Hospital n-id
Budget Committee of the New York Acad
emy of Medicine, in whin Dr. Hoist
,. , nlp.,r ;
the Hns-ell Sago In-
HtltUtU Of
Pathology, In illcu,slng diag
noses, undo tins htufemeiit.
"It is apparent that only :ew ef the
most evident rtis-nses, exceed 76 per cent
j in tho hands of an experienced disgnos
j tlclan : many Important diseases mil be
I low f.O per cent. In rccgnltlon and tome
eM'ii below 2j per cm."
Prof. Bushford. dir. etor of ff. im
perial Cancer Institute In London, was
quoted in tho iumo isport as aetcrely i
tho diagnoses made here. Ho
sum inai ine returns from Ceylon w ere
uioio rer.an.u nun those for New York,
fhJs Miiiic subject .eisunds me of a,
tiuo story I t.eard In London when I was
he 1
the pa-
thero recently," said Mr, Habsi
the hospitals them the nllment of
,, . , , . . ' I
,,, , , BS
miosis. An Ametlcau doctor was exam
ining these history slips when his curi
osity was aroused by tho number on which
thei letters 'O. O. IC iirponrnl. He said
to the Unglish physician who wns show
ing him around :
" 'There seems to be a severe epidemic
of this fl, O. K. In London. What Is It,
" 'Oh, that means Ood only knows,' said
the Knglish physician."
Charges extreme Cruelty annlnsl
Yoiiuir Nnuar Capitalist.
San Fbancisco, Dec. 5, John O,
Spreckels, Jr., capitalist, win sued for di
vorce to-day by LMIth Spreckels, who
charges extreme cruelty. The complain
ant nays that hr liuband treated her
with studious Indifference and disrespect.
Spreckels on numerous occasions, It la
alleged, has wrongfully absented himself
from his home for from two dayi to two
weeks and has humiliated nnd em
barrasseili his wlfo by naialng and criti
cising her In thn presence of others,
Mrs. Spreckels asks for the custody of
their three children and suitable, main
tenanco, Mrs. Spreckels was IWIth Hunt
ington, nleco of tho Into Collls P. Hunting
ton. She Is a beautiful woman and their
wedding was a bitlllant social affair,
Young SpreckelH Is the only son of John
Yt. Spreckels, the rich augur and shipping
merchant, who now lives in San Dlejro.
xTr:illl,l!VI.V WIIISKKY
itfllmr. miiulhrr, nilldei at leading huli'lt
cafca, etc. Lurltea llroa, N, T.Aiv.
I Panic Srriekcn Depositors Rush
to Draw Out Their
Danker Schwenk Threatens
Cause Arrest for
False Humor.
A n. no who had a grudge, against
aillstaw W Sihwenk, who has a private
1 a steamship tit li"t olllce at 29 I
liedfuid uvt line. Williamsburg, went
cur.ies no mni any onn wnn nan inoney
on deposit thero would be wise to draw
It out right away.
, As a result of this a run starttd on the
i bank at 8 o'clock last night It keipsi
open until 9 usually which In nn hour
assumed such proportions that the police
resirves were called out to control the
clamorous mob of men, women and chil
li n n.
I Schwenk happened to be In hl bunk
when tho first of his depositors came
running through tho entrance doois
waving a greasy book nnd shouting out
that he wanted his money nnd wanted It
ipikk. The first man was tho lust one to
i ome In the door ulouo. After him the
depositors arrived so fast that they
Jammed the place and shouted threats
and demands in a dozen tongues
Tito banker at first didn't understand
what had mused the trouble and didn't
know uh) all his hitherto trusting client
bad sndili nly turned on him. One of the
di po.ltois finally told him the cause of
llni run.
Schwenk and his perspiring cashiers
and tellers paid out more thar tlS.oOO,
mostly In small sums ranging from J." to
Slue, with viry fuw of the latter. Tho
UbU.il ri'Miurces of banks in such situa
tions were tried 1'ibs of cash wero
placed on the desks In plain view.
I niilil lo Check Panic.
The banker w.ill.ed about with a show
of i oiitidchoi and attempted to reassure
of panic stricken. All failed. The people
wanted their inuiiey
Some of them weie paid In foreign coin,
but eer.bn.!y who got lnld was paid.
A short illttance from tha hat.' Is the)
Bedford aenue police station. Wher. thj Vespaslam wa, arrested on a charge
crowd In fro.it began to grow and to get I of violating the Sullivan law, as a re
in tho "pushing' humor some one told I voher was found upstairs.
Capt. Shaw about It nnd he hurried h!f I .
reserves there They found about l.Ooo , DENVER BURIED UNDER SNOW,
pel ons ahead c ci hand and otheis tun-i "
Uiiiig to the ha.:. Suih .H w.: not de-i
ioltors had fnit.ds or relatives whoi
uete and Just dropped around to sea that
everybody got a square deal.
By the time th imlice arrived tne
ciosstown trolley cars and the Urand
street shuttle life wete blocked 10m
plei.ly. The foreigners In the crowd
seined to think that the ir.erie.s were In! tnotnlng was 40 T Inches. Scons of i ill
biigoe with t ie- bi.nkeis mi l iesent.-, .-' toad tiatns are stalleil within a fiw mile,
ing put .. to tu.e ni.d older, so that thejc' I'enx.r. but a f.w ale bei-lniHng to
poll e h id 'o d: .1 v their
some cases to iii tueui
Mulee, and in
Depositor I'eirmril
In l.lue.
ri singled out
Klnally the depositors w.
liorn the rpectntors and were marshal!
t line
so that passage- p.i"t the cashiers'
w.ndows wire quicker and e isler. The
re"t of the mob was dt:en across the
re," and kept out of the w.ij. A bank
book I. ad to be shown bef.tr'. any one
could get into the line.
After it was all over .Mr Schwenk.
thoroughly t'red out nnd very angry, went
tn Ms home In Flushing. He said ho
would ask for a warrant to-day for the
an est of the man who etnrtnl the falso
Mr. ''iwerik iaert: M kept my ha,lK
open until f.:30 o'clock .on- to accommo-,
Jut" all who wished to d-aw out money.
There was no trouble whatever, .is Is!
tvjvs have about friO.rtniJ on hand'' ,
Mr. sl.-hivetik i.inl he. rtr..f.,1 rh.A.i.,', I
,.., ,.,-., .n..,. .i... ,, " i
.... ... ,..n.., .umm.h itie .lanuvcr
Ban'., t.i" First National nnd thn North
F.xplnlr.lr.g Hi mr
Seliwenk silbl : "Ope of
1 blame for tho trouble .
f th" run Mr.
my coinpr titers
lie wont among
'"' "-l'c'''"-s who ate employed In the
" r'd - J" told
' '
tne bank wasn't .is ttrou It
usid to be. 1 detnonsttntert thni there
wasn't the eiightest cause, for fear."
Mr. Schwenk said he depnstte'd fJOO,.
POO with the Ststo before he opened his
Sehwenk's private bank tn this city i
at 111 Seventh street.
Schwenk In prominent In the nv.snes
circle of Kings enmity. He Is head of
the Schwenk Realty Company and own
the tilg brlcl: bullTllug In which his h.inlc
Is located. In 1910 he was the candidate
of the Republicans and Independence
Issguers for Congress In the Second dlee
trlct of Kings.
O'liormnu Start Inquiry at rVen
Viirk- Mrrt'hntit' llcqiieat,
WAsiuNdro.v, Pec. 0. Senitor O'ttor
man at the request of tho Meichauts As
herniation, tho City Club and other civic,
bodies In New York has Instituted nn In
quiry to I'.ctetinlno the "Aprrlleney of
having tlio fio eminent authorlro tho con
struction of a tube under ground oou.
nectlng the Pennsylvania Station with
the Urand Central Station.
The objeot Is to expedite transmission
of malls across New York city and to
ovetcomo difficulties In connection with
the movement of mall wagons In tha oon
gested districts of New York.
The Senator asked Postmustei . General
Burleson to direct the Uovenunem's pneu
mtitla tube commission to Invastlgatu the
Keerfeet Farm Nautages.
Made .if the tender niiit of llttU nlct ,n,i
i hnl.'e hjilee., Tiou lieivr novsr ttwir.1 purfoi
SUUS.IK" "lll s villi bsve tlld Ilium. He
ware of iniiiitun.. -.m York tor.
Clittinbtr. al r eel A4v.
Ambulance, nana Into m of
Coaa-reaian'a Wlfn nml Mon.
Mr. Martin VT. Littleton and her son
Douglaa had a close escape from Inlitv
yesterday afternoon when a New York
Hoapttal ambulance ran into th auto
mobile In which they wrs driving at
Fifth avenue and Thirty-fourth street
Traflla had been stopped at that point
io ioi we arn6ulanc In rtinrg- of Chauf
ifeiir Quatav Martin and Dr. Williamson.
posa, aira, Littleton stopped her nia
chlna In tha mlddl of tho street on th
Inside, litis of vehicles. Clmurfeni .Mat
tin drove the ambulation jr.t the front
wheel of her unr and sniashul it.
Mr Littleton and hi r son went In
another car to their bom at in F.ast
Flfty-Boventh street Hi. Williamson fork
Joseph Jacobs, tJ years old. of 127 West
I'.lghtleth street, to the hospital Me lad
fallen to tha sidewalk in a f.iln: from
spinal trouble.
Mr. Littleton was Indignant Ust night
at inn cniiunvtir, who, he su.is. upbialded
Irs. Littleton, saying. "Didn't you see. me
enmlng-' Mr. Littleton placed .Martin
wnn tun mall wagon clmunVurs In the
matter of speed and careless driving'."
1'nrU DressiiiiiUeis I'mlesl 4 un I list
' Aliiei-lcnii Spies" at Trneka.
I i"l Vilhlf l,;ifr.', tn Till! S-l V
1'Aius, Dei. r, The ill i ssiuakers' syndi
cate him sent u petition to the prefect
of police or Paris to prohibit photogra
phers al laietnicks, inserting that Uay
are merely spU of foreign lit ins to obtain
pictures of tho latest ta-hlons.
It says these tactics are employed
largely by Amerlcaps.
Ytiancr Italian (iiuimnii Mint llnnn
In Henr of Solo
Ch.nles Hakcr, a young Italian, known
to the lilico as a gunman In the Little
Paly district of Hailein. was shot down
and killed in u ponliisim in u,,. .,lr r jj,,,
saloon of I'nilierto Vnp.tsi.ini at S24 Hast
ll.tfr sti.et Inst nUhf. Civ., bullets
strife's Baker, one in his throat, two in his
, breast, one In his left tenm.e and ..p.. in
his rUht temple. The k.llln and alsi
r several recent shnoiiiies of men with bad
ucoids 111 tin. district are '.elieved t i li
the work of ,i vigilance ismimlttee which
I- determined to clean up tile dN'Hct. .
Its out! way.
Pollce.'.an C tnw.iv l. iid t'i .'in,," .-
! from llllth street and Kirs', iim i:ie nv
the time he n-ach-d tint sain he found
I only the proprietor In Mi.; front rm.rn and
.Baiter's body vher.) It hid fi'.len. Vc.i-
paslan. sild be hadn't bte.n In tha tear
I room at the tlm and knew nothing about
th shooting.
" r 1 " "'v irnr-
leni-er Mi.sinii
i'k-hiti:. ii. u Colorado's rerord
bic.U;!:,!! snowstm in. which big.iu before
daylight Thursi.i motniiig, shows siqtu
of abating to-night
The stofin is the worst since Hvl. At
noon the total pi itiitum si.,,.,, Mnini,.-
arrive. All stint cars have been out
of commission for thlrO-Mx hours and
regular se t vice Till not be rrrume.l 1 e.
fine Sunday. Fifteen ploughs aivd 212
cars are stalled in the sue.fji. and
vehicles ate abandoned In all parts of
the fit-. Snow h.n drifted tea feet .!iti
on mam thurnuvhf.iii s.
Munv building ..in collapiing ami
dangerous mountain rlld. h are lepoil.d
from many feiUon,
Ten Denver residents sr missing nnd
reports to-night stuto tJi.it several mall
stages are lost. Coal deliveries are lm
poyslblc and hotels, department storm
and ottlce buildings pv-uight abandoned
heat nnd elevator servlcn until Monday.
-Ml nubile schools nr. .n,,ul n.-.l e-.,AH!-
M!l,uhme(l rob.iby tw-o werlu will be
r, rw, to c,Mr , llmvRlmv d ,
cf S110vv,
III'. "Jt'ii iim ns There la .No Cuit,r
feir Concern.
lsf "1-.II.1J.V, pe ,. Piesldpnt Wli.
surf, Ulncs In it fl.glit attack of i;,-ip
was ci.nlined to the White llo'ise,
7, .
rU"! , ,mprnn! , ,
Di. (irsson, th" Prcsli!
furnln to-iliy. Inn his cold shownd con-
sldent'a physician.
said there was no caue for concern over
the PreMdent s conillt.im. H nddeit that
they wen- litklii'; every precaution to
brrolt tne cobl st th sfirt
tili'l's Ilenrt on Xt'ronc Mdr, .'litter
Orunne Illaiilneeel.
Sl"Cial Cnlle i.nie.1 ut Tns St.t.
Lomuis;, Pea tt:rmtnr.hiin p'.
claim ivei pui'r.Ied ut tbmso (,r iibnor
innlily on the part of a u-iri who Insisted
on doing evoi tiling narUiiitrd, wilting
Horn nulit to left, until ,i'i examination
by tho N-rayB levcap-il th" fact tlmt h"r
heait Is on the right side and mine of
In' othei organs. Including tlie hruln. are
also displaced.
Tile case haa renewed liiterett in that
of tho boy who miw tliiiKs upshbi down
and wiotn in that fashion. The latter
culiiw to light about two week ago.
lleliMvaro Wile Hen tec will Suffer
From the Lush.
Wii.siiNirroN, Del., Dec C The Dela
ware whipping post will ho In operation
again to-morrow, with Warden Crawford
wielding the cat-o'-nlne tallH.
A wife beater who will serv four
mouths will get ten ls.-hes, na trill u thief
sentenced to six montlw, and a housa
breaker to be Imprisoned ihiti, years will
suffer twenty taahes.
John Dohrlng, a while mm, who atole
forty pounds of brass pipe, escaiw, the
last tea because h waa opera foil upun ,e.
Out Twentj.llie lliinilrril .tin. i.
In Na.v "iirk Clt me ir.t. 1 1 - u . .
U'UAN ciflir-siii,
Tells Division Coiniiuiiuiors
t .nil IU JJIIIMl IU LM'tl-
ornl Treasury.
Transfer to Belon Iris(u
Leads to Humor of
Zapatistas A(Ivancin; From
South Xortliern
liands Active.
HEFI.'tiEES' COIil'MN l.osT
Heltels Prevent Aid From Amer
leinis Villa Fails to ItVui li
,i'r,'ii' Cable Utifitch lo T'lr "
-MEXlfO ClTV, Dec. r.. it WllM lepol 1.,-tl
hero to-night on excellent niitlmrltv
that Oen. llitnita has Issued orders to
the division commanders of lite nrmv
liifiirtniiig them that they must not
expect the rnlcf.il Treasury tn meet
the army payroll, but tints' re'v upon
their own resources and procure f.inda
wherever they run be fnuiu).
Tills agrees with tho sUitetlie.it at
tributed tn lluerlu several wee ks ami to
the effect that the rebels hit,, able to
pay off their army without a treasmy.
This Is also in neenrd wit'., f(. f;U t
that Cm Fedora! corn ma miens havo re
peatedly W'.-ii levyinj; forced loans.
Tho reported fall nf the city of Mon-t"re!j-
has not yet been rimllrinirl.
although there Is every Indication here
tliat if that city has not yet been taken
It will Mum bo attacked by nn nvvr-
helming torce.
'.Hinillsltt. unln trllie.
The Zap:!! 1st as urn nsain u tiv- nith
'of the inpitnl. They hold m iii.ii t twos
111 the State of I'll, Ida juul n ,. plan.,
liing to cnnceiHiMto upon M.ii ncoas
nnd Inuciir.
The Cnierntiiciit 1ms i!is,,,iiciied
troops toward these two points -.. .itu, u
the apatl-tas. TI,,. uheln .st.ril.iv
ilifc.ileii a small tletachnieiit of I ..!
t nils, killing1 twenty an. I f.ui ,nu' f . te.
ni.itniler tu fall hark nnd await ro
enfnivements. Tin- Xnputisi.i.M .no icpnrlfil in i.e sur
loiiiuliii Cue rna!ic;i, while i ;. n (ion...
vevo do la ' is eiitring his forces
arntiiid Santa .Miiitn. n rebel sir.inyhold
on tin- li Tiler nf the Slntis t.f .Mexico
and .Mi. reins. M is pinbablj p, nning
to conpefiito with the Z.'lp'ltlst.lS.
It Is . 'polled iioio tn-nlgl t that a
turn, of rebels under Martin INpIn .m
seizid tho city of Moiilia, wbuli , m.
por'ant from a htrnteglc pnln nt n w
because It coniiiinmls the npiM-o.i, h to
It also enable the rebels to i dite
Manr.atllln cntnpletoly.
Thcro Is every reason to b. He ,. rlvit
the Federals have sulTored n h, a tlo.
fn.it In the Stat,, r.f 2ai.it',-n. l e !
Caleia nnd Vresnillo. It Is h'ti . Cat
tho Frder.V.i have fal'm back n Cil
era, whoro they are apparent u t
mercy nt the rebels. The F.'dera s nr
said tu have lost more than .".On men nnd
arei unable to contlnuo their aa.a.i t .
aid Torrcon. Acc.ir.ling to report
received here rebels from Vntera a'
tacked the Federals nnd C('nu"'lle.l them
to flee toivnrd CrJcra, wheret a f.econd
rebel force uw.iited t) em u::u a i.es
pcr.ito battln followed.
Ilcptiltea' I'rfciiila Alr.rn.ret
(Jriat exclttniopt prevail" In Oj city
nnd all Form of rumors wete ci rr nu It
wius mid by rotne tlnit Oen. It leria waa
planning tho vlioleaaln rmsn-ssinntion of
the fnrnur tnenibers of llu Mexican
CluimbiT of Uepuili'i, uhn 1-avo been
In prison over nine Huerta dissolved
the previous Conre
Tl'.ero are iKhty-'l re t,f i, s" for
mer legislators In priFon he-re l i oihir
iimrteM it wu repnrtrd that 'be pro
vlnnnnl I'rcsulciit hnrl ilecided tu lm
pri'hs thn former CoiiRTcssmen Into kit
vlce In the army.
11 Is believed, hnweevM- that tti
reason for tho transfer nf ti e prison, rs
is that fr.n latter hud inteu'b'il tu u.
tempt to escapn from the penitentiary
Lieut. -Col. Quires change.! tln war
deus and Imilnted the prisoner- lie
bus decided tin tho c, p , .n s
fauilllih will ti i i e allow, d ihem
except un IK-h ' i, when ' w ,1 be
received In iTcseic e , ! pi sop
Setiiir Alnucor, nctlnc Minister nf be
Interior, said to-night when ques-'joned
reg.uilltii; tho transfer of the iirlsnnei-.
"The former I'nnuiessmeii . ho air
Imprisoned enjoy every pruteci on mnl
will nut bo lniiri).i-c.l into n rvlcn in l
uriiiy. Tho appointment of a Ilxed iln,.
fur ltits lias nn i;reat slgi .llcuneo nd
was it.-cldcil il' ill merely beenu o (i
n . in os of tlio ex-i"(ini;ii sMiieu's
faiiilllcs inslulcd upun vlaitln tho pent-
i el
. I

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