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Amerce Accepts England's Polo Challenge Freddie Welsh and Ad Wolgast May, Box Here
Aniei'ieim Vn Men Differ With
Invaders Only lleparillnr
Dbsies Hciitti'stcd.
Veteran of Victorious Teams
Heady to Step Aside for
Ytmiijrer I'liiyers.
Mailer moved swiftly f-s.tt-: dny In the
in initiations for an Intcinallonal 10I0
match next year between Ilngland tmd
America. Tin challenge received on
Thursday fiont tho llurllnghum CltiD
was. aecepte-d at a meeting nf thu (.xi-v.il-live
committee nt tin- l'uln Association
(Hid the, date fnr the first match set for
Juno 9 next. Moreover all speculation
a-i to whether the American fotccs would
lie led by Harry Payne Whitney wore tot
at rest by a ilctlnlte statement that he
would not captain the defending team
The meeting of the executive committee
was, held at the Whitehall Club, and owing j
to tho short notice only a hare (itiorum or ,
tho committee attended. Thee were II.
I.. Herbert, chairman of the association;
August lielmont and Hairy Payne Whit-1
(ley. Them was no hesitation about acting
definitely on thu challenge as the sentl
ment of every meuiber Is known to be In j
favor of keeping the cui In play und 1
thui stimulating the Inteiest in thu t.anie.
Aa soon us the meeting was over ('hair-'
man Herbert cabled the HuillnKhum t-'lub
that the challenge had been accepted und .
a letter was cent statins thu position of ,
the, Polo Ansoel.it lull regurdllig the dates
when the matches may be pl.i)ed. The
contents of this letter will not be made I
puhllo until It ha been received by tin
Hurllnghain Club.
Thoughonly the dite of the opening match
waa Riven out It Is understood that the
series of thte-e matches will be nrranged
for June P. 13 and This Is nat In ae-i-nril
with the smriNstlnn 111 the challenge.
that tile match be played as early In June
as possible so that the nngllsh play.rs
may be able to leturn In time to pliy in
the championship cup matches, whlcn are
cheduled to begin on June 15.
No hitch In the arrangements Is ex-1
pecttd because of the slightly later dates,
us a similar request was made when tlm
challenge was sent last year, with the ie-.
ults that the dates wire llxed as near
those chosen now as was possible. The
Englishmen readily assented even thoush
It made them forego the chiiiue of taking
part In their own cup matches.
It Is known that the Polo Assoela- ;
Hon does not look on the dates In the
lust week of June as likely to be suitable.
When these were tiled on the tlrst oeca
i on that the Knglleh team came in nuest
of the cup the matches h id to be post
I (lied frequently because of wet weather,
'me weather Is mole HUily to favor the
ttxtiire on the dates selected mid the home,
team also will ban' more time to Bet I
t no condition for the matches.
The nrgumint Is made that If these (
i atcs interf with the cup ties In Kim-
land the IluilltiKham Club Itself l ie
iponlbb In any event the nvre Impor
tant contest Is the International one and '
tlu- Itrltlshers ale not likely to care about
missing the'r national lienors if the sue
eetd in ciptumig the coveted cup
Almost as Important as the .icecptniee
of tin challenge is the hews that Hairy
Payne Whitney, Ibe head of the playing
forces, will not again be the actual Held
leader. This has been the assumption
s;iowIiib fiom a tumor stalled saintly af-t-r
the last matches. It was eonllimed
bv the following statement given out by
Mr. lleihert directly alter the muting: i
"In the matter of the uptiilm y Mr ,
Whitney does not wish to take that le
I potialbillty UBiiln. He will tie Klad to
help In every way possible, but feels that
be has done his share, and with so many
I ooil youiiK players coming along that f
:l is time for some one else, to assume dl
l ectlon of the team "
No attempt was made yesterda to
k lect Mr. Whitney's successor, and his'
i.liremeiit from artual play'.r.s was
viewed with regret on .ill soles It piac
t ally means the break. i n up of the II. g
I'-air, which has been feared the world j
i cr, The recovery of the cup aftir an
nbseneo of more than twenty yiars In 1
.'nslanrt was due entirely to Mr Whit, j
ley's Initiative and organization. When
j. ncrlc.i had practically no ponies of In- '
n rnatlonal calibre he scoured the foreign '
i markets for animals that would give the
tram he orgnnized a chance. In 1909 he
-.as equipped for the fray, and the
Meadow Hrook four set the pirn" in mo--.ion
by beatlnB the Hngllshmin under
their own rules, which differed materially
jrom thoso In this country
AmoiiB polo players the Idea was gen
eral that the mantle so Ions worn by Mr.
Whitney would fall on the sturdy shout
i'.th of Larry Waterbury. Tills question,
i .1 well as the selection of tratnlng
C -minds, will remain in abeyance, until nn
,' uswer has been received from England
x'i'M the dates chosen lire acceptable.
I.'antlmc the acquisition of many ponies
"oin tho lot brought over by the, Eng
. di lenm last summer leaves the United
;..ates in a (Inn position for mounts
Penn Iteelecls Cnptnln Youiik.
PHILAIiKLI'IIIA, Dee. .1. I.oiiIh A. Young
vv.ih reelected to-day captain of the I'nl-
erslly of Pennsylvania football team for
"."II. Young's election was a complete
. uprise, as he had declared that he would
,. i return lo IVnns.vlvanlii next year, but
". team's: defeat at the hands of Cornell
aiised him lo cluing tils mind. When
'.h.i possessors or tho vars.ly letter got
Kli'ther this afternoon it was expected
.lint Albeit Jomneay would lie Young's
, iicessor, but iil(i- ,i ( (inference of the
.aycrs Young's nomination was iniide
nd the volo In bin favor was iiunnimniis
I iol U,nv Two jc.il '-ill. is live :i . naif
'.cliiii-H llMfclante 11.' iv .( j-'ii I.. t m
i fd 'A lo won I'nl-atioit ' . H ir.ii , in .'
,. I ." to . eciniul- Strll.it . . Mi I j. . in I
l' .id lime 1:10 15 Tom Hoi . link'. I'll
1 ii M . Ljiirfuonil, Hull l 'I ,i -, . i mt .Maid
t , .1 Water l.ail alo ran
ml llius- Six fiirloiiiH. 'en-ia Mrn'iie.
I .lloylei, II lu I In 10 mid I in won:
i. Ilipper. I'JI iNVaiiiliil. 7 tn 10 an. I in f..
nnd. Clllllnll Ullerll, 114 llllliel In
I' i nl Tnne-l.lej I.'. t.'lllf Top, Ivll.l Cilll
i.'.'i 11 (,'iun.iiit uiul Snow Klaki-s nlsn i.iii
id Itaer Six fiirlmnii. Ann Till. IUI U
II TriBcarti. rveu, I In 3 and mil. vinn. Tie1
j tii.ly 111 illaiirii. M lu I und I In I
. I I'lc Minion, 111 'Callaha n. . In j, ilurd.
".eii l f' l Sjlumris, Ten a Ml. men, i.u
I ' HMr, ,l.iMiielniH .nd Mivs I'nniHj aleu
i. '
" 'Hi lluee .Seven Inrhiiiik I'rniie AIiuimI
t I'i'iiiii'lei. fi to lii, t in a ainl nut won.
"' til iCiillabuin, A in I ami s to fi, sen
'il.i.llli'. Ill llll.hliiiiiri erru. thud
I ii Hjisiinlle, SeimliiiU ami Sleutoi
i i in
'di Itaiv One tinlc II ilpli l.liod. Id; (.1
I I'xrrsni. J lo I, 4 In I, hih I tn .1 won;
,'i i vl Jim. U'.S (l)nonilei 7 In anil 3 In 6.
i "id: nhsiliir, llil i Illinium, nut third.
1 nn I 13 t .. .He Vfrln. Oiitl.ni, Sir Denrah,
I mi Msl iiikI Hiisr Pole also ran,
leili Uses.-.villi, ainl iluee 'iivireiiths. Dr.
I' aldn llrucs, I' (lluvl.int in ... i.i to :o
ill I In 4 wiiii; M.imlu.n P , ivi.irlliil, 'l In
1 fid 7 lo l'i. secntiil: N.-ifiii r 'i iSeliiirf), ,
i , third Time,' -:'! la Cnailo I' ilialn
n. Mr KrJluM, lit) Lilt ol L'ucai, Tay pa
lud XrUh Kid also ran.
Amateur Hockey l.rnvur Derides fin
Cut From Seven Men Lineup.
The hockey player In favor of six
men (earns Instead of seven have won
their Imlit ui.d the tumm of tho Ama
teur llu.Uey IrfaBue this winter will be
played with six tr.eti on each team. A
special ntcitliiB of tlm executive commit
tiu of tlm ItiiKUo was lull! last nlrfht In
thu .St. Nicholas fckatlm; Hlnk. It had
bei u called at the requf st of three dele
itatis to re(onslrter the quctlou. W. C.
Itnsell pretlded nnd the ilelei?a.te were
Sterllmj Martin. Ctcsfent A. CM It K
von nernutli. Ht Nicholas S. C i J. C.
O llrlrn. Irish American A. C. and Hlch
urd Condon, Wanderers.
When the minutes of tho last meeting
were read n motion was made by Con
don of the Wanderers to reconsider that
portion which related to the seven men
teams. A point of order was raised by
Von lleinuth that, as the matter bad been
disposed of at tho last meeting. It could
not be reconsidered and President Rus
sell sustained this point. An appeal was
taken from the chairman's decision and
he was overruled Those who voted In
favor of klx men were Martin. O'ilrlen
and Condon and a rccolutlon then was
adopted that III alt lea cue entiles tho
playlhK team of each club should con
sist of si), men.
There was a little more trouble, caused
by Von llernuth and Russell, who did
not like the chance Von ISernuth tried
to have the schedule as arranned at tho
last inectlni! thrown out, but ho wa
beaten In this efiort Sterling Martin re
slBiied its dileBate. from the Crescent Ath
letic Club. Ills successor wan not mimed,
but It probably will b W. A. Dobby.
After the meeting the Ht. Nicholas and
Hockey Club delegate expressed great
dissatisfaction at tho result of thn meet
ing and It was rumored that there might
not be representatives of those two clubs
In the league tournament this season. The
league, however, has contracted with the
St. Nicholas Skating Hlnk to play the
values as nrtaiiBcd by the schedule com.
imwic. tino u is piooaoie mat wnen me
t.mo for tho opening of the season comes
these two clubs will be ready to battle
on the Ice again under the new rules,
which the majority of players think will
make the game more Interesting.
I. Oil it l'rtSSeS Bewilder ForilHT
Champions. Who Fall by
Score of to 1 0.
New York University defeated Colum
bia last night In the Mornlngsldc Heights
gymnasium at basketball for the first
time In the history of athletic relation
between tho two Institutions by a score
of 22 to ltl.
Kscept for scoring tho tlrst Held goal
Columbia showed a most discouraging
lack of ability In offence, defence, fight
ing spirit of tho right kind and head
work. The mainstay of the lllue and
White aggregation In the absence of Capt.
Mecnan was ld tennn, yet the wlrv
cnu-k forward weakened Columbia's of
fence to an Immeasurable degree by slug
ging White and being escorted to the
side lines for his zeal. Pwyer too showed
signs of unrestrained anger, but man
asid lo lemaiu in the game until 'taken
out by Coach Fisher.
N. Y. I. attributes Its triumph to
Coach Jim Parkinson, the former Wcfl
leyan centre. Although not a Western
product. Parkinson knows the value of
open play and It showed lust night.
Columbia was so bevv blered In lis scram
ble to follow the bill as it daitid in
ncrtig fishlon acioss th" court that It
lost all tense of direction when In pos
scs.ooii of the ball and either hurled it
ta.' down the court, under N. Y I''.
b'Sket or ..lit of bounds. Not one pil!
(I.. I th formir champions make during
th Mcond half, although many lone ami
poitacular shots were attempted. Pas"
Ing won for N. Y. U. passing and con
s. stent shouting win n und-r the basket.
The lineup .
i.'o,uiai'lii. Position N Y. t
llcnsnn .. l.tt reluer.l Levy
Iteynel.ls . . Itlght forward .. Tiler
l.e Centre . . . White
tiwver Left Kiiird.. .I'uinmtnss
VV iKlter . ..ItlgM guard Kearney
h.-nre -N. V t" . --', rolumtilu K !.:
frnr Held While t, llencon 3 Levi 2
('iratillnk's U. Tler. Ilniils from fe'il- Hen
sell t. Lev 4, Lee t S ih-llliite- lluric
hard for Htnin, Friedman for Itevnnl.ts.
I.rftiev fi.i VV'smier llealv for llner
lleferee heeritig Manhattan Odlego.
Ti'iie uf halves--:n nilnules
W lades llnrvnrel ( onitinl Milftril tn
SHtiirdn After ThanUsgl vlng.
Nkw Haves, Dec f. Yale Is illsvussitig
to-night the likelihood of a change In the
date of the Yale-Harvard game to the.
Saturday after Thanksgiving. Sentiment
among undei graduates ami graduates
favoia shifting the date, thus obviating
the neceslty of playing the Prlncoton
and Harvard games but a week apart.
This Is lu pait a reason for Yale's poor
rendition In the last game, s.iy under
graduates. KHob Yale man lost about
eluht pounds In the Princeton game.
Yale athletic authorities hero are con
sidering seriously a change In the date.
An ollltial decision Is expe-cted shortly
Numerous communications from graduates,
among them former football players, favor
a change In the date, but object to the
game being played Thanksgiving Day ns
"ThankeglvuiB Day Is a home day," they
mi Hecliovv Wins ley MOD Ynrels,
Twenty freshmen at New York I'nl
vertlt li.nl; part lu the annual fall cross
country run for tlrst year men yesienhiy.
Medals for the three lending men were
offered ns prizes by Dr. John P. Munn,
Die president of the New York I'nlver
slty Athletic Association. I,. A. Von Mi
chow, a graduate of Curtis High School
and winner of the mile race at thu Inter
scholastic championships last spring, tin
Isheil the course of nl.ont tluee tulles In
l'i minutes 10 1-.'. seconds, beating out lh
. .j.iinl nmn. (1. Sherman, by 30il yards.
I., S Davidson took Ihltil place.
I. e-hlKli mill l.nfllj I'tle M'llt ft II, I Sit.
Si.' rn III tiii.kiikm. Pa.. Dec. fi. It was
"i.ite.l at an linpurtiint meeting of the ath
letic coi'iinitlf e of Lehigh l'nlverslty to-
la that tl'.e net receipts of the l.afa.v
lite.l.ehlgh foolball game were $Hi,MI,
the laigi'i-t sum Mini lias been made lit
tie hlstor.v of sport between these two
'lihtltutloiiH. As eiuii liislltutloii will eel
Imlf la lilgh's shale will be I5.nni.7fi. The
xpeiises nf Ibe game were 1767, making
the floss receipts $1(1,010,
llriiolslsii lloills Paterson I'lvr,
lliooklvn easilv ilere.iled Paterson by
,i hcoio ol' 'i to It ill a New Yoik Stale
II. iske thnll I.e . Kiie t ui ii nn mi lit game
pi. ij id nt AH.Klla Hall in lironklyn last
night .Inliiisoii and McWIIIianiH started
foe tlm llrookl) nlles, Johnson scoring 0
Hid McWillliuns II of the Im-nl (iiilntet's
JS points. Ili'ool'.lMi led at the end of
the first half l a scorn of 17 In U,
('line I, area Huffy Soiinill,
Palsy ('line liiineil prnfesslon.il last
night, and, '.vhlle weighing only p.'n
pounds, giive Jim Unify, K'H pounds, a
siiiiihI In i 1 1 1 u at the New Polo A. A,
The! was not much margin until the sev
enth iuuihI. v hen the fotnier iimnteiir
eiiiimploii liiittvied Duffy nil about the
ring, which he continued to do to the end.
British Lightweight Champion
May Meet Former American
Holder on December 18.
O'Uourko Signs Them for His
New Club Ounboat Smith
Boafting on Coast
Freddie Welsh, the British lightweight
champion, will be matched to box Ad
Wolgast, former American tltleholder. In
Madison Square Oardm on December IS,
If negotiations begun yesterday prove suo
cessful. Welsh. It Is undyi stood, already
ha acrepted terms offered by the Harden
A. C. and Is preparing himself for the
bout. Wolgast, who has recovered from
a broken rib. Is In Milwaukee, ready to
mtet all comers.
Wolgast Is now under the management
of Krank Mulkern, Instead of Tom Jones,
and Mulkirti bus been In communication
with Manager Ulbson regarding tin
Welsh match. It Is probable, that Gib
son will Jump on a train within the next
forty-eight hours to havo a personal talk
with Wolgast In Chicago early next week.
The last time Wolgast W'as booked up
with the Garden A. C h demanded
COl to box I'ackey McKarland and after
a long wrangle the match was called off.
Wulg&M was the world's champion light
weight then and Jones was looking after
his affairs, but since Wolgast lost his title
on u foul to Willie Itltchlo he has cut
out the holdup game and Is willing to
listen to reasonable offers.
Welsh Is bent upon forcing Itlteliln Into
a match for the world's title. He thinks
that by defeating Wolgast he will bo In
position to force Hltchle to accept his
challenge, Welsh is a tlrst class boxer
and Is highly regarded by the sporting
fraternity on both sides of the Atlantic
If h shapes up with Wolgast In n tin
round strap here there should be plenty
of money In the club's strong boxes.
Olbson announced ysterday that he
( nuu occiucu u muse no iirno neavyweignv
i matches for the (iatden. The Wlllufd
i Morris bloomer was the last straw. Ylic
, boxing public will not pay even popular
pnets to (to big fellows go through the
I motions.
Tom O'liourke, however, will stage a
heavyweight bout next week. O'Uourke.
who will reopen the National Sporting
Club In West Forty-fourth stre.t. has
slgmd Dan lialley. the Pittsburg boxer,
to meet Porky l'lynn of Hox-on In a ten
round bout. Dalley recently knocked out
Al Palter In two rounds in SnioiievUle
nnd his manager, Jimmy Mime, has been
challenging all of the white hopes ever
since. Dalley was partially engaged by
the Harden A. C to box Carl Morris In
case Jess Will.ird could not obtain a ie
Inslaleineiit at tho hands of th lin
ing Commission.
When Ounbont Smith arrived In San
Kraiuisco the other day Jim Huckley,
his manager, announred that the Gunner's
t mmr.1 ...itlelpfl Mm m !h arnti.l'
heavyweight championship. Huckley
pointed to the fact that Smith had
knocked out Fireman Jim l'lynn. Hum
bardler .Wells, Charlie Miller and Ucorge
ltodel nnd also had won deelloi.s over
Jess Wlllard, Carl Morris, I'rafk Moran
and Sam Langfrrd.
Vein llux Parkinson nnd Nichols In
Line lei Help Ituit
Unbelt W Itmmoiis 2i,
Cup nelit.
tin man ig r .if
the cup defender now l.tnhiing e! Ile .
; huffs for a s.widk.rc of nuinbe' nf t' e
New Yoik Yacht Club, is perfecting bis
plans as fast as pnilb:e and when the
yacht Is ready lor sailing he will be ready
I with his crew of amateill and piofesslolul
sailuis le.ulv to handle the yacht.
Ax aliendy has been (iiinounced In
Tin: Si;n, Charles Kiatpls Adams L'd Is
to be associated with Mr Knimons. Yes
I terday (leorge A. Coim.ick, secretary of
! the New York Y icht Club, Hiinounced
that word had been lecelvvd from Mr
Kintnons that In addition to Mr. Adams the
I other nmateiiis would be John Parkinson.
I Jr., of Huston and iKorge Nichols of New
1 Yolk He also stated that C.ipt Chris
Christiansen would be the sailing master.
Charles 1'ianeis Adams I'd Is to he
I the helnmnaii. He Is considered the
eieverest amateur In Hastern vvatits and
has handled latge ns well as small yachts,
i Jnliu Paikmson has sailed lu many races
! with Ml. Adam", and Ueorge Nichols Is
i the secietary of the Seuwanhak.i Corinth
' Ian Yacht Club and owner of the 3d
1 luoteT Phryne.
Score Another fnr Aberg.
Alexander Aberg, the big l'inn wrestler,
defeated fleorge Salidele ltl two straight
falls in tlm tlrst vviestllng show at the
Fairmont A. C. l.est night. With a
neck and leg bold the Finn threw
his upponent In the tlrst bout in 17
minutes "Jll si ootids. In the second Sau
di Ie went down In 7 minutes "(
si mnilg. I.undln, the champion of Swedui,
deflated Harry l.itofsky also lu two (alls,
the til st In 23 minutes 3.'. seconds
and the second lu 13 minutes 10 seconds.
In tho preliminary bout Hull Montano de
feated Jo liuseke. At thu show next
Friday night Frlstlnsky, the liner
wrestler, will go on with l.eo Pnribllo,
whlln (ieotge Hothner will try out Prof,
I Nhcpimrd tn i( In XI hens.
I At least one competitor will go to
Athens for the Athenian festival next
Apill, according to Mel Khepp.it d. the
eiew:ieen middle distance runnel'. Ship
paid said .vesterilny that he already had
! started training with the Idea of contpet
! Ing In the games, which lie gin on April 'ii.
i If there N no regular team from the
' Pulled States lie will go ns the repre
sentative of the Irish American A. '', of
i which he H captain Sheppard was busy
, .vestrril.iy looking up the steamship mutes
iind dates of sailing.
Tlire-o f Hume Tn-nlishl.
Three si 'Is of gillies will occupy the
attention of tiiick and Ibid athletes to
night. Th" moot Import-nit from a coin-
! pi'tltlve standpoint will be the meet of the
llionx Church House held in the ni-moiy
nf the Second llattrry In The Hronx. The
old established Seveiilh Itegluieiit fixture
will lead lu a social wav. all tlm competl
Hons being limited to the members. Tho
Kouitci'iith Iteglnieiil of Hrooklyn also
Will hold games in Its aiiuory.
I I'nstern Ton cetl' for Commerce,
Tile Kastcrii district High School bus-
kclbnll team defeated th" iiulnlel of the
High School or CoiiiinciC" yesterday on
the former's court by u score of 37 lo 21
The ll.istenilles were out weighed, but had
more speed. The vviiole 1','nslirii live
played a line game, while llnlman starred
for Commerce. In a preliminary thn
I'liiHtiM'ii seconds won friiui Ibe Ave. of
Public School 0", Manhattan, "7 to 20.
Clinton OutahnutK Stn veannt.
The lille Hum of He Will Clinton High
School deflated Hint of Stuyvi sunt In n
Public School Anmleiir League mutch
i etephi.v iiflirnooil lit the fnrimr'H gun.
The total score wan 260 to 2!7.
Drawn, SIiikk nnd lleekmnn Wlni
Over Mneteen Hole Distance.
Pl.VKitUKar, N. C Dec 0. Three nine-'
tccn hole mntchea kept tho Interest of the
gallery In this morning' round of mutch
play In the tenth annual luttimu golf
tournament, hut tho afternoon rounds wero
not qultn so cloae. In the hrst division
Dr. J, y. Ilrown of Montclalr was taken
to tho nineteenth green by tho Hev. T
A. Cheatham of Salisbury In Ihu con
solation first division. A. A. Stugg of
Chicago had his second nineteen hole,
match in this: tournsment, winning fiom
(J, V. Ilrown of Huntingdon Valley In thu
consolation. Samuel Hef kman of Meta
comet took John It, (loodall of Uellirlvu
to the nineteenth green lu the second di
vision. The summaries :
First DIvMtin - Second rnund C. t..
flecker, Weiedlniut, best K. d I'uary. lUvnim.
7 and 1, T J. Moran, Meliiceniet, beat
Tom Ketley, So'ithei ii 1 'tries. & slid 1. 11. V.
Si-KKermtin, Kngl-wond, teal U T Msneoii.
Krainlngliani. I up, Dr. J S. Ilrown, Mont
rlslr, heat Hev. T A, ChenthRin, Sull-tmry,
1 up (nlnett'en Indent.
S'lnl-f.niil- Hcker beat Moran. S and 4;
Kegdernian l.ent Ilrown, I snd 7
CotisjUtlon KlMt rouiul H. A Jlennesi-ee,
Oniertnwn. tent I'. I.. CnlUgh-i Mont
cUIr, 5 and , !' I) Uilkers ni. Youngstnwn,
t.fat (.' It. Hulium, North Fork, ' .mil 6
a A orni-E rhL.iirii. teal i; !' Ilrown.
Huntlnadun Valiev 1 up (rtiKtern holesli,
II. C strese. Yaungstuwii. I t II II. Spald
ing. Ilrue Ilurr., by dtfuli:t
Seinl-fliisl- Wllkrrsi.ii beat llenne I i
and 7, Huns beat Steese. I einJ .'
Secniid lilvlslon-.StLond rouiul Samuel
lUeklnsn. Metocomel. teat J It. lln.j.lall, i
Hellene. up (rdri'iteen holes). 11 A.;
Walriron. Agnvism Hunt, teat W V Vna
wine. New Vork. 1 up. W L Ml liken.
llntliitiapo.il. bent 1' N H Ci.we. I'Miiforil,
4 and ;, It C shannon Uik 1111.. lx.at
11. II Mambiuiuli. Yeunlon 3 anJ :
Seinl-Rn'il Heeknuill be it VV'aldrull. a ainl
I MtMlkeii leal Shannon. 3 unit 1
Col. solution -First round II. H Hunt,
Worcester bent 11. .1. (juale. Park. .1 iu..l :
II W Oriiiibee, Motoolio.k. bent I. II
Pratt, Il'nton, 5 iil.d S, J (I Nliiio son
New llMlford. beat el N i.ie-neon. Orniigu.
. and 4. l'ai.lel (loud. Park, beat John
StanibaiiKh, ViunKton. S an.l 1. I
Semi anal-Hunt teat (n i rbee J ami .,
Nleholsoii ben: Hoe,:. 3 und 7,
Third Division -S. .ori l r uilnl- llrnr W
Ilrown. Philadelphia, tent T It Hrew n
Mont, air 3 imJ 1.11 1 P.'im.i Huiillim Ion i
slley. beat 11 D Pulllap. I'.ir.et llll. i,
ami J J I) (' ltuinee. Itrooklm, lent
11. A llalfe. South Mum liald. : nnd I.
C T llloonier. i.eneva, beat J T Newton,
New York. 3 iilul 1' i
Semi r.n.il- II I Ilrown beit II VV Ilrown.,
1 up. Itumirt t"t Mourner 3 and 1.
I'ons'iiiii.iia -First round r w .'je';''
I. nwreticevlile brat ( H VVickllKin, L.kIhI.
b defui'.t: 1' P Ittt' lte Tf'Vli nli.t C. iinirv.
beat It A swlgett. Alkei 1 up W H
Kellen. Il.1ke. btt 1. 1 Millet". Sptll.g
Lake I Up W I' Trill." Ituffjele belt
David i.riji; Jr. Pin k. i. b del eult
s nil Una. llll. Ids beat Ke.irr. . end .,
HalJeli best Trlble. ." nnd 4 '
No llmim for It nn till I "elieilulc of
Ithuciina, Already Full.
lTtt VCA, Dei ' Dope I 'n SSell ll.V
nlumnl of both utilve rs ties that Coinell
find Syracuse niltht meet m a football
glim" iiext lull vvas biasted to-day b an
uiinounci'inent from C Hrv :i Kent, grad
uate manager of tho Cornell Athletic As-
soiiatlon. to the etfi-ct that such a con
test would be an impossibility I'Veti
though the Cornell council s..ould sanc
tion a resumption of athletic relations
A tint.it. ve schedule for the lied team
of It'll alreadv has been made out The
schedule Is e ramped as It stands without
anv further alterations. The iigneuiHiit
with the l'nlverslty of Michigan holds for
another year, and Cornell will meet the
Westerners on their home grounds next
vear. There are envei.il big games which
inust be Included In Hi' schedule, so that
Cornell could not accommodate Syracuse
lu I'.'ll.
Mrs. PbllbrleU nf Xlonlelnlr lleiuls
t 'inn ml t tee tee I'leli (tnicrrs.
The p. mlniit.rg ioinin!"ee win vi.Il
.I'll-, t th- ofuers of "c W i".f- s M.-r
lolitun lioif Ass etii.f. f.'" I'll ia
been appointed. Mr. -I A Ph '.In . k nf
Mot.teiair heads thn I'st and t' e nth. i
members .lie M- J S Irving. Sears. l.ile.
Miss I.o-.iDe flraham. Nort'i .lers. v . M's
II. W Kly. Dtinwoodle. at d Mis. W D
Mnitat, Areola
The t.cket sele'Cted by this committee
w.ll be presented and voted upon e! the
annual meeting of the ass siallon, wh..-h
:s to be held late In January
Mitchell Hremn'a .New (nplnlii.
Pit-ivii'i'vci:. Die. Silb K. Mil. in II
of ll.ivi-rhlll was ele,-ti-. i.iptam of the
Ilrown football team for I'.ell at a melt
ing of the varsity "It" ic.n lo-i.lght
Mltchel Is centre on the Drown eleven
and has plaved the position three cirs
He prepared at Haverhill High School and
upon graduating went to linlllps-Fxiter
At'iidetnv. He spent time years at
llxeter, playing on the team at l,n kle ami
.eiitn. He entered Ilrown In Kdl arid
has played In nearly (Very Ilrown root
ball game since.
Vnle-N'evr X orU ivllil (Iff.
Nkw H.vvkn. Dec. r.. - The dual swlin
ining meet, which in.iud'd n water polo
game between Yah and New York l'nl
verslty scheduled for to-ulglit,' was can
celled by athletic directors of the two ill.
stlttitlons. The meet would have been the
tlrst played under tlm tu w rules. Mis
understanding of them on the part of the
play era at the loeal Institution Is ac
countable for culling off the eoutft Yale
swimming nuthorlth s announced to-nigln
that the delayed meet will be held
January H'..
Clinton I'lic Ilovvns II r n I .
Thn lie Witt Clinton High School bas
ketball team siicci edeil in ovi rcomlng the
Hrynnt High iiulnti t yesterd.o afti t noon i
on tin bitter's court by a seme id 2(1 to
2-1. The giilile was e'xci'i'ilingly close and
It was only 111 the last few minutes er
play that the Clinton lads showed their
supremacy. I.lebmann nod Tichetibky
starred for Clinton, while Shaw played an
excellent game for Hryant i
Morrison Urmia Harriers xiiln, !
PniNcmoN, Hoc. S, At ii b.impiet nf j
the harriers to. night Donald Stuart Mor- 1
rlson of thn Junior lines was leebctedi
unanimously captain of Hie cross-country
team for next season, Morrison was tho
llrst Princeton man to Mulsh in the Inter
(ollegl.ite this I. ill.
II ovv log llntliusliials lu Villi. e Vlerr.
A big turnout of the lneil rowing fra
ternity Is expected lo-nlsht at the annual
entertainment and dance of tin- Pi leiid- i
ship Hnat Club at Palm Harden l-'lflv-elu'it
sliect, There will be a "n nsin-l
show, piodtiecd iiiiip r dlie ilon of (il.uli
. Prince lichens. lis wen- held .11 the
club bo.ilhouse.
lire! Itai-e I-lie fiirlniiirs P itil.in hapl.
i:i I KirM'hbaiiin i, c In t. won Umll I ('
(Van Hii-enl. rt to 1. sei'on.l. ir Iiillei Itj
(llroesl 31) tn 1, Ihlril Time I I'd liirbl
ilia live. Hlmfllelil Va He V1p. t.ll'li'i K
Itenw-sr. Smlely lllril. Cash Ulrl. ll.llHe
M-ic, I. ui ky Ike ami AiiKiietns HelnK" alien
isecnnd It.o e -HIv fiirlnriiTs f 11 k irt I".'.
INeylon), t in .,, won. Ve alinkc. II'.'
Itaiflll'l. In :.. s.i nli'l. Iliinaon 101 I Hon
tmii, 10 in I, iblril, Time. I I .' I
Third lime live nnd e half fin li.aus
lllrd Mini. 10 1 -I ,'e Inn), eietl, unit, Ipnlllil
Pp. 101 (liaverl. 4 tn I, sein'id; Mil)
lllien.l, I CI (lllllll'sl, l'i In I, llllnl i'lllli'.
1.07 c Iv. DiivIh. Malay ami Ceon nl.. ran
Pnurtli Hare - Miiinlli up: one mile I'nusln
Plies. 114 (Van llosi'iil. tn I, won. I rlsli
iteiUlriiian, 0! ( llnginuii l, ft tn I, sei'iintl,
Mllllolliiso, 112 iVViiikIhi 2 In I t lilt 1
Time, l-;i S-f. Ynhnlat, ,I . Me.nlnw, ,lu
lleil uiul Jlllilille Hill iiIh.i rail,
l'lflli llacn S furlong rtni-ut Holly
104 (.eiin. 5 f 1, won; Connive, It;
lllstep). & to 2, seionil, New lliiven, ltd
Kiiiveri. 7 m J. third. Time, i iv
I'm I.' lieu, Hunky l.ad, llttliei b ill nnd
Cliellii ulsn run
Sixth IIhi e Duo mile unit a eivtceiitii
Mies Mason. 10V I.Miilesunrllll I III I linn,
Kelsi-HM. 10 Kiueell II in nil,
I'iiiiIii Kinnta. 1 03 ( I'ltlll liic i 1 1 in In. ililnl
Time, I is .1 r.. .Imlge Walton, I'rleer,
Kanrull Hull, Molesey und Topland alto ran,
Mntrnntfts Will Officially Pnssl
on Knch .1" Ball Players' !
Demands for Changes.
Newark Club to Load Fight for
Intcrloflffiip Series With
American Association.
In addition to the unanimous election
of Oov. John K. Tencr of Pennsylvania
to the presidency of the National League
at next Tucsday'a conclave In the Waldorf-Astoria
the magnates will consider
several other Important matters behind
closed doors.
The seventeen demands of tho baseball
plajers' fraternity will be received and
lons.dered officially, with President-elect
Toner In the chair. I-aoh demand will be
discussed at length and a vote will bo
called for Tho league will be asked tn
instruct President Tcuer how to vote) as
a member of the National H.isebatl Com
iii.sflon whn tho fraternity' domands
como before the supreme court of base
ball In Cincinnati In January. The Ameri
can League alteady h.ia empowered Presi
dent linn Johnson to act. whtlo the minor
leagues also will send a representative to
the Cincinnati conference.
in passing on each of the fraternity's
demands the National League magnates
will be the tlrst to discuss officially the
status of the players. In view of tho fact
that SJ per cent of tho National and
American I.eaguu players, together with
a simitar number of International Loague
and American Association players, have
refused to sign contract Mr next season
It i an be seen that the fraternity's caae Is
b.comi.ig mom Important as time paaaes.
Another matter to be considered by the
National League men la the now drafting
system originated by President ttbbeta
of the Hrooklyn club, which was Bug
gesled by him at Cincinnati In September,
when the major league clubs put their
hands into the minor league grabtuig
Ubbets will make a strong fight to have
his plan indorsed by the other club own
ers, with the Idea that the American
league will follow suit.
The Kbbets drafting plan does away
with the lottery synem of securing minor
'.'ague players whose services have been
claimed In- various clubs. It is a scheme
calculated to ber.cnt the weaker teams In
both major leagues. The tallenders. for
instant e, would have a first chalice to
select the best available playing talent
without drawing lots, while the two pen
nam winners, already strongly equipped,
would la eompelled to take what was
left nrter fourteen clubs hud used the
line tooth comb.
The election of officer Witt come up on
Tuesday ns the sixth order of business.
The National League; directors will meet
at 11 o'fli.. k that morning and the league
will lonveiie at P. M. It is expected
that Ciov Teller's election will be recorded
before the league adjourns, three hours
later. Gov. Tener will nssumii office ns
soon ns the ballots havo been cast
The Newark Club at Monday's ties- 1
Ion of the International League will cast
a vote In favor of an Interleague play- '
Ing schedule with the American Assoela- 1
t'n President Charles II Khbcf. Jr..
of the Newark Is n strong advocate of 1
tins plan It is proposed to arrange a
separate schedule of 112 games for e-ach
of these powerful minor leagues, ending
on or about August fl After that tin-plan
calls tor a visit of thn eight American
Assia-utio.v teams to the eight Interna
tional League cities, each A A. team to
t'l.iv three games In each I L. it When
this Eastern invasion ends the Interna
tional League tennis will go West for :i
s:iiitir schedule The team holding the
highest vv lining percentage for the e-n-t
re MMsnn will be balled champion. Tho
plan is believed lo be feasible for the rea
son that these minor leagues do not have
a world's series. It was originated by
(i.urv Herrmann, who wanted the ma
jors to take It till, but It was rejected by
the American League last month because
it would interfere with the world's chatn-pinn.-iiip.
Llibits, Jr. will not be the only advo
c.Ue of the Interleague plan. Ho says
that the visit of the American Associa
Hon teams to the Intej-niitionnl's circuit
wilt i. -vivo Interest and Increase gate re
e elpts . also that the same conditions will
exist when the International teams go
West in view of the fact that Haiti
more, Newark, Huffaln, Providence', Hoeh
ester, Toronto, Montreal, Jersey city,
Kansas City, Indianapolis, Milwaukee,
Columbus, Toledo, Louisville, St Paul
and Minneapolis would he- Involved in a
struggle for the t hnmplonshlp, Kbbets.
,lr, argues that the Interest In the two
circuits would be greater than ever be
I, mm Islnnd Kennel t I lib llnlila Its.
Miovv In Mnull-it ton Tii-ulht. ;
The Long Island Kennel Club will hold '
a dog show tn-nlght at the Albermarle- '
lli.nnian. There will be classes fnr all.
breeds, and post mtlies will be received
up to the time of Judging The Long Isl- .
and K"iinel Club up to the present has
coiillmd Its enterprises to Hrooklyn, Long
Iharli and other centre over the river Its !
executive, acknowledging thee patronage '
received from Manhattan, In a spirit of i
leclpiocUy has asked the .leg fanciers
of New York city to exhibit al the show
here to-night.
Tile (legs will be exhibited ill a free and .
easy stvio In the roof gulden of the hotel. 1
Judging will commence, nt P. M. The
following have consented to make tho
awards; Mis, Prank l. Clarke, Pomera
nians and Pekingese, all oilier toy dogs,
.Mrs. Olivia Ceiel. Hnslon terrlei", Al
t tin I Webb; bulldogs, Punch bulldog
and all other breeds, Charles 11. llopton.
Hie' High Homier Triumph,
The Hovs' High School rifle team de
feated the Jamaica High gunners .vester
duv on the former's range by u score of
2a'i lo 2H1 It was the lln.il shoot of the
Hcimu for both schools. Perfect semes
were made hy Loader and Volckenlng.
both of llo.vs'.
llrnsmiis Win nn lilt Mi's Hun,
Erasmus Hull High School defeated
Coiiimfrii.il .ii'sterdiiy lu a Whitney
tiopny suntarget match on the ( omnier
clal gun by a scorn of 2(17 to "HO, Two '
pei feet Hcori'H weic iii.iile, Murray of i
Kriisnius and Lehman of Commercial,
each Ii. Hilling in cards of ."!,
I. oen I I'lillcui' Cuba In Soccer Tie, !
New Yoik Cnlverslly at Inst has a '
soi cer lenm ii Ireshman soccer tram. It '
l.lavnl Its flisi game yisleiilay witli the I
fnshineii of City College of New York,
Hie Ii-.iiiis battling to n lie, score I lo 1, ,
at Jasper Oval. Well scon 1 1 for N. y I' '
nnd Sdialinan fnr C. C. N. Y. Whllinore, I
the N, Y. I', goal tender, foiled many
scoring Millies
lie l.n Nolle llnay Victor.
He L.l S illc ilcfiHied nihil' il Ciilluii.
,v(Hi (!.iy al'tenioon In a basketbill game '
on the Uu La tiallo court. The tcore was I
10 to II,
And Cnlnmliln Una Just Two Other
One on It Home Court.
italph Morgan, secretary of the
collegiate Haskotball Leanue', a i r . .
yesterday that the: six members of the ,
WKiatlon had approved thn schedule, 11 .1
It is now ready In complete form The .
season starts on Jinu.uy 3 ivltii Cornel! I
at Columbia, and ends March le, lth
Dartmouth at Cornel! Thirty srames in
all will be played ami the season will
run right through examination week, in
lato January Dartmouth runs up against
a tartar at the start, b.'In? forced to play
Yale on January ') and Princeton the i
next day. Columbia has. it hem.- ar.Iy
live league, games and two extra cimes
Alumni on December 12 and 1'ol.v technlc
Instltulo on December 13. TV schedule;
January p, Cornell ut Columbia, I'.rt
mouth at Yale, li. Dartmouth at Prlmeum.
14. Columbia at Princeton, 17, "ornei; a
Princeton. Columbia at Dartmouth, a.a at
Pennsylvania, vo, PrlP"eton at Va a 2i.
Princeton nt l'enrsvlvunla; 3t, I'ennsi 'cinlo
st Dartmouth, I'ebruury 8, DartmouMi at
Columbia; 7, Dartmouth ut I'enrsvtetinli,
Yale at Cornell 12, penneylvsnta n Co
lumbia! I". Princeton at Cornell, 14, Vain at
tJarlniouthi IS. Pi'nr.s Ivanla at rrlii---tmi,
Columrda at Cornell 51, Cnrril at pen i-
ylvunla. Viilo at I'rlr.etun, 2 1. e irim.l at
Dartmouth. Prtne.'t.. at Ceduiublt. .'!,
Pennsylvania nt Yxle. 27. Cornsli at Viu.
i4, Columbia st lVn'is) Iv.inta. Pilrn-'lon ct
Dartmouth. March 3, Columbia t V i': ",
Penrteylvnnln nt Yiile; Yuio st Cnluirtii,
10. Dartmouth at Columbia.
Crescent A. C. nnd A. . I'. Inclined
tn Hp lleiisoiiiitili',
Theru Is a dlsposlt on on the part of
those on both sides of tho trouble luivvei n
the Amateur Athletp 1'nlon and the
Crescent A. C. lo withdraw from- the
posltlvetiess which has lesulled In threats
of a lawsuit to dete rmmn whether the
Metropolitan Association has the light- to
refuse sanction to the Crescent A. C. to
hold amateur bovlng hunts On tlm put
of tho Crescetits It Is admitted that the
matter Is under consideration, i.ut that
no drastic action will he t iUmi until after
the meeting of tho boam of governors on
December 11. Meantime Secretary I". o
Affeld, who Is a lawyer. Is looking Into
the case.
President Sullivan was In a pacillc
mood yesterday and said that the A. A. P
had no desire to interfere! with the
Crescent A. C or tlm enjoyment of its
members. He called attention lo the fact
that a committee had been iippoluirit a
year ago, with Harlow S. Wnl ns chilt
man, to try and adjust tho dlllluiilties
with the club. At that time It w.i.e
pointed out that the A. A. 1 could i.et
llll eXpe'Cted to gtallt privileges to
the ("Ksvent A. C-, whl. h Is not a m-mh"r
of tile union, that !t totild not giant to
tho New York A. C. which Is ,i mem
ber. Mr. Sullivan said that If the e'res
cent A, C has any suggestions to make
regarding the faltncss ol unfairness e.f
the A. A. U. rubs the A A f. will
be glad tu consider them
Cbninploii Krnnirr Xle-ets stiir Ti-ln
nf t'yclUta In Harden i'o-nluhl.
l'rank Kramer. Amerli .m champion for
the pas', fourteen years, will m-'t t.ie
crack riders of Australia, Prince and Italy
to-nlirht In a match rar- foi the world's
print honors In tho feature event of th"
short distance race programme wh.eh will
usher In th week of ycl.m: In M idi'iin
Sipiare Harden, opposed t.. Kiamer w.P
he Jackie Clatk. A ttstr ilia's let all
around man, Francisco Verrl. tie lt.ihin
champion, and Audio Perchlcot, the
Krenchm.in who has been the must dan-ge-luus
rival of ltutt 1n the outdoor sea
sun. A team race between America and Aus
tralia under pursuit conditions will 1 e n xt
In Importance rosier, I!"ot an 1 Mi.1 i',
wir, ride lor this isijTi'.rv .ml H , : 1 1
(Joulet and McN unar i win r presei.t Vu--tralla.
In tln- inotn! ; i --1 r.re uii:i
IKxiby Wiii'.a.i-.i- i'nl 1 '.m. r i'.i".:i- 'h.
i mteet ill's vvii, s'nr' ti'.'e;'.ie.- ;ns;. ol of
:i oppiis l. sides nf tile trad. ma.ni'
i more H.ti'ii s-.,i-..- .i -l-.ii-I.. hut in r.a
i'g the i nances of aicid-nts. Isn. ', I
Mcl ki.ic.i'.i, .imate-.r- ehami.i'in of Am-r-I
a, ui.! side a match ri. ,i;iius' Hnit:
K live- of The H-.nx. . I .i tlv i-.. : r ! .
for p os, m.ir: of vv .i m w 'I .,,:.-. :. I
the MX elav race, iv." coc. ,.!- I'-,e p-,-sra'cme
Tl'.e dnots w:II !.- it '. ..' , k -o-
iisiii.nv afti-rii.ii.i i: old t i 'i ,.
date t'le e r 'wd exp '.( t. jr!,. ., . .
tin start .if the , , , . K. . i ,t m I- '.-:.t
Kramer ieiv I'livoreil for Natliiiiiil
Cross-Coonlrv Tn-ilny.
I Inline, s Koleluuaini'ii will no! start In the
senior 'i os.s.L.(itn,tr i 'i.i mj . is'i j ,,t ii,
A A I., which will be held at Vim e'.'i
Inndt Park this aftii noon, according '
Law-son Itolu-itson, ttalner of the Irish
American A. ('
The elimination of the l-'inn will teid.r
the race for the team title a much more
open one Practically the sani" teams'
ompetcd ill th" senior meti eipolltan cham
pionship, and lu that race the Irish Ameri
cans would have s.pie, ,., ni.tn,. linrelv
victors without coit'itlng the point made'
by Kolehm. linen. Klvmt is depended on
to show Improvement to-d.n anil help
bring the' Irish out .ihe.nl nf it.. ,.w
York A. C. Long sl.i d c a-i,
Mohawk A C The ;it,,..i of K-.l.-h
matrien prnlinblv mca'.s an ei- v lore
for William J Kramer, who if h,. M1
will capture his f.iiiitb mdlv idunl nit'onnl
title at this spo".
f YnrU lloj oiniues Prloei-loo
I'ontliall l.i-iidcr In lllslnr.v,
I'lll.NCKTON. N .1. I 'i-.' .'. Illl-nbl ll'i -
H.illlll of Now York rt was elected tn
day captain or the i in,'"toii fn..hil
team tor put (iru, as his mates .-ill
lit rn. Is a member of the Jiirior class nn i
this car plnynl a lit 11 1 unit nnd . hi
sls'ent game at light tackle.
I'allln is the .vniiTicest captain eve!
selectisl to le.wl a iig.-r i liven II
only li' ye.im old. inn ie one ' tin- mo i
powerfully built pl.ners nn the t nn II
Is feet I ' j Inc'ies i.-, .mi tips th
scabs at 1!H pounds
I'lllei-n s,.,,,, , , v. I., llll,-
Cross-Ciiiiiif ry i'o-dne .
fiver a hnnilre-il hill an I dalcis, hi
senCiig flfiei'ii high niioi.ls ol' i. ii iiii
New Ylllk, Will compete II Hie t' l Mile
cross-country run for ih. h,ni,. i.ii-ii,
of the P S. A I. this .ifli " noun The
run will be held ovei tin- .hiiiiiin-.i Hied
Si liool couise instead ol in ,in ( 'ol llaiult
Park, as In privioiis ..u.s The llnish
should lie close ,iii. I rcconl tltiii. is looked
for '
Hlioeler i likes I'eili-rnl Hon,
.1 lllllllter or tile I'eilel-.il A C won
the linen mid till." ii:iiIih mill' in. id
run held by the I'cdciul Mliletlc Club hist
uiglit, beating out II Lin, is or the Moin
Ingnde A, C by a lie.-!;. The wli.nei- wne
timed ut II) mlniitis HI seconds.
Ilnrae nlv llrlnv liter n HilHiiu.
fl'flllll C,lhl( In ii id , Tm S' v
I.HNPON', II'C. a, Taller ills sale ,i
New mat lad of blood siocl,. whnii l,is,.,
four das, reallxed Hie nconl loinl or'
ans.erix guineas i l,2n KiM.
lleii's I. eft .lull W ins loi- Mini.
M.Hty Allen easily rle I . He s il.i II
man lu tlieli leu i inn i t.oiit ,n tn, I ,.i
New toil C last .n .1 n ,i
a steady left hand Jab and punlslii-il lloU
man with hard right hand body blows
Seven of Klevcn Contenders
Come Through With
Clean Scores.
Tlm. Will Softie St.in.liniT of
Cms in Keliiiliility Kitp
of A I r .Miles.
The three, day iiutotnoiil1-- reliability
run of tlm Motor Pi-.ilers ('on test Asso
ciation came to an end with yesterdny'a
instalment, a imsk tup to Poughkeepsle
and b.ic i, aiianged so ns to cover ltil
miles Again It was tlno weather for thn
se.ienn it tho year and the association
) .id Hie (.nod luck to finish tho contest
without any of the delay that wag
prophesied by s,.ni. iioubtira as sure to
ion!" because of thu time of year and
snow, hail or what not.
As far ns ci. road tst am concerned
four of the eleven stattcrs finished with
chaii scons. Th" t i hiiteal examination
and thn lir.ikn and clutch ti-sts. which
I. uter will P.. lnM this morning on Dyik
iniui Mi eel, will go far to br. ak this
s-ve.li handed tie. When these important
inspections have been finished thu win
ner will lie m.vl" known
Actually tln-r.. ,j- penalty
lll'p'i.seil Vested llnv. Stevo Casey, driving
National No. s, gut, u blowout on tho way
up, which cost him io points. The other
irs pnv.ousJy p.n.ill.eii were Un Hlon
Uoutor. No. S. a points; Hudson No. 10.
I points, and Oakland Nn ii, 1 point.
The run was irom the Manhattan Auto
mobile cinb up through Vonkers and
II. irtinga nnd thtn oif to the beautiful
ri-tei voir country bv ivny of Klinsford und
llriaiclilt io iCIlrhavvun, Croton Lake and
Ynrkti.wri Heights lo IVeksklll l-'rom
tin re th.- road whs by way of Annsville
en I I'ir.'iiiill village ic Poughkeepsle.
i .'i'iiig I'.nit tile run was n .. to peelts
kiil mid then down tie .IVer road to
Unbb.s I-', ir.v. passing through Croton.
Os-inirn;. T.irrytown and lrvington. l-'rom
1'oliba l-Vrry down thu roa I vvas the aamo
as going up
There were iew poor stretches on th
trip and lu fact only about 3 per cent, of
tl .- ivitole M miles covin., I j ii i he run
was any tiling hut tine bjvel highway. It
w.is suggested yesterday by one man that
the (line eo.lld il.lVe lOVe-re-d 2,il) mile
e-.iib .lay with no i'.i.i.. n ..rii.'t than w.u
unfiled from th existing schedule.
Inasmuch as the cars were w.-lgh-d on
ntrivul .. Pougl.keepsp-, Mith water, go
.it. i oil lelt in. in thn trip and tho required
iiiot.-i of passengers, the final statistic
ol gasoline .eiiiMimptlon ns compared to
w light for the 'I.-, miles are worth In
M" ct:n.r. The llgures an-.
tVelJht eiijoiene I'rnnl-
li' e vn i 'U'" 1 ,k':,U ''-
in. I. No. i.... . 3l.., J:,
o"'"i 'V : ' 3'JO c
Utile ll -So .1 o
Utile k .So 4 . . S1, J
Chandler Nn ;. . f mo 4
Oikl Hid No .- 4 3 .
Ol.lsmi.hilo .'n : j,;,,, :
De Dion llotilm Ni f, ii I
:':i; iii.i il .'n - , 4 j.h, j,.,
llud-jn No :o 4.9 'o j,' 4
lllli. I. .So 11 4 SA, ,71! ;
iunaboute carr) fo person olhe.-i earn
.ire irouiiiis in the run wire
le Well, two li.ll.tl.les V . ste r-
Ii. .
lis l lisivs l.'tWol.t 11,11, ., S'i. t ,..,.1
1 '' I No i' 1 ,, it had a 1 ,111. : 1,'
! was or,, on Tin, is. In 's ri.n on
'111. sd iv- i'.i, ., j,,.., I., , , i,
'is 1" I'lu.'i, ,ts lovirl'ig .1 tot 1 of
' -s t'.ie w.re t'.iee I
1 1 1 1' uWfiCt
1 l.l-e s
Wliellier or No. Iiiii,ii, , 'PhriMigh
ii I'm- as ( olnnil.t-, , ,n,,.,.,.r,,
't n.isliin.d vestetdn th it wl tier
i'.ni. Iliu.ii i. ai.svvr to II, 1 K.s no--"
nine l-'.u-.iu'. I- nf athlr-th nt Coilllll
I' 1. ':' U'U Ills pn.it nil .1: .1 Motive
t :' Midili .1 deserting Hie ibim'- x
I..11 I..-V team aid u-olng to .1 . is ie
c.li.-d ,u- t,',. it mil m.,1,,, ,, dnfennce
in f.e .standing of tin liinini ...i o
i'.i th" und. rgt initiates of Mnri'iigs-a
He- Hi ts he is lost for.-MI 1 in
Heimuth. pie old Columbia i-ipi.in uln
now we.n-s the i-olm-s of the sit s; . iu, i(s
A ('.. and J. i'rmh.i. .apt 1 r, of the
I'.iU'-l.'! Ulqe and W lllte- pIKk l.la-els, ale
slit.d to llll Pie varum I" f. 1
I elleved that they luve signed , .. t ,, 1
Altlioimh llitr l'lsber ictus.. 1, m
01 en ny the 1 niijei ture. inemn. 1 t
ho io ,v lenm iielm.iti-il mat tin 1 we e
sure t i take Up til" i-o.n hll g I.
e'oiui'ibia ti, en 1'iiiitiot 1111 b c-''it ' I iiv
Y'lle would viiil.it. colli go ,ih' . 1 gn
ug .1 cuiili w no .111. nil h , I . 1 hal
( oik : act wlln aiinllie: toll, gi
lt was said .vesterd.iy that II ward's
sudden derision was il'ie 1 fact
Ma- Y.il . Bei.il bun .t '"' Ir, , at I
t ot t.i ai.v niptur. w.th ("apt M 'anU or
I1"' in1. ul !i"t iln-s It is p. i, when
.i.e U.uis that : vine- 1 m Cl of
ni.ipev .111. 1 n..t p'lin'pl" thai p""opte.1
Hon 1 I 'n 1. 'eme Icnr-iir r-o'ii 1 itiibi.i
) .1. lb. w. ml will be nl .s.il it .1 New
liai.'. ( 'nli. 'nl. , i 1 mind loi..' II 'want
I . I . I to h s , .rit'.i t. 11 le is- t .I 11 a
w i- I .- stolid and wl'l llol I 1 w Cat
V- n llill'liltli in d T: tubl have bcetl
enyage 1
V llvvniil.ee t si's V nll-i.nli I live for
i iill.nl iv i- I'lubi 'liniiiui'i',
Mi'vvt'K". Ii'i a S "ii llirri th
I ik lis; . i ii. i' i " 1 lai..' d t . tn tih,
'i. .. "dir.' diletiim i .e i r. su t of
I I, e .'I s ,1 nil - tn i 'I I. II! Hi w '-t I pel
in- a'.o.ll I., lie 111' .1 . If r Ml Hid
Ii I- IV 1. W t.eM . Itlh of MI'V ... I
If I - 1 1 ie s 'no k lii Milw ii.'.-- t stmt
-ti. t f"i I2'i" in- 1 1 nits tin M i nike-e
i lull i.i hunt -.g "'it i.n him i. ivC face
ai:isi on . hii'ihiiI iliaig.. v ..i it n
nl lie i.i vv VV 'i . nsln .iiiti-g. e.-'p law '?
In iln . i.. it cione him Ihe ipnsi on of hs
I'Mn w il n ! w itli Iln Si ' P. v g
i 'i 'H , io. eh Is xpei u-. , idle
lll.lt '. III. I i view club leg. ''I- ' III Hll
ii . as il wis Han e's nw ..pi ii
. .-' Ib-il a. -..'ii.t as a fo t. i .
I'n appeal il i e lb i" of 'i,s 'i .l'i. Kid
Wo'ii'iue ol It p I'. in ire, on lii'i-n.i. e i
T'c i bib ailtlno nl. s lo-d.i as' d
O'stiiil Aliortifv to Issu a w n I i
Vl'il.il mil nl tin- g. sstp hie. Inn tn s .tut
i It 1 1 l Xll'lldltllbl1' offnili e and il'l ' ( ii"
a, i nil until ll.ii ns .-. lues 'uln ti .s '.ile.
Potler 1 ale's ! i-nngrNt (iili,
N'l.W II evi N. I ' . I loi i'.ni l air
nt St l.oitts is :lu tniigi'st n n tie
x,ule in shin in i I.im, .oioiC'tg io thn
sii.i'i'ili ii -ti.. tin tisults ol win I) v'ere
annn'i-i mi In 'lui S u'lii'i l I''inpi'll
of O'v co, N Y, a I. -nihil of Hi. i. minus
Villi- il'op klski I', i- the sclond h loligist
llilin Tin- pHMIi' elilirillg cl-iss is older
t I'.i ii anv oilier Yib intuitu; 1 1 -s Thu
.IVi'l.ll'e .Ig" Is I'l Veals 2 IIKMlll s Pot
, ley i,oi l', l ( points ,ind Pumpcll 1711
I points
ItriMil.I.e ii lln.1 lit Mitiiitgi VYelenn.
Mi ' i-'iw .
II t .l i.'. Ii
, .1 . . l .- 1
di i' ( .
Ii Vv 1 i
. I'-c a l-'inncia
id lliool.lvn, was
i ' .in Wchhyini
. ii'.iHnii, while
Aiiany, wm
vhosdl lls li"st nil 111. Ill, liter

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