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v W"
National Kmploytnciit Associn
Hon He-ports Practlcnlly No
.lobs o He Found.
3101' K MKX r-AU) OFF OAlhV
llallronils and Tnduxl rials Said
In lie I'lnnnin? Kit;
Mure wuikliiKUK-u Hti- lillf ill New York
ltV now tli.m at any time slnco l'JO!',
nlicn tin' cxpeik'iice of Hip Nutlonnl Km
liloymrtit KxclioiW brKuii, iiccorillng t
tli report nf tlie fXcliiiiiK'". Tlitw men ".rr
not loiifern mid lu-'iT'do-WfllH, lmt iHvtitvt
nun wlin want wink lmt fan't llnd It.
TIik RU'Ut ciiiiMiratliniM urn mild to Ik
hi) lute olf fiu'liiiK dally. The rulliouds
Mmu liu"t July liavo been dulnit priii'll-
ally luithliiK In cuii-trui'tlim wirk, which
would iciUlie imtHlilc labor. The Htil
mllU uro rapidly laylnc tin'ii off.
"The deiiresMiui which him iiiude It
liiiietliully ttnosllile for Inliuiliitf men
nut or work to nut J"l" lt'an In July."
nalil lMvviud V. riiriienter. nmiiiKer of
lh" i-xrhttiiKc at S t'hurrh etrict yester
day. "Sliieo September the exch.uiKe has
ptui'tlt'iilly liceti able to ilo liuthltiic 111
j-ettliiR places for l.ttmicrs. Only the inont
desultory curt of employment Iuih turned
up. hui'Ii as odd J1is in Janitor, tpeelal
policeman, poller, tfe.
"TIiIm Is a Rrr.it cnlitni.st from hint yenr.
Jn one Job alone, last fall anil winter, we
placed l.SHO men. They went to the
"Vouncstowii Sheet and Tube Company
iov roimtrui'tlon wink and aim for work
in the mills. I Miould say that the aver
Hie number of the men we Rot work for
laat year tliroimh ottr labor department
va between 3U and 400 a month. I
doubt If we have got Jobs for 200 mm
lncp September of thin year."
The National liniployment Kxchangn
1J a unique organization, which wa
formed In 1909 throunh the subscription
o" tlon.OOO by prominent men of New
Vork, amoiiR them tin- late J. I'. Morgan,
the Into Cornelius N. Jfllss, the Uto K, It.
Ilairinuili, ami Jacob II. SchilT, Klbert 11.
ll.iry and John 1. Hooki feller, otto T,
liannard Ik president. The exchuiiKe has
placed nearly ls.unn persons since founda
tion. It chaises a fee, but this Is In
sufficient to pay Its riiiinliitf expenses. It
handles tliriiiifih Its mercantile branch at
.'Id Chinch Ftieet engineers', executives,
accountants hihI ileiks. Skilled workmen
and laboreis ate handled at the manual
labor of flie at 3 ! a Cooper Square.
liepoils of the l.tyiiiR olt of men by the
railroad ami the Rieat Industries are
llcllIK ll.tll) lecolded in the lluaiiclul ills
trlet. A Kieat lallroiul system. It Is re
p.rted. Ii now 111 process of rcducltiK the
number of Its employees and expects to
lay off approximately lu.OOO men befoic
the movement Is over.
The American Car and foundry Com
Pull), one of III" must lictlve of tile hip
equipment concerns, is s.ild to be reduc
ing its luroe. Other equlpnieut com
panlfs are doing tho same thing.
5.090 MEN LAW OFF.
Genernl I'.leelrle Hopes to Itelurn
to Toll TIiiip by March.
SOHKSKlTADV, N. V., Deo. 4, Within
the past month It Is estimated that no
less than 5,0UU unploMes at the various
plants of thu lieneral l.'lectrio Companv
liuvu betii laid off, It Is possible tha't
this number will he added to until the
early rprlng orders arrive. The onlv
explanation given by otllcluls of the com
pany here Is a general depression lit the
chetrlcal business all over the world.
The number Is divided among the plants
as follows . l.ynii, 2,nnn, I'ittslleld, l.SOO:
Schenectady, l.uoo ; Uric, r.fl", and Har
rison none, only lumps being manufact
ured there and the demand for these
being Heady,
Despite (oiiiIIiIphs at present, the out
look Is nut discouraging to otllcluls of
tho company, who believe that by Feb
ruary or .March all plants will again
lie operating with lull forces nnd that
business will again be normal.
Hot line lo !. of Armor Con
Iruets, Suy I'., I., lirnce,
I'ltli.AiiKi. a. Dec. -Flat denial that
failure of the company to obtain Iov em
inent contracts fur armor or ordnance
had an thing to do with the suspension
from work of Tim employees of the
Hethlehcm Steel works was made to-day
by 12. ij. 1 1 race, vice-president of the
Med company. The Hsserllon was made
In Congress yesterday by Ueprescntatlve
,1, Hampton Mome of this city.
"There Is absolutely no truth In the
statement," said .Mr. (.race. 'The lay
lug off of the men has been due to a slack
tiling up in the steel industry."
"How many men have been laid off?"
Mr, ( nice was asked,
"Sevcial hundred," he replied, "prob
ably as many as 700, as Mr, Moore
alleged. .More than 'J.OOO still are em
ployed by the company. Whether more
will bo thrown out of work will de
pend entirely on circumstances."
Lacknnnnna Nleel Company May
AlHke Further Cnts.
The Lackawanna Steel Company, which
is one ot tno strongest of the In
dependents among the steel manufactur
ers, has laid oft' ::.000 employees sine
early November out of a normal fori of
s.ooo. I -resilient H. A. S. Clarke said last
night that It looks as If more men would
havo to be laid olf,
The Lackawanna, he said. Is working'
on only about to per cent, of capacity.
Most of the men who have already been
laid oft have gono from the Ituffnlo plant.
When asked If the turlff was the cause
of throwing men out of work Mr. Clarke
said ;
"I can't tell that any more than you
can, It Is lack of business that has
caused laying off of men. We haven't
the work to keep them busy."
Baldwin Works to linn on Present
Redneeri Force,
Pnil.APEi.rniA, Dec. D, Kunnlng now
at about 60 per cent, of the basis nf op.
eratlrm at the end of June the Ilaldwln
Locomotive Works has business ahead at
the present rate of production until the
end of January, At tho 1'lilladolphla and
lOddystonn plants the pioroll distribu
tion for the week ended November 22 was
J170,S.ri2, to compare with S27K.038 for
the week ended Juno 28,
In these plants the number nf em
ployees Is now about 12,000, to compare
with 18.000 last Juno. At the llurnhnm
plant of the subsidiary Standard Steel
Works some 2.000 employees are on tlm
payroll, to compare wun 3,0110 last
Ir Gilbert Parker In Movie Plant.
.81tT "eru.r.'lrk, h18.n:,,v,'"r1' ""."'"'inbout seven feet tall nnd orlglimllv In
the United States District Court yester-'the collection of Joseph llonapurte. wer"
day to enjoin imivlngpcturehousiH from mM fnr t2r,n .,,. Th( ,)r(('x ,, ,t
producing ,, , I lm entitled "Tho Superior . waa figured, was worth that much. The
IfS' 4iCni2h. ntywli ak,,n f,m "' h'"tlcks were brought fro,,, France by
Kx-Mrrcti.r 4 hamed With flrtllnK
t'narrnreil I.uku In Navannah.
Savannah. Dec. 6. Fleming V. Tlnsley,
formerly of Tlnsley & Hull, cotton brokers,
acquitted recently of a charge of larceny
after trust, must now face u Federal
Judge anil Jury on an Indictment accus
ing him of having unlawfully extracted
funds from a national bank of which
he was a director,
Mr. Tlnsley Is accused of taking $60,G0O
from the Merchants National Bank.
The bank' cashier testified that the
money was secured for the firm of Tins
ley & Hull laat March after the deposit
of u pink slip Indicating that the firm
hail sulllclent cotton on hand to protect
tho loan. When tho loHn became duo
i and was not paid Joseph Hull, presi
dent of the Merchants National anil me
father of Dan Hull of the. cotton firm,
repaid the loan.
Court Uphold tt'llr'i II lull t to Poker
Playing HuIibiiiI'h liisiirmice.
The Appellate Division decided yritcr
dJy that u husband has no right to as
sign hlB life, insurance policy m.iue oui
In favor of Ills wife in payment of u gam-1
biing detit and held that Mrs. Helen
Helilseh, wife of Meyer Helilseh, may re
coer a policy of i,ooo from Hlch.ird U.
Manitelbaiim, alleged proprietor of the At
tic Club In West Forty-second street.
Justice Hotchklss, writing the decision,
said that Helilseh could not come Into
court nnd havo his property returned, hut
that Mrs. Helilseh. who was not n party
to the poker game and had consented to
assign the policy without consideration
to herself and her husband, has a stand
ing In court.
Host nnd Another Aeruar.l of llelp
Inic In Holdup of liurata.
Magistrate Hcltuftz In the Tomlw police
court held Morris Ituhln, "i yearn old. ' Mll,i i,e was In fiixor nf tmblic ownership
an operator, of 226 Henry rtreet nnd j under certain i nndltlons. H said:
Nathan Nathaiison, 23 years old, another. "Whenever we find a natural tnonotwly
operator, of 60 llutgers wtieet In J2,U0iii,r where It has become apparent that
ball for the Grand Jury yesterday. Michael enmpetltlnii In any particular business
Kottler of 340 Cherry street and David
Kavltsky of S59 Madison street charged
that on November 2S Kubln invited them
to his home for a friendly game of poker
and that during the game the hosts helped
two masked men who come In to rob
them of fiti and two gold watches at tin
liolnt of plstola,
Circular Said He Would Take tl.'.O,
(MM! slum, lint ll lllrt.i'l.
. ... . , , I iiopoiv, nut It in ver win ne uning enuuK'i
Th'Hiiiu. M . I.aw'son announced In a !t(,',eKUl ite and control It. The insistent,
eircular dlstilbuted yesterday morning .M,1.,,, vigilance and Insatiable appetite
n tm nnoiiclal district that he would . r ,ltUlc Bll , 10 h)UK run will prove
.1 A ' J1 Jh", ",'.,rk,l rLrk'.'' ' ' powerful for spasmodic and inter-
tlm 350,000 shares of Steel stock which . mim'nt tuibllc virtue.
he says th financial press has accused "Wherever private gain has ceased to
him of being short. ,,,, un,iPr 1P law (lf competition the bu.sl-
An unusually large crowd of brokers 1 ,. ,,. lu,t L.m(J j,.r public ownei
gathered around the Steel post In the I Hilp. wh-ic private gain can be eliml
htock l-Jxchange at to 32 A. M.. but I n;1ted. whether It is a railroad or a cul
I'othliig happetifd. The Steel transactions ,UlK., sln w)l call this State siiclalNni.
for tho day were only about tH'.eUO and so far as It Is and to the extent that
l"rek. , it ! I am for State socialism. Names
.luilffe Admits "Battle riumt.v.'
Whieh Witness Says Was
Sunir to Iluyers.
Selling stock through the agency of
song Is one of the methods b w hlch the
ltadlo Telephone Company managed to
dispose uf over HVOOAHW Holth of Its se
curities, ttccoidlng to the testimony glvm
before juilgo Hunt and a Jury In the
1'nlted States District Court yesterdsv at
the trial of Dr. I.ee De Porest. James
Dunlop Smith, Samuel K. Parby and
Kliiier K. HurllngHme, who are accused of
having used tho malls for swindling pur
poses. Anderson W. Iteam of Ada. Ohio, told
how he received a copy of the Hadlo com
panv's "battle chanty" lifter he was made
an agent of the Kllsworth Company, tho
sales agency for the Itadlo company and
Its subsidiaries. The song was entitled
"liood Old Itaillo" and was dedicated to
l,ee De Forest, "the Wizard of the Wire
less." The agents were Instructed, according
to Iteam. to sing the song to prospective
Judge Hunt ruled that tho words of the
song might he relevant evidence, so Post
orllo; Inspector W. II. Itohlnsoti read the
following verses amidst the snickers of
the audience and the smiles of the Judge
and. Jurymen :
Hark I he II Jill of I tin KirrltM,
Words from the lake to deep snd britht ;
Tell of lie KureM's triumph
In the dark and ullcnt night.
With the head phones there I listened,
For the lone expected call,
Where the butztr loudly sounded,
While the atari hone over all.
Then hello, hello, on the wtrelras phono,
The loot Kadio.
la Korkinr tine ulnnr the line,
from Chleiuro to buffalo.
Oh you cannot RUess,
What a vrrat siiceta,
la thr wonderful wlreleaa telephone
This poetic effort was uislgncd"nhrh
qulry failed to reveal tho name, of in
.Nnthan llnrnrrt Will Spend thnnl
$Unn,ono on w Institution.
I'atrkson, N. J Dec. S. Nathan Ilar
ncrt, ex-Mayor of I'aterson, who has
given the liarnert Temple and u Ilebiew
free school to I'aterson and has malm
somnile 'win '.rtl """K tm"X .W.T.. .'Swe
some time, will give the city a new hos-.evi ni iHdiilnu by llutchklp, J. etllo
pltal to I uka the place of the present I order on nutlec
institution. H veils nntiniiiii,.i1 fr..,i,. i...i ! Outlierlne Murth.i as HdmlnistriilrU, re-
he has transferred to the cltv ., ei.ti-.,
block of sixteen lots, hounded by Itroiid-1
way, Thirteenth avenue. Thirtieth and
Thirty-first streets, nnd will build on the
a nJir "r1; ,n'v. . i,"rrL"f,
wife. The cost Is expected to be about
In 1&02, when Patcrson had a $10,
000,000 tire, the Second Presbyterian
Church was destroyed. Mr. liarnert. who
nan uuut tun liarnert Temple for u
Hebrew congregation, was Instrumental
In that congregation's 0nrr jD iM Presby
terians of tho use of the temple until
they could build a new church of their
own. The Presbyterians accented the
offer, but Insisted upon sharing the ex
penses or the minding. Mr. liarnert and
the other oincera of the temple refused
to permit this on tho ground thut the
church already had a hnnl enough task
In replacing its burned home. Tho church
occupied tho temple for three years until
its new building wus finished.
Hale la Feature of Auction of J. It,
rtarton Mllllnsi's Kffecti.
PlllLAnKLPiiiA, Dec. C A portrait of
Chief Justice John Marshall of the United
, "uupreino Court brought ll.OOf. at
""in nam oi me rur-
nlture and fittings of the homo of J. n.
Itarton Wllllnir. u brother of Mrs. Astor.
'vh" "lB "WW yesterday.
Tut. ln,o. I ....... 1 1 I ..I .
Spiiiitoi- llorah Attacks Plan to
(Jive Stream's Water to
San Frandseo.
Favors Public Ownership in
Some Cases Vote on
Measure To-day.
WasIIINOThs', Deo. B. The Senate de
villed another day to consideration of
111 1 letch Iletchy bill, which Is to lw
voted on to-morrow. Senator llorah of
Idaho spoko against the plopnsal to ali
thnrlze the city of San Francisco to
build it reservoir and Impound the wati rs
of tho Heidi Iletchy stream for iiiunlcl-
pal purposes.
Senator llornli opposed the Improve
ment on the ground that the grant was
loo broad and that the city would gam
extraordinary concessions to the deteii
imut of settlers and piospecllve sittteis
on inure than 2.mw acres or lirlgahle
laud In the San Joaquin Valley
Advocates of the hill claim more than
fifty votes, but admitted to-day that they
havo lot semii ground nnd that the
otj prolialilv will be too close for com
fort They fear that the opixinents of
the bill will hie.il; a quorum to-morrow
and thus privmt a Mile.
In concluding his speech Senator noraii
lias censed and It has been disclosed Ui.it
substantial competition cannot bo re
stored M am In favor of absolute public
"The leasing system Is a delusion so far
ns our natural resouices are concerned
the lurking rendezvous of incompetent
service to the public corruption. The
Idea that Is now gaining ground In rum'
quarters that we can rexulatc and contrwl
combinations and monopolies left In prl
ate hand" will tiring no relief to the
people The republic In some iiisUticos
may be stiuiig enough to destroy m
have no terror fur inc. I a'n fur result.
"Inld!nus Influence" work mine elllci
eiiiusly In Washington than in .m.v other
capital in the world. In the departments
here tlic-e Influences are especially active,
iiLTOinpllshlng thli.gs which the people
know nothing about until thiy ate put
Into effect.
"The granting of Mitch llctehy Valley
to San Francisco Is but nti entering vviilge
which will lead to the dl'trihutinn of all
the natuial resources of the country to
corporations and the giving away of cvry
acie of the national paths, Just as the ?,
nuii.Oun acres of public land already hav
I bun given to the railroads and corpora
I tlons, forcing 100,000 to cross the Imiuii
' dary Into Canada every jear In search of
I a home."
illli Approves 'I'alierenlosU liny.
A'.nvsv, Dee. r..- -(Iov. i.lyiin In a tet
ter to-day to Homer Folks, secretary of
the Stab' Charities Aid Association, In
dorses the observance of national tuber
losls day on Sunday next. The (loveriior
points out that the death rate from tuber
culosis In the State since 190T, when the
campaign against this disease was begun,
has fallen frooin 132 to 117 per loii.ono,
'im)tlftr M of YrMtrn.ii Flnri-
Iiik In riritt llrinr(niriil.
Tim App lUtu t i v lon. Firm Depart
nuiit, ainMJiiiictil tho follow int; ilf:I.Mtun
Tin- l't iipl. At., np'Hi'li nt, S. Y ' St
H. ll. It, 11. Cn.. apiK daiit Ju'lKincnt rc
.Tiii ami line rt'tnlttcil b In
tcrrthatn. V .1. Settlv iirtlrr on i.t
J u 11a T4nzT, r"t'titii nt, lt.itikor'
t i n I A Mirtft.Mgc ('irtrtrinn. it nl .ii"p
lunt. J ml Kit ifii t it ml nrlr rr( il with
nt .ill I inmpl.titii ili-liili (1 With fo'tH
Miiniiii by Mi I.jiikIiI ii J. t Ir tinier
iU tint lr.
In I tit? matter uf op nuic ! .-trot't.
UriUr tf vrM-il w H h rtiit anl mot Inn for
cnnrtrinailon l u mi'l mutter r frr'l
h.irk to ni'W ruliimlfhloii'Tn hh hl.iU'.l III
opinion oplntiiu hy 1. iiinhlln. J. titu
onliT tii tiotli..
TJi Pt'opl.', 4k? . itpptlUltt. th N. V
JMUtui V rtF-ro'titliMil. tint.T rrvor-ifl
ttinl (lTiiurrt r ilU.iIloweit, with jw t' !
f r- ml .nit to ulthilrHU .tr.iiurrfi .c-l plciil
ncr. opinion hy I.juIiIIu. .1. ."ftilo or J r
uit iiotiic.
.Marc lo.w fit Dial, rthpontl lit. p. l.n M
Klrln .ind inothtM, .ipv-ll.mt Ictfrmln;t -tlnti
.itnl Jti.lKiiH'iit rfi-rf. anil now trl;l
nrrtcrta with cubU to app1l int in all courts
to .ih!d Mit. tpltilon l .Mi L.iiikIiIIji. J.
Mottle finK-r on notln.
N. V. I.lfv liiHtir into Trust o , renp'm.N
"lit, vi, NathmlHt w. ronkUnt;. imph'.nl-'l.
appfll.int JuiUiiHMit revfr-"'! anil iruiti'H
ifirtctfil tu pioifi-il otu of tn- irut I'Ht-ito.
Uplnlon hy Ml LhukIiIIii. .J .-Vtlf orilir in
, tmihi-
j aStraiit-s l.lnotj plnir (o repoihlcnt, (,
.nt 1 4 fvji in o aim aiit'i.i'-i nvi" o-'iu-s
Ju'lKiiif ni n'fritil, new trt tl onlir'ii t ots
to appellant lo ah.lt ft-n. iplntoii h'
.Mcl.aimlilln. J f"'Hitlo urilcr on iiotl'
I'rltt litM-k ivionii' m N'orth l'a'U-
Iiik V I'roMvlon ' "o . HpptMini orH r re
NPTftl with tl" i'oim aii'l illtlniritf'nM-nlii and
tnuvloii manieil with f lo mxtH. Uplnlon
hy .Mrl.aiiKhllti. ami InKraham. I' J.
(ltiKr.iham, l. J. iIIummiiIuk. l orur ll!il
W.iUit Hi htllue, appellant, r ( Ukav
' iuideiit. vs PenmylvanU ltHllni.ol ",
il,Tll,7.'.Vl or:u!n"irnc(,sY::riLm.n:n!",u
abide event nn llic srouml tli.vt the tliidlng
1,1111 the deiedeni was free from centrum-
: ,.k, :;r.,"rUH ,,vtce.
iirtiay, Aiiier ivocn v-n.. renpunaeni. vs.
1 It- I ii v. Hoi hatadler, appellant. .IuiIkiiU'IU
In so fin as It tll'inisiieil coiinter cl.iliu
iiftlriued vililiout cunts rt-Hliliia of Jtnlifnii'iit
ri'verirtl nnd n tri.il onlerpd with msis
in i.;i.ellunt to alible event, Opinion by
Mi'I..iukIiIIii, J, Settle onler on notice,
llli'lll foiu-rute M.lllllnery Co., rraiOllilellt,
v. Nattoiml Park II. ink of -V. V. Onlrr
reveriii'il vvltti I In conts and dlsliuraenn-nts
and mutlnn granted with 110 coatH. Opin
ion by McI.aiiKhlin. J. I.aughtlll. J dls
MunttiiK. Order tiled.
The Trillli'l Mnrble fn nppelltlllt, vs.
Tlrown lima., Inc., respondent. Di terinlnlii
lion arilruii'd ullh coala. Opinion hy llouh
kiss. J, (I.iiiiKhlln, .1., dlentliiKl, order
Amerlcin Woolen Co, appellant, vs. Hurry
Moakoultz uiul another, riopoti.len t. Deter
iiiluiitlon reveriied with coata Anil Judgment
ot I'lly I'ourl sfllrnied lth coals, opin
ion by I.auiiblin.J, Hettln order qn notice.
IllUttbelh II. Colt, respondent, vs. A. T,
IKnwirial ,v i'o.. uppelbint. Iii'trrinlnntlini
nd JuilKiuent reverai'd with coata nnd coin
plulnt illatnlaKt'il with coats, opinion by
liowlinic, J. Hi'tth order on notli-e,
William SI. Keepers, respondent, ea. M,
Hartley Co., appellant. Judgment and order
reveraed, new trial ordered, coats to nppel
lunt lo ublilH event. Opinion by llotchkisa.
J, (Howling, J dlaaeiitlng.) Kettle order
on niitlcii.
Ilarnet K. Schneider, nppellant, va. Alex
ander Hchlaiig. reapondent. Judgment is
vnraed. new trial ordered, cnata to appellant
to abide, event, Opinion by I.iiuglillii, ,1,
(llntchklaa, J,, dlaaentlng), Settle order on
Charles II, I.evltt and Hiioilirr. spin Hunt,
va, ll'ltnurkc Knglneerlllg ConilriK'Hoii Co.,
rraiioiirtent, .luilKinent reversi'd with coMa
uiul demurrer Kiiatulned with rota, with
li'.ivo tn defemljiit to ainitit on p.iyiiieiil of
cnata. Opinion pe rm lam. order Ithd
Mayer Denial Ii and anntbei, reapondent,
. Itlcliard It. tlandelliHiiin, uppelUut,
Ordsr ravarstd will; lie to?ia nd dlalmrte-
"CINCINNATI" Dec. 9, 12 noon
'"CLEVELAND" TiK" Jn. 15, 12 noon
"CINCINNATI" Jan. 27, Mar. 5, 3 P. M.
'Special Cruise lo MADEIRA, CADIZ, GIBRALTAR (Tangier),
"Excellent accommodations available at special rates (or
passage to MADEIRA, ITALY and EGYPT.
Shore excursions included.
TlirouBh the Mcdltrrriinem, Suez Cunal, Ited Sea snd Indian
(leesn lull, imndi.iv nn I Ciilninho, Inrhnlliil side trips ttironfh
I Mil. I III: HOLY l.tMlnnd KtlVIT. stpplu nt Inicr
est In it pupils In ri'ltdl'l- SIA AMI AI'ltlt'A
5,ye CLEVELAND JAN.15, 1914
Qn ry Cost includes shore trips
'5 UayB and all necessary expenses.
H 'tilt jot full Information.
41-45 Broadway, New York
help llrua. 41 l'n.. IT lltliT) Place.
1EAM!IIIP TirKI'.l.s In anr pert,
umrlal Ace.'il ml line,.
RTmnnd While umli ( n.. J'JS Sth At., N.T.
Ife .Pmehurst'
Through Pullman from New York. The finest golf courses in the South.
1,200 miles of connecting automobile roads, 40,000 acres shooting preserve
with good guides and dogs, fine livery, fox hunting, tennis, trap shooting,
model dairy. Frequent tournaments in all sports.
A'o eonsumptirt received.
GENERAL OFFICE. Pinehurst, N. C,
Juiin v erif a. I'pfi .4iiT. 4 it. ii pPiU'n
CunitMTiv ti'iit'jn-( ii- .luiitinrir nntl -itr
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ri-fP'inil'Mit ntt'-r r.-v.-r-nl 4 Itli Hit r.nix
IKi-l ilNliUIXMIH'lltr ati"1 Ittutlnii itr.i'i'-'l h
llu itinrv, ul'h 1i4h l-t ! iVn.l.tht in '4';h-
(r.iw .'mum-i .tt"l i hh4.t ti pi.m.-nt
nf vui fit S.ir urt 4 M.fi I tin App.
Li4 .i:. unitr m i
Ji.irlh Mt.irp. r-p.in.!rti-, Vr- .lri. k 1
S . uvtlir. a Pi" U.tiit .hnUin.Mit .inl onltr I
afnrmi-ti w tth i-iftt. No oplf.l.. ii ir.li r
lllr.l . '
Traiik v.uliikl Hpp"iim. 4 I imuin ,
H'lNinnflt. Jr. uil .itnt Iit. i fHpntnt.'Hir
aliulirmrnt inirmt. xltii mM- .St. ''plnltui
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Ii a nk I'frffpr timl itnitifi . rIlt!ltlfn,
4s. tlarifititl t.lf liisiiraii' fntup hiv,
appelLint ctnltT an irmrtl nilli M fttH
atul 1 1 Mmr ""'tn t nl. wllli lt.t4t tn ih tf ti-l tut
tn ltlnlt.4 ttMtiurr,i ami l .itinr mi
pa4tiipnt nf fii Nt I'pltiloii I
.NVw tri Catluilli l't ottM tt.r , r Ph.. nt.
f, ltiM'Klaml t'tMitit.4 iippi'U.int uriliT ri--4
t-rceil 4 th II" i (fin ami tltliuri.n"i't j
ami iiitiiluti -li'iitnl itti tl t ' 'pin
Inn 14 nark'. .1 Hii lln. .1 lli"t'nUim .
or-iT iiU-1
l..s1.i Ni-ii.tti4 :in tlif-.i t r '-potfl'-Dl.
- I ht nilor Ktihloir. appellant Jinl:mptit 1
ami nriltT atllntit'il lt)i t nuti ( ipiul.ti t.
H-... hkln-v .1, I ItiKtHliaiii P. .1 dtiRra-
h.im. I' .1 .ml ;-ttt, .1. ilifrntlniv i
nnl r Mlr.l
Ilarr4 illiiH-rtu t tt luf.uii. r'p"iniMil. 4 i
llHrry W l f uml amittii-r. appi llant .IihIk
niftit an) t.nl. r io tr'i Mini n-4 til.il
itrMf rf J i4 ltd i t" aiMfl l.i iitw t a Mil'
f4t-m uplMli.tiM Ii4 utt .1 , ami Inyrnli.iin.
I' .1. t Incr.ili.uti. 1' .1. ilthntliiK t Settle
triMT tin p.. th f
tfai tn'l lilUHtf r.
U'ttir ami aii'itlifi,
ami (inlrr r 'i
niit lit ji tti r ni
riHtfuttit Hat r
. ttl I ri ti 1 1 .1 U'lirnifiit
it it 1 1 i.tM. trial iirilrtt'tl, '
Ulilitt rt lit l tjilll i
Inn ptt t'liriatit i Incrat.ani
1 .1 . il Infill 1
In: i .fttlo iinlor im tmtl'f ,
Kniuklln IVttU rfupnmlt nt. p Hnry
iri.. appellant .Imltfuiftit ami onlfr at- '
tlrtmtl Aith inKtf N npliilt.n tinier tllf.I ,
I'Tnan'it ! rrtMiml. apprll int. 4 h. Mnlltltt
niitf uftl'Hi rtijiipnii. ttMMuiilf nt. )rltr .
arffrinitl 44 itli tH. No upiiil.n. or'Kr 1
tllf.I. '
AlcxainWr Jumlrcvv. uppi-ll.int. v I.UzU
IMt-r, rt fpumltMi' tirilrtt amrtn) 4lth'
itfti No uplnlon. onlt'i
William II l.i-44n. uppfHatit 4 riiiirlf" 1
1 HiNliMp, ftpumlt'iii .liPlKtiicnt ailiuiiH.l 1
1th ttint. Nn dilnlnii nrlrr illvil 1
lan4 P iMlilkifn. rt.pomlf tit. 4K. r.rlo
It. DatilKr!), appetlnit .luilKtnfnt afttnuiMl (
with riifib Nt opinion iMilt'i lllt'fl ,
Daniel llntih- ha rti4tr, c . r.'-pnruh nt,
vk ll f. llorton v Cn, rt hi,. apiplliinti 1
JiulKiiK't aiflrnifil 4 tth loctn, So optnl'Mi ;
Oril.'r ilU-.l.
lM4anl Kli'tn ct al. irnpomh'tit 4
I'm.iinifl t)avhl ft nl, appt'll.tnt- nnlnr I
atllimi'it with tl" tout ami llttliiirrtMiiflilH ,
No opinion Huh r lil I 1
A loin Knupp, iffpomlftit, 4. Willi mi M J
Hurrt'lt, an jirfrliirnt A. , apptlaiit. .
.lutfTMttnt am) orU r atllt niti with ( oM
No optntou tStott iitui ImullhK, .1.1, 4 1 1 h - I
sentliiK Orih'r tllf.I
Thomas Nootit a ailmltiNtrator Ac. up- 1
pf Hunt. 4 h. Hi' iltli' n ruiiHtrui'llnn On in 11.1114', j
teHp.i talent. .ItiUKnnnt it ml nrilf r ulttrmfU
44lth cosiii No opinion, Hfih r 11 1ft I
ivrkliiM' tonih4 In I'otnpnti) , 1 oponilent,
n. t'arrol J I'inu, Jr. app.'llant JulKinttit
attlrmctl 44lth toMtH. No opinion niiler
Anton II. Mt'jrr hh iimIi;iiii, c , t.Hpuii
drnt . h. Uavid A. Srhullf ft al, appellant.
JiiilKDietit attli mtl with 1 ott nn tlua opin
ion of TaK'. J- at tin' lrl.it If nn, onlt-r
t!nrcp Mltrlu'll, aiMll.int. 4. (Vtitral
MImm le floptnent Coiiit.iii . I. til , n
Hpomlt'tit. .InilKtiifiit hITIi inutl with 1 uvtit.
Nil opinion. Onlri tilt.).
Wallpr I- KIIiih, ioHpomnt.a4f. Nfv Jcr
rcv ami New York Italtroail (otiiianv, up
pfllant. Jmtiritient ami nnler rmtTHt'il ami
a new trial utile ni with rostw to appol
lain to iihhlf. rt nl, upon t)u Kiuuinl that
thert' In no f4 MtMiro to KiiNtnlii a llmltm?
of thn ilffeiul, nit's IH-Klia:'' m-f or nf the
plaint In" m iriM'ilotu from rnntrltmtory ntK
llgenrt', Ht'ttli itriifT on tiotlct
John J. Hooper, appellant, . Cntuv P,
lloehnii'. reiKimlem. JutlKttifiit nftlnniil
44lth (pmik, No opinion niiler ilkil,
.MutirliH llrlll el al.. reKpomlentH, 4 h, tho
JeffitrHon Hank, appelhint. Heterinlnatloik
of Appellate Term. JmlKiniMit ami onler of
City Court reer-ftl. moiloii tn illsiulnH nun.
plaint Kranteil, with niHtu tn appellant lit
all iwurlH. opinion hy Clarke, J. Hi-ttl
urtler on tinth e.
Hinnui V. Harper, nppelhinl, vh. .ormann
Cohen, runpunUf nt. JmUiuont afftnueil
with vant .N'n opinion. Unltt tlleil.
.Martin Illumenfeld n al, uppellantr'. n.
r nleral Itifiiranro Cotupany, reHpumlent.
.IiiilKinent alTlnnfil Willi i-ontH, with leuv
to plalnlllYit In nerVH nimttuled tomplaljit 011
piiyintint of i'omh In IIiIh court Hiul tn th
i.-miM iirmn, .mi opinion. UTtlrr niu.
Philip KImiik, rewjainilent, h. Meer Bell-let-.
huph-Hilfil. iif , Hppelluut. Onler nf
tlrmml lth lit lOHiB ami illHhurtteineutH,
with lem to ilffcnilmit In lth1lra4v d.
inuiror ami tn hiuwim upon imymenl nf
rnatH In thin I'nurt ami In the court tmloiv
j No opinion. Order Mod.
Toull peltitK Smith Hiid Weal. Every Weekday
S I' .M Pier S3 -.North Itlver. Tel. 5900 frali Id In
r.ll TO nKRMI'DA Ideal Vacation Iteanrt.
. li:iy rr.tiii N, V Itound Trip 123 up. Any
Center of Out of Door Life
in the South
The Carolina Is Open
ornr.it iotk.s o'i.w
Congress Street, Boston. Mass. ,'';
llrifei , 1 .mi r. pumlMit. Vf. IMwaril
1. Hurp t app liaa' urlr reerel 4a 1th
lla -Htm an-i dll'jrem'titf ami motion ii.
me.) I t U'i tout Upltilon per rurUm
urdrr itd.
I h peopt A: it-fpomient n Atithon
vnt Iml 1 it , . pp ili.n JudKinent atflrrneil
No opinion M .let til.
Kl U P i;.irit- : .'(-pi. mlent I.e Kolui
appellant unit' attlrtruil with llM 1 otn
ami iili.ijrfetneni- Nt. opinion order tiled
1.m.i1n 1 i4 t'lotniit t'l'inptitn rep.m
ih-nl 4 John P iiillt.t:hT et nl . appej
! itit. or-t r re4 erf ,1 with $K oMk .mtl
iltKiairM'uif ntf .ind motion denied wU lift
'.-tn opinion hy Innrahitm. P J ami
.intt. J iMnii J iltfchtMitlnt, t ordrr llled
In the Matt-1 of !aien H Ilathawtt4
rfntiondHiit 4 - At.toiph 1. K'ln-. at., et
ul . i.pp.'li.int, i irder re4ertol w ith $10
'of t" and ilMtiUf nientti and pro eedlnKM
,iint-ril w Ith Jl' 1 oitn, Hpiiiloti hy
Hot. hkl'ift J ordt-r hied
In tlit Matir t.f the Cltv of New York,
te tiouiertiHiu Mlp. r onlrr ulfirmed
with 11" ioim and dinnr. iti.ntsi. iit.ltil.in
h S-oti. J order tiled i
1 nil' K t.rintu respondent. Cunnnl
Steamship Coiup.,n4. i,td . appelhuit ir
tier t.u.'r.-.'.l 4vlth 110 ii'i!n and tllKhurNe
menin and motion denied w ith f 10 co-t
opinion t Clarke, J order tiled.
Mime, respondent. 4 Same, appellant,
order affirmed with 110 hiMh ami dl
iuietintr .no oplnliui order tiled
Mlttelde'ltff he Prl4.lt ha tlh rf "poTnlfMlt.
4h .Mathllde Hn4-nuin et al . defendant
A c Ih.r'Mdtnan i . appellant order,
inodtfit-n .t direited In onlnloii ami im mo.H
ih-d afiirm.Mi without tot. opinion p?r
1 11 r hi m. Settle ordet on mdlee
If.im- l.f4ltk. ie.p. indent, vh. S'unuifl
Hrow 11 et al . appellatu tinier modiMrd
h htrlkfiiK out ihe pn.vlflon for the up.
pnlnttnent ir a retereo. and in mi modified
afTirnied without mtt No opinion, et
tie or.lfr on not lit.
Puhllt Hank of New York, plaintiff, Henry
It MtiKer. receiver appellant. k I.ouIk I.on-
loii t at to'piuidi'itt Order re4eri-e1
with 1 umti and illhhursement h and 1110.
Hon granted w 1th Si jit. 1 iplnloit hy
llittt liklM. .1. older IIImI.
lapiiltlte K, hweet. appellant, vi WUU
lam H llilln, rertpnmlent. nriler rev ered
with L .otJ and dlHhurcementi, and mo.
lion denied with 1 10 ioHtv iplnh)ii per
rur! mi order Hied
Huvld ;reetiperKr, respondent, n. Queenn
t iunt4 W.tti-r toiupan. appfllant Leter
tntn.it inn re4erned with rntn and com
plaint dluiutoMed with I'ofii Opinion by
oowlfiiK. J. Settle order on notice.
John Tully. respondent, vp. Park Itnw
lleattv Companv nppellant Judgment r.
4frMHl, new trial ordered. rottn tn appel
lant In ahlde e4eilt Opinion by Ihmllns,
J. Settte order on poth e
Jeanneite Ueniuth, ronpomlent-uppelliint.
1 HeorK" Kemp. Impleaded, appellant
fpoitdeiu, the Same vh. OeorKe Kemp it
al. JudKinentit reverned ami rnnipliitntn din
mled with mM" In each action. In all
touru, to the ileffiolantti. trustee, opin
ion hy Srott. J 1
Wlntfied y Hardlnc. renpondent, vs. Kvn
1 i onion. Ituplciided. appellant Jude
ment reMTfced, new trial ordered, cont tn
appellant n ahlde event Opinion hy
Clarlte. ,1 Settle order nn notice.' '
I.ouIh CitHptT. appellant, n 1'erclval
Kuhiie et al, rmnondrnt Determlnatlnn
affirnied ami complaint illfmNned upon the
ineHtH. with com-. Opinion hy I)ov4nir, J
order filed,
Aiirll.ili- IHviainii-Siinreme Courl Keoeaa
Siiirpini I'nurt Speriul Tirm -Purl II Iin.
fun- Cfilialaii, J Court oH-iie at 10:30 A. M,
r,x ii.ii .i niuttera
Surmi.:ili. a I'oiirt -t'liumhera llelore Cohs-
l.iu S Nn dav rnlendiir.
L'uy t'niirl Si,,i,i Tirm-I'art II -Ileforr
Sinitli, ,1 -I'nurt niK iia at 10 A M. Ks nartr
Suiuenir Court- Speil.il Trrm.-Cotirl opena
at in A. M.-Hefore lk-iifillii, J.-I.lllfated
nun lima. Id'loio Van Siden. J.Kx untie
uiul lir.
Rrfrrrraj Appntnlrd.
Smiri-nio Coiirt-Ily Jii.tUr Cnhalan-Doo-lillln
va. Miiivaraiip Mli'haot 3, llnrmi: 1)1.
niiiiid va. llaldvviii -Ileum Qulrni; mutter ol
S. Iiiileriiiiiiiii-Timnlliy rovver; Hull va. Fax
Kulirrt 11 lirinii'a.
Ily Jiiatiii. Kurd Kmplro Truat Conyiany va
Niitlp lliiilly Cuniiiiii)-J(ilin T Canavan:
Clnaliolni va HUiaon-Karle. M. W.lib.
Ily JuatUi. Iielmiy-Kmmable Life Aaauranre
Soui'ly va Hcru-Cllllnrd C. Kotiertt.
Ileerlvera Appolnlrd.
Supreme Coui-lly Juallce Cohiilan-Morrit
U'Vliie va. Kdward Kacan-ltoderii'k J,
hpiinrdy: Miirirarel A. Maokuy Ti. Th(ima M.
KHiiiilim-Muiiriin A. I,jnch; Henry (I, Luii.
ham va Wlnihrnii Ualdnreii-Claudlu. A.
Ilnnd! Jpaepli (ioUUtein v. Morria Sbaplro
Clmrlei Nu.tbnunt,
Ily JuMUv Nevvbuner-Eaatman Machine Co.
v Hells tioldenbfr I.ldore I! mar.
Toart of Apprnla Calendar.
AMIANV, Uv ."i.-The Court nl ApM-ala
cilfiidar tor .Monday I, No.. :'1J, vy. ;.a
'J7 '.'ja 9'ft .ml yan ' '
London-Paris Bremen
Christmas Ships
Pelna PrlKrlrh Hlllielm tier. I.'l
KalMvWIIhrlmlltlA.M.) lire. Ill I
Alinn ns ninpc iiiinriiiniiy m
narli all Imrl- nt Cuiilli.t utal l.urutH
r.,, ft,, iktt,,M
iriirirr MahlniHiin .laa. .11
lvr.ii.nrli,v....li ('..fill,. ,lan. 3(1 1
hiii-'-r Wllhi'liii dir lli Kb. I
l',i I Mall Salllnics
M'rlrdrlrhdrr tirmsr Hw. O
Mtrf-lnfli Ilr4'. til I
'MWthnrnsv.i dan. Ill I
I'll innnili. Ilri'ini ti 'llrrmeu dlircl
low raliln till
Ha II I mure llremen dlrei l.
Hie raliln IIP. vveilni'Mlav
,sallinr nn .s.rfllli W mr
Perlln Her. I
Prlnc-s In in ihi:rMt,-tv .Ian.
ThniiiL'li rati' fniin Nciv tmk It
South America via rumpe,
Iiript. India and me Par i.nt.
liMlciieiulint trip
Around the World, $617.70
l'lrl rlavi thrnnsl.iiut
lliri'f Vk Inter rruHr.-i In the
y iiini.isr.il nt hi i i.hm
.IAV 14. Fr.H. 13, MAM. lit
Hale SIIMI lip a I in a 9 lla.ta
.rulM' Include all tairN nt liner.
e.t In the West Indira. W rile for our
UCM IMlllhiri
' In I In- ij.inal nnd Caill-hran "
Iraieler-' Ihei ka limid All liter
ini niirid.
ol I Hit lis A en ijiiifral Ak-rnn
a niiiaiiw.lv
American i(hooAM!
N. Tl. iiiniilh, I lii'rliiin.K, niittininiitiiti
I 1 " I' a I iM 11 I Servile
NEW YORK Dec. I? S" Ln"l Dec. it
ST. PAUL Dec. 19 HI ADE P HA Jf N. 2
Atlantic Transport
Ni'M itrl. .l.imdiin Hirer. 1' an, S II
Mlnne.pollt.Dtc. 6, noon Min'wuki Dec 20
Mlnnehihi Dec I3.ICA.M Mln'etonki Dec. 27
Red Star 10:00 A. M.
N.I I'liuluti I'.rU vltt lliiver iilvi'rn
ZEEUN0 ....Dec. 10 VA0EPLAN0 .D-c.24
LAPLAND .. Oec 13 KH00NLAND Dec. 31
White Star ""rif80
N. . riitno'ith, ( herlioiiru. "oo'hjiiuptoii
OLYMPIC Dec. 13, 10 A M. ST U UIS Dec. IS
-ST PAULOec. 19, 10AM. MAJEj IC D c 3
Ainerh an Line Sie..n,-( i .t . i i.t ,
III I 4. e
N ork tMeenit.iv4M ''rpotd IJN'n
CYMRIC .... Oec. 20 MtiAftTIC j. n 8
n'vnrn .irrie4 oml- nm C' ic
1 11 l ml Thlrit i' l mahct!
The Riviera
all Mideln. Glbriltar.
Allien, Monica
Ij.rKeal MeHinera
hi Ilia tradi
Adriatic Celtic
.Inn. '.'I
I VI,. 'il, .Mar. 7
C HKNC ll.-r. II
CAMII'K .Ian. .11
Wet Indies
South America
The Nfivr.l
IriiUlnii M.nrn.T.
.1AM A in ,'il
tVli. II Mar. I
Mur. II pr. I
Hi In 'IH ilao.
int.. m;:, ,,,!,
K. ll ll'v.a. N. V.
Winter Cruises
from New York to the
American Mediterranean
tialllnoTburi.d. and Saturdays.
weekly arrvlrc from .N'civ YurU and dire rt
connectlona with Havana.
Attractive romblned rruNev to N'a.aau,
S.intlaBo. tlirougliruliA by lull in Havana
and .New York-t.ldu trip lo Jamaica,
Tare stium and up.
II 'lie r litrraturr HexrMni
ll'lner Crunr..
rxrellrnt mtvIit, apncloua pawsrnrer
nunrtris nnoUlfis, rules mid vrlii'iiulm
will Im- promptly supplied on application,
m:w yohk a oriu mails, s. lo
(Hard l.lne.l
hi:ni:iiai,(ifi-'ici:s Put ii. k. it., .v. v
TICKI-r lUTK'i:. IMcr in. r. it.. .- v.
IIIIAM'HTIl'Kirriri'ICi:.?liirviay,N V
. IVr. H. l'j muni.
IVc II, HA ,
IVr. IH, is noon,
...Dec. as, 71 ! M,
l'HICS. lill.AM
.i'l ii. a. ; !. M.
til cabin onlv- tHimbur,- ,lh,..i
tw. u lil'v-vavtvivii ii
u 7. . . " ti, ....pi ii ...in r.
Mouth llrn.ikl.vn. lake tlUih St. Frrrv. foot
or nnitritall St.. Nnulh Frrrj.
oilier alllnna In lhl arrvlre from our
lloboken IMera. ur
Pl . !rc.3B llnmbui-K . Jan ai
f tW TJjue mt n.,m. -,e-- .... .. ... .
a uijrr i j 1 1 fauna i accuni'
Madeira, Gibraltar, Naples, Genoa
tH. H. Cincinnati tW.iui Tonal,
H. S. Cleveland IIT.fu. TusKT " nn'
I.......... -i.iiia i iti isn
From Ilobokei, Pier. tl&ISJIftB I".
SANDKltSON & SON, tli-ii AKla , 2-: State Pt.
... in any rue.iniaiiip llcKot Aut'llt.
I' AN A M A via t he 11 It HAT UIIITK FI.KKT,
Hteiiinera apei hi 1- hum (or Sniitbern aei vl '
I'MTKII mi'lT I'lnil'ANV sieannlilp Sr
vice. IJ Iluttery IM., New York.
To I'ananm and Jamaica via i'lilm. vnnU
the. I'l'IIA It. It. in, 02 Willi,,." m, n' ' v
l Day Trip I'an.ima K- Weal Imllea, 1100 ud
Uowrlnc Co., New York.
ammmVammml I amT I amT MM
London Paris
via Plymouth Cherbourg
December 13 -
ttrnarfwav New York
tFaitsit Stiamtrs In ihe World
i'lVERNIA . . Dec. 10,T""
KIDHUII n 4 S ili:l
A. 'I.
Unlrhril Hilt It M l lslllif ltl fur
ram limit a I c l
I'ririnHiilii.al.ii " tivit
1 ..a,U Jan. 14
Mauretaiiia U
I iiniiianl i.l i Ii C- Him
Lusitania T'a. "
. HniltlMlat. '(Ill
TiiniirtntM. ) -h
I ! a Hurt lih
I .llllllir .11 V.I ll iin
I'alllla, 'ITU -lr , rillll
tl Mtl'V'l III I hi'
ii I i m.d . i Ifci ii"'
.hr "i i ii ini.1. .N.ipli
S,l III I'S It'H'Il.
lllin 'iir.v
i l WtlNI .Inn IS
n! ! M.I'.VI'III I eh 7
iill.mliar. tirtm.i. ;iMnlt
.1 I TO.MA Hir
nmlN Madi'lra
Mtdi'lin. (iltn.illnr.
i.runa; rairli's L'il hum -u
la-.s mil', vnnilt (.i-poa and AliiuriM "uiun
Maih lin imd Pain
Special Winter Cruises
M.idi'll.i (iilir.illu lulir Viiiiniii.il l.rluii.
, .Snpl.-, Mi' .eiidr n s il.n - noun
Wl'l i it imII ni lr MiM.
HIIIMI Itli: tVllltl.ll IIIIC.s. ttltlh A I I'.
Nlr!iil thiimeh rntr in I 'pt. Iiiillt. t iiinn.
.Ini.ili, MnnllH, Aiivirilln .N' iiiliitid. N.uth
Afrli-.i atid huiith mcr'r.i lii.li'n nil. nt lour In
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Compagnie General.' Trar.satlanlifju:
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M H'U .m
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M.li.Vl. MilA
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To (ieoricln, I I.. rid . itnd i.'l rnlnl '..nilli
N. Y. Otllir. .1 I l lflh Ave. nt 4'MI,
Fall Rwzn Line
I.l. I'lrr II, N II., II. I 1 1 1 l.. . i
nil M s ii i ii i M I, .nut
1'UlSi 11 I. A ill .. r, i
NKW LONDON (Norwitli. I.IN'i: Via
Ni n l.i 1 I.' I r i I: , fi 11 ii .-
I .i S' i , I 1 i i. r M I ' i r ;ii,
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ni ii.vvi:,! . i si'w ii wii'.-iiiiti;
NKW HAVKN I, INI.' i r i: it.
f I , S . k 2 1 I- M
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T K' .v. Ii T ,. f ,
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Thy Neil l.imliilnl lr;liu-lili ( u.
Providence Direct, SI. 50 Worcester, $2.40
Oiltatile Tvv.i Iti-rth Mitlrriiniii.. I ......
Stei Steimifcll ,i- t. -r 1 . . .
Ilallv. Ill, lllllllllt -IIMlllll. ,". urn I'. v
From I'ler I I I' I ' I' i, .. .
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1'iitovvii Tl kit i if ii" H'w v l
PI'.IH'I.I.S MM- I ill1 NS I.IM
Ull'S.l"! S'i i I S i ii- i
a .n a , f i i i " i in
Suii'Uya at l. im I' M
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Hie I iihlli Hi- IMi I "
BOSTON VnViitt. $2.50
Wci'K ila nnd Null ' ..
Mi, N Ii fool WrM 1 1 ii- h t :
Olltalili- It.iillll-. I.MI. t Iri'l
I plovvu limci-, II w:i A i I'l
ll, fill- (I
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ilir il ni tll'H
Til ttt Oft lint M I Itli SI "ill,
M.IIANV WV , inn, 111 nn,
Thru Ik'la A IhiKit' thi'ik'd lo Ml I'olnt.,
Stra l.v dil'j l-ii-r ,l S Ii n .it W I' ..
5 SO I' M , V lJ'.'lll fi- , 0 I' M i 'J. I 'll it
MAIM: Sll VVIsllll' I M
.1 lllreit
lleitlll I'd F.ir... in VII t'liluik hi M iliu.
l.Ml.i;.N Ml. WISH 1 1' i iii;'ii; I IllN.
b.iliv , on,, w
For Christ inns nnd New Ycnr'a.
till Illlllllk' llcki't., I lot I'll,
Aliurv I'ark
Allmilli I II)
Old I'nliil t oinfiirl
VAii.lilnclou and
Old rutin
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:iii.i -
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HI. Oil up
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Ufa. mi up
AI.MI Til I I IIIIIIIN. Ill llll ll. l'l
AMI JWnlrl llrki'l. mid I mil . to A II
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Ill M
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Ili'ht .si-rvii'i' Si'iul fnj tuidai,
klM.n.i. ii W.aV'th Mt ,N7V,

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