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f'iilt..,n. I'm. V... I i i
I1 IIIJ WK'llIlt 1,1111(1 ami
SHI IMals in tho Dyck
iiiini Section.
... , , ...
"MliTiT lildl'K I'lU'CIIIISCII ill l,011ir
, i
iM.iiMi i ny irmmijr in
utlici Korouglis.
g in rial nst.itc yesterday waa of
.tel. xoluiiio than on other dais
!,. but tlm tin inaction icportcd
.-1 i ut. uly lacking III spectacular
. i
I'mlialily tho most Interesting
II ut
a I.
i.v was tno news in mo sale
, Mink uf l.md In Lung Island
w',..li a factory building will be,
w'mh, It Is said, will be li.rg r
nitK amllug In that section, . -ml
-. bu..iiiK uf Its kind in tills
. oi f . . ,intr.
I M i:,ti..tt.ili IMilllin was siatlei.-il
. .. i! .ma Nti'tiiling from tiic d.-e. u
w n x.ll.iKi' sutlon up In the 1 .-Kitl i li
t ,k-t Tin. mine Impurt'int sales ultirreil
' uptmil piopert Then' two Interest-
r.i!. s Wen- closed. In him else a
I ii .1. r pillcliastil .1 liirce plot foi Im-
l hi 'i 'lit .iikI ill theotlar a bj;;..r mic- J
. i-lnl In mail.etli.K two le.ent.y cn'il
l.et.il ll.it hmiM'S. This h.is about the
; nt uf tho luteivstim; li,iiis.icl.ou le-
I Tlid
Vlilt.MII.YliA AVHNfi:. The I.:i!i'i1
ltalty Company has sold tli plot,
IOOsITiO, on the south side of Veimllyi
avenue, 1"0 fei t west of Ac.ubir. .
strut, to a builder, who will Itnpi'iv
the site with apartment houses. Th
property was acquired by tho sell, e
l...ut four months ngu from M,i
Vlilt.MIl-YIiA AVI:NCI:. The Vermllyea
Itealty C"inpniiy, Charb" lleiisle pi.sl
dent, has sold two of its low of four
five story Hats, e.uli on lot '.'."il."in, on
tlm south side of Vermllyi-.i avenuo
100 leet Wit "f 2"7tli ( Umeison)
trmt. Utlur piopct'ly w is Riven In
part pauunt. Arnobl. llirne ic llau
mniiii inKftiatisl the tl.tile.
WKST !'3I STltliliT Mawsim .4 Hobbs
h.ie sold for Ml". Nellie I'. M.Ush.tll
JJi". West Ninet-thlnl stiect. a lour
sod oia-hulf story American b.iseiii' iit.
dwi-llilic. on lot 1S1". io .1 ilieiu
for o. iill alioy.
KAST T7TII STlUiliT - Scliln.lh'I' A l.lib
ler have sjld for l.mpnlit KiiUenstein
335 liaM Seventy-seveiitli Mie.t. a four
story tiiieimnt with stores mm lot '-T..4
102 2, betwien I'llst and S.-cond I'.ve
nues M'. Katzelistilu aciiiiind the
pnipert last month tii tor. i-losme for
JU.DUii Tin adjoinlm: and similar
propi 1 1 at 3.17 ' as IioiikIU ni ently by
J. s. pli I! I'.ck of l'.oihisi.r, N. V.
c(i:iii'i:ii STIIIiliT - The l.iwy.rn
M.'l'g.'gf C. '. 1'iny lm s. bl to an In-
s',.1 tlm.imli N' It'ssettl. loj lied
fi.nl :ieit, a three slorv leiieiinnt. on
l. t 2Jr.". ii. ir ilrov. str.et.
IT ITII -.TliKF.T- Misgllonen
t, ,y , for Wilbur ' i!i ".inle. 211
W. st ( in tb sti.-t. a tlilee stm y
.i.i.-ll.ni:. .'Il !( .".N 1 '.
.N'i:IN STItli'iT Charlis lliierinanu ;
i'm Iuim- i. Ill loi M. V'ollman of'
S. Me. Wash, the t)N ii"l "Uie-linlf '
s-. tin. if i t ..n l"l at i!7 (
V.i..ttHi st l . t. Io S lllK.Ui I. Who oll
il.. .idj. .'due rmrnl) i
.V.sT il-.H STIlliF.r. - Moore. Sclititte ft
i'. bae m.'iI f. I II lloideii the)
four 'it'
C"l Wi'
lo . 1 .
rv dui'!. ,i a! t'l i i . lo.use at
t 1 l-il i-liiet, on iot iiiv.iv.il.
1 I
ATI!' , vrr
ll'. w'i b i
at'! W.'-M
in Tin: iittoN v.
WI'NTI. w 1: .v w 1
...,M f.o Th.-mie. J lb :tv
1 V M. i'.ii tb the outh-
, if H.it'tu- .b lllellll- lllel
. -e. 1. a pbd r.7. to th' Tiiv- I
ts l'..;ilt Ci'lll..ill. Will b will Im
, "1 1 ..III I Willi ll lul-MleH- bllllll- J
101: n I'l plena oil no- Kiaii r.
IV.MD.V STI'.i:i"l'. .MlH. .1 1 lllfl .111 Ji-ijs j
o! I ! ' .li. nt OI Hie M-noetl .p--
lu-lir lb '1H Coinpanv. 7L"' Miini'li
p.i .1 two fanill) ilwelling. on lot
Tit 111 Ml 1 HltOOKI,V.
Tin- l.llk'eV V lloltotl t'otllpltllV llH.S
. d 1:: ii.,:.p .inline. ;i three iory find
I uenifiit ilwillu:..'. mi lot -.'Dsloii. l..tn.eii
.'.niii-e .mil t'liinhr.ilB. pl.ti-ie, to a
fill fo! u. ,.tlp.lll''
! .1 Il.MiobU lu "Old for De t.oodi
Wal'.i I't.l Wiiphiuglon aiini.,
, .'ory M.i t. on plot
duxl IS. to
l'reib rhl
W UMti and
The P.'Knon He.iltv fonipany has mid
1 a hire It, 'JOOxtiOO. bounded by Tlioiiii-
,1, and Nott nveiiues and Urton and
l.tnley otreetn, Lotiet Island City, to tho
Atnirbitn Uver-llemly Company, mniiii
f u turers of uutomobilo uecesisorii.tt. which
will erect an clulU ntnry factory, coveting
half of the block. Tho total Investment
of the company will be about ll.OCW.noO.
'''ha enterprise hn nut been fully tie.
1 rmlncd, but It will b obably take the
p.iape of a brlclc niul Mi el liulldlnu", with
floor tin a of about aUO.ouO pipiare feet,
1 elliiiliifir.v plans for which are ii.av being
ranged by architect". Tho pur. Ii.imiik
mpHii) in now linnseil on Uraiul -treet,
1 roolUyn, and lu t:l ven lloors In building
. t Spring ami Hudson ntreets, owned by
tne Trinity Church Corporation. I.e;tpes
. 11 then; premises expire In about two
l.i ais. whin It I expected tho Ixmg
-land 'its
establishment will be ready
'ill llll'IICs
I'Olt JAMAICA llOl'xi:
I' .1 It
Ids li.m cold for Lieut. l'Y.mlt
I. oil v 1 two story frame dwelling, on plot
. 'on 01 the west side of Onrden streot.
11. .1.
I, I , to !: Camiibell
m;v I'.uioiiY con ji.iimi:y i it v.
Clii-tu'i I' Muller bus eolil to
I- C S'l.'.-bau. viee.iire.sldent of
tin lniilM.o D.ipb a.or Company tlm
I - rci:"i, al the norlhwest imruer
ti' lliblwln avenue and High street, ,Ier-
1 City, tlround will be broken at once
i . . new f.o-lorv building.
iliilllllsiOWV Al'HMAIil: Stld!,
I'.is .t 1 : 1 1 1 1 tt ji 1 1 havti sold for a elient
1 1 .it-1 of land rompilsliig nboui li:i
i loial'-il between Wooill.ltlil IIMIlUe,
id'. Mi.'it and 1,'jiinl.ikii 'IV 11 lire, at
bo ' .H iM 11, .V, .1.
M V 1 11 1, M N III) I'll MT HOI Ml III. Villi
H 11. Id T .Miilliewe, Ik tho biier ot tlm
ii.'. I 1 -i hi 14 j:.-ibt HlNt y-liliith street, tlm
r 11 of wlilt'li by tho lliiilianan eKiuto
I I rout n tlm DouglnM floblnson, Cliailes
lliown f'limpaiiy iih rcporletl yea
v 1 Ki s.
111 M.VIxi: IIVI'.II OLD lll'ILDI.Mi.
1 alb V Noyirt Company iiniiuunifH
'nut 1 ,t. ithivc iilU'ialloliH inn lo bo 10. oli:
'1 l' ml iliei't from plans of 1'ietl
iiiik l't tnaiii I'latt. Tb" bulldliig in lo
In niiielii ally leliuilt iiml the Woilx will
liu ludi) the aiblit.oii nl 1 story, nil fi
ll tdon on the giimini Hour and a llior
1 a h ovt'i huullng. The w.iiiii' luolii rn uu
1 tn.lico that tli bllllillllg !')-7l fllteiiu
liu ft h also Ii) bo IlltiTi'tl Until prop-'
iillts went nulil by tlm ,oyr iinnp.iiiy
tu liivealoifi
nnovx Tiivr.-MiiNT" i'lanstkii.
The Trcnmnv Arclilliiotural Companr
has filed plans for two Ave tory brick
tenement huiie., as. 4x7(1 nm) 4x96, on
the, noi'theuM lornor of I'indluv uvtnue
iiml Ififith Mrett, for Albert J. Schwurtler
at a total tost of ;t:i,fiiio.
Senior A Slout li.ii; leased for William
"miniiTc hip tiiieu story lw Iiir at 24.".
WikI Klfty-fourth strict to Jullim Sundt.
Hommeis tin tiiieu story dwelling at 24.".
Till! ClmrltH V. NnX-..a rnmmnv haa
leased tlio entire bulldlntr at 32 Moore 1
street to Charier, D. Durkee Co.; the!
accond loft In r.97 liroadway, through to
170 Mercer Hlrwi .taei, ri.a n
V"."1"0' ,loor of ' orami ". to i
. jinnington & Co.
Kol, Storn Iihii leased about 16,000 1
jquure teet of apace In the Uinisdorf
"u'ming, is to 7 HprltiB Htrcel, aouth'
,!at corner of Crosby utreet, to the Broil
kin .Straw Works for a term of yean
Cammutm, Voorheee & Floyd have
leaned the building nt 4D Water street
to Davie. Tuiiiir A Co., also the build
ing at VJ Sudlli gtrert, with Horace S.
I!ly & Co., to the Fulton Supply Com
pany: nlao lofts In 4? Hroadwnx to
Tnrt.ower llrca and Khcvl.iaky A Wilson, i
und a loft In 33 and SJ West Seventeenth .
street to Vast St Co 1
Senloi ft Stout have lc.uted th feme
story building at 113 West Forty-eighth
rtireei io Jiixidi llolri.yrj lot a term of
twenty - one icmt., to b used for ret-
tnurniit purposes
Sin Idon tit Decker have leased for the
Itocky Mountnln tleiiltv Company the
fmir story building at US West Forty-
luurui mri-ei io ilniy H.iuloril.
Henry I. Cooper bus leased lloors and
olllces In 3.1 fnldii Siiuare to the follow
ing; II. lllmmi.lHt.in. William Stone.
Cooper Co.; the Flemish Art Company,
li. !i'iiilmaii, Uppmnn ft Molnlcker, the
Superior Dental Supply Company and the
Syndicate of American Tailors. i
John K Weiss has least d the three'
Mor meirantlln building at Uy 02 Third
avenue, near 150th street, for a term of
IK ! yi'inx. to S. IMil, who will occupy
the entile building.
I'euso & i;iinnii have lens-d space In
42 Wi'M Tlilrty-miith street to J, I...
Henry. I
wooiimiiiip: pi.Aci: t.r. n:i.
I'l.tse ,t nillinan, with John F Srott. 1
liaxe litis il fm , Crtalcy Ins Imuae
at Wnoilini re, I.. I, to S. J. Leil, I
Itr.ll.TV OW.VllllH TO MDKT,
The Ctilted He.il Instate Owners) Associ
ations will m. et next Tii.-mIhv oxenlng,
I.'i ember 9. .it the ir.'unl I'lilim Hotel,
l'.iil; incline and loit -n'liiml stti'. t. I
Public Oltrrlim estenluy In the
MniilmttHii ialearniiin,
I at ii i.si:v .nti:i:i:t i '
H .lo.ill I' 1M 1
I'lil.FMIirs AV 71.3-:., e n :7th si.
lOkiuo. tun iv ti units u o.l .ir.
snii.i Aliriiliuin-c.n rt ui jgt jn.i lioll-
In mil et 'll. due l'.J,.lTU. luxe- Ai .
JT" n, the plnlutin li.ii.ef.n
s'l'll AV. J3T!.. w i:ih t. .:,vf.- ,
ply teninl iitul ptere Ms llrriipteln .mt
A Wi.lfi et ill; due. I".?? T. t.ixrs.
Ai. sub t.. prior mi is. I.'" m
the ,l iintltr l:i nnn
1ST sT "... n s .TO 1st .iv. :'ixl0(Mx
.' 3e.i '. ty tetmit iilnl -tores Hints
II ink l Hmh.iii II. rlo.M It7. el ill; due.
Mil f.
tlMs. II. ,i'ii; iiiljouriieil In
Hy Ilenr llrady
; w. n : i t ii sv, tin
lie. ember
'Til HT. 32
In5. .1 Pl il Win 11 U.nls Free III
dustrlil s. hmd for 1'rlpp' I I'htblreli thtit
A .1 lin-tiilpy et .il. do.' IKi n;i- ;:. luxe.
Ai IHP, ll'., .1(1.1" irtled to llrremliir Jl.
XKW HK.!.rv"t OKlWlK.TI(l'-.
'ihe follow lio.. ri.i,t n.r.ir.itli.ii! wre
clmrtere.l m Alluii MMir.lil)
The l'!-ifjl"l lr.'e. l'..lip.it llrnek
lll. npltlll Jl'l 'l'" Ol-e, l,.rs. .lilllie- M
Kelly. I'nd li II sit ri.tlsu 1 1 ulul Julnrs II
Purdy. Ilroiklyn. N V
Tlie M. und II. Weyl rimip.iny. Ilroi.kl'11 ,
Hpltdl, II 'I0. dlro.lorp .MllP. Us Wrl.
Ilntliu Ui-l mid Anhur w . Hrnnx
The Kiiriy.elt.-hth iret Mulldlns roriio
ration. HrenUln, iMpttnl. IJtJO. dlreriorp
Wi '11.1111 Herns, .It... I. I'ou.'ia mid Albert
Mlil.e, llrutlklll. N. V.
Itl.l tlKDKH I.K.W.s.
Pr.ltltV HT. 33. ial.le laiula M Pearealll ft
.il to Want T"i-kln fo a.l l'errv l. 5
:-l. vt- ft,, in V" 1 I 'I- att ilu-'aie
unit ' .0 -tii 1. it'll
r ITII l-T. e .U" inth .11. .u'. tlie 1
i.i.d Mary M Hhiin i ' Win K Tarr-r.
... y:li ai 1.. .--I. rs frim, 1... 1 1
l..n IIpo
13TM ST. 44. W. ali-.Mar l: Kelukei 111 '
r.lueplierR . t; inner 44.'. W 15th pt. 5
vre I r 0111 Dec 1. U13. any. II Ituth .tos 1
lluay . . 11,300
.M.l. UN ST I stole in. t.aeettlelt- Hops I
, l...y to llayiniu l'liikei-tiin. 11.' Kblrblge I
t I u troiu .1 mi 1. 1 i.' oo
I HiTi'N IlilAll. 1 p1. 'ore a,,d ba-emetlt
.l.is II I It. 1 In) to iiri.il .Itlanltt' I'ariue
T'-.i i'. .lerpei t'li N .1. 1 )r from loe
I I'llS
WllST i:M n e .or t.ad -t ill An In
I, ..Id l llUM.-ll t" ll.tt I it.tt.Oll.il Jl.il.i- t ..
1T;o 1111,1). .l )rs Ho -tl AUU l. 1!M3, tlvp
White A. fas... II a I t lie t'Ut)
AI'Ul'IltiN AV. 3,11. store and bas-uiatr. -ltoPe
t' N'lwniHnn :i. Kralu Is splneila :,I
W I iillll l 3 I01-- vr Irom llri 11 I'll,
alt). A Witpiertnsli 1 T 1 Audubon
hi ... HI"'
VHItMILYHA AV 11 'I.' A'- Wilten I"
.lolillPl.ill to dailies I'oiIp l"l W tOOIIl it.
lo yie from Jill I I'HI. alt. A rl Wuoti
tun ii 171 Mid uleo. in 11 2H0
77X11 HT II k luOxlo. . i ,.t r i tlie ii t
on 10th Hour Liiet -Muiiiu.tr.iti Hn
Apitrtmetit A-ii io Lu. Iu Pitkin a r
truoi S'oe I, I'jOS. alt). Whltrldge, H at
II 1.. Wab M . SI Ml
CAVNUN HT. t'l.. e 26100. all Nullum
llltiek to Mai lto-eiiiald. ii'! t'annoii
H ll Its trot" l'i 1 1013. all). Nathlll
t . re.-libauui. I' ' Nhpmii Pt !.'.700
CII M I11.IIS HT. 1l Aim) H tiallulln to
i-itl Ivm.Ker HT Logan n Hkln Irom
li. 1 I H3. tu I'l-h 1. IUJI. alt ye, Weel
iii.m K. 5. Libert) pt . .. 111.001
i.i Teniien.
Ttl.il AV, p a, adj landa of Henry Krectnaii,
150x100 Hront KtntiiH U Hell axt Julin
U rorilhlittl et al h.-til,ll to decline, tteed
mini ult) J M Hell
12T1I .-T 1-3 und I2I ll- Two uitlona,
Loula 0 Haiiimeralr ugt fhae 1 Weln
ten et al i fnreeloaiire uf two mortgiiL-ea) ;
attje. Utnniet Pariah.
29TII !T Jan II Myilll'a 1' llendrlcka et ul
uct Hanto ri'iniefredilo et III I fol teloaul it
uf niortrimei . utty. H Itlker, Jt
WIHTl.tJCK AV e k, 131 a Tlliali) Pt, l'.h
io l'rledi L'ffmati nut l.ockwhlt Co tt nl
(foreeiopuie of uiorguKCi, utta, lie La-
mare A Morrison.
ItrrTLI! I'l. Ml-John M Hlp-ert et ul agt
Jatob Krunenbergt r el ul tfutrcluaura uf
two initrtgageai, till). II ' llolty.
50T1I HT 237 11 Adellld" Henedlrt gt
lteitiiiik Holding Corp it al tforcluaure
of morula,:-1. utt II Odt-H
U'lTH MT. i.B J l: Mrxlnla II t 'iiui tetiay nut
Mell.lu Cul.atrui'tloll t o el al I turielopllrn
of moriBiiti'. utlye HI niton - llupkliia.
S2I) ST 417 ll .In. ul. Werner ugl Henry
chillier (fnreeloaiire nf iiiiirtKage): utt,
UCTH S'l', 203 W- -lltoadway Hmlliga In
etl'utlfiii of tlu- city of N Y agi Hoihla
l-ereotiette (fniocluaure of mortgage);
atti It Kelly
ri'lioN AV, w e ,U: H ITHh HI. 33. IX
uu '.. Iriftf -tialvenoti llulhllng Co Hgt
jubn ll Wellcr lepecine pcrlorni.ilue i ,
uttv A Telt
WllST HOI STON HT. II p. "i0 e (iieeiie el.
-.))krt - Murg.irtt Dcintnept it ul ukI
Mtllllla KHIlli et III tforeelopiile of lnorl
kiiihi ntis a, llieim 'lodd.
fSTII HT, - h. 1.13 w 2d av. 2nx11.ll Val
"entitle I! 3l.it')' el ill nut Morris Lnndaberg
et al (fnrei'lupiire of inurlgagel , itlt)S,
liailitin A. l-nuernoi.
IJkTII HT. 1 IJ- Arnold
Murv ll Mltiliell tfoie
W Hellllchla agt
i lupin o of intirt
KiiL-et , ult), W I' Clare
S1HT HT. s. loo Anislirdiim av, 112.5
jo; ;-jopedi Com ugl H H Conalrucllmi
en et ul ifoiecloaiiio uf iiiurtguge) i attya,
Mnrrtaon A- Helilfl
lliai) HT. 7'J I-. William Jay et til agt Jamea
Iluiil et ul Kiireiluaiire uf mortgage);
tillve, Hletell. Clarke Si Heneillct,
ni'Mi m'i- ?ii 1.1- American H.iilnxa Hunk
iiL-t Murv Itiiiidruii et al (fureclnaurt of
luntU'iigei ul')". Iiv.li! A Orr.
1UIHT HT, Iiu 5 e 5lll uv, tti.3xDP.il ll
i 'upper Thureloii agt blephen li t.'urinlck
el ul I fol ei limine of mortgage) 1 utty. 1" I'
do llll.lln
HHItiliS HT or uv n e inr 51b ttv, U.OxlOO,
llronx llatrli I .1 Heller agt Tripoli Realty
Co ei al i fotrt lusiirc of mortgage); uttye,
WllllutliH, Knleuui HIIoum".
I'lNHIH'IIHT AV, H xv tor His lat, 110x111
l.ee llrailiig l.'o iikI 1 omfurt Realty Co,
mi tier and itintllll 101 11,250
tlliTII HT. .'.'a W- Hitlalei f (rutins Cu agt
D.txlil lerui'l and .litai ili .1 laruei, 1111 tiers
ll-elieuiil) ... , I80U
ANTHONY A l'.4ll Hlltl 1142 Halaler Heut
lug Co ual Mm 1.1 Dalia, unuer, Herniinl
Huvip 1 niitiut tor fieiirwal) t0
HOU'L'KV. 31'.' anil 314 Isaac nerknulla
nut Abr.iliain King owner; Mb haul 11
t'liletru. 1 nniriii Inr IIU0
12.1 'I'll HI' .'lu lu 2',x W and 1 201b at. 243
lu ji,:i I A Atller I'o ugl John I'rnin
ueli ilslate ll 111 1 Hi. ti 1 no I l Lit el al
1, uners: Joiph I'relni'iii, 1 untruoiur 12.111
125TII ST. -II W I A Adler (,'u ugt II
Lb lilinsieln i-alule, owner, .luseph Krel.
mun, lonltaciur ,, 1115
(With Minus and Kddreri of otvner and
ntlnriiey. Wli?n attorney's iiiimo la omitted
addresu party of neioml part )
(Koulh ef Fourteenth 11 )
SOFTII RT. :5.303, n cor Montrom-r)-t
1SI 10x140 to Waler st X 165 10 to w s
MoMeomery it x 140 to l-f (forrolos Noi
S) Abr Sttrn, rtf, to David lions, 1140
rark av, Dee 4; altyt, Uoweri. .t- S. 4t
Cedar at 190. 00C
ELirxDUTII 8T, 41-tl, w a, SOxH -J
Mary, wife Jacob Laiarowlu and .1 no, to
lrenca Raalty Co. it Kllxalxlh st. all
liana, Nov 3t; ally, !oula Ixirence, :'T
Csdar it II
HESTER AT, 1I4-II, a tor !).ier st, 50x
trrag xlOO Mary, wife Jacob Lnimrowltt
and ano, to Lortnce Kealty Co, 4 K.llta
beth at, all liana, Nov :; alt), Loula
torano, 17 Cadar st ... 11
ATTORNEY ST. 100, e a, 35x78 Mukn
Wiener to Makai Wlaner Realty Co, i;:
Nladlaon av, Dao 6; attr, I J Hunziiier. r,6
I'Tin at tlOO
CLINTON RT, w a. 100 a Htanton st, IV 2x
100 Makas Wlanar to M.Vh-i Wiener Itenlty
Co, 1714 iMadlaon av, l)c D. atty, I J
Oanileer, ' Plna at 1100
MORTON ST n a, being lot 3. map by CImi
L.oaa 9(xltx6tls Paiillm Frunl sml hIiu,
xra, Ac, Mary Slmnaon, to I'.i nine Krost.
too Mount at. DklMi, nil llcna, mtce
110,000, Dec St
Caat Side.
(Beat of Flflb av, between Fourteenth and
llOtb ata.)
JfTH 8T, III A I I 50.1x101.: nrto
ljranco to Olovannl I'antklo 1C7T it
av, a t, q o. Vt 6; atty Jnc llotiufr.
1141 lat av not
7ITH RT, 411 Una, XxlOS J- Pauline Ojth
to Wo V llarbat, 2491 Valentine a. 4
part, mice 111,000. Aug H; ally, Auk ('
Walterllng, 44 William at . . I: 100
AV1SNCC A, 1617, w . !t 4XI06.C -M,ik-
Wiener to Makai Wlaner Realtv Co, 1724
Madlenn av, Dec li atty, 1 J H.itiilxer. 60
Plna st 1100
ID AV. H.0, a a. 4Mxl00 S ir.ib Kuli lo
York Conttn Corpn, SSS llu-.y, Nov 29,
mtge 116,500; atlya. Siastltuck .t Hlltnr
man, 111 Dnay , .1100
103D HT, a. It w Park av, 30xloo.il
Jarwb Haneen to lly 8 lUtn-n. 3."i7 W
115th at. mtge UI-..JS0. Seit 2. ativ.
Wehner J McAlllatar. li Wall st .. 11.000
Weal fllde.
(Writ uf rum av, between Knurtteutii and
110th it. I
I4TH 8T. S05 W, n s. U.xUI p--,-ii1le lllir
inann to Mnaea Uaberg et al, ll'j li 1 7 1 Ii
at, Nov It; attya, Mr .1 s, ;"j:i
nay ... ..lion
ITII AV. a iv ror 50th st, I0o 5x100, nttn
1110,000, all llena, alii at, ti.'.S-to; n e i or
(4th at, iOO.txai. mix.. 121 '..ooo. lru..l
deed and agmt Herman 1. It lekur et
al, trua. tlen V Jones, deed, to H.-ritMn
I. tl l"ilar. Dohh. Kerry. N Y. .m.l Wilier
Van R Harry, 1311 (1 t, N S . Wielumc
ton. V C, Joint tenaniK. new tru-ier- under
sold nlll, Oct 31; att. Hunt. I'l.irk. It &
It, 31 Nassau t. II
DID ST. n a, 114 t Am-tcrd.itn .i, KxlOo
.lu j lit il llnp.r ,it. j .in,,, to lleitli.i M
ilirdner tii.t w SJ I m, lue 4, attv. Win
II S.ih-e, Uti 1 1 , I7.SU J
Otanlnttsn Iplund. norib nf lietli -t I
115T1I ST. n . 0. MorlilllK-iie .n. tex
100 II -Jni-ob llm-eii to Hy s ilinsen. J57
W ll.'.tli t niic lni.Oi'0. .rpt 2. ,itiy wii
titer J M Al'1-l.-r ::. Wall i Mooo
Uealty (V in lllikorj lie. illy I'urpii. 12
Una), tltB 1100. uO, I,. . atl. Max
Msrv, 12S llw.iy lion
127T1I ST li .IT. e 3.1 in MHJ5I1 ''I'll
A Milium: to 1M T Millllsan, Isll Arthur
ai. all llena. Nm 2 .11
lzSTll SIT, s u eor I.exllietmi .ll. 15x99 II
M M ltenlty Cu to Hnaor) Itealty
i.s una)', uiiae in .no ,n 1 1 . tie
atty Mas Marx, I2x tluai
1 1 "ii
ST NICIIDLAH AV, 10.. e e. 25alOU
Ilaiinen to i irv 1. Ilaniieti. .Nea
a '
tlx-, mtgi 120 000. Apl 15, I I'll : a
J I. limn. I.t lla.ii I
I3JTH HT 121 W, p p. 2SX53H. 13Mli .1.
I2 W, e a. 2lix91i 11, tlfh -!. 12 W . -.'.ix.n.l
I- M M Ilealtv ii lo HP-kor)
Uealty CertMi 12v Hit il tii;. ll i.no.
all llena. Hec .1. -tlx. Max Marx !.'
Hlitiv .... 11 on
1.1211 HT. ll " 35n iv H.lsi. 2'.xl't'M to
s 1.13,1 at Annie M Ke'li t,. Vi-g! M,
Kell .'.', W I. .'I t. n. 'ae tin Tea. i. I
31. atll. Ja 1' Rogia. 21.. Unix II
HT NICHlti.AS I'L. - p. ai . I 1-.3.I -t If
extended. 7.1x10.)- )t.ir Wl.lgi rod! l.n'w
A llann.i il. .1:1 1 , 17t)i pt. mtk-i- tlx 'too,
tlee 2. ally T ll Co. 17 ll'.lai 11 ul.
HAMi: I'HOI'llltTV- lid" A llinnin to,
lii)ton itealty lirpn. 132 Vitep.ni st tnlire
JKftOU. all liens, lie, 1, atty T t! Co. ITti
lluai $100
Al'IH'IION AV. 215. e p. ul t . - - tTtb -I
x '5llOx'J5.5 M M Itealli Co to Hl.korvl
Itenlli Corpn, 12 Pm.i). ltttit,- f I :u u-.o
Dee S. ally. Mux Marx l.x l i o 1100
N.MII.i: AV. e I. i.;a - from , 1 i:i,,.l
pt runs s e 230x m iv IOOx ii w 2,10 to i I .
of av x tt e 1110 to l.eir Iforeilos Noi 5) -1
Alfred J Tall.-), ref. to Win C Lee. r. 40 i
Hamilton terrate, Itec 5; ulty, L T I Co
ino uixay
I Hon.ugh of Tlie
H-oiiv 1
22211 HT. n e 20,1 p
Mar) N. wife, and Tit
St la et .
i: ci ok t
V. In
i '..
C MlllUalt Mil l-. tli
pi Jo ..
a't N Mies 1.11 Na
I'l'ltllST AV a e , .,r lt.,11 Pt. I
llertxilil to Wjn Mlilbrluk. 2-) ll..tl,5
x, .Nov 2i., fttlx. I. T Co. Htl Hum !
ST ANN H AV. e 11 n IJMb at, 3"xliio
Cba 11 Twlss to Chan ixxl(g -no st
Ann's ul tntx JS.aon, Oct tl ' !
TllAHHALi; l'L. a p 4 If. tirole ai leux
100 Moe A Isaai. to Louie I' Metldllalti
5-1 W li.let pt or -i' Hr I pt Nov . i
CLINTON HT e e. .17 s J7Sti ,t. .7xM
Hut tielt. Well Cunatll Co lu Max liel.il.
74 ll 17HI1 st. mtg 17.100, Dei 4. a !.
II .1 Itiibeliptrlf. i Heekitlan ! lino
171TH ST. li e. M e W.xpIiIiib Ion ai 17 ,,
HU 11 L.ulp Ti.. Ii i, In I uu I., oli II
Toih. Ian M 17.1th pi, tut k (h nun, ,,v .'.
ntt Colin A l.ei, 13; N.ipp.u p! II
22.'l ST. II p .111'. 7 . Haute. ,i. 3.x
Andrew .1 Cormli k. .Ir lef to tied lliiiieer
117: Hi Lauren." ai Noi .1 mic ft oou
..tt c Haeiiner. 11... Waikir.n I. .mm
CAMIIItlDlll: AV e p IJ... i, ..fil, ,
x AtlEUptUP H llu'ililns mid an,, io
Waldo Hut' Illl.a lieneia N V 1 1,
all) A r 1 1 111 i II I 111- l Ullll.itii et
lhill ST. 13 -..ixHei Napole.iii Cnpt
lo Janpole ,X U i liter lloldltil.- Co.
Iluax. Itei 2. ultyp tiettnei s , A
H.ni) ...
Ill VllltDALi: AV. u p. t.3 .: n .3Mli et.
Wnble, Hiiiililns lo AiiKiiptue H Hut. bins,
2.13 W llll-t el lie. .'. iitl. , s , y
Hull lilnp. XI x llll. uu pt l
.l.xillll.M ,l. f n. 24a in s liar!.' Id pt 2.X!
XI,. rv I,' It II. .1.1..- ll i. '
III i: lOXth at, Nov 1:. iitt. I. T Ins iv,.
Iti'i Hwa) I. uoo
LOT 75. map Neill estate, lots 37 to 3.1.
nap llronx tertace ICdn M, Cotivllle to
Tiiliogb I tu l-l Co, Heath uv und l.aiotnt.o
in H..l 2, alt). Chile 11 Hacihler. 11.0
Walker uv. plM,
LOT 153, map Helilrrtelln eitute- Mb h.iei -
liurils lu Krutlt-eptu llforio, 2114 llllei)Ma
uv, Dee 5. . . . j,.no
lfdiTH HT. II . I.J.1I w l-.illiui i i.k
Vi I Ell C- Hpeeht to Hnlie-l W ,., ht
225 U IhJd et, Dee 1, lull:, JJ? g ...)
LuTH 221 In 22ti, lliui l.ai'llllla I'aik
.lolin M Parker lo Cltua i: Wumo lxi.x
Halhgale UV. Oil 17. ntiy. It lllil.ox
3xii While Plains uv ;,-,
kami: vroit.rti -cbas i: iviu.m, n,
Arthur J M.o e and mm, exis. 3t3u While
I'lalua ax. Nov 1; utty. It lib kux. 3X1U
Willie Plains av ... $7-,
TU'I'WNY HT, 911. v . 40x100 I - Voik
Const Corp to ilent) Helm 111. 131 K
1 I M ll si. flu' I llltlle 134.11'IU, mil. ;i
Hiiireler, 25t'. Iiu ay t
HAILIIV AV II e mr .'2'.lh rt .'II ilxlnt 3
M M ItfMtllV Co to llll kor lieullv Cotp,
US Httlll, lire 5, mine Jli'.tlilO. ally. Max
Marx. 12x Unity - situ)
HHAI'MONT AV, e h, 100 11 I s7t)l at, 33 Ix
100 Lull.'! Itomalio el al o Jupelllillie j
Tully, 730 North Oak Dilie. Dee 3, uttv.
John J Tully, 730 Nurib oik Drlie liuu
lilli: AV, e p, 7U.1 a Home pt, 2.1xlu(i
fulazxl Itealty Cu ,to l,UU)ers Mli;i. Co,
Gil Liberty el. Dee f,, .1 ) ra. &I3 i 1 , uttl
I, T Ins t'n, 1CV Hu.iy ... . 1.1,1101
170'1'H HT. H e 1 or Cliallolle at. 101 "xll'O
John J Tully Co lo Julius J Trunk, litis.
131 W 7 SI li si. 3 r. a"j p e l.'li.ooo
LOT 31, map 300 Int. 1 null tilled b) II)
Morgtinthuti 1'utrb'k .1 Mlelnll to John
J Tully i'o, 1H03 11 11 st mi nl. mt ate- II. 000,
Apr 10; ally, I. T lna Co. 1!0 Hway..li)t)
(With nuiiia and utldrexs of lender and
lendei'H Minnie) 1
Dun nlmui,
tSnutli of l'uurteenth at 1
.'HAMULUS HT, P. a a, 25,274 7 - Alex
Itelmaii to Isaac N Hplegelborg, 1017 Mad
ai, pr mtg, (45,500, 3 yra, 11 p e, Nov
2X ... I3.H0O
CIIAMIIKItH HT. 101- l.'lius Kreumer to
I'ltd llullellder A: Co, 123
l)e 3, Insiall, ,11 p e; uttys,
K, 55 Libel I y at
I. a fa yet I a
Weselman ,1.
. . . .110.000
I'red lloilen
dor. 123 Lateyetle at, pr mtg,
110,000. Dee
3, IiipIiiII, ti p I'l ally, aauin.
Kaat (shir.
(Hail of Klfth av, belaeen Kourleeulh and
110th l, I
621) HT. 100 and 10S II. 31, 4x The Really
Co uf tlie Women's Ulilleialty l.'luli lu Wm
W llu)s, Iiii9 Park av, pr mtg, 1103, 000,
Dee I, in yre. 5 p e, ally, A I, Llvermnre,
30 Hrnnd at 110,000
2D AN, 205, w n, 25x73 -Michel liluilul
In r.inlgiunt 1 ml Huv Hank, 51 Cliiituheta
al, Dec 5, 5 ) rs, 5 p n; attya, Amend At A.
llll Naaautl st ,.110.000
We.t Hide.
(West of I'lflh uv, lut a. .en Koui teenili ami
1 1 Oth rla.i
4.1TII HT, It s, 3211 w lith uv l:i,2xk2
Kriiuers I, Ixlllllea lo Hiiullulile Life
Aeslir Hoclely of I' H, Hoi Hun)', Due 1, pr
mtg, 113,000, I r, 5 p e ally, T ii Co.
ITU Huuy , . ,, 3.000
7i)TH HT. 151 W, I9 ii.2 -limine M Cur
ruthers lo Irene K Hlorm. MO Wrat I .'ml
ui, Dee I, pr 111 1 k, 115,000. I r, a pr,
ult), II H Ilililuigr. Ill Hua) . , ll'J.in
i)2D HI', lUl W, n P. 17x100 t -Hertllil M
Hiiidiier lo Nnrlh River Havings Dunk. 31
W .'lllll al. Dee 4, 3 yrs. f, p e nil). Win
II I'ugr, 15(i Usui 117,000
SA Mil PHOI'UUTV Same to Mux ."Ionian,
4? W 114th at, pr mtg 112.000. Dee 4. 1
yr, I pel atty, S S Kognn, 303 Uway.il.OOO
(Manhattan taland. north of 110th t.i
141HT RT, 645 W, 11. x9.tl Harry 11 Kle
In N Y Mavlnaa Rank. II lli uv. Dee 5.
due aa per bond; att, Webber W, 7.
Heekman at 19,000 I
(Borough of The Bronx.)
SIMI'HON KT, n e cor Hid at. lOOitlOi
103.11x110 Podgur Really Co to Cnna
Uealty Uu, 41 Canal at, pr mil 1120, OO'i
lire 4, 1 yr. I p a; atty, N Y T lna
T Co, 170 11 way 113,000
FOIIUUT AV, a e cor Hid at. 17,xl5 Win
Hudbrlnk to I.ana llartachl. 1140 Decatur
av, Nov SI, 6 yra, I p c, attya, Qulgg Ik C,
32 I.lbertj at 19,000
LO -,. map Wakefield Mlchl C Rulltvan
to Mary N Clark. Ill Ho Orand av, Los
Angelas Cal, Jur.t 11. t yra, I p ci atty.
N Mlea, 111 Naiaau at 1315.10
LIVINGSTON AV. w a, 101.1 llllh at, II a
175 Florence I! I'egram to Vloletta W
OcliillpM. near W 3!th et and Half Moon
pi. Fleldaton. N Y, Nov 21, 3 yra. t p c
atty, J 11 Delaf.eld. 37 Cedar at. ,. .117,000
LOTH 11 and to, map Flanagan ealale
Arthur 11 Decker to Mendel Nlarcua. 3903
tth at Rklyn. Dec 3, InataJI, p c; atty,
laanc t.evliun, '.51 17 15th at lluO
LOT 153, map 329, lota Kchleftelln eetate
Fronrisco Dlorlo to Michael K Burna. It
G 63d al. Dao 1. due m par bonds atty,
Hlllqult A I. 30 Church at ... HOC
HOE AV, e a 71.1 a Hume at. 25x100
ColaUel Dealt) Co to Lawyera .Mtg Co. 59
Libert) st. Dei 5, 5 yra 54 p c; atty,
I. T lna Co. ISO Dway 11,001
TIFFANY HT, 141. w a 40x100 7 Kanrj
Herman to York Conat Corp. 2S3 Bay.
Doc 1 3 yra I p c; attya. Megeltucb tt S,
211 Busy., .13,500
T1NTON AV, n a ICS 4 r, line bet iota
H n1 19, map Woodelock, runa n w 150 X
n e 7 x n w It x r. e 1,1 x s e 11 x
s w ICC -Kath.innu llalb to Chaa I, Neft.
714 Courtland hi, 5 ra, I p c, Dec 4,
atty. It II Herguun. i::i id av .. 15.000
170TII t-T, b cor Charlotte it. 101.7x100
John J Tully Co to Jullua J Frank, trua,
135 W "Mil et, Dec 5, I yra. 4 p e.
atty, J J Frank, 53 William It.. :,000
N Y I.II'i: INS OO to Law) era Mortgage
i-u 121,000
in I.a'.vere Mlm Co Ill, 500
LAWYCItH MTUi: ll to Antonetta H Hin-
nicer ... .. ,125.000
HAM 11 lo Wm H opdyke and ano 1.10.000
HAM 11 to unil I5.000
HA Mi: lo .M.rb- i: r-ihnelder 14.000
KI.NkON. llMllne 11 .iiid alio exr to l'.v-
Hue 11 Keni)li , 110,000
PUCK., ALON.i) 11. pr, to Alonio n Peck 11
ill UMli:. Afiii sns C. to Walter 8 Our-
lue 1
rilliltlH, I'l.AlllHSA L. to Helen I. Par-
poiih , , 13,500
Koi:MI'i:i.. ITHNZ. er, ti Mela Koktr..ll
KiJHMPi:!.. I UA.SX. , ir. to Mr lo Kuker .11
TII 1.11 i. A T ID to ll.lw V Tw.nne II.ZuA
AHIINOY HKaI.TY MTtiK UO to Virginia
II ..in bern .... 135.000
llAi:, Di'ltuTHV H, to lldl'h IJ N t.'ollln-
et al, iru- II
HAMi: tu psli,,. II
KNKI,!.. .HlllS, to Hdle J Carleiv I13,5("l
HUM", I'i.AHA eiil ano, exre. tu Uuih W
Arrnwenillli ... 14,000
HIi'llAllllMiN MARY A. ailinx. to Muiy A
Itli'lnidpon l
SCIIIKI', IIYMAN. to Mux Honk. Iloo
HAA.s. I.ALMA.N. lo Jubn A llrunli.
,lr 140.000
I.AMlllllS TITI.i: INH A T C'l to l'li F
llil-led J.' 40'1
MAUN MAX, lo Arthur M Ulslg. adlillli-
l-'raior .... T ooo
9risli:i XIOHKiAl.Ls.
(Willi nallie alu! a.lilr.ss uf boider's at-
turtle) 1
:..TH ST. IT l;. n p. xlOO . Nui 11. loot
l.oul- J and Annie 1'ieder to Ph. up
l.rhmati. alt).. Mllier. King, I. & T. 10
Ha 110. 000
.:3pTII hT It p. 3tit iv (liielda ax. 33.px10O
at-x'.i. June 17 1.12-i:d..rd J Hyrne
Cut, ln I'o to Malthattatl Mlrfe Co. 200
Una) 112,009
JlTII HT, 213.4.1 11 11 e, ruin n 11 1 iv 20x
tl 24 9x ll 20x a S 9 e 10 to beg. Olt 14.
I 10 -lte.fi r h ami I'loreuie v Hart, by
lllieti I Kngatty. rpeetal sdn to Dollar Hal
Hank of 1 'It 1 1,1 N Y. att)e. I.axuu Mclx
A W. 13 Cdar M . ... . , . ,15.000
llTH HT. 21) W. n . 20 10x100 T. Miy II,
l0l Jane K Thiintaon to Mutual I.lfa Ins
Co. i Cedar at .121.000
H. xMi: I'ROl'KRTY Nov I.',. 1J0 Hams to
satll .120,400
I. KNO.V AV. 4I, e a. ISsll, Julv 21, )a0
tlen and Ha rali Kltt to Walter 11 Augustus,
c (itirnee and W Nelioti Cromueii. true;
ati)s, bulltxan Cromwell, o Wall
t ..120.000
C'LLVKLAND PL. a e eor Kenmare at. runa
e 'ix a Ut )l ! In pi 1 n 17 a to 1
lag Dee 30. l'JllJnu 11 llnrllne tn Samuel
I. tiotdberg and ano. 1 xr and trtts. atty, 1
II nedlet H Wile, .'Oj Huav III 000
HL0NDI:LL AV. w eur Hjptchtater rd, 71,4
X25, Jan I. 1101 -Halxatnra and Itoelnii ill
t'aprlo to Alice Tonic bmllb et al atlya.
Marl'arland, Taylor A Cnetello, "5 Wall
et ... ... 5,00i)
MAIN HT, e ,, ,.j Miry et ituap 1ii'i '
Mntpotl Arneiv ebtitte Wepl.-hexterl
25x3f Ix-lxJT Jan 1'.. ); -Cro,lu
Welnltner to 2lrt Wurd Hank la lb pt
atlil 3 . 1 al : 111)1)
HAMi: I'll. H'Ll: r Hi.' 11 1902- 1:.' 11
Mil!" to 1 .. M Muhletife.i ; 001
i:ash hi:.-ti:k uu. a p. 25.2 111, o,. 1.11
ai. 2 .'x7ix2-.xl 1 Apr I iJOk Haixi.
tore and Uos1i.pi dl Cuprlo n. Wot lly
Hitter, exr. ato. I. T I Co, luii lltoad-
Ual 2. "H
I:aHTCII1TI:H 1II - s Jl . n Illondell
hi .".xltij 5x2.1 -xlOi; Vol 22 IjOI
.sunn in same, all) Maine I.' jOO
lti'TH .T - m :b : 11 u Korex! ai. lit .
loo Oil lx tJuT Hot.! Itolilnpoii to Tbt'i
.tut .1 Klnka att), Illmer A Allen 4-'
Hiial . 11,0'jO
HYlSTus' HT. 177 a, 25x100. Mar k,
HOI. Anna Murkulu to Leali Cohn ml).
II I;. C ihn IJ Ax- A J.'.no
Wile I'clIi:sTi:it AV n ear lireeu ai.
Mixlioi i,eit,K Inn II and 4', map Cebrle
Park, .'4ilt ward. Juno 2r IjO.1 Abr
1'leer lo Marls c N-tiritil- atty. Chap A
luribiiiau, 3d uv und tixilt i 12.000 ,
CilDAIt AV ( interview Terrain n tx eor
IT7ih t. l.'i. lixaT Ht27 IxX'j..', June 10.1
I a 0 1 -t'utrrk and lillen Muiphv to Catlt 1
Tlghe, all). Patrbk 1, K)ali, 220 Hr.'.id
iul s li00
HltDO'.lr: HT. 1.3. s e eor fanuon al, 21x0
II. t 31. 11)04 -Abr Hchtlldrr and alio lo I
Win Hchtilder: sttjx K'uutruulu A 17.
San Hua) lit "on '
34TII HT. S3 V.. s a 2IXH 'J. June It
lloa - Ma D Hei'nolda lo Alidretv Weill.
atte. I'itztieruld Nehrbax, 2 lienor
pt Lioo
31TII ST. S-Il mid 310 Up. 4'.x.9.
July it. moo- Martin. Andrew und Wm
II Dlebl tu same aa udtlir, atl)s
pante ... 112, 000
Ht'lTOLK HT. til und iiu. iitWe on leaie,
c, Aug 14, 1013 Hurry Dm. ret! to David
Mayer Hrwa- Cu. Weli A Zerueck, 16e'2
Myrtle av. Hklyn . , .... 1400
5SD T 143 and 147 K. n e. 63.1x100 5,
Mu) H, 1013 I J ilrull CutiPtr cu in
Lalntea Mtge Heturltlea Co, I'O Hroiid
wa) , I1.S00
SITU HT II s 24 2x9S.'.' July 1
111: Plelrlna llatlagllnl In Million C
Km. u l. !)r lllorglu ll.rtoll, 110 i: it" Hi
t II .'00
HOI'THIHIN HI.VD, s e mr Tlffanx pi.
125x100. Nov 21, 100H llv 11 and Caro
line Ix Cording to Hen) Moni'ial attv
I. T I fo, iso Hun) 115.000
WHIISTI'.H AV. u a, 125 11 II tilth !
..0,10XV.4X50.11XI'5 10. I'eh 25, 1013-
Praiii'le N Kelt ant! aim tn Adam Vurn
ill ii u . att), Oilier 11 Paxle. 3210 3d
in , 15,000
S0TII HT. J2s ll, e s, 11.11x10.' 2, July 21
HtlO -mien l.'nan lu tieu Uhrei. atty. Ildu
M HulK'ianl. Ill Hua ll I'll
13TH hT, tt e . lis n u sib av. 25x
I0J 1. Aug 7, 1150- Diixld and Carolina
Van Pelt to tlie Muiket 1'lre Ins Co;
any, I. l Hall. '.'90 Huay 13 lot)
LIN'H AV. e J35.3 k W lastli al. mtge on
fixtures (i a e). Nov 3. 1913 Hlghhildge.
Hhlg Co to A H He 11 11 Co; att). 1' A
Hnou. la all st I2.S25
At'Dl'HON AV. s e eor lllel al Louis
Hthuelder agt (iuitai Horbmr et nl Nov
2X, 1913 I!75 79
,'i3D HT. 121 lo 120 ll CatiiluldgH Tile Mfr
10 agt in 1: 'iltli Hi Coniirui'tlou 1 "
el ul Hepl It., lm.! 1331 57
70TII HT, III ll. -I'lilpburg Plate Oluaa Co
ugl Herman lloepltal and Dispensary ut
Hi. Nov 17 mi I2,32
MAHOV AV u s. ion 11 Mlddletown road
I 'III lei lu II Voindrall A Holla agt III Ik
Cooper et al, May 1, 1918 1135
5311 HI". 121 lo 129 IO American AIM allelic
Tiling Co ugl la L'uat 54lh Ht Co.ialrue
Hon Co et ul, Hap 17. lt'13. .. 13,120 711
.17'111 HT. 10 and 12 W John H (imlpihlu
ucl Ulrlier Realty Cu et ul
1913 .... ...
HAMU I'HOPlillTV Albert N
Jan 30.
. . . Ih.4k7
IIKI same. Jllll 31, 1913.. . , :t, 2.1H
HAMi: PIUU'HltTV Hull lirlppeii A Co ugl
same. i 1. 1913 alio, fa
HAMU I'ROI'KltTV John I' Ix'alia A
panic, Keb I, 1913 ,
Co agt
I fill 6 II
HAMI', Pltol'KHTV Aiiterliuu II
Corn aat same. I'th 1, 1913
11,121 .10
Co am
,11,351 54
pitllle, I't'b 3, 1913 , , , ,
Itlxera antt lUrlmra Coimrraa Mug),
Heat I'uhlli- Wurka ajrl.ri.nr.
W'AHIIINUTON, lief. n.TIm Nalloiml
lllVei'N and lliirbnrr Congress atljoiu netl
In-tl.iy afler phshIiik rcMolullona fuvorlpg
uu iiiiiiuui niiroiriMiion 01 uu,uuu,ugii 1
for river ami hanhor Iiiipiuveiiii'iug n ml
giiggillng the pi ration of a department
of puhlli) w'orkg, ivhOMc ihlef Btiould have
a heal 111 the Cabinet, an Ihe best menus
of obtaining n comprehensive nnd sys
tninatb' phin of xvutei'W'iiy traiisiiortatloii,
'Ileal' officers! W'eie reehctetl ; HhiuiHu'
HiiiisiIcII (if l.oilisluiiu, ihchIiIi ii! ; S. A,
ThmnPHon, sceretary-treaBuri.1', nnd Col.
John L. .Murtln, I'leeunt-at-urma, j
s'KMISTKRV FOU SAI.K, Km hires Ir.
lh City nf New York, prnperlv rlinr
tared. lenred, cliapl, nt Nun llns
need. Turlhar pnttlru,ii ,1 NTF.rtl.
INO DUAKK :miai- V Y iNo. 7.id.
aoNII Isl.ANIl ItlMI, l.sT.lli: I'Olt AI.K.
Oarage, Water lev. a, J 'J Mllra Out
nig t Price
Rryanl (in In .11 a riri'i Ae.. V.
REAL KTATK, FOR ..! I.E ITeatrliealer Co.
Mt Vernon, 414 Homestead Ki (O.ikley
Manor). 31 mlnutea 'rum Oruml Central,
modern dwelling I? 5o 00. t rooms tiled
bath. eboer, open iilumldiiE tvo epen tire 1
plkcea, all Imnroi emehts p-rfert order,
gsrsge, Terina Wilton I'M.ii e Tl.pstre Hum' ,
New York City Phone H'.l IJimiit
Kenneth Ives ft Ci
i Hu non Ulver
7E. 42
TurnUhed Imuaea for rent ut Hoonton Mo-in-talr,
I.akea Morrla Plalaa 11 J LAlill.U
Bounlon N .1
notk.'h is uuui:h liivi.s ii, iii uu:
HKAt' a dotneallu rnrporutlHti, Imllfic lis
prliiilpal bualneea elf Ii ut N'u Hi Maiden
Lane, llnreuch of MunhiiltHti city, rounly '
and Htata or Nav. York ul!l prepeut to tho
Huprame Court of th' HiMe of Ne- York ut .
a hneclal Term, Part I thereof lo .e held
In the Cnuuty court llouae, Horou):li uf Man
li'ittun, City c'ountv und htute ..r York I
on the filli dai nt January, 1914, ut lu 30 I
o'clock In the fni eneun of b.ild diiy ru ue m.oii ,
tharealier an eouueei e.in tp lieard u I'l.'lilon I
fur an order authorizing said ornoratlon to,
ruaiiae ne lorie.riue i nine rreni iiu
ur.Ai- in Tin: iiuui'KH iio:,.mi:h nr.
luted. N V I)i-inbr ftb 1113
tiik nropi:n-i(oi mi:: intormation
Hv HAYAHD P Hut Mils l'rMent
HKALKI) HIUS XV 1,1 be t- elled l,y till
Hoard uf Water Hlinniv u t Itk oil, ik. In.nlv.
aerolid floor. Muni Ipil Hitildilii: Nev York, 1
unMI II A M n Tuesday, Deiembar in, ,
1913, for Contract A K for printing
At the above plate und time th" bids nlll
bs publicly openeil nod rejd I'amphlela
contalnlnit Informsilon for bidder can be I
obtained at tlie above aii'irepp, rtoom 2202,
by drpueltlnK the pum cf file dollar (5i
In eapn or lie rtjuiialent for e-irh p4mphlet,
Kir further partlculara, -ph Infnrmatlun for
t'HAflLF.S STI'.AVS? President.
rn.Mti.ns v en tmvicK,
Ofumle-lorer- of Y- It. . -1 o' w.i-er Hun ''y.
JOXUPH I' M01llllr!nY. KeerMary
PROl'ilMALS nlll lie re, elletl al the HurPiiu
, of hlippllep und Ai-ioutlla. Nlliy I'e..irtluelit.
Waehlncloti. I). C until 10 n'cloi k A M
Dei-ember lfi, 1913. and publicly opened Im
mediately thereafter, (or delli erimr and I-
etalllng eylilpment lor rt clothing fai lorv it
tb naiv )ar,l t'harie-tfili H c . a- (o,:oi.ip.
Hih. eilis ; Warvlioupe trucks and carp i ' i ' 1 1
teatlliK loaihlne p. alee eleitrb lutt; if
knjlep. etc- Hrb i;10'i 1 nstti ' iiitl' n ot I"'
In and meu.-erlnif tnartilue. b.druu..
preapes, ete Applli atlotte for tirnpop.ls
should llealaliate llle echedtilpx ile-l'.d by
number tllatik ptoposa,- u-ir le fur nl-H. -I
upon eppip alien lo 'be navv psv itfrtie. New
1 ork S Y or to the Ibtleau T J
CoWti: I'm tn.ipti r-ilenerai 1 H. N
One Man Mint na I'llrnilnr.. Men
llatlle In stret'li,
Three niidi were Injilied in a !ellc
of fights laat night lietwrrii airlklug tin -nlturn
eiiiilo.x e.e and atrlkc In takers at
Canal ami Orchard mieit, neat- the. fui
nlturn house of Daniel Juti.s. at t'i2 Or
(hunl htrret, one man wan lilt
III the left side by a Nlray bullet, anil
Harry Ill.inl;, xears tibi, of 143 Allen
street, was arrested after a chase itml
held on a charge of carrying li lonceuled
w en pop.
Sixteen nf Joii.h'h cmploytf slruclt on
Monday li s mj.utl wltli i. l-i neral rtrikc
iitnoug liu. l.ir'iiiuiv hnd'.rrs on tlm
Last Side. Some of these, with g.tngf ten
ant! smpaihiJ'TH, rushed on of
Joloe's x'.ttis i,,M i. ml,! Ilottles a
stouts were, thrown tiee'v and nil Ixu
pl.i'.u glnee wilitlow w.,a l ioken Juliet, a
.sons were tut bx flxini- glass
Abotll the sane tune .i tight Matted
ul Or.'hurtl anil Canal stm-ls. in wl.i. h
Jurob Knuutlli'lt. 1'' xe.it a ot'l. of iTT
l.'.tPl Kourth strut, was shot in tho h n
eltle lie wa taken to liouxtrneui'
lloepltal seriously hurl.
Tile two otlu r Injured nvii wite J,.ke
I'.ross'.ii'er, Jl iaia old. uf M Ludlow
atrtrt. anil Aitolph li.iKi.'.ur '.': .aia iiltl,
uf 1 I'o.x streit Til) had s.vcl e
scalp wound, aabl to l.iie been Indicted
with a Knife, unil weie attended b) Ur.
Moot o
ll'a Ahiiii In Unti'li Maxlir Dnneeil,
fan) a Mlsa Mcxcne.
llalicvs to I" em ouniKed ami ilnlieeg
lo be tubuoed were tlisi tissetl al a iiitctlng
xee!i.tx nl I .Mudlpon avenue of the
Hi'iieatb'll Alliiimt.
incut, hcIiooI ani pari
waltz tins. lion was
"ontpuaed of to'ttlc
orrtaiilatlons, The.
flcuncil thu moat
The tielgnutb'ii of John H
Klnley na
preldent v.-. h 'ii.raptt.fi, and John
Ward, xlt'O-preslileni, waa tlectcd
to bt:
l)r Klnb x 's mii'i asm .
Spe ikliig ot the evils of Improper danc
ing, Pr. Kdwnrd W Stilt, district euperln
lettdetit of s. hools slid:
"Tin nxetime .ittuig woman la m
p"isn iiilblt to ti' than the nieiuttf
) tiling man She has tloin'sllf tmitlox
uient of Mime stilt Ho has Hot ami eo
gruvltutes to the siiict For tllitt le.i
soii out ol the liiiiitirl.itil featuits of
ihint'lUK In school builtlings In to Instrtiit
t tin young nitii who isiiibol ilmice. I tlu
not worry ho much nlmui tho joung 111.111
who may tngagu In Hie eiila of the tun
gulag, hut I nm won.xi'ig mole oxer the
.xiiiuiK man wlm ih mil mil tu lm a wall
Miss Madeline I. .MtxHis, supervisor of
ihu I'arks ami 1'hi) gintind.-i Assoilailoii
of New York City, salil sin saw the miix.xe
ilancttl tho night before and ll was "most
ten Uilii agony to wab h
( a III, lleur) 1 iipltires Tun Men 11 ml
I'lllda Mil ell llnuna ( nlll.
Cipl. John lleiiiy und four secret ser
vice agent riinlttl a iiiimtvrfeltci's' tlen
on Ihe rei'ontl llnoi' of the tenement at
Mi Third ineiiuu .xcstenl.c They caught
Thomas .Mi'llugh going tlowii the lire es
cape and found Thorna- lit. I., alius llarr)
l-averv. .111 c.-llghlwiigh' boxer, Jn led
In un adjoining room the lanlii-s
un (mt lit rot- Ihn in. unit i UU 0 nf n.'iir do
I ,,... .....1 K..ral liuiitlri il inurlotiH cuius.
I .... ' ,
' "' priatmcis atii.iiii.u, . .iiii,ii-n,,.,
, niueioe naye, nun in.) i."" "
iogun inuney anil went held III 5"'.'1111! ball.
i..,.r.ll,r I,. I'm! I oin v t,..' . 11111
Mcllllgli luixti tll)oseil 01 al least folly
1'oliih a night for a year through buy itml '
girl agitata nil alori'licepefs . ami slltet
car I'liuiiiictora. The i'iipt.1111 s.iysj ihn
gang has cleared 1 o.iiou In tii.it time,
Two young men wein aiitsied for lr -lug
to paas bud inoiiri tu I'oiidurlorH of
the Third avenue surfaco tine. They xieit-
couvuaei ..no ec.uii-..
1 xeat's llefore le.nliig for Atlanta they
AhHM,lMl pHrli'l Alloi iiey IMwIn M
Slanton somn tilings that sent Ihn striet
. aervlco men lu the right direction.
lllll-Htrllil- I'lllnil
I'ljtlNKlgui, Conn., Pt
fi. The Nil-
1 1 1 II 111 1 Texllle XMillil'IH IlllVf I'Olllllletltl
iiiuiinlatloliH lu every lown 111 1 iia.Ii i n
Cnutli'i'tlcut niul Ithmln IhIiiiiiI Nllltli
per t eill, 01 hiuiii ii iitinu lias joint o 11
Is cimleinbil that Ihe conditions of tin.
orgullUetl operutlvis have Impi ovt tl 1110111
... ee... . ... . .. .. ... , .
tnan ou ier ffiit, 1 un oruti is opposru
11 1.-I VIHG1MA.
Wlthmit Going to Kurope
The World's Most Luxurious
Hijaort Hotel
npKX Al.l THE TUR"
The new both tstabllhmeut exeell any
tldr.f In America liaxiiiir every modern
Flltit) Mrr.ltHY. Mansalm Director
J II M.OCt'M. Manaier.
hOoKINdl New urk The Plata
OITICKH 1 Boston Copley Plat.
A delightful location fm Autumn Vlaltora.
Fxpress train erihe, Mnety mlnulea from
,cw York, ninety mlnulea from Philadelphia,
GOLF. h:n.m. canoeino.
Kuperlnr ruada and farlllllea for aulonioblle
FRANK F. SHUTE, Manaegr.
Virile fur lllu-lraled buuklvt and ratea.
Atlantic City.
QilantU City
y.XO.cHaMnrjCg iv-Soa
marlbOTongb - SIcnDetm
jaaian viuiia m sea le
Pursuant to an order of the Supreme
Court. New York County, dated November
let. 1913, In the mutter of Supplementary
Proceedings, Upton D. Thoniae, Judgment
Creditor agaluet The Jamea Automatic Teat
leg und Recording Hcalea Company, Judg
ment Debtor, and duly entered In the Office
ut the Clerk nf New York County, the under
algned. Receiver appointed by laid order,
ulil offer for aale at public aale at 324
Church Street, Manhattan Horough, New York
t'ltj. en the tlth day of December, lilt, al
12 o'clock noon of that day. certain of the
property and aaaeta of The Jamea Automatlo
reeling and Recording Scalea Company, con
sisting of Lettara Patent of the United fUatee
and of foreign rountrlea. and of euch rlghta
and lntereata aa aald Company haa or may
haxe In, to and under aald Lettera Patent
A particular apeclftcatlon ot the propaity
and aaaete ao tu be aold and the method and
terme ot aale ulil be announced at the time
of eale and may be obtained by applleatloo
to iba undersigned at hie office.
111 Churoh Street,
Manhattan Reraugh.
New York rite
NOTiri: ok Tin: issuance ok the
Pleaso take nollcn that pursusnt to the
prox Hona of chanter ll of the) laws of
l'.)KI. I have provided for (ho tasuuiico and
ext.'luelvi! uae of n new design of atoek
trittisfi.r tat stamtta. nntl that after tho
1 "nth day of I'ebniury, 1014, none other than
tin. new issue ct ippign of stamps will i)
iitieiitt-il or liiadc tiso of lu payment of tl."
I'rom l'cbruary -.'7, 1 file, lo Mux- -.'i, ipu,
I'ultislio, stamps of the old l-siio may '
exchanged with the Comptroller lor blainps
uf the new design, ns in sub! in t luoilded,
I Piiletl, I'hanv N V . Cotnpiioller
I Novel -her .'It IIU
IIKN.IAMIN H.-lbillUiMUll In pursuance
of un order of line llrl.ert L'id.ou l-'ou'er,
li Hnrtcaate ef !be Co -nlv of New Yo-k
notlre la hareby alien to ail jiirions havl-ig
r latma aaalnxl llcnlsmln Ilitrghelmer lata
of !he 1- -ut.tv ef New York rtc-e.teed to
pre-ent the same xxtth xouriiera thereof -o
1 il.e xi.t'xcrlbtr at their place of trai.xaf ling
1 l-upltie-p No 59 Napeuu Mreet H'.r .ugh of
1 M.tnhuttan tl,e citv nf New York on or
I . fore t'ie iiii dax or June next. Dated, New
V.rk the '.'"lit dax of Noitltilpr '.'IS.
.1 coll Nll MARK Allornev for Uxe ut-.re.
'I'. Nappau Mreel New York City
Illil.I' H ANriilk FKMAI.i:,
WANTIID H)ialilah ) oulig xx ninen. Weil edti
filled, briaiit and . s,pu!de -if xx-rltt.-g Hp inl-it
fratnt'iatlflilly. iialu irood knowiedae t'f
inxllall, ID translale fashion dcei'Mptlona fur
niagnzlne. mint nnderetand drr pptnrkltifi
Apply 10 W. r. HIIKD, Hutierb-k Hulldlng.
Ntw York.
Amldtpius young Itian of rood lippearitnee
ilestrtna 10 . irti the real epiate 1 isimpp p
uflerud an exeepllotiul upt'ortunily wltii an
oiil es'.ali'lpiied ii-itiieltl. lie w.ll retells a
thoioi.gti sales training and fn-tp cmp-ei iiitu;
llle ula nf lilch Klade proper Ilea : eonitulp
pi, Hi p.l.i on ealea App,)' betucen 9 30 am)
11 A, M
M. Knight Ileal!) Co.. 317 6th Av
WXNTrii- l'lrxt t'app art hliectural mod
.tiers App'.' JOHN I-VANH .X CO. 77
lot.rlt'l..ton Ale Hoploli M"ps
CII Airrrl'lt -tielitlrillan tleplres pate
for 1 : 11 it Ipluuan who drove hl car 10 oou m
six m"-itl s without 11. ebient and mii'i
apei'd I. mils A law abiding, (jlilM Iiomsi
lii'in an I a drpl 1 lap- ltte,'ii,,nii-, y,m i-un t, ,,Bt
lour wile mil fhlldlett IP Itiin wilhuul fear
rt-e to ,1 c 1-s Wfpt ':
g'-'.Mt.tltlli Asked fur PlntlsliurK I 'ete.
Vx'as-II i.mituN, Uet' f.. The l'l.itlsburg
I'eiiteiuif.x Coiimilssloii of New York
Stain 1 nihil 011 Senator O'tluriimti to-tl.iv
lu usli lilm to Ititroiluee legislntion for an
appropriation of iL'aU.uOf) lu Unvcrnment
a lit of llle celelirntluii which Is In be belli
Scplembi r 11, l'Jll. Tlm exeat is lo
itimiili'inoritlti the battle of I'lallsburg.
Army nild Noxy Orilrar,
Do .1 -1 In se arm) nr.
ditls u I t'e ippllt'd 1 0 -1 1 .1 X
tin M Mb ht l,
ual 1'ori.H at
- Is, utile, w.i.h. 1,1 1
p.-ir! t" "III rr m i li 1 1 1;.
111 lilt .t r table and telo
! M iislilugloii Abtpk.i
a I 1 t,h ,t tlial !' .1.
- ,.ir,, , ,., l;rirt,oii, lufanirv.
1 el 1 11 troiu urxiltllltell militia in lliegou,
I' "irei ntli liifiiitry. lite rir-t Unit. 11.
' 1x11 1 1. mill u'lllll iniauir., ren-ieo
in W W dd hild,
Tenth Inbtiitr),
lexiKiittlluil aci eplid,
Tllfse llll) erdera were i-ailedl
f'apl T. S Rogers from director nf naval
lull lllgeii. c 10 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 iliv Ntu York
Cap! .1. 11 iiicuiiuu, froui presldetit of
special board on naval ordnance, lu com
mand 1)11. Florida
'apt IV ll llu"h. front command of the.
Waplitng'un to tonuuand Hie Tx'orili Dtkota.
t'api W. I Rnilgrra, frnta Nm ul War
Culleat) to t-ouimanil the D.laware
Cap!. HiiKh Itiidmun, from tominuiid of the
pelauare 10 hiune foe orders
c.ilit W J. Muwiell, trinn ft. 11 1 111 11 1 1 u(
the l-'lurldit In N.ival War Cnlli ki, Neupurt,
It I
Capl I! W liberie, from Natal War
Coili'Rit to 1 uuMiiand uf tlie Waehlngtoii and
lei I'll Inn eitln lit N'eu York
Until .1 t). lib iiuld-otl. from tile llela.
1 ui.re lit fleet eualinir Alialille Itpetu fleet
I Knalgn I. A. I... Z.nur frmu Die Id ibo 10
, I',
it'.t 11 -er
1 'nm ri.i ll a 1 '..I.. Ir.iiii
..III 111 Hid uf
tin M I'ldlio. If u lie Helena
I u anl -1 "inin ui Ii I I'ni..-; in.an.
fi'ini oi'mjaii" a 1 m in t utnui.tud 10
Mont lei alii Monidiio, k
111 , ,,,,,, ,, viuti, fr.nu the Panip.utga
ln ,1,0 I'unipe).
Wnshlnp-ton Predictions for To
diiy mid To-morrow.
For rriatrrn e York und xx
Uiittltmd, fglr to-dnr anil InerrHa
Ibb flniiilliif-a tii-mnrrnm moder
ate neat to nnrlh ivlnda, liernmlnu
I'oi Ne.v Jeraey, fair to.daj and Increaett.i
cloud nepp to-morrnn-, llehl tn mouer.,!
norllUKst iiituiN becoming ari.it u
I lor wemrn New Yotk. fair ti w
nnaettled to-tnorroe.', pruhabu r.nn 'node
late neet nlnda, beiomlng variable
I N11W YORK, Dee C Tlie tit tire-elan .
the Houtliit lein.ne better ,iepn. .,
atrium I t.-riuter energi etPtta; win
a tentr mer northern Tos.n. I 'tin. . , ,
dltlona In the Centrm HLi'er unu net
the Weal und oulhept
Heavy nj fe'l In Coiuiudo ai,.. , 1 1 . r
Wyoming nie, lulu l the ... v, ,
and Arkanaas alle)p und e, T. ..i
lllaewhere the iwuther una gfnei t") fair
Low preapur aipo covered tne '., t,
land and middle Atluutb Hiaiip o. n,
middle and lower lake, regions, bu- .i- b t)
over the Pacific and Northeterti Main
and in h long ridge from the upnei
Mlaalaalppl Vil aoutlieaatttard to the aoutl
Atlantic und caat Oull cnaat
It whs uurmer In the middle Atlantic aim
New nnglanl Htatea and generally coldei
In the central vallcye. the Weat and Nurib-
I're:lng temperaturea entered the Paclflc
.states and reached alinoet ts the Mexican
Heavy froeta m'curred In central and
northern California.
In thla tlty tlie day wme partly cltraely t
warmer; nlnd, frrah northweati average
humidity, 4 per cent.; barometer, oorreeted
to read to eea Uval, at I A, M., 11.11;
3 1', M., 39.10.
The icmpojaturo in thla ctty reaterday, 4
recorded by the official thermometer. I ihowa
lo the annexed table:
A.!f 4d
13 U.,.. M
on' a p.m. 4-
BP. U..
a P. II a.'-
12 alia..
ILewett temperature, ai', at 4 A. II.
awl ml aaa
Sua nee..,7i3ua arts 4 .KU0DaMt..l2:lt)
an I awl ata
SaadyHTt ,l:l7CoT.lll40d. 3.0Hell 04mw..4lM
f-iadrrrk..7t"loor.I.laDd..t"inell Ogle.
Arrived FRIDAY. December 6.
ha Celtic, 2.10 P. M.. Liverpool, Not ember H,
Hx ArgrnlliiA, IJ A. 14 , Alxlora. Nuiemlsjr 31.
Ha Kueln, 030 a, U , Iiremen, Noi ember It.
Ps liertila, 12 32 A. U (ilhraltar, Noregi
ber 34
M Colon, A. M , Crlatoba.1, November tt.
ba Ktperanca, 3 10 P, M Havana, Daoeaa-
ber 3.
Si Montevideo, t:ll P. M., Barana, Nortai-
ber 59
Sa Helchlngion, 11.13 A M., Nil. Nevara
ber 2
ha Kelvtnhead. 7 I' M.. Inagua, November U.
SaKclU. 9:30 1'. M., Wabana, N. IT.. NoTtxa
ber fo.
Ha i:i Norte. Galveaton, Noiempsr 3V.
ha City of Columbus. Saiaiitmli, Deeemher 1.
S Prlnreat Anne, Nnrfulk, )ee;uber 4,
Sa Jamrelown. Norlolk, Deeeniber I.
Se Pawnee, Philadelphia, December 4
Ha Maje-tlc, at hiuilliauiplun.
Hs Phlladeli'hls, al I'l) haunt.
Hx llelllc ill. ii, at ( ui mliaten
or 11 nana
At tieliiai
b Iieimtidleii,
at llplliitidx
SAii.r.D ion m:v yot.s
PaCvniib. fiiou con et atouti
ba Printers irtl.e, fioiu Nati'.ea
Ot 'KiDIM, M: AMHIlll'.-i
ball 'lu-tlay.
Clme Merlin, Gibraltar. mA M
Pte Lincoln Hamburg.. .m M
(oli iibli yut.lixt.ixu pi t M
11 00 A M
12 on xi
i ill P XI
ll ill A XI
I ' 111 M
I. M
11 l"l X
I l' I' ,X
am ! ll
12 ') xi
11 in M
3 i" I' M
I in i' !
I in I U
I Kt I' J.I
12 Ik) 11
S 111 I' XI
Sill P XI
:tii p M
3t P U
lout a ll
1.' HI M
S l"J 1' U
1 1 luriA-i, Nriirieiiidiand 7 f) SI
' litdll, 'la liPI.- . It 01 XI
1 llraro. Hin biin in.i M
Tillies. .In liulfa III M
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Nov, 2i
Nov. 11
No. II
Nnx. 23
Nov. i2
Nov, 23
Nov, 21
Nov. 2
Nov 21
Nov, 21
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Nov M
Nov 21
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Nov 25
Nov 21
Noi, 33
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Nov 2i
Noi 28
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Nov 2S
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b- Noortlani, I si mill p earl ut -sand) Hook
al s .111 l
s-s Ml! I .'! a'l.l P'l I In - f .si nf s,,,lii Hunk
nl x.lo M
Hp Iti I'lminl'iaii 1,15 . 111 1 it a 1 ' ..I ef H.tlid) H00L
a I v A x
Hp Hani lll.li, a.sj .ille e -1 of H . d) llnuk
al In'"'
s. Ni-i'p.'I 1:11 lull. t..st .,f Nil.tli 1 1 1 ... Is ul
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H- l.allll'i.. Ill.i I .Ills I,,.-! id .N I Hi III. uk nl
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.lllpllt'l' al 1 P M
s Ti'iiHUon p Pun I. iiui. 11. l tidlex sutiih ul
balitl) Hook r 1' M
'1 ri iiixi.i ii.in 'l'aiiiiu. ! tulle- luitth ol
Jllpllll a! . 1' M
Hs At ipiilu.e Jiii'ltponi llle IX nulri lioilh of
HI John ll.ii' ul ,' I' M
Hp Radiant. I'orl Aitliur. imassil Habin- Il.ir
.11 10 A M
Hi vii limine Pttie, tt't unit a siiuiti of Handy
llllllii ill lltJtltl
H Ul Slid, tiullietDII, 271 llllltl Cart of t .tl
x est on 11 ir a! 11111111
Hp San J if nun, ii.ilirsinu, Ti tnilea wen o(
Tititiisaa al ntiiin
ba Liiiniiiia is, Mobile, unlei puntn ol
Taniia bar 11 110,01
Hp I'll) 'it M I. mil' s, 11 .11111, ih 4U unlet
etitlth uf bund) 1 1 i.hi k at 110. m
Mm fine ills of .Nlixnl Vraarla,
W AHlllNii'lo.N, in. rif iniiier
Cl'i-pltr li.i- atrlied it er 1 .'ru 1 lolcr
nl I li u' Hllira'.tur. .Ix-laiih I 1 H",phlit
a: Wiislliugtuu, atmtio.ii I'eliei at Hanlo
Domingo city gtmt.oit Naalu.'.e at liiiuuta
nutnn and culller orlnu at Helta, Aaniea
The turpedo boat Mil' donotigh baa lulled
from lliPii'ii for Niw II. dt. -id and tin. nun
brut Vcirkluuu from M.iru Island fol Hsu
l.ee spelt I 7,47J fur Heiiattorahli.
WxNiiiMii'n.N. Iiee r, -Hlalr ,1,cn, Sen-ator-eliil
1 1 0111 Mu Ijinl, filed Ills ac
count of exi'iiiilil.ii'fK 'villi the Secretary
, of tin "-en. ite 10 -lav .Mr l.iu aald lie
e" nt T. "ul In iiu iba. Hon, moally for
pern-' il ic tr.i Vi lllii't exptliseM, lliclud.
lm; hoii .s 01 Ills to,il expeiifllttirca 13,-
Ii'.:!-' ul was it.iitl to tlm tluvtirnmcnt on
Mi't'fiUllt of postage.

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