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AVtfni'SM's Koi'ffclful Wln'ii Tes
tify injr lief ore (lie
Onniil .lni'.v.
(Tontmcior AMrirli Sn.vs Xo One
Was I'rcsi'iil When Hp
Paid the Money.
Ther ny .fnh Un't What It Tied
In tie.
Five applications for retirement from
thn Police Department were sent to Com
missioner Waldo yesterday by a captain
and four lieutenant, all Ihcllitible. to re
tire, ns nono Is f." years old or has been
a member of the department for twenty
five yeaiH. They are O.ipt. Hernard Kelt.
Police Investigating Xew Cnses
Like, Attack on Jlv..
in l Herbert street slallon, Urooklyn.
l.i. 'in (lllliert llolniee. Jr.. ilrand avenue
stitlon, Urooklyn; I.leut, Daniel V. Cm -
The r.iai.d .liny In lhe I'limlnal
Hinneh of llw Supreme Court labored for
three hour .eslirday over the case
against Thomas ll.ifMitt, III" conlldctitlat
Hpcnt of St.-il'1 Ihmlncer lltnsel, who Is
charitcd with ncciptlin: .1 bilhe of $1,600
fmm Madlaon It. Aldiieh, n contractor of
At 111" mil of their Kf.nlon the Juiy
adjourned until next WedncHd.iy. Tricks
of memory thnt Hindi several witnesses
unable to recall cite uni.'.tanccs dcla.cd
the proccccllUKS. Several Jur.vmen took
part In tlie qucsttoulnr; In nil effort to as
sist District Attorney Whitman, and
several new names Were mentioned. Then'
men will o called on Wednesday.
Mr. Aldrlcli lepc.ited the story which
he told Chief MnKistral' McAdoo In the
John Doe proci'cdlims. He cleared up one
inlmmdcrstandlnR. It was understood that
when he mild that two men vvcio picseiit
cm tin) night lie visited llnssett In his
apartment at !'0 Hamilton place they
would say whether or not Aldrlcli handed
ll.r.UO to Hassett. Aldrlcli said yesterday
that no one was ment when he save
Hassett the money. Two men were there
when he, called, he said, hut at thn re
quest of Hassett they retired.
Ignorant of llrlbery.
William Clark, a buyer for a dry jrocds
house In IClKhth avenue, testified that In
roomed with Hassett. His memory win
not good n to tho visit of Aldrlcli. He
told reporters that he knew absolutely
nothing nbout the aliened bribery. James
E. Neville, who Is aliened to have been
ptesent III Keelei's Hotel In Albany the
nlRht that Aldrlcli nml John K. IVmsnlu.s
met there, could not iiiall MOthim: Unit
tratiHplrnl at that meeting. James M.
Hamilton, who with Hassett and Samuel
Eegkln Is Interested In the llamlltuu Hn
slneerimr Company ami the Stat" High
way Construction ( oinpmiy, was iuc
, . ... i , .1
tloncd as to his buslne-s iclations with
Hassitt. ....
AmotiR the donimentary evidenc" before
th,", Vra. r.y C,'UH'k J1" ?l "
which Aldrlch's steiioRtapber cashed at a
i-ouRnKecpi oann. .-ne orouKiu in- ,
money back in email bills and he has
that he worked hard to Ret n Sl.mni bill j
and a '.... ,m exeliaiiRe. lie t. stllled
thaf he understood IiIr byis were quite
th't tlilmr In bribery transactions. His
stenographer probably will I..- called later.
All tlie wltnests sIrihiI waivers of
immunity before they testified esterdny.
M Hamilton and Cunsalus are to rettitu
luM Vedlie!-da. alons with the men who1
b ve been bioiiRlit into the case mine (
Mlliiir A. Md.. an. Measurer of tlie,
l imeiatic Stitc conmilttee. Indicted for'
mieiitlus a c ntrlliiitaoi from iwimr... I
tions, pleaded nut RUllty before Justice
Davis yesterday. Ills counsel was Isldor
Kiesel, law ji.iitiier of former District
Attorney William Travels Jeiome. He an
nounced that he and Jolm 11. Staiiclirteld
had been letalneii jointly. .MoI.e.in was
admitted to $,.',110 b.iil.
Ah McLean left the mult loom l'owler
slepei forwaid and pleaded Hot KUllty
to the second Indictment acalnst him. No
additional ball was required.
Littleton Move to lluaab.
Martin W. Littleton moved to Muash
tho first indiitincnt aRainst Kowbr. He
HTRued that the transaction throuRh
which Sem-ca P. Hull of Cortland was In
duced to part with $SSn was concluded
In Onoiul ife-a eoimty and that depositliiK
the check in New York was not an
tntCRrnl part of thn aliened evtortion.
"You can't Indict a thler ivhenver he
puts his foot in making Ids escape," de.
dared Mr. Littletmi
Justice D.uls iiRieeif that the tu tunl before John J. Graham, Surrogate of Nas
extortion, If any tlieie was, tool; plai e in ',u munty. ns referee.
Onondaga county, but he said obtaining .
possession of the money was a -ry im- . WALKER DIVORCE REVERSED
portant matter and might turn out to ho. wva miLiiijii;,
the crux of the case. He directed Mr.
j.iiiieton ami Assistant District Attorney
Olark, who opposed the motion, to sub
mit briefs by next Wednesday.
James W. Osborne, who Is Investigating
the Statu Hlsiiways Department, conferred
with District Attorney Whitman yester
day. He got transcripts of the testimony
taken before Chief Magistrate McAdoo
nnd other documents that will hn of use
to him. Mr. Whitman also gave him the
names of several witnesses.
After the conference the Dlstilet At
torney said that the rumors of friction
neiween nun anil .mi. tispotne were un-
fm,n.i.i Ti. i... ,i i... .
wu. ....... ..,- ..u iii.inHhuiuin ill uimseil i
to alii each other and when questions f '
Jurisdiction arise they will be settled i
.Tames K. McGnlre will he In New York
ro-day. Ho left Havnua for New York
by way of Key West on Wednesday.
Cable despatches from Havana said that
be was accompanied by Thomas Hassett.
roley Will Find, It Is Mailt, .(
Win Jtrpnlr liiiniHiiln-,
Albany, Dec. 5. Charles !', Foley, e- I
nrsi nepiuy or uie state JIIgliwayM De
partment In charge of the bureau of
maintenance and repalis, wns In Albany
to-day looking up the records In connec
tion with the charge that a $17.0011 pay.
nient to Madimn It. Aldrich of Pough
lieepsle, wns hurried thiough the depart
ment only aitei Aldrich had pulcl u
brlbn to Thomas Hassett. formerly sic
retary to State engineer John A Hnn 1.
Mr. Foley's friends say that thn Aid
rich payment was held up on complaint
of the county superintendent of high
ways and that after an inspection of tlie
mad from Hudson to Ltvlnirston James
T llrady, who had been n the department
inr )vurn, lounu ueiecta in the work
Theso defects, It Is said, could not linli...,. .'...!. nil Hint It will occur In New
remedied until spring and the cnntrni tor i
,i,u nil, I nftee 1... hail ,l.n,..II.J .. .. ... ...
was paid after ho had deposited a cheel
for JS00 to cover tho repairs to be made.
C'AIIMKI., N , Dec 5. The lloai.l of
Supervisors ot Putumi countv pasted a
resolution to-day fenuestltig (loc. Glynn
to stop tho llenncssy Investlgjtor.s from
digging more boles In the state toiiils of
this county and asking that the Highways
Department n pair limnedlatily the hole.s
l ready made so that the watir cannot get
Into the road und Injure It when It
Tho speolel Orand Jury hlch wns In
restlgatlnR the case of Harvey It. Hproul
of Peelisklll, who built the rn.ifls In this
county, failed to return Hn Indictment.
Tho Investigators dug holes In the road
near I'eeksklll and found that Hproul bad
plven the Htate 60 ttr cent more stone
than required by the contract or pstd
Basilica 1'a.rl ot I.oill Barned.
Reikca Fau.h. Dec. c Kirs destroyed
lha business pint of I.o.ll to-dny. It
started In Nathan I'rultlriRhatn's clothing
store, from which a man was Mn to inn
Just before the flaiuiH buist out, Shuts
fired at the fugitive n.-mmd the tir.vn
find Piobably preventid lc: i hi H tlie
rapidly uncaring Die.
tin. Morrlsanla station, lliot.x; l.'eut.
Patrick .1. Lynch. St.iplelon station, Itlch
tnond, and I.leut. John (llynn, In com
tiuild of detectives, Mjioe.1- street pro
duct. They were otdered to appear before;
the lio.ml of Ktirueon to be examined
for phyt-leal illsahlllt:' In. lined In the
performnnce of duty. If It Is found lha!
they received such Injuries ns unlit
them for active police work they may
all be retired.
Applications for retirement have been
pouring Into the Commissioner's office
during the lat year. Many officers have
freely admitted that they wanted to Ret
out. They say that the Job Is not what
It used to be. ' The Coniinlev-luuer Is not
averee to Rettlnjt rid of nil men who
are of that mind.
licfiiM's to fJive Reason for Her
Act rnreqnitcd I.ovc.
Sny J'olice.
Mls Ho-e Pressman, who Ulll. it Nathan
Chase, the man she loved, lato Thursday
nftemoon In her uncle's commission house
at III West Seventeenth street and then
shot herself In the breast, refused to Rive
nny rea.Min for her net yesterday. She
has a bullet Imbedded Just alsive her heart
nnd l still In a serious condition In the
New Yorli Hospital, but Dr. r'riinils W.
Murray, chief huue surRcon, thinks that
she will live.
The police believe that the youim woman
was Infatuated with Chase, who was a
salesman for her uncle, Peter Pressman,
and killed him because he spurned her
affection. Pres.nnan hail employed her
until a week :iko as a stenographer, but
had to dlicharite her because Chase com
plained of her attention to him.
Mrs. William I.alrd of 11.1 W.ulsworth
avenue, with whom .Miss Prefsman lived
for the past six months, was with her for
several hours yesteiday afternoon at the
hospital. Ml Pressman did not tell her
why she shot Chase, but asked her not to
let any one ent r her loom at Mrs. Laird's
. a 1 l.i n . tie 1 1 is. .wis. i.tiuu nam ine iiiiiik.
,., wa r,,ull, had wv,i ieserve.1
and oulet about her peisonal nffalrs, that
,u,r morilU nvr, ,tlOV(, IH)t1)U,.hi mil ,.
I"'" had been melancholy lately and seemed
to woriy ulwut sotnetbliiR.
i,,-iv, f tlie West Seven
l,,,Mth srreet Ktiltltill tIMMSllilTleil
,.r,.man several times, but she would i
,,. ,, noniluu-, except that sh- minted I
! to die. Cha-e's paients, with whom be
lived at HI'.o Sixtieth street, lliooklyn,
I. new nothliiR about the youiiR woman
j who killed him.
Her ltriuel for TSi,IH(l n enr All.
, ,., , ,
SUpieme i-oiiil Jiisuie all Meleu
s'Riied yesterday at Mineul.i, I, I . the
tlual ilcs'ree of divorce of Mrs. lilan. be
A. W. llee from her husband. tieoiRe
il. Ueye. a banker of Manhattan. Mrs.
lleye's icquest for JTS.niirt a ear ali
mony was cut to Jl.l.OOo, and she will lose
that If she remarries, which she Is entitled
to do by tho terms of the decree, she
will bo known hereafter as Mrs. Will-lams-Heye.
Mrs. lleye" children. Agnes nnd Lnv.
rence, will Ret $sr..00n a year for their
support. Mrs. Heynjs also to receive
jr.O00 In alimony before July 1 next,
lleyo Is to pay all bills Incut red prior to
July 3D last unless they amount to more
tb.l!i $17 IIOll Mrs. Hew. Is ,Hr..,-i..,l I,.
give her husband a number of personal'
articles bcloiiRlnu to him and he Is to
give her a bill of ale for household furni
ture In Manhattan and a diamond neck
lace now at Tiffany's.
The evidence In the divorce action. In
; which nn actress was named, was heard
.Nevr Trial Disproves Charitcs
.iKHlnal Son of I, air Hear Admiral.
Newport, Dec. c.- -Tlie decision In the
divorce suit of Nina Chlnn Walker .m.ilnst
James W. O. Walker, a former lieuten
ant commander in tlie navy und a Mm of
the late Hear Admiral John Walltet, has
been reversed.
The cue was tried In 19()! anil Mrs.
Walker gained tlie decision on tin; ground
of Infidelity. Miss Mabel Cochrane of
llostou 'was named, ciu the I'lound that
new evidence bad been discern red the
Supreme Court Kiantecl
new trial,
, , ... - :i ., ...
J"l Stearns of tho Superior l ourt gave
nls ,Iw'lslu" In-day nnd denied the pl-
tltlon of Mrs. Walker on the ground that
theie.hud been no infidelity.
The care piobably will be taken back
to th Supreme Court mi evceptlon. and
legal proceedings for tlie possession of
the minor ihlldieri probably will follow.
The children are In te custody of Mrs.
.jrack 'low n Clerk Tnltra lllnuk im
IfnlclvTln's Home Secrellj-.
NVACK, N. Y Dec. I Miss Lillian
Dillea and Wilbur H. lliildwln have ob
tained their mnrrlnge license nml will b
wedded In New York city wlthm a fort
night. News that the license Ivul been
Issued did not become known unt'l to-day,
as the town oldie, Mr. Kssex, took the
necessary blanks to Baldwin's home
iaicietly laid night.
When asked this tveul.ig what be Itueiv
about the corning wedding Mr. se said
lie could give no Information other than
that ho had Issued the license. No Infor
mation could bo obtained at the Duryea
home, but friends who are dose to thn
family say the wedding will be In about
-'. ' . - n
.Ml H.iiawin ana -ws turrn aminea
to talk snd their famlllra only will suy
they want to be let alone.
Appellate Division Ilules Aaatuat
Hear Admiral's Hun,
Mm. Lucy It. Daldgien, daughter nf
tho late Joseph Drexel of Philadelphia, Is
entitled to a decree of divorce from Kiic
II. Dahlnnm, a former member of the
New York Stoolt Kxrhnnre and son of
Hear Admiral Liahlgren of civil war fame,
under a ruling by the Appellate Division
Mrs. Dahltfven, wlio Inherited several
million dollars from her father and
mother, named Mrs. Jane II rail ley as co
respondent In tier divorce ense, and of
fered testimony showing that Dahlgren
spent nn nftemoon nnd night In Mrs.
Hradlej's apartment In IJast Klfty-nlnth
street and took her out to dinner. The
testimony also showed that Dahlgren and
Mrs. Pradley litft the restaurant In a Mate
of liloxicntlon and were kissing and hug
c along I'lftv-un lb itrool on th vtay
lo li'ii' iiimiillWIlt,
Jabber Holicvod to Have
Subtle South Ameri
can Drug.
A n.and A'earo, arrested In Newark on
Thursday tifternoon, charged with jabbing
n pol'oned needle Into the hand of Mrs.
Maijorio Oraff, the bride of a week of
WeMcy Monttfth Grnff, a civil en
gineer, ns she was watching moving pic
tures In a box at the Lyric Theatre, New
ark, was held yesterday In $20,000 ball
for thn Orand Jury bl? Judge Hahn In that
o!ty, Megnro emphatically declared that he
was not guilty, but Mis. Oraff Insisted
that Megan, was the only pereon In tho
box wb.n shn felt the sting.
An usher In the theatie picked up e
terday a darning needlo two and a half
inches long In the box occupied b Mrs.
clr.HT. There Is no evidence that this Is
the needle that wounded Mrs. OratT. but
needles aio not common hi theatie boxes
and Chief of Police Michael T. 1'iiK and
Ciipt. l'ranl; W. Tulle of the Newark de
tective huieau con'.dcjed this llnd signifi
cant. 'lhe thief said lat night that be would
end the needle to a chemist so that an
analysis may be made to determine
whether any poison still teinalns on It.
It Is the opinion of Imc and Tulte that
tlie ni edln that stung Mrs. (Itaff's hand
may have been iioctureci with curara, a
black brittle, reluois extract of strehnos
taxlfeta, or some other polum In which
South American Indians dip their arrow
heads. The fa,ct that Megani was born In
the Aigentlue Republic caused them to
find out all they could about South Ameri
can poisons.
lilrl Tells of Another A I lack.
.Miss Jeanette Clark. 1!' ais old, of
111 Piultlc Htreet. Newark, told tint
sdlce last night that she had an ex
perience at the Lyric Theatre on Thanks
giving night not unlike that of Mm.
c.i .iff. .She said that she had a bioe
se.t, but found the box full and took an
aisln -eat Jut under the box. As sli;
tool: i. IT her coat, she said, a man wit
jet black hair leaned over the box rail
and she felt a pricking sensation In her
arm. Then a peculiar feeling came over
her, she cxplalnisl, and she went to th
retiring room, whero sh" was tvvivisl.
She later returned to her seat, but tha
man bad dlsappean.il.
Miss Clark received a telephone mes.
sage last night from some one win
wanted to know If she remembered her
e'.pttience In the theatre.
"The dee-orlptlon of the man under at
dm." said the voice which Ml.-s Clark
couldn't Identify, "tallies with that of tins
black haired man In tho bo."
Miss Clark said she will Inquire among
her friends to-day if ilny or them tele
phoned to her and then she will r.o lo
police headiiuarters to sis- If she can
Identify Megaio.
A polio m-it) leiKOteil to dipt Curi.niei
at Newark he.idin.u ters lat-t nigh; that
Mat Lie, a etciiogiaphcr for the Heel..
with-Cliandler Company, varnish maun
f.n Hirers at '.'01 Cmmett street, was
Jabbed with a needle in Shubel t's Theatl e,
Newaik. tlve weeks ago. Sim almost Inst
c-on-clousiiess. Two men. the policemen
mid. i diced to lake her home In a rati.
Her Hister, for whom she had In en .
ing. arrived Jiift then and tlie men hur
ried away.
Think .lulitirr Wns Thlcr.
Although many stories have been afloat
of late that white slaveis have adopted
the pi actio of shooting poi--on by means
of needles Into the anus of .uiing women
In motion picture houses ami otlier pl.ic. s
with thn Idea of aleliietlug them wall
they were In a da.". Chit f Long and t'lpt.
Tulf an' convinced that in the case of
Mrs, Ornff nnd several other cases that
have come under their notice, the motive
was probably thst of robbery,
Until pointed out that Mis. Oiaff wore
a ( -i On illntiio'iil ting and othr Jvelrv
mid MirgeMcil that tin- peisiin who v.orlosl
the neulle puxitbly hoped that the poison
would I 'due I ier to a i olicl.tion of belp
JefMiess ti that she would be unable to
move or f-crentn and h would be able to
make olf with her gem! befom any m.e
not'eed what mih going on.
Tim Newark delectlvvs f.re tnvesfsat
5ng several other poisoned needle stories
that have re.uhed their earn and expert
before long to hive a number of a'.ler.l
victims of riisterious Jnl loolc at Megaro.
Among the Newark victhr.H Is said to be
a girl who was J,ibbd by n sharp Instru
ment In the same theatre In June or Julv
j 1st. She fainted and was taken to
the retiring room, where she regained
her sen,e..,
Hnn Wltb .elu (lot A tsar.
Two similar cases orriTccl In other
ehow houses III each ImMtn'e the man
with the needle got awuv. All occurred
In the daytime, it Is sa d, nt,d each girl
le known to have worn v.-'.u.ible leweliy,
which has strengthened the belief of the
Newark police heads that tho poisoned
iieedlii was used for the purpose of
robbery and not because white slavers
hoped to get unconsclois or helpless
young women In their power.
Mrs. flraff was dressed with Bleat
care when ("ho eitcied .ludgn llnhn's
court jesterd.iy with her husband. She
was manic.l last Matmday by tin
Hev. Nehemlah lloynton, ji.istor of the
Clinton Avenue Congreiiatloiul ChurcJi of
Urooklyn. anil was Miendii,; .i part of
her honeymoon In Newark bociuse her
husband hud been called back from At
lantic) City by his employers, the Graven
ICnalneeiing Company of Newark. Mrs
OrnIT le the daughter of Dr. and Mrs.
A. S. HlBEltis of 414 Jefferson stieet,
Urooklyn, and la the. granddaughter of
tho lain Algernon Hlgglns, one of tho
foimdets of the Montauk Club of Brook
lyn. In telling her ttory oi rh et id Mrs.
Craft Mild that at thn conclusion of one
of the nuts some peisons sitting in thn
box with her went out and Megan, wle
was In the box In Jioni, c.imn In and
took a real at her right directly along
side her. He e.et tliero about live min
utes, she aald, when auddenly she felt a
sharp allng and almost Immediately a
sort of numbness cstun over her. Her
head reeled, she said, nnd she staggered
to tlie reception room, whet a she believed
she fainted. She was tevlved by nroinallc
spirits nf ammonia mid thou told her
story, whereupon detectives went bnok
to the box, found Megam still sitting
there and Arrested mm despite his pro
testa. Mays Stout Man nun Out,
Mcgaro asked Mrs. Oraff If she noticed
a stout man with glasses in the box. He
Insisted thnt when tho hrldo got up to go
out the stout man hurriedly left the
theatre. lie denied that ho ever used or
had any knowledge of poisoned needles
After holding Megaro tor thn Oram!
Jury Judge Hnhn said thnt he bail heard
of a similar case and might have another
needle victim In court In a day or so.
The Judge said that II nas a ti-irlhte
situation when women were r.pt safe on
the street or In public places mid piomlscd
that bt would, do rtrjrtliing in hit power
How to be warm, though
motoring, is answered by our
warm motor coats.
Roomy, comfortable coats,
easy to slip into; some
double-texture fabrics, the
outside a rough Shetland or
chinchilla effect; some are
plush-lined; raglans and double-breasted
Add a fur cap, fur lined
gloves or gauntlets and a fur
foot-muff, and what could be
more comfortable!
Every good sort of Winter
Soft finished Shetlands and
Smooth-finished meltons
and kerseys.
Double-breasted ulsters.
"Scotch Mist" coats--rain-proofed
coats of rough Scotch
Men's overcoats,$18 to $75.
Fur coats and fur lined
coats, too.
Rogers Peet Company.
Three Broadway Store
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St.
to i oopi rate with the police In running
down till' llieille J.lbbels.
Megaro Is a nephew of Dr. Pancr.iisln
Megaio of 31S High street. Newark, lie
was formerly a student at the New Jer
sey ColUge of Pharmacy.
llraff and his btido left the llelvldere
Hotel. Newark, jesterday afternoon and
did not say where they were going. They
wanted to avoid the many callers who
had questions to ask about Mrs. Craft's
Assistant District Attorney Coition, who
Is in charge of tlie complaint huri'au of
District Attorney Whitman's ottlce, re.
lelvid his tlr.-t c oinplaltit of medio Jab
bing cstcrd.iy The woman refused to
have in r iiaine made public. She was
accompanied by ti male trien.l.
Woiiinii' Mory In Colnon.
"The woman's escort told me." said Mr.
I'oliion, "that as she was di 'ending in an
elevator In a department store she felt a
pricking n'iis..tioii. Then was but one
man in the c.n and when the main floor
was leached tin man disappeared. When
she returned l the upper part of the
building she again noticed the man fol
lowing her. Later when she met her
f I lend after leaving the store she found n
small nii die pilch wound and a V shaped
cut in her ill ess. Sill' complllltl'd of teel
Ing drowsy and told her friend she had
been given an Injection of cocaine or some
otln r drug."
Mr. Colnon said the law would permit
a prosecution for assault for such nets.
Many stoiies have been In circulation
of mysterious iieolle pi ic kings m which
glrW and vouiir women have bo n the vic
tims, li, every case those who were
wounded m motion pietute houses, i
piirttneiit stores nnd other place have
nil told of a nueer feeling as If they hail
been ell ugged
Net l ing ago a iuuiis woman living In
Newaik went Into a ronfis'tlnner's shop In
this citv mil oid'U-il a cup of chocolate
As a win'., i M tve-il It a man sitting oppo
site, reached over nnd took the cup. The
woman told l.iin that ft b. longed to her,
whereupon he returned it with an apologv.
Soon after she drank the chocolate the
voung woman felt hers, If getting faint
She i call '.eel that sliei had been drugged
and wrote this note:
"If uu thing happens to me notify
" i her father's r.I.'.ivi'S).
An nttendiint started to escort her to
the retiring room, but the man who bad
taken bei chocolate stepped up and raldt
"Thin lady is my v.'.f. I'll tnVc. rare of
bet," The inanig.. however, insist 4 on
ti Icphorjtr.g to the j'.ir; vvi.'iimi'i. father
and tho stranger hurr0 awn).
c'ui'.ire, souie times eirlitin "woorall,"
the ancient Indian anov ; ois.in, eou'd
not bu found on ale in drug stores lime
by a Sun reporter yistetd.i.v afternoon,
n'thoup.ii u derl: In a big ui.t. vti drug
stott r-.ild t till t hn would set the drug oil
order fiom a person i?ho vva known &t
tl. drug stoic. i beiidst ! r Lehii .t
I'inli, wholesaler.., at l-1' William street,
said the 111 in had not sold curcie In tit
teen years.
"H was quite often used to nulut the
neivcs In oasis of hydrophobia iitd the
like up to about f.fn in "ear ago." said
the chemist. "Hut wo have not sold any
cif It sln.'n that lime, it is prepnied by
the Indians by crude methods und Its
propel ties me not couMant. This fact
renders Us uso largely speculative! iiid
rometluns dangeioiis, so it has be.-n
superseded by more mode ru drugs."
Ilellrrd Coinilrtnloi'c, I', . .',, Hues
Not I'mili'St Mill,
Kansvh Citv. Mo, Dec. I --.lr. Adcle
Tiowbrhlgi Salisbury, wife of CommodnrJ
lieotgu it, Kallsbu. , I' t .V, retired
to-dny was granted a divorce in Judge
Southern's ooillt. The notion was uncon
tested by tlm Commodore.
Mrs. S.illsliury testified the; wete ru.u
lied III ISS9 and that llnir niarrnd llf"
was happy until about ll. c .vein ai;o At
that tlm! her husband was abroad o.i
foreign serV e. When he returned, she
said, he did not go In their home In
Urooklyn and soon after left lhe country
again without serlng her, No oroer for
ailmony was minis In the decree, n hntt'e
meiit having been made out ot court.
Commndnre Salisbury at one time wnj
Governor of (lu.iin
Mcxlcnn .Mnrdercl' lli'llevcd In Have
lllorki-il Off Tunnel.
BAi.r LltB, Deo. f.. -Polinous fumes
and dense hbick smoke started to pour
out of the Purnell tunnel of the 1'tali
Apex mine to-day when the miners be
gan to tear away thn bulkheads width
have sealed the entciiiin for several
days during which tlm fuintn have been
sent into the mine In nsphysliiti Ituphael
Lopez, the murderer of sic nun.
A party of deputies entered the mine
to sent ch for tlm body of the .Meslcan,
but the placM wlli'tt he cvns e,pc,'eil to
be found vvcte ham of any I'Vldcn.'n tiiat
lie hud eve ' bee II "lie , It hi believed that
tlm man blocked on a portion of the
tunnel lo sutpo the siuoUc wed fuuios.
fl jrw -lB
1-1 I aaaM T 1 I I I)
A Good Show
of everything a man of any ape requires for
wear anywhere, in or out-of-rloors, at any hour
of the twenty-four.
Don't Look at
the Cover
lintrrniiien! Asb r.,IIOO,OIMI foe
Alleged I'liUrrv ulunlloii.
Tlii ijoveriimenl hi .tan suit s exti-iii'iy
to recover S li J ft.O'l from liuriuan r Kup.
per, u china Impnitcr of Mun.iy direct,
ami 71.S75 finm A. l.nutcriile! ti Co.,
dealeiH In chlliitvvaie. Tlie clcferulaiits nro
! charged with imdei MiluiiiK Importations
of I.lmoK.'s china.
Tills brlnnn thn total of thn .li.ui.in'.s
neliid by the iloveimneiit hii.'iIiimI china
Iniportem to moro than (,ii(ii),uilo
itliiilara llouoc the I.nle Arcreipnlo
lat In .'orlli Ailanm,
Noirrn .Vpmh, Mann., leo. 5, -Hoforn
j frntherlng of ncholarn representltir; vari
ous RPtvtn of l.-.i ri 1 1 ntr thiuiiKhout thn
country a monument in lionor of Or.
John lloiiry llayne wan unveUid to-dny
over tho late ntciiieoloKlHi'. ,-rave In Mill
dido Oemeti'i-y.
Tiof Allilit T Clay of 1,i n I'nl
verelty unvrlleil the Monuni. m 'tin.
Ltrciiivuy m brief and etlinpib. H :
Holiday Stocks.
Much That is Exclusive.
Broadway at Ninth
If you are a grouch
you'll laugh and
The real Holiday Spirit is in every
page of the
Uljp f betting ftot
Saturday Magazine
full. .we. I by a niemorlnl t
ConicriKat tonal I'huriii.
siieald't.s vvein I'rof. .lames
Iclin III tie
Aiiiuii; tie
A. Mcui'.koiu-I'nlVeri-lLv
eiy, lejiten'iitativr. nf t If
IVuiisyiviitil i, tindi r which Dr. 1I.imi.-s
coiiiiil on ln.s ec:c witlnK vvmU In liiliv
loo, Dr. .I.iines il Nun of New erk I
cuy, nr. i' riiiutiiii I' nter, ox-pienutent ot
Uilllatm Oollei,"; I'lof. Albert T. I't.ty
and Dr. David i!. I.on of liarv'tird I'M
Must Tn Up n Ite-at flriiillee Cniupiitxn j
tor lleelectlon In iioaton.
IlomoN, Dec. 5. In the midst of
nmpiilKit for teclectton, Mayor l''Itzi;ercM
hiia been ordeied by his phli:lan to talt?
a rent or tun thu ilslt of n i oiii.ete break,
donn. DurlliK Ills Inspecllon of u loditlnK
hoiisev Ui-clay Mnvxir ritzswatd csillapsed.
Hn pitched headhunt dimu the nana.
Mayor KltiKerald'a Itlnern caiifud hli
political II. utc n:i tits iireut uneanlnera u
they vvnndercd what effect It would have
on his cnmpaljrn. Heveral Hald they did
not think tlm Mayor will I HtrotiR enoiinh
) In ko tlirouijli the heatid c.imp'iljtn that
l, expectea.
and proud of it
spoil your repu
i'ir VorU i-fiitrnl AVIii and IlilUua
I'liniliiitiy l.imea MI iira,
A decision of the Special Sosmohs rt.n
tnhalnu a complaint bv the Doiiartmeit
of Health iiKtiimtt tlm Now York Kdlnin
f'oinpciiy fur peimlttliu; ainolcu to Insua
Hum ita p;.uil at Kui ly-nlnth ntuot .ml
I'ltst nveuiin w.is reverpc-d yesterday '
tin. AppelUM Division and the, Kill i
company mut now defntid tho charse
iiKiiltiMt It In court,
lii u vum l.ivolvinit n mmllai oiniiDUiIiit
aKaliiht toe Now Vork Central llailnmd
In 1th yards at Hl.Hh street nnd tho Har
lem Klver thn court inverHul a dei;!on
of Upcclnl Sesslona, which found tlm rail
road company Kutlty,
I'ri-Jldlnit Jusllee liiKrahmn salj thero
was no evidence to show Hint tho loeorno.
tlvc.-i uavo off moro smoke) than vvius net
cmsm y.
Youth nira After Ktlltnu Ilililr,
1'lttt.APKl.litl , De c, D,- -l.eon .lo.fi
who fiitiilly shot lis nineteen "cut eiu
bride yeHtenlay, died to-day, 111, vvlfi n
lour weeks died l.mt nUtit It la believed
they enured Into a uijictd agrremtnt

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