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tentlary mi days which were not visit
ing day.M."
Major I'ordern, who commanded the
l-'wUral troop tialn which iintiowly h
fapad destruction In Ihn north near Hanta
Helen, thrio it.i)H ago, returne-d to the
capital .this morning. Hn ilesetlbcd the
elyiiainltlhi; of tho train mid tho KUHns
of several huiulriil soldlt rs.
Cordcio reports thut tin- lehels by
tapping the telrgrnph wires olitalmd tlm
lllforiiiatlon that tionp tinlhs weie. roi. ,
lowing the regular freight train. Tho
rebels thcreuiioti divided to nllow tho
ffrelght to go by and to Mow ill the two,
following ttulns.
Col. Kalcon do hi IVna. who wan In.
command of tho hoop train, wan In-1
formed of tho plan upon arriving nt I
Hanta Helena. Ho then upon revet srd
the order nnd directed that Cnrdrto pro
ceed with Ills trootm on tho freight tlaln.
One of tho troop trains, liowivcr. was
destroyed hy the rebels, who opened lire
upon tho disabled car They captured
Col. do hi Peiia, whom they mutilated
frlKhtfully, taring out his tongue and
ftoujring his eyes. K. Veial women who
were travelling with the troops as vlvan- .
dlera were maltreated hy the tchels. I
When told of tho disaster .Major 'oi
dc.ro returned at once with n force, of I
Federals and dispersed the rebels, cup-1
turlng ono man who Is believed to hau
exploded the initio which destrojed the
When nsleed to-night whether or not
Luis Mendcz is to succeed him us Min
uter of Foreign Affairs, Senor Mohciiu
"In euch times ns these th position of
Minister of Foreign Affairs Is no led of
roses. I would resign to-morrow and n-
tire to privato life If It were not that my
loyalty ntul gratitude to I'risuieiii iiuciia
keep me here. In sueh times as tin so a
man must rise to the occasion and sine
his country."
Ifvrri-tc Abandons Ailxilnie.
Oen. Kublo Nav.uuti' Is n ported to
have abandoned his advance on Victoria,
which is now a r bel stioughohl It is
said that Nax'ancte was ordered to pin
feed at once to Monterey, nu attack upon
tho latter city being lmp mhug.
The District Judge, of Monleley snt a
telcRram to tho tlovorument uigmg that
reenforct nirnts be sent to that cltv at
The National ltailwas ,nrioancu liain
rtrvlce around Monti toy has not been in
terrupted for the last few days and the
tinlnaimi still running. I'roiulnint Span
Kit merchants lure sa.x that Monterey
business men are tiansfuring tlnlr funds,
ilsewhere, as a measure of privatum
A battle Is teportcd at Po.ijomulc.x.
i.ar Cuemavaca, between a strong foivj
of Zapatistas ami u Federal force l'he
Zapatista leadeis are reeking to ii .ilje the
place their base of operations fi.r the at
tacks on military trains coins ton-aid
The Federals! were apprised of tho fa;t
that the rebels were pl.innl'.x to leenfoiee
their itairlson with Minna's -oldn ra
taken prlsoneis, and, anllolp ituiK the at
tack, they weie well prepaie i for Heat.
The lebels were b.ull ucfiutcd, thirty
betni? killed and imre than 10y woundid
One hundred itlurs wuc tal'.in pnsoneia
All sympathizers of (l'orllno li.u and
Madero tt Kreatly tit.irined to-night
when the (Jovernor of thu federal district
acting upon onlers ico-Hcd fnuu the act
lutf Mlultter of tlie Interior nppolnted
Lieut.-Col. Alheitu Qunu lommaiiiler of
the penitentiary an.l ordered that all po
litical prisoners be transferred to the
Helen prison to-nlRlit.
ForelKn Minister Moher.o this after
noon decreed that It. J, i.Vmover and V. J.
Smith, Mexico city 1 01 respondents for the
New York rci, shall be deported unless
they tell Him i.!ocrnment thu souiie of
the story they are nlh-Ki d to havu sent
cut that Queen Wllhelmlh.i of llollai.il
appealed to !en. lluerta hi, behalf of ti.e
Towers of The Ilacuo tilbunil to leslcn
The story was without found.it.oi. The
llcrultl men are under poli.u uu u'lujm e.
C'lilhunlinn (')iluinii l'lli to It.-ni h
OJIiiiikh its llxpeeled.
Ht, I'.xso, T. X., Pec. fi Refugees from
riilhuahua city haxe nul et n-icned the
korder at (ijinaga and to-night are not
t:;pectcd for a day or so. Tin y are suffer
pig urcatly, but rebel nUblals holding the
own of OJInaga refused to permit Aincrl
ins with automobiles to go south to-day
to meet tho refugee column.
A small garrison of rebels holdi OJinaga
;nd Ihey feareil that information xiould be
(Ix'en to tho Federal Hoops supposed to
lie escorting tho refugees. There may be a
Bght If tho Federals approach OJInaga, but
It Is believed that the Federal column will
leave tho refugees soniu dlstitice south
it the border and avoid OJInaga. If they
r still with thu refugees
A band of tioops uppeatcd to-day at
rnlonus, sixty tulles west of Juarez,
inu repoit has it that they aie commanded
iy Orozco and Salazar and that their plan
j to attack Juarez from the wst xxlnle
Jin. Mercado, piesumubly mulching to
fijlnaga, Is to attack from thu east, while
Villa is absent nt Chihuahua with most
if his troops. Another leport Is that tho
neii at Palomas are rebel it:enfon.e
4ients from Sonma,
Thu rebel otllclalH In Juarez profess
noranoi of thu iharacter of thu mm
,t I'alnmns, but unusual vigilance has
eeii icsunud and mounted bcouts have
;e?u posted In all )llreetloiis out of Juarez.
flic fact that Mercado and the refugciH '
lave not yet reached OJInaga leads tho
luarez otllcers to suspect something j
iinlss. us they say his column should
Itivo reached them to-day easily If he had
lontlnucd straight to the supposed oh-a-ctlve,
Orozco nnd Salazar xvere report! d xx lt)i
ilorcado marching on OJInaga and fmm
Jiero to Ninxo I.eon, but the rebels in
iu.ircz to-night are nervous o'oi- tins re
sirt that these two Hueita leaders arc
it Pnlomas.
Villa vjias not yet reached Chihuahua
mil Is not expected to git In tho Stale
Mpitat until to-morrow or Sunday,
it hough Juarez xvas advised lo-d.iy that
iio advance guard of Irs rebel army had
Uready entered Chihuahua and tnkui
Villa was expected yesterday to ontu
;;ilhuahua last night, but he tanled mid
iray down thu line to keep in touch xvith
(is telegraph to Ju.irex and exelmnged
Hcssases xvlth Venuhtlann Cirrnnia at
Juarez ntllclals deny to-day that Car.
Ninza Ih coming by tiain thrnugh the I
United Slims en loute to Chihuahua lo 1
(oln Villa. They say ho will muc'i
IcrosR tho country on M.xlcan -ml. i '
ruilld not turn surpibe, howivei, if
nrrunza nppe.tDcl heie b n mi .it any
line. While the I'n'led Hi it.-.s lefus.d
U,) pcrinlHslou to miiki- tho journey
cently It Is said hue by .nine iilllcluls
Ji.it ho would not ho ,um . led Ii m
mtercd Ue United Slates
Francisco Ksrndeio has gone in n,.w
Fork Mid WashliiKtou on a iihx-Smi r .:
I,e "fJonitttUtluliallst p,ul " He s Aim
ster of Finance and Fun gn Uel.iiloiiy
n the Carranza Cahlm t nd ii Is l.mlei
lood that the purpni of hu n'p t m to
Inunce thu rovulullo ,i y .,n il.tion to
Jexlco city. Since Sin lav i.enu.g he
van In conference with Viiu and his rep.
otttT tryipj to secure Aladuru (
x . ei
money to help carry on the revolution
niialnst Huerta.
II. Hen.ivldes, brother of tho Jefo do
Annas of Juairz, has left there for Nc
York to confer with the widow of the Ut)
I'reslilent of Me.lco, Mis. Frunclsco Ma
llei o.
AViislihmtnii IH'ii7inMiT I'orpsee Iter,
ouiiltloii of (nrrnnrn.
W'asiiinoto.v, l)ep. fi. Advices received
heio to-day Indloated that certain for-
nlKIl CO I t timetif u litiei. rrr-.Mtle refiilin.l
tin- coimIu-Ioii thit thu t'liltid States Is!
aKaln conteiiiplntlinr recognition of tlm
('onstllutlonallsls as a slip toward a so
lution of the Mexican problem und thu
elimination of lluerta
Thero Is reason to believe, however,
that tils Idea ot other Intel ested Kovcrn
menu Ik In pint due to thilr Int-nso tie
sin that the I'nltcd States do something
to brliiu relief to the situation. Their
linpatUhco nt tho "watrh and wait" police I
Is Well known and It Is uiiibjrntood thn
has been no hesitation In making this
fei-llhfr apparent to tho I'liltel .-Hates.
Tho result has bien Indnect tnessui" on I
the AdinlnlMratlon to do something, to 1
solv tlio dlfflcultv In Mexico. It cogni
tion of tho ("onstltutloiiallsis has appeared i
to some Uuropeaii diplomats as th.. next '
likely move of President V.'iNon as Id:
as this iSoveimnent ailheres to lt policy
of acting only Indlrirtlv upon Mueit.v
No continuation of the uportrd Inten
tion to rci'otiiilre the fonstltutloniillsts
cotilil be ohtnlued here. It Is icgaided as
Ilkelv, houever, that some St) p will bo
taken to assist tin revolutionists but
It j
will I.e short of actual recognition. The
pasae of arms hoiimi the boundary be
tween the I'nltcd iitates and Mexico Is
nlieady being found a simple matter by
the rebels.
Advices to the State Depaitnient to-day
reported that the situation In tho Aca
pulco district Is growing w.re. This has
been a ceiitie of anti-Amer can. sin Mer
chants from outhlnc illsti'lcts aie remov
ing to the cltv of AcnpuVo, IV in Lileilo
It Is reported that the I'Xoilus of ref.igei.s
from Monterey nnd Mc'n.ty oviiimies
lloi-llloelit Pl'iiii, levlee tn-il ' V
llrllKb utlJl-l-l" .senres Pullej,
All intcrestinii pr.'it)d doriimillt ra'iie
.MMerday in Tni.
St s mall frjin Tepl
Mexico, slgnid "A
purport" to be an
llrltish Subjiet" It
ipei letter .-Hldroktpil
in 11 ii .m. .Aimisier rn nipo;e:uini y in i
.iiexieo i ny, .--ir uionei i. aroen, aim is
d:it)d Tiplc, Mexico. No)mber In.
Ifl.l" The cmelipe lontalnlnc the let
ter bears the postmark "Jul ." which Is
the nl'ore lation f I Jalisco a i intra'
Mixl an Mate oi. the I'aclllc coast In
whl-h Teplc Is situated The littir Itulf
(ont.di.s i.bjut 4a ' ' Wi nl", most ot which
ale ilevotui to inllcism of I'lc.ttdeut Wil
son I
Th. wrttir sas be has lived in Mexico i
for fifty years and lias passed through j
i i.i'i' HM'li.tn n- n. me of which has been
as bad as the ptrsint one He takes the i
side of Huerta against tho i evolutionists.
which In i hisses a-uong the "Istas" who
have plumb icd nnd pillaged the country. I
lie M.iim-s the I'mted States for the harm
they have ciusid In Mexico.
lie i alS Wilson's policy "perildions'
nnd "atbltrary and uiijustltlable nied
diing" lit pictum what Inti r)'iitlon !
wll; mean nnd analyms In his own way
the I i csident's iuotl)s. In conclusion he
sa s :
It muses vie horror to think that '
owing ti U.i wlpi and mpiice of one'
man the I'lo.dcil 'if a gruit and sup-
Pom d to hi t'hristlan liutlon. and that to
tht nl "ill and imrslor h.. :,- to an- i
I'thir man ;hr Pnsldinl of a wi.iker '
nation cvtr whuii, he pietinds to nunie 1
an nuthority and a control to which lie I
has no earthly right whatever, thousands 1
of llis hao bien and aro being sacil-''
tUni and millions of dollars worth of'
propei i looted and di-t imd and other I
noes i oM.inltti il and that othi r sup-1
p.'v.d t,. I., I'hnstlan nati.ins .nd on with '
li.dlllei em e -i nit that i suppooi d to be
Just Hod sanctions It all."
Txxn xtexl)no 1 1 1-lil at X era 4 rtix
When cgtiriincn Arrlxrs.
Vim C-,fz, pi : Ceii i iu-taw Mass
left this evenln.- fur Mexkn k.tv ,vl.. ic
.t i siii i s .1 ht u.ll he named Ouv-
! .f .he State of .Mexi. o, succeeding
Oen I'aiu.
'n the arrival of t.ie line: S. juiain a
t-div two Mexicans, Ji f l!in and
I'-d:o (ronzUe Oatzt, wire .nie.-ttd on
suspi loll of being ,iles i'f tin- 1 evolution
mi Hie )"i)iliaima, which sailed t -day
"xi- 'le famillLS of itvarislo and Ii.inicl
Vdimral Sir Christopher Crndoek, com
inander of the Itrltlsh win 'hips In
Mexi) in water. retui m d to line p.ni
Iron. Mexlcn citx to-da He innueiliiitelx
went abo.ird the eiutsir Sutfolk while
Itc'i' -Admlr il Housh. the Aiih ik.ui m-inainb-i',
p. ml him a visit
Seiior Adolfo dc la l..nna, llueit.i's Min
ister of FluaiKc. sailed tilts afurnonn on
the steamship Iplrnnza. lie ,n bilieved
to be on his way to Ihnope to atuiupl to
utgotlate a loan.
Will Hunt for Vout, snispeetpil of
.XIurilerliiK .Mra, Cutli,
August and Marx Cuth. sons of Mine.
Agnes Cuth. thu dressmaker xvho
was murileted on Wednesday at her
home, 'jnil West eighty-fourth stieet.
clasped hands at the side of their mother's
casket in Frank H. Senior's undii taking
looms, at let' West Sixty-eighth stieit,
yistorday and solemnly xowed to axenge
their motliur's dentil.
The body was iieniated at Noith lier
gn Tin- sons, who are '.'1 and Is, later
told c.iptnin of Oetectlxes Kerr that they
would dexote the next month to a search
of the city for Oscar Vogl, tho missing
chef, xvho Is hiisptcted of Hm crime. Then
they piopnse to return to Switzerland
with the ashes of their mother
I 'apt. Ken's men hist night located
Vest's wll'u Teresa at Hast Twenty
fourth streit. M's- Vogt said s e nai ri I
Vogt In J'.iio, got tiled of suppoitlng lilm
I'lglileen months ago ami sent him suit lit.
Sho said sho then went to live at Mrs
( Juth's home. Mrs. Vogt added that her
husband had n illxorced wile and two
chndiiii In Switzerland,
Mis. Vogt works In a lestaurant lu
lLT.th streit near Hroadway. Vogt, who
was fin molly emplovi'd there, called at
the ii nt a u i ,i n t for a leferenco a week
before Mrs. (luth xwis killed.
Uiik lloitglil I'nlerinjer null I'ri'i'd-
mnii In(-rets fur sxr.sy.nno,
'leorgo H. Cox of Cincinnati. xho was
reported to havu bought tho Interests of
Alvln I'ntermyer nnd Andiew Freedman
In varlom Shubert theatrical enterprises,
I'aiim lo Now York yesterday. Ho con
tinued tho report last night at thu Wal
dorf Astoria, but refused to discuss the
i fleet of his purchase on thu thcattlcal
Willie it was said that Mr. Cox hail
paid Jflno.nim for his new theatrical hold
ings It was learned Inst night that thu
amount was i,"i.0(l0. Tim Shubelts would
not discuss tho sale, saying that tlniy
had not seen .Mr. t'ns-, but that there was
nothing to prexoiu his buying tho Inter
cats of .Mr. Fieedmnii and Mr, I'ntci mjrr
II Ihey were willing to sell, '', H',,
does not Include the leal estate holdings
in' .Mr l-'rei dman hi the xarlous Shubert
I'cull) compallleK.
.Insiph li. Hhlnoek, who Is associated
with both the Shubcrts and Mr i'o, Is
b-llitved to be pailh ularly responsible rnr
tlm working agreimeiit lietxxeen tlm Shu
bells nod Klnw .V Crlanger which went
lulo eile, t ne.uly a je.ir ago. It Is bo.
lined ta.it under 1 1 h- u,.w at rangeiiienl,
xx il I 'li will associate .Mr Ci, lini jr
Ithniock more chisel) with the ShubertK.
the lelallons helween the so-called tin
iilrbal sjnillcatu and the tndepeiidents, or
Shubeits. sx-JII ho bill moiu illllluate after
inu new jeiir.
Coiiip in Agreement nt Open
Conference to Whieh All
Verc Welcome.
Also Workmen's Compensation
Law, Direet Primaries and
Hules Kevision.
It reall was a man named Miller
from Hast New York who best Indicated
In yisterday's conference of 900 Hepuii-
... . d imjir,)f,m 0f tho
' l,n Brand nn.ir. o r 01 o
t!ie open Rum,
"Pel Imps soir.o of the big leaders nr
suriniMd," siihl Mr. Milter, when lie got
up ami was Instantly recognlrnl b the
ihalrinai,, Senator Illlhi. Itnot, "that a
humble cttuei. ltotn Itrowhsv.lo. I.l.e rr.y
self fho.,ll venture to speak in ins min
ing I didn't toll unyfaod) I was gums
to spi nk and no one aski:4 me to Hut
as 1 sat here 1 couldn't help realize that
there's no privileged i las In this con
ference." When upon Mr Miller, who opposed the
short ballot, tried to talk longei than
ll minutes, the stipulated t.n.e foi eHCh
spiakit, and was prompt': squele.ViL ,
which ho acopted as nioro evldmct that
there were Indeed no special favors
The conference was both progressive
and t'lacel'ul No attempt to attack the
chntrmansh.p of William Harms was per
mitted The Uepublicins apparent'.!' will
ht him soru out his tirm erallng in
S ; ti -t.ln r '. I'M yiar. They cmtlned
tlu-.nsi 1ms isti'ria to passing resolu
tions on fix i spcnilc matters lot the
guidance of tht hi xt Assembly, controlled i
this patty
lliiror llrnlen on Vote,
Tliere xvas only ono tost of Mr. names'
slnncth He xx anted tho confete-ae to
leaihrm the dmet primary Ide.is i x
pissed In t'-e State republican plutforms
this .xar and In lt'IJ A considerable
group eompo-eil Inrgtly of up-Stat) nvr.
and tho'e xx hose radlcillstn has been
i , xprc-! d recently nx ;ni so.caoeu i nuas-
liepulilicnus. weie lor me son oi in
m.iry law wlilch I'mv Hughes tried to
pass, abolishing the party embleir. and
column but n tnlnlng the part conven
tions A -esolutlon to till" e'fect xvas offered
by William II Wai'.'ia'us Judge-ilect of
(ieneral Sessions, anil xvho was support) d
on the tlooi b x-Setintnr Haivey r.
Ulninan of ninghainton and cx-Secretary
of War Homy I. Stlmson M. Ttsmes
fought It sharply It took n rising vols
to ilnido. Mr Harms war bru-.ir 1PI
to iv:
Tills rontct came nt the ver of
the four hour se..on xxhen uianx of
the confines had i.-ft the room
Jun bi fi-re adjournment WllPim ihll-
veis. Iti nubUcMii lender in the Twtn'v
niiilh As.embl
district, tried to X
.!.! I
rf solution .
'J.'i solfeif. That this confeioiH e. wh.le
lecegnlzins the abllitv of the present
State chaltmaii and his etllclent .ervb e
to the party In the pist. nexertbel.-.s b
Ilexes that a ihnnge In State Jeailershlp
would xvln biik to the partx i.i.h y He
ini'ibi an- xxho have sttaxed fiom It an 1
xv 'lid attrmi to It a greit m.mx Inde.
pendent xotcis whose support Is ueedeil
to assure the election of a Republican
State administration next fall "
Itut hi' xvas reminded that the confer
onre nt tho start had adopted a set pro
gramme of topics and that bis resolution
could not be considered.
What tin- rotiferi-noe I'nxoroil.
In addition to direet primaries the con
feiei n-coided Itself ns fax'ming
Fllst- A xxoik'nen's compensation la -in
-vhi 'h the silely if employe) s shall
be til., first cols'deration
SecMid- nexIslon of the rules of tH.
semlily to limit tho "life and death''
powi rs of the Hules ( 'ummlttee. to pto
v le pubtl Itx for all that goes on In
exirv iiimmitti to limit the time lo
which local and prlxatc bills call bo intra
d'i. e I and to appoint a committee on
gi ner.il social xvelfore.
Third A short ballot on which would
appear only the names of candidates for
ili.vein.ir and l.ieutenant-Covei nor. leix
Ing nil other State executive oltlces row
elective. Including Secietnry of State.
Tieiiunr, Cnmptrollei. Knglneer and
Stirxivor and Attorney-Cicnernl. to be
tilled bv the Covemor.
Fourth A sclentltlc Stato budget
A resolution that Court of Appeals
Judges also should bo appointed by the
flovernor xvas defeated unanimously.
Soon after tho confereno! opened nt
1 :n o'clock Comptroller William A.
Pri ndergast. until Thursday a Progres
sive, entered thu ballroom and xvnx
xvarmly xvelcomcd as he took an Incon
spicuous seat. tlo had been specially
Invited to rejoin Ids old Republican
friends, f'u the platform xllh Senator
I'i ot and the two secretaries of the con
ference xvere txx'n prux beards of the patty,
Cm. llenjam'.n V Tracy and lMwIn Mcr
i lit, whlso -on, rdwln Merrltt, Jr, was
formerly Speaker of tho Assembly
Hoot Outlines Purposes.
Senator Hoot set forth tho purposes of
tho gatlnrlng, sax Ing:
"It Is manifest that no one here has any
credentials This is a mass meeting of
Republicans Into this room and these
dc. derations anv Republican has th light
tn come. Wo hao asked for this con
teience In order to accomplish eirtalu
specific results. It has seemed tn us after
all tho new and strange and disturbing
events of recent political history that It
xxniild bo wise for the Republicans of this
State, lu view of tho fact lh.lt control
of the Assembly has returned to the Re
publican partv, tn norlentato theiuselxes
What will
the "Ellis" do?
It will do all your adding -nil
your billing,
It will write your cash book
and journal.
It will make out your month
ly statements.
It will do a hundred things
that a straight adding ma
chine cannot do.
The Ellis is not typewriter
with a 10-key adding ma
chine attachment.
Oh no! It is a fully equipped
81-key adding machine plus
a 42-key typewriter) all in
May we put one in your office
on trial?
'Jim llrosdHHy (third flncri
IViaic, urilsnd 3)la
and discuss the questions on which the
party Is bound to act, to clarify their
Ideas and to attempt to accomplish greater
party efficiency."
He said that consideration of thrso
three subjects was requisite to party suc
cess: "That the party shall have an affirma
tive and progressive programme for the
benefit of tho whole people.
"That It shall havo that organized
efficiency which Is necessiry to carry that
programme Into fulfilment.
"That la shall have solidarity, loyalty
and capacity for tho subordination of In
dividual ambition and opinion upon all
matters not affecting conscience, necessary
to glvo the party elllclcncy."
No Time to Discuss Speakership.
Senator Hoot thought this was no time
to consider tho Speakership. That was
tho Assembly's task and Assemblymen
should be urgtd to undertake It "uncom
mitted and uncontrolled." Nor could tho
State chairmanship be dlscusscal.
"If any one wants to mako a change lu
the State leadetshlp," Senator Hoot said,
"Ultra will bo abundant opportunity xvhen
In duu and onlerly procedure xxe come to
elect the men who xvlll constitute tho
Stato committee next September,"
As to Assembly rules, Sehutor Hoot
said that the present proceduie should be
changed so that "It wl.l tm longer be
possible to smother n bill In committee
with nobody knoxvlng who Is ri spnnslblu .
for It,' nnd every vote In committee ought
to be a matter of public record "
liven If a const. tutainai nmindment
shoulu b( i.e . stai, ii' thought thero
should be a sopartti cai' t.dnr for privato
b.iu In otder that the I.tglslaturu could
devote Itself to public matters
Turning to the short ballot, Mr. Hoot
said that the present system put too
much loud on the Individual voter. The
Massachusetts ballot he dutii'd Imprac
ticable leV.IUSe of thO "l-IIOl tll' llS tlUtllber
of candidates We haXt here"
"At the bottom of the simplification of
the work of thu voter." he suld "lies the
short bullot. There Is no more reason for
eleotlriH such officers as. the Stall lin
glr.eet and the Cumpttoller than then- Is
for the people of the Cnlttd St.itis t.
elct tin- Pri sldint's Cabinet Concentrate
on one man, th- Ooxernor, ,it,delhc pioplu
xvlll really choi e. 1 t him .ell tt.u
minor officers and then hold li.n. respon
sible for ex) r thing "
HiDU Fnxiirt Direct Primaries.
lie said there wa not murh different
cf opinion among real thinkers as to
illnct pr'.tnari) i Personal!) lo v ,is tint
arguing for .my pecln! form of bih.
"There 1 Jis th.s obsenatl..!.,"
said : "Wi :..i:i.t git away tro:n i had
old system of .iiiM.l.r.) contim thiough
extraio.-.stlf.itn nnl patty organizations,
lltluiatel) we shad work out a lesjlt
citlti dlffireiit from .my specific arrange
ment now jropovd. and much better
"Foi hcaxen's sake, gixe us a direct
p.-lmry la- that wib Ik real don't give
ut i sham l.kt the h.si I),..-no r.itlj Uw
In this Stut). ' I.e said
There ,i rpp:.iue at t.at po.nt and
Senator Root w::l cor.slder.a:e feelir.?
"There a-e many of u here who thro igh
a. I our llws h,.xe tleer.io'' Republican
party '.hi- gi Kites: agency for good gov.
ee..:m.i prog.-e. ,-.k, the welfare of o.ir
heloveS countr; th.it h:. t-vu iMstid.
l v. ca- dr smnslhinp ti I reathe it.-o
;n.s I.epubll-ar S'.i-.t e little of o tr faith
and hopi ami make t.-.e nation see th:
the Republlcar, part) i a jiart) of Ideals
'onv.otio.i. de'.er'iilr.atlo:;, ptores- ar.d
n.juu.v i.-o "leetdig will
pushed its nurno-e."
.i.n'i. accoin-
Sereno i:. Payne road the !!-. of tnpics
to be considered. Thin Mr Hinns, way
had a seat In tho fro; row. s'arted his
spi-ch by s.,y,nB n sw.':ied !.ec..ary to
g'vo ir. account of his stewaids'.iij). He
mid Utat It had efe-.ed i- the
State chairman should be re ,v
an.palgn manager He had tried to "de
laie publicly )a; n.,,, .,Hpr) ff:e.ith
detlneil to be ie t;..-eu;i- of pi-tv
in .te appeals to t! , nnfl u ha,,
n.xer seemed to him that "succe or
our opisnents Justlries thu thcorv that w
should relinquish our own deilbe"rat pur
poses and Ideas."
"" s b tiollntloii.
"Tnc Republhaii pa-ty," he fad "wll
not succeed through Imitation .-f ts ao-xersaru-s.
Th re is loom In An erica for
a party which thinks w th i,..,, ., ,.
not with Its apputa... Sow thu tieoplc
luxe g.xen the Hi publican putty on.loi
" iii-ir coniliict If cheap,
' i-rtinrao or lact'OUS, W'lll
me cnaraeier 0f the party
ion inane i uricu 1
a iicpioiicHi, lioxi-ruor and a Republican
L lilted States Senatoi. who I ,,L. vwn
lie the able and patriotic ii.an wlio now
ripiesents the State of New ur; as la
senior Senator."
Nearly exeDliody cheered this lndor-e.
uniit of Kllhu Root. umor.e-
Thui the debute started as to what
the paity wanted done in tlu.s Sb.te
A resolution that the Asm mbly make good
,i,'..W'irkm'"? '0'l"'"sation p.,k , ,!.
jJl. State plalfoim was o'f, red bv
Perry i isborne. cx-L'nlted Hiat..H District
Attorney. Seth Low was mP f tlll
"i''.M A !',ro"""" "'.it coinp.nsatlo,,
should be paid directly by cmpkn..,- 1o
etupioveu was struck out and the nsolu
tlmi was posse)!.
Revision of the rules of tlie Assembly
was pioposed by WaRe,- Artl(lt of
Voting Republican Club, who said the
present rules concentrate control in a
small grouti of Iradeis. Col. Abraham
(iiuber. who sometimes Is stormy, bobbed
up, but those who expected a dlscoidant
note from him were going tn p., disap
pointed downer, he wis against put
ting any iiiestlon to a xote In this lotifer
ciico, and he wanted tu caution the partv
against "pulling down the blinds com
pletely on Rs past."
(ii'iilier Sound VurnliiK Nni...
"As a riactionaiy Republican," s.ml he
"let me advise you on the primarv matter
not to go clear over to the other ,anip
Already we see hi Igadler.generals ot Hie
oiher army eoniing Into our camp with
a flag of truci "
Assemblyman Hatold I llliiman of
Albany, who Is a candidate for Speaker
seconded the Arnilt motion, which was
The short ballot resolution came fmni
I'redirlck Taimei, leader lu thu Twcniv.
fifth Assimblv district of this ei'.
Ileniy I. Stlmson was Ids seconder
Abiahain ('.illurt, I'h.iiriuiin of the laxv
comillittie of the ,NYw York lountv com
mit tee, wanted the slioit ballot, Hp. Mas
sachusetts ballot and diuct primniles
considered togelher beiausc, he said, they
are eorrilatiil In the election scheme, but
ho was voted down and Mr. Tanner's
motion witit tlnoug!i xvlthout aim ndincnt.
Direct primaries diew ihn most lire,
Tho successful ttsnlutlon oft'iled by
Judge-ilect Wadhams was in putt.
"We believe that In any pilniarx elec
tion all the candidates should stand upon
an eiiual footing and all the inembeis of
the piuty have an eiiml and imtrani
luellid opportunity lo support any one of
such candidates for nomination, 'to that
end we are opposed to the uso of tho
putt) emblem and the factional column
upon tho pi lintir.v ballots and to the us(.
of the funds of tlie party lu support of
any candidate at such prliiyr) as against
any other candidate. All names sug
gested fur nomination by petition of paity
members or by lecomtneiulatlou of party
committors should be upon lin absolute
fluv. IIUKhes's Hills Indorsed,
"W" believe that our sstem of nouil
nations should pnservu tho right of ion
ference and recommitidatloii tn lie ixer
vised lliiough the agency either of con
fereiieo or party mmmlttriN nppropilato
to each of the units of th,. state for
xvhlch candidates are tn be nominated,
mid we sliongly indorse tho view of (jnx-,
Hughes, xvho In the Mils supported by
hlin proposed to make the direct pilumiy
an ndjuncl to and u check upon, ralhe'r
than n substitute foi, tlie dellbeiatlous
and roii'i'tinco of the pait' reprrsi tun
II vis.
"V favur the prompt application la
our state Consllttitloii of tho reform
known as the short ballot."
Immediately Joh )'.. Hedges walked to
the platform to offer as a substitute till
new direct primary plan. He waj greeted
with affectionate handclapplng an I cneiis
and he replied by congr.itulatlnf tho con
ference on having la.cn In session for
several hours without anybody beln
called a liar or a boss. Ho explained his
plan, xvhlch has the election district as a
unit and a reference popular vote) ot tho
first Tuesday In October.
Mr. Hedges didn't want the conference)
to adopt his Idea light there. He pro
posed tho appointment ot a comm ttei of
fifteen to consider his and other sugges
tions, which should report "ns soon as
possible" or confer xvlth thu Assembly.
Kx-Senator HlnniHii called this tem
porizing "killing every chaneo wo hax'u
to put thu party on a sound foundation."
He begged thu confurencn to act at once
and "to stand xvhere Hughes did."
llnrnes Opposes Plan.
Mr. Uarn-js said he also believed
poslllvn action, nlthouch the theurv of
direct primaries mcd to him fallacijus,
but ho said the Wadhams resolution xv.iu
contradictory, as It demanded fieed.im
from special privilege and thoa gave 'ho
party n Very spoclul privilege, the right
to nominate. Ho was for a slmon pine
law or nothing, and a slmon pun print iry ,
meant tin- elimination of parties alto-'
guther. I lo urged tho confeienco to re-1
iilllnn the recommendations of tho 191 J
an i ills platforms.
j "That's merely playing with lire." crlnl
i".' -.'..iel A Joi.lh of Chutiango, As
1 semh!) man-elect. "Tho people demand a
true St.ip.wniH m Intnl. x and If any or
ganhiatlon stands 111 thu way It xvlll I m
ginund to dust. I'd be ashamed to go
I back to Chenago If I didn't fight hole
j I 'i i nmii" refotin "
! Seth Low sild that ".Mr. llarnes is
.ttvivij .mniiiK i) repent xvnftl xvo uavo
said ovi-t and cvei again. We'vo got to
advabie and put tlm party in line xx'ith
thu sentiment of this St.ao If xiii expect
to i o:ne. back i"t') power."
leorge W Wiokcrsham, rx-L'nlted
S','es Atto-r. x -Cfiicral said he li.id
liked thu Wnrihatiis resolution, but ho.v
ab.-ut Lne Inconslstet. ) thnt Mr llarnes
lad pointed out'.' Mr llarnes rental kid
that It made no great d.ffer.-nce .i!.y way,
as he undorstood the present In mo'-ratiii
I.eglslatuio would ii.i.-v a pi Unary law
much like that Nucgt.i be Mr. Heelers
"Oh. well." su.d Job Hodges, "I with
draw my i.-Miluti .1. for the (.pp.i.ntment
of a commltte,. of fifteen, rei rvlng my
light to Interpret the will of tha people
as well n anybody else."
Then tlie xote on the Wadhams revo
lution, which was earned, l!i2 to 1 ST.
Mr. Wtckitshi in was one of the re
In scvix.'a! ooxes ox'erlookmg the con
fern's were xv m n of b .th tlio s-iffrnge
and .intl-suffiaj,o partly A r. f leucu
by Mr Rarnes to get suffrage Into the
idatform I.it x.ar was .ippinudi d by tli
xxomen xho xiant votes
A inc. li. -j: . f th- Stale rnmniltteo took
place xi stii-duy i 'Ornmg and xvas open
to tho public. No rmtitlou xxas madu
e f the P. -tes of thu e-oii.imtti e, amount-
Ini" ! '1 a, whi. h xx.ire lndorseil by
Mr !!a.-re. In :!.e coure of this ear's
eia-.;aig:) n:io xvvh have tot been palj
lrn Wiiunrlert
III IllllllllUIIDllls,
Knur til"!', xx ere
Auto e'urrjliia
iNbtAN'APOLIS. Dec. "
shot to-day in the teau'ster.s' strlk-, txxo
being ice hustleiH and two strike breakers.
I'ne of the lei- nan xias so badly Injun d
that I.e may die.
A gray automobile cat ri Ing three men
was used iti the nttatk on the Ice nan.
The police afteiwaid found a machine
which corresponded to the one In whtih
'he rimers were seated Nineteen dts
l.arged shells were found In the c.i'.
Jnines Sonnen. Id of Chicago and ijeorge
W.l'.lams of Cincinnati xv.te shot whlli
tiding on a xvuon xvli! h was suirounded
b. strike sympathisers, who pound ,i
volley of fifty shots Into the xvngon. The
txxo men are strike breakers.
The btrlhein voted il.ts afteriusui to
permit men to return tu wirk as f,..st as
cirploxeis slgnel the t. I-Imum scale.
The speila! agent of the National I.alor
Rureau eor.-ultr I with tlie stn'.eis to-Jny
ii.il a fti twin I xxltl i Tp.ax ers
,ler)') Xliin su. 'ivlrplimii. I.lrls'
I'iiiiiI ol Ml, TIT.
Cli ill! in s of He on. i l'cion T Ii
graph office op .Mcntgc 'm i y street r,
li.-x fit) told I 'olio I'lii'taiu Mmpl.)
last night that he had ni.me up the story
he had told of oelng lu-ld up and robbed
of 51. TK, and had lnt iimi-lt on the
head to make the .xatn si i m irui
The mum y had h e'. given b in ty Ins
sis', i. Ma. .11.. i. us. fni ratikei-plng
Sihe i- tlil.-lller of a gi.ls' . lub III I In N. a
York Tilephol.o )iftlo. on l stiiTt utid
g.iX) the muni ) to her bioth-.i- to k ep In
the s if) for her. lie sa.xs he spi nt it,
and knowing that tin- nionev w.i r.n n t i
l distributed am nig tin gnl he mad
op the lol beiy stm y.
He sent for the police ,md thev found
him In Ills home, L'UT ri.nton aDome, .1. r
siy I'lt), nuislug a cut on the Intnl. He
told such u good st"i at Iirst that a
general iilnim xva- about to be sent 00:.
I'llliill.x Offers KTillO lue N.ii
I'rnr. C. I'. I. n i. II.
, llAlninllI), HOC. I "I". Md.'llt l'l,ec,. S
l.uthei- of Trln. I) College instituted a na
tionwide feaicl to-day for C.-i i "
I.axell. an e.-professor of Trinllx, who
HisMppeared Xmmihcr -'I at llamllton.
Out, lie lately was on the Ohio State
l'nlxiislty laeult) , and Ins wife mid
frienils have off' led i n ward of .Mm
tor Information lonceinlng him, dead in
lillx e
1 ! ' f. I.uther bellews that l..ii.ll wa
on Ids way fiom ejueen's Colbge In Can
ml. i to Coliiinhus, Ohio, when he wan
nftllcted xvlth nphnsia.
Seinh for the professor, who was for
nu i ly of th" Columbia t'nlxi"-!t.x-, Ims
bis n tnadc In Yurltus, whin- many Co
tiiniblii teaclii'is live, lint without nsiili
elll-dlll liirl I'lillllil Ii)
Will lleciime lli-l
Jll. Spelice
Miss Claia II Spenc.. of Mih Speiiee's
School for (iirls, at l!u West l-'iftx -tlffn
street, whoso work in finding homes for
abandouid ihllilren was dcMiibid In
TllK Sl'N leccntlv, Is lespopslblo f,,r the
adoption .xesterda) bv Mr. and Mrs ,,r.
net- M. I.eeilH of IMandome, I,. I, of a vent
old girl bah), whos,. real namo Is K.oi.
neiiy nnd whoso ii.ironts abamlnncil lu r
shortly alter her birth. I
Mr. Leeds, xvho is a brother of the at
William li I ds, Jiilued h wile in an,
application to Surrogaie lirahaiu of N'.is. 1
s.ui county for permission i adopt the !
child, which will be named ,loj I.oiiIm'
chllil. which will bo pained .luy j..im.. .
of Die Leeds estate, as the fnpti i- paicnls,
arn childless.
Ail in I rill Wll li Is I'iiiiii el I y or Vimi
port Pill n I IIiiiiIiIimI. !
WAsliiNiiToN, ice. r, . Doubling tho
present output of tho naxal toipido f.ic
toty at Newport, It. I., bringing It up to
a total of 1,500 Inipidiics a oar, Is put.'
posed In the nnnual leport nf Hear Ad
miral N, C, Txvluliig, chief of tho huieaii
of ordnance, The I'nltid States nan
has a much smaller icseno supply of tot
podoes than Is iig.irded as safe
An enlargement of the iiianufactiirlng
racllltlis will bo I ) "1 1 1 1 -1 tin which an
nppiopiliillou Ii) Cougiiss Is neinled III'
foils will be ui ile bv S, ,.nim lunlcis
thla jeai lo obtain this apptopi mtlon,
CouHntieef from First Page.
sixes, and Its darn foolishness to soy we
Tho room was rumbling with growl
and grumbles. Tho earlier amiability had
disappeared, 'A llarnes man said out
loud :
"What's the uso talking to these damned
Progressives? They want to run ex-ry-thing.
Well, they won't. That's all I"
Samuel A. Jones brought names'
name directly Into tho discussion. lie was
mad and showed It.
Will Need Prosfrrsslve Vote.
"The people up my way are asking
.f uu aro going to stand for Doss
H.irncs," ho said. "That's a fair question.
That resolution ought to have passed. If
we aro not honestly progressive and make
friends with Progressives we will not get
the 100,000 votes that we'll need badly
next year. Why dodge a fair Issue?"
Tho Humes strategists, having ob.
tallied a copy of tho proccduro that the
Mills Republicans hoped to follow, found
that tho Progressives would offer a
resolution to eonfer with Assemblymen
who weie elected as Progressives or with
Progresslx-e Indorsements. That didn't
suit the Humes clement. To them the
caucus was a Joke anyway. They said
so. Their tacths were simple. One of
them moved adjournment nnd they had
votes enough to put It through.
Hoi tons supporters said after the
caucus that the vote didn't represent Hln
man's strength and that the conference kt
the Waldorf yesterday showed that
Harnes never eould "put Illtinuin over."
n tho othi r hand tho Uames pcoplo said
thnt 1 Human would receive; a majority of
xotis In the flirt regular caucus hold.
Yx hat is alarming both sides, all kinds
of Republkaiis xvho met last night, Is tho
bltti nu s and hard feeling that Is
developing. This state of affairs is laid
to Mr. Harnes's refusal to stand nsldo
and to thu resentment that old lino Re
publicans feel against the progressiva
eli nn uts in the patty.
XI an IIiiiikm Himself While Hun
dreds i,f ( hllilreii l.onU. On.
u uiildi milled man hanged himself
from a tw.ntv foot fenie with a pb-ce
of wne yist. idnv afternoon In the pres
en h of about .'inu ilitldren In the play
ground at Cherry and Market streets.
b'eveial children Hied to get him down,
but lie had twiste-d the xvlro Into u wire
network at tin top of the fence and xx-as
dead when Dr Howe of thu Hudson street
hospital arrixed
The ma. i xxas about L'5 years old and
xii.ighed about lsO pounds. He (limbed
on top of the itou fcin-i) surioundlng tlie
playground with a piece of steel wire
and txilstfd one end In the shape of a
noose and the other in the high xvln
network put up to keep halls from flying
into t t. .eii.ii t back yards. This dyne,
he illopped otf tile fci.i before the curious
children it.it hi rid about. His feet dangled
about ten feet fiom the ground, right
ove tho children's heads.
Peter l.oxvln, a clerk of .".3 Market street,
was e'alled Into tlie .xiird by several clill
dien and h- tried to cut thu nun down.
TI." wire was so twisted, however, thaf
r-e hid ti c'..-il' the fence ar.d release It
I- Howe, xx'-.i was passing In an nm
iiu'.ar.ce, liurri-d into the playground, but
coii'd ,io not. 'r .! to revixe the man
Many persucs in th neighlsirhood
recognized th- sJicnic, but none could give
his name. He wore black clothes, had
dark blu eyes and a light complexion.
Nnx League Trues llulldliiir of
I'o or Warship llii-i j ,r
re soltp'op asking fo- the building of
fi 'ir b.itt'.esin, s .i )),u until the I'nltcd
t.it)s has f 'iii-i.ghi Hi st i l.iss all big
cull ships wj pa. id yesti rda) b) the
d rei tors of In. I'n.tid Slates Nav)
I. i.igin at thi Ir iiKctlng ill the Waldorf.
Item Admnul Walnwtight, letlred,
II. t'li-rt I.. S.itterbe, turiiirr Assistant
Su'etary of lie- N,n iVmmodijt.- Wad
hims, llrnr) W Ward, Hubert W Neeser,
l.oul. A iisbotn... XV it Addirk.-. Clar-
. Ilia::..-. I.,,,. i- ,,j ,) A. n
n.ldmii' win pi. Mill II) , llolal). Por
b r pi i sidi d
It w.is ui.i,..i.i 'd after the meeting
that the N'.ivy .f,it;uc has now ,i membet
s'di ..f T.'i"c i. in! In tun is sent out by
I'D' league are el.iinu- .ill possible to g.iip
w u.).i,.ois. u ularly In the NX'est.
and to int.iift ncple In the navx.
Kill liislili-r, Urt ir.,(MMI, hut ri-
(iiiihIii tfler KMI Mill, rhime.
l.os Asc.Kips, Pec. .'.. Hall Case and
Tom eiroen. motion picture actors from
film taotoriis li.-re. were arrested to-d.iy
in I.I i entio, .barged with robbing the
Palm, rde li.ink nt HI) the and immiering
the ...slit. r. A. W Powles. i,,Ht Tuesdax
i In men went to i:i C ntro early to-da'v
alter n hundred mile chase across thi
desert, and wen- fast usluep wlirn i.r
nsted rhey confessed to th Imnier
and tohhiry. tho police sav. Thev got
5.oiMi in gold, l.ith) of wlilch they still
XiDlli.ir. t'iiini,.(,. i:ninliintlon of
IIimiI.s fur Our Ytnr lliil,
Tn'KAiioi:. .V Y.. Hic. ,-,.The Town
' ouncll of 'luckalioe ice Ixod dellnltu III
formation fiom the State examlnets last
night that there Is a shortage of fhO.ooo
in .loo ear m tne town accounts of for
i i fiipi-ix isor iitnry c Miirltt
ui ia i.il, no mis iieen mlsslns since a
wc.-k bi fme election.
Tins amount covers from J.ipn.i-v
l"U', to uctoher i), Hi) 3, ulon Merrill's
reslKnation xvas rccelv.d. As this covers
only one term of Merritt's ofiiclal sir
vlcff, Depute Comptroller Michael I
Walsh has dliooted the investigators from
bis office tn make up their reports In five
sets coveilng fixe terms of the missing
supervisor M. nltt Is bonded In both
loxvn and highway accounts
Platinunumithi Goldsmith.
The strict adherence to the policy
"We Initc a Compiirison of Valui's,''
based on our superior quality and
moderate prices, is the secret of our
Comparison of Vuhici Intitctl
If You Know
You Have Nerves
there's somethintj wrong with
them. You never knew what
nerves were 20 years ago.
How to get back to your natural
health, the way nature intended
you to be, is told in a new book
just published
"The Way to Get Wei)
It's FREE stnd for your copy loJt.
Addrett Box 154
Prospect of Jftlll Lower Prlrrs -Housewives
Cllllm Credit.
There was a break Jn tho fiesh egg
market yciterday of four cents a doi'.-i
all around, with prospects of lower pre'o-tn.il.ix-.
Receivers predict 30 cent egg
next week, which should causn rotnitet-
to sell at 36 cents to the consumer
. Officers of tho National Housewlie-)
League attribute tho reduction to th"
league's egg boycott, which has grown
popular among ess cateis all over tin
While ndmlttlng that tho decreased de
mand has had something to do with It.
the egg men Bny thut prices aro eomliig
doxvn becauso tlio supply of newly laid
eggs Is coming in nioro fucly In n'her
words, the hen Is now showing a lnghei
regard for the performance nf her na
tlonal duty
In tho last txxo days tho ir duct. on In
the prlei! of fresh eggs has been s l euf-
Hcfrlgeratoi' eggs, which keep th
market steady nt this season of the yoai
also brnku one cent all around yesterdax,
and there am proapei is that a turthv
break Is coming.
A conference of President Shoemaker
and other members of tl.u Nixv Yon.
State Cold Storage Association and tho na
tional executive committee of tho Housi
wives League will l.iiie pin. tins alter
noon at 175 West I'lghl) -cgnth street
Wniitn tiox ernnicii t to Control fold
Murauc lliislnrsa.
Wasiiiscton, Dec. An extension nf
the egg boycott fiom h'tate nnd nnini
pal to national dimensions Is ptednt. d n
Washington, Women of the Cabinet aim
Senators' and Hcpieseiitatix-i s' xvives m
advocating legislation I I.Iiik to ic.
control of the enld storugc business o
the United States.
Mrs. Maislinll, wife of the Viee-Presl
dent, announced hoi self ,is fax oi abb- te
a movement to in go i 'i ngress to enact
legislation similar to that governing tl
storage and sale, of xarlous food prooii' t-'
lu Indiana. She said .
"I am In poi'levt sxmpatliy with the
movement started by the l-'eder.it .on ot
Women's Clubs, ai.d anything I loi'd s.,i
or do to help tile en use I si.all gl i.ltx do
Mrs. Hubert M I .a I'ollette. wif,. of ,.
Senator from W'l-cons'n, and Mrs .v.l.ri
II. Cummins of lowu weie among t ..
women xxho gave approval to the bo.i.ott
Kggs have disappeared from f e ,1
of neatly all the men hers of I -t i . r-
Wilson's Cabinet
llette-r llnliles Association ri-nim-IliB
to erxe . I'enl .XlenU.
Tho Hetter Horn Hab'es Association
held a meeting at Teacher- co:i"r ve..
terday to discuss the advls.ibllit) of opin
ing a restaurant wheie expi nut m.ith. is
could be furnished with a hot iuti" .-is
'luncheon at the nominal price of the lefts
fir .1 A Hot a. '.'nei who e.i-t . i-i. -jonal
teple -entatlx e of Ms- M m M I'eni
lo'iid of Ih" Catholic Cn.,..i). ,. .
York, spoke lu fin or of the plan
"It is Useless ti. ir) to s.-nd in 'ro
visions to the inutlici at home. ' he sj.d.
"She "III touch not. dig int.' - I m n.d
and ehlldteu li.ix had nil t' ey w ,n "
Dr. C.oblstelp of t'.e sie'ial ' d -pin
tin. lit of tip- I'te). S) nuL-ogii.. f ii i. d
sending plol Isloils lo Up hnt-ir-. .i- n
felt that the i) slam aul- would bn.ili up
fainl!) Ilfi
Mr Ito'oeit 11 Siii,. Mi- Vi.ii- .
and Mis 1-: Kill.- i.r. M-'e.:..! i. . "i
piste plans fni tin- op. i g imI i mime .
Illellt of the piopos il iim.iu-.i' t
four h W.in't Pn.v s.'.ii XIiibi
erxi- III Da) In .loll.
Almost two Si HI" ..OH in led ll'ltOllllble
spcidlng ias.s xv e i heal. I In M .g. strafe
Murphy In th- it !-,.ie .mi x. u
The Mngistr.ite tn pi sc. I tic iit.i '0
line In eni 11 ease
l'our of the defenda ts rintid to ,-o In
tad ratbi r fi.r x il-e t':e .id
sei.ti i i e 1 I i e i i' l. lis i , , i .--i.,.
A Sure, Safe !
Investment j
Our (itmranK'L'd First Mfirt
KiilU's on Ni-xv orU Cuy -(a
"s-t ut c dIIit iilisolutL' ii'nl M)i
live' siifennnls iipuii-t mix'
)s.-ibil.t v nl los -i i of
llivrntnipnl xvlilili hitnlts, t-s-llltos
ii I if 1 iio- iuvn.-dnr- im
licsitiitini;v iii(risi.
Wo dtlnr ii liiiilli-il nunilior
(it tlll'so lirst liinnerao'si, xviMi
Jritirinil it ltd llili-n.,i (ii'.Vi:-
'ri:i';i, tiott.iic if t
135 Broadway, N. V.
Capital and Surplus. SLVino.om

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