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I'lster Official, However, De
clares 00,000 Kiflcs Are
Already There.
Move Hefsnrileil hi Some. Quar
ters as Preliminary lo
n Settlement.
tpec.al (ahle Dei-patch to Tux At
London, Die. ii. An ulllciul luocSama
linn prohlhltln the Importation of arms
.uto 1rtl.mil v. im announced to-day. It li
intended tn pnicnt tlii' arming of tli)
t Liter olnutceiH, who hue bci n organiz
ing tti fight tin Irish Horn titiicnt on tim
i ctabllshment of a l'..rll.iuioiit ut Dublin.
Tlii- universal comment anion;; Fist' rlti s
ii nil otlin Vnlonlxts It the quotation of
tlii proxerh about locl.im; the stable iloor
ii (tor the home Is Klolin. An nihciat of
the Oraneo h-iihu:iiteis In lielfiist raid !
"There are uln-uily more than Su.Oun
ivlceable rifles in I'Nter and millions of
nunda of ammunllitin. Wo have ficn
Mime pieces of nrtlllci-y. not xery powerful
luit heax-y enough to put up a good fight."
When he wan asked If the proclamation
would put n stop lo tde Importation of
munitions hn said he thought not. "Thete
nill be more fun In gun i mining iiow," lie
While probably tmt mote llun lialf
doten peraons know thu actual number of
armi imported Into Ireland ami SO.UOO
may or may not be an accurate estimate,
It la certain that the Importation has been
on large seal and has been continuous
for nearly a year.
Rerorvers have been Imported In enor
mous numbers by the regular dealers In
ansa and these have been sold tapldly.
It Is said nlso that twelve pounder max
ims and field Runs ha been Imported,
Although no one has been found who cm
teitlfy to this.
It Is doubtful If the piociauiation will
uisconcert the Orangemen, The Fulonlht
xlew Is 4hat It will tend to close up their
tanks, making them feel certain they are
within measurable distance of u real
It Is. moreover, contended that It will
not bo welcomed by the Nationalists and
l.aborlte "armies." who will be debarred
lv It from arming themselves If they tie
ire to do so. L"p to the present they have
d-clared that this Is not their Intention.
.Many Nationalists will' object to the proc
lamation on principle.
In some quarters the prohibition Is le.
carded as the prelude to some definite
overtures for a settlement. The Premier
illd not refer to It In III" speech at
Mmchrster to-night. Sir IMtvard C.ii-kiii.
the Ulster Icaihi. in a speech at Not
tingham said. It did not concern him.
"Von will i.ot bo able to win the Kug
! fh people to the ue of coercion against
l ister," he said, "by firing on unarmed
' er.'ons any more than ou w ould If they
a.'o armed."
The (Jovrmnient, le deilnrrd, will nut
1 old the Orangemen ilown by proclaim--.
ons. lie reniiniled the audience of tlm
words of Macaul'iy about the siege of
Derry. to the ffcet thnt It wax not the
battlements anil the guns that saved the
i.ty and the religious and civil liberties of
1 1 eland but the spirit of the men behind
tne walls.
Premier Asqulth in his spcch at Man
chfster to-day denied that Ills speech at
Dadybank regarding home rule dllTered
from that at T.eciK The Colonists have
contended that the latter speech elosd
the door on all hopo of a compromise o 1
liome rule.
The Premier referred to-day u- r:.-.t
7,-ieech made by Sir IMward Cnrs-!". t.
Vlster lender, which be lnterpr:il a
conciliatory and which he thought might
lead to n settlement of tin- dispute by
I'scussion among the r l al leudcih.
speech which Premier Asqutt'i re.
red to contained the .ntnlltlom wli'eh
IMward Carson suggested us Urn lusls
f a settlement. They were as follows:
!. Tho settlement must not be humll'at
iiiv or degrading to I'lster.
I Ulster's treatment tnunt not be dlffer-
nt or exceptional fiom that meted out to
tne other parts of the United Kingdom.
n I'lster must retain the full protection
r' the imperial Parliament.
( The home title bill must not h inch
fv. to lend to the ultimate separation of
t Isier from Great Hrltain.
:ilrnK'r on Irish sllrniner Held
17 Mt Kliiuslonn.
Speiia: CaMe neirnlfh tu Tin. Slx,
Dt.Tl.uv, Dec. Ii. The tlrst Ititeifei-encs
Tvlth the importation of Hrins Into Ireland
jfter the proclamation of the dectco to
i.ay wao when Miss l.awlcr, a passenger
n the Holyhefld-Klncslown stcinier, w.i
.eld up by the customs Inspector at
vJnBFtown because ber bngnso contained
;iia rifles.
Mls I.iwler explained that her father
was a gun dealer In Dublin and she
biought the tides with her from Knjland
beeauso tha strilto of transport workers
J.cro would have delayed their arrival
r ordinary freight. She was allowed to
! to her homi) with the rifles acLiini
janled by n detective to as'eit.iln If her
explanation was bona fide
Auirrlenii Warn Taken III in I'XriMl'n
Home In I'Hrls,
Special Cable Despatch lo Tnr. St"
T'Ams, Den. G. The mystery hui round
lis the dlsappcaranco of .1. Wudauoith
jiiiiters, the American raclm; man, who
vas missing for nearly a week, was partly
toived to-day when he n tinned to his
) u'el.
Ills mother mere! :i! he went last
l-aturrtay to the apartment of n friend,
vl om she does not know, and that he was
t .'cn suddenly 111 thcio and put tu bed.
Pi l .said to hae asked hlii friend to coin
i .1 nicat with her, but he failed to do
s-i .Mr, Itoxct learned !at nlKht that
b's mother w,t anxious about him, where
nnan h suit word to her that he na
MiMUt t retiiiu.
'U arrived at tlii hotel this mottling In
s Pixlcrtb, necoinpanied by hh frle id. The
f.liullv !s!cUn WJK Miiliu. Jiied, bill he
found Mr. Holcis sh.nplng c ilnil and
Decided It was not necessary to examine
- I
Many llrtnrnltiR on the Munretaata
and the Krancr,
SprcM Cable Dfspatchrt to Tub StIS.
1.ivi:rpooi Dec. C. Among those who
will sail to-morrow aboard the Cunard
liner Mauretanla for New York are
j CeorKO (Irossmlth, Kmmy Wehlen and
I t'onnlH i:dls, who nte to appear In New
jYotk: lllshop J. C. Hartr.ell of Madeira.
I who Is on a ttlp for Ills health; Viscount
Danga, eldest son of Karl Cowley: O. V.
Darrlmau, Mr. iiml Mrs. Percy Martin,
.1. II. Mcl'ndden. 1", W. Woolworth and
I. K. (liiboino of New York and Mine, j
Havrk, Dee, t. Anioiiu those leaving
to-morrow by the Kiench liner I'ranc for
New York me Mr. nnd Mrs. William Kills
Corey, Comic IJerthier d" Knuvlgny, the
new inilllury ntlache to the French Km
bassy at WasliliiKtoii , H.uon Miura, tho
loiiuclllor of the Japanese Embassy al
Wnhli.gton. and the Countess Spoftls-wood-.Maekin,
funnel 1)' Miss Sallle Brit
ton of St. Lbtiis.
Theodore B. Starr. Inc
Burn Scottish Mansion, Destroy
Much 'Mall and Break
Many Windows.
i.. rzr:.
Ilrlnaa li tin, aya DnulUhrann,
tlieaul Cable Derratcti to The 9rs.
I.onpoN, Dte. D. County Council School
Inspector Italian!, lectutltig last evenlnsr
lx fure tlm Child Study Society, contended
that In'.erferencH with natural lefthanded
jiieS'i Is ltao to e nine st.iiiiiii"ilii.
lie raid that six out of ten ehlidien
who weie left handed stammered after
being tjusn. to become ambidextrous.
They were clued of tdanimuriiiii by belm;
petniltted to use l ie Ift hand exclusively
for a j..ii- and a ualt.
lie sild nl-o ti.at th'te nu twlca as
n.any left 'ui.rtcil boys as Kit Is and '.he
siitim proportion of st.'.mtneie s
Icader Hasn't Taken Vooil or
Drink Sinee Her
Move lo Punish Soldiers for
Hints . Blow to
' Towiiieoplf.
.'.fi iu( ul.V ;...' to Tiik MS
ItUKLtN, Dec. C. Tho Kaiser ordered
to-day the garrison of Zabern transferred
Indefinitely to Ilairenau, about twenty
miles distant from the town where the
trouble between the military and the
civilians which resulted In the ltelchst.iR's
vote of lael of con'Uencc, started re
cently. The Kmpercr nffr a conference with
the Imperial Chancellor and the heads
of the military orMiilsatlon In Alsnce at
DonaueschltiKen this mornltiB, also or
dered that the court martial proceedings
:i(t.ilnt the olllcers accused of ill treatlns
the Alsatians be expedited.
Dr. von Hethmami-Hollwe made this
announcement after his icturn from the
conference. It Is asserted that the Chan
cellor offered his resignation as n result
of the censure of Purl.ament. This Is
denied ofliclally. however.
The centrists and the radicals In the
P.elchstas aro apparently satisfied with
this settlement of tho Alsatian difficulty.
The Socialists and tho Alsatian? regard
,t. on tho other hand, as altoKcthcr In
adequ ite. The members of the Alsatian
pirt contend that it Is not a settlement
at all a. id that it deals a heavy blow
at th" merchants nnd tradesmen of
Kahrru b the removal of a l Important
soarce of revenue. The offendins garri
son was ordered to Ilacenau for maineii-vri-s,
but it Is believed that no other regi
ment will be sent to replace It. The
AUatlans regard this as n punishment
for thu people of Z.ibcrn.
It is expected that Lieut. Itaron von
Korstner. who was the primary cause of
the trouble, will be transferred to an
other reKlineut and that Count on Wrdel,
the tiovernor-i ieneral of Alsace-Lorraine,
nill relinquish his post, while the drop
ping of Col. von Iteutter of the Ninety
ninth Kcglment from the active list Ih
regarded as eitiiin.
The removal of the officers of the Zi
bein garrieon lo Magellan puts them to
great expeii.'e and deprives them of the
comfortable quarters they had in the
After the conference at DiniBUCschhigen
the Kaiser left ior Stuttgart. The Im
perial Chancellor and the others w ho par
ticipated In tho conference did not ac
company 1 1 1 tu to the station.
Pair of Portraits Pnlnted In l7N-r,
('nun tu l.luht,
fperlal Cable Denatch to Tur
London, Dec. 3. A pair of portraits by
lieorKii Ilimmey, the celebrated Ilngllsh
hltWlcal and portrait painter, unknown
lo all biographers of the artist, have coiiim
to light.
They aro portrait of Kdward Taylor
and his wife. They were painted n
17M-S5 and have been In possession of
collateral descendants of Taylor until re
cently. The portrait of the man Is un
touched, but that of Mrs. Taylor was
apparently repainted twenty years later.
This would make the rt touching the work
of another at list, ltomncy died In ISO.'.
Special Cable Detpatth to Tus 5c
London, Dec C The militant su.'Jia
gett(S began to entry out their Hire? is
of dire mni;o for tho arrest of Mis,
Kmmellne l'ankhtlrst by settln flie to
and destroying a mansion lit Scotland
valued at Jl'.'i.OOO, pouring corrosive mild
Into several mall boxes Involving tho
destruction of hundreds of letters and
smashing windows In many cities
The police of tho entile kingdom n e
l.eiplns a strict watch over the linovvn
militants', as It Is believed that tl.ey a:c
plant.lnir something of a sentatea.il na
ture. Mts. Paukhurst remains at Kxeter Jail,
the ii t'.hotltles havlrg decided not to
transfer her for the present to Ilolloway i
.tall here She stalled a hunger and
thirst st! Ike as soon as n!ie tnttrul tho
Jail after beltiK ariested aboald the Ma-tt-stic
and It i expdeted that iiet le
lease will follow In a few daj
The mansion burned by the "aison
suad" was Kelly llouie, on We.vmss ll.iv,
k subtiib of (Jlaseow. A l.uge quantity
of posters beatine tn words "'ote for
j Women" and other su.fratrette propaganda
were found scattered about the place.
Kxeter Jail was picketed to-day by
squads of suffragettes, who believed that
the authorities would transfer their leader
to London, as tilers are no fari.ities for
forcible feedln In tn pilson. Mis. Pan!,
hutst has t eftt (J t" take eve.i a dlop
of water f..:,c her am si
Tin e.a'jotat pr cautions taken by th
pole, compated with tne object they
attained, ate the subject ut lu'ich s.ieer
Ing cominent ou the pait cf the press,
wiilbi the passengers who weie foiced
to wait an hour In Plymouth harbor
while the suffranette was taken off tho
Majestic ate expressing Indignation.
The Manchester CriioriKaii ss the plan
of the police dlsplned "nn absurd dls.
proportion between the actual danger of
disorder or rescue and the plan of prevention."
AN unequifed collec
tion or' antique and
modern Hall and Mantel
clocks in Bronze, Marble,
Mahogany, Oak and Cir
cassian Walnut, with the
best Imported and Ameri
can movements.
An excellent timepiece
may be had as low as $20.
Doctor Also l Send TcaiMii and
I'ocoaism to Limlm of
Spc rehmnCtnir llniled, He Heads for
the .lunitlr.
penal Cable DrtpatKlt to Tnr Si's
Hi bmh Ayiikh, Dec, 5. Col. Itoosevelt
left thin cltv to-day by special train for
Asuncion, Paraguay. He will leave tho
latter city aboard u Paraguayan cruiser
on Monday for Corumba and then plunges
Into tho Jungle on his hunting and ex
ploring txpertltlon.
tint eriiiiienl Will tlorrovy B 1 0,(100,.
OIM) In I.oiiiIiiii iiml Paris.
fpenal Cable Despatch to The Scn,
Montbviiiot, I'lUKiiay, Dec. C, The
Uruguayan (lovei nuieiit has arranged a
loan of IHViOu.OUO vtlth a London and
Paris syndicate. The Covemment Intends
to ciento a tobacco monopoly.
Sliirls Kroin fln for ConitnnlU
iiiiplr mi Lang Trip,
Special Cable Derpalch to Tub Stv,
Sum, Dee. .lules VeilritHH stinted
this aftiii.uon for Constantinople, resum-inn-
IiIh in mi'lane lllght to Cairo and the
Orient Hindi was Interrupted by bad
weather and the need of repairs to thu
His "Inner Circle"' Prescribes
Drinkatetics of Deer in
Foret Fnshu'ss.
Olijeel la Speech at Meetlnir Asalnsl
Fori'lble KredlnK In Jnll.
Special Cable Detpalch to Tnr. Scs
Iundon. Dec. S. The Ilishop of Ken
sington presided at a meeting of ptotest
against the system of forcible feeding of
women in prison tills evening. Ills speech
was received with purring delight by the
woni(ii,ln the audience until lie begun to
denounce the militants for the destruction
of property and brawling in churches.
Then there was an outburst of hlse and
Insulting epithets which dt owned tin
Illshop's woids.
Canon fsimp-on, wlio follow, u ,:i tlm'Iar
vein, met with a like tate.
Prare Centenary anil Hi imwII Ion
Committees Meet In London,
Kpeda' Cable Despatch to Tnr. r I
London, Dec. 0. The llrltlsh peace f. n-1
tenary committee and the committee of I
the Anglo-American cposltlln In 101 1
Jointly gave a iiinner tins evening mr
200 (iromlnent Itrltlh and Americans. Tin:
Duke of Tec!: presldid.
Hespondlng to the toast proposed by thr
Duke to Anglo-American friendship un.l
the Hiiccess of the centenary celebrations.
Ambassador Page refeired to the warship
procession through the Panama ('anal a.
Its opening and said that the llrMlsh fla ,
would be heartily saluted and welcome I
(lying on Hrltlslt ships, "and, might I
add," he said, "wherever else you chooi
to place It."
The Ambassador went on to say that
ICnglislimeii could not do a. gi eater ser
vice to America titan by going In hun
iIimIh and thousands to the Panama-Pa-elllc
Kxposltlun in San I'ranclsco in 191.V
lie promised them a kinsman's welcome
from kinsmen.
The Ilnrl of Klntore hend of the peace
committee, in the course of his speech
said that if the Government persisted In
its refusal tn participate In the exposition
nt San Francisco the Anglo-American ex
position committee would undertake to
transfer their exhibits to the Pacific coast
Cnse Aitalnat I.loyiU Underwriter
Falls In London.
Special Cable Despatch to Tins Sex
London, Dec. 5. The High Court of
Justice Rave a decision against Kin
Century Hank of New York In Its suit
against ono of the Lloyds underwriters
tn compel the payment of the amount
of forged bills which the bank dis
counted, contending that the case was
covered by on Insurance policy for Indem
nity against fraud.
Tho Judge pointed out that tho policy
undertook to pay "all losses" mid not "all
risks." He held that the agreement to
pay all losses meant losses by risks cov
ered In the policy, which did not cover
n case where a hanker was Induced by
fraud to make himself debtor of his customer.
Upsets Wmkoii in Southern France
and Injures the llrlver.
Ipicial Cable Despatch to Tiis Srx.
rAttts, Dec. D. An automobile in which
a Princess of Saxe-Melnlngen wns trav
elling tn Cannes to-day upset a wagon
and the driver of tho latter was seriously
Firemen Killed on Falar Alarm.
Akiion, Ohio, Dec. C. Two firemen
were killed and three were badly hurt In a
collision between two pieces of fire ap
paratus which were responding this nioi n
inn to a false alarm from the Interna
tional Harvester Company's plant.
for thlmituror K. w. UUOVK. Cures Cold
In On Day, Cures Urlp In Two Iat. Sit.
Cl.. ir.es C, Pease, t ,j s Mo s
everybody l.r.ons nearly wiped out the to
baoco Industry In America by organizing
hit Non-Smokers Protective Ltntfue if
America, told jestrrday of u new so
ciety h has under vva" which obliterates
the users of coffee, tia and opium.
Dr. Pease, who once upon it time when
talklne to repo-Ms :ni-ed h.f voice
only ugali.st vl. -tints of "nl. oll:ieis,.i. ' t
yesterday denounced q te as vehiinentlv
those who had Income tne slaws of
teaism. cc'feuism Uiotolate.stn a.-.i' op -unilsm.
"And how about lotse's i-.eckism?"'
or of the many vlsitots in Dr. Pease's ,
once ax tot vst s-eventy-seionu strett
al.-fd yrstenlav a!t rnoon.
The visitors had gathered In the doc
tor's o!fk because a printed leallet had
tillered Into newspaper ol'.lces, tl-e leaflet
unfoliling the !. that Dr. Pease had
Just o.-paulrej a new club called "The
Inner Circle." This Inner circle Is com
posed of members of the Nor. Smoker
Protective Lagu of Amvrica who are
willlrit tu go to the extent of tal.ir.t; t!.f
followlmr pledge
"As n principle of life, I do not use
ofler to otheis or give assent to the use
of alcoholic iniuois. wiiKs. tobacco in any
foim. tea. coffee. , tin. olate. opium or any
poisons o.- xh,l.i:.,,,ng drinks. If I Mo.
la t'-.!s pri'vlple i anv fi.irtii.ular at any
time her. tifter I v ,:: honestly and frankly
make it k.lowi . U : inpiate mv tnep.ibershlp
In The Inner C' 'e M l eeai- to attend
the meeting u-.'i, i einvtiited."
Mluht; Unnaerou Tlilna.
"Doesn't the use of coffee ca i.-e "ir
rhosls of thu liver?" n-kil one of tlv
vWltors, who had come to the doctor's
oiTlce, and at the moment could think of
no other question. The iiifstioner was
about to ask that public opinion be sus
petnled until he could think of a better
Inquiry when the doctor broke lu with a
ready answer. .
"Coffee drinking certainly does cause
cirrhosis of the liver," explained Dr.
P. ase.
'Wore ou evt r a coffee drinker, doc
tor?" the same visitor asked, now feilltig
that his qii.stlou hadn't been as foolish
as It seemed at Hist.
"Yes," vvhlspcMd the do. tor In a
shamefaced way. "Hut I gave up coffee
when I was 1" years of age. I was stt
ting at the talde one morning when 1
suddenly pushed the cup avvav, and I
said lo my mother, 'I see by the pip. i s
that there is no nourishment in coff, e. In
the last analysis
"You were 12 ears old then, you say,
"Yes, i; j.c.118 old, 'In the last iinn'v
sls,' I said to my mother, 'coffee theiefnie
Is not n food, but essentially a deleterious
stimulant. I renounce It forevir, mother,
forever" And next I said what do you
"You said. 'Pass the prunes,' perhaps"
"No, Indeed," corrected the doctor ear
nestly, "Next I made the statement that
never again would coffee pass my lips."
"How about horse'snecklsin. snss.
prllla and lollypops" the doctor next was
nsked. "You have been quoted, doctor,
uk being opposed to lollypops."
"If vou mean the chemically dyed candy
with it stick In it sold to children. I cer
tainly am opposed to lollypops, illnger
aleisin also I object to because ginger ale.
especially the Imported product, Is too
rich In ginger, not to mention the de
plorable practice of foreigners who add
alcohol to the ginger ale,"
"What do you advise one to drink.
then?" Dr. Peas-- was nsked,
"Write as 1 dictate." Dr. Pease an
swered. "Are you ready?"
"Yes, doctor; proceed,"
"Winn the deer in the forest In the
forest--In the "
"In the forest fastness, doctor?"
"Ilxactly. When a deer In the forest
fastness desires drink it seeks not a brew
do you follow me?"
"We're ahead of you. sir. Proceed."
"When a deer In the forest fastness de
sires di'lu'.i It seeks not a brew but the
orvstal water brooks at which to quench
Its thirst."
"Is that impromptu your own stuff?"
the doctor wns asked.
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(ircnli-M PoUon Pa.tlmrn.
lie cslil It wiih. Of the groat poisons
of tlii' world, toti.-ii-co, pri .if aclil, bi
chloride of niiTi'iiiy mid similar imtlmi;n
are iimoiiR the wort, the doctor (.aid. Next
to thesii 1'onien coffee, willed iilinu.dly, ne
rnrdliiR to Dr, I'eane, mows down IIh
tlioumuidH of cirrhoHlH of the liver vic
tim. Chocolate ami coco.i aro almost an
liad. Coffee In tlm worst of thene drllikN,
Dr. I'eane added; ten In next, anil elioco
lute Ih ho poisonous that It may lx ranked
In tho same class with tea poison.
Incidentally nnybody may Join tho In
ner Circle, To become u member all one
lias to do Ih to call nt the doctor's of
fice and promise on one's honor never
nKiilu to smoke, drink, take coffee, tea.
cnoflolnte or opium, Klneer ale nnd there,
fore horse's necks snrsnparllln, Jolly.
pop or nnythlnff else that the deer In the
forest fastnenii would turn IIh dellcnlo
nose up at.
Ship Aahorv on bi Krrnch t'nast.
Special Cable Despatch to Tiik Hiv,
lifXKiitK, Dec. .1, The Norwegian
three masted sailing ship Norden went
axliore dcre to-day In a Kale, Her crew of
rlghteen wcra wived. She waa bound
from Hnytaln porti.
Owner of "IN'lit VnrisiiMi" Noti
fies I'oiiu'iiro He Won't
Take Treiniersliip.
tis tho dissolution of r.iillnnicm and
i .ills upon the innHCM t il.-o and tdiow
i iff uppres Ion It fays tho pie.-i nt chum-li-r
Is uscd'hs and its dissolution would
upset tli" iulrlKUcsi attalnst 1'ii'Mdrnt
Specal Cable Despatche. to Tnr Si v
I'ahis. Dec. '. (S.ituid.iyl -In the s
ond edition of l.c I'lptiro, which appeared
at 3 ;3il A. M., It Is .iiinoimci'd that M.
Dupuy, owner of the I'elit I'nrfalrn, has
Informed 1'iestdeiit IVIncne that It i Im
possible for him to form a I'.ibliii '.
M, Cnllhiux, former Minister of Finance,
haughtily nunoiuu'cd that he was xoiiiK
rabbit shooting lids uioinluK, and added
that he would return If resident I'oln
c.ire sent for liliu and hs'.umI him tn form
a Ministry, In which event Im would re
quire guarantees for the radlcal-soi'l.illsts,
M. Itlbot, whose wife, formerly Miss
Mary Ilurch of Chicago, and Mine, I'oln
cure were bitter enemies, called lit the
yiyseu I'alace yesterday morning and in
formed the I'rcsldent that Ills hiiillh Is
loo feeble to enter politics again. M. I'oln
care thereupon offered Hie 1'ienilershlp to
M, Dupuy, n former Minister, M. Dupuy
accepted provisionally and asked for time
to consult his friends.
M, Dupuy hnd conference with ex
IVeiiiler llarthoii, Arlstlde lit iiiml,
tieorgeH Clemenceaii, Ihulle Combes,
Joseph II lit u x and UaMou I loiiincrgue,
all former Ministers, last ru'iilnc
l,a I'ctilc .'rpKbfMjtu-, a Socialist orsan,
has an nlilurlal this morning on tlm
Cabinet crisis lb. which It opcul udvo.
I'oiidllioiis line to Nen I , , I'nrin
l,nt I'l'i'NNttftlr ChiinueN,
I'uili, Dec, 5. The I'rincli I'oieKi
i illlco b.is authorl.ed the chief of til
tin i .-.Ml for Atnei ,iiti affairs, M. D.ml'l
Al I I'lieMilley, lo expiess the e- of
tlm l-'ieiich (o eminent legiinllug t'n
1'r.inco-Ann'i-li'iiii tunic Munition and t'le
proposed new trade .Igli etllellt In !) i
the countries n.s die remit of the eliansi -
III the talilV. M. I'llev.llleJ- COIIVeJcd ,ii
iwsNise to ,uili.isadoi' ilerilcl. .it .1
meeting of the Collllte l-'rallci-Apierlil
hist Monda and added an cxpiesslon if
the good will of tlm French Uowrnme t
and nation toward the t'nlted Slates,
M. Clievalle said that although ther
was need for friendly dlseus-ion of the
conditions arllui; from tin' new tariff, t'l
tariff had not produced any bad effects
oil the coniinrrcl.il lil.illous between tie
two countries, and although the l'nlfd
Stales still hells more to Franco than 1'
buys, the exportitlons from Fran 1
the Fnlted States hud li"llly doubled ,u
tin- last live ye.its. In tlm same peilr)
tlm Impoits from the Fulled States hi
Increased by (10 pec cent,
I'.ounw- flic ,, it Iter The
'oll'lil t.,,n S,i-t-e.i. Wale-, lo .'i!,in;i,i
with son pilgrims from I'oi-t S.1I1I in
bo.u-d. lost her ptopellrr mul Cn
iigioitnd near the Island 01" Jibel Tcr 11
the 1. il Sc.l.
IhiMI-. Tile Itev Tliom.iH C I'l'lteill
1 halo-. Ilor oC the I'.ithollc Diocese o
Clevelund, 1 lino, nnd tin. lbs Jolm T
il Toiuii'li m' Tob do were reerivul 111
llllilienee by Pope l'lus N
.M 1:1.111 11 11 sr I'reiuii- V . Watt of
Vietmlii ainl his Cabinet iihlgncd Mem
hers of t 11' I. 'hoi pa, iy will ilomlnatn thu
next M'nl'tiy
I'reslitrnt I'liluciire llpi-iis Miow In
I'resence of Alntor.
I'.nm, Dec. .V-Tlie tlttli nniiii.tl pvIi
tlon exhibition was opened to-day hv
I'lChldcnt I'olnciie In the prcsciKe 1" 1
large number of prominent nM,itor,
iieioplano iiiaiiuf.ii'tiueis .1 :il otlieis con
in .'led wttli ii,;itlo:i Those ntieinlin
ciuim from miin pailit of the wm Id
The latest n-ileeliiinti in fie 11 1
lb lug all' exhibited 111 th imrii .,ii-shuw.
Natural Alkaline Water
To roRulate the Stomach and
relieve Indigestion, your Physician
will recommend tne use of
A delightful water,
unexcelled for all
table uses.
1 t'gfSfc Not Genuine
j BySjJs?! willioul the word

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