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.Votws Should Dccitlo Kiirl.v
llio Stnti Con
vention. Oil
MailV SlililliCS ()ll( f KlltC llllU,'ll,r,!l f.(,r the State are III many cases 1
Work Hardships 011 Citi
zens of State.
Albany, Deo. t. tlov. Ulynn hellcves
the votera of this State should have all
early opportunity to pas upon tho iiues
tlon as to whether or not a constitutional
convention should he held In 19 1 R for tho
purpose of amendliiK the orKonlc law.
Democratic liitlsliitlvc le.tilets have
nnnouueed that an effort wilt lie made
when the I.enWuture reconxenes next
week to pass a hill c.illltw for a special
election early next jear for the purpose
of Htllmiltllni; to the otirs the question
or iioictitiK sucli a convention 111 i:u... ir 1
the iiroposltlou Is approved the delepitcH
will lie chosen at the November election
In Olt.
(lov. !lynn In a st.itiiiient Issued to
day points out that unless such legisla
tion Is enacted the question of holdlm? a
constitutional ((invention will lie sub
mitted automatically to the oters at tho
general election In I'.Uii, when the I'resl
(lentlal campaign is 111 progress and when
the question may be matirlally obscured
l) partisan ei Iteineiit.
Uvea thoimh a special election Is called
nt an early date to ikteiiiilnu the ques
tion of chUIiik a convention deli fatten
luniiol be elected until next November and
the convention cannot possibly rissemble
until tho tlrst Tuesday in April. ISIS.
Tho Important questions helng dis
cussed us proper subjects for considera
tion by a constitutional convention arc
tletalleil by the (Jovernor.
They Include the short ballot, conser
vation of hydraulic power, election and
primary reforms, prison labor, home rule,
judicial leforms, woman HiiRruKo and
more spteltlc declarations in the Consti
tution In respect to many Important mat
ters, such as the tlovornor's power of up
lHjItitment when the Senate Is not in
session and the provision In icspect to
Impeachment and Impeachment trials.
I.nw on ('mentions Cited.
Tin law In icKard to constitutional
rflnventlolis Im clteil lie file Coventor, and
he adds In his slati uuiit :
"It Is perhaps utineei ssary to consider j
the details of the various questions wliltli .
might properly be considered by such
convention In iletcrinlnim,' the quihtlou as,
to whether or not our ptesent Constltu- :
tlon has not become somewhat obsolete In '
Its application to present day conditions,
but the followiiiR might he considered in
that connection .
"1, The Short llallot. Theic seems to
lie 11 httont? and perhaps a HrnmiiK feel-
Ins In this Statu in favor of tho shoit 1
ballot. At present the Constitution pro- 1
vldeB for the (lection of the inventor.
Lieutenant-iloveriior, the Secretary of
State, the Comptroller, the Treasurer, the
Attomej -(icikt.iI ami the State Knulneer
and Surve.vor
"The ilt 11 1.1 it I Is that power lie Klven
the lioverunr tlirutiKlt i onMttutional
amendment to aiioiiit some of these ofll
cers, Instead of elcctlUK them by the peo
ple. "This chance Is of the snatest Im
portance. Concentration of 1 esi'unsiblllt v
oii men known to the voters Is behind the
argument for tho short ballot.
"2. Conservation of Hydraulic Power. i In It.jiy to Tun SfN's Inquiry as to
The construction of the barge canal Iit3)m- her houses of thlldltood scheme, with
developed, necessarily and without e.tr i ' ,)1(ar glll(i,.iis uld be hi.hII.sI practically
expense, ut several points along the
canal, very valuable h.vdiatilic power..
Thus far In the construction of lock.t,
feedeis, bulkheads, spillways, toe
State has beet, governed entiiil.v by tin
nieds of nav Ig.iltoli.
"Were tlnie a proper unserv atlon
policy adopted tie State could without
much additional expense Mn some caset
without any I adapt thn sti miiires fo
the development of water power In ad
dition to the needs of navigation.
"This matter ha already been too oiu
delayed, l.cglslatuics have lahoud wlt'i
it, but have Ik ill i olllpi lied to contend
against pawn fill ltittiti or It tve spit'
llpOll dlVtilgelit views. Tile people shoiil I
sneak throug'i theli delegates to a con !
stlttltlonal cuiivi ntioii as to what police
Is to he adopti d for the con-et v .ttloit 01
the hjdraulic ihiwii of tin Stale. That
policy should he lie m poiated b the Con
stitution It-.df and not I pen to the
tinkering which will follow from Legis
lature to Legislator,!' by the Inteiests tint!
are alTtcted.
"This cno-ervatlon policy should inn
lain siitlloleiit safeguards to pievent future
legislatures f om lepiatlng the folly ot
past Legislatures In disposing b char
ters', sometimes for a coiisldeiatloii meiely
nominal, In other cases without considera
tion, of water power of almost Immeasur
able value, which If ptopeiiy legulatel
and disposed of at m.irki t rates would
Tender x'ast revenurs to the State.
"A delay of a ear having a proper
conservation policy adopted and Incur-1
pointed In tlm Constitution will lesult In J
Kreat lusi to tint State, which In soma
cases may be Iriepaiable, where the
power ma be do eloped during the con
atructlou of the canal.
"2. Iteglstintlon and Voting, Section
4, Article II, of the Constitution now
provides for asivi taining hy proper proofs
the citizens who shall be entitled to the
right of suffrage am! also provides for
tlie registration of voles.
"It provides that In cities and villages
having 5,ouu or more, according to the
lost preceding State eiiunurallon of In
habitants, tint voters shall be leglstcred
upon personal application onl, but voters
not residing In such cities or villages shall
not be ieiiilieil to apply in pel ton for
registration, Kc,
"This is complained of by collegn stu
dents and commercial travellers. If they
voto nt all they ale required to appear
personally and legister, at great expense,
sometimes great Inconvenience, and often
It Is utterly Impoislble to travel the ills
wUtilce and register.
"4. Prison Labor, Tho Constitution al
ready provides for the inployineiit, un
der certnln restrictions, of pilson labor
by and on behalf of the State. This policy
was adopted hefoio the work of toad con
struction and of refoicstatlon was under
taken by tlie State.
"There Is a well founded demand that
th3 Constitution should be amended so as
to give authority the Stato to employ
prison labor under pioper restrictions for
JilRhwuy construction imd iip.ilr woik
or, tho State and In iclorcstatlou and
possibly other emplo ments wiiero the
product of their labor dot s not como In
competition with other labor,
"6. Home Itule. At tho hist session of
tho Legislature a home rule bill was
patted which undertook to give to cltlts
enlarged powers In respect to their piop
erty ami municipal affaire. It is con
ceded on all sides that, before the Leg
islature can enact a practical homo iule
bill. It Is necessary to hao an amend
ment to tho Constitution.
Power to Cities to I.eulsUte.
Vhe Constitution has placed a limita
tion upon th Legislature, In that It has
restricted icnisiaiion generally to tie a
,.r.flnn of tho legislative Inane h of tho
8 tale government. It is held by the courts
that this U a function that cannot bu
"A constitutional convention will have
Mwer to permit un Legislature to nele-
-ill ..ortiiln 1,ieUlull...
J now either denied them or of doubtful
viillilltj, In respect to purely municipal nf-fulrx.
"ii, The fiut'Htlun of tliu method of ne
lection mid tenure of the Juilleliiry has
ulwayn lieon ami Im now u inott Import
ntit ouetitloii, Them are very many earn
jest, well Inforineil nitvoeiitcn of tho ys-
trm of the Keleetlnn of JwIkcm hy up- 1
polntment rather than hy election ami
for a life tenure, no an to remove, umilr-
iintu for Judicial oftloo from tho ponltlon,
tmmewliiil liuinlllntlnK, of helm; xuppllalitM
for the miffniKe of the electum.
"7. Ah to whether tho wil.trlcM provided
hy the preKont Constitution for the prin
cipal executive, Judicial ami IcKlxlathc of
llclalM Iiunc not hciome lnadeiuate.
"The (tint of living Iihh no Increased
and the conilicnieilltiii of Imslne ami pro-
j feHslonal men has so attciuii hIiicc tho
I Constitution of 1S9I Hint services ren-!
mi iti. ii ivnn tmi'iimtt'i't itMMiit'Hi'nini 1171
than when tho same services are ren
dered to private Individuals anil corpora
tions. Tlin restrictions of the present Con
stitution as to horiowltiK money may be
tonsldered to have In en outgrow n by the
advance of tho times. tJreat public; Im
provements luti tided to last for many
cars are properly payable by bond Is
sues, which may be retlied Rradtially
or for which an annual sinking fund
may be provided.
"It. The qinstlon of the rinht of women
to enjoy the ehctoral franchise Is u mat-
ti r which demands and Is r 'IvIiir much
public atti litlou, and as to whether this
I milt should be acionleil to the female
sex Is a question which mlnlit Very
propel ly be considered by rcpn seutatlves
chosen illicitly from the people for tliu
puriiose of revising the Constitution.
"These are only siiKKcstlons pi refer
ence to questions which are attraetliiK
pulillc attention and it would seem that
they are matins of sulllclently ftrave
Iniiioi tance to at least warrant the sub.
mission to the people of the question its
to whether a convention should he called
to it vise the organic law"
Ilrntlrm 'k l.eller Won't I'bllnue
Asphalt enniliil lninlr.
M.liANV, Dec. Nothing will Interfere
with the c inli ne of the Investigation of the
asphalt scandal taken up by Special Com.
nilsslnner .lames W. tisborne, not even
the demaiut made by John A, Heiim-say
upon tiov, illvnn for an Immediate Inquiry
Into the evidence Henry A. Kublno says
he has to support his charge that "certain
monp.vs passed from (Sent go V. Meflulre
to John A. llennessy and tlov. Sulzcr."
tlov. Olvtiii arrived In Albany to-night.
A close friend of the Inventor asserted
that he was In no mood to permit llen
nessy or any one els,, to Interfere with
the Investigations of Mr Osborne.
tlov. Cil.vnn said lie had not rend the
llennessy litter, but Intimated that he
would depend upon the Judgment of Com
missioner Osborne to conduct the Inquiry
as he saw lit
IMlleiitor IIUciiKse the Cr
lllir nf ('lillilren.
W.vsiitviiTos-. Dec .V Dr. Matla Mon
tessori. the Italian educator of children
mil founder of the houses of childhood,
Is firm In her conviction that the not mat
child under normal mnilltlons Is alwa.vs
happy and contented and does not 01 y.
She was Inteiested In what Tim Srs had
to say edltorlall to-day of her "Ideal
habit s."
She said she had been engaged In the
work of teaching and training children
f 1 mi :t tears upward for m.iiiv yeais and
I she knew that the natural stale of a baby
1 was to Im happy and quiet, not iiiies.iillj'
'silent, but that theic Is im need for them
to 01 y. They cm g,t proper lung exe.r-
; else with laughing and dug and, as
' tin y grow older talking and "liitftni:
1 As to tlie bleating of the lambs and
thi pi 1 ping of the chickens as naturi
way of ilivelopiitg the interims of those
dumb creaturts. they vveie not to lie com
luted to the ciing of babies and children
for tlie lambs bleat to communicate with
earh other and
the chickens peep when
Ithev are happy.
in New- Yotk with Its ATl.vnu chlldien In
public schools, she ald she could hnt.ll
offer a suggestion escept that no amount
of miine !s too great to spend plotltaldy
upon tlte education and comfort of chil
d ren.
Mrs Montessorl Is being entertained by
Dr and Mrs. Alexander llraham Hell,
who had some fi lends ilintug with them
to-night In bet honor She will Kcluio In
j the Masonic Temple to-inoriow night
Miimils in.vlor 'ugliest Ulploinnlle
4'iHiiVreiicr mi Tolls.
W vsiiiNuToN, Dec .1. -llannis Taylor.
e'.-Minislec to Spain, believes that the
1 "tilt.'t States should attuinpt to adjust
through diplomacy the dispute that has
arisen Willi Hi eat Itiitaiu as to the ilgat
of this country to give American ship
flio acci-ss to the I'.tuaina Canal and
at tint humn time levying tolls on foieign
essids, Mr. Taylm piesenteil his views
oil the subject at a session to-night of
the American Society for Judicial Settle
mint of International Disputes.
"I suggest that there be held a con
fen nee In I'arls betwein tho I'nlted
States imd tireat Hritaln," said Mr. Tay
lor. "If the conference should determine
the treaty adjustable, such a recommenda
tion to Congnsj would change tlm
whole situation. If the decision vvi-ie
otherwise we could decide the question by
nrblli atlon and direct ntgotlation."
At to-night s session the society se
lected officers for the coming year as
follows: Charles W. Kllot. president;
rhrodoie Mai burg of ll.tltiinoie, vice-
plesldent; James H. Scott, Washington,
M cretin V. and J. C. Schlllldlapp, tieas-
tner. These members of tlie executive
loiuinittee were elected' Joseph II.
Choate. W. W. Willnughby, II. H, y.
Mad'ailand, John II. Hammond and (lov.
Simeon II. Baldwin of C'oiiiu ctlcut.
$10,000 STOLEN FROM Y. M. C. A.
Authorities of WnslilnKtoii ieln-
tlotl Mtspect i:tlttlo ee.
Wasiiiniiton, Dec, fi.- The dlscnvciy
was made to-u.iy ny local t. m. i . ..
ailthoiitles that some one had made away
with $10,000 of the association s funds. A
young i ntployea of the organization is
A coinmittee or the association omcers
began an Investigation to-day which Im
likely to result In an arrest.
Preferential Tariff Itntm on Cer
tnln Import Are Itrtnlned.
Washinoton, Dec. 6 Continuation of
tho Hrazlllan preferential tariff rates
on certain goods linpoitrd from tho
I'nlted Htates Is assuietl, according to
advices received at the Stato Department
The Hrazlllan budget for this winter,
as present! d olllclully llils week, con-
tit Ins tint usual provision for maintain
ing the preferential.
Owners of III Fated Whip Ask llnrly
Hearing an Liabilities.
Wasiiinoton, Deo. ti. The Supreme
Court was asked to-day by the Oceania
Steam Na,vlTitlnn Company, owner ot
tho Ill fated Tltunlc, to advance for an
early hearing Its suit to limit Its lia
bilities resulting from the disaster.
It seeks exemption or reduction of
claims aggregating ?DI,J'.'5,inn ami In
support of the application to secure quick
settlement of Its liability deviates many
chtiui.ihts alo lUilllule.
Suffwislsts TteqncHt. for Stnnil
lnr Coniniiftpp Likely to
He Turn nil Down.
DIM h j
( 'o tl ITl'CS S I f 1 1 1 11 1 T IIIOII MllV lil'CIlk
Off From National
WahUINOTON, Dee. R. The Committee
on llules of the House of Representatives
concluded this afternoon Its hearlims of 1
the arguments for and against woman
At the morning session representatives
of the Cluldon clubs of tlie t.'nlted States
held the floor. At tho afternoon session
Mrs. Catherine W. McCulloch of Chicago
took churee of the suffrage side and In
troduced morn than forty tluco minute
orators. The antls had .1. Tom llellln of
Alabama on their llt of speakers. Kor the
suffragists Itepresent.itlv e V'rank Mnndill
of Wyoming made the concluding address.
It become known that the commltteo Is
not illsiKised to grant the full request of
the sufTraglsis ; that a special House com
mittee be created to take up the considera
tion of the suffrage problem and to be
known officially as the House Commltteo
on Hqual Suffrage. It is pointed out by
meillbeis of the committee that the an
swer to the womin's idea will be a spisitle
tecolimiendatlnii by the rules comiulttie to
the Committee on Klectlon of President,
Vlve-l'ieslilent and members of Congress
for the consldratlon of the guneral sub
ject of equalizing the suffrage and the
consideration of the suffrage amendment
to the Constitution.
objection to this disposal Is made that
under present circumstances and In vb vv
of the President's: desire to have the sub
ject of direct primaries considered at this
session tho tthovn mentioned committee
will have Its hands full. Nevertheless It
is likely that the recommendation will be
Conitessnieti believe a resolution pro
viding for a standing committee on woman
suffrage would be yielding too far to the
suffragists and giving them too great an
advantage over the opposition. In his
speech this morning Mr llellln succeedid
In brin.'lng down upon his head direct at
tack from the Malum t women who spoke
for suffrage In the nflernooii's rebuttal.
'Women Attack Man Spender.
Mrs. Oscar Hundley .if lllimltigham.
Mrs. Haldrldge of Huntsville and Mrs
Patty It. Jacobs of Illrnilnuliam poured
out their vviath on Mr. Itetlln's head while
that gentleman, sitting with the commit
tee, smiled and seemingly appreciated the
huriicami as much as anv one present.
Miss Helen Todd of California was In
troduced by Mis. William Kent, wife of
Itepresettttttlve Kent of California, who
yleldi il her time. Miss Todd related that
she had been a factory Inspector for sc
years In Illinois. She trlid to lefute the
statements made by the atitl-suffraglsts
that woman suffiage In California, after
less than two cai. was less popular.
She ascribed to the women voteis there
the enactment of the State eight hour law
for women, the mothus' pension Itw. tin
tllMin'CII Ollll li.wvil t.i . oi' ..it.- t
.na I.. I...- 1... .....I ..tl.n
measures for the protection
(if til. I
mothers and the youth of that State.
Miss Alice lt'.ackwell of Huston openi d
the afternoon argument for the suffragists.
She produced statistics fiom California
c!crgmcn of nil denominations Indorsing
suffrage. She also told the committee
that since the woman suffrage constitu
tional anu ndiiient had been written Into
the organic law of California there had
been an Increase In the number of mar
riages there.
The most lemtrkable presentation In
the suffnigKts' ctse to-day was made by
Miss Ibie W'lnslow. foimerlv an opera
tive In a Nov oik hosiery mil She read
a lesitliitlon passed bv the recent conven
tion of organized vv oiklng women of the
United States indorsing suffrage
till After I'resldent.
While the hearing was going on at the
Capitol the forty-llftli anttuil convention
of the National American Woman Suffrage
Association was holding it concluding ses
sion. The are undaunted because they will
nothavcatioppoitunity topiesint thelrcase
to 1'rcstdcul Wilson illglng that be send
a special message to Congress In which
he may expiess a favorable opinion in
legard to woman suffiage
The convention voted "To await bis
pleasure" as to tlie occasion for piesetitlng
him their petition. Then, amid cheet",
the convention voted the appointment of a
committee of tUty-llvr, one delegate from
each component organi. ttlon of the na
tional association, to wait on the President
and urge him to send a tnessige on the
subject to Congress.
There was a suggestion of bid feeling
displayed between tlm National Suffrage
Association, as leprrscnted In the Dstict
of Columbia, and the Woman's Congres
sional I'nlon, which Is an offshoot. It Is
charged bv some of the mole cnnsei vatlv e
of the suffragists that a spirit of militancy
dominates the Coiigiesslonul I'nlon They
bellevo that lite union's methods aie
modelled too closely on the lines fol
loweil by the Women's Social and Politi
cal Union In Kiiglainl. They feai a bad
liupiesslon has been conve.ved to Con
gtess by the exttenie activities of Congres
sional i'nlon leaileis liete.
There Is talk of a severance of illa
tions between the Congressional I'nlon and
the national association. The conserva
tives ut present far outnumber the ex-
extremists. rMi the other hand, the Con
gressional rnlon has made a spienuiu
iccord 111 tecnrdllig and tabulating fads in
legard to members of Congiess and their
attitude on suffrage, and besldis have
raised and spent nioro than JlTi.flO'l since
last April In work for the propaganda.
District llllli'lnla Dlchiirne -liny
AttncUrd by i:inplocos.
WshiiinutkNi Dec S. Olllcials of the
District of Columbia to-day refused to
sustain tlie notion of employe! s of Kr.tnK
A. Munsey In attacking a newsboy and
ordering his arrest because he was cry
ing on the street n newspaper which con
tained an article relating to tliu Munsey
Trust Company of this city.
Tho Munsey employees apparently oh
Jiilcd to tho character of the publicity
which is being given to the absorption of
tho United States Trust Company
by the Munsey company after tho Treas
ury Department Imd agreed to de
posit Jl.dfln.ooo with tho Munsey com
pany. The two employees of Mr. Munsey s
newspaper In Washington, It is charged,
attached the newsboy ami took his papers
Ironi til I ii. When tho boy complained
to a policeman he was arrestid.
The Corporation Counsel nf tho Dlstrlit
to-day declined to entertain tho chargo
of disorderly conduct against tho outh,
and Mr. Munsey's representatives then
sought In havn the chargn changed to
that nf obtaining money under false pre
tences. Tliu latter charge required ac
tion by tho United States District At
torney, and ho declined to hold the boy
on It.
Win rants were sworn out to-nlght by
newspapera for the two Munsey em
ployee, ono of whom la thu circulation
niiilingei ot Mr. Munsey's Washington
newspaper They am charged with as
sault, Till wiiriants will ho served lo
morrow muiiiiut;.
I'lllbuater Holds Hp 1)13,000,000 In
Alnnnma Wnr Clnlma.
Wahiiinoton, Dec. 5, A verbal clash
between Hepresentatlves Underwood of
Alabama, Democratic leader, and Mann
of Illinois, Hepuhllcnn leader, took place
In tho House to-day over the hill carrying
about 12,000,000 In payment of claims
against the (lov eminent.
As a result, Mr. Matin started n fili
buster that caused tho bill to go over.
Mr. Mann opposed im amendment offered
by Mr. t'ndeiwood Incorporating In tho
measure it J I y,000 claim pityabk" to per-
k,.,.u 1.. ft... 1 eu .nu.a.. tiki
.-..nf. ,11 ..ii, uiiuLiniiiiii c iinu 11 v iwi
damages by the I'nlted Stales troops
after the close of tho war.
Mr. Mann pointed out that the Ala-
liam.i claim was not reported by the
Claims Committee and he expressed doubt
that It wits a Just charge. Mr. L'ndcr
wood replied that the claim should be
paid and ho took exception to Mr. .Miuiii'h
Representative Carlln of Virginia at
tempted to smooth the differences, but
dropped Into his seal suddenly when Mr.
Maun shouted at him:
"You're too small to get In this."
When the House adopted the t'nder
wood niiKtidment .Mr. Malm began his
tillliiisttr on the point of no quorum.
The House then ltdjotirned.
Another Gunboat and Two Head
Kleetion ''Observers" Or
dered to HpjHiblie.
Washimitov, Dec. President Wil
son has approved the plan of Secretary
ltryau to "observe" the coming Domini
can elections as outlined In The Sl'N to
day. This was evidenced to-day in the
issuance of orders to the gunboat Dolphin
to proceed to Santo Domingo and Join
the gunboats Nashville and Petrel In
those waters.
It Is lnteuiUd to send to Santo Do
mingo, probably to-morrow, two special
commissioners from the Department of
State, who will head the party of "ob
servers" at the dictions on December 15.
According to the present programme
Hugh S. (iibson, until reiently secretary
of legation at Havana, and J. II. Stabler,
attached to the I.alln American division
of the State Department, will be Mr.
Hryan's itpreseiitatlves.
It Is not the present intention that (lib
sou and Stabler shall go to Santo Do
mingo on the Dolphin. They probably
will proceed hy way of Key West, Ha
vana and iluautanauio and thence by the
gunboat Nashville over to Santo Domingo.
The Dolphin piobably will go to l'orto
Ulco and take aboard theie it number of
American olllcials in Porto Itleo who are
to Join the "observing" representatives.
Secretary Hryaii was most uncommuni
cative rga rdlng Ills plans for nctloii In
the Dominican republic.
It was admitted, however, that this Gov
jemment 1.- trjlng to Insute the fairness of
I the elections as a result of assurances
given last summer, when through the
efforts of the I'nlted States the revolution
. was brought to an end The plan of hav-
ihg "observers" has been adopted as the
I most expedient procedure In Mew of the
short tl rii between now and election day
, Promises were nude by Minister Sttlll-
,. van last summer mat 11 now s.ues wotuu
i... . .i.,w. ... ...I 1 , l,, .,l.u.llnlt.
MHI IIKIKUIW IIU-H- "lllllll I 1 .
I in the winter Tlie fact that the Assembly
to be electtil Is to revise the Constitution,
especially with reference to the pto
vlsloiis for elections of a President, elves
the coming elections more than usual
impoi t,i nee.
It Is ii'.illred that the placing of a few
"observers" In th" Dominican pi o luces
will not effect .my thing like a supei vision
of tin- elections by the United States. It
is hoped. Low ever, that the geiieial knoivi
idne that the t'nltisl Suites has repriwun
t.itlve.s In lmpott.int illstints will have, a
goisl moral eltivt and piovv iinduie to a
better atmosphere than usually Mitiouinls
an election In a Latin Ameiican npub
lie. nut of the "obi-crvlim" of these elections
will lotne. it Is exiiectcd. a nl. in for actual
supervision of the Picsldential elections, j
wldi h It Is liopul to hold next spring
Pessimists assert that there Is no use In
planning for tlie election next spring, ah
a levolutloli Is piobable b. fote that tunc.
Mrs. Ilnrtnii I'm ir Memorial Inl
( iililtal liaised li M illicit.
W4SUINI1TON'. Dec. s t a in Pig
tn-i. iv of the 1 lorn-Committee on Fmelgn
Artairs Jits. John M llottoii of Mult. tlo
urged fax. liable cons.derati.it for a mini -
ber of bills authorizing an otH.-i.il c. l-bra-
lion of th. l.i.i.tt an.ihLis.tiy of tho treaty
..... .
Mis lb,,, on deslies lhat the women of
America erect in Washington,. .statue ,.f
iM-cn let. rla to cost a Istut .Min,. nu. M,e
suggest. .1 that this could l-done b pop -
tilar .subscription If onies would en-
coiiniKc the movement.
h..epresentattve P.ter A Potter of
Nov ork advocated a lilll apprnptiiitlii -
2,ti00,0uii to ei. ct memorials on the
northern bonier line.
John A. Stu.nt of the Amctlcau com-
m!tee for the c. lebration urged an otliclal
commission for the celebration, t'sc.ir S.
Straus of Nov Vork said that the cele-
biatloii would tin much lo further the
cause of International peace
Bath Robes and House Gowns
Sweaters and Golfers
Auto and Steamer Coats
Auto and Steamer Rugs
Knitted Caps and Hats
Knitted S:arfs
Shetland Spencers
Couch Covers
Camelhair Blankets
Camelhair Sleeping Bags
Foot Muffs
All Kinds of Shawls
Samples and hootyct oj
particulars on rtquest
Governor Is Evpocteil fo Aid Ad
ministration in Fight
on Murphy.
Wasminotov, Dec. Ii. Ciov, Otynn of
New York will have the active coopera
tion of President Wilson In support of
his plan for direct primary reform and
woikliigmen's compensation legislation In
Albany, Tho (lovernor had hoped to see
Plesldent Wilson before leaving Washing
ton, but wtw unable to do so on account
of the Piesldent's Illness.
The iloveitior, however, hart, n. satis
factory talk to-day with Joseph P,
Tumulty, the President's secretary, and
with other Administration advisers, He
made an engagement to seo the Presi
dent later
lov. (Ilynn carefully avoided, while In
Washington, committing himself to any
definite stand us regards the fight to
nun Charles V. Murphy from the ftatu
leadership, but the Impression was ob
tained that the iloveinor will be found
lined tip with tlie forces of the Federal
Administration In this tight.
Plesldent Wilson and his advisers nt-e
waiting with keen Interest for some sign
from (lov Ulynn as to what his stand
Is to be. 1'ntll then the Washington au
thorities will not approai h him on the
subject of a reorganization of the New
York State Democracy,
Washington olllcials heltrvn that 'lov.
tllynn's tlrst test will he the appoint
ment of Public Senlco Commlssloneis
and other State ottlcers. They are pro
pal ihg to Judge his nttltude by those ap
pointment". If Mr. (Ilnn freer.es out Tammany the
Wilson Administration will take It us evi
dence that he Is prepared to Join hands
with John Purroy Mltchel, Dudley Held
Matouo and the Washington end of the
Kedcral Administration Itself In an effort
to reorganize the party In New York
There Is no doubt that President Wil
son h.ta luadu up his mind In regard to
tho necessity of a fight against Murphy
control In tho Umpire State. The under
standing here Is that tho Wilson Adminis
tration will do nothing until the currency
bill Is passed to prevent arousing any
anta gunlMii.
(lov. (ilynn called on Justlcn Hughes
11N0 and told lilm his views oil direct
primary legislation. A large part of Mr.
Ilynn' talk with Secietary Tumulty, It
Is understood, related to direct primary
The Ilev. Dr. Madison C. Peteis will
hold a sptclal Masonic servicu to-morrow
lit 11 A. M: in the New York Theatie,
llro.ulway and I'orty-fifth street, to
which all Masons and their friends nre
Invited. The subject of the niltlless will
be "What Masonry Stands For."
In the Ninth Haptlst Church, '.'31 West
Eleventh street, the Kev. John (itinn will
preach to-moiiow morning at 10. IT,
on "Cod and tin- Commonplace," anil at
7:1.-. P. M. on "lllght Thinking."
Tlie I lev Dr. c.iite.s will preach to.
morrow morning at the Chapel of tin' In
tercession, ir.Mh street and Hroadwitv,
and the Kev. W. O. Klnsolving In the
In St. Thomas's Church. Fifth avenue
and Flfty-thlnl stieet. the Kev. Dr. Kr
nest M. Sims, rector, will preach
nt the morning service to-morrow. Four
P M --Memorial service of the Po
lice Di pnrtineitt. Address bv the Hev
Krnest M Stlres, D. D, chaplain.
In the Church of St. .Mary the V rgin.
I":' Wist Forty-sixth meet, the services
to nionow will be first solemn csrs
with procession ; solemn hlch muss, 10 45
A M. : second solemn vespers. ." P M ,
low masses, 7. 7.30, fc. ? .30 A. M ; matins,
! A. M Tile feast of the dedication,
fortv-thlnl anniversary, will be celebrated
on Monday.
Horatio Parker's Oratorio, "Hnra
Novtvsimi," will be given at the Clnir 'i
of the Ascension. Fifth avenue al TeM t
street, to-morrow atternoon at t n'clmJ,
with spirlal soloists and full t bonis,
under the directum of lib-hard Het.rv
Wat mi The soloists will be Mrs. l.,,u-c
M ii'Mahnn. soprano: Mr- John II l-'l.-tj.
Iir, contralto ; liny Steele, tenor, K.trle
Tiickerm.iri, barytone, ami Stefauo ill
Merino, harpist.
'What Are We Here For"" and
"Imagine the, Nazarene a Member of a
Family In Our Time and Place'' will be
Dr. S. 1 .ilvv.it i Voting's subjects to-morrow
morning and ev nlng at the ltiilford
I'M sin terian Church. Nostrum! aviti.ie
and Dean strict. Miooklvu
llibli! Sunday will b.. observed in n
"' ' 'i- m-titoi inw.
-- ...., ii".,,- in., ii Him iiuaiireii
ihuuhrs ill the city obsirved tin da
: " a very inucn latger num-
. i""' v',1, "s-ognitlon to Hlble Sue
i tlav. I'he si"'''!! auulv irsary servici for
' '"' ;N"V, HiMe SilIcIv will I,. 1,,'d
" t!' "V r'1""'aI''l" '' oil".':'
V'""!,""' 'v"'"'"-'-, Th. I bv. Dr Cha les
1. ,li tt'ison will dellvir the si ruion fir
' M,1,J,"'t 1"- ""
', ' , ' rh ' ' ,f , , 0,llmllllllt
SK,h aw.Mlli, ., T1,w,1
j musuMl ,.,.,,, ,n.,noirow at II
j, w, u.rUltW . offertorv antlietn. "It Is
I High Tlire to Awake." Itirnby; s,,-,. Ins
, staltuf otg.in choral pteltnl.
1 ltl(. , s . M Niiiic Dlmitti- in i:
, 1;in,)N , unthent, "Sleepers Wak. .'
j Mendelssohn . offei torv anlhi'in. 'The
I wildirni ss." doss
'in iellct" will lie the subject of M.trv
, I'.thcriilgn liinplirs talk lit tho lletkelo
Theatre to-moiiow uioiuiiig.
Tin- annual church service of Harlem
Lodge. I.'i7, F A. M . will be held to
New York Store:
Brooklyn Store:
Equitable Elevator Service
finest in existence
THE Equitable Building will have f orty-eight
passenger elevators, divided into six groups
of eight each. One group pf eight elevators
will be utilized for inter-commumcating service.
The remaining five groups, or forty elevators,
will be distributed from different horizontal
zones. A little complicated to read about, but
reduced to dots, it means an elevator at every
floor every thirty seconds.
Leau$ now being made from May 1, 1918. The building, how
ever, U due to be completed 2 or 3 month ahead of thU date.
Equitable Building .
Temporary Office, 27 Pine Street
luol row afternoon at 4 o'clock In tho
Cathedral of St John tho Divine, Morn
litgside Heights, Constantino Cnnimind
cry 4S, Knights Templais, and tint asso.
elate cnmmaiiih ries of I renter New Voik
and Westchester In full uniform will not
as escorts. The Minion will be pleached
by Dean William W. (Irosvenor.
Illsliop David II. (iieor of the lllocesc
of Ntw Voik has tleslgnati d next Mon
day evening as tlie time for the general
winter meeting of the parish missionary
committees undrr tlie ausplcts of the
Diocesan Missionary Committee. It will
lonvetie at S;la Monday evening at tho
Church Club, r.3 Hast Flft.v -sixth street.
To-moirow evening at S o'clock a special
meeting will be hi Id at the palish house
of tlie Nov Voil; Temple of Model u
Spiritualism, In 10 Fifth avenue Here
waul Carrlngton, author and psychical
tiseareher, who brought lltlsapla Palla
illno to this country four e.us ago, will
lectllto oil "Ki cent Important ItesllltS of
Fmelgn Ps! Ideal lien arch." After the
licture psychic Pheimmenii with auric
delineations will be ili ntonstrati d by the
pastor of the temple, the Kev. Dr Klchaitl
It. Srhleiisntr
"The New Chivalry" will be the sub
ject of an address by the Kev, Dr. Archey
Decitur Hall at the muting for m n
at the Harlem Young Men's Christian s
mi i.ttlon, f. West U.-.th stieit. to-moiiow
afternoon at 4:30. Forest Shackbfoiil,
tenor soloist will sing. This meeting Is
open to all mi n.
To-inorrovv mottling at 11 o'clock in
the iin i ting house of the society lot
Kthlcil Ctlltuie, Central Palk West and
SlNty-fnuith strict, Dr Fill Adb r's
subject ..ill be "The Spiritual Vb w of
Social Ki'forin " This Serbs of addresses
will be continued by Dr. Adler until
about the middle of IVteinln-r At I
o'clock CI. H. Fi ib rli In will conduct a p i'i
lic organ recital In the auditorium of Pie
m .ting hoise At 11 A. M. the Itionk'yn
Socbty for Kthlcil Ctlltuie. meeting ,n
I the Htooklyn Academy of Music, on La-
fayette avenue, will bo itililtessi d b M s
. Cliarles II. Isiaels, who will lake tut he
subject "What Is tin Matt, r .ft tin
Wni king (1 rl '
iin. subject nf the lesson Sermon In tin
Christian Silence churches tci.moi row will
be "(iod the Only Cause and Ciiator.
ami the Ciobbii Text ( Psalms l.x 11)
"The heavens ar. thine, tin i.trth nisi is
There Es Only One Train
11 You Waul Ike Sss
gni Francisco
has attained that prestige.
It's complete travei com
fort appointments has
earned for it the patronage
and praise of men and
women who appreciate
exclusiveness and wish to
enjoy an atmosphere of
This magnificent nil-steel train
leaves ChicaRQ from the palatial
Passenger Terminal of the
Chicago and North Western Ry.
7:00 p. m. dally, Artives San
Francisco 9:30 a. m. third da',
only 64' x hours enroute. It
saves a full biibiness day, $10
extra fare, Peifect cuUine and
service In dining curs.
The Overland Limited runs
exclusively via
Chicago and
North Western
Union Pacific
Southern Pacific
Heavily ballasted roadbed, with
more miles of double track than
any other transcontinental line
between Chicago and California
and protected byautomotic elec
tric block safety signals nit
the way.
77 Direct Route ourr the Hhlotical
Hlihu.au lo 'o'lamo 'oiiic iL'.
pcMicin. ScnhranctKO, I') IS.
For particulars apply to
C, C. Wilton, (3. A., IJS2 Brndy
I'ltone Crtflcy SJbO, New luik
J. II. rtrFrint, fi, : A., J.H7 llrnidmy
I'ltooe Wotih mi, New Voik
L.II.Niittini.fi.K.r A.,.1fi6Mroti1nay
rbone hinkhn J5, New . oi k
IfUl ,
thine; as for the world unci the fulness
thereof, thou hast founded them."
At the Hrlclt Church to-morrow the
Kev. Dr. Merrill will preach at 11 and 4
At the organ recital and sacred con
cert given hy the New Thought Church.
New Aeolian Hall, 31! West Forty-third
street, at 111.3(1 to-morrow morning, K.
Fillloii, violinist, will render ono of till
own compositions. Tho regular nervlcea
begin at II A. M at which K. W. Hear
will lecture on "Illusions."
At the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian
Church, Fifth avenuo and Fifty-fifth
street, thu Kev. Dr. J. H. Jowett will
preach nt 1 1 A. M. and also at 4 :30
P. M. The otTerlng will bo for the ses
sions expense fund. The midweek sendee
In the chattel on Wednesday at 8:15 1. M.
will be conducted by Dr. Jowett.
At the lliuadway Tabernacle Church.
Ilro.tilway at Fifty-sixth street, thu Hev.
Dr. Charles 11. Jefferson, pastor, will
preach at the communion Sunday
service to-morrow nt 11 A. M. In the
evening the pastor will repeat the
set moil which ho preached last Octo
ber on "Have Yo Never Head?" The
sermon Is repented nt the request of the
sect eta ry or the New York Bible Society.
At the New Church, Swedenborglan,
Thlrty-tlfth street between Park and Lex
ington avenue, the Kev. Julian K,
Smyth, pastor, will speak to-morrow on
"The Mark Set Upon Cain." On Sunday,
December II, his subject will lie "Un
safe I lefeln es "
TO-DAY at 2:30
Art Rooms
iii'iiisiri: MMKKitv'si
The Entire Valuable Collection of
lletiuiieil frnni MnctmlU, .s.
IN to-im's sxi.k.
Mir rttriilliire. k I un tta- Tnrilrli
I .t.tilliiirv Antique Jeuerly, Jeclltil
lint it . c ti , mill
Sl-lr-tltrrnlll Onlttrv tlnrv Trim,!,
Ul.cii il,i,nt r.i.i,...i. ,i...J
iv n lliikci, mux' tl.e I'miKiti
enrj In In n
!r util lip iiiniliictiii iij
IK.IHIS i laitKI
The New York
Freethought Society
I.i'i imi-.w i-vc-ry Sunday innrnitii? at
Hi Viini Hull. Sixth meiuie nnrl Korty
Mcniicl strict, nt 11 o'eloc-k hy
Snh.li'i't fur f I;tv, pc,
AiIiiiiumiiii ih fri'n, mid nil are in
viietl to ciitne mid bring a friend on
the ,i nit. car
l;IOH. It .. M. ANU H l. M. '
Spc t I .iinitiunliin Mute iimrnlnr hrBln
it.""" iirplnl-t "r' ""e Shelll''
5,.,..l,'v s ""'. ntso a. m.
iiiiii.i: i..r -iiiii ,. m.
! in' Mi.ti it.cpiini: Krlitiiy. s V M
rlfih e. Httil Hft.. IWIIl m,
I w lift Tn-in irre
s. n, ,. , M a, , S(l ,, j,
DftiTi i, f..t ihc Sr.nl .n i. i:xl.cnit' runrt
i lie tttlilurek ri-rilcr In tn
t ll.ipi' ntl I'll tin., i.i)' iit t 15 I' Jl
lie i nnilm (Pit liy Hr Jonett'
Siril mo helil In . tollimtlir
Christian Science Churches
Smliys 11 . M Jdl 1 P. M W!Ctusd))i 8 p. u
I'lrm c liiiruli LViurul 1'urk UV.t nutl 96th hi
.-. iiiii li lmr li, i '..tiir.iltMrkV.Mii 6mi,V
t "V. b. unl,,.t l'll .Ve
I .lit It iir- i t.cio v,., lili, f,,
riftlt t'hitf. Ii. Maitliiun Ave. ami 3stt ,t
Central Presbyterian Church
rT ;tii. hkt h wav i, irti avp
ll.'t UII.TCIV Mllltl.t: miti, r,',, 'Vto,
I I iiiiiiniiiiliin nl lian !' t
S.I' .till Iii, , t ;, A j,
m,nK Mhi hl I'lHhs , 10 . ,,
ii "II mil wnln UVctnemlio at s l M
W 1 I'l.l'O.Mi:' ' M
Sifii tl , M r W Senr, Srrakrr
m:v M..1I.IA.N tiAi.t., a: w'tsVu St
t ltir-i ripe nrt'itn In Hit- Wnrlil
lllK.ltt Hi" It it ittnl Seerrct (Vneert I0I3A M
ml tin) mi.. ,nie. Iteeni'il Seiitn. KreeSenl.
St. Thomas' Church-
rir i n w ni r,.ii) st
It. l l,UM ST ,M STIItlls tl tl, Itrrtor
. . ,v -l Hn'v Cnniuiiliiii
it MnrnliiK si'til iitnl Siriiimi (Hector
(. I.M n-miK it'nl A'llie illeclorl.
St. George's Church
Is on ictli strri'l, ci nt Third Aictiue
N-llli'l's At e, 11 a net s.
A 1. 1. MIA IS VHVX.
Itri-t ( liuri li. Ilrniulitnj unil 1t St,
mi) 11 M Hoi l 'etitnititilnn Preei.K.
, III I l(eie 1 A'mii. Il II. P M . sir Will
. I.iin sten, i i liem.rt a Hiatoitn "The Wuttmi
f Sam ti i
In Merrill, the p.iMur, wl'l ireaih at
I'.eien unit four n't lot k.
Noun Sen Ice lliery MVcUila) , l'j;30.1S:,M),
Trinity Parish, Chapelof the Intercession
llriuiilH.i iiinl st
Tlm llei M II (iuiM, i. ) virur, , S(5
'. (.,, lOtl'il, II; (.iiti.l r Hperlal tiiu.U.
I Ii Irh
I 1 ut U.m
1 I if .Sir II
ST MATTII I'.W'S rut-urn, ;t, We.t Mtlt
Ht Hev rthur 11 JuilRe, Hcrlnr Serir'
. II A M 8 I' M "Tlie Mi'imlilh "
I.Htll ( lll'llt'll. nriiuiltiM) and lot Ii l.
lit s. STTI.HY. Ileilor iin.t II (He, tor).
I illi" Di l..il;e, iitov Mr IMii.tnli
MKMllltlAI. HAI'Tlsl', W'ii lilnt'i-n suar
I'll, JUUSON, 11 ana .

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