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T'ntprm.vor nnrl Trnnpis til
McHin-r. lint. Not in Itolialf
of Ailniitiistmtfnn. !
Ifonrinirs Will Continue, but
While House Wishes
Will He Heeded.
W slllMiTo.s-, Doe, B, An Informal
, ..llferi-IICO on tin' subject of Illltl'trllft
legMatliui was held bote to-day. It was
MP tided I'V llcpresenlatlvo Henry l.
I .i Itm of Alabama, chairman of lh'
House Committee on the Judiciary, nlm
will have rhiirR" of I lie Administration's
,nt.ltust pi i iiiiuii' . Joseph S. Davics,
President vVIInns Commissioner of Cor
porations: llopicscntiitlve Itobcrt I..
Henry of Timih, chairman of tin- House
I tulrn Committee; Louis Hrutidcls of Hos
Ion nnil Samuel Culci-niver of New York.
The Hppeuianee of Mr. t'hteimvor n ml
Mr. Briuidels In Wiisliltmtnn .(t this time
with Ideas of anll-tiust li'KUtiitlon
arnmcil considerable Interest, but nn In
wistlKatloll t-hnvM il that these two law
yers wire in nowlsn nctlm; In behalf of
th Administration arid lint the -iikkos-tloim
which Ihcy hip piopnsliiK to Con
tnunan Clayton nnd other londits tcpro
terrt merely their Indlvlduiil views
The fact of the mutter Is that the Ad
inlntalrutlon's anti-trust prnRrummc, vvhui
rt conies time for Its appearance, will
emanate from the White House, mid not
from outsatc sources. It Is known loo
that Attorney -Oeneral lolto nobis will
l Irrsldont Wilson's, ehief advisor In the
matter of anti-trust Irnlshitlon.
Mr. Molto.v nobis has cntisctvntlvo views
In regard to legislation supplemcntlm;
tlm anil-trust law. The belief Is KtowlnR
hr that the icoommondutlniiH whleh he
will Advocate will he strictly within the
characterization enntanu il In tin- Presi
dent's recent addiess. which declared that
thl. legislation should he dlrecteil toward
ijarlnt: up the area of doubt that lias
harassed the business men of the country.
The views of both .Mr. Hrandels and
Samuel Uiitermyir on mill. trust legisla
tion are well l.uonu In Washington and
have bifti considered by other commit'
lets of Congress.
MrasaKe I'robnlily After Holidays.
There is gotsl roaMiu to believe that the
I 'rouble Id's message on the subject of cor
porations will not be submitted to Con
cress until after the hnlidnvs.
In the meantime the House Judiciary
lonimltteo will proceed with hearings on
the subject Theio ale alieady thirty or
torty bills on this r-ubjeet pending before
Tho committee, some of which have been
introduced lo lt ir scntatisc Henry of
The Judiciary ''onimlttce will pioceid
I ' first with the consideration of a
icasuie relating to Intel loeklug director,
.tcs. The lommittci; alte.oly is under In
Mrnotinns from the liemooratie caucus
'o report a bill of this chaiaiter as tarly
I s possible.
If the anti-trust legislation of the ses
s.on Is offeied In a series of bills the sub
jut of Interlocking directorates will In
.ill probability be tbe flirt phase to be
Mr. l'ntortnvor already Ins wotked on
ii series of anti-trust bills, which he will
hap prcM tiled. These measure will up-
lesent tlli' civ Ills lUllHidtl.ll Views, and
If thev get no further than the bills drawn
liv him for the I'ujo money trust win-
nilttoo they will be a "tuall factor In the
None of the I'ujo money trnt bills ha
'ecu acted on anil the enmiiiittie is now
nut of existence and sevcial of its mem-b-rt
are no huiEcr In Couure.-s.
Ill I nlornier I l'roiiirlim.
Th measures which Air. I'ntermver Ii
piepirlng ale designed to supplement the
bill! which he presented as counsel for
i he I'ujo committee. Aninti.' the bills
which lie has In mind is one prohibiting
Intri'l.k'Mng dlrivlorates In tlnaucial Insti
nitons, intii state railroads hihI Industrial
.u positions.
Vttother deals with the subject of lver
rnpltnltzatloti and pinviiles ni.ichliiery for
1'ie renreaul.atloU of lusolieiit conioia
tmtli. Mr l.'ntermyer will submit another bill
jnohlbltltig private hankers f-om nrs-eptinz
the ileposltf of Intetstato isirporatlons.
This measure will be aimed at such bank
ing houses as Kuhn, Isieb & Co. and J, I.
Morgan t'n.
Mr. I'ntermyer would prevent hIso the
formation of voting trusts and the appoint
merit of flcnl agents for Interstate rail
roads. These bills are Intended to supplement
the proposals made by the money triist
i onimlttce, which laid down restrictions
lor the management of stink exchanges
ii ml clearing houses, denying such Insti
tutions the facilities of Intetstate com
inerce and the use of the malls unless
tney compiled with the regulations.
, Mr. I'liteimyer's lalsus on the trust
' oii'Stlon ate purely voluntary. It cannot
Ii' learned that he lias been Invited to
tmniulute a iogtamnni either by the
.dmlnlstnitlon or by the romnilttr es of
Mr. Ilrandels's views aie along the
lines of bills already Introduced by
Senator I l-'ollettn and Itepresentatlve
I.enroot. They contnmplate among other
v things the shifting of tlm bunion of proof
Horn the (iovernment to the corporations
Under these bills every combination or
monopoly would be unlawful, but such
i oinblnatHins would have an opportunity
,ii prove that the restraint exercised ny
them was not unreasonable, The bllla
would also ileline what should constitute
xlolatlons uniler the Sherman law.
Mr. I'ntc rm.or called at the Whlto
House and bad a talk with Secretary
j.-r to I.en' HiimIii After 'lestl-
fylnK for Hefendnnl,
I lenkel Kulsen, a Jewish chdhlng dealff
' if Ixleff. who was a witness at tha trial
, Mi-mlel Itellls, arrived jcsletday from
,eto I iv the Auslio-Anierlcan liner Ar.
ntliM, saying that li Uad been forced
in of business and from Russia because
,,e had teslllled for Hollls.
llu said that while the trial was going
ru no Jew was safe, on the Btroets of the
ty llu was ariested several times on
i.ilsi chaigcs, the schemo of his iicciisiim
Icing to exloit money rinm him, with the
i dp of the I'orclgn Society III Kleff he
v.ns smugglcil across the Itusslali bolder
'rdo Austria ami sent to Trieste. He Is on
, s way to Join his son, who Is a merchant
in littsbuig,
I'm n L II ii Miiioii ', to lile Dance
Tun annual entertainment and hall
pi ven for their cmployeeH by Franklin
e i non Co., will lako place this evening
M thn Amiflcrdani Opera House, 340 West
rorty-fourth mieol. Some of the best
vaudeville, talent has bet ngaged for
fnn entertainment, which will bo followed
J,v it lmee. The linn now employs morn
than 2,nnri porbons and II Is expected that
mora than 6,000 will attend the enlar-
Deiioiineeii Trnde t)nliiii an Lanlraa
llnmla Sln at llran.
IIaiitkohi), Dec, 5,- Col. Oeoine I'opt,
Mesldellt of the National Association of
.Manufacturers, to-night denounced trade j
unions as lawless bands, referred to Sec
letary of State William J. Ilryali as u
viiuitevllllari and announced that the as
soclallon would send a special messenger
to t'resldeut Wilson with ii marked copy
of tho current number of the manufac
turers' organ, tmrricriti inliisf rtrj. which
contains an article by Col. I'opo. In
his letter to tho press Tol. Pope says:
"As Is well known, Mr. Woodrow Wilson,
having spent the gt cater part of his life
In the classiooin. has had no opportunity
Cf Raining u practical knowledge either
of business or of governmental affairs.
Mlmlful of this fact, the newspapers havo
kindly Informed Mr. Wilson that he
should not have for Secretary of Stale
a niiin who apputrs with vaudevlllo per
formers, "It Is also the duty of the press to
lufoi m Mr, Wilson that he should not
appoint lo olllce members of lawless bands.
With a low lo doing our part to this
gooil and needful work, we shall scud (
to Mr. Wilson a copv of the December
Issue of Amrrlcun luiluftHrt. This copy
will contain a marked article referring to
bunds of men who disregard the law.
"This copy will be sent lo Mr. Wilson
by a special messenger, who will leave
our olllce on tho morning of December
10 with the paper containing tho marked
article, which he will deliver to Mr,
Wilson "
Ill-President Unravels a Cincinnati '
t.. ii........
Innate h,- He.e.l. ,
f'lNOiNNvri. Dec. B. At a mreting of,
the irimiee nf Hi,. Simthern ttullwnv. Cln.
clunatl's municipally owned railroad. fW-
mer President T.ift. at their request, gavn
an opinion In which lie held tho clause In
II... In,... i III, iUn Clnelmi'itl Vel' llr.
leans ami Texas Pacific llnllroad which
prohibited discriminations again,, the
pie nun snippers 01 incmnau whs oiaue prx,,t, the Income Is to be pnld quar
vold by tin- passage of the Interstate terly.
conmieice act. ! The provisions (elating to the art collec-
The lea so Is between the city owned ! Hons follow .
line and C. N. o. and T. P., which oper- "I '''' " ''r Hcarnl tha use
ates the Southern "f 1,11 fuiJilture. pictures, porcelains,
Til ft decided the only body which now , '"t objects and other c.uitents, except
has the ilght U tern.lne finally the rc.i-, belmiglng to me In the house .V..
sonableness of rates on Inters ate com- ."' ?."" " h " .r.' CV., "i. 'J xl'
merce Is the Interstate Commerce com
mission, and that the proper remedy for
Cincinnati shippers Is to take their com
plaint before that body.
Police Kxpeet to Kind Poison in
Whiskey round Nenr
Polit email James t'.radluy of the St
Nicholas avenue station and Mis. I.iur.i
K. (ilbsiin, a eervaut. weie found
dead esteid.iy morning In Hradley's
home, a small frame cottage at 1127 Cor
lear aenuc, The llroux. The bodies were
on a couch In the kitchen. the police
l.ll..ve lli 1II...1 Ulll.-I,l l,v InLli.L-
poison, " ! Income e.U.lly among her elsters Alice
llraillev was due nt the station hou-n ! and Mary and herself In case of the
early estorday morning. When he .11.1 , death of either the Income s to be dl
not show up Policeman lleyer of the Sided with the survivor and If both Alice
KliiKsbrldgc station was sent to his house, and Mary die Mrs t owl may retain the
r.cyer found the door locked and all tho'"ot Income, but it Is suggested that she
windows covered by locked shutters. HelKlvo one-fourth to each of her sonj. If
piled open a shutter and saw tho bodies, "h" thl"k!' , J"l-,'',' ' , M
Then ho bioke a wlndowpano and climbed '' ",a- V"' ' 'h" fropcrtj in her
ln J w ill, but the decedent requests that she
'lloth bodies were fully dressed except lP'rlton the net income among her si
that Hradley had remoed Ills collar anil i m'r . ,, , ... .
oat. Ills .o.,t. nightstick and revolver he apartment hou-e at 31 and 33 West
were on a i hair and on a table lay the 'Twelfth street is left to the three d.iugh-
uimmn'a li.it .-,,.H i.o.l miilT Iiv.i .11:.. I ters III equal shares .eorge HlllleV
mond rings A half emptied decanter of
whiskey stood on the table Tho whiskey
will be analyzed for poison, llzus and
milk on the table ,u e believed to have
l i n taken In the woman or man or b
both as an antidote Coioner's Ph.vsliiau
Thomas II. Ciirtln's examlu.itliin developed
thtt tin poison Usui was either hvdio
cyanlc acid or evaiitdo of iiotassiuin
A canary bint lay dead upon the floor
It was suggested that tho poison had llrst
(iiell tried upon the bird
Hradley had I n In the Police Depart
ment foi eighteen onrs, h.iviug I n ap-
H.nleil by Commlsxlouer ltnoevilt. He
had an excellent i id ,iinl woie a stat
of bravery, lie was not marrb I. 1'ioiu
a letter addres-ed to .Mis Uili-nii and
found on the table the imlico leained that
1. .1111 u lilhson had been a sen, ml In the
homo or .Mrs. Kugeiie It. Heath of 205
West 103d stieet. Mr. Heath Is press rep
resentative for Hcniy W. Savage, Mis,
Heath said that Mrs. llibson came to them
I mm Johnstown, Pa., where her husbtud
and child live. Mrs. Heath ideiitlfleil Mis.
(libson's Ixxiy In the K irdh.nn morgue lnt
night. A sister of Mrs. illlison. .Mrs. D.ivld
Waters of the Hendrhk Hudson apart
ments at I Mli street and liuehurst ave
nue, was notified, Hubert lliadle, a
brother of the policeman, expiessed tho
belief that his brother li.ul nut taken
poNon knolngly, and that the woman
had admlnlsjeie'l It to him and then had
committed sulcldo,
I'oslinnMer Will Turn All Letters
Out tn Assiieliilhiii,
"Dkaii Santa i'iawh; I am a llltel giui
II .veais old, and I want a doll and some
candy and a mango and some ribbons and
a little dog and I want some shoes and a
now dress for Christmas. I have been a
good little guii, hut my mania says thai
she can't give me unj thing and to ask you
to give 'inn something I want. Please do
Santy Claws. Your friend,
"Kt.iz.viiKTii Smith,"
Letters ku this which used to bo sent
to the dead letter ollicu by poxttnasteia
who never seemed to be able to And out
Just where Mr, Claws lived, won t go mi
answeied this year. The Postmaster-Ceii-cr.il
decided ten das ago that they may
bo turned uer to responsible persons who
are willing to act as agents for St. Nlcho
las, mi an asjoclatlon has been formed
hero for that purpose. So little girls like
Kllz.iln.-th Smith will got letters such as
"Dkaii Ki.izauktii : I have received
your letter and I will not forget you at
Christmas, Your friend,
"Santa Ci.ai'h."
The association has heaibiu.lrters at
Paul Honkel's, 5S West Thlity-slxth
stitet, Tho Santa Claus letters will be
turned over to the organization by tho
Postmasters and will then go to persons
who iiKiee to write to the children sign
ing themselves "Santa Clans" and later to
send some sort of a present. No money Is
wanted and no present will bo received.
Anybody can Join the association, for
which there ate no dues. The duties of
thu ineiuhois will bo to see to tho dis
tribution of tho letters to responsible per
sons. John D. Hltiek, who started the move
ment lu-ie. Is secietnry and the heads of
the committees so far are Dr. and Mis.
William Kdward Pitch. Mih. Willy Wal
lu t-h. Miss I'.iunle Wallach, Mr. ami Mrs.
- S. (ioodwln, Mr. and Mrs. Ilohoil T.
Itusmiis-cii. Mrs. Alma Harvey and Mr,
and Mrs. D, W. (lluck, Thoy expect to
have T.i'iOO members' by December 2(1 and
twill ho able to handle IB, 000 letters.
Two .lapaneae ftrnmra Drowned.
PHII.APKI.PIIIA, Doc fi. Two Japanese
seamen were drowned nnd nnother In be
linvod to have me( (ho wimn fnte In nn
ntfoinpt lo escape last night from (tin
.lananean steamship Tclkoku-Mnril. lying
oft Point tireeat In th BshuylMU Rivar.
Willow (lets Art Collections for
Life, lint Slip May
Sell Them.
$25,0110.000 IS KSTIMATK
Hulk of Fortune Goes to Daugh
ters Corporation Pro
vided For.
The will of Oeorge A. Henrn, which
wn ntrl for probate yesterday, leave
i,i ,,.... ,,, (n hi. fntnllv .ml elves
Ids entlru estate lo his family anil Rlvep
his art collections lo his wife for her
tisn during her lifetime. I'poii her death
tho art works are to he sold at auction
i ,i t,e proceeds added to his residuary
,,,, no w,llnw hn tM1! rBl)t t0 ,e
the art collections If she wlshwi.
The value of the estatf was not set
forth in the petition for the probate.
Thompson. I'leedman & Cooke, tho at-
tornoys who tiled the will, said It was
Impossible to tell the value nt this time.
It lias been estimated nl tnoie. than
, n- ooo 0uo
The chief heirs are Mrs. I.aura Frances
Heam. the widow, ami the threo daugh-
t'-ra. Caroline (Mi-s 'lHrkson Cowl), I
'.... (M ' ,..., y Schranokl.
, H, .,.,, ,i provision of the will gives Mrs,
lt;irM tin Itiftime Of S30.00Q 11 VOaT 111
' lieu of dower and nf all participation
Jn " Pou... cstjUe except . provided
, OUgll Ol ..111 1 1 Oil 1 1, .O. " o,
whi'io wo now reside, as long as my
wife shall continue to occupy It as a
J residence.
I "If my wife, I ..nil a Frances Ileum,
I should elect to incept her right of dower
! Instead of above named provision, or If
she should desire that the above mimed
fuinltuie. pictures anil other conieni.s
belonging to me be sold during her occu.
pancy of house No. Pi Uast Sixty-ninth
street as residence, or, in rase of her
death, then. Ill such case, ami as soon
thereaftir as may be considered advis
able by my exicutors, or a majority of
them, the nbove named contisits. except
as below speclrleil. shall be sold at public
miction to the highest bidders, and at
same time the pictures and other works
1 of art belonging lo me In stores In West
I'outtcenth street ami west inirieetiin
street and elsewhere shall bo likewise
Mr. Ileain's books are left to hl wife
with the request that she apportion them
between his grandsons. Donald Heam
Cowl and Arthur I learn Cowl. To Mrs.
Cowl the decedent left the properties at
U'. 14, l'i, Is. 20. -I. 2 and 40 West
, Thirteenth street, Manhattan, for life.
I Willi tile lIU'CMIOH tllllt H1C divilio lllf
Wheeler, husband of a deceased daugh
ter. Ur.ic-e. gets 2fi."0, and 3.noi) Is
left to Itrldget Keirney, "now- ami for
maiiv years a valued and faithful nienmer
of niv household "
The will, which was executed on July
.11 list, dire.-t.-d th it if the d edent died
before the i-Aparttn-rship articles of James
A I learn - Sou expired e.icn uaugnior
could ilraw against alxteen shares, the
excess of the profits to be credited to
their peisonal accounts, but not wlthdiawn
from the firm without the consent of the
Mirviving partm-is.
Mr Hearn named his tluei- sous-ln-law-and
business partners as executois and
made this direction concerning the business-
"i in the termination of th" exIsthiT
i op.irtiior.shlp of Jami-a A Heatn & Son
I direct that all debts due by the til 111
shall be paid by mv executors, ami the
different Intensts brought out by mv
executors, iigns-ably to the twenty-sixth
article nf the copartnership, nnd that
then, shall bo reserved as capital for
i nrylng on tho business the amount pre
scribed bv tho pres-iit articles of co
"And I further direct that my execu
tors shall form a corporation, to which I
give the above preecrllusl capital ajid
also the tlxturcH and gissl will of the
business of James. A, Hearn & Son, with
tho right to use the name of James A
I learn ti Son, and tbe right to any
b-as'H then standing In my Individual
name, and tho right to occupy th
premises owned h ino lu fee on th"
same terms that they may have bis-n
pa.vlng at the time of my death. The
number of shales to ho twelve thousand
I12,fiiill) of the par value of one hundred
dollars. ($1110) each."
Tho i-ntiro residuary estate Is to Im
divided nmoiig tho three daughters nnd
their heirs. Mr. Hearn directed that If
any clause of tho will Is found invalid
it Is not to affect tho leuialuder of (he
will. The thtoe executors get IGn.nim
each In lieu of commissions.
llr Koreat I'leased li- Pronrraa
Tnft Wiirnlnn nn I'nlernalUni.
Cincinnati, Dec. 5. The National
Housing Conference, which has been In
session bore since Wednesday, closed to
night with a banquet, at which former
I'ri-sldcnt of the I'nlted Hlutea William
Hownrd Taft nnd Hubert W. de Forest
of New Yoik. president of tha association,
were the principal speakers.
Mr. Taft in nn nddresa before the
liin-nlx Club nnd tho Charter Commis
sioners came out stmngly in favor of the
Federal plan of government, the short
ballot and the merit system in appoint
ments. The ex-l'resident failed to commit
himself lu any direct way as to the need
of a new charter for Cincinnati, but he
warned the Commissioners against going
too fnst In creating machinery of gov
ernment, "The country Is going a little wild on
that subject," ho said.
I 'resident do Forest of the association
discussed tho work being done In nil noe
tlons toward better housing. lie declared
his belief that the world la growing bet-
u-r, especially in die neiu ui iiuubiok re
fill m, whi le, he said, enormous progress
Iiiih been made lu the last live years.
Will llreoiii,e Mm. William 4 Mmlth
nn Christiana Day.
St. Paul, Dec, n, Mis. John A, John
son, widow of iov. Johnson, will he
married on Christinas Day to William
Alley Smith of Pittsburg. Pa.
Mr. Smith, who has lived In Minneap
olis the last two .oats, Is manager of the
ltonner Ferry Lumber Company, He will
return In litlshurg. where Mr. nnd Mrs.
Smith will make their home after Jan-
junry I,
Tnn Arrrata nnd Slander Snlt lln
llven the Cause In llutle.
HtiTTB, Mon., Dec. 5. lllva.1 factions
In the Montana ICqunt Suffrage I.oague, '
recently organized, attempted to hold two
meetings at the same time and place this i
afternoon, which resulted In n call for the
police, tha arrest of Mrs. A, II. Clinch,
president onn faction, nnd of Mrs. C.
I fleymnn, secretary of both factions.
A slander milt for IR.Oftfl was brought
by Mrs. Dorothy Johnston, president of
the ntitl-Clinch faction, against Mrs.
James Floyd Denlson, recently from
Denver, and a sulTraglst of note In that
State, a writer of books and dramas. The
fight In the mnks was ngalnst Mrs.
Johnston, edllor of the Hutte nlerinoim
fnln .Vetcs, her chief opponents foelnjr Mrs.
Denlson anil Miss Margaret K. Loughrln.
the latter club and society editor of tho
Uutte 7tfv foul.
Mrs. Johnson was accused of having
procured her election by fraud nnd her
resignation was demanded. She refused
nnd her opponents elected Mrs. Clinch,
got n key to the meeting place nnd were
in session when Mrs. Johnson and her fol
lowers arrived. Mrs. Johnson seized the
gavel from her rival, nnd about a minute
later the riot call waa sent In.
Mrs. Johnson's slander suit Is based
upon an alleged statement by Mrs. Denl
son In the meeting that she felt herself
polluted by Mrs. Johnson's presence.
! $0,
nnd Sister Trtre Her Not
It io I'p to Last
Mrs Unillard Spencer, for fifteen years
teacher nf the lllhlo clas of St. Oeoige's
Church In Stu vesant V(uare. sailed cs
terday by the White Star liner Oceanlr
for the Philippines by way of Marseilles.
Colombo, Singapore and X.amboanga to
make an effort to humanize the Jolo.,
wildest of the Inhabitants of Cncle Sams
Par Hast domain.
Mrs. Spencer's heart has been set on
the nterpiie of "doing humanitarian
work" among the Joins for some tine
and her friends have beep vainly trying
to persuade her to abandon the euterpr so
because of Its peril. Her son, Lorlllanl
Spencer; her sister, Mrs. do Itharn. an I
several friends who were at the pier to
see her off did not relinquish their ffort.s
to dissuade her from her purpose, hut sit
smilingly held out against them.
Accotupunv log Mrs. .Spencer is M'.sv
Virginia Young, a deamm-w. of St
Cieorge's, They will work together in en
join country. Mis. Spencer sail he ha I
become Intensolv Interested In toe lot of
the Joins while she was In the Philippine'
last oar and had a conference wi'li
Illshop ltrent of the' Philippines In reg no
to missionary work there. She deciibu
that she would make no effort to win
them from their religion, which is Moham
medanism, but would concern herself tlrt
with their personal well being ,:rd ti-.li-ll
them a better svstem of living,
Mis. Spencer and Miss Younc will land
at Chcrliourg and go thence by train to
Marseilles, where they will Isiard a Penin
sular and Oriental steamship for Colombo,
whence they will all by the "toainshlp
Narad.t for Singapore A small Island
steamer will take them to Xamtioanga.
Mrs. Spetieer nnd .Miss Young prohaldy
will stay at Z.imboanva until tho .lia.i
country, which Is somewhat ruffled at
present, becomes mine qulesi-eni
Police Commissioner Waldo, who w s
at the White Star pier to s-v Ins sister
Mrs John W Norton, who sa led 1 tie'
Oceanic, was dubious about the slice s- of
Mrs. Silencer's work Ho spent two viars
oi the Philippines mid remarked unit
parts where the natives wvre civii.i-ii
tin- people were gid enough, but 'n t'n
Join countr.v they were wild and ci-iiel ru I
some of thm thought that killing a
: ''hrlsti in was a moans of olng ti
Hi-iv en
Mrs. Spencer said she was uning hi.
tanse she wanted to "become mure use
ful In l'fe" She declared that tie gi -i-ral
impression that sl)(. nod Miss Vontig
were coins to do missionary work was a'
together ivroiu.
"Tin- .bios." she said, "as you doubt
less know, are Mohammedans, ,unl m i-i
nut going to try to change then fa in
Wo are Mtnplw golnj to ma- bctie 1 u
m.ins "f them Mv family has tiled i i
dissuade me from going, but I a n sine -will
be a prolltaWe work and I could nut
bring mvself to give It up,"
$200,000,000 CLAIM BY INDIANS.
Snnth Chicago and Other l'roie-l
Included In the fuse,
Mackinaw Citt, Mich., Dec 5 p.
proximately K00 Chippewa and Ottawa In
dians In Michigan are to enter a claim for
Ijnn.noo.niin aalnst the I'nlted States
Government for alleged deprivation of
valuable lands and fishing rights in the
great lakes.
The validity of this claim hinges upon
the Inti-rpietatlon of the treaty of lvns, In
which it was supposi d the Indians had
signed away all rights to laud wheio
South Chicago Is now lncatid, all lnk
Islands and propeiiy of enormous value ui
Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin The In
dians allege that through oversight
this territory wns not Included In the
Arrlvnls From Hlirope and Itepnr.
torea for Curnpe nnd the Month.
Sailing to-day by the North Herman
I.lo.vd liner Berlin for Gibraltar and the
Mediterranean i
Mr and Mrs John I). Mr and Mrs W, P
Hiirirtt HllllxTl
Mrs. Jsiurs II Mphop It.-iriMi Hugo N Ke
Mrs V A S. Uasa- Uule.
mova. William W. Knonlrn
Mr. slid Mrs Philip Mr and Mm Warner
K. Cbaniii. MilHin Iz-eds
Sumner Cmtby. Mr. nnd Mrs. 1'yiu-li-
Prutnn 8. Kaust ney Menilell
Mr. anil Mrs. Hsnrj Mr. and Mrs. Morris
. iiie, w Hrjniour
Mr. and Mrs H, War- Col and Mrs. S. K
rt-n K. Hale. Tillman
Mr. and Mrs. William Mrs Miriam von
llooprr (Irsfflui. Trrnes
Mr. and Mri. Charlea Mm. Jamra M Tonii.
II, Ilupoil. ,.U.
Col and Mn. John Donald C Tnnsiul
Hicks. t'ol. and Mr II K
Caarlfa K. llubliell, Wlutn.
Mr. F II. Shrdd
Arrivals by the White Star liner Celtic
from Liverpool and Queeustnwii .
llenlimln T. Putter- C. It. Piirdnn Conic.
worth. Mr. hiiiI Mrs Knink
Mr. and Mn. Denedlct W Wibnii.
Cobb. W.J Kelly
The Hev, J. P. Crib- J. W Klrklalul
brut. Willunl P. Maiklr
Miss flforie Daphne Mr. and Mrs. J ll.ir-
Fltircorre. vey Pase.
Stuart Janilrion Fllb Kiltrrlnn I'arKins
lor. Mrs Halfmir Ilrld
Mr. and Mr. Raphael I,. A, Wilxnn
liiMi, J H. minis
Hy the New York unci Poilo Hlco liner
Hruxos for San Juan :
Dr. U-oimril II. Cooke. Juilne N II A TV!
Cant mid Mrs. M, K, tlnuill,
TaullM-e, Mr. and Mrs (iewae
Mr. and Mra Carloa Cullnm. ,
Cld. Capt, Hrnry Wnlontt
Capl O, P. Town- Mr and Mra. Alfred
hend. Hmedlay
Mr. ami Mra W K Col, and Mra 1.. M
Ciirliss. t Knchlrr
Hy the tn(d Fruit steamship Tlvlvcs
for Jninalra, Colon and Port Union:
Charles C. Kim, It, 1,. Purler
Mr. and Mra. II T, W ll.Krllnxj: Ji
Clewa Mr. and Mrs. Hiirrr P
Mr. and Mra. K. J. Woodruff.
New Yorker Wns to Kffeet
Merger To-dn.v of Missouri
Lend Compiinics.
St. lit'ls, Dee. t Dwlght A. Jones of
New York, who Is president of the St.
Joseph and Doo Hun Lead companies nnd
the .Mississippi Itlver and llonne Term
Itnllinnd, corporations operated In south
east Missouri, suffeied a Paralytic: stroke
lo-d.iy In tlm Noon-Day Cuh here and ls,-
ni i. i.iiKe's Hospital in a serious condi
tion. His right side Is paralyzed.
Tor several months Mr. Jones has
been Interested 111 effecting u consolidation
of the Doo ltun and St. Joseph com
panies, which wns to be submitted at an
annual meeting In llonnn Torre, .Mo., to
morrow. The plana havn been agreed on
through tho efforts of dir. J onus and
are to bo ratified at n meeting of the St.
Joseph stockholders lu New York next
Mr. Jones arrived In his private car
from New York on Thursday and went di
rectly to Itonnc Torre. j
Dwlght Arven Jones v n corporation
lawyer and writer on legal subjects. Ills '
office Is at a Nassau street and he lives j
at 34 West Plfty-tlrst stiiel
Mr. Jones became sccielary of the St.
Joseph Lead Company lu IS!t.", chairman
of the executive committee in IMili and !
president In 1!I4. Ho Is a dlre.-tor of the ,
Shot man National Hank of New York
lie Is the nuthor of "Huslness Corpora- I
tl-ins." "Construction of Contincts" and i
"Negligence of .Municipal Corporations."
.Mr. Jones is jt member of the Aoademv of
Political anil Social Science. New Yoik '
Academy of Science and American Ceo- i
graphical Society. '
Menr Mil rl I ii ot I. A. Ii, . Drowned
While Iteseulnu Sufferers.
IIoI-sto.x-, Tin. Dee. -Advices re
ceived here this afternoon from lleaiue,
Tx say that Homy Martin, vice-president
and general manager of the Inter
national and Croat Noithem ltallro.nl,
was iliowtnd there tn-dnv while assisting
In the rescue work.
Heariie Mitferoil tile brunt of tho south
Texas floods and hundreds .if persons
were driven from their homes and foiced
to take to ttees. Itoals vveie sent fiom
Houston and hi gnu Inking otT refngies
Into tied iv. M . 1 1 tilt was in one of thesn
rest in- pai ties
At-sTi.v. Tew, I With a cold l
wave ptcdlctt d lo follow tho floods, which i
have well passed Hie danger mark In all
except the exttemo southern parts of tho
river vallo.vs, much stiffeilng among the'
homeless thousand Is feared. I'rost hasl
hi en predicted as tor south as Austin fori
to-night. ,
titmouse propertv and crop damage i
r ported In the lowei vallev j
Buy U
of nearly all dealers
for 85 cents
Clean, pure
if nullum
sent by the box of twenty
packages a hundred sticks
a hundred hours of joy is a
gift they'll keep on enjoying
long after other gifts are put
aside. Nearly all dealers will
gladly sell it at above price!
"The Beneficial Confection" is
sure to please old and young.
It's ideal for holidays because
it's delicious aid to appetite
and digestion.
SURE ifs
a;. ... ,k. .k... i
" .v:.L":i'"" V"J'""?r"'""'''"Pmicciourrustoiiirr,whoareTOnt nui
w u uvea ueccirea
uBPaBBaaaaaar JsijHHLl
BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanfcMaVsflflaaB amrVljBaaaTC?i!jBSaaaV
BaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBVI fs'KflHBaW
"First On My List
Is John He Gets
Six Pairs of Holeproof"
Guaramnleed ito Wear bh' Moimitlhs
if They Show Utiles Before Next July He'll
(Jet New Ones Free from Brill Brothers."
The Host, the Mosl Acceptable and Truly Useful
Gift That Any Man. Woman or Child Can Get
For Men. ! pair, $1.50; Mereeried, Silk Lustre, $3
Men's Silk Holeproof, : pairs Kiisinin ecd for 15 months, $2
Kor Women and Children. (! pis., $2. Silk Lisle for Women?!)
Women's Silk Holeproof, 'J pairs jiuarantccd for : months,$:J
V arc Wv York Aiienls. Mail nnd phono order. promptly fillntl.
t.l.llVllW VV. nt Hlh M. -VI milium VV. nrar i hnliiben Nl
IJ I Old I.ASIll SI in .11- enwlill P.T.-I II M HI I T. Ul ,1i .e
I SPIN .'Ol 'III I llh Mrret e, f Primilw nv.
Ilnnclnu May ltun to -I . 31. anil
tiiiesla Xlll Come sundn.v.
Nl.W llAVr.V. I IC n Sliell i llllllpll i
has been made by the Villi' Undergraduates
over the lutloti of Dm in Junes of the
eollege and Director ("hltt'lideii of the
Sh. Illelil Scientific S.-hool In cuitailing
tbo .lunloi- I'lonii-ii.ole festlvltli s this -.ir
that Dean Jones anuoumed to day that
he would let down tho bii'-s a hit nnd
give the Yale uaii and 1 1 it'll- frii ads a
couple of bonis of extra ilaiiei.-ig Mso
be told thl Vale bovs thev mold h.ivo
their tathrrs and mothers, mid tin ir b. si
glrl hero for th' Suml-iv titieidli g
Th"ro bail 1" u rub- p issul this
venr that tin re shoui I be no eritert ituiiig
by the box
oy tmituiont wnich Uicy purchuxU tluakin they wete
of guests over Sunday, although from
Sunday hentotoie had ln-n one cf th
i gala ilavs of the we-U. Ju.l how thr
Yalo ollleials roifld movent the undei
I gi.iilu.it' s fiom having their friends Iicm
i on Saturday or Sunday or any othei
Muni, either before or after the protn
jenadi, w-.is one of tho uurstlons that
tin- ipuli-i graduati s had been dlscussltm
i v, r since the iinnoiiucenn nt was made
'ov.rillg the pew- kll,i of tho .lunloi-l'rom.-i.idi
Dean Jones, according to I, is modlflr
rules, will allow dancing to continue, at
It." gcrmaiiu on Mond.iv i-venlng o
1'roin wi eK until t A. M, Instend of
ordering all light i out at ?. A. M, slid the
same hours nui be observed at the
Pioni the tallowing 'Vinlng. Hut tin
tld Is si'll ii ivvn tight mi dawn lias and
bieniti. ts ettir t.ny of the diiuees.
The great popularity of the
clean, pure, healthful
is causing unscrupulous per
sons to wrap rank imitations
that are not even real chewing
gum so they resemble genuine
WRIGLEYS. The better
class of stores will not try to
fool you with these imitations.
They will be offered to you
principally by street fakirs,
peddlers and the candy depart
ments of some 5 and 10 cent
stores. These rank imitations
cost dealers one cent a package
or even less and are sold to
careless people for almost any
If you want Wrigleys
look before you buy.
Get what you
pay for.

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