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Littered nt tho Post Offlcs at New York at Second
( lass Mall Matter.
HubKrlptlnni by Mall, Foitpald.
DAILY, I'rr Month. , SO nn
DAILY. I'rr Vut 6 (HI
St'NIMY. i'er Your a SO
tiii: i:vi:nin sun, per Month aa
Till: I'AKNI.NU NUN. Per Year 3 BO
Postage to for rim countries added.
All checks, money orders, 4c to be made pay.
able ki Tub Si'N.
Published dally, Incltirllnu Sunday, by the Hun
Pflnilnf and l,tilllhltnt Association at 170 Nassau
atlret, )i ihe llotouiili of Manhattan, New York,
1'rcsldent and Treasurer. William C. Itelck ITU
Nassau UrcctjVlce-l'rcsldeiil, Kdward P. Mitchell,
JTu Nas,ni Mncf fici'ictaiy, l. I. Linton, 17u
Nassau Utri'l.
N.ndon ntllre, timnBtiain House. 1 Arundel
licet, Nirntid,
Pari office, n line tie la Mlrhodl're, off Hue du
Ijiialre Jeptenilirc.
Wavlilnirtnti office, Hlbhs nuttdlnc.
Uruokltti oftlce. IU4 I.ltlniMon aircel.
It "t Irtends vho fator uj tnth mamuertpts and
lii'lrntiimt tor publleallon vlih la hart rt.'tcltj
it (lr rrlurnrd Ihrti mull In all casts tend 'tarnn
,ir that ptirror.
(Inly a Parable.
Brazil. Argentina tmd Chile became
deeply lmpresed with the truth of
President Wooimow Wilson's teachings
wiMHTiilng the moral responsibility of
a great republic for the enforcement of
truly i niistltmlonal principles in the af
fairs of neighboring (iovernineiits.
They Iiccmiiic So deeply Impressed
.villi the duly Imposed upon them by
ihe .Monroe loWrlnc, In Its latest Inter
pretation, that they undertook, with the
assistance of the other Latin American
nations. Including Mevlco mid San Do
mingo, to safeguard constitutional gov
ernment In the I'liltM States.
In examining the situation In this
country the Arseitilue and Itrazlllan
and Chilean Jurists, with the help of
jicuie lecal minds from Mexico and San
Domingo, at once discovered In the Con
stitution of the 1'nlted States this fun.
dameutal provision, Involving the broad
ilo-tlo!i of the constitutionality of the
Government now exercising power at
Washington :
" li ti the rlithl to ute at any clrillun
for the choice of eli etots tor I'tesidi-at and
Vlce-Preslili nt. liil i. iitllM In in-1
Kiiss, me i'Mviiiim' aim Jiiillclal otllcers or
a Stale, or the memb,T.s of the 1,. Klslatme
thereof, la denied to any of th- m:t!" !nhnl
1 1 ;i nla of Mich State. b.'ltiK twenty-one
jeara of ano, ami citizens of thu 1'nlted
States, or 111 any way abrldKid. rxivpt for
p.irtlclMtloti In rebellion or other crime.
Ihf ir;in si ilfilflml Ihrrrin nhitll bf
initcfif In lit ;iMi;ior(loH icAlri thn ntiiu
brr of titicli Mr ritlTrni .siuli liiir to tnc
ii'Jinlp numbir of m rife cffl:cna U'etJ-oiir
Ifdrs u) nijr in nuch Sltttr."
Spurred by President Wilson's ex
ample to the fearless performance of
an obvious duty, and disturbed by tin
contradicted reports of wholesale dis
franchisement by State laws In certain
parts of this fnlon, Chile, Argentina
nml Hra.ll, together with the rest of
the doctrinal brethren begotten by Mr.
CMonkok, Including Mexico and San Do
mingo, addressed to the Cnlted States
Government, throuch our Department
nf State, a carefully worded note more
nf the nature of an Inquiry than of a
They nM;oi to be told whether In any
State of Hie American Fnlon such con
ditions of denial and abridgment of the
right nf suffrage actually existed. If
Nt, they further asked to be Informed
whether In accordance with the plain
requirement of the Constitution there
had ever been a proportionate reduction
In the basis of representation for
those States. If not, they respectfully
colicited the opinion of our own Gov
ernment, ns at present existing, as to
the legality of the Conirress thus con
stituted In defiance of the organic law,
mid the validity of the statutes passed
by a usurping membership.
To these very pertinent questions,Sec
retary IIryan, wo are sorry to tay.
made no reply. He was too busy at the
time picking out otlicial "observers" to
hUiervlse the elections In the Dominican
lU-publlc nnd to ascertain for thu In
formation of President Wilson and
himself whether the vote In San Do
inlngo was in fact a constitutional, un
trammelled, regular expression of the
IHipular will.
With great pntlenco and moderation
llrnsdl, Chile and the Argentine, sup
ported by Snn Domingo, Mexico and all
the rest, proceeded to approach Presi
dent Wilson In person, throuch their
respective Ambassadors. Extraordinary
and Ministers Plenipotentiary. TheyJ
submitted to the President tho same
general Inquiries already made fruit
lessly to tho Secretary' of State; but In
addition, they pointed out that Inas
much as the basis of representation In
the lower house of Congress deter
mined the apportionment of the electo
ral vote, the question of the constltu.
tlonal validity of his own title was
directly Involved. They abked him
whether, lu his expert opinion as a mor
alist, the method of his own election
had been truly constitutional.
President Wilson, ue are again
aorry n' deferred his explication
to a more npimrtiiim occasion, lie was!
too busy then pursuing his policy nf'
watchful waiting for developments In
Uexloo and of BaUsfylug himself by.
the Investigations of bid special and'Vit.t.A Is the hero and Ion! of CIilhiiH-
ixTMimU envoys thut the republic south T" circumstance must give his
of tis hud no Government In the true
constitutional sense.
Therefore Argentina, Chile, nrnzll,
with Sun Domingo anil Mexico and the
other Monroe Doctrine republics, with-
drew their Ambassadors and Ministers
and refused lonKer to rccognlr-c the (lov.
eminent notoriously and almost confess-
edly operatlns In defiance of Kectlon 2
of Article XIV. of tho Amendments of
the Constitution of the United States
of America, lit a joint declaration
I.. .ll..l.l U. J..W !...
iiMnnrii iii luiiiiiiniiiu nimuimi iin-jr
communicated to the world their pur-
pose to send north ofllclnl observers to'
supervise our next Federal elections,
and, If necessary, to adopt further
measures for the restoration of con
stitutional order In this country In
obedtcnee to the demands of duty nn;
der the Monroe Doctrine as Interpreted
In the llisht of political morality by
WiKtmiitw Wilson. It was a doeumeut
which our own gre.it President, under
changed circumstances, might bo proud
to have written.
The foregoing Is not yet n fact
H merely a parable.
Mhort Studies In Three Toimtiea.
Long tuiiuht to reverence the ordi
nances nf the Simple Sielliiig Hoard
and Its. efforts to make another Ian-
gunge, we have celebrated once mid
again Ito. tli.it new "world Msech'
whose tongue wags In the itlilo Marl-
cttn. Ho has alt air and sound of be-1
lug nearer to aboriginal and arboreal
man than most of the lost tribes of
Volapllk. .Naturally Ko can siei Kng.
lisb, when it deigns to Use that un
happy dialect, Just ns cryptically its
Mr. C.vumoik or Mr. Itu.v.MiKit M.vrru
i.ws. The current nillubcr of Wurltl
.s'icrci, the Pn of Ito, overllows with
eereles mid translations. Mere Is the
Ito FicdM, spelling f the tlrst para- , , ' , lvr
graph of I.in.oln's ietty.sbnrgsiH,vh:)"f ,,rn lniliilMrilii told by a
"Fourskour and sevn ylyrr. uro awr
fahdbrz biaitt fouttli aun dhls Uahntlnetit
a nlw iiecn. konsvd In lilierty and dedl
ketnl tu dltl prahposlcn dhat aul men
ahr krleyteil lykwal."
This Is affecting even to the eye;
and talked into a phonograph Is a sov
ereign cure for earache. Put how thin
and weak by the side of the same sen
tence in Ho:
"Zaf zee ltd .am taq tec, Ivaliz rupiz
ek kab ia If al budc ap tefad racatti, llbu
in Ra viral ml ttodos Id at roRod ut city
mu.iz elo clli."
'Cli,. Illi..t.w III,. II I I.. .1... ,
" ' . ., , . .. ,
MoliKey People loop the loop In the for-'
est treetnp.s. kisplug time with istatl
Now enmparo the same sentence ns
she is'wrote In lNperanto:
"Antiiu kv.ir ImickoJ da JaroJ kaj aep
in.ij traavoJ kuls stir tin cbl kontltiento
tioMin niiclon, ii.isKitan en libereco knj
ilcdicliltatt al la propozlcio, ke eliluj botnoj
ist.is kreltnj eRaluloJ."
What Is it?
Spanish, Pol Mi
Greek, Portuguese,
Uiisslau, Chinook?
Take It away!
Due more tooth out nnd you can eo.
The "four score and seven years ago"
paragraph in Ido:
"Ante quar iludckt o sep yarl, nla nvl
Rinitls sur lea kontiiieiitu ntiva uaclono,
kuticeptlta en liln'ieM), dedlkit a ta ptln
clpo, ke onina homl iias kreita eaala."
Throw out this iibomlnable Hommiee
hash! Come I'aek to Ito, and what
every letter carrier should know:
"Dapip, post oltko, nril.iplp, postmaster:
pilu'U, I'u.-tai;" stamp; plprtir.l, postaKe
stamp colb ctor; Icpip, throunh thn post,
by mall ; pipe, nulled.
"lie ho iit.it kplp. Send to me by mail.
"A I nel pipit. Tills is not mailable.
"Ak ek plpo lilac nlctaf. It was mailed
to ou fsterda.
"Ac ha niy pliiruzn. Tou have n Rood
postuRe atanip collection.
"Ab el plpruzl ; uf ac em plpl Idab
plprtiz, ab em piid td.ic ax pipruz in
ltex. I am a postaae stamp tollector:
If you will mall to me stamps, I will mall
to ou other stamps In exehanRe."
The Ued Dogs bark It; the Pander
Log scream It: Hah, rah, rah, Ito,
Ito, Ito!
Villa In Chihuahua.
With the occupation of Chihuahua by
General Francisco ("Panciio") Villa
at the head of .".iwiij men. Governor Cut-
n . . ..1.,.. tnj le ii ........ .....ii ..
wl,......!-, .. ., m " , ,
of government mid the northern States
virtually secede from the federation,
with the result that there are two Mex
icos, that nf tlie dictator mid Unit of
the so-called Constitutionalists, who
might be called the (tarty of reform
and retribution.
Chiliuahii.i must now have a popula
tion of -10,11(11), and is a well built city
on the main line of the Mexican Na
tional, with line public buildings, lu-nail
streets, plnzua mid monuments (one to
Miiial(.o). It Is a centre for agricul
ture ns well as mining, and has many
factories; also a mint, which Governor
Cakranza should. Hud a use for. As
there Is no reason to believe that the
town cannot be held, the Government
set up should be worthy of the Improved
fortunes of tho Constitutional cause,
and Washington may expect to receive
at any time nu application for the rec
ognition of I lie Insurgents as lielliger
cuts. During the rebellion against tho
Government of President Maukho Chi
huahua was occupied for n brief jierlod
by General Orozco, his former lieuten
ant, but It was on sufferance, and Gen
eral llri'.itTA at the head of n Federal
army hud no dllllculty In driving him
out and ilisiei'sliig his forces.
As a military base of operations
against thu city of .Mexico tho value of
Chihuahua with Us railway coiiuniinl
cations and telegraph facilities needs
no exposition. However, Governor t 'au
ra rm him not arrived yet. The road
from HcmioHllIn lu Souora Is long and
tortnous, with little benefit of Tiillroads
uiiIosh tho 1 Ttilt m! StatoH rIvoh iin
..VNZA periidsshm ,,, cross American
territory, lor the lime being Pancuo
civilian chief anxious momenta.
What tho Vot In the Kolchstug
llcally .Means.
rm . ... I.i - i i..
the Kclehstug. an to 54. declaring
I ill" ii in- n i:iiiiicinici- ni i lie i mp in
Uoie nf .llMli.i11.. , t,,n i.i,ri ii
chancellor, Is not to be found either In
the symiwthy of tho Socialists and
their allies with the civilians of Zn -
i .... t i i. .
"" nt I" -' unpopularity of Dr. von
of the con-
I) KTII M A N N-l lot.t.WKO. The
taluly reflected dK-iairprovat
. f . ,. " KoIl(tTNKIl nn,
sllke of the Chancellor hut nfter
fln Alsace Is a German province and
'the luemliers' of the HclchstiiK are
Cerinaiis and not Frenchmen.
Wlint this censure of the Govern
ment really slRiillled was that the tnlll-
tl.fl, ,lU4.t,. .... lU .....Mn V.
HiiniMiii.) in mini- iiiii,-ii lllllll
f,.r.O n.,,1 H,.. l M. llnl,.h.....'u
, , t , ewp , tnllltary '
establishment l.s too great to be lmnie
much longer. The Zabem disturbances,
were not Imiwrtant In themselves and
were probably exaggerated, as General
von F.xlklniiayn, the Minister of War.
said, but they afforded a pretext to the
elements of the opposition to combine
and manifest their dls.iiproval of a
vast army as a peace force mid in no
small measure their antipathy to the': " 110 or selling potatoes ami
. . . , I ' turkeys to reduce tho h gh cost nf
privileged and overbearing olllcer In ! V,1C. Thus I.kw will live over acala
uniform. his greatest distinction as Mayor of
Naturally the Kaiser wa.s dWlili'lied ' Indianapolis. More to tho point m an
and vexed by the ebullition, b.vnuse
u...,.,...ii .1... ..t..it. i t..
f ii,-,..-. iuv .--'vim;)i ion oeiit.1- in
the Kelchstag and points the way to
an illiilcrst.'iuillug with other parties
to restrict army npuroprliitloiis. Further-
more, the Incident must be reidrdod
as an ominous, If temporary, triumph
for democracy.
Chance to Collect a Few Facts.
Will the police and the public prose
cutor of Newark take amiss the siig-
Igestlnn that the extraordinary story
woman patron of one nf ihe theatres
of that city be subjectis! to the most
careful scrutiny before It receives otli
cl.il Indorsement?
This remarkable tale presents a
young man In the net of pricking rare
narcotic, poison, of uggctod South
American Indian origin, into the hand
of a woman, presumably with Intent
to throw her Into a stupor and then
make away with her. This sort nf
thins lias been report, si u happening
In a number nf places, a hysdcrmli-
syringe usually neing the vet, do nf
The Newark case s ren-
deiiil the n litlictlit totakeserh.llslv
i t . . '"."
ironi Ihe fact that the aiviisiil I
hargiil vvltli having iistsl a common
.sewing needle to drug his, victim.
The suspicion will occur to many
that this sensational story, which has
npH'ared lu many forms In the d.illv
Iicvvwi,ii,.r.s mnl lias had wide clival, i- i
tlon from the platform, bis ,ri.iieo,i
a spite of inlinl In M.m,. iief.otw in
which their imaginations are able to
convince them that almost anything
has happened to them. .Most of the
alleged Incidents of this nature have
been Impossible f verlllcatbui.
Mere, however, is n e;is, tlint cm
be InvestlgatiHl. The Inquiry shoulil
be thorough, pot only fur tho sake of
the Individuals Involved, hut aNo to
establish the facts In regard to a
widely ills-iised metlnsl of asuults
which, until Indisputable evidence Is
produced. Tin: Si- must ropeetfuIIy
continue to regard as a sample of hys.
terical nonsense.
David du Hose lialllaril.
It Is known by all his associates tmt
Colonel Davih pi: Itosr G.viii.akii, F. S.
A., who died In Ilnltltnore yesterday,
sueciimbed to the strain of' his Inde
fatigable labors us engineer in charge
of the Culebra Cut. Trie work of ex
cavation, in which he never spared
Iitniseir. killed Ii t in ut I be nge nf 54
w hen In, liml in,, - .. i.. .....
. ' ' "' "
iiiui.s iin i ne irnsH'ci or attaining
the highest honors In his profession.
In the Engineer Corps there was no
more brilliant officer, with the possible
exception of Colonel Goitiialm, nnd
certainly none more self-sacrlllelng lu
the discharge of duty. Me lived lo
complete his great work, mid what mi
undertaking It was when he had to do
almost dally battle with landslides,
trenching against the enemv and lnboi i.
,.,lsi.. tomine: its ibmi.-i
Colonel Gaii.lahu never won the fame
of his associates Goi.tii.vi.s and Gorans,
Init his merits were scarcely less and
his exertions and devotion f nil v as
great. It will be tho fash on to sav r,,lr. e-,1r,,lnK " enr must be able
,.,, ,,, .., . , ... . ' 'Ito do to be operated on our streets could
that the ( ulelira Cut Is Gaii.lahu s ' i, ,ioi,.rmie,i utmsn nit vm.
monument, but that will not help his
widow In her extremity. Congress
should take appropriate notice of his
services as engineer and canal commis
sioner and make suitable provision for
Mrs. Gaillahd.
Another llroken Kettle.
The comments of the Hon, Francis
W. Hum, Progressive County Chair
man, u pun the return of Comptroller
Piic.Mir roast to tho Itepublleiiu party
bring to mind tho predicament of tlie
man who borrowed a kettle. When
he cume to return It, tho owner called
attention to tho fact that It wuh dam
aged, whereupon the man explained
that tho kettle was cracked, broken,
and of no earthly good at the time ho
received It.
lu like manner Mr. Hird would have
the community believe that the deser
tion of a member of tho Importance
and standing of William A. Prknohr.
;a.si' was of no consequence, he has
Ix-en so full of v'uU spfitH from tho
time of his reception Into the Progress-
ive army. Mr. Hum said:
"The return of Mr. Prkndit.roA0T to
the fold af Htandpattlsm la not a sur-
" l" Progressives. His stale
merits of u yenr bro, that he bf!evei
th era iliml ..,.olln.,
protUva duties, wuici, ar. distinctively
nssoclnted with the Itcpubllcan party, at
"ce pointed the course mid indicated the
limitations or his thlnklttR."
Mow wiih II, then, that such an nn
tit mil unsound soldier win noioln,il,.,l
in .mil tmsnumi soimer was nominated
only lust Slimmer to bear aloft the
! Armageddon banner? Indeed, Mr. limn
- -
l'lt th.it the nomination of such a
''' heretic "prevented nther liiein -
n nf the PwRiesslve party from
!,mirl" 1'iaies on either the city or
1 , . ,, Mr'
clnliiLS thnt hp know n v-ir nc?n Jill
,.1l"''t ,r17.." ' i,"
cer-l",lont ",ne '"Untlons" of this worth -
,pss ,,,t,p- Is tnlR W""1"1 Justice to
foist one of "the faint tamrtcd, the
u.ie.M....I.I.. ..-.I .1 t ll.l..
--. im,, mm inure m nine mini
"""''"fi'y nl'011 nl 'l",v, honest
rank and file?
Whut flu the Political Science Sol
diers thluk of this betrayal? ThKs
placing In the hands of a known
traitor, full of weakness and treason,
,.,.1 1 , a t.
" ''"'" r...,.m,,imillK IIIIISllirmcr, tllC
ed stan, lard of "the army of , ho
lwf 7? i ,whul w"
' T7t"T m" m "f
TjL "'. "' tn.lrMtl
Idoliitor when he returns from the!
bind of tho cockatoos and the parrn-
kcet s?
Vaudeville, should be In ex-Mayor
l.r.w Shank's line. He has accepted
an encasement of forty weeks with a
moving picture concern and will be
lt"" J L. "," """V" il """ s""wlnl-'
I etusKti aruviiifs as a irienil nml
liml ..r H,n u,ri ..n. i .
tool of the street railroad strikers nml
as na enemy of law, order anil social
In the palaces of kings weaklings are
lu n, while from foundlltiR asylums
where the waifs nnd stra)s of uuvvel
vomed babes me sent them not Infre
quently comes forth the strength of will
slid Intellect that makes it commander of
men. 7'Jie H'orif.
Hear' Mearl Had the hnrdeneil
reactionary Hkniit Fiklijino lived to
day be might have made Toxt Jonks a
commander among commanders In this
age of whales.
AH of the men of science, the philoso
phers and scholars are not confined to
the t'nlted States alone. Jfemphta t'oia
mrmul Appeal.
Hut no other country can match us
In one realm. We alone possess fair
Chautauqua, Under
'the big top" wo
tire nonpareil.
Washington was Interested to-day in
the statement by Secretary Hryasc before
the l.'.'eu Corn Club boys and glrN from
Ohio now on a trip here that lie "hid to
lecture to keep a little farm In Kansas
going." tlVinftiitrfoa ilrspnici.
' Wasn't there an old sons with a re
frain tusking: "What else could tho
poor man do?"
As t'lie reading ptihllc! Is surfeited
with aviation feats the "lound the
world" Journey of .lei.Ks Vkprinks Is
not getting much attention; hutnothliigiwh.it has 1 n eovnl b long experience
like It ihas been attempted before. The to he a too dangerous license III tho use
i.Iiiimi',1. ne,-. Iicvivllv inriilnwl !nj filler. I nf wood.
oris,. After be h.ives Constantlnnide. I
for no can know Illtle al out the air
conditions he will encounter, and aero
plane outlHtliig shops must he rare lu
the Fast, llllt the venture cettainly
proves that M. Vkprinks tins faith In
the Hying machine.
r'aldnet wives In boycott. Kggs ban
ished from tables of leading members
P.e.spoctfiilly submitted as a casual
but Ineluctable proof of the subjection
of Mere Man In this gynocracy.
itl'IILKIilll Cltl'IKSIIANK of West Solll-
erville, Mass., has been elected captain
of the Washington and .IctTeri-on football
team, which became famous recently by
playing Yale a scoreless game. How
did the Harvard football authorities
come to overlook III ui.ianii Chi-iksimnk
growing up almost under the shadow
of the university'.' .
I IK til llule Dofiircenient oil All Mho I e
Thrill Needed.
To Tin; FtUToii or Tin: Si'N .sir- Th"
proMiiu of aMildlng accidents on our
sticcts cannot be reduced to less nl.tr in
big propel Hons merely hy spasmodic cn
forcemeat of the motor regiilat
Tho oft suggested I est l let Ion of pedes-
trlsns to the natural crossings should I";
enforced, and the pollen should have the
power to examine chauffeurs as in their
ability, owiiits particularly, then, too,
tl ondlllon of tlie machine Itself shout I
bo investigated, as Its capacity to sl.ip
quickly and start surely has an ubv Ion
iff'cl upon Its safe operation.
My own machine was tun Into by a
taxlc.ib last week, and the chauffeur
apologetically evplalncd that Ids brakes
were not .n working older, and that h- l.tud an Inestimable bcneilt on the corn
was compelled to use hi clutch in order ' mui.ttv.
to check bis car. The mechanical condi- Moieover. It would lake n gte.it deal
lion of a very large number of inrs, and , less of my time (o dratt a good building
p.ntieiilarly tuxlcabs, Is such that thev law than to combat bad ones, for I have
ue ,i oiiiiaic icn ii ni. .en nun Uwtiie necessary mater al at hand mnl l,i
gicatest cue and within the law
Hy a folic nf experiments with cars
In reasonably good condition a dellnltn
Nnw York, December 6.
"llestlcs. lluothiR, Itelutleil female. "
To Tun Fpitor or Tiik Sin .vir: Xlls
M,.l,,rl.. ll., ill .f Itin U'ii.n l'.,..,...u
Alill-Sufliage League Is quoted In til's,1?' 'J10"," nuthoiitv when they could
morning's Sr.v as saying: 1 .!',",' ,m,r ""'m 111 ,,ln c"rU lb".
resident VVihom was very wl-e not to ' V, , ,,"r. ,0, ,!','" I!'"1"' fi,""ly' Who T(""
Include woman surfnine In his mesnage. Ifl. ''" '"plr,11; "'llestotte at JOTtll street
he had mixed hlo.self up In thl, discus- !' , ""l nM-- '""V' '' 11 two blocks
.Km I.I. Ille would 1.. .. burden. earefully bedding It In the
..... 'Stone wall at tin. entrance to the new
Probably Miss liorman meant that Inluirim I'ul.
view of the Brave problems Involving the , , w tt s borii on the old Klngsbrldgo road
welfare of our coun ty confronllng the ,s;i3. At lmt , 0vv 157th street
na Ions Chief executive he was wise !,, ,, Sl. N,eholas avenue stood the old
not undertaking the consideration of such tend, milestone. Kor manv vei.ri l .
a serious question.
The safety of the nation would lie en
datigiiicd hy granting that emotional,
shi.it sighted, Illogical creaturo woman
I lie ballut. Keep her out of politic.
Nature never Intended her for that sphere,
The only reform she could even hope to
accomplish would bo merely supeillcial
She cannot purify tho world by starting
at tho top of tho ladder and working
down, and let her not for a moment lose
sight nf tho fact that she la Just as faulty
as man.
Of the largo and growing number of
restless, ranting and deluded females ad
vocailng woman suffrage and stirring up
ilHcnnhnt. It In tint miiDh nf nn
tlon to my that tUroe.quartcrH of tlu-ni do
not even know what they arc. talking
lino III,
The maacullne mind Is Innnlpily im
pel lor to the feminine mind and mm doej
not havo to possess the mentality o!
Socrates to appivclitte this fact. Noth
ing denionstratei so clearly woman's utter
untltneas to take a leading part In ths
momentous affairs of u nation as ner
Inability to reallie her own limitations.
New York, December i.
A Complete Net of IteRiilatlnni Offered
to the City Free.
' . r i n u.n .sir: ADor-
,V() uttclnt(!, t r,.VM the building code
hao been so liuinuoua In recent vears
,'lilt 1 ,l!!0 .'""' ""' k of ,nclr "umh"r-
i. .1.-. - ...
. pmposnt irMsiu
Putter prosmct of amcest this time than
uu luMccra naxf nttpmptod tin linponslnlc,
1 to malco u Rood law on a bad
',itl, '
j The
llrst codu of bulldlnR ordinances for
h'lil;v "??T
' ...nil ll.. M .n ,M-
acted f i oin lime to thnu as tho need for
them uroc, lute nih-d to apply to particular
casts and to prevent abuses too HrcRrant
to tolerate, mid every subsequent revision
of It has been made mi this same plan.
Thus the code lias (;rown up by accident,
so to speak.
It coni, ,ts of ji.it tiiMit.it- directions for
the lis" of m.iteilals mid methods rather
Hi. in nf loo.nl rubs for safety which arc
applicable to nil cases, such as underlie
the Kuiopfuii btillilltiR regulations. One
.in undei stand bow such a method of
mnklriR the law talent sere after a fash
ion for the iiee.lt of a Btnall pluce where
llllllllilll- . Ill, !!.! till, t U.ilT. lllM1ll1.lt llllt llttlu
IntciliKcmv is iiuiied to understand that
this piimltive, iiiisiieiitlllu and clumsy way
of making the law cannot apply success
fully for a city such as this.
To make a law by this specltlitHtlon plan
to cover every posllil contingency In tho
const! in Hon of a clly like tills would ex
ceed tho ability of the must skilful engi
neers and urehlti'i ts who ever lived. Hut
thu task has no Uriors fur a committee,
of Abb niii ii.
It is easy to understand that when It ta
attempted to specify how, when and where
Mil Ions im thuds of construction and vari
ous kinds of inatirlals are tithe, used, dis
satisfaction is sine to follow among thu
dllTcient tnteiesth affected. No matter
l ow ii s nc esleo t ie cuiupiiers limy ec.
,.,, , ,...., .,,i ,',niu, ,ii..rfin.
Illation are sine to bu heard, and even If
eytty Interi st rouid lie satlslleil to-day
dissatisfaction would appear to-morrow.
A law made on th.it plan Is a dead tiling,
for It ptovhles for no progress In the art
of building and must becomo out nf date
shut fly aftel eiiai Hneiit.
Now while It Is. as 1 have tried to show,
nn cm ceding!)- illltlcult task to make any
kind of building law by the specification
method, and Impossible to make a good
one, tt would be a compaiatlvcly easy
mutter In make a proper law by the plan
empio.M'd In t'.iiropeau cities. To use that
plan II is Mmpl) neees.iiy to formulate
the objects to lie s cmcd, then to lay
down bio. id nil s to cover them.
The main olijicts of tho Kuropeatt laws
are safitv against tlie. proper sanitation,
Including light for buildings and streets,
nnd safely against collapse, nnd these ob
jects are lu'tit'illy attained In European
cities. The law as we draw It Is mainly
'' x,,t'''1 " serurlng safety against col-
lnpc. and many uimeces'ary and burden'
tome requirements are helped on the user
rif lncombustilile inatirlals with that ob
Jict. That our law does not secure safety
against lire the lire statistics conclusively
i Ptove. and no pretence Is made of secur
ing cucqu.ue iigni ior tne iiiiiimngs ami
Uli ets.
fine m.o took in vain through the volu
minous document now being considered
foi any policy which will eventually bring
safety to the city iicalnst tire. That can
only iiime through the general use of fire
proof materials in building: hut this pro
posed ic vision. like the present code, actu
ally thr.iws olitarlcs in the way of th
use of such mateilaW by unnecessarily ln
cnaslng tin, cost of tire resisting con
struiiinti, wh'le at the s-ime time It allows
i me hundred years nf Ami lean bulldlnR
i n.i.s mi' w u in. ii 1'in lino- in,- nn, mill,
wlien W' " leu li. inns and rafters are used,
to confine ere The walls we permit aro
about '" per cent thinner than those re
qiilriit In I'.uiopean cities
.Mori over, in those cities cellars sre
covind Willi masonry. 'When wood la
ued fur Hoots walls should tie made much
tlilikcr than when incombustltile materials
are used for them That one provision. If
embodied III our law, would III time lead
tn safety, for It would place a necessary
and proper handicap on the ue of wood
and setxe as an Inducement for the use of
III .-pnnif mateilal". It Is only bv such
means that the ue of incombustible ma
terials can become general.
I one eilnlnil some of my views on
this suble.'t to the late Mnnr Caynor at n
public bearing; he tieetned so Impressed by
what t said that I asked for an opportu
nity to iltsciiss the matter further with
him and in reply he wrote as follows:
July ro. inn
Ifvr ln n.nn Vint Immediately struck the
note Mlilih ha hern In my mind fur a long time.
and ou are entln'l rlcht
The mile ntielit tn tie so framed dial It would
tie elastic erimi gli to t ike lu nil kinds nf proper
m nertnl.
I sir no way lo cet proper code ulthnul em
ploj In ir Mime one like vnii to d ran It ihrotichotit,
Mm mw fne'uii yesierdny to ionvlnee yoa of
the rn r-sliy for 1h.ii
I eantint al ihl lime make an appointment with
nu n mi many tlilriir. tires upon ice Vrrv truly
tours. v .1 l.OMin, Mayor
I know that the present Superintendent
of Hulldlngs. who, bv tlie way, is prob
able llie best New Vork lias err had,
iRi-cis ,u I lu- main with my views, for he.
told inii so I have not asked him to rl'i
so, hut If In- will lend his assistance I
...111 i......nn ... .1. ,...,
, ,, .ii', i, , .,ii,. ,. .ii.,,. ii iii,ici Dunn
ing i'i,e fur the city within thirty days
and without one cut of cost to the city
I cm etd for the ncees.iry printing anil
I t ..'.r.. I.n .,lh. -.I .1 . .
. .... ..in.-, i.-,i:ii man wnuii
come with the know tedue that I lei. I -.-
ib-votcd yeais of study to the subject.
HliNhsr FLAlli!
Nnw York. December .1.
Miinhntliin Milestones.
To tiii; cnt-rnn or Tiik Sin ,,r.- it n
a shame and It amount- to a crime that
In the ii grading nnd widening nf tlie old
Klngfcbrldgo toad those line old PelleyUle,
iiiiiniiMiniiii snoiun no cast nsldo
t.inlrl thu old Hmollm,, ink ;h.
the west side of the old Klngsbrldge road
and within fifty feet of thu Geventh mile,
stone, now ISTIh stii.-t, The teacher's
immo was Tloofj In after years ha was
lirlnclpal of the old (irnye street nnd other
rlty schools. A grand old man. He would
pot allow us boys tn deface or mar those
stones lu any manner.
As tn Mr, l.andlno'H Impression that
the tenth and eleventh milestones are tha
oulv ones on Manhattan Island, he will
tlnd still standing tho tlrst milestone on
the llowety opposite Stnuton street, the
fourth milestone at Third avenue and
Flfty-seventh street, the Hfth milestone at
Seventy-seventh street, tho seventh nt
117th street. Tho thirteenth stood directly
opposite (ho old Klnghbiidge. He will utso
III nl two stones on tlie old Hoston road,
ono nt IlltuiMlale, tho other at Fast Ches
ter, The latter rends, "ID miles from
New York," A, H. W,
nuPKoim. Park, December 3,
The Wrltlna nn the Wall.
Heti.hu7.ar kaw tha writing on the wa.il.
"Very likely a rhrlMmaa hint from my
wlta," ha ciplalotd.
Candidate Old and New; IlrMnn Ulti
ma; and Red sJtubtM Niink.
Tiianutk, Kan., Itcc. 1. Although the
eleetlon Is nearly u year off, political
conditions In Kansas are, making poll-
ttlclans of nil parties "sit up unit take
.notice." The Democrats ar thorouRhly
I dlaRuated with tho administration of Oov-
lernor IlodRes. He would like to go to
the United States Henate, but Is not big
enoiiRh for the place.
tlalle P. WagRener of Atchison, the Mis
souri Pacific Rcncrul attorney for Kansas,
has announced his cnndldacy, us a1?o lias
tluuli t-nrrrllv of I'h.innte. u leailltlU
'lawyer. With these two men In the race
It Is hard to tell which would win. as,
both aro very able and popular In their
party. It Is thouRht that their candidacy 1
will force Hodges out of the Senatorial
race ana mat no win run iiRain tor
Governor. 3. W. Orr of Atchison, an
other eminent lawyer, has Just announced
his candidacy for Governor, atul if there
are but Orr and Hodges In the race nt the
primary Orr will be an easy winner, pro
vided there In a larire woman vote. At
I this election the women will vote for the
hi ni tunc iui runic uiinvin.
Since the Progressives hi Id their meet
ln In Topeka and 9ft per cent, wete
found to be olltco seekers out of the two
old parties. It Retierally Is conceded by
the Ilepubllcan leaders that Arthur Cap'
per. editor of the Topeka Cdnltdl, will lie
nomlnated at the primary and ilected In
tiubliran hv a.Vflfir) In 4l).ftf)l). No one
seettiti to know whether Senator J. 1,.
Itrlstovv will run us n. Itcpubllcan or a
Uull Moose. Up to the pieselit lie has
not decided. It makes no dlfferettc..
what he does; the people of Kansas wi
retire him at the next eleetlon. He will
tie succeeded by one of three men,
Senator Charles Curtis of Topeka or ,
WaRRener or Family.
Tho Hull Moose leuders are try hag very
hard to Interest the women hi the cause
but a large clasa uf vomcn i cruses to
have anything to do with politics, l'or
fifteen years women have had suffrage In
municipal affairs, and at no time since
II... I..... . n..! tte,it 1,... r. 'Ill ......
the law took effect have 3 pel nt.
ever availed themselves of their light.
In all probability this Is about the per- '
centnge that will vote at the primary
next August and also nt the November
With the exception of William Allen
White. Hull Moose National Committee
man from Kansas, marly every member
of that aggregation is a candidate for
some office, either county or Slate. Mr.
ited" W, K. Stubbs would like to be a
candidate for the United States Senate
on the Moose ticket or some other, hut
White In not much In sympathy with this,
dial. In fact, he tecently said In the
l.iiilmel;, lnttt lt,!,t ttm v .1 Incrtu it
needed I, new neerli nml liefni .. Hie ca m.
lialRti opened Up some one who was In-
terestcd In him should write one for hint.
t .... A wnons
' ' "oon-
flnly the nrather and a Few Vanliee llnli -
Its Itenialn as He lbs of Her Past.
T,. T,.r t.-,r nir Kev-H,!,. ..
tcrti. to a returning visitor after a lapse
of some years, would appear to be moving
In the direction of piogrese. The Puritan
ical habits of its traditional life are pay,
ing away, and like the "Chauibeicil Nau
tilus" of Dr. Holmes It has ;
Tt ti 1 1 1 up Its Idle door.
Stretched In In hut found home and know
the old no more.
From provincialism it is edging Its way
toward cosmopolitanism. Hut the pi ogress
Is slow unit painful.
In Copley Square you look In vain for
the Museum of l-'ine Alts and tlnd In
lis stead the solid structure of the Cop.
ley Plaza,
In the subway Creek and Portuguese
and Italian rub ilbows with the ilimlnlsb
Iiir sons of the blue nosed Pilgrim. Hel
lenic beauty forces lis way time, often
with a hat bo big enough for come) mice
In an express wagon, past lingular I'rls-.
clllas eariylng not the sombre cloth shop-'
ping bug of their mothers but a I asset
leather counterfeit. 1 sat lu one of the '
public conveyances beside a girl dressed
In a tan felt hat, a flaming red woollen
coat of the modern mode, who dtew from
her shopping bag a book. Curiosity get
ting the better of breeding, 1 looked over
her shoulder. Instead of Fnierson's essay
on "Morals" or "Transcendency" she
opened to the pagis of the metrical re.
clial of the adventures of one of Hymn's
light and amorous heroes.
Hut Hoston may )ct. In the phrase of the I
wit. be credited with being "a stale of!
mind," Standing lu front of tu In a suit,
way car was an angular and tall man.
He was In thu garb of a minister. Dimly
you might have thought him to tie
the piesent day embodiment of Arthur
Dlnimesdale. He was standing and 1 was
sitting. There was space beside me. and
- " ...... . . u. ...v .-w.. -
with the nervous habit ot a Gothnnilte I
mncit to make room for him, touching
him on the arm tn direct him to the ,.,,(,
He looked at tne coldly and fm bidding).
Then be directed his eyes and my atten
tion to a sign opposite, "Seventeen seats."
I took my cue, spread out and was again
In spite nf the changing character of
the crowd on Tretnout stiect. tlie edg
ing of Oreek and Oriental shops nninng the
Yankee traders, there are two things that
still mark the metropolis of the liny State
ns distinctly Hoston. the weather and
pome Yankee habits that aro as pene
tratingly uncomfortable.
New York, December 4.
The Mother of the Nation,
To tiik HntTon or The Stis.-.sir.' The
Idea of electing al Washington a betltting
memorial to the gt -.tlrst of American
women, the Pioneer Settler's Wife, in the
form of a typical statue and a hall of
fame to niche the busts of the great nnd
good pioneer mothers In each State of the
Fnlon, Is meeting with widespread ap
proval. Why should not the carrying to a sue.
cessful completion of this Idea be the woik
nf tho Daughters of the American IScmi.
The pioneer settlet's wife traversed tlie
Santa Fe trail, nnd manv tiall hes-nle
To mark this trail for all time why tint
honor In Imperishable bronze the woman
who followed that trail, the Pioneer Set
tler's Wife? CiURirs CmsTMioi'.o
Point I.oma, Cnl.. November 30
Optimism or Iron)?
To the KntTort or Tub Spn Mr. Your
correspondent Mr. Law mien Klngsinin
says that "there In a place in thl world
for men bores." While 1 can easily under
stand the comfort Mr. Klngsnian must
derive from his conviction, It seems the
pnrt or kindness to wain him that this
place Is rapidly disappearing.
W. I,. M. Notour.
New York, December f,,
Kireptlon tn the llule.
Knlcker New breotn unp rle.-.n
Hocker No cleaner than old hrootni. is
fora Chrlitinan
Hla Honor lo the Swim,
lltatlint in thr Provldrnrt Jnurnai
Taunton fltaya "Wet": lleelect. .Va-.ii
(lor Callera.
Said haughty uppoitunlt) ;
"I coma hut once to men
To offer them uli sifts ile.ln-,-..
All t ti t ii k h heond their ken.
Hut If they ananer not my Unoik.
Or If tlielr step delujs,
I turn ami, nor coma again
Through all their Irnuili of du"
Quoth Santa Olaun; "Hitch rrueltj
Quite fcreaki my hrait tn hear
To aalva them for your ralloiimiem.
I'll coma once eer- year.
1 know they lire a unary folk
And uilicht not hear my kneeli,
Po 1 ahull down their rhliniiej ! n
That nausht my path muy hte.-u
UcLaapbibuu Wu.so.s
Stmiiiit't ShllC Hitl AsSOCintion'
Pltm to Correct Pros-
cut Abuses.
,UIUfV CotntlliSMOn, 0t .Mil',.,
iii Opinion of Sovpnil,
Should Dpt'iilc
Tile committee of the Stale tt.ir Ai
elation on Ihe cotiiutllinciit and illsiii.iur
nf the crliiilii.it Insane, appointed In .t,in
tiary, I !!)!, has sent to the Justices nf
the Supreme 'ouit and to District Al
tonic) h throiiRhoiit the Slate opinions by
allen'sts on a chanm- hi the laws iiffec-
iw v,.dlcts of Insanity In criminal ttlals
-", -"- '"'"v1" rr :
to the liar Association at the annil it
nii'iting III Jaiinar).
Th" loop I change Is Inti luted to en-
,,,,, j,rlH w,.,e a defence of Insanity l
,,.,,,1 to lender u v. nllct of Riillly. but
nin,.," nther than thu present "no.
. Kllimi r inanity," hi, I
Utah r tile le w Vcrdli'l to have the defer
limit sentenced to a State asylum for the
ciimln.il Insane "until such t me as in the
opinion of tho (loveiiior on no iippllca
tion for paidon lie m.iv be set fiee. with
safily In the coinriiilnil) ."
The committee's expl. illation of the pro
posal continues; "The light of paidon
t,y th-lioveinoi being left unaffected, any
... . . . .
leniiy insane iicisou who shoulil tcuiiy
leg.i a .-uiltv would not sillier any In
Jut'ie Thus the scandal of tepeated
habeas corpus piocccillngs on behalf if
th" criminal ins. inc. such as this Slat
has witinsseil in th,. List fi w ),iu
would be avoided." Tin mmittfc adds
tint tlif propoed enactment ha been tie
law ol l.'ngl.inil for sonic thirty .n.ns
"and seems to have wiiikul well."
A list of tw.'iil)-foui questions was pre
paled by the commlltie for the alienist
to answer, and twenty-one physicians s, tit
In He ll opinions.
l ull VII I rliiiiiiiil
I iisii ne,
! ' Wils.) ph)stliall III eh,lliS
;,r,,'1 ,'" A,"lt vlll-.
I !,,, " N ",' !'''r.".'''"-" " V'r''; f""n
, 11 wl" ""' '" l"ng. he stud, "befoie all
cf.mltt.ils will lie chissllled among tt o,t-
stltutlon.illy defeetivu or Insane. I
, llevc in punishing any ci linln il who know s
! tight from wtong and can In the man
1 eotttrol his acts whin tint under liqu
1 luN" "" wnllnient after th m-one .!-
WW '"' "lU.osttl.c s -,, New
Long Island
, , K M.llll III, ..(I T,l(. ....I. .11.... ...,l.ll. .....
be nifVfittfil h) hum:
st .ludg. . A few-
Justice Colls Would Iii
ail that would b
ittcessary to c.intrul
attoi n, , w ho a"-
wnoiiy tc-pottiiiie f.i
the pitiable shoi.'-
ing of our profession,
laws all, uli "
H'c h.iM tun man -
Dr. Ja nes V. M,i of Allum. a mem
ber of the Stale Hospital Cominlss'nn.
wtote that If the ptoposid ait wete pas -d
"we Wullld still h.iMi the 'battle of ,
perl,' whi. h Is found so olijectioniitile -it
the present time" He .llgtnil til it 'ii
iinstiiu of Iri-.mity h..u:. '.. pi..
upon bv iiieilic.il men ami nut l, ., jt)
I)r Achur W Hull. si,;.M, I,.,, ;,f
the Itlltf.il . Slate ll,.,;tit. als s .
is tie- lu.ip.isittnn nf I-avirn.- ultltn it. .1
charge 'ii the Cucinoi's piidoi i . he i
weak spot since it mlqh! ,h . n I u,,,,,,
i Inn... a.-, chut or the ..i. ,. ,o , Cm
emor. II- .suggests having a 1
m.die.il m.-n to c.itildei t.-, mum. c ittnti
fm iMidnn.
It i .,,,ut, ,1 ,f i,v i,- j iy
I'ulnam of i...i,io. tint in h.s .bnl nnt
the criminal Insane shoulil l... i,iii.ii,i.1.
to a l-i w ispeciall) pissed fm Un-tii. f
ami liable to the 1 1 Imln.il law, h- sail tie
nun who shot m c. itnos-se'.t ,.,uM bi
committed only for the l.-n.-th ..f t.m
prescribed f r as.iult w.th In', i" i.. ;.,i
while innv he will he In m iiitiMiii"ti f .
an Itidet. ; min.it.. l.-n.-th ,,f -n,., ;,ertta;.
fnr lite, n-.iiinl until b, i. is 1,,-en de
li.iled ii .-nwieil.
Itr. l'llnl l'nor CIiiiiikf.
I" A. ei , I'lint s.is thai the ciini.nnl
insane shntild In- ,i -neti .1.1, to ihe i rtml
u il but -li.it the t i.iiinent of sui h
!,!.. 'll. e.i.eild he ill IT 1 1 ut from thfii of
criminals tin! insane. The illtllcilt)
tn h.s opliilnn, i- it, the Inabillls of font
and Juioi in nooncile. nnictiug ii- t
bstlmony. The otil) tationa! loini of
verdh:. In his opinion, la the siug. ,s'..t
'Vullty but Insane,"
Dr. All. in Milium- Hamilton also lb
no icisnti for objection to the ptoii.s. '
ch'inge In "giilliv but Insane." as follow, 1
in Hintl ind. and adds : Vtnl I ,., n
think this iii.i i :.-r should lie P f' -..
Jury at .ill Lit the ury ileiem. ,, i
riletl,ni ,,f nt din 1,-v uiiilt t-chtii. ,' l- i
and a interni or ietons coirespe. I t
he ivpresfllt.lllllj of th- Hll.-I'MI it . I,.
Secietat. d-. lde stlhseiiietitly Ihe n'.iIi .'
the ioti iet 1."
maxy u tYiws tariirit iieiii
siuil) I'.ilill.ltlii,, n l.llimr, ,,f (
I'lii lining riiiiiiiilaalon.
If )ou go bini; to .vnor home cll in
Spite in a few y. it .ml tttut all the m.-.
spol in U Mtioothfd out, the town mo
tiion a i-.mlen of lu .mt, ami a snange in,
alttactivc ti-.U'stot inatioii in the contotn
of tin- buildings on m.i n Mnet, win i it
be pretty sur- that the Mnor ot th.i
town w.is one of the tv.i tity live or tool
M.I.MIIS (I M,l ors-i lect Wlio lllgcs,.!
tlie ln, itmit nt thi- ( 'lt A 'I.I llnlliL- I-..,,
mission in the IMiblli
l.ibl.irv MeleliliV
hi. I' I v. In- l 1,1
I -'I Just CI i milled
i'hl ill-.- Innci nt h,.
tains the , vl.ihit se, :
vmiIi Ma.voi.s They
hoveled titer the
Plans ..mi maps showing how Mints!
should be -tailed, p.nks om, , tn
pl.i gtounds built mid Willi rf run is pro
Jivtcd, anil pi oiiontn-cil them good
giiesh nf ,. a -tt li.llilillig Com
miss, on thev Hi n- wehiiiind be Mayor
Kino and Moiough licshlent j, sin'ni
A'lct ii mot n ng at the liln ,,i n ,.
Ma.tois went to the city Cluii tor Inn. h-
on There tln-y toolt ,;nt i,, ,,
discussion led In- l-'rcibilik C Howe
lllci tor of the People' (iistliiite
Atlcr nu niilumobllc tide .iti.iiiel tin
city, iltiilug which tin- Macnth sm n,,i
ible liniiihiiga and slmt lni imetni t
Hut went back to the Public l..l.i.,iv in
'icn a wlioti ipicih in M.itio Km,' i
i mote lcchtili-.il address bv cut l-.ii
glne-r Nelson p. Lewis.
win t. it n:i: rs r i si: m "i .
Mi'elieioii L
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