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"An Extraordinary Opportunity"
American Art Galleries
i ntle House, thp Liitn Mrs.
Josefa Oshorn's Home, to
Open on Novel l'lnn.
On Fridays 83 Will Be Charged
Prominent Women Are
Something new In dancing anil after
noon tea, fostered ami financed by women
veil known In society, mill be Inaugu
Mttsl mi tho afternoon of Perpmbrr 1"
wli.lt Castle House, at "4 and Kurt
I'ort.v -seventh street, will lie formally
opened. Castle House i formerly the
h'ltno and show-looms, of the late .losefa
n..xiiii, one of th" best known dress
makers In tills ivuiilry. Mr and Mr?.
Vtrtioti Castle 111 !' Ill ehuigo.
The patronesses, foi tie' new venture
ai" Mrs. Stuyvesant Kfi-li. Mr. William
l Rockefeller. Mi. Anthony Dic.vl. Jr..
Mis. T. Oakley Ithlhelundcr, Mr. Amos
Pilicliot. Mri. Ilourkc Coc-kraii. Mrs. Her
in.. mi Otlilchs ami Mlsa l".lle de Wolfe.
Min llllrabeth Murtmrv. Mr.., I'.. I. Me
Dnlll" and Mr, John Corbln, who are ill
leCt'.ng the tlto p o, will he the ("llj .T
ttitcndeiifs. C.tstlr Hnu- will opened every
afternoon except Sund.iy at 4 o'clock and
tli'rr will lw dam-lug until .Mr. and
Mrs. Castle, will 1- In dally attendance
and th" ni'-n vlsltots will he Invited to
dance with Mrs. ('.title and the women
vi 1th Mr. rustic. I Hiring the other hours
of tho dHy Mr. Cnslle will give private
ltsiiiis on the datif floor.
"The Idea of an exclusive? place for
afternoon dancing here." suld MIm Mar
bury last night, "eutnn from an address of
Jean niehepln hcfoic the French Acad
emy six weeks ago. lie spoke In defence
of the modern dancing when It avoided the
"Several prominent women have ds-
eiriid on Castle House as a mean to
enlov what Is really the beautiful--tn
craf and rhythm In dancing and have
selected Mr. and Mrs. Cattle to help In
the movement "
Castle House i a ihr story building,
inn stories of white marble and the three-
nopfr Moors of buck Only the two lower
tlno's will bo utllir.eil 1 lie gioiltul Moor
v 1H lv used as the inception and clonk
room. Tli- dancing will be on the ecoii'l
fiooi .
The refreshments will consist of tea and
mall ...ikes, s-tvetl by ulleiid.uits In !h
tlah'-e riHims and not nt t.tbbs. The ad-
mission on U days bill 1 relays will lie
SS. I'm F'ldav. In make It a tittle mm
exclude, th. flung" will 1- $e.
"This Is not a money making plan." ex
plained Mis Marburv. "The building has
lot been l.Mf. d. It Iihs been taken I mm
month to month. Vrr- little is lie-did in
the way of alterations or decota tlons. We
ihlnk that th" paid admissions will he
suitvlent to pay expeti-e-. If th-v ,n nut
Ihe depilency will be made up privately.
Ui plan to haxe fnlle Hou.-c as c
cltllo a possible rf pl.li" where parents
can send their d.iughlera to daiiee or
learn to dance without worry and without
the necessity of a chaperon. We expect
that It xvlll bo lalgely a nutb r of sub
scriptions and subscription tickets, hut
an on" who would he eligible to a good
dub will be welcome. In fuel Castle
House will ! In th" nature, of a select
club for dancing "
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle came here
about tlx vears ago ami appealed In le-vv
V'ilds r "Behind the Counter" at Hie Her
ald Snuaro Theatre Since then th-x li.ive
appeared In several musicj! productions,
wheru their dancing ittttaet, d attention
Within the week Mr c.iib. in paitinr
slilp with .luleb Ans.ildi. formers of Umls
Martin's, has opened Hie Snn Soin I. at
rortv-Bicond street ami Hmadway A
cabaret. Ill which Ml Castle dances with
hlb- wife. Is one of the attraction". Air.
Oaf tie has of recent yea in dxotd much
of hi? time teacning ninrp io mum
Ptrat tf tBf Jlraaon'a rrfr at hrr
rr'a Took llace t.aat tgbl.
riohiitHiitei of thl and last sear net
lar. night ut Sherry's for the tit f ih s.
a.v)n of series or eun-cripuou onwra
'rganlred last year by .Mre. Howard II
Henry and ltnonn a the three Sherry
dancer. Mrs. Henn has not contlmie.1 an
acttve Interest In the dances this seaeon,
thh subscribe being Mr. I;dnard S.
Knapp, Mrs. H. Ogden Chlsholm. Mrs. .1.
Herbert Johnston. MTj Archibald Hogers.
Mra. C leiiyard Hlalr. Mr-. Charlen
Hteele. Mr. Robert K.ndlcott, Mr. Clar
ence Blair Mitchell, Mrs. Henry H. Coe.
Mth. Pierre. Mall. Mrs. Charles Henry
Mellon. Mr. Walter . Oaknian, Mrs.
W. Bard Me.Vlck.ir. Mrs. William Maulce.
Mrf. Henry Trevor and Mrs, Itamaay
Mro. Knapp. Mrf Chiwholui and Mrs.
Johnston received for tho other patro
neasea. Beforo the ilanco Mis Winifred
llsholni gavi . dinner at tho home of
her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. Ogdcn Chls
holm. tn honor of Miss Sarah ltemsen
Manlea and Charles Henry .Mellon, whooe
nff:aement wan announced In September.
The other rueats wero Miss Eleanor Mel
lon. Mlas Josephlno Nlcoll, MIm Kathryne
.Steele, Mies Eleanor Hoy Lawrence.
Mlai Maud Kennedy, Jllsa Nancy Cole
man, Mlts Ixiulae Trexor. Miss Dorothy
CJileholm, Hhelton Pitney, Schuyler U Par
eons. Jr., H. RIvlnsTton Pyne. Arthur
c,ardner, 8. Barton Frencli, Morgan J.
O'Brien. Jr.. Krh: Winston. John Noble
Htearne. Jr.. ShepanJ Krs.-h and Roderick
Mrs. Knapp gave n email dinner at
her houae, 10 West Tlilrty-aeventh atreet,
her party Including Miss Klliabeth Weld
of Bontnii, Mlsa Alexandra Kmery. Dr.
Harold Pardee, Ieonard Wyeth, Theodore
Knapp and Hermann Schwab. In addi
tion to tlies young people thera were
preaent at tho dance tho MUwea Frances
Henry. Gladys and Lillian Kndlcott, Dor
othy and Virginia Mitchell, Margaret Tre
xor, Florence Blair, Katharine Oatonan,
llertAide and Kva Mall, Iyenttlhon Oil
ford, Phyllis and KllEabeth Hoffman Mn-
Vlckar, Margaret and Charlotte Btrong,
Helen and Katharine Tumbnll and Kmlly
and Rosalie Coe.
The next of the datxcea will m given
on January 9.
Bald (v I n Tot.
Ktack, N. T.i Dec. S, Herbert Van
vllerflen Baldwin and .Mis Kther Glenn
Tout, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
D. Tout, were married In the First He
formed Church to-night by the Tlev, Dr.
rarrell Prentice,
The lllaartaaoaa nn Year Married.
Boston, Den. B. Major and Mrs. Henry
feM Hlgrinson observed the golden amu
versary of their marriage to-day with
family gathering. Friends sent In
flowers snd messages of congratulation,
while relatives delivered gifts. There
were mora than forty relatives at lunch
Wllllaai Derrin III at Mlaasl.
CaiCAuo, Dec. t. William Deerlng. for
rear Identified with the International
ILmrreeter Company, la critically III at
Ktoml. Fa., big wimar neve.
Wouldn t it make vou mad? And so
Ilammenitelti to Bruin SlhowluK 1
Them With nodes Hlr oil lire. U'J.
William Hartmiersteln is going to add
moving picture to his alrmdy long bill
of viiudev lie acts at the VaturU Tlieatrr.
beginning on t'cemb.r Ill-" theatre,
will then h.ivi a bill "t twenty-three
numbers, seventeen vaudeville acts and
sl ilrt run photo plas i,ng to the.
length of th ptogr.imme the matinees
will begin at 1 .:u o i lock and Hie evening
perform-in-e- nt T ;i".
" hen in doubt. ' abl Mr Hammer
stein last night "strlka th happy
inedluni. and thl K precisely what 1 In
tend to do That tho people are 'movie'
mad Is undeniable ' it Is equally nh-urd .
. .. . ....J... ill.. l.lrrK itttutltV Ih
'"" i: " vh7. ,mrw
LnTS loX iKwhMsA
:!ntai,,u,et an,. maUe of the
highest order po"lble I bellevu iver
Indication points to the tlnai union of
movien' and high class audevllle. which
arc nt present Isolated from each other.
tturr Harrlrn stngt inir noir in
First oirrlrin Prrarnlatlou.
Hoston. Dec. J.--A fahlonahle audi
ence lllllITCtl OIII.V IO Hie t..n...f
houe he.ril ".Monna viinna. rvri-r
novel music drama, presented this evening
by tho Huston opera Company for the
first time in Anu-itca.
Marv Garden sans iric uue if.
l.is-iet,' Murator, was Vnnzi rolle ; Vannl
Marcoiix, Iriefdo. alio i-aoio wuiui.hi.
Viiri-o. otherh in tne casi were .'".
Svvaitz Morse, Ijuls Ih-ru. AlBaii iirana
and Taddeo Wronskl
Andr Caplet conducted. Th prodii'--tlon
wns staged with skill.
. .... In.l.l W.I.I4
stoir. o. .-e - .....
This will be another buy day for de -
. : ... . ... iT,.r.tii.. to
PUlatlies ami I e-rini".'" -
society their respective daughters will be
given 'this afternoon .by Mines. Henry K.
Gourd, George Livingston Nichols, H.
Ward Ford, V irgll I . viuniey, riitn-n
S Hangs, Charles F Hlgelow, ,T. Fisher
S Hanks Charles II. Hecker, Alexander
ri CamDbell H. Ward Ford. J. Caldwell
Coleman and Charles C Harrows. Hayatd
Urauhart Uviugsion oi Aioaiiy win give
a reception to-dav at Ids home for his
j s.ei tiii.i. MnerlH Uviiiirston.
usual"' .
who will spenu pan m u,e w,,er . ,
The first of a series of mbseriptlon
dances organlsefl by Miss Florence James
will be given to-nlgni at tne ai. r.egis.
Mlae, Oertrudo Fooa, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs Ferguson W. Toos, will be mar-
rled to ArUtur M. iwronce una aiier-
noon In the Church i or the iraywit's
A reception will rollow at dt ost r,ri.
fourth atreet.
Mr George Woolaey of 117 East
Thlrtv-aixth street will lva a reception
on December 13 to Introduce her daugh-
tor, Mlsa Marjorle E. Woolsey,
Mr. 'and Mrs. A. Holland Forbes will
leave Garden Court, Fairfield. Conn., aoon
after the holidays for the Rttz-Carlton.
Their daughter, Miss Natalie Forbes, will
not be Introduced to noclety until next
Mrs. William Allen Rutler gave a re
orptlon yesterday nt her home, 30 E&eit
Seventy -second street, to Introduce to so
ciety her daughter, Miss Iioulse T, Hutler.
Mr James Colby Colgate will give a
dance at the HI. Hcgls on December 36
for her daughter, Mlsa Margaret Col
gat Mrs. Daniel C. Frertdi rave a small
costume dance last night at her house.
155 West Eleventh street, rnr her daugh.
ter, Miss Margaret Krench.
Mrs. T, Darrlngton Hemple of 241 Cen
tral Park West will give a reoefltlon for
Mrs. Lewis H. Woodruff ewi December 13.
Mr. and Mr Charles 1-1. Prootor of
Great Neck. I I.. and Mrs. Robert I.
Oammell ot Providence, R. I., are at the
Bt Hat.
"Harl Karl" and "Hnssta
Arr the
w Attrartlnna.
The search for novelties to add to the
programme of tin Princess Theatre
brought last night two one act dramas
to supplant "l'eir which maintained it
popularity throughout two saoiis. "Hart
Karl," by Jul'au .lolnson, and "ItueMii."
a Grand Gulgiiul piodurt by Gaston Itlch
ard, were tlie new works.
"KusU" may scarcely K- described as
a complete novelty. It was played at i
private performance before the opening of i
the s.ii-on. It was withdrawn then in '
, 1V, -,, gainst religious feeling.. 1
. .
a.neoraIeu. v, iinoiu inese picturesque
If objectionable elements the ,,- oea.e,
tot' the lZ
on the prograniiw . (.ouiliig arier i,.i lacquer writing nox, u.uen iso.
Deshabille" and 'The Hrhle " Hut it w.i luher sales were a lady's writing box
a long potpourtl from "1'aust." which o cf laoiuer. by l-'usataka, to K rihlina
all operas In tin world was used to In- for Hon. a large writing box. b llltsuo,
troduce this unusual product The music to Mrs. MacMartln for fCOU, and a large
might with the exercise of artistic ItiUl- Proline temple gong and stand to 1,. i:tt
ilgence be made to play some part In i linger tor ?1S
estrthllshlng the mood of such le-rfo-m- The afternoon session brought 12,7s. On
ances. And If eor there I thought takci'tlo evening session J3,tV!i und the grand
of such a possibility "Faust" will not be I total to date Is 119. I'M :.n The sale ion
selected for any part of the nni-leal pre-, lud.s to-dii
gramme. , -
Washington. The daughter of in cilice.- WILLS AND APPRAISALS.
In the navy Is In love with an attacho of
the Japanese ligation Her father fills j)lM i;i,uhktii j Wismiit, who died
peels that he plans to Join hltn nt light ju(, u iat and was n Isti r of .1 Hoo1
and takes his place at the ilour to slioit Wright, III.. ihllantlirops. left total
Ihe lover 'f he appe-irs He has beep t ,o eht;,H 0f J-.Mt;,TiiS. Sin. gav I- Tt;:' In
late, howevtr So soon a he departs llu jPWHiI V m r.n,":.r, to Mrs Join: Markle,
appears at the door of her bedroom lie uf0(1'f the coal operator, and ''O,:!':! each
Is preparing to have the housi and whll t) nr,1;l vngham. IHIzabelh M. Hem-
finishing his dressing before the mlrro- u.lx nrt William M. Ilolilnson She
coldly and deliberately makes It plain to pfl jewelry worth l,n",n to her slstir
the girl that he has finished with her, i in-law. Mi's. .1. Hood Wright.
She is heartbroken at her plight and UysM ifs,,ri,i;MTKK, who dteil November
. son ,or ,,,, lt)l n,IKe , , urmt.
, .thliB ,,... ,.,. wltll Ta,her tun wrn
lilt;!! IJIUIKII.IIII ii., rim duivuiiiit ... ,
.. .no ...
lurilCU piirase-i mm unj ir..uj n jinoi ill
rpiran,, uf their situation. I'ltlmately
, his brutality drives her to strike, him.
Ho pretends to leavo her. but tho pre-
leuco in only to give mm wie saiiiai-iion
of delighting In her heartbroken outcry
of despair when she thinks he Is gone,
In the struggle following her sudden
attack on him a set of blue prints falls
ironi om im "
them from her father's desk. He says
he has taken all ho found, but Is catry-
uui I,., .....reil fnr Then
..... ----
..I,... h.e ti,l u-llh iiimiiMiieeleil Itnnu'l.
edge for an amuteur, ptrfoims what her
father calls harl-karl on tho visitor. It
seemed a very expert operation lor a
beginner. Sjje Is not compelled to save.
"T8,!,r " um exru" Vml 7' ,m"
- - - ,;, ,.. ,. ,. ,
" hr .... remitl,..d .ininiley
( a -,,,,,, nmn ullur Vilti.
oua omhreaka until that time, telephones
for a friend at police headquarters, aaylng
I that a Japanese had killed himself after
being discovered In the effort to force
his way into his daughter's rooms.
Mr. Johnson's play Interested the audi
ence In parts. X la now much too long
for the Intensity of Its dramatic content
In a theatre devoted to short plays. It
will be more dramatic probably after the
actors are more at home In It. Henry
Mestuyer gave an effective performance of
thevold and heartless Oriental who felt
that love of country Justified everything
and died shouting banzai. Nobody cured
what hapiicned to the girl, who was con
sistently weeping over her saffren colored
paramour when the curtain fell. She was
at least pretty as Wlllette Kershaw In
corporated her. Then It Is Interesting
to sen the methods of Taurette Taylor
serving as models to our actresses In
place of the prevailing Hlllle Burke. Rut
Miss Taylor Is a dangerous and morn
difficult model. Vuughn Trevor looked
entirely too young as the father of this
temperamental and exotic heroine. There
was nothing about the production of this
latest effort to Interfere with ths upprnprl
ateneaa of the wish that If surh plays
are to be done at all, they ought to be.
much better done than "Harl-Karl" was
far from home!
Sale of Wehster s.rt Objects Hrlns
t I. I'ope was again the topnotrlier
in the .tohn 11 Webster sale of oriental
art obju'te at the Anderson Art Gallerlee
jci-tinlaJ He paid J'.-.'i lor a double
l.iciiuei lei-s ,y S"lei Korlu in a Joined
ilrcul.ii- and diamond h.ipc The design
was of pewter, Inlaid on ..-old lai'iuer,
and the wac llto-s on the s.de of the
box wire Inlaid with mother of ptrl. It
aim from the Hlng colli ctlon. Pans.
II Mat-uki piirchaeed a l.ic-'iuir writ
ing box. Ii Soaml, for 3T.'. The lover
decoration Is a Hoi k of In rons awl a
blossoming water plant, with several
J'-1!"1" rnM on ,n" "'',-' ,,Me l"lnK
,. ,,, $lf0 fnr A ,,,
, r , of V11, h.pe . da.,,1 lo.
I l.JZ ?
'' '" ,7V,, ''.nV' , ,,
n' n'.'VJ. V1 '
13 latt, left .".,i'0 In memory ot his
brew Charities
ami to too .iiowiii
and j:.o00 to tho .Mount Sinai Training
School, the income to be used as a prlr.e
to be awarded at the commencement ex
ercises of tho training school to
th student "who shall have, the best
record for kindness and proficiency In the
practical duties of bedside nursing for
the ear ending with said exercises." The
residuary estate goes to Walter and Mel
vlllo I'ntermjer, sons, and Hltn I'nter
myer Werner, daughter.
Pivkrk Vaw Ai.kti nr., who riled De
ceinber 1, left Ills entiru estuie to ms
cember 1. left hts entiru estate to his
wife. Mary D. an Alstyne. but she, has
permission to give g'.'.nnn to each of two
MINNIE IlINAf.no r.oMMnK. nurrogaie
Fowler became angry yesterday In the
course of hearing a contest brought by
I-M ward J. Hlnaldo to bteak the will of his
mother, Mrs. Minnie Hlnaldo Solo
mon, who died lust June, leaving an estate
of Sino.ono. The contestant objects to
n codicil cutting Ills bequest of HU.OUO
In half, mid after a witness to the codicil
had testified the Hurrogato said: "This
business of playing witli wills has got to
stop. I won't have it. I neiicvo tins
codicil was properly executed, notwith
standing the testimony of this witness.
and I will suspend the trial now," The
Surrogate decldeel later to take runner
testimony December II. ,
In Xrw York Te-dar.
The Tennessee Socley In New Tork,
illniicr to Attoniey-GenerHl Mclteynolds,
Waldorf-Astoria. 7 P. M.
City Club, discussion, "Should a Mu
nicipal Party He Formed?" I.& West
Forty-fuurth street, 1 :30 P. M.
I.lltle Mothers Aid Association, bazaar,
West Side Y, M C, A., benefit play,
F.lghlh avenue and Fifty-seventh street,
3 P. M.
Klghth Artillery District Coast Artill
ery Corps, N, i i. N T., laying of corner
stone of armory, Klngsbrldge road and
Jeromii avenue, S P, M.
Columbia Institute of Arts and Bc.
dices, Mrs. Alexlna Carter-Harrell, re
cital of Mexican and Indian songs, S P. M.
City PlaniUng Uzhlblt, Public 1,1 bra r,
Fllfh avenue and Forty-second street
Illness Due to Overwork Ends
in Death at Johns Hop
kins Hospital.
Uulebra Cut, Most. Difficult
Canal Task, Is His
TtAtriMoaE. Dee. B. Meut-Col. David
I)u Hoso Galllard, one of tho chief en
gineers of the Panama Canal, and famous
for his work at the C'ulebra cut, died this
morning In the Phlpps cllnle of the Johns
Hopkins Hospital. He had been In a
state of coma for nearly two weeks.
When the end came, his wife and son,
I.leut. T. P. Galllard, U. K. A., stationed
at the Canal Zone, were at his bedside. I
Physicians confess that they can give
no name to the. dlseaxe of which the en-1
glneer died. A deterioration of the blood I
vessels of tho brain was Involved In It
..... ..
and there was a granuai weiiKenmg oi ine(
Iower to absorb food. I
Imrllig September h naa taken to i
Huston and an explonitory operation was.
performed. His brain mis exposed and
Ueut-Ool. OsJllard of the Engineer
Corps wsa In charge of the central division
of the Panania Canal worlt. Including the
Culebra Cut, from the time the United
States army engineers took over the con
struction of the canal.
rtakdoni Dee to Overwork.
He suffered a nervous breakdown
In July last caused by overwork In the
sven years he spent In th Canal Zone
and was brought back to th States. He
reached Now Tork on August II and went
directly to John Hopkins Hospital In
Baltimore. Ills family and friends had
hgged him for some tlmo to take a rest,
but he was anxious to stay with the .
work until ifs completion. He consented
to a six weeks vacation last summer.
but this was too short to benefit him. ,
Th matter finally was brought to the
Attention of Gen. Hlxby. chief of engi
neors. In Washington and by him to
(Secretary of War Garrison, but the 1st-
ter Immediately granted a leavo of ab
sence to the tngir.eer
I.leut.-Col. r'harles K Mason of the
Medical Corpe. Mrr. Galllard and her
young son accompanied I.leut.-Col. Gall
lard on the trip from Panama to Haiti- ,
I.leut -Col. Galllard was one of the two
chief aids of Col. Goethals in the build
ing of the cati.l. Lleut.-Col. William I,.
Slbert, a classmate of Galllard. had In
charge thu building of tho Gatun dam
and locks.
Other engineers who have visited the
canal and have watched the work tinder
I.leut.-Col. Galllard have been unre
strained In their praise of his ability as
an engineer and ns an administrator.
SJattercd rrorn tkr Climate.
Karly In September he left tie- Hal.
tlmore hospital and came to New Vork
for a short time, hut his condition did not
improve snd be soon returned to Johns
Hopkins. HI- tueakdnwn wns attribute
by those familiar with the nine to the
tropical conditions as well as to the lm.
niense amount of work which le- hud
.shouldered In the seen jtam.
I.leut. -Col. Gallla-d was born In
Sumter county. South Carolina, on Sep
temlier t. IS'S. II. was graduated from
West Point In 1SI. In the Spanish war
he was a Colonel of t'nlted Stats Vol
unteer ITugliiti is.
From l.isT to 151 he was assistant to
Col. W. M Hlack in surveys and harbor
Iminovenients In Florida. He was a mem
ber of th I -,iei States-Mexican bound
ary commission In lvi'Liu and for
the i.evt thr. f ars was in charge, of
ine v asuiljgtnn Aoueiluct won..
.viler seeing; service In Cuba In
Spai-ish war. he tiecanu ehtnf enuineer
of the Department of Santa Clara under
the American occupation, then 111 tuin
l..Isf:ihf eh 'iiie.i' ti. .1,. iV.m..L..
nf lb. tilslrl, I ,.t ,ih, j ...,.i... ...
charge of rlr and harbor Imnroveineiir
and emr Ineer officer of
iV'eii The VVnr re
ii I. ok to Cob-? for "
Jie...e ?t i....e ...
at i.nKc superior
the northern division
fiartment sent hltn
few months m the winter of Uotl, mid In
March, l;'0,, atipolnteii in, n h member ot
the Isthmian Canal Commission and di
rector of the Panama Railroad Company.
I. IU1 -i oi. ij.illlaiil was a member of
the National Geographic Society and of
the Huguenot Soclefv. If., wue the author
of a work on wave action In its relation
to engineering structures.
He was married on ootobtr . 15T, to
Katherlne Itoss Davis ot Columbia, S. C
Arms len and Puhllo nrrlelnU He.
plore tinlllnril's Death.
WAhlllNSTO.S, De.V News pf the
elr e th nf I.leut -Col, Okillard was re
ceived eiltlt-iiilly at tho War Department
this afternoon and Secretary of War
Gairison Immediately sent this telegram
to Mrs. Galllard :
"Mrs. Garrison and 1 tender our heart
felt evinpathy In this sad hour, ft grieves .
us very much Indeed to leatn of our
great loss."
Officers of the army anil public ofrklals
generally were unanimous to-day in their
praise of Col Galllartl for his very large
contribution to the success of the canal
work and particularly for his etui lent
direction of the biggest excavating Job on
the Isthmus, that of digging the Culebra
cut. He, had charge uf tin, central ill
vision In which was Culebra cut nil tlie
time he was on tho Isthmus. If the
Colonel's family request It there will be
a military runernl and burial at Arllng.
ton National Cemetery.
Vrlatr Nrerrtary to Mr. Gladstone
rrom ina to iniu.
Inpon, Dec. B.The Hem. eeoorgei Will
lam Spencer I.yttleton, private sc-retarv
to Mr. Gladstone from ISM to 1-W4, de,i
TheJIon. George William I.ltleton was
the son of the fourth Haron l.yttleton. He
was bora In Dondon June IS, Isl", and
wns educated at Kton and Trinity e.Vallege,
Cambridge. Ho was assistant private s.:.
retary to Mr. Gladstone from U71 to 1S74
and from 1HS2 to 188C and later hecwmti
his private secretary. Ho wan mado Com
panion of the Rath for his eervlcrg to tho
Prima Minister.
Capt. Charles K. liaise?,
Oiunob, N, .1., D.H-. 0. Cait, Charles
K. Haleey, who for more than half a
century was master of whaling vessels i
and who sailed around the world twenty
two times, died to-day ut tho home of his
daughter, Mrs. Havwarri A. Harvey, Oak
wikh! Court, Oninge, Ho was SO yoars
eild and a native of Rrldgchampton, I,. .
Ho retired several years ago and hail
Hv-ed with Mi daughter In Orange, nine
examined In the hope tnal some pressure . - ' ;n-VrVd whe i ' --latli.n jeetertlnj brought $300. This
IhT'k . If J'n.rgZ'be" found' " t wis rim dow,', Tl LoW., Wt Ve;lgvMe;d piece. f hluo and while
the K' lfv iiilght he rouna. tniiig ser , j v ,.xMni ;lt pari; avenue and J-ler. .-.tiled Peganus after the figure or
Iceahh, ""?n- UM v"r't , vMnut stn-ii. IHi born In Soot-1 a Hinged l,or.,c .node.led by Klaxmau and
of any years ago and came to ;H. for,,,, ,h. i.nla. to the cover.
tnJplcal'Xa"." It is supped 'hat X this country In !. He orgunUcd t.K- J j Ha. shaped "-
fatal result followed exhaustion from a c.tton thread firm of Alexander King A: "en , s an sprl
i r,.nH f ..eesslve annllcatlon to Co. of New Vorll aJid Providence, l. I. T V. 111 ..an 1 . ,,r.ln!'n? r.r"m Medusa
nis worn.
Madiaon Square South, New York
Important Unrestricted Public Sales
Concluding Session
This (Saturday) Afternoon
at 2:30
On account of the dissolution
of partnership
The Very Fine Old
English Furniture
and Tapestry
of Ihe
Cooper & Griffith
. Collection
The ealee will ke ceiduetad
a. lilted by Mr. MTo Bernet of
A Kaal a:iil Jtlreel, Madison Moulh, .New Vork.
- "
int. Ilalney Is survived by t"
f f I lu L-itv I
iiaugniers, .ura. imni nn-i .-nr.-, . ........
tlraamler Kins.
The tlrm was later ab-orbed by the Amen
can Thread Company, of which .Mr. Klnir
win for a number of yeart v !ce-preldnt.
Mr. King was a member of the Wool 'lub
oi New York and the Arkwrlght Club of
it. . nf the i-..r.
negle Library of Kast Orange. Ho Is sur-1
vlved by his wife. Uu sons and three
Oeora-e Moeerlp.
Tpwano, Pa., Up-. S. GeorgT Io5crip. i
who served three terms In tho lVniisjl
vaiiU I.egleUturt. dl'd at his home hue
to-lay as the result of kidney tiouble. He
ws lxjrn In Scotland seventy-three vear
ago la-it Januar. Tie wa.- elected to thr
legislature on flu Republican ticket. Mr.
Mo.scrlp vas president of tlw I'enn-vl-vatila
Pederatlon of Historical S'K-letles
.mi vretldent of the Historical Society
of Hradford county.
Mrs, i:rfrln It. Holden.
i'.t iii.aviim. v. .t.. liec. r. Alexander i
1 ..... ..... , 1. 1.. t .mm 111 V.t.Dl . Villi llil PHII III I II . MlftPII'Illl ATI
Mis. Kminelln- T lioldtii, wife of l.d- W'tdk-ood cabinet e,,,.jt Mi
win II. Holden. died esterda at hcrijlmt foe t!:.
boine, in Kast r--vent -ninth street, aged , The total for the .es.on was tt.SS;,
7! yearr. Her husband, who ha rrtlred milking the grand tidal to date jv :tt,r,o.
from active huliie-s. a furmerlv vice- 'Tin .-.ih roiie'ude tills afttrtionii
president of the Delaware, l.ickaw.inn.i
v,htern lUllroad. MrM. Holdeti I
survived by one son, George A. Holden of
US Hlverslde, Drive, and one daughter.
ii ' . M,,,i.. H nhcook of Itochester.
N. V.
Ilrnrr "
Gi.i:v Hmoc, ?.'. J., Deo. &. Henry Shot-1
well Wfod. II years old, died of Hrlght's
dlseaseto-duy athls bonus 1 Hainlltunroad.
. He was nn expert In hvdraullc dredging.
Mr. VVoo.1 was a liiemrier oi mo emo iran
,Sc.-lety of CMI engineers and th-Amerl-
can Society of Mechanical Knglh-ers. He
is survive.! by hi, we. son and a
, .
Thomas Jackson.
sHt-itv I'Aiti:. N .1. I1-. e 'f-om.i.s
Jai.-kson. v; year" oid. owner uf tne Ja.l -
Hons-, died to-dt.v. lb- built nil
J.ii k.-ui, lli.u-e forts se.irs ae-o and
din-ted 't until his retirement lie had
I..--, a m.-nbe-and a steward of S- Pauls
I'liu'cli sln.e us oi-sanlratlon. On- sin
ami two daughters survive hltn
llphraliii I. Xrnold.
lUiiTFonn, Conn. Dc P .ludve Uph-1
lain, I" Arnold, for tw.-'itv-seven ertrs
Judge of the lladdaiu Court of Probate,,
died of pr.euinonla to-da- el t,. aci ..1' '
Tl. He was born u lladdaiu and was
descended from one of Ih" twenty-eight
original proprietors of lladdaiu. II- b-M
varlmia town and State otns
Miles A, rrd.
MOI'.VT VkBNoN, N. V.. I e
A eed. Inventor of th
Seed ilrv pl.l-f
le,t pneumonia la-t night at his horn-
I" Pclham Heights. He Is survived b I.-
' t. Hire, sors and four dsushler- Mr.
feed was TO vears old a-d w.,i, Isir-i 'n
Preston, llnglatal. He canie to Mii.-r'-i'
In ltJT. He retired from business In llolf'.
wii-n 'li- ITjstin.in Kodak iotniii:
bought Ills tiry plate factory in St. t-ouis
locust I
V igi.st i: Hu-'ng of the firm of I. 'die
a. Co. of Mmhatiiii, died on Thursdiv
i Uresis.' ,. h,-.!l.,l following an opei ,
tioi. to, ..ppttitlh .Us Mi Hip in g v.is
born '' New Vork In lvT1 lb- w.ts .
I nietliber of Hit C'. '1 Mhletlt- lilnl
iC.eriiuiol.i clubs. He Is survivtd h his
. wlf-, Ciri'ty T llU'lng
Sfrs. Cntherlnr H, Vonrhis,
Mrs I'atherluci '.. Voorh.s. widow .f
Charl.s II Voorhls. who wa- .. , otier.'-s.
man fro o N' Jersey fnuu IvTo to
died .vestenlay afternoon at h"r home. 1""
. Clifton pUe, Jersey City. Kip K 'Ut
vlved by two sons and three daughter-.
A Pnrtj for Miss Grddes and Others
at llelmonlco'a and the Plata.
Dancing wan tho main dlvc-slon for
so-litv last night In the ballroom of
the Gotham Mr- Charles, P Geddtt. gave
. . .. ,. . .l.t .1 t.t... VI, us
j 'vitglnl.i Geddes The guests Included
t ,i it. re ioi- t:r i .iim.iiiii- 'i.hmhu.
the Mses Naomi And-ews, l.eii, ieviry.
IMitli Adams, Juliet Torrey, Louise Flske,
Kleanor Davles, Virginia and Adelaide
Keves. r.lliabeth W.std. F.lennor Young
man, Dorothy Maeterton. Margaret Wet
mores Ituth Ryan, Nathalie Williams and
F.leanor Ilartlert. and Philip Corhln, An
drew Wetinore, llowartl Judd, Barclay
Farr. I'larkson Pell, Rivglnald Cauchols
and Nowton James.
The first for this caoii of the new
assembly dances organlied by Mrs. Wen
dell C. Phillips took placo last night Ir,
tho ballroom at Dolmonlco's. Among the
patronesseei present were Mines. George
C. Hmltli. Harry Van Cortlandt Honians.
Iaiwrenos H. Shearman, George F. Matt
lage, Henry S. Fleming, Charles Iuls
Klcard, Kenton R. Turck, Martin T. Qutnn,
I.lncolu Grant, William K. Mltteiidorf.
Herbert Dean leaunebery, Robert Wood
Jeiluison, Richard Wayland-Hiulth, Frank
lin T. Duryea, (Joorge A. Rlcknell and
CharluH K. Mitchell, . The next dance
will b given on December L'9.
In tin, ballroom of Uie Plasa was In Id
I tin first for tills seui,)ri of the series
known ns tho St Christopher Iwagut
Sa Park St. (Opposite Commuu)
On Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday Afternoons
of next week at 2:30
By Order of Mr. James Kereaay,
Trustee, and a Committee rep
resenting; the Creditor,
The Very Valuable Stock of
the well known firm of
"Thr kind oj pinduetn of the loom
btmdr irhlrh nil but thr. noMr(
itorkx o! nrl nnn Ihln nnrf inexurm
ntc." 1'HK TIMKS.
us vir.w a a. m. to s p. M.
Total Sale of t o, .per nnd OrllllHi
Wrduttoods Is XN.'t Ifl.no.
The "IVKKMih" var in the Cooper and
I hiMiian. is tin- "Apotheosis of the Vir
gin." Arthur S. Vertiog. who uus ths
iurchner, nM secured the black basaltes
statuette In Wedgwood of a seated Mer-
" ury, lor xiz..
,' ,H'r1 ',f J"r-er vnses by Wedgwood,
old to Mr. urmotid for $ls0. Other
' nuioe ouert iHircnasea were a sl
of three trltolor varef, ,y Turner, 173'J,
for $II'U. hl.tck basaltes vase. Wedgwood
and llehlley. UTs. , tU:, and a Wedg-
wihhI r-abloet sucrler for fiT.u,).
A Wedguoud bull, leilibr sold to Mrs
Mile- Ullte. Jr.. for $JU. I J. George
puicliased the oM Shi theld plated Veiilsou
dish uf Ihe .IghteeMli lentury mi Silo,
The pottery st.itui-tle f Hetijainlii l'rank
liu, made In Cpgiund in 1 7s T. (.- Iialh
Woo'l, went to I ir. VMiiiains for
tMher sales wen A pottery bust of
George Washington tu Mr Hlshop for $,,P,
a pair of black basaitey sphinxes, by
Wedguienl and erle. in (i. W. Van
I.eiiibuigli for f : i. pair of old Sheffield
c.tliil.talir.i l, Mrs T I! s-i...i f... t-. .
. , . ,
'"" '" ..mlnit Out for,, ,.
Uriel In Prmldeiiee,
I'r.owM.sct:, If. I.. Dec. f. Mrs ,,,
Gros-. e-ior of this cit and Newisu i k:i
a coming out party in Church!!! Hons
to-night for tier fourth daUilite., Mns
Anita 1 1. Grosvenor. Dluners preeeih-ij (,(.
main affair, one of tn- most liiipoilai-t io-
oik ioai snsii in aii- i.rosveiior s p jim
M James G Hlulne 1.1 xt l,.
" ' r str' '
u" .'. r i, '.., .. tt
rkV.T-"lU V-;"
entiled not oi,l th.i-e well ,
g 'd
1 I'loV Idell'-e so jPn ljut tl iM
,., ., i v,.u.
l 1.
-vere John Damon iv.il-i.u n i
i 1 1-.'r rii.tn of New V.irn
r 1
'i'- i ,ro w.iri wl.it. ia-e
1 .-h.tr.ci
; tired ' 1 1
..J M's
of w'.'te
svn.. w
to .'rid 1 1
far on F. I". . Filer Will Hun on
I'rlda.s nml Mnidns.
Wiiitl SruMici. Simm.s. W . Dee
... A si, .i ilrawing room and .'o,nj,i n
im-tit i.r whitb w II rip throughout t'n
vi Inter fruit: Vew Vork Io White -ui,,,,,,,
Slnn.vs on rriiia and Mi-ida "s was in
auguratnl this .itternoon on the F F
tiler leaving th Peuiisv-lvH'i'a M ilo, at
i .. o'i lo.-k.
I H. I" Pa,ii....st teturtinl f-oui l'loliobl
i Phi.) lo-da i.t.ii will hunt beir s
Mile. 1 si-enoii of th. Vllegh.ihi. . thn.uch.i it Hi
, Mr. and Mr- 1.,-dw.nl i mssw.1I c . .
game luncheon i. M, -d Mis H M
I Allen Mi. H.-i.- V.. liu-'H .,.1 Mr
. Charles T liu.s, , ,tn,. to I,
Itltei. .1. Mr-. Mlltoi.
'I. H .oll. VI, and Mi . p. n
i to Hie oimintt of Hobs King
i ....
1 I'nnerilnn oriels Dinner lice.
'I he t '-tlU.,1 dllitier of tb.
a-mi.il dinner of tb. i'a'..ol a Jo
e-.l ..( New otl. Will le h. I.I ,tt I It
'll. nit,-., oil W't t)llesi.t ev.-ti'llg. I t e,i
b. f I,, I"le Sl.eaker' W'i' be s... pt.
..f M it. W II a' ii .1 H-v.. . .st. 1 , V
1 son, . .) ... o i h . T..ioi..,i . u W
i.itir 'I V. , '.ifi.t'l f. '-I.
l'ln.ui.-e . W l...ii,i I... ,.. M ,. h. . 1 ti
! irti v ,'t ,i Pan M i, ,.r ' '.ib-v
Lord c,itnin,.., i , , t g . i
, ,s,lr V. I s!,,r,,,- t..,, (I; ,
h,lssl,(..r W is . ,, 1. 1 t . "
RehW IJ, 1 . 1 ot I .
Cl.AKK Ir. t.vaetn'.urr
l.tllletn Hi. ' li t'iiirk.
i,i;nm:v 'i.Mn'. t i'iti.nr:d, ,s ,
Dee, ti per I lil.1 l;iK I., wlfs of W I
I', lilinnev In ii'-r 0th eflr
Fiin.ral itrvle at her lute re.llMi.-e, e.'l
ste. sven-is. I laluilei.i. oti .ssturilav,
Ijfi-emi.er ii. ut 1 1- M Interment
t.rl- VI. Ill I ireMiW ooft fmotert
illtl.KM.r.AI" -mi Thtirsdut, D-mber I,
nt Lvwreiice, I,. 1 . Dr III. hard C,
Vireetilaf, in his 6th vssr
ruiieral tt Lenoi. Mn.--, on Saturds),
l,ecembr t, upuh thr arrlvst ef ths
' o'eliek tr.tii frem Nets York, KlndW
emit floteers. Hotton papers pleat
IIOI.DI'.N -On December B 1913. at her
e.lnt-e 13 r.nt Hevelily-r.lntb street,
Knimelln T llelrten, In the ssventj
ilxth jesr ef her sire, wife of Kdwln R,
Funeral ervlre at her late reatdenre en
Monday ufternuon at : o'clock Intsr
inent private,
lini'l' lilnora.
Funersl servtcsa at "Till-; I'tJNF.UAi.
I'lll'ltCII," Sl West Twenty-third ttre.t
(Frank K Campbell Ulilg I, on vtonday
ut S o'clock. Automotilla cortese.
KIN'S- At r.asi Oranue, N. ,t pereinber t
1911, Alexander King, aged T3 enrs
runeral private It l earneitly request.)
that no flowers be sfiil.
WOOD. -At tilcn ItltlKe, December f nil,
Henry Miotwell Wond, husband of Mlla
M, VVetits Wood
ID latlv r and frlemls are Invllel to r.iii
Hit, funeral frem Ida lats re.lem-e, I
Usui' tun mad, Glen riHse, et in Inf.
lie, i Miber 7 II IX at ' J'l I' VI In.
terii.ent prlv.ii' Kindly on l f e -
TvrocmnV tutiseit caitua nis

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