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Reflects Feeling and Spirit Which Characterize
House of Houghton Mifflin Company.
Tribute to H. 0. Houghton's Printing Ideals. Who
Founded House Sixty Years Ago.
On This Foundation Has Been Built List of Names
With View to Permanent Value.
1HAVI2 been unknl to
rt-Kilcrs of 'I'm: si s
relatliiK to my own
connection with our liou?o
write for the
a few words
experlpni'ti In
it nil eotieern
"K tlie lelatloim of lluiiRlitoii Mifflin
Cuinpany to tlio puMlo iiml to Kvncriil
liiilillshlm: IntenntH. 1 mipio.ich mieli ii
ifiiufst with ruluutanee, for 1 Und It hard
. iicrsimilu nibi-lf th.it Kiicli a nUti-nunt
ahiiIiI li.iv.i imy lnti'icst exvi'it ui It
.'" ."'V' vciuwon-.Wll Maud the t-st of time.
....... .......... vo.iuu.1), iiu in MiHuuoiiaiii.. u win., then, as u ntlnter M.ine flxty nr
i , .1' ' 1'm)',evcr' '" to av.ill my ,i ,., i.ki. that Mr. Ilnuchton laid
1 if of tin- 1 mt.illnti, im It en.tliti-s mi- tuul,.. luim,!,,!!.,,,., .if ..or I...I.T It
.....iu in. ui i.'i iiemoii ii ir it tin 10 im
jiniiiuer or tlie nouso, Hour. Oscar
lluiialilon. To him In duo. primarily and
iliiolly. Avlmtovor kiiccocs Ii.ii been at
in nil. IIli native honi'sty, I1I1 hlRh
h-.iN and I1I1 unw oivhiK tonaclty and
fcti-.idfaxtneNH of purpoMi- were an Insplra
1.1111 In tho o.irly days, and etmtlmie to
ilm day for many of our Muff to P.. a
i 'tent liitliiemc. 1 count It anuink- tho
jiiont fortun.ito of my ucileiieeM that my'
t.ullrst buslm fsi tr.ilnlnu brutiKht me Into!
ii h Intimate r latlonn with Mr. lluuL-litun.
I'rlmarlly a prlntor, bid first mii-cosm wa
f. lined In that e.ii,telt. . I can tocall to
.i as If It wero jeMerd.iy the Joy that
t.ilnij to 1110 ax 11 youthful luok loor
tho lato 'Ol's and early '60k lis I hailed
f'no books which appeared with tliu maxlo
imprint 'I'rllited at the Riverside Press."
ltoally well printed books In those days
wore to rare, and tho book alluded to
appeared In such notable contrast to other
hooka of that period, that the finished
product was alt the more Martllni. There
was a sudden and complete harmony In
format, paper. tps ami prosgwmk, ntid
for this simple reason, that Mr. HoURhtnii
almost alone 11 muni; the prlnteis of bis
day was ctu.l;. Im: piufoiindly the best
masters of luintltis and iippl tin; their
underlying principles with unerring taste
to a .arlot of IhiiiUs which some inthusi
astlc imbllxlier of that time had entrusted
to his care. Since that rally day such
peoKirss has lieen mailt' in this country,
i.nd so many mastei priuteiH, like Do
Vlntie and u'.hcis, have aeaicd on the
si one that any such ulntlve superiorly
:n I011K tinee dlsappciitid. It tiill re
mains true, however, that with all Its
'tiiperfeetlnns the IliverMile I'riss hn
eadfastly tiled to maintain the Ideals
taised by its founder. To-day there is nfien to the vision of the outsider with
the sani" enthusiasm orr typs paper, i Ind'.rt'ei 1 nt results ( Skohoe 1 1. Miri'i.ts.
f iiinat, AiO , of whiih most readers know 1 i l'.uk sticet, ltoston.
a "battle between lovers
and the conventions
It lb a tiiaiactcristlc story that 11, IJ.
Wells nltords ill "Tile I'.isslonalc
I riclids" (Hal per and I'.lothei.s). The
l ader Will not doubt leeuldlllK these
f lends that Mary was lovely or that
both she and tfttattou were qualltied to
uiM'stlR.itc lire lii an adventurous and
ii.tiiculitu manner. Wc ictiiarkeil
Mtulton'.s passltiR observations tiioli
l:is encountci.s with philosophy at 0
loid. It was. he sah. nut so much
tliouglit that be came to deal with
lh.-io as it was a mistranslation and
vulgarization of ancient and alien exor
cises in thlnkim:. lie adds. "Them Is
no tucli eifii tivc i-eium onanist phi
losophy as the scholarly decoction of a
dtad phllosuphrt. The philosophical
teaching of oxford al the ml ot the
last century was not so much tcachliiR
as a protective Inoculation. Tile stult
was administered with a mysterious.
Kildillg of liteek and levcleticc; old
llegel'u monstrous web was the ulti
mate modernity, and I'lato, that In
tellectual journalist artiht. that brlRht.
r.stlcss eeiiinentall.st In Ideas, was
as it were the Rod of wisdom, only a
little loss omniscient (and on the whole
iion; of 11 scholar and 11 Rentlemau)
t i.in tho Rod of fact." Stratton balked
..nil fell back upon the "empire" in his
t r.t uttempts to unify his life. 11c would
s rve the empire.
He served it in the South African war
alter Mary had married Justin, the
'iiiaRtiate." Thete Is slialp descrip
tion, philosophical and moral reflection
I 1 Stratum's review of the war. He
t .ourIu of the dead one nlRlit, iiinoin;
mem tho wretched natives touiul hihh
ke dogs and MuiiR aside, rottenly
aniazid, ilecayltiK In Inllnito IndlRnity.
If all this pain, waste, violence, iuiruis 1
was e.s.sontiai 10 111c, way uai nis spun.
rise URalnst It'.' What was wronR with
. ...... ..-.-...i. ...in.
him? No soldier In a piopcr state of
mind ever thinks of the dead. Was he
a "soft"? A dreadful thitiK
Wilell H
treat empire had to rely upon
soldiers. Was civilization brecdlm;
tvpo too tender to ko on livliiR'.' The
question Is not mibwered. Tho In
quirer passed into other moods.
The white man's burden, Mr. Cham
berlain's idea of a tariff a Rre.it many
such matters were considered by Strat
tun nnd they uro In the story. The
Hermans have a tariff. We llnd Strat
tmi'H father. 11 clergyman who had n-ad
Darwin and Huxley, confronting this
fact. "Mjj' father shut one eye and re
garded the color of his port iiRalnst tlio
wanliiR liRht. 'Let 'em.' he said.
Taney! quotlnR tho nermann! When
I waa a boy there weren't any Cier
ualis. They caino up after '70. State
era ft from florinanv! And statesmen
from HirnuiiRliatn! Herman silver and 1
electroplated empties.'" Tho yotlllRer
,'ttrattoii looked out of the window at
lie distant Rabies of a hntisn In which
owf-lt Mary and her husband.
Mary was not easily moved from her
own Ideas. Tho scene was curious when
:,he and Stratton were discovered by tin;
injured Justin. She had 110 notion of
lleelnK with her lover and abatldonlllB
ndvantiiRes that she fully appreciated.
"Why shouldn't I stay here'.' Why
must 1 choose between two men? I
want neither of you, 1 want myself.
I'm not a thliiR. I'm a human b.-lnR.
I'm not your thliiR. Justin nor yours,
.Stephen. Yet you want to iuarrel over
m,..llSe two iIors over a bone. I am
RoiiiR to stay here -In my house! It's
niv house. I made it. livery room of
It Ik full of mo. lion- I am!" Stratum
fei.'otds here: "Moth 1 und Justin
HKil.o together and then turned in help
hss anger upon one another. I rernem-b-f
that Willi the clumsiest of weak
i-estiueH he bade tne lieRone from tho
li'jtifcc, and that I with a now rather de
flated rhetoric answered that I would
ru only with Mary ut my side. And
there sho stood, lews llkn a desperate
rebel HRalnsl the most fundamental so
cial relations than an Indlfrnnnt prin
cesji, nnd demanded, 'Why should I be
fought for? 'Why should I lie foimht
fort'" Btlll the conventions wrt
tioUilnsr, anil at time? I have lin-h tempted
to feel, mre Irs. It Iiaw sunK'tlmi". liow-1
ever, fortunately liripprneil that the
ltlM'Islilo 1'ic.iii li.m broil nlile to ItidlllKe ,
ltolf without cniititlm: tlie eot In the .
timkltm of certiiln liool. lllimtratlin typoi; j
niphy at Kh In wt i:amnlt.t of thli
typo of work In what liavo been Know 11
as the Special Itlverslile Trens lMltlotiM,
oarrlnl out at Itlvernlde miller tho Kiild-
111100 of Mr. llruoo llocers, wo like to think ,
Bii'iv naturally and inphlly Into tho pub
UshliiR tkM. fioin small liiKlunliiRs It
came Into the pulilidiltiR IicI'Iimko of TleU
nor & Klilds, under whoso ltnrlrtt the
Kreat and nbldlnir names In American Jit -f
ratine l.oiiKfellow, llmei.on, Haw
thorne, Lowell. Holmes. Whlttler. Tho
roan. .Mdrlch. ltrrt Harte, Ac took form
In their complete wrllliiKs. The task
since that time' has bteti to build 011 these
sine foundations mid to multiply the
foi ins mid Uses to which these wrltliiKs
mid later ones iciutd lie put This has
been done thiouith the aitoncy of soicral
departni' nts, Kiuoral, dinatlonal and
suhscrltitlou. in each one nf whleli tlio
L'OVelllitlir conditions hao been llllrfllll.V
sliiilled and met as far as was practicable
fioin time to time; with what stucss It
Is not for lis to say. our catalogue, the
loots of which extend bacTi to 1SSJ. coll-
talnlliK those books which hae oidilied,
could tell of Ioiik and arduous ipiests for
what seemed bet at the time. In later'
Uears, in the multiplication "f now books
and new methods, the limine has been 1
trltiR with the help of many youni audi
1 enthusiastic mimhets to maintain .no,
statidalds raised b; Mr HoUKhtoii. WUh
the hti-t of Intentions It li.is made and N
mal.lm; inlsl.il.it enoiiKh, but they have
been tho.-e of JllllKllleut and pot llltelltlou
It lealUis to-d.o. 111010 than It -lev has
brfme. that Its best asset Is th. Rood will
of lis filciids and authois. It Is catl-tlcl
if after earnest elToils It can add a few
books from .vear to -.car to Its cataloKiie
of peiinanenl stall laid uiuU. Hut It Is1
omy after lepeated txpeilnients that tlnn
settles wiiat Is n-ally permanent lliich
slieh addition to Its c.ltllloRUe lej.lle.s the
' lioal t of eerj R.-ntiltio publisher and Is
what ue ale all ItaeliliiR utter, erhaps
tremendous. They stood like a wall, as
tlie story rocs 011 most IntcrostliiRly to
The trouble oxer Mary was not con
ducted at all n It Is in some romance..
Mary's brothers wore Inclined to ho a
little InillRiiant, but In Rtcat pan the
discussions were kept well within
bounds. They may be called temperate.
Tarvllle was as cool as a cucumber. He
looked at the matter sncioloRlcally
own patriotically. "You sec. Stratum,"
said Tarvllle, "there's been too man) dl
oties In society. It's ileiuorallzliiR
people. It's il.scrcilltlnR ll. It's sit
titiK class iiRalnst class I3er body is
saying why don't these blR peop'o either
set about re.spectins the law or allorltiR
it. I'litumon peoplo are ttettiim too in
fernally clear headed. Hitherto It's mat
tered so little. Hut we can't stand any
mole of It, Strattun, now. It's souie-
thitiR more than a private Issue, it s a
iiie.Uou of piibllu pollcj. Wo can't
stand any more divorces." Tarvllle
really had a romantic soul, he would
have liked to see the lovers run olT to
Rcther and Ret mnrrlid as .soon as pos
sible. Ullt he I.e. lie. I at this tlllllR
iantely. We know also that while he
was dlscussitiR It he never turned a
hair. v
1 The question whether Strattou, after
'.Instill had carried his wife off to an iso
lated part of lieland, could Ret Mary
back on a writ of habeas corpus Is con
'sldeird at pnKo 1 7 1. Wo tlud the lirv-
yer who was consulted by Strattun say
' Iiir there: "It's unusual. You will bo
.....ulriim tlio husband to produce her
' .n,ll3, don't think, speaklnB In the
.,,,. general terms as those In which
viU thp t.rt.umstlint.,.!,i u W0Ua ll0
..,,.,. , , ..... Tllo ,H.vv..r
slinke dellberntely nnn Impartially. II
was a thoiiKhtful opinion.
1 Olioai'l'.. rjiio.i.rn .0 ntAouei in,.
lUiouuu uio voi 111 visiieu iinmi ami ,ow
York. It Is aRrerablo to road what Icame under Ills own observation or in
Stratton thought of New York. Hn (which ho took part; he keeps himself
wrote: "The onset of New York was M, much In the background that it is
extraordinarily stimulating to me. I often hard to tell whether the adven
wrlto onset, It Is Indeed that. New ! turo Is experience or hearsay. It Is
York tides up out of the waters, a cliff
I of man's making: its great buildings at
,a distance seem like Ioiir Chinese ban-
ners held up against the sky. l'rom
1 Sandy Hook to tho Rreat landing stages
and the swirling hooting traffic ot the
Hudson Klver there falls nothing In
that magnificent crescendo of approach.
And New York keeps the promise of
Its llrst appearance. There Is no such
fulness of life elsewhere In all the world.
The common man In the streets Is a
bigger common man than any Old World
city can show, physically bigger; there
Is hope In his eyes and a braced dell
ance." Certainly the skyscrapers have
madn a change. Cooper In one of his
novels remarked that tho river and
Sound steamhontH dwarfed tho land
Coiiflnurr! from Eighth Pilar.
on which all Shakespearian controver
sies nrn kised. Tho authors do not
dlsgulso their own opinions, hut they
summarize those that differ from theirs
fairly. They flout the Haconl.ms rather , Mtoy miso" (Kdward Arnold: Long
scornfully. hut peoplo who am not In- ,, oieen and Company) Harry
footed by the Hacon germ will hardly I tiiahum has fortunately abandoned thn
object to that. blnodthlrstlness of his nursery rhymes.
Into whatever controversy any of tho is funny In dealing with questions
Adams brothers enters ho Is sure to f the moment uml with the weather,
be bright and to express his opinions I ami. we assume, Is equally funny In his
so that they cannot bo mistaken, and hit! at London clubs. He retains Ills
the rulo holds good with Ilrooks Adams eMraordlnary mastery of rhythm, Tho
In "Tho Theory of Social Revolution" I pictures by Lewis Haumer are appro
(Maemlllans), The series of papers was prlale and very good.
Inspired apparently by Mr, lloosevelt's Within II h restricted limits the selee
attack on thn court". In two of them Hon made by Mdllh 11. Ordway In "The
Mr. Adams studies tho great popular . Handbook of Quotations" (Sully and
A Companion Volume to HEARTS AND MASKS, by
Author of
The Man on the Box, The Goose Girl, etc.
The most whimsical, the most brilliantly exe
cuted adventure itory you have read in a decade.
There Is a popular artist who yearns to be a
There it a young millionaire archseologist who
collects mummies and cracks safes for a pastime.
There ii a young woman who, in obedience to
the terms of a strange will, lives in an apartment
filled with curios amounting to millions.
AffAfb Uluttniti In fiM colon h R. M. Cmby.
K Temple Thurston's story of
"Klclmrd Kurloni?" tU. Appleton ami
Company) tells of the difficult career of
a yuunir artist who patntcil ImaKlnatlvely.
lilchard painted mcatiiiiRs. What was
merely obvious lie left to the photonra-jihcts-
left It to them scornfully urn!
with I1e.1t am! bitterness of expressed
opinion, even when it was necessary to 1
sell a picture In order to Ret breakfast.
Mrs. Nlbbs, the print seller's wife, looked 1
blankly at Klchard's picture of West
minster HiidRe, althoURh she was per- !
fectly familiar with that ImposlnR struc- ;
turo. "What Is it?" she Inquired a I
I truly polRnnnt failure of appreciation, j
I Mr. Nlbbs was somewhut more capa
1 lile. lly cockltiR his head on one side
land starltiR hard at tho picture ho was 1
: able to think dimly that "you mlitht see '
1 Westminster HtidRo In such 11 way If I
you had the mind for It." Of course I
Dicky (ho Is so called In the story) had 1
, painted the "soul or the brlilRo. not
j the morn base materials. Slmllurly
I with his watercolor of a wiiRonload of
(flowers In Lontf Acre hLs title for It
was "Kniurance." und he had painted
fraRranco. At this day there Is no ob
, vlous triuble In spreading new Ideas,
but Dicky had to make his wny In a
I time of conservatism. While he was
I palntlnR nieaidiiRs and odors the pub
lic was buylnR Thomas Parker's pic
tures of Venice. I'arker had never been
1 in Venice, but he could paint It so as 1
upheavals In hist my as t hunch they
were natural idle nomeim and siirr.sIs
sumethlnR like natural laws for their
workiiiR. but the matter that really
burdens his mind and to which he de
votes all the other papers Is the wiour
doitiR and the failures of the courts of
law, and particularly tho Supreme
t'ouit of the t'nlted States. In his
cataloKiie of the instances where the
cmiit went wronR there are several,
such as the Dred Scott decision, about
which the layman may aRree with Mr.
Adams, there are othets where the
JiidRinetit will di pond on the reader's
prejudices, but the iircunients Mr.
.mums manes uKitmsi me couiis are lor every one who has to do wi'h cot
such ns men of IntelllRonce can weiRh .tun and Is useful n many a .,.M.
and reaard. 1 interested In public affairs. Cotton
As Interesting a true story of nd-'
venture as tins been told by the man '
himself will be found In the plain '
statements made by William ( 'Rllvle In
'T.'itiy Jhiys on the Yukon"' i.lohui
l.ane Company). The author helped to
mark out the bouuilaiy betwieti tip
I'nlted States and Canada In ISs, he
was tho first Rovernor of tho territory,
and in later years was Commissioner
1 lie explored the country as a survejor
and, as an ulliclal, looked on the gold
1 rush when It came. Ho IiorIiis with
.1 historical sketch of exploration uml
'settlement in Alaska ami the Canadian
north, and then describes things that
with the eye of an administrator as
well as an explorer that ho regards the
province, but ho keeps breaking out uti-
expecleilly with capital stories of tho
'strange people ho camo across.
The compiler of "Little Stories by Hig
Men" it!, 1'. I'utnam's Sons). Annabel
1 Lee, has sought material from most of
1 the men in public life with rather arid
I results. She has arranged them ac-
cording to ollico, beginning with Presl
! dent, Cabinet otllcers, Senators, meiii
1 hers of Congress, and working down to
Covornors, army and navy men,
1 authors and others. It Is surprising
1 that from the hundred or more Ameri
can speakers so few good stories were
obtained; perhaps a dozen In nil are
I worthy of repetition. The book Is a
curiosity, but othorSviso rtf no great
J interest.
I'or the v.'iluablo scries of "Original
I Narratives of Karly American History,"
1 edited by Dr. .1. Franklin Jnmcs.nu, now
of tint Carnegiu Institute, Dr. Charles j
. II. Lincoln has prepnred and edited a
1 volume, of "Narratives of the Indian
Wars, Ifi'.'i-ltl'Jli" (Charles Scrlbner's
Sons). Tho repiintH treat exclusively
of the troubles In New Knglnnd, the
first being John Huston's "llelaclon,"
I the last t'otton Mather's "Decennium
. Liictuosum," Dr. Lincoln's introduc
tions tire clear nnd helpful.
In tho humorous verse of "The
There's another young woman, the innocent
cause of all the trouble.
And there is Mr. Haggerty, a real detective,
that and no morei no biologist, chemist extra
ordinary', just human.
Not to mention the archaeologist's valet.
And six pairs of old shoes.
Cloth, itcotaiti jack. Al all Booktttttn. St. 00 Ml
to suit purchasers.
DteUv had to ovcr-
i'onip I'arker.
He Hlso hail to tlRht for truth. Sup-
pose that two lovers are walking under
an umbrella in a sjreet enveloped In
fop and closely overhiini; with the I
folliiRn of trees. Suppose It la ralnlnt
and that nluht lias fal.en and the street '
lamps have not vet been liRhted surel
It Is extletnely iiobuble that 111 -11. !.
circumstances the lovers could not b
seen at all that they wnu.d be fairly'
Invisible. III. ky's truthful utnlerstatul-
itiK was hound to tell him as much, and 1
It Is easy to see why In his maRiizlne
.llustr.itlon, "livers'ln Had Weatliet"
if that was the title- much should
have been left to be mfi rred. The c n
tentlon of the editor that tho lovers
should have been made apparent to the
material eye, thai l.k should have
. aused them to ! seen, was unreason
able, Tho Illustration was truth, thoiiirh
it may have very stronuly lesenibled a
patch of Krchiis, and iniu'hi If It had
been used have been mistaken for an
accidental dNohnritu of printer's Ink mi
the maRa.iue paRc.
When it came to love Dicky was
Rtilded by his eye for form and color
and his desire for affect;. mule syinpath.
He did not require the nlceii manifesta
tions of the Intellect In his fair ami
faithful companion. Th" stmy ..f l.ls
battles in art and his e.xpeitence in low
.s vlRormisiv told and very readable
Klelnteleh, New York) ! Rood Modern
quotations are comparatively scarce,
probable In order to avoid trouble about
copjriRlu. and manv of the .... r ones
are by no means "familiar." They are
artaiiRed accordltiR to subjicts. with an
inde of authors at the end.
Many scraps of information. Rom-rally
of Interest In some way or other, are
contained In "l.ofiu Thine
Worth 1
KnowniR," bv Nathaniel O I'owlei .lr
'Sull and Klelnteti h). Tlie alphabeti
cal arranpement furnishes the In.
toward tliiduiR any fact tli.it may be
wanted, hut there is an imle also'
A sourly handliiok that is -aval .able
Scribner Holiday Books
Brander Matthews
Gives a Fascinating Study
Shakspcre's Stage Craft in
Shakspere as a
With the Help of Fresh Informa
tion About the Elizabethan
Playhouse He Relates Shak
spere More Closely with the
Theatre of His Time.
$3.00 net
Theodore Roosevelt
Writes Upon Important Topics,
Literary, Historical, Scientific, in
His New Book.
History as Literature,
and Other Essays
Combines the Attitude of a Deep
Scholar with That of a Man in
Vital Touch with National Life.
SI. 50 net: by mail, $1.65
Whitelaw Reid's
Writings in Politics and Education
Assembled in Two Handsome
Volumes, Entitled
American and English
cols., $4.00 net; Postage
Charles Scribner's Sons
, Facts,'
eilitnl by Curl Gcller, comes
us In the edition for October. 1313
' - "'"I'l'ci. - on 1 uiiiisiiuiK vuinpaii).
Honks tteoeUed.
Th- UP of Wlltl.im Pitt I'arl of
(iialh.'iin " ; .;. Iln-ll WIMiaiiis. (Lone
niunF, iiif-en hii 1 Oompn 1
"Orleiitiil Hun. AntPiue mid .Modern."
Walter A. Ilaui.i i John l.nn c.inipany.)
Th l.tf ..f rran, l Th.)tiiiii.i Kvsrard
Mpnell. irhsr..- S rlbij.-r's sons.i
"The IJejutiful t..iiv rr.ivn" 2 vol 1
A. M. Urn.i.l.-v ui-.. I MclMII. .Jolin I
1.1111" l' M.pelil .
The Nn.il Mutlidos nf I7!7" ''onrad I
'1.1 1 Mum ln i. r l'nli.r-liy Pre". Imt
in.itis. Or. ei. una Cump.uiy .
"Tti. Jiiurii.i. uf It.iiph U.it.lo Ihnersnn.
V..1 l.V ' tMltel t.. r..A..rl W.ildo i:mr-
.,n MHilin CompunN.)
'T'1,' 'finfe's i;?f. Krem Lotur lln.l .
...i.. . win..-' ... 1. 1 . imni. ..i-,h"' .urtliiur '
.1 11. I.1..11 1 n.iin Altiitm 1
The Viitlrari ' Ids Itlnhi ll Hdniond.
I'dti'.ti tlllllls d itlilfll.lil ( Apple tell".
Folk ll.tltu.is of syuiliprn llurop."
Sophl- .IrMelt I 1iitl.rtlirn Soup 1
Si-, 11. s In Villon-' A, I en Satnpaon.
M.irt.it. Viirl in . I i'.impatit 1
I'r.'i.. Ii C1.1 .els sri.l tlio Solnt Iav
ret.. .1. 1 ss'et: linpklio- iTt John
l ' W't "I'm l'..i.Hill, Plllliolelphl.t. 1
I'.i.-nl. Ar. Iill- lure for Tleii. Atemt to
Hji. i. Ilerl.ert r Wise -.ml II. IVMIimn.!
lli..Ueriuiloi i.t II l.ippttiiott I'oinpHliy I
Tli 1'iirlnus I.nre ..r Pret'l.ni" Mefies."
iie..ri:.' Kre.lerP k Kunr.. (.1. H. I.tpplneott
l'.illipn '
"Tli- S-oil if l-ifl" nnd tuhfr KsKRys."
Vernei . He-'! 'John l.une iornp.uiy 1
"Tie- AT.tl-At. "ili"t .Mnv-uirnt In Kureps."
t'riiest i.i'iilon. . t'einlnf II. II-v-ll Cone
puii 1
' Thrf ItithnuL' l.i-ttcrs of llnter Pinizl
unit I'eiiplnp,- I'cnnlnKtoii." IMited by (-
wsl.l ii. Kiihpp. ij.-hn l.un- roinpjtiy 1
"Anttnnl s. ulp-uro." Waltir Wlriann
111 I l'tlTOln'- Sell" 1
T!i- s.iUrtK nr Mrn." Ace." t Palmr.
lKl.IItPk II llevell r.nnlilll'N 1
I 'it Air- l l .is.- ..nil l'rent(on"
's.,,...,i nroitt i'ii. t!l.h. 111. ture
I'll- .-111.1; I'.-e tu.fu Nn -i 01 k 1
r.iiiiv .f I:-.- I M lifnt and
si.i.i.. 1; t ti.,fi..'i .,1 1 r ti.p.tn
' "An Inland V.iiim slid Tmel" with h
1 I'nhk-o lt..l''rt t.uuls st...ninn. (J M
i li-n( ..nd s'ens. i:. I- Duttuii urel e'onipany
1 l.es.i . In l-aAli P1h Tlie llev. t:, K
1 I'liniilimtMii KivntK- ll..inllee 11 nd s..r.
I. r tnii.'.n .111.1 r.jiuputi. '
...r "f .1 Mil. I I' Wills - K llaknr.
i.Vll -it mi l I'll trips llmil S'.w Yolk '
The sturv n( Hil lludulpli llnzec.
, trans, tted l.y Ad.le l.Uulin. 1 1: I'.
. tiitt"ti and ronipiinv )
1 Tad Sheldon Kourth of July." John
P'.t'.lr.K Wl.holl. I StlirKl" and Walton l.'eill
' pun. .
Tlifl llioit Hunk of AHrenliiiie" ' T
O linen lli.l t.iir.l nml ihsrle 1" Turner
I Kr.lerli k A MuKr. I'nnipaio 1
'I ii II. o Willi tlip f S Indiins" Kr .iniis
It'i't W)ieei"r il.othrup. beu und Shepard
' .11 p.tlll . lll.st.ill I
M.tKl K i"hetsrton (" P. Put
II in S.-10 '
ll. Wle.!..rl.ieuf.T ' Adnlf Stern, edit-1
to I 'e iernk It rii.itd Sturm. lIJ. C Heath
,ti 1 1 ..'i.p.tit' ltiil n
iir.tkei" M.'ili..di-n. Adrift " I W
,, u 11 i H'hiirls 1' I'ook New Wrk
.I'dunl III frui. hi II C llmtllrll
in r Huft'.i I .1 . I'ompan) 1
Art and Common
A Title That Exactly Describes the
New Book by
Royal Cortissoz
He Maintains the Dissemination of
the Theory That Art Is Only for
the "Artistic" Has Been Injuri
ous to Its Development and Calls
for the "Homely Quality of
Common Sense."
5. 75 net
Mural Paintings in
for the Layman by
American Authority,
Edwin H. Blashfield
Carefully and Handsomely
$2.00 net
Marcel Dieulafoy
Member of the Institut and One of
the Highest Living Authorities,
Gives in
I Art in Spain and
. A Complete Account ot All Their Arts,
from Urigin to the rresent.
Illustrated. $1.50 net,
by mail, $1.65
Fifth Ave., New York
Frontispiece and Other Illustrations. 8vo. Handsome Clotfe.
Gilt Toi. $3.00 net.
Mr. Martin i n familiar figure In New York nnd London
society. He here recounts numerou piquant and amusing
stories of well-known society men and women, both HritUli and
y AISNK WARWICK. With 1J Illustrations from Photo
graphs. Hvo. Cloth. $2.00 net.
A "new kind" of trnvel book describinc the life and rrumnera
of the principal modern capitals in a liht and cntertnininR strte.
It includes the cities of New York, l'nris, Vienna, Madrid and
Hy FRANCIS CJRIKHSON. The "Lincoln" Holiday Gift
Book. New Holiday Edition. With 13 Full-paEe Color Plates.
12mo. Cloth. $1.50 net.
A new edition of a grret work which tells in a wonderfully
vivid manner of the author's own boyhood in Lincoln's country.
By Wll.l I AM J. f.OCKK. nuthor of "The Beloved Vaiabond."
etc. With 8 Illustrations. Third Edition Cloth. $1.35 net
"Mr. Locke has never written u book that holds the atten
tion more clojcly than this. Stella Mnns is absolutely reat,"
-New York Time.
Uy STKI'IIKN I.KACOCK. author of "Nonsense Novels" and
"Literary Lapt.cs." Colored Frontispiece and 16 Illustmtioaa,
Cloth. $1.00 net.
Warranted lo keep one lnughtng because it i a roaring
caricature of the modern jiroblem piny.
By JULIAN STRKET, authoi of "The Need of Chans." etc.
Profusely illustrated by James Montgomery I'lagg and Wallace
Morgan. 12mo. Decorated Cloth. $1.00 net.
In gov and satiric vein
in New York, and pilots
A Christmas Story Hy
by Will Crnwford. lnmo.
How an unwelcome
desolate home of a Western rancher.
Rv MAUION' HUYCK. Illustrated in Color. Cloth. Sl.Oflnrt.
A fanciful and idealistic fairy tale, with 8 full-pHge cclrrr
plates and exquisite pnge
E. Phillips Oppenheim
has written a pure, unadulterated
comedy in his now novel
The Double Life of
Mr. Alfred Burton
"Interest never flans."
.Xnr ) o k T im
"More than ordinarilv clever.'
' tl,lI, Ip'hut I'
'"Genuinely entertaininu."
V. ... V..-I I .
. . f 'I ,11, , I lit, I n il . 1
"A dUtinct advance on j.
anythin he has written.' ,AkM
ii,,. .ui r, t: PKi
$1.25 net; postpaid SI .36
LITTLE, BROWN & CO., Publishers, Coslon
One of the Most
Startling Books
You Have Ever Read
A I Br L'plsn Sinclair, from
IlOVel Pity, with Entai's ipproul
"The p r o il ti c t i o n nf
KiiRfno Hrictix's piny, 'i);im
.i("t(l Cionfi,' l,;i initiatoil a
movement in this countr
whii'h must I'l rcKtirtli'il :
epoch ir.tiklnt:." iw )'"r.'
"M-. Hincluir lin1 now en
l;iri;eii Hriettx'.s ttudienees,
and in so iloim; has ri iulereil
11 KTviee to tl.e eau" of de
cency." I'hlit'i. .'mi l'v
lie l.nlqrr,
$1.00 Sri. Pattnnr, 10Y.
I'ulilisliers 'liiladelphia
lili: LAST ST.W
or tiik .-..-.111 N. V.
.srn! Inu.ri -ur I if in. 1.1 .rttrn,
ie 1 1 pi '
LINi'OI.V, i'.li st I I MAS uml
10 ft era III 'I' I ' ' ' Al in
rtni f'll I r.Mu h t ( .11 ,'rlnti.
Tlie !"' "f ui) m l k ot
ill. I II .oKi- mi I M
I'lirt'H '(Jl.l Mr ..m nf s V "
' V.llentln'.'i Mhiuhui. I 1 ' irrrnulnih
. (if IM.
Hnni Fin. 1 I I" ' ' .'f
I'lirnltur" iiti'l 1' I 11 M 'uiry
rj r.."T r.xu sr.
Niw York's Lirieii Io;kttort ,,,,rnl.," 111
42 BROADWAY !!it.Usi,,v,,',"J
nne tilnillnirs unit Mfnihiinl li.ioks In ki.k-1.
'.i.mh.i'i:s iii;oi rst
t VIEW One Dollar a Year.
Address The Sun, 170 Nassau
'Street, New York.
Mr. Street play host to the stranger
him through cur city.
I.OWKI.I. HARDY. Illustrations
Cloth. 50 cents net.
guest brought Chriftmas cheer into the
decorations by Kntticnne Clausen.
Publishers, NEW YORK
...iL 1. ,
-' )' fit' 1
1 y"i:m I
,:. 1 I
If you v.;sli to bu mi nt'tliini; that
will iltlrht tlie lirnrt of your
friciui, MiiMi'-hini; of lusting value
thnt will Ik prized for all time,
.nakc jour hi-lectioM from our
iplcndi'l stock of
K.ir Hooks in Rich i;iiuliiij;s
There arc tliour.atirin of arnrL-e nnd
uniiiual volumes, some of them
unique items impossible to du
plicate. Moderate prices.
('nt.ilnttte 011 request
"Hunks M.ike the Most Presents '
A-, n-r, 45t St.
Jml lie I 0! !th .1
Book Exchange
AilwrtlM,tiii"it.i uf second
It.iud ImuKs f..f sale, exclnmgii
or wntited vi.. tie lttMrteil In
Tin Siv, Siitiinl.i.vs, .it '.'do. a
line (M'ten w irds to th. line,
fourteen lltii'i to tlio Inch.)
I .1 'iiini ..I mi ( iiir lit. i
l I.1KI II Ui Hi
t luvw.- tu rntnmunleiie
ii u ... I.i- 1. 1 . me o'
UU" nr i.t i.tirti..H nuiivriirti.
lirlnii ui i' m l. let.. . iinnT'i . .-.niiit rr
niDMi. i.. . ilimi. I'l 'H M iN
inri.s l.ryii.1 lliiiivtoi. 12 I'-n.ulw ji nn
iw si N S 1 1 i .t... Iirnn i ixi.i.i
tin: iii .si I'l w .ii s u. AL iointAi'H:'.
lit ra r s. rr..: ulil rnuri Ins of W.isnlncuin
nut fitlicr i icrlrun. nniil nnl liatllf ni'i'i.en
ulil li-M ot llu.io'i. New ork nml oiai
AniiTl.'rtii plllev wtinllnv; urcri. tilturm nt
iki. nlcs pt purlv nrii..ipi'i, Amrrlnn iiiaj
.Inci. pruiifil t ctou' Tii., t onU til.ste. nr, all
klint nf llti" try timpcrty nil t liliorlrnl inn.
Ii-rl.il Is i.init'.sl'J.i:u h llOdKhll'il', b, I'mU
si liiii 'nil '' .
Hi'ti,.s-Ali m t cf print (.no!., hiipt'ltnt, nn
m.itlrr uti ulml suMivl mi'Ic uir suilni; isiiW
ttiuitf.l. I i'.mi eti sou an tnel. icr putillnhnl
Ml. ill 111 1 lilM.11.t IA.! I n.i lln.1 rcl m tlieU n'
mini run' tmiikf IIAI.I'ir.s 1,1,1'AT lliliil..
Mil .1'. Jul. n HrlHii n liln'ilniff.n'n ine -in.l
.vi loi.ii it'll i.i ii r.its inn i.it i , sin n
i HIk . i i e M ' .i i .. h I.i i
nt l'. i 1 ,. . ..
uti.K ,i, ii i i i . i I tu- ;
III I'l' i ,,. , , Wi. , t
I' 'V '
I , Is ' ' ' ' i
I nlpH -I Ipllil , "I lll V 4lfK
I llbl .l.4.t Ul.U J UU -II, li'J HU All
S .IV . . ,
W' ...

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