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Twcnly-xix Mwt in This Citv
and l'i'o)o.si' Huillcul Clinnjji's '
in the link's.
of various mi'ii mentioned for Clqrk of
the Assembly. Asaembl. man Wnlklr, th"
visitor from Tammany, gravely remarked .
"I hope, gentlemen, Hint there ; no
suspicion of patronage seeking In your ,
dclllx rntloiiH. If .vou're going to eon-,
sliler candidal! s for clerk, why not fori
scrgcant-nt-arms" Why not Inquire into i
nil cnhilldaelts'."'
Mr. Stimuli wild hastily that only the
Speakership eoiilil he considered, UM I
"otherwise, vve might lie accused of m.ik-
Ing deals." And Cliiilruiati .Murray s-ild : i
"The employee- of the Assembly are III I
number like the sand of the mil and
the HlarH of the sky. They draw their
111! or km icr diem, anil I have heard tint
many of them are llctltloiis person at
th:M. To Inquire into the ticotiN of nil of
tin in would t-iho fenver,"
Loses Kiilnncc nntl Tumbles,
Stunned Onto Street
nt ItoNlyn.
Fulls Hcnciith a Motor Delivery!
Wniron in Front f
Her Home.
Candidates for Speaker Qnes-1 ST' NICHOLAS SOCIETY DINES.
tiolH'd ailll Tlleir He- Member Proudly smoke I, twin ln-
plies Head. ' "'"'""'"'
The St. Nicholas Society held Its annual
illiinoi lout .tli.t.i I.. ii... t. .it........ ,.p iii.
i monlcoV. Three hundred members of
Twcnt-ix AssemWmcn mill Asscin- i ""' Hoelety and their guest hinoketl long
Mvnirn.el.vi u-lm 1.1.. ,ii. ...... i.i "'Iny I'll"'- and weie cttc,l by w.iltets Theie were six serious nutomohlle hc
seventeen I'rocre sslves id ll.,.,l,ll,.., ,r,,V' ,"J-U',,,,,B f black and orange, blue i-iilehts eslerday. One o( them resulted '
... .. . " ' ' ktilckcrbockt is. black stockings anil orange i M tin limit), nf lilt plul'nttil'Aii r.rilil tflcl '
ana inree i.emocrats met at the Hotel stain slipper with silver buckle. , ' . . . V. '' ""'
Hreexni.it yesterday t.i consider neiv ml... President Charles l.l.m ..r n.n si Among those Injured won Miss Flora
for the lower House nnd to hear irpllisi 1 l,hl Society was the toastm.ister and 'Whitney, the young daughter of Harry
f I om nine candidates for the Speakership l!.",,1!."1 '.' ' '."H ' ,J,,t.1,h" '''.'J-- '"r'"" A. I l'a lie Whitney.
ns to their attitude toward progr. sstvo Haptlst Church, and at his left Tallwt
IfKlslatioh, ' olvnhaiit. nr. .si, I. i.t ..f Hi- si,i,l..t. ..r n...
If these twenty-six. or most of them. Cincinnati la New Vork State, lithers at,1- ' ,,,e '"inert out to speak to the
tick together they are likely to lie as ""' KU'''', "' were (Iciirgo uMln Mnr- chauffeur. In some way she lost her
"important a factor at Alhany as were s'tx-'r WHM ,m WhlichVid'tuiM !M,!,I,m ,h" rar'H momMIn '"'
the insurgents led by Senator Franklin ' president of the Kneiete ..f i..i..niui u:... l"'r' m"' I"'1"') o the road.
liinery M. Lyon of the New F.uirland So-1 ur hf" nannies ene my siunnea
elety , Mitjot -(Jen. I'lmmus H. Hairy, iby the shock. The chauffeur stopped as
Ah the machine In which Miss Whitney
was riding turned a comer In Koslyn,
I). Ilooscvelt. who kept William I'. Slice
han out of the United States S"tiato two
etrs ago. They say theie are ntiout
fourteen more from up State who aie In
sympathy with thlo movement for a non
partisan slund ngs.lttt machine domina
ri,.!V.VM,"".nB l,,l,-f"''ot of the Cist ; ! quickly ns he could and helped Mlm
of"s'.'.",!.aJ,rl?r.l 'ntrhiii-'sld J"" ""
of the Nethei lands I'luh; William I..
Hrowcr, president of the Holland Society
Itnlis for the Assembly which ro I ' haries 1'r.Mn- of the 1 luKUennt Socl.'ty of
further than the revision recommended liv i America und William M. tlrlinth, piesl
the hltt Hepiihlican confereliie nt the Wal". ,,!,t "f 'o Sl IVnlcl's .,eety. A. I..
dorf on Friday weic siiKKested hv a com- -"oswui in. ine i.rrisii ice-i onsui. rep
lesentcd the St. (ienrKe's Society of New
A toast to "St. Nicholas and the 1'i.uiid-
ers of New tnsterdam
by rr.sldeut Ish.iin and
lie I.ancey Nlcull. I'h.iuncty M Ipew
responded tu the toast, "our fit., Slate
and Nation."
mlttee headed by Michael Schaap. Pjo
KresHvc AKseintilyman for the Thirty
tlrst district. Manhattan, one talus tie
power of HppolutlnK standliiR committees
from the Speaker and Elves It to the As
sembly, which would elect the chairman
of each committee thu present practice
of the House of Itepreselitatlves.
dpenkrrshl Choice I'nalponeil.
Peclslon as to rules ami the conference
choice for the Speakership was postponed
to the next meetliiE. on December S'i.
Unofficially It was sidd that the pnsent
(hoice for Speaker Is Clinton T. Ilorton
of Hurrah., Itepubllcnn, but It may
The chairman of the meeting was An
drew F. Mill ray. I'rosressixe. Assembly-man-elect
frnin the Nllieteinlh district of
New York county. The twent)-tlve othvrv
present were ;
rrosresslvis Cornelius W. Onrrlson of
Dutchess county, U. II. Ittlunan, W. .1.
Mcllobeits, lleniy Sch. Idem.inn and
Hetny C. Karpcn of Klns ; l.ro J.
Wood of Nassau, Solomon Sufi In. I.eon
Hleecker. Joseph Stelnl.eiK, Schu ler M.
Meyer, tJeorKe C Flndtatir nnd .Michael
Schaap of New York, otto lleuschel and
Henry U. I'attmi of The Itron.i, Hamilton
Fish, Jr.. of rutnain and HexernlKc C.
Dunlop of Itockland.
Itepuhllcans Wllmot K. Knapp of Che-
mune, C. C. I kwoml of Kiiikk, Ivan
Nelson and S. Clinton Crane of N .v Yutk.
Heniy S, Howard of Schuyler and Tha.l
duis C. Sweet of Uswcro, a candidate for
th" Speakership.
Democrats James J. Walker and -Mark I prospect lor distribution of I.iikiss ma
Ilisner of Ni York and AUBUst I.. Mar- j terlally.
tin of Westchester. i ,Io ,,. ellll.loees. however. Is
Assemlilyman Walkers presence as- . , ., .... ,
i..,,i.i....i i.i .......... i. u ii .... 1 strong and there was at leat a show of
....tr... Il.r . ,.,. ,,. n 1(1.111
Leader Culkln's dlstikt and Is a Tam
ilian) man. He said he had "come IookIiir
foi llh'lit" and fuund consldeiahle.
he diove her to the Kplscop.il rectory
There Mlrs Kora Voorhls. it district
nurse fur the parish, took Miss Whitney
In iharKe and soon brought her hack to
compute consclotisntss. She was suf
fering only from bruises and shock and
at the enil uf an hour wr.s ready to start
r,. ..u....u i........ ... ti ,........
respninleil to by '" ' lit-rt" Mr. Whitney Is now residing.
Last Week's Hie Renews Hope
of ClerKs for Annual
Kinplo.M es in Vnll Stre-t o'lV es, palll
I'Ut.uly liro'.erae lioui s. wue cl.idileinil
by the rise In the stock market last week
It looked liked a f.ivoial.le omen three
weeks l.efoie Christmas. The outlook for
Louisa Maunles. 11 y.ats old. alighted
from a Third avenue surface car at ISSth
street jestcrday eenlng. her arm filled
witli bundles, and looking up at the win
dows of her home, 3103 Third avenue, saw
her mother, Mrs. Uose Mannlci), looking
down and beckoning. She started to run
aeioss the stn .-t but was knocked down
and killed instantl) by an automobile
dellvuy w.mou.
The maehine was owned by the Fire
stone Tire Company and was driven
liickard Size of Mfi Columbus avenue
Later he told the police that he illd not
en teh a glimpse of the girl until she
came running around the end of the street
car and linn it was too late cllhci to
stop his machine or turn to one side.
Size gave himself up to 1'ollcenian
It.'e.lel. He did not have a chauffeur's
llcene, so wis held without hall.
Another automobile accident occurred
at about the same time at Melrose avenue
and 1SIUI stuet. Walter I'eruskl, years
old. of :tsn Last 153d street, was running
f 1 1. in niie cuih to the other as a niHchliie
owned and drli by Charles Monvet of
Established 1723
Special Sale of Fur Coats,
and Evening Wraps
On Monday and the following days at
prices to insure their immediate sale.
were $1200 to SI 500 now $750 to $1000
were $2200 to $4500 now $ 1 250 to $3200
were $1300 lo $1500 now $950 to $1300
Leipzig-dyed Skins
were $500 to $700 now $375 to $500
were $165 to $725 now $95 to $475
were $225 lo $475 now $125 to $350
Collars and Cuffs of contrasting furs
were $175 now $100
Silk and Velvet fur trimmed
were $225 to $475 now $ 1 25 to $250
Also neckwear and muffs in the prevailing fashion in a
great variety of desirable furs at equally attractive prices.
19 West 34th Street, New York
the uual Chrlstnris distribution of bo
nuses and percentages of early salaries I '""I1. ' ' . eanie along and knocked Mini
was decidedly dismal before the rise be- .. i ,V'" ' i . . . . . 1.1
..l.TiT- ii mij 141 nnr liiu.lil IU I'V I..llll
and lie was s lit home
K.irller In the day Mrs. Claienre Seltzer,
Ileduce Piuvcl Post Hates
on .Iniiuai'v 1.
Cniiillilntcs Amni'r Ioestluns.
It Isn't much brighter et in spite of
the present better feeling. The advance f.'1 e.irs old. of ls2 Crotona avenue, was
I hat nt gone far e'loiuh to change the knock, d down h anautomoblie rtrlvn hy .
.i.iiiiis .mw.iiiT 01 ..i"..! ,-e.inwicK avenue
She psed at the rear of a surface car)
at 1 CHIi stieet and Third avenue ami.
fallul to see the advancing automobile
It w us moving very slowly and Mrs. I
S. ll.er was not seriously Injui.d and went I
I, ,i If,.... ....... tfl...- ......Iln.,1 -.1.1 )
fore. There was also less talk of a larse ( ,.,.,..,:, no1,,ltl Iim,,uI:inrH phvslclan. i
nuinbi'i of Stoik exchange hou..s going ( ',. TuMina. 11' cars old, of 3tni
out of business at the end of the Mnr : llast K'flth strut, was pt.tng In the
The j ear hi.' been a bad one for Wall ''"' ' H'dh street ami Fltst avenue!
"miles which had been lai l.'ng Just be-
Of the nine Spoak.'isliip candidates I Street Stock evch nig
sounded by .1 committee hi ailed l. Mr th" a.e of 1 f. w hav
Crane only Ab mder .Macdonald of
l'liinklln, Republican, failed to leply. ,s
to the others, Mr. Crane repotted as
follows :
ltanrfy J. Hlnman of Albany, U.pul,
tlrrtis. ec. in in
sutft red heav lly
Those with big establishments h..e lot
nilKli money The trust companies, banks
and big tlnan.i.l nstitutli.u.' have atso
felt the effect of tile slim marl.it.
There Is nne cla-s of dealits whose cm-
ploc., how M r. are lis. king forward to
late esteil:i afteriioou when an automo.
i'k li longing tu the C01111nercl.il Auto
Track Cotnp.ii! knock.il him down. I'd
ward l.easmr of Tt'T eighth aienue was
dilMiig the car. The boy was taken to
the S.vdeiih.im Hospital with a lacrted
right anltle
l.o Molnskl, 7 years old, of 143
Twenty-third street, ltrookln, was
I cuts for the tlrst pound and sl cents foi
1 each additional pound, to sewn cents for
I the tlrst pound and four cents for eaci
addition tl poind or fraction theteof.
Otlu r reductions were. Fifth zone, 600
to l.eiju ni'les, from nine cents for tin
. ! thst pound and M'Ven c tits for each ltd-
. iht.oual pound, to eignt cents for the
Postmaster HlirleSOII Also Will Hist pound and six cents for each addi
tional pound or fraction thereof.
SiMh zone, l.tn.11 to 1,11)0 miles, from
la cents for the tlrst pound and nltu
I eenls for lacli additional pound, to nine
I cents for tin; tlrst pound and elsht cents
for con additional pound or fraction
I'ustin.istr Miencral lturleson says tliut
iu:m riiiusls have been leeclvcd for
an Inert ase In the weight limit nnd re
ductions in the i.iU'H of postage, especially
In the nearby anil intermediate zones. Ho
divided to move cautiously In the matter
and only aftir a caieful Investigation.
After the first Increase In the weight
I limit from elen to nwiiit pounds a rec
, ord was kept of the cumber of parcels
j handled In many representative pt.st of
I tices Iteports from tins.' offices show
that the ihapges hae been gn atly a.-
pn 1 i.ittd by the public
Congress Will He Askeil to Com
pensate Hiiilroads for
Kxtra Hurden.
II 1st loereose lleaiilla.
..sun, a--m rtni-inrtiiK- lepues ill all lilies- I i, , ,,,, ,.,l .1,,. ,,f i M.,. t ,. u
tlons ixcejit that he was against a direct 'L-.fis Thine are the tlrn'is tint handle 1 knock. d down by an automobile driven
primary law abolishing State comen- j standard Oil. They have been doing a I ''J' J"h" Wollmcrs, a florist of "13'
tlons. He said he couldn't "be unfalth- rushing business and their emplovei s have Tw. nt. -llfth sti . et, at Twent -fifth street
ful to the clearly expressed position of been complaining of bdng oerw.rked. nnd I'oiitth iiMinie. i
hla party" ,juat n,ri.t. weeUs from Christinas, this The bo get to his feet and for a few'
John I.eo Millivan of Chautaiiiiin, He- Is rather a good mm '. in the.r e.-s, and lninutis did not appear injured Woll
publican: "ileplles favorable and has a
good primary iccord."
Clinton T. Ilorton of eric. Uepuhllr.ui:
"Rcjilles favorable, direct pilnury record
excellent, fuvors abolition of tilt l-tllftt
commltleu und u State designating com- I nf .v''all-v Hilary, virylug fiom f, per cent I that he hai!
mlttee to replace conventions." I1" ''. I'"' l-itt'T a in irk of a u Imposslh!
Afineth V. Holt of K.ugs: "It. pll.s
favorable ; for retaining the Statu con
vention only as an advisory body."
Francis II. Stoddard of New Vork :
"Replies favorable; f.nors designation of
primary candidates: l.v petition only and
abolition of the rules committee "
Michael Schaap of New Vork, 1'ro
gresalve: "Iteplles favorable."
Thaddeus C Sweet of Oswego: "For
retaining the coineiilion system until the
short ballot Is obtained: for nomination
by petition only; for retaining rules coin
mlttee with minor changes; generally for
the party oiganlzatlon."
John I). McKnlght of Wyoming:
"Didn't reply to ftiestlou. but sent a
letter Haying he would like to iIIscush
matters personally."
Cyrus W. I'hlllips of Monroe: "Iddn't
end replies because he was In the far
West an chairman of tho workmen's com
pensatlon committee of the National
Civic Federation."
CalU llnrnes n Humorist,
the Idle are looking on enviously The nieis stopped his machine and got out. I
Standard oil list had one of the best . lly that time I.eo had begun to cry.
Washington. Dec. 1 An order ma
terially Increasing the weight of p.i. k
ages which may be carr'i-l In the parcel
post and substantially reciu. :uk r.ues ,!.,. ,,f ,,nri.,.,s ,andl.d n the
be Fostniaster-dener it Uurlcon's Christ-j tlrst and second zones since the first
mas gift to the nation ' I'h.mg. s l e am- effe. tlv slow an Increase
Mr Mur...on announced to-day that 'Xl?JiZm s.. as , make
weight limit of packages to be tarried i10,,is mailable, the I'.tmaster-c.eneral
In the first two zones that is to un ,,is the late of pottage on books weigh
point within l.'.n mile- of their starting I hg eight ounces or less at i cents for
. ... V . i ... i ,,. t iaih ounce or tiaition thereof, on books
place-will be Increased on .la uar I )(j (,M s( uf iiWvt Uw ltwUri
from twenty to fifty pound-. The rates j (im. ,,lt,.s wj apply
now apiillcable to thec zones will re-j "Tin- change.'' sa- the I'ostina-ter-j
iiiilieiai, n. is oeeri iuiillk'l Ullieti oy j
: circulating uuranis, scnoois. colleges ana
52d St.
Pjj " vM
Extraordinary Reductions
Fashionable Furs
Averaging 50 Off Former Prices jj
main In force.
j . .. ., .1,-1,1 1 " lo'H O.J. no in n.i, it.ii.'Ke!. ,11111
booms of the iar In the last month. i lie was taki n to the Samaritan Hospl- ' , puhliMieis evir since t lie establishment.
n. ... .. .. ... . .... (. . . ,. m . ! ...--I 1 I.. .1... tllld! lO.irill. .... . ...... . ... ... ... ........
iiii! usual ira live in in' oih hum com- i.u. wnete it was lounu mat Ills jaw
panics Is to gle emplojets a percentage was broken and one eardrum broken, nnd
that he had Intermit inttirles th:il imid..
le to say lale last night
very good jenr The lilg titivate lunk
Ing houses h.ne given blu bonuses, In
some cases during the most prosperous
"eai- employees having receiwd their
full year's salary
Slock exchange firms in the big je.irs
of the past hae dlstriliuti d bounties with
a lavish hand, but the present iar pi util
ises to la a moderate one all niouud
whither he would get well.
Wollnurs said he would nppear in
"ourl to-dav.
Ilarreil I'riim IIiisIiiiihI'h Hoiiu
Cietn Weilillllg: 1'renents,
Stammihh, Conn, l'ee. il.-Mis. Ii i .1
W. Weninnn, daughter of .lohn T Will
lams of SI.' Madison avi nue. New Vork,
who Is suing In r liusl.au. I for divorce,
was lefused admittance yesterd.o to the
home here of her husband, lij.nl W. Wen-
man, a cotton broker and foinnr ndju
. I.nit of the Seventh Hcgiincnt of New
York, when she went there with a deputy
sin riff to seize he: wedding piisents. The
ilinuty sheriff had a writ, and after
Having given his summary of the re- communicating with Mr Weiinvin'H attor
Mlea. Mr. Crane read lioui Tub Si n- ' , ,nu ",tk'l"; "I'1 " f: ,' 1 'i'T;
i letter wherein Stat,. I'h-i ,n Willi. ,,. Tl" wrlt '"'lU ,l "( lnng.c
Ha "e sa.r'no "ha ,o '' n dl,.ae" or i vJul a. more than 1 1.500. beginning wh
Speaker. Mr. Crane said : "bionze bull" and ending with u l'o,.
"This puts Mr. Uarnes In the class with r"1.1 ,!'."s' . , . ... ...
ij., i..,i,ii ...i i.....u .. . Mr. Wenman s father, .lames W. Wen-
" . "pun ...III 1,, fltn rtliui'liee 1f I.Ir Sim Hlnit.il nor
shows that Job Hedgis Is not the only
humoriM in tne Hi punilcaii party.
The conferees were sure that Mr.
Uarnes was backing somebody, but many
of them suspected that the man he will
eventually lioom for Speaker Is not .Mr,
Hiiiman, but Churbs O. I'ratt of Wash
ington county.
This resolution was passed ; "A'i olvnl,
that this conference at this tlruo doca
not commit Itself to any particular can
didate for Speaker of thu 11)14 Assembly,
and that the committee bo Instructed to
continue its work and report nt the next
session of tho conference."
When Mr, isehanp read his report ad
wtien air. rtcnaap reau ins report an- provision mr hit suppmi. "
vocatlnif revision of tho Assembly rules 1 responsible for debts contracted by her.1
the things deslgnati d. Mrs. Weiiman re
in lined outside the house and as each nr
tide was brought out she Idi ntllled It and
It was placid in a Van. The deputy al
lowed an automobile to remain, taking a
tecelpt for It.
The following ad rrisement appealed
In a New Vork newspaper yisteiday,
sUned by Hyrd W Wenman:
"To nil whom It may concern I hereby
give notice that my wife, Louise W. Wen
man, formerly of S'.amfoid. Conn., h.iv
liie left me. and having made .sullleleiit
provision for her support, I will not lm
'no an to Insure) to the House Itself at
r'ocing. "T Wih. ton ""of t FARRAND TO HEAD UNIVERSITY.
the evtn memnerH or ma cominiiii'o i
f'nliinililn Minn v ill -tucceeii ur, iih
ker, lleslgneil, In Colorililo,
DtlNVKii, Dec. .- Dr. .lames II. linker,
president of the I'nlverlty of Colorado
for the last twenty-two years, has re
signed and wilt ret lie on January 1 next,
lie comes under the provision of the Car
negie pension fund for educators. Ho
will be succeeded by Dr. Livingston Far
rand, professor of anthropology at Co
lumbia lTn I verity.
Dr. linker saw the I'nlvcrslly of Colo
rado grow from small beginnings to Its
present efficiency, with 1,'JOO students.
Ileel.le Tlint Mui'krnkluK Him it
Place in Their .MnuuclneN.
Muckraking has a place In the college
llletary magazine provided it concerns
hut' ";-,'lf with the problems of tile college and
Is done decently. This Is the conclusion
.of the editors of magizlnes In nine of
the eastern colli ges, who met In their
first annual ennfennce at Columbia I'nl
verslty jisteiday. The subject was
brought up for discussion by Miss Freda
ICIrcliwey. editor of the Kuiiniiif Collate
Hi or, and a daughter of I'rof, Ceorgo W.
Klrihwe), former dean of the Columbia
law school, J. II. Putnam, editor of the
Conn II Km, seconded Miss Klrchwey's
"If the mucktaklng Is broadening In
scope and ciltlclses Justly and fearlessly
and liases Its criticisms on facts it surely
has a place In the college magazine,"
said Mls.e Klrchwey
Tin- editors also decided that advertls
Ing In the college magazines Is not graft
but Is of In in lit to the advertisers.
The elelegatis at the conference were
Miss Atala T. Scudder, Uryn Mawr; Miss
flrnee Hallnek and Mls Marlon Hojle,
Mount Holjoke; Mlrs ICsther A. Tiffany
and Miss Anna e. Ilnllmau, Uadcllffe;
.Ml km Lucille I). Woildliug and Miss Fllza
heth Tilling. Wellcsley; Miss Corlnne
llelnhelnier, Miss Florence Harris, Miss
Hi ulah Corrldon, Miss Freda Klrchwey
and Miss Louise II Fox, llaruard; Miss
Mary I". Nnurse, Miss Mary Mallon, Miss
l.nuisi; Stainon, MIhs Dorothy I'hlllips
and Miss Charlotte Ureenhow, Vassar:
Miss Helen Uose anil Miss Kdna Icssing,
New Voik Normal College; John A. Law
sou. Williams; Albert K. Van Court and
rsilchrlst It. Hteicktnn. I'rlnceton. and
Harold Lamb, Allen Carman. Simon tl.trr,
Alexander Welnsteln and Miss Kstelle de
Young, Columbia,
Meyer. Lorkwootl and Nelson were
against depriving the Speaker of his powi r
to appoint committee;!.
Other llrrummrndntlon.
Borne of the other recommendations were
that the Assembly should consider no
new bills In the lust three days of the
esalon except on message from the Senate
or emergency message from the (lovcrnor:
that all committee meetings should
be open to the public and that every
bill ahall be accompanied by a slatement
' of lt object nnd probable hrnellclarlea.
The nuaintest comedy In the Assmbly,"
ald Mr. Bchaai). "Ib that under the rule j
you have not to vote on every mil ui
though there la nothing In the rules that
compel you to know itnytlilng about tho
bill you're votlnK on. I can't Imagine
any greater travesty on parliamentary
government. Tho rule I suggest ure Ue
slmied to remedy thl."
Aawmblymun Martin sdltl that If ho
had hi way no bill at all would ho In
troduced III the next session, "as we
are ulTerlnc from too many hills now
He waa for biennial or triennial hcsh.oii.
Blnce tho conference was canvnHKlng
Speakership candidates It wa u(fgiitetl
tht m look Into the qualifications
Dr. Farrantl Is 4)1 ye.nn old. Ilo w.i
bom In Newark. A In other, Max Far
rand. I" professor of hlMory at Yale Uni
versity, Dr. Farrand was graduated from
I'rlncelon In Dxx and from the Ceillego
of riiyslclaus and SurgeonH In 1891. After
Htudylng nt the ITnlveisliy of Caiulirltlgo
and the University of Merlin lie returned
to New York In 1D3 an Instructor In
psychology at Columbia University. He
became adjutant-profe-sor of psychology
In I'JOl iiiul Hills'" 1 1,0:1 " l,ctl1 I1'0
feasor of ttiithropolofv.
Chanilier Music Out nf the Ordlnnry
lltiiitlne ;ive 1'lenanrr,
The Longy New York Modern Chamber
Music Society brought Its long name and
airay of Instruments to the front oncn
again last evening, when Its second con
cert took place In Aeolian Hall, The pro
gramme conslHted of Kmmnnuel Moor's
suite, opus 103, for flute, ohoe, clarinet,
liorn, bassoon, two violins, viola, 'cello
and double bass. This wrm followed hy
Henry Woollett's C sharp minor sonata
for 'cello und pluno played by J, Keller
ami Carolyn Heels'. The final number was
Jean lime's pastorale for three flutes,
oboe, engllsh horn, two clarinets, horn,
two bassoons and piano.
The two programmes thus far offered by
Mr. Longy have been pleasing In themselves
and also as diversion from the dally
routine of recitals nnd orchestral concerts.
The composition may not lie epoch mak
ing, but they are refreshing. The artists
engaged In their pcrfoimance are musi
cians nf luge accomplishment, and (ho
general qrsulls niu most ugreeable.
on packages carried In the third, fourth. ,,f tn,, j,;ircel post service, a- the present
fifth, sixth. secnth and eighth zones, or ri-trlctlve weight limit and rate- on books
i nil nolnts In the Cnlted States beyond are pror.inime in a gr-ai extent, except
the 150 mile limit, will be inci eased fio'n
eleven to twenty pound, with reductions
In iMTHtaite rates In all of these zones
except the last two. It was unl a few
months ago that Mr llurle-on Increased
the weight limit of package In the llr-t
two zone- from eleven to twenty pounds.
The step that he has taken Is only a
partial development of the parcel post
sjstem. which eventually, he expect will
in the ease of catalogues
' Some Idea of what this i lunge will
menu In the inil'.ei of sending books
through the mills is learned from the
statement that the postage on a four
pound panel of merchandise when in
tindi.l tor ilem.rj In the tlrst and sec
ond zones Is eight isuts, while the pott
age on :t panel of books of eiU.tl weight
i ow is 32 cents
The I'ostmnM. r-i icneral has postponed
tile iffective date or the older affecting
hooks to Mll' h 111 l. Cuomo I... tl.'Mireil In
be e-arrjlng packages up In H'O pounds KU, llt ,.JlM tM,oe month- notice to tit ms
to all parts of the countrv whose catalogue s an now bi ing printed.
"" " rv ,",riH.r z,:rz.:i irLxz
largetnetit of the system is the intlii.a.ion ,hl, ,.1k) ,mU v.ll be to Increase the
conveyed In his statement that he III t How of food products through the mails,
usk Conu'res to compensate the railroads , It will, be possible for tile farmer within
urst Woman l.awvcrin Ameiiea
SpemN l.at lia.vs in
Si'iialiii ijii.ii'tci .
St. Loi'ls, Mo., Dec. Ml-- 1'hoebe
W. Couzlns, 73 j.ats olil. author, lee.
turer, political rpi.iker and .iuti-pndiibi-tlon
advocate, dltd In poveitv hue to-d.i)
In a room at 27i'2 I'tne stieet She ha.'
b-eii bedridden some time In the s iil.ilid
ipiarti r.
Plnvl.e W C'ouz n.s was the Mrs! woman
in the United Stabs t.i bee cue a !.ivv.r
and also the lirst to leconi" a United
State- Marsna! S'u was b. , !n .s;
Louis nnd w i griilueted f: .in the I'nl-
IV .
I w
st.it. -f
. ' 'i. ni -s..c;
Sli. ,v i. i.(..-.l,ied In ht fi"',.
1 1 i :..'i-. tv t .. was I n.-. d
V I' .-H ii " t h" ; .-te u 1 1. .1 : ' t
s' i in. I- i ,. p.rv mi ii s. 1 1, an, i u, , . i .
I- in a:. M irs,,, when he .p. d
Mies f. uziits w.i- an aid. n: advoc i
i . f woman Mitfriige at the begiuini,. ..f h'
i public evie-r. but in t :. she iii'i.riiioiil
' t.i.H ill ll--r opinion tin- b.riot ,vi. i,, de
j innialize women. Tnei i al'tcr sl e w -ln.ivvii
a- the bailer or the ant i-siiifntgis'
muveiii. nt. .-ho also beeam. a p'-.-rnn. i
! atili-pttdilbitloiil-t and licttnid tap ugh
out tin- n unir.v In favor of th. iui
tci ll.
i III lli-tobel. l!ll, MISS I'.- I'll Wli
found ill and sttiving tn a ln.lgttu house
in, W.irhiugton She w.is toned t . a,-ply
foi i clief tu the !!.. ml of Chart -
She said e p.Viltv Wis due t.. tin ri '
, Ilia! the I'mtcil S'.-it-s H ivve, ss,
ton ib set ted hi i when ln b. i-inn so
thai she could no longer speak again.-'
. prohibition.
of the country for the extra burden
which the parcel post s.vstem has throw n
upon them. Complaints that the rail
roads were being Imposed upon tn the
matter of the parcel post have b. en piling
In upon the I'ost oiflee Dtpartmmt for
I. "oi in. lis of New Voik clt. for instant'.
to send fifty pounds of M getabb s or fruit
or i.ell eggs.
Anotlnr change made In the paic.-l post
svstem will pi unit gold bullion and gold
dust to ! trai.nport.-d by the Fedcrnl
i lev i riimciit fiom Alaska with the In
sin nice of Its safely The iloverument
will tiaiisnoit this uol.l bullion and gold
an i
It Is alleged that the success ot inc. hum at two cents an ounce iruin
ssstem was being attained by the lov- "olnts In Alaska to the United States.
eminent at the cost of the carriers, who
were obliged to handle the elioimous In
crease In mall on n sjstcm of compensa
tion which was entirely Inadeipiate. Fur
thermore the lallnails have been sub
jected to an additional loss through the
. I
Unci- Heilln Token Itet-iiril .Number
if s.,.iuoer.
The biggest throng of seagoers that
Inroads that the parcel post sjstem has 'f ha- Hailed for the M"''j;';""'';'
been making on the exiress hu-lliis. Ui,- )( tm- K,,..1'1,,lll , T,.tl. ....-
i-..mlnlnt trr .Instilled. passengei In the stceiagc. nearly
Sn ( iiiilnlnt An (1) K,llK , ,hclr vM n,,,,,, s
I'ostniasler-tleneral Hutleson recog-I to spend the hollila.v .-. Mote than 1. 000
nlxeee the justice nf these complaint. He I bosons who wnntetl to go by steerage to
ltalv weie tuiiiiil away, as the Herlln
was crowded to capacity 'tween decks.
The olTlceis' uiblns were taken for
cabin voyngeis. Mi. anil Mrs, Warner
Leeds occupied the skipper's quarters.
l.l ,, ka..,i,...,u n... Mr. iintl Ml
railroads and will treat this matter fully , n,nrv ;, oelrlehs. on a honeymoon trip,
In his annual report to Congtei-. In tin. ,.... 'chailes liiiini. I 'Iftli avenue art
said :
' In placing these change In effect the
I'ostmasler-deneral re.ill7.es the Incie.ised
hurden that will be Imposed upon the
meantime, however, the Department I
engaged In gathering the necessary sta
tistic for Congre to enable It lo llx
a correct basis for a Just, fair and ade.
quate compensation for tho service ten
dered." Another Important change in the par
rel post regulations announced Is the ex
tension of the system so ua to Include
books, which now am barred. The older
permitting the transportation of books
will not go Into effect until March in.
The rate In the tlrst two zones on
packages will be live cents for the tlrst
pound in tho first, and six for the flist
pound ill the second zone, with a cenl
additional for each pound.
The rates In the third zone, up to 3nn
miles from starting point, have been ie
duced from seven cents for the first pound
and five cent for each additional pound,
to six cents for tho first pound and two
cents for each additional pound or fi ac
tion, thereof,
In tho fourth zone, from 3110 to Ann
ratlea, the rates have been cut from eltfht
duller, who will spend Clulslinus In the
A man who said he was S.inzazo
llalllstn of 170 Chrystle street was nr
tested on the pier because lie was worm
hut In ami out of the t rowds. He was
liehl in ll.iiiio ball to gle the police a
chance to look up his rccotd,
DiiiicltiK 4'lnsse n I'entitre nt Cam
paign for Votes In The llronx.
The Woman Suffrage party yesterday
opened temporary headquarters In a large
store at l.'.I Wlllhi avenue, The llronx.
Ilesldes the usual suffrage placards and
pennants, hunting and banners and
speeches on weekday from 'J o'clock In
the morning until 10 nt night there wilt
be Sunday dancing classes in which Miss
Florence Winn will teach the tango and
other up to date dances.
The neighborhood apparently Is await
ing the suffragists with mixed feelings,
for al an outdoor meeting last Thursday
the speakers, Miss Martha Klatschklu and
Miss Winonu Martin, were forced hy two
drunken niun and a group of small boy
tu take rufuge iutt drug store.
IUnt's Hne IIjrnitureII
This year's prcparittion for Holiday demands
includes a large and exceptionally attractive variety
of individual pieces of Furniture for both men
and women.
Lift Suggestions:
Curates' Assistant Tea Wagons
Trays Dumb Waiters
SrnokitiR Stands 1 lumidors
Pedestals Dressing Table
Desks Writing Table.
Bookcases Boudoir Desks
Book Rack3 & Blocks Bridge Tables
Library Tables Chevni Glasses
Shaving Stands Fireside Chairs
Cigarette Boxes Crickets
Card Tables Electroliers
Bachelors' Chiffoniers Clocks
Geo.C.Eint Co.
i. lllrTfLisWT

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