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rcnday, di:ci:miii:ii t, ut:i.
nteredat llm Post tiitlrc nt New nrk a heroin!
( I.im Mail .Mailer.
Nutiserliilliin. bv stall, fnslpald.
AII.Y. lVr Month
AHA. Itr inr . ..
I'NDAY, ivr titr .
lAILY AMI M M."i .
. .0 BO
, , II oo
.. a nu
.. n .
.. a nu
per Year
IV r Motilh...,
UK i:Vi:.NI.(i Sf.V, Per Month.
UK i:Vi:MMl .SIN. Per War...
postage Ki fiirelsn inanities added.
All rhrrks, mnticy crdeis. Ac, 10 be made pay
blc lo 'I III: hl'.v.
fvihllthrd dally, Ihrluding Sunday by the Sun
t-llrc at.d I'tiMI'hlni; Auiirlailnnnl 170 Nassau
rtcl, In thr I'nrni ch nf Manhattan, .Vcw York,
resident and Trcntiret, William I' Hrlrk KO
xasu strict. Vlre-Picslilcnt.l'duard P. Mill be-ll.
:o Nassau sited' Niretary ('. I:, l.uxtou, j"o
London ofllrc, DfllntEham House, t Arundel
Irrct, Strand,
Paris nfliic, fl Hue dr la Mlrhndlerc, of! Hue du
Juatrc Sriicnihrc.
WnOiluetnn ntllrr. lllhhs llullilliis.
Hrrokljii o'tlee, UH Livingston strrct.
If our fnrmls uhi furor its irtlfi manuerlfls ami
llutlrr.iii.ns far puhtitalion troi In hare rrjrttrd
ruelri nturnnl thru mi-t Iti all cases scml stamps
vr Ifiat pttrpn.r
We otiserve that some of the groat In
tmtrlnl itirioriitlotis--the Interlocked
orjiofiiiloiis. ns Mr. Itiiwni.is or .Mr.
"ntkhmyiii would Nay are preteiiilltig
hut present business coiKlltlons compel
hem lo reduce Heir worklus forces.
phe Knlilxvhi l.ncomottxc Works Is re
Hirted to he illsohnrglng employees.
Chere are other similar cases among
he class; of emplo.xers known ns hlg
In the rnnks of little business the
sTlne general tendency to discredit the
Democratic Administration uud the
Wilson jkiIIcIcs Is ilarant. Mr. Kn
WAtin r.r.ri vi i ii. the inatiauer of the
N'atloiial Kmplo) incut Kschance. was
reported .velefda.v as snyini;: "There
.ire more lioiiet. able Nulled working,
men out of Msltloiis now than at nny
time since I'.ho. Tlic ilemaiid for labor
s jwiorer than at any time since then,"
It should be noted that the National
Kliiploymeiit nvhainre. while ostensibly
a phlliiuthi'oie Insiitiitlon, Is In the
hands of such captains of finance as
I'rejdent IUn.vmih of the New York
Trust Company. President T,onn: of the
Delaware and Hudson Itnllroad Com
pany, and Mr. .I.xron II. Scmrr of
Kulm. I.ocb & I'omp'iny.
Mr. Cvr.er.NTHt I'outlnuos: "Positions
for laborers on the railroads have been
scarce. There is practically nothing
doing in that direction. Corporations,
instead of taking men. are also laying
them otr.
That tlioe facts nre Indications of
a slate of affairs greatly to be de
plored we need not say. Hut do the
facts likewise Indicate a concerted at
tempt to bring discredit upon the Demo
cratic Administration; to produce for
lolltlcal effect the "unnatural panic"
against which Mr. Wilson so sharply
warned the nation one year ago ne.t
week V
SHaklng to the Southern Society in
this town on December 17, 1!I2, Mr.
Wilson said :
They say business will be disturbed
by the Democratic policy. Huslm-ss can
not be disturbed unless thu minds of those
who conduct It arc disturbed. There aie
unnatural panics that are said to occur
bometlnies l cause certain men want to
create the Impression that the wronK
thine Is beliiK done. I have been told
that the machinery Is In cxlstuice by
which such a panic could be brought
about Peisonally. I don't lullexe the
man lives niw who dans to us-o that
machinery. If be does, I promise hlin,
not on my own behalf but on behalf of
my countrnun, a Klbbct as high as
On the anniversary of this awful
warning perhaps the President will
take up the subject again.
Does lie now see in business condi
tions the evidence of a conspiracy to
discredit the Wilson policies';
Is lie now looking for the architect
who can design n gibbet of sulliclent
altitude and capacity?
An Olive Branch Willi Thorns.
Premier Aroi'itiTs "olive branch"
speech on the Ulster question at Man
chester must be rend ill tho light of hi
stalcincnt of the lioveriimeiit's policy
nt I.adybunk on October i!5. It Is one
thing to accept Sir Knw.uw Caiison'h
principles for a basis of agreement and
pilte another thing to come to an agree
ment with litin and satisfy the faction
in Ulster which he represents. Mr.
Ahquitii is of one mind with Sir Kn
waiik Carson that tho settlement must
not humiliate Ulster; that other parts
of the United Kingdom should have
self-rule as well as Ulster; that Ulster
must retain full protection of the Im
perial Parliament, and that the home
rule hill "must not be such as to lead
to ultimate separation of Ulster from
Great Hrltaln."
If wo turn to the I.nilybnnk speech
delivered before Scotch constituents,
who want home rule for themselves,
we shall find, tlrst, that Mr. AmjuiTii
jjave stem notice that If tho homo rule
act were met by "organized ami armed
resistance" the Government would as.
serf tno authority or tho law "hy every
appropriate and ndi'ipmtu measure,
nnd that then ho Invited an liitereliuneo est then. Tim Collego of Psychic Phy
of views of piuiy leaders about the slcliins nnd Surgeons is holillnc coli.
Ulster situation, xvhlch ho. would rivelve
with "it perfectly open mind." Hut i
whatever compromise might he effected
there xvero to ho thesu governing con-1
fdderutlnus: Irish unity must prevail;
What was elono for I'lster In the way of
home rule must lie done later for tlltiri
parts of the un ten Kingdom; a sun-
. .
ordinate Irish legislature must ho set
up, with an executive responsible to It.
lu essentlnls Mr. Akquith rers'iited
Ltalf nt Manchester; ...it he prom-
-Iseel that Ulster would not he humlll-
n ...a nnil lnt uhi ii)iiilel iiIwjivm looV
nwi win. -- - -- i
ia ttw Imyerlal I'arllament for proteol
tloil, nil assurance however, thnt will
ho ,l,.,.mi.,l Uiiiu,r(ln!n.u
A comparison of these speeches seenH
isgriut is tneriltittiiig the exclusion
of I'lstcr from the terms of (lie lionm
rule net for it period of .venrs. At
I.nd.vliniik ho disapproved of any "er-
miiiient or Insuperable liar" to Irish
unity, and nt Manchester 1k dtseoun-1
tenaiiceil "ultimate separation." Hut
In his elaborate speech at I.ndybank
Mr. Asyt'iin made the slgnlllcaiit re- -ti 1 1 1 by the decision of Justice I'knuli;
mark that the Government was not 1()N n'iiie Supremo Court, the prod tic
going to lie false to the trust which the ,n f K, u this city for some yenrs
vast majority of the Irish people had , 1.0lm, H. likely to he confined to the
reposed lu It. They cat nut on ,
home rule and Irish unity, he lister
rebellious or resigned. There are
thorns lu the olive brunch.
An Impudent Auditor.
On Urlday night at a meeting of the
New York University Koruiii Mr. An
Trim (liovAN.MTTt, the eminent agita
tor and soulful leader of the Industrial
Workers of the World, Rave n new xer
sloti of social Justice In these xvords:
"I don't consider right or wronir, t
don't consider the rights of other classes.
All I consider Is the Interest of labor."
As a frauk expounder of enlightened
self-interest Mr. tiiov.xNNiiTi easily
carries off the palm. "I don't consider
right or xvrong." Kthlcs are obsolete.
Christianity Is a failure. Justice Is the
vagary of civilization.
Had Mr. fiiov.xNNiTn been satlslled
with his doctrine all might haxe gone
well. Hut he xx'cnt on to advise "every
one not a laborer to let labor alone."
This declaration from such a source
caused a stupid and insolent listener
to nsk Mr. Giovanni m what xvas his
own connection xvlth labor. We read
that the spenker seemed "a pood deal
nettled." The trouble with burrs Is
that they sometimes stick even on oily
coats. And had Mr. (Iiovannitti been
as frank In hl answer n he xvas about
his doctrines he would have replied that
It xx-.'is none of the auditor's business,
lie admitted merely that he didn't xvork
xvlth his hands.
Here arises another query : May one
not xxork xvlth his mouth? Certainly.
Therefore AtiTfito Uiov.xNNiTri Is an
able workman In constant need of a Job.
"I'ass the hat for your credit's sake,
nnd pay. pay, pay !"
The Oriental Vnlvcrslty.
Hoxv many pilgrims to Washington
visit Its Oriental University? How
inany "Down Kasters," n race credited
with at least a reasonable Inquisitive-
ness, have discovered on 1'ciuisxivunln
avenue this emanation of n farther
Uasl, this morning light? Yet old Orlen
tal xvas founded lu l!i.'S. and has Nen
good enough to send us the fall number
of Its llulU tin. The university consists
of a IiIl-Ii school, coinmerclnl nnd classi
cal coIIcl-c. theological school, philosoph
ical school, medical school, orientalist!)
seminary. Undergraduate xvork max- hi
done In Washington or In any of the
branch or uflllluteit schools, the cntn
logue of which Is cosmopolitan:
"Colleclum Holleranum Chlnensls. Ma
cao; Collegium Indloum Ilolleramini, Han-
galore: fireenwlch .Medical Department of
the Oriental I'nlx'erslLy. Greenwich. Conn. ;
Institute of Hlo-Ther.ipy, IScnares; r.rnd
uate Veterinary Medical School, MaKde
burg; International Law Institute, Ka
purthala: Anwar Coronation School, (il
outta: .gha Knijlmeriiig School, Fyz.ibad, '
Graduate correspondence xvork. xvork
"directed solely from the sent of tho
unlxerslty." Includes, besides "hundreds
of other courses." these new ones;
"Thcomonlstlc theology, thf omonlstle so
clology, theoinonlstlc spiritualism psychol
ogy, psychlsm and spiritualism, spiritistic
medlunishlp, graphic arts of spirits, spirit
photography, spiritism of the Illhle, couises
for the Bachelor of Psychotherapy nnd the
Ilachelor of Public Health."
May xve mark for special apprecia
tion "theoinonlstlc sociology," a branch
or main trunk of that nil embracing
science so long anil faithfully. If hum
bly, admired by Tin: Sin? Marvellous
ami fruitful are Professor Hoi.i.ir's
labors and psychological laboratory ex-
jierliiioiits in graphic arts of spirits.
Among the latest triumphs of the
ghost studio are spirit photographs of
"Nkiiki.a (i'oniAH or the Prodigal He
deemed I and Prophet Amos, who both
lived licforc the Christian era." Aura
ham sat some time nco nnd is noxv "do
ing much to Inspire Professor Hot.i.t.n."
Is the professor a reincarnation of our
old Hohemlnu etcher friend Wknits
i.Ai's Hollar of the "Thentruiii Mull
eriim" and so on? With nil respect to
Amos nnd Toiiias, a "Theatrum Mull
erutn Hlbllcnrum" would lie more ap
pealing. She of Shi'ba, for example,
Delilah: and Jaw, the Hebrew Panic
hurst. Why are these gifts hid? Why
does no Hanierton of the graphic arts
of spirits, spread their long ghostly gal
lory before us? We regret fully ns
much ns universal theomonlstics doe
thnt "luck of funds prevents the repro
duction of the spirit photographs us
xvell us of Professor Hoi.i.i r's whole
volume of syinbolR and writings in the
newly revealed spirit alphabet." A hint
to the RenerotiH, the' curious, to the
ninny ninntcurs of supernormal nrt and
Home of our readers may hnvo no
ticed and wondered at tho fact that on
Wednesday nights they feel better or
worse than on other nights. Tho ns-
trnl scalMl and the spirit pill are husl-
sultutlon und clinic:
..Wo rr(fret 1Ht w ctlIlllut br,n(f
about another phase of Tlieiiiuonism, that
of hrultng by spirits, a strong band of
famous physicians and surgeons noxv In
lllrl1 lll,11' Performing wonderful healings
very Wednesday evening, when Professor
- .-w-i.i,
lo ook Into the boil es of Diitlenlii nn.l .in
to look Into the bodies nf patients and de
tect the defects as well as observe tho
mod0 of heM,IK hy tha HpMta AU lllat
, m ttl0 way of giving full publicity to nil
tino and utilitarian standpoint most val-
itiihlo evidences is tha lack of inonxv.
Why cannot or will not some people ben -
eflt mankind nnd make large donations for
tills purpose? Many smaller donations
would servo the came purpose."
-'-.- ...
easier after Christmas; nt nny rate,
when the new tariff law lias had time
" leconnuonil Itself to n uocne peopie.
A Vlrtot.x for Art.
The agreement W teen tho Metro-
poll tun Opern Compiiny and Obcar
Hammkiistkin haxit..- 'icen dcclnrcd
uotivitlcM of the compnny In control of
the Metropolitan Ojiera Compnny. Al
ready Mr. HAMMKRsTf.iN has a nexv
opera house which will soon be com
pleted. The artists conditionally encaged
for this nexv enterprise, however, were
notified by the Impresario some xveeks
past that they would not be expected
to sing In this city until next year.
The division rendered yesterdny makes
Impossible the opening of any oemt!e
theatre under Mr. IIammeiistf.in's direc
tion unlit the time of his agreement
witli the Metropolitan Opera Company
has expired.
The court has upheld the arrangement
by xvhlch Mr. Hammkrstkin sold his
Interests to the Mctroiolltnn Opera
Company on the ground that the giving
of opera Is not trade. Kxldently the
court bellexed that no prohibition of
business competition xvas Involved In
the transaction by xvhlch Mr. 11 am. vim
srr.iN received for his property a
urn of money and agreed for a term
of xears to refrain from the produc
tion of opera in certain cities of this
country. As the giving of opera Is to
be regarded as art rnther tlinn trade.
It Is the legal phrn.seology here used
and not an exact description of the
administration of the Metropolitan
Opera House to-day.
Luckily for New Yorkers and the re
pute of their lyric theatre. It Is not
possible noxv for the commercial ele
ments In the conduct of the Metropoli
tan Opera House to preponderate. The
managing director Is engaged on a sal
ary. He does not profit by the Increase
In receipts as in- did under previous
administrations. His rexvard may be
liberal, but he Is not dependent upon
the degree to xvhlch the establishment
protlts for his earnings. One Inijxtrtant
protection against the merely commer
cial administration of the opera house
Is thus established. The sanity neces
sary to a reasonable combination of the
artistic and the practical Is nssured
by the cooperation of th" directors of
the company and the experience of the
Impresario In charge. So whatever
may lie the ultimate outcome of the
controversy between the Metropolitan
Opera Compnny and Mr. H.xmmi rstkin.
the artistic element xvhlch Is dominant
In the affairs of the Metropolitan Opera
House will not be affected.
I'nplcas.iiit Ncxvs Freim .Mcxlrn.
The report, "on excellent nuthorlty."
from the city of Mexico that President
HririTx had lsued orders to his Gen
erals to find themselves In funds, as
the Treasury cannot be sure eif pay.
Ing them, xxill probably be officially ile
nled. No pro iston.il Government thnt
must keep In countenance and play Its
part before the civilized world e'ould
afford to father such Instructions to Its
military commander.4, for they are
equivalent to an authorization to ilc
smi1, Unit anil pillage.
The plunder would have to bo dl
xlibil xvlth subordinate officers, and
the men In the ranks must get their
pay lu some form. A 1'isleral army
dependent upon such resources xveuiM
be no belter than banditti. (Vmparcl
xvlth It the Insurgents ne'knimicdglns
the authority of Governor Carra.nz.x
xvoiilil be respectable. If It s true
that President Hit.iita has sanctioned
such an order to his division cnmniuml-
ers, chaos Is near nnd the end of the
present de facto Government.
The reiinrtesl decision of the Depart
ment of Justice ns to the Government's
treatment of the Nexv llareu Ilallroul
Company In Its hour of trial and lion
est effort reflects equal credit upon the
good faith of President Howard Ulli
ott ami the gisxl sense of Attorney
General .Iami s C. McItKV.xoi.ns. Honor
to both of t In-m !
"Hoxv nbout Justice for xxomen?" the
xvomen cried. The Secretary parried
feebly. The militant monster broke
loose, Tho Secretary retired.
Kor seventeen years tho men, vote
xviclders, hail been trying to retire Dol
lar liux, and tho sex'enteenth year was
the zenith of his eminence in all the
In live minutes the women, voteless
but terribly vocal, left him hanging to
the ropes, to bo saved from n knockout
only by Iteferee Owkk's call of time!
Colonel GAii.i.Aim wns n great engi
neer, nn unuirTchlng worker, nnd a true
getitlemnn. Colonel GEonnK W, Goeth alb.
A supremo tribute.
The Delaxvnro whipping post will be
In operation ngnln to-morrow, with
Warden Cbawcoru wielding the eat-o'-nlne
tails. Wilmlnpton despatch.
Delaware cannot enjoy the repute of
being tho only spot in tho civilized world
where flogging lu still a punishment for
brutish men. The Institution endures
in England.
It is sometimes an much as ten days
after Christmas beforo normal conditions
nro restored. Evening Pott.
Conditions without or within? He
store normal conditions under ten days
after the triple effect of mince pie,
plum pudding and egg noggl As Cardi
nal Nkwma.n said to Mr, Kinosust:
"Why, man, yon nre romancing!"
Xinns tree for Capitol. Headline.
Does this mean that until after the
holidays tho plum tree must go up
William Jknninqs Brtan
nll.nt. ..lly HXi,rc.t thai T touches the
i . i .
loiniui louioen me ncari oivery wonmn,
1 whoever abe It eeraa tp be a qutt
'lion of the pocket more than the lieurt,
and It must Ik toall.ctl Hint even the
families of Cabinet Ministers ainnol
w,,h a,,l",;
. .
Princeton seniors bar n thing nit miner
than elder at class dinner. .Vcien of
At this season of the yenr Is tbrro
"anything stronger than elder'" Pos
sibly KWltcbel, but wc doubt It.
The report thnt the Insurgent chief
tain Oenovkxo Mi i.a O Is on the xxar
pnth again Is the most Interesting news
to connoisseurs In naiucH that has come
out of Mexico for come time.
The statement of the chief of the
bureau of steam engineering. Admiral
R. K. Orutino, that It Is the established
policy of the navy to hnve all battli
Bhlps uso oil for fuel In the future, sug
gests that It Is ulso, or xxill be, the
policy of all other great naval Powers.
The slgnlllcnnce of this Is disquieting
when one reflects that the time Is soon
coming when a Kuropcan licet xvlll be
able to cross the Atlantic, fight n great
battle nnd return to Its base since It
Is no longer dependent upon the coaling
station or upon colliers.
Miss I.opema I.. Hill, aged S, of Al
bion, lnd., in some concern about her
Christmas Mocklnc. xvrltes to I'ostmns-ter-Oenernl
Hi'ri.uson to say that Sxnta
Clacs used to come to her Krnndf.ithcr's
house xvhen he xx'as a little boy, and that
she Is afraid Santa Is now too old to cet
us far ns Albion. The young l.nlv should
be told that people live longer than they
used to, nnd that the Saint, altboin.ii
older thnn MKTiit'M'i.xti. the son of
Knocii, ever xvas. takes very much better
care of bis health. Ilesldes, he harnesses
n fresh pnlr of reindeer to his sleigh
ex'ery Christmas and never has to xvalk
at all. There Is not the slightest doubt
that his sleigh bells will be beard
Jingling In Albion on Christmas cxe.
nn. iikiskii, tiii: ruu.irrixi:
llr. Keen Prnrurrs nu iithiirlf nllxc De
nial or Intention t Hcinovr Hint.
To Tiir KniTOR ov Tiir. Si x Sir.- Not
Iouk sine you published mi ulltorlnl nr.
tide relating to the nllccid dcnvind by
Mr. Francis Hurton l!nrrlnti. tin- nexv
I Iiivi-i imp. I : nrnl nf the I hlt llitlllH'F. for
. nv i.r.hii.iui.i, ... ,,-.v...
1 ... nn.. . n. . . f II. 1' nnp T I I. L..r '
the Director or neauii.
I xas so uistress.il ny mis repori ii'.at
I wrote lo President WlLon nn earnest V". . " " "" - - .-nosier
letter In reference to It. I have just n- , ' ,flir "t'sxvcrlng It. but 1
celvcd -from Krlgndler-neneral Mclntyre. uouin nis le ItiK able to prove thnt the
Chief of the Pureau of Insular Affairs of.' rilled States, xvlth such support as she
the War Department, a Utter, of xvhlch may reasonably expect from 1-utin
I enclose for you a copy, by which on ( America, mav not count on success in
will see that this report xvas entirely In-, (.m( ,my ,:ilrnpi.an pavf;r fn.
Inasmuch asynur editorial article cave 'i'lsion or expulsion from tbeterri-
K-at prominence to this matter. It would'
1 be only Just to Mr Ilarrlsrn nnd the
rresldint that npial promlmr.ee should oe
given to the correction of this uninten
tional mistake. W V. Keek.
rillLAUKLFIiIA. Drrember .r..
tliirenii of lntilr A "Mrs, W.vhlnctm
I t. ir ir. Knn. i::e i At-t-,.i sum. fimai'i-
pllrt. I a.
MT PrB Dl. KfHv niir t'lterof X'nxrnlier
?l In the l'rrMi'.rnt llh referrnce to thr nrv
paper rrrrt thst Xtr PisnrU uurten ll-nrrl-nn
hart itenianil"! the rr-k-rillnr nf -eieral chief
of tiurrniis In the I'lillircine l-inna-. inneiie u nn
lielne that nf Dr xiner i Hin the nir.rinr
of MrnlUi, ndrr ji-Lr.owli'ilsmrrJ Mtit lit
tlil n'lwimrnt
ttnnr tte nr.o no inrermnoni; ttnirii ttnui.i i-ru
m to tirllrxe ihnt ttie nrtwttxprr reimrt a- nr.
ruralf, nr made the ristler ihe.ulijerinf Inijtilry.
And ur are nil1r(l In a ratilreram from the tiov-rrnor-lierirrM
ihiil lie hail rot aril illrt t.ot inn
templalr therrmnvalof I)r X'lrinr II Hi-!er. thai
his InvaltMblf experience anil rare prnfi'ssiiinftl
quallfl '.xUnn were fully nptirrclau d
Thl x1rw of Dr lletsrr' -erxlrr. eenfnrrts
fully to the 1ct tthlrh the '.nr lieprtn ent
ialic. Very f Ini errly,
I'rxnk MrlNTxne,
Ilrlcartlfr-Cfneral. f. '. Armj, i hi.-f "f
Dr.cFMi Kn t. t ! t
nil) Untiles .
To THK HritTon OF Tun Sl'N Sir: You
ask "In all :i rouni ss" why liunls Meat,
and little chickens peep, when niltlvT are
uncomfortable became of "too tight or
toei loose clothing." They do not They
bleat or prep whin they are uncomfort
able from hunger or when tle v lose sight
of their motheis ami are rendu eil tin
eomfortntile by fear, or whin cold aml'jnii that cut- him higher
they desire the warmth of a cuddle against I i);,r r.,iiefc-e to .i.t Mr turning out n
tne warm sine or uooer toe wnun w uigr
of mother, as the rase may be.
Any bnbv wiggles and sttep'hrs enough
to gl'o It healthy exercise, both of lung,
heart and nil the rest of It.
Having rnlsed twiiilv-tilne frrt and nn
Inch or two of "babies." I lullive the
theory of needing to crv oh.iiete
Ii.xvtsos linow.v.
New VonK, Decemtier '.
Illil Mrsars. Patrh nnd Hill Knew Mini?
To ills Kppon or 'I'hk Scv s- i'oiiI I yimr
I correspondent who ha iilscrlttilnntliiirly li.-
formeil unf the life anil riinrnelernt ".sain ran h
and of ".Sam IIIII" enlljlitin in almiit nnothrr
irrntlemati. Mr llrtiry Ila-lln. who must at men
lime In Hie pat lime llxeil In lluiliouiuy. I'ei.n-
Mr. llsklln wnsexlilenlly msnnr n nurher type
Ihnn Mr. I'atih or Mr IIIII When rhtldrrn arc
ald In net like sflm Dili or K'a 1'atrh It Is iisti.
ally tiersme their romlnet hn turn iin-amf.v-Uiry
to older prr-ons. Mr. Ila-lin. on the other
hatnl.lin. exIilniMy set a high standard nf nehlexe-
nient for .Town people, tirraine the local I hrase
whlrh has ennie down K "Thnt heals old Hen
ltaMln,"nr In A mutllaliil form: "That brat-, hen-
A rommiinlty In whlrh hl name cradually
cra.lni In he linurhnld word would he IHtcr
rslnl to learn of his life stul works.
New York .Jirrcm her Iie:,' hxi.rxi,
The Superior Male.
To THK i:mioii or Tlis Sic.v Mr; Man Is In-
deed s wonderful genius- he ran tlvn forlh Ids
Irsrned opinions on exerythlng from woman s
diaphanous altlre In lust the kind of a rurrrnry
hill xie need without een Imrlnir us or thing his
wltlv reidsnaptsn Intellrct, he i an walK nbrnail
In heaullful lwlMinln inhnent with n how on
the hark of his hat anil rerelxe pruc mat would
make Mr, Turveydrop cry tears nf enxy.
So It l natural, as IJtwretue hinsman points
out, that man, knnwinir how superior to woman
he U, e specially In sparklln g w it anil irceiiom ri nm
drrarlnei-s. xvnuldn't think of what working
women ihlnk of htm, hut would only consider
what working men think of women.
jir.H l), HKWKi.li, Jr.
NEW HAVEN, Conn , Derrmtier
Atahsnut Ad lire,
From tlte Clanton Prrnt.
If you have no ertlon hnrrnw, then sell
ynur shotgun snd huy one. Ve are fond
of hunting ourselves, hut a farmer who Is
too poor lo oxvn n harrow, nr n lawyer who Is
tno poor lo buy n bonk, l rerlnlnly not In
a flnanclul rendition lo pnnpHs tlm Inipla
menu nf n sportiman. I'eel yourself for
your flcht xvlth fortuns, and get a harrnw,
Illstlrli of Klnnj.liia f'atn.
To TUB IIPITOB of TIIF. Sl'N-sSc; (iond ad
vice for all your readem: be Just to all men; do
rlfht; love your nelghhor: don't xrrlie.
tivn YuKK. iircenilifl n. nE,-.iai'XT0.
Mdit Miles.
From the Kilison Mont tily.
I love to watrh In the early gloom.
Over tho roof as night draws nlKh.
The iwlnkllns gardens of lights ablnom.
Lilies of night In a shrouded iky,
Oleann nf allver, Kllintnerlng gold,
Airy Idoasnnin awave nn high,
lluratlng In liowers, auapendfd. ihoalsd,
Th" ltl)llr null "t the nlKhl aslun,
Light and heauly, things In Inil.l
The lieurt In tune as It throbs below,
7, 1918.
is tiik moxiioi: ihhtuise
Comments on Nome Iteernt Remarks of ,
the Hon. Vt. Morgan NhuMrr. I
To THK ICUITOK OK Tun 8t!N Kir- "
critics of the Monroe Doctrine hi " liux
lug u glorious time exposing what they
consider the defects of that fundu-
mental principle of our foreign policy.
Tho lutest deliverance of this sort Is
probably the lifter dinner speech by tho .
xvhllom Trensurer-General of Persia,
Mr. W. M. Shuster, xvhlch I see men
tioned In This Hpn of this morning. '
.Mr. Shuster calls the Monroe Doctrine!
a bluff. A bluff Involves a threat to do
something which one cannot do, What
Is the threat of the Monroe Doctrine?
Thnfnn Interposition by n Kuropenn ;
Power for the purpose of oppressing an ,
American republic or In uny other man-!
ncr controlling Its destiny will be
viewed "ns a manifestation of an un-1
friendly disposition toward tho United '
States." It may be admitted also thnt1
there Is nn Implied thieat In the nsser-I
lion that "the American continents
nre 'hence forth not to be con
sldcied ns subjects for future colonlza-i
Hon by Kuropeau Powers." !
Noxv I do not ore in cither of these
Hi rents any such dilllciilty ns would
warrant the deprecation of It as a bluff.
Attempts made by Guropcan Poxvers to!
control the destiny of nn American
people have been with fexv If nny ex
ceptions resented not only by the United 1
Slates but also by practically all Uitln
America, lu spite of the prohibition of
European colonization there have been '
cases of It, notably by Great Hrltaln In
despoiling Argentina of tho Falkland
Islands and In taklnc advantage eif our
embarrassments In the ilxil xvar to con
vert the Mritlsli settlement of Itclb.e. or
Ijrltlsh Honduras. Into a Crown colony.
The latter was not only n contravention
of the Monroe Doctrine Put also a vio
lation of the (iayton-Hiilwer treaty. It
proves a temporary, csceptfonal, but
not a in rm.inont Inability to command
respect for t). Monn. Doctrine. If
one considers this declaration ns apply
ing to the whole Western Hemisphere
other cases may 1. cited of Its contra
vention, most of them also by Great
Hrltaln. Hut these the Cnlteii States
did not care to prevent. She bad sulli
clent reasons, quite Independently of
military or naval xxeakness, for except
ing them from the operation of tho
Monro)' Doctrine. Is the prohibition of
i.iiropian colonization em the American
I flllTIMlalt, n I. II.. .1 . n n,t , .
,,, .in,- uirCOl, lOiS IS
military nnd naval question
I do not
;nnw uii.i. ,.,,.,iih.....i t.,.. .
lur '-aiin American country.
I lie OUC.-tlon of the exiieillenco nf
such expulsion ,,r exclusion, that Is, of
the danirir to the 1'nlted States of
admitting to this hemisphere the po
lltlial system of llurope, xxith Its triple
entente, triple alliance, its concerts and
I'oncresses. f,,r Interfering In the affairs
of a particular nation or group of na
tions, is also l.ircely a military ar.d
nax'al question. Hut In every respect
It has been answered long nun bv the
American people; and that answer. 1
predict s nut golnir to be altered bv
any atnoiint of captious criticism,
.toit.v l!inKt.oxc,
.New Voijk. December 1.
oiirtc-t on the llnlN.
To Tin: Ilnnon or Tin: scs- str
prominent ralbo.id company of Long
Island has mt Issued a booklit
on courtrsr for (lie 1,,-nitlt f Its em-ilo.-.s.
The book contains lots of good
siigg.-stlocs for the implovers to follow.
Allow mi- to quote a few paragraphs:
In luin.ir.i: the ptibu. we mut ill tike
the t. til, ii,. h It l nnd not as It heuM he
Tho,. ,if u ki,,, rente In roiitn.-t "till the
tiuhll.' iln nun h tnvtanl eilurntlnie It hy
ex unple .if wl.,1 th putillr .t-ntiil I.e.
We in net.r make the public hetter hy
hull ntnB It.
It Is omU 'he l.-iv amateur who (lien Into
it riire nt re-l-t.mre nn.l pnumtn up thai
w hl-'h he l ntt. piptlnc
llxrry atan lis. .i-iil.ltlon rnnuch
i:xry man In every pntlnn wnnm to
flitunl hlKli-r. hut norely w.inllllB iloen not
hint 'Pirner
It In lllit tliTfiirm.-lln-p nf tlie li.i ti.e.l I .
preat tiumv -i
creat tnanv "ilill inElneere," Imt we finil
thrr- l . mil h greater detu.ind fur "ilti:
, niiducioi
It sn 'i's lii me that If all the nearby
railroad comj .inn s would issue a set of
rubs on manner i and courtesv and ills
tribute them tiiiiiiii; tin Ir eniploxees pas.
seugers would i njoy riding on the ears
and praise the conductors Instead of con
tlnuallv cotnplalnlng of discourtesy.
llhooKt.TN, l'icember H. TitA'i:u.rn.
Ileilpe for su lnc Krend.
To Tlir I'tUTor or TlIK SC.v .Sir. Thepleiof
' MiitiKiy lu Till' .s't'N irou-eit a fellow feeling In
mj own ftnmnrh I was not .1 box. bin I too re
tail "die ambrosial rhnrm of salt rlslio; tin-ad "
And krinwlnif a dear ol 1 mhiI onre famous for hrr
cu'ltiiry .iris, I linslrn tilth, r and this Is hrr re
eel pi
XI lirdllnte, 0 o'rlnrl. In the exenlnir, plare In
an earthen tutu I nnr-qiiartrr vnstioonftil of sail.
mhU se of a pen, halie of hlai-k pr ppcr, one
nilTee cup of bnlllng wilrr. thleken litis with flour
to a hitter, sraldlnir It To tills add nnr-half run
of cold water, thicken acaln to a bailer Keep
In a warm place until morning, when bowl will
nr run ami limn.
In Ihe morning add lukewarm w.itrr siimrlrnt
for thr amount nf bread required, spr with wheat
ttour to a thick halter, allowing It to rise again,
ptobatily taking Ihreo hours lime. Then mix
hard this time, adding a little salt and one lahlr-
IHinnfiil nf shortening. Place In tins wht-n It
rl-rs nitaln nnd then It Is ready to hake.
(ixk Who Known What Is Coon,
lltl.nwtNHVii Mc. Derenibrr s.
Itlijinis Mmlrrnlrd.
"Mother, may 1 go mil In trnl','
"Ves. my ilurlliig daughter;
Make our xWII uud tit your soul
And wutch out for the nutrr.''
Mary had a llltle lamb,
Its tleece was white as enow.
And when she tried to rnn-s the street
The Iamb I of used to go.
There was a man In our town
.Xnd l;e was wondrous wise;
A drunken rhiiuffeur butted him
And knocked out one of his res,
And when he saw his eje was out
He rrawled exceeding shy,
lint another auto came along
And took the other eye.
iloosey, gooney, gander,
Where ran ynu wander?
UpKtuIrs, dnw nstalrs,
In the lady's chamber.
Hilt do not go beyonder.
Old Mother Hubbard,
Weill In the cupboard,
To gel her pour dog a hone!
Tho dug wasn't there,
Was alill up In the ulr,
And so his requirements were non.
Ill dldillB diddle,
The cut und the flddle;
The row Jumped over the moon,
And xi hen she looked hark
Where the tnnter ears trark.
She hadn't Jumped uny too toon.
Whene'er I take my xvalka abroad
Ho many poor I seel
If thay urn killed I'll mourn for them
Or they may mourn Cor m.
muiwehoi's sri:i:mxi.
llldleiiloUDly Small Hull for Serious Of
frncca ii) Heckles llrlxers.
To tub Enrron oe Tin: Sun Sir; In
our edltorlul article "Tho State Prison
for Murderous Speeding" to-day oil
point out the necessity for nunc drastic
laws to prohibit speeding, ntid suggest
that were criminal nutomoblllsts con
fronted with the possibility of a term
In Sinn Sing as the penult v for Indulg
ing their Inhuman propi nslty for killing
nnd m.ilmlnrr they mluut have more ic-
gard for others' lives and the danger to
tlieir own personal comiori invunen
lecklcsa driving.
The enforcement In this town of the
laws nnd oidlniiiires i elating to the of
fences short of thoeo ln ulvlng moral
turpitude has become a hywotd and a
Joke. 11 used to be that people feared
nrrcrt for any offence, because of the
humiliation of being dragged to a pollen
e'oiirt and tho Inionvenlenci; resulting,
not to speak of the feelltu thut one's
friends wouldn't tike to have anything
to do with one who li.nl run afoul ot t!i
law. The law designedly put those vio
lating It to this Inconvenience, so that
no matter what the outcome might lie,
one, heroic getting disentangled of Its
meshes, felt some respect for what It
thltlvl the right of society to humiliate
wrongdoers. Now what do xe find? No
one arrested need be put to tho slightest
Inconvenience. Hundreds of people, aiu
arrested in this town dally for various
offences xhlch arc thought serious enough
to be prohibited by laxv or ordinance.
What happens? They are held in small
bull, from $23 to J loo. They put up the
cash Instead of real estate security and
await their trial. If found guilty they
are fined maybe. Then they collect the
cash they haxe put up, deduct tlic fine,
If nny. and go on their way. There has
been nothing more troublesome to them j
about the whole business than the hav- i
111 Ulltl tile mullet i'uv in mi- u.llll
to secure their release under Isuid.
if one knoxvs that If he Is foolish or
unlucky enough to violate some law or
ordinance and that tlte proiedure IH
alHiut this: lie arrested; put up J"."
hall, await trial and take chances on u
line. Is he going to be as i an fill as ho
xxould be If the piocedure were tills!
lie arrested: lie held In f S.r.m) ball;
await trial and face the possibility of a
term lu Jill or In Sins Slug'.' How all
sunt to hold a man under bonds of $L'."!
If any offence Is leir.irded as serious
enough to be taken cognizance of by tho
law, why shouldn't sonic attempt be made
to Impress on people Its sei Ions:, ess'.'
Holding a culprit under such ridiculous
bonds xvon't do It. On the other hand. If
It Isn't serious enough to warrant the
exacting of a linger bond, why exact
nny? A person xxho has committed a
$;ri offence Isn't going to rim away. If.
however, the J2.1 offence xxeie made a
fi.SOO one, there xxould be fexver x dila
tions of the law. IlKNllT J. WAI.Mlt.
Nexv YonK, December
The 'ae of Mr. Tliettelnre II. Pell.
To Tin: KntTOf. op Tit': Srs Sir: I
notice in Tin: Si n to-day an editorial
article of more than l.alf a column lu
length of and collect nllig Theodote It.
(Ml reading this editorial It Is epiite
plain that on Intend to say of and ton
cernlng Mr I'ell that he Is u tcckless
and negligent driver of nn automobile,
habitually given to such n practice, and
should be icgatded as one witling to be
come a muideter by negligence.
This article I do not regntd as n fair
discussion of the case of the People vs.
Theodore II. I'ell. and I feel that In falr
niss to him xou should take this op
portunity to retract the Impression which
your atticte glxes to the publl.- of .Mr.
Mr Pell Is the holder of the title of
champion of the Indoor tennis plnxers.
having won it nxeral tlmis He could
luxer have obtained this proficiency at
that game had he tot hOtn a litin of ex
emplary hnlilts lb' hns been driving
an automobile for some e.us. and had
drlxeu automobiles oxer more than .m.Oioj
mill s. and xvas never convicted before.
In thl- r.tse he ple ided "Not gulltx " He
xvas not irprrii.-Med by counsel, and the
state tie til of the police olllrer xxas taken
and a tine of j:r. or one day In Jail Im
posed. He xxas Interim d by one of the
court ofNiers that. It thin being alter 1
o'clock, he could serve Ills tine bx
staying In a room for txo and a half
hours This lu- nnd u number of otheis,
among whom xxill be found sexernl pro
fessional ai.d business men of res,gnl?.i 1
stitid'tig. chose to do. Why Mr Pell
should he singled out for our attack
and xx hy this gnu-sty exaggerated ar
raignment of Ids conduct I cannot under
Hand. I hope that you xxill sie tit to do the
young man Justice.
I have not spoken to him since our
article appeared, but from bis temper-!-merit
I feel certain that lie tesents the
Imputations whlili xour ait cle casts on
hint. i'iiaii'-s Poi'i: O.xt.tiw i.i.t..
Ni:xv York, Peccmbcr d.
I.lmll Hie Manufacturer, to 'ars fa.
palilc of Twenty Mill' specil?
To the Konoii op Tin: rics Sir: 1 fer
ring to your edltorl.il article to-da en
titled "The State Prison for Milt dermis
Spi edlng." jeu aie tight in s.txing that
the situation thrum disctilied Is one that
requires prompt and determined handling I
on the patt of the State i ioxei naieiit Kor I
a long time I have bi ell of the opinion
that diastic punishment Is not an itlcctix-e
iletctiiiit to lecklcss drixing of autumn-1
biles, drown nun are too much like chil
dren. The most cau'lous, conservatlxe
and considerate of us ate at times gull's
of it cklessness and Indifference as to the
rights of otheis. The best type of citizen,
after he has bee-onie tliotoiighly piotlclcnt
In the lrindllng of automobiles, will at
times, xvhen be thinks the hlghxv.iy is clear
and there Is no danger of a mishap, be
tempted solely by the exhilaration a high
rate of speed excites to exceed spu d limit
xvlthout Intending to, or oven being con
scious of, Infracting speed regulations.
I bellexe the effective lenndy llts In leg
islation prohibiting maiiutactuieit- of auto
mobiles constructing cats that are geared
to excml say twenty miles an hour, what
ever the horse-poxxer.
Of course proper exceptions could be
made for machines Inteiubd solely for rue
lug. Twenty nillis an hour Is as fast as
any pilxate vehicle should be propelled
along a public highway, The advantages
of thus limiting the sp-ed of automobiles
nre manifold. To sav nothing of the re
duction In the loss of life and the maiming
of people', xvhlch Is, of course, of prime
importance, the xxcar and tear on the.
loads xvoiilil lie much less and the cost of
malntennnco proportionately diminished.
Furthermore, If automobiles xxen so con
structed that they could not dexilop a
speed of over twenty miles an hour, tin
lure they now possess for the reckless
xvould bo taken away and tnanv tcck
less speeders xvould find autiiinoblllng no
longer attractive.
AutnmobllhiR xvould then become not
only comparatively safe bin agreeable,
As It Is now, tlieru may be lino machines
ttavelllug along a public road within a
distance of eight or ten mllis and the
enjoyment nnd comfort of the occupants
be spoiled Just because among the ,iOO
nutomoblllsts therii may be light or ten
who endeavor to pass eveiy other machine
along the, road, leaving behind a e-oustant
cloud of dust, xvhlch blinds nnd stifles the
vast majority of those who may be seeking
a fexv hours pliasuie and recreation In
their automobiles. H. VS. I.. I.kwih.
NBW YohK, December 5.
The Women on tlte Ark.
Noah embarked,
"This Is Ihe only safe boat for n suffra
gette," hs boasted! "the police can't lake
her off It when xve land,"
Unfortunate Amur-d.
Walter Haven't joii forgotten something,
ljuest Yes; xthn In thunder gave ua the
Chrlntmna prnrnts thul ws wunt lu jmii
OB tula jrirt
Hcctigrnph Used Successfully
by the Department of
Cos! Also No Hitrlicr Than by
the old Way of Issulnpr
William It. Oullfoy, registrar of the
Department of Health. In telling" Tlt
St.'N .xcstcrday of a new system put Into
effect' bv the Board of Health of making
copies of birth and death certificates, said
that by this plan It will be Impossible
In the future for any person to alter a
copy of a Hoard of Health record In
order to perpetrate a fraud agalnit an
Insurance company or for any other Im
proper purpose.
The plan, which has been tried out for
two weeks and Is now pronounced a sue
ees. Is to have photographic copies made
flf (h( rrcor( Instead of having: them
...,, ru,. ua has been the custom
.,.r., ,ta'rs. or written In long hand,
5 ears.
formerly. ...
Dr. fiullfov said that the photographic.
ropy Is an improvement over one type-
xx rutin, since It IS uosoiuu-iy ..vtu.
xi.... i.Vn.toi-riiiihlc conies can be turned
out mot'' rapidly, and at no Increase In
cost and It Is Impossible to alter them
xvlthout tho change III the reeoru ueing
The Instrument xvlth which the work Is
done Is known .as a rectlgraph. Thex ma
chine noxv In use by the board la rented
for tiO cents a month, tho chief cost s.f
operation being tho paper on which the
photograph is made.
Dr. Clullfoy expects to get the cost of
the paier down to four cents a copy for
each record, xvhlch sells for 60 cents. Ho
has llgured that the e-ost of having the
copy typexxrltten by a cbrk amounts to
cboiit four cents a copy, so that with the
II of the teitlgraph the set vices of txx-o
cl iks can be dispensed with. The copies
are made accurately, the cost is not In
creased, and the records cannot be
changed xvlthout detection.
"It seems strange to me," said Dr.
feiillfoy, "that the xvork of this instiu
ment hasn't been pushed In other public
departments for making re-ronls. since It
can lie us. el In copying wills, deeds, court
n.-deis and any sort of public document
of which there Is a constant demand for
"It xvas only because I chanced to hear
about the work done by the rectlgraph
that I put It In use. The machines have
been use-d chiefly up to now by Insuranco
companies in making copies of applica
tions for policies.
"We have found In the pnst that our
clerks were not Infallible and that error
In copying birth and death certlticate-)
occasionally occurred. It has. also been
proved that there was little difficulty In
changing the age on a birth certificate In
order to get a life Insurance policy.
"Once a ucord Is tiled xvlth us It can
not be changed except on the order of tho
Commissioner of Health, nnd he never
gives tin authority except on the strotn
'St pr of Aecordingly If a persetn xxanteil
a record changed he got a copv and made
the change himself, and sometimes it
wns dune so skilfully as to escape de
tection." Although the machine noxv In use waa
obtained only for experimental purpose
mil cannot be used as rapidly ns ons
nin-b- for the purpose of photographing
tit,- dt p.irttnent records, it turned uut
l"-' copies of death certificates In ona
day and a uumhr of birth certificates.
A lliirnej -llrnernl ( nriuody neilea am
somr Sheriff' Clerk.
Al.tiANV, De'C t; -All employees of tha
New York county Sheriff's office discharg
ing duties wholly or In part of a civil
character are not subject to civil ser
vice regulations, according to an opinion
rendered to-day by Attorney-General
Carmrly at the request of the Stutu
Civil Service Commission. The commis
sion Is not bound, however, by the certltl-i-ate
of the Sheriff thnt the duties of any
employee are of a civil character, but
should determine that such Is the fact.
Mr C.irmody bases tils conclusion upon
a decision of the Court of Appeals In
Klabiity vs. Mllliken, a proceeding of
mandamus brought by the Sheriff of
Kings county. In that case the court held
certain employees exempt from civil ser
vice regulations on the ground that tho
Sher'ff is liable for the default of these
ippolulees, and the appointees for such
default are liable to the Sheriff and to no
one use.
snoty nr iivmaxitaiiiaxs.
Mm. sipeyer rrepnrlttK for Openlnff
if ."Voxel I'xiioattlnn.
Mrs. James Speyer la completing
prepatations for the first International
exposition of safety and sanitation of tho
New York Women' Industrial League
for Animals at the nexv Grand Central
Palace, It xvlll begin next Thursday and
lontlnuc until Dvctubcr 20.
There xvlll be many Interesting things
at the exposition. The league xxill shoiv
the advantages of the non-slipping
lct shoe, xvhlch xvlll be distributed
gratuitiioiisly during the winter month.
In the exhibits there xvlll also be blnnkeu
and chest protectors for the horses, and
bits, bridles, fly nets and feed bag,
used In connection with the xxork.
There xvill be un exhibit of cruel bits,
cruel whips and henvy hllndered bridles,
which have been surrendered by drivers
and replaced xxith humane articles. Thero
xvlll also be on exhibition pictures of the
new hospital, xvhlch opens next month, ns
well ns the pictures of the dog nnd cat
I'iiiiiIiik Tnlk I'niler the Ample i
of the Hoard of Education.
Arthur A. Stoughton will conclude tho
series of art talks for adults now being
given at the Winllelgh High School, tMtll
sticet und Scxctith avenue, under the nu
spices of the Hoard of F.ducntlou on tho
exening of Dee'f tuber 111. He will speak
on "The City Heautlful: or, the Plannlr.eJ
and Ihnbelllshinent of Cities." At Wnd
lelgb High School on December 1! John
Qulncy Aduins, assistant secretary of th
Municipal Art Commission, will lecture or.
"Art and the Day's Work,"
nn Saturday evening, December 11
Louis Weinberg of the College of the Cltfr
of Nexv YotU will close his courae on "Trie
Ait Spirit of the North" Ht the Public LI
braiy, I'Jl U.ist Klfty-elghth street, with
a Icctuiu on "Paris and lis Wild Men,"
and nn December 10 at Cooper Union
Alexander T Lner will lecture on "Paint
lug In America."
May Hud V, . Court Clerk' Pre.
Wabiiinuion, Dec, . Abolition of the
fee system nnd tho plating of clerk of
Keeleral courts on salaries of from IS.Oas
to $l,.nii a year, according to ihe Busi
ness done, xvas recommended to-day by
a Hiibi'diiuiMttee of tho House Committee
on the Judiciary.
w i

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