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1 i
Once Xotortoiis TrniliTloiii Char
acter Pas.sps Awuy in
Otmblcr Was (io-ltctwron When
i.mry Kit ml Trcntoil for
Met urn of Loot.
"BhatiR" Iiraper Is i.ml, 'I'll'; mulct
world celehrlty, who oner wan known by
reputation to every ileteetlve and every
newspaper tender, died laid Monday nnd
wag liurleil Thursday wltliottt nttritrtltiR
any iittrntloti.
Masonic honors were lilven to him by
the Doric lodtfe, whlrli neatly le.it Its
ehartrr whrrt It became known that h"
hail been uritulttiri to It.
Pome of his old time fikniN attended,
but most of tho olit crowd tin1 dead too.
Draper belonged to the il.ijs of Inspector
Hyrms, ami hail been Ions out of the
cllttct- of lirn In the Tenderloin. At th
time of his dentil )ir wits IIvIiik iiuietly on
hl money for i-lislit yours, anil k'rpltiK
out of the llmi'llKht.
Our of tin I. nut of Ihr tinint.
With tlm death of Shane Iitnper ills
appear on'' of tho last of a imtotlotn
jwiik lli.it kept the New Yoik I'ollcc Pu
jmrtmcnt on pins and needier luck In the
days nf Inspector Thomas K ltrnes.
While Draper himself always mummed, to
keep out of prison, his name was Im
plicated In two of the most d.irliiK rob
herleg of that time, and he lind n his
Ititlinato aesoelatcH then and In after years
men who were characterized by the nlce
hs the mot dangerous criminals In Amer
ica. Theo Included such espett bank
burglars as Hilly Porter. Johnny In Inc.
t.llbert Yost, Ited I,eary, 1 j: Prank Mo
'oy and the notorious father and yon,
Johnny and Jimmy Hope.
The Northampton bank robbery of I v 7 ;
lid the sensational robliery of the Man
h.ittati Savings Institution In this city two
years later arc two of the "tricks" that
save Sham: Drap-r his first notoriety. In
the case of the Noilhampton uiblwty the
lllbnex forced their way Into the cashl-'i's
lion so at nlsht and, after handcutllnt: and
locking the other members of the cishb r's
family In a room, proceeded to tortute
him for three hours until h" save them the
combination of tho safe.
The lobbers hid the stolen securities In
I-hool Iiuiisq near the lunk. They ie
turned a few weeks later and oirriid them
off. Then they opctifd negotiation with
the bank for their redemption. Piaper
wan mentioned In connection with thl
case as having had chaw of the negotia
tions. (UKhl After Tun 1 rnr.
Before ntiythlnir definite had tram-pneil.
thou ill. one of the sanu confessed and
tho bank recovered $"ihj.ihio of the securi
ties. Two inemliers nf the mini: '! sent
to prifon, but Piatier kept out of the law'i
clutches until almost two Sia" liter
Then he was cauuht ihroiuh one of tin'
Jcvcrest bits of detects e work In the
history of the. New York buie.iu. At tin;
wnu tlmi) three notorious eharacteis for
whom tlie police had b-en looklnir for
months also were arrested.
Thoma? Murpli;. w ho was servliiK ns
plain clothes man at the Hates avenue
roller utatton In Hrooklyn and later r
cune an Inspector, Is the man who made
the. arrests.
One day In Ausust, when a drlzzllnc
rltl was fallltiK, the deteetiie. w ill-.lnir
iip Broadway near Myrtle avenue, uotlcid
two men strolllntr uloni? ahead of him line
of the men took Ids coat off and carried
It on his arm. That struck the d'tectlve
as being a tnlElity peculiar thlni; lor a
man to do In n rainstorm, even If It n
hot, and lie followed them to a hardware
store. He recognized the pair as the
occupants of a neat little rot lave at Put
fhen avenue and .letTeimn street, ,.nd
after thy had left he ai-ked the store
keeper what they pad bought
"A sledKehammer," raid the hardware
"t didn't see them take t out." s ild De
tective Murphy,
was ns a Rambler that he became best
known In the Tuiilerlolrt. Draper had tho
reputation anion Ramblers of beltiK as
honest as the clay Is Ion In his KutnliiK I
transactions. i
Ho 1m cm mo u depositary for bookmakers,
who thotiKht nothlni! of leaving thousands
o oonars wnu mm for safe keeping over
tilliht with only his word ai a nuHrniifre. '
In latter years Draper was accused of ' . . . , , lt .
beltiK a Ko-between III hiindllliR (rambllnR , HllOMHl S OWII I fllllcS. Hl JillVS,
kiiiii ior poucc oiuciais,
Iiraper was said to have been Interested
Willi At Adams In some of bis "honest"
enterprises. Iiraper was supposed to be
worth nt one time $500,000. 1
Tluro was u IiIr rumpus In Masonic
circles In Ifinil when It was discovered !
that Draper had become a member of MOIth
Doric Lodge, No. ISO, of thli city. He had
been Introduced and elected under his
real name, Thomas Draper, and nobody
but those who were tirclm; his election
knew his real Identity.
Ten years iirii Draper became cry III
of diabetes, and went to Hot Sprites,
Atk. A few miles from tin: town he
found a sprltiR which had dilative prop
erties, he was told. He stayed In Hot i
SprniKs for a year, dilnklm; the water, i
and then tlioiiRht himself cured. He then ,
Prove. Doctors Generally
Ouens Ttlfrlit.
Profession Here, lie Asserts,
Has Too Little Opportunity
to Confirm IMiicrnoses.
of studying every caso by post mortem
With the hospital percentage of Incor
rectness so large, he said, the percentage
umong outside physicians must be much
larger, lie believes that puhllc opinion will
soon agrco with his contention when the
present educotionul fovement In that di
rection Rets under way.
tit. (loldwntcr also showed room for
fallacy in .Mr. Ilabson's analysis aside from
the fact that apparent discrepancies such
hs ho mentioned may have seemed real
to Mr. Kabsoti. He said the autopsies
made In liospltnls are usually made In
selected and Isolated cases and represent
only a part of tho doubtful oasis. Ho
mid a layman examining medical reports
is always tiahlo to erroneous conclusions
by apparent contradictions, and mentioned
eeveial cases to prove his point.
View of Ilr.
Dr. John V. Ilrntinau, president of the
board of trustees of llellevue and Allied
Hospitals, said that medical men wer fa
miliar with the statistics presented bv Mr.
I Hanson, though they might not accept the
i conclusions drawn from thiiu by hlni,
S. Ooldwater. sunei Inten.lent nf I l,r' . Ill.-liartl Cabot of Hoston. he sav s.
- i iit-iiin ii utii.it ...,. .r ii...
t-iiiu, t ir HK" "i ill''
Klprht. Firms Fnil Ueennse of
'I'nrdy romin of fee
anil Snow.
People of Wenltli Buy Fm-s Any
way. Iiut Others lloltl Off
if Ifs Warm.
Petitions In bankruptcy were tiled yes-
13,000 and assets of $1,500. The petition
was tiled by these creditors: Ilellablc
Muff Ited Company, $92; twills Itosenz
tnelz, $00, and 8. Htrauss & Co., $110.
JudRo Holt appointed K. Htearns Edlck
receiver tnder bond of $760, Tlie Arm
was formed on reliruary 1, 1R08.
Wnxitinn Memls, furriers, .IS K'ast
Klghth street, weto put In bankruptcy by
David Hoar, a creditor, for $.'i00 on an
unsigned claim. They began business on
January 1, 1912.
, Petitions in bankruptcy were tiled
I against I.. W. Marks, a corporation, man
j ufacturcr of ostrich feathers at KS West
Thirty-ninth street, and against the Juliet
...i.ot.i Sl1"1'" Company of U West Thirty-ninth
M 01 I street, with retail stores In Philadelphia
i mid Washington. The corporation Is con
trolled by L. W. Marks. Jtidire Holt mi.
pointed Samuel If. I.ummls receiver for
both linns, under bond of $3,000.
Tlie petition against I,. W. Marks was
filed by Charles Itlcgelmap Company,
i:i; Moos, Well Ai Moos, $413, and
llai tholnmew J. Calllgau, $3,-,ii, The as
sets are said to be. at least JtJ.fino Tho
corporation was chartered on April 3, l'.in'.i,
with a capital stock of J'.'ii.imii),
The petition against the Juliet iltores
of the Massachusetts ileiieral terilay against eight firms In Nrw York 'Company was tiled bj the New York
e.'llllf. tti V,.it X'urlr ,.i,,l .iflnt. mIIIi.. f it....l ii..i,.i ..... ,
. ....... h' h , .'itini .-Mum jiui-jutiti, wa-i asaeii yi sicr. I rn,wii,lu
Knniit (.iinlhila 1.. l.L l.l ... . ... .. . .TCtOnlS
to Hot .springs.' built a pipe line from the j '. ... "h,." n, !,f n..0. .V. . .." ' f,0!,.,l,H "nU foun'1 ''"''' 'llagnoses 1 rty ,. ,,,,, ,,,.,. for .,,. I'ashlon Kcather Company, a creditor for
spring to that city and began to Is.ttle ! M 0Vm0rT; ' 0" i' ",,0.Ut 3". "l"r "'liV "f 'J'" .TV """.late fall business tlm r"'e of tl.r.'e ,"")' '"""', I" be $.0n0 or
. M,,.n,viaiir, l lllltnillK HlUKOOSrS, IIS v.,in; ,.UlUin, llll'SI', 111- IIIIUKS, TO . . lIHMe. l f TCCI'lMT WHS llUtllOriZeil 10
shown by a comparison of hospital history 1 I'lobai.ly the figures which wcro submit- "",,l,n petitions ine mini
slips, death certificates and postmortem " V. . ' ,r' "" . , , I "ic last tew weens was as-
....I . . i i i em iiivesiigauon 01 me recorus erioeii as reel einise of tlm r,. in-,.
the water
New York
and sc t from an office In I '" --i" nmnuin uiuKooses
lie made money In the en-
fun n fry for .Miles Arountl .Me
lin lien. X. .1.. Shaken ly
.vi.iiilnull.,u ..t,l,.l, ..,.. ..Hl......l l n,.... I .
' .,..,,., niuui r un ,i ui.r.i in ini. (jf Olll1
M-jc yesterday. , Kven substantially the same results.
insieau nr. uoniwater sutistantlally i said Dr. llrannan,
HRrri ii .vim .-.lr,
which he refused
ii, . . i . , J ii'w uiiiai'iis in rilled out on admission to tho hospital
ii. . . .... i V . . . niouiil .not. however, be nc ijied in an
' estimate of if!,- accuracy of dlag Is
. " " " v...,ti,,i.im.u.-, w lien I'OtirrMiil,,,! lit tlm .........,...
fact that too few postmortem on,ii t .. i,.i,... i.i... "
oi our large ... torK i.ospttaw j Tw of . .,,,. ., ., . .
'so that wo are pretty
one was a woollen
continue tlm business for twenty days.
A petition-has been tiled nnultml Hon
Jamln .Messing and Motile Itockerman,
doing business as the Superior Dndeiwear
Company at L'il2 Hriunlway, b Krower
, Tnherg Company, $377; I'rankeiithalet At
. I ostrich feather boas.
,, , , ki, i. ,iu. mi, su uiai hi' up' prciiyi. , i j nnern i ompany. j.l. i: l r:i II Ki lit lm 1 r At
. Itabsons sta einent, safe in accepting them as applying to all '" "" underwear company and Prankenlhaler. $112. and Voss .Stern,
to consider ii . charge. I general hospitals Tho history blank ""p " dealer In women s wear. M in, JiiiIkc Holt appointed William
Hiilzer K- Iltosow, fun let M of 31 West 1 ' lenkel, Jr., rt Ivcr; IhiiiiI, $4.fn'i0. The
by the
examinations air made In this country Instance, receiving from ton to tr,n' i
and favored legislation requiring such e- ' ti. a.,,. .. , 1
amlnations In all public hospital death RiVp to thc'cxamltiatlon nf e-ich imt leni
"'7 "l:! V.! "ZW"""? ' -T" .nnisu'rccleras'pr"::
xlslonal illagnol, of sufficient accuracy
! ears old, suprr
l.lved In Piscata-
llld Hammer I' inter font,
"No," aid the stun keeper, "the in,in
who bought It removed the handle and
put the head under his coat."
At that time the excitement of the
Northampton robbery having nub td
down, the police of Hrooklyn and Man
hattan were being troubled by a -erics
of daring robberies. Safes were blown
open as If they were dry goods boxes
and some of the leading merchants in
both cities had suffered.
Murphy follow ed the pair to the cot
tage and then got permission to watch
the houso from the window of an Episco
pal church across the stieet. At t A. M.
Murphy saw four men enter the house.
At about 6 o'clock a man came out In his
Wrteleeves, looked up and down the
treat and spoke to some one Inside, Then
two men CRmn out and started away.
Murphy followed the men and arrchted
one of them. The otln r ran.
Murphy telephoned to the station house
to have tho cottage surrounded and re
turned to the house himself. Murphy went
Into a lattice work summer bouse In the
yard and there, partly concealed under
nome rubbhli, lay .iinati who resembled
tho one who had fled, lt was Shang
Draper, and the amount of money found
In his pocket was the same as that found
In tho pockets of th first prisoner.
Found Stolen floods.
Th police forced open a door nnd
found some stolen goods fium a Urookn
mercantile house. The three prisoners
arrested In tho house wero Hilly porter.
Jimmy Irving and (Sllbert Yost, all of
whom, the police believed, worn Implicated
In the Northampton lohbery.
Draper was never prosecuted In connoe
tion with the Hrooklyn robberies. Thero
w a requisition for him In the North,
wnpton eai.e, but he managed to get away
from that by some book or crook.
Apparently the only reason that
TJraperB name was mentioned In the
'';" oiannauan Havings Institution
iae oi IS7S was because several of his
pals were concerned In It. The gang that
turned this trick gained entrance to tho
bank by using Patrick Shevelln. a former
ulaTht watchman, and then calmly walked
oft with almost $3,000,000 in eecurrtlca.
Johnny and Jimmy Hope wero the leading
" i I" "on roooery, i nn waicliman
tiliaJly confessed. Tho gang cave hi...
$)0O. hs said. It took years for the pollen
io vjiuro inn le&aera.
inspector Hyrnes announced in tH03
mat mora man iz.ooo.ooo of these stolen
securities wero still held by a member of
tlio gang, although they are practically
worthless. Most of tho securities were
legisiereri in mo hank's name.
Drupcr after the Hrooklyn episode
opened a saloon in tho Tenderloin. It was
ktipwn aa a notorious hangout for high
tlasa crooks. In this hkIooii in Hi
Johnny Irving, a bank burglar, was shot
Mid killed by John Walsh, known as John
th Mick, who In turn was shot to death
on th spot by one of Irvlng's friends.
When that occurred Draper Is said to have
btn next door in conference with Ited
From a saloon keeper Iiraper became tho
proprietor of a Tenderloin gambling eatah
IWmwrt to Wt fwenVT-olghth lret. It
MfcTii'iliA', N. J.. Dec. An explosion
in a building of the International Prne.
posit ComiMMj's ilMi.iinlli' and smokeless
powdei plant in the woods near here at
noon tn.day killed three men. Two others
were Injured by falling debris.
The Dead.
Hnnt.:T. Cll.t!l.r.s, ,'
llitemtent of the plant.
waytow n.
MiMPt.KT. lli.iuii.RT. 23 years old, son of
the siit" rinteiulent
ScilvTTnii. '.'J ears old. married, of
Houhaiiitown lanplo.w d at the mill.
The I ii I ll red.
ill im. li.iMi.vp'K. of Honhamton ii . In.
Jured on the bead by falling debris
.MlT.PIU, ItldtAKti. of PiscatawaMown :
Injured b falling debris.
The pl-in' cie-rrs t.n acres and the
buildings are widely separated. Snpt.
Hradley was In the mixing houe direct
lug his son ami Selmatter how to mix cer
tain chemicals when the explosion oc
currcil. Hruce Rolled, who was an eye wltn'i-s,
said that tho mixing houe rose In the
ii lr like a giant skyrocket, accompanied
by n burst of ttaine. The debris was
hill led 3(lii or loo fret Into the air and he
ioiiIiI distinguish Hie bodies of the three
men who were killed.
Supt. Hradley was thrown Into a
swamp. When found his clothes had hern
burned awny and his body was terribly
liiiriml. 1I was taken to St. Peter's lies',
pllnl In New Krunsnlck. but dlisl in two
In spite of his suffi rings be kept moan
ing queries about his son. Young Hrad
ley and Srhnatter were torn by tin ex
plosion and parts ot their bodies were
found sexer.il hundred feet trom the mix
ing bouse.
Metiiihen. Honhamtown. Mllhille. Pis
catawaytow ii and Itarltan township were
rockisl by the i oncusslon. The boiler
house mid the wheel room caught tiro
anil each exploded, but nobody was in
them Thousands of pounds of black
powder was stored 111 some of the other
buildings, but the firemen kept wetting It
low n mid mi Veil It
Charles Hedieut, mi otllcer of the roni
Tmiiv, f .t lil that the explosion must hac
been iaied by a Murk, but couldn't ex
plain what riiueil the spark.
ii i-j nmj imv- in WM imuit'. n ...,.,1,1., it,,, t.,t.,ii.. , , i .
Dr C.oldwatcr said the dlscre ,clcs . , .lie V 7i,' ., ,
which Mr. Habson has gathered are not 1 1 mV1 ' '" V " l"M',r W"r'''
all real discrepancies, but only appear ?' " W " a.,cr m"r" ''x
such to the lay mind because a post- ' . , , , 1 ' ' " """ ",m
.lllilue-nlrel Nod tln linesl nf
lllimir fit Ilie nfor.
Tlie stiff of the District Attorney'''
ollli i gae a i-oiopllmentiiry dinner In
the ioIIcrm room of tho Hotel Aster
last night to their elder, Charles S. Whit
man, .mil to the newly elected Judge of
the Court of tieneral Session", Charles
C. Nutt
Assistant District Attorney T. Ciamioti
Press was tiiastmaster. and half a dozen
ol tlm HfO-me present made Informal
talks To Mr. Whitman the staff pn
.si nted a photograph ot hinirrlf done op
piMcolatn by a s('i lal proe-..s They
aa Judge-elect N'ott a bio el of Oory
banded with gold!
mortem examination In a particular cas
may show that while heart falluic was
the efilcletit cause of death, the patient
also had a complication of diseases which
did not show acute smptonis when the
clinical examination was made, lie also
pointed out that the examinations recorded
on the history slips aro only tentative,
usually made by a Junior medical officer
In the hospital merely for purposes of
immediate classification of a new patient.
Hallo nf successes Utah.
moro accurate
in which to makii
I diagnosis.
i "That this also sometimes proves In
correct l to bo regretted, but Is due to
the present limitations of medical science.
Physicians and surgeons are but mortal,
and imii with the aid of the X-ray and
other modern aids to Investigation' thev
cannot see all that goes on within the
human body.
"The real lesson to be drawn from these
figures of Caliot's lies In another .Urn...
Hon. If the American public unfit tr.
"Mr. Habson." he said. "Is substantially J." ' ' , lT"H , """nK" ""'
correct. 1 think 1 would not c.,'1 Ids 1 ' j1 " f ' i 'g "f m.top.ies on
statement a charge at all. He .r-illts ' . 'J' ,n '10"ll'ta ". In Hermaio
doctors with correctness In diagnosis in ' '!,'' ' ,,ro, fff""";''! I" practically
from to (J per cent, of cases, ar.d If " nso of death. I .yen In laigl.ind.
the tlnal dlagnwls of hospital ph slci.ins I h0,;,.n "r -vaccinationists ami nntl
is correct In 70 l-r cent .f cases that Is IM"ectlotilsts. It l expressly stipulated
not a poor Indication. Patients m.u surfer , pn'ratic- of a patient Into a pub.
from a complication of diseases, the smp- , ' "Jltiil that an autopsy may be p. r
tonus of which may not be acute and. of ' case ot death
course, the post-mortem examiner nlwas .,! . '" ro,,n,r' 1,0 made
has the advantage over the other doctor ' l"''rf' liberal In this icspect and fewer
for It Is simple for hlni to rind theso mistakes in diagnosis will be made by
symptoms after death. This causes some phj slclans ''
apparent discrepancy.
"The original diagnosis, however, is ' HAIDERS EAT SAILORS' "GUIfR "
usually only tentative, made by a Junior I .. u"ufl'
medical otllcer, who makes only a snap ' Ten Mrnniled SeHineii l.neUert In
,,..! on, reeoiui ,K u,e peisuii.il ins-, W(rp t-nllnK I VHIc
mediate clas"ltlcatlon In the medical or
surgical division of the hospital. This
examination Is made In alsiut five
minutes and by no means exhaust the
cllnlcal resources. After tlm classifica
tion on admission the patient undergoes
a systematic examination by the house
otllcer or the visiting physician, who Is
really responsible
"instead of accusing Mr Habson nf m:..
statements I would adMse the doctors fi 1 Potatoes and hit- pots or e.ifiei and
ask themsehes If they ate getting th. various other tiling" About that time ten
best results out of their hospital work men. exlib'ntly seafarers, matched onto
Wo do not havo enough post-mortem ex- the pier, up the gangplank, Into tin mess
amln.ttlons for the benefit of the public room and sat down at the well laden
health and hospital efficiency. Nothing 1 table.
give more assurance In future diagnoses i Then came Chief Knglne. r James
than liost-niorteni work. The men who '. Howie at the head of his foice of twenty
have I n the grandest successes In cllnl- "vr men. all of them ready for their din-
eal work have spent li.ng periods in post-1 ll"' Tho chief engineer saw the tfti
mortem study. i Strang, rs eating heartily lie asked the
loetors h.ue not the opportunity hep. 1 1,1 "feet what he was doing tin re Th
Twenty-sixth street, have liabilities of ' IhiiillitlcH are
$3ii.U(ii) and assets of lu.ndii. The pi till. in
wax filed ny It Nautnor & Urn.. IHoO;
Morris Holds, $70". ami A Hollander Jt
Son, l3ii. Judge M,i)it appointed John
Itoele, Jr. reieOer under bund of U'.iinii,
with authority to eontlnun the business
for ten days. The) hae been in business
thlrtei n years,
Wnlzir Walr.er. furriers of if, UVst
Twetity-clghtli street, report lliililllii.s of
$1 -1,0011 l.l the llfcSetH
I tvinn, The linn began business In Alt-
, gust, i:.ii.
I J.u'iib I.ev. woollen Jobber of 114 Cist
I Hioiidway, has made all assignment to
lletman S. Pried, lie has Is en In business
for six years.
Charles Wel. dealer In women's outer
wi ir at s3i Columbus avenue and "HOS
, llig.ith aomi. has liabilities given as
, 11,iiI and assets m' $l"rtii in store and
l-'iii rlers and dealers In heavy garments
said last nlcht that tho warm weather
was largely responsible for the lack ir
business In these lines. Henri Hetidel,
millinery and fur dealer at 10 West Fifty
seventh street, said that although his
business In costly furs had Wen excep
tionally good this fall there had been a
falling off In the medium price fur trade.
Tho reusoti for this, hn pointed out, is tnat
women who can afford to pay the highest
prices for furs wear them when fashion
dictates whether It Is cold or not. On the
other hand those who do not pay more
than from fSOfi to $r.00 for a garmcut
usually wait for cold weather to mak
their purchases. Tho dealers who handle
only tho cheap and medium priced furs,
he said, have been hit hard.
Walter Jaeckel of 11. Juockel A. Hons,
16 West Thirty-second street, said that
his firm was doing the usual retail busi
ness In fur goods but that tho wholesale
business, which Is u large part of the
llrm'H tiade, Is very unsatisfactory. On
account of the warm weather the ilcaleri
have not rut In their usual winter stocks,
he said.
J. Kramer of the Kramer Kur Company.
13 Kast Sixteenth street, said that his
tlrm was not affected greatiy by the warm
weather because It does business all over
the fultiil Slates and does not depend on
New York city alone for Its trade. In New
York, he said, Ills firm was doing a greater
volume of business than last year, but th
goods ate sold on a cloer margin.
"We lind that people will not buy cheap
furs at nil any more," ho said. "Hut on
account of the warm weather tills fall
they arc able to get good furs at more.
liberal concessions than Heretofore, imi
consequently the volume of business re
mains as large. We find that many cus
tomers ate having old furs remodelled In
ptcrcieiicc to biiylnr new, but wo bellce
this Is mi account of the general business,
A repes( titatlve of Hrlll Pros., men's
outfitters, isdiitcd out that many persons
wait for the January sales to buy thei.
winter wear when the weather will perm"
The business Is bound to come somes time
he said, but when the fall Is warm II
cumin.' Is deferred and buyers wait fo.
the sales If they possibly can.
"Everybody's Going to THE BIG STORE"
Men's lllnii.T.
Ten husky and litmurt .i-.uum, i,,. iiu.
from the I'nlt-.l Kingdom made a raid on
the mess room of the White star liner '
Celtic last night and all were tlnullv '
lock.-il up in the West Sexenteenth stree't
Isillee station.
The Celtic Is I) Ing at the toot or West
Nineteenth "treet. The m.-ssrooin hovs i
had the "grub"' on the table on the main
deck at Ii o'clock t coii.isted of heel I
that they should hao. In N.w York and
In America In general not nearly as much
progriss has been niiuli as the earnest
niss and thoroughness of the preliminary
preparation warrant. They will alwajs be
at a dlsaihantage until public opinion
helps them, understands their true mo-
tiles and consents to a State law that will
require pot mortem examinations In all
man said lie was eating and proved It
Howie stationed his own men si that the
intruders could not .scape and then teh .
phoned for police help Sergt. Ahearu
came with five policemen. Dishes, glass, s
anil food (I. w about ptctt fast for n
minute or two and there was a sugges
tion or lists ami nightsticks In the air
At the polio- station tlie prboims, whoi
Will ShoT tVlllte sinvry Mo Irs.
l.ul.'lc hospital cases Instead or prohibit- I"" ",r m" '""
ing them" r-tm passers stranded In New York, wer
Dr. Coldwater rave a iw . held . a charge nf dlsoide i ly conduct I
that In New York city post mortem examl- !
nations nre made In only from 7 to ;t
P-r cent, of deaths, while In Kurope the" Samuel H lmdori's motion picture e
nuniDcr ranges from ,.S to 37 per cent, titled "The Inside of the Vhlt Slave
let. lie sain, with this tremendous handl- Traffic,-' will be shown -it the Park The
cap American medical men have made ntre beginning to-morrow, under Hie an
great progress. He said. howeer. that plcivs of the Sociological Itcearch Cor-
nie noeiors snouiu nave theT advantage poratlon
Sensational Sales of
Seasonable Goods
Continued in All Departments of Our
Two Mammoth Buildings, Monday
Tlie selling price are lower than the figures that usually
prevail during January clearances.
To our own superb stocks, which are very attractively
priced, we have added surplus assortments from manu
facturers who overproduced; also amazing undcrpricc pur
chases from prominent importers.
Seasonable goods of every description, including the very
choicest holiday merchandise, are comprised in this sweeping
and heretofore unheard-of December event.
To fullv appreciate the bigness of this occasion you mut
visit The Big Store. A handful of tomorrow's bargains is
''stid here. Other pages printed in other newspapers today
Mi details ot oilier wonderful imerings.
For Details of Our Kemarkahlc LfTer in
Pianos and Player-Pianos,
TalkinR-Machines and Sewing-Machines
Set Our Special Advertisement in Today's World
Do Your
The Big Store this year, as in
past years, places itself on record
as being heartily in sympathy with
the movement inaugurated for
Assortments are at their ver
i best NOW, and your choice is more
attractive. This advantage is for
And as a Further Inducement
1 All purchases made until Dec.
1 0th, inclusive, uill be entered on
bills rendered Feb. 1st. 1914,
And if you are not a clurge cus
tomer already, e will maKe it easy
for you to become tine. Details
may be had on application to nur
Department of Accounts, lialcoin,
Main Building.
MiKIVI.HV nuVI,i:. manufacturer "f 15
Itast sienteftitll slrsr-t. uH, nH pr&
item of the l.iiulvlll. New Albany anrt
4'tiryiloii I'allro.ul Company unit pre.iMent
of th" Atlnnte ehlei I'nmpun). muter
irui-k". Ii.ib tlleii h iietlilnn In tmnkriiptev
lth llnhll!tl"! of SH.3.'.I anil urt i on
litltlK lit MV Pll.ireu of Htoek of the Iilll-
tile. Nmi Albany nml t'oryilon lUllruml
I'umpany. Jii, nlntcn share Cenll
iimt.il i'ar unl I'nulpnient Coniimny, $f0
Kiel 33H preferred mnl 3BS rnninion eiork
ef the Atliintlr Veliiele Company, mmillMl
Milne, in, the cotnimny. It war mUt,
In bankruptcy, lie earrlef JST.Oiio
tiiHuniuee In fnvor nf tiU wife, Amonr
tli eredltiiiii me J. p Morn. in & On
tSfi.SSA, rerureil by S3.". chnr.!l common
ftoi It iirul 33" share prefrreil tork of
the Atlillille VeliUle (.'iiiiipdliy on a Joint
note with Italpli S.uiKer ilatcil Srnlnu
br 11. I'.it3. mi. I ilue un Mareli 1, 114;
I'orjilon Nultiin.tl Hunk of i'orilon. tnil .
IS, 065: the I'oimnerellll Hank wort Trn.'i
i.'ompany of Louisville. Ky :,5tl. unit
rnwhnttan WoolrWitr of t,oulvllle $:.000
Mr llnylft Inilnrfceil noie f.r i. r..
the Attpntli' Vehlile Cnnipany, which ar !
V. , .. iii'iinrriman .viiltniial
Hank. It. f. Vanttprhllt, W llarl Bodje
and Italoh Sanirei'
I.KWIH W .fl.Al'Nt.orilKR. rel t.,r
broker of ISO Went l-lflv ovnth alreel
has filed iietltlnn Ire bankruptcy, with
liabilities of U ,105 ami no " " A"g
the ere.lllnrB inn i:. n. Wlllard ru
l:',90tl, liioncy loaned, and the Metroiinll
inn Opera and Ileal llntale ronipauy, 173,
Judcmelit. May 21. 1510. '
JAroil hritHKIIIIlltSUORK. dealer In car
neth, floor i overliiK" and bedding at :n
Ht. Ann's Avenue, ha mada an asulm
merit to Kydnev V. Weill. lie Uecan
tiualnraa on April 1 last.
JOSKflt Of.AtiSTONE A p.tltton In bank,
riipl.y haa hei.ii tiled na-alnat Joseph Olaa.
alone, dealer In Jewelry at 372 t.enos
Hvaiiue. lie made an asslgnmeiit on De.
cerntier 3.
bankriiptey haa heen nid Hialtis" s
llrookKtone Ai Hons, manufacturers of ahlrt
waU.a at U Weat Kourth street j'!SH
Unit appointed AiiKiiatua II Hklllln rn-
. uuuu . i..duv, wnu aui inrlty tr,
rnntltiiia business rnr thirty das. Tha
zttttX'X ji;;,.!.";,? Vh'i Fd"c,VirT,?.f
i" irp i nil ,,
hiislneaa was started In
f Gutrther f
m m
of tin
.fanua ,
Start Your Furnace
Inched toanyfurn.ic'e, hot
walpr or steam heater in
S iiiimitrs.. You ran have
a cold room for sleeping
anil a comfortable room
fordresiini;. Turns on the
lire at any set time, night
or day. Price At hard
ware dealers or delivered
anywhere, if dealer cannot
supply. Agt nit wanted for
outlying districts. Ct
culart tent on requttt.
MBrcMBt.. Nrnark.fr..
For Christmas Gifts
Of Hudson Seal, Caracul,
Mole, Ermine Chinchilla, Mink
and Sable. The Latest Models.
Of Krmine,White Fox, Natural
Blue Fox, Cross Fox, Silver Fox
and Russian Sable, for Immediate-
Record-Breaking Sales of
Christmas Jewelry
The Most Extraordinary Offerings in the History
of The Big Store
Score "f purchase.-- nf sample line and nianufacturerv' rcRular stocks comprised in this timely, wonderful
sclliuc event A mere handful of the peiiuls are litcd here.
Nilltl ;..!( t iiiT -l.lnka lth tif- ai'.i 'fl Vmilrrfa ;n illitrnt.
M ntelie
un tn
In iilnl
liver miaul fanoy li.ipe ati he- i'i
irnlui mnl W.ilhei -1 r.i -.
at ' '
W atrlifa
(111. -I
Illnl III-
I. ml hi.-iiilet ami le.nhei tnii
line ii i let "t -llc, Cl'StVh
v,ilue Jls tn f.:i) nt ?l .t
Hraeelel Mutchr imety nf Uet.
IimiihI lai-r- lm k'e nml iiiihIIiiiii aie
larce inriety nt iiiittern. plmn with
I"',iiIih i'iIl'i' mnl encrmiil p.it ti'i is
umi eiiLMiie-i iirneti eueiih rei;- v
Hiihil miiil .ei wirh ,11m., i
mnl perl? at
S8I lion
ii l.i rt ' nil ti j'i ::. at
Diamond Ring
Tni lllMUinlill
el Klliner IIIiicn
hs llhislriiteil,
lark'n Me, emuie
Miiihtie Mir
inijiiileil with twn
inw- nf i nt
.llainonil. J98
Die ."llllie ulyle,
ennllleleil ami lllllllil hriteelet", .ll-" I , ,,,, ,, ,,,.,,. ,.ui mninhlre w
hvuhei Htmii tt.Ui hes liinuciii. nelH. ' h ' . '.I .Lin i k- lil '
k-ini ami iiiiiml -hiiiie-. 7 tij J ' J I1""10"'"'- St
The v.min style, amiiller, value (Jgg
Milne- JI'J In !s. at V"uu
llrat'i'lt'l Mulehra miIIiI t.hir en
teUMon linn etet ufth Hliiall ,.iler
illnl wuli-li leather trni luaielet
IUer with evernl i nlureil .'iiauieleii,
al-ii liliiel, li.l.ii'l wiitihe-.
aliii f.i tn 1'.', at v"
HIM liolil-l'lllril IMili.liin llriiee.
Il'ta with Miiull .leueliil linn emeiit
tiiuml, iti.iiiiiiial -li.it"' uii'l tniiiieau
chnpe. white ami Kulil illnl-. VI )
14 -Kt. Solid Gold Bracelets
llatiil eiwrmeii. nil filled with wilety
KUiird anil i-eeret Im-K
llewulativ Snli' I'liee
.VI (Striiiiil eiicriivliiifl .HIIMMI
Ii mi (l lor.il eimTiivinift H.fMI
III ml (Hlnral etik'iaviiik'l . I&.IHI
I'.'i mi (Kai el itn.' anil i iilt.h-
Iiiki -. , ;
.'Mm ll'liiral ami Htripiil eu
criuinifi ao.tm
X' im I.Mnpiil ami eiik'iaMili VN.IIO
Mft.511 Sillil IJnlil Hrai'i'li'ta tnr
rhilurcn ami liaiiie- hiaili til en
KDiteit ty f nil tlttcl with Mitetv
KUimlK ami laoki, Ui U
I4t M ,""'
3 Nnlltl liolil I "If MnKa a new
enraveu luitiern, atineiieii ui
llllatMl at . !..
Kill I (I linlll Poehet linlie 4 hl.ideH,
with rlnu attaiheil, hriuht I .imrlish
(ltllah: eel with a linn iei:nustrnrteil
iniiliiie nr ruhv i-ahnihiili, .(,50
AIhii "fluar rnller tii llnti-h a
heautlfiil ifift Inr a innn, u) 7t
Hi ?-.llf
IKtltl IMainiiliil I'lustrr IIIiirs nr
men 11ml women, hove iipiiearanee
ol it -nliil .'.eaint "tone nine rut
iIIhiiiiiikI.- M'l in tuilliil 1 lucter, platl.
liiiin tup iniiuntliiK. rluler h U'iU
ral-ol hlk'h on k'nltl proniJ, at 'i"IU
Slnule - tatiine
lllauionil lllnni
hi llliaiil. anil heau
lll'il illaninnrlh,
letllni: na illua
tlateil .1 har
Kalnt lileil here
lll'alKii .a Vsilll rai
Miuiire rut Mtpphlrti. 1II11- COU sn
monil ami t-'arl.-; at OoO.OU
w inanii.iiii.set uir t.mu
i'"R.rV:Vi':. ,,lHii' iwltorn Pair
..isiiiiiiiiii-nei l it 1 m
Kiiinl cleil rut r-tone. nt.
llinoiii.Sel I'oeket l.nlir-
'' "i"'.1,1 ."I"'1 l'l'ii'-- loniHii or
Lncl Mi II11I.-I1 tet with tuhie, r
j-apphlre ami I rut iliamoml jg
Mesh Bags
r.ernian -il r all -nlilcml UnV
extra ne 11. he ri,,L- i,....l. '"h.
lie .-llllie -IVie, . . . ,, . , ' , " " ttr " lewippij
Mimiioi. vaiu t.s1,yeilr1l,,,pl',, rm,nr,; "r
v.w 1 iu-ii nail Mi. urn at a... 1..
Mill. Ml
HI ft. INI
Ml I Ml
T.S licrinmi M,,r lesi HrkM
ii-lneli lint-tow- eieh.il Iniino; reverse
rlnir tne-h; SHtln ilm-il eg
11 h
k!1 iC
f 111! I'll.
Ill im.
'J1 IMI,
SI '
! le- l-tti .
ll'NS l-lll,
', less 1-IH
', ten :t-tll
. pill- ll-lll
Sale I'riep.
.... K4'J.BO
I a.oo
La Vallieres
IN IMainonil Net l.a arrr now
llllsree tleslKti. Nt with iiearlH anil
I eut-illamtimt; with 17-ltuh 01
1I111I11; at ... flu
Another lieailtirully pnttertieil l,a Val.
Hero Ik M't with pearla anil I tie
rill cIiiiiiioiiiI reir, :n; at 719
4-ltU'h: hall M1..11M mi
liirh, Mono set Miap itt
o-ltiei; hall Miapx at ,
tMtu Ii. Imll MiapN, m
Hiii-h. htiuiB wet Bfiup-., at. ,
ne ii , ...III MldIH; ai
Vanity Canen
It-U Mllli! Bout. nu- htrln.l
"rio inir. mu.ui ehiehl for niononran -
Meiiluin i.h; aliin J17.-.. at ... mifto
t.arKe hlo, valuu ;tn, t , . ' !w I Mft
KT.RO Kori'lRii Vault) raart,ror
ryln, powiler nnd .arrie; Koli. e
tllle.1 or Hilver-plateil. at . ... , &
V Villi) I aura eTrentloiull,.
all the
all the iM.pular flttlUBa; invhrt in?-
oln l.oUfi'ia; ..hoicu of nllvor p ati
trnim, or niulHisHcii pit- !
-ii., 1.1 .,, , ,,, Vs-.tJU
"'"V , i?lil Vanli) l'ae-,lali.
tun ro-
icptaete. anil atiuen f..r ...
inrcla; nt
1 BUUUtt!
anil I alley 4
t tn
i,'1 .i.!''....h.,i.'.!'1r."- nltu?' hmart.
IwtK mm J.B.OWEtTITI. Pram. MrtS lr Mm..
7ouble W Green Tiding Stamp$ Before 12 o Clock-Single Stamp, Ther-ft

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