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Second Section
Sporting and Automobiles
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1913 Copyright, 1 ! 1 3, hu tht Shu Prttttltto' riscf PnMO.il.if Anocinlion.
he Stm.
Little. Stnton Islander Adds Ono
More Wonder to His List
of Achievements.
Tears Awny From Second Man'
nt Finish Dig Clubs Tie
for Team Trophy.
Abel Klvlat of the Irish Amcrlcnti A. C.
wrested the nntlonnl cross-country crown
from William J. Kramer, four times
holder of tho title. In the senior cham
pionship of the A. A. U. held at Van
Cortlandt Park yesterday nfternonn. The
little Staten lslnmlcr tins astonished the
experts many times since his ndvt-nt Into
athletics as a schoolboy, hut nevtr has
lie accomplished such a remnrknlile feat
as lowering the colors of the best Inns
distance mon In the country at a game
In which he was practically a novice.
True, llannes Kolehmalnen una nn ab
sentee owing to a had lee, and this led
to a tie for first place In the team com
petition between the Irish Amencan and
the New York Athletic clubs, but this
unusual happening sank Into InslgnM
eanco when compared with the sensa
tional victory of the Indomitable Klvlat.
Officials who had seen Klvlat nutsprltit
Meredith, the half mile record holder, In
Madison Square Harden last winter
thought ho then had reached the limit
accomplishing t he apparent y mpos-1,
IKIa TKav atariul Iti i-innl-i irwiilfhp.l Willi.
7 1. i xL .V. ;.i1 1
IX rnt'or
W'U,0Ul M',K
":.'.Ln.... f.,e ,,.,
who has been suffering from a bad cold
and was compelled to relinquish the
itniK-gle when little more than half tho 1
distance had la-en covered. At that time
the title holder was one uf the leaning
nuartet and tho fact that he had not
been able to draw away from a man of
the quality of Harden was sufficient evi
dence that he wns not In the form that
he has shown In previous 1,111 and dale
The tight fit for the team honors was
a sad blow to the New York A. C , which
started a well balanced team that ap
peared to have the trophy in hand when
the race was mote than half over. Then
Fred Hellar". a previous title holder, who
had made up a lot of gtound and was lu
fifth place, lost a shoe and was com
pelled to stop. The others did their part
well and finished with only one Irish
American man bplltting thin, after Itono
han, thJ leader of the quintet, got home
In fourth place. The undlspuud honor Is
all that the competitors will mM, as laeh
member of the tlng teams will receive
a gold championship medal and each
club a hannr Indicating victory.
Nearly 1,000 persons were attracted
to thfl paei.le grounds by the event, manv
expctlliK t" ee 11inn.H Kolehmalnen
start 111 Hiilte of the published statement
that he was nt tit. Only twenty. eight
faced the starter, anil of these onl.v two- -W.
Kyronen and .S V !toot--cro run
ning solely for the Individual champion
iihtu Tim Miili.iiekt. .tmttl .idv a.
few men and. ns they had no chance I
for the team prlio. not one from that
club was among the eighteen that tln
Ished. Knimer cut out the puce at the start
and when half way round the fltt lap
was In the van, followed bv his loam
mate Leslie, O'Connor of the New Yorks
and Harden. i:ke and Klvlat of the
Irish Americans Cnnlng down the hill
to the parade gtoundi the ixwltiotf"
.hanged and the ral racers began to
draw away from the bunch. The mounted
police ha.1 hard work clearing a path
for tho runtiers as the four leaders eatti
. long In a compac' line .lust :. they
turnwl for the fin it . In ait Kar.l.r.
lueozed In front with Leslie. Krair.er
and Klvlat almost shoulder to h et'dee
i'ho time for the first lap was 10 minutes I
12 seconds,
Tho next furlong wns pirallel to Uroad
wav, and thero was a shout of surprise
when Kramer stopped near the head
quarters and walked over to the rlress
Ing rooms. The hope of the lons
Island then centred In Sid Leslie, thn
ue.lor champion, who had won considera
ble money for his clubmatw by defeatlnir
Klvtfct In Uic Metroiwlltiin senior evont.
In yesterday's race the offer to repeat the
bets on Leslie went begging, but Klvlat
himself only ran tho harder.
The test of mounting the bill for the
second tlmo was gone through by the
leading trio without a break In tho rnnks.
Then, tho danger of cracking over, Klvlat
'egan to Increase tho pice, and half way
round the second lap he had n lead of
live yards on Leslie, who had drawn fif
teen yRfds away from Harden. Klvlat
utilized his speed In descending the hill
to the i mm de grounds, and nt the bottom
lut had Increased his advantage to thlitv
vnrrts. Leslie was fifty yards lu front
of Bardem. but the effort If keep near
Klvlat had sapped his strength, and In
the run home on the flat he was In dan
ger of losing second place.
Klvlat finished almost as fresh as when
he started, hut Lculle tottered over the
line less than thirty yards In front of
Harden, llonohan was 12(1 yatils futther
back, and be was twentv-tlvo yards
before Kyronen, whoso points did not
count. Hoot, tho I'hlln.lelphlati, who ran
Individually, found the pan, entirely too
hut, and he landed In seventli place,
nearly six tnlnutea later than Klvlat. The
order of finish :
M H.
,u f.:
.ii ii1
J'es. Name and In''-. . ,
1 A. It. Klvlat Jrlnh Amer A. r
; s. L. Leslie. Long Wind A. '..
J T. Harden, Irish Ainr. A. (". .
I II Honolulu. N Vrk A .
vv Kyronen. iinsftaihed ....
h I". Jlotrson, Nw York A C .
; W Hiirton. New Vnrk A l , .
f. .1 Kk. Irlh Amer A. (' ...
I. O'Connor, New i.rk A. e . ,
lo -.M lluich. New Vnrk A. ". . . ,
11- A, Kegel. Irish Amrr. A C . . . ,
12- -J. nennelly, Ir'sh Ainsr A. C ,
13 -H, Krtmer, Long Island A. C. . .
n- .1 W. riant, l.'oig Island A. C,
15- -W. Oalvln. Irlh Amer. A. '....
if. -t:. Hchefffr, Inline Island A. C ..
It H. W Ilnol, Meirurv A f'.. l'lllla.
IS -O Messier, Long Island A. C'.,,
Individual competitor only,
team nroiti:.
Irish Ani'r. AC. ! 2 ! '!
New Vnrk A. I 6
Jni.B Island A, I' . : IS U li
2! 55
ni t
11 55
35 no
.1., at
:ir, ii
.15 32
.15 31
.15 31
3,', 4 4
sr. 4T
.16 to
39 !1
45 OS
0 12
nnxlnsr Law Proves 1'rofllulilp,
MlLWAtiKim, I'cc. . Wisconsin luivlus;
dubs operating under tint recently passed
Heddlng law have tuineil Into the Hint.'
treasury fees amounting to $3,110, The
,itat gets .1 per cent, of the leoolpts of
till IkixIiik and wicstllng contests held lu
Army Opens With Victory.
Wkst Point, lec. il. The Army basket.
lull team opened the local season to-day
........ l...iwu.,l..e Mnli' ,1,,.
Jlli i lie up Ylver onlntet by a score f
a to ir? MacTaggart starred for tho
caduU, scoring 17 of his toanVa point
Third Chippewa to
Attain Prominence
DIUINKHI), Minn., Doc. 6.-A
third (liippowa Indian ill
tittuin pronilnmico in sport noU
year. Chief Hinder, tli star pitcher
or the Athletics, and .Jo.srph C.tiyon,
crack haltback of tins Carlisle In
dian School footlwll ti'ant, already
aro well in the public eye. Now
tonics Jo' GraeH, a Chippewa of
Walker, .Minn. He hits been signrMl
by t'onnie MackV howls to pitch
for the Athletics next season. Unr
itiR the last two years ho hits pitched
frcnwitionally for Walker and i.r.iin
erd. He vvtu a teamnmte of heslie
JoHeph Hush, the AthleticR1 youni; i
star, in wveral professional K.iino.s
before the latter broke into the
bit? leaRiieH.
VKpriiimi Taken Mncl 1 1 nml
Mntrli for President's Cup.
gerruan of Knglewood won the president's
"uprij in to-uay s riuni rourn, ... Hie fin n ,
I HIWlll.ll rlUlllIIlll gOIL ,OUI 11 CIIlOll, iri'lll X . ,
I.. Hcrker of the Woodland liuh. A single 1
stroke on the nlnetei nth green d.tidid It.
(Jolng out In -in each, tho pair turned
home even up. Seggutiiin won the third '
nml It. rknr tho fmlrlti ill.. r.inlllli hie- I
holes lielng halted.
Htcker sained the lead on the tenth with
a par 4 against '! fir SegRcrmati. ami in
creased his lead to 2 up on the thir-
leeniu innuiKii a iiriiu.ini ucioss ir.e t
rough shot at the ellmw The fuurte( ulh ;
was halved In 3. with the etisl- on th
nftwllhi ,,,.,. ifevWr n.ll. ,1 to make a i
, f , , s.-iigei man's long !
P(i:n" fnuifd ii ctinM' fir him on ih
j;;v-;:;;nV';;r V,;',;
" - ' ' 1 'lid to t he
Ml at the left of the nit,, teem), cost
T-r,ei uir lo'iv nun nil- 111,111.11
A. A. States, Chicago, en the cono-
''itlori. .-tnii. l Hmkman of Metanim. t
the tecond division and 11. I. Krown of
Huntingdon the thltd. I
The tenth annual holiday week golf
tournament t'eeemtur i'l". .to au.I 31
linmedlatilv pieced.'. the linpnrtant golf
traji shooting ami tenuis .vents, which
round out a busy January. The summary .
Kir't Pirla.nn-t'inil round 11. V Sesjer.
man. Knrle'imnl. tsat C I,, lie. Kit. Woo.ilan.l.
1 up ll'l lio'isl
Oonsolatiiin Kins! ro.ini! A A "in.-. Chi
eiu.ii, lat K 1) Wilni'irun, YouiUTtoviii,
1 :irul 3
Second liliU.on Final rouiel -ninuel Ufk
nun. Mrts.'oiiK i. I.i'.il W. I, MiUiKen linl.:tu
.tpoliN. A and .1
cnnsnMtinn -Final rnaml Hol rt II Hunt
Wiiri!er. brat J. Niehelsan, New ll.ltnnl,
i sad '
Tliinl Ihvincin Fiii.il rrnitiil-lt. I Ilrown
iiiiiiiiiw.i.i!. iiiry i.',n jinn, iieuiu ii'ntoa
Kunisey !tnnkl n. 4 nnd :.
Connliti..ii Final roiret- VV. V hVIIrn Oak.
ley. Ut li 1' inl ine. Tmn and Covintij
riny Telesrupe nml I'nrei-ii Druiiulil
llrlnit It enr to I'erreel Ion.
XeVeral good nin Wile mule ill the
first contest for honors In ci tss in iteli No j
2, wliirh staiteil on I'udav evening in the
.eVehtll Hegllttellt rit'e tOUl llltlli 111 .it tile
Seventli Itrglinent Aunoij on l'.irk ie
tiue. l)r I.eav.tt of ,omipi Ii Mailed
the s.oring by looking a 'ii In the novice
cla.s. Corporil V
llav moni of i 'om-
pany also made a (! In tin; expert
class ,md leads in the cup match.
Tile range is now equipped with the
regulation army telescope, whlr'i Is tho
final touch to In lug It to the point of per
fection. Tlic svstem of forced ilriuglit In
stalled under the supervision of ('apt.
Hostwlek keeps the ajf absolutely clear
at all tunes The scores In l';i.ln night's
contest wetui
lif.-i.ler ill CTi Cuti Mai- 'i No : lv: 'crt
cla--TorMiral W o. Itnimnnd. 4'nnipin (.
2S. Vt S. C Dalit, veteiin, Ctinlp.iMjr A. !1X I
si T. (?u'ii".ernnsier .S J K -Vlu liulfie, r.eii
li.iny M 31 f.
MlAlllinolers -srrft F W. O.lllie's. funl
p ill) K 11. ". "' . I.ati i r.iriiiiriil l -.Steele
Complin fi. .1! 11 1. l',-,i;ili' n II
S.mf.ird. (".imp my ' ri
toilet' 1 lu- - ITIIrfle A II 1 U1 It .tin
p.uiy 0 K.
C.iiiin.inv 11.
J. fl I'nv.ile K O Hur'i.iu
31 , l'rusle P 0 Alhien.
C.niiMiiv A. .1J. .11- f.
Winners uf First Kntrr Mat.h Kxr.srl eU
Prlvite 1" I".. I.vntuorthy, t'oniinny (1. 3:.
3i--7 Sharpshooters I'm ate O P tleer. Com
pany I. 31. 33--3 Nome class Private M. E
Craincr, C.iinpaiur M, JJ, 3j f2
TnUca arly K er (IiIiik Shoollng
In Field of Novices.
Novice gunners shot at the Hay nidge
traits of the Crescent Athl. tic (iuh yes-tenia)-
Not a scratch linn lisnvui ap
peal eil. The best work waa done by .1.
S. Uawson, who shot .ith a handicap of
4 in l." targets.
Ho won the high scratch ptlzo with a
total of t0 out of I r.O, the take home
trophy with a 2 out of inn.- shooting with
a handicap of 20 the weekly leg on the
stake trophy with a full score of 2T. tar
gels, helped by a hnnillcnp of H, mid two
of the riuli trophy shoots. O. H, Drawer
won the weekly leg on tho presld. tit's
cup, with 17 out of .Ii).
Two tiophy shoots coinplited the pro.
gramme. One ended In u tie among It. C.
Williams, C. It .lames mid tjeot ge K.
llrower. at 14 out of ir., tli. sliootofT go
ing to Williams with 1.1.
Illsloentlon Mny I'revent Her From
I'lnylllir tiolf A Kill ii.
I'lHMluarUM, Hec. (1. Mrs, Itonal.l
II. Harlow of the .Merlon Cricket Club, In
dividual gflf champion of Philadelphia
and for three yenrs bolder of the Kastern
title, niuy never be nblo to play golf
again, She dislocated her light shoulder
about two weeks ago while .l:i,vlng a
friendly match over tho Country Club
Although her physlclnns are hopeful
that she will fully recover they are by
no means certain such will be the ease,
lis there wns a stretching of the nerves,
nnd they say that It may take years to
Wllllr lieeler t'nlloil n "Hooli."
V.e Willie Keeler Is telling a srory
Hbout his bolng called a "baseball boob"
The former groat batter was watching
two amateur teams play last summer
when a howl went up over a decision by
tlie umpire.
"Wnsu't Hint a Miike, mister'."' asked
a player of Keeler.
Tho latter nodded alllrinatlvely
"What does that booh know about Imse
hall"" ejaculated the batter. And Keeler
faded away.
' IHk .liidK'iieiil Against F. n Renin ii,
A Judgment by default for '$1 l,.'.2fl.Ig,
representing Ihiee notes given to the Mo.
chanlcs Hank of Hrnoklvn by the Hiightoti
Dentil Itaclng A"o(intlon and William A.
Kngemnn. was lllcd In the County Clerk's
office yestet.lny, As collateial the hank
holds a llS.uou mortgage and 1 on. l,,eH
of II... slock of Hie asi.,iallon, the Inf.
Ur ittld to be worthless.
Animal Six Day Race Starts in
Harden One Minnie After
12 oTlock To-ni-rlit.
Australians Evpected to Meet
ltc.il rompc tition in Team of
Jt'oot and McXainara.
lion slv-ltnv Tennis Will snrt,
.IsiVIe liurk uiel I'u'tdy ll.iilr Atis.rni.i
i: Idle It. eit and IteKkie .MiNamnr Amr
Je I'ngler nnd Alfred Ueull.t. Amerlcs
Alfred liteiidn and Jimmy Mornn. Autra
Andre l'erchlci.t nnd l'llt Hretnn, Kran e
Fred Hill unit M ittln Itvun. Am'ticii.
llot.bv Wdllbnur nnd Klmer folllns
Aiiierl- a.
Inrd.in Wnlkr nnd F.rnle Pje. Austnlli.
I'rin.esdi Vertl nnd Mauri, e Hroei-c, itnly
erey l.awren. nnd Jske Masln. America
Alfred llnlstr.nl und ivter iirot.avri,
N'oriniin Andsrson nnd Ni.rmsn Itsiisvn,
C'liirenie Cnrnien end ileorgs Caiucrun.
I'nink I'nrry and John lledeil, AustiulU
Ameri' a
V I.. Mitten nd l,lnd Tlminas, Arncrlc i.
Fred .1 K'eefe und .luseph Kopsky. Allifrtea
VVII1 Applchans mid lletliiuii lMcWel.un h,
The stason of six day cycle racing has
rollnl around again and nt "tie minute
after 12 to-night sevmt.cn teams, repte
sentlng America, Australia. France, !er
minsv and Italy, will start off on a grind
of 112 hours which will end at 1" o'clock
next Satuiday night. The race will mark
tho flfttenth annual competition that has
been held in tin- Harden, since It has been
conducted as a team affair, and the
tvvcnty-llrst contest held on safetv bl- '
Odes', as prior to tint team competition, 1
which became mandatory under the law
in IV.''.', there were six races of hull-i
vidual competition. The period of the
latter extend.sl from t SSI to im. In- '
elusive. '
Jackie Clarke and Paddy llehlr. Aus
tiiillnns, are the favorites. IMdle Hoot,
the Hoston outh, Is made a second
choice, with lteggli McNamara. the latest
of the Australians to come to this coun
try, as his partner. Joe Kogler of Itrook
!n nnd Alfred tioullet, another Austra-i
Han, are rated third, while Alfred CJieii.la, I
still another Australian, and his partner,
JiMirnv Mtiran. cimt next
uant ih i j 1 1 k i'jiiiii'mi m
rlu ntlii'iK
rMiinu iji(iii ii" i i tiii u i t
Amite ivieliloot nml IN tit Hnton. will hv
;i factnr, Krumrheo Verrl and Maurlcn
a factor. Iramesco v erri am, j , n
Hiocco, the Italian team, aro expend to
do well, as Verrl is a fast man nnd
lirii. co i tdugger The Oerman pair of
.'Miplehans'and Paikibusch are not rated
were picked up to
stil'stitute tnr Hint riu.i .-mi, ,ii.. ..risniai vo m,f(U ,0 Kjvo ov j,,.,.0 ,lf M M1.
(ieru.at. tea,,,, after the former was in- pwtllie. Tlll, ,IrM rllHl) f,. ,,,,
P.veiy matt who competes gets a bonus,"'1"11' "nd the s. end a full mile ClatUe
to stait. varying from ii.siiu uown to
$ailt. Some work on a flat guarantee
while olheis are paid so much a day
Accidents often put Ihetn out of the race.
Then there nro the prizes 11,500 for the
winning team, Jl.n.'O for second. f"0 for
third, faun for fourth, ?.mo for tlftli, $2r,0
for sixth and I'-'OO for seventh, the last
position to draw a prlre.
Monmouth ."iinnly Member I'oIIovt
iiirough Nltff (ioliiK,
nt:n Hank, N. J.. Dec. 6. An Ideal day
ami plenty of stiff koIhk afforded excel
lent sport for several members of the
Monmouth County Hunt Club this after
noon in following llftecn couple, of hounds
fiom Hubert Collier's kennels at Wlcka
liink, The hunters gathered at (Hants
(Yin is. mar Phalanx, und from there
stalled lu the Hunt, travelling lor ten
miles over farms In Mlddletown township.
ei,.i... ma id. ntv of Jumping, over ilvo
lull fences and wide ditches. The hounds
took the scent and can led It without nl
...iu ...nl led Hie liunleis a ten Mr l.aee. 1
Theie weie tluee checks and the finish
,.u nt Viitswaitin.
in. .in wei i accidents to mar the
stunt Those tailing part were Walter!
.VP'Clutc. Sidney Hrlanger, Mort Ham-1
in l kit. Mill mi ' Pi la liner, Thom.is I,. I
Plehl, Wllllant StonebtldKe, huntsinaii and
i twp.whlps.
American Wins l.oth Mile and
Half Mile Heats of Match
With Foreitrn Trio.
iivr Lands it in S norl I.rush,
nnd (Mark1 in Konuvt Out
Ten Tlinnsnnd Si It.
Kr.ink L.
Krarnor, tho K.mt Orani;
,. , , , ,
orlliiff onolt, flimotiHtrntil to nwiro tlun
1ftAna . ,
I lu!t nltrlU that
iprlntf t-n. Kran
lu- m FtlU klntr nf th.-
.sprinters. Kramer defeated .l.ickio Clarke
I of Australia, Ah.llo Perchicot of France
I a'"1 I'raniieco erti of Italy in a special
four irnercd match, .
KraniM ilfftatnil ,t.ukn ('larki
It took the
American champion Just
i '" '" "".."' " '
never got any lurlher than a wheel's
length ahead of Hie Jerse.vilc In the
laet lap Vei l I forged up and on Hie llual '
tuin he was lidlng aliriMst with Kramer
and Clarke. Kramer Jumped lo the fi.mt
III the last llfleeii yards ami won by
Inches. Verrl was neennil, edging Clarke
out by a small tti.iiKlu. Petchlcot was
fourth, ll few feet back
The second heat was piactlcallv a re.e -
:lou of Hie in st. Naturally, as the ills-
tamo was longer,
tlli'te Was i gll'.ltor
mm, in! ,,r ineimvi..,. a u .. ...,,i. r ,i.i
all four riders had a chance at pacing '"; ";'' . . ,! ,i, ?-.' v'V,,aa'
Clarke was f,t first but was .... , ''I'l''' , Dona ;l C Hertlng. o, and Har
placed by Kramer In the second hii, i'hen L,1V l."'1' '- were, reelected to serve
Verrl Weill lo I in r,ir mile In e -.. u.iv
to Perchicot, The latter showed the way
until the seventh trip annual tho saucer,
when the Australian flashed ahead, fol
lovvid by Kramer. Clarke kept lu fiont
until 1 1 1 o homo stretch was riniiied, and
once more Kramer Jumped to the lead,
Aiisltullu iloaii.-.l America In the pin
fesslonal team puisuit race. It took tlie
, amipodcau team of Alfn d iloullet, All'ie I
Ot'iiila and Itrglnahl .Me.Nanmia P."..
laps to catch the bo 'tew. mule up ol
Joy Kogler, IMdle llool and .llinuiv
Mornn, The distance, which Is Just short
I of two miles, was covered In four minutes
MrNaniarn i rally won the rnce for hi-1
Ham, Inasmuch as be caught Jin. Pogler
after all the other compel Ilors hn. I i rllied
from Hie lace
I'nnal.l MrDougall of the New Vorl;
I A. C rollowcu Ktamir tixnmple und
EsBttm -stKBH i.
won his match race from Harry Kaiser
id tlie Acme Wh.eliiuii In straight heats.
K.i.ser vv.is beaten by a very small mar
g.n in both hiusiics.
Hobby U.ilthour furnished the ciowd
"im iiinii.s n me way lie loiiowcu me
ii.otor pacer. Chut he Turvllle. to v ictorv
... ... 1-1. -nM..., ...1 I... II..... tf....
"'" '.."" i on. s. i'.iv . .... . 1 1 1 n 1 1 j ...I..-
ki. in a live nine inoior ave.i oi.tiiii.
The Hiorglan won by ten yards in 7 mm
ntes .'! 2-5 seconds. The summaiies.
Tour (VrntTf.l M it li llai', I'roff s1iiir1
rtrt h i t hulf in I Vn ! Krnnk I
Krutiir. ilmt Oruniie, N J ; Francisco
Verrt. 1 1 a 1 . t t oml .Icitki Clarke. Auh
traili thlM. Antr IVrrhlrdt, l'r.nrf,
fourth, Tttnr, 1 nitmit) S I - r Hornnfl Sf
oiil liojit, i.rii tulle Won liy Kr.itnrr, l'lrV.f,
c.'iotut. 1 Vrt hUut. OiiiM Vtrrl, fourtli
Ttm nilnuii'M ?l 4 I ffcoml.
Q rirtt r Ml'f Hace. flitn m Amiitpurt
riu.il (i-.ti W'"t I Thmnim .Smith Irinic-
t.'i r.Iu it i M:. '..!,. Nfwurk. . m. i,
l.r. Nfuutk ihiiil TJint. 31 B & nMotitl
thr tunt Knt hu iniiiTv..ii
K'itr, A"ni Whrt In.cn fftmiil Tittn.
1 tiilnutt 1.' ? S -4riHnli cHrcnn-1 lirit Won
In Mi iMup.iH Kal".r. ttron.l Tltnt' 2
niinntfrt T.'i f U ricruiiili.
I t.llmltiMi Tciin lurjtiit Ilai-f, I'rrfi
Ail-lraini, te am, composed of Alfred
t !-v.liie . Alfred llrendn. Tssnisnlu
lt.irln.il I M. Vniiiiirn Melli.iiirne, de-
, .tMll
! Jtll t
i t -ut-I Anu rit.Ht trmn. (Mimi.oi.-tl ur .loijh
I "r.1 I. Ill l'll)ll, .lllf ttlU'l, IIPSH'll
,,Mi .i.,lnPW y Mnnui. (Mielnfii. .taKl. il
,,,,,. 14, lur.H Time. minute..
Mile ll.ltloU lime, I'roftH-siimHl-
W n l iii-Kliial.l McXiimuru, Mlli.iutne
,) iiiii-r .Vtn.iia, tlilrdi ivreV
l.iuienee s.,a l'ni. mirth. Time, lu
'nboms 5.: in ne.un.U
u ,it mil. Amai.m It.ue. Hnn.lh np W..11
r, New.rkio ,ar,... nenrj.
i Thn Hmlth. Irilnstnu, 15 nnls. third
l on , si. . .i set. mils
HI.' Mile Motor I'aie.l Matlll Hare, Pro
ft SflCinnl ltoh.lt A W.i't lli.iir. Atl.llltii, I
(in. p.H'ed lii Charles Turvllle, defeated
I :'itil I. Collins, 1, vnn, .Mass, pscr.t liv I
.1 1 1 1 ni v 1 1 ii nt r-r Time. 7 minutes Si ! '
si'i mills
lleu.l. Prlneeton l oolball Ci.iiii.illlee,
Mure Open (ininv llipecteil. j
P.i.Ni'KTMN. '..- At the fall miet- I
lug of the athletic board of control here i
1 Inolay Kiiowiton Ames, IK'JO, familiarly
known as Snake, was elect, d chairman of
1,1 hiioiii.ii.' n.ivisnr.v inniunn enmiiuiu'e
lor h'I4. iiio resi K na 1 1 ons ot itoss .mc-
1 i'i' .mi.
I lie iiiail.ll.n i-.uieeii n.i me s-niKll.t-
tion of McClavi. and King were not mini,
Until Herring uud 1'iirr are advocatis of
(he open style game, while Ames Is the
upholder of tin. kicking game In open
work. Should the two other members
who will b" elected III tho future be for
the open gaiiie the Tigers iloiibtb'sa will
tesort to that style of football lu place
of the cons.'rviilhi old stylo game to
which they have held so tenaciously ami
which has been the cause of much advetsc
Wnlwnst limes While Her. III.
Mii.waiikkk, Dee. H Forfeit money
was ported hen. to-night bv representa-
tlves of Ail Wolgtist and Charley While
i for ,t len round go before the National
1 A. U. hem 1-SMeRitMir ll. .
. SC.
for Knpsky. n evv YorW liny.
' Brtckley Makes 251
Points for Harvard
AMKIMnnK, -M.isN., I).-c.ti. Tli.
cotnplt'to sn'oritiK record of
rhnrlts I". lin'oklcy for llarvard on
tlit" Kmlirun has licon coiniiilod, and
it in IkiIi'dvisI that in thrc" years he
has pprfonntsl cm tlu fri'.litnan and
varfity elevens for tho Crimson ho
bus tallied morn points than any
other man that ever repre-ented
the institution in a similar period nf
time. Including his year on tho
frenlininn and his two on the varsity,
ho has made thirty-four lield o;ils
for a total of 10J points, live coals
from touchdown for a topil of :
points, ami tweniy-fcur tuinh
downs for n toial of in point-,
nialiino; a trial id total of '.'.M point-,
scored on MXty-tlireedilferent play-.
lluilen I'lonll) llents linden l liri.nuli
WlnoliiK oo. .ml - ion.
,, , ,.
I kliiam MAN'oit, N !. ... High
"'"" iM si....n oi nn
Ni w
ork Athl. tic Cillb at Tlaveis 1-1-
and to-day
A lie came III tile M.e t'llv
cup, the til Ht tvellt. II. II. lu l. n .1 u.l
U. II. Vlgd. 11 I .nil returned I'l nut of
IT., ln the shontolf c.i.h hail a full scoie
of i'."., which tieci ssit.ited anotlnr loitmi
at the traps. In the j. .-oml sliootoi'i
Duden was the wli.tnr h ."i tatg.ls
linden, I'r. I'vWolfe. iigd.ii and H.
O. Hums tied In the Club mp slu.ot w in
full scons of I,"i. lly dtipllc .ting hi tin
shootorf Or I'eWoire won He also took
the Accumulation dip with a lull nairo
of "j. sins'tiiig with a handicap of I The
Ttavits Island tiophy also . nded in a tie
among (J. V. Pellrini, C W. Hillings an i
II. .1. Cotbett The lirt shontolf . Imil-
IlaU,,i n,tKH .,,,,1 ln ,M. M1.,
. llpf,,,.ltt (I i-0,bett by t.irg. ts.
. ... .
-i . MKll seratcu prle was
won bv
It. 1.. Spotts with I"' out of I ". lb also
tCHil; Hie distaiii e lianiii up, locking 2Z
out of 2.". from twildv-nne ii.- Cniintt.
with a in handicap, won the high handi
cap prlru with :i' out or 1". The Va
riety cup wirt to c. W HilingH with ;o
out of "h.
l lr-
llvrrlnkes l.lmll linn In t.nc
cull of lei f'oiirse.
Midget !crshel. the sevi ut -the jiouiul
siei.l maivel, showed his in i N tn all hl
schoollioy skating rivals visiml.iy at the
St. Nicholas Itiuk In a . u.i 1 1 -1 mile lun.li
c.iji rare There wei. a ib'tMi st liters
lltlll (iH'Slltl IlllliWld VII nil" ll.lllllleaps
j Up to lltlu t .V arils, ti. lain I In gall tn pi. U
... , ( lit tie rival- in, I I. nl il,.., ,,l
"l ' "u" . "i '. . thetil .ill
beaten e.vept Hrrbeit 11. an v, tn w hnio
I In. bad given tin- limit and who wns hilf
a lap ahead at the begiiiuln.; of the last
I circuit of tlie tr.uk. i.ers'iej mllu'id htm
on the stntiii tuin, which h" .inied Ilk.
II pillfessloillll, ,ll. entile ll.lVWI to th.
, finish two yrmli nlie.id.
I After the inc. vum over Arthur Ileal.)
'of I.ovol i School Indg. .1 a prut -st iitim-t
li. rshil b. lug allowed to .,ii ,,n tin
ground that he is nidi r thin the ari limit
I of 1 1 yenrs.
Milliner lo (oii.b In liilnii,
ClllC.VU.l, Ills', (i - .lll'tli s Hunter the
I'lilV'i'tslty of Illinois iiu.it t. i mile Mai.
who was a member of the r.ln team
which won the mile championship nt the
I'tiiv.rslty ot Pennsylviul.i telay . nni-
I'lil last uni-liie liuu ul,-i,,.,l ,i ,,, ml -,,r., I ,
R(1 , j,,, ,-!,(, , i,,.,.,,,,,,. ,li..to.
of athletics for the Young Men'- Cut.
J''''' ,!.""'"
WI" ' ' ,rUilr
lleinilr Allen Itelnllis iille.
i KVN8AS Citv, Dec. il HetiJ.i in' ii APcm
of this city, bv liking the Ihii.l bloek
I of points fioiii Ch.nles Weston of puts
burg 20'i to its, ret lined bis lllle nf
'world's cliiuiiplnn pocket lullliiidlst hn
I lug seined O0i pom in ih opponent's
All.'U WII S
rK'nK block.
j '
in great foitu in n,,.
Outside (innies fur Cornell.
iTIIeCA, Dec. i". Ill adilllloii to the
Intercollegiate bague games Cornell
will pl.ij live bask.tb.ill g.'iniee this rt In
ter, as follows 1). eeinb, t i. Niag'ii i
at Ithaca t .lanuaiv In. Arm, at West
Point; .1 ii milt I v II. 1 1 1 1 IT 1 1 1 1 nt lihi'c.i
Januaiy 21. l'nl u at Ph'imi I'eluuury
in, .NOtie i line at Itluii i
llenrli eviini. enilein I'uplHln,
Niiwvhk, ).c '. l lb. ,n ml n nn. r
of tin Newiiil. Vi ndi " . tomb ill s n nl
in Id last nlrht a I . r.. -it.'tt. 1 1- Piul
Harh was lic tud dipt un loi next tea
. sou's eloven,
K. Walter (Mark of Philadcl
p Ii in. Manatritiff Director of
It, Sijrns Order.
Hath Iron Works Ilepresenlc
l.v President Hyde at Cor
ference Here.
A third cup defender hns been ordered
to lotnpite In the trial races held to ePi
termlno which yacht shall defend the,
Amerba's Ciii against Sir Thomis T.lfj
ton's Shamns'k IV. This third yueht la
lor a sMiillcntp of yachtsmen mcmbera of
the New Vnrk Vacht Ululi rejireaentlnn
New York. Philadelphia and Hnston, and
it will .e built from designs by George
The contract for this yarht was signed
yest.tilay by II. Walter Clnrk of I'hlla.
ilillibla, who Is the managing owner of
the new y.uht, nnd the builders are the
liuh Iron Works of Hath, Me.
The syndicate to defray the cost of this
yaiht originally was startcl by CI. U.
P n.ii. in, owner of the CI footer Istalena.
Mr P.inchoti began work early and dur
ing the cruise of the New York Yacht
'!tib be arranged with several yachts
men to have a defender At nrst It was
planned to have the yacht built by Her
r.shon, but the Hrlstol builder was not
aiiMous to und. rtake the construction of
more than one defender and when the
contttot to build a yacht was made with
the New Votk Vacht Club syndicate Mr.
P.uichuti bad to look elsewhere for his d.
sign- Till. .Si s told exclusively of this
s ii.le.it,. last August. It was the first
one st. it t.il, but owing to ono or two
lntrhes has only Just been completed.
Mr Pynrhpti has been most earnest In
his work to get three or more yachts
built to defend tho cup, bei nitse he realised
that under the present rules It would b
dangerous to tdy on one yacht only and
that one without a trial ncbt. After work,
trig bard In this cltv Mr Pvnohon Joined
forces with Commodore 12. Walter Clark
ol Phi, ail, hihi.i and then tn coninlcta ilia
i fund iiec.-K.-iry a few Hoston achtsmen
I Joined with th.. P)tichon-Clnrk forces, so
that the .vacht will he the trl-citv repra.
ewuaiive in cue trial races
Comm.Kiore c.-irk and Mr Pynchon are.
Mhasustn j.ichtsnun Mr Pynchon has
s.i.l. d many jachts siuv he began on the
Sound many j,an ago and then while in
Chi,,iL-o he wa Interested in vachtlng
on the lakes. He had the Illinois built
tn defend the Canada cup. On his re
j turn to this city he had the 60 footer
Neola built, which was tared against the
ve. tamoe. owiieu nv i nite.l states Hcna.
tor H F. Uppltt He Joined the fleet of
30 footers with Neola II and his la.it
.ichl wn Istal. na. with wblch'he has
won manv r.ii.s, lnriudlng a King's cup,
Last sunum r he silled the Carolina II.
a t'a Aster cup r.i mil won
CnitllOdote l".irk n owns the'
si hcioiier y -ii lit Itolit.i. inrtm rlv tin.
Jvu.en. nr. I he r.ns i, i,'. mi r,ic s with
tl I.' ..n: i.trar v. ssei-. all ill which
i ll I" . II Ii. mi, ! Ir.'litn
Cap .-' t. Howell Hid ,. th,. ltipir
I"' tie Tt.-iitv .v.uht ll.. i.n .sn.led with
' Mr Pynchon in tlio Istalena since that
ivncnt was launched, and l.e tegiitJed as
,. i. tl,.. i,t proT. ssi,,n.ils In tlies.'
'w.it.rs Hi sailed the HlTorl when Khat
, v.,Lht won the Urn ram for the King's
up. and the margin at the lliiih was nnlv
, 13 seconrts over tlie IJlleell Cant llovr.
I ,. I I. i,,rlnl.U. i- V.r.,, er. ,.,.V,.
!,,, ,1, , ,.i.,sk r-icine t.lni unit In linr.'ailn-
i s nop when sal'lng on the w.nd
i'lie lini k- P neb. m vacht will be manned
nv 5-all.it .- who have sailed on the irnllta
ami mi tin IstnlMia. and tliev have been
iln'ie.l thoioucblv lu handling racing
va.iits The schooner v.uiit ltollta will Iki
,.il a- ,i ti inl'-t for the new acht anfl tne
, ii w .'.' tin- cup .1. 'fender will live on tlie
siiimdier The span- sails and spars also
will he steed on the Ir.'litn Mr Pyn-
boti s i rii'-.tig in. dm vacht Marie, which Is
a guild hifh --i .. . 1 1 irulsiag vacht, also
w.ll n.t a.- tn.lc for the defeniivr, so
that the n w .irht stat's "IT wlih lots of
clever talent and pv-ntv of iiuliiment
iborge tiueu, whn h,is drawn the plans
of the yaiht. bus be. n very successful
w'th yachts of .iiis-es p nnd J and he
I-.- turned '.'It the . niellos In larger
classes The I'm-. Ilo II raced against ths
. tni-.liiep mo Id Me.lor.i two seasons ago,
nod In speed there was vet y llttlo to
iiioee hetw i . it the two
Tlie ii.titi-ii't was Mrmd yesterday In
th's cltv John S llv.le. piesldent of thn
I'.. ith lion W.nks. reir. sent, d that ron
eetn. ami he has promlei d that the yacht
'sh.i'l be cotiipl. t.d s.i that It will bo
icii.le eulv In tb seison
Now three yachts bv three different de
sign, rs :nr to compete for the honor of
defer.!'. ii; tin . up Only once beioro liavo
;li Im l been tipie.setlted I'l trial
rac- In lv,'.'l 1 b i reshoIT built tho Vlgl-l-int
anil Col. oil i Hen Pal no had ths
iilbdee, which was l.i'gi 'v of bl- own ric--liru,
nod the Pilgi in was designed by
in u. -Ji. win Tl s M.'i a p.vssl.
1.1' tv o' a full."' a M beljig built Sev-
I.,' ii eodi.-is nl the New Vnrk Vacht Club
,., x,n lexlii'is t" have d llson CI,
'I'H'.in hav. a v n lit f-Min bis .wn de.
.'us ..l "I'M of I'i'aigeil Ins. t.lilll. -anil
il is piiss bl. that th s vacht will be built.
A In..' I rt nf t'i" I'lmn v necessary
I'r.i.dv li.- b.soi s'ib-cilb. d
I'iilll..-.el. t iiiiiilliionslv r.leeted I'np
,Min Wimner Vi'ii Vliilinuer.
PiTHiuiiiM. P.i. l'er - H.iriv Allen
t v.. i,i .ii .if ItetliV hem was unanimously
a , tul i.iptain to do of the I.ehlBll foot
lnii 1 1 i m nf '. I Cilihtoti has won
his "I." tbri ' ar- in succession at full
l in k 11" Is a I'vailuate of the llothlehem
l'i,.ii,uai,,i Si lo'ii'. ii junior at l.ehngh
i'r".. 's'l. -lands il fe. t I Inch in
licleip. wclgli" ':r' founds and Is 2" yenrs
of age Criihtoii n'so Is the caiitalll of
the cntsitc bask.tlnll team and U--V r.-U
baseli ill pi.i.i.i. .....
c.iile'.n.i Siiiwab Wii-'ii"i' of South Heth-
i,.,eui. a nsp''.. w .f Charles M Schwab,
Hie steel magnale. nnd who Is aen
,;,i,a,r,r of the team this v. ar, was elected
.imnugir. and I'.dw'.i A Care of Pla.
brth. N ,1. and I mils ! Mudr.e of Hal-
nmnie assistant managers.
C.irtiell Mm' I" TivimiI-sU timnrs.
Iritvcv. I'.c fi--Th" Cornell 1'nlver-
v b.isib'ill schedule f"r next spring was
intioniic.il bv the athletic associ itlon to
il iv It Includes twenlv-slv games aw
,.,,nt,. ts nie with llui knell, I.flilch and
the Ninth Can. Una .Merluiilr.il and grl
. ultii'.il Colb ge Ml "f these will bo
pl..w.l lu ltli.ua The siliedule-
vi.nl :. 1 nliersitv of Viuiiiu. i University
nt Viiiuia: i ili'ii.'.'.'i'iwn lieors.'ins'n, .
...ir rtuv 11 llu. Hindi 1 Tints H.
I elrnili ' l.il .M'li' ,'!' N r A-nl ,M I
. li ... innii'lr Mnv ' vv 1 1 1 imi Inliiniliiu.
I ,1 iiolini at Ni vntli ' Primistoti ss
ii, ., mi . v trL'nn
Prmsaat n MiilUsnii Vale
n. i. "i ii :i j ii
,,i n i iviin.tli.iiiu I Pi'iinstli.iilsj
J-Iiiliidelplil.,. (

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