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M. J., a viaduct being erected by Drann
& Stewart (.'(i. and Unit hmm on Decern
tor 23, 1907. Frank Webb flrflt ap
proached tno about tho Job nboilt ton
dajn previous to that nnd nxked ma If
I didn't want tn nuke wmio Christmas
money and 1 Haiti, 'Yen, how can I do
It?' .
"He said: '-Then! In $2M left hero In
my euro, that In went from tho Interna
tional to blow up this bridge at liar
rlKon, N. J.' I axltid him where 1 could
get tho dynamite and ho wild: "Wo
will go down and tco MIKe t'unnnno at
'8o we wont down about Pectmber1
10 and tnct Mlko f!unnano at the hall
and asked him whnt would b the
chances of grttlng omo Julrc and Cttn
route Kays: 'I can got It for you. but It
will tako ubout three days.' and Webb
nay. 'All right.' Then Webb nuked;
Cunnane how much ho wanted for It
Ad Cunnane any 'J.'o' and Webb rave
Inm tho 150 in my prettenro. In a llttlo
barroom near tho hall, and I wan to
eomn bark In thrro days and get tho
(,'arrlrtl lnnmlle In nlt t'lmr,
"So I came back on the morning of
December 23. 1907, from N'ew York:
met Cunnane at the hall. Cunnane al
ready had tho dynamite, caps and fuse
In a milt caw. He went to the ear with
me, him carrying tho suit case, and
ti.en he cave It to me.
"T went to the. Hroad street station
in Philadelphia and tools the first train
to New York, getting there along In the
afternoon on the regular pns-senger
train of the Pennsylvania Railroad. I
rode, in tho smoker from Philadelphia
to New Yotk. I went across the ferry
and went up to Sixth avenue nnd
Klfty-hcvontf street and left my grip In
n fialoon there and at about ! o'clock
tnat evening 1 was up In Harlem and
my tooth started aching and I went
Into a dentist' at tS.llh street nnd Park
avenue and had the tooth pulled.
"I then went down to Fifty-second
Btrcet and Sixth avenue and took my
grip with the dynamite and went across
the Pennsylvania ferry at Cortlandt
Rtreet to New .lersey, nnd took n Plank
road car that run In a direct line
to the Harrison viaduct Job, and I got
off the car about a half mile this side,
on the New York side of the Job. That
was about 10:30,
"I got up to the bridge nnd s.iw two
watchmen there, and 1 walked around
about L'OO yards anil got up on top of
the bridge and placed the dynamite
under a girder that was laying on top
of the bridge, and also by a girder that
wan already set, where I thought It
would do the most damage, nnd lit two
fimes about fifteen feet long. I also
hod the rest of the coll of fuse with
me: that was one hundred feet to start
with in the coll and some extra caps.
Tried Twlri In l!ilnrte Charier.
"I went down the tracks about 20rt
yards and waited until I thought It was
time for the explosion to occur, and it
didn't go utT. and I waited then about
half an hour. I then tlxed two more
capH with fuse and cut them about the.
same length anil then went bark to the
bridge and put them In the dynamite.
Then I went back and sat down about
200 yards off, and It exploded, That was
on the night of the 23d this happened
"On the morning of December 21 I
went to Webb's house, at 123(1 street
wnr Third avenue, went up to his apart
ment. and we talked a little while and
he Bays. 'I not the morning paper and
I see ou done the trick' He says
"Let's go down to the corner." and we
went down to the, saloon at the corner
of 12!Hh street atid Third avenue, and
he gave me the balance of what was
left. H" had given Cunnane $50 for the
dynamite at Philadelphia nnd paid tho
expenses of our trip to I'h'lndelphl.i,
and that left about 1 30 of the $20u
and he i-nld me the balance at this time
and I pave him i3ti for himself ;us n
ChrHtnms present.
"At this time Webb said to me; 'Po
you want to go ahead with this kind
of work"' I said, 'Yes.' He said: 'All
right. I believe we ate doing good work
to get some mote of those Jobs, Hut ho
says: '1 i-un'l do anything more until
I see how I am going to com" out on
the executive board.' There was to be
a meeting of the executive Imurd at
Philadelphia or Washington, at which
he was going to attend, so he said, and a
little later I received a telegram from
him to the effect that 'I got what I was
nfter,' and I understood this telegram to
mean that he was reelected, or was to
continue to serve as a member of the
executive lKiard.
"Wo talked to Cunnane about getting
moro dynamite, and he said lie could
get ub all we wanted a carload, 1 be
lieve he mentioned 'but the next batch
will rost you $100.' After we left Cun
nane I Buid to Webb; 'I will not pny
Cunnane no $100 for dynamite, as 1 am
only getting $200 for blowing up tho
"ITlor to the time that Webb arranged
with mc to blow up this tlrst Job I was
famlllur with the plans of the organiza
tion and tho 'entertainment commltten'
that existed. This entertainment com
mittee wan a committee, that was or
ganized nnd used for tho purpose of
nlunrlng non-union men; there were
twelv-n or fifteen paid members, and
theso men would be detailed to go dif
ferent places and beat up non-union
men; in addition to the twelve or fifteen
regularly paid men thorn were volun
teers. The regular salary of the mem
nrM of this entertainment committee
wan $5 a day
Inexpensive Worth -While
Iteaitln tela, leather ran)-. .IS Pocket eoinpaniri .Ik
i:c mass reel " maim I fieri lO
" " chains ill Pedometers l.OO
hooks Ntarflndrr l.VO
Hath Thermometer! ko Aulo Rofllra l.ee
Clinical I.imi Aluminum and leather ee.
Window 15 RtMifMN IS
At moderate prices we have the finest telescopes,
binoculars, field glasses, opera glasses, lorgnettes,
barometers, cameras, projecting lanterns, etc.
You will find holiday shopping in our stores easy, com
fortable, and interesting. Expert service.
237 Fifth Avenue 615 Fifth Avenue
at 50th St.
(Cor. Bond) Brooklyn
t 27th St.
255 Livingston
to Injure them, and he asked them who
they wero and what they were doing,
nnd they said they were Iron workers
working on an open shop Job. and he
tajs: 'Scnbs, nln't you?' and Smith, that
was with us. says: 'lea, and thern are
snmo of you $1.7R cops guarding them,'
nnd the iollco officer told us to 'go to
"There was a building being con
structed at Thirteenth nnd l.'nlverslty
place and there was a bridge over the
sidewalk for use In laying stone and
protecting people who used the side-
Robert J. Foster
Bl flSCSteeeeeeeeeeeeeeei
bLVvI IbbbH i
BBeeeeeaeeeeeeeeeeH i
Local 40 of New York did not want
dynamite to be used, but proposed that
the hrldge should be wrecked by loosen-
Ltng four wire cable guys. This was done.
uavts cirscribea tho financial arrange
meat: "Dugan made arrangement! for the
pay with tlreen; then Dugan was slow
aliout paying and I went and talked to
(Jreen about It. Dugan got ISO expense
money from Oreen when we first ex
amined the bridge. We must havo spent
$10 or $15 until we concluded to do the
Job, and Dugan spent the rest."
Ont SIB nnd Store Was Promised.
Dugan gave him $15 the next night
and promised moro. Davis says:
"The next night we both went over
and Dugan met Green. In a few min
utes Dugnn came back and Mid Oreen
gave him $60 more and would give him
tho rest the next day. Bo Dugan gave
me $16 and Tunnlngs $15 and he
kept $20.
"Tho next day Dugan said he hail
seen flreen and thnt Orecn could not gi t
hold of the rest of the money and he
kept putting me off from time to time
and finally I went tn Green myself and
asked him what he gave Dugan for the
Job. and he being n good friend of
Dngan'a In a Joking, way nsked me how
much I got and I told him $30, besides
what few dollars we had spent, and he
snld: 'That redheaded devil Is holding
out on you.' He said: 'There Is $200 I
have jjald him."
Then i went to Dugan and he says:
well, you know I spent tho rest.
rollers, but there was two watchmen up
In tho tower Juit above about twenty
feet that started to talk and I see them
and went back to the end of this span
and put It In put the dynamite in the
batter post of the bridge.
"I had fixed my caps and fuse in the
dynamite before leaving Easton, so I
Just had to take It out of my grip
and put It In the post. The post was
large enough for me to get Into and
to prevent tho light from being seen
by tho watchmen while 1 was lighting
my fuse, I placed my overcoat over
tho mouth of tho holo that I was In.
Tho fuses were about twenty feet
long each. I lit one and could not get
the other to go, so T would cut off the
ono that was burning and the same
amount off of tho other, to get them
both the xnmn length, and then try It
Bnrned One of Ills Itanda With Vase.
"I kept cutting off the fuse until It got
to be about ten feet. Then I got them
both etarted not until after I had
burned one of my hands pretty bail and
In coming away from tho Job tho ex
plosion occurred when I was. aliout
half way across tho girders."
Tho trains having stopped running
and not knowing how to get away from
Perth Amboy, he wont Into a saloon
and treated the bartender to n drink
and tho bartender became friendly.
"He told me of a ferry that ran from
Perth Amboy over the bay to fitntcn
Island, but he said he did not know
If tho last boat had left or not, so ho
took mc out across the street to two
policemen and asked them how to get
to the ferry, and they told me they
directed me and told me 1 had better
hurry as that was ubout the last boat.
So I hurried and gut over all right.
"The next day 1 went up to Webb's
house and reported what I had done,
also took two pnpers up, but he had
already hud tho World nnd Journal him
self, nnd he bays: 'I see you come out
all right.' And he nsked me If I
wanted to go right ahead and do another
Job. and 1 told him 'Yes.' He naked me
If I could get what 1 wanted. 1 told
yes, I could pet It from Nllun,
and he said: 'Do the Hradshaw, Md.,
1 lie uelecuve who ran down Davis,
walk from anything fall.nc on them
ami they started to run through this
bridge and each one of us caught one
and Inked him on the other side of the
bridge, and the ret of them ran up
Into thi hoarding huue."
Webb nest propos. il to Imvix to blow
up the CjueciiMlxiro liridge. unit here
Uiivls lctcaltd the flirt that he hid
scruples: that he bilkd at taking
human life. Hue s his account of it.
"The next talk we had about the
itlackwell Island liridge was after he
had heard from McNamaru iby .Me-
Namara I mean John ,J. .tl-:um.irn,
st cret.iry-tieasurer or the inti i ii.iliotuil
Association of liridge and Structural
Iron Workers), and Wihh told no- that
Mi-Namara said that the union had not
much funds on hand at present and he
but don't say anything to Tannine
he Ins got enough for what he did.'
"That's all I got out of that Job-ISO."
Hcoausp Cunnnne ehnrc-ed too much
for dynamite Webb and Davis arranged
with Thomm Nllan of llastoti, lt for
i a supply of the explosive. Incidentally,
Webb found nnother tnk for Davis.
Webb. Mlitn and mve'f went Into
AMeutown. Pa . and Webb and N'U.in
and mv-Mdf took a ear to Hockendock
wiy Thre was a Job being erected by
I the Phoenix Uridge Comtmnv and Hov
'nine was a foreman and Wyb'j wanted
m to see if I couldn't get a chance and
lick him or put him in the hospital "
Hut the situation was not favorable
' and llne -sr-npd tlje licking. A code was
urnneoil with Nllan bv which thev
could understand each other over the
phone. Davis siivs "I told him If 1
wanted fuse I would siy so minv vards
of -ilk and If caps so manv buttons
and ilvuamite wn so many spool, of
Next tnvl undertook to blow up the
railroad bridge at Perth Amboy, N. J.
He ay.:
"Webb told me lo go nhead on the
lVith Amboy Job, ns that Job was nenr
Ing completion. 1 called Nllan up at
n.iston on the phone and told him what
I wanted and In place of him having It
i for me when I got there to Kaston he
took me down that evening and bought
Wanted Ilullilera beared.
I asked him where it was. He said
it was about seventeen miles from Hal-
timure on the Baltimore nnd Ohio.
I asked htm If It was a bridge. He said
they were getting ready to erect a
bridge, and that there was a three
bent traveller that he wanted me to get.
I told him I did not know how much
damage I could do to it. He says
Well, do what you can and give thrm
ii scare.' "
Davis did the Job, but had adventtlles
In getting away. He started to w.iIk
across country. "I ran Into i. house
there unexpectedly a yard -and a dog
took after me, and In getting awuy 1
fell over the fence wire fence and
tore my clothes some nnd scratched my
hand; then fell into a hole of yellow
clay and had yellow clay up to my arm
pits nnd started back on Into Haiti
more, and when it got light enough for
me to see, I started to clean my clothes
off before It got drv.
"1 got into lialtimoii! about half past
t! In tho morning and walked all the way
In and went lo the station. There was
no ono around, and my clothes were,
damp. Just starting to turn rl!ow. 1
gave the porter f J to i ban me on. Then
I got the. next tram Into New York.
"I gut Into New York mound 3 o'clock
In the morning, 1 think it was. and I
had got four p-ipvis before leaving Bal
timore, but only two of them hud the
account of the explosion In. So In Phil
adelphia I got two more papers that
gave the account of the explosion, as I
always reported my Job with clippings
of newspapers.
"I went up to Webb's house anil gave
him the pnpers. nnd he cut out the clip
pings. There was no account as yet In
the New York papers of It He said he
nlwnys reported to Mack i.Vb Nftmara)
with the clippings, so that N the way
1 alwavs got the papers, In case he
wouldn't see It."
Monday Evening, Dec 8th, at 8:30 p.m.
Admission tciihout charge
Maxxb Stoddakt, Soprano
James Stanuet, Bass
DlOH W. Kenmzdt, at the Organ
Gerard Chatfuxd, at the Pianola
Christmas Fantasy Btn
"On Old English Carols"
The Organ
"But Who May Abide" mid
(The Messiah)
Mr. Stanley
Accompanied by the Pianola
Berceuse, Op. 57, D flat cioptn
Berceuse, Op. 38, No. 1 O't
Berceuse Hermit
The Pianola
"Noel" vn
Miss Stoddart and Mr. Stanley
Accompanied by die Pianola
Aeolian Hall 401x0! Street, West of Fifth Avenue
"Rejoice Greatly" 7m
The Matiah)
Mrae Stoddart
Accompanied by the Organ
Christmas Bells Cdt
The Organ
Christmas Pieces, Op. 72
No.L,KeyG No. 4, Key D
No.o,EFlat No. 5, G Minor
No. 3, Key G NaKeyF
The Pianola
In. He said: 'Sure, that was all right.
We can get In for a while.'
"Ho we went down Into the meeting,
or hall, and he pointed (lumper out to
me, and also Morrison, secretary. 1'iesl
dent Krnnk Ilyan was In the room nt the
time. Webb went up und set by the
side of Hyuf und talked for a few min
utes, and then Webb came back to
where 1 was. nnd shortly Webb and I
left the hall.
i:i1oloii lelnel llnii's Trnln.
"Webb went to my llun thai night
iiguiu. und Webb told me that Ityan had
a laugh about the traveller being blown
up on the Ii.tltlmore and Ohio bridge nt
Hradshaw. and said It delayed hl
(Ryan's) train. Tho next night Webb
and I went down town on Ilroadway
neur Twenty-third street and we m-t
Uyun, us Webb had uti appointment with
him, und Webb -aya: "Here's the fellow
thnt delayed your train for ywi.' nnd
Bynrt said: 'This Is no plnco to talk.'
"Thun we wont Into a suloon near by
and went Into a little wine rtom con
' m-cted with It, and Ityan says: 'Volt
must have done a good Job of It, as
thete w.ih several tralnu tied up ahead;
of me,' and ho says: 'If you keep on;
doing that kind of work you can call onj
, me any old time for money. 'That's as
n ar as I can remember what he said,!
and Webb and Ityan were talking to-1
getlier in a private way, apparently, and;
I left them together and went up town.!
That Is about as near an I can recall
what happened This was ulons about i
s o'clock It was after dark.
I "And I think If w is at this Interview
I with Ityan. too, that he said to me: 'If
ou ever meet me on tho street walk
right by: don't recognize me.' And I
says. 'All right, and I don't even recog
I r.lM Krnnk (Webb) sometimes.' I
j couldn't say whether it was at that In
terview or iet but anyway it watt
'...-.I.. ..ft... ..... 1 Tl.,.. ..... ....
soi'Ili ami ,iiai, 1 ran Ujdn im 01,
three times- sometimes when 1 ..would'
see him we would only, maybe, pass th
time of day, and wouldn't do that unless
I happened to meet him and Frank to
Kcthcr. They wele laying around al
the time; when they would come In
town they would meet, and Frank, o'
course, whu the delegate In that d.s'rli '
and sometimes I would happen on I
them, hut very seldom. If I saw them
I would walk away, most gere ralh
That is as near ns I can recall It.
UMinmlte on n Clielsrn I'ler,
"The next Job 1 dynamited w is a
I'lielsea Tier s. North Illver at t'.i
foot of Seventeenth utreet. The win,
wan being erected by the Mct'hntii
Marshall Company. TIim win on t'i
fifth day of April. 1905.
"Now. the nuM day after I h.e '
Ryan and Webb In the n'ioon I n
Webb up in Harlem at a snlnnti and I
told me that Ilynn w is w-.ll -.- '
to go ahead, He told in" that h
been wanting to get In New V
do work, but Billy flreen the
of Ivcal 10, opposed It, as he t,
Canflnti! d on Klxlrtnih I'mii
thought I9S0 was all they cm, d stand f()r at a WOO(, nn(, coa,
for the Job, and he said: 'What do you , f()r(y poumK nm, the mnn f,(1 ,)p
think?" i 'didn't have It In at present, so we had
"I told him I wouldn't do It for less , () w;,,t tw() nmlr,
than $1,600. and he says: 'I will com-) .., Mt tnnt cvonln(f nnd catno ,
munlcate with Mc.Nam.ir.1 again and 11roc, rouU, from renston to Perth Am
see what I can do with him. Webb,,,. and j pot , tllorp flb()Ut lQ oVlo,,k
said; 'I am positive 1 can get more , , h , h - ,
money.' and he told mo I should get a , brWg anrt j .,., out to tn Msr,
room somewhere as near (is possible. ( UlL (ivnnmltp, i wniued over the
girders to the span nnd out about half
way. with tho Intention of putting It on
the pier and ruining their shoes, or
mil look the Job over. So 1 went down
on Fifty-ninth street nnd First avenue,
as near the, river as I could get, nnd got
a room on the fourth tloor. front room:
I don't remember the number. I think
the building Is still Htnndlng there. I
had this room about two weeks. I wiih
not down there steady every night: per
haps three nights a vc?k, up until mid
night, and I watched the movements of
the wutchmen and I saw them making
their httady rounds.
"One night I went out and scaled the
fence and went up the stairway and out
to tlie towers on the New York side and 1
I wns only a volunteer I looked where would be the beet place to I
Dnvls tell" of meeting Frank M. Ityan.
president of the Iron workers' union nnd
one of thoe convicted at Indianapolis-
"Hefore I went t, ' low up the bridge
t llr.idshaw, Md., In my i-onversatlon
with Webb, he mid to me that tl.e A. F
of 1.. was going to hold a convention In
the Hoffman House. New York, and
that ITesldent Frank It.in was going
over to attend. I believe he says. 'We
ought to make a noise,' or 'Wo ought to
do something about this time.'
"For all tho Jobs that I was to do
through Webb I was to receive $200. A
few days after I blew up the Job at
Hradshaw, Md.. Webb said to me, he
says: 'Did you ever meet Oompers of
the American Federation?" And I told
him, "No"; and he says: "Let's go around
to the meeting at the Hoffman House.'
And I nsked him If they wuold let u
In connection with this entertainment
committee a couple of times.
Committee OrganUerl In Minn.
"This entertainment committee 1 mi
apeaklnR about was tlm entertainment
committee of Local No. 40 of New York,
iilaee the dynamite. Tlie watchman
passed me coming back and 1 stayed
under cover until lie came back by me
again before 1 started on my trip back,
and I concluded that the tower posts
would bo the best placo to place the.
dvnamlte, and I estimated It would
and Charlea Massey who the business taku near loo pounds In each post
agent who direct wi mo worn ot me
committee. This entertainment com
mittee was organized at the time tho
trlko was. first called In 1905.
"One night along In tho spring, In
May of 1905." when the atrlkc wan llrst
called, I went down with a fellow named
Dick Smith and another by the name
of Oeorgo Hmlth to a stable that wns
being erected nt Twenty-sixth street and
Fourth nvenue by non-union labor, and
we followed two men up In the street
car nnd irot them off tho street car In
tho tunnel on Fourth avenue Just, be-
I'enreil 20 .Men Would lie Killed.
"We had further talk Mbout the Job
about a week later und he said ho had
hf.ird from Mac and that ho could get
$1,500, he thought, tho way McNamura
wrote. Then 1 took another look at the
bridge from tho Sixtieth street side and
suv a (lower nousn that was located
under the cantilever arm of tho brldgo
and I knew that If wo destroyed the
towel s, ns we figured on doing, It would
fall on the power house and there was
somewhern near twenty men, I guess,
the tunnei u ,-.... ""-' -" ln ti,r power house, firemen, so I made
fore It comes mu oi ' '.., . ,ni,i that 1 would not attempt It.
iiuei them ln the tunnel. Then again,
ome time after, ubout thten weeks,
tho same three of us went to a Job at
Blxty-nrst or Sixty-second street nnd
Broadway, the work of the Hay Foun
dry. I think, a non-union Job.
"There were two Kiumn "i ne ".i.
Some time later we had another talk
and he said $1,600 would be forthcoming,
1 told him I wanted $2,600, and when
I raised to $3,600 Webb an Id: 'What's
tho reason for thai, are you getting
colil feet?" 1 told him no, tint then
. t ere one (Hilt at 6 o'clock In tlia'wna a power house uniierm-ain mere,
iven ng and th. her about 7 o'clock with several men In there, and It would
?ve1ll L. . -en miased the first sun. kill them, or somn of them, any-
batch. and the necond bunch of eleven , way
and two detectives toon ui" nuonuy m
Fifty-ninth utreet nnd Uroadwny nnd
Mfe to Fourteenth street and got off.
MpV then walked to 1 'Diversity plnco.
to Thirteenth street, nnd two of them
crossed tho atreet nnd that left ten
"They w wn W(ro ''''lnwlnK ,,IPm
Md they stopped and appculed to an
tfflear, that wo wera following them
So thnt Job was given up. The next
Job Pavls did was blowing up tho Scher
zer drawbridge, over ltaychesler Hay at
I'elhnm, N. Y.. which was being erected
by the American Hrldge Company. This
was on Februnry H, IMS.
Tom Dugan and Kudolph Tannings
looked over the Job with Pavls. Will,
lam tirean, at that time delegate ot
When Paderewski listens
to his own playing
not while he sits at the piano, but
comfortably established in an easy
chair like other hearers he is listen
ing to the Wclte-Mignon Autograph
The wonderful Wcltc-Mignon auto
graphic records of playing by Pader
ewski, Hofmann, Carre no and other
great artists have all been heard by
the musicians themselves and signed
by them as true and actual autographs
of their playing.
You can hear these masters of the piano
wheneveryou may wi6h to enjoy a delight
ful experience, at the Studio of M. Wclte
&Sons, 273 Fifth Avenue, between Twenty
ninth and Thirtieth Streets (opposite
Holland House) New York.
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