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ra A C Building $100,000 Boxing Arena in Brooklyn Which Will Seat 5,000 Persons
20 3
WILL COST $100,000
Irvlnjr A. C. of Brooklyn Huilil
inir It nnri Will Open in
Carpcntlor and WpIIs (o Meet
for $111,000 in London To
' morrow Xljrht.
A boxing arena costing $100,000 unci
large enough to accommodate f,000 spec
tutor! Is being constructed by the Irving
A. C. of Ilrooklyn. The slle It nt Hroad
way and Halscy street, lliooklyn, and
tha building will be ready for occupancy
on February 1. It Is the Irvine A. C.'s
plan to no nftcr big matches, competing
with the Oarclcn A. C. In offering Induce
ments to leading hnxeis In the various
"The new arena Is nearlng completion
rapidly," ald John N'clsmatttcl. prcs.
dent of the Irving A. C., yesterday. "It
Is built with brick and steel and will be
absolutely fireptoof. It will cost about
1100,000 and will be up to date n esery
particular. We Intend to open op the firs'
of February anil It Is our plan to bid
for the best matches possible. Our club,
In Its present quarters, has been remark
ably successful and our patronage has
.encouraged us to build our new home."
For two years the Irving A. t has
operated Its own building In Irving ave
nue, Williamsburg. Many star boxers
have, appeared there and the sport has
been conducted on a high plane. The
club never haa been Involved In scandal
and the bouts have been patronized by
soma of the best known citizens across the
EattTtlver. The fact that lion.000 will be
spent In putting up the club's new arena
Indicates confidence In the future of box
ing In this State.
Unless there Is a hitch over the referee,
Itombardler Wells, the much beaten
Itrltlsh heavyweight champion, will meet
fleorires Carpetitler, the French title hol
der, at the National Sporting Club of
Iundon to-morrow night. Carpetitler when
hn signed articles for this match stipu
lated that the referee must be a French
man, but recently the N. S. O. announced
that the club's regular ring official would
preside. Carpentler Is expected to con
cede this point at th last moment, as
he will receive a guarantee of f 13,inti, re
gardless of the result. WelU's end will
be S,O0O.
In order to cover an outlay of fH.Orto
therefore the N. S. C. manusers have
fixed the prices for reserved seats at a
scale ranging from 125 to 7S, The club's
arena, which is a small theatre, has room
for about S0O spectators and deadheads
will be barred. It 1 said that every seat
1 , 1-. ...I. -1 I...
winn,.., i ii-.n. I, f,.,,- ,,,.,.i. i, ,,. ...i I
i.. . . . ;.i.. j::.. ,
iv . iv. idiiji ur, .hp i.imif-ll LI'JK-
ing authorities apparently have Ignored
the fact that Carpentler has been ni
pended for nine months In France for tak
Inr part In a supposed fake.
If Carpentler wins again It Is reported
that he will visit this country, where he
ought to have an easy time with w of
the alleged white hopes.
In addition to the bout with Dan Oalley
of Pittsburg, which will be decided at
Tom O'ltourke's National Sporting Club
at an early date, Porky Flynn. the Hoston
heavyweight, was matched eterday to
box twelve rounds with Carl Morris at u
new club In Cambridge, .Mass, on Janu
ary 10. Flynn. who weighs Isl pounds,
will begin training to-da In Jersey under
O'llourke's tutelage. O'Hourke Ins tried
to match him with Fireman Jim Flynn or
Itodel. the lloer. but neither will accept.
The National Sporting Club will open to
morrow night. The star bout will be pro
vided by Harry Condon and Walter Molir,
the hard hitting lightweights who put up a
sensational scrap In the seinl-tlnal in the
Harden last Wednesday night.
Wlllard and Itodel nlll lec.-ive fie per
cent, of the receipts when they l.ix tu ent j.
rounds In New Haven, Conn., on Decem
ber 29. How can the promoters of this
affair expect to break even'"
After his tight with Harlem Tummy
Murphy In l-'iisco next Wednesday Willie
Ritchie, world's lightweight champion,
Hiys he will return here. Promoter Mr
Carey of Vernon, Cat., has if fused to pay
916,000 to Itltchle for a twenty loutnl
Ibout with Joe lltvers on New Vent's Hay.
Itlvers Is said to be anxious to meet
TUtrhle In a ten round bout here and If
such proves to be the case the Garden
A. C. will put them on In January.
Tom Jones, Wlllard's manager, waa hot
tinder the collar after the burlesque with
Cirl Morris. It seems that Morris's
manager, Hilly Newman, offered to take
KJ per cent, of the receipts, out of which
he promised to Kuar.mtee I2,.".0(i to Wll
lard, but Jones, expecting a big gate,
refused point blank, When the money
was counted and divided Willnrd's share
was less than $1,900, whereupon Newman
had a roocI laugh at Jones's expense.
Wlllard. by the way. Is offering
sllbl for Ills failure to put Morris
when the latter was reeling around
I Inf. Wlllard says that ever since
bout In California with Hull Young,
was fatally hurt, he has been afraid
cut loose.
"I don't care about trying to knock a
man out any more," says Wlllard, "be
cause I'm In enough trouble now. If I
can beat a man on points beyond a cjues
tlon of douht, that ought to satisfy the
crown. I whipped Morris to a fralo
and yet I am being roasted to n turn
for allowing him to stay. If I were a
iiultter I wouldn't be In the ring."
When Itodel boxed Wlllard In Milwau
kee the men wore big eight ounce gloves.
For that reason both Insist the bout was
ti poor exhibition.
Packey McFarlnnd Is a busy man out
ride the ring. He Is engaged to be mar
i!ed, Is studying law and may be nom
inated In Chicago for the Illinois State
Senate. Packey was haled to a Chicago
police court recently for speeding his mo.
lor car. When be disclosed his Identity
the Magistrate promptly discharged him
snd roundly scored the cop. McFarland
will pick up some more easy money by
making Jack Brltton look foolish In Mil
waukee to-morrow night.
Here Is the latest regarding the pro
posed bout between McFarland mid Mike
Gibbons. If Gibbons will agree to make
144 pounds at 6 o'clock Packey will sign
articles to box him in the Garden next
month. Gibbons recently told Tub Hun
that he would make u match at 144
pounds, scaling at 3 o'clock. McFarland
dam back with an offer to take him on
st 114 ringside. Manager Gibson of the
Oarttan A. C. has Induced McFarland to
Kitree to A o'clock welching and the mat
ter haa been put up to Gibbons, who Is
half Inclined to accept, Gibson says that
under these condition McFarland and
Gibbon at the ringside would weigh about
140 Mi 147 respectively.
Win Intercity Noccer tianif, ftrnrr
it to I Krrfelrt Mls.ru.
New Yoik proved too much for Phila
delphia at soccer football In tho Inter
city match between elevens representing
the Field Club Kocoer League of New
York and New Jersey unci the Associated
Cricket Clubs Soccer League of Phila
delphia on the grounds of tho Ktalen
Island Cricket and Tennis Club nt Liv
ingston yesterday afternoon by 3 to t.
In the first half the home players tal
lied all their goals, Including one from
a freo kick. In the second half the
visitors braced. Krefeld of Columbia
Cnlvcrslty starred nt goal, The lineup:
New Tork. Positions.
Krefeld cjnnl. . .
McClelland Illght bark.
c'harlwoo.l (Cot.). Left back.,
I Crawford Light half.
Armstrong Centre half.
llnnnlnic l.ft liulf. .
Kaurman .Outside right
Waters Inside rlKht
, SU nil Ontre. ,
i Mai phee Inside left ,
Phlllln OuIkIiI- left.
rin ir
... CnllaRhan
. urton ICapt.)
Say res
Melt Hie
. . . Ilretliet Inn
.... Pat lilson
I Score New York. .1: l'hllnrielnhla. 1 finals
Nlcnll, Armstrong, ltnttnniley, Iteferee I
P Dalles. Linesmen Van l.fiar and !
Mlfllln. Time of haltes- 4f minute.
Far Kofkaway Negro Youth New
Cross-country Champion
of Greater Citv.
Frank Jenkins, a little negro student
of Far Itockaway, won the high school
cross-country championship of Croater
New York yesterday over the three and
a quarter mile course of the Jamaica
High School. Jenkins won as he pleased.
nunougn Aivm
Robertson of Hvnniler
Chllds was a close second. .1. tiordou
Morlarty of Richmond Hill was third.
Team honors were won by the Jamaica
High School with a total of S3 points.
Morris High was second with !l and
Krasmtis Hall third with 139,
Jenkins took the lead nt the first turn,
oulv a few yards from the starting point
Jn front of Jamaica High School on Hill
side avenue. At the two and a half tulle
mark Morlarty began coming to the front.
Hobertson was running at Morlarty s side.
1 Itobertson decreased the lead during the
, remainder of the course and gradually
drew awtiy from Morlarty. Jenkins eaei
' up as ho ;nraln came into the city streets
and won by fifty ynrds In 17 ni'ntites
23 2-,", seconds. Two weeks ago Jviik.ni
won tho Queensboro title over tho tamo
' course. The order of finish and time:
I Prank Jenkins. Far llnckaa. 17 .J M,
A Itohertsolu Kvttlnler Chllils. 17-JJ. .1. !.
I -Morlarty, Itl. limniid Hill. 1T:10, i; tilenn.
' -.rasmus llall, IvuO: s, streugHtr, Jamaica,
11.05. C Secretin. I)e Witt Cllntnn. Is.";
s l.mlls. Manual Training. 1 cu; T.
K;'-l, Cnmni-nlal. l.t:, K. Warnke.
Hlrhnmn.l Mil. Is 17, J D.,y .M..rrl:
!. ' .. l-eVlnsutl. L'otllllieree. IS '.;. C.
I'erman, .Manual Training. ls;:s. T ci'llrln.
, I nminrrcl.il, is St. Sie-r. Murrlr Is 33
Maine". Jam ilia, is 36. Hall. !!,, nigh
l-3. Houghton. He Witt cilntmi. is
llnll. Jani.ilia, Is 16. Il.iwsni.. i:riinil
ll.lll. ISM. Well.. Mnrrls. H-!i. 11 .. t.l is I...
V.'r.," i.1' """her. Jimali-a. I . -1 .
M111lmt1ller, Jamalia. lsr,3. .SeKr,lnc
J.iniali-n is ;5; Srlhrrt. Kriismus Hull,
Commen Ul.
v-, lriuil. linH lllk'll. lit !' I'l.
,l'i Ul, rilikrllen, Ma 11 11 ll
Training. :
. 1, ',";' MiKee. Cnnitnerie,
11' 10 llndrnrteln. .Mnrrls, 1 -1 S . HrU. Iir
,V.n""li(i;''.-l!' ?', ""'"-lli-r I Witt Clin
tnn, rj.I,, Diilan. Ciiinmerre. 1'ifi j, . 1
Ionian. Cnmuietcf, 1. I!,, .Mp.iJ.ls h a I,,. I
m."!.V' .!!' Miller. Itlchmnnd 11111 ii,rMi.
;:' ..Mr.kr' Ciiininerce. 1. zirpnlo. lie
V" L ,,n,l,n' Wel.li. Cnii,mer.l.il,
!-:'i li,'lPfr" -,,,l,5'f"n' I re.etl.ll ,
:S!S llalpln, Par II... kan. I an, n.
aniler. Itlclnnnii.l Kill cilrstl, I9;3J. Nlerei -hrrg.
Kra.riins llall, 1;, iv. n. Ml' (01,,,,. 1
.rasmus Hall, 11. t. c,mer. e. no'
Haskell, Hn High, ,'f. .13. Cerlc.i Cim.
mrr' in' '"'ir-, '"'hni.in.1 lllll ttlr-ti. '
.0.09. Ilium. Ue Wilt cilninn. so 11. Ki,. ,
tli'limnn.l Hill (mm nnd 1. SOU. a,,,
.,''u',;!'.",,.,"," 'rrn'"- -'0'- V'I. .erKrr: '
J "'. '.'""' " -'J' -Mlttli. lie Witt Clin.: I
...n -u ji, rrrn.lll, Cumnierie. SO 37 Calln
Mnrrls. J0-3s .M..,v. ici.hmnn.l urn ,'
" ' Ilnninaii lll.h ml Hill is.-,
nnd I. U0 0, lints. Mush ik :'0:M. IiilmIIs
Manual Tr.lnlng. ill.. M..e. rr K
-Meier. Car Itnrkanav. '1
-M. heima, l-ar Kmknivn) jl Kur.-.rniui
.i'.lS,""r"al' "" M,ll,r' tiSHM.Ier Cl'll'ls
JVv PI. lim'i.n'i I'l'iil ' ' Kr",''" ""II lllgll
ijii. i.i. iimnnd mil sei.tri.l team, lit i.e
Witt Clllltnil. IIS. ( , ",'-,, .'Vnll-
Knokawai, .'33, Itlchninn.l lllll s-einiii
'iniiii.u, it. iifivw iiii'ii 1 11 -
.New Yorker Win ill I.hUi-stihmI,
I.AKRWOOIi. N. J., Ice. f, - A. J McClllle
of New Yotk won the A. J. Murphy silver
cup at the Lauiel House tjmi riuh s,oot
tu-da His score was 7 out of Urn I
Luther Itright had S2. P. P Vandei lioef
SO, Ur o. C. II. Kayser 7S and l. T.
Uavls 7.".. Darkness ptevented the lluisli
of the twenty-five bird sweepstakes, which
jwas postponed to next Wednesilai .
llueUnrll Klrcts Tip Tophnni,
LKW-isia.,;,,, .a I,,.,.. .,.;iltl T(),,.lm
familiarly known ns Tin Tonh.-utt n...
former Northeast Manual Training IIIl-1i
School, Phlladelpjhla, football and baseball lal1' ",,,'"IS ' lmv" lost her wonder
star, whs elected to-day captain of the 1 '"' 'I"'"! and to-day Is only a shadow of
llucknell Collego eleven for 1914, Top.''"'r former self, 'TIs said Mclniore will
nam played a star game at fullback forlr''11"' il"r 10 stud next spring.
llucknell during the season Just elided.
Prliieedin Hliinks Mmiti'liilr,
Mo.rc'i.Ain, Deo. (1, The Monlclalr
Athletic Club soccer football team nnd the
Princeton College eleven met nil the ath
letic club grounds here to-day, tin. former
winning. 2 to u. The llrst half score
stood 1 to 0.
Nt. John's Midget Take Ciniiie.
thix'iidge'is'iu-n rry" -
cent A C i . . r U?V,T'
No one on earth can mi two
cocktails equally well by
guesswork. Thewholecharm
of acocktailis inthesmooth
nets that comes from accur
ate blending and aging.
That ii why Club Cocktails
arealways fine and smooth
miied to measure, of the best
liquor then aged in wood.
Get your favorite kind at
your dealer'.
NawYerk Hartford London
Mediocre as a Two-year-old, He
Is Now Showing (lrp.it.
Form at a Mile.
t ,..
Carloads Taken to
Army Najrx Hntler
Yearlings Due.
Hi, Paso, Dec. ft. Mlmorloso Is not a
Wfilsk rticiom. neither Is he a Hockvlew,
a Ten Point or a Cock o' the Walk, but
that he possesses a superabundance of
that essential racing cii,ilincatlon speed
Is the opinion of nil that hnvo wit
nessed his races since the Juarez meeting
On Thanksgiving Day Mlmorloso fin
ished a hangup second to Pan Zarcla
and would surely have won but for
early Interference. In his next essay
he smothered his opposition with speed
and won with plenty to spare In 1 .37 2-r,
which equals the track record held by
llourbon Iteiiu. So easily did Mlmorloso
win that the experts could hardly bo-
llee he had accomplished the distance
In such remarkable time, and It was
the consensus of opinion that had Jockey
Woods so desired the horse could easily
have shaded "37 "
The history of Mlmorloso, his general
conformation nnd his surprising Im
provement again clearly demonstrate
that racing has many angles that prove
Hs glorious uncertainties.
Mlmorloso was bred by .1. N. Camden
of Kcntuck) , and as a two-year-old at
Cu-iir de Alette won a couple of cheap
races. At that time ho was tralnicl by
Hnm Iseene. Kit-no sold the colt to Sey
mour Velller. better known to turfmen as
Skilly, for 1200. nnd In Skilly's handf
the son of Mazagan has Improved so that
now many clever horsemen would back
him against nny man's horse.
Mlmorloso probably Is as scraggy a
thoroughbred as one ever saw. II,. doesn't
weigh over s.",o pounds, has a "rat mane"
and If brought into a sale ring with his
racing iiualitles unknown would hardly
tiring lion, lltit in action he races like
a Colin, has an exceptionally easy gait
and strides magnificently The frac
tional time of his remarkable mile records
a sparkling performance 0:23 1-."., 0:4H
I'-.'.. Ill 4.T.. I -.17 2-T.. He broke second
and aftr the fltt three and a half fur
lorgs took the track and won by two
lengths unektendeil.
Speaking of Mlmorloso calls to mind
that his miner, "Skilly," although 11 mem-
tier or tile t ar m stern racing colony
. . ... .,, , ... . .-
I,, i ui.-r ii iiei-mie, . eu kiioiiii to ,ew
Vnrk race people, and particularly those
who xlslted California in the beydc-y of
the spott. "Skilly" was assistant to Hob
Mclilbben. and It was "Skilly" who fur
lllshed the bookmakers with chalk, rub
bers, pencils and other appurtenances.
Skilly '-became an owner more as a
Joke. biA to-day he owns besides Mimorl-
i.-.i e.-ivini .'i.ier 11,-uiii.i oi.rM-.. iiiinat.i,
a 10 to 1 shot winner nt Juarez, Is a
member of bis racing aggr. gallon and
like Mlmorloso . also by Ma7.ai.'nii and
I. a cistuff of the Camden Stud
, ... ...
J. 1-. Newman, the lexas bneil.-r, has
twenty-eight hor.es lu training nt the
bolder plant. The star of his lot is t lio
leiliarii.inie iiiiee-e:ir-ilil lllll- rati
reta. This daughter of Abe Frank car
ried IIS pounds to MlmorloMi's In.'. In
tb .Iikii.'. Handicap and won; however,
that day P.iu Xatct.l hail good racing
luck, while Mliniiiln.li was oft pooily and
met with Mime Interference. Pan Xnreta
Is next to lion Mask the tnslest sprinter
on lh grounds, but whether she will go
u tulle or more Is a matter of conjec
ture Hiiwiier, sin- 1. a rate runner, and
time will tell w bethel her forte Is puiely'
sprinting. The Newman two-year-olds al e Mm klnim Unvers
n magiiillciiit lot, and Art Newman s.-ivs Manh.-ster full;-.!
the mil yi.ung.ter' from the big T.-mis Im'w'm.l. rer
farm will sttiel) glie a good account of West lirnniwieh A
John Lone, who leads the winning
tinlnets since lacing convened In these
part., ha. l n engaged by Janus Dul
ler of New Vnrk to ttaln sixteen s cur
lings fur In ii. The Hntler yearlings, half
of the big batch purchased from the
. I, line. It. Keelle est ite, are due to arrive
from New York tu-morrow, Dick llenson,
who bloke the youngsters, will urtivo
with the lot, but will Immediately return
Hast to get the balance of the yoiingsiets
re uly for next year's raring In New- Yoik.
Wade Mcl.emore's mate Meadow Is
going back as a racer. At one time
Meadow was the greatest mate of her diiv
In these parts. She shouldered 1 Hi pounds
and won at Juaicx two years ago. Of
.Meadow has won a fortune in stake, nnd
pur.es Tor her owner.
lively body seems to contribute a llttlo
'to the cause of tho ConstllullonallslM these
days, and last week Matt Winn was n-
neven ot a couple or carloads or hay to
feed the Gen. Villa horses. Hay Is woilli
about twice as much at Juarez as It Is
In the States, so tho value of Col. U'hit.v
I contribution amounted to a goodly sum.
, Mexican nrmy horses ns a ruin look
' "
s"11 ,r ,,,,, ,,lr,", '':irH evolution. Col.
is ii nay was a luxury, ror lucre sn t one
feel as If be 1 tit it done, a servlco to
James Corrlgnn of Corrlgan & Mr- ,
Kinney, the big Cleseland rm that re-
cently purchased Colin nnd thirty mnres '
at the James It. Keeno and Kohler dls.
persal sales, writes that twenty-one nf i
the innres are safely In foal, Corrlgnn
nnd McKlnney are both due to nrrivu for
the winter meeting next week.
Jockey Gioss. probably the host rider In
these parts, may bo engaged to do tho
rining for James Hutb-r. The New York
grocery king Is now dickering for his i
Hoy Offutt Is booking nt Juarez. Hoy
Is credited with a $.10,0110 winning on the
Canadian circuit Inst summer.
Col.' Applegate, and W. G. Vanke, the
. .uiiii.n mm i-yiuuis or noiitnwestern mid
Kentucky racing, hnvo dissolved partner
ship and the Colonel Is nt Juarez, while
Vanke Is giving tho Charleston meeting
his attention,
More Goldblatt has the Livingston
horses lu wonderful shape, aiicf every
member of tho Catsup King's aggregation,
Willi tlm exception of Anytime, which
collided with a pony while working a few
flays ago, looks fit to run for h king's
ransom. Iron Mask, tho big bow In tho
Livingston orchestra, was asked to carry
130 pounds In thu Opening Handicap, but
Gohlbhitt, although strongly of the opin
ion that the sou of Disguise could do It,
declined tho Issue, Iron Mask Is un
doubtedly the champion sprinter of Amer
ica, which Is attested by the opinion of
W, H. Voshui'gh, olllclul haudlrapper at
Rnratoga, who assigned tho Livingston
horse 140 pounds thn lust tlmo ho was
aaked to adjust weights la a race Iron
Mask was In. Prlnco Kugene, "the $10,
000 hcauty," nnother of the Livingston
string, appears to be In great shape
and will probably race, to the form ho
displayed early In the car. I'rlnce Ku
gene enjoys the distinction of beating
August Ilelmont's Hoekvk-w.
The Villa offlceis nru enthusiastic race
lovers, and nearly every day three or
four of the bovs visit the big plant. Open
ing day flen, Villa and his entire staff of
officers wero In attendance.
llaschnll Tennis Will Piny April
Students Jiibllnnt.
When Mnnnger Hart A. Moynahan fin
pounced yesterday that I-'ordlmm mid
New York Pnlvvrslty would meet on the
diamond next spring he sprang u big sur
prise ntnl caused much rejoicing nt Ford
ham. For eight years thero have been
absolutely no athletic relations between
these two universities and the resumption
of relations was a cause of Joy to the
Fordham students. It means much to
both schools, not only from a llnanclal
standpoint, but also bcenuso of the keen
spirit of combat existing between theso
two city rivals.
The renewing of relations was no ensy
task and Moymihnn and llmold l. Young,
manager of the New York Cnlvcrslty
baseball team, have coriespiinded six
months with this i ml In view.
On April 1.1 New York Cnlvcrslty will
play at Fordham Field and tho game will
be the most Important of the year, us the
entire Maroon student body hopes It will
lead to n meeting at each sport In season
between Fordham and Its rival. Negotia
tions are under way for a meeting of the
baseball teams and Manager Paul l.annln
1 will bend every possible efTort to arrange
i a gridiron battle between the Maroon
and Violet next fall.
niiickliiirn Kovers ItHniii I.c.iil
With Maiii'lieter I'liitcf!
Close IJcliiinl.
LoNiHis, Pee. . The Mar attraction
In the llrst division of the English As
sociation Football League was the tneit
I Ing of Manchester Citv and Manchester
1'nlted on the grounds of t:i former
t'nlted overcame thilr neighbors by 2
to n. Hlackburn Hovers entertain. .1 I'h.-I-sea,
and ns thev won l.v 3-1 the posi
tions at the top of the table rem ill
i unchanged, Tottenham Hotspur on their
'own grounds won a splendid game by 3-0
from West ltrunswlck Albion. The
I .lilts:
T1IK I.KAlit
1 Sheffield fnltiil
Ijl'ri-inn North Knd
. 3'Hurnley .
. o M oi.-hrsii r t'nitiil
i Derby County
i . . ,.,
M.-itntii stir City
llraiifnril cut
IIIn.'UbiiMi ltiiiir
Sun.lerl.md Kvrrton
Aslon Villa
Tollenh.-ini lint. pur
i.'OI.IIrmi At lilt tie .. t
. 3 ('III Is M . . 1
ltnltnn Wanderers .
1 Sheffield Wednesday 1
;"l.tieri."nl . 1
. . 3'Newet.tle I'lnti.! ll
3 W Prnniui.-li A II. inn. 0
3V,.tt. Ci.iiui) f
li llr i.lfnr.1 1
' .In 'Upnrl C.llllit 3
I Cllptl.ll III lent ... I
1 U-.il- C.f I'
1 lln-tnl City n
1 1.1 I. -kpn.il '.'
7 Wop 1 1 ii.iiiu toil W I
'I I j-ut -i.-r Pi.- . ..
I llirnuiu'h mi . o
I llllililerstli-ld
, i c,,..
Nntt. Pun-t
I Wimlwn h Ar-enal
1 Orlni.bv Tnn
i ,'JU"U'
Hull city
West Hani I'niti-d
-..i-tliend Pnlted
llristul tiller.
.1 I'l.il-iiiutilh
0 Uri.'hti.n and
3 Norwich fit)
1 i.illituliam
; North tniplnn
3 W it furd
Merthsr Tnwn
Plmiiiith Ar;1
Cnstal Pilais-
(Jutens Park It'iiiKers 3 Ci.niiir
SM-ltnlnn limn 7MIIw:iII
Cardilf City I llseter Cm
All rami plait-d on grounds
tlrt named.
of t.
. tiiilhnm Atlil.tlc
Tottenham Hotspur .
i llrartlr.nl Cllv
Sheffield t'nitrd
Aston Villa ,
Xlielllrld Wrduesd ly
' lierln Con nt I
I Chelsea
Newei-tle Putted
Mulitlf-tuirnugh .
Liverpool . .
M.-lllllesltr Citv .
1 Preston North had
P W I. D For. it
llrailfnrd .... I tl I ,i jr .1
Notts Cnuiitj i; 'ill .ll li
Hull cm . .. 1'. s i 4 . i
Wonlvilih Alsenal 15 s 3 ;
Leeils Cut 11 s I .11 17
Wolverhampton W. . 1.'. 7 r. i r, pi
Hury I". 7 a I pi a.
Kiiltiam .. . . 1.'. 7 r 3 L'l l
Clapton Orient II r. 3 C is s
(rinisln- Town .. r. r. i is ?t
llarnslry 11 r, i .'. pi i;
llristul Cny t:, r, r, r, l l
Irf-lts-sler IVis.r.. .. p; 7 -i t .-(-,
llirminili.'ini K. 7 -t in
St.iekpnrt County ll i i pi ;(
lluililerslirld II : t, i , n
Ill.ii-kpOUl r. s ,-, i ".t
l.lnmlll City H .1 pi t; ;-.l
(llussnp ... II r. -i ; i: :i
Nulls Forest Hi .'It 3 I.
I" W. 1, ll Fnr. All.
ii i
Sis init.ui T.iwn
Cr.nl.il Palais.
Ilriflilon lc Hove
Plymouth Arsyle
Southend Fluted
Kxeter Citv. . .
f. i:
-l ! ,
Queens Park Itansers 1
wivl nam I'liileii
Coveniry Clly
Sfiulluminlon . .
Nomleh Cily
fillllturham . ,
llnstol Jtnvrrs, . .
Merlhyr Town....
Wat lord
Cardiff City ,
I'enn I'resliinrn Hlu
ller tiiinip,
Tile I'nlversltVi
of Pennsylvania freshman swimmlnc team
opened lis season lu good style this after-1
noon III the university pool by defeating
.ne ssesc I'niinueipuia lllgll M'liooi tiam
by tho scoro of-21 to 12. The freshmen
won every' event. Masten did the best for
the winners, swimming anchor on the re
lay, winning the So yard swim and plac
ing second lu the 100 yard swim. A
water polo mulch between the I'cnnsyi
vania sophomores nnd freshmen was won
by the former, 27 to ,'l,
llllchle .Now a In 1 Karnrllr.
fUN FliANClsco, Dec. i, Two to one
that Itltchle wins from Harlem Tommy
Ing there still was Itlchlc money ready to
boxes, even money that the chainploii stops
the New Yorker Inside of the twenty
rounds, These were the prices iiiotid to
day on the lightweight championship hunt
next Wednesday night, While the clunge
from 10 to 0 to 2 to 1 caused some wagei
Ing there at lit was HHclilu muiiey lendy to
be wagered at the end of the clay.
Taylor Can't Win finine trundled.
Passair, Dec. --Mass plays resem
bling football marked tho struggle be.
iween the. basketball players of the Pater
son and Monlclalr High School lives on
tlm auditorium court In this city, rater
sou won, IB to 11. Tlm work of the homo
guards proved ton much for Moult lair.
Taylor wiim a tower of strength for Mont
chilr, retiring all Its points and breaking
up many ot tho opponents' plays.
Few Ilelicve That, Conqueror of
Vardon and Hay Will Get
British Honors.
Kuke of Westminster's Public
Subscription Idea Fails
to Attract Cash.
fvenit rorrnponttntf to Tim Stv
t - . -.. . n n T S 1 " I ri . . I
i.ij i'ti.-x , ,-st.i, it r ruuuin uuinn i, , .-". .... ...... j.uniitiu.. it
open champion of tho golf links of the'Donnl working arrangement.
Fnlted Stales, carries out his announced
Intention of crossing tho Atlantic next
spring to compete for the nmatcur cham
pionship of tlm Itrltlsh Isles he will bo
welcomed for two reasons. On tho scoro
of courtesy, admiration and curiosity to
see the Juvenile wonder that beat two
of llrltuln's greatest exponents of the
St. Andieu's game, the American boy
will be welcomed.
Hut be will bo doubly
welcomed because
Britain's amateur tat-
I sanguine of having a sportsmanlike
! rewnre for the humiliation votinc Otllmet
i put upon Itrltlsh golf last September nt
Over the wine nnd walnuts, the real
Inside dope Is that the front rank of
British nmatcur golf does not take Oul
met nny too seriously and has It all
figured out that be will get beaten good
and plenty at Sandwich Hay next spring.
This belief Is based on two theories, one
of which Is that Oulmet will have nc
iiilred some golf nerves by the time he
gits Into the Itrltlsh amateur champion
ship ctniipt tltlon It Is match play, not
medal play and will not be likely to
r produce the superfortn lie flashed upon
the golf world In tho American open
championship piny.
The other theory of the Ttrltlsh ama
teur thirty-third degree golfer Is that
i the satnlhllts. the whole sail hreeres off
the sea and other dlllicultles to be en
iiiuntered at Sandwich Bay will bring
'about tl lexer American youngster's
'downfall almost to a certainty.
P.uil.tle." the wish Is father to the
thought, at nny rat'e to some extent,
but these theories base been figured nut
with the cold shrewdness of a veteran
bookmaker sifting the ehanc.s for beat
ii g a warm public favorite In the Grand
National Steeplechase. Mid the simile Is
" not a bad one. for It I. tho stlfTnin of
the (tratid National course that beats
, tlm favorite more often than not ; and
"'the tlffnis of the Sandwich Hay course
' seems IlU.-h- to bilng about Oulmet's de
! , f.nt
1 Tin re me three golf courses at Sand
: w leti It.iy belonging to dlffetent clubs. St
t , George's and Prince's ute p.u tlculnrly
'stiff tests for the golfer ft run afar : lis
l-'reil Hettcshoff proved to bis own satis
faction In the spring of 1012. There Is
no desire to throw a scare Into plucky
soling Francis oulmet, but lie will need to
"have . erythltig " ns the Kentucky
hot semen say. when be goes up ng.ilnst
the old bund, and h.ad. of lirltMi ama-t.-
ir golf ,l months hence.
In the Inner circles of professional bill
iards, which are Mijo.ilng Miuiitbltig of
a boom here Just now, there exists a
.trong feeling amounting almost to a
belief that a match will be arranged ,
between tho American and French cham
pions If that i ouies to p i's lloppe will
find a tiiaginllc. lit i xectitant In Hrrnin
Cnsslgnol, champion of France. He .
l.li nlitieil with the Academy Olympia lu
ParW, uhf-re he Is playing the best bill
iai'it. of his career right now.
Something Is going to drop putty soon
In regard to the seml-patlonal i Hynifili
game, fund thai was fath.-ie.l by the
M Duke of "i stmiii.ter So far onty one
:i , tenth of the half million dollars asked
for has In i subserlbed by the ItrltKh
1, pulillc, and a powerful coterie oppon-.l
1. in spirit and a. tlon to the scheme Is bug.
17 glng itself in ,'ititlcipiitlon of a complete
J breakdown. It is com t iled ill most iiuar
JJ ti is that If at least $lno,iiou i. not i.ii.ed
, the committee of .poitsuien and others In
i" ! ehuige of Hie fund will have to faco the
ji i a 1 1 v i .a li il 1 1 y of teturi int." the money al
ii I ready in hand. a. It is admitted that ativ
n stun .liort of that amount will be hope.
I- Its.ly in.nli.iunte to the purpose in view.
Jj It certainly W not the fault of Litul.
- Illair. th- in g.-inlziug secrelury, that the
tiind hangs arnund the SSU.Oon mark, as
If the xeln of public appreciation lias
been exhausted; for he always Is pegging
awav ctKerfullv earls" and late, although
the public never haa warmed up to the
scheme In a whole hearted manner. In
hi. opinion the poor ripouse of the
public Is due li the fact that the games
will bo held at Herllu. Most people, be
Id' says, know that they will not ue able to
ijisee tho game., so they cannot
bo Ii -
' ' fli.tw, .1 Int.i tifittin.r vt 111. t-A.,,! mnn.i-
toward financing the hist possible Drlt
l..i ri presentation.
The fund has liinl to battle with some
thing mm - Hum openly nvowt.l hostility
T'li".- bus 1 i iulel iippo.lt Ion In unev,-
pccle.l qn.irl.is and the attempt to cripple
the n'hcine almost has liven crowned with
siicci.s. linn the stage was appealed to.
Sir llerbeit and Lady Tree. Chatles Ilaw-
tn y, George Groi-smlth, Harry T.ito and
miiny other lending actors, ncttesses and
vaudeville artists well known In America
le.piuideil promptly A brilliant pin
gramme whs mi ranged and a npafi.il mat
inee held lit the magnificent Iheatie built
by ofe,tr 1 Inninierstein three years ngo.
Ily this means nearly jr,000 was added to
the Olympic games fund a few dais ago,
but It seem, to h.ie sigged back Into Its
former lethargy. Most persons cannot see
the need for commencing now to securo
liriimlsllnr mntcriiil for a llritlsh retire. ,,n.
il I latlon In 191(1.
1 I The latest step Is In make a special ap
I heal to all tiiiilercrnilnatt.s or students nt
1 Cambridge Pnlierslty. Tho appeal has
" "rilw" "I' signed by the captains
",l ""' vnilous saislty teams In all
branches nf sport. It Is not illlUcult to
, fmcenst the result because the average
sporting uudci graduate takes little Inter
est In Hack athletics outside of Ids varsity
anil tho Intcrvarslty sports, as they are
culled over hoio, mid he takes still less
Interns! lu tho Olympic games. In fact
the attitude of the university probably
will bn found decidedly against this spyclil
appeal and against tho Olympic games
themselves. .Some of the team captains
who signed tho appeal did so almost under
protest and hnvo not disguised their In
dlfferiiicii to the result, Taking It by
and largo I he Duko nf Westminster's
Olympic talent fund, as It Is olllclally
known, seems to be in danger of sinking
Into a coiimtoso condition, and a very
huge band of knockerN Is willing to hasten
Us end and obsciiiles.
Hut thero Is another side In the picture
which very few have been permitted to
nt. Hy one alaiidlng i-losn to a llttlo
group of sturdy backers of tho schema It
Is said they have soino big trump cards
up I heir sleeves, hut will not play them
until the fund has dragged along to tho
$100,0110 mark. Then, presto) Out will
come sumo largo subscriptions that aro
being held under rover until thn public, at
large has done a fair sharo toward rais
ing the amount asked Tor. Tho reason
given for this plan of procedure Is that If
tho largo subscriptions wero laid on the
lllblo at thn outset tho lillbllo would hnnr
pack nnd say, 'Xet thu rich men Uolt";
and tho fund would not bo a public fund
In thn sense that Is desired,
TMat the Itrltlsh, ns a nation, will be
represented at tho 1920 Olympic! games
seems very doubtful, although a few crack
amateur athletes from these Isles are Mire
to be ready to compete as Individuals.
Tho attitude of the man In tho street Is
"Let thoso compete that want to, and I'll
throw up my hat If they win ; but don't
ask me to foot the hills."
Tho recent going off nt half cock of a
quasi International boxing committee In i
Paris, with Its funny pose of dethroning I
and appointing worlds champions, lias
borne unexpected fruit. The general com
mittee of the National Sporting Club has
appointed a sub-committee to meet a sub
committee of the Aimy and Navy Jtoxlng
Association for tho purpose ot forinlnit a
national boxing board of control for the
Itrltlsh Isles. This Is John Hull's way of
giving notice that no outsider need try to
butt Into his sporting n (Talis. There Is
nothing the average Hrltlsher loves so
' much as national governing bodies In all
. kinds of snort, mid ooa does not have tcf
be veiy far sighted to seo the proposed I
national boxing board of control dickering'
' 1, ,- . I ,
with Australia for an Interna-
Open Their llnsketlmll Season With
- to 1.. victory.
! Princeton, Dec. 0. Princeton won the
curtain raiser of Its basketball season
hero to-night from Manhattan College by
i a scoro of 32 to U. The visitors showed
' ll tnfn-k.il tt.ek nt ( i tnlll-i eltv u-ltti (hn tteie I
rules. Twenty-three fouls were culled
against them nnd before the first half was
over ll. Houlihan of Manhattan was ills -
lualllled. The Tigers were accused of
only ten fouls during the game, but tho
constant fouling on the patt of tho vlsl-
tors detracted materially from the play.
in spite of tho early season raggedness
tho home men presented a fast and ag
gressive attack. Their play was marked
by clever passing, but the shooting was a
little off color, in the throwing of fouls
n he. former
"'first half
Salmon and Jackson did we
caging 0 nut of 1,. during the
I.... .. ..... iiri.i..ionb.tiii
waV "of a .dgh iiniV;, nin.' Feree and
Voorhees all dl.l cred.ta.ily. Capt. Trenk -
man was missed anil ll is pronaiue iimi
he will not be In until the later games.
In his absence Gill acted ns captain. I.
Houlihan was the star for Manhattan,
while Caffrey's work was fair. The
Princeton Positions.
Salmon flight forward
Okane t.rft r-irisnrd
Schmidt Centre
l're I'.lkht gourd
. . S'l.ires
li Hnullhan
. CifTrey
.1 Hnullhan
. . Soillsan
tilll Left guard.
Scure Print t tun. 3:. Manhattan, 1. Sun-
stltlltrs- I'rln. "tntl llnk-'.ll f'T llklitie.
Vi.orhees fur Jacksnn. .I.n-ks.m fnr Si liml.lt
Manhattan- Ward fnr t lleullhin. M. c.inn
for Ward. Field gna's Saliii.ni 3. Schmidt
:. Kri-e. ;: .laeks.ui, j. D. Ilnullhiiii :; "nf
frey. J. Ilniilllian. Sullivan Cnal. from
fouls Saltniin l: J.i-k.im I ! Ilniilllian,
3; Coffrey, M l aim llefi-ee- M.-lllik Piu-plre-
I'ajtoii Time nf halves -Jo inlniitis.
Hun .. 1 rurlmiK In
ixiinslnir World". Ilesi
Hi. Paso, Tex.. D-c. C P.
1 nt I 't-.l,
in Zareta,
known to the turf world a.
whirlwind. ctiiblNhcd a mw
the Texas
world's ric-
ord here to-day for live and om-lialf fur
longs when she ran that distance In l:o
3-r., a fifth of n sioml faster than tlm rec
ord, held Jointly by L.uly Irma and ltrlng
burst. Th" former's record svas made
at Santa Anita Park, while Hrlnghurst
mailt) his mark at Churchill Downs tills
fall. She wa driven almost to the
limit, but could have clipped another fifth
of a si con. I from th" i.-cord had she luen j
driven harder. The s'inini.irit s :
First Inrr Five furious -It.. I. llrntlry,
115 i.Marcui. 3 to " siialKht. wen. Stiperi
i.rlty. to". (MrDoiiiildi. in I fnr plaie.
seennd, lltltlinnre. in', IN'etl.tnl. !i to I tu
show, third Time. I (in Angle I) Cvlrt.
Crusty. May 1. Mary Pi.krnrd. lllrka.
Hump, and l.efurd ulsu ran
se. ..nil uai esiv ruriniiirs mm i riap
m.li. li7 (W.idrl, 7 In str.ilirhl. won.
So Quarter. 107 (Hnokerl. in to 1 f..r pi ice
e,-..n.l. yul'-k Trip. 11-' Ki'llrleni 1" In 1
in i-how. third. Time, 1:K'I-, i!a--,len ef
ll ih. (Inrter, Sulftrure .Itss.in llnntnu.
l-'razale. Prank W'nmlrn. Cnrntit..n Ml!t Jones
an. I Chili.. n Tr.itice al-n rati
Third ltaee nn n.lle ana a .Isteenth
Curlicue, 10s (Hllll 7 to s'ralulll mm,
Little Marchmnnt. 11'. i M I'-irthy l'. to :.
fnr pla.e, seinii.l, Tri.iin Hell... -.. iM.li.tn
aldi. C. tu to shew, thn I Tim.-, i li. :'
Tepland, Jim CaflerHtn. I..rd Llam and
llnl.ert al-.t r in
I'mirtll Hn. e l'le nt.it a half furl. alt's
Pan tfureta I.I i Kit -, il...,un .. ,en -tr.ilulit.
won I'lnren-.- lp.rerl. II.' i M. 1 it.iiald.
I. In T. fnr plilie. t-e, ,.ii,l i;, ,1 ,.f llphlr
A:' (T.iylnn. u in ; t . slum, third Time
1 el .M.Hlllseh nls.t ran
Fifth IS.i.'e furlnng. The i,;-. tu
(llllli. : t.. 1 sir.ils-ht n in. i:.. Uhlie
107 (i'1-iseri. I to I t r p.aie. seen, I.
Annua! lnteet. 11? nl'ltritli. I. to I t-i
show, third Time. 1 I. l :,, hlne 11 i.lf.-r I."
I'nll.-e Urmnllde ('Uniltnglrilll, Swede S.mi.
Staldrv S.. Illlin.-ul.ir i'mmueni!attn
llttielili ntul Pnier.il.l Nlr al-o ran
sisth itai r line tulle - limiikrteid. n',
(NnilurL even siralcht w.ui, i'ni...ti to,
(lluvi. 7 to 1 Tor pl.l.e leinn.l. .-!t.. In:
ici'llnetn iii .'. t.. sh.ei thirl Tlm.
1 -3S l-r. Ciltnn Clul. an. I THlu.e aKn tan
Pnssiile Wins I'lihlll I'ImIU.
Pass.sh'. Dec (5 The Pa-a'c lliuh
School basketball team opened the season ,
here this afternoon with a victory over
Harrison JfUh, 23 to 19. Harrison fell
i j- hurt at shooting K'oal. Aggressiveness
gave the visitors an early lead, but they
couldn't hold It
flrtriKcpoi't TrmiisTork ln,
TonniNino.v, Conn, Dec c. The Item-,
luglon-Yost team of Hrldgeport won the 1
Coiiiuctlciit football championship line
this afternoon by defeating the Torrlng- I
ton eleyen by a scute of 1's to 7 Supeilor
teamwork won th" game for Hrldgeport. '
1,11 .-mile Dossils, Ilrooklyn I'lse.
The La Salle Aenilemv basketball team
iltlealed the lliooklyn College Prep live
yesterday nt the La Salle court 4". to 21 ;
Spccklii scored l'.i of the 21 points made
by lliooklyn.
Plrst Hare I'lve and a li-.lf furlongs -
Hearthstone, 10'J (pernn.lel. Is p. I., ll In 5
and 3 to won; tike's Peak. 10'.' (Itau
dnlphl, li to 1 and - to I set nil. I, Clem
Hl-achey, 111 I Doyle) 2 tu 1, third Time,
1011-5 Austin Still tev.tnt. Turn llnllnnd.
Utile Hp. Willis, Tols.ui d'Or, lies ersletll
and lllluen, Jr. ulsu nn
Second Itat'e - rise nnd a half furlongs
Hat M isterson, 101 ( peronilel, i. It. 1, r, to 2
and to f., won, Plying "i i n kit-. Ill might i
mlrei. 6 to 2 and 7 to ... second. Daddy Hip,
100 i.l. Mi TiingarO, .1 to third. Time,
l:0H 3 3. Premier, IncUlou, Anron, Mama
Johnson, llaton. llls.-w here, Skeets, Silas
Crump anil Mlr.nlell also ran.
Third Itiii'e--Two-year-old" I tle furlonRs '
llrave liuiiiirder, ttr. (Dernndel, 4 to .1,
1 to f. nnd nut. won, Miss C.ayle. 110 ((lliertl.
even nnd 1 to 3, second, Dainty Mini, in 5
i.Miirlln), i". In 1. third Time. 101 :i .',
Harebell, llrls's llrotlier, (lolileu Chimes ami
Ivan (lardner also ran
Pnurlli Hate -line mile and n nlxleenlh I
muslins. 1 or. (J. McTuBg.iro, s m it, it tn r.
and 7 in 10, won, John I'lirlung, lit (House),
I ti, 3 and nut. sernml; C.irltnn ll., 112
tllliiHH), 1 to 4. third. Time, IKS 2 5, 11. M,
llller and l,nchlel also ran.
liflh ltnce one mile and seventy yards
Counterpart. Pi (Keogh), 11 to 10. ;i to
"0 and 1 I" won; Col. Cook, 10s (.1, 1
Mi'TasBarO. 1 to 2 and 1 to i, set-nnd: 1
inuuiesne, 111 (Ward), S to 2, third Time,
l!1Jl-. r-iitr ...i.e.-. e.. ......
grrnus Mnrch and Napier also ran
Sixth Iture Sesen ftirlullKS -llluall, IH
(l)eriin. le). . t j, '' In 20 and out, mini
Tn.l.lllns. 10H (Wiir.l). I to I and n to 6,
aet-ondi Chester Krllin, II iCuiinolly , U
? 80, third. Time. 1 129. Ilernsdntte. jler
rard. .Iil'ls" Mnuck, spindle and l.all nt
Savur iiImi ran,
Price, mid Trrnn
to Suit.
:i35 wi:ht sid si:, mjah uhoauway.
Star Team Can Be Picked From
1013 Elevens Playing In
Greater New York.
T)u Tremblay of Poly ani Big
Do Boer of Commerce, Are
Best of Season.
clullck, P.rasmtw. end t.eyser. Adelptil.
liirkles. Hrnnder, 1'olv, nnd Hageniever.
Commerce: guards, Mnnre. Cllnlun, and
I'srlsntte, V"n"Hl: centre, l)i liner, Cnm
tneree: tiunrterliack, Iu Tremtilay, Polvi
halfback, llrwfg. Morris, nnd OIn, Krns
mu: fullback, M. i:rimiia.
KMJVIJN Knd". Appel. Mnrrls, and Hnnpr,
Cimimeree; tackle., llllmnre. Cllntnn. ntut
llaKemnyer. Cnminerce, guards. Mnnre, Clin
ton, and flriinciw. Cllntnn; centre i, iin.r
Commerce; ipinrterback, Manles. MnrrHi
halfbacks. i:rlc. Mnrrls, and Clapp. c om
tneree, fullback, Hii'tnn. Clinton.
The 1913 array of football materltl for
an all pcholnsllo eleven is uniisuiui n-".
rir. Ft.nsnn closeil with no champion, hut
, claimants. The Finaller tram
mBn5 f-inimam..
showed unprecedented strength, and us
hi result Stuyvcs.mt. Curtis, Hay Hide,
Flushing and Morris am no longer to ho
considered second raters.
Two players, however, showed marked,
superiority.' Du Tremblay of Poly and
i.ltr On liner nf Commerce. Tills ouarter-
back and centre were the strongest of Urn
flolil hi " and have nmr, that, earned
inpir n triti in irm ir.'iifc int in .-..-
Krasnuis llall bads the scho.da In the
' number o r.Uoiy, hax I n, thi.e O. cm
m en", .-mi-...., ...............
O.ICk. SillllCK nils WIO .lus.illiii.-
big, and svlth It has tho qualities: neces.
sary In a good end. Ills worth has been
shown particularly In receiving the for
ward pass. Olson proved more xersatibi
than the miny good halfbacks In tho clt.
Olson, with F.rvlg of Morris and Webb of
Kr.isnms form u tine working backtbld.
K.ieh man can run well with thn ball, pro
vide good Interference and play u splendid
game on secondary defence. Keppler, Cm
tls, Clapp. Commerce; Median. Poly
llotran and Schuck, Stuyvesnnt; K. A!
ford, Adelphlt llrlght of Hay Hldgo and
Deghuee, Ilrooklyn Prep aro others from
whom a crack barkfleld might be selected
I.eyser of Adelphl on the other win.
with Gullck. is smaller than the Krasmn'
player, but Is a hard and sure tickler
nevertheless. He carried the l.all m
cleverly after receiving forward passes
that he was promoted to a backfleld posi
tion late In the season.
The guards. Moore of Clinton ntul
P.irlsette of Manual Training, were fast
hard players tluoughout tho season
Moore with Gllmore made the Clinton
line one of strength. The Manual lad I.
the best schoolboy punier In the city
llis kicks, which average ,'ni and c.o yaiils,
have not been paralleled on local grid
irons this yar.
The award of tackle po'IUrm goes to
Itrondur of Poly and llagemeyer, Com
meree Worthy of mention are Gllmoi.
of Cl'nton and llupgoiiwlir. .Morris. The
latter lad changed from fullback totn-'l.'e
ut the close of the u,'iii. II, id Ills work
been longer nt thu tackle position hi
ability at smearing plays and getting Ids
man. together with his ability a., n puntei
would clinch a llrst choice selci tlon. Tht
doubt existing between the comparative
ability of the two big C captains. Oll
tnore nnd 1 l.igeineyer, was settled lu H.ige
meyer'H fasor In the Cllnton-Coiiimer e
game op Thank.gliing Day. Ilionder
Poly played with so much da.li that In
was a bulwark of the Poly line.
The spoils of the .Manhattan dlvlsim
are ills,. led nmnm; Commerce. Cliui,,
and Morris despite the strong lean s
which represented Curtl. and Ktuvvosnn
"'lie last mentioned tcims offer plaus'blii
nrgument. f.u'or'tig llog.in, Stuye..u
nnd Keppler. Curtl", for half backs, P ,
Clapp and Hrnlg base surpassed tin
play, rs for general back lield work b.,
on offence and defence, besides makli,,
long l.iol.eii lelil runs In escry game
tiny played
Tig hi s.,.,,1-1- of aa In lf Iii liHiiic
I'lnyeil In Ilrooklyn.
Si 'on Hail left St John's College cnui'i.
in lliooklyn last night with a 22 to l'i
mi lory at lia.kelball safily tucked mrm
Tli" lineup.
St .Inlins
Nl. klas
MrK.itiald. . .
lilglll llei.l
Stnn lla)l
.- . HerrldH-t
... Ii.icr'
... Nut, nt
, .. Ml Oil., le
Left Held...
.Centre. . .
ittght guard. .
Left guard. . .
Hull. m
h ore Setnn
John's is
't.'.ai. irnni uei.i- -.nines
linherty. 3
iirisenii, .-: .-si. was. z, .Miiiionev. 1. C.0...1
ilnais fiom foul. -liiiherty. (, Miihnuri
SuliMltutes- McCancry for Mnrrlrrri, Cssv
f.u Milmnild lleferre Tnni Thnrp. Tlmr
nf h.i'ses .0 minute.
Mill (lie
Willi Only.
Wi:st Oiissip'
Dee. i',. sr. si, ,,.,.
le. and Charle. 11, Daly, two r,..n.,
Stite trap shooting champions, dlv .led
! lionor at the ..hum of the l-:sex I'ounH
j Country Club to-day. Daly wop tlm prac
tice shoot with a perfect score of r. and
followed with a 21 In the 2."i targets shoot
! for tile t.iiie home tropin, being scratch
in both. Shanley won tho ten pairs of
doubles willi 12 from scratch and tt,d
with Peter llatiik, Jr.. in the 2."i tirgets
shoot for tile sc'isou's point trophy w th
iisiucK ii. in a u.itiuicap or ...
One New fi. IiLCO Cruiser
One Used Jr. ELCO Cruiser
One New 54 ft. ELCO-de-Luxe
One Used 36 ft. ELCO-de-I nil
One New 20 ft. ELCO-pWe
One Used 16 ft. ELCO-pl.ne
b" Avenue a.
nayonne, S. t.
27 mln. from Liberty or :il Nl. I'erriu.
i- .' i. N. J. to w. Mh tit.
1 leplina 70 Bayouue.
NaTSl Architects. Pnilneeri and Jht
llro Veers.
rUPi.Sprelflestinukaint Ksllintles I'urn.it'nii
for t'onitrueilon, Alieralloa and lluptlis
lrie list or cht for Sale, :hirlr ui v,i.
chingei altu Coiiiiuerclnl Vessels.
3 Brotdnsv. New Tmk.
Teltphnna H73 llrnj.l j

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